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TimeLine Project for AP World History-10 important events or developments.

/30 pts Due May 13th

After looking at your final exam, you made a list of 10 things you wish you knew.

Now make a timeline that reflects Time Periods 2-6 using each of the 5 themes at least once. 10 events is the minimum.
The more the better-chronological order is key.

- Describe and analyze the event/development as if you were using it as historical context for a thematic
question. Your Themes packet from the 1st week of class will be very helpful. Use context to explain the relative
historical significance of a specific historical development or process:
o Interactions Between Humans and the Environment
o Development and Interaction of Culture
o State Building, Expansion, and Conflict
o Creation, Expansion, and Interaction of Economic Systems
o Development and Transformation of Social Structures
- Use the presentation medium of your choice but there must be a product that I can view for a grade:
o Poster board
o On-line presentation(Google, etc.)
- You will be asked to share in a group of 4 or 5 during class. Choose the best one and the entire group presents
that work for a homework grade on May 14th.
- Visuals are encouraged, both to help you and your classmates remember and study.
- Be sure to use chronological order. Explain the relative historical significance of specific historical developments
in relation to a larger pattern of continuity and/or change.


The Mughal Empire was one of the Gunpowder empires of Time Period 4( 1450-1750) whose rulers used monumental
architecture like the Taj Mahal to legitimize and glorify their rule over India (State Building theme). The Mughals were
Muslim and under their rule struggled with the syncretic impact of Hindu beliefs and the development of Sikhism as a
result (Culture). The ruler Akbar was religiously tolerant but towards the end of the Mughal empire (18th century), that
tolerance and political success was challenged, partially by the arrival of the British.