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ENGLISH 8 5.What type of figurative language is being used.

She was
I. CAUSE and EFFECT as pretty as a rose.
1. What is the EFFECT in the following sentence:
A. Imagery B. Metaphor C. Alliteration D. Simile
The mother bird gathers dried grass to build her nest.
A. mother bird B. gathers 6.What type of figurative language is being used. The fire
C. Build her nest D. gathers dried grass alarm screamed throughout the building.
2. What is the CAUSE in the following sentence: A. Hyperbole B. Metaphor C. Personification D. Onomatopoeia
The tree fell in the middle of the road because of the high 7.What type of figurative language is being used. I am so
fast I make a cheetah look slow.
A.. high wind B. because
C. tree fell D. in the middle of the road A. Onomatopoeia B. Hyperbole C. Metaphor D. Imagery
3. Select the best CAUSE for the following EFFECT. 8.What type of figurative language is being defined. When
cut her finger an author describes something using the five senses
A. outside B. in the house A. Hyperbole B. Onomatopoeia C. Metaphor D. Imagery
C. yesterday D. Sarah picked up broken glass
9.What type of figurative language is being used. An
4. Select the best EFFECT for the following CAUSE.
Ashley loved to read exaggeration
A. story books B. reading A. Personification B. Simile C. Metaphor D. Hyperbole
C. she had many books D. loved 10.What type of figurative language is being used.
5. What word or words indicated a CAUSE/EFFECT Comparing two unlike objects using the words like and as
relationship? A. Simile B. Metaphor C. Imagery D. Alliteration
When the fire alarm sounded everyone walked out of the
classroom in a quiet line.
A. everyone B. When C. sounded D. walked III. TYPES of IRONY
6. Identify the CAUSE in the following sentence: A. Situational Irony B. Verbal Irony C. Dramatic Irony
The yard looked nice since Kyle mowed and raked the
grass. 1. In real life, an ambulance comes to a woman's house to
A. looked nice B. Kyle mowed take her to the hospital, hopefully to save her life. On the
C. since D. mowed and raked the grass way to the hospital the ambulance is hit by a semi truck and
7. Identify the EFFECT for the following sentence:
everyone on board the ambulance is killed.
Bradley improved his hitting after taking batting practice.
A. Bradley improved his hitting B. after 2.You work all afternoon cooking a fancy dinner for your
C. taking batting practice D. practice boyfriend. When he takes his first bite, he spits it out into
8. Select the best CAUSE for the following EFFECT. his napkin without you seeing and says to you, "Oh
The house was dark Sweetie, this is wonderful!"
A. when B. electricity went out
3.A movie you are watching shows a woman jogging in the
C. last night D. dark
9. Select the best EFFECT for the following CAUSE. woods. The next scene shows a mountain lion lying in wait
the cat ran away down the path where the woman is jogging.
A. therefore B. and 4.In your history book, you read about a young man in the
C. Kate cried all day D. ran away Revolutionary War who kills a British soldier. That soldier
10. What clue word or words identify a CAUSE and an who was killed turns out to be his favorite cousin.
EFFECT relationship and/or connection?
Mom made lemonade so that the kids could have 6.Romeo arrives at the Capulet family tomb to find his love,
something to drink. Juliet supposedly dead. However, we the audience know
A. made B. so that that Juliet is not really dead, she merely took a potion to
C. could have D. lemonade make it look like she was dead for her own motives. When
the audience of a story knows more than the characters
II. Literal and Figurative Language involved, what type of irony is employed?
1.What type of figurative language is being used. Careless 7.The son of the police chief is arrested for attempted
cars cutting corners cause confusion. burglary.
A. Alliteration B. Hyperbole C. Metaphor D. Simile 8.The student in class who had the highest grades in
2.What type of figurative language is being used. Life is a middle school drops out of high school. This is an example
rollercoaster. of which type of irony?
A. Hyperbole B. Alliteration C. Simile D. Metaphor 9.Any instance in which the narrator or a character says
3.What type of figurative language is being used. BOOM! one thing but means something else.
POW! BAM! 10.The discrepancy between the expected results in a
A. Personification B. Imagery C. Onomatopoeia D. Hyperbole situation and the actual results that occur is
4.What type of figurative language is being used. The
cookies smelled so good. IV. Propaganda Techniques
A. Imagery B. Simile C. Metaphor D. Personification
1. A man in jeans and a t-shirt appearing in an ad for a B. Full of influence
pickup truck is an example of C. Capable of being easily influenced
A. Transfer B. Glittering generality 4.The root word luc means
C. Emotions D. Plain folks A. Dark B. Love C. Light
2.If a person doesn't like middle schoolers because they are 5.The prefix trans- means
moody, he or she is said to be A. Across B. Before C. Around
A. Biased B. Unfair 6.Knowing the root and prefix of the word translucent lets
C. Cruel D. Stereotyping us know that the word means
3.Uncle Sam needs you to fight off the Bullies of the A. Permitting light to pass through
World!!!! B. Unable to be seen
A. Transfer B. Name-calling C. Not allowing like to pass through
C. Patriotism D. Ethos 7.Knowing the suffix -ent lets us know that contentment
4.Michael Jordan wears Nike shoes and so should you ! means
A. Transfer B. Unfinished comparison A. To cause to be content
C.Snob appeal D. Testimonial B. To be full of content
5."A survey reveales that 73% of Americans believe that C. To be good at content
this candidate will do a better job." 8.What is the root word of judicious?
A. Facts and figures B. Glittering Generalities A. Ici B. Ous C. Jud
C. Logos D. Pathos 9.Know that the root word jud means law and the suffix -
6.Get a season's pass to King's Island this year for only ious helps us understand that judicious means
$59.95. Don't miss this great opportunity, all of your friends A. Full of wisdom and good judgment
will be getting this deal too. B. Capable of legal aid
A. Pathos B. Unfinished comparisons C. Following the law
C. Bandwagon D. Snob appeal 10.The prefix ante- means
7.Buy Coca-Cola now in the new KING size bottle!!!!! A. After B. Before C. Later
A. Testimonial B. Glittering generalities
C. Logos D. Transfer
8.No one loves you like your Mom, so give her flowers on
Mother's Day.
A. Proud B. Temper C. Tamper D. Distant
A. Ethos B. Logos
C. Kairos D. Pathos 2.Luxuriant
A. Beautiful B. Luxurious C. Abundant D. Lovely
9."Anacin: Twice as much of the pain reliever doctors
recommend most." 3.Memorable
A. Fear B. Unfinished comparison A. Memorial B. Worth remembering
C. Facts and figures D. Testimonial C. Mending D. Striking
10. Propaganda is
A. Concerning office B. Legal
A. Telling only one side of the story C. Interfering D. Permissible
B. Almost always appeals to the emotions rather than
intellect 5.Populous
C. Very seldom used to influence public opinion A. Popular B. Respectful
D. The spreading of information by differents mediums to C. Populated (thickly) D. Hard working
help or hurt a cause 6.Vocation
A. Holiday B. Occupation C. Break-up D. Virtue
A. Fit B. Illegal C. Not readable D. Elective
1.What is the root word of nutritious?
A. Nutron B. Nutrition C.Nou 8.Illicit
A. Illegal B. Draw C. Differ D. Postpone
2.Know the suffix -ous helps us know that nutrition means...
A. Full of nourishment 9.Defer
B. Without nourishment A. Differ B. Respect C. Postpone D. Disagree
C. Capable of nourishment 10.Proscribe
3.Knowing the suffix -ible helps us understand that A. Fix B. Order
susceptible means... C. Probihit sale and publication D. Continue the use of
A. Causing influence