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And sold by BLACKy KINGSBURY, PARBURY, and ALLEN, Booksellers to the Honourable
Past-India Company, Leadenhall Street.
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19on. पdnitcu Companp of grpertbantg of ¢nglanu,










htosr Hu MBLE sEnvANT,

JLondon, 7th JDecember, 1820.

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-- - -*----
P R E F A C E.

THE dialect, called cadan-t-arda, rekhta, hind?, or Hindizstani, was formed through
the intercourse of the Muhammadan invaders of India with the people they found
in that country : and, though its structure is chiefly Indian, yet the materials of
which it is composed are taken abundantly, almost at pleasure, from the Persian,
Arabic, and other foreign languages, as well as from the various dialects peculiar
to the Hindus. Being thus derived from many different sources, and as a living
language, So constructed, liable to continual increase and alteration, it is extremely
copious, and very indeterminate both as to the words which may be used and as to
the sense in which many words are adopted. Besides, nothing in the shape of a
dictionary has yet been published by those who use this dialect as their mother
tongue. Much indulgence, therefore, ought to be shewn to the first lexicographers
of this language : and, though many deficiencies exist in Captain Taylor's collec
tion, which Dr. William Hunter revised, augmented, and published at Calcutta
in 1808, yet great praise is due to the authors of that work for the care and dis
cernment which the general accuracy, good taste, and arrangement ofit exhibit.
The difficulty, which in a short time existed, of procuring the publication above
alluded to, proved how acceptable it was to the publick ; especially, if regard be
had to the contracted demand which works of the like nature generally obtain :
and, for students of Hindustani, a similar or some additional aid became ur
gently necessary. The following work, therefore, founded on the ‘* Hindoostanee
and English ” Dictionary of Dr. William Hunter, was prepared : and, though
sonae thousands of Hindustani words, gathered from goodauthors, are here added
to the collection of Captain Taylor and Dr. Hunter; yet, as it has been judged
expedient to pass over many of the quotations in that work which seem of secondary
consideration to beginners of the language, to abridge some parts, and to print
with smaller types and muck more closely, the present publication is by nearly one
half less in bulk and expense than the foregoing.
In the original work of Captain Taylor and Dr. Hunter, to which no corrections
of the errours after printing even were subjoiued, some mistakes and inaccuracies
occur: and these, it is hoped, have been rectified in such parts of that publication
as the following sheets contain. -

Before the words herein explained, the initial roman letter of the name of the
language, from which each appears derived, if known, is marked ; thus H. for
Hindi, s. for Sanskrit, A. for Arabic, P. for Persian, T. for Turkish, G. for Greek,
wi P R E FA C E.

and the like: but, where the derivation is unknown, or is uncertain, u. is

prefixed : and, if the word has changed its form or is corrupted in the derivation,
a slanting or italick letter is generally adopted by way of distinction.
Of the derivations given, though many are evidently correct, yet some, especially
of those taken from the Sanskrit, are conjectural : or they are words which, bearing .
a resemblance in sense and sound, are introduced when no more probable originals .
have been discovered : they should therefore, in such cases, be received with
caution ; and, it is hoped, they will be regarded with indulgence.
From a more extended acquaintance with approved Hindiistani authors, much
is added to the original in this second edition, and some alterations are made in )
other respects.
In denoting the pronunciation of words by italick letters, the vowels a, e, t, o, a,
are intended to represent the Italian powers of the same letters; and the conso
nants, for the most part, convey the sounds commonly appropriated to them in
English : thus, -

a corresponding to the Arabic vowel.fat'¢a is sounded as in “ America.'

d - - ---- - - - - - - - - - - - - alt/Pi-mantdada, is sounded as in ** all,'' ** ball.' -

for f: *• • •• • • • • • • • • • the alt/*i-maksifra, and sounded, occasionally, as a or d.

a******************* the yd-e-sakin ma Aabl mqftah, as i in “ night," or uy in ** buy.”
dt४ • • • • • • • • • • • ० ० • • • • the zodre-i-sakin md kabl mgftah, as ou in ** our,' or as the German nu.
b - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
८_, as in ** babble.'
bh - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
स or the Sanskrit * , as b with an aspiration.
as in ** church.''

chh **************** -स्ट्र- or the Sanskrit ठर, as ch with aspiration.

ch? **************** -स्ट्र- for the Sanskrit दi, as ch with aspiration.
० as d uttered with the point of the tongue pressed on the upper fore है।
d - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

teeth, nearly as in ** dew.”

४० or the Sanskrit *4, as d above described, with an aspiration.
5 or the Sanskrit उ sounded with the point of the tongue struck back on
the palate, as in ** dull ' nearly.
tth ***************** *3 or the Sanskrit ढ uttered as d above described, with aspiration. *
C ० ००० ०००००००००००००० the yd-e-mdihal, sounded asei in ‘* neighbour.”
~* *
u-3 us in ** fill." ' i ! 7*
g • • • • • • • • w००००० ***** ca fas in ** good,'' ** get-"
gh - - - - - - -- -- -- - - - * *
-6or the Sanskrit ‘थ as g above described, with aspiration.
gh***************** है। a peculiar guttural sound, like that made-in gargling, or like-the *
Northumbrian r. * =. *

h ० ०० ०० ० • • • • • • • •• • a* * as in “house," **horse:'but when following c, g, k, s, or 2, it may serve

witheach ofthose letters to denote apeculiar sound. See ch, gh, kh, sh, sh.
PR EEAC Es wii

k corresponding to c sounded as h above described, or more forcibly in the throat.

*** = a - - - - - - - - - - - - - with 6h, s ork prefixed. See chh, s¢ and k¢·
- • • • ० a - - - - - - - - -- - - the vowel kasr, asin. ** fin,” “ sit."
the hamsa-i-mulaiyana, and sounded nearly as f above
! •••• • • • • ••• • • • • • ••

• • • • • • • • • ००० • • • • • •

J ******************

the yd-e-ma*rf:/; as ee in “ peel,” or ea in “ tea."
ठ as in “judge:" “joy:".... . ,

- - -

J*******************. “स्त्- or the Sanskrit स, as j above described, with aspiration.

k ce-fas in ** king,'' ** sunk.'
- ------ ----- ---- -- *- J * : * 1

* +1 * :
******* --- -
-6 or the Sanskrit एल ns k with aspiration. - -

द a peculiar guttural sound, like the Scotch ch in ** loch,' or the Ger

man ch. * = * - * !

the Sanskrit P, uttered as k with aspiration. - - -

c3 as k uttered by pressing back the root of the tongue on the throat. -

* … *..

Jas in ** lane,” ** cowl."

*** • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • (* as in ** mar,' ** sum.” था - *
** • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • cy as in ** noon,'' ** rang-' - -

22 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
tantain in Arabic, and sounded as n. ' ** * *- ******** ६

?2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ० the Sanskrit anasaodra, being a nasal tone like that of a in the French :*
words ** sans,”** bon.' ** Y

?? -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - the Sanskrit UI, having the power of n uttered with the point of the *
tongue pressed back on the palate. -

C? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • the todao-i-majhird, as in ** bone." ra .A

*** ५८ * ? ८८ 17 * *-
p - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - - - - ८र> as 1n ** pun,**** up. ***

P******************* **: or the Sanskrit Cfi, as p

with aspiration.
7" ०० ०० ० ० ० ० ००० ० ०० ०० ००० >, as in “ ran,” “bur,” with a sensible vibration of the tongue.
?’ --- --- - - - ----- ---- jor the Sanskrit 5, having the power of r uttered by striking the point
of the tongue on the palate.
? ******************* 9 or the Sanskrit 5 being the r sonnded with aspiration.
?******************* the Sanskrit *3 sounded as in ** river.'
* •• • • • • •• •• • • •• •••• L~ a8 in ** sin,” ** sun.''
******************** c as in “ shine.” * ** 71 --- ***

5• - --- - - --- - - - -- -- -- u/० as s above described, by the people of India. -

5 -- - - -- -- - - - -- - - -- - - ५---> as in ** sin " by the people of India ; but, by the Arabs, as th in ** thin.”
******************** the Sanskrit d, as sh uttered with the point of the tongue reverted to *

the palate. ******** . --- -* ****** -- - - - -:,

¢ · ••• • • •• •• •• • ••• •• • ८-० as in “ tube,” **to-morrow ” nearly, being uttered by pressing the…
point ofthe tongue against the upper front teeth.
******************** “ॐ or the Sanskrit * uttered as t above described, with aspiration.
** * *** * - ******* a m ****************************** +f
wiii PR IE FAC E.

t corresponding to CEx or the Sanskrit cas in * tub" nearly, or as t uttered by striking the
point of the tongue on the palate.
!/***************** ** -# or the Sanskrit ठsounded as t above deseribed, with aspiration.
{*********** - - - - - - - - b as t above described, in India.
24 • • • • • • • • • • • • •••••• the vowel 2amm, sounded as in ** full ' or as oo in ** foot.”
?४ •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • :anana, followed by the coaao-i-ma"data, which latter is not sounded.
f********** • • • • • • • • • • the todao-i-mu*rg/; as oo in ** fool.”
D •• ••••• • • •• •• •• • ••• 9 as in ** sieve.''
to ****************** 2 having a power between the English v and w ; but, when following a
vowel or n in a syllable, it is sounded nearly as o or v slightly.
*:? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •the todao-i-ma"dula, and but very little, if at all, sounded.
3/ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • cs as in** year.'
* ••• • • •• • • • - - - - - - - - -} as in ** zeal.”
: •• • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • ce as in ** zeal," by the people of India.
: •••• ••••••••••• *** * as in “ zeal,” by the people of India.
3 • ••• ••• ••••• • •• • •• d as z in “ zeal,” by the people of India ; but, rather as dh by the Arabs.
******************** } as s in “ pleasure, or as the French j in **jour.'
******************** ६ having a guttural sound peculiar to the Arabs. After the example of
Meninski, this *, when initial in a syllable, is placed over the vowel *
which follows in pronunciation ; and when not initial, it is placed
after the vowel which precedes. So Jae 6kl, e-० md".

parts of speech, gratumatical terms,

The initial letters or abbreviations for the
and other purposes, are generally such as are common to dictionaries, or as are
well known : thus, s. for substantive, w. for verb, adi. for adjective, conj. for
conjunction, adv. for adverb, pron. for pronoun, prep. for preposition, postpos.
for postposition, interj. for interjection, m. for masculine, f. for feminine, a. for
active, n. for neuter, poss. for possessive, sing. for singular, plur. for plural, caus
for causal, compar. for comparative, sup. or superL for superlative, cor, or corrupt.
for corruption, dim. or dimin. for diminutive, comp. for compound or Compounded,
comp. or compos. for composition, contr. or contract. for contraction, inflect. for
inflection, met. for metonymically, sign. for signification, r. for root, q. v• for quod
vide, or which see, q. d. for quod demonstrat, or which means, &c. -


*- * -* - - - - w



.*** **
1? -

ltfis the first letter ofthe Arabic and Persian

alphabets. At the beginning of Hindi words,
- -

its simple, unadorned, figure, it is sometimes

used to unean naked.
- *

denoted by the characters of these alphabets, In Arabic words, at the beginning, it may be
1 with the vowel./atha, written or understood,
represents the Devanagari letter उन a ; with thex--aag, c॰-as -al att/***d/३*/ tod taksir, used
to form adjectives in a comparative degree ;
kasr, the letter 5, i ; with gamm, the letter
as, cLail 4/३n/ from cLeb ./ü:it, A-l dhkar
S5 a ; and with the sign madda *- , the letter
from *- ?d{ir: and, with J (/am) it may
अI d * at the beginning of HindT words, compose the article Ul (al) : in which case, ,
moreover, when l is followed immediately by if the word which it precedes is subsequent to
Le, the two letters together, according to the another word in construction, this l termed
vowel written or understood with l, stand for 9 tods/i, conjunctive, is written only but not

ई ? &Te or C ai ; and when l is followed in sounded. At the beginning or in the middle,

like manner by 2 , these two letters together it may be the e-4६-८-all dltf*#iunt", sign of the
represent, according to the vowel used with plural number: as, in *५-l dhkam, cJu9 rijal.
1, either खु # ओ o or ऊो aw: hut, in the In the middle,*after the second radical letter?
middle or at the end of such words, l stands it may be adopted to form adjectives in the
invariably for उनT d. superlative degree ; as, **e 8alldm from AJu3
In the representation of numbers by the Arabic galim. And, at the end, it may denote the
letters, l stands for outey whence it is used also accusative case of certain nouns, used as ad
as a symbol of the deity : it signifies, more verbs only in Hindustani : so u**e’ (“AAmi
over, the first day of the week, or Sunday ; nug : or a plural form : as Jy-०l ttntdrd * or, it

and, in astronomical descriptions, the sign may be the Le-८४७ —al al:/****dnfs, sisn of the
Taurus of the Zodiack. From its form, too, feininine gender ; which is either s-****** ”d”**
this letter is adopted to denote straightness, dnda, long, as in IA>- famrd, red : or? 99***
hence, also, a brdce mdn. And, in allusion to ntdksttrd, short, as in ५४-- hublg, pregnant
५ -५)
In Persian words, at the beginning, it may be A. Uf d0d, s, plur. (ofxl) Fathers.
the u**9 -3l dltf-2-tods/i, which is liable to be
A. c.…५l dbabil, s, m. A swallow
cut off; as in c9-* q/Strn, ७**) q/Shdn, which A• ---9) ibdhat (inf. IW. of ट५): s. f: Giving
are also written and pronounced c9-3./asan, liberty, permission.
७** .fishdn. In the middle, between two
nouns, it denotes continuity, proximity or con P. ०५T dbad, adi. Cultivated, inhabited, full of
junction; as; L--४५-ॐ shab-d-shob, ५9- sar-d pd, buildings and inhabitants, populous, pleasant,
2१४* tag-a-piz : or, in the middle of a word, it prosperous, happy, good, well ; (in compos.) a
seems in some cases redundant ; as, >**- st city, a delightful dwelling place, an abode :
tamgar for K०८ sitamgar. And, at the end, well done ! g5 ०५f dhad karnd, w, a. To
it may be the lo७ -3l alt/-t-nida, sign of the build, to cultivate, to make a place habitable.
vocative case ; as, U.3u० saktyd, O cup-bearer ! TP० ७०५T dbaddn, adj. See ०५T dbdrd.
usL& shahd, O king ! : or, it may be used in an
exclamation of disapprobation, praise, or grief; wated, populous, pleasant place : population,
as, log bada, how bad ! u०,८-kh¢shd, how good! cultivation, prosperity, abundance.
blessed ! ७९५० darrgha, what sorrow ! alas ! :
P. ५८०५f dbad-f, s, f. See ujl०५T Ghddan-i.
or, subjoined to adjectives, it may form abstract
nouns ; as, u95 garmd, heat, from ** gdrmy
S० 90fabarna ( 5वTर) v.a. To set at liberty.
hot. - s, c_%ul dhak (ऊवाद from उन and वाव
In HindT words, at the end, I may be used to Speech) adj. Speechless, silent, dumb.
form the diminutive ofa noun ; as, U*5 a very S० ७८५ 2rbdknd (see ७४) v. a. To womit.
small box, from c** : or, adjectives from sub
S. u५ ubdlnd (caus. ofuf q. v.) v. a. To boil,
stantives 3 as, k52t hungry, from ****#. to make boil.
l (for*? a, The name of God or Wishnu. Also, p. ७५f ahan, s. The eighth Persian month,
when prefixed to a word, it is an inseparable when the sun enters Scorpio.
particle of negation, privation, or diminution :
So, (***) ऊधम्र्म Injustice, from (*** धम्र्म
H० ५५ uband, w, a. To sow, to plant
Justice ; c**l उलथ* Poor, from c/** धन A. ८४'t aba-t, adj. Belonging to, or descend
Wealth. ing from one's ancestors ; paternal*
s. T (for *T) d, prep. To, at, until, unto, as far P. ७५५ -f d0+2aran, s- Rain-water, rain.
as. It is the opposite of S०चन aca, marks the p. ८9५ -f at-basi, s, f Play or sport in water ;
limits ofaction ; and, prefixed to certain verbs, swimming.
reverses their meaning. P. Ac.* -T db-i-basta, s. A glass
s. -l ab (Sलय) adv. Now, presently, just now. 5. -‘**l a-bihck (अविवेक) s. m. Want of
A. --l ab (contract. ofxl) s. m. A father discrimination, indiscretion
P. ८-T db (Sans: अTप: ) s, m. Water : splen
dour, lustre, elegance, dignity, honour, cha s, L&.l adinckla (ऊविवेकता) s, f Indis
racter ; lustre or water (in gems) : temper (of creetness, indiscretion
steel, &c.) : edge or sharpness (of a sword) : 5. ue***) d-hibck-i (ऊविवेकी) adj. Indiscreet,
mode, manner. iticonsiderate, void of discretion
s. ८-०l ib ( 559 adv. Thus, as, in like manner. P० ue*५ ८_ा nt pashi, s, f Sprinkling water
A. bl ibd, s, m. Denial, refusing, denying. IP० ॐ ८_ा 6tpdikaran, s. The stars.
¢) ¢.)
P. -b --f d?-tab, s. f. Splendour. of denoting numbers by the letters of the al
5. u-cal d**a0, adv. Presently. ५7* --४-- phabet.
a0-tab-hond. To be at the point of death. P. cly* ७-६-l dbjadkhtpan, s, m. One who is
A local izada (inf WIII of los) s, f Beginning, learning his alphabet.
commencement, P. 2:- -f d”:io, s, f A stream, a rivulet.
A. 2l-cal ibtida-dg, adv. In the beginning, at P. c22- --T d”:josh, s. Gravy, soup.
first, firstly, in the first place. P. ८-59- -T ff”:ioe, s, f: See 9- --f a”jo, oA
ijo"e, The water of a rivulet.
A. Ul&*l ibtiga? (inf. WIII. of dog) s. m. Wile H० ढ*) d-bach C> and u-ट्र* bachna) adj. That
ness, baseness, meanness ; carelessness in pre
which has not escaped.
serving any thing. s._9'>: d-bichar (उमविवार) S• IIn० Want of
A****) “24ar (from Ag Was destitute of a tail : consideration : injustice.
Heb, "na Cut short) adj. Ruined, spoiled,
worthless, destitute of good qualities, disso S . c9>: d-bichdr-in (उनविचारिनी) f
s. 5èी “-Aich6/-, (अविचारी) m.
} adi
lute, wanton.
A - ‘-*** d/2/d7-7, 8. f: Worthlessness. Destitute of consideration or reflection ; un
just (woman or man).
- ('-**l ****sam (inf WIII. of A.*) s. m. A P- **दे- c:- db-i-chdshnt, 8. Water of the eyes :
smiling, smile, gaiety, hilarity.
S -
ce-॰॰॰l at-fok,
5 -
ca-%12.'l db-td/ak, P. U***- -f ab-chashi, s, f. The giving drink
S -
पट2*) db-tori, adv. Till now, hitherto, yet. to a child for the first time (generally when
S -
‘-9:**' db-for7, about six months old) preparatory to weaning
A * ढ५-५) ibtihdj (inf: VIII. of ¢Ö Ch. pna It s. c>4 d-bichal (उमविश्वल from उन, वि and r.
shone) s, in Gladness, alacrity, cheerfulness, चल move) adj. Motionless, immovable,
S -
c*** db-td"th, adv. Till now. unmoved, unshaken, resolute, firm.
IP. py- ८---f dh-i-kdram, s. Wine : the tears ofa

७-५l d0*rd, adv. From this time, henceforth.


. u-५l tt0{i,

{* m. See c*१l ttp{d”.
person who weeps hypocritically and sorrow

P. ८-2,-- -f db-रंAasrat, s. Water of desire ;

5 . Lal tdidtnd (perhaps, from STि and r. वट wish, appetite, longing,
Surround) v. a. To rub on the body a .de
tergent application, called c*५) ttp{“८ P. ८-०५- ८-T db-t-hdydt, s. Water of life ; the
fountain of life.
द*) अनश (अP Water, and उन Born ; q. d.
K produced in or from water) objo, s, m. The P० ७%- ‘-टी dh-t-hairedn, s. Water of life ;
nymphaea or lotus : the moon : a conch : a name of the fabulous fountain of immortality.
kind of tree (eugenia acutangula) : the physi
cian of the gods. -
P. As७- ८-T db khand, s. A repository of water.
. us):- --f d0-f:jari, s. Itunning water ; a A. 9/**) d0AMira, s. plur. (of 9e or >9*) Wa
stream, a rivulet, tears flowing. pours, exhalations, perfumes.
• ०-:l dbidd, s. m. A particular arrangement P. c--->- ८-T dh-AAust, s. Dry land in the midst
of the Arabic alphabct : the alphabet; a mode of waters, an island.
IB 2
०४) >'
A. U>l dbkhal, adj. compar. (of cke*) More) the mouth ; weakness, trouble, crime or fault,
most or very covetous. a kind of pear, a kind of pomegranate, a kind
P. 92> -- 6”Altgr, Drinking and eating : vic of sweetmeat. adj. Bad, weak, subjected,
tuals, fortune, destiny. silly, base, in vain, useless.
P. ०५८- - d24/1४rd,
S -
४०५l d-bodh (Cनपत्र*य from ज and r. वधि Kill)
P. ०.८- -T 4//471//rd, s. A narrow-ruouthed

vessel for drinking out of, a cup for drinking adj Not to be killed : sacred, inviolable.
water. 5 . ४०५l C* and लु*थ Learned) a-badh, adi. Ig es
Inora I1t.
P-9-* -f dh-khes, s. 1. A soil in which water
rises up if dug into but little. 2. A swell of • e**-T d”*dahan, s. Water of the mouth :
water". spittle.
A. Agl dbad, s, m. Bternity without end. ‘---9०-५l dbdhat, s, m. (अवधुत from जाव
A. lAgl dbadag, adv. Eternally, never. ? ८-******l dbdhiftni, s. f: and r. धु O1" धू
Shake) One devoted to God but not attend
r.9lo -f f”-ddr (--f q. v- and>lo Having) s, ing on ceremonies : a kind of Hindu devotee
m. The person entrusted with the charge of who worships Siva.
water for drinking : any thing full of water or
A • c5-५l d”dd**, adi. bternal, without end.
splendour, as fruits, jewels, pearls, swords.
adj. Polished, clear, of a good water (as 9. ५Agl n-bidyd (अन and विद्या Science) 8. f. Ig
I1OI"aIn Ce.
gems), well tempered (as steel), sharp (as a
sword). P. **** --T d0-i-dida, s. Tears. db-dida, adj.
P. 4ole->\० ८-०l dh-dar-khana, s. The place where In tears, weeping.
the db-ddr keeps the water for drinking. P.Al dbr (Sans. * श्रabhra) s, m. A cloud.
r. c9/० ८- fi0-dar-i, s, f. The brilliancy (of ****) dbr-f-stydh, A black cloud. ****) dbr-t-

gems), temper or polish (of steel), sharpness é¢d/f:, A thick cloud. -

(of a sword). s. Al dbar, adv. Now.

A• ६\**) idda’ (inf IV, of ६५ Heb. and Ch. pna P० ]7' ttbrd, s, m. The outer fold of a double
To 6leave, investigate, invent) s, m. The garment (distinguished from J--l dstar, the
production of something new, invention. lining). See ४/*l dbrd.
A. JlAsl ibda? (inf IV. of U०४ Heb. and Ch. ?na A->'x) dbrdr, s. plur. (from X Heb, and Ch. ""5
To separate, to divide) s, m. Change, ex To polish, purify, select) Just, holy, pious
change, substitution of one thing for another. men, dutiful (to parents).
A• p9*) ibrdn2 (inf. IW. of /*x) S. m. Solicitation,
A. JlA५l abdal, s, m. (plur. of c५-५) A religious
person, a devotee, an enthusiast. entreaty, urgency, distressing.
P. 4ol.७ ८-f ab-ddhtd, s. m. Drink and food. A• *****) ibrdhim, n. prop. Abraham.

P. c--०७ ८-f dh-dast, s, m. Water for washing A. 9*l dbrad, adj. compar. (from e, Heb, and
the hands : washing the hands; a masterlike Ch. Tna To freeze, to hail) Colder, very cold.
work-man who imparts lustre to what he exe A• ce* “”r“? (from Lex) adj. Leprous, having
cutes ; a guiltless Jaffr. adj- Having pure the leprosy.
hands. " A• UP) dbrdk, ) (from c3/: IIeb. and Ch. pna To
r. cl०४० -T 60-i-daadan, s. Sharpness and po 5. --%) “”re8 lighten, to shine or sparkle.
lish of the teeth : d0-ddndtin, s. Watering of Sans, अश्रवीabhrak) s, m. Talc, mica.
L-* Ó aal

r. 29l abr# (Sans, श्रु bhra) s, f. The eyebrow. P. . -ॐ ff ##ist“ड़, }s, f Pregnancy. '
P. 2xf ab-ra, s, f Honour, character, renown, P. Csc-ईT dbistdr***,
elegance. Name of a poet. u***
29?l d”f P० *- ८-f db-f-sard, Cold water.
atarni, w. a. To dishonour, to disgrace. 2xा 5. c~*l “***sd” (ज and व्यतन Calamity arising
५-४५० ०५7 ddra bar-bad deni, v. a. To lose one's from desire) adj. Without desire, indifferent
own character, to destroy that of another. 5. c~' “-0dsd” ( उन and वस्मन Cloth) adj.
५#»५० 95x 2x abra par girth mdrni, w, a. To Without clothes, naked.
frown. ८४५० 2,*T dhra deni, w• a. To impart
honour or reputation to any one, or to lose or S. e-र्श 2dbdsnd (उत् and r. Dस्त Destroy) w. n*

surrender one's own. ५8% 2,ff dhra karni, w.a. g. To rot, to putrify.
L~l2-*l d-2istods (अविश्वास) s. In. Want
To treat with respect. -* 2AT dbrfr len?, w. a.
To take away character 6r reputation. of confidence, distrust, incredulity.
JP. ७22 ‘-- db-f-rdtod/?, s. Running water ; a g०
- -

cr-ly-' d-bistcas-in -

fountain, the sky, a sort of extremely fine 5. 45-l2-*l d-2istsds-in? }t(अविश्वामिनी)

muslin. S• ७-9-' d-bistods-i, m. (उमविश्वासी) J
S• ****) d-btrodh (ऊविरोध) s. m. Without
adi. Without confidence, distrustful.
contention : tranquillity, quietness. s. P.99०७-l d0-se dar (an expression of those
** Us*-229*) d-birodh-7(उनविरोधी) ITh ०
who, after reciting past misfortune, pray to be
S, ८****9*) d-Airodh-ini (ऊविरोधिनी) f. adj. preserved from a return of it) Far be it
from us !
Quiet, tranquil.
TP० 9' dbrd, s. m. The outer cloth of a double P.9u. T db-shdr, s, f. A waterfall, cascade, ca
garment. See Jal abra.
P. u57*) “”r**, adi Clouded, wariegated. &८७ c** P. L~७-० -T db-shinds, s, m. The sailor who
“****kdg4“3, A kind ofthick andshining paper, heaves the lead in sounding.
clouded (from CashmTr). P._99-* <-T dd-f-shor, s. Brackish water, salt or
P. ***Al “”rcsham or abresham, s, m. Silk, sew Sea water०

ing silk, raw silk.

P. 9,2-* --T d0-shora, s. Water cooled with salt
P० u***U' dbreshm-7, adj. Silken, ofsilk. petre.
A• c*7' ibr?¢, s. m. An ewer.
g. L-॰) dbishek (उाभिषेक from उनभि and r.
P. U2 --T 6*****dd% s. Pure, limpid, whole स्मिन्व Sprinkle) s, m. Bathing, baptizing,
SOrne water.
sprinkling with the water of the Ganges, ini
S c-sl (* and व रा: Power, will) a has, adj. tiation, royal unction, purification by means
Powerless, without choice. of sprinkling water and pronouncing certain
P- U-र्श (7%sd% s, m. Avineyard, a garden. prayers.
P-----र्श dhist, A.9५८५l dbsdr, s, plur. (of >~ ) Pyes, sights,
P. ७७- Tdbistan,
P० c-री dhistan,
}था Pregnant, with young. understanding.
A. Uual ibtal (inf IW. of uua: Heb. and Ch. bca
P. 4॰--ff dhis/n, adi. Pregnant, with young (a Procrastinated, did nothing or did in vain)
woman or animal) : new-born (a child). (Sans. 5. m. Abolition, act of destroying or annihi
उमाविष्ट Occupied, engrossed). lating.
e-*#T c५l
A• clail abtdl, adi. compar. (of cL५) More, or ter in which meat has been boiled down. (It
most vain or fruitless. is used in dressing puldos).
• ***) dlydd, adj. compar. (of A..** from A** Heb. - 7-* --f d”gir, s, A receptacle of water, a
and Ch. Tya Was distant) More or most dis
******f d”gind, s, m. Glass, a mirror, a look
- - . x -

. ८-2,--e c-T d****dshrat, Wine, sherbet, semen ing glass, a drinking glass : wine ; a diamond.
genitale. . c५l C and वाली Strength) d-Aa/, adi. m.
. Usl ibkd (inf. IV. of uss ) 5- m. Itendering Weak. -

permanent, confirmation, establishment, pre . ५ *त्रालI a-bal-d, adj. f Weak. s, f. A

servation. WOII1aI1०

• ७१l db-kd, adj. Of the present time, now. **?T ddi/d, s, m. See Alff abila.
.UKºf d0-kar, s, m. A water-carrier, a sprinkler, • ५५l a-2d/d-pd, s, m. Weakness.
a distiller (especially of spirituous liquors), a ई**] ibldgh (inf IW. of ek) s. m. Causing to

wine-merchant or seller of spirituous liquors,

a drinker of wine. arrive, conveyingg, sending.

. u9Kºf at-kdr-i, s, f: The business ofa water - bufahland (caus. of uf) v. a. To cause to

carrier &c., the business of a distiller, a duty boil (by the hands of another), to boil any
levied on distilleries. thing with such violence that it is spilled.
8- cºksfabkaग् (see uk.f) s, f:
Act of womiting. • ५**l dbald-ये (from l.') s. f: Weakness.
S- '---**) abikt (अ<यती from अ and व्यक़ Evi • c५l d0/d¢ (from cls) adj. Pyebald, black
and white, party-coloured.
dent, distinct) adj. Hidden, unintelligible ;
any invisible principle. c-८5 c-Kal abiktgd • ५५l db/akd, s, m. A bird of the main6 kind,
aft, s, f: Arithmetick of unknown quantities, a starling.
algebra. S . u-०५५l d-bilamb (* and विलम्ब Delay) s. m.
• L-5 -f d0-kash, s, m. A drawer of water. Quickness, diligence.
S - ck ubaknd (5तt, and r. वीवी Go). v. n. To S- ७५ ttbalnd (उत्तू and r. वर’ी Spread out) y, n.
womit. To boil.

. A;5 -f d****kdusdr, s. The water of the ri . Al: dbild, s, m. A blister. ५ Alff dditapd,
ver Aausar, fabled to flow in paradise with adi. Having blisters on the féet. ७'५ ५.T
milk or nectar. dbi/d-pd-7, 8. f: The having blisters on thefeet.
. L-5****l dbikhek, s, m. 8ee ca-॰.॰l abishek. e-5,***f d”i/a-t:/arang, s, m. The Frenchpox,
a bubo.
U¢31 d0-ke, adv. Now.
. Alsl db/ah (from AJ. Heb. T?a Shook : hence,
‘७-६ldekshi (अवकेशी from ऊवand वेश wavered from mental imbecility, was old or
Hair ; fruit) adj. Without fruit, barren (a worn out) adj Foolish, silly, ignorant, bash
tree). ful.
- >\४ --f d*gusdr, s, m. A water-passer, an A• ५८** db/ah-7, 8. f: Folly, silliness.
expeditious messenger, a courfer, a passage
of a river, a ford.
Cए उतावली 4-2aki, adi. weak.
P. 25 --f d0*garnt, s. Warm water.
c-* ib/fs (from L-५l he despaired, so named
because he despaired of God's mercy. Jauhart)
--*** -T d¢-fgosht, s. Gravy, broth, wa s. m. The dewil.
2' AM

A• cºli?”, s. m. A son. (Plur. uol ahnd). S

- ‘***' 4-hajh ( अबुव from Sन and r. बुथ Un
derstand) adj. Stupid, void of understanding.
s, c-ul d-Ainds (अ and विनाश Annihilation)
s. m. Exemption from loss, safety. S * ५-9' (Cन and ५-2: Understood) d-AfJhd, adi.

8 us***) d-birtds-7 (अविनाशी), adj. Safe, en m. Not understood, incomprehensible.

tire, free from loss, everlasting, eternal. H. U?' (* and Jy Speak) d-Aol, adj Silent,
A. L--- ८*८५l dbnd-f:jins, s. plur. Of the same H. 29l d-bold, adj. m. Disposed or accustomed
to silence.
quality or rank : comrades, companions, equals.
A. Ase ugusl dbnd-f-dahr, s. plur. Sons of s. Asl अभि abhi, prep. Before (in time and
A• P० >929 ५-5७५l dbnd-f-rosgar, J the age or time, place), against, with respect to. It is the re
verse of CJ7700०
A. ५exl dbroi (from 2') adi. Paternal.
S . 9 A॰l d-Jinda C and विन्दु Point, drop), adj.
Without point or dot. P. lys, ८-f ab o hated, s, f. Water and air ; cli
A. ०५3 crºl ibn stydd, n. prop. A governour of
Kufa and a great enemy of the sect of Ali. s. Uसी उमाभा a-bha, s. f. Splendour, beauty.
P. 9/a -f d***nukra, Quicksilver, silver re s. Agl a-bhar C* and 3HTRº Load or weight) adj.
duced by any menstruum to a liquid state. Light (in weight).
• L०५-f dbairs, s, m. Ebony. १०५र्ग abhar (उत and r. 2. Fill, support) s. m.
P - u**** abnas-3, adj. Made of ebony. Swelling, plumpness, tumefaction.
JP - ई ८-f db-nai, s. The perpendicular tube of a S• 9kf abharna (उतt and r. * Fill, &c.) v. a.
hukka on which the chilam is fixed. To plump up, to raise up, to excite, to per
S . ८.४५l abindi (S* and विनय Humility) s. m.
Pertness, wantonness, want of submission. S -
Ujtai abharna (perhaps उत, and r. भट De
S c---al abini (अ and विनीत Modest) adi. ceive) w, a. To take away, to steal.
Wanton, pert, petulant. 5 . ce ttel a-bhag ( उन and *T*य Fortune) s, m.
A• 2' abir, s. m. Father.
A. U.aall 2*l abu-kfa?? (father of excellence) n. S ७५el d-Ahag-a, adi. Unfortunate, destitute.
prop. The secretary of the Emperor Akbar. A० (*५e) ibhana (from *d Heb. bna Closed by

A. As x) abir bakr (lit. father of the virgin), n. pressure) The thumb : suspicion, ambiguity :
prop. The father-in-law and first successour to adj. covered, concealed, unknown.
8. ७७र्शabhand (उत and भायि caus, of r. भी
A० ‘--'P 9*) dbif turdb, n. prop. Ali, the son-in Fear) w. a. To alarm, to disturb.
law of Muhammad.
s. 2\e) अभाव d-bhdo, s, m. Non-existence, an
A. c५- ??l dba jahl (father of ignorance) n. prop. nihilation, death.
An uncle of Muhammad.

A• 22/***) aba hurdird (father of the cat, because s. ०Lal abhihad ( अभिवाद from अभि and r.
he was in the habit of carrying a cat with him)
वद Speak), s, m. Obeisance, a bow or
n. prop. One of the companions of Muham prostration to a person addressed by name :
mad. also, an opprobrious or unfriendly speech.
A• -lx) abtodb, s. plur. (of ८-०५) Doors, chap s. ७,०५सl abhihadan (य 2s. m. Same as
ters oural dbhibdd, q. v.
*-l -

• u5]xel d0hiprdg/d ( उनभिप्राय from उनभि, प्रय 5 • ca-2**l d-bhog, (ऊभोज्य from उन
and r. भुज
and r. 5 Go) s. In. Meaning, intention, de Pnjoy) adj. Unfit for use, unpossessed.
sign, scope, sentiment, opinion. S • c9५*l dbhiftt, adv. Hitherto, yet.
. clusAs' * भिधान ( अभि and r. था Have, S *l db-hi, adv. Just now, exactly now, im
hold) dbhidhan, s. m. A dictionary. mediately.
- %र्ग a///trd, part. Unladen (as a cart or boat). usर्स' (उन and भय Fear) a-bhai, adj. Fearless,

without fear.
- ५%ºf ahhrdnd (Sºrt and r. *# Fill, support) * c”kt' उन*-यात dbltyds, s, m. Study, practice.
w. a. To fill a vessel till it run over.

* -*#) ( S****) ahhrak, s. m. (The mineral

*****) उनभेद (or for उाभेद्य from ज and r
called) talc.
भिद Divide, separate) d-bhed, adj. Without
* 2*) d-bharam (अf and 3Hम* Wages, gold, separation or division : inscrutable, impene
means of support) adj. Without credit, dis
graced, dishonoured. . प#T al-i, adi. Aquatick, of or belonging to
water, watery, moist.
- c9# S०नTभरUI a-bharay, s. m. Jewels, or
naments, decoration.
. ५६l atic, interj. (used by way of contempt)
Holla, you fellow, you rascal !
- ५,६' tdbharnd (see Ué)ि w. n. To swell, to rise S . ५१l ad-i, adv. Now, exactly now. (Juittle
up, to owerflow, to unlade (a cart or boat). used.

. ७,५-स' abhtsarika (अभिसारिवा) adi. f . cu.ºl dbydt, s, plur. (of c-॰) Houses : dis

Going to an assignation with her husband or tichs or verses (most commonly).

lover (a woman). P०
८9८ff at:ydrf, s, f. Irrigation, watering
. L--&स्थाl a-bhakt (Sन and भक़ि Service) 8. f P० ८->>: ८-f db-t:/nkhnf, Water in which meat
Want ofdesire or faith, disregard, indifference. has been boiled down, gravy.
. LLYe'l dbhi-ldk ( उनभिलाष्त्र from अभि and r. 5->-' d-bcr (उन and वेला Time) s. f: Delay,
ली'> Desire) s, m. Wish, desire. lateness.

५****l dbhi/gkhd, s, f See ८.४tel dbhilak. A• caal “//“ई, adj. compar. (of c4-* r-ce५
* ७*#' उनभिमान dhhtman, s, m. Pride, Heb. and Ch. Pha Shone or was exceeding
haughtiness० self-conceit, arrogance. white) White, whiter, more or most splendid
or shining. -

• ५ju*#) dbhiutfaci, adj. Proud, haughty.

* ७***' उनभिमन्य dbhimdityd, adj. Proud, . -->ा 7p (Sans. उमात्मा Soul, self) pron. Self,
yourself you Sir (used, instead of the
haughty. personal pronoun of the second person, by
***रं' उन भिनव abhindc, adj. New, recent. an inferiour when addressing his superiour).
******* ऊभूत (उन and r. भू Exist, be) d-bhirt, Uè»५- -- 6p-stearthi, adj Selfish, seeking
the interest of self
adj. Non-existent, not existing, not past.
- छ** d-bh0) (अभीङय from उन and r. भुज . -- उनप “pd, prep. Under, below (denoting
IBat, enjoy) atj. Uufit to be eaten; not eat inferiority, secrecy, disappearance, sly ness,
able &c.) ill, amiss, bad. The reverse of उाधि. -

‘c**# अाभूषण (उया and r. भूष Adorn) d *** 3"य apn, prep. Near, by, by the side of,
bhitk¢ag, s. m. Jewels, ornaments. with : secondary to. The opposite of दूर.
• ५Tapa(see ८र-T) s, f. An elder sister. Self s. ०५' “pahid (उपवाद from उाप and r.
• ---५) उमापTप a pap, adi. Sinless, innocent. निप्र. Speak) s, m. Complaint, accusation,
• --->l -र->l dp fip, s. Selfishness, egotism.
5. c--१l dpa”ds (-र-TSelf3 q. v. and व५य Will)
. P५) (उन and पात्र A vessel) a patr, adj. In
adi. Absolute, independent.
capable, unfit, unworthy. p

- *०५ ( उप, उाा and r. था Have, hold) 8. c-१l ttpd”an (उपवन ) s, m. A grove, an
ttpddh, s, f: Wiolence, injury, injustice, ty artificially planted wood or garden.
ranny S० -* उपपति (5प and पति A husband)
८-०५"padhi, adj. Wiolent, unjust. */pd-pdti, s. m. A gallant, a paramour.
5->५) (उन andपTर The opposite bank) a par, s, e-f उापत्तू ( उाा and r. पद Go) apa
adj Boundless, excessive, impassable. s. f: Misfortune, calamity, fault.
TP.>५) ipd7? 8. Thyme, wild marjoram. 8• '--५ “pat (ज and पद Step : honour, &c.)
-->५ उपार्जित aptftjit, adj. Acquired. s. Discredit, disgrace.
8. 92*) (आ and पतिवता A virtuous, faith
- c>५ उपार्जन (डप and r. अजै Earn) ful wife) d-putioratd, adj. and s. f: Unchaste (a
ttp@J“”, 5॰ in Parning, acquirement. woman) : a courtezan.

. g५f ttp@rnd (उत्पाटन from उत and r*, s. Acey Cअ and पथ्य Fit to go ; wholesome)
d-pathyd, adj. Indigestible.
*4८ Go) v, a. To root up, to extirpate, to -

eradicate. -
5. ५-५l d-pattyd,
S• ५५-५ d-pdtydrd,
and Dयत्यय Trust, con
adj. Faithless,
- >र्श (contract ofc०%) *पवास, q. v.) apas, treacherous.
s. m. A fast, fasting.
5. L-4:l d-patak (उन and r. पट" Move) adj.
- L५ ttpds-d, adj. Hungry, one who fasts. One whose hands and feet are become useless;
- ५-५ ttpdsand (उपासन from उप and r. paralytick.

SनTत Sit, stay) ttpt7sd7td, w.a. To reverence, S. c* ?tp:d??? (see ut)ि 8- m• . A composi
to worship. S. cs ttp:d77tf, ] tion ofperfumes, flour, &c.
5 - ७५ ttpdatd (see *५
tpdc) w. a. To adopt as used to rub the body with.
an expedient or remedy, to contrive, toprepare.
5. cé,fopathha ( SC and r. ठT Stand) v. n,
• 2५ “pdo, s, m. Remedy, redress : see gg. To be tired or to be sick of a business.

apahdi, adj. Lazy, cripple : a person H० a' t/pgl, s, f: The burthen of a song, the
who never visits any one. chorus, variations in musick.

- ¢५f उपाय (उप, अT and r. दू Go) apae, 1 S. btsर्श 2/pland (trans. ofusfopgina, q• w.) w. a
or trprg/d, s, m. Dxpedient, plan, contrivance, To produce, to make to grow.
scheme, preparation, redress, remedy. 5.9u… t/pida, adj. Fertile.
S० -फर्श ”p4/it, adj. Produced, propagated.
***५ उपायी updi or **P¢yi, adj. Resorting
to expedients, contriving, remedying ; con
S० c*+ई apa:jatan (Sप and यत्न Endeavour,
care) s, m• Preparation, exertion.
>१ 10
£ीं c-ब्s apajas Cअप and यारा: Fame, repu H. ५.99%) ttprdtodri, adj. Quarrelsome, wran
tation) s, m. Infamy, ignominy, dishonour. gling
S० ue-5) dpd:jas-7, adj. Infamous, unfortunate.
• k’x) (उन and प्रभा Splendour) d-prabhd, s. f.
3 cकई apajna Ceप and r. उ5ीन Produce) v. n. Want ofsplendour : darkness, dullness.
To spring up, to grow, to be produced.
5. yस्ट्र* dpchhara (अप्सरा) s. f: A female
- ५४५A' ( उन and परिपाठी Order, method)
d-pdriptft7, s. f: Deviation from established
dancer in the court of Indra. See 9-५ dpsdrd. Cust O1n.

*gा आपद् (उलT and r. पद Go) d-pdd, s. f.

- ‘-र*9?' (ज and प्रताप Majesty, energy) a
Calamity, (Arab. c-57 ए/at). prd/dp, s, m. Want ofacuteness, of power or
logी टTपदT d-padd, s, f Misfortune, ca offortune.
- L*** (अ and प्रतापी Potent, &c.) d-prd
9*र्श उपद्रव ttpd-drag, s, m. A portent, in -tapri, adi. IBlunt, powerless, unfortunate.
Justice, tyranny, excess, insult. . \६**-27) (उन and प्रतिष्ठा Renown) d-prutishthd,

L-**१ उपदेश (उप and r. दिश Shew) 8. f. Want of respectability.
**pa-des, s, m. Advice, counsel, exhortation, 5 c****) d-prdtaksh (उाप्रत्यक्ष from उन, प्रति

admonition, instruction.
and उमक्ष Dye) adj. Imperceptible, not evi
८-४ t/pd-dcs-7, s. m. f. An adviser. dent, secret, absent.
xfopar (उपरि) prep. Above, on, ower. • ५टx) (उन and प्रथT Fame, notoriety) d-pruthd,
Seex2' -
8. f: Deviation from custom ; secrecy.
'----y?' उनपराजित d-pardjtt, adj. Un - '--८४,१ (उन and प्रतीत Known, famous, cre
conquered, invincible, unerring. dited) d-prdtit, atlj. Without credit.
b-IAl उनपराजिता d-partffftd, s. f. The
- ८****) (आ and प्रतीति Faith) d-pratit-7, s. f.
name of a twining shrub (called also c*** Want of confidence or of credit.
koyal, and ue***** l% katacd-{henthi, i, e. Crow's
beak) Clitoria ternatea : also, the name of - **** (उन and प्रर्चड्ड Wiolent, great) d-prd
other plants. -
-chdnd, adj Not violent, not strong or for
फूं** राजय d-parttjtrt, s. m. Not a cible, without dignity.
efeat 3 victory, invincibleness. - ५२०१ d parichchhd ( उन and परीक्षा Trial,
ordeal) s. f: Want of trial or proof.
**y'' उनपराध ( उप and r. राध Become
Perfect) dpd-radh, s. m. Offence, transgres • ७usex) ( उन and Dाधान Chief) “prddhan,
sion, crime. adj Subordinate, secondary, mean, powerless.
c*ex) “pdarddh-ia (उनपराधिनी) s, f • L»?' “pdrds (उन and स्पर्श Touch) s. m. I.
u***x) dpd-rddh-? (उपराधी) S• In •
The state of a Hindu after bathing, previous
criminal, sinner, offender. to worship or to eating, during which it is

unlawful for him to touch any one. 2. (tor the
H. gA JA' ?/prala karnd, w, a. To take one's
party to protect, to stickle for.
Arabic cesl) Leprosy.
S० -४५ ttprant (उपरि Over, and ऊंत End) • प5-५-9?' (उन and प्रसादी Possessing favour) :
“pr“sdd7, adj That which is not presented
adv. After, afterwards. to the deity.
c*' c५
- crex) (ऊ and Dयसन्न Gracious, kind) d-pra * ५-५ अप्सरT (अप Water, and सू: Go) ap
********* adj- Ungracious, unfavourable, dis sdrd, s. f: A female dancer or courtezan in
pleased, averse. Stodrgd or paradise.
* c29 (ज and पुरूष Man) “purust, adj. Im * c*** अपशकुन apd-sdkun, s, m. A por
Potent, effeminate, unmanly. tent, bad omen.
- 22) ttpd***d, adj. Superficial ; the outside of * 2५-५ अपस्मार (from ऊप and r. स्मृ smri,
a garment (opposed to the lining). * ftecollect, remember) opd-smar, s. m. The
• ७५४,५' ( उन and प्रमाण Proof) d-prana@g, adj. epilepsy, falling sickness.

Without proof untrue. - ५-५ ttpds-nd, w. n. To become musty, to rot.

*>५ **) (ज Priv. परम Original, great, and • 42-५' उनपसव्य (उनप and सव्य Left) apa
पTर Opposite bank of a river) a param par, sdgyd, s. m. Itight (in opposition to left), the
adj. Boundless, infinite. right side of the body.

- 9*) ttpdrnd, s. m. A scarf s.U--८१ (उप and शास्त्र Institutes) apd-shastr,

s. m. Sciences connected with, or derived
*>*** dpdrdmpar, Same as>५ 9ि*) q• w• from the Shtfstr.
.5- - w

- पहbU? c?b9* ttpdrrod-ये taraca-i ( उठपरि Above, ****) dpd-shabd, s. m. A disagree

up, and Fiरण Traversing) s, f. Surfeit, mort able sound, wind broken backwards, ungram
de chien, cholera morbus. matical language.
- ५** ttpraunchd (उपरि Over, and r. उंछ '---****' (ज and पुष्पित Blossomed) opush
Glean, gather) 8. m. A towel or cloth for pit, adj. Without flowers (a tree or plant),
wiping the body : adj. Superficial. not bearing flowers, not in flower.
****** dprfip (उात्मा Self, and रूप Form) L-**' (अ and पश्ट Evident) apasht adj.
Hidden, secret. '
s. m. and adi. Self self-formed, the deity.
• ५-:»?' d-prjt CSन and प्रीति: Affection, love) S ८-९l apak (ऊ and पकूः Itipe) adj. Un
s. f. Dnmity, hatred. ripe.
S० -७GT dp-ktji, (---T Self, q. v. and काय्र्य
- (** (उन and प्रेम Affection, kindness) d-prem, *- >*- - - - --
8. m. Enmity, hatred.
S• L5:-७४f rip”k@ji, Business) adj. Attend- Z
ing to own business, engaged in own affairs.
- 9: apapnd (०त and r. पट Go) w. n. To
be rooted out, to be pulled out, to be skinned. 9k{ उपकार “pa*ar, s, m. Assistance,
benefit, kindness, favour.
• L-४ “pd* (see cर-f ap) pron. recip. Them
selves, one another ; hence, s. f. Kindred, S० ‘न’9५६ उपवााररीapa kar-i, adi. Assisting, help
brotherhood, fellowship. b9 ce** c-री dpds ing, beneficent.
meh rahnd, is applied to signify adultery, &c. S० c**१ (आ and पक्ष: A side, party, wing)
(in the dialect of women). d-paks¢, adj. Without wings, without assist
- cर्श ttpds (*तt and Pत Destroy) s, f Stink, ance or protection.
staleness, putrefaction, rottenness. Ha ५ ttpld, s. n". Cakes of driedcow-dung.
- -+-रीं उपस्थित (from उप and r. झूठा S० é५ apalaji (अप and r. Cस्य5ी Be ashamed)
Stand, remain), apasthit, adj. Present, ready. adj. Impudent, immodest, shameless.
C 2
S० ७** (अप and लडज्ञा Shame, modesty) dpd J० cel%l dpd-cad in (अयवादिनी) s. f. A
fttijtf, 8. f. Impudence, shamelessness. u****' apa-afd-? ( जणवTदT) 8. m.
- ८** dpdldjj7, adj. See é१ dpdfttjj. complainer, an accuser.
- c*** (*प and लक्षण A mark, a sign) tpd c-bर्श उलवTस्म (उण and r. वस Dwell)
*/ttchchtttttt, s, m. A bad omen, bad sign. *//7d-cds, s, m. Fasting, a fast. .
tस्*? dpd-fachchhatt-d, adj. m. Of a bad sign
S० ---ॐ? “pat (Sans. उापुत्र comp. of उन and
or suspiciotts appearance, unlucky, ominous. पुत्र A child) adj. Childless : undutiful (a
८५ t/p/f, s, f: Cakes of cow-dung of a smal child).
५l up/7.
ler size than
**>Px' (ज and पवित्र Clean, pure) d-pdcttr?
- uof ****मf (3ण and r. मT Measure) ttpd-ntd,
w adj. Unclean, defiled, impure, profane.
5- f: A resemblance, comparison, simile, that * 9P% उनपवित्रता d-prrcttrd-fa, s. f: Un
thing to which another is likened.
cleanness, filth.
- ७*र्श उपमTन ttpd-man, s, f: Resemblance,
- द** “pए/ (for उा and एयूज To be worship -
&c. see ५ ttpd-md. ped) adj. That which is not worshipped, or
S० ७५ जापमा*f dpa-man, s, m. Disgrace, dis is not a proper object of worship.
honour, an affront, disrespect. - *+29१ d-pifrb (for उपूर्व comp. of आ and
• ५ju*५l apd-man-i, adj- Disgraced, abased. पूर्व Preceding) adj. New, unheard of, ad
8 • cट्रf apan (उनात्म*) pron. recip. Self. mirable, uncommon, remarkable, unparalleled.
S • ५l apnd, m. ue*५l “p**, f(see ---Tap) pron.
Poss. Of or belonging to self, own. (In
e-2x अपवर्ग (अप and r, वृज Quit,
leave) dpd-curg, s, m. Liberation, deliverance,
Braj, dpnda, apne, dpni). ५७ ८-5५) “pni gdond, emancipation : final beatitude, the deliverance
To sing one's own praises, to egotize. of the soul from the body and exemption from
• ५८५) apnd-nd (see ८-f dp) v. a. To make a further transmigration.
thing one's own, to convert to one's own use.
- '---५५) dprtd:ydt (see -र* dp) s. f: Family, re
- -** उपवीत (उप and r. वी Shine) apa
lations, kindred. -cit, s. m. The thread or cord worn by the
three first classes of Hindus over the left
- ५-५) dpdhtpd (see cर-f dp) s, m: One's self. shoulder and under the right.
(Used in the accusative case only, as ५: ५-५l
dpdntpd bdcltdnd, To guard or protectones - *# (उप and वेद The scripture, q. d. De
self). pending on, derived or springing from the
- **** d-panth (अ and Dथा: A road) s. m. Yeda) 2tpd-ccd, s. m. The Purans.

A wrong or bad road, a devious track ; heresy. - ०-५र्श उपहास (उप and r. हस Laugh) -

One who has lost his ttpd-hds, s. m. Derision, scorn, laughter.

. Le६-५) d-panth j; adj
way, devious ; heretical. 5 . ५Jस्y aphrdnd (caus. of g,**) v. a. To feed a
person so that his belly swells : (met.) to give
*****) (*f and gUय Wirtuous action, merit,
charity) d-pu??yd, s. m.
Uncharitableness. a person (money, &c.) to the utmost extent of
his desire.
- ex उपवाद (उनप and r. वद Speak)
“pd-cdd, s, m- Complaint, reproach, accusa • -5],*?' dphrd-f, s, f: Gluttony, a surfeit.
tion, censure. . 9*) “pharnd (८र-f Self, and *रण Filling)

v. n. To swell out (the belly), to gormandize, T. bl dtd, s. m. Father.

to eat to satiety : to become very rich. s. UT d/d, s, m. A custard apple : see c-f dt.
. ugl (ज and फल Fruit) aphal, adj Fruit T- c=-८१७l atd-bdg (comp. of Ul dtdr, Father and
less, barren. ca-** 2dg, Lord) s, m. A master, a teacher,
. --Jस्था' (उन and पालित In fruit) d-phalit, a title given to kings or prime ministers.
adj. Not in fruit (a fruit tree). 3• >७ utffr, s. m. IDescent. ५०>vl tttdr dend,
S. ucey aphaand (5रयू and r. Cमाण Move, go) To bring down ; (met.) to disgrace, to dis
w. n. To boil ower. honour.
H- **?' dphir,
H० **** dpltim,
}ºf Opium.
- P

s. I)cl atdra (from U)५l atarnd, q. v.) s, m. A

w -
descent : an answer : cast off clothes: disgrace,
s. c-स' ( उन and पनि Froth, foam) aphon, adj. degradation : ransom, self-devotion.
WWithout fkoa un.
S. e9* 2ttdrd77, 1. s. f: A fragment. 2. See 9sf
5. 13***' “//r”d? (८-f and u3॰॰ dindh6) adj. S• 90 2ttdrnd (caus. of ५x) w. a. To cause to
Self-conceited, obstinate.
alight, to bring down : to degrade, to take
S• >-५ d-pir (> and थTडT Pain) adj. Without ofl, to tear ofl, cut off or break off (a portion
of any thing), to make a return or recompense
5• ५- <ई उपयुक्त ( उप and r. युज Join,
è 2s u9cl atare hae, Dngaged with a despe
* fit) ttpa:yukt, adj. Worthy, fit, proper, qua rate resolution in any enterprise : (metaphor
taken from cavalry, who dismount to fight on
5. ‘****l (उल, प्रय and r. ईक्ष See) d-pekh, adj. foot with a determination to conquer or die).
Invisible, unseen. T - c*** o/a/7%, s. m. A private tutor.
s. crs' (उन and पीन Fat, large) d-pin, adj. T• ue*** dlt7/7k-7, s. f: Private tuition.
Light? lean.
s. ७-५) d-p:/d (उन and येय To be drunk) adj. s, ggf उतान (उत and r. तन Extend,
stretch) tr//7n or at-lan, adj. Supine, lying on
Unfit to be drunk, forbidden (liquor). the back : shallow.
s. e-l अति dti, prep. Beyond (in point of JP

it. U?gl at6tcrd, s. f. Quickness, speed, despatch

time, place, or degree), gone by, passed over, JP

exceeding, surpassing, very. Tr. g,Ul utdold, adi. m. Swift, quick, speedy,

s. ८--l 3rt ut, prep. Up, upwards, on high, precipitate, rash.

over, above. It implies styprrfority in place H. -22७l utdoli, adj. f. Swift; &c. : s. f. Ilaste,

and dogree, and is the reverse of उनध adhd. speed, rashness, impatience.

s. cc d८ ( उमातृप्य from उमा and r. तृप Sa H. -scl atd-i, s. One who sings and dances
tisfy) 8. m. Custard appte (annona squamosa gratis.
or reticulata). s. U--slatiod (उन तिवेल from उमति and वेला
HI० -] it, adv. IIere, hither. u-52* e-l (दूतहै) Limit) adv. or adj. Much, excessive, fre
tt-htedi, From here, hence. quently•
11. col td, adv. There, thither. 5. -*ा उाातप d-tap, s. m. Sunshine.
H• blita, adj. m. This much, &c. See ucl itna. 5• e-पूर्श उत्लान (उत, and r. Eत Fali) atpa,
>P) 14 c**)
5. m* A portent, phenomenon : wiolence, in 5० c&# td/ar-dyan (5तर North, and आयन
justice, injury.
Going, path) s. m. Northing.
5० e-त्र्ग उतप ति (उत्तू and r. पC Go) at-pat
S० ***** उतरभाद्रपद (उतर Posterior,
***? 8. f: Birth, origin, creation, production.
S० ७.5f उत्पन्न (5पू and r. लद Go) atpaan, and *HI%पद The constellation) attard-Ak@d,d-
f?“% s, m. A mansion of the moon (the twen
adj Produced : s. Proceeds, profit, produce. ty-seventh).
s. Accl उमतिथि (from sof and तिथि A lunar
s. --५,5l ( आ and तृप Satisfied) d-fript, adj.
day) a-tithi, s, m. A guest, pilgrim, stranger, Itestless.
Person entitled to the rights of hospitality. S. e* 2tfrrr77 (see 9*) 8. f: A fragment, any
# \६*) “-tathd, adj. Powerless, without autho thing taken ofifrom the body : cast ofr clothes.
rity. ५28 c9*) ५-5" c'>' To be freed from del)t.
p rv
5. ca-%--l attjog (अतियोग्य) adj. Wery 5. 97l u/arnd (उतीर्ण from उत and r. तृ
worthy. Cross over) v. n. To descend, to alight, to
A० oe<] itti//7d (inf. WIII. of A-9 Heb. "ns Was subside, to decrease, to pass ower, to go ofl,
one) 8. m. Union, concord, friendship. to fall oll, to decay, to be freed from debt, to
*Jर्ण उतर kउत and r. तृ Cross, pass ower) becolne insipid, to fall in value or in dignity.
*****“73 S: m. An answer, the north. adj. S• ५9f td/d7todnd (caus. of 9#) v.a. To cause

Posterior, latter, behind, northern, superiour, to descend or alight.

8. ७-*) उनतसी “(“**, 8. f: Flax. (Linum usi
high, उतरार्थ attarardn, The latterhalf tatissimum).
H->P) */“79 adi. Aftected, giving one's self airs,
Playful, wanton, coquetish.
s->'-s) उमतिसार (उनति म्यू Go) dti
and r.
***** 8* m. Dyseutery, diarrhtea.
s.yा उमातुर (उमा and r. CJर Hasten) dtur, S० ५- उत्साह (उत्तू and r. लह Bear) trt-strh,
adj Diseased, distressed, anxious, distracted.

g• JP) ?tffdr-tr (उतरात Northward) adj. North ** m* Pffort, perseverance, energy, forti
ern? northerly : s. f: North wind. tude ; happiness, joy.

8० 2-*) उत्सव (उत and I". पू IBring forth) 2t/-sdu,

A. --JPl atrak, s. (plur. of ८-2) Turks.

UP) ttfrdind (caus. of gर्ग q• w*) w. a. l. To take ** m. A festival, a jubilce, publick rejoicing :
impatience, wrath.
*own or Pull down (by the hands of a third P, c*T dtosh, s. f: Fire.
Person 3 as, to do it one's self, is g)७l utarnd). P- 22Al c*T dt“s/-५/ros, adj. Kindling fire.
2. To boil over.
s. Fuel, an incendiary.
H. ५JPl itrdnd, w. a. To give one's self airs, to P० c*c** dtdsh-d/gan,
*** with affectation, to act in an unnatural OI* P० c*L-T d/as//5/igda, }"# Throwing fire.

unusual mauner.
P* 9/*l L-5T d/4***“”dds, adi. Casting out fire.
5. ७29*) ““********, s: m. A place to which fish PU-* L**f d/“s4-“”ges, adi. Kiniling, spread
throng. ing or stirring up fire. s. Fire-kindler, an in
II• 92] ?/7¢yd, m. adj Aflected, playful, wan cendiary, a seditious person.
H. ५-9]Pl itrai, f t011. P->५ L-गd/ash-Aar, adj. Fiaming, fiery, rain
ing fire. s. A firelock, a tinder-box.
La) 15
P.j५ L:श atash-Aas, s, m. A player, of fire A* ७५४l itt:/ak (inf WTII. of c:32) 8. m. Agree
works, a maker of fire-works. ment, equality, concord, friendship, similarity
P. c9५ L-5f dtash-273-i, s, f Exhibition of fire of disposition : chance, fortune, accident, in
cident, success, opportunity, prohability. ७usl
P. 9५ L:श atdshpdrd, s, m. A spark, a lighted 4---- itti/7%-*?dsdad, s, m. Unexpected good
coal ; a beautiful person ; an exciter of quar fortune, agreeable accidents. ७,5 ७७०) ittifak
rels : quarrelsome. kdrnd, To accord, to happen. bys cusl itttfak
P. ----9, C:5f afashparast, s, m. A worshipper Mond, To happen, to be agreed. -

of fire, a guebre, one of the sect of the Magi.

A. ५७ol i//?/7kag, adv. Accidentally, by chance.
P. ५४-०५ cas d/ash parost-f, s, f The worship
of fire. A• ---busl i//?/7kd/, s. m. plur. (of cusl) Acci
P->ly* c** (7/ash-Ah:"Tr (Fire eater) s. m. Name dents, successes.
of a bird, a variety of Tetrao rufus, Lin : A• ५****] i//t/7A-7, adj. Accidental.
called in Hindi 9%5- chahor, q. v. A. UGl ittika (inf WIII. ofUè, ) s, m. Avoiding,
P. clo c:sf atosh-dan, s. A chafing-dish, a fire shunning ; abstaining from evil: piety.
place, any receptacle for fire.
A . Ucasl dtktyd, s, plur. (of ७५) Religious men,
P. 22 L:sf afash-res, Pouring out fire ; an incen devotees. -

diary, an exciter of quarrels.

S. ७ol atka (from उमति Exceeding) adv. Much,
TP० c*9 ce ff afash-cadd-g, s, f Combustion, the
firing of houses, &c. whether accidentally or
by design. - c< tdkd/, n. prop. A name of the province
of UrTsa.
JP. प33 casf 6tash-cruci, s, f: Striking fire. 5. --5-l dt gat (उनति and गति Motion)
. ७८-८श 6/ash-istan, s, f. The region of fire, Yery much, very great.
a place where fire abounds ; (hence the word
is applied to) a hot fire of cannon or small S. ugl attd (ज and तुल्य To be weighed) adj.
arms in battle ; a large fire, a funeral pile Unweighed, that cannot be weighed.
P. e-e c:श afash-tab", adj Fiery-tempered. 8
- efउतम (उत and तम sign of superl.) at
P. L-5.5T (7/ashttk, s. f: The venereal disease. -tant, adj. Excellent, best, principal, first,
P. ४०5 c*ा dtdslt-kddd, s. m. A furnace, grate, chief:
chimucy, a temple of fire-worshippers.
ºf don (उमात्मन् from आ and r. ऊत
* ल४* c.ºf 6/ash-nts@i, adj Fiery-tempered. Wander about) s. m. Soul, self: (much used
. c.g ce.ºf 6/dsh-adk, adj Fiery, hot. in the composition of HindawT words ; as) ACT

: 2.5 ल//s/-7 ) adj.

• c***T “tds/*****
Fiery, hot, irascible.
-f c*-ff dtdshid d”,Wine.
A. -suacl ittisए/ (inf Wlll of ५--22) 8* m* De
८-१५ drtn-pdlak, Selfish : --५* *ा d/nt-ghat,
Self-murder : ७०-७ PT dtnt-nd nti, Self-evident.
A• P) dtantnt, adj. compar. (of fU) More or most
scription, qualification, praise, excellence. perfect.
A० Jual tttts“/ (inf WIII of cLe,) s, m. Con s. L*5T जात्मा (see * dtm) dtntd, s. f: The
junction, adhesion, union, continuity, attach soul, the body, the self the mind, the under
ment, neighbourhood, contiguity• standing. (Hence the Greek Avr/५५).
Acl I0 !
A* *** ffutt7n? (inf: 1W. of*५) s. m. Rendering A• *५:] ittiham (inf. WIII. of (-9) s. m. Suspi
perfect, completion, accomplishment. cion, impeachment, accusation, censure.
5. ७५T dtrndh, s, f. The soul : see uaf dtmd. S• c* उत्यTन (उत and r. ठT Stand) at-th7n,
७८TUT dad atzadd (for उनात्मा) The re s. Ditort, rising up, manly exertion, battle,
verse of soul. joy. 3 त्यान एवादशी 2dthdn ckddashi, or *-

8० ट्* अात्मज (उनात्मन्तू Self body, andज देवठान decathdn, The eleventh of the shttk?
Born, from r. SऽजT Be produced) a/ntdj, s. m. paksk of ffairtik, when Wishnu awakes from
A son, a daughter : the understanding. sleep. (During the four months that he sleeps
s. cPl (ज and तनु Body, q. d. Incorporeal) d it is unlawful to marry).
tan, m. prop. Kamdeo, the god of love amoug S . ४५gl a-thah, adj. Bottomless. 5. An abyss.
the Hindus. See Uèl dtltd.

H. ccl i/nd, adj. m. As much as this, thus much.

S - c** athdih (आ and r. ठT Remain; q. d. not
H. usl utnd, adj. m. As much as that, so much. to remain or reside in) s. f: A place where
people meet for counsel, or to converse and
s. cc>egl S5[रय बात (उनति and CTकतl End) atant aunuse thenuselves.
or ttg/d7tt, adj. Wery much, excessive, great.
. c-€l athit (* and स्थित Placed, stood) adj.
s. e-॰ा जातंग (उनT and r. तवा। Live with Unstable, unsteady, wavering.
- Cs
difficulty) d-fang, s. m. Fear, apprehension :
disease, aflliction, pain : parade, ostentation,
* c**** *****T atharban or atharcan, s. m. .८
Nanne of the fourth Weda.
shew, pomp. -

s, e** उतुंग ?d-fttng, adj. High, lofty, tall. . L<gl a////k (उन and स्थ**f Weariness) adj.
Unwearied, iusensible of fatigue.
H. 27l i/a” (in Braj) adj. This much, so much : . cgl atha/ (उन and स्वायत्री A place) adj. Un
see UGl itna.
stable, unsteady, wavering.
II० # atta s, m. Plaits of cloth. ५us >l>*)५० - kºf ?ttlt/ar (उत्तू and r. तथद’ी Accumulate) adj.
c******l mffrkar atta handya uske taia, He beat Shallow.
him to a mummy (lit. till his body became
marked like the plaits in cloth). g,525l atta - ckह 2//httfnd (caus. of cह)ि w. a. To cause
to turn ower or overset.
Karnd, w. a. To plait.
H***T 7/7, 8. f: A female teacher or governess. - ** athahrd (<थतTaud r. स्थली Collect, stand)
5. >9*) ittudr (from उमादित्यवार The day of v n. To turn over, to overset. Llegulgl
the sun) 8. m. Sunday. *
tt/htt/nd ptt//tdhtd, the same.
S. UP) d-fol, adj. See cgl attd. * 9*) (उनष्य Then, &e. and वI Or) athd-ca,
s. ***) अथ ath, conj. (or inceptive particle used conj. Or.
to introduce a remark, question, afiirmation, - cई' दूति (r. २ Go) iti, a particle implying
&c.) Thus, so, then, hence, further, now2 Cause, manifestation, reference, something ad
mioreover, henceforth.
ditional, conclusion : and may be translated
s. tgl atha ( उनand स्थाय Place) adj. Deep, by Thus, therefore, lo, behold, et cetera, so
unfordable, unfathomable, out of man's depth. says, this is, the end ; in which latter sense it
LGl 17 9)
is usually written like 45- *०५j in Persian and s. UGl atkd, 1. 5. m. Thepot in which victuals are
(P in Arabic, at the end ofa book, letter, &c. dressed for the publick at the door of the tem
s. ५8) dti, prep. Pxceeding, &c. : see L-l ati. ple of Jagannath. 2. part. past. (of u.@l)
Aground, stopped, hindered.
s.9५.5l att-bar (उमति and वTर Time) adv.
5. ७७Gl atkand (caus. of LGl) v. a. To stop, to
Frequently. -

prevent, to hinder, restrain, detain.

s. L&.cgl ati-bakta C अतिवक़ा from उमति and r. 8: 2७@l d{kdo, s, m. Stop, prevention, hinderance,
न* Speak)
p adj.
] A great talker, a babbler.
s. Ug७Gl atkdond, Same as 3@l atkdo, q. v.
s. ---al afit (उमतिथि) s. m. A wanderer, pil P

grim, a fakTr (among Hindus). See Accl atithi.

H. L-JAGl atakkarlais, adj. Precipitate, rash,
acting without consideration.
s. --9-5) अतिरिक़ (उनति and r. रिव s.c@l atkal (r. S*८ Wander, andr. वील Count)
Flow) ati-rikt, adj. Excessive, exceeding. s. f: Guess, conjecture, judgment, opinion,
5. c* 2tt?rd7? (उतीर्ण) adj. Worn, cast off quantity, size, j५ UGl atkakods, adj. Adroit
(clothes, jewels, &c.). at guessing ; an appraiser.
5. 95% ck@l dtkal pachcha (UGl q. v. and r. Dत्रठर
s. L--sl atis, s, m. Name of a root used in me Ask) 8. m. One who guesses at a venture, or
without grounds on which to judge. adv. At
Ir. L5:5\ itek (from usl and L5%) adj. So much, random.

thus much. c** - 5.5l itek men, In the mean 5. uk5) “tkahna (see ckgl) v. a. To guess, to
time. conjecture, to judge, to think.
S .c.५gl iiihas (इतिहास from इतिहा Tra 5. u*5l “{ak-nd, w- n. To be stopped, to be pre
ditional instruction, and r. जस्त Be) s, m. vented, to adhere, to cease, rest, stick, stop.
History, heroick history, story, fable. s. U·¢gl atkhel (r. अट्ट Exceed, and खेला
Sport) adj. Wanton.
H. UT dgd, s. m. Flour, meal.
s. Ul ata (अट्ट 2 s, m. An upper room or story. s, c*****) “!'Aebi, s, f Wantonness, an affected
(also a graceful) pace or mode of walking.
s. ५90l atd-ri, s, f A thatched upper room. s, cgl atd (* and r. टल Be disturbed) adj.
s. J0l a"tal (उन and r. ठल Be disturbed) s, f. Immovable, fixed, ofdetermined resolution.
A stack, a rick (ofgrass, corn, &c.), a heap of H० *) atdm, s, m. A heap.
baggage, &c.
s, cPl“!“” (*22 s. A balcony, an upper room.
S . YUl atd}-d, s. m. A heap ; furniture.
H. ugl d{nd, w. n. To be contained, to be filled.
5• -५ u****) dtpati bat (r. अट्ट Transgress, and u.5 -->l l% kad at grg/a, The well is filled up•
r. *८ Go) Confused or inconsistent speech, H० c* ?४gdngun, s. I. Name ofa river near
Goaliar. 2. Name ofa plant.
I u-Jl atat (perhaps, from * and us* A skreen
5- ue* अटनी (r. अट Mowe) atni, s. f. The
or mat) adj. Coarse, strong (cloth). notched extremity or horn ofa bow. -

s. ८-८Jl dtak (*I and r. ८वी Fasten, bind) g. Lely:55 -->lyl attedt khattcat, 8. f. The state
** f: Prevention, stop, obstruction, bar, ob of a person who in great afiliction remains
stacle ; name of a river. bed-rid.
agl 18 \\

s. LL; a-tat (उन and r. तुट Dissect, break) s. L-degl athtais (अष्टवत्वारिंशत) adj.
adj. Not liable to be broken : inexhaustible. Forty-eight.
5. cs; a-tok Cठन and r. तवी Investigate) adj. 5. L-*#) o//(K(ऊष्ठत्रिशत) adj. Thirty-eight.
Unquestioned, uninterrupted, unrestrained. S **-#l athsath ( उनष्टष्प्रष्टि) adj.
5. Sixty-eight.
H. U;l d-fot, adi. Unpolished (stones orjewels : us'…‘* dthkheli (r. अट्ट
Excced, and दलाल)ा
and, hence, of persons), rude, unmannerly.
Sport) s, f: Playfulness, wantonness.
s, c9*) अटवि (r. उलट Move) atci, s, f Fo
H. c¥ी “thal, s. m. Bathing of the bride and
rest, grove, wilderness. bridegroom together, the third day after mar
s. #T ath (उलट) adj. Eight. t92-sf सैंT #
dgh dth drisa rona, To shed floods of tears, to H. ५*# ithldnd, w, a. To walk aflectedly or
weep exceedingly. x? -हT ath pahar, All the coquettishly, to express tenderness or kindness
by gesture.
twenty-four hours ; constantly. ५०6 -#T d!”
khamba, A canopy supported by eight posts. S - ५ई “{//nd (from Sतt and r. ठT Stand) v. n.
To rise up, to be abolished.
5. H० us**** ५gf athd baithi, s, f. Act offrequently
rising up and sitting down : inconstancy. S - c*** “{h-dngrtn, s, m. A prop or support.
s. ४,७:l athdrah (उठTदयT)adj. Eighteen. 9५? • us";***u9%#) “t/ted{i AAutod{i, s, f. The state
of being confined to bed through sickness, &c.
9k dthdrah bhar, Warious, ofdifferent sorts.
S ७-५ athasi (अष्टाशीति) adi. Eighty-cight. 9%) “t/tedrd ( आठ Bight, and वTर Day)
8- m. The eighth day after any other ; a week.
S० ७५" athan (०तथT*19 s. m. An area or court. P -

S *५b# ”!”todnd (caus. ofug) v.a. To cause to lift

5• ७र्श athdn (see c#) 8- f: Act ofappearing or raise up, &c.
S. ulgi athand (caus. of u-:l ) v. a. To lift or S ( ऊष्टोत्तरशत ) adj. One
• 2-०95;ई) “{hotar*sdu
raise up, to take away, to abolish, to excite, to hundred and eight.
support, to bear, tocarry, to remove, to receive, S० *** dthhattar (उनष्टसCतति ) adj. Seventy
to suffer, to exhibit, to contract debts or eight.
purchase on credit, to expend. H० u* d{{i, s. f: A hank or bundle of thread ; a
s, ceptg athanacce (अश्टनवति) adi. Nine cant word for a turban.
ty-eight. H० 7-5) d{cr, s. f: Name of a town.
s. ७,५gl athacan ( अटपचारात.) adj. Fifty H० c9*) dterdn, s, m. 1. A skein or hundle of
eight. thread, a reel. 2. The lounge (in the manage).
S. c** dtha is (अष्टाविशाति) adj. Twenty H. g: “{ernd, w, a. 1. To make up thread into
skeins, to reel. 2. To lounge a horse.
H. LL.5l a-tek, adj. Without support.
*r.95*ई atha'? gird, s. m. A pilferer, a A. c-Ul d8ffs, s. plur. Household furniture,
purloiner, a petty thief wealth, goods, money, slaves, cattle.
5. H. ***a? ई uth baith, s. f: 1. Restlessness. 2. A A. L-5:ºlle-0l “8684***dit, }tiouchold furniture.
kind ofexercise. A० AJ0) d8fi8d,
५-1 19 **-l
A• »¢ा asar, s. plur. (ofAl) Signs, marks, traces, | A. P. 9* 9७-1fidra-dar, s. m. A farmer of land
vestiges ; histories, traditions, memorable or of revenue : one who has purchased the la
events ; the traditions of JMultummdd. bour of another : the holder of a monopoly.
A. U><0 “sami, s, m. A culprit, a defendant in a | म. jt-l difr, s, m. Canvass,(cloth made ofhemp).

A.cLरी .?ar (inf Tw. of ce. Heh. nag To be | ************9-9 *"h P**************
? *- - *- f
fixed) s. Confirmation, proof affirmation, | ** Ujt-l ttjarnd (caus. ofgj-l) v. a. To lay waste
certain knowledge. (The gender of this word to desolate, to injure, to expose to loss.
in HindT depends on that of the object; as, | A. ८--9t-l ijasat (inf IW. of jy-) s, f Permis
\-5 db**** e-us is/at-i-muddad kiya, >टAe --k*) sion, leave, dispensation, sanction, commands,
u* ishat-t-takrir ki) : (JTunter). orders. ४ly>- ८--9७-l jasat-khफूंah, adi. Asking
A.A nsur, s, m. A mark, sign, trace, impres- permission -

sion, effect. H• >5 ५-l ttjagar, s. m. Splendour, brightness.

A. Uèl askal, adj. compar. (of ckaj) Heavier, * *-*- -

heaviest, very heavy. s. Y७-l ttjala (उत्तू and r. उज्वल Shine) s, m.

A. UGl d8na (from ८-2G Heb. nbu” He turned, bent, Splendour, brightness, light.

doubled, &c.) 8. m. The middle, interstice, 8 - ult:-l ttjahati (caus. of ut-f q. v.) w. a. To
interval : folds or plaits. *l) *u" d8nd-i-rtrh, cleanse, to polish (metals orjewels).
In the middle of the road, whilst travelling. S - ७६- ttiali, s. f: Splendour, glare.
A*J*-e bjी isad-2shar, Twelve ; the twelve Imams. - d-s-l djamil, n. prop. Name of a great sin
५-5A** ugl isna-dshar-i, adj. Relating to the and perient
Iner* - -

twelve (Imams). -
S - ७५-l d:jan ( उन ज्ञान Knowledge) adj. Ig
A->*) dsir, 1. part. Marking, marked, chosen. 2. norant, simple, innocent,indifferent, careless.
- -- JP
s. AEther. S . ७७-l tddn (उत and IT- जु Go) s. m. The
s. 2-T
G @j ( ) adv. To-day.
y di-kal
ट'T “7*at, direction or part of a river which is opposite
Now a days, to day or tomorrow. 95 c5 ढा to the course of the stream.

dFkal karna or U७४ c* ढी dj-kal batana, To | 5. ut-f d.jand (UT and bt:- q. v.) v. n. To
procrastinate. come suddenly, to befall, to happen, to come.
8. \-T dja ( पैक) s. m. A paternal grand- | * ५jt-l a:jan-i, s, f. Ignorance, simplicity.
father. A• ६७**** jjtima* (inf WIII. of e*- ) 5. m. 1. Act
A. L--५७-l
* - ijabat (inf IW* of८-2-) 8. f. Answer-
* -f-
ofassemblin or gathering
tngg or g g together :; agreein
ing (of prayer or of a petition), consent, ap- together (in opinion). 2. Conjunction (in as
probation, compliance. tronomy).
s. L---l ( अ and अज्ञात Kind, sort) a:jat, adj. | ** --u--l, jtina” (inf WIII of -----) 5. m.
Expelled from his cast (a man). Turning aside from, avoiding ; abstinence, con
S० प5'-' djat-f, s. m. A man who has lost his cast. tinence.

A. 2)5-l jdrd, s, m. 1. Hire, rent, a privilege or A• ***** jitihad (inf WTII. of As-) s, m. Ex
income of variable amount sold or let for a ertion, effort.
fixed sum. 2. A farm. A. olA-l didad, s, plur. (of 3- Jadd) Aneestors.
ID 2
c:- 20
s. *०:- आयुध (उमा and r. युध Fight) 6.iudh A. most
U5-l diall, adj. compar. (from cal-) More or
or d:/ttdh, s, m. A weapon (in general).
H० &-f 20idtld, adj. Inconsiderate, rash, igno S० c- ५ijal (उज्ज्वल from उत and r. ज्वल
rant, clownish. *
Shine) adj. Clear, pure, shining, luminous,
blown, expanded.
A. A-l ttir, s, m. Itetribution, reward of good
or bad actions, hire, fare.
A• c-1-l j/as (inf IY* of L-15-) s, f: Seating,
s. 7-l जऽलर (उन and r. जू Grow old) d5jur, causing to sit.
adj. Free from decay, ever young. A• —***-l dild/3 s. plur. (of e-a-Jig/) Wile, ig
s. 7:- उजिर (r. ***5 Go) “jtr, s, m. An noble, unjust people.
area, court, yard. A, Ut-l that (inf IV of c:-) s, m. The be
A. J/-l, jird (inf IY. of u9-) s, m. Perform stowing or acknowledging of greatness ; mag
ance. ७% J5-l jird karna, To perform. nificence, glory, honour, respect.
A• /॰9-1 dirdnt, s. plur. (of (9-9 IBodies. S० ul- ttildnd (caus. of ut:-) w.a. To cause to
A. ८-2,-l uirat, s, f. Iteward, wages, hire
s, ८-1-f ajalit (उत, and ज्वलित Pure) adi.
5.H. 9-त? 9-f ५ird paird, part. In ruins, desolate. Pure, clean, clear
5० 9:- ujarnd (3तt and C5ठI A fibrous root, s, u-f tjaha (उब्ब्वलन from उत, and r.
which from r. C5८ Collect) v. n. To become ज्वल Shine) v. H. To become clean, to
shine, to be bright.
S० ५9-f ttjarrodnd (caus. of 9-0 w. a. To lay A. Al-l diitta, s. plur. (of cal5-Julil or U-l dialt)
waste by the hands of a third person. Illustrious men.
A० "U-l dj2d, s. plur. (ofx- Ju2) Parts, portions. A• ६*-] tjnad* (inf IW. of e-*-) 5. m. Act of
8 • L--l “:jas (ज and यअT:) adj. Infamous. assembling, an assembly, senate, council, court
A. ०५--l disdd, s. plur. (of ५---) Bodies. of justice, a crowd, collection, amount, whole.
'----* ६*- fimd*-t-animat, s. In. General as
('-- 4isam, s. plur. (of c--) Bodies.

sembly of the people, unanimous consent.

• ---*-l “:jukt, }जू
and युवी United with, A० UL*-l timd/ (inf. IW. of U-*:-) s, m. An ab
८-४६-l “:jugat, J fitted) adj- Unfit : s, f
Wiolence, oppression, compulsion. etract, compendious account, synopsis.
s. A- जजगर ( जय5 A goat, and r. गृ Swal A० ७४५६-ltimdef, adj Abridged, compendious.
low) dj-gar, s. m. A large serpent, the Boa
constrictor. * e-**-l gi”?”, 8 plur. (of e-l) The whole,
all together.
A, U3-l djal, s. f: The term of life, death, the A c*-l djnidh adj- compar. (of c.-4८-) More or
hour of death, the predestined time of death, most beautiful. -

a stated time, delay, respite, period for the P. e9*-l ttinatrd, Sans
payment of a debt. ४A००, c5-l dial rasida, S०lex**- djnt0dd, } ans-अजमीदा fromअज -

Overtaken by fate. ***5c:- dja/-girg/?d, On A goat, and r. मुद Be glad) s, m. Parsley

the point of death, in a situation that leaves (apium involucratum), common carroway, a
no hopes of life, in thejaws of death. kind of lovage.
21 t5-1
A० c***-l dinas, s. plur. (of L----) 1. Kinds, tention. In Bengal, it is used to an inferiour
sorts, species. 2. Goods, chattels, merchandise. or in cases of great intimacy only : but, in the
A. ५-----l (tina?, }"यूं
Foreign, strange, un western provinces, it is often addressed to a
superiour as a term of respect.
A. us---l “Jhabi, known (person).
A० e----- dindbjyat, s, f: Strangeness, the state
• Ue-l “:jai (ज and उऽीय: Wictory, success)
of a foreigner. adj. Not victorious, unsuccessful, subdued.
S• (*** । (ज and ऽान्म Birth) d:iamm, adj. Un
. L---l diit K* and डित Wanquished) adi.
Invincible, unsubdued.
born and unbegotten.
• cy? -----l “J** 267“” ( उाजित वर्ण) S० II] •
A. 4॰-l djinnd, plur. (ofc**:-) Embryos, foetuses.
Leprosy (of a bad kind).
5० uly-f ajtednd (perhaps, from *तf and r. 35 A - ७-६-l djyad, adj. compar. (from *:-) Wery
Go) w- a. To cause a person to pour from one
wessel into another.
good, excellent.
.9--l djir, s. m. A slave, a hired servant
H. cºly-l direfyan, s, f. The seed of a plant of
the dill kind. (Ligusticum ajowan, Ito.rb.). • c9-६-l “:jfr“” (उाजीर्ण from ऊ and r. जू
s. L-27-l d:iot (आ and ज्योति: Splendour) Decay) s. m. Indigestion : surfeit, flatulence*
adj. Without splendour, dull.
- e- ttijain ( 35बायनी from उत, and r. जिज्ञ
8.५5%-l d:iathd (अI and जुटsee ५çx:-) adi Un Conquer) s. m. Name of a city, formerly the
touched, untasted (victuals). capital of Wikramaditya.
A० 29-l djtfrd, s. m. Hire, rent, wages, fare? . 2--1 “jio (अ and जीव: Life) adi. Lifeless.
reward. »l० 92-l djara-ddr, s, m. A labourer . ४--ा ऊTजीविवा ##ika, s, f Liveli
for hire (whether by time or by thejob). hood, subsistence, profession
•99- (ज and जीउ: Junction) d:jor, adj. . _f उच (उत and r. चि Gather) achcha, adj
Without joining ; peerless, scarce. High. See tज्ञ9' irnchd.
S - cr-ly” (from ढ? adv. Hitherto, to this day. y

} मू and r. पत्रट
- cP:- uchchtffun, s. m.
3 . ७५-l ttihatnd (caus. of ५-1) w- a. To pour JP
Separate, pene
5u>-l acha{-7, s. f:
from one vessel into another.
trate) The act of vexing or rendering sorrow
* H_प्रस्- *dihar, adi. Ignorant, illiterate, clownish. ful, vexation.
A. c५-l dihal, adi compar. (of cust-) More, S - uss- ttchatnd (caus. of ess- q. v.) w. a. To
most or very ignorant.
divide, separate. U2s -->t5-l achat hond, To
S० ut-fuihaha (उत andजल Water) 1. v.n. To be tired, to be disgusted.
flow or be poured from one vessel into another.
2. w• a. To throw or pour quickly from one .)७-f उचार (उत and r. चर Go) achchar,
vessel into another. s, m. Pronunciation, utterance.
• >>-T अTवार (उनT and r. वर Go) d-chdr,
5• 2१-l (thhi? (टी and ys) adv. Yet, immediately. s. m. Bstablished rule of conduct, custom?
S. U»é-l djho/ (अ and दोला A swing) adj. practice, institute, religious observance
Of steady pace (an elephant). .५६-fachar (अाandr. वरGo) s, m. Pichles.
S • c9१६-l “Johan (ढ and cys) adv. Yet, hitherto. - छ9** dchttrdj (अाचाय्र्य) s. m. A spiritual
H. us-l “Ji, An interjection to call or bespeak at guide or teacher, a learned pangit
75-l 22 (३-1
S० ७- उ5 वTरUT ach-charag (see 95-0 B० In० 5. 7-7e-l
ट>३- achrdi ? }6 ) s. m. Wonder,
Pronunciation, utterance. डै. ढ A5-l dchrach,
JP p

S• 29५-l ach-charnd (see 9t-l) v. a. To pro adj. Astonishing.

admiration, astonishment.
nounce, to speak out, to utter. S* c9:- उनTचरण acharag (see >>-T dchdr)
5. c95-T achari (see95-7) adi Prac s. m- Usage, common practice, conduct.
tising (what is good), strict in the observance S० 9-f uch-charnd ( **rt and r. प्नर Go) 1. v. n.
of religious ceremonies.
To separate (as the skin from the flesh, &c.),
s. 49\5-T उमावाय्र्य d-charya, s, m. A spiritual to be uttered, spoken or pronounced. 2. y. a.
preceptor or a teacher in matters of religion. To spreak, utter, tell.
s, ct-fachchan (see ढु डच ) 3.f Height H० e&- ttchrdng, s, m. A moth.
5. ५५-l dchand (उना and r. वम Eat,drink) v. a. H. K5-l trchakkd, s, m. A thief, apick-pocket.
To wash the mouth after eating, to drink. . P

8. ut-f 2rchdnd (उत्तू and r. चि Gather) w. a.

H. ५७६-l achkand, w, a. To lift or raise up.
To lift up a burden.
H. ५5,55-l achkari, s, f: Wantonness, lascivious
ness, wickedness.
H. L&ट्टt5-l dchanchak, ऐ adv. Suddenly, una
H. . ८-०६- dchdnuk, wares, unexpectedly. s. L:<5-l (* and चनg Dye) d-chakshu, 1. adj.
8 • ck६-l ackpal, m* f
५८३-l achpala, m.
}: Blind. 2. 11. 8. f. Spectacles.
चपल) adj. Rest s, c*३- (GT and चिकूण Bland, soft) d-chikka??,
less, inconstant, play
! adj. Itough, unpolished. -

-u**** achpali, f: ful, wanton. p

******- dchpula-hat, R S. f: Itestlessness,

H. ७॰5-l achakaa, v. n. To rise, to be raised or
? ७त्र- dchpal-i, } playfulness, incon
stancy, wantonneSS. H० ७*** uchakki, s, f A female thief or pick
JP -

8. ---३-l उवित (r. वस्त्र Speak) achit, adj. pocket.

Proper, fit, suitable. S • c३-l अचल (उन and r. वल Move) a-chal,
S L-5-l achchut (अच्युत from अand r. च्यु adj. Immovable, incapable of motion : s, m.
Go) adj. Fixed, permanent, imperishable, A mountain, an aged person, c5-l c.3 ni/achal,
The blue mountain near Balasore.
eternal ; s, m. A name of Wishnu or God.
s. 15-l अवला (see c5-l) d-chald, s. f: The
म. 5. ७८-६ ७८३-l achtana pachtana (see ५८स्ट्र*) earth.
v. n. To repent, to lament some neglect, to
grieve. S० uts- 2rchland (from ut:-) v.a. To order a
8० >>>-l (ज and चतुर Clever) d-chatur, adj. person to separate (one thing from another).
Stupid, inactive. S - u5-f(डत and r. चल Move) ttchdhtd, w. n.
S० ca- atchatna (उतt and r. चन८ Separate, To separate, to be separated.
divide) v. n. To separate ; to be separated H० k-*>-l dchambhd, s. m. Wonderful thing,
(as plaster from a wall) : to slip, slide, re astonishment, cause of astonishment.
bound (as a sword striking a hard body S० c*** अाचमन (अT and r. चम Eat, drink)
obliquely); to be broken or interrupted (sleep). कchntan, s. m. Sipping water before religious
s. Z>-l (ज and चार Moveable) d-ckar, adj. Im ceremonies, meals, &c. from the palm of the
movable ; inanimate- -
hand and spitting it out again.
Ae-l 29
5. c६-l d-chin (ज and चिह A mark) adj. With - ५,*:-l uchharma, w. n. Seeulé 5-l achhdlnd.
out note or consequence. 5 - c*2,स्ट्र- achhrauti (from उनक्षतर ) s. f. Or
H० \स्॰-l dchambhd, s, m. See ५--*5-l -

thography ; a mode of playing on a stringed

S . L-->-l a-chint (Sन and विन्ता Thought) adj. instrument so as to express the words ofa song.
Thoughtless. • ८5,स्ने-l dchchhar-ये (from >स्ट्र- उनक्षर ) adj.
Scientifick, lettered, writing an elegant hand.
s. c55-l ( उन and चचल Moving) a-chanchal,
adj. Fixed, unmoved, firm, inactive. - ---- उच्छिष्ट (ठत and r. शिष Leave
behind) acA-clthistt, s, m. Food left or reject
H. L-5:5-1 d-chak ( उन and c.%5- Prror) adj ed, crumbs, fragments, leavings.
Unerring ; (hence) a good marksman.
- c*स्-f achhland (caus. of uस्-0 w. a. - To or
5. ५5-l achchhd ( उमच्छ Clear, transparent) adj. der another to throw up any thing.
Good, excellent, righteous, healthy, well,
sound. 95 \स्ट्-l achchhd karnd, To cure. - ५क्-f( **तt and r. चनात्*ी Move) achhalnd, w.n.
u.50 ७त्र्-l achchha (“gnd, To become, to heseem, To leap or bound, to spring up (as water in a
fountain), to spring or fly up.
to he pleasing. ५2s \स्ट्र-l achchhd hond, w. n.
To recover. - cस्त्-f उच्छिन्न (उत and r. छिद Cut) arch
C////inn, adj. Ituined, laid waste, destroyed.
s. ५- इच्छा (r. दूष Desire) ichchhd, s, f
Wish, desire. c***** \स्त्र- ichchha-bh0jan, De
• ५dlyस्ने-l dchhtedni, s, f: Caudle.
- 99स्त्र- dchhiftd (see ५53- ) adj. Intangible (vic
sirabie food, or food agreeable and abundant
to the utmost desire. tuals dressed for saints, &c.), inviolable.
s. ७०५३- उनाच्छादन (उमा and r. छद Cower)
. ७e,45-l dchchhodan (अाक्षीदन) s. m. The
chase, hunting.
tichchhodun, s. m. Cloth, garments.
5• ५७-f archhd/rttf (caus, of uस्-f) w. a. To
* ‘-****३- ऊक्षौहिनी (उमक्ष A cart, a car
throw up, to toss up a thing (as a ball, &c.) riage, and जुहिणी Collection) achhaahini, s, f
and catch it in the hand. A large division of an army, consisting of
109,950 foot, 63,610 horse, 21,870 chariots,
H, ७७-l ( *f and ७५5- Strain) d-chhan, adj. Not and 21,870 elephants.
strained, impure.
J * usस्ट्रे- (S9 and क्षय: Decay) d-chhai, adj. Un
Ha **>-l uchchhdh, s, m. Joy, gladness. perishable.
5- ---स्ट्र- थ3 "#त ( उन and क्षत Broken) ८ • ---८5-l (उन and चेत Mind) d-chet, adj. Out
Chchhd', adi nfallible, indelible ; s, m. Whole
of mind or senses, senseless, stupified.
grain, whois rice used in religious ceremonics, . u.5-l d-chi/d, adj. 1. (ST वित Think)
and r.
fried grain. L<15 ---स्ट्र- dchchhat tilak, The
Unwished for. 2. (SoT and r. चित्र Paint) Not
ceremony of putting a few grains of rice on
the forehead ofan image when addressed, or of painted (paper, &c.).
a Brahman when invited to an entertainment. - u--- ( 3त and r. वेल Move) achehtd, w. a.
H. 5. ५uस्ट्र: ५८स्त्र- dcltchhtdna pachchhtdnd (see To separate one thing from another.
५८स्ट्र*) v- n. To repent, to grieve, to be sorry. - c-दे- d-chain, adj. Uneasy, uncomfortable.

s. A:- ***Sachchhar or aks/ar, s, m. A let ट tth, An exclamation denoting pain. (It is

ter of the alphabet. often reiterated, as ट e aft tt?).
e---l 24 -

A. cle-l d?dd or dhad, s. plur. (of A>9 or ००-l) A
. bu---l ihttyat (inf WTII.of by-) s, f Caution,
The units, ones. circumspection, foresight, scrupulousness, care.
A. ---५०e-l dhdd48, 8. f: (plur. of Le-५७-) Tradi A. A-l aftdd, s. Unity, one, an unit.
tions, (particularly) the traditions or sayings A. L~l.A>-l ihdds (inf. IV. of c~A- Heb, 2"In He
of Muhammad.
renewed) s. m. Act of making or producing
A. Abe-l thata (inf IV. of e,>) s. f: A surround any thing new, invention.
ing, an enclosure, a fence ; comprehension, P. ५४०-l ahda, s, m. A sort of soldier.
compass, besieging.
A. c-१०-l dhadjyat, s, f: Unity, the being sin
A* ---l d¢a02, adj. compar. (of -----) More gular.
beloved, very or most lovely, amiable ; a
friend. c97-9 ikrak (inf IW. of c3,-) s, m. Act of
burning or setting on fire.
A. ५०-l dhibba, ?" Plur- (of e-॰-) Friends, ,
- *y-l ihrdm (inf. IW. of (”-9 s. m. Act of
A* -५-l “kbdb, lovers, heloved.
A 97-9 ihtird3 (inf. WIII. of 3/-) 8. m. Ab forbidding or interdicting, putting on the pil
grim's habit, determination or resolution.
stinence, regimen, abstaining from improper (At a certain distance from Mecca, the pilgrims
actions of any kind, forbearance, controuling interdict themselves all worldly enjoyments?
the passions. &c. There their resolution is fixed to complete
A py--l
A. Al.c>-l i? ant (inf WIII. of
ihtirant *2-9 s. m.
- - Act the pilgrimage ; and, hence, the word means
the determination then formed).
of honouring, weneration, reverence, attention,
treating with respect. - ७--9 ihsdn (inf. IW. of cr-->-) 8* m* Bene

ficence, benevolence, benevolent actions, fa

A. -----l ifttisab (inf WIII. of c--- Ileb, and
vour, courtesy, kindness. ५A ७--l iAsdn
Ch. atcr He thought, computed) s. m. 1.
Making up accounts, estimating. 2. Superin karna, To oblige. oc-८ru--l iftsdre-mand, adj.
tendence of police : prohibition. Obliged, grateful.
A• *५---l ihtisham (inf WIII. of (*-9 S• In • • ७--l aAsan, adj. compar. (of c--) More or
most beautiful, excellent, agreeable.
Pomp, retinue, magnificence.
. Le-c~-l dhsant, adv. Bravo ! well done !
A• ("-} ihtildm (inf WIII. of (*- Heb. and Ch.

bbn He dreamt) s. m. Nocturnal pollution.

*>'4-9 ih:ar (inf IV. of_Za-) 5. m. Act of
causing to be present; summoning ; a sum
A• dv**-l iktimal (inf WIII. of ULA- Heb. and InOI1S०

Ch. bof He bore) 8. m. Act of bearing or

C-l ahakk, adj. compar. (of c:::-) More or
supporting : doubt, uncertainty : probability. very proper or deserving
५2* Ju**-l ihtima/ hona, To be probable. - ७५-9ikkdk (inf. IW. of C- Heb. ppn He
gAJ५-- if/timd/ karna, To doubt, to impute. prescribed, &c.) s. m. Act of proving or es
A• लke-9 ihttydj (inf WIII. of ट9-9 s. f: Ne tablishing the truth of a doctrine, restoring to
cessity, want, occasion, need. rights, administration of justice.
. ys-l ahkar, adj. compar. (of प्र**>-9 More or
A. L-5-ue-l ifttiydjtit, s, plur. (of ट---l) IRe
most contemptible. (A self-humiliatory ex
quisite things, wants, necessaries. pression).
25 '----
A• *५०- akkam, s. plur. (of *- httkm) Orders, A. ७-l akhkha, An exclamation of surprize, ha !
commands, decrees. A.७५e-l ukhbdr, s, plur. (of >>>) News, a news
A• *-l akkam, adj. compar. (of **-) Strong paper. ikhbar (inf IW. of Jee-) s, m. Act of

er, firmer, more stable, or wery strong. giving intelligence or information•

A. A-Ae-l ahmad, adj. compar. (of AcA-) More A. ---॰॰-l ald12ds, adj. compar. (of t---॰॰) Wery
or most praiseworthy or commendable. n. impure or contemptible.
prop. Name of Muhammad and of others. | P. **l “AApath, s, m. Understanding, wisdom,
A• ****-l ahmad-i, adj. Belonging to Ahmad. intelligence.
A• ****9 ikhtitam (inf WIII. of (** Heb. and
A. P. ouffoc*-l ahmadabad, Name of a city in
Gujrat. Ch. bnn He sealed, closed, finished) s. m.
A->*-l aAmar, adj. Red. Finishing, end, conclusion, completion, ful
A. c:-*-l ahmak, adj. Wery or most foolish, fool,
blockhead. P. J-e-l akhtar, s, m. 1. A star, a constellation.
2. Good fortune, good omen, horoscope.
A. H. c५w-*-l aftmaई-apan, 5. m. Folly, stupi A० ६JPel ilghtira* (inf WIII. of ६.7*) 5. m. In
dity. -

A. म. Acuaae-l ahmak-ana, adv. Foolishly, stupid vention, inventing, fancying.

ly. (Figuratively) this word is applied to the A० »Leael ilghtisar (inf WIII. of ya-) s• m.
money which an uLaue पैmil is obliged to pay to Abridgment, act of contracting, reducing,
make good the deficiency of the revenue. curtailing.
A. H. c¢c:-*-l akmakpan, s, m. See c५७**** -
A. Uev~e-l ikAtisdई (inf WIII of c**) s, m. Ap
4• ५***- ahmak-i, s. f. Folly. propriation, peculiarity.
A. Uue-l ikhttfa (inf WIII. of Uæé. Heb. nbn He
A. Jy-l a#real, s, m. (plur. of Ju- hal) Con
dition, circumstances, events, occurrences, concealed) s. m. Act of hiding, concealing,
state, account. ble clly-l akaal batlana, To covering.
state one's condition.c**** dly- ahooal-pur A. blue-l ikhtild? (inf WIII. of Lale. Ch. tobr He
san, Asking after health, &c. uset ub mixed) s. m. Act of mixing, mixture, confu
n¢calpursi, Enquiry after health, circumstan sion, intercourse, friendship, conversation.
ces, &c. N A. -3lue-l ilghtildf (inf WIII. of u-als. Heb. nbn
A. Jy-l aftreal, adj. Squinting, one who sees He passed, changed, succeeded) s, m. Differ
objects double. ence (of opinion), opposition, discord, disa
A-५-l akya (plur. of प5* haiy) The living : greement, misunderstanding between friends,
ilg/d (inf IW. of,".- Heb, n'n He lived) s, m. coolness. (Plur. coulce-l ildltilfffat).
Act of giving life, saving, preserving. A. Ule-l ikdtila (inf WIII of J>) s, m, Inter
A- ५५-l dkyanag, adv. Sometimes, now and ruption, disturbance, obstacle.
*hen, from time to time; in the event, in case,
should. P. AceTak21ta, adj. A gelding, gelt
A->Leel ikhtiyar (inf WIII. ofxe-) s, m. Choice,
** रं’ “td, s, m. Brother. ukh, Imitative sound
of coughing. ट्ट dldt algt, An exclamation will, opinion, election ; authority, power
of joy, ah ! g%)५८८l ikdtiyar karna, To approve of to
Le 20 lol

A. P. Accw.ele-l ik/1/ff8-mand, adj. Sincere, friend

adopt, to choose, g,s c८०>५॰॰-l ikhttydy med
hoad, To be in the power of, or dependant on. ly, affectionate ; a friend.
A• —9*** ikhttydr-i, s. f: Approbation, choice : A.ble-l dkhldt, s, plur. (of als. Ahi¢.) The hu
authority, power. adi. In one's power, sub mours of which the blood is composed in the
bodies ofanimals.
ject to election or choice, at one's disposal.
A. &e-l dk715 (Heb. tns) s. f: Taking, seizing, A. ७ts-l dkhlak, s, plur. (of cle- khulk) The
intercepting : objection, cavil, hostility. Ae-l good properties of mankind, virtues, disposi
U95 “kh3-kdrna, To take, to scize tion, ethicks.

A. 95-T @khir (Heb. nnx After) adj. Last, latter. P .97>T GAhor, s, f. Refuse, offals, filth : a stable.
s. m- Jond, issue. adv. At last, finally. A * ७%*} ikhtsdht, s. plur. (of è orlth) Brothers.
A• ल}é ikhrdj (inf. IW. of छ*) s. m. Drawing ७*2 cllye-l ikhtcan-i-sdmdn, Contemporaries,
forth, derivation, expulsion. people of the same religion.
A• ‘-t:-yel ikhrdjat, s. m. plur. (of ल}*? JEx - c9*
• *४2-l -
dk/titn, -T -
--- - tor.
Tutor, preceptor


A. Z-ye-f akhiru-*dmr, adv. At the end, finally, A c9* akhci, adj. Brotherly.
at last. A .9८८-l dAMyar, adj Plur- (of A->) The good,
A• ---2,*T dkhirdt, s. f: Futurity, a future state, the better (people).
the world to come. A . ८६५८-l dkdygf7, adi By the same mother but
A० P० 2/>T dlthirdsh, adv. At the end of it, at by a different father (a brother or sister).
last, finally, after all. A
**** akhir, adj. Last. s, m. The end, ac

A• P० '---*>*T (7/thir-t-shob, s. The end of the complishment, completion.

night, before dawn. -
S -
of उद ard, prep. See - उत at.

5. -29*l “AItrot (अक्षतIऽठ ) 8. m. A walnut: . ST उमादि ( जT and r. दT Give) d-di, adj.

the fruit of the Aleurites triloba, also, is so First, prior, pre-eminent : (in compos) other,
called. et cetera : s. Beginning, original.
A. ५5,>T dkhir-i, adi. Last, final. S
. ७l ad (in compos. for \०.sf q- v.) Half ७9 cl
A c~l dkhdss, adj. compar. (of L---->) More ad-sabdn, Half pronounced.
or most awaricious, mean or very mean. . lol ada, s, f. Performance, execution, dis
A. c~e-l nkhass, adj. compar. (of Uee) More or charge, payment, blandishments, coquetry: l.ol
most especial or excellent. Aco dda-band, Composer or describer of blan
dishments, &c. ८४.७५ \०l add-Adndi, s. f: De
A. ५८l A4/7 (inf IW. of Uè>) s, m. Conceal
Inent. scription of blandishments, &c. ** lcl add
A. L-->l nk/1/ash, adj. Having small eyes, weak ./ahnt, One who understands by signs. gA lol
sighted. ada karnd, To perform, to discharge (a debt)?
P. Ael dkhggr, s. f: Live ashes, a spark offire. to pay.
(N (*
A c/**** ikkfas (inf. IW. of c****) s. m. Sin
s. 1.5 लdल ( उनTट्र or उनTट्रदी) 8. m. Ginger in
the undried state.
cerity, affection, friendship, love. ५ 95 Lele-l
ug, tkh/as karad or rakhn6, To esteem; &e. A. -l.5f tiddh, s, m. (plur. of --->l add0) Cere
-०) >>"
ग्रmonies, devoirs, etiquette, politeness, forms of 8. ---ई:9 अकूत (* K a particle denoting sur
address in writing and speaking, salutation,
respects, prise, and r. भू Be) ad-Jhtrt, adj. Wonderful,
A. L-->l.ol ddat, s. f: An instrument : a particle P -

(in grammar). 8. 2***) उद्भव (उद् and r. भू Be) ad-Aha9, s, m.

s. blol उनदातT (ज and r. दT Give) a-data, Act of being born or of springing up (as
adj. Illiberal, avaricious, stingy. plants from seed), birth, production.
*.०४ उदार (उद, अT and r. ऋई Go) addr, S. c_ा (7dit ( CTI दित: ) adv. From the be
adj. Liberal, generous, munificent. ginning : et cetera, and the like. See ST
s. U95 addr-td (उदTरतT) s. f. Liberality, ge जादि लdi.
nerosity, munificence. • ----l अदिति dditi, s, f: The proper name
5• c.1०/उदास (उटू and r.उमास Sit) adas, s. of the mother of the gods.
Unsettledness, retiredness, adj. Unsettled, 8. --f उमादित्य ddityd, s. m. A descendant
retired, lonely, dejected, sorrowful, sad of ऊदिति : a deity in general, the sun.

.lol ttdds-i, 1.(see L”
( .lcl) s. f. Solitude, lone ०५ ----T उमादित्यवार ddityd-bdr, Sun-day.
liness : sadness, dejection. 2. ( उदासी ) adj.
Unsettled, solitary, lonely. 9. { उदासीन ) s. e-०l उदित (उद्घ and r. द Go) adit, adj.
s. m. A class of fakTrs. Risen (as the sun), distinguished, conspicuous
A• Auplol adamd-llah, May God preserve (him). (as valour, &c.).

s. Glol उमद निी ( उन and r. दT Give) a-ddhi, s. ८-०l उादत (ऊ and r. दा Give) d-datt, adi.
adi. Avaricious, stingy Not given.
A. पjlol adani, adi. plur. (of ५४*) ddng) Mean, 3. ७*****) उनदितिनन्दन dditt-atd7tdd77, s. m.
contemptible (people). A deity (t. e. a son of L-->ol dditi).
H• -** addhat (from legl add) s, f Brown 8.9bief अादित्यवार dditya-cdr, s. m. Sun
day. See ८-०cf dditya.
s: c9*)- उदाहरण (उद् उमा and r. हु Take) s.9०T उनादर (उमा and r. द्रु Respect) d-dar,
ttddhardtt, s. m. An example, a simile, a s. m. Respect, reverence, act of treating witli
comparison. attention and deference, politeness. ७\*>-T
A• ** ada-3, s. f: See lol ८dd. c** ual-l ddd:-?- ddar-man, s, m. Itespect and honour.
dain, s. m. Payment of debt. s.०/उदर ( उदand r. P€ Go) adar, s, m. .
A. -cl addh, s, m. Institute, rule, good breed The belly.
ing, politeness, respect, urbanity ? taking care S• ly-f drdra (ऊाट्रो ) s. f: 1. The name of the
not to pass the hounds of any thing. ५A --el sixth lunar mansion (probably a Orionis). 49

ddab karnd, To respect, to behave politely The heginning of the rainy season.
A.9५०l tdhar (inf IY. ofA० Ch."an Was behind, A• छyel idr# (inf. IW. of ढ29) s. m. Act of in

ruled) 8. f: Turning back, going back ; Inis serting one thing in another, folding or rolling
fortune, bad luck2 adversity, ruin. together.
JD 2
‘-ol 28 cel
A.9५०l jdrar (inf TV. of2० Heb, nnn Flowed S. kécl ad-khild, adj. m. Half-blown (a flower,
freely) s. m. Flowing of milk, hard rain, in &c.).
voluntary discharge of urine ; munificence, a 5० 2%ol dd-khold, adj. m. Half-open.
5० u955l adgarha, adj. Half-driven (as astake).
A० e-yel idrdk (inf. IW. of ****) s. m. Com

prehension, capacity, understanding.

H. JA Jol ad" badl,
H. JA: Jol adla badld,
}” m. Exchange,
५७५ Jol ddld
5. u>9el adris (अक्ष*य from उन and r. दृश badla karna, or ५è5 u9* ५४*) ddli bddlf kdr727,
See) adj. Invisible, unseen. To exchange, to swop or barter, to confuse,
s, usyol a-darsd { उन and r. çxI See) s. m. A to displace.
kind ofvery fine muslin : a kind ofsweetmeat. A. 4lol adilla, s. plur. (of cyclo ddlit) Proofs, in”
64 cr9*) अदर्शन (ज and r. दृश See) a-dar dications.

san, s, m. Disappearance. adj. Invisible. A• (*of adam (Heb. E"ाk r. ETx Was red or taw
5. L2,9) ऊदरी a-darsh, Radj. Unseen, un ny) n. prop. Adam, the first man ; man.
5• ----99) अदृष्ट a-drisht, foreseen : s. m. 3० csfउद्यम (डदू and r. यम Cease) addim or
Casual and unforeseen danger, fortune, luck. adyam, s, m. Strenuous and continued effort,
exertion, endeavour : calling, employment,
8 . L-5,ol ddrak ( आट्रक) s. f: Ginger in an trade.
undried state.

cॐ99 ddrak-i, s. f: A kind of sweetmeat.

8० 7-** उदूम्बर ttdumbar, s. m. 1. The glo
9 -
merous fig-tree (Ficus glomerata)- 2* A sect
A. L-५)ol idris, n, prop. The patriarch Dnoch. of Brahmans

s, u-००ol adisht ( अक्ष४ 2 s. m. - Misfortune, P- >)** *र्श fidant-khor, adj. Man-eater, man
fate. See Lt><*1cl a-dris¢{. devouring.
S• ys ad-mard, adj. m.
Half dead
A. \eol iddi? (inf WIII. of ueo) s, m. The act P • 99 ** adant-gad, s. m. f: Man, mankind.
of demanding one's rights, claim, pretension. P ** *ef adam-gari, s, f: Humanity, bene

A*****) adtya, s. Plur. (ofue०) Prayers, bene volence.

dictions, good wishes. 5 ly<०l ad-mad, adj. m. Half dead.

A* ***ol idgham (inf. IW. of ***) s. m. Redu
P० l adm-3, s, m. f. A descendant of Adam,
plication of a letter, or the contraction of one aThuman being (man or woman), an individual)
letter into another similar. people.
A• ७०) adakk, adj. compar. (from c:-5०) More or P ** u*** admi gari, s, f See u95 **
- -

very abstruse, difficult, fine or minute.

A. c-॰॰॰5f admiyat, s, f. Humanity, civility
H• 4ढ़**) adakcha, s, m. A cloth for carrying
पछे*? cc~०.5 admiyat pakarni, To become ci
things in, a covering. vilized. ujug.० ---॰॰॰f ddmiyat sikhlani, or
5, ८-० उदवा (r. ऊंद Make wet) adak, s, m. ७) cr** c---०csf ddmiya? meri land, To civilize.
Water. ५3,5 ---॰॰॰-T ddn**y“* karni, To behave with
s. c%5f adik, adj. Relating to the beginning ; humanity.
and the rest, et cetera. See cT adt. s, cel अदिन a-din, s. m. An unlucky day•
४.ol 20 ool

A._Uol adna, adj. compar. (of ५jo)* Inferiour, 8. m• 1. Comprehension. 2. A dike or canal.
I lowest, mean, little ; a person of no conse 3. A patron, supporter, one on whom depen
quence. dance is placed for assistance.
s.ocol s35*द, a-dteand, adj. Quiet, tranquil,
free from strife. "
s. ५७४ डवार (डइ and r. धृ Hold) adhar
or trd-dhar, s, m. Debt (especially not bearing
A dgol adag, adi. compar. See Uol adna. interest), deduction, discharge, deliverance,
salvation, raising up from any place or state.
5. 75ी आादौ adan, adv. At first, in the be S०
g)usol adharna (see ०७४ 2tdhar) v. a.

To li
A. e-lyol addreat, 8. plur. (of colol) Instruments; berate, to discharge. -

particles (in Grammar). 5. ५४)bof ddhar-i (in compos.) An eater ; as,


A.9lybl ddroffr, s, plur. (of29० daar) Revolutions, ५9usof ४-५० diidh-ddhari, One who lives on
milk. -

periods, ages.
H० cl99 adtodn, }* f: Braces for tightening s, ७---७ol adhasisi (ऊर्ड Halt and शीर्ष
H. c५५०l adroffyan, the tape of a bedstead. Head) s, f Pain affecting the half of the
head, hemicrania.
s. ---9०l ( अ and द्योत Sunshine) ddof or d-dyot, -

adj. Without splendour. a. ७tsof उमाथTन (अT and r. था। Hold) a-dhan,
A• c9* adaean, adj. compar. (of c9०) More or s. m. I. A ceremony practised as conducive to
conception. 2. Conception.
most mean or wretched, very mean or base.
5. H. ६** ४.७l ddh-hich, adv. In the middle,
5. ---५2०l अद्वैत(from उन and Two) d
8. ---५ **) उनधियति adhpdt or ddhi-pati, s, m.
-daeait, adj. Peerless, matchless, unequalled.
A prince, a commander, a master.
s, es,…f उद्वेग (उद. and r. विज Dread) s. ७५ *ol adhpakka (ऊर्द्धपकू )
adj. Half-ripe.
ttd-crg, s. m. Agitation, fear, consternation,
anxiety, uneasiness, exertion. S• >**) उनथार (from sअथ Down, below, or from
A. 4yol adartyd, 5. plur. (ofl,० ddrcd) Medicines. उन and r. ५ Hold) adhar, adj. Low, infe
riour; s. m. The lower lip, the lip.
5. scl adh (in compos.) Half: see uscl adha.
s. sol अथ udha, prep. Down, downwards, be 5.>*ol adhar (ज and r. *2 Hold) s, m. Empty
low (in place, rank or degree). The reverse of space, the space between heaven and earth.
adj. Suspended, separate, at a distance. adv
उत at. In the middle.
s. ४०l उनधि ddhi, prep. Over, above, upon. It H.Acl i-dhar, adv. Here, hither, on this side.
implies superiority (in place, quality, or quan
tity) and is the reverse of *"य apd. IFTw As a-dhar, adv. There, thither, on that
s, usul ddhd (उमई) adj. Half In compos it

becomes scl adh or sol adh or ol ad, as, 9**०)

s. IAs udhra (Sश८.९ and r. * Hold) adj. m.
ly<ol dd-mifa, Half-dead.
Opened, undone, unrolled (as the seam in a
garment, or thread which was rolled up in a
. 9usol adhar, }
(for S&TहTर Food, or for clue)-
?.2uscT ddhdr, *TथTर Support) s, m. 5० ढ7** अधिराज adhi-rdi, s, m. A superiour
Food, aliment, wictuals, nourishment. prince, sovereign, emperour
5.9७cf अTथTर (उनT and r. धृ Hold) a dhar, S . u9sol adharsd, s. A half Piece of cloth०
४ol 90 ४.ol

5- *** ऊधम्र्भ (उन and धम्र्म Justice) d S० *** अथम adham, adi. Inferiour, low, wile,
t//tdrm, s, m. Injustice, irreligion, impiety, despicable.
sin, crime. adj. Unjust, impious. ५८-६9*el - c9***) ddh-ntdrd72 (उाड़मरण) adj. IIalf
“dAd7ntd-pdwd, s, m. Injustice, crime. dead.

ue***) ऊधर्मी d-dhdrm-2, adj. Unjust, sin 8. 24००l ddh-mad, adj. Half-dead.
ful, criminal.
c** ddhdn, s. m. Water set to hoil for dros

8 * -*el उमधिक ( उनधि and r. वैी Sound) sing victuals.

ddhik, adi Pxceeding,? 8greater, more, most, * e*- >थ* a-dhan, adj. Poor, dostitute.
additional, extra.
. ca-॰8-॰l ddhdng (उमड़ांग from उमड़ Half,
८-९०l addhak (जुर्द्धग) s. In. Asthma, act
and उांग Body) s. m. Palsy affecting one
of gasping or panting, plethorn in the vessels
of the head, headach, indigestion. side or half the body, hemiplegia. '
• ><>>l उनधिवीर ( अथि and r. ठी Make) - u**** ddhttng-i, adi. Affected with hemiple
“dhikdr, s, m. The bearing of the royal in
signia, dominion, possession, right. * ‘-*** अधनी d-dh//ai, adj. Poor, indigent.
• प***** उनधिकारी ddhikdr-i, adj. Posses • 9%२०) ddhtod?” (from उमर्द्ध Half) s. f: A
sor of a right, title or privilege. half (Generally applied to pieces of cloth).
• ५४.००l ddhikand (from cs-sol उमधिवा) W• a• • 2ys-ol ddhotar, s, f. A fine kind of cloth.
To augment, to increase. • ly००l ddhrifrd, adj. Half-ready, half-dressed ;
immature (a ftetus), unfinished.
• ५****l ddhikai (from ७७.sol) s, f. Increase,
- u99*-l ddh-du?7, s. f: Half a hide (of a thick
augmentation, abundance, excess ; oppression. strong kind).
5- ५9****) ddhkap(7/? (ऊर्द्ध IIalf, and वापाल - ******l ऊधीमुख ( अधिसू Down, and मुख
Skull) S. f: A pain affecting half the head : Face) ddho-httdkh, adj. With the head down
a nut of Areca shaped like a hemisphere (so
wards (as the Hindus practise in the tapa९y(7),
named, probably, from two kernels being looking downwards, drooping the head (from
contained in one shell ; and, to such a nut the
grief or shame), headlong. -

virtue is ascribed of curing the disease of the

SaIne uame). . c9sel ddh-toda, adj. Half of anything.
- t5***l ddh-kuc/tchd, adj. m. IIalPripe.
u***) dddhi (from ऊर्द्ध)
s. f: Half a dantr?
(a small coin), half a piece of cloth.
1,**** ddh-Adchrd, adj. m. Halfdressed (vic
tuals). * -
. ५.०० अध्याय (अधि, अा and r. द्र Go)
ddhydyd, s. m. A section of a book, a read
Asol ddh-kar (अर्द्धकर) s. m. Half the ing, a lesson, a chapter.
tax or duty of any kind (the other half being . ७८scl ddhyand (from UscT ddhtf, q. v.) W • al •
To halve, to divide.
. ५%sol ddh kaha, adi. m. Haif-spoken, half - >***) अधीर (Cन and धीर Steady) d-dhir,
adj. Confused, perplexed, unsteady, itnpa
A• ***) dd/tant, s. m. A dark coloured horse. tient.
५59) 31 JA
******) adhir-t6 (अधीरता from ycs-ol अधीर) s. J95ी (आ and U,3 from ७५3 To move, q. v.)
5-f Confusion, perplexity, impatience. d-dol, adj. Without moving, fixed.
5 - छ*** ddhirdi (ऊधेटर्य from ऊधीर) S• In०
A. ७lcl “sda, s-f The summons to prayers (ge
Confusedness, perplexity, unsteadiness. adj. nerally proclaimed from the minarets or towers
PerPlexed, confused, unsteady, impatient. of a mosque).
S '>>>> ddhirja, In. (ऊधेयर्थ) T* ca-१८sl ttsbak, s. m. Name of a Tartar tribe
( from or nation.
5 ७५-२०l adhig, f (अधेय्र्यो) .? -r-

उनथार) adj. Confused, perplexed. H. U****cl ashak-ani, s, f. A female Cshak.

P० »éT d'sttr, s. m. 1. Fire. 2. The name of
5._-sel ddh-6r, adj. Middle-aged, just past the
Abraham's father (Terah). 3. The ninth solar
prime of life. (Applied most frequently to month : winter.

g9->el trdkerad, w• a. To undo, to unravel. A• ७८* tg?h (inf. IW. of c**) s. m. l. Obe •

5. Y-sol adk-e/a, s. m. Half a pdisd (a small dience, submission. 2. Confidence, belief.

coin). A. >scl “skar, s, m. plur- (of As gikr) Praises,
praises of God, recitals, commemorations.
s. U४-००l ddh-efi, s. f: flalf a rupee or gold
mohur. A. ५5cl dsktyd, s. plur. (of U¢.3 sdki) People of
5. c***) ऊथीन (ऊधि and २* A master) ad discernment and penetrating understanding.
hin or ddhin, adj. Obedient, dependent, sub A. Jel dsd//, adi. compar. (of cJ3) More or
most vile, base or abject.
missive, humble, docile, subject.
A० ७9 ign, s• m. Permission : dismission.
s. *****) उनधीनत I (from c***) अधीन) ddh?-
A० ७७४ dgltdn, S. plur. (of c** gihn) Geniuses,
nd-fd or ddhind-ta, s. f Submission, obedience,
obsequiousness, servility, humility. intellects, capacities.
S• ८****) ddhirt-7 (from c*** उनथीन) S. f: Sub A. L--५cl d3?/at, s, f: Wanton injury, oppression,
mission, humbleness, obsequiousness; petition. distress, wexation.
P -

s. usel ठदय (उठटू and r. द Go) adai or addya, H.Jf ar, s, f: A goad.

8. m. The eastern mountain over which the s. >l **र, ar, s. m. The breast, the bosom.
sun rises, rising of the sun, &c. adj. Rising, ५19 ar ttrnd, To embrace.
52 conspicuous.
s->' अ रि (r. *€ Go) ari. s. m. An enemy.
A- ७५०l adydn, s, plur. (of c*० din) Religions.
P. »l ar (for>5l agar) conj. If.
A. -५cl adib, s, m. A teacher of polite man
ners, urbanity, &c. H.jl ara, conj. And. -

S० 17 उनारा drd, s. m. A saw. The name of

s: L-- उमादेश (अT and r. दिश Shew) ddes, a district.
s- m. f. An order, a command ; a salutation
of JogTs. w P. Uf dra, part. (in compos.) Adorning, adorher,
* - - p arranger, preparer.
5- *८- अत्यम tt./ydm, s. m. Effort, &c. see ***
P. ५५l arahd, s, m. A wheeled-carriage, a gun
-A- **- ttdint, s. m. Perfumed leather. carriage, &c., a cart
P- 4--->l ddina or ddiad, s. Friday. u. UI)l arratº, s, m. A loud and prolonged
l) 92 ‘-2)
sound (as from the discharge of artillery or sound (as a mill: the word being an imitation
the fall ofa building). of the sound). '
A. L-->clyl frddat, s, f: ? (inf IW. of cl)) Desire, P. L-Uf dra'tsh, s, f Ornament, embellish
A. ४०५l irdda, s, m. inclination, wish, pur
- -
ment, preparation, dressing, equipage.
-* pose, design, plan, in हैं. ८-2)l drb (अर्बुद) adj. One hundred millions.

3. c**9T उलTराथन (अT and r. रTथ Accom ‘-2,é *+2) drb kharb, Innumerable.
Plish) रfrddhan, s, m. Accomplishment, gra A. -५>' arha”, s, plur. (of८-2, rabb) Lords, pos
*ifying 3 worship, devotion, supplication. sessors, masters, st- -५9l arbab jjah, Pos
s. usoUf dradhna (उमाराथन Worship, &c.) sessed of dignity. c** ८-५)l arbad-f-sakhan,
Y* a* To worship, to practise devotion, to Eloquent persons 3 poets. bu.a --५9) drbt7b-a-
nishdt, Dancers and musicians.
A caj)l arasi% s.plur. (of d90 Base, low, mean म. bl29) arharand, w, n. To hurry, to be con
fused. See ५५.ls and bjpg०.
H. ybl ardra, s. m. Marks of nails left after 8० ७-9 उर्वशी (उ5रऽ Great, and r. वश Will)
ttrbasi or ttrcasi, s. f: Name of a courtezan or
4- U}9l ardsi? (for Joj)l plur of J3)) Low, female dancer in the heaven of Indra.
mean, rude people.
TP० ५*-J drastagi, s. f. Preparation, decora
A. e9) arba", adj- Four.
tion, ornament, regularity, improvement.
*c9*9) ***#" adj. Forty.
A० c-*9) arba'in,
P. 4॰ljf arasta, adj. Prepared, dressed, adorn
S . cgj drbal ( आयुर्बल ) 8. f: Age.
ed, embellished, regular, improved.
A• ५४*9) arasi, s, plur. (of c,3)l) Lands. *c*2' उमर्पण arpatt, s, m. An offering.
s. AUा आाराम (अा andr. रम Sport) a-ram, u५9 arapnd (from ७१9/) v. a. To present an
s. m. A garden. -
offering. -

P० PUT dram, s. m. Ease, rest, health, relief, S . gj drta ( अारात्रिक ) s. m. A ceremony

repose, comfort. ५५ (Uf dram pana,

To re attending marriage. When the bridegroom
first comes to the house of the bride, he is re
cover. ५---le *Uf ardm fala0, adj. Idle, sloth
ful, a lover ofease, g,5 'Uf aram karnd, To ceived by her relations, who present to him,
rest, to repose. and move circularly round his head, a platter
JP० us*9f dram-i, adj. A lower ofease ; idle, sloth painted and divided into several compartments;
ful. in the middle of which is a lamp made of flour,
filled with ghi and having several wicks lighted.
IP० st%-JT dram gah, s, f: A resting-place ; a (Hunter).
bed-chamber. sk.17 u>99A frdaus-firdmgah, A० kkg9) irtibaई (inf WIII. of bg)) s. m. Connex
Resting in paradise : (an epithet applied to
Muhammad Shah). ion, friendship.
P. ४०८*lf dramida, adi. At rest, at ease. A. Ju-3)l irtikal (inf WIII ofu-9) s, m. Act
H. byl arrand, w. n. To produce a continued of marching or travelling ; departure, death.
*-2) 33 9)

A. olog) irtidad(inf WIII. of9) s, m. Rejecting, A. <2)l irs, s, m. Inheritance.

g, opposing ; apostasy, recantation. A. U>>9l dtjab s, m. 1. A horse with one white
A० *u-9lirtisam (inf WIII. of (**** Heb. and Ch. foot. 2. A large-footed man. -

b”n He marked) 8. m. A distinguishing mark, P. A~**9l dri-mand, adj. Beloved, dear, happy,
plan, painting, writing blessed, noble.

A. .c**2
०५) irti?
**** “*,
}## of c-e, and L-e)
Heb. uzyn He trembled) s. m.
** c:>' ऊर्जन (r. ऊर्ज Gain) otjan, s, m.
Act of acquiring, gain, acquisition.
A• c**9lirtidsh, Trepidation, trembling.
* c*>l न arjun, s. m. I. Name of a.

A• ६५9 frtt/a* (inf. WIII. of e-3)) 8. m. Pleva celebrated hero, the third son of Pandu. 2.
tion, exaltation, ascent, height. Name of a tree. (Terminalia alata glabra).
A. --५०9] irtika” (inf WIII. of u-5, Heb, as" 5 • ५६-9l atjand ( ऊर्जन ) v. a. To gain, to
He rode or mounted) s. m. The commence acquire.
ment or undertaking of an enterprize, perpe H. u4-9l arajhnd, w. n. To be ravelled or en
tration or commission of a crime. tangled (as thread) ; to be bound (as in fetters,
H. *gyl artald, s, m. A patron, a protector. &c.) : to quarrel without cause or unreason
H• श्रृंf trr*#, s- m-

Crimpling, plaits (as of

8* ढ9) ऊरवि arachi, s, f Sickness at stomach,
clothes). See # 2dttif. InaulSea०

H• >%9l artizga7, 8. m. A crimpler or plaiter (of s. ५-9' ऊर्चा archd, s. f: Worship, adoration.
(N .

‘--->>' ऊर्चित (r.अर्च Worship) archit, adj.
5- “स्ट) ऊर्थ (r- अथ Seek, beg) arth, s. m. 1. Worshipped, reverenced, saluted. .
Intention, Purpose, object, design, sake, cause, S० --> ऊचवा (r. उमर्च Worship) archak,
- meaning, acceptation. 2. Property, wealth, adj. Worshipping, a worshipper, an adorer.
goods, riches, substance. (*N3. Request, beg
- - -

ging- “ç»'८-८० तपस्यTथ tapasyarth, For

s. U-->l archand ( ऊर्चन )w. a. To worship,
to honour, to treat with ceremony.
devotions sake, for devotionalpurposes. '
rs 1 A• *-9 drftdm, s. plur. (of 9) 1. Wombs,
5- ueç»' उाथी arth-i, adj. Self-interested, de
matrices. 2. Relations by the mother's side,
signing. uterine kindred.

H. Uéç)l arthi, s, f: A bier. A• *>>' drftdhi, adj. compar. (of (-->>) More
5 • L-5)l ar//jya (r. उार्थ Seek, beg) s. m. A or most merciful. c**-9' (-->' drfamat-r-rdht

follower, a client, a protegee, a person re ?n?n, The most merciful of the merciful : (an
commended. attribute of God).

5. पs arti ( ऊTर Iत्रिवी ) s, f. A ceremony A. ७**cse9 irAAd-i-thda, s, m. Letting loose

Performed, in adoration of the gods, by the reins : unruliness.
rnoving circulariy, round the head of the F. 9/f drd, s. m. Flour, meal.
frnage, a platter containing a burning lamp H० ८***9 trrdabegani, s. f. A female armed at
with several wicks. tendant in the haram.
>>) 34 c2"
it. L-ls, ardas, s, f. Representation, offaring to r. c99l arsan, s, m• A kind of grain, millet
a deity. (Perhaps a corruption of L--->l&-3/e). (Hind. ७-- chind. Panicum pilosum, Jto.rb.)-
11. blo)l ardarod, s, m. Coarsely ground meal. P. 2jj drea, s, f. Wish, desire, hope, want, ü

s. 99 आट्री ffrdrd, s. f: Name of one of the distress. L:5.29%f arsi-kash, adj. Desirous.
P. A><2297 drsi-mand, adj. Desirous, longing
lunar mansions : see 1,5f ddrd. P. j99l drs**? s. f. Tin.
r. 29 arda, s, m. An army, a camp, a market.
1P० ca-॰99) arshang, s. The workshop and cave
४**-99 ardr-i-ma?lld, The royal camp or of the celebrated painter ५ju० mani, q. v
army (generally means the city of Dihli or
8. c9) (उन and रH Juice, taste) a-ras, adi.
Shahjahanabad, and ७५ u* ५४** ५9-9l ardt:- Without juice, sapless, tasteless.
#nta'htta ki saban, The court language)• 5. Leyl dri*s (जट ऐऽDI) 8. m. Name of a me
s. 29l उमई (r. ऋट्ध Increase) arddh, adj. Half dicinal plant : (Justicia adhenatoda and gan
derussa). -

JI० *9 ttrdh, s. m. A kind of vetch.

S. c>9 arns (for अालस्य from अलत Idle,
s, e-sus-9) उमईॉग ( उनई Half; and जंग Bo
lazy) 8. m. Idleness, laziness, inactivity.
dy) ardhang, s, m. Half the body; palsy A. Ju9l irsd? (inf IW. of J-9) s, m. Act of
affecting one side or the upper or lower part of sending (especially, a writing, letter, &c-99
the body, hemiplegia. mission, remittance.
S० प****) उमईोंगी ardhang-i, adj. One af* ** LA2Z? c2)l ars pdrs (स्पर्श Touch) s. m. I*
flicted with a hemiplegia. s. f. A wife Partial bathing (throwing a very little water
JP - -

S. ca-॰9) ardhag (जुईग ) s. m. -

A disease occa on the head with one's hand instead of bath

ing), sprinkling or aspersion. 2. Act of touch
sioned by the mounting of wind upwards.
TP० *9 ttrdi, s. The first month of autumn,
H. u-9l arsatta, s, m. 1. Guess, conjecture, valua
September : or, rather (for '---*-५? *90 April. tion, appraisement. 2. A mediator, a brokor
P• 22) dr2, 8- m. Price, value, esteem, venera r. cl-9l drslan, S. A lion.

tion, honour, quantity. 99५ 39l are-t-basar, 5० Le"9 drds-2 6उनालस्यी) adj. Idle, lazy, in
Price current, market price. (s. ऊर्ज Barn). dolent, inactive.

A-> artt5 or ur2? s. m. Rice.

a. U5-9f drsi, s-f A mirror (particularly, a
mirror on the thumb).
4. J32l drsd/ (for Ul.3A) adj. plur. (of d9) H. 5. *** u**9 arsite ndind, adj. Having weak
Low, common, tnean (people), the wulgar. eyes, with eyes as if just awake.
P. ७५9l aredn, adj. Cheap. A• ou9) irshad (inf. IW. of ७-2)) 5॰ m* Direction,
P. ५jij9) arsdn-i, s, f: Cheapness; abundance of comuuand, order.
provisions. ५é) ५#9>' aredni rakhna, To pre
A. ७-०)l arshad, adj. compar. (of ०--9) Most
sent, to give gratuitously. upright, most tenacious of the right way ; a
-4 • c3LA ar2ak (corrupted from c29) d2ruk) aj person who explains orders, commands, &c.
Blue, azure, cerulean, cat's eyed. (*-द- c2L" . (especially? of the deity).
ursdk chashm, adj. Blue eyed, cat's eyed. A. U3)l ar8, 8. f. The earth, a portion ofland.
86 c9
yellowish colour and compounded of several
***** ar:-3, adj. Terrestrial, earthly, relating
to the earth.
scented ingredients.
A. Ju2)l artal, 5. plur. (ofUby) Certain measures IH. ८* arggj-i, adj. Dyed with argaja (as gar
of weight so called, pounds. mients, &c.).
G* c9-39l arg4rman (Opyavoy) 8. m. An organ. . H. ८॰9 argnni, s, m. . A rope stretched, or a
wooden rod or bamboo placed horizontally,
r. cly39l drg4arodn, s, m. A plant whose flowers for drying clothes on or for 8imilar purposes.
and fruit are of a beautiful red ; a red colour.
s. +9) ऊर्य argh, 8. m. 1. Mode of worship :
P, ५jy39l arg4azedn-3, adj. Of a red colour,
an ohlation of eight ingredients to a god or
purple. -

Brahman ; act of pouring out wafer in honour

A• *9] iofah (inf. IV. of As, Heh. nsn Was loose of a deity (the sun, moon, &c.) while perform
or remiss; lived at ease) s. m. Bestowing ing worship. 2. Price, value.
afluence, comforting, cherishing ; enjoyment
g. ५%) drghd (उमाष्र्य) s. m. A wessel shaped
of peace and afiluence. like a boat, used by the Hindiis for performing
A* c*) a:/aई, adj. An obstinate heretick ; par libation in their devotion8.
ticularly, a bigotted Shi'?.
A* <9l iram, s, m. A fabulous garden in Arabia ?
A• e3) drfa*, adj. compar. (of e-2)) Most exalt
ed, very high. -

A• *E)} irkam (inf IV. ofr3) Heb. opn He mark

P. ७५०)l arman, s, m. Desire, wish, inclination,
longing, sorrow, rogret.
ed or punctured) s. m. Act of writing.
A. ७3)l orkan, s, m. Jaundice, mildew or blight r. ५jus)l arman-i, adj. Aspiring, desirous.
IIn COTT14 5- *-2jT अारम्भ ( अा and r. रभ Begin) a

s. -2) अवी ark, s, m. 1. The sun. 2. Swal rambh, 8. m. Beginning, thing begun ; effort.
low wort : (Asclepias gigantea). P. ७u*9l armag4/in or armughan, s, m. Present,
it. Legylarkat, Naue ofa city in the Dakkhan. rarity, curiosity.
IFT० c99l arkag-i, l. 8. m. A pilot. (So named P. cy9l arman, n. prop. Armenia.
perhaps, from the city or territory of Arkat). P. ५४८०9 arman-i, adj. Armenian.
2. adi. Belonging to Arkat. 4-५29 ७99 arkati P. *A.c9f dramidd, adi. At rest, pacified. (Plur.
rapiya, An Arcot rupee. ७****9f dramidngdn).
A. ७७y arfan, 5॰ plur. (of c9) Pillars, props, s. ७9 अरूण arag, s, m. 1. The sun. 2. The
supports. Le-l,० c99l arkdn-j-daulat, Nobles, dawn 3. The colour of the dawn, dark red.
grandees, ministers of state. s. U)l arnd (उलरणय A forest) s. m. 1. (or
s. L-52 आरकrन्म
ी ourr ्क् a-rak f० adj.
a-rakt, adi. Red.
Ret L-०# 99l arnd bhaffisa) A wild bufialo. 2. (for
1r. L->59l arkat, s, f Vigilance, activity, clever उमरण्य गोमय ) Cow-dung found dried in
ness, ingenuity. the forest (used as fuel by the native apothe
caries in the preparation of medicines).
5• e9 उरग (उर Breast, and r. गम Go)
S० c59) arunai (from *ारीXUI) s. f. The dawn.
arrag, s. m• snake.

H• ¢% arngd'e, Being silent. See c9l arutt.

A. u-39l arndb, 8, m. A hare, a rabbit.
H. ¥ argdjd, s. m. Name of a perf, me of a F 2
29l 86 ‘-9

P. ४०७j drinda, s, m. A porter, a carrier. H. u9l drdi, s, f: The root of Arum colocasia.
5, &9) arand (एर उ ) s. m. The tree from S. c*> dri (from 17) s. f. A small saw.
which castor oil is made. ०५ -
(Ricinus vulgaris
or Palma Christi). 5. c59l dre, m*
5० *> ar?, f:
}जूर, interj. (used in calling
to or addressing, commonly
g० ***9 drand-i (from 3gyl) s. f. The fruit of the
in a disrespectful way) Holla ! ho ! O ! hear
lticinus vulgaris or Palma Christi. you !
* rs -

s._999' उनUIव (from ऊर्ण Water) drttar, s. m. P० --> dre, adv. Yes.
H. ५9 artyd, s, m. A plant of the gourd kind.
- -

s. ५#)l arni (see g,I) s, f: A female wild bufalo. H० '-->) ttrcb, 8. f: Complication, deception.
A. eb>l drad?, s, plur. (of c22) Spirits, souls. 5. ---५2) उाररीति (So and र ति Usage) d-ritt,
F. ई29f drog4, s, m, Belch, eructation. s. f. Impoliteness, incivility, bad manners.
s. c=-39l d-rog, }जू and रोग Disease) adj. Free s.gा dr (r. Sन<5 Occupy space) 8. f: A skreen,
S० u*> “”95**J from disease, healthy. shelter, concealment, protection, protector.
S• *991 उमारोग्य (from ऊरोग Healthy) d s.g ar (r. उनउ Strive or occupy) s, f. Con
rogya, s, m. Health. tention, contrariety, obstinacy.
s. LsA329f arर्यndhnd (अI and r. स्ऽथ Enclose, S प्रा dra (r. S><5 Occupy) adj. Oblique, crook

ed, across.
seize) v. a. To strangle. वंठ उमारूंधन
kanth-drandhan, Strangulation.
H० \j; ardrd, s. m. High steep banks of a river
or tank.
H. us29l arrof, s, f. A species of Arum, the root
of which is used in food. (Arum colocasia : 5 ७9 P
ttran (from g) s. f.p
Act of flying.

called, also, ७५2* ghoyan, and in Bengal S ५५ी ttrdnd (cau8. of ७) v. a. To cause to fly :
** kdchtr). to squander or spend extravagantly, to entice.
S० -9 dra'i (corruptly for ए>) उमरवि) s. f:
५% vy urdnd purand, To squander.
Sickness at stomach arising from pregnancy. S - ७५ arand (caus. of gj drnd, q. v) v. a. 1.
P. 9l arra, s, m. A saw. L-5 ४)l drrd-kash, A To make to stop. 2. To fasten one thing to
another. 3. s. m. Name of a tune.
sawyer. ५*59? >” ४9l arra sir par chaland, To uè9 d?dni (r- अज्ठ Occupy space) s. f: A
S -

oppress any one, to commit violence. '->>*** large fan or parasol.

>'><>l->< Ué€>’ *c६ sir par arre cha/ gae tdu

bhi madar maddr, He has incurred punishment S .3% urda (from ७gf tr?dnd) s. m. A spend
and disgrace, yet he has not reformed his thrift, an extravagant person.
InaINI163TS० H.jgl drwar, s. m. Words without meaning.
H- ---->)) arhat, s.. m. An engine for raising adj. Uneven, rugged.
water. Same as c>s2J rahat. H. 5. u% jjी “rbar bdknd, w, a. To speak incon
siderately or without meaning, to rave, to talk
5.99l arhar (अाढवी) s.f. A species of pulse absurdly.
(Cytisus cajan), called also9ly tgar. H. e-529 athdrang, s, m. Foolish actions.
H० u> urihnd, s, m. Reproach, reproof. H० ७**छ dr/arengर्थ, adj. Inconsiderate.
श्रृं 97 - 9)
5॰ **9ी agband (r. * <5 Occupy space, and H० '---9 aphat, s, f: Agency, commission, sale
by commission. -

जथ A bandage) s. m. A cloth worn by Hin

diis, passing from the waist between the thighs H. 5. 95 -श्री urhak karnd, w. n. To seek or cry
and fastening behind. for an absent person. (Applied to a child
s. ७**}l arhangd (उनउ Occupy space, and JP -

चैनली A bend) adj. Crooked, uneven. it. L&s arhakna, v, n. To overset.

S ८र-9ी “rop (5जुल) s. m. A rafी, a float. S. us# trrhnd (r. जुर्ण Cover) w. a. To put on
**gjी “rtald, s, m. Defence, protection. clothes. See cश्रृं?l othad.
S - **59ी t¢-chalnd (comp. of g# and ७l>-) w. n.
S. ॐश्र “thangda (.5 Rise, and जन्T Body)
हैं: nf. Any thing placed under a vessel to
- To walk with a stately or affected gait.
- prevent its oversetting ; a prop, a support
H. u>cl ttrds, s, m. A bug. S
- L&# tdrhaiya, part. (from ७-99l) A wearer or
5 - c% atgan (उडु A constellation, and *TUT putter on of a dress
A multitude) s. plur. The stars ; the starry S . \.sj arhaiya (उन द्धिदूय ) s. m. A weight of
* P
two and a half sers, a measure containing two
s• c9 aran (from gl) adi. Flying. and a half sers.
. UT cथ्र dre dnd, w. n. To protect, to become
S . gj arnd (उत, and r. उठी Fly) v, n. To fly. S

S- g drad (r. ><5 Occupy space) v. n. To a protection.

stop, to hesitute. ५5.jी dr kdrnd, To stop.
H० '-थ्री (उनाड्डी)
dri, s. A tone or tune in
musick. (Perhaps the same as ७५ ttrdnd, q• w.).
8.७j arna (r. उनउ Occupy space) v. a. To
prop, shelter, protect. S c9ी d?-? (seej)ि part. A protector, defender,
<2 • - supporter.
H• ca- g drang, s. f. A manufacturing town.
S c9) agyat (seej dr) adj. Obstinate, perverse
S. ¢g dranga (r. जज्ठ Strive, and उांग Body) mulish.
s. m. I. A mode of wrestling with the feet. 2. S - ह39 d?dinch (seejी a?) 8. f: Enmity.
An obstacle.
P.jl d*, Prep. From, of, than, by, with. AL*-19
H. 2j dra, s, m. A peach.
a3 6njumla, Of that nutnber L-* 9 “* ”“*?
s, kj drnd (from g) adj. Obstinate, perverse, Enough, sufficiently, in abundance, from the
abundance, notwithstanding- ***) -»é-9) “*
5,996r-tedr, s, f A prop. adj. Stopping. khttd rg//d or 4॰3) c**** }l ae khipesh rg/ta,
ई. U»9x L~29) “ros paros (see c~2%) 8. m* Absent in mind, out of mind, distracted
Neighbourhood. c***) ex3-9l ds AJ1५d rghogi, Departure from
- y - - JP

5. ५७jी ttrhdnd (from usl) v. a. To cause to ohe's self, distraction of mind. ७*** *** }
clothe. a2 khttd shudan, To be out of one's self the
- rN
S. ५७) drhd'i (आद्धद्वय) adj. Two and a being out of one's mind. It may, also, he
half or, when used with a noun of number,
prefixed to Persian words beginning with a
*"ice and half the aggregate number. s, f. A vowel ; as, c9) az-an, From that ? c9 d2-in,
full gallop. - From this. -

१ *-.
‘--%l . 58 U-l

P. Jf ds, s, f Avarice. the habits or fashions of a. king ; the kiwga

P. ०%T dsdd, 1. adj. Free, liberated. 2. Solitary,
lonely. S. m. 3. A kind offakir who shaves his A. U}l azal, s. f Eternity without beginning.
beard, eye-lashes and eye-brows, and vows A. Ujt azati, adj. Eternal, without beginning,
chastity. UA cljl dsad karna, To manumit, to from all eternity.
set at liberty. P० wश्री dsmd, part. (in compos.) Trying, proving.
1*० c**9 dsddu-gi, N S. f. Freedom, independence,
JP. प5-99 dsdd-i, release, conduct of an ०% P. tr. ७५श्रुf dsmd-nd, w, a. To try, to prove, to
examine ; to touch gold, &c. on the touch
d:drd. stone.

P. ४०j dsdda, adj. Free, noble. ( Plur. A. cusjt dzmdn, 8. plur of ७५४jor Acusj q. v.
७७39). P. L-५usff d3majsh (from coyश्रृंf) 8. f: Trial,
P० >'jT dctfr, s. In.
Sickness, disorder, disease, proof, examination.
trouble, afiliction, injury. A. A॰-9l dsmind, s. Plur- of ७५०j or 4ousj q. v.
Ps>9} izdr, s. f. Drawers, trowsers. P० c***9 tizmadd-gi, s, f: Trial, proof, exanui
nation. **

P. ०५99l isarhand, s. m. The string with which

P. ४ey.9 demada, Part, pass. (of c*?97) Tried,
drawers are tied. Ac-2,2Ju5***99 tsdr-bd7td-f rish
proved, examined. 9७ *.97*j aamirda-kdr, Dx
fo, Connexion through a wife ; petticoat inte perienced in business
A• ढ9 aste@i, s, f plur. (of ल:29 or *-99)
P. u99 dsdr-i, adj. Sick, a sick person. Siptises, couples.
A. Ajjl isala (inf IV. of J29) s, m. Removal, 4. 43,2l asaka (corrupt from c328) 5. m. Food.
abolition : (in grammar) elision of a letter or
P.99l azhdar, s, m. A dragon.
of a vowel point from a word.
P. uss; azhdahd, s, m. A large snake, a dragon.
P->9) d3-bar, adv. By heart, by rote, by me (Plur.--->us9) )•
mory. ०.८**: ji. Gr * . -***** ******* a c
S० e-us9) ashdhat (S5"ट Eight, and धातु
A. *e-9l isdigam (inf. WIII. of (-99 s० m. A
Metal) s. Name of a mixed metal, bell
concourse, a crowd, a rushing together of nnetal.
people. H० L* is, pron. dem. sing. inflect. This. -*c०
A. ०५9l izdjyad (inf WIII of &9) s, m. In fs tatak, To this degree.
A• c* as, g. The myrtle.
P० c**9f dsurdagi, s, f: Afiliction, displeasure,
s. Lा 6s, १(उमाशा) s, f. Hope, desire, trust,
vexation. s. Lºf dsd, } reliance. (Affixed to other words
P. ४-9,9f azurda, adj. Afilicted, sad, dispirited, U-f signifies inclination, and LT possessed of
sorrowful, vexed, displeased, weary. *9jा inclination : as L-५ Ptyds, Thirst, and u-५
Jee dcurda khatir or U० ४७)jf azurda-dit, ptydsd, Thirsty, from Ue, P*, Drink).
Wexed, offended, disgusted. p. LT dsd, adj. Like, resembling.
A. ७2gl acrak, adj. Cerulean, blue, azure. A. *3cu-l asdttsa, s, plur. (of se-l) Teachers.
A3}l d2ukd, s, m. Food. See 4399) d3ttku.
•f •
s. -çu-l d-sdth ( उन Without society, i. e.

T- cu54y L-5%l ttzak taxuk, s. In. Pomp; splendour : good society) adj. Addicted to bad company.
Lal 90 -*
place, appointment, substitution of one person
t. Legu०l asathi (from -रूंu०l) adi. Upstart, stran
to do the duty of another : 8. m. or f. A de
ger, unknown person. fendant (in a law-suit), a tenant, renter, client.
s, soLl d-sadh KSनस्तT५) adj. Evil - minded,
P. ७\-f dsdn, adj. Easy, convenient, commo
. *cLl d-sddh C* and *धT Fondness, desire)
adj. Without desire or energy ; lazy. it buर्श ttsdnd, w. a. To winnow.
s, 4-soLl >स्ना*य d-sddhya, adj. 1. Unable, S० uLf asannd (trans, of u-1) v. a. To boil.
weak, incapable. 2. Impossible, incurable. P. ५ju-T dsdn-i, }* f Facility, easiness.
s. >'-' उनसTर (उन and सTर Pith, marrow, P. L---४\-T dsdn-jyat,
essence, strength) a-sdr, adj. Hollow (like a s. ८-92Ll dsdroari, s, f: 1. ( * सावरी) Name
reed) ; foolish, weak of understanding. of a rdgini or musical mode. 2. A kind of
S• 9-f asard (35rt and r. ¥ Move) s, m. A pigeon. 3. A sort of cotton cloth
porch, portico, peristyle, vestihule. T. J2-l isdस्cat, s. m. A poursuivant.
8 9Lf asdrnd (य5त and r. सू: Move) v. a. To s. '---॰9-T उमाशावन्त: (from उमाशा IIope)
reinowe, to put out of place. dsd-ardnt, adj. Expectant, dependant.
s. श्रृंu-l dsdrh (*TPTG) s, m. The name of the
5 Le-32Ll (* and c-3,५० Brave, which for

Hindn third solar month (June-July, during उमाश विंत:) d-sdacant, adj. Tearful, unquiet,
which the sun is in Gemini, and the full moon
is near soनTPIGI, more commonly called P. C:॰-f dsfffsh (from ७***? s. f. Rest, ease,
पूवृाषाढा or उतराषाढT a constellatio n tranquillity, repose, quiet.
in Sagittarius). A. --५-l ttsbdb, s, m. plur. (of u----) 1. Causes.
S .७sjLl asaph- ( अTषाढ 2 s, f Day of the 2. Goods and chattels, furniture, tools, appa
full moon in asarh. ratus, baggage
ewe5 **es

8 - >-f arsdrs (उच्छूाम from उत and r. **वस्म A. kb--l dsbd{, s, plur. (ofa०० sibt) Tribes (espe
Breathe) s. f: Breath, breathing, respiration : cially of Israel).
hope. A. c.-l ds//d¢, adj. compar. (from ७-० He out
A• L--l astfs, s. f: Foundation ; a pedestal. stripped) More or most surpassing or excel
lent : past times, days of yore.
S. -- ttsaisnd (from >eh w. n. To breathe. P. ----l dsp (Sans. उन**) s. m. A horse.
5. A. e-el-l 4-sa?? (* and ce-eu० A portion of H० ‘-४*) ispat (perhaps from the Portuguese
time) s. f: An unlucky moment. espada) s• m. Steel (of a tough kind).
- rN
5, 6Ll d-s6kh (उन and तादत्य Credit, reputa s. L-५ L~ fis pds (पा*व Side) s. m. Wicinity,
tion) adj. Without creditor reputation.
circumference. adv. Around, on all sides.
S, ७*-l d-sakhi (Sof and साक्षी A witness) s. m.
false testimony, without evidence.
s. U४-9॰-l dsporsi (r* स्प्यूरा Touch, or उन and r.
स्पृश: if the l is prefixed merely because the
* +7*val d-stimarth (ऊ and सामथ्र्य Ability) Arabs and Persians cannot pronounce two
adj. Powerless, weak. quiescent consonants at the beginning of a
A• ७** dsfimi (plur. of **9 s, f: Natnes; office word, then it is) adj. Palpable, tarigible :
40 '----l

(but, if the initial I stands for the s> priv. P de-f trstds, Same as ०e-f ttstdd, q. v.
then the meaning is) Intangible. P. ७८-f astan (Sans. स्यान्न Place, r. ठT Stand)
S• 9८* isprthd (for स्पृहाँ spriha) s, f. Inclina
s. m. A threshold, a fakir's residence. ७८०
tion, desire, wish. std7? or ७** istdn (in compos. signifies) Place.
P. U,**-l ispaghol, s. m. Seed of fleawort or Pw c9:*e-d istambol, n. prop. Constantinople.
plantain. (Psyllii semen).
F. -** dspak (dimin. ofu-०l) s. f. Bridge of
P. Asu-f dstdn“, Same as ७८-T, q- v- ७-9:०७-f
dstand-Aos-i, s, f. Kissing the threshold.
a musical instrument.
A. ०l०.०-l isfihdad (inf X. of &) s, m. Absolute
P. ०॰॰l ispdnd, s, m. A seed burnt at marriages dominion, despotism, insisting upon a thing's
to drive away evil spirits : it is, also, burnt as being done.
a charm for the like purpose some days after A• J--- istihra (inf. X. orjP) s. m. I. Cleansing,
a child is born, particularly at the door : and
when a child goes out or comes home. It is washing one's hands of a business or desiring
often mixed on those occasions with mustard to be freed from it. 2. The waiting ofa woman
seed, and hence has been confounded with the after being divorced from her husband, to as
latter (Jee-). certain whether she is pregnant or not, before
she can contract another marriage. (The term
P. ७५--l ispahdn, n. prop. See ७५s-l is/ahan. is three months, according to the Muhamma
s. L~l **त ast, 8. m. Setting of the sun. dan law)-
U2० ----l asf hona, To set (the sun). A c3,*** istubrak, s. m. Silk cloth or satin, the
म, e-fasta (perhaps for ०८-)ि s, m. A barher, colour of which seems to change agreeably
5० c:-e-l उमस्ताचल (उमस्त Sun-set, and to the light it is seen in (particularly, green
soप्त्रर’ी A mountain) astachal, The name of a
s.c~l उनस्त*यस्तastabyast or asta-gyasta,
mountain in the west, behind which the sun is adj. Confused, agitated, perplexed, helter
supposed to set. skelter.
P. cu~l istdd, s. f. The act of standing : part. S. -->-l dsftt* (स्तुति) s. f: Praise, an anthem.
(for ४.७७~l) Standing, raised up.
- A.Jue-l fstitar (inf WIII. of A० Heb, nne He
A. ou~l astdd, s. m. Teacher, preceptor, mas- ' concealed) s. m. Concealment.
A• J****l istiskri/ (inf. X. of ugg Heb. 9pg He
*1P० u**** istada gi, s. f Standing, stand, firm weighed) s. m. Heaviness, trouble, impor
ness, resistance. tunity.
r. *०७-l is/ada, part, Standing, set up, erected: A. ७.८.०l istisad (inf X• of ‘** Heb. n9ity He

(hence, sub.) A pole, ensign-stafis prop, &c. turned, &c.) s, m. IException, distinction.
particularly, a prop for supporting the door of A. aceust-l istfftd3d (from L-3:-) 8* m* Immode
a tent, and not the tent pole. flux of the menses.

IP. **** astdd-i, s. f: Teaching, instruction, A. -L-t-l isfifthat) (inf X. of u->- Heb aan
mastership, skill. adj. Masterly (as work He loved) s. m. 1. Contracting friendship. 2.
manship, &c.). An action the performance of which is meri
ch-०l, 41 L~d

torious, and the omission not criminal ; work

overtaking, obtaining ; compreheuding, un
of supererogation. derstanding.
A. c\-=i-l fsti?san (inf X. of cr-- Heb. ibn A० **** istid"? (inf: X. ofe-22ee) s. f. Itequest,
Was good) 8. m. Approving, praising, taking desire, invitation, supplication. -

or considering as a favour
? A.9La=i-l isti?:ar (inf X- of_9ya-) s, m. Call
A• u2॰॰-l is/id/4* (inf *** of L-Jyo) s, m. Seek
ing proof arguments or reasons; demonstra
ing, citing to appear, summoning before. tion.
A. >\*=t-l istihkar (inf: X. of ‘-2As-) S० In० s->>>l उमस्त्र (r. उमस्त Throw) dsfr, S. m- A mis
Treating with contempt, wilifying, scorning, sile weapon, a weapon in general. .
despising. -

P->>l dstar, s, m. A mule. dstar or ds/ar,

A cte=-l istigtak (inf x of c:- IIeh, PPn Liming. ५-95>>l ds/d7-kar-i, Piastering.
Was prescribed or necessary) s. m. Demand A. ----J-l isftrayat (inf X. of c99 Heb. mn
ing justice, claim, right; merit, ability. He respired : rested) s, f. Repose, rest, easo,
A• **=- istihkam (inf..X. of (*- IHeb. Dorा tranquillity, sleep. * . .

Was firm, was wise) s, m. Confirmation, A• ol9-1ffirddd (inf X. of 9) s. m. I. De

firmness, strength. manding restitution of any thing, whether
A• 9ust-l istikhdra (inf X. ofx->) s. m. Judg given, deposited in trust, or taken without con
ing from omens, augury. ' ' sent. 2. Repelling, driving or forcing back.
A• *le=t-l istildtdam (inf X. of ***) s. m. Ibm A. u2--1 isfir:d (inf X. of ug, Ileb, nsn Was
ploying, making use of the labour of another, Pleased) s, f: Seeking to please : willinguess,
asking or getting employment.
4 लy=el istikhrdj (inf X. of छ2>>) s, m. Mak G* -5~l astarak, s, m. Storax.

ing to go or come out, expulsion, drawing P. *,~l as/ard, s, m. A razor.

forth, extracting. -
S० c*** tstrior gsttri (स्त्री) s. f. A woman.
A. -sus-st-l istildtfएँ/ (inf: X• of L-->) s. m. 8. **** (r. स्तृ Spread out) s. A smooth
Making light of, despising, holding in con ing iron. UA ८g>l istri karna, v- a. To iron
or smooth with an iron.
A. LALast-l isfildllds (inf X. of cele- Heb. ??n
Was free, separated) s. m. Seeking to libe
A. ०५---l ists?d (inf X. of ०~ Heh, and
Ch. "y5 was happy, supported) s. m. Desir
rate ; liberation, liberty, freedom. . -

TP० cbs- astukhpdn (Sans. अस्थि) s. m. A ing happiness, being fortunate, considering any
thing as a happy presage, conceiving well of
bone, the stone of fruit, &c. any thing. -

A. ----le-l istidama (inf X. of •५०) s, f Seck

! ing to be permanent, quiet, steady, everlast
ing ; assiduity. *
A. UR-c~l istiska (inf: X. ofu*** Heb. npe Was
watered) s, m. The dropsy. uॐ -**---l
tstiskd-f-stkki, Anasarca. ५**** cई७---l &ds¢d
A• *****- istidrak (inf X. of -** Heb. Tnn t-tabli, Tympany. ८** **--- istisfa-t-ladnai,
He travelled, overtook) s. m.- Reaching, A dropsypervading all the members of the body.
५---l 42 e---l

A. ०५-----l istish'had (inf X. of ०५-०) s. m. Sum ing ; overwhelming. adj. Drowned ; immersed
moning witnesses, bringing testimony or proof, in thought, engrossed, wholly employed,
taking evidence ; falling a martyr for religion. drowned in sleep, &c.
A• ‘--lyee-l istiszedb (inf X. of -ly०) s, m. 1. A.७\se-l istig4far (inf X- of ७Jae) s, m. Beg
Approving. 2. Consultation. ging mercy, craving grace, deprecating.

A• '----****l istitaat (inf. X. of ६*) s, f. Power,

A. Ally e-l dstaglifradlah, I entreat forgiveness
of God. (An expression signifying negation).
possibility ; submitting to, dependence. A• b->l istighnd (inf: X. of ua) s. m. Content,
A.७५e-l isft:har (inf X. ofAs) s, m. Implo independence (in point of fortune). adj. In
ring assistance : calling to memory, remem dependent, contented.
A. ४०ue-l istifada (inf X. of so४७) 8. m. 1. Seek
A. 9५०-l istidra (inf x of c-५le) s, m. Bor ing gर्मin. 2. Profit, advantage.
rowing ; using a word metaphorically ; a A० ee-l istifta (inf: X. of ५४*) * m* Consult
metaphor- 9,5 ४,५०-) istifird karnd, To be ing (a lawyer or learned man).
seech, to beg earnestly. A० 87e-l isttfrag4 (inf X. ofe-eyi) s, m. Wo
A• '---५v~l istidhat (inf X. of cye) s, f: Asking miting.
assistance, imploring help; assistance, pro A• >'-**-l isttfsar (inf X. of,-3 Heb, nce He ex
plained) s. m. Searching for information,
A. JUé***istija (infx of c4*) s, m. Wishing asking an explanation, enquiry, interrogation.
to make haste, ordering one to make haste, 95>'-&- istt/sdr karnd, w. a. To enquire,
hastening, accelerating, despatch. to interrogate, to demand an explanation,
A. ol~l isti*ddd (inf: X• of Se) s, f. Readi P. *५***l istifham (inf. X. of (***) s. m. Desiring
ness ; ability, means, capacity.
or seeking information : enquiry, interroga
A• v~) istiºfa (inf. X. of yae) 8. m. Asking for tion. (*५*e-l-2/- Aagf+istifham, An inter
giveness, deprecating. rogative pronoun.
A• *e-l isti*ld (inf: X. of yle) 8. m. Seeking
u४*५***l isttfham-i,
exaltation or promotion; superiority, exalta

A. ***५॰-l istifham-iyd,
} adj. Interrogative.

A. Uwe-l isti*md* (inf X• of cLAe Heb. bpy He A• -- istikahmat (inf: X. of ***) s. f: Stand

operated) s. m. Custom, daily practice, use. ing erect ; rectitude० integrity, continuance,
95 UUAc~l isti*md¢ karna, To use. -

A. ७४v~l isffmafi, adi Used, usual, s, m. A. Juic~l istikba? (inf X. of u.3 Heb. and Ch.
Fine rice. ?ap He came in front, he accepted) s. m. En
A. AJ७८-l istighdsa (inf X. of c<-9a) s, m. Ask * countering, meeting, the ceremony of meet
ing for help : demanding justice, complaining. ing and receiving a visitor ; futurity.
A• --97***l istig4rd0 (inf X• of --2/3) s. m. A. JAe-l istikrd.(inf X. of 25 Heb. x"p He read)
Great admiration, atnazement, wonder. s. m. Reasoning from induction.
A• cॐ**** isttgltrak (inf. *** ofu37*) s. m. Drown
A Jue-l isfikla (inf X. of e-ts) s, m. Abso
५-->l 43 *--*

lute power, intrepidity, resolution, perseve A. ७\2->-l is/inshdk (inf: X• of C--) s, m. 1.

rance, wigour.
Throwing water into the mostrils when per
A.9ke-9 istikaar (inf X. ofx.5 Heb, na5) 8. m. forming the coast7. 2. Snufiing up the air or
Pride, presumption. odours, &c.
A. श्रृंA-l istikrah (inf X. of 9,5) s, f. Aversion, - b--9 istited (inf WIII. of ८४,० Heb, mu' was
equal) s. Parallelistn, equality. b-l a>
A* -****-l istikshaf (inf: X. of u-42-5) 8. m. khatt-f-istiroa, The equator.
Seeking the manifestation, exposition or laying
open (of any thing).
._9ly--l ustaroar, adi. Firm, strong, stable,
powerful ; brave, resolute, solid.
A. Ju*&e-l istikmal(inf X. of Ju*5) 8. m. Seek -

. ५9ly--l asttrrodr-f, 8. f Firmness, stability,

ing the completion or perfection of any thing ; strength ; resolution, constancy.
completion, bringing to perfection.
A• (*JP--> istidgam (inf X of *29) s. m. Render
- ७'स्** स्थान (r- पूटा Stand) asthan or sthan,
8. m. Place, abode, residence.
ing necessary ; necessity.
A* ६**** istima* (inf. WIII. of e***) 5* m- 1.
• 2***l स्थिर (r. ठI Stand) isthir or sthir, adj•
Settled, steady, firm. -

Hearing, listening (to musick, &c. particular

ly). 2. Tidings, report, rumour, what is *Jस्-l ऊस्थिर a-sthir, adj. Restless, unsteady.
• Exe-l ऊस्थिरता d-sthiratd, s. f: Unsteadi
A. L-Juc-al istimalat (inf: X. of U००) s- f: Con INe55०

ciliating consolation, encouragement. - U)*** स्थिरता (r. ठT Stand) isthtrata or

a. -***>l *त"* istambh or stambh, s, m. The sthirata, s. f: Rest, tranquillity, steadiness
trunk of a tree, a column, pile, post, pillar.
A० JR** istihxa (inf: X. of JP) s. m. Derision,
A• ६****l istintta* (inf. X. of e-०) 8- m, Enjoy
laughing at, joke, jest, scorn.
ing, reaping the fruits of being delighted ;
celebrating the solemnities of the festival of . Je.l स्थल (r. ठल Stand) asthat or sthat, s.
Mecca ; enjoyment (of a woman). m. Place, home, fixed residence : asthal,
A. colocc~l fstimddd(inf X. of coc०) s, f: Begging s. m. Place or stand of a.fakir.
assistance -*****l istihlak (inf X. of L-5)ls) s. m.
Seeking the death or ruin of any one ; ruining,
A.J~l istimrar (inf X• of 92/०) s, m• Con
tinuation, perseverance.
destroying, consuming
A• ८-27**-l istimrar-i, adj- Continuative, perpe . Ju-l istihlat (inf X- of J1s) s, m. The
tual. appearing of the new moon.
A. ev~l istimbaई (inf X. of a.i) s. m. Ex - u**** ऊस्थि (r. * रन Throw) asthi, s. m. A
tradion, deduction, inference. bone

A- Vee-l istinja (inf X. of ue) 5. m. Purifica . ८४.l असत्यी (अand सत्य True) 4-satyi,
tionafter the offices of nature ; making water. adj. Liar, untrue.
G 2
7 44 ~l *
- ८*** उनसती ( CT and सती Wirtuous wife) A demon. (The asurs are demons of the first
d-sdt7, adj. Disloyal or unchaste (a wife). order, and in constant hostility with the gods).
५४-f dste, adv. Gently, softly. See e-sf. . 1.7
dsr6 (उनTश्रय ) s. m. Trust, reliance,
U५८-८-l istisfil (inf: X• of c.०l) s, m. Dra hope, defence, asylum, . retreat, abode, house.
dicating, pulling up by the roots, extirpating, . »'Z-l asrtfr, s, plur- (of 7-॰) Secrets, confidential

* 97* isrdr
- >
(inf 1v. of 7-॰)
8. 1॰ Concealment,
• •A
* -*****l istid? (inf X. of ५-ey) s. In. Taking - -

keeping secret. 2. Disclosure, revealing of a

the whole, extirpating ; asking in a present. secret.

. U8.॰॰l istj/d (inf X. of by) 8. m. Satisfying - -*9-l tsr?/ (inf. IW. of ‘-27-9 s. m. Prodi
- - - - A,
completely, paying or receiving the whole of gality, dissipation, abuse of wealth, consump
what is due ; renouncing, relinquishing tion, extravagance, ruin. -

. La-l istita (inf. X. of पºb) * m. Predomi - c***** isrgfil, s. m. 1. The name of an angel A

nance, conquest. who, it is said, will sound the last trumpet at

the resurrection. 2. A seraph.
e--- (7stin, s. f. A sleeve. ५--*** c***
dstin kd sdmp, A domestick enemy, an enemy
- ogy-f ast7'bdrd ( उमाशीर्वाद from ऊाशिस
who wears the mask of friendship. Blessing, and r. चनद… Speak) s, m. Benedic
Aw u>***** istands (inf. X. of ०-५ 8. m. Fa tion, blessing
miliarity, intimacy, sympathy.
. ८-2,-f f-srif, यूवित (CTI and r. त्रि
S* 92 l dsdrtif, Serve) adj. One who relies
. 4-e-l C* and स्मतय True) d-satya, adj. Un
on another, a refugee, a protegee. ?
true, false.
- ** उनTश्रम ( उना and r. >ाम Grow tired)
७** असब्बत (from * pri". सतय True, d-srdm, s. m. Abode, residence ; a religious
and r. <51*T Generate) “-wdga”, adj. Unfit, class or state of mankind (arranged by the
untrue, improper. Hindiis, with reference to the different periods
* * , " "

s. ७.5*) trsijna (Sतt and r. शिऽज्ञ Make aTh

of life : as, Ist. That of the बह्मवारी brah
indistinct noise) w. I1. To boil. 7ndchtfr7, or student ; 2d. That of the
. .A~l dsdd, s. m. The lion, leo (the sign of the grihastha, or householder : 3d. That of the
zodiack). वाणप्रस्थ rfaaprastha, or anchorite : and,
*** is-dam, adv. This moment, directly.
P० 4thly. That of the भिक्षु bhiksha, or beggar).
. १५-l असिव (उा and सिद्ध Accomplished) * c9* ऊशरण (ऊ and शरण Asylum *

d-siddh, adj. Not effected, invalid, false, d-sardtt, adj. Unprotected, helpless.
unripe. - 9- asarnd (ठत and r. स्मृ Go) v, n. To re
. sA-l अगुव (उन and शुछ Pure, correct) treat, recede, shrink froIu.
d-strddh, adj. Incorrect, impure, inaccurate, • &*7-l isrini, s, m. Minium, cinnabar.
mistaken. . * -** आसुरी dsuri, adj. Of or belonging
..l असुर (अ and सुर A deity) 4-sur, s, m. to the dstrrs, devilish, demoniacal. - * ‘*
'--*** 45 U-'

Sw ७-४,- (अात्रा Refuge, and ठTI Gone) asrdit, adj. Fond, enamoured, addicted, devoted to,
adj. Hopeful, trusting, confident. strongly inclined to. -

s, ५\४/- उाामुररीमाया 6suri-mayd, s, f De s. c-K.7 dskat or dskut ( **lह#2 Inability,

.. ception of demons. - -
from अशक़ Unable) s. f. Laziness, tardiness
A, U-Ja-l is{aba/, s, m. A stable. (Lat. Sta s. ७८%-f (from L-%-f q. v.) askatand or dskatand,
httlttnt). v. n. To be lazy. *

H, A. ट*** is-{drdh, adv. In this manner, 5. ५ç×-f tisfati or dskata, adi. Lazy, remiss.
H. A. ७g-c9a-l is for“***) thus. A->*****) iskandar, n. prop. Alexander

6. -ge-l usturfa”, s, m. An astrolabe. Ar *) *** Jistandarty“, n. prop. Alexandria in
A. **-l asdd, adj. compar- (of ****) More or Egypt.
very fortunate or happy. s. ४ocK. स्वाथ iskandh or skandh, s, m. A chap*
A.9ta-l asfar, s, plur. (ofA- st/7) Wolumes, re ter, a division ofa book• -

: gisters s. *%.l ऊमुख्त्र (ज and सुरल Ease) 4-sakh, s, m.

P, ट५७-1 is/aintfi, s. m. Spinage. Uneasiness, restlessness, afiliction
A, U--l as/a/, adi. compar- (of c9L) Interior, 5० ७८**l असुखी (उx and सुखी IHappy) o
lower, the lowest. crau-l c॰) asfultt-s-saftfin, sakhi, adj. Uneasy, unhappy, restless, af*
The lowest hell. flicted

6. ढ*** isfurti (77r०yy०:) 8- m. A. sponge : 3

S. c** d-sagan (उन and *राष्ट्*त A bird) s, m.
Bad omen.
yeast dumpling.
P.>५****l is/andtydr, n. prop. The son of ---e** s.४Ac%.l asgandh or isgandh (अ******T from
Kishtast, of the first dynasty of Persian kings ज*व HIorse, and गा*** Smell) s. m. Nanro
P. ७५** is/ahan, n. prop. Ispahan, the capital of a plant used medicinally. (Physalis flexuosa
Pers. *24>Pu>"2>*)
of Persian c9* #ak (the ancient Parthia).
A. -3५-l astg6 s. plur. (of-a-) Ancestors. *
A, Lt.) iskat (inf. IW. ofaa-० Heb, and Ch. PP” A• **- islam (inf. IW. of *- Heb. and Ch. b2a”
He fell, &c.) s. m. Causing to fall ; procur
ing an abortion, miscarrying? taking away, Was safe, entire, at peace) s, m. The Mu
dying (of cattle). hammadan religion, orthodoxy (according to
Muhammadans), islamism- *
it. A. Jos-l is kud“79 adv. Thus much, thus.
A० ५४*** islam-i, s. m. f. A muhammadan, a
A. Ja.l iskil (Lat. squilla) 5- m* A squill.
believer. (Pers. plur. ७५॰)-l is/arnfya7*)-
A. ck.) iskat (inf IW. of c=2%~) s, f Pacify A. 4.॰॰५-०l isfting/“? adj. Faithful, orthodox.
ing, soothing, silencing
5. ५५-luskand (r. उष Burn) To light a fire or H० S० ५--- c- usal pusal jand, w. n. To be
agitated, to be tossed, to get into confusion•
candle ; to excite, to instigate
3* ७-५.5ी अासठ्ठा (जT and r. संज्ञा Adhere)
A० -9- astab (or wulg- aslab) s, m. Manner,
cr* 46
mode, method : order, arrangement : form. Stay, abiding, posture, attitude, sitting (espe
>logyl-l uslat-ddr, adj. Well-arranged, elegant. cially, the attitudes adopted by Jogis in their
A• (-d i*”, s. m. Name, a noun. ५४****५ (-l devotional exercises, of which they enumerate
eighty-four). 3. The withers of an elephant,
ism ba musamma, Name coinciding with the the part where the driver sits. Uा c** cr*
named, or whose name fitly denotes the qua dsdn tdle dnd, To come under subjection.
lities of the named. ug*- ** ism-f:jalat-a,
gj;- cr* asan Jorna, To sit on the hams.
The name of God. us"* 9’ (-l tsma-ndaoisi, s. f:
५,3 ७* dsan dolna, Spoken of a holy man,
A list or roll of names, a catalogue. Plur.
Tu~l asmd). who perceiving by supernatural intelligence
that some one in distress has called on him,
A. 9L*-l asmar, s, plur. (ofA~) Nightly conver interposes in his behalf. 99:- cr* ५-5" ७
asan *e asan Jornd, To sit close in contact with
A cke५-l ismaगै; n. prop. Ishmael son of another Person, ५७3 ७-f asan lagana, To sit
Abraham. obstinately in a given posture till one's request
P. ७५-f dsmdn (comp. of c~f ds, A mill, and be obtained g)u०७-f asan marna, To sit
Acou० Like) 8. m. The sky, the firmament, down, to retain one's seat firmly on horse
heaven, the celestial orb. ५é2 *** >? ७*-T
- cr* dsin (उमाश्विन) 8* m. The sixth Hindi
, asman par kadam rakhna, To give ones self
airs, to aspire, to be vain. month, in which the moon is full near the head
*****x७५-f of Aries.
dsmdn par khainchnd, To be proud, to affect
greatness. g,5 u८-०७५-f dsmdn se girna, To - cr* (उनसन or) उमासन dsun, s. m. The
fall from the clouds, is applied, particularly name of a tree on which the tasar silk-worm
feeds.(Terminalia alata tomentosa).
by women, to signify an acquisition that has
been made suddenly and unexpectedly, without - cr* उमशन (r. ऊश Eat) dsdn, s, m. Eating,
labour or care, and the value of which is in food : also, the tree last described.
५- trsnd, part. (from u-fasanna) Boiled.
P. ५ju*-f dsman-i, adi. Heavenly, celestial, from
heaven, sky-coloured, cerulean, azure. ५*** *****l asadd, s. Plur. (of~ q. v.) Grants, law
papers in general, deeds, sanads, warrants.
9-e 2955 dsmani fir zod ghairah, An arrow, &c.
shot in the air. - ७** स्नान isndn or sntin, s. m. Bathing.

s० -*27***l स्मृति (r. समृ Itemember) ismirti or . ue-fasnand (caus. ofu--f **sdnnd, q. w.) v. a.
To cause to boil.
smriti, s. f: The Hindu law.

s, g/- असमर्थ (अ andसमर्थ Powerful) “- . ca------l *त*लु४ d-santasht, adj. Discon

samarth, adj. Powerless, weak. tented, unsatisfied, displeased.
s, c**-l d-samai” (ज and समय Time) adv. *******) ऊसन्तोष d-sdnfok¢ or d-santosh, s. m.
Out of season.

*.c,-ा अासन (r. अाम Sit) isan, s, m. 1. A • ca-9--l असंयोग d-sd?tjog or d-sartyog, s. m.
Want of opportunity.
stool, a seat, a small carpet on which the
Hinduis sit at prayer, a carpet to sit on. 2. - ५**** असशय d-sanshaya, adj. Undoubted.
9-l 47 u**
* -**- उमसंगत d-sangat, adj. Improper, ab S० cॐ-l d-sog-i, adj. At ease, unmolested.
surd, bad. HI० c7-' ason, adv. This year.
5• u- asanna (r. 5P Burn) v. n. To boil. 5. ५#2-l asacini, s. f. The first of the
twenty-four constellations in the moon's path ;
S. ५४- asani, s. f: A small carpet, &c. on which hence, considered its mansions. (It consists of
Hindus sit at prayer. Seec,-ा जासन, three stars in the head of Aries, and is so
A horse. ५-५y~l named from अ*व A horse, because repre
s. 9-l ***न astoa, s. m.
sented by the symbol of a horse's head).
अश्रवपति asrod-pati, Lord or master of horse,
A. U५~l is'ha? (inf IW. of u५०) 3* m* Loosen
see L--०
a horseman : see *-2 ashtra patii.
ing, opening, purging, flux.
P. 9ly-l aszoar, s. m. Cavalry, a horseman :
mounted, riding on any thing, as a ship, &c.). 5. दृel d-sahajj CST and Hस्य Sufferable, from r.
G० L*b- जT*वास (अT and r. *वस Breathe) Pह Bear) adj. Intolerable, insufferable.
A• c५-l ashal, adj. compar. (of c५-9 More or
d-soods, s, m. Completion, cessation, comfort.
most easy.
* ५9-l अशोभा “sobha, adi. Shapeleas, ill
made, ugly. * crel उमसहन (उन and r. त्रिह Bear, endure)
5० छ- asoj (अश्वयुज्ञ) s. m. The sixth solar a-saham, adj. Impatient, not bearing with
uuonth. See ७- asin. 5 . ७-l assi (अशाति) adj. Eighty.
&. “स्त्-7-l desigih (* and r. मूव Make known) G० ७- उमसि ast, 8. m. A sword, a scimitar
adi. Invisible, incorporeal. S० u** जTराय श-sai or a-saya, 8. m. Meaning,
5- ढ** asoch (ज and श च्यि To be sorrowed intention, theme, subject. See प** -

for, or regretted, r. Sorrow, grieve) adj. P. ५-ºf dstyd, s, f A mill.

Not contrivable, impossible to be effected by P. Acu.ºf dsईyana, 8. m. A whetstone
reflection or study, not to be regretted.
P. u-॰.॰ा ased, s. m. A misfortune (generally
5- d-sochi (from ज and शोव Sorrow)
u5**** meaning such misfortune as is the consequence
adj. Careless, indifferent, unconcerned. of the shadow of a demon having fallen on
TPw ७*9- dsirdngi, s. f: Quiet, peace, content. one, and the like), trouble, ealamity, damage
P. se;-T asada, adj. At rest, quiet, tranquil, 5 - e-- asjjnd, }s"; of c…"ajai, q. w•)
glutted, saturated, satisfied, at ease, con *५स्-- “jhna, : Ww a० To boil.
tented. Ju- ***-T dsadd-hal, Full, at ease,
A-L--l dsir, s, m. A prisoner, a captive. J**l
&c. Plur. ७७9- asadagan, Those at rest
c5%-f asir-i-ab o git, Attached to one's native
or ease, the quiet, land. -

5• -***l ऊशोक dsok, s. m. A shrub common 6० 7- उश रि asir, s, f A fragrant root ofgrass,

ly called asoca. (Jonesia asoca). See L-53-sl. usedin making tattis. (Andropogon muricatum
S * <=-2-l 4-sog (अशोक) s. m. I. Ease, tran Pers. L-* kltas).
quillity. 2. A tree, called also देवदारू s, otg--l asirbad, s, m. A benediction, a salu
tation. See o५9- distrbad.
deradaru (Uvaria longifolia, JPilld9.
s. ४०c52-l asad gandh (उन*वग*थT) s. m. Same P. -9--l asir-i, s, f. Imprisonment, captivity.
as *->*al q. v. s. L---f dsis or asis (ज ाशिस from *Tand r.
‘----*l 48 ****l
*ाास Rule) 8. f. Blessing, benediction, re A small fiame ; a quarrel. u५० ५-50ue-Al ish
5-. -

turn of compliment from a Hindu superiour. fid/ak dend, w. a. To foment (quarrels), to

* --lassd (उच्छीर्षक ) s. m. A pillow, a encourage to bad actions, to abet.
cushion. A• J&-* ish/ighai (inf YIII. of ug**) s. m. Oc
ç• 'न्t-l (अI and r. त्रित्व Sprinkle) d-sinchd, cupation, employment, study.
adj. Not watered, not irrigated (a field, &c.).
w *

s. U2॰l aseand Cठतt, and r. स्त्रिव Dry) w. a. Acte*listd}4%(inf WIII of ds) s, m, Ded
vation of one word from another,
To throw out the water from boiled rice.
JP० *** ashttdunt, s, m. Celerity, violence, tak
P. Csf dsh, s, f Meat, victuals, wiands, soup,
ing any thing by force, injustice. adj. Firm. ..
broth, gruel, pottage. ५५१ c5f dsh pakand,
w.a. To combine in any design, to conspire A. Uv~-sl ishtimd? (inf WIII. of cLA-*) s, m. Com
or contrive something against another, 2- c* prehension, containing.
ds//-tjortt, Barley-water, water-gruel. -
A• ५--*] iskrihd (inf WTII. ofccex-०) s, f. Appe
* e-2uslishardt, s. f: ) (inf. IW. of_29*) Sign, tite, desire, hunger. *

A. 9॰l ishdrd, s, m. wink, signal, hint. A• ०५--*! ishtihar (inf. WIII. of ‘-2,५-*) 8. m. Pub

9-* **l isnt-t-ishard, A demonstrative pronoun. lication, divulging, fame, rumour, report, re
ThOW In.
TP० *L*f ashant, part. act. (of c,***L&T) in
P. ८४-s dshti, s, f: 1. Peace, concord, recon
compos. Drinking, drinker.
ciliation; agreement, convention, confederacy.
A• ek* ashbdh, s. plur. (ofe4*) Bodies.
2. Amour, intrigue.
s. +-०l अशुभ (अ and शुभ Happy, well, A. ७५॰l fshttyak (inf WIII. of c37-*) 8. m. Wish,
right) d-shtrbh, adj. Unfavourable, unplea desire, strong inclination. +

. . sant : subst. Unhappiness, distress. -

. ue>॰l दटि (r. दल Dcsire) isht, part. De

A. ४५०-०l ishtibah (inf WIII. of A.-*) 8. m. Doubt,
sired, approved : s. m. A god, a deity, an
ambiguity, scruple. object, a beloved person, any thing wished for.
A. ( द ishtibah-i, adj. Suspicious, doubtful. s. La--॰l ** asht, adj. Bight.
A. ०७-०l fshtidad (inf WIII. of८-०-७०) s, m. Con S
. cccg.८ अष्टादश 4%adash, adi. Eighteenth.
firming, strengthening, increasing in violence. S --८-०८-०l * ट्राशीति ds¢{ds/titi, adj. Eighty
P० ** trshtur (Sans. 5%) s. m. A camel. eight.
A J-slishtird (inf WIII. of \9*) * m. Buy * =-**** उनष्ट गि (जट Eight, and उमंग Body)
ing, selling, commerce. ds¢{dng, s. Adoration performed with eight
members. - -

A- -9-*l is//tr6k (inf WIII. of L-5,4) s, m. s

-49e-sl अष्टाविंशति asffacinslatt, adj.
A. Ute-sl fshtt?/ (inf WIII of d>*) s, m, f S• •**** 9e-al जष्टाविंशतितम d४{dcinshatita7772
Inflaming, burning, lighting a fire or candle ; adj. Twenty-eighth.
fomenting or instigating a quarrol.
A P. ८-->****) fshtt'6/ak (duuin- of Ju<-al) s, f
s. -**** ---sl अष्टपंचाशत asd(4:PaneAa
shat, adj. Fifty-eight.
Al 40 -**)

s. ----*७* -*) उाष्टचिंषत dshtd-frtnshdt, adj. A• c%*} ishrdk (inf. IW. of U3,*) 8- m• Splon
Thirty-eight. dour, lustre, heauty.
5- ----*e9'2-३-----*) उाष्टश्वत्वारिंशत्तू dshta-cho A - -*** is//7(7k (inf. IY. of -**) s. m. Partici

tctirinshdt, adj. Forty-eight. -

pating, entering into partnership.
S० -2,* उााश्रित d-s/trtt, See -2~ी (7-९7ff.
s, Ugusoe-०l asffadhati (अट Eight, and थालु
Metal) s. A mixed metal of iron and others, s. *** उन अज्ञT ( उन and ठतf Taith, fondness)
a compound of eight metals. d-shraddhd, s, f: Aversion, disgust, loathing
s. -**** ----* उाष्ठमसूति ds¢{d-sdptdtt, adj. contempt.

Seventy-eight. - -
A• —** dshr५/; adj. compar. (of -9-*) More*
8. ***-* ----*l उनष्टछठि dsh{d-shos¢{hi, adj. Six or most noble. s. m. A gentiennan, a person
ty-eight. of noble birth, a nobionian. ८-४*** —**

5- *** जटिम dshtam, adj. The eighth. dshrgftt-katakhlakft, The most excellent of
created beings; mankind.
s. UZe-sl अष्टमी as4tand, s, f The eighth day P. Cg, sl dshrgft, s, f A gold coin so called
of the moon.
(The Calcutta dshrrf7 is worth ८1. 11s. 8d.
8. ---9****l उार्टनव ति ds¢ga-natcdti, adj. Nine
and the gold of it is better than English stand*
ty-eight. -

ard gold by five shillings in the ounce, or

A.95* “slifr, s, plur. (ofA5*) Trees. about T'स. By the regulations of May 1799,
A. e-रू* ds/ja*, adi. compar. (of ६५5*) More it should weigh 190.894 grains troy).
or most waliant or brave. S, 9* जT*यम ds//yant, s. m. See 2- #won.
s, gरू* उाायटय ( उमा and r. चर Go) dsh A. >५-*) ash'लैr, s, plur. (of J**) Werses, poetns.
rhati or dshcharyrr, s. m. Amazement, astonish
A* -**l dsh'?h, n. prop. Name ofa man noto
ment, surprise.
rious for greediness
A. Cels*l ashkhas, s. plur, (of c***) Persons.
A. 4*-*) dshi*d, s. plur (of ६**) I?ays of light.
A. o-cl dshadd, adj. compar. (of A५७-०) More or
A. Ut॰॰l ashghal, s, plur. (of c***) Labours?
most vehement, severe, stroug.
cares, occupations, employments- -

s. e-Acl d-shuddh, adj. See ४Accl d-sttddh.

A. ७५-sl ds//पk, s- plur. (of c-4॰) Kindnesses?
5. U-so-cl ashtrddhtyd (from so-cl d-sharddh) adj. favours, compassion, tenderness.
One who speaks or reads wrong. P० ८**** dshttftd-gi, s. f Distraction, pertur
A->-०l dsharr, adj. compar. (of _2-s) More or bation, uneasiness, misery• -

very vicious, malignant, atrocious : or vi p. Ac:-॰7 dsh५ftd, adj. Distracted, distressed,

cious, malignant, &c. disturbed, disordered, wretched, miserable,
A->>-*l dshrdr, s. plur. (of>>-*) Wicked, wretch uneasy. U७- dsh५/td-¢Ö', Distressed in
ed> criminal, seditious (people). condition. 9ee- Ac.8॰ dshttftd-Ad17{iy, Afilicted
in tnind. ७**** Ac.8-॰T dshtt/7d-dim/fé¢?, or
A- -5]Z-*l dshrg/3 s, plur. (of -i,-॰) Nobles,
g randees, gentlemen, men of high extraction. _9-० ****f ashttfid-surf, s, f Distraction of
c*) 50 4॰l

mindor of the senses. -9 Ac.8-॰T ashtt/7d-sul/ P. u-॰T dshnd, s, m. f. An acquaintance, lover,

or 9.० Acs.T dsh५/ia-ntir, With dishevelled hair, friend. L-9? u-sf ashnd-parast, Friendly, at
tentive to friends.
shaggy e-e “८*<f ash५fid-fab", Distracted,
troubled in mind.
s. ७L-sl HI* dshaan or snda, s, m. Bathing.
P --॰॰l “sAk, s, m. A tear, tears. ७\2-3l L-॰l
ashk-¢/Sh(7n, Shedding tears. >५ ca-‘* dshk P. usu-॰T dshnd-f, 8. f: Acquaintance, friendship.
Adr, part. act. Weeping, shedding tears. g% ५४७-sf dshnda karnd, w, a. To associate, to
- 22 - - - - -

५9५ LLCal dshk-bar-i, s, f Weeping. unite. u%) Let.c.T ds' ad-f lognd, w. n. To be

P. 9७-s dshkar, }"!

Apparent, clear, re come intimate, to be united in friendship.
P. ५७.sf dshkara, vealed, known, publick.
P. 42५७-॰T dshagyand, ndv. In a friendly way,
A. UK-sl ashka/, s, plur. (of c%.०) Forms, fi through friendship.
gures, shapes, appearances, semblances.
s. **) ज*पन ashtod, s. m. A horse.
A. UK-sl ishkd/ (inf IW. of UK.॰) s. m. Ambi
P. -9-sf dshob or dshtrb, s, m. 1. Tumult,
guity, difficulty, suspicion ; painfulness. clamour. 2. Terror. 3, Misfortune. 4. Storm,
S * -**l ऊशक़ (अI and r. *रात्री Be able) a
tempest. 5. An impostor. ***** dshob-gn/t,
shokt, adj. Powerless, unable. Place of tumult &c.
5 - c***l dshdgfrn ( उx and शकुन A bird) s, m.
Badomen, a portent.
8. ५***l अशोभा ( उन and शोभा Splendour)
dshobhd, s. f: Ugliness.
5 - प**** ds//4gi772-7, adj. Portentous, ill-omened.
s. --१2*) उनश्रवपति ( उनथ्व Horse, and पति
A. L-sl as////// (from c*) adj. Having a dis Lord) dshtod-pdti, s. m. A person of rank at
jointed, withered or paraly tick hand. tended by horsemen.
5. --%-sl “shlok ( प्रलोक ) s, m. Werse, dis S० ढ**) ऊशौच ( उन and r. शुच Become pure)
d-shuuch, s. In. Impurity ; mourning.
s. *****l ऊश्लेषा dsh/ekkti or dsh/eshd, s. m.
8. -**) उाशीवा ( अ and शोक Grief) d-s/tok,
The name of the ninth lunar mansion. (Stars |
near the southern claw of cancer). 1. adj. At ease, unmolested. 2. 8. m. Dase,
A• *** is/tntdnt (inf. IW. of ?*) s. m. Diflusing tranquillity. 9. Name of a plant (Jonesia
odour, shedding perfume : giving to a quies
cent consonant a slight sound of :omum or kusr, s. ******) उमथ्वमेंथdshtcd-modh, s. m. The
sacrifice of a horse.
but so as not to lengthen the syllable or make
a syllable more. 8. G9*) उनश्विनी dshtcini, s. f: Name of the
A c***) “shmal, adj. compar. (of U-०L*) More first lunar mansion. See ५j;-l dstctni.
or most comprehensive, perfect, complete, sur A• ०५-*) ishhad (inf IY. of --५*) s. m. Ta
passing, transcendent.
king to witness, bringing proof.
S. e* ठSUT (r. 3ष Burn, heat) usta, adj. Hot, A. ०५-०l dshhad, s, plur. (of AsL&) Witnesses2
warm : s. m. Heat, warnith
eye-witnesses, they who were present at any
5. ७*l जयराग ashan, s, m. Eating, food. transaction.
>* 51 ७*
A. -५-०l ashha”, adj. Of a black and white diture, waste, prodigality. ७,5 -'7el isrg/
colour, in which the white prevails : grey (a karna, v. a. To squander, &c.
horse), dun-coloured (a camel or mule). A• ६५eel isf”“g4 (inf WIII. of ६-० Heb, and
A० *५-* ash'hudu, y. Ist. pers. pres. tense, I bear . Ch. yax He stained) s. m. Imbuing, stain
witness.. aul bl All J ७) ०५-०l ash'/tddtz an lar ing : dipping, baptism
ildha illd-//dh, I bear witness that there is no A० c*** istand ( vulg, astobal) s. m. A stable
God but God.

A.A-al dshhar, adj- compar. (from L--2,५-०) More G- -ge-l wstarta”, s. f. An astrolahe.
or most celebrated or known.
A० द*** isttl7/ (inf. WIII. of è*) s. f: A phrase,
S• ue* उनTयाय (जT and r. शी Repose) d idiom, technical term, figure in rhetorick. (Pl.
shttyd, s. m. Meaning, intention, theme. '----*a-el)-
A. u-al ashyd, s, plur- (of U४०) Things, effects. A.9*.el “sghar, adj. compar- (ofA-८०) Less, very
IP० ek*T dshiyan,

P. ८०८-sf dshtydnd,
} m. A bird's nest.
little, least, little, mean.
A. -84T dsd/: s. m. 1. The caper tree (Cappa
8- -८* (उाशीति) dshiti, adj. Dighty. ris spinosa). 2. The name ofa man considered
**** उठशीर trshir, s. f: SeeZ-f ttsin". to have been Solomon's tod 27r. पढ़५-** dyt:/
rd'7, Prudent as Zfsd/: 42-५ -8.ef dsqftt-d*ddtdd,
s. ०५-०f ashir-Mad, s, m. See ogy-f dstrbdd. The Z1sttfof the state.
5• c*** dshish (ऊाशिष्यू) s. f: See c-** drsds.
A.9५०l ds/ar, s.plur. (ofA.० stfी) Ciphers.
A. Aauel dsffgAir, adj. plur. (of J*el) Little,
A.Uè-०l as/ar, adj. Yellow
mean, contemptible, poor. Root, origin, foundation, li
A. cLel “st, s, f:
A. c-Juel dsdfu/ or isff/at (from U-०l) 8. f: Firm neage : capital, principal sum, stock in trade
ness, integrity, genuineness, the being well A. \Lel dsld or dslan, adv. By no means, nevery
rooted, constancy, solidity ofjudgment.

not at all. Uèlla.०५.०l dslag mutlukan, Never ab

A• uL asalatag, adv. Firmly, entirely, abso solutely, by no means.
lutely, radically. A. euel is/a? (inf IV of ** Heb. and Ch. rा?४
A• -८ dsftdb, s. plur. (of u-->-७०) Lords, Prospered, was fit) s. f: Correction, amendment
masters, grandees, companions, friends, apos
tles. (In composition the word signifies) Pos A. L~2-ll c.०l as/a-s-sas, s, in. Liquorice
sesscd of; as *e -->* as Aat-ff/m, Learned A• ** aslah, adj. compar. (of é*) Best, most
correct, most advisable.
men, &c.
A• प*** dsl i, adj. Original, radical, essential,
A->'--> isdar (inf IW. of9०.०) s, m. Producing,
genuine, principal ; noble, of a noble family.
appearing, issuing.
A. ०.८l dsanun, adi. Deaf; a surd number (in
A->>-el isrtir (inf. IW. of 7-०) 8. m. Persisting,
arithmetick) opposed to cla-० muntt- **L*:-
perseverance (especially in something bad). .jagr-t-asamot, The square root ofa surd.
A- -*L- ऐrg/ (inf. IW. of —**) s. m. Dxpen A. -su.el dsnएँ/3 s, plur- (ofe-a~०) Sorts, kind5
H 2
c** 6O
- '-el

A• U- “si6 s. plur. (of LLel) Itoots, causes : A. Cluel i{/fik (inf IW. of C:le) 8. m. Setting at
a mttsical mode or tone. & 2* 2 d}* ?vgt7¢ 2ed liberty ; divorcing : disengagedness ; freedont.
.fara*, JRoots and branchcs, causes and effects. A• c** d:/tts, s. In. Satin.
A• c..el ds?', adj. Well born, noble, genuine : A. ७५***el f{mind” (inf IY. of sus) s. f: Trat:-
(in IIind.) s, f: A maid servant.
quillity, rest, repose, quiet, content, security.
. L-3uel i:एँ/a¢ (inf IW. of -s-e) 8. f: Addi
>ee-७५--*el i{minffnरंAAf{ir, Peace of mind.
tion, adjunct, reference, annexion : construc
tion of one noun with another. A.99bl d{ieffr, 8. m. plur. (of99b) Manners, be
haviour, devoirs. >9* L29> AAksh-d{iodr, Well
• Asvel i:?/a, s, m. Addition, junction, annex nhannered, well-bred.
ion, augmentation, attribute. .
A. >५el “thar, adi. plur. (of Aue) Pure, chaste.
* -9*** i:{irfft, (inf. WIII. of ‘-2,*) 8. m* A• "el d:/am, adj. compar. (of **) More or

Agitation, perturbation, restlessness, anguish, most unjust, ty rannical, &c.

trouble, chagrin. .
A. 9५el fghar (inf TV of 92.५८) s. m. Mani
* 99**} istirdr (inf WIIL. of Ze) s, m. Wio festation, revelation, demonstration, publica
lence, constraint ; agitation. tion.

-***el “:?6 adj plur. (ofu-ax-८ :i:/) Double. A. Ael d:'har, adi. compar. (of Asue) Wery clear,
* -**el a:?/, adj. compar. (of -4॰2) Yery more evident. L-*-el c><>५el “:/tdra mind-sh*
shamsi, Clearer than the sun.
weak or helpless, most impotent.
A. -->el fdhat (inf. IW. of c9*) ** f Help,
६-el d:/d", s, plur. (ofe-e १i/*) Ribs, sides;
aid, assistance, fa wour.
districts, divisions (of land) ; convexities, -

A.9Leel Primar inf WIII of Ze Heb, and Ch.
nay He passed over) 8. m. 1. Confidence,
-elg ita” (iuf IV of ge) s, f Subjee faith, belief credit, reliance, respect, esteem.
tion, submission, obsequiousness, obedience,
reverence, worshipping.
2. Taking as an example, reasoning by cont
parison. L:529५८-el t*ttbar rakhnd, To give
५bl d{ibbd, s. plur. (of ५--***) Physicians. credit to, to believe.
. —9lyel dtr¢6 s, f: plur. (of —3P) Sides, en A• u9५-el fºdddr-f, adj. Of credit, creditable.
wirons, confines, skirts, districts.
A • Ul*-el t*tiddr/ (inf. WIII. of UAe) 8. m. Even

uel g/a (inf 1y of ue Ch, see Was ex

ness, equilibrium, moderation, temperateness,
tinguished) 8. m. Extinction. temperature, rectitude.
. Juabl nt./dl, 8. plur. (of cce) Children. A.9l&-el **tisffr (inf. WIII. of Ac) s, m. Ex
- ६*bl ittild* (inf: WIII. of ६*) s, f Mani cuse, apology.
festing? notice, declaring, investigation, infor A• Le7-el f"tird: (inf WIII. of L3,e) s. f Op
mation, knowledge. it/a* {inf. IW. of ६४*) In position, refusing assent, objecting. discus
sion, criticism, animadversion.
Jal 65 c-l
A• -*7-el ?"ttrg/ (inf WIII. of ‘-27*) s. m. Con
A* 9el “'f3*a, adj. comp. Plur. (of 22*) The
fession, acknowledgment, avowal. most excellent, worthy or dear.
A. }-el Prisas (inf WIII of}e Heb, and Ch. A. \-ael o"3ff, s, plur. (of 2-ae) Members, limbs.
ity Was strong) s. m. Excellence, prevalence. A. *ael d*:dn?, adj. compar. (of ****) Greater,
A• U--e f*/f277 (inf. WITI. of c9*? s. m. Se greatest.
A. Yel d*ld, adj. for ५४* d"ltt, q. w.
cession, abdication.
A. /**el i*/tin1 (inf. IW. of **) s. m. Proclaim
A• ****el i*tistfnt (inf WIII. of L-Awae) s. m.

Abstaining from what is irreligious or unlaw ing, indicating, announcing ; a notification, a

A. cucel i*tiktrd (inf: WIII. of ocue) s. m. Con A• chal Plan (inf IW. of ge) s, m. Divulging,
fidence, faith, trust, belief: (Plur. clotcel). manifesting, publishing.
A• *el d"Yant, adj. (compar. ofrue) More or most
A. -5Keel t"tikgf (inf WIII. of c-<<e) 8. m. 1.
Continuing in the place of worship or mosque
(especially at Mecca). 2. Itestraining, curbing A• ५४*) d"la, adj. compar. (of ५४*) Higher,
the passions from religious motives, as in highest, most high, most exalted.
Lent. A. uxel a*md, adj. plur- of ५४** d*ntg, q. w.
A. cLAcel i"timdd (inf WIII. of ocAe) s. m. Re A• U*el #*naa7 (inf. IW. of U.Ac) s. Causing or
liance, trust, faith, confidence, dependence. teaching to act or operate- `
A• cel Fund {inf WIII of ५४e Heb. ny Was A. Juxel d"ntal, s, plur- (of cLAe) Actions; &c*
concerned or afilicted) s. f: Care, attention, ५४**) a*ntt, adj. Blind.
study, labour. A• ७८el a*ydn, s. plur- (of e-*? Eyes; grandees,
A• juरूel çjaठ (inf. IW. of j5*) s. m. Disappoint nobles. -

ment; miracle, wonder, astonishment, amaze

r. usा dghd, s. m. Lord, chief master
ment, surprise. u5-3 ० jUél i…jas-i-masiha-i,
P० juef dghffs, s. m. Beginning, commencement
A cure as miraculous as the cures of the Mes
siah. A • cl7*l ighrak (inf IV. of c3,3) 8. In* Causing

A- *****l tAjada, s. m. A wonder, a miracle. to drown, submersion. -

P. 4॰-affighdshta, part. Moistened, macerated,

A. loel d"dd, s. plur. (of 9 Ae) Enemies.
mixed, polluted.
A- ८-yel Prab (inf IW. of --2/e) s, m. The no
tation of the vowel points, the wowel points. A• Öè ighlak (inf. IW. of c3La) 8. m- 1. Any
A. cayel Praई (inf IY. of c/3/e) s, m. Aversion, thing difficult to be understood or abtruse. *
An obstacle.
avoiding, dislike.
A* pxel ighlam (inf IW. of **) s. m. 1. Infla
A. —ilyel d"ra6 s, m. Purgatory, a wall inter
wening between heaven and hell. ming with desire, provoking to venery• 2. So
-A- ट>el d*rdj, adj. Lame by nature, lame. domy.
A->ilzel i*sax (inf. IW. of -2;e) 5- m* Honour A. u-Lal aghlab, adj. compar. (of u--Jue) Supe*
ingy magnifying, respect, attention, honour. riour, stronger. adv. Most likely.
64 >Pl
A.9wel is4mds (inf. IW. ofUAe) s. m. Detrac JP

P. cJ॰॰2 ७cal ५/???? 0 AAcsda, Now falling now

tion : but, sometimes used for UéLAal q. v. rising.
A. Lau*al ig4ntd: (inf 1W. of caxe) s, m. Dissi P. 12usf g/7ated, s, m. An ewer. See Asesा .
mulation, connivance, superciliousness, ogling, A.9e-tal j/7ikhar (inf WTII. of A*) s, m. Glory,
coquetry. honour, elegance, gracefulness.
A, L-al “g4atyd, s, plur: (of ५४८) Independent, Jal t/tird (inf WIII. of u93) s, f Fiction,

A bal ightcd (inf. IW. of u*** Heb. my Erred,
A. ०JAl g/?dd, s, plur. (of9,3) Individuals, single
acted perversely) s. m. Seduction, tempta ones, singular numbers.
U,5 yel tghted karnd, To seduce, to A• ०Al t/7ad (inf IW. of 9,3) s. m. Withdraw
lead astray. ing from society.
P. L22a dg42sh, s, f Embrace, bosom. P, 975l dfrd:, part. act. in compos. (from ७****l)
A. 9८al “gAg/dr, s, plur. (of Ace) Strangers, fo Dxalting, raising.
reigners, unknown persons, rivals. P- -->u-JAl 4/7dst/db, Name of an ancient king,
A• — ५/; interj. Fye ! poh ! for shame ! alas ! who from Tartary invaded Persia and was
95 -sl t://karnd, To disapprove of; to lament. slain by fustant.
A. L-UT ए//ft, s. plur. (of c-3T) Calamities, mis A• 9,3l that (inf IW. of 9,3) 5. m. f Excess,
fortunes, evils, dangers. superhuity. ble-l el/3 ?/rdt-t-akh/dt or ७9**7*)
A• c35T ¢/ak, s, plur. (of cksl) Horizons, quarters ffrdt-t*Ahtrn, Plethora.
of the heaven or of the earth, regions.
A० '--**} tf7kat, s, f: १६
IW. of c323) Con
P-92,*) 4/ros, part. act. in compos. (from c**2>*?
Illuminating, enlightening.
A. 43usl ?/fffrt, s. m. walescence, recovery. P->४०५95f ५/7idgar, s, m. The creator.
A. L-5T ¢/at, s. f: Calamity, misfortune, wretch P. *-५AT एं/7da, part, pass. (of ७०४AT) Created,
cl eature.
edness. (Sans. अापत). *****) L-5 ए/at
7dsida, Unfortunate, wretched.
P० c**
fffirin, s. f Praise. interject. Bravo !
well done ! part. (in compos.) Creating, crea
P. ८-०usा 7/7db, s, m. The sun, sunshine. ८-०७.5f
'---->* 0//d0:Partist, A worshipper of the sun. tor ; as, c’AT ७५- Johan-0/7in, Creator of
the world 95 c*** ¢/77n karadº, To praise,
‘**** ८-०५.5T (7/tab-parust-2, s, f Worship of the to applaud.
sun. :-5 ८-०us qftdb gir, A parasol, an utn P० c**** d/77nish, s, f: Creation.

P. ५usf g/tabd, s, m. An ewer P. *****Af ५/7ininda, part. Creator.

P० JPl ५/३d, part. act. (of c***l) in compos. In
P० ७*** 6/tab-i, s. f. A parasol of a particular
form, a target studded with gold. attj Faded
P० c*** 4/sa'?sh, s. f. Increase.
by the sun : yellow
r. ०cर्श “//ad,
P. *ocर्भ zy/?dda,
{wnt pass. (of ७-८*l) ITallen.
r. ०2al ५/sad, s, m, Increase, addition, abun
dance. adj. More, greater
*** c129*) q/stan, adj. Increasing, more, greater>
IPa ¥seर्ग tgftddd-gi, s, f: A falling manifold, much.
Lal 55 - **l
P, ५j29l gfefinर्थ, s, f Increase, abundance. A. uLaal ¢/:d/, adj. compar. (of U-८७) More or
P. Acu-3l g/sfina, s. m. A fiction, tale, story, ro most excellent. -

A. L--J-८al ५/:d////tt, s-f Excellence, pre-emi
P, 9-*) d/sdr, s. m. f: A crown, a diadem. I1GI1063. -

P, c59-* q/surda-gi, s. f: Dejection, melancho A.9uail ffyar (inf IW. of Aa3) s, m. IBreaking a
ly, lowness or depression of spirits. fast. ७,52uasl j/tar karnf, To break one's fast
P. 89/-sl g/surda, adj. Frozen, withered, faded : in the evening after fasting all day, as the
dejected, dispirited, low-spirited, melancholy. Musalmaus do during the month of runtd:dn.
Jee- 3.9/-sl d/surda khattr, Depressed in mind, A- U**) 4/"?', s. plur. (of Ux3) Actions, &c.
dispirited. J०४.9:-3l g/surda-dtl, Fainthearted, A• ५.**) ५/"? (vulg. ५/?) s, m. A serpent.
low-spirited, dejected.
P, L~9-3l qfsos, s, m. Sorrow, concern, wexation. P. ७५al ५/ghan, 1॰ s, m. See ७५3./gAdn. 2
interj. Ah ! alas ! n. prop. A people, called also Pathdns, in
habiting the hilly country to the N. W. of
P. c92-3l
uc42 4/San, s. m. Incantation, a spell,2 verses IAThaur. In their history, they pretend to
used in spells or enchantment, fascination, sor derive their origin, as well as name, from
cery. ueju०७9-3l gfsan-sde-i, s, f Bnchant 24/2/17n, whom they account a grandson of
ment. ५,5 c9-* q/siat-kurnd, To enchant, to JMalik T6/fit (king Saul). As to religion, they
usespells or incantations. are Mahometans, notwithstanding the claim
they set up to a Jewish extraction. (Plur.
P Ac9-sl 4/san gar, s, m. An enchanter, one Arab. Acebl d/7ghind or Pers. ७५७el ¢/*
who uses spells, &c., a sorcerer.
A. ७.3l f/shd (inf IW. of ue** Heb. ngyp Was ghdnd77).

spread abroad) s- m. Divulging, publishing. A• c…" tt/k or tt/?rk, s. m. 1. The horizon. 2. A

tract or region of the earth. 3. (poc/.) The
P. ७८-sl 4/shan, part. (of ७००८-3l) Scattering, world.
strewing, shedding, dispersing, pouring out,
scatterer, &c. (used in composition chiefly :
A. 9K3l qfédr s, plur. (of A3) Thoughts, me
ditations, opinions, counsels.
as, cL-5l c5 grd-५/shdn, Strewing roses. 22
P.०८3) 0/gar, adj. Wounded
&a७ ७L--sl so7-५/shdat-krg/ds, Paper sprinkled
with gold). P. c** ५/gan, part. in compos. (of७०-3) Cast

P- प***l 4/shan-i, adj. Sprinkled, scattered. dis ing, throwing down, casting forth. -

persed. &ct5 uguc.3l d/shdinf KYghrts, Sprinkled A• c-bl tffs (inf IW. of L-3) s, m. Poverty,
(with gold, &e.) paper. (In compos.) s, f. penury, bankruptcy.
Scattering, sprinkling. A. c9elsl “//dtan, n. prop. Plato. *

P - **** ५/Shurda, part. pass. (of

c**** l) Pres A. c-13l d//dk, s. plur. (of c_<13) The heavens,
sed, squeezed out, filtered. heavenly bodies, celestial orbs or spheres.
A• ह* 4/8aft, adj. compar. (of ट-**) Wery elo A• ढ** ५/icdi, s. plur. (of ट्**) Armies, crowds.
quent, speaking very correctly. 9,** ढb* d/icaj-t-kdhird, A victorious army.
P- 0-asl d/३dl, 8. plur. (of Graces, wirtues, A• sl9*) qftodh, plur. (of 823) 1. s. m. Mouths.
favours. 2. s, f: Doubtful news. 3. Fame, report.
'-3) Ö0 '--1

A. ७****l ttfodh-f, adj. Reported, famed, noised A• ***** ikttsdm (inf WIII. of c-4-5) s, m.
Division, partition.
II० *** 4/jm (corrup. of c9**l) 5. f Opium. A.>-sl d/677 (inf. WIII. of>-3) s, m. Ab

(Sans. modern ऊफन, उनाफुक • /7tt7tter). hrewiation, abridgement, restriction : deter

II० usले- "…’ “fint-chi, adj.

H. c****l d/7ntd”, adj. f.

Eater of opium ;
(fig.) a sot.
ntining or fixing the bounds of any thing :
failing, wasting.

H. U४***) “/imi, adi. m. A• *** tkdrfnt (inf. I W. of ***) s. In. Intrepi

dity, endeavour, effort, diligence, spirit, re
A. c9-3l ५//frn, s, f Opium, the inspissated solution, firmness, attention.
juice of the Papaver somniferum. The word
may be derived from .3l To deprive of reason A. L००Gl “kdas, adj- compar. (from L००3) Wery
or prudence (Gol.) : or, rather from Gr. c7r6%, or most holy, most sacred.
Juice, especialty of the Laserpitium (A7tppoc.), A. >'7*l ikrffr (inf IW. of>J3) s. m. Confession,
whence o7rtoy (JDioscor.) ; or, from the Sans. confirmation, assurance, promise, agreement,
अहिफेन dhiphen, comp. of ऊहि Serpent, attestation. g,5_Jal ikrar karnº, To promise.
and फेन Froth, foam. 4.<b>J5l ikrdr-nama, s, m. Written agreement,
bond, contract, indenture, &c.
A. ५è2:3l d//an-i, adj. See ७sढ़े- *** qfin-chi. A• ‘-ॐ* ofrdb, adj. compar. (of u-५,5) More
P. 3T dkd, s. m. Master, owner. (Turk. UéT). or most near.

A. ८-9Gl dkarib, s, plur. (of -9*) Relatives. A• UEl dkrubd, 5० plur. (of '-५7*) Kindrod,
friends, allies.
A• *** akdr/int, s. plur. (of ***l) Climes, cli
A. bu-5l aksat, s, plur. (of a-3) Portions, in
mates, regions.
stalrnents. -

A• '----**) ikantnt (inf. IW. of ***) s. f: Resting,

A* *-*) dksdm, s, f: plur. (of (-*) Sorts, kinds,
staying, abode, residence, dwelling. various kinds, every sort.
A. Jusl tkha/ (inf IV. of c.3) s, m. Prospe A. \.aal dksd, }"! compar. (ofU४-3) Extreme,
rity, good fortune, auspices. 4Ju.3l ikbaluhu,
A• ds-*) dkstt, most distant : extremely.
His good fortune, &c. **** ikhdluhton, Their A. cal ckd//, adj. compar. (of cud3) Less, least.
good fortune, &c. 2512 cal dka//o dksdr, Least and most, every
P. oc~AJu.3l ikba/-mand, adj. Prosperous, fortu particular.
-A• **** ik/int, s. m. Clime, climate, region,
Inate. -

country. (Gr. xAl/42). -

A. c~ucsl ikttbds (inf WTII of c-3) s, m. Bor A. U';3l dkrcal, s, plur. (of UP) Words, sayings,
rowing (fire from another) : acquiring, pro- |
agreements, promises.
curing, gaining, asking, begging, quotation.
A. *% “fe@m, s, plur. (of ***) Tribes, people,
A• local iktida (inf WIII of ---2,oG) s, m. Fol nations, casts.
lowing, imitation. g. LT dk (Sans. अक) s. m. Curled flow

A.9locil ixtiddr of Jos) s, m. Power,

(inf. WIII. ered gigantick swallow-wort. (Asclepias gigan
authority ; excellence, dignity. tea).
15ी 57 t---51

6. c5Tak (Sans. इक्षु) s, m. A sprout of su used substantively, One whose subsistence is

fortuitous. -

5. L-51 ik, adj- One. See cassl ek. s, c9: L-5T dkaspatcan (Sans. उमाकाश
s. 5l ikka (Sans. <त्री 2 1. adj. Single, incom
or अमरवली, in Hindi उमाकाशबेल or
parable, unique, super-excellent. 2. s, m. अमरबेल) s. m. A wegetable growing on
An ear-ring of a single pearl. 3. An ornament other trees, air-plant or dodder. (Cuscuta re
flexa). JHahter.
worn on the wrist, often hollow, containing
perfume. 4. A champion who serves alone, 5. ५० c०७f dkas-diya (Sans. जाकाशदीप akd

without being attached to any corps. ***diPa) A lamp which the Hindus hang aloft
on a bamboo in the month kartik.
A. Abl akdbir, adi. plur. (of J.61) The great,
5. *** c~5Takds-nim, s. m. A plant growing on "
people of rank. UéLel99५७) akabir ca agaghir, the nint trees. (A kind of Epidendron).
High and low, rich and poor. 8० u***1 ikasi (स्शुवााशीति) adj. Eighty-one.
5० टbl d-kdj ( अकाय्र्य ) s. m• Uselessness :
8. J5) अलीात्री a-kal, s, m. Unseasonableness,
loss, detriment, hurt, injury, prejudice.
र-५ famine, scarcity, extremity, pinch. adj. Un -
s, ७-४ी 4-##i ( अवाठियी? adj. Useless seasonable, premature, untimely. अपनी
(animal, thing, or person) ; a retarder. akala-oristti, Untimely rain.
s.96T उनावीार (अT and r. कृ Make) a-kar, and A. U5l akkal, adj. superl. (of UST) A glutton,
corruptly akar, s, m. Hint, sign, appearance, a gormandizer.
form, aspect. 5० u७f tdkalna (caus. of u50 v. a. To boil water.
5० -g951 akarath (perhaps, अकाय्र्यता) adj 8. ५*y७l ikanacrce (सशवानवाति) adj. Ninety
Unprofitable, fruitless, yielding no return. one.
s, c०७T Sनाचनी*िI akas or akas, s, m. The fifth H. c95l ikazeam (Sans. स्शुकपंचाशत ) adj.
element, aether : the sky, the atmosphere, the
heavens, the firmament, space. (This element
A. A-5l akbar, adj. compar. (of A..5) Greater, ve
is held by the Hinduis to be more subtle than ry great, greatest.
air, to fill and pervade the universe, and to s. P. 45:5) ik pech-d, s, m. Name of an ornament
be the peculiar vehicle of life and sound). for thehead.
५j५ c-७ी akas-Aani (जावाश The sky, and 5० e-sfउवि (r. वच Speak) trkti, s. f: Speech.
वाणी Sound) s. f. A woice from heaven :
revelation, an oracle. S० ८-* akut (perhaps from uaf ukatna, q. v.)
s. f Contrivances, invention. c. L-5) akat
5. e-2, L-७Takas-brit (जTत्रीाश The sky, and lend, To discover, to find out.
वृति Livelihood) s. f. Subsistence not de
H० 9eर्श aktdrad, w. a. To promote, to forward.
rived from any certain funds or depending
on any particular person ; living from hand to H० -2.' ७5 aktdrif, ppart. Instigator,
e, promoter.
म. c-desliktaff (Sans.एकचत्वारिंशत्) adi.
* ७## U*७f akas-britti (from e-2,’ c~6T) adj. Forty-one.
Al 68 L-5)
S. ५esf aktand (उत and r. दाठ Grieve) v. n. 1. A• *JAl dkram, s. plur. (of **) Favours, kind
To fret, to be melancholy or dtjected. 2. To nesses, obligations, honour, respect.
be out of humour with, to be tired of to tire. A• (*%) ikrdna (inf. IW. of **) s. In. Honouring,
A. -->L-c5), iktisab (inf WIII. of u-~5) s. m. complimenting, treating with attention and
- Acquisition, gain. ceremony.
. Uc6) ikttfa (inf WIII. of c-५ts5) s, f. Suffi A• *%) ikrah (inf IW. of 95) s, f Horror, aver
ciency, contentment. sion, abhorrence, detestation.
5. -4-5l d-kath (जवाथ्य from आ and r. वीय A• **) dkram, adj. compar. (of ***? Wery kind,

Speak) adj. Not to be told or related, beyond merciful, generous, bountiful. -

8. 9*) अकर्म ( उन and कम्र्म
Action) d-karm,
5. c---5l ikfis (एकत्रिशत) adj. Thirty one.
s. m. Bad action, sin, vice, wickedness.
5. utर्श aktand, ( (Perhaps, उत and r. वाउ s. --॰9*) ऊकर्मक (from उन and कम्र्म Action,
S. c5 2dkatnd, Break, separate) w. a. To . or subject of action) d-karmak, adj. Intran
dig up slowly a thing buried in the ground, to sitive (a verb).
extract a secret gradually and artfully, to S० us9*) उनकर्मी d-karm-i, adj. Wretch, sinner.
pump. -
S० प**) d-kdrni ( उमवारणीय i. e. S& and
8 . L35l ik-tak (see LG taknd) s. A fixed look वारणीय Fit to be done) adj. Inconsistent,
ing at any thing without closing the eyes. indecent, unsuitable, not to be done.
S \g51 tkatha or ikattha (ष्यवादी One, and स्थान H._%) dkdr (see g%l) s. f: Crookedness ; strut.
Place) adj. Collected together, in one place. H. 1% dkrd, part, pass. (of g%ी q. v) Stifी, &c.

s. ७७:5) ikthan, adi. See ७5l ikattha. u. P.9५% akar-Aas (comp. of %) and9५) An af
A.A5) aksar, adj- compar. (ofx-॰5) Most, many, fected person, a fop, a swaggerer.
much : adv. Generally, for the most part, H० u59*) dkat-bai, s. f: The cramp.
usually, often. L-U2) >**) dk8dr dukat, At H. Uमृ5l akarnd, w. n. . To writhe, to ache, to be
most times, generally, frequently. cramped, to become stiff or rigid: to strut
A• 42A5) dksdrig/d, adv. Generally, often, for affectedly.
the most part. H० 2%fakra, s. m. The posture of sitting on
S० -लैं". ikchit (ष्यवा One, and वित Mind) the hams with the soles of the feet on the
adj. "Of one mind. ground.
EI० P० ***) ik-dum, One moment. H० --थ्र*) akrait, adj. An affected person, a
s. Al akar उनeीर (ST and वार Tax, hand) adj. swaggerer, a fop. S989५%) akar-263.
S० **-5) iksath (श कष्त्रष्टिं) adj. Sixty-one.
Duty free, exempt from duty, hand-less.
s. AT उनावार (उलI and r. व्ठ्ठी Make) a-kar, s, f. s. P. 7-5) ik-sar or ak-sar (LL…' andZ-) adj. Single.
Mine, quarry ; multitude. s, coux.5) अeत्री**Iतt, akasmat, adv. Imme
- H० AT dkdr, s. f: The den of a lion or tiger. diately, accidentally, without a cause.
H. J61 akrd, adj. Dear, costly.. s. f: A kind of S. ७-5f akasad * उत, and r. दास्त Move) v.n. To
vetch : see u5,०l ankri. be excited, to be moved, to try to move
%) 69 45)

A. J.-5l iksir or aksir, s, f: A powder or mix H. ५9%) akor-i, adj. One who receives a bribe.
ture pretended to be capable of converting s. J,5l ako८ (Sans. उप्रंवील or* उर्मवीट O1*

other metals to gold or silver ; the philoso

pher's stone, an elixir ; alchemy, chemistry. ऊंकोठ) s. m. A plant the oil of which is
used in enchantments. (Alangium hexape
A, U5l akd, s, m. Eating ; food. --9* 2 c51 talum).
aklo shurb, Eating and drinking, meat and - ****) akacand (Sans. अर्क) s. m. Swallow

g, KT akla (उलालुत्री Agitated) adj. m. 1. Fleet, wort (Asclepias gigantea). See L-5Tak.
swift. 2. Peevish. -
. UKT akha, s, m. 1. A riddle, a sieve. 2. A
bag filled with grain : (two such bags being
5.15l iktd (from LL.8l ek) adj. m. Alone.
carried by a bullock or camel).
s, Ul5l akuldnd (from अाकुल Agitated, dis
- \jt6) akhdra, 8. m. A palaestra or place for
tressed) v. n. To be agitated, to be distracted,
wrestling, a scene, any place of assembly, a
to be confused, to be out of order, to tire, to
weary, to be astonished. court or circus. Jjt61 ७,०cl indra kaakhara,
Indra's court.
5. ufakaha (Sपतt and r. वाली Cast) v. n. To
boil. • Uj f akharna (trans. of 96
q. v.) v. a. To
root up, to eradicate, to break or pluck up.
s. ५***) ऊकुलिनी (from उन and ठुल Family)
akutini, adj. f. Not of good family, ignoble, • --6) उनक्षत (SoT and Kतl Broken) 6-khat or
base (woman). a-kshat, s. m. Fried grain, whole grain used
in religious ceremonies. See '---65-l achchhat.
55 . gyl5l ik-lauta,
• uj951 ik-launta,( (from eयुवा One) adj. Only. . A-6) ik-hattar (श वासप्तति ) adj. Seventy
७5 akd (अाकुल Agitated) s, t: Motion,
agitation (especially, of a carriage). S० ca6 akhatna (उत, and r. स्लज Break)
A• c** uxcl5) iktila-t:jabad (lit. the crown of the v. n. To trip.
mountain) s, m. An herb smelling like fran H. A5T akhar, s. See H.AT akar.
kincense, rosemary. . प्रçl akkhar, adj. Undisciplined (soldier),
A, LL<ulcul51 ikfila-!-matik (lit. the king's crown)
S• In० Meiilot. - ५96) akhrand (caus. of 956) q- w.) w. a. To
A. Ju*6l ikmal (inf. IWrof Ju*5) s. m. Perfect pluck up. '
ing, accomplishing. - 96 akhapnd (०तt and r. रलऽ Break) v. n.
A. U-45l nkmal, adj. compar. (of U-०७) More or To be rooted up, plucked up or raised up.
most perfect, complete, entire, full. g**** 96) akharna parkharnd, To be plucked or
A. 4-45l dkmah, adj. Blind from birth, blind. rooted up.
A. -3७5) akngf; s. plur. (of e-a-5) Borders, con
fine8, environs, sides. 8 . U¢f akhi ( उदूखल or उलूखल) s, f. A
P. ७95) uknfin, adv. Now. w - -

H- 9%) ukor, s, f. A bribe. - ट** 5P*मय5 ( 39*म The hot season, and
I 2
ce-fl 00 t¢1 *-

*5ी Born) nkhmajor ushmaj, s. Insects pro on fire, to inflame ; to enrage, to cause dis
duced by heat; moschettos, gnats, flies, &c. turbance. 299* प* ५j५ ७*** e-fT ag lagtike
s. *** उनख्वंउ (अ and खंउ A part) d-khand, pdnd Ae daurna, To pretend to appease a quar
adj. All, entire, unbroken. rel which one has purposely excited, to play
5. usé उनक्षय ( उन and क्षय Decay) a-khai or tricks, to deceive. L50 cafT dg lagnd, w, n.
d-Asdag/d, adj. Everlasting, not liable to de To be enraged, to be very hungry. c* cafT
cay. # uऽ* dkhai bdr, Name of a tree. -
c3५०५ u***** **** (6 प*** dg lage par billi
5. ---***T अाखेट (उमा and r. खेट Alarm or ka miit dhandhna ya mangnd, To put ofi, to
eat) d-kket, s. m. The chase, hunting. delay or excuse one's self on vain pretences.
IT० c-* ikk?s, adj. Twenty-one.
UT % ‘** ca-T dg lene ko dnd, To come to get
fire (is spoken of a friend who goes to visit
5. ५.61 akcla (e_पनी One) adj. Alone. another and leaves him quickly). cr*** ce-fT
8 ७Lºf aketna (35त and r. विाल Cast) w. a.
- To ull5 ५#५ fig men pani dalnd, same as cafा
turn up. ५५--; ffg btjhdnd. ug, ५ ul- प# u***e** cafT
S • caff dg ( अग्नि ) s, f Fire. b७5l ce fT dg meti kisi ki.jahta ya lotna, or ce fT u* >--*
dg tdhtind, w. a. To raise disturbance, to bl- ७-० ghair ki dg med Jatnd, To bring
enrage, to provoke. u७=: ce fT dg btjhana, reproach upon, to accuse, to suffer for another.
w, a. To extinguish fire ; to appease a tumult, ugy c*< ce-ff dg med fotna, To be afilicted
to pacify a quarrel, to still resentment. cafT with grief or melancholy. ५2* e-fT dg hond,
u-9 ag barasnd, w- n. To rain fire (applied To be enraged.
to the extreme heat of the sun, or to a hot fire S . ७T agd (*थ ) s, m. The front, the forepart :

of cannon or musketry in battle). UP e-fT the space in front of a house, the forepart of
dg barnd, w. n. 1. To be enraged. 2. To be
a turband. g,5 ५३१ ST dgd pichha karnd, w.
n. To hesitate, to wawer.
very hungry. L&# e-fT dg bhaknd or ce fT
. ४.७७1 अगTथ a gddh, adj. Unfathomable,
u6tg ag phanknd, w, a. To speak idle words, deep.
to boast. 9: ca-T dg pdrnd, w• n. To be en
. ४,७1 garah (ष्यवादिशन) adj. Eleven.
raged ; a8, ue* ५छे: ***T>१ u>l ce” c9*५ ५9***
nter? bator? se us par dg parti hai, He is en
- c951 agari (from *** The forepart, &c.)
adv. Before, in front, forward, further on.
raged at my words : also, the same as ca fT s. f: The ropes with which a horse's fore feet
u०, 6g bardsnd. ७४० cafT dg dend, w. a. To are tied. , ५५० u951 dgdri mdrnd, To attack in
burn a Hindu corpse. ५४1- e-ff dg sulgana, front, to defeat a hostile army in pitched battle.
v. a. To inflame; to excite sedition, to foment ५४* ugtस्ट्र: c951 “gari pichhari lagaaa, To
a quarrel clandestinely. g,5 ca-T dg karnd, confine (especially, a horse).
v.a. 1. To make any thing exceedingly warm. ७1 agasi (from ** see ७T) s, m. f: 1. A
2. To excite envy or anger : (used among turband. 2. A terrace in front of an upper
women). ७७१ caff ag lagand, w• a. To set
>51 6I

g. J¢ ngd (उत and r. गल Eat) s, m. That ** ढ ***) (अय Fore, and शोव Care) agrd
which is spit out after chewing any thing (es soch, s. m. Foresight, providence, precau
pecially, betel leat). >u>l U-० J४) ४ ८र*
fip ka agal mera adhar, Your worship's leav 5० ७३92*) agrd-soch i, adj. Provident, endued
ings are my nourishment; i. e. You, Sir? are with foresight.
my support and benefactor. H० Jly,51 agar-toala, s. m. A race ofmerchants of
8, P• ७४४ agat-dan, S. m." A spitting-box. the Waisya tribe from Agroha, a place to the
westward of DihlT.
S, gg ugdnd (caus. of u51) v, a. To cause to
S० c**) agar-i, adj. Of the colour of A) “go"
grow, &c. (i. e. Wood of aloes).
S, j४ी aga'ff (see ७T) adv. Before, in front. H० प्र-395) agar bagar, s, m. Trifling employ
ment or talk, trifles, trash.
p, ४७T agah, adj. Informed of; acquainted
with, intelligent, wigilant, conscious, aware S० --*) उमगस्ति agastt or उनगस्त्य dgds{yd9
s. m. 1. Name of a tree (AIDschynomene
. uski agahnd (०तt and r. यह Take) v. a. grandiflora). 2. Name of a sage or apostle,
To gather, to collect, to accumulate.
the regent of the star Canopus
P, c***T agah-? (from ४७T) s, f. Information, s. Y51 agld (अग्य) adj. 1. Prior, preceding,
intelligence, vigilance. first, foremost, former, chief principal. 2.
8, ७४ ttgahi (from ७०७f q. v.) s. f. I. Usury. Ancestor, ancient. 3. Other? ne***
2. The trade of lending money on interest of s, ugf agalna (उत and r. *ाली Eat) v. a. To
one fourth, the payment of which is received spit out, to vomit ; (metaph") to refund pro
by instalments. perty surreptitiously obtained.
5 - e-5f agat, part. (from u61 q. v.) Growing, S० 5T उनागम (उनT and r. गम Go, move) a
springing up ; production gam, s, m. 1. Futurity• 2. A Sastra or work
S e-51 उप्रगति ( Cन and गति Procession, on sacred science and of divine origin* .5
७.s०७५ 7gam bandhna, To determine the future.
path) a gati, 1. adj. Without character, dis
honoured, disgraced. 2. One whose funeral ५०५ *T ¢gam-bidyd, s. f. The art or science of
ceremonies are not performed. 3. 8. f: Dis foretelling or diviuing. ७४४ **f dgan*******
grace? distress, inconvenience, damnation, for अागमवक़ा (ववा Teller, being from r.
वच Tell) A foreteller, predictor ; Sird, one
r. A) ngar, conj- If who tells the doctrines of figam. .५ç५- *T
S• %) (अगुस्ता ) s, m.
(100J" Wood of aloes. agam jini or du5 (5ा उनागमशाना 4gam
s. U·%) dggrds (अय First, and यास्न A gnydni, knowing the future ; a prognosti*
mouthful) s. m. The first morsel.
5, c**) उप्रयाश ogrds, (जय First, and
S० (*) d-gam (ज and गम्य To be gone) adi.
*w ७**) अयाशन dgrasan, }
r. उनxT IBat) s.. Impassable, inaccessible, unfathomable, un
fordable, bottomless
m. Wictuals offered in oblations, sacrifices,
&e. to the gods. S० ...४ा आगमन (अT and r. PTम Go) dga
IPa ****) dgarchi, conj. Although. #ian, s. m. Coming, arriving, arrival.
251 62 451
S . L-5f dg-mana (उनथ Front, and r. गम Go) 5•
c5%) “grod-f (from 1,51 agrea) s, f: Guidance..
s- m* The advanced guard. adj. Adventu
rous, venturesome, forward (as fruit).
>**। उमगीवर d-gochar, adj. Unperceived,
****51 जगम्य agamtya (see (5) agam) adj.
Impassable, deep, bottomless, inaccessible, im
H० 925) dgornd, w. a. To watch. See ७,51.
perwious. H० ५.951 dgortyd (from 9251) s. m. Watchman.
- ७*1 उनगिन dgni (vulgarly agin) s. m. Fire;
the god of fire and the regent of the south 9%1 अगूढ़ (उन and गूढ़ Hidden : difficult)
east quarter : the naIne of one of the Pardns. dgarh, adj. Dasy.

७51 (* and २Jण Skill, merit) a gug, adj. - c9% l agori or u9*l agori (from अन्य Fore)
Unskilful, without merit, ineffectual. adj. In advance, beforehand.
c*" dgin, S• m. Name of a bird, a sort of - u%) dgohad, w. a. To watch. See 9251.
lark. See u.51 “gरंyd. S - ‘***1 dgduni or agoni, s. f: The going or send
ing forward, to meet and receive a visitant
- c51 “gna CSrt and r. S5ाचT Produce) v. n. with honour.
To grow, to be produced, to rise (as the moon). . 45T dgah, adj. See s6T dgah.
५५-ck-७०७-51 “gte hi.jal.jana, To be wither
ed immediately on springing up (is applied to - gt51 ugharnd (trans. of U551 q. v.) v. a. To
a hope or expectation which is blasted in the uncover, discover, unveil, open, pull off:
७५०51 agni Aan (अग्निवाण )
S . ..\-c.51 dgni-bd72 - S० In० A
S 961 ughdra (from ggl) s. m. One who
uncovers or unveils.
of fire.

S * 2५ ७*1 agin-bdo (उाग्निवात) s, t. The ७५51 aghana, v- a. To surfeit, to satiate.

adj. Satiated, rich, afiluent.
farcy in horses, an eruptive disease inmen.
. ->७.51 अग णित (Sअf and PI णित Numbered) - cs"…" aghai (from Ut61) s, f Satiety, sur
d-gattit, adj. Innumerable. feiting.
- -5*) dgni, s, f: See ७*" dgni, Fire, &c. S - 951 agharnd (उत्तू and r. यू Cover) v. n. To
. #T aga (ठनP*T9 adj. Forward. adv. Be be uncovered, discovered, opened, pulled off.
fore, heretofore. -
S - c*" dghan (अायहायण ) s. m. The name
- ',51 dgrea (अन्यग or अयगामी) adj. Fore of the Hindu eighth month (during which the
most. s, m. A guide, a forerunner, harbinger ; sun is in Scorpio and the moon is full near
Orion's head). -

one who adjusts a marriage.

- 1,5T dgood (see%T dg?7) s. In. A pommel. S - स्-५22*) aghor-panth ( ऊरयोरपथ ) s. m. A

particular religious order among Hindus- See

- J,5'l agted-?d, s. m. The front, the forepart;
the Space in the front of a house. ८***22***
- पj%1 agoodn? (जयगामी) s. m. A guide, S* ७.८****'U*l dghor-panth-i ( उमरवीरपथी)
harbinger. See
-*%) :):
1,51 dgtod.
ca_fT Fire, q. v.) s, f.
-92*) aghori (उमच्योररी )
substantively) An order of religious mendi
} adj.

S ¢l,51 “gred *, J Conflagration. cants professing ‘***>**l aghor panth. They

U) 63 Yl

eat every thing, however filthy, even human root of which a red colour is extracted for
carcasses : hence, a gross or filthy feeder. 8taining leather, dying silk, &c. (Morinda ci
r. (०5T agahi, s, f Same as ७०४T dgdhi, q. w.
. UT al, s, f: Children, family, progeny, ofी
5, ७51 dge (ऊये dgre) adv. Before, in front, spring, race, dynasty.
beyond, more, ago, already, formerly, for • Jl उमलि ali, s, m. A large black bee. See
wards, farther, onwards ; then, hence, rather,
l dli.
500ner uJA० पहT dge dhar lead, To get be
. YT ala, s. m. (जालय Place, habitation) A
fore, to outstrip, to surpass, to pass (as a horse
To come
small recess in a pillar or wall for holding a
in a race). UT, 4%T dge and, w. n. lamp, &c. adj- 1. Wet. 2. Itunning (as a
forward ; to hasten, to accelerate. sore).
s. L51 “ggya or aggya. (उमाशT dirg/d) s, f Yl illd, s. m. A wart.
Command, order, permission. . शina, adv.
If not, if besides, except, other
6. L51 ngiya, s, m. Name of a bird. (Alauda wise, but, unless.
aggia, Bach.).
* -र"T उनालाण (अT and r. लप Speak) a-tap,
५x-८-L51 अज्ञातयौवना (from अज्ञात (corruptly, aldp) s. f: Prelude to singing
Unknown, and यौवन Youth) dgyat:jauband s. m. Speaking to, address, conversation.
or n:jrtyata:yaarcana, s. f. A girl arrived at
. u9७-८र»T aldp-charf, s, f The act oftuning
Inaturity and surprised at the symptoms which the voice previous to singing
then appear, not knowing to what to attribute . ७५ff alapna or alapad (अालाणन see ८र-9
her sensations.
fildp) v.a. To tune the voice, to run over
* c9८*) agyarर्ट (from उमग्नि Fire) s. f.
- Kin the different notes previous to singing, to catch
dling the fire by Hindus at the time of wor the proper key, to sing, to time.
shipping. See *** homt.
A. coJT dlat, 8. plur. (of L-JTalat) Instruments,
५96u.5) उमाज्ञावारी (from उमाज्ञा Order, tools, utensils.
H० us** ilachi, s. f: Cardamums.
and r. कई Do) aggya-kari or dirtyd-kari, adj.
Acting according to order, obedient. H० 9र्श addr72d (trans. of gyl) v. a. To cause to
- ७८*) ऊज्ञान (उन and ज्ञान Knowledge) a sleep.
gyda or d:jrtydn, adj. Witless, ignorant ; a
simpleton. Ha è alagh, s. m. An owl.
- UU-51 agyana (from उाग्नि Fire) w. a. To r. @f alak, s, f Akind of small boat,
burn vessels of metal for the purpose of clean A. , ॰5)l alaki, s. f: (plur. of &.…]l) 1. Questions,
ing them. - -

problems. 2. Misfortune8.
S. H० ७४५5) dºgyart-pan, 8. m. Ignorance, fool S० uf ulalna (caus. of uf tdalnd, q. w.) w, a.
ishness, stupidity.
To overset, to lay over to one side.
s. Uè¥) ogyani, adj See ७८5) agyan. A० Aff alam, s.plur. (of * alam) Pains, griefs.
७* dgin (used in compos.) adj. Full.
A० ७५**) at-amdn, s, m. Mercy, quarter ; calling
H. JI dl, 8. f. The name of a tree, from the for quarter in battle.
e-ll 64 - un-ll

Tu • ७८*ll dluman (Lat. Alemanni) A German. obligation, courtesy, respect : an apostrophe

A. ७७ ५6 ७)l al-dn kama kaad, adv. As before, (in rhetorick).
as formerly, just as heretofore. A. c~Lell iltimds (inf WTII of L-N) s• m. f
1r. UJl addnd, w. n. To bawl, to scream, to Beseeching, petitioning, supplication, prayer,
squeak. request.
JI० 9 aldo, s. m. A bonfire. T. U**cll altamghd, 8. m. 1. The royal seal ; a
royal grant in perpetuity descending to pos
IT० ५०र्ण tddhnd, s. m. Iteproach, complaint. terity, royal insignia, royal diploma. 2. A
5ee uef 2triknd. tax levied on travellers. 3. tamghd (among
HI० \5** iltfyachd, s- A kind of silk cloth. the Turks signifies) A stamp on gold or silver
plate to certify its being of standard purity.
H० us*2 ild'echi, s. f: Cardamums. See ue**** (JMeninski):
r. c….४f alajsh (from ७9) s. f: Pollution, ir. c5॰ll altani, s, f The rope round the neck of
contamination, filth an elephant, in which the driver puts his feet
P. jy:ll albar3? 5. m* Name of a celebrated
as in stirrups. *-

mountain between Persia and India H० \ef tdtha, s. m. Translation (of a writing,
&c.). *…

A. Ac.ll albatta, adv. Certainly, indeed.

1r. W८.५l albeld, adj. Artless, simple, innocent. A. ८-५aul iltiha” (inf WTII. of t---५) 5- m
S० IIl • A fop, a beau. Burning, heat, flaming
1t. ७.u.ll albelpand, s, m. Foppishness, airs and H० ***f alathnd, w. n. To undulate, to be agi
blandishments. tated (as the ocean by storms)-
s. LJ। जन्मण alp, adj. Little, small, few, short. A० ***] ilttyam (inf. WIII. of fi) s. m. Healing
A. ce_f alat, s. f. A tool, an instrument, appa or closing of a wound.
ratus; membrum virile, weretrum animalium
H० taf ultd, adj. Reverse, opposite, contrary,
s. ७ll altd or alta K अलक़ OI* जालन्क्य ) S० II1०
reverted, turned back. s, m. Pease pudding?
Cotton strongly impregnated with the dye of a kind of pudding made of the meal of any
lac, ready to be used for dying, &c. (Prin pulse.
cipally used by the Hindu women for staining
their feet red). H० ug taf alta pulld, adj. Topsy turvy, higgledy
A.५al inja (inf WIII of U¢) 8. f Flecing to H० uuf ultand (caus. of uर्श) v.a. To overturn?
anyone for relief or protection : request, pe overset, pervert, thwart, reverse
tition, refuge, protection.
A० pJP9] iltisfin? (inf: WII. of 2P) s. m. Being HT० ५८४ ७७f altdnd pultand, v. a. 1. To reverse,
to modify. 2. To interchange
necessary or expedient, being assiduous, taking
on one's 5elf. म, ८-५ -" ulatpulat, adi. Higgledy piggledy,
A. couall tltifat (inf. WIII. of L-Jul Heb, nb? He topsy turvy. s, f. Confusion, interchange
rr. uat tdatnd, w.a. To pervert, subv**** thwarty
bent, inclined) s, f. Friendship, kindness,
* 66 e-dl

reverse, owerturn, reply. v. n. To be reversed, H० gyl aturnd, w. n. To lie down, to rest.

turned over or turned back, to return. म. प्र-bjul alargalar, s, f: Trifling talk or employ -
A* ६**l adय* (Jl art. and ट्_9:- Hunger) interj. ment.

used in complaining of hunger. A० *JPl ilsdm (inf IW, of ***) s. m. Conviction,


म, ५७* tdihdnd (trans. of c**") w.a. To en

confutation, reproof censure, proof
tangle, to ravel or entwist (as thread). 5. L* जलम (उन and r. लत Employ) a-/as,

H. ?५* tdihdo, s. m. Entanglement, perplex s. m. Laziness, sloth, drowsiness. .

ity, intricacy, complication, involution. A० **-" ds-salam, See **- salant.
JP p

H. 8. ५५-स्**** tddjh paddjh.jand, w. n. Same as s. Uul alsand (from L-ll q. v.) v. n. To doze.
to be drowsy, to slacken.
cस्* tttttjhrta, q. w.
A. Aa-ll alsind, s, plur. (of ७\-l) Tongues
H० c** utihan, s. f. Involution, entanglement,
s. 4८-ff उनालस्य alasya, s, m. See L-ll d-fas.
S० u*** अालस्यी। alasyi, adj. Drowsy, slothful.
H. u**" 2ddihnd or ildjhnd, J. v. n. To be en
H० us"" alsi, s. f: Linseed. (Linum usitatissi*
tangled, to be involved (in difficulties). 2.
w.a. To quarrel, to debate.
H० 9-t* tdikerd or itihera, s. m. The state of T० c* tdash, s. m. The leavings of a superiour.

being entangled. See c** tdihan. A. -9uall altg/; s. m. plur. (of e-dal) Kindnesses,
5. ७-5
- ttlachnd
07 (उत aT101 I"लूव Put away,
d r. न्र्र
A. Au ce-da*l ald:mata tilldhi, Great is God!
remove) w. a. To throw out the water from (an ejaculation expressive of surprise, fear,
any thing, to drain. denial, &c.).

A. eusl i/Aa? (inf IW. of 2) s, f Solicitation, r.Jual ilghar, s. A forced march of an army.
urgency, importunity. A.c/3,४l alghara8, adv. In short, upon the whole,
in a word.
A* ce! ilhak (inf. IW. of c*) s. m. Annexation,
junction, addition, A. 939*l dlghasd, s, m* A whistle, pipe, flagelet.
A• Jel abhal, adv. Now, at present, presently, A. ८-८.४l atghjyas, s, m. Complaint, complain
ing, demanding justice.
just now.
A. -ail ag/3 adj. Thousand. * .
A• ७* ilhan (inf IW. of e*) s. m. Note,
A. H. UJl affa, s. m. A kind of dress resembling
sound, modulation, tune, an air in musick. a shirt without sleeves and open at the sides,
athan, s: plur. (of c*) Notes, tunes. worn by fakirs. -

A• c* aé¢akk, adv. In truth, really, * the A. bull ag/d:, s. m. plur. (oflaul) Words, articu
truth. late sounds, terms.

***** atyamda tillahi, God bepraised. P* ue* -all altfbe, s, f. The a, b, c : the alphabet.
P: c७* alldldldk, s, f: A coat, west, garment. A. ८-sf al/at, a, f Friendship, familiarity, in

cll ' ' 66 2'
timacy, society, affection, attachment, kind **s* Ugue dlldhttnamd sal/t ?/ httdhammaddig, /
God be gracious to Muhammad ! (an ejacula
A• ८** ?///ati, adj. Friendly, derived from friend tion expressive of approbation on tasting or
smelling any thing very pleasant).
ship. 8-॰-2 ८* a//ati baadd, Attached from
- * d/dht, s. m. Pain, grief, afiliction.
S• II1•
A • c* ८//7, 1. s. f: See UJl d//7. 2. adj. Co • c~५ “//nds, A diainond. LaJP L-५
d/ntds-lardsh, I. s. m. Diamond-dust. 2. adj.
vered with marks like the letter d/tf (cloth,
&c.). -
Cut into angles (as glass).

A. Uèll ilka (inf. IW. of७**) s. m. Inspiration.

- ७-५ d/mds-i, adj. Cut into facets (like a
A. ८-०५४l dlkdb, s, m. plur. (of u->d) Titles, ho
* --॰9 ७*५ almasi rang, s, m. A bright clear
norary names : forms ofaddress, &c. in letters. white colour.
. A.a Jl at-kissd, adv. In short, in a word.
** "" d//am gha//am, s. m. Trifling talk or
. c* <f। उललकी (r. उनली Adorn) a/ak, s, f. A business, toying, wickedness, mischievousness.
curt or lock ofhair. U2,K) atakaम्ah, s, f A . P. c_5u५l alant-ndk, adj. Full of pain or grief,
row of curls. afllicted.

5 . -६3l d-Jukh (ज and r. लदत See) adj. Invi . All c-८.५l d/ntinata It//dhi, Praise to God ! good
sible, unseen ; a form of salutation. God ! (an ejaculation expressive of surprise,
S ca%l d-ldg (अ and त्’’*f Joined) adi. Se fear, denial, &c.).
parate, apart, distinct. ce-%l ca43l d/“g alag, - ढ* dlartj, s. A wild plum, a sloe.
adv. Separately. ce-**स्g c=-3l d/“g t/td/ag,
- >७०५ जलवाTर ( उनलम Ornament, and
कार What makes) a/aa-kdr, s, m. Ornament '
5 . ७%) dlgd (आ and लगन Joined) 1. adj. Sepa
(of dress), trinket, jewel : rhetorick.
rate, apart, distinct, free, loose, unconfined.
2. s. m. A sandal. - ‘-2॰) ऊलंकृत (अत्री*मू Ornament, and
S. ५७3l algand (from ७4l) v. a. To separate, to व्र्टीत Made) alankrita, adj. Ornamented,
put on one side.
S. ८४७3 algd-? (from ७3l) s, f: Separation. H०
ca4.4l d/ang, s, f Side, way, corner. c-l
1H० ८** dlgdni, s. f: A line for hanging cloths on. ca_:cJl is-dlang, On this side.

P. ७-;8l d/goff, Satne as 97* d/gAfºs“, q. v. S -* ttlang (उन्नग्न or उत, and r. लज

Be ashamed) adj. Naked.
8• ७uf ulahtd (Srt and r, लीड Throw up, or r.

र’ात्री Desire) v. n. To be overset. to be laid . ce.cJT d/ang, s. f: fntrenchment, trenchcs.

.2 1-> - - J। - -

on one side. " . .. ** अालिंगन d/ingrrn, s. m. DInbracing,

A. AUl a//7h, s, m. God. A.61 Agl u//aha dkhar, the clasping any one in the arms.
God is great. AJl AJl d//6/t d//ffh ! An inter
• 2T उनTत्यु d/a or d/a, s. m. An esculent root
jection expressive ofsurprise and approbation. (Arum campanulatum), a potatoe, a yam, a
५न2.' AJl tt//dlt re, O Cod ! my God ! U.८ *** sweet potatoe.
aJl 67 ०)

g. # tdla C i) s, m. An owl : (metaph.) a and Poet, from whom a species of poetry takos
stupid fellow, a block-head, a fool. its name.

H० ?" tda, ?
A kind of grass (Saccharum A• *५] ilhdm (inf. IW. of **) 8. II1 • Inspiration,
II y tdtod or alad, cylindricum, fffllden.). revelation.

A. ७lyl afaran (plur. of cy /aan) 1. 5. Colours. g. Utgl alhdnd (उल ह्लिाद doy3 gladness) w. n.
2. adj. Of various sorts and colours. To rtjoice, to be cheerful.
5. -र-9l alop, adj. 1. (for उना and लीप Cutting . H० >ई" d//tar, adj. Young, untaught (animal),
off disappearing) Concealed, defaced, retired,
run out, destroyed. 2. (for उन and लीप ) H० ५ tddhnd, I. s. m. A complaint. 2. 5.
Apparent. (ठत and r. रएँ Grow) v. n. To grow, to
5. H• cy zzlld-pary, s. प्रn. Stupidity, foolishness. wegetate.

5॰ ५9l alopnd ( उनालीपन or from *+9) W० a •

A• ced ildhi, adj. Divine. interj. O God !

To conceal, to hide one's self, to lie hid. H. -*l athatya, s. f: Name of a 7dginf.
P. eyf d/ad, contract. of ४०yT dlada, q. v. A• e-ed tldhf2/d/, s- f: The divinity, godhead.
P. ७59ी 4/adogi, 8. f Contamination, stain, A• * i/a, prep. Up to, till. ७४ cई' i/a-/-an,
foulness, defilement.
Till this time.
P. *eyT 4/7da, part. pass. (of ७eyT) Defiled, S० ug अालि O1* उनाली d/7, 8. f: A female
stained, smeared, soiled ; immersed, covered.
friend, a damsel.
*r. c*# ultish, s. m. Same as c* ulash, q. v. S० us' उनलि ali, s, m. A large black bee, fa
U• c* ulash, s. A tribe or faraily. bled to be enamoured of the lotus, s, t: (for
A• —# tdt:/3 adj. plur. (of c-3Jl) Thousands. c9 tflf) A female friend.

S. cé¥ उत्तूवल ulakhul, s. f: See ७*** 5. gs UJl alatya batatyd ( जलि A crow, and
ukhfi. - बलि A sacrifice) 8. f: l. Sacrifice, victim.
s, Jyl alol, 1. (for उमा and लील Shaking, 2. Lighted wisps with which the Hindiis divert
themselves at the season of the deacti/i.
moving) s. f: Gambol (generally applied to
a horse). 2. (for उन and लील ) adj. Steady. S० e…" tdichnd ( 3 तt and r. त्ठुव Put away,
s- J}* ubll alot kalot (see d}l) s. f: Gambols, remove) v. a. To throw up water.
playsomeness, wantonness. H. P- ca-9> JTat-i rang, s. m. A colour extract
s. uy a-load (ज and लवण Salt) adj. Not ed from the dt tree (Morinda citrifolia).
salt, fresh, saltless, insipid. . A• (all alim, adj. Painful, excruciating.
A• e-॰9 ulahiyat, s. f. Divinity, deity. H• u** tdendrad, v. a. To pour water.
A Ni dla, s, m. Same as c=-Jf dlat, q. v. 5. AT am (SI*त्र*dmra) s. m. The mango tree
A• Al ildh, s. m. God. (Mangifera Indica) ; the mango fruit.

H. ५ dlha, n. prop. Name of a Hindii soldier A• *) trntnt, s. f: Mother.

K 2
L०l 68 ‘-----l

A. L०l dmmd, conj. But, moreower, neverthe मान Pride) d-mani, adj. I. Incredulous,
less, however. inattentive. 2. Without pride, humble.
g. L०l dmmd (अबा anaba) s. f: Mother. A. ५ju<l dman-i, s, f. I. Security. 2. Trust,
TP० ढ** dmdj, s. m. A mark or butt for shooting charge, deposit. 9. adj. (applied to land)
arrows at. ४७-usf dmºjgah, A place for What is in charge of a collector on the part of
shooting arrows. government (in opposition to 9:-l that which

TP० ७**** dntdda-g?, s. f: Readiness, alertness. is farmed). -

P. 8cu<f dmada, adj. Prepared, ready, alert. s. A-su०l ****य a-manya, adj. See 4-cu०l
dmdndajya. -

A. ८-2,L*l imdrat, s, f: Government, lordship,

office 6r dignity of ><l amir.
8. --2,५०l amdtod! (*Tश्र Mango) s, m. The in
spissated juice of the mango. See c*** -

A० 9**l ammdrd, adj. Imperious, head-strong,

5. L०५८*l dma-tods (ऊमावस्या or जमावास्या
from उनमI With, and r. वस्त Abide) The
P. U-Lºf dmds, s, m. Smelling UA c~५*Tamds conjunction of the sun and moon, the change
karntr, To smell. of the moon.

A. c%vel amakin, s. Plur. (of७७००) Mansions, 5. ---५ PT ant-bat (जाम Sickness, and वात
habitations, places. Wind) 8. m. A swelling which comes without
A• ***) imdm, s. m. l. A leader in religious pain, and goes off as easily without medicine ;
affairs, a prelate, patriarch, priest, chief: 2. a windy tumor.
A large bead in a rosary, which remains fixed 8. c-* <l dmbat (Sans. ऊसु amla) adj. Sour.
in the hand and is not turned over in counting Sa ढ** उनम्लुय5ी (जम्बु Water, andज from r.
(called by the IIindiis suntera).
A. c--<Lel intdmdt, s. f Ofiice of *** tnadrna. S5* Produce) ambai, s. m. The lotus (Nym
phoea nelumbo).
A. A॰॰Lel inaamरंya, Name of a Muhammadan 8->~*) जम्वर ambar, s. m. 1. The sky. 2.
sect, who make AlT the rightful imam imme Clothes, apparel.
diately after Muhammad. s. K-*l उमम्बिका dmbikd, s. f: A name of
A. ७Lal amda, s, f Safety, security, grace, mer Bhdrtedn? wife of Sica.
cy, protection, quarter. A० --- ttmantdt, s, f People, sect, a people of
8. bu<l amdna (perhaps ठI and r. *I Measure) the same religion.
v. n. To be contained, to go into.
A. ७->l imtihan (inf WTII. of७,=*) 8. m. Proof,
A. c-०u*l amdndt, s, f: Deposit, charge, any
trial, examination, experiment, temptation.
thing given in trust, faith, religion. '---०५०)
A. cloc><l imtiddid (inf WllI. of **) 1. s. m. Pro
c9* dmanat-dar-i, s, f: Guardianship, agency,
trust, charge, faithfulness. traction, prolongation, extension, proroga
s. *****l उामाननीय (अI and r. अमTवT Re tion. 2. adj. Protracted.
spect, worship), a-mandajyd, adj. Incredible. A. ted imtila (inf WIII of 1० Heb, and Ch, s?P
s, gul अमानी (अ and r. मान Worship, or He filled) s. m. Repletion ; indigestion.
>*l 69 2*)
A• ६७८*l intind* (inf WIII. of e-><) 8. In. Pro A*><f dndr, part. act. (from><l) One who orders,
hibition, restraint. a commander, a ruler.
A.95-9 imtiyaz (inf. WIII. ofx-॰) s, m. 1. Dis s-><l अमर (अ and मर What dies, from r. मृ
Pie) d-ntar, adj. 1. Immortal, exempt from
crimination, distinction, separation. 2. Pre
death, long-lived, everlasting. 2. A God. 9.
eminence. 3. Good-breeding, ceremony. 9k॰॰l The name of a Sanskrit lexicographer.
UA im/tyds karna, To discriminate ; to treat s. IZel dmard (जTम्रातवी) s, m. The hog-plum
with distinction.
(Spondias mangifera).
A• c9८-d imrg/deर्थ, adj. 1. Having the quality A० yर्श trmard, s. plur. (of >><l) Nobles, gran

of discriminating. 2. A person of distinction. dees ; a noble (generally).

s, Le><l d-mit C* and *!"ट Wiped, effaced, from A० cel7*) amrd3, 8. plur. (of c37*) Sicknesses,

r. **5 Cleanse) adj. Indelible, not defaced.
S. >2** dnachifr (आम्रचूर्ण i. e. अTश्र Mango, S• uट99*) उमभरावती dmar-docat?, s. f. The
celestial city of Jhdrd.
and चूर्ण Powder) s. m. Parings of the man
5. ८517*l dmardi (अTश्र Mango tree, and रTऽीि
go dried in the sun. Line or row) s. f: A garden of mangos.
P. A<f dmad, s. f. Arrival, income, coming. 8. ०५.7*) ***नरपत्रK amar pad, s. m. The state
A olo-l indid (inf IY of 3॰) s, f Assisting, of an immortal, immortality.
aiding, succour, help. -
8. --2,*l उनमत (उन and r. मृ Die) a-mytt, w ulg.
P. Ac*TA-*Tamdd dmad, 8. f. Approach. intrat, s- m. The food of the gods, ambrosia,
P. --3, oc<T dmad rg/?, s. f:
nectar : immortality, any thing sweet, water,
Coming and wine, a guava.
P. ७-s A<f dmad shad,
going, access and
P. L-322 ०-४f dmado rg/?, s. U527*l dmrit-f, or vulg. imrati (from ‘-2,<l) adj
egress,intercourse. Nectareous. s. f. A kind of sweetmeat, a
P. A-*_9 ०-श dntdd o shad,
small vessel for drinking out of a kind of cloth.
P. ujocर्थी dmdani (from ७०<f To come) s, f: 1.
Import, income, revenue, ways. 2. The 3. ०६>> 4-madad (अमय्योदा )s, f Indiguity,
season in which any merchandise generally dishonour, slight, afiront.
arrives. 9. Perquisites, any thing gained A. 9/-<l amrad, adj. Beardless ; handsome (a
over and above.
youth). *---****? 9/*l dmardd-parust, A sodomite.
r. ***f dmada, part. pass. (from ७०-दT) Come P० 27< dmaars, part. act. in compos. (from
सै. ७१० 15.famda dena (\&<l part of U&*l, and ७०४3Z*ा) Pardoning, pardoner.
७४७ To give) v. a. To overflow. P. L23/* amursish, s, f Pardon, grace, forgiv
H. ५Adamadnd, v. n. To overflow, to fall (as ness of sins (by the Deity).
tears), to swell, increase or be poured out (as P० 9७2Zर्श dmur3-gdr, s. m. He who pardons :
a river, clouds, an army, the heart, &c.). an epithet of God.
A.>*l amr, s, m. 1. An order, a command. 2. s. L9-*Tdn+r“* (उमात्र Mango, and रस Tasto,
The imperative mood (in grammar). 3. An juice) s. m. Inspissated juice of the mango. .
ahair, a transaction. See Le?u<l amdicat.
c-* 70 ५४*)
5. ---2Z<l anarat (Sans. उन*युत) s. m. A guava A* --॰1॰॰l indak (inf IW. of L4.० Heb. and Ch.
(Psydium pyriferum).
T?p He ruled) s, m. Possession, property.
P. *27*) antrad, s, m. A pear.
H० c**** amd/tds, s, m. Cassia fistula.
P. 92Zel, in-ro* (c This, and 929 Day) adv s. YL&T anada (STTअनर**का) s. m. The emblic
To-day. 193227-l introz./arda, To-day or to myrobalan (Phyllanthusemblica).
morrow, i. e. soon. ५* l-»*227< introg .fardd
S. ७*** t777/? ( ऊमूीका) S. m. A tamarind tree.
karnd, To put ofl, to procrastinate.
A० us* 27* dnaro 7td/??, s. m. Commands and (Tamarindus indica).
prohibitious, orders and counterorders, com A cr*- amn. s, m.
g s, m, Ssecuri ty, saafety.
y . .
७**l c<'
manding and countermandiug. “”177 dntd77, s, m• Quarter, crying out for
A. -- -*l insak (inf IY. of L-० Heb, and quarter.

Ch. Te6 He held, drew) s, m. Holding, re 5. ५-०-०७-४ dmnd santna (see ५-०L) s. m. Con
taining ; parsimony, abstinence, a medicine fronting.
taken to prolong pleasure, scarcity, want. tt * - t: 2
H. ५****l antdndhd, w. n. See U3.०l amadnd.
P. UL-*l im-sd? (for ७५ This, and Ju० Year) adv. w

This year. tr. ca-><l trmdng, s. f Excessive joy, transport,

H. ७-०) *tntosnd for ५-र्श trbds/767, १- v. w

P० ५----* ????-s/tub (c* This, and ५-* Night) It. ५***l umang”6, v, n. To advance with joy.
- ह”

To-night. -
II• u*** *nt“”é**, adi. Aspiring, ambitious.
A. \**) am?, s. plur. (of ७८०) Intestines, guts. A* --॰॰॰l antniyat, s, f Security, safety.
s. L००l **gवी antak, adj. Such an one, a 5• ***** ५४-<ा dmne samne (from ७.<u~ ucथा q. v.)
- adv. Opposite, face to face.
H. ७०**5 ७००l amka dhamkd, s. m. Trifles, tri
A. Uly<l “macd/, s, plur. (of Ju<) ltiches, wealth,
fling ; a person of little estimation. effects, property.
A० ७***] imkdn (from ७**) S० lll ०
Possibility ; P० ***9<T antoA4/“, part. pass. Learned, taught.
contingent existence (in opposition to -29-2 A० >><l ttntifr, s, m. plur. (of ><ा) Things, affairs,
Necessity, or necessary existence).
business, matters, actions, couumands.
A. c><l ama/, s, m. Hope.
Ir. U-०l dmd', 8. m. Intoxication. P.99<f antos, part, act. (of c***ी) in compos.
Teaching, learning.
s. cLel 25, and, adj. Acid, sour. S. c9*l a-nto¢ ( उन and मूल्य Price) adj. In
s. ULal उचमल (उन and मल Filth) a-mat, adj. waluable.
Pure, clean, clear, bright. Uè१ U-*l d-makpat{i, y

A kind of stitching. A* ue*l ””d, adj Not knowing how to read

A, Lal imla (inf IV of k.) * m, Filling up, or write ; uneducated, unacquainted, unknown.
- completing :
orthography, writing correctly. 5. ue* dmi, The water of life, nectar. See ‘-27*l.

A. L-5४.७l dm/dk, s. Plur- (of c.<L० milk) Posses S० ue* उनTमय t7ntrg/d, s, m. Sickness.
sions, properties (generally applied to land).
P. ***l ttmed or trnamed or untmaid, s, f Hope,
७) * 71 Ul

expectation, trust, dependence : (in Hind.) P. ७T an, pron, dem. That.

Pregnancy. ७- A><l ummed se, Pregnant. H. ७l in (a pron. plur. in the oblique case)
.2 - - *___ _) *______- "-r

r.), A॰॰l ummed-cofr, adi. Hopeful, hoping, ex

These, thein. c%० ७l in dinod, Now a
pepting. s. An expectant, a dependent, a
candidate. IT, ७) t/n (a pron. plur. in the oblique case)
Those, them.
P, '-29 A><l ammed-tedr-i, s. f Expectation,
hope, hopefulness, dependence. 8- ७ * णु ana, prep. After (in time, place,
A*>>< dntir, s. m. A commander ; a nobleman, rank and dogree) : according to, in imitation of
It is the reverse of abhi.
a grandee, a lord. J7***** antirtt-t-amard,
Lord of lords (a title given by eastern princes s, ७ अक* ann, s, m. Food, victuals, grain.
to their prime ministers). c*****U-*l d7777rtz s. UT (Tnd 1. ( CनT and उलय*T A going) w. n.
/-mitminin, Commander of the faithful (a title To come, to be : g, ७f an p“rnd, To happen.
of the lxhalif8). 2. s. m. The sixteenth part of a rupee.
A. P. AsJ--०l antirdnd, adj. Princely, lordly. A. c-१ul indbot (inf: IW. of ‘-29*) S* rn* Con

A• c*** antir-i, s. f: Sovereignty, sway, lord version to God, repentance.

ship, dignity of J->l dmir. s. -छ७l (अन and *Tाथ Master, &c) d-affth, adj.
P. ><f dmics, part. (of c-><T) in compos. Husbandless, without lord or mastcr, without
Mixed, mixing. s. m. Mixture. chief or sowereign.
P. C24॰॰f amee-ish, s, f Mixture, mixing, in S• ट५) andj ( उन***T Food, and Sऽ from r.
tercourse, temperament. Sऽ*T Produce : q. d. Produced for food) s. m.
A* c**dmin or amin, adv. Amen, so he it. Grain.

A. c**l “ntin, adi. Constant, safe, faithful. s, m. S *>>-५) **TTत्रTर, an-achdr, s, m. Improper
A commissioner, a trustee, an umpire, an ar conduct, irreligion. -

bitrator, an investigator. S >-५ ऊनादर (अन and उनादर Respect)

A. ८-४-०l antin-i, s, f: The office of an e** d77t77? :
rt77-ffddr, s. m. IDisrespect, affront.
trust, guardianship, security. adj* Secure.
P.७७l dndr, s, m. A pomegranate (Punica gra
A. ७f da, s, f Time, hour, minute. natum) : a kind of fire-works.
5. ७f d” (जन्य anya) adj. Other, different. S H• c*2*) dndr-pdn (see c9५? s. m. Silliness,
* ७ उन*T an, A prefix of negation, privation clurusiness, inexpertness, ignorance.
or diuminution, used properly before words
beginning with a vowel only : lor अ being
५-99l dnffrर्र, }जू and r. लीज़ Move) 1. adj.
? uef cl daffr7, Unskilful, clunnsy, inexpert.
adopted before consonants : in Hindi, however, 2. s. A novice.
७) frequently occurs with consonants. So
S ७-५ wwशऽ (उनाशीति) adj. Sewenty-nine.
७-->ol dn-ant, \४४-Acl un-de//td.
A. ७७UT dnag:/a-dnag, adj. IPvery minute, con
r. ७ी 6n, s, f. A graceful attitude, an affected stantly, incessantly•
gait; affectation, pride, dignity, propcr
spirit. १, ५७५ा anakaxi ( अनावार्णन from अन,
-*) 72 **-४)
and r. आकर्ण Listen to) Turning a deafear,
* ७५ ७ अनुपान (अनु andपान Drink) anu
overlooking, winking at, purposely neglecting ptin, s. m. Any thing in which a medicine is
A. ०७l andm, s. Mankind. mixed to facilitate the taking of it, or which is
-f• -५ andmat, corrupt. of c-3\०l dmd72tt'? swallowed after the medicine ; a fluid vehicle
q. w• (in medicine).
A. U-०ul andmi/, s. plur. (of ALAsl) Fingers, tips • ५ई५ cl dnn pfini (जन्नत Food, and पानीय
of the fingers. Water) s. In. Wictuals and drink.
A. L--50l ananjyat, s. f. Egotism, boasting, ar * e”xel अन्नप्राशन (अन्न Food, प्र Forth,
rogance. -
forward, and उनxI*T Eating) annd prasan,
Same as u***** ८-T db-chushi, q. w.
P, >५०) anabar, s. m. A heap, a stock, a maga
Z1ne, a granary. . u9: ७l an parha (cl priv, and usj; Head) adj.
H. ५9५cl ambdri, s, f: A canopy- >'० ५-9५०) Illiterate, uninformed.
anabar?-ddr, Having or bearing a canopy. S . L--JTant (उप्रंत्र antra) s. f Entrails, gut,
P.9ksl dmbds, s. A partner, an associate. tripe- UZT c-JT dnt-a'ond, v. n. To be afilict
r. c9५?l anthde-i, s, f Partnership. ed with the coming down of the rectum.
P. H. ७५ c dn bda, s. f Spirit, proper pride. g,f L-5f an/girad, w. n. To void white glu
tinous stools.
8. L---cl ambat, adj. Sour. See u-<l असु -

5. ७७.cl anthatdnd (from ऊमु Sour) w. n. To . L-3l anf (for उांत ) 1. s. m. End, comple
grow sour, to be acidulated. tion. 2. Perdition, destruction. 3. Mind,
s. A* उॉब र ambar, s, m. See>><l dnabar. 4. adv. After all, at last. 5. 5. (for
5• ugyel ambara'? ( STTश्र Mango, and वाट उान्तर aatara) In, within. 6. (for ऊन्यत्र
An enclosure, an orchard) s, f: A mango dnyatrd) Elsewhere, somewhere else.
orchard or-growe. . --४l dnf (उांत End) s. m. Intelligence,
A. Lu.3l imhisat (inf WII. ofa-॰) s, f: Gladness, news, account of:
joy, delight, cheerfulness, recreation, mirth. • ---०) उमनित्य ( उन and नित्य Eternal) d-nit
H. Jy.9l dm-0o/ (cl priv and dy Speech) adj. or d-nityd, adj. Not for ever, frail, perish
Salent, speechless.
P. amboh, s, m. A crowd, multitude, mob, - c-** tott6/s (उनन्वत्व ारिंशत) adj. Thir
P. 5. amba, s, m. A mango (fruit or tree).
See *T dm. . ८-८-bl inttkhab (inf WTII. of u-<) s, m.
Selection, drawing or plucking out ; making
A. ५.७l umbtyd, s, plur. (of८**) Prophets. extracts from books, election, choice.
s. ambtyd, s. f: A small unripe mango. • J*) उमंतर dntar, adv. Within, between,
s. usu.9l dn-btydha_(७) priv, and usu: Married. amongst : without, except. s. m. Interwal,
Sans. तT) adj. Unmarried. intermediate space : period, term : clothing :
* covering : difference : sake, behalf: hole or
s. us Ac c) an-bedhd (c) priv. and usA. Bored. rent : own, the self: without, outside : op०
sans, उमविज्ञ) adj. Unbored, unperforated. portune time : midst, the midst : the supreme
e--०) 79 ‘-*)

soul, adj. Other, similar U४*t-Acl antar* s. ‘*द:Pol उांतररीक्षा dntarichtt, s. m. The sky
Jami, Pervading the inward parts. ७५००xol or atmosphere ; adv. In the air, out of sight.
antar-dhyan, Out of sight, vanished, dis A->***) intishar (inf. WIII. ofA--) s, m. Un
folding, spreading abroad, divulging, disper
s, JPol उनकतरT datard, adv. In the middle, sion, confusion, explanation.
among ; near at hand : without, except. AJu**) intt:ar (inf WIII. of Aa Heb, nc3 IBo

8, JPa) antard (perhaps, from उनन्तर ) s, m. held, observed) s. m. Expectation, looking

A verse, any verse of a song except the first. out for. L:5.9uaccl intt:Gr-kash, adj. Dxpect
g. ८-५JP) antar-apatई ( उप्रंतररापत्या from ing, looking out for.
A• c9***] intt:ar-i, s. f: Same as >u**) q• w•
ऊंतर Within, and ऊपत्य Child) adj.
Pregnant, with child, with young. 9/5 c9**) intigari karnd, To expect, to look
out for.
*. ---sys) उमन्तरातप (उनन्तरा q. v, and r. A• ***) intt:ant (inf WTII. of ***) s. m. Ar
तप Burn) antara-tap, s, f A tertian ague. rangement, disposition, order, regularity,
5. U*) ऊन्तराल ( उान्तरणा In the midst, management.
and r. K*)I Take) datara/, s. Included space. A. Cavecl tattdsh (inf WIII of c-*) 5- m.
See s. JPl d77tdrdr. Itising up, recovery from a fall or from sick
5, ****) dntarbcd, n. prop. Name of the coun ness, becoming tall.
try between the Ganga and Jamuna rivers, A• ६४०] int:/a* (inf WIII. of es) s, m. Profit,
called in Persian ५५० da-dba. advantage.
s. -----2P fउनत्रिशत tand-frtnshdt, adj. Twen A. Juesl intika? (inf WIIT. of cs) s, m. Tran

ty-nine. sporting, travelling : departure, dying.


****' उनत्रिशतम

and-trinshattami, adj.
A• *vel fatikani (inf. W [II. of * Heb. bp3 He

Twenty-ninth. took revenge) 8. m. IRevenge, retaliation*

s, gsl antriya ( एकांतर from स्ऽवा One, and s. U७ ca-cl उमन्तवाल dat-kal, s, m- Pying
moment, hour of death.
जन्तर Interwal) s, m. Intermittent, an
intermitting fever. s. ७,Kal ऊन्तःकरण (or उन्तस्वरण ”-
taskarag, from उन्न्तगू Within and *रणा
5. u5-cl dntri ( उगँत्र ) s. f: Dntrails, intestine,
An organ) antakard?t, s, m. The under
bowels, gut. L15-७५g-cl antrtydd.jatha, To be standing.
very hungry. ५-ॐ AJlys c3 ७५Acl an/rtyd7? kw/ ५-०]
Autod-flah parhnd, To be very hungry, dit.
A• ???tiltd (inf WIII. of
urd ) 1. s, f: Ter
mination, end, extremity, summit 2. adj.
The belly repeating, there is but one God. Finished, completed, prohibited.
*** c५४ antri ka bat kholaa, To eat a s.xel ऊन्तःपुर (ऊन्तर Within, andgर
bellyful after starving. ७.50 e-fT c*** c9***) A town, a house) dntdh-pttr, s. m. The inner
”tyoh med ag lagna, To be very hungry. apartments. *-

{ ~"

- ८-* tt77/7s (उल त्रिशत्तू.) adj. Twenty-nine. Birth) adj. Barren (land) in which nothing
will grow.
*****) उन नित्य ( Ca and नित्य Eternal) d
S . ७--" dn5ift: (७' priv, and शताबत Knowledgo)
27ffyd, adj. Not lasting, frail; perishable.
adj. Unw itting, uniutentioital, not knowing,
. ct><f dat ( **घ Bound) s, f. I. A knot. ignorant. S. A stranger.
2. Envy.
S . ५८-l anjand (७l priv. and ५:- Known) adj.
S . t.l an{d ( *Uड An egg) s, m. A hall, a
marble. 25 cs d////7-ghrtr, A billiard room. Unknown, ignorant, ctu-il anjane, igno
rantly, not knowing, unw ittingly.
'--5-usl dn{7-cht/ (csl A ball, and -----
. 9--l dujard or injard, s, m. A nettle.
IDying on the back) adj. Uulucky, whose . C-=- an5ias (अर! priv, and यश्रा Fame)
fortune is exhausted. (A ter1n of abuse). s. m. Iufamy.
II• c59:**) d???(7ko??, s. f: A cord with which . U=-l उनन्नजल ( उनन्न Food, and जल
cattle are tied neck and heels.
Water) dnyt:jal, s. m. Wictuals and drink.
5. L-४५० La>JT (-->JT Knot, and u-४५० Joining) . Y=-l d70/7 ( उांजलि ) s. m. The cavity
d77{-sdng, s. f: Partnership ; intrigue.
formed by putting the hands together and
. casl antna (r. उनन्त Bind, tighten) v. n. To holding the palms as if to receive water; as
be contained, to be tightened, to be filled up much as can be held in both hands so disposed.
(a well, tank, &c.). , - ७-" उांजलिन ditjti, s. f: See J=-* d7://ff.
. ७agT (777!nd (trans. of ctsl q. v.) w, a. To fill - *--) d7tjunt, s. plur. (of **? Stars.
(a well, tank, &c.), to come or go into, to
• cy****l d7:///ntd”* S, f: A n assembly, a meeting,
company, banquet.
. gl;:sl anttodnd (caus of usl q. v.) v, a. To
make contain, to cram into.
- c… T d7?jd772 } गूंजून, s. In.
A collyrium
• c=- “7/a”, or application to the eye
If. U¢çasl anthland, 1. v. a. To twist, to writhe. lashes to darken and improve them.
2. v. n. To swagger, to strut, to give one's . L---*l drthtd (from ७--") W- Il • To have the
self airs, to walk affectedly. Sce cyl ftrawd, eyes tinged with c…" “?g/d7t.
and bugl jth//fof.
. L-f dofad (tiom उगँजन) v, a. To tinge the
:::T (fnthi ( उनष्ठि Kernel or stone of fruit)
v->* oyes with e-" d7?jtt77.
1. Stone of fruit. 2. Coagulation.
- ¢***) d??!hd'ये (उा टपदी ) s. f: A tick, the . L-*l anjand, adj. Unborn.
louse that attacks dogs, &c. (ffttn(67)-
*>- c…" उर्सजनसार d/tjtt/2-sdr, s. m. Colly
u** dati (see c>JT) s. f. A handful, a skein - -***** dujan-ha77 ( उर्यंजन Collyrium, and
of thread, a bundle of grass, &c• a small
faggot. r. 5 Seize) s, f. A stye (or stithe) on the
U-<l anjrint, s. m. 1. Dnd; termination, 2 eyelids.
P. * *** - • w। - fT dnsii) s. m.
Accident, vexation. • 2*** l frjha (see 2-1 d7tsd) s, n A tear

S, ५०८al anjfrad ( अन्नू, priv. and जन्मा * P. J5-ती उलॅजीर artjir, s, m. A fig
Ó ex)
c***) irtji¢ (ईvayys?ucy) s. nu. The new testa A. —3->l inlAff:/ (from c-॰) s, m, Irevity,
inent, the gospel.
II• ढT dhtch, s. f: Heat, flame of a fire (not of
P. &---४l dnd fÁæ¢/d, part. pass. (of ७-***?
a candle), blaze, glare. Thrown.

S - c>>र्टी 2v7?C/tdrs (उनपंचाशत) adj. Forty S. 9l.c! frtdffrt7 (उन्धु A well) s. m. A large
well ofmasonry.
5. ०-५* unch6s (from Sश्व High) s. f. Height. P. 9-xcl dadrfs, s, m. Measure, measurement,
weighing, waluation, conjecture, guess ; time
S .५५८ों ttnchdrnd (from ५* q. v.) v. a. To
in musick ; propriety, symmetry, elegance,
raise, to take up. mode, manner. 2. (in compos.) part. act. (of
5. --suद* an-chdhrtt, adi. Not desired. cr-l०cl) Throwing ; as, >locl c3,’ (lightning
6 9८* trnchd-fr, s. { (from ५é¢
IIeight, elevation.
(1. w.)
thrower) A matchlock-man.
P. 9l-cl dhd75d, s. m. Measure, measurement,
S. -->द* tomoftdhot, s. f.
weighing, valuation, guess ; time in musick.
s. ---द*) अनुचित dn-achit, adj. Improper. P. ०l-cl dndffm, s, m. Body, stature, figure.

s. ---द*l an-chit (उान priv. and वित्व Become ५*५* ** d77ddnt t-hthrht?, The private parts.
sensible : the mind) adv. Unawares, sud
P. »०cl “adar (Sans, उान्तर) prep. Within, in
denly. -
the inside.
:ा ;} ऊंचल ) s. In. The end or
s->*) इंद्र (r. ज्ञद Ilave great splendour) indrd,
s. 12 dnchrd ? -

8- m• The regent of the visible heavens and

border of a cloth, veil, shawl, &c.
of the inferiour divinities.
" dnchal,
8. ü¥ीं j;}(अंचल) -

s. m. l. See

Jट्र*) s. 9*) इन्दिरा (r. इद Have great splendour)

“nchrd. 2. The breast (of a woman or lac ?77dird, s. f: Same as u**** fach¢nrf, q. v.
tescent aninual). l A. ए-9*) indirdi (inf: VII.- of ट्xe) s. m. 1. In
5, ५ट्टी dnchlti ( ऊंचल) 5. m. I. See J,** (777
5ertion, folding together. 2. Extinction of a
chrd. 2. A sheet used among.jogis. family.
H. **स्ट्र* an-chhila (७l priv. and ***३- from LL*- s: c*9*) (इंट्र Indra, and उनासन Seat) indr
To pare, &c.) adj. Unpared (as fruit, &c.), dsdn, 8. m. The seat or throne ofJAtdrd.
unlicked, rude.
A• -7-1 infirgf (inf. WII. of-3,-) s, m. 1. ** cट *>* ( इंद्र Jhtdrd, and पुरी A city) ittdrd
par?, n. prop. The city of Jhdd.
Deflexion, inversion, change, (Inet.) proving
S• प#9* इन्ट्राणी indrditi, s. f: 1. The wife of
* turn coat. 2. Recantation, deviation, apos
'acy. 9. Declination (in astronomy). 4. A Jadra. 2. The name of a medicine or plant.
disease, defect> distemper.
S• c*9*} indrdyan (Sans. इन्द्रवारूणी fom
AJ->" inffsa, (inf WII. of a>) 8. Ill. Sur

rounding, encircling. ३ ट्र’ and वरूण Natues of two dcities) s, f

Colocynth, wild gourd (Cucuinis colocynthis) :
L, 2
ocl 76 ool
p. 9Acl andoh, s, m. Grief anxiety, trouble.
a fruit of beautiful appearance but bitter taste:
hence, a beautiful but worthless person is c* ४,०cl andoh gin, adj Full of grief, sad,
called ck, ७ c*५०cl The fruit of indrdyan. afilicted.

8 - ******** इन्द्रवधू (इंट्र Jadrd, and वधू OI" S. usocl andha ( ऊँध) adi. Blind, dark. U***
बधू A woman) thdra-bddhir, s, f: 1. Name of Utal ocso andhd dhaad lutama, To squander? to
an insect (a species of acarus of a scarlet spend extravagantly. 1% usocl andhd ***3 A
colour and like velvet). 2. The wife of Jndr“* well filled up with rubbish, a dry well.
****2*) दून्ट्रप्रस्थ ( इन्ट्र and प्रस्थ Side of . Akscl ऊंधकार (ऊंध Blind, and कार
What makes) andh-kdr, s, m. Darkness
a mountain) indrd-prasthd, A name of the city
DihlT. S. Wss७l andhld (see usocl) adj. Blind, dark*
• H० c****) andhla-pan, s. m. Blindness : intel
5 25-9.७l indatiatz (Sans- इंट्रयव i. e. दून्ट्र
lecttial blindness, acting as if one were blind*
The plant, andय व Seed) 8. m. Name of a
1nedicinal seed. (Nerium antidysentericum).
• c***) इंधन (r. दून्ध Kindle) indhan, s, m.
Fire-wood. -

P ..jyocl dndarg, s, m. Last will, last advice,

precepts, admonition. S . csocl an-dhan ( अन्न Wictuals, and थन्त
. u-9०७l andarsd, s, m. See u-9el dddrsd. A Riches) s, m. Wealth in both grain and corn*
kind of fried sweetmeat, a kind of cloth. S . 12socl an-dhod (७) priv- and ly०० Washed.
P. ७29osl dndaran, adv- or adi Within ; inner Sans. ऊधौत ) adj. Unwashed ; unclean.
apartments, interior, internal.
n. ७००@ा 6ndhi, s, f Storm, tempest ce***
3. u****) i7?dr? ( ई ट्रिय from दून्ट्र Soul, self) s. f:
७,s andhi hona, To engage keenly in a bad
An organ of sense, the senses (internal and action.
external), the privities, membrum virile, were
trum animalium. -l:- ८-9ocl indrijtdldb, A s. 1)usocl andhyara (उप्रंधकार ) adj Dark,
diuretick medicine. blind; s. m. Darkness
A• ६४*) tad:/7* (inf WII. of e-i०) s, m. Re H० J****) d??dher, s. m. Misfortune, calamity>
injustice, violence, tumult.
pelling, removing, repulsion, prohibiting.
P. c_%dl dndalt, adj. Little, small, few. ue***)
s. J-socl dndhera (see ५८socl andhyard) adj
a?tduk-e, A little. -
Dark, blind : s, m. Darkness- प**** -9-***)
A• Ju***) indintd7 (inf. WII. of uL०.७) s, m. Re andhcri kothri, s. f. A dark room : the belly,
the womb.
covery, getting well of a wound.
P. C***cl andesh, part act- in compos. (frorn
5.2 xTdndi? (ऊन्दू) s. m. The chain or rope with ७*****? Thinking, considering, meditating
which the feet of elephants are tied up.
p. 44.१०७l andesha, s, m. Thought; meditation,
P. ७५०७l andad, part pass- (in compos. for ४-५७७)
suspicion, care, concern- 95 Ac.०cl andcs/2G
andrida from ce9ocl) Incrusted, plastered over,
washed over (as a wall, &c.). karnd, To reflect, to hesitate, to fear. A---*०७\
s. 99*) इन्दूर indifr,
: । ---
- - -

s. m. A rat, mouse. c_%g aadeshd-ndk, adj. Thoughtful.

s. Uæ¢१०cl an-dekha (ol priv and ५*** SeenD add
S. ५9*l d7tdo/rtd (उाान्दोलन ) v. n. To swing. Unseen, invisible

JP 77 c
1. 3Gl and (vulgarly dof dnd, or प्रा dhr) 8. m. H. L-Tams, s, f The fibrous part ofany thing.
Palma Christi (Ricinus vulgaris). See 59 -
s. L-*) उप्रंस: OI* उप्रंश: (r. उप्रंस Or* उमंशा Part,
s, &l अUS5 and, s. m. An egg ; a testicle. divide) dns, s. m. J. Part, division, portion,
L”* &l and-kos, Rupture, hernia. share ; right, posesssion, essence. 2. A de
$. &T and or ddr CठनUऽ) s, m. A testicle. gree of a circle, &c.
A- c-*) ins, 8. m. Men, mankind.
g. 156l anda (अन"S5) s, m. An egg. -

8a ढ* उमण्उज्ज्ञा (उमण्उ Egg, and Sज्ञ Born) A. L-sl ttns, s, m. Society, companionship,
andgi, adj. Oviparous. friendship, love, affection.
s. 9Xf dnda (from &l अUउ9 adj. Having A. -->u-cl dnsdl2, s. plur, (of c----०) Genealogies,
large testicles. c** 2&T and#2ail, A bull. lineages, races.
H, lx) indifd, s. m. A round fold or roll used A. ७L-sl insan, s. m. Man, a human being,
in carrying a burthen on the head. See b****l. mankind.

H• ५2&Jindai, s. f: A round ornament for the A. ugu-sl insdn-i, adj Human, relating to man.
top of the head. A. L-८४\-ol instinfg/dt, s, f: Humanity, human
s. ug&l and-c? (from अणज5 An egg) adj. Ovi kindness, afiability, politeness.
parous ? with egg (a bird). See ढ*) dndgl. A. --sl dnsdb, adj- compar. Kof u-०-५-०) Most
H० ug* undelad, w.a. To pour. suitable, convenient, proper, worthy.
s, e४५७) अनुराग (अनु and राग: Colour, * --
S ई-fansat” (उठनष्त्रष्ठि) Fifty-nine.
passion, from r. रंज Colour, be in love) ana S
. .9ts०c-sl ऊँसधाररी (ऊंस Part, andधाररी
rag, s, m. Affection, love.
from r. Hold, assume) ans-dhdri, adj. J.
5. c5)pl dnuragna (from अनु रTPT) v. n. To be Successful. 2. (In theology) Incarnating.
in love with.
5. U,-०७l dnu-sarnd (अनु and r. सृ Mowe) v. n.
*c*५७ अनुर गिी anterdg-3, part. act, Making
To follow, to be consequent upon. -

friendship, loving, caressing.

s, ggl (अन and उमर्थ Meaning, cause) an-arth, . ८.<-sl उप्रंसिक (r. ऊँस Divide) ansik, adj.
(used substantively) A partner, a proprietor.
adj. Absurd, improper.
5 . .१८-sl (अन्त priv, andr. शिक्ष Learn) drt-sikh,
5, c०pl (**ॉ. priv, and एस Taste) an-ras, s, m. adj. Unlearned.
Want of flavour or enjoyment; disgust, nau
8eousness, coolness or misunderstanding be 5. ७~cl drt-stand (c) priv.
and ७.० suna, Heard)
tween friends. -

adj. Unheard ; not noticed, disregarded.

5, ७-५,?l an-rit (जन priv. and रीति Usage) s. ७रू** ७) an-samjha (७) priv, and ५*** Under
**f Unmannerliness, ill-behaviour. stood) adj. Not understood, not knowing.
A. JPl insa7 (inf. IW. of U22) s, m. Causing to 5. 7-Tadsa (अशु) s, m. A tear.
"***endi emission, emissio seminis. A. c,- ? L-sl ins ted.jian, s, m, Men andspirits.
******922l d72carat, s, m. Sarcocolla (Gum 5, ७-*) अंसी (r. उप्रंस Divide) ansi, adj. A
***in, said to be from the Penaea mucronata). partner.

A. inshd (inf: IY. of e-) s. f. IProduction, . ८-०४.gl iw{i/7h (inf W1t. of c-J3) s, m. Ite
creation ; (common acceptation) writing, com volution, wicissitude, alteration, change, inver
position, elegance of style, the helles lettres.
c9** (4.3l twsh6-p//yd73-, s. f. Writing. letter A . .७८:l inft/dd (inf WII. of A.3) s. m. Obe
writing. 99e ual insh fftrds, A n elegaut dience, subruission, fidelity.
. L&T dnk,
A, U४४* &gl L*७' in shé allaha taff, God willing,
S . -०l ank,
} अंक
(r. उगँवा Mark) s. m. Mark,

if God pleases. spot, figure, number, letter of the alphabet:

flauk or part above the hip : the body ; em
A. -st-asl ins6/ (inf IW. of -a-ti) s, m. Deci brace : 1uark on cloth to shew the price.
sion (of a cause or question) : equity, justice
‘>*** tak fr (inf IW. of_,6) s, m. Denial, dis
-Je —it-ail ins?/:fa/a”, Seeking justice allowing.
A• *7*) iwstram (inf WII of 9* Ch. p*nx IHe
. ७\63l dnkdrnd (r. उगँवा Mark) w.a. To cause
cut) s. m. Cutting of ; finishing, completing to value, to prize, to examine (as cloth), to
A• ***) in'?m (inf. IW. of L--***) s, m. A pre approve of
sent, a gift. (Plur. e--५****l). *% ***) - 3< (777//fo (from UGl) s. m. Waluation.
in"?nt-f-ikrant, An honourable gift: - ८-० अनुढ़क ( उनन्नू and उद्घक Told, r. वीव
A • *vel andn, s. plur. (of cu-****) Gifts, favours. Tell) an-akt, adj. Not told. s, m. A trope.
A• c-kel i”?has (inf WII. of C-%e) s, m. In S . c5%०l ttakrये (उांकुर A sced bud, sprout &c.)
s. f:1. A kind of votch (Wicia sativa). 2.
version, reflection, representation of appear Wet grain. 8. A young sprouf.
a I1ces 11] a lu 11"TOT•
S - c*** (77akr7 or (777/77 ( A drawing,
A.9usl anffr, s, plur. (of As) Persons, soldiers,
serwants. 1ulling) s, f: The barb of an arrow, a hook2
a teuter ; a circle
A• u>*** d7?/रfs, s. plur. (ofc-०) IBreaths.

A. U-*) igfis6/ (inf WII. of u.a3) s, m. Sepa c-** उठुश ankws or aakas, s, m. The hook
or iron with which elephants are driven, a
ration, division : settling, decision (of a cause). goad. 9५० c-** (7nktrs ntdrnd, To reduce to
t95 Juesl in/isf Aurna, To decide, to settle. submission, to bring to obedience.
A. Juxcl inf?/ (inf WII. of ce) s, m. Shame, >'-*** inkisfr (inf WII. of Z-5) s, m. Being
modesty, the being abashed. broken ; humility, contrition.
A. U3.col inkthd: (inf WII. of c4.3) s, m. Con . ८9\-%), inkistfr**, 5- f: Humility. See»\-<sl.
traction, constipation.
ue-** (//tks? (उॉबुश ) s. f. A hook, a tenter*.
. A• *-s' inffs@” (inf WII. of (-*) s. m. Di

vision, partition. * --॰) उगँवावा (r. उमेक Mark) ankak, s. m.

A• uas) inki36 (inf. WII. of U४८s) 1. s, m. The An accountant, an arithmetician.
S• ७.6l dnknd (r. उांवा Mark) w. n. To be wa
oxpiration of any term. 2. adj. Elapsed, end
ed, fulfilled, accomplished, finished. lued, prized, examined, approved of
e-‘*l -०)

$, ८6T fuknd (trans. of c%l) v. a. To value, is lost and the pain is gone. (Spoken of a con
to examine, to approve of: tention which has ceased. from the object of it
५८४७ अन्नकूट (उन्न Wictuals, and बूट being lost to both parties). ***? -स्& dnkh
A heap) d7tnd-Aft, s. m. A festival celebrated pho?/7, 5. m.. A midge that fiies into the eyes
by Hindगs, on the day following the u**** at night. ५ç»è ·३०T (7///////tornf, 1. To make
dctorf/7, by offering a large quantity of meats blind. 2. To expect or watch in vain. -ॐT
to God.
५.3**? dwAA phr/7/7, To shew aversion after
S, 9%sl d7tkt77d (उमंकुर ) s. m. A sprout.
friendship. u...] *** -ॐ<f dukh phor tra7, To
p. AGT avt-ki, pron. and conj. That that. turu away the eyes (as, frouu grief: displeasure,
S. *** drakh (Sans. उनक्षि) s. f: The eye. &c.). ***** -३%.T 7nkh phdi/6//d, see 9-१ ***T
८.४><) -:ST dnkh-dujun?, s, f. A stye on the dnkh prts(7////7. ५** **** -3॰T dw//t thaa(??
syedids. ५#ी 56f dnkh-fai, To have an in kd//ti, To have consolation by meeting friends,
flammation in the eyes, to be blear-eyed. to he glad. ५5;- -¥ST dn//t Jorni, To look
?uढु* **ों diukh buchtfittf, To steal away pri steadfastly : (atc//gan/). L&.3:- -5%ST (7/////.jhtt
vately and unseen. LJA: -s@f fakh badalnd, p//k7td (To 1uove the eye-lids quickly) To fear.
To withdraw one's favour or affection from c395- -***T dukh chttrani (To steal eyes) Not
to attend to, to avert the eyes through shaune,
any one. ७-८-०% 9:'प्र’ *&T dnkh Adrd//d77td for
suknd (Not to be able to look steadfastly in to avoid the sight of any one. ५#>>- ***51
dnkh Chrtyhdni, To be angry, to be intoxicated.
anothers face) To be ashained. Ce… A ०******T
finkh httnd kar deni, I. To turn from another, '-ॐद- -KST dnkh chttrhntr, To have eyes marked
to treat one with neglect. 2. To die. -ॐT by debauch. ५8%45- -स्&T (foAh, To
**** céमें dnkh bharke dekh/td. To look till make the eyes dance, to roll one's eyes in anger
one's curiosity is fully satisfied. **>रं’ ****T or as a blandishment. ५j८६5- ****T an//t ch/tt
dnkh bhar land, To have eyes full of tears: to pda? (To hide one's eyes) To be a०hamed ot
be ready to cry U9-१ ‘***T Gukh posdra7 (oA an improper act. L-5१० Z-5-9-5- -***T doAA chir
sofcte) To open one's eyes, to stare, to be ckir dck/httf, and c***० *'g-दे- <%ST diakh chirke
wise and prudent, to discriminate, to discorn, dckhud, To look with great attention and deep .
to bejudicious. ***** ***GT dukh pdthrdwi (from meditation, or with anger. ८*** -56T dukh
>*** A stone) To become dim (the eyes) from d7/ht? (To shut one's eyes) To forbid by signs.
long expectation. ***** -६%5T (7////t p/rdyakai, ५४० <%T (fukh dikhtfni, or ५*********T dnkh
To feel a pulsation in the eye. (Considered, dikh/6,ti (To show one's eyes) To frighten, to
if in the right eye of a man or the left of a deter, to brow-beat. 95 स्* ७****** -४ST 7nkh
""man, as an omen of son:e desirable event, de//kke ktrchh karnd, To do any thing after
Whilst the contrary aftection is regarded as consulting the inelination of another. ***T
unlucky). ५-****? -***T Gakh p//7{ai, To be blind. cts** ankh dabdabdwi, The eyes to fill with
¥… ५Öè ****T dnkh pha{i pir grti, The eye tea1's. ८**** *** ankh dhttk/ti (obso/cte) (To
ce-ST 80 ८-०

have eyes shut) 1. To die. 2. To be ashamed. To choose or accept precipitately or inconsi

८*** *%T dakh rakhni, 1. To love, to enter derately- ५jocy० +%ST dukh miindni, see *&T
tain friendship. 2. To have hopes. 3. To ५** A ०-५ dnkh band kar leni, M2*******T
discern. ५** ¢»** *%T ankh sarkh karni, To dnkh mirndattra, Blindman's buff. ‘**** *&T
be angry. ५% स्* प****** ५-5" ***T dnkh se
dnkh nd rakhni (Not to have eyes, not to look)
l. To have no hope or expectation. 2. To be
dekhke kuchh karnd,To do any thing knowingly
mentally blind. g% ** ᎢST dnkh nam karnd,
and with reflection. 9*ce” -KST dnkh se girnd
see UJ >rर्र* ***T dnkh bhar land. ७**** ->* c9***
(To fall from eyes) To become contemptible. dnkhori par baithnd (To sit on eyes) To be be
५४४०८-०-46f dnlh scnkni, To contemplate the loved, to sit or cause to sit on a very elevated
beauty of any one. 95 ७-*2) u5" प*** ***T place, to become dignified. 95 ८*** \5 c»é
dnkh kisi se roshan karna (To obtain a look dnkhoti ka gtdabi karnd (To have the redness
from any one) To meet (visit) a friend or of the eyes) is applied to a look of intoxica
tion or wantonness ५#T c-० c9**s dnkhof
person of rank. 4-5॰॰१० प* us-* -46f ankh
med dai, To intoxicate (applied especially to
kisi ki dekhni (To look at one's eyes) To
wine). 9*: cr** ex** ankhoh men phirnd,
receive education in any one's company
To be always present in one's eyes, to be ever
८.5%36 -4%5f ankh khatakni, To have pain in in one's mind. uk5- ue**** c** ७?ÓT dnkhor:
the eyes. UJ% -॰॰॰T dukh kholad, see UA-१ ****T meh charbi chhtina, To be wilfully blind, to
aukh pasarnd. ६3% ** *67 dnkh garm karni, pretend from pride not to know one's old ac
See ‘***** -4@f dnkh senkni. ७४,é -KST dnkh quaintance. ull5 -७-७-०७9%s dnkhod n****
gharakaa, To look at with anger. ५j94 **** khak dalna (To throw dust in one's eyes) 1
dnkh larani, To wink as a hint, to communi To commend or puff wares of an inferiour
cate a secret by signs. ५894 .8%5T dnkh tarni, quality. 2. To pilfer or snatch away any
To meet with one's lower unexpectedly. thing quickly and privately e-y c--०७2***T
पj४* .४ST dnkh lagani, To contract friendship cs dnkhod men rd? katnd, or e-l, ७-० c9***
७५-g dnkhod men rdt l6jana, To pass the night
or affection for any one, to fall in love.
awake- ७**** ७-० c%ST dnkhod men kharakaa,
५ट्टे)५० -ॐGT dnkh marni, To wink, to stop any
To be seen with envy and dislike. c-० e9***
one by a sign, to make amorous signs with the b,525 aakhod me/? ghar karna,
l. To be be
eyes. d}ह” -ॐST dnkh michautoal, s. m. or loved or esteemed. 2. To persist in one's
u9*** ***T dnkh michdtdi, s. f: Blindman's own erroneous opinions. uस्&० cr-स&T aakhed
buff: (Persian -****9- sarmamak)- ५ju.०-4%ST dekhna, l. To study one's temper or inclina
tioa. 2. To behave respectfully towards ano
dnkh mildhti (To mingle looks) To contract
ther. ५#A ७-१ Ugus c****T dnkhe” ”*/* p***
friendship. ८४५-० **sf dnkh milhi, To look karni, To change the colour of the face frorn
steadfastly. ut:- ॐ* -¢ST dnkh minch.jtind, To
excess of anger.
die, to perish. ५537०-éf dnkh morni, see *** S• cॐ**) dakh?? (उनक्षि) s. f: An eye.
५ठें,*# fukh phernf>५-*l४>३- -१l u********T
t% dnkh mirndke ck chic kd ikfttiyar karnd, S. ७८***) dnkhjydh, 8. f Pyes.
e-sl e-॰)
$. ca%5f an P. ५० -----%l angushtnama, One who is pointed
s, e-sl 7: }अंग (r. अगGo, move) s, m.
- -

at, famous (in a good or bad sense, but in

The body. India most frequently in a bad one), notorious.
$ 6l dngd (उप्रंग
Body) s. m. A coat. S • L&l angal, s, m. ( (Sans, ऊं ) A finger :
म, t%) anga, s, f: A maid whose business it is to JP a finger's breadth.
hold, watch and amuse a child; a kind of nurse.
5,७* angli, s. f:
म. ---॰1%l anglet, s, f See ca--%l anget.
g, W%) angard (ऊंगार) s. m. A firebrand, 2~ -
S० c* ttngdn, S
embers, sparks remaining in ashes, c3yxc99%) s. U¢S) #;} (Sans. जगन - -

from r. उनग
angdrori par fotna, To be agitated or tormented Mowe) s. m. A yard, area, court, inclosed
(particularly from jealousy). space adjoining to a house. -

P, c** angubin, s. m. Honey. (Arab. e-त"). 5 . L%l nngina (cl priv. and u5gina, part. of ७.5
8. ५%) angarkha (ऊंगरक्षा i. e. उर्नंग Body, ginnd, To count. Sans. 2 adj.
and रक्षा Protection) s. m. A coat. Uncounted, numberless. ***-५-० u%) angina md
hind, The eighth month of a woman's preg
5• 9%) ***ह daugrah, s. m. Favour, grace, nancy.
kindness, indulgence. -

5, ** उर्म गुररी dngari, s- f: A finger, &c.

S प5e* angnd"?, s. f: See c%ºf dingdn
See ७* ttnglf.
S.S० ----55l
८८%) da gin? ##### }(अन.
priv. and गणित

H० b1%) dmgrdnd, w. n. To yawn, to stretch the Counted) adj. Uncounted, countless, num
limbs, to oscitate. berless.

H• c99*) dngrdi, s, f: Stretching the limbs, a H• -2%) angot, s. f. Appearance, person. See


9%) dngdplt,
\5%) dngarhd,m.
m. }: cl priv, and
garhna, To form) adj.
u-95 S -
--॰॰l and ---**** .
५5%) angaghd (उमंगुष्ठ ) s. m. Thumb.

H.७,%) angarhi, f. Unwrought, unform ५५5० \5,6 angathd dikhand, An attitude adopt
ed : uneducated, unlicked, unfinished, unset ed by women, in blandishment, as a token of
(as a ring or jewel). ८-०५ cॐ) dngarhi bat, prohibition.
Inconsistent or ill-arranged speech. S • c#%l dngरी!”? (अांगुष्ठी ) s. f. A ring worn .
P, e-4%l ang“sht, 8- f A finger. c-2-- --॰-3) on the finger.
५४, ७-० e9-ole angushtd-fairat dantod meh S - ५३%) dngochhd ( उर्मंग The body, and 1".

rukhnd, To bite the finger, or place it between Bind) s, m. A cloth which Hinds
the teeth to express surprise. >P e----%l an fasten round the waist when bathing and af*
g******ndr, The thumb, the great toe. c-4%| terwards wipe themselves with ; a towel, a
e-०५-* angasht-i-shahadat, The forefinger. handkerchief

*******l angusht-ana, s, m. A ring (particu P.2%) dngrfr, s, m. 1. A grape- 2. Granula

larly the one worn on the thumb), a thimble. tions in a healing sore- -

P० ****** angusA4-ari, s. f. A ring (particularly s. I)%l angora ( अंग The body, and क्रूर
""* Worn on the finger, and not on the thumb). Pitiless) s. m. A midge, a gnat.
82 9*)
1P, ****) “ngar-7, adj. Of the grape, relating to S• c* dhan (perhaps, for **TशT) s. f: Order.
the grape. 5
. ७.T anna (जTगायबत from जT and r. Uीि
P• 9%) drigizsay s, m. Asafoetida. Conduct) v. a. To bring.
S० U.61 dngtyd (from उप्रंग Body) 5. f Bodice, rr. col aund, s. m. The husband of a nurse, or
the masculine of ८** d?????? q. v
H• -** 47'ge{, s• f: Appearance, person. See roltr. L-Ucl attaunds, 8. Iu. A pine-apple.
-*** and --॰1॰l. PO ILT. H. :७.०l datarutas-r, adj. Made like a
II० ७८*** d7'gethi, s, f. A chafing-dish. pine-apple.
5. ५92? cl enttaparnd ( उान्न पूर्ण) s. m. Sa
P० U-5) dnges, part. act. (of ७-***) in colupos. I
ticty of food.
JPA H. 9-* 47'ge****d, w, a. To bear, to sufler, to
s. -cl अनन्त (उान्नू priv and उान्त End)
dn-ant, I. adj. Boundless, endless. 2. s. m
experience, to excite.
A name of the serpent that supports the earth.
s.०७.%) जांगीकार (उप्रंग A particle ofasseve 3. A name of the god Wishnu. 4. Name of
ration, and वीIर from r. कृ Make) angikdr, several plants. 5. A cord with fourteen knots,
s, m. An agreement, a promise, avowal, con which the Hinduis tie on their arm, on the
ceding to, acceptance of a proposal. fourteenth day of thddoh, sukl pachh, which
s, cPl उमनित्ल (r. ***T Breathe) ani/, s, f. is sacred to Wishnu, and called L००,३- L--col
Wind, air. ""us-2--- ---॰l.
s, cg उमनल (r. जन Live) anul, s. f: Fire. s. ~ा उमानन्द ( अा and r. नदि IRejoice)
A. wl inna-nta, adv. Fndeed, truly. d*ndnd (or d-mand) 8. m. f. IIappiness, joy ;
s, ou०७l अनुमान (अनु and r. *I Measure) ease, oc5 occT dnand-kand, Itoot (or source)
antr-man, s, f. Inference, logical conclusion. of happiness.

S० ८-०fउन्मत (उद and मत Drunk, mad) 8. c=-॰) उानग (ऊन and उांग Body) an-ang,
trn-matt, adj. Mad, insane, dr unk, lustful. s. m. Kama, the Hindu Cupid ; love.

5. U-*cl an-mit, adj* See u५-Acl an-n2e/.

- us*) unni, 8. f: A nurse or attendant on a
child. -

७~Acl an-mand, adj. ma*}(tor उन्मना :) Out 8. 25f dho (जTम r. उन*म Make sick) s. m. The
?.७-cl an-mani, adj. fem. 1
of humour, troubled in mind, dissatisfied, glutinous whitish matter or mucus voided by
displeased, wexed, sad, sickly. people afilicted with a tenesmus : sickness०.
S • J9*) (ज*# priv. and मूल्य Price) an-mol, aftection of the bowels. Uè.° ¥f dho Adithno०
To be afilicted with a tenesmus, or to be in the
adj. Invaluable, beyond price.
act of diseharging the yT .
S • U***l (अन् priv. and r. मिल Meet, asso
ciate) artimet, adj. Discordant, heterogeneous. | s.9*) उमाणु dau, s, m. An atom.
s. ०५ ७) अनुवाद ( अनु and r. वाद Speak)ा अानन (अा and r. अन Breathe) anan,
s. m. Mouth, face, visage. untt-cad, s. m. Repetition, answer 3, reviling
S8 ।
9*) -

* -

J* -

* ‘**b७l अनुवाद्री (अनु and वादरी Speak s. -****) उनविंशति ?tytd-ciaShati, adj. Nine
er, accuser, from r. व< Speak) ana-cadi, part. teen.
act. A defendant, an opponent.
AJPl “ntodr, s, plur. (of2%) Lights, splendour.
S -
**** ऽनविशतितम ttnd - pirtshdtitant,
adj. Nineteenth.
H. \-lyl adrodsd, 1. adj. Old, stale, seasoned.
2 s, m. A handful of corn or grass cut in A. »५gl anhar, s, plur. (of A*) Rivulets, streams.
reaping. 5 • ७kal aahan (जवगाहन ) s, m. Bathing.

H. L~lyil adaodsna, w. a. To season (a new S . Utgl aahana ( उनवगाहन ) v. n. To bathe.

earthen vessel by letting water remain in it
some time), to rinse. s. L-५3l an-hit, adj. Without affection ; an
A* ६b'' dated*, s. plur. (of a १?) Sorts, kinds, wa
enemy. s. m. Enmity, disaffection.
rieties. adj. Warious, diverse. S• ** art-hattdr ( उनसप्तति ) adj. Sixty
s. ८र’?l an-ap ( अनुपम from अन्नू priv, and A• *led} inhidam (inf WII. of ***) s, m. De
उपमा ftesemblance) adj. Incomparable,
besf. molition, ruining, abolishing.
8. ७५;l dnapd” (अनुपान) s. m. A fluid S० blxal anhacand (trans. of U\gl q. v.) v. a. To
cause to bathe.
vehicle in medicine. See ७५ ७l anupan,
H. ७xcl an-hond, adj. Impossible.
n. Leyl dncat, s, m. A ring furnished with s. ५ई) or उनणी dai, s. f: The point or
little balls and worn on the great toe.
edge of any thing sharp (of an arrow, spear,
5. ¥Pl anatha (ol priv, and tg Risen) adj. &c.).
Rare, wonderful, uncommon. (Generally ap s. ugusl अन्याय (ज priv. and न्याय Pro
plied to things and animals). See ५5;l -

priety) a-2tyde or a-ttydya, s- m. Injustice,

A.9yl antcar, adj. compar. (from _99*) More or outrage.
very splendid, shining, resplendent.
s. Uटusl अन्यायी (from ५¢U»l अन्याय q. v.)
S. ¥x) anokhd or dnaukhd (see \gpl) adj. Rare,
a-nydyi, adj. Unjust, unequitable, lawless.
uncommon, wonderful. (Generally applied
8- -*) अनीति ( CT and नीति : Conduct)
to nuan). -

d-niti, s. f. Unmannerliness, rudeness, impro

s, J;l uhold C उनTमलवी) s. m. Name of a | priety, injustice, immorality.
fruit, a kind of myrobalans. (Phyllanthus em
blica). S. ०--f ?/77?s (उठनविंशति ) adj. Nineteen.
5. A-2yl d7todasda” (Sans. अमुसार) 8. In. A A. L-॰l dnfs or L-*- c--sl d****:i“***? 8. In*f A
8ort of brimstone so called. (J7unter). companion.
* J५ Jyf dated/ndt, The navel string, &c. of G* ७9-csl dhisfr” (Gr. dr17cy) 8. m. - Aniseod
an infant. (Pimpinella anisum). * -
5- ७*y “****nzazz2 s. m. See ७** e' d72tt-772&77. s. e-**) ऊनेवा (अन् priv, and एक One)
********* (for uyl ddond, q. v.) adi. with dog-ck, adj. Many, much, abundant.
out salt, saltless. it. ?' du, conj And.
M 2
ly 84 ---9l
s. 9l उो o, The vocative interjection, O ! proach, advance. 2. A saddle-cloth adorned
s. 2' ***न aca, prep. From, down from, ofी, with fringes, &cc.
away. It is the reverse of >l, and is some A• ckbl atcdgl, s- m. f: plur. (of dBl) Commence
times used to denote deprivation, disgrace, ments, beginning.
disjunction, &c. P. LAg9l atdbdsh, s. m. 1. A rake, a dissolute
H. l;f ated, s, m. A potter's kiln. fellow- 2. A mixed crowd of various nations

s. ५8];T accati (from UTTo come, q. v.) s, f: Ap and of all sorts of people, but especially of
proachy advance : the coming of an army, the the meanest ; the mob, the canaille.
approach of a friend ; the season in which P. C**५l aubash-i, s. f Rakishness, dissolute
merchandise is expected. ness, debauchery, attending at games and
5. c**५-lyT daoajai (from UT and u७-) s, f Coming
and going, dancing after. 5. ---४?l au-bat or a-bat, adj. See ue-eyl .
A. Ja-bl atodkAir, s, plur. (of J&T) Ends, latter H० ## abh, s. m. Oppressive heat, languor oc
parts. casioned by heat.
H.9%l atcar, s. f: Delay : injustice, tyranny. g. Le-eyl an-bhat (perhaps, for e-f% q. w.)
P. 4->bTatcarja or azcarja, s, m. Ajournal, a adj. Impassable, steep, inaccessible, devious
diary. H० ---**छ dobhagnt (found in Hindi written
TP० cॐ9 droard-gi, s, f: Wandering, the state अावभंगत and आवभक्ति ) s, f Civit
of a wanderer, wagrancy, profligacy. reception or salutation ; welcome, Sir !
P. 99f dacara, adj. Wagabond, wanderer. 9/jी H० *** tibhnd, v. n. To be agitated or oppressed
U2s droara hona, To wander, to be distressed, with heat, to be angry or dissatisfied.
to be oppressed, to be miserable. 95 9bl H. ८-५l op, s, f. Brilliancy, lustre, polish.
dग्cara karna, To harass. (Plur. cg%ljा). H. usद:?' opchi, (q. d. Brilliant, from cर-22') s- m.
P. 99ी daods, 8. f: Woice, sound, report, fame, A man armed with weapons or clothed in mail.
echo, a whisper, sentence. ५५gl j; aoas Ase- ueद:3' opchi-khand, A guard-house or post
”!hand, To raise the voice, to spread a report. of armed men•
g: j;f facas parna, 1. To be reported. 2. The *** itpdr (उठपरि) adv- Above, on, up,
voice to be suppressed (from hoarsenessor
upon, upwards, over, outside, past. s, m.
Top, outside, exterior. ue” >:2' itpdr sc,
P. 9bl azcasd, s, m. Report, fame, rumour. From above, over ; as, U515- ५.5" >:2' c***
s. ७%1; atodgarcan (r. उनव Move, जT prep. tgffin ttpar se chuld gog/d, The storm passed
and r. ** Go) s m. Transmigration. OWGI".

.5, cyel; a-tcdhan ( from जा and r. caहे S• *** apri (from>:? ऐpar, q. v.) adj Foreign.
Call) s. m. Calling, summons.
JH० eal irt, s.m. One who dies without leaving
H. ५gl;T dreai, s, f: Report. issue, an unmarried man; (in Hindi phraseo
5० प#bl aroai, 1• s, f: (from UT To come) Ap
logy) a stupid person, blockhead, dunce

'-22l 85 9)
H. L--9l ot, s, f: 1. Overplus, surplus. 2. Abate* A• छ dttj, s, m. 1. Height, summit, the top.
ment. 3. Convalescence. 2. Dignity, preferment, promotion. 3. The
H. bylota, adj. So much, so many. higher apsis of a planet.
s.9g, अवतार ( अव and r. तृ Cross, pass) r. -ॐ-2l Qih, s, m. Entrails, stomach, guts.
arrd-far, wulgarly autar, s. m. Birth, descent, H० >स्>> attihar, s. f: Thrust, push.
incarnation of the Deity. (The Hinduis reckon H. ck-9l gihat, 8.f Privacy : see also ८-->?l ot.
the following ten acatfirs of the God Wishnu : IH० ‘स्ट्रै2) duchh, 8. m. Name of a root from which
1. मत्स्य matsya, A fish : 2. वाच्ठप kach an orange colour is extracted. (Morinda ci
chhapa, A tortoise : 3. नरTह caraha, A hog :
4. नृसिंह art-singha, A man-lion : 5. वामन H. ५३-?l ochha, adj. Dight, oflittle consequence,
udmamd, A dwarf: 6. परशुराम parasadrama : absurd, trifling, fruitless. Uy०५5-2l ochha hond,
v. n. To want.
7. रTम rama : 8. बलरTम balaranta : 9.
लुन baddha : 10. वाल्वी kalki). 5 -
५स्त' itclthdlnd, w. n. See uस्- uchhahtd.
5. UZyl autarna or aratarna (from उनवतार ) S - ४ ad (उट्र from r- उंद Make wet) 8. m. An
w- n. To descend (as an incarnation of the otter. See 9५ ५ -

Deity, &c.) on earth.

5० loyl oda { जाट्र) adj. Wet, moist, damp.
s. LE22l ot (perhaps, from r. वठ Surround) s. f.
Protection, shade, shelter, skreen, covering, H० 19fada, s. m. Brown. adj. Ofa brown co
concealment, partition. lour,

5. g,l ota (see LE29l) s, m. A partition-wall or s. cleyl aadan (perhaps from अव and r. दT
Give, or **** and r. दT) s. m. Gratis, what
- JP

H. ca-sc: --29l ift-patdng, s, m. Absurdity, non is given over and above or without purchase.
sense, what is without meaning or foundation. H. ---sl-9) ###hat, s, f) (from leyl tida) Brown

adj• Poor, helpless, destitute, in disorder.
c*५ *** ft:-patdng-3, adj. (used substantive

‘*l-9 tzda-i, s. f: TheSS०

S० 299 itd-bildo, s. m. An otter. See *?' &d.
ly) One who speaks inconsiderately or without
preparation. -
S• *s, अवधि (ठन थान and r. थT Hold) atcadh,
H० c* autan, 1॰ verbal ne(from ७52l autnd) Boil s. f. I. Agreement, promise, engagement. 2.
ing, evaporation by boiling. 2. 8. m. A A name of the province of tcsoxl dyodhya
knife used for cutting tobacco. (vulg. Oude).
s. ***9) अवधि (अव and r. धा Hold) oreddhi,
5. L-52l otna (see L-2l) v- a- 1. To defend, to
ekreen, to shelter. 2. To thrumb, to sepa JLimit : . adv. As far as, as long as.
rate the seed from cotton. 3. To catch (a ****?' उनब्धि (उलTप Water, and r. थT Hold)
ba II2 &c.). acdhi or abdhi, s. m. The ocean. “
rr. L-59l autad, w. a. To boil (as milk), to eva - gts9.अवधान (अनाव and r. थT IIold) aca
porate over a fire. v. n. To consume with dhan, adj. Cautious, attentiwe. s, m. Cau
rage or wexation. tion, attention.
>9' L»9

H. A-22l a-dhor, adv. There, thither, on that H० g?' ord, s, m. A basket, a pannier.
side, on the other side : see >>र्श ?rd/td?”. S. ७.99l orhnd (r. जुर्ण Cover) 1. v. a. To put

H० ***9) adham, s, m. Noise, impudence, rebel on (dress). 2. s. m. A sheet, cloak, or mantle.

lion, disturbance.
S. ८-४-92 orhn? (from ५४?l) S. f: A smaller sheet,
Jy a weil or woman's cloak.
tr. U४००-५l ifdhan-i, adj. Making noise, impu A->)ljyl du*dr, s. plur (of 992) 1. Sins or offences
dent, rebellious. -

(but in Hindi not used in this sense). 2. Arms,

1t. »?l or, s, f: 1. Origin. 2. Boundary, iimit. tools, apparatus. 9. The rigging and imple
3. Way, side (ward). >9l c~l as or, That
ments of a ship or hoat. 4. Asylums, places
way, on that side, thither-ward. **** >9) of defence.
or 7tibdhna, To be constant to, to protect (for
A. ७)}2l du2dn, s, plur. (ofej;) Weights.
S c” os (perhaps S&P Morning, dawn) s. f:

H.99l aar, conj. And, also. adj. More, other,

Dew- ५jt-j; L-9l os par Jani, To fall in
८-१199l aur ck, Another, separate, distinct, value, to be deprived of importance, splendour,
else. 25 c**>2' aur ndhift to, And if not then,
&c., to become less in demand than formerly.
and otherwise. Uss_9 aur hi, Quite different,
extraordinary. - w

Ir. ७\-9 ausan, s, m. 1. Sensation, sense. 2.

Courage. 3. Presence of mind.
P.95f ffroar, part. act. (from ७-92T) in compos.
Bringing, bearing. -
s. ७८४ अवसान (अव and r. षी Finish)dca
sdn, s. m. Conclusion, termination, cessation.
A• *99) dardd, s. plur. (of *292 tctrd) Daily re

hearsals, commemorations, devotion. H० ce:# u>9 os-barg, s. m. Name ofa medicine.

s. ५--9) अवस्था (उनव and r. ठT Stand, stay)
A. cl29l aurdk, s, plur. (of c399) Leaves.
aod-stha, s. f. State, condition, any particular
P. ४ej dtcurda or droardd, part. Pass. (of c99T) state varying with the progress of time, as
Brought. (Sans. उनT and SG Borne, from r.
youth, age, &c. -

वह Bear).
S. दृ9 attsuch (Soन व and सुचित Thoughtful)
s. *9? उद्ध संगddh, adi. High, on high, above adj. Without consideration, heedless.
2०५ *99 जुर्दबाहु arddhabah6 adj. With 8->-9' अवसर (उताव and r. सू: Go) drasar (or
arms aloft or raised up (a posture of Jogis). dusar) s, m. Occasion, opportunity, leisure- .
n. u99 orma, s, m. The name of a particular H० Z-9 osar, s. f. A heifer.
kind ofsewing, stitching together two breadths.
TP० e-99 attrdng, s, m. A throne *** asar (Sत्रिर) adj. Barren (land).
H. Jy-9l osrd, s, m. Turn, wicissitude.
P* usr*> e-92 aurdng-ceb-i, s, m. A kind of
cloth so called.
A. a-9l ausdt (from b-9) 1* adj* Middle, inter
TPw u*** ca4322l aurang-shdhर्थ, s, m- A kind of vening. 2. s, m. The middle, medium, inter
silk so called. -
val. 3, Mediocrity, moderation
A• u**9 ausat i (from a-9)) adj. Midmost, mid
H• *2) or-i (from_99l) adj. Partial ; sides-man,
protector. s, f. The eaves of a house. dling, moderate.
-3' 87 dbl
g. ७-9l ausnd (r. वTस्न Scent) v. n. To become If w c% frknd, w. n. To miss, to err, to trip, to
musty, to rot, to putrify. mistake.

H->“9' ***er, s, f. Remembrance, memory. 5 - * akh (Sans. दक्षु) s. f: Sugar-cane. (Sac

5• --9 ifsisd, s. m. See --- asisd. charum officinarum).
s. L9l अवशय (अव and r. प्रये Go) aeashya, S. 9é irkharnd, v. a. See 96ी akharnd.
adv• Certainly, necessarily, positively, ac 8. ***** जौषध 4at?adh, s, f See so-syl.
tually, really.
8 u*** okhli, s, f:
- A mortar. See Ué¢al//
s. U७ us, उलाकाल 2rsha-kdld, s. m. The dawn.
H० ४७; dugdh, adj. Deep.
S० ****?' उमौषध (from जोषधी An annual or
deciduous plant) aashadh, s, f. A medicament,
४७? अवगाह drodgah, अGI and r.
S० c*9 अवगाहन dudgdhan, गाह Agitate)
a drug, any herb, mineral, &c. used in medi
S- m. Bathing, ablution.
S० प****9' उमीषधी (ऊंीष Heat, and r. धा S. c* dttguin ( अवगुण comp. of Sनव and
गुण Dxcellence) s. m. Defect, blemish, vice.
Have) 0*#adhi or ok¢adhi, s, f An annual
Plant or herb ; an ingredient ofa medicine. ई, ८४४ dugrod अवगुणी (see c* dttgttn) adj.
* Without virtue or science, ignorant.
A• —ivel ““sg/3 s-plur. (of e-s-ey) Praises, qua
lities, endowments, descriptions. ****- -*ve?' s. L-5;l augha? (अनाव and r. *2 Go, move)
“tts¢/*i-famida, adj. Of Praiseworthy quali adj Inaccessible, steep ; unfrequented.
fications, of noble properties. म, ७४l d"डसे 5 f A whip like a waggoners,
about seven cubits long, used in training
A* ८०?l d45tyd, s, plur. (of U४०) Preceptors, horses.
executors (especially, of the divine commands).
A* ६**l da:d", 8. plur. (of e*2) Behaviour,
A. c9 dtrtod', 1॰ adj. First, best, principal ; pro
per; fit. 2. 8. m. Beginning. 3. autoad or
manners, breeding, politeness, &c. 22l “atcatd, adv. At first, in the first place.
it. J759l og4rd, s, m. A dish of food so called. 8. U9l o/; s, m. 1. (जील r. वल Destroy, .
A* --४9l dukdt, s, f: (plur. of e--3,) Times, cir i.e complaints) Name ofa vegetable the root
cumstances, ८४-५ --9) dukdt-basdr7, s, f. Pas of which is eaten (Arum campanulatum).
time, amusement, employment. 2. A hostage.
H- ‘-55 droak, s. m. Insurance. S,
1, ola (ओील adi. Web s, m. 1. Hail. 2.
u- -%l ok, s, f: 1. Sickness at the stomach, incli The name of a kind of sweetmeat. ५५-** 22l
nation to vomit. 2. A draught of water from otd h0jand, To become cold. ५***~c9
the hollow of the hand.
५ग्रै? c99 cy Joh sir mundayd to2 ole prre, I
H- -%l iik, s, f Prror, slip. had no sooner shaved my head than a shower
5- u>*9) जवत्रीाश (अव and r. काश Shine) of hail came on : (spoken of one who has just
engaged in an enterprise which turns out un
***akdsh, s, m. Leisure, opportunity ; inter fortunate). -

wal2 space.
A. Jy du/d, adj. Better, best : see }l atdh.
H. L-52l olnd, w. n. To vomit. “trtca/ag, adv. At first, in the first place.
c9) 88 c9' '
A. oly aulad, s, f: (plur. of oly) Children, ofी L*** ८३-८*** c9*c9' ५jT>5७ gattar dni trat
spring, descendants, progeny. koh baithi chare kapds, I brought the sheep for
II० ‘*9 olti, s. f: The eaves of a roof: wool and she is eating up the cotton : (spoken
of any thing done by way of economy, which
T. 43,l olka or alka, s, m. Territory, dominion.
turns out very expensive, or by which a loss
A• # ala, adj. Possessed of, endowed with. is incurred). -

See ch al?. 5. c9T (ftcan (see UT) s, m. Coming, approach.

u. # #ia, s. f: A kind of grass used in thatch c9 c9 dtcundacan, s. f: Tidings of arrival.
P ।

ing. (Saccharum cylindricum). H. Ul i7nd, s. m. A kind of sword, a scimitar. '

c5%) अवलोवान ( ऊव and r. लीवा See) 5. c>४?l ifn? (Sans. 3% trshtr) s. m. A camel.
dcalokan, s. m. Wiew, sight. P

S - ५5%) dcaloknd (see c*99) w. a. To see. S. H• 19u5 u-32l aat katard, s. m. Name of a
thistle of which camels are fond. (Echinops
. L-१99l dtdarjyat, s, f. Excellence, superiority, echinatus. Ito.cb.).
S• प* जवली drcoli (vulgarly duli) s. f: A row. n. uag, auhtnd, w. n. Same as ७5;l dutnd, q. v.
.2 P

SS ‘-**) irntni (from '--॰9l) s. f. A female camel
A. 02, aula, adj. compar. (ofugy) Better, best,
(Grandees). - **2) onth ( जोष्ठ ) s. m. The lip. See -*:32s*
A• ७9 ata, adi f: (of c?' durcat) First, principal, S- ५é,"#nchd (Sans. उव from ठतt and r. वि
Gather) adj. High, tall, above, steep, loud.
A* * fili adj. Possessed of, endowed with. ux d, ५2, fincha bol bolna, To speak with
uay Ug, alt-Padsar, Discerning, wise, dis pride. ७.०५ट्ट,l ancha sunna, To be hard of
creet. TA=t-bl Ug, filf-*dini¢“, Winged animals. hearing. uj७ ५3, ancha-kan-i, s, f: Deafhess.
9*) प#bl fili-l-dsm, Determined, resolute. u*9 \******* Ux ueद*? frnche bog kd 7na7th nichtz,

*** fili-¢hn, Possessed of science, learned. The proud ones are degraded.
A. L9l aultyd, s. Plur. (of uab) 1. Friends, com S - ¢·é fr7tchtr-2 (from \ट्र*? q. w.) s, f: Height,
panions (especially, of the prophets)- 2. The elevation, steepness
saints, the apostles, the holy. AJl "ubl atdiyd S - ढ* ढ*
** [**
ft7tch-mich (see ५*,fand ८**)
w ७य Ups and
t-allah, Friends of God.
downs of life, wicissitude, high and low, par
A. L-॰9l autoaftyd' (from Jyl ducal) 8. f: Prio
ticulars. -

rity, pre-eminence, excellence p. ०७j dcand (comp of ‘-f and ०2) s, m. A

A P->**bl aulg-tar (comp. of de9) and the Pers.
vessel, a pan.
»P) adj. Better, best. s, sogyl ondh (उत and *नव Knotted, bound)
A* ७*9 autodlin, adj plur- (ofJ;) The first, the s. m. The cord with which rafters or frames
former : the ancients for thatching on are pulled into their places
and fastened till the roof is finished.
tf us9 fimi, s. f, 'Au ear ofcorn (halfripe).
म. usoc, aundhd, adi. Upside down, overturned.
S• c*-

ffrt (जुर्णी T• जुणु Cover) s. f: Wool. c>< usog?l dundha bdk/1/, s, m, Misfortune,
Uol. 89 col

adverse fortune tju-१७००9l aundhi peshani, A• ७५) ahdli, s. plur. (of Usl) People, posses*
adi. Short-sighted ; unfortunate. sors, consorts, inhabitants. -

H. busogyl dundhd-nd, w. a. To turn upside down, H०

७\sl dhah, interj. Do not, no, nay.
to reverse, to overturn, to spill. A• ---१usl ihdnat (inf. IW. of७9s) s, f. Contempt,
H. Laogyl aandhna, v. n. To lower (as the sky). disdain, affront, insult, enmity.
H. ux9l aunda or onda, adi. Deep.
S० usustsl ahahaha (Sans. अल्ह) interj. expres
H० **9 irngh, s. f: Nodding, sleepiness. sive of surprise, pain, pleasure, &c. ah ! aha !

H. c**** fraghds, ((from ८*90 s, f. Drowsi c-sl* हित (आ and हित Love) d-htt, s, m.
EI- ¢फ% finghai, J ness, nodding, sleepiness, Enmity, want of affection.
--sी आहुति dhat or dhtrti, s. f: A burnt
FI, ५*** iinghnd, v. n. To nod from sleepiness,
- ****) ihtimdm (inf WIII. of Fs) s. f. Soli
to doze, to droop.
citude, care, anxiety, diligence.
म. ७-रूं?' anhid, adv. Exactly in that manner, so.
. L-sf dhdt, s, m. Sound, noise.
H. 'Ex ५jyl dune pattne, adv. More or less.
. At-ysf dhar jahar (from UT and ७७-) s, f
5. d# an-j (from c9l an) adj. Woollen. Coming and going.
H. 99l oho, interj. Heigh ! ho ! - ५,* aharna (उत, and r. फ़ु Scize) v, n. To
Ha * ir-i, interj. Oh ! subside (a swelling or inundation).
P._25 drocs, part. act. (of c-<;) in comp. . ४,०l dhra (उTाथTर from अT and r. पृ Hold)
Hanging- U%25 aree* karnd, To hang, to s. m. 1. A reservoir for collecting rain-water to
suspend. water the fields. 2. Fuel made ofcow-dung.
P. 92; doesd, part, Hanging, pendent s, m. - c*-र्श dhistd-gi, s. f Slowness, delay, gen
An ear-ring, drops worn in the ear. tleness, softness.
P. 5f ah, 1. s, f. A sigh. 2. interj. Alas ! ४ा . Ac--sf dhistd, adv. Gently, slowly, softly,
७>स dh bharna, To sigh. ४७Gl- ४f dh-t:jan-kah, tenderly 22 As-sf dhista-raa, Slow-paced.
A heart-rending sigh jy- A- ४f dh-t:jigur
. ८-४.s dhiste, adv. Gently, softly.
so2, A heart-burning sigh.
. ca_<s dhak, s. m. Quick lime, cement, plaster
r. •f ah, intej oh !
Usl dh/, s, m. People, possessor, inhabitant,
ia. sf dh (for -५८.yih) pron. This. thi, This very.
consort. adj. Fit, capable, worthy. (in com
H• usf athdr, s, m. A covering, a cover of a lit pos.) Possessed of, endowed with. AUl Usl
ter or palki for women. ahltt-llah, People of God : dervises, fakirs.
a. >usl ahdr, s, m. Starch, glue, paste. c>>? cusl dht*#bai? (People of the house) fa
४. >usT उप्राहार (अT and r. 5 Seize) ahar, mily ; (but always meaning) the family of the
vulgarly ahar, s. m. Aliment, food, wictuals. prophet Muhammad. 43,- usl ah*##iofa, Ar
a. U»usl ahar-nf, v, a. To paste. tificer, artisan. L--०७e- Usl ah****dtidmat, An
Jsl 00 c*l
officer, one in office under the government sighted. cug Jal aht-a-nifak, Infidels, ene
Jo Jsl ahl-f-dit; Liberal, brave, generous ? mies. k_-22 Usl ahl-t-acard", Pious, religious.
dervises. J,० usl ahéç-darcat, Possessed of _,** Usl ahl-ई-hair, Separated from friends or
wealth, rich. cys ujsl ahl-t-gauk, Addicted to from the beloved.

pleasure, a voluptuary. >9 29 Jal ah***rosgar, H. lsl dhla or fhla, s. Inundation, deluge, flood,
Knowing the world, skilful. c-9 usl dhkixish,
Having a beard ; a grown up man. ७८9 usl H. 2usl ahto, s. See lsl ahla.
ahl+४aman, Time serving. c--०j Usl aht-fad s. Llsl *Tहत्*यI ahatya, n. prop. 1. Wife of
min, An inhabitant of the earth. Asj Jsl Gotant and daughter of Brahma. 2. One of
dht-f-sahd, Continent, devout, pious. ७=* csl the Apsaras.
dht-f-sakhan, Eloquent. &_r* Jal ah/-i-shar*, A. ---*Lol dhttyat (from Usl) 8. f: 1. Worth,
A legislator, a lawyer, one who observes the worthiness, capability, skill. 2. Possession.
law of Muhammad. La० Usl ahl-t-ggfa, Pure A. Aalsl ahliyd, s, f. A wife.
in heart; a Siffi ; a voluptuary. ५८-eue Usl A• **l ahamm, adj. compar. (from c-०As) Im
ahttfadº, obedient, faithful to God. e's us portant, wery momentous. »'5 **) dhamm-i-kdr,
ahl-ffab", Possessed of genius, person of ge Important business.
nius. As.b ujsl aht-t-tabka, One who does not A• Jusl ihmat, ****** | (inf IW. of ULAs) Negli

observe the precepts of Muhammad. C9b usl 4. UJu**l ihmd**, 8. f gence, indolence, de
ahl-i-tarik, An observer of the laws of Muhann lay, carelessness.
mad. -2,P Jsl ahl-i-8apf; Noble. -37e usl
n. ७sl dhun, adv. Do not, not, no, nny.
ahl4-2rf, People of the law, wise people. H. ७०l ihin (in Braj) This very (place, manner, '
७४/e c*) ahl i-ffan, Learned, well-informed, &c.) •

intelligent. Jae usl ah*****, Wise le usl TP. c* tiham, s. m. Iron.

ahl4-jhn, Scientifick. A.3 Jsl ahb##ibla, They P-५2 ७sी dhdn-rtdba (cर्श Iron, and ५9 rubd, part.
of ७9,9 To seize) s, m. A loadstone.
who direct their faces to Mecca in prayer, Mu
hammadan8. 9७ usl ahl i-kar, A workman, a s.>७४-sl ऊहंवार (अहम I, and वीTर What
clerk. ८-०c5 Usl aht-t-kitab2 A learned man, a makes) dhankdr, 5. m. Pride, egotism, arro
person of any religion revealed and contained gance, haughtiness, conceit.
in books. p* usl aht-i-karam, ILiberal, gene ** ५-29७०-sl जहंकारी (from >५४-sl q- v.) ahankdrf>
TOuS० du** Usl ahl-i-kamai, Perfect, excellent. adj. Haughty, arrogant, proud
c-** usl ahl-t-hadjits, An assistant, a member P. ce...s dhang, s. m. Design, purpose, in
of(genteel) society, a courtier L-3,*-०usl aht tention : application : an arch : a shore : me
i-md*rifat, Possessed of the knowledge of God. thod, manner : quality of men or aninuals -
u---a>० Usl ahki-mansab, A minister, a person drawing : sound, melody : one of the Persian
tunes or modulations in musick
in office. Jai usl ahki aagar, Discerning, clear
५l 91 >*)
P.Asf dhan gar, s, m. A worker in iron, a A• *५l ajyam, s, m. plur. (of ("x) 1. Days, times.
blacksmith. 2. Season, weather.
TP० c*** dhan-i, }"यूं Of iron, iron, made of s. U५l ayana, adj- Ignorant, &c. See ७५51.
TP० c*** dhan-a??, iron. *=t: ७-** dhartin
A. c-ईTayat, s, f: A sign, a mark ; a sentence,
* partia, adj. Iron-handed, strong, powerful. verse or paragraph of the Karan contained
P. ysf dhif, 8- m. 1. A deer. 2. Wice, defect, between signs which serve as stops, cla० L-४
fault. 27? ysf dhir-hard, A fawn. ***** dhiz dyat-i-matlak, A stop (in grammar) used in
gir-i, The catching of deer. the Karan only and equivalent nearly to a
C0Tin Inal०
5. 9bl ऊहो aho, interj. O ! holla ! won
derful ! H. ual eta, adj. So much, so, thus much
ue* ahe (अह or ह) interj. O ! sign of H० >*! itar, part. act. (from UJPl itrana, q v.)
the vocative. Acting affectedly, &c.
P० u** ahe, interj. O ! holla ! A. -ilcal itildf (inf WIII. of L--all) 8. m. Fa
miliarity, friendship, society, connexion, com
g. Acbl ahir (ऊाभीर) s. m. A cowherd, a cast pany, correspondence.
or tribe whose business it is to attend on cows.
H. ७cal etnd, adj. So much, so many, so. See
s. Acsl aher ( उमाखेट) s. f: Prey, game, the ual and c) -

chase, hunting. g.9ly५l ctoar, s, m. Sunday. See >ly] ffabar.

5. ५5/esl ahir*# (उमाभीरी) s. f: A female of
A० ‘-->uत्र्ट jjah (inf. IW. of ‘--*+9) 8. m. I.
the dhir cast : see J**l dhir.
5. ५-9-bl aher-f *५
Rendefing necessary. 2. (in logick) Afiirma
5. ५A*l aha ga, }(आखेटी)* m. A sports

tion (opposite to privation). 3. {in Muham

madan law) The first proposal made by one of
man, a hunter.
the parties in negociating or concluding a
s. P. usl ai (Sans. ऐ) interj. O ! used in calling bargain.
to or addressing. L** * at-kash, Would to A. oue fidd (inf IW* of93-9) 1. 8. m. Invention.
God ! I wish. 2. adj. Invented. g,5 ou+: fidd karnd, To
s. P. usl e (Sans. य) interj. O ! a respectful
particle of address. 1r.AAal idhar? adv. Here, hither. See Acl
H. ८*l ai (in Braj) Come. (affixed) Exactly,
very. A. l3gl igd (inf IW* of c-१dl) s, f Pain, trouble,
A- *----५ dydt, s, plur. of L-४f dyat, q. v. vexation, distress, afiliction- ***** lagl isa
dihindi, s. f: Giving pain, tormenting
T- ६५) 4ydg4, s, m. A cup. *

H. Zeetyal erapher, s, m. R Exchange, inter

P. H. ८Jul “yal, s, f: A horse's mane. (Pers, ET० *##P) erapheri, s, f change ; dancing
८U५.9/al). attendance.
A• ---*gl iyalaई (inf IW. of cbl) s. f: Dominion,
A. ojgl irad (inf TV, of92) s, f Bringing, ad
government. ducing, producing.
N 2
c** 92 ckl
1P. cJP irdn, n. prop. Persia. A. ual di:ag, adv. Again, also, as before. -

JP० ‘ईJAlirdhi, adj. Persian. A. ५५ ?/7 (inf. IW. of gy) 5. f Performing (a

promise, &c.), performance, paying, satisfying,
5 -2Jal ऐरावत airdtoat, Indra's elephant. fulfilling.
* cgfा आयुर्बल (आयुस Age, and बल . L&' शव ek, adj. One, c*** ७१l ck-d-ck-i,
Strength) dyur-bal, s. f: Age. adv. All at once. cf ce-१ ek ad, Some few.
5• ¥Al ईर्षोOI" ईष्र्यो irkha or irskyd, s, f cॐ५ ८-१l ck 2drgi, All at once- ----० -->४)
ek dast, Altogether, entire. ७- ८-१l ck sdh,
Envy, emulation.
adj. Alike, similar- ८-59* ७० u-5" Lal ck se
H. ८52' cri, interj. O ! A vocative particle for dtn na rahne, Is used to denote a change of
condition, most commonly from good to evil,
it. Pl cr, s, f Striking with the heel, spurring. but sometimes the reverse- ५j७० L-०७.55 -४
५५०jal er marna, To spur. ck ki das saaani, To reply ten (words) for
A. ५४xl c??, s, f: The heel. %५० ugal crideAMo, one : (spoken of a person who replies with
Look at your heel (look at home) : a phrase many words, especially in giving abuse). ८-१
used to obviate the effect ofan evil eye. -* ck /akh/, Altogether, entirely. As c=-॰)
TP० 9%) esid, s. m. God. L&l ck nd ck, One or other.
P* प*** ecid-i, adj. Divine. ..

• L००५ एकादश ckddds, adj. Eleventh. '

S० c-9 ईश (r. ईश Itule) is, s. m. Lord ; a
* us****) एकादशी ckadas-i, s. f. The eleventh
name of Sicd.
day of the month.
It. u-१l disd (from L* This, and L० Like, or for
Sans. ईदृश Like this) adj. Such, this-like. * ---५७५ एकांत (युवा 0ne, andअन्त Bound,
limit) eltant, or ..०० --०७५l ckdht med, adv.
so : resembling, like (particularly when joined Aside, apart, alotie, on one side or part.
to other words ; as, U-५ 9z० murd disa, Like a
man). U---g U~* disd tdisd or U-2 \-५l disa todsd,
. c-&' **युती (see c-८-l) d:yakt, Unfit, &c.
So so, indifferent, indifferently. . Uè%l ek-th? (see te:5l ikntthd) adj. Together,
s. ७-*) ईशान (r. ईश IRule) isdn, A name of collected. S. m. A stnall boat rowed by one
Sird c95 ७-५l isan kon, s, m. North-east.
g,5 ५:&l ckthd karnd, To gather, to
collect. -

P. ४ou~*l fstddd, part- Standing.

c-**** शकविश Ckacinsd, adj. Twenty-first.
it. 2-ई अायमु dyasa, S. m. Command, order. -

* -----****) एवबिंशति Ckdrcinscti, adj. Twen

5० 9,- ईश्वर (r. ईश Itule) istoar, s. m.
Ruler, master, lord ; Sird : God. - ***] ?kh ( इक्षु ) s. f: A sugar-cane.
5० g,- ईश्वरता istoar-td, s, f: Divinity.
H० c9-* aisoft, adv. This year.
- c* digan (ऊवगुण SCte c5; dugun) S• in2

Unskilfulness, stupidity. --

c:-*) dise7?? }Ges \-५l) adv.

H० १l dise, Thus.
H० c** elchi, s. m. .An ambassadour, envoy,
**>)***Jishaar. See >9-५ ग्***** agent, attorney. \** ८** ctchipdad, s. m.
c* 99 x)
Ambassadourship, agency. U% *** ८** elchi
H. ढंs ainch or inch (from ७-३५) Reserve, draw
gari karnd, To act the ambassadour, &c.2 to ing.
act for another.
H. ७.३-४l ainchnd or inchnd, v. a. To draw, to
A• c५], iyat or aiyad (Heb. ?'k) s. m. A stag, a attract.

mountain goat. 5->**] indu7’ (इन्दूर 2s. m. A rat, a mouse.

n. ly५l etted, s, m. Aloes. P. ४०८४ाdyanda, part. act. (of ७**ा) Coming,
future. adv. In future.
-A • ५५] fma (inf. IW. of t9) s. f: Sign, nod,
wink, emblem, symptom. P. ४.४29 ४०cईT dyanda racinda, part. act. (from
A• ७**] iman (inf. IW. of cycl Heb, ibs Trusted, ७०४f To come, and ७-3, To go) Coming and
going, passing to and fro.
was secure) 8. m. Faith, belief religion,
conscience. >l* ७५५ inuart-ddr, faithful, ho s, c***l indha” (दन्थन r. दन्थ Kindle) s. m.
nest. Fuel (wood, grass, &c.).
म. cy*al eman, s, m. A musical mode. S• U&…' dindnd (r. ठरठ Go) v. n. To strut, to
A. 44.?l a'tmma, s. plur-of *** imdm, q. v. 9&
44४l nagr-t-ajmmd, A grant of land, &c. to the IH• b***] indhird, s. m. A roll or round fold on
people who attend at the tomb ofa saint. which a burthen is carried on the head.
A. 449l aimd, s. m. (for a'tmma, plur. of ***l but HA** ingur, s, m. Red-lead, minium.
used to denote) Land given as a reward or fa P. <f 6’ind, s. m. 1. A mirror, a looking-glass.
vour by the king at a very low rent, a fief 2. The knee-pan. Ac~: c* d'in-bdstd, or Ac~?
(when no rent is paid, it being called ढ7** c* basta-ain, or oc.3 Acf d'htd-2dhr* Adorned
la khirdj) : charity lands. 9/० 4**l aima-ddr, with mirrors, c******* a'ind-bttndi, s. f. Or
One who holds land in A.4४l aima, a feoffee.
namenting with mirrors- >'* Acf dind-dar.
P. cट्री
din, s. m. Regulation, institute, rules,
common law (the laws delivered by Muham
The maid who holds the mirror* 29 ***' '
a'inn-rfr, Having a face bright as a mirror
mad being called ६Z* shar*, and those esta
9- Ac: dind-sds, A mirror-maker u-9- 4॰ा
blished by princes, ७* dirt), custom, manner. a’ind-sa2-i, s. f: Mirror-making- c<* 4-ई]
P. c५l in, pron. dem. This. @ind-mahul, (a glazed house) An apartment
A• e ain, adv. Where ? .. the walls of which are covered with mirrors
s. u=-४l int (दठिवी) s, f. A brick. S. #T f/f (उाायुस) s. Age.
H. U***) ainta, s. m. A snail. P. ७)xl ditodn, s, m* A hall, a gallery, a palace
a. ५७-l infayd, s, m. A kind of dove. S * -५० x अायुर्बल dyurbal, s. f Age. See J?9**
5• P• -*** int-gari, s, f. Brick-work. S . 19xा 4yarda (Sans.उनाड्युस्त) s, f Age.
H. ****al amp, s. f. Twisting, tightening, twist F. A • *b ८*l ai toae (Pers. usl and Arab usly) in

rr. Leacal ainthnd, v. a. To tighten* Y* "" To terj. Alas ! alas !

writhe, to cramp, to twist ; to strut, to stalk? s. L**** उायोध्या (अ युथ Fight)
and r.
to walk affectedly. a yodhyd, s. f. (not to be warred against) The
C--* 94 ‘-->५

name of the country of which ftdma was sove s. ८-० {त्र? ba, may stand for ७,’ (वरूण) ८arng,
reign, Oude. See ४.५l aroadh. The god of water. It may, also, denote Sun,
ocean, or water.
Agl eha,
. ५५l cha, } (द्रह) adv. Here. See ७५१. P. ५ ba, prep. With, by. 2AT ५ bd abra, adv.
A. Af dya, s, m. A sentence of the Auran. See Honourably, respectably. DPl ५ ba asar, adj.
Notable, remarkable, effectual. AGा u bd an
'--* dyaf.
ki, Although. ७५५l ५ 2d iman, Faithful, re
ligious cAG ५ batadbir, Prudent, with good
counsel. J*** ५ 2d-famis, Discreet, judicious.
>29** ५ 2d tha"#r, Intelligent, sagacious. t:
‘-27* 2d murifroat, Manly, brave, generous.
2}*५ 2a masa, Tasteful, delicious. e*? ५
८-० bc, called b ba in Arabic, is the second ?d roa:*, Mannerly, politely, respectfully.
Ietter of the Arabic and Persian alpha
७, ५ bd aogfa, Faithful. *
bets : and, in the representation of Hindi
words by the letters of these alphabets, it A* --५ 2db, s, m. 1. A door, gate. 2. A chap
ter, section or division of a book. 9. Subject,
corresponds to the Nagari त्र; or, with s (he)
subjoined, to *d. When used numerically, head, afiair, business, point, matter, reason,
manner, mode, species, sort.
according to the Asel or arrangement of the
Arabic alphabet to signify numbers, it stands T • ५५ 2aba, s, m. Father: sire! sir : child !,
for ttco: hence, it is used to denote the second A० ५-५५ babat, S• f Account, head, article,
day of the week, Monday ; and, in astrono item : business, afiair, matter ; on account (of).
mical calculations, the sign Gemini. By way
of abbreviation, moreover, it is occasionally H. A५ babar, s. A kind of sweetmeat.
written for the month --॰9 rajab, of which A. c५५ babal, n. prop. Babel or Babylon.
word it is the final letter. At the middle or n. ८.४५५ babni, s, f. A snake's hole. See ८४१.४५.
end of a word, this letter is sometimes H. 2५ baba, s. m. 1. A child. 2. A prince. 3.
changed to • or -* ८र’ as, c--d tap for t-s Master (a title given by Hindus, equivalent to
tab, A fever ; ७७} sqfan for ७५j saban, Lan Mr. or squire).
guage3 *# ghashnt for --श्रृंa g4ash2, Agrape P . 432॰५ babana, s, m. 1. Camomile. 2. Wild
stone. In Persian words, too, it is occasional
ivy. (Jtichards)-
ly interchanged with 2 : and in such as are
borrowed or derived from the Sanskrit, it is H. ८र-५ bap, s, m. Father- UA cर-५ bap karnd,
frequently substituted for the Nagari letter RT* To consider as a father. ५४, ८-०५ bap re (O
father t) and J,०० cर-५ bap mera (My father !)
A. ८-० bi, prep. (alway8 prefixed to another are exclamations expressive of surprise,
word) By, with, from, in, into, near, on, ac grief; &c. -

cording to, for, towards.

s . *५ baph (Sans. नT*) s, f Steam, vapour.
r. ८-० ba, prep. (often prefixed to another word,
but, when standing alone, written 4॰) With, S. cou bat (Sans. वार्ता r. वृत Come to pass)
by, for, in, into, to, up to, on, upon. s. f: 1* Speech, language, word. 2. Account,
‘-५ 96 ढ*
subject, question, cause, afiair, mattery cir no time in doing any thing- ५७-० crst bated
cumstance. ७.०७७५ ८-०५ bat bandhnd, To sundaa, To abuse, to speak harshly. ७-**
sophisticate, to prevaricate. buॐ ---५ 24* u८.० bated sanna, To receive abuse or harsh
barhdna, To prolong a contest. Uj७१ ----५ reproof.
bat bigarna, To mar a plot, to spoil. \\* -५ s, co५ bat (3Tत Wind, from which this dis
bat banana, To make up a story, to make
ease is supposed to arise) s, m. Pain in the
excuses. U५ co५ bat pana, To accomplish joints, rheumatism.
one's wishes, to efectones purpose- 9Act: ---५
hat pherna, To equivocate. ****** L८-५ bat 5. ५j;?५ 2dttini (from co५ bdt) adj. Conversible,
phenknd, To jeer, to mock, to speak at (but talkative, chatty, entertaining.
not to). ulg c५ bat tdhra, To put ofi, to S० kex५ battiniya (from L-->५ bad) s. m. A talk
excuse one's self ux5- ८-०५ bat chaland, To ative, conversible, entertaining person.
converse, to start a subject. L*-*5- ८-०५ ba? 5. पçk bati (वर्ति) 8. f: l. A candle. 2. The
chit, s, f. Conversation, chit-chat. by००८-०५ wick of a lamp. 3. A tent or bougie put into
bat dharana, To persist in making excuses, a wound to keep it open.
to put ofl, to evade. ul5 ८-०५ bat datna, To
s. -->५ नTC bat, s, f A road, a highway.
throw away one's words, to ask in vain. c-०५
uॐ, bat rakhna, To assist, to agree, tocomply. 8. -->५ bd? ( वटव) 8. m. A weight or measure
\-> c-५ bdt rahna, To make good one's words, of weight.
to be fulfilled or accomplished (declarations), s. ७Gu वाटिका bdttka, s. m. A villa.
to succeed, to overcome, to get the better in s. ७५ वाटी Aai, s, f A habitation, dwelling
arguments, to be accepted, to preserve per house, home, a garden-house.
fect. t% %५ ७ ८-०५ bat ka batakkar karna,
To multiply words, to talk much on little.
5. ( ## U?५ bate ghate (-->५ Road, and ‘-->५5
ug5 c०५ bat katna, To interrupt. u*** '--->५
हैं, ford, bathing place by a river side) adv.
Somewhere or other.
by's cr** bat karsi nishin hond, To be accept
P० ल५ bai, s. m. A tax, duty, toll, impost, &c.
able or approved of, a word or speech. L-->५
bA btft karna, To converse, to talk, to speak. tribute. JlA-५ bajddr, A tax-gatherer, a col
lector of tribute or revenue. >l35 द५ bdjgugar,
3५5 --५ bat-kahtio, s. Conversation, chit-chat.
One who pays taxes, duties, &c.
८-५ ७: ८-०५ bat ki bat, Unmeaning orders, s. ५-५ bdja (वार्थ) s. m. A musical instrument.
commands not expected to be obeyed, words
of course, c** ---५ c5 e-b bat ki bat med, म. 1,॰-५ bajra, s, m. A kind of grain so called,
adv- Instantly. ७9% ८-५ bat garhna, To indian corn. (Holcus spicatus).
speak to the purpose, to (speak so that one's s, c,-५ bajan, 5, m. plur. Musical instruments.
words) have effect or make impression. L-०५ See ५-५ baja.
Ut53 édt lagand, To calumniate, to insinuate s. ७८-५ bajnd (from वTटT see ५-५) w. n. To

- something maliciously. U)L० L-->५ bat marna, sound (as a musical instrument) : to be pub
To turn off, to evade, to divert a discourse, lished.

&e- u25 *र्त c८०८-५ bat men kuchh karnd, s. ५-५ ७-५ 2aja” baja (see ५-५) s, m. plur.
To perform a business in a short time, to lose Musical instruments.
9५ 96 ०५

3- 4-४ 4-५ bdia g@ja (see t-५) s, m. The sound s. ०५ bdd (or cad for RTद r. वदर. Speak) s. m.
or clangour of various musical instruments. 1. Accusation, dispute, assertion, afiirmation.
s ue-५ वाऽती &#i, s, m. A horse. - --- 2. (for नTत) Itheumatism. UA c५ bad karnd,
To argue. -

s. t5-५ वTचा (r. विप्न Speak) bacha or -cachd,

s. f: Afiirmation; agreement, promise, word. P. *log badam (Sans. वTतT>T) s, m. An almond.
* -३-५ वाचक (r. वच Speak) hachak or P. U४*l०५ 0ddduri, adj- 1. -Almond-coloured,
odchak, part. act. J. Speaker. 2. (in grame almond-shaped. 2. A kind of eunuch. v,

mar) An explanatory particle. P • ७५०५ bdd-2dn, s, m. 1. A sail. 2. A vessel

S. -स्त्र्-५ 0dchh, 1॰ s. f (वांछा Desire) Selection. used to hold a lamp for the purpose of protect
2. (वन्त्री The mouth) The corner of the lip, ing it from the wind.
3. adj. Useless. -

bdd-pd, s.t m.
५ o५ A swift. horse.
- -

* * - -

5 . ५३-५ bachha (वतस्म) s. m. A calf or the . 4.५८-०५ bdd-khdyd, s, m. The rupture.

young of any animal. -

P.99-- ०५ bad AAor, s, m. A disease in horses

. ct5-५ bachhad (r. वाहर Desire) v a, To from which the hair falls off:

choose, to select- …. *,
P . I)ye- ०५ 2ddld10rd, A scald head. (Tinea ca
* ‘८२-५ पत्रTच्य (r. व प्ले Speak) bachya or edchya, pitis).
1. 8. m. A_sentence (in grammar). 2. adj. S -
A०५ badar, s, m. A cloud. See d-५- - --

speakable, fit to speak. S .9०५ ८ado ( वातूलि or वादूलि ) s. m.** A

P. Ace-b bdkhta, part. pass. (of c**५) Played. flying fox, a bat. --
- --- -
-* -- *

P . Ae-५ bakhd, s, m. A tortoise. P. ca-॰9०५ bdd-rung, s, m. A sort of cucumber

P . ७५ bdd (Sans. वात) s, f: Wind, air, breeze, P. Ac.29०५ bdd-reshd, s, m. 1. A whirl, a circular
2. The
gale. L*** ०५ bdd-paintd, adj. 1. Swift, match piece of wood at the end ofa spindle.
ing the winds ; a swift horse. 2. A worthless round pieceof wood at the upper end of a tent
person who cares not what he says, an idle pole. -

- ** * *x * *

talker, a false speaker, one busied in useless P. 49०५ 2ddriya, s, m. A ventilator, suspended
labour. occ o५ bad-f-tand, A stormy wind. to the roof of a house, to increase the circula
७७3, ०५ had rgftar, adi. Swift as the wind. tion of air and drive away flies.
94-००५ badd-samant, s. f. A hot pestilential P. 2L॰०५ bddshah, s. m. A king, a sovereign.
wind. g% ८-०५ ७० ०५ bdd se bat karna, To go P. Acusl.cot: Addshdh-dnd, adj. Imperial, royal.
very quickly, to be very swift. 49-० ०५ bdd adv. Royally, princely. -

i-shtota, A fair wind, a favourable wind. ०५

u.० bdd-f-subd, s, f: The morning breeze, a P. c-sL&ob badshahat, s. f: Royalty, empire,
kingdom, government. -

zephyr, a refreshing gale. e-9P ०५ bdd-f:/a-

r. ७su००५ hadshah i, adi. Royal, imperial. * f
rang, The pox. -Juse* ०५ bad-i-mukha/?/; s. f
A contrary wind. ०५-० ०५ 2dd-f-mardd, s. f. A Royalty, empire, reign, sovereignty
fair or favourable wind. P. C:5o५ bddrkash, s, m. A fan, a ventilator.
P. ७५ Add (imper. of c***) Let it be, so be it. S• U-५ 2adat ( वारिद ) s, m. A cloud.

०५ - 07 >५
H. Jo५ &ddld, A s, m- Gold or silver thread or (usod adjectively) Loaded, full of truit, preg
ia. do५ badla, wire, brocade.
nant. 9,59५ 2ar-farnd, To load. 22/५ bar
H० c9-५ bdduli, s. f: Silver cloth. *oor, adj. Fruitful, producing fruit.
P. LAG ou bad-rtarma, s. m. A weather-cock. P. 5. ७५००५ bar dena, w. a. To load, to give
P. *o५ bada, s, m. Wine, spirits. L-5 ४०५ bada charge ; to impose, to give trouble, to encum
kash, Wine-dra wer. प******५ bada-nosh-i, s. f: her : to give admission, to give leave.
Wine-drinking. s.9५ 26r (for Sans, वTर or वार) s, f. Time,
r. teog badha, Plur. of०५ bad, winds. occasion, delay : s. m. Day : Door : (for
s, uso५ वT*4T badha, 8. f. Pain, distress : ob चनTKO s. m. Water : (for बाल) s. m. Child :
struction, hinderance, prevention. Hair : (for वालT) s, f. A girl, a womaa.
ut%]9५ 2ar Jagana, w.a. To delay, to hesitate.
P. usly० ०५ badhnaca-i, s, f. Fruitlessness, use
lessness, waste. 5.9५ bar (Seej५) s, f Werge, edge.
P. ५४ob Addi, adj. Flatulent. P. ७y५ 2dran, s, m. Rain.
3. u*ok वादा (r. वद Speak) badi or oddi, part. P. ५ji)५ baran-i, adi. IRelating to, or depending
used substantively, A speaker, an accuser, a on rain. s. f: A great coat or a cloak for
plaintifi, an enemy, a mischief-maker, a dis keeping off the rain.
putaut. >29:- *9५ badg-chor, An inveterate 5. 2)५ bdrah, s, ma. A hog. See *7’ वराह.
P. »५,५ bar-Mar, adv. Repeatedly, often.
A. ५८०५ 5adi, part. act. (from yod) Beginner, au P. Ac७.9५ barkhana, s. m. A warehouse.
s. 9५ वारिद ( वारि Water, and K act. part.
P. Ago५ badiya, s, m. A bowl, cup, glass (but from r. दT Give) bartd, s, m. A cloud.
generally made of brass or bell-metal).
A. 9५ barid (from 9/?) adj. Cold.
A. Agou badiya, s. m. A desert, a forest. JP० L2)५ barish (from cy*५५ To rain. Sans. वर्ष)

a, s5५ badh, s, f Stubble. s. f Rain.

TTw ue5t: badhnd, w. a. To cut. P० A० (*५५ bar--#m, s, m. Publick audience.
r.७५ 2ar, 1• s, m. Load, burden, heaviness,
A. Alll c%५ bdrakallah, God prosper you ! (a
pregnancy, fruit : time, once, repetition : leave,
phrase expressive of approbation).
permission, admittance, access : court, tribu
TP० c*9५ bar-kash, part. act. (used substantively)
nal, assembly, convention : sitting of a sove
Burden-bearing or-drawing ; elephants, cart*,
reign to give audience. 2. part. act. (of cA¢»५
a porter, &c.
T० rain, used in comp.) Raining- 9l3, 9५
Bar-burdar, Burthen-bearing ; a beast of bur r. ४७.५५ bargdh, s, f A court, palace, place of
the n. प***22 »५ bir-2ardar-i, s f: *The means audience. u/** 8 9५ bargah-i-khag, Private
of conveyance ; burden - bearing, beasts of court, privy council chamber- pue *9५ bargdh
burthen. Jee-9५ bar.##44fir, Tiresomeness, ##in, Publick court (where every body is ad
trouble of mind. ५)9५ bar*#ilaha, or ५७८. ०५ mitted). -

*az-***tudaya, Great God ! 99५ 2ar-dar, part. 1*० >-9५ bar-gir, s. m. 1. A horseman (soldier)
०५ 98 2५
who does not find his own horse. 2. A beast s. ५9५ bart, s, f. (for वाला? A young girl :
of burthen. (for स्त्रTर) Time, tour, turn. Jlo u9५ bdrf
s: c9५ चTरण (r. द Prevent) baran or carag, ddr, An attendant who waits in turn with
s. m. I. Forbidding, prohibiting, preventing. others. ---s u* ८9५ bari ki tap, An intermit
tent fewer.
2. An elephant.
s, g)५ barna (वारण) v. n. To leave ofl, to r. ८-५9५ 2dr:yah, adi. Admitted at court or
separate. v. a. To forbid, to prohibit. into company, obtaining admission.

a. 9५ 2arnd, w, a. To light, to kindle. P. Uट५9५ barg/ab-i, s, f Admittance at court or

into company.
JPa c**9५ bdrandagi, s, f. Itaining, rain.
P, L&9५ barik, adj. Fine, slender, minute, sub
5. G2५ व रिणी bdrani or carupi, s. f: Spirituous Intelligent,
tile c* LL&9५ 2drik-0in, adj.
liquor. quick of apprehension, penetrating.
5.29५ 2ara (बालुबाा? s, f Sand. See y५. IP. u***2५ barik-i, s. f. Subtilty, minuteness
S .29t bara, s. A child. (Perhaps, for J५ q. v.). g. jg bar (r. वठ or वऽ Surround) 8. f. Edge,
H. 29५ baria, s. f: margin ; a fence, a hedge ; a line (of soldiers) ;
T* -29५ bdrift, s. f: }Gunpowder name of a place near Monger. bl;}५ bar
arana, To fire a volley. ५-०.४५ 9५ bdr handh
5. 9५ 2arah (दूादशन) adj Twelve bys --५ 9५
bdrah bat hond, To be vagabond, ruined or nd, To enclose a field with thorns. Uj७- jt:
harassed. ५-99 9५ bdrdh-dar-i (from 2)५ and bar iharna, To fire a volley. ul2/5-j५ 2ar
chtricana, or g--jt bdr chirna, To sharpen.
Je a door ; q. d. Having twelve doors) s, f
A summer house. bl}०४५ bar difadna, or ५०jt bar dena, To
sharpen, to grind ; to excite, to instigate.
9. ७०- 9५ barah singa (द्वादश Twelve, and u-6)jt bat rukhnd, To sharpen.
शृंग Horn) 9. m. A stag. (Cervus elaphus). s. U५ bdra (r. न८ Surround : share out) s, m.
1. An enclosure. 2. Alms, charity.
P.७५ bacha, adv. Often, repeatedly.
P. ५9५ bare, adv. 1. Once, one time, all at . ४५ harh (from u४५) s, f: 1. A flood. 2. Pro
motion, increase.
once. 2. At last, at length.
5० ७.४५ barhnd, w. n. See \-9P bdrhnd.
A. c9५ 2dri (from JA Heb, xna Created) part.
act. (used substantively) The Deity, the Crea s. ७४५ bdrhi (from u.४५) s, f Usurious profit
or interest taken on grain.
tor. u9* ५न?9५ bart-taúlg, The most high God.
s. cejt bdri ( वाटी) s, f. An enclosed piece of
5. u9५ 0ar? (वाटी 9 s, f. A garden, an orchard, ground, a garden, orchard, kitchen garden ; a
a house. See ५-99 bari. - J
house with the garden, orchard, &c. attached
IH. **** bari, s. f. 1. A window. 2. The name to it.

of a cast of Hindus whose business it is to sell S . ५४५ bar:ya (from jt Edge) s, m. A whetter
torches and leaves which are used as platters. (of swords, knive8, &c.).
9. An ornament worn in the ear and nose.
r.jt: 06॰, 1. (Sans. नाजी) s, m. A hawk, a fe
2५ - 90 ०-५
male falcon• Jl० 9५ ha४-dar, s. m. A fal 2. Wagering. 3. A toy, a plaything, a gew
coner. ५9loju bas-dard, s, f The keeping gaw.

of hawks or falcons. 2. adv. Again, back. P. ४७१j५ bact-gah, s, f. Place for play.
Uा j५ bas ana, To decline, to leave off, to re TP० A89५ bagi-gar, s. m. A tumbler, one who
fuse, to reject, to desist. L-45, 9५ bde ?rdkh7?d, exhibits feats of activity.
To hold back, to prevent, to forbid. L99५ P० cॐ9: bd८t-gdran, }"## s. f. A tttm
bds rahna, To decline, to reject, to leave off P. प##j५ bazigarai, bling woman. .
3, adj. Open. 4. (in compos. part. act of s, c*५ वTस्न bas, s. f. Smell, scent, odour.
७०४४५ To play) Player. 9५ ¢}** shatrdrtj
bas, Chess-player. }५ 4R>- kakka-ba83 A. jug s, c*५ वास्त (r. वस्न Dwell) bas or cds, s. m.
gler. Abode, residence.
5.* u-०५ bdsd (वTस्त) s. m. Lodging, abode,
r.)}५ basar, s, m. A market -

P. u99५ bdsdr-f, adj- Belonging to the market ; dwelling, temporary residence.

a market person. s. -4:-५ bdsdth (Sans. दूिछष्ठि) adj. Sixty-two
P, L»¢»५ bd**pttrs, 8- m- Reiterated in s. ****५ ( वासुदेव) Yasudeoa, n. prop. Name
r. c>०ly--jt ba**kAfgast, s- f. quiry2 minute
of Krishna, the son of Wasudeva.
8. 7*५ वTस्नर basar or pasar, s, m. A day.
P. ";*9५ bas-khgah, s. A requirer, an inves
S० c9-५ basri or basura, s. f: See *7-५ bartsrt.
P.७४,j५ basargan, s, m. A merchant. ५.८४.५ basak ) (वासुविी) s, m. The chief
Pa ¢9j५ basurgan-i, s. f: Merchandise, traffick,
s. to
UX-t basaki j of serpents, which is fabled
support the universe, and which was used
trade, commerce
as a string to whirl the mountain Mandar in
P- -**j५ has gasht, s, f Return, retreat churning the ocean for the amrif, &e-
P. 2jt basa, s, m. 1. The arm. 2. The fold of G. ८2-1-५ bdsalik (Gr. 8avixuxn) 8. f. The great
a door. 3. The side of a bedstead. 4. A vein in the arm, vena basilica
friend, a companion. 5. One who repeats the a. ७-५ basa”, s, m. A basin, plate, dishy goh
chorus of the ***** marsiya, an accompanier
let, pot, &c.
in a song. ५० 29५ ba## dena, To assist, to s, u.७ वासना (r. वस Have affection for)
help, to support : see ७१० -५४५ • -

4asad or casand, s, f. Desire, inclination,

P. ०५ ?jb baza-band, s, m. An ornament worn choice.
on the arm> a bracelet. s.५-५ (T- वास्त Perfume) basnd or adsnd, w• a•
r. '-9५ ba४-४० s, f. Play, sport. ५५ ५59५ 2ds? To scent, to perfume- -

Pand, To be victorious or prosperous. ५8५ s. ७-५ 2*** (T- वात Scent) adj. 1. Stale. 2.
५५* basi khand, 1. Tolose, to be cast. 2. To
Perfumed. ७,5 u*** basi karna, To make
be cheated. ७७१ ५9५ basi tagana, To wager
*** ५9५ 24=i kjaria, To win, to excel. stale, to vomit
****9५ basi-cha, s. m. 1. Fun, play, sport. 5० u*** वासी (r. वस Dwell) basi or casi, part
O 2
100 ‘--५
(nsed substahtively) An inhabitant : as, r. A*** bagAcha (dimin of ६५) s, m. A small
यूनवासी cana-rdsi, Inhabitant of the woods. garden, a garden.
. L:५ bdsh (imper. of ७०८-०५ To be, some P. ५ab bag4-ha, s, plur. (of ई५) Gardens, &c.
times used in comp. as a subst.) Being, living. A० us*५ bdghi, part. act. (from प** or e--*?\x)

P. L०५ bashd, s. m. A kind of falcon, a hawk. Mutineer, traitor, rebel.

See Actg . P. ८-१५ b@f (from c-3५) part. act. and pass. used
• ०-४५ 2dshad, aor. thirdpers, sing. (of c*-a५) in compos. Weaver, woven. -*५ c9*
May be. kindri-baf3 A weaver of lace. -१५ *-29 2dri
. s-ss-su bashinda, part. act. (from ७०८-०५ To bd/: 1. A gold lace weaver. 2. Gold tissue,
remain) Inhabitant. (Pers. plur. ७७०८-०५). cloth interwoven with gold.
. A॰b bashd, s. m. A hawk, a sparrow-hawk. P. L--3५ brff?. 8. f: Web, tissue.
. ७-०५ bashin, s, f. The female of A.०५ or u०५ P. 4>ab bgfa, part. pass. (of c*s) 1. Woven.
a kind of hawk or falcon. 2. s. m. A kind of cloth. 3. A colour in
Av ४,०५ basira, part. act. (from ya used substan pigeons. 4. Buttons woven like mohair.
tively) Sight, the sense of seeing. r, ४.cst bafinda, part. act* (of ७-s५) Weaver.
A• *-g bi-ash-hi, By its origin or nature.
A._,5५ bdkir, part-aet. (of As) Abounding in
A. ub५ bati? (from UJag) adj. False, vain, ab wealth and science.
surd, futile, of no effect, ignorant, abolished. 1r*. tdle->P: bdkir-khani, s. f: A kind of bread or
- J=* cel? 2afthcs-stgr, Annuller ofenchantment, cake mixed with butter and milk. (Probably
what or who frustrates incantation.
devised by some nobleman, named cle_P:).
A• ७*५ batin (from ७*) s. m. The inward part ;
A. Y3u bakla (properly bdkild) 5. m. A bean.
the "heart. adj. Internal, hidden, concealed. A• u*** baki, part. act. (from Uè) Remaining,
A- -**५ "agai, adi Internal. . permanent, eternal ; (used substantively) rem
A* -e५ ba fs, part. act. (of Le-०५) Productive ; nant, remainder, balance. Alo u**५ baki-dar,
(as a substantive mas.) Cause, occasion, mo Owing a balance. ७-s) ७*** baki rahna, To
tive, reason, account, subject, author. remain, to be left, to be saved.
P. ६५ bag4, 8. m. A garden, orchard, grove•
A. e-ust 2akiyat, s, plur. (ofuab) Remainders,
५५-५० ५५,० ६५ ६५ brigh 26gh honag/d hojand,
v n. To be delighted. ux6०५ ७\6०x- ६५ P. c.51? bak, 8. m. Fear.
bagh-i-saba dikhana ya dikhland, To excite de s. c.४५ वाकए (r. चनचन Speak) 2ak or aak, s. m.
sire and expectation by deceitful promises. Language, dialect, speech.
P. L-Uab baghat, 8. plur. (of ई५) Gardens, A• 25५ bdkira, part. act. f (from_% used sub
groves, orchards. -

stantively) A virgin
P. ७५.ab bdgll-ban, s. m. A gardener. s. U-5५ bdkas (वTFefi) s. m. A bush of which
P. ५ई५-eb Afgh-bart-f, s, f: Gardening. charcoal is made for the manufacture of
J५ 101 J४
gunpowder. (Justicia adhatoda and gande* express ** the smallest harm or inconve
russa). nience:" so u9x? ७.४ J५ bai bika na hotce,
n. Ȏu bakhar,
H. uk5५ bdkhaf,
}* asm. a1.ferment.
Name of a drug used
2. Several
Let not a hair be disordered (let not the least
harm be done). J2,5- J५ batcharitr, Tricks
houses contained within one enclosure. 3. An of children.
area or court yard.
. Ju bat, s, m. A wing, a pinion cL-3 J५
s, ५.४५ वाक्य (r. वच Speak) bakya or cakya, bakfishan, Expanding the wings. ५jucal U५
s, m. A sentence (in grammar), a word.
bat-afshani or ५ju-3 J५ bakfshani, s, f Ex
म. caft bdg, s. f: A rein, a bridle- ५}?* e-f५
pansion or shaking of the wings. Ac~C& U५
bag morna, To turn the reins : and, this phrase bdf-shikasta, Distressed, wretched.
is applied to the drying up of the small-pox : . Ju bal, s, f: 1. An ear of corn. 2. A crack
thus, when the pustules begin to blacken and in a cup or glass. 3. s. m. The thread on
dry up, they say, c99* e-f५ ५ई***- sitld ne which sugar is crystallized. »lolu bal-dar,
bag mori, or u99० e-f५ uj bu० madta ne bag A cracked vessel (of china, glass,..

*! * '
&c.). . * ***
mori, u5;é5- ७०-संus caft: 2dg ha”*** chhatnd, . U५ bdd, s. m. Heart, mind * state : power.
The reins to have slipped from the hand, de- | . Ju bala, prep. Above, up. adj. High. 8. m.
notesthe toss of choice, power or controul. Top. J५ Ju bala bala, adv. Deceitfully, frau
H. ७५ baga, s. m. A vestment : honorary dress. dulently : secretly. ७७४४५ bala 2ataaa, O1"

f… H. 9755 t bag-dor, s. f: A long rein with which u४० Ju bala dena, To balk, to circumvent, to
horses are led. dupe, to put ofi, to disappoint, to prevaricate.
5. #b bfgh c--०७ Ju bala-dast, adj. Upperhanded, supe
s. \6५ bdgha } दयTप्रT) s, m. ,

A tiger.
A *

riour, better.
5० ७é५ bdghan ( वयाघ्री ) s. f.
5. ५४४५ 2dghni - - --
A tigress
ह5 **-==*
. ५५ वाला bata, 1. s, f: A female child, a girl
not arrived at the age of maturity. 2. A
medicinal and fragrant plant. 3. 8. m• An
s.xc¥५ bdgh-ambar, s, m. A garment oftiger's
skin. ear-ring. 4. (for Sans. बTर*) A male child,
H. ७** baghi, s, f: A bubo. See A?. a boy.
.x५५ haia-bar, s, m. Part of the ५%) angarkhof
H. c5५ bag-3, 8. m. A horseman.
that laps over the thighs.
s. Ut bal Cवाला 9 s, f: A girl not arrived at . Act W५ bdld-hand, s. m. A part of dress, a
the age of maturity, a woman. kind of turband : a coat of a particular kind.
s. Ju वाल bat, s, m. 1. Hair. 2. A boy, a . n. ye J५ bala-bhola, adi. Ianocent, artless as
child. J५ J५ bad bai, Hair by hair, every a child. s. m. An artless child.
hair. ५2५० <-9* u***५ c)५ bd? bdndhi kattri • H० c**५ bald-pan, s, m. Childhood, infancy
772drnd, To shoot at without missing, to act . L22:४५ bdld posh, s, m. A coverlet, a quilt.
with great care, not to mistake. ७० J५ ba? . agle.Ju balti-khand, s. m. An upper roofi?? ***
***a, A bent or disordered hair, is used to upper story, a balcony.
J५ 102 *ि५
P, ७--s Yu bala-nishin, part. Occupying the chief s, u_%५ नTKटीवी balah, s, m. A young child, an
seat ; a president. infant.

P* ----५ ? Yus bti/d o past, Above and below, i. e. ७J५ balka (Sans. त्रिTलवी ) 8. m. A young fol
the heavou- above and the earth beneath. lower of a Jog? or Santtyasi.
P• tकॐ* us४५ bd/d-f mase, s- plur. Secret pleasures. S - H•
H. t: ####, }*

P. ca-3५ ७.४५ ba/a-i y6/?, 5. f Perquisites
S. # Jg hatAachche (बाल A child, and वत्स . ckJu br t-kall, adv. Entirely, wholly.
child) ०. plur. Children. . 4.1%J५ bid-kalltya, adv. See U3५ bi*kat/.
s. ce%e J५ बालभोग (बाल A child, i, e.
Krishna, and भोग्य To be enjoyed, from r.
भुज्ञ Enjoy) bal-bhog, s. m. An offering to
: . 2Ju hi-llah, By God.
*५ b/7/am (लात्म*H) s, m. 1. A lover or be
ioved person ; a husband. 2. A kind of cloth.
J-é *५ balam khird, s. m. A sort of cucum
Krishna presented early in the morning. ber in season in the rains : (a variety of Ou
P• 9? U५ bal-par, s. m. Adoption of better habits. cumis sativa). *

u७3y, Ju bal par nikalnd, 1. To turn over a H. ७५ balna, w. a. To kindle, &c. See H. ५०५
new leaf. 2. To flourish or prosper. 3. To
betray one's evil disposition, to begin wicked s. 9५ bdla (बालुवा) 8. f. Sand. See 29५.
. pranks, to shew the cloven hoof: H. -95-9५ balachari, adi (Silk cloth) made in
Baliichar near Murshidabad.
5. 39? J५ h 7/-tor, s. m. A pimple. See 9X-५ -

H*X:- J५ bal-chhar, s. f. Name of a medicine ५७५ han (बालिका) s, f 1. A female child,

or perfume.
2. An ear-ring worn in the ear passing through
the center of it.
5. &l) J५ bal rand ( बालरंडा ) s. f: A widow

who when very young losther husband.

P० ५***५ batidagi (from ४AJ५) s, f Wegetation,
growth, increase.
P. Ud५ bdlish, s, m. A pillow.
r. c--d५ balish* (Sans.वितस्ति 9 s. f: A span. P. ४Aclu balida, part. pass. (of c**५ Togrow up9
Grown, vegetated, increased. ५० ***५ 2aff4‘*
See Le----५ • -

hona, To vegetate, to he grown uP”

A* <-2122Za५ bi-8-8artirat, adv. By necessity, ne
P c*५ batin, s, m. A pillow.
5. (*५ bam 1. (for बाह्मी ) s. f, An eel. (Ophi
A. L-**५ bi-t-hks, adv. On the contrary, on the
fewerse. -
dium simack. Buch.). 2. (for नT*? s, m.
The left (side, &c.), reverse ; an enemy- 3.
A. 8e५ baligh, part. act. (from ई 2५ used substan (for वTमT) s, f. A woman.
tively) A youth just arrived at the age of ma JP० (*५ bam, s. m. An upper story, the terrace or
turity, an adult. roof of a house.
A. c,3,५५ bi**:/arई? adv. With the supposition,
P. olocab bamdad, s, f. Morning dawn, aurora
A. uxal५ bi-kf*/; adv* At this moment, now, in म, प*** ७-५ bamart-hatti, s f Name of a plant
short : in the mean time : in fact, actually (Ovieda verticellata, fto.cb.)•
I09 ७५
u. ५४४-५ banthai, s, f: 1. A stye on the eye-lids rr. couu banat, s, f Broad cloth.
(see c9५***l). 2. A lizard. H. पj७५ bandt-f, adj. Woollen, made of broad
s. ५४४*५ bamhni, s, f: 1॰ (for ब्राह्मणी ) The cloth.

wife of a Brahmag. 2. (for बाह्मी ) Name . ७७५ bahan (वाम) adj. Leh (hand). See
of a medicinal herb, the moon-plant. ७५५ ?dydhi.
५-०५ bdmb,
******?(Seeeel,/०५) s, f An
म, ७५ baa, 1. s, f Temper, quality, manners.
8 ly**ol --०५

(Sans. वर्ण Kind, quality). 2. s, m. The

# ८**५ bdnabhi, }
boar or swell of the tide.
८-४.४-०५ bdnubh77i, f. A snake's hole.
9. A kind of rope
made of द*** mitnj, used to form the bottoms of
- *** ७५ वTUTप्रस्य b7:2d-prasthd, s. m. One
beds as well as for other purposes. who retires from the world with his wife
c५ लIUI ban or cag, s. m. 1. An arrow ; a and family, and passes his life in devotion in
rocket used in battle. 2. The name ofan Asttr, the forests; an anchoret or hermit. See (9**
son of ftdid बलि bali.9loc५ ban-dar, A rocket . L:-७५ bant (from बंटन ) s. m. l. Share,
distribution. 2. A weight (i. e. the standard
A• ७५ ban, s. m. 1. Name of a tree, ७-८Y” by which things are weighed) : see s. L->५ .
sahdjnd (Guilandina moringa) the seeds of 3. Food given to a cow while she is milked.
which are called habbtt-l-bdn, Ben-nut : or, ca-४25- La-७५ bant cho”?? Share, distribution.
according to some, c…७१ Aakayan (Melia
2. - Nanue of the tree which
. uag५ bantnd (बंटन ) v. a. To share, to
distribute, to divide
yields Benzoin (Styrax Benzoe). 3 A tree,
the leaves and flowers of which are sweet S- >>*५ ( बंध्या) adj.
bdrtjar Lying waste or
scented, catled by the Persiaus Bed-urushk. fallow (land). Seexत्र्-t: -

P, ७५ bdn (used as an affix in compos. only) . -***५ banih ( बंध्या ) adj. Barren.
keeper, guardian; so, ७५ 9० dar-Man, Door - uद*५ banchnd (trans. of ५-३५ q. v.) v. a. To
keeper : ७L&.० sag-ban, Dog-keeper. re. d.

H, bb band. s. m. I. Habit, profession. (Sans. • ५ट्र*५ वांह्मा banchhd, s. f: Desire, wish

वर्ण Class). 2. A kind of weapon. 3. Fashion - --स्द*५ वांछित bdnchhit or odnchhitd, part.
in dress, peculiar to individuals or to bodies Desired, longed for.
taken individually ; (so, regimentals may be . lock bdnda, the name of a place.
called odnd). 4. Uniformity. 5. The woof in 5. loc५ banda ( वंदा ) s. m. A parasite plant
weaving- (Sans. वाणि Weaving). 6. A veil.
which grows on trees. (Epidendrum, particu
***५५ ७५ bana baadhna, To be ready, to be larly tessellatum. .fto.rb.).
determined. . ४.७७५ bdndh ( बंध ) s. m. An embankment.

", ५५ "daa, v. a. To open. s. f. Confinement, imprisonment.

# 95७५ ७५ bah bah karna, w, a. To prate idly, . ७.२-४५ bandhad (बंधन ) w, a. To bind, to
to talk foolishly. tie, to fasten, to shut, to stop water, to em
७५ 104 c'

bank : to iuvent, to contrive, to stop, to pack, 1. A fop, a beau, a coxcomb, a buck, a bravo,
to aim, to build, tocompose, to put, to settle. a bully. E. A knife or hook to cut bamboo
S . 2-soc५ bandhna (r. ज"थ Bind) 8. m. 1. A with. *c**s. f: Name of a river. 4. adi.

mode of dying, in which the cloth is tied in Crooked, foppish, coxcombish.

different places to prevent the parts tied from 5.925-५०५ bankd-char, 8. m. A fop, a beau, a
receiving the die. 2. Slander, plot, Plan coxcomb, a bully, a bravo.
9. A kind of silk cloth. 4. A kind of parrot.
H० ut: ८-०५ bank-pattd, s. m. A kind of fencing
it. ५४७७५ bandt, s.f. A female slave. with (wooden) dagger and cutlass.
5 . \56५ bdnda ( वंउ) adj. Without tail. 8. m. 5. H. c५८-०५ 2dnkpa” (७०५ and c५) s, m. Fop
A serpent which has lost its tail. pishness, debauchery, disorderly conduct.
AI• **५ btindi, s, f A cudgel : a kind of dress.
ca-45५ bdng, s. f: Woice, crying out, sound :
S• >P५ पनT*Tर banar or rdinar, s, m. A monkey. the voice ofthe mudggin calling Muhammadans
S. c~५ 2dfis ( वंश) 8. In. I. A bamboo. 2. A to prayer ; the crowing of a cock. U·¢० ca¢St:
measure of about ten feet, used to measure bang drna, To call Muhammadans to prayer.
tanks, ditches, and excavations in general. (A ७)५० e%५ bdng marna, To cry out, to call.
cube of one bans is called a chaukd). w: c-५ H० ७४५ banga, s, m. Itaw cotton.
usद्र- b#is par charhnd, v, n. To be branded - ७*५ bdngi, s. f. A pattern, a muster.
with infamy
11. U-s५ bdrisd, s, m. The bridge of the nose. - 2’५ bdnfr, s, f: A lady, a princess.
.j;g c-५ bafirphor (वंशस्फोट from वंश - 19५ bdnad, a. m. The name ofa water-bird.
\-2’५ bdntrsd,
Bamboo, and r. स्फुट Break) s. m. Name

७४-9'५ btinasi,
s, m.
8. f:
}A kind of cloth.
of a cast who work on bamboos.
. ५४yg banaree or banarrce, adj. Ninety-two.
g. ५४-५ 2drtsri or batistrri ( वंशी) s. f: A flute, ***५ bdr7th (वाहु) s. f: 1. The arm.
- 2. Gua
fife, pipe.
rantee, protector or security (as, when a per
5 - u9-५ btitisli, s. f. I. A fiute, &c. : (see ‘*-५ son trusts himself in the power of an enemy,
badsri). 2. A purse : (see ‘-’- basni). a third person, who engages to return him to
S - u***५ bansi (वंशी) 1. s. f. Flute, fife, pipe. his house or fort in security, is his baah)-
2. adj. Made of bamboo. U%५ -ou baah pakarnd, To protect. L3:5-c५
bahh tiftnd, To be destitute of friends or pro
. L53५ bank (ववा or from r. ववा Bend, be
tectors. u५०-p५ baah dena, To assist : see
1. s, m. A crook, curvature, bend
ing. 2. A reach or turning of a river. 3.
u४०2ju basi dond. ५6-४५ bdith gahna, To
Fault, ofience, wickedness. 4. s. f. An orna
ment (half circle) worn on the arms. 5. A 5. ७८**५ 2arthtyd# (from -५४५) s- m. A patron.
kind of dagger. An exercise with the A० ५jt bani, part. act- (from 4es) used substan
dagger- 7. A settee. tively, A builder, architect, composer.
5 . ७G५ banka (r. चैन*नी Bend, be crooked) s, m. it. ५jt, banf, s, f: 1. The price paid for a work
७५ 105 ४५
2. Ashes. 3. The thread with which cloth is and गुल्म The spleen) s, m. The colick,
*woven. (Sans. वाणि Weaving). flatulency.
३.५५ वाणी bani or odni, s. f: Speech, lan s. ५५ haold or harcala (वात्तूल) adi. Mad, in
sane, crazy.
guage ; name of the goddess Sttrastodti.
H. ७,५ 0do/f, s, f: 1. A large well into which
म. पjy uj५ banf-honi, s, f. The price ofweaving people descend to get water. 2. The drag
A. P.७७ पju bani-kar, s. Architect : composer, (thing or animal) with which hawks, dogs,
author, beginner, instigator. &c. are taught to hunt. 3. A trick- ५० u***
A. P. ५96 पj५ bani-kar-i, s, f. Architecture : com bdoli dena, To initiate. -

position, commencing a business, instigation S. ७.J,५ b@olend, s, m. Name of a defect in

s. ५५ bao (वायु9 s, f Wind, air. ८००७५ 2५
, bao bandhna, To prevail over an adversary by S . c9५ bdtedn (वTमन) adj. Dwarfish, diminu
flattery or invective without argument. 2५
• tive. s, m. The fifth incarnation of Wishnu
uन**** ba'o-band-i, s. f: Sophistry, exaggerated * See 9७, ardtdr.
praise of a worthless being. 9/- 2५ 2do H. c9k bacedn, adj Fifty-two. - - -

sdraf, Wind being discharged backwards. 2५

s, g,५ hfoad, adi. Dwarfish. See c9५ bdaedn.
bug ç2 ७ bd'o ka rukh bdtdnd, To cheat, to s. ४५ बाहु hana, s, f. An arm. : See *५*
impose on, to deceive. ५.8\6 9५ bdo k/*****, 1* A. ४५ h6h, s, f: 1. Wirility, manhood, 2. Coitus.
To live in pleasure and enjoyment 2. To
court one's inspirations, i, e- to protract a s: 78५ बाहिरू 06har or bahir, adv. Without,
miserable existence. . abroad ; adj. Foreign.
H.2५ ha0, s. f. The pox See * bad. ** .
A• 9*५ b(7/tir, part. act. (from Jर?) Excelling, emi*
$ L*** 9५ ba'o-hatds, s. f: Being oppressed or nent : conspicuous, manifest
possessed by a demon or devil ; misfortune, S० 9/s५ h(7hird (from 9s५) s. m. The left side (in
calamity. See --** dseb. -

sword exercise, &c.).

s.n. L&# 9५ bdo-bhak, Nadj A prattler,trifling S• ८**५ Adhir-? (from बाहिर) adj. Outward,
t.n, ca<स्त्- 2५ bdodhak, talker. - -

foreign : stranger, foreigner*

P.)2५ batcur, s, m. Belief, faith, confidence, P. **५ ba-ham, adv. Together* 9/- **५ bd
truth, credit. adj. True, credible.
han-s62, According,
5? unanimous, friendly.
H.99५ bdcar, s, m. A kind of sweetmeat. ,
S. c**५ A6/17nay, (त्रालUI) s, m. A Brahman,
१.५५ haord, adi. Mad, &e. See ४५ ”dola. a man of the sacerdotal class of Hindtis.
T: ७>" haxurchi, s. m. A cook. se ७->" s. ८->*s५ Adhntd**** S: f The wife of a Brahman?
A kitchen.
htftcurchi-khand, s• m. -

a Brahmaness. See ‘**** btrmhni.

म, c92५ brrort, or batcdri, s, f A large well. s, c*५ वाहन bahan, s, m. A vehicle, any
Sce७,५ 2don, - * animal or other conveyance on which * P****"
3, Jy-५५ bdo-sf2/(वातशूल) m. S० The colick rides.

H. e.%५ bdteag, s. m. Seed-time s. ust bahad (caus. of \*+? To flow, q. w॰) Y***
5, 23%५ ba0rgoda (वातगुल्म i. e. वात Wind, To shoot, to discharge a weapon*
c…? I06 ८-5:*

H. c#b b/77, 8. f. I. Mistress, lady (among Ma S. ५५ Adihtr, s, m. Rheumatism. See ८-०५ वात
harattas). 2. A dancing girl. ७४३-५*५ ”(??J?, s. ct०: btbad (विवाद from विand r. वाद Speak)
s. f: The mother bawd. *
s. ८४५ ”de or Ud? (वायु) s. f: Wind, air : s. A contest or law-suit : quarrel, altercation.

flatulency, rheumatism. ८*द: पह५ Aa? pttchni, s, c5०५१ 2¢//dd-ये. s, m. f: A disputant, a plaintift:
To be mortified, to be depressed, to die away. s. ०५-: btba/k (विवाह) s. m, Marriage. See ४८*
U'>- ८*५ //d7 sarnd, see 9- 2': //do sd7777. us५ H. 9:: //////dr, s, m. One who crops the manes of
***स्ट्र c*** bd? mCh bho?Yrknfr, To prate foolishly.
5. ७५५ bdy7?? (वTम) adj. Left (hand, &c.). P->** 24Adr, s. m. A lion, a tiger. ,
s, m. The bass part in musick, the bass sound 11. ५9***7-* 0dbdrdkherf, s, f: Quarrelling, dis
(especially, of Al.e tabla, ८-**** dho/ak and
ल**** pakhdaogi, which are played on with s. ७५-५ ”i”dran ( विवरण from वि and r. वृ
Cower) s, m. Interpretation, explanation.
the left hand), L-3: ??५७५५ bayan paho paj
22ff, To acknowledge the cunning of an artful ** cyr* bt0d772 ( विवर्ण from वि and r. वर्ण
person. Paint) adj. Faded in colour.
11. -५५ ”dg/db, adj. Apart, separate, distinct ; H. g29-५ bdbra/7, 8. m. A clown, a lout, lump
strange. ७० -५५ ८-५ “ट yih 2d/ brfya” hai, kin, clumsy young man.
This is another thing. Ir. -5-५ babri, s, f: 1. Cropped hair, tresses.
5 -५५ brg/db (वायव्य or वायु कोण)
. S• In० 2. The act of cropping (especially, the mancs
of horses).

S c-43% usb Ade Airong ( विएटैंग) S. m. Name

P. ८9-५ babr-i, adj. Relating to the lion or tiger.
5॰ cन्ॐ** hdhttri,
of a medicinal secd.
5- >19** babar,
(वर्बुर ) s. f: The name of
P. A,L० ०.५ brfydd shdydd, As it should be. S• U:** httbt7/, a tree of the Mimosa kind.
(There are several species, but the commonest
A. e-१५ Ad ?", part, act. (of e--५) A seller. is Arabica. J?o.cb.)
K. 95 us५ hde gold, s, m. See **2५ hdo gold. Ir. ८sa. Aabhai, s, f: See H* <***५ ”dmAn?
It. L-5५ 2dis, adj Twenty-two. S० # विभव hihhatt or cibhtrcd, s, m. Grandetir०

II, ue-६५ bdis-2, s, f: 1. The royal army (so glory, wealth. (-५

called, because composed of the troops of s. ६s Adhat, s, m. 1. (ववरT) The seed of a

twenty-two 49० sadd). 2. A command of22,000 sweet scented herb. (Ocymum pilosum -
- J?o.cb.). 2. Name of a bird.
men, uj; U८-१५ 2disये !”{nd, To attack with
one's whole force.
H. ८_9* babb7, s, f: A kiss.
* c*५ ¢çya” (नT**7) s. m, Sweetmeat, &c. H. U८-८५ 2“”6**, 8- f: The piles.
which is distributed to friends in commemora H० ४--- bdbestyd, I. adj. Talking nonsense
tion of a success. 2. s, m. A catamite.

11. ८-5:५ ?dinf, 8. f. A basket in which snakes s. -॰? ”i”ck विवेवा: from वि and r. विश्व
are carried about for show. Divide) s. m. Discrimination, discretion
'--** 107

S. ७४-५ ”the** (विवेकी) adj. Discreet. hand (c-? Word, and ७४ from ७७४ To make)
An orator, a sophist. 9* ५*:- c-: httf Soff***
r. It. ५,० ५५ bapd honº, To be raised, esta
blishod or pitched. kdrnd (L-५ Wind, and ५,० from c****** Op
8. -** 7ipd', (विप्यद्व) 5. f: Adversity, ca posite) To ventilate.
! "ट्रू ;} lamity, misfortune. s. ७४ hittd ( वितस्ति ) s. m. A span
1r. ca hattd, s, m. Overreaching, fraud, trick,
8.9:? विप्र bjpr or tjprd, s, m. A Brahman.
take in. ७५० c: hu//d dr na, To overreach.
प्र* httpurd, m.
H• uॐ** bdpur?, f }aj Helpless. tr. ca batd, 8. m. 1. A hamboo lath, a thin slip
8. L-५,** ”ip“r?' (वि, परि and r. 5 Go) part. of bamboo. 2. An oblong stone on which pow*
ders are levigated.
Contrary, opposite. s. f: Mischief rttin.
5. L-५ Ad/ds (from वTत) s. f. Wind, air.
c-*** ”dp“*** (वाप्र A field, and . उप्रंस Part)
8. nu. Patrimony.
८४८e, C-७५ Autdsphoni, s, f. A kind of sweet*
it. ufx* hupttuti (from ---५) s. f: Paternal es nneat? sugar-cakes.
s. Lua hat-as/7, गे (from *नात Air) s, m. A
tate ; patrimony s. Lalcº bat-dshd, kind of sweetmeat? SugalT*
8. 9*** baphdrd (वाप्प) s. m. Wapour, wapour cakes (of a spongy texture, or fillcd with air,
bath. Sce -स्थासं 0hrip** as the word implies) ; a bubble.
S. 9*** bipharrtfi, v. n. To be irritated. 5. ७८g bi/and (trans. of७८.५) v• a- To pass.
ई. u**** hiphdi, s. m. Thursday. See ueई:-(? * H. ७५४ batdnd, w. a. I. (perhaps, from वाद था।
S• -*? वित्व 0t/t or citt, s. tu. I. Wealth, sub Speaking, telling) To point out, to shew? to
stance, thing 2. Al)ility, power, means. explain, to teach. 2. To appear. 9. 8* nl*
A hazard table. 2 A An under turband. 4. A small bracelet of
1t. L--५ but, s, m* 1* --

blow with the fist.
P, L-? bttt, s• m. An idol; a beloved object, a It. g,८४ hutdond, w, a. To extinguish. Sce ५५->:
mistress. (Plur. ७८४) *-----9? --? but-parust,
r. As batar (contract of A०४) adj. compar- Wel y
bad, worse. -

An idolater- ५४-9? ---? but-pardst-f, s. f. Ido

A. As batar, adi. Mutilated, wanting the tail (t n
latry- c*JP ---४ but-tardsh, A sculptor. L-४
animal) : destitute of good qualities. See Aal
७**** but-tar7sh-7, s. f. The art of a sculptor, S. ५JP* butardnd (from c५ A word) v• n* To
sculpture, statuary. Acusg btt/4/1dnd, s, m*
talk, to converse..
An idol-temple. 8• cyP: वितरण (वि and r. तृ Traverse, cross
r. c-५ bat, s. m. A line drawn to distinguish
separate names in a catalogue or articles in an over) hi/ardn or rttarog, s. m. Giving charity?
donation, alms.
account ; a rnark, a score.
It. L-५ bof, s. m. The worm which is destruc
S. 9** bitarnd (see ७,८४) w- a. To bestow.

H. u-->: b4/st7, 5- m- A kind of rice.

tive to shipping. (Teredo).
ई, ७-५ brtt, contract. of -५ A word, or of L-०५ s. U-८४ वत्स्नल datsd or catsata, adi. Aftec
Wind, generally used in composition : as tionate, kind.
2\श्रृं ५--? bat-burhdo, s. m. Prolixity, talka r. ४०Ga bat-kada, s, m. An idol-temple, a Pa
tlveness, chicanrry, wrangling. ७५ L-? bat goda.
P 2
108 _9*?
** us**
S • ५*** bat-kaha (७-५ Word, and ५5 from L-5 gregateconsisting ofthirty-two parts. Ut%० us“***
To say) adj. Loquacious, conversible. battisi dikhand, w. a. To show teeth ; to laugh,
* 9५*** bat-kahao, s. In. (---५ Word, and u५5 to scoff or make faces at any one.
? - us**** bdt-kahi, s. f. To say) Loquacity, s. La-५ न८ bat, s, m. 1. Name of a tree. (Ficus
conversibleness, discourse. Indica). 2. A single cowrie (kaari).
H. UJc batland, w. a. To shew, to explain, to g. Lu-५ ”“! (T- न८ or व<5 Wrap, entwine) s. m.

. point out, to teach. See Uus hatand. 1. Tripe. 2. (from ७.a, To twist) Twist. 3. A
S• ७c bitnd (8ee uc.… bitna) w.n. To pass. wrinkle or fold of the abdomen. 4. (in compos.
a contract. of L->५) Road; as in 9५ L-४ ba?
• H. gys ca**** ba-tang hona, To be distressed.
: • ५-99-४ 2atdarये (from वTत Wind) s, f. A flatu pdr, ‘ q• w

lent or Cedematous swelling. H. t: batta, s, m. 1. Deficiency. 2. Exchange

A*cl*** batizd, s. f: A pure virgin. or discount. 3. Defect, blemish, injury, of
fence. 4. A ball (of wood or stone). 5. A box
H० u**** batoli, s. f: Buffoonery.
in which gems are kept. 9५ Ut batte-bas, A
S - ५२ bithd (यथT) 8. f. Pain, afiliction.
juggler, a cheat. u9५ us** batte-baz-7, Jug
S . 9५-४ bitharna (caus. of ७,६-४) v. a. To cause glery, deception.>७3 u: battd-dhar and Ju** Ué?
to scatter, to cause to sprinkle. batta-dhal, adj. Level, even.
s. ८9\ed bithdri (from g)७-४) 8. f Cleansing the rr. Uta, bitand, w. a. To scatter, to sprinkle.
warp. -


. byed bithrand, w, a. To scatter, to sprinkle.

S .2u hataम (वाटिव : ) s, m. A traveller.
5 . ge bitharna or bithurnd (perhaps, from वि
8 . ust bata? (from La: To twist) s. f. Hire paid
for twisting ropes, &c.
and r. * Sprinkle) v. n. To be scattered, to
be sprinkled. -
5 - *--** bitap (विटपिन्) s. m. A tree.

s. lyed bathad (वास्तूक) s. m. A kind of *-** bitap or citdpa, s. m. A twig.

greens or potherbs. (Chenopodium album). S H. J५ L-५ bat-pdr (८-->५ Road, and gj५ To
5. ५छ४ 0ati, s. f. A word. See L--५ bat. throw down) s. m. Highway- man, footpad,
willain. -

s, cs bata (वर्ति) s, f 1. A candle. 2. A g. H. ८9५ La-५ bat-par-i, s-f Highway-robbing

wick, a match. 3. A tent or bougie. See ५8५ It. c95 Adtri, s, f. A small cup.
8. ue bittiya (from ७४ bitta oिrवितस्ति A span) H० u***** bdtlohi, s. f: A brass vessel in which
s. m. A dwarf (i. e. a span high). Hindगis dress their food.
s, bue battyand (from ८-५ A word) v, a. To 8 . ७: hatnd (r. वठ or वउ Wrap round, en
speak, to talk, to say, to converse. twine : divide, share) J. w. a. To twist, to
s. L--->* bitit (see ७८-१) adj. Passed. form by convolution (as ropes) : to gain, to
it. L---४ batis or battis, adi. Thirty-two. make profit. 2. v. n. To be divided, to be
twisted. 3. s. m. An instrument with which
1r. U-->४ battis-d, s. m. A medicine composed of
thirty-two ingredient8, usually given to mares ropes are twisted.
after foaling. S० ly: bati’d (r. वट Surround, envelope) s. m.
Hus“*** battis-i, s. f: 1. A set of teeth. 2. Any ag 1. A purse, a small bag (generally used for
uxe: N 109

holding betel-nut, &c.). 2. A brass vessel in P० e-5 bd.jan, Heartily, with or in soul. U) ७८त:
which Hinduis dress their food. ba:jan land, To teaze, tire, disgust.
H. Ja, bitated (dimin. of u.५) s, m. A son. s, bu- hajand (from वाद्य A musical instru
s.9%: bat-aear (r. वट Divide) 8. m. A tax ga ment) v. a. To sound, to play upon an in
therer who collects a tax levied in kind.
strument of musick, to perform or execute
5. I)}a, bat-aoard (r. वc Divide) s. m. A share. (musick).
5. Uly: batteand (causal of uas) v. a. To cause P. uguse ba:jae, adv. Instead, in the place of
to twist, &c. s. UUæ: ¢ bdj bdjand (see UL-:) v. n. To
s.9;5 bator (r. चन८ Surround) s. m. A gather effervesce with noise in putrefying
ing, a crowd, a resort. A. H. ५,० A+: bajiddhond, w. n. To be in earnest,
H. 92* bitaurd, s, m. A heap of the cakes of to be importunate.
dried cow-dung. ३०त वज्ञ bdjr or cdjrd, s. m. 1. A thunder
S• 99* batornd (r. वाट Surround) v. a. To
bolt. 2. A diamond. 3. adi. Hard. ug: J-:
gather up, to collect, to purse.
2,**2x c~l bdir pare us par ca ghaira, May
म. b# bitond, 1. v. a. To scatter, to sprinkle. lightning fall on him, &c. (An expression
2. 8. m. A son : see ly: bitarca. used in cursing any one).
3. u***** batohi (from वT८ A road) s. m. A s. Jas btjrd (perhaps, from>-: प. v. implying
Hard, heavy) s. m. A boat for travelling in,
s, b\: bithana, (caus. of c****) v. a. To a pleasure-boat of a larger kind.
s, Ulga bighland, cause to sit down, to seat, H. # 9-: bdir-batta, s, m. Name of a fruit.
to 8et. S० ca-9-त bdjr-ang (वज्ञाग ) s. m. A title of
H. Ué: bathna, v. n. To enter .ffamirman. -

5. ७* batai (from ua: To twist) s, f Theart S० प***त bdirang-fx 8. f. A kind of tilak or

of making gold thread. mark made on a Hindm's foreheads with red
H. Uè bitiya (dimin. of Uट्र***) 8. f: A daughter lead.
n, ua, batya, s. f. A silken cord adorned with P.ja5 Adjus, prep. With the exception, with
three fringes. which women use to tie their
out, besides.
hair behind.
g. La, batyd, s. 1. (from -->५ वT८) A narrow pas
S .७=5 Aja ( विद्युत् ) s, f 1. Lightning. 2.
8age. 2. (from वंटवा) A small measure of
A thunderbolt : see >-5 bdjr.
S . ७=5 bdind (intrans- of uuas q. v.) 1. v. n.
weight. (N

s, J: bater (Sans. वतवा) 8. f. A kind of quail. To be sounded, to sound. 2. 8. m. A rupee

(Perdix olivacea. Bach.)
(used among brokers). 3. part act* Sounding
म. u८ bajnd, s, m. A cloth used by menstruous
P, ७त baja, In place; fit, opportune, right, women, a pessary•
proper, accurate, true, properly, fitly.
5 . u=-: bjnd (व्यजन) s, m. A fan. See ५०५
म, ८४८ bajak, s, m. A kind of serpent.
and ७->t: -

P, s, ७५७-८ bd:ja-land, w. n. To perform, to ac

complish, to execute, to obey. • u-5P-5, hajantari (वाद्य A musicalinstrument,
110 ५--->* Ö
५5* w

and यंत्री A musician) s, m. One who plays (विज्ञयदशमी) bjjai-dasdm? (The victorious
on musical instruments. UU<* c5---->: 24jan tenth) The tenth of Asin suk/ pachchtt, the
anniversary of ftdntu's victory over ftduund.
*d7***nd//d/, s, m. 1. The quarter inhabited
by musicians. 2. A brothel. 9. Taxes on s. ५.5- 0tjrtyd ( विजयT) s, m. Bhang. (Canna
musicians and female dancers. bis sativa).
P. A. L----: 2d:/ins, By kind, in detail, particu S. ¢8-- विजयी (वि and r. जि Conquer)
larly. hijay or ci:jrty7, adj. Wanquisher, conqueror.
5. ५l2-: Adjto7nd (causal of ७८- १. v.) v. a. To S. ॐ निप्न hdch or cdch, s, f. Orris root.
cause to sound, to cause to play on an instru
ment of musick. S. ** hich, adv. In, among, between. See ढु***
S० ८-2-त वियोग (वि and योग Junction, P. ८८ hacha (Sans. वत्स्न) s, m. A child, the
young of any animal. See 4>: bachchd.
lucky conjuncture) bjog or ct:yogd, s. m. Se
paration : misfortune, bad luck, mischance. 8. >uट्र* विवार (वि and r. प्नर Go, move) ht
adj. Separate, parted. chdr or ci-chdr, s. m. Consideration, reflec
S० c*** btjog-2, An unfortunate, a miserable tion, contrivance, judgment, opinion, thought,
person. will.

11. ५५--: httihand (trans. of ce=< btjhna) w. a. P. ५८: bichard, adj. See ४५८: bichdrd.
To extinguish, to put out. ५७-त: L-८५ ptyds S ८--9८: bichdrat, part : Reflecting, thinking.
btjhdnd, To quench thirst. S - ८-४,८* bichdrak (विचारक see>>:) part.
S. ५स्त ५५//Goa (caus. of us-2:) v. a. To ex act. Investigator, judge, inspector. -

plain, to make to comprehend, to demonstrate, S - 95: hichdr-nd (from 9८: विवार) w.a. To
to push as with argument, to persuade, to cause consider, to reflect, to think, to investigate,
to believe, to take to. to comprehend, to apprehend, to conceive•
11. ५७=-: 2djhdnd (trans. of uस्=-: bdihad) v. a. P. "9७द्र: hichara (for 95-Ue q. v.) adj- IHelpless.
To entangle, to ensnare (as ganne), to entrap. It. Utद: Micha/t, s, f Straw.
II० Vरत: bttjultrd, s. m. A wessel for warm water.
ir. guद: hachind, w. a. 1. (trans ofu-द्र:) To save, to
s. ५७.स्=: hijhkdnd (trans. of L&स्=-:) v. a. To preserve to protect, to reserve, to spare, to
frighton, to scare, to alarm. defend, to guard, to leave, to avoid, to con
S. u***** btjhuknd (from भयचविान Alarmed) ceal. 2. (Perhaps, for ७u* ‘1 v*) To sound (a .
w. n. To be alarmed. musical instrument).
11. ue=-: batihnd, w. n. To be extinguished, to be H. 9५: bdcltdo (from ७८*) s. m. Protection, de
put out, to be quenched (thirst). fence.
H० ७-६-6 bdjhnd, w.n. 1. To be ensnared, to be P. H० c*द bach-pan (A>: and c१) 8. In* Child
caught (as game). 2. To stick• hood, infancy.
11. c****: bttjh-di८ (from “६-2? Load) adj. 1. s. U-द: विवित्र hichitr or ci-chitra, adj. Warie
Laden. 2. Beast, &c. of burthen. . gated, various : wonderful.
s• ue**: विजय (वि and J5*य Wictory) bjiai rr. ८.5>: bachti (from u-ट्र*) s, f: Residue, re

or ct:idyd, s. In. Triumph. us**** U>-5: mainder.

cद: । 111 A-ट्र*
n. UK>: bichkand (trans. of ७<>*) w, a. To balk, | H. uढु* hdchnd, w. n. To be saved, to escapo. to
to disappoint, to break one's promise. rernain unexpended, to recover.
P. H. ५७->: hdrh-kdnd, I . adi. Srnall (generally | 5. प#bद# bir/t-todn? -(from ढु**) s. m. A media

applied to shoes and clothes). 2. 8. m. A dan tor, interposer, arbitrator, agent, ambassadour.
cing boy. 5. u-॰9>* bich-du/tyd, s. m. An arbitrator, &c.
P. H. ५ई५-5: hach-kdn? (from 4६*) s. f: A girl See c8%>: bioh-torfrd.

adopted by an old prostitute. P. 45: bachchd (Sans. Hरस्त) s. m. An infant,

H• L&ट्र: bichaknd, w. n. To be disappointed, to a child, the young of any creature. (Plur.
be balked : to sprain : to run away, to retreat : ७७द:). ७\० 4>: bachcho-dan, s, m. The womb.
to withdraw a consent which has been given. s. -स्ट्र: httchh (निरसन) s. m. A calf. See l:स्ट्र**
s. U×द्र: bich-kannd ( ढु** Within, and ७७ Ear) H. ७७द्र: bichhatd, s. m. A stinging nettle.
s. m. An ornament worn in the anteriour lobe (Urtica interrupta).
of the ear. 5. ५० ५ट्ट: hichha dond (see ५स्ट्र:) w. a. To

P. ckट्ट: bachcha gdn-a, adj. Fit for children, spread : (metonim ) to knock down, to drub.
puerile. -
s. U\स्ट्र: btchhdnd (trans. of uस्ट: q. v.) v. a.
P. ७*# bachchd-g?, s. f. Infancy, childhood. To spread.
S, uद bichahtd (वि and r. *टर*) Go) v. n. To 5. lz*** bachrd or huchrd (वारस्म) s. m. A calf.
turn, to bend, to slip, to break one's promise, S. 2>*ट्र* hachhri (व रस्न) s. m. A calf.
to infringe. - S० 2%स्ट्र* bichhttrao (from g##>:) s. In. Separation.
8, cद hdchd72 (वश्वन r. वच Speak) s. m.
S• gस्ट्र* btchhtt?'nd or hichharnd (वि and r. छुट
Speech, talk, discourse, word : promise, agree Cut) v. n. To be separated.
ment. Lal AA५ cद: bachan bandkar knd or s. Llस्ट: bichha/ad (वि and r. प्aर*) move) v. n.
9% *oc cद: bachan bandh karna, To bind by To be separated, to slip, to slide, to slip out
promise, gy० ४०** cद: bachan bandh hondr, To of place, to sprain, to turn away the face.
give one's word, to promise, to be agreed upon. s. Uस्>: bichhnd (r. ट् प्व Cover) v. n. To be
५५ ७द: Adchan patnd, To abide by a promise. spread.
9% ७द: Adchan tornd, To break one's word. S• ca-***** bdchchhndg (वत्सनाभ) s. m. Name

9:स्- ७द: bachan chhorna, To break ones of a vegetable poison.

promise. u४० ७-: bachan denf, To promise, 5. 24>: bichchha (वृश्विवा) s. m. A scorpion,
to agree. ७J15 cढ़: bdchdn ddlnd, To question, the sign Scorpio of the Zodiack.
to ask, to inquire. ७.! cद# bdchan lead, To S . 12स्त्र: bichhad (वृश्चिवी) s. m. A scorpion.
receive a promise. ५9५० cº: hdchan marod, H. 1285: bichhad s, m. 1. A sort of dagger.
2. An ornament worn on the toes.
** conclude an agreement. ccu< c>: Adchan
“idnnd, To obey. ७\स्.3 cº: hdcha” aiohand, ५५६5: btch/ttpdnd (caus. of ७-स्ढु* q• w•) w• a.
To abide by a promise. 09us cद: bachan To cause to spread.
**rud, To promise, to agree, to give one's S 92*** btchhornd (trans. of gjस्ट्र:) v a. To

“--८ 112 ***
5. 9*** bichhoh, }" gjस्द*) s, m. Separa ५४४५ bakAt-basi, s. f. The trying one's fortune
S U»éत्र: bichhohd,
tion, absence. ७५ --->< bakAt-bali, adj. Lucky, fortunate.
S . ५2*>: bichhaand or bichhona (from cस्ट: q. v.)
५:- -* bakht-jatna, To lose one's luck, to
s. m. Bedding, bed, carpetting. become unfortunate. 2P c>>< bdkltt-t-fird or
S . ५१>: bachhtyd (from -स्ट्र*) s. f: A (female) ४८-० -->< bakht-f-styah, Misfortune

5. 7:स्>: bachherd (वत्स) s. m. A colt.

P. 22७->: bakht-atear, adj. Fortunate.
P. ८४e bukhtt, s, f. A quick paced camel (ge
5• c5-स्ट्र* bdchheri (dimin. of J****) s. f: A foal.
nerally used to ride on, and not for burthens).
JP ७रूं* bachchi,
s, f: (from 45* bachcha) A
P.9८८* bakAt:ydr, adj. Fortunate.
female young one.
P. ८-9५.८->: bukht:ydr**, s. f: Good fortune
A. L-U>? ba??ds, adi. superl. (from --><) A P. J,* Adkhrd, s, m. Share, portion.
great disputer, controvertist, arguer. *** ५---:9* hakhrait (from J<) adi. Partner,
A. 9=: hi?ar, s, plur. (ofA<) Seas. sharer.
P. A. UL>: //d-ftd/3 In state or condition : adj.
P. C--><. Aakhsh, 1॰ part. act. (from c******)
Unaltered, happy, flourishing, reinstated, as in compos. Imparting, bestowing, forgiving :
before (in service or condition), restored. forgiver. 2. s. m. Share, portion, lot, for
A. --=<: bats, s, f. Inquiry, discussion, alter
giveness. ५० C-८ bakhsh dena, To give,
cation, controversy. to bestow, to forgive.
4. ८-ॐ<:७- baft8-d-Ad¢87, 8. f. Controversy, dis P. H. UL.< bdkhshand (caus. of u--->5) v. a. To
cussion, argumentation. cause to give, to procure pardon for another
A. H. ७.८< baftrt8ad (from t--->:) v. a. To ar
P. C--८-< bakhshish (from cA---->:) s, f: Gift,
gue, to dispute, to talk.
grant, boon, forgiveness, liberality, generosity.
A. A<: Adhr, I s, m. A sea, a bay, a gulph. P० H० ७-* hakhsh-nd v. a. To give, to forgive.
2. s. f: Metre, verse. 3. A fleet.
P. ४A>-->< bakhshinda, part. act. (from ७****)
A. cJA< ba¢rdn, s, m. The crisis of a disease.
Giving, giver, bestower, pardoner.
A. -9-: bdhr-ये, 1• adi. Maritime, belonging to P० ८-* boAAshi, s. m. A general, a commander
the sea. 2. 11. s. f. For ५-29"(* Adhr7, q, w. A
in chief L3५५ c**** bdkhshi-dtntdmalik, A
falcon, &c.
title or rank equivalent to commander-in-chief
A* 9/**** btdtdird (dimin. of>>:) s. m. A small 43e- ue**# bdkhshikhdnd, The pay-office, the
sea, a lake. *

general's oflice.
A. 9e* buk//ar, 5. m. Steam, glowing heat (of
the ground or such as is felt in a fever), wapour,
P. ८95 ७-८ bakhshi gari, s, f Office or duty of
a general.
exhalation. ५#9 c*** U०9८*, buk/1dr di/ nt6/?
A. c>< buk/1/, s* m. Awarice, stinginess, parsi
rakhnd, To entertain entuity or malice in the
heart. LLG 9u<: ht/AAar nikalna, To break out P. ex>< bd k4५d, In self by self, of self c,é
(as, an eruption on the skin).
UT ba-khttd dna, To come to (one's) self
r. c-->3 Adldtt, s, m. Fortune, luck, prosperity, A. 92>: bdk/1ar, s, ru- Perfume, odour, frankin
felicity uguश्रृंT ---->, bdA4/-dsmd-f, or -->< CCI1Se०
ex2 118 ex)

A. U->< bakhi7 (from ce:) adj. Miser, niggard. Low-born, of bad breed, wicked, vicious.
4. Us->< bakhiki (from cl--><) 8. f Stinginess, cट्रld ७५ Addgati, s. f: Baseness, wickedness,
niggardliness. viciousness, crsd og budgihn, adi. Stupid,
. 4-->3 bakhiya, s. m. A kind of stitching, a slow of apprehension. ४l, ०४ bad-rdh, adi.
strong quilting, stitching Wicked, sinful. ८-०७) ०४ bad-rika”, adj. Ill
P. od bad, adj. Evil, bad. Cle-l Ag badak/1/ak, paced, difficult to mount (a horse). e-*****
adj. Ofbad habits. -9Ll od badustat, adj. bdd*rdng, adj. Of bad colour, of bad kind.
Ill-shaped, ill-made, of bad conduct. cLel o: 22 ०४ 0dd*rday, adj. Ill-paced (a horse). *?
bad-us/, adj. Low-born. ugyel * bad-24$if/?, c9 bad-sdbdn, I. adj. Indecent (speaker),
abusive• 2. 8. f. Indecent language, abuse.
s, f Bad breeding. Llyel og bad attcar, Ill
५ई५} ०४ bad-sdbdn-i, s. f: Abuse. ५-9 *
mannered. L-१०७l og bad.aadesh, adj. Dvil
minded, inimical. e** bnd-fin, adj. Of 2ad**6% adi Ungraceful. ce-eu० A bad-sddy,
s. f: An unlucky moment. é” ०५ Add-s५i, adj.
bad manners, observing no religious precepts.
७८५ ०४ 2ad batin, adj. Internally evil. ०४ Ungraceful, ill-looking. ५----2Z० ०४ brtd-sirfsht,
lll-disposed, ill-natured. d*- ०४ bud-sigd/,
c-->: bad-bakht, adj. Unlucky, unfortunate.
adj. Dwil-minded, malevolent, malignant.
x og bad-ba, 1. adj. Fetid. 2. s, f Stink. u***** ७४ bdd-stttak-2, s. f: Bad behaviour, mal
Ja9? *? bad-parhes, adj. Not controuling one's treatment. ‘-2,*- ०d bdd-sirat, adj. Ill teur
inclinations and passions, intemperate. A?
pered, of bad disposition. --J-* og bad-shdrd”,
७*** badpashmi, 8. f Badness of hair or adj. Drunk. ५#J-* A badsharat-t, s, f: Drunk
wool, bad coat (of a horse, &c.). **३- *:
enness. U5.* <४ bad shak/, adj. Ill-shaped,
badchashm, adj. Malignant, envious, coveting
ill-looking. ८*** ७४ bnd-shagan-i, s. f: Bad
other men's goods (particularly, wives). ०४
omen. L-222० od bdd-sffrat, adj. Ugly, ill
Ju- bad-ftdl, adj. In bad circumstances, ill conditioned. c9* ०४ bdd-turalt, s. m. Bad
conditioned. L-ly- ०४ bad*?dredss, adj. Sense
habit (in a religious sense). c-८.८ A: bad
less, stupified, in consternation. Le. A bad
&4att, adj. Writing ill. ue** ०४ badakhtdki, {indt, adi. Malevolent, iniquitous. ८***e ७५
bad-findt-f, 8. f: Malevolence, iniquity. **
s. f: Bad disposition, evil nature. 2८-०५
2ad Alto, adj. Of bad habits, ill-disposed. ce 2ad:dan, adi. Suspicious. ****** baddhd,
** og bad kho-i, 8. f: Unmannerliness, ill adj Faithless, treacherous. Uxs A. bad/t*/,
1॰ s, m- Pvil deeds. 2. adj. Of bad habits
nature. sly-- og bad ld1%dh, adj. Wishing (particularly, in a religious sense). 99***
evil- \e० ०४ bad-da'?, s• f: A curse, impre bad*fédrcdra, Ill-formed, ill-mannered. >***
cation- J० ०४ baddit, adj. Suspicious. A. 2dd-kdr or>l.95 ०४ 2dd kirdar, adj. Evil-doer,
३८०० baddamagh, adj. Dissatisfied, displeased sinful, ५-9७ ०४ badckdr-f, s, f. Wickedness,
with every thing- ७au०० ०४ ”addamag4-i, 8. f. evil-doing. L-5 og bad-kesh, adi. Impious,
lll-will, displeasure. J:5०४ badduat, adj. irreligious. ७५*** badguman, adj. Suspi
*ll-shaped, ungraceful. e-old od bad-sat, adj. cious. ‘****** badguman-i, s. f: Suspicion.
*** 114 ***

% ७५ badgo, adj. Evil-speaking, slanderous. 5. or A. log bidd (विदाय OI* ६l22) s, f. Dis

प3% As budgo-f, s, f. Slander, evil-speaking. mission, taking leave, farewell, adieu.

»é od budgahar, adj. Of bad origin. ४७ exy H. log badd, adj. Predestined.
bad-lihdg, adj. Unmannerly, disrespectful. H. ५८७५log badabadi, adv. With emulation or
*४! As bad-Jagrfm, adj. Not obedient to the rivalship, contentiously. (Pers. 4-9*JP)
reins (a horse), hard-mouthed. cॐ* og bad s. U)log biddrnd { विदTरण from वि and r. द
7ndsd gi, s, f. 1. Tastelessness. 2. Coolness Tear) w. a. To tear, to rend, to remove.
between friends. L-~० ७४ Add-mdsf, adj. In H. ७.slA biddhnd, w. a. I. To turn the plough
toxicated, dead drunk. 4.Ja० ७५ bdd-musdnnd, over a field after the seed is come up, to plough
adi. Suspicious, c*७०० ०४ bad-madsh, adi. immediately after sowing for the purpose of
covering the seed. 2. To harrow.
Of a bad profession or way 6f life, of an infa
A. --१\०४ baddyot, s, f: Beginning.
mous trade. AL*७८० A: bad-ma'लैmala, adi Un s. L->A bidi¢ (विदित from r. विद know)
fair in dealing. ५४,४० ०४ bad-mihr-*, 6- f. IDis part. Known, famous.
obligingness, unkindness. (*५ o bod-nam, adi. P.95०४ bad-far, adi. compar. Worse, bad.
Infamous, ignominious, calumniated. ue** ex! P. ७८.८-०५ badakAshdn, Name of a country fa
bad-nam-3, s. f. Infamy, ignominy, scandal. mous for the production of rubies.
U-3 Ag bad-nds/, 1. adj. Of a bad race or A. 9०४ badr, s, m. The full moon.
hreed. 2. A bastard. -०.a og bddennsib, P.9o ba-dar, adv. Without, out.
adj. Unfortunate. uxi A bdd-nd*l, adj. Trip A. 43,०५ badrikd, s, m. 1. A guide, convoy or
* ping (a horse). ५०४ bad-munta, or 9,* ०४ guard on the road. 2. A fellow traveller. 3.
Addentrmfid, adj. Ill-looking, ungraceful, in Any thing ordered to be taken with a certain
medicine (as water gruel with salts), a vehicle
elegant. ५४uc og badnamd-f, s. f Ungrace (in medicine). See s. c५७) dnttpdn.
fulness, inelegance. ०५d og bad-nihad, adi.
P. 299०४ badar-rda, s, f. A drain, a sewer.
fll-disposed. e-3, ०४ badca:*, adj. Evil
A. ४,०d badrd, s, m. A bag of money ; a weight
disPosed. U***? ०४ bad-cagi, s. f: Bad dispo of ten thousand dirhems.
sition e-** ४ 2adhaiat, adi. IIHormed, H. u-59** bidrf, s, f: A kind of tutanag inlaid with
ugly c,*: ७५ badyamn, adj. Ill-omened, un silver, used to make hukka bottoms, cups, &c.
propitious. ५४.८: og badyumn-i, s. f Bad and, so called from Beeder, the name of a
omen, badluck. city and province.
H. ७५ bad, s. f: A bubo. P.92--००४ ba-dastar, As usual, according to cus
s, ot bid (विल A hole) s, f A little pit into s. LAs bad-sala (वरTह A hog, and शाला A
which children in play endeavour to throw balls
or marbles.
house) 8. m. A hog-sty.
A०५---P*** bid"?t, s. f. Theintroduction of novel
s..५ बदि badi, s, f. The wane of the moon
ty or change in religion, schism : violence, op
See 5. ५४*** pression, wrong. -
8-५ 115 ****

4- ‘**** biddhi, adi. Tyrant, oppressor. s. **** विधि (r. विध Rule, govern) bidh or
A- J** baddl, s. m. Exchange, substitution, re cidhi, l. s. f: ltule, order, law, statute, pre
taliation : (postpos.) In exchange, for. \**! JA४ cept, direction, decree. 2. Manner, mode,
badal lentr, To exchange, to take in exchange. way. 3. Name of JBrahmd, providence.
Ju० JA badaki-mdt, s, m. Price, barter. 8. 5-x* बुद्रि (r. बुध Understand) buddhi (or
5. J* baddu/ (for J-५ q. w.) 8. m. A cloud. budh) s. f. Seuse, wisdom, understanding,
4. Jog badla, 8. m. Exchange, lieu, stead, a
substitute, recompense, revenge. c… ४०४ badla
8. 8-xy बुध bttdh,
s. m. 1. The planet Mercury
lend, w. a. 1. To alter. 2. To take revenge. 2. Wednesday. -

A• H• b४०५ badland (caus. ofulog) v. a. To cause S• sexy bidhtt or cidhu, s. m. The moon.
to alter, to change. s. ४.७ वथ badh or cadh, s, m. Killing, slaying,
A . H• *** badld'?, s. f: Price of exchange. slaughter
A. H. \clot badat-ad, w. a. To change, to alter. s. w\००० विधाता hidhata or cidhata, s, m. He
5. c*** badli (dimin. of J-५ q. w.) s. f. I. who has predestined, i, e. The deity Brahma.
Cloudiness. 2. A small bit of cloud. See sA bidh.
4. (Jog bad/i, 8.f Exchange, relief (of watches). 8. ७५२-४ विधान htdhan or cidhan, s, m. Com
5॰ cy** * <T badan or cadan, s.m. The mouth, mon practice, precept, direction. See ***
the countenance. विधि,
A. ७.५ 0ddan, s, m. The body. Ut:- cs: c** S. bus-५ bddhdaod (वईोपन ) 5. m. I. A song
budan phal.jand, w. n. To be covered with an
in congratulation. 2. Presents, &c carried
eruption of pustules.
to the house ofa woman on the sixth or fortieth
s, bo: hadnd {त्रदT Saying) v. a. I. To wager,
to bet. 2. To settle, to take (as witness), to day after child-birth.
obey, to acknowledge, to agree, not to refuse. S . -->?us०४ bidhdcat (from ७.०७.१) s. f. Perfora
P, 9०४ bada, adi. Infamous.
A. Jod bada, s, f: 1. Beginning, appearance. 8 - *** badhd'?, s, f: Congratulation., See
2. The desert. 3. (for u59*) A tribe of Arabs bu*** hadhtftcd.
inhabiting the desert. 5. L-***** budh-bdns ( वाधवश ) s. m. Slaughter
s. ७५०४ bid-tcan, adj. Learned in the beds. of a family or race. -

H. g22०४ bidornd, w, a. 1. To screw. 2. To s. u_<s०५ bddh-ik (वधिवा) s, m. A huntsman,

mock, to laugh at, to ridicule. sportsman, shooter, fowler: executioner.
H. Ujyog biddrnd, w, a. To laugh at. See U99७५. 8. ७५**** बुद्धिमान btrddht-man, adj. - Wise,
P. A. u-J,A: ba-datdat, By the fortune, by the sensible, intelligent.
bounty, by the means : in empire. s, uso, hudhnd (r. न*4 Kill) v. a. To kill, to
r. cgo bidan, prep. Without, besides. smite.
A. ug,o badatci, adj. Of the country or desert :
an Arab of the desert, a countryman.
n. uso badhnd, s, m. A kind of Pot with a
spout to it, a vessel for drinking water from.
s, sog ३ध buddh, s. m. The ninth acatar or
Hindii incarnation. See 9g9l trttttar. 5. ७-*** bidhad (from विधि) s, m. See bus-५.
Q 2
138 116 JA
• 9**४ बधू brrdha, s. f. A wife, daughter-in Flee, dissolve) v. a. I. To drive away, to
law, woman, lady. turn away. 2. To efface.
. 'ysA bidhdtrd, s, m. The deity. See Uus७४. A. 4gl& bi-sdtt-hi, adv. By its own essence, of
. ,००४ विधवा hidhara or cidhaca, s, t. A wi itself, independently.
dow. (Lat. J/tdud). A. 93 hogr, s, m. Seed. 23 bdgrgar, A hus
* ७9*** बुद्धिवान, buddht-acdn, Wise, in
telligent. A. Jog bas/, 5. m. Expense, gift, munificence.
. ७८०.५ baddhi (बद्री ) s. f. An ornament worn A. Al3४ 0isld, s, m. A garment for daily use of
round the neck, hanging down to the waist and which no care is taken.
crossing behind and before ; a belt, a sash. A. AJ& basta, s. m. Ajest, raillery. -

S . U.sog badhiya (r. नथ Bind, injure) s. f: A A. A barr, s. m. Dry land, a desert.

bullock, any castrated animal.
ir. A bar, s, f Pudenda fueminae.
• u*** 2dd? ( बदि) s. f. The dark half of the
5.9? वर, bar or car (r. वTर Make choice of) 8. m.
lunar month from full moon to new moon.
l. A choice, a boon, a blessing, a good. 2. A
. ८४Ag hudi (from A) s, f Badness, wickedness.
bridegroom. (Lat. Wir.) 3. Appointment.
• ५-५ विद्या (r. विद Know) bidyd or cidyd,
4. adj. Dxcellent. *** bar-dai, Giver of
s. f: Science, knowledge, intellect. a choice or blessing.
* 7*०५०४ विद्याध र, bidya-dhar or cidyd-dhar, s.
rr. J: bar, s, m. Breadth (of cloth).
m. A sort of demi-god or attendant in the ce
lestial courts. H. A barr, s, f A wasp. See ५3,? birni.
P.x bar, s, f: 1. Bosom. g)५०A bar marna, and
. Uè,५४ विद्यार्थी (विद्या Science, andअर्थ ७6tsy, bar hankna, To boast. 2. Fruit. 3.
Intention) bidydrthi or cidyarthi, 8. m. A
prep. On, up, above, upon, at. 4. part.
(from c,97*) Bearing, bearer, carrier, taking
* cb५** विद्यावान bidya-tedn or cidyd-ctin,
away. UIA bar and, w. n. To come up, to
adi. Scientifick, learned.
come forth, to be successful, to be obtained,
• L-**? विदेश bides or ci-des, s, m: A foreign
to be accomplished, to abstain. UJJ’ bar lana,
country, another country• v. n. To produce, fulfil, accomplish, yield.
. ७-५०४ ”id*** (from L-१०४) adj. Foreigner S० JP hara I. (for वcत्री ) s, m. Cakes made
- e** bndi* (from ६**) adj. Novel, wonderful, of ground pulse fried in butter or ghi. 2. (for
rare, curious, strange. JP) adi. Large, great
. ५४०४ badiha, s, m. 1. An extempore, an 1r. JA burd, adj- Bad, worse. usu० l, bura man
impromptu, any thing done without medita ?ati, v. a. To take amiss, to be displeased.
tion, an unexpected event. 2. An axiom* P.AJP bar-a-Mar, adj. Abreast, even, level, plain,
७५१०४ Addi**, 1. adj. Unpremeditated, ap uniform, smooth, like, alike, up to, opposite,
parent, self-evident. 2. s-f An axiom equal, exact, accurate, straight. UTAJP bar-a-
S -
133 hadd, adi. Great. See g: bdrd. bar and, To overtake. AJ7->>?]7’ bar-a-bar sd

S -
g, s, higarna (विद्ररावण from वि and r. दु rabar, adj. Equal, alike. 9,5AJ Aar-a-*a*
JA 117 - JP
Karna, To smooth, to compose. bysxy bar hammad is said to have passed from Jerusalem
d-bar homa, To terminate, to allow, to suit. to heaven.

P. ५5Py bar-a-2ar-f, 8.f Equality, competition, A. cy barrdk (from c32) adj Flashing, shiniug,
5. --JP bardt ( नTत ) 8. f. The company and
brilliant, resplendent.
attendants at a marriage feast. पix bdrdt-i, s. A• L*x barrdk-7, 5. f: Brilliancy, splendour.
An attendant at a marriage. 8• P% bi-rtina (वि and r. रऽ*t Be quiet or at
rest) adj. Uneasy, unquiet.
A. e--JP Aardt, s, f A commission, a warrant,
assignment, letter. P. **ly bar-imad, 1. s, f Coming up, issue,
expenditure. 2. Informing (more particularly,
P० -JP barat, s. f: The fourteenth day of the
of bribery), accusation, impeachment. 9.
month Sha"ban which is appropriated to the part. (for ***JP) Come up, come out.
commemoration of ancestors. See e-27’ ---*
P. *-><],* bar-amada, s. m. A verandah, balcony?
shab-i-burdर्ट (which name the day more com porch.
monly bears).
P. cy burran (from cy**2) Part- Cutting, sharp
s. --92 विराट् bird! or cirag, s, m. An em S. b]7’ bdrrtfnd (see UJPP) w. a. To talk in one's
perour, the world. sleep or in a delirium.
S . ७-ly birajnd (वि and r. राज्ञ Shine) v, n. H. by birana, adj. 1. Strange, foreign. 2
To be conspicuous or splendid ; to enjoy one's Belonging to another
self; to live in health, ease, content and in H. bly birdnd, w.a. To mock.
P glocy bar-andas, part. aet. (of c>locy) Over
r.Jey biradar, s, m- Brother. 92»¢»oJ? biradar turning, destroying
parrcur, Kind to friends and relations. Pई2% bd7-ao (from bJP) S. Abstinence.
r. Aslyoly biradar-ana, adj. Brotherly. TP० 929 bar-atcurd, s, f: Calculating, estimating,
P. *ol;>oy birddar-adda, s, m. A brother's son, considering before hand what may be neces
a nephew. sary for a feast, &c. UA 92% bar-atcgrd karad,
P, ५9oy biradar-i (from »०JP) s, f, Brotherhood, l. To strike out (of a muster roll). 2. To
relationship. calculate, to estimate, to carry to account.
A• *oy burnda, s. m. Filings. II० 9% bird'ond, w. a, To vex. See ५JA birand.

r, Ja bar-dr (A Up, and part. act of c,99f s, J2 वराह (वर A choice thing, उनT and r.
To bring) Bringing or bearing up ; producer, ह* Smite) barah or cardh, s, m. 1. A boar.
perfornner. 2. The third druatar or inearnation of the deity
5. JP barard (वरनT) s. f: A thong, a rope (in the belief of Hindus).
H० '-->*# barrahat (from ५y? barrand) s. f.. Chat
(particularly, ofa swing). See s. ७’ .
A. jy 0ards, properly birds, 8. m. 1. Stool, mo tering, prate, rant.
tion, excrement. 2. Fighting 5- cr**JP बाह्मण brdhman, s. m. A Brahman.
P ociJ’ bar-agftdd, part. pass. (for sousJP) Fallen s. ५४-*sly brahma?*, 6- f. The wife of a Brah
of or away man, a female of the brahman cast.
A. U?2ura#० n. prop. The ass on which Mu H. प5], 2uraf (from J, bura) 8. f Mischief,
evil, wickedne88. **०५५J**५५#U? प?"P hurdi | 5. ७५9’ वर्तमान (r. वृत Exist, be current)
prir uthnd ya kamar hdndhnfi, To resolve on bartamdn or rartamdn, adj. Existent, pre
mischief. sent ; the present tense.
P. ६*y barac, adv. By reason of on account | म* cP, ”arta”, s, m. A dish, plate, basin, &c.
* of; for. wessel, utensil.
! - P० *9’ har-hrid, adj. (Given) to the winds : | 11• ७४A bardtnd, w. a. To consider, to reflect.
1. thrown away, destroyed, laid waste, ruined. g. *2x bdrtnd (वर्तन Passing, &c.) v.a. To
H* u-5PP barhdr-i, s, f. A large kind of goat u563०

(from Barbary). s, kटP दथT Art//d or crt/ha, adj. Abortive,

P. ug barbat, s, f. A kind of harp or lute. wain, in wain.
H. ५-३, burbhastyd, adi. Aftected, an old per- | s, *# वती brdt-f or crat-i, s, m. One who fasts.
son who affects the manners of youth. H५ प## birti, s, m. Name of a plant. (A species
H***** bar-hola (from JA Bad, and UJy To speak) of Panicum).
adj. Scurrilous. H* ल>’ brtfi, s, m. A large track rope (a small
P. S• 95 ५2’ bar pd karnd, w, a. To raise, to one being called c5g”?)
pitch, to establish. H. द>? butj, 8. m. A cable.
IP• H० ५2* ५>’ barpd hond, w. n. To be raised, | A. c>? buri, s, m. 1. A bastion, a tower. 2. A
pitched, or established. sign of the zodiack.
5. -2.? hardt, J. (for न्वत ) 8. m. A meritorious | s, दJ? ब्रज brrtj (wulg. bix7), s, m. Name of a
act, a fast, a vow, a religious rite or penance. district, containing the several villages of Ma
2. (see **P) Use, 9, (for वरनTI ) s. f: A thura, Gokul, Brindavan, &e. being about
thong, leathern girth, rope : see g. ७, barhd. 108 miles in circumference,

8. -27’ वृति briti or trifi, s, m. Appointing ; a | ** ५>’ bar:jd, In place : accurato, right, true.
proxy in the performance of religious duties. n, u॰-4 brnjattyd, 8. m. An innocent kind of
* !* - 8. -27? वृति britti or critti, s, f. Livelihood, snake. (Pohar, from s, r. **5ी Leave).
8tipend, pension, income, estate. - H.g. ५४,9’ bar:iari, s, f A term of abuse (applied
s, gy birtd (वित्त) s, m. Substance, ability, to a woman) ] w

power. See Lu-१ bitt. P. ******/? tardwa (fromx Up, and 9*- To

- - - leap) adi. Opportune, a-propos, right, pro

s. U, bartd, part, pass. (of ७४, q. v.) That per, exact, prompt.
* which has been used. H. -->? barttind, w, a. To forbid, to prohibit.
- 8. ५g,? bd7tdnd (वर्तन Passing, turning) v, a. il* cलै-7’ birchttn, s, m. Flour made from the
To distribute. 2. 8. m. Old clothes, fruit of the bcr (Rhamnusjujuba). -

- s. --५g# वृतांत briftdnt or trittant, s, m. In- | s, -फूंद->7* ट्रैदत brtchchh or triksttd, s, m. A tree, a
telligence, tidings,
topick, mode, narration, story, history, H. plant.
circumstance. A t:59: bdrchhd, s. *)*
(long slender) spear०

P* 727* bdr-tar, adj. High, higher, excellent. H* u८***9? barch/ti, s, f: a javelin. >'9' 'स्त्र>?
"* ५5,27’ bar-tar-f, s, f. Excellence, superiority. or ०)** ue***** A spear-man. -
*27? 119 ५->>*

s. LLस्>>’ birchhik, see ca<ङ्क** brischik. IP० ****** burd-bar-i, s. f: Bearing of burthen :
H* -**5-9? barchhait (from ueस्ट्रे>?? s. m. A forbearance, patience.
spear-man P. 39/ bardd, s, m- and f: A captive, a slave.
P. '---->’ c*****) s. f. Itising
bur-ldtast (from c,2,3 s-9, 2arda:/arosh, A slave merchant.
up, recalling or removing from office. s. *92 ट्ध briddh or triddha, adj. Old.
P. 9?>9 Aarkhttrd, s. f Success, the obtaining 8.--*92 वृद्धि (r. **f Increase)briddhi or rriddhi,
one's desires. s. f. Increase ; vegetation.
P.9/999-y 0arkAgr-ddr, adi. Happy, enjoying s. ४.9, biruddh (विरूद्ध from वि and r. स्थ
long life and prosperity. (Male children are Confine) adj. Contrary to, against.
thus called, q. d. Enjoying the fruits of life). S• **** bdradhnd (from 97’ A bull) w. n. To bull
P. ७-9? barA4e, s. A little, somewhat, a small a COWW.

part. 5* ८-59? bdrd? ( वर्द्री ) s. A drove of cattle

5. 9? bdrad (बलीवर्द) s. m. A bull, a bul loaded.

lock. A. प59, 0ardi, 8. f: Papyrus.

H. 9? burd, s. f. A term used at chess when H. ---५9, 2ardait, s, m. A panegyrist, a bard.
the king only, on one side, remains on the ** र:2>? bar४akh, s. m. Interwal, separation : the
board; (hence, also,) an opportunity ofInaking time and state of man from death till the re
some acquisition. surrection.

u. 9, birad, s, m. Fame, reputation, panegyrick. 5. c~9’ **** ( #TP ) s, m. A bull ; Taurus (the
A* 9? burd, s. In. Cold, frigidity. sign of the zodiack).
H• P->)*# bar-ddr 9* Breadth, and Jlo Having) ** LA*7? bdras ( वर्ष) s. m. Rain ; a year.
adj. Wide, broad (cloth). -
*55 u>> barus-ganth, s, f: The ceremony of
P.9lox bar-dar, part. in compos. (from ७-*lex) tying a knot on the anniversary birth-day of a
child. ,
Taker up, carrier, bearer. So, >l*# u****
Club-bearer, &c.
rr. c~, baras, s, m. An intoxicating drug made
P, ५9ls, bar-dar-i, s, f: (in compos.) The act of of opium.
bearing, carrying, &c. 5 . L०, 2arsd, s, m. See Ls, or ५37’ *
P, '----*l9’ bar-ddsht (from c**leP) s. f: En S ******* barsd¢ (वर्षर्त ) s, f. The rainy season,
durance, patience. the rains.
**** barsdt-ये (from e-u2,’) s. f: The name of
P. *-sl9, bar-ddshta, part pass. (from c-०loy) S०

Itaised up, elevated : removed. a disorder in horses, the farcy.

s, ७/9, 2ardan or cara-dan (नर A bridegroom, TPw **** bar-sans, s, m. The pleurisy (from >
a blessing, and दT*f A gift) s. m. 1. A Bosom, and Au.० Inflammation. Go¢.). An
wedding gift (to a bride). 2. The answer to inflammation of the diaphragm. (Bahrtt-kia
a prayer addressed to God or to a Saint. acdhir).
P०५9’ Aard-८ar, adi. Burthen-bcaring ; for 8 - ५५24 barsdnd (causal of u-०, ५. v) v• a. To
cause to rain.
hearing, patient, mild,
EA 120 e-2’
S. *** barsd'tz (from ५५22) part. act. Itaining. P. A. ५899’ ”artdtfi (from —3/22) , है. f Dis
5. L-9? barasta_(from ***) s. m. Rain. mission, discharge.
--‘*** (वृश्चिक) brischik or crischik, s, m. P. —3, bat6 s, m. f. Ice, snow. 22>? -ट’
A scorpion : Scorpio (the sign of the zodiack). bat/5parccurd, adj. Iced, cooled in ice.
1t. Le? birdsnd, w. n. To stay, to remain. P. ८.37 bat/*#, s, f: A kind of sweetmeat. adj.
*** barasnd (r. **त्र Rain) v. n. To rain.
Icy, snowy.
७9-9, 2ards-todn, adj. Annual, anniversary. bark, s, f: Lightning. 8.9 c3, 2ark-sada,
A* c37?
5• ८-97-9? bdrds-dari, s, f An annual tax or rent. Stricken by lightning. 9lo-37’ bark-aadas, A
matchlock man, a musketeer.
S * us">* 2arsi(वार्षिक ) s. m. Annual ceremo
A. e** **37’ barka'?) s, m. A dress
burka* (or
ny in commemoration of deceased relations.
or kind of veil with eye-holes to it, covering
* L2’ * छात्र ) brish or trish, s, m. A bull ; Tau the whole body from head to foot.
, c.o -_5
6: who wears a ?...’* e27?
rus (the sign of the zodiack).
P. L2 barrish (from ७०४)?) 8. f: Cutting s. -%? **नी brik or crik, s, m. A wolf.
5- -** वर्षों (r. वृष Rain) barsha, barkha or ca7 A. --9’ 2arakat, Plur- (of L-5, barakat) s. f
shd, s. f: 1. The rains, the third season (of the Blessing8, auspiciousness, prosperity. t:
six) from the 15th of Ashairh to 15th of Bha ---57’ bd-Adrakat, adj. Fortunate, prosperous,
dra. 2. Rain. (Persian, C29५). fortunate in every undertaking and communi
cating good fortune to every thing one is con
5 -29-27? ( वर्षर्त OI* वर्षा ltain, and ऋतु **
cerned in, productive of advantage and suc
Season) barshd- or bark¢d- or carshd-fita, s. f. CeSS०

The rainy season. 5. ---527’ birknt ( विरक्क comp.of वि prep, and

5. c**** (वर्षो Rain, and वाल Season, time) रक्त from the root रंज Be in love) 1.s. m
hdrshd- or barkhd- or cdrstd-kal, s. m. The A kind of Jakir who has relinquished the
rainy season.
world. 2. adj. Wearied, disgusted.
5. ७us, barshand (from वर्षो ) w. a. To rain. A० ---*# barakat, s. f: Blessing, abundance,
s******* कृत्रिभ brishahh or rristabh, s, m. A bull. Prosperity? auspiciousness, an inherent pros
perity which produces success or abundance.
P, 4e-2’ birishta, part. pass. (of cre**) Fried,
8. c**9* दद briksh or triksha, 8. m. A tree.
A• 49? birka, s, m. A pond, a well.
8. J*** (वर्ष Rain, and वालSeason) barsh
? 8- -*# वर्ष barkh or carkka or carsha, s, in.
kd? or carshd-kdld, s. m. The rainy season, the
Ta1I15० Itain 3 a year. See g uzez 2ara**
A. c2, 0ards, s, m. Leprosy. 8. “ॐ द"a brikh or trikha, s. m. A bull; Tau
rus (the sign of the Zodiack).
P• A• —*** bar-targ/3 adj. Aside, apart, dis
missed. UA -2Ex bar-taraf karnd, w. a. To
5. ५टx वर्षा barkhd or carkha, s. f. See ****
dismiss, to discharge, to turn off g,० —29 8. c*ॐ वर्षोशन ( वर्ष Year, and उमशन
har-targf hond, w. n. To be dismissed, dis Dating) barkhasan or carkhasan, s. m. Yearly
charged, turned ofi, or cast aside. pay or subsistence.
ucy? 121
s. ५-४, brikhab (for ऋत्रिभ rrishabha) s, m. A of water. 2. Name of a tree. (Crataewa
bull. tapia).
s. Ué¢ barakhna, v. n. To rain. See g. u-9’ . ** c27’ वरों
bardn or cardn, conj. Moreover, and
s, e%? वर्जी barg or cargd, s, m. 1. An assembly even, but even, rather. .
of people of one class, a multitude of similar 5. c9? ?ara” (वर्ण) s. m. I. Colour, sort. 2.
things. 2. A class of letters pronounced on the One of the four tribes among the Hindiis (viz.
same part of the mouth (as the gutturals, pa 1. बाह्मण 2. क्षत्रिय 3. वैश्य 4. शूद्र ) 3
latals, &c.). 3. The square of a number. A letter ofan alphabet. 4. Praise, description.
P, e:# bdrg, s, m. I. A leaf. 2. Warlike appa
s. 97’ पत्रर*TI barana, n. prop. A river near
ratus, provision or necessaries for ajourney. Benares.
3. A musical instrument. 4. Melody. (Plur. 5. g, harnd, 1. (for वरऽUI) s. m. Name of a
५%), J5 eॐ barg-t-gul, Leafof a rose : ntet. fruit tree (Crataeva tapia) : see c»* bartryr. 2.
the lip of a mistress. (from वर. A bridegroom) v. a. To marry.
H- 92 bargd, s, m. A rafter. P. 9/’ barnd, s, m. A youth.
P, **## bar-g2rsida, part. pass. Chosen, select
H. g/ barnd, w. n. To burn. See ulg balnd.
ed, elect. IP० @# birinj, s. m. 1. Rice. 2. Brass.
P. c****# bar*gashta-gi, s. f: Retrocession, in TP० प*****# birinj-dri (é¥ Rice, and JT Bringing)
version, turning back, apostasy. s. m. One who follows a camp with grain.
P, ****# bargashta, part. pass. Turned, changed,
inverted, turned backy apostatized, rebelled.
P. Ce=22 birinja, adv. Brazen, of brass,
S० ¢x btrartchi or विरिंचि cirincht, or विरंचि
5, * bdrgi (वर्गीय) s. m. The Maharattas
are so called.
uiranchi, or विरंच ciranchd) n. prop. Brah*
ma. See uusog bidhata.
H• **# barget, s. m. An ortolan. (Alauda).
H. JA barld, s, m. A wasp. H. *27’ वृंद brind or trind, s. m. A demi-god.
s, J, birld C विरल) adj. l. Scarce, uncom S० A॰ ७2r (वर्णसंकर) barn-sunkar or carttd
mon, rare, wonderful. 2. Delicate, fine. sankara, s. m. A person ofa tribe originating
in the intercourse of a man of one tribe with
म, ५22 barmd, s, m. A kind of gimlet or borer
worked with a string. a woman of another.

u. ५५४, 2armana, v. a. To bore. P० e-2’ ba-rang, In the manner.

5 ५७/ birmand (causal of u-9’ q. v.) v. a. To s. *** ७/ व barnd-madld or cartta-maild,

tame, to reduce to obedience, to allure, to stop. s. f. An alphabet.

म**** 0armald, adj. Publick, conspicuous. ** c27’ वर्णन (rs वर्ण Describe, celebrate) bur
#. *** biramand (वि and r. र* Rest) v. n. To nan or cargan, s. m. Description, explana
stop, to remain, to delay. tion, praise. UAcg, barnan karna, To explain?
म, ५24 barrnha, n. prop. The people ofAva aae to describe, to extol, to praise
80 called. See also ucs, brahma. 5. ७०27’ bdrannd Cr. वर्ण Describe) w• a. To ex
** cy वरण barun or taratta, s, m. 1. The god plain, to describe, to praise
27t 122 27?
5• ** barapti (वरूणी) s. f. An eyelash. s. us, birhd, s, m. 1. See g, birah. 2. A kind

H. ५jy birni. s, f: 1. A wasp, 2. A small grain. of song peculiar to washermen.

ग्र. ५x birca, s, m. A plant, a tree A. ७७४ burhan, s, m, Demonstration, Proof
H. l27’ barrod, s- f. Name ofa ragini, in musich9 s. ------27? brihaspati or crihdspati,
by which deer and serpents are said to be n. prop. 1. Name of the spiritual preceptor
tamed. of JDecatds. 2. The planet Jupiter. 3.
us*9’ birodhi, s. f. An orchard. 95 u**2* s.9५८-->/ brihaspatibar (वृहस्पतिवार) S• ITh०
b#aoahi karna, 1. To make an orchard. 2*
To enclose with a hedge. Thursday.
• ---229? ******P (वि and रूप Form) adi. Dis s. (->’ 5नल brahm, s. m. 1. God. 2. Spirit,
figured, deformed, ugly. the very soul. द****>? brahnt-bhoj, Feeding
P- -229? burat, s, f. Whiskers, mustaches. of Brahmans. c-१० (->* brahmd-daityd, An
H. L--2x 2arrod*) 8. f. A kind of snake. apparition, Satan, ghost. L-5) (">* bruhmd
H. --2x 2artedt, s, m* A tumour in the belly. rakhas, A kind of demon. L**-० *** brdh???-

H. tg2x barotha, s, m. 1. A washerman. 2. A sesk, The leavings of Brahmans. ke* *** -

vestibule. brahma-hatyd, The murder of a Brahman :

A * द2>* burai, s. Plur. (of ट्x) Bastions, towers, sacrilege.
signs of the zodiack. P- *** bar-ham, adj. 1. Confused, entangled,
A . L--॰॰24 baradab s- f. Coldness, coolness spoiled. 2. Angry, vexed, sullen. ******22
barham durham, adj. Entangled, confused,
5 . ४-४, birodh ( विरोध from वि and r. रूध
topsy-turvy. ७9 *** barltant-2ddan, s. m.
Shut up, confine) s, m. Quarrel, contention,
dispute, enmity, contrariety, opposition• Confusing, mixing together, striking together.
*9 *** barhdm-2ada, Confused, convulsed,
S- u****LP birodh-i, adj• Quarrelsome.
turned topsy-turvy• c9 *** barhttm-sdn, An
5 . ca-22 birog C वि and योग Junction) s, m.
exciter of quarrels, an embroiler ५è *>?
Separation, absence barhunt-2an-i, s. f: 1. Dmbroiling. 2. Inter
S - c% birogan ( वि and योग Junction) adj. ference, prevention, putting a stop to.
f Separated, distressed from separation s. ५*>’ त्रात्मा 07dhnta, The Deity in the character
P****27? bara-mand, adj. Fortunate, haPPy. of Creator, or matter personified. See gu०-५
H• 229? bdrtody S. m• The name of a bird that brahntd - ratri,
bidhatd. LPl)७*9?
feeds on fish• -
Name of the night of the rds of Afis¢ttd, a
P. ४, bara, s* m* A lamb, a kid. brightnight, a long night (like that of Brdhntd).
s. 9, birah (विरह from वि and r. रह Leave,
s. 5:usट्र ब्रह्मांउ (बह्म Soul and ऊंउ Psड)
brahmand, s. m. The top of the head, the
quit) s, m* Separation, absence : the being
left alone mundane egg (of the Hindtis):
H० \94 barha, s. m. A field where cows feed. s. u5)u5**** ब्रह्मचारी brahmuchdri, s. m. One
5. ७* barhd (वरत्रT) 8. m. A rope, a thong of the junior religious class of mankind, a
student, an ascetick. See under 9* dsrant
n. ७x 2arha, adj: Wicked, bad.
५-2r? 129 JP
8 - ट्>**** brahntachari (बह्मचय्र्य) s. The violent. 2. s, m. A medicinal herb so called :
profession or way of life of a Brahmachari. see W, बला.
S० -***** बह्मलोक brahmd-fok, s. m. The H. ७५): birtydd, s, f. Time.
region or heaven of Brahma. P. ७५y biryda, adj. Fried, roasted, broiled,
. cAs, brahman or barahman, n, prop. A Brah parched, grilled ; burning, consuming.
IInalI1० S - *** barjyai (from JP . Sans. वज्दतT) s. f.
See c/*sl7’ *
P. ७४*22 barham *, s. f: Confusion, convulsion, Boast, exultation.
trouble. H. ५:/ barethd, s, m. A washerman.
3. cP>? birhdn ( विरहिणी from विरह 27?) #* c**27? barethan, s, f. A washerwoman.
adj. f: (A woman) suffering the pangs of म, ६/ barg, s, m. A betel-garden.
absence in love, (a female lower) separated P. ४०४, 2arida, part. Pass. (from ७०४,१) Cut,
-from the object of her affection. amputated, clipped.
P० u***** barahnd-g2, 8. f: Nakedness. ***>27?>j27* biree bires (from c-ॐ) Overcome by
P. 4.9 Aarahna, adj. Naked. ५*9? bdrdh7td and yielding to misfortune or an enemy. ' '
pd, Bare-footed. 5. L-2, baris, s, m. A year. See c०, 0ards.
S० प*** विरही (from विरह 22) birhi or cirdhi, H• crJ? barain, s. f. A (female) seller of betel
adj. m. Suffering the pangs ofabsence in love, leaf, or rather cultivator of betel.
separated from one's love. ** cPU? barin, adj. High, sublime.
3, 1.9 barhela (वराह) s, m. A wild hog. s.j bar, 1. (for वाट) s, m. The Bengal fig-tree
See 1.9 barheld. (ficus Bengalensis or Indica). 2. in comPos
** ५*** bdrha (वही ) s. m. A peacock. a contraction of JP Great ; aS, px. P bat-bold,
A noisy talkative person : b*#UP bag-bhaka'd,
5.५४, birkiya (from विरह ४,*) adj. Amorous,
sensual, suffering the pangs of absent love.
A blockhead; u.५x bappe:#, adj. Big-bellied,
a great eater ; greedy? avaricious.
*** ५9* bari, s. f: Quicklime.
H. #: bar, s, f: Pudenda fteminae.
** ५#P bari, 1. (for वटी) 8. f: A dish made of
pulse. 2. (from aर) Wedding garment. 3. s. Ix 2ard (वऽई) adj. Large, great, &c. 95 JP
(for बली ) adj. Strong, powerful.
?ara karnd, 1. To enlarge, to exalt, to pro
mote. 2. To extinguish, to put out (a lamp,
****** bari (from प्रेट्र) adj. Acquitted, free, clear. &c. as to use the direct phrase is deemed un*
4-०all us, barjya-६-६imma, Free from charge or lucky).
obligation, justified. s. H. ५% barapd (from JP) 8. m. Grandeur,
** L-57* édrr-i, adj. Belonging to the dry land, to dignity, elevation.
the forest or desert; wild. S . u59: bard-f ( वऽदता ) s, f. 1. Greatness,
म. ८->> 2arai, s* m. A seller of betel leaf; a excellence. 2. Magnifying, boasting ५5 u5%
cultivator of betel. baya’i karna, To extol, to magnify, to boast, to
s. >gy 2aryar (बलीयान) adj. Strong, wiolent. vaunt. ५० usly bara? dead, To honour.
g. L५>* 2arg/ard ( बलीयान ) 1. adi. Strong, म. blp barand, w, a. To cause to sink.

R, 2
9: 124 (9?

5. gg bapand, w. a. To talk in one's sleep, &c. 5. ८.59: barhni, s. f. 1. A broom. 2. Advance

made for cultivation or manufacture or a con
See gly barrand. (N tract.

5. ## barhar ( ववरता) s. f. Muttering,

S >579 Adghotar, s, m. (from u->P) Interest,
the light-headed talk of a person in a delirium. S * +5P99: bdrhotur?, s. f. profit, advantage.
S. ५JPP baphardnd (fromgg) v, a. To mutter,
SS g9 Aarld'? ( वर्द्धविी) 3. m. A carpenter.
to chatter nonsense, to talk light-headedly.
-थ s. ५jg bafédrtyd, part, act. (from cl9%) A . usg haphtya (from u9) adi. High-priced.
S -
k9: bttphiyd (from \99?) s. f. An old woman.
chatterer, a mutterer.
11. 22>># http-chod, A term of abuse, scoundrel. S **9: barheld, s. m. A wild hog. See Y०-१.
1t. gg bdrnd, w- n. To enter. * ५-2# वठT bapi, s, f. A dish made of pulse.
8. ५62x barर्णnkha (वच्द Great, and दg A su H. ७८० ८g bare mईg/d”, 5- m* An old man :

gar-cane) s. m. A kind of sugar-cane with Sir ! (applied to an elderly man).

long joints. P.} bus, s, m. A he-goat. UP 3? bu2-did, A.
8. ७४ x) s, m. Old age.
H० ५५४P burhd-pd (from coward. u**U? bu2-dit-i, s. f: Cowardice.

s. ultsg barhd-land, v a. To bring forward, u*** >? btt:-koh-i, s. m. The mountain-goat.

to lead on (an army)• प**>r: bus gir-i, s, f: Goat-taking
5. ७\9? barhand (tran8. of u-sP) v. a. A..j Ad33, s- m* Fine linen.
I. To

increase, to lengthen, to make advance, to H० JP busd, s. m. Name of a bird.

raise, to promote, to rear up. 2. To extin A.9% bassd** adj. (superl. of } used substan
guish. 3. To shut up (a shop). 4. To remove
tively) A cloth-merchant, a mereer
the table cloth.
A० P० c9% bassas-i, s. f. The business of a
5० 9"u>P barhdo (from ७\sट्र) s. m. Prolongation, cloth merchant.
advancement, increase.
A• ७% bu2dk, s. Spittle.
S• bu9: barhdaod (from ७७9:) s. m. 1. Popula
p.9५j bdchd3, 8- m. Mace (the spice so called).
tion. 2. Excitement, flattery•
See &-०८-* •
11* L-६: 9? barh-bhas, adj. Affecting in old age
P• La-2j? huzurg, adj. Great ? (used substan
the manners of youth.
tively) a grandee, a great man, a saint, an
S• \-9P baph-ta, s, m.) (from ७-9?. Sans. वृवता)
5. ८-59? barh-ti, s. f: Increase, overplus, more० elder, an ancestor

promotion P० >9219? bucarg-coar, adj. Ancestor, elder, saint

H• cl9# barhal, s. Name of a small round fruit. JP० *)%j basurg-car*, s- f: Greatness, emi

5. crॐ barhan, s. f: A carpenter's wife. See IleI1Ce०

0ॐ barhai. IP० cॐg basurgi, s- f. Grandeur, greatness,

s. ७-ॐ barhnd (r• वृध Increase) v. n. To in exaltation.
crease, to go on? *9 proceed, to advance, to P. Atej busghala, 5 m. A kid.
exaggerate, to grow? ** rise, to swell, to be
4. 9% basta, 5 m. Ajest. See Al& •
s. --->># baphant (from ७-9:) s. f. Increase. IP० 9: 24*”, s, f, Banquet, assembly, company
५-४ 126 '-----’

P c9? bisan (imper. of the verb c9) Strike. H. \csu०४ bisdhnd, w. a. To buy, to purchase.
P.922 ba-sor, By force.
5. cysu-* bisahan, } लTH Smell) s, f. Fetid
S. Acsu-? 2fsdhind, ness, stink.
P. 9* basd, s, m. A sin, a crime. 96 98 basa kar,
A criminal, a sinner. s, locsu~? bisahind-d, adj. Fetid, stinking.
P, L-* 2ds, adj Pnough, plenty, abundance, A. 4-५- 0asbdsd, s, m. Mace (the spice so
too much, very much. ५5 U-* bas karnd, To called).
stop, to seize, to put an end to, to have done. H. UU~: bisbisand, w. n. To yield a sound as
45 L-: bds ki, Although. in the fermentation ofputrefying vegetables or
** L-* bas (वयय r. चैनxT Desire) s. m. Power, of vinous liquors. See ५८*** -

opportunity, advantage, authority. 95 L** s, c--: hast (त्रिस्तु) s, f. Chattels, things, bag
bns karnd, To overpower, to bring to submis gage
P. L--: bis? (for ------४) Twenty bast, part.
sion UT L-* bds dna, To be obtained, to
(in compos.) Bound, shut. bust, s. A rose
come into one's power.
bower or a place abounding with sweet-smel
हैं. c-**** (विष्त्र ) s, m. 1. Wenom, poison of
ling fruits. -

reptiles, &c. 2. JMet. it is sometimes applied P. ७.५ bastd, s. m. The cloth in which a bun
to bitter things. A० L- bis-dhar, A snake. dle is tied up, a bundle.
P. \- basd, adj. Much, very. -2# U- &dsa 5.9७-५ bistar ( विस्तार from वि and r. स्त
0ustrrg, Wery great, very noble.
Spread) s. m. Spreading out, abundance,
H. --******, s- f: Means, capital stock, estate. prolixity, diffusion.
म, ५ju- *isd***, One who sells every kind of s. ५-9u- bistar-i, adj. Pxtensive, diffuse, ample.
things, a pedlar P० ७e-t bustdn, s. m. A flowergarden. See
s, gu- bisarnd (trans, of 97-॰) v- a. To forget. ७७-9: bo-stan.
A. bu- bisd{ (from b-५) 8. f. What is spread P. ५ju-५ bustan-i, adi. Of the flowergarden.
out : bedding, carpeting, a chess-board, &c.
P. A-t bistar, s, m. 1. Bedding, carpeting- 2.
This word is, also, adopted for rr. ----* A bed, &c. -

bistit, q. v. 8-_P-* bastar (व रैत्र ) s. m. Cloth.

*. ४- ”isakha (विशाखा? The name of the H. JP-* bastard, s. m. The name of a plant.
16th mansion of the moon.
(Callicarpa Americana).
*. Ju- bisa’ (विशाल) adi. Great. P. JP-* bistard, s. m. 1. A bed, &c. peculiar
5० e'- bisan (नTत Smell) s, f. An offensive to./akirs. 2. The abode of a./akir.
smell (as of fish, onions, &c.). See c***** P० c*- basta-gi, s. f. Binding, contraction,
-Pwcl- bd-sdn, In the likeness, like. constipation.
5. uu-d bdsdnd (trans. of ७-४) v. a. To people, P. ८-४०.* bastani, s, f: A cloth for binding toge
to colonize, to bring into cultivation, to settle ther bundles of paper, books, ink-stands, &c.
a country. 5- u59P~* bistif-i, }"" विष्त्र Wenom) s. f: A.
5, ५2-d bistit-fyd, lizard.
H. UL-* bisdnd, w. a. To purchase. See csL-*.
Fr- su-* 2fsdh, s, f. IPurchase. P. Ac-* basta, part. Pass. (from c--*) Bound,
--॰- 126
shut, closed, fastened. (Plur. ७५-) 5• In •
5. ---%- basgit (r. वस्तDwell) s, f. Residence.
Cloth in which any thing is folded up, a par 4•
u*-* basma (Arab. 4-4-22) s• m• Staining (par
cel, a bundle : see u-: . ticularly, the beard : or women staining the
8 • ५४- 2as/ये ( वसति ) s. f. An abode, a vil legs, so as to have the appearance of being
lage, a peopled place, a population. dressed in tight drawers, when they are in fact
• ०-१ bassad, s. m. Coral. naked).

३ • *- bisad { विशद 2 adj. Fair, pure, white. ! H. _9L*- bismdr, s. m. The name of a bush.
‘d५ *-* ( विशद वाणी) Pure language, . U-*-: bismit, adj. Sacrificed ; an animal sa
eloquence. crificed.9/5 uLA-: bismil karna, To sacrifice.
t००-५ basadha ( वसुथा from वसु Riches, and ४७ J4-* bismilgah, s, f: Place of sacrifice.
r. *4f Hold) s. f. The world, the earth. UL*- bismibi, s, m. f Any thing sacrificed,
- *y-* bisrant ( विश्राम from वि and r. **H asacrifice.

Grow tired) s. m. Rest, ease, repose, pause, . AJl (“* bismi-t-lah, In the name of God, or
a stop, a point in writing. u…! *y-* btsrd771 ****l c/*>>' *५ (-* bismi-t-ldhi-r-rahmani-r-
fend, To rest, to pass the night (particularly rdhim, In the name of God the most mer
used by wandering./akirs). ciful. (An invocation generally used by Mu
- ५%-* bisardnd (causal of 9/-४) v. a. To forget, hammadans at the beginning of all actions
to cause to forget, to mislead. and works). g/5 *५l/- bismi-t-lah karna, To
• 6. UTZ-* 0d-sar-and, w, n. To come to an end, begin, to commence. Iys Alll/-: bismi-t-lah
to succeed, to overcome, to get away from. hiz'a, Said of a child who has just commenced
learning to read.
• 5. 95~* 0d-sar-karnd, w, a. To bring to an
end, to finish, to accomplish, to spend, to *P* c**? ***** basmd-posh, see under 4-A-22

• 5.५५-1, 7-: bd-sar-lejand, w. a. To bring to S us**** bts77ndi ( विस्मय) S• m. Amazement,

an end, to finish, to accomplish, to outstrip. astonishment, surprise.
bd-sdr-hond, w. n.To be finished, * cr*** basa?? (लातचT ) 8. m. Cloth ; a dress, a
* H. ५**~*
to be ended, to be spent or passed. habit, a suit of clothes, apparel.
* 9/- bisarnd { विand r. **: IRemember) w.n. 8 • cr-* 2*s“” ( व्यस्त* Calamity) s, m. 1. Evil,
To forget. fault. 2. Desire, lust.
. a-: bast, s, m. Diffusiveness, spreading or . u-: bdsnd (r. व्नत Dwell) v. n. To dwell, to
extending out. abide, to be peopled.
- é**** bis/ajj (or bas/afydi) s. m. A medicinal • ५-५c/- ”isattp“!) (from *यस्तबT) s, m. A ha
root, polypody. ? -

cric/-? ***“”pon, bit of indulging desire.

- प्रन्र्स L-4 bis-khaprd, s, m. The name of a me S • •४७- ”isan pad, See ०५c,** bishan pad.
dicinal plant. (Trianthema pentandra). ca-c-s basant ( वसन्त ) s, f: 1. The spring.
. 1,225 c- bis-khoprd, s, m. The name of an 2. One of the Rags or musical modes of the
animal of the lizard kind, about a yard long, Hindus. 3. The name of the first of the six
and said to be wenomou3, (Lacerta iguana). seasons, extending from the 15th of Phfigun to
y~? 127 _r**
the 15th of Baisakh. 4. The small pox (a 5 • ८59-* 0istc? (from विप्रव) adj. Worldly, re
Phrase peculiar to the Bangalis). ux५ ----- lating to the world.
basant phatna, w. n. To put forth the blossoms 5 • ५-* 2ishd (from विष्त्र Poison) adi. Wenom
of mustard Plants- ५४92g e-->- ७-० c9éST ous (as reptiles).
dnkhoh men basant phathi, To dazzle. c-॰.॰ H. 2/५- 2isdhriz, bart. act. (from ७.su-*) Pur
>>e- U25 basant ki khabar, Knowledge of, or H० l2LH(**** bisahriz’d, chaser.
care about, futurity. H. u5-५-१ 2fsdhri, s, f: A phlegmon or bile on
5. ८-3e-d basant-3, adj. Of yellow colour. (This the hand.
was Krishna's favourite colour).
P. 9५- 2isydr, adj- Many, much, very, abun
s. ५४- bisn-i (from cr*** bisdn) 1. s. m. A rake, dant.

a debauchee, a lecher. 2. adj. Delicate, nice, P. ५-9५- 2isg/dr-i, 8:_f Abundance.

showy in dress. g. A:- bisiyar (from विष्त्र) adj. Wenomous.
म. ८-g-: basni, s, f A purse. S० '7-* baserd (r. चनरी Dwell) s. m. 1. A time
s. 2- 2isted ( वि*व) s, m. The universe, the before evening when birds return to their nest.
world. -

2. A night's lodging. 3. A bird's roost, a bird

5. ly-* 2istod, s, m. A land measure, the twen remaining
to roost.
on its roost g% J--’ basera karnd,
tieth part of a ५* bigAd. See 9-५.
- 5. ५----* 2ises/d (विशेषता ) s. f: Abundance.
s, L-ly-* 2fsrods ( विश्वास ) s. m. Confidence,
A. E:- basएँ (from a-:) adj. Simple, uncom
faith, sincerity, dependance. ******9-* 2is pounded, elementary.
tods-ghdt, s. f: Taking advantage of the con
fidence of others, treacherous friendship.
s. ***- 2isek? (विशेष) S. m. I. Particular,
circumstance. 2. Name of the serpent said
tj४-५-५ bisग्cas ghaci, s, A treacherous
to support the earth. 3. adj. Peculiar, spe
friend, one who seeks to take advantage of the
cial, particular, abundant. 4. adv. Particu
confidence placed in him.
larly, specially. See U**** .
5. c०५2c-* 2ds-o*ds (r. वस्त Dwell, and वाम . 1॰ biseta (from विष्त्र Poison) adj. Wenomous.
A dwelling) s. m. Home, dwelling-place, re
sidence, country.
. U०Ac~: basendhd (from locau-g) adj. Stinking.
H. g22- bisarnd, w. n. To cry slowly, to sob. . ८-2,८d bashdrat, s, f: Glad tidings.
१ . LALed bashshash (from L---०८.५) adi. superl.
s. L०/59- bisacakarma (विश्वकर्मा i. e. विश्व In good spirits, pleased, delighted, cheerful.
World, and कर्मी from r. कृ Make) 8. m.
A. c-॰u** bashdshat, s, f: Cheerfulness, alacrity.
The artist of the gods. s. ५**** Aishtha ( विश्ठा ) s. f. Ordure.
ETw 22-* basizla, s. m. A kind of axe used by 5. ७ट्र*** ”is/ti (वृष्टि) s. f: Rain.
carpenters, an adze ** bashar, s. m. Man, mankind, a human
H• u***-* basiili, s. f: An instrument for cutting Being, mortals.
:- bricks.
P. 4.g-a ba-sharti-ki, On condition that, Pro
5. 22-* bistod (from L-- Twenty) s, m. The vided that.

twentieth part (particularly, of a ५* bighd). A* 2,** bashard, s. m. The countenance.

See te=5 kattha. A. ५४,८.४ bashr-i, adi. Human, relating to man,
७** 128 el*
A. u-५,८.५ bashrtyat, s, f Humanity, human
A. c9a, batan, 1. s. m. Interiour part, 2. Heart,
mind. 3. adj. Concealed.
* (** bisltdht (विष्त्रम) adj. Unequalled (in a A• *** bittikh, s. m. A musk melon.
bad sense), bad, afilictive. ,**** bisltant:jar A. --* ba"s, s, m• 1• Excitement, motive,
(विष्त्रमज्वर) s, m. An infammatory fever, cause. 2. Itesurrection. 9** 2 -->*? ”(?"ई o
a high fever. 22dshr, s. m. The resurrection.
s, c,*- bishan (for विष्णु cishtttt) n. prop. (in A. A** ba*d, adv. After, afterwards, subsaquent.
Hindu mythology) The deity in the character ७ी j' ०५ ha"d as an, After that.
of Preserver, or Witality personified.
A. A<: brt*d, s. f: Distance.
g. ७५c,*d bishan pad ( ) A particular
A. ४A** ba"da-ha, adv. After that or which, then,
song in the name of Yiskpa. however.
g. ५४-** bishni, s, m. A rake, &c. See ८-g- A• ca* 2d*३,
4. uax ba*:d, }-adi. Some, certain ones.
s. U**- 2ishai ( विष्ाय ) s, m. See Ué¢s bikhai. 4. ue-i* 2d*:69
A. J*** bashir, s, m. A messenger ofgood tidings. A० *** baathak, n, prop. Balbek in Syria.
s. , :- *- bishesh *५

- ¥æè ¢çÁé¢, }विशेष See -***- -

bisek?. A* ‘--99* badlsabah, s, m. Belzebub.

A. ८-2)ue basarat (from ya) 8.f Sight? seeing, A• exa** ba'fd (from A**) adj. Far, distant, ab
perceiving. sent, remote. cse **** ba'fadkd se, Fool
A. Aa basar, 8. m. Seeing, discerning, vision, ish, absurd, far from wise.
sight, understanding, knowledge. • &**** bidinizhi, adv. Bxactly.
A. U.a basal, s. f An onion. . >\* 2“ghar, }*
m. I. A breach in a wall.
A. y.a basir, part. act. (from ye) Seeing. JMet.

A* ‘-2-८४

basfrnt (from Jag) 8. f Sight, circum

: . ४,७५ bug4drd,

2. A deep wound.
८--2,७५ baghaग्cat (from ७४४) * f. Rebellion.
4** baghcha, See **** bdghcha.
spection, prudence.
? . IA* bughdd, s, m. A cleaver used by cooks
A. ----euमें bigad, s, f Capital stock in trade. or butchers, a knife.
A.lag bat, s. f: A goose, a duck. P. ५४As bughdi, s, m. A kind of camel (of high
4. ?* batalh, s, See -<a butak. cost).
P० A.०-*** bd-farg/3 Aside, apart. P. J& bughrd, s, m. Macaroni. (Called also
P. A. ७2Aa ba-tarik, By the way.
A. P. ८-<a bat-ak (dimin. ofai) s, f: 1. A duck.
७27-and c2-2
2. A vessel formed in imitation of a duck A. Lax: bttg4:? 8. In* Malice, spite, revengey
A. cua batt, s, m. Itendering vain, abortive or
of no effect. P. Ja baghal, s, f: 1. The arm-pit. 2. Embrace
A. cua butlan, s, f Abortion, falseness, wanity. ७७- Ja bngha/ btjand, To be highly pleased>
A. ca: Ad{”, s, m” The belly. - to be in triumph, tojeer, to jest- *-222/१ u***
Uè - 120 ks
unghal-paracarda, Brought up in the arms ; a Tw **** bukchtt, 5. m. A small bundle of cloth.
darling or favourite child. ७५-7० ५५t:- U*! A. As bafar, s, m. A bull. ०.e As, Aator*/, A
bnghal.jand.ya hojana, To go out of the way. festival held in commemoration of Abraham s
c9 c* hrghttt-can, Insulting, provoking, re offering to sacrifice his son, Isma'il (agreeahl o
joicing at the misfortune of auother. ** c* to Muhammadans, and not Ishak).
g% boghat gtrrm ka77ta, To embrace a woman.
A. 4xx: tak?, s. m. A house, a place.
*०.5 ca: Adghal gandh, stinking armpits. L&
74 Lughat-gir, An embracer in the Hindi A. AJag bok/a, s. A potherb.
mode. **** c* bdghat-gir-i, s, f: Dm A० ***** bdkfatu-f*hdnikd, s, m. (The stupid
lrracing. ५५० cr** cs, b“ghad me7? dabd7td. herbage) Purslain.
To get possession ofanother's goods by fraud. **** bdkam, s, f: Sappan wood. (Coesalpinia
b* cre** J4 hoghal meh lena, To take in one's 8appan).
arms, to embrace. ५५० c** c* bngha? nter? A. Uys, bukift, s- plur. (of Als) Plants.
?ottfrnd, To conceal under one's arms.
A. A.… ?4???//7, s, m. Remainder, balance.
P.H. 01.५ boghland, w. To make away, to get
s. -% bik (ढूित्री) s, m. A wolf.
out of the way. s. LL: hak (त्रि ली) s. m. Name of a bird that
P, ७७.५ brghat-hand, s, m. A kind of robe tied feeds on fish. (Ardeatorra and putea. Bach.).
under the armpits. See 163 bdg/d. Ut5- ca-s bak-chal, see ce-4:
P, ७-s brgh** (from Jx) 1. adi. Relating to Ut-bag-cha/. ५४3 ७५.२० ce-s bak dlg/dn ld
the armpit. 2. s. f: A disorder in camels when gand, To act with dissimulation.
they rub the thigh against the belly. 3. A s. L१ 2dk { वI*) s. f: Prattle, chat, foolish
purse. 4. A kind of dumb bell used in exer talk. ८-% L3 bak /agai, Talkativeness, gar
cise. 0. A sort of dress, the bottom of which rulity.
ia under the armpits. 6. The action of a bird it. ७१ bukkd, s, m. Handful.
putting its head under its wing. 4.6 ५** A. ७G bukd, s, f Weeping, lamentation.
bng4/i takiya, A bolster for the sides. s. J५४ hikत, (विवार from वि and r. छी Do)
A• us* bdghi, adj. Hebellious.
s. m. 1. The change of any thing from its
" ५-५ ”“gdtyd (from ६५) s, m. A small garden original state, deterioration. 2. Disease.
or orchard.
H. ५५१ bakard, s, m. 1. A forerunner, a har
binger. 2. A traveller.
PAU*** baghair, or 9ly-५ bdghair-as, Without,
. except2 besides. --9७४ bakdrat (from_%) s. f: Wirginity.

P, ५ b4/a, s. f. A kind of scales or dandrufi s. L-७४ bikds ( वि and r. RीIXI Shine) s. Shin
formed in the head. ing, blooming, expansion, display.
A la, baka, s. f. Duration, permanence, re s. JK: bikd/ (विवााल) s, m. Afternoon.
* "aining> eternity, immortality. s. U७3 bikdnd (trans. of L&3) v. a. To sell.
* J& ba###7, adi. superl. (from us, used sub s. 2"LG (from bks) bikao, 8. m. Sale, went.
****htively) A graiu-merchant, a shopkeeper. bikd fr, adj. Saleable, for sale.
c**? 180 4%

p. J,K3 bakdred, s, m. 1* A cup-bearer, a s, UK, hakal (वकुल) s, m. Name of a tree

stgward. 2. A head cook, superintendant of (Same as c9-9* • Mimusops elengi).
the kitchen. ८४9** bukaaaat-h7, s, f. A fe H. 12-63 baksad, s. In* The tongue of a buckle*
male cy७४ qv* 8 c*? hilal (वि and वान्य At ease, healthy)

JH० c*** tak¢yan, s. f. The name of a tree adj. Uneasy, troubled. See c*ue under ५.3 *
. c5s bakkdl, (वतन्वाल) s. m. Bark, skin,
(Melia sempervirens).
s. ca<: ce-<: bok brtk (see 5. ८-८९) 8. f Prattle, ? - 1%, bak/d, rind, shell (of a fruit)-
foolish talk. UA ८-१ ८-१ ”“* bnk karnd, To
ir. UK3 hukland, w- n. "" talk incoherently to
one's self, to act or tal* foolishly.
prattle, to chatter, to gabble (Arab ct c#)
A. ०%3 bukm, adj- Dumb. -

. gtK.% bakhakand (see s, e-१) ** "* To prat
s. u.6 bak-nd (from वावः Speech) v. n. To
tle, to chatter.
७४४ fof/6 (वता r. वन्यत्र Speak) s, m. Speaker. prate, to chatter
S० s, u.%3 biknd (from वित्राय Sale, or वि and r.

P->>** baktar, s, m. Iron armour, a coat ofmaib - क्री Buy) v. n. To be sold, t9 sell. ५५- ८-४
a cuirass, c*xJ*** baktar>posh, A man in ar* bik.jand (met.) To be dependant on, to be
In OuT० obliged.
P० ‘*** buktar-i, s, m. An armourer, one who ir. ५४& buknf, 8- f Powder. See c995- •
makes coats of mail. S ०l% bak-tedd (८.८3 Prattle, and o५
ir. ca>G bukkat or u% baktd, 5- m* * claw. Dispute) s, f Foolish talk. See e-‘* -१*
- प59%? bak-teddi (from ol%3) One who talks
s.c><? bikd! (विवाट) adj. Difficult : terrible. 8

S• ८** barltchi (वाकुवी) g, f Name of a foolishly, an idle talker

plant, the seed of which is used to cure the S U-%s bak-teds (r- वच Speak and r. वश De
itch. (Conyza or Serratula anthelmintica). gire) 8. f Prattle. See e-१ -* *
us%५ bdlttodhd,
A. J& bikr, s, f Wirginity. 9:P A? bikr-tornd, 5
8. c**** hakrcdhi,
p. }(from ७%3) part. act. A
v. a. To deflower.
chatterer, an idle talker.
8 WAs hakrd (वर्चर ) s, m. A he goat 1H० c%४ bakotna, w. a. To lacerate with nails.


- ¢ #### }(वित्राल)at. Terrifick, ugly.

1 Ke bikrdir - -
H. **3 bdkh, 5॰ The world.
s. -4%, bikh (विष्त्र) s, in. Poison, wenom. See
5 - ५४% 2akrये (वर्कररी ) A goat (generally); a Lr** bis. -
* **-

female goat H० »é bakhdr, s. m. ?'

storehouse, a gra•
JHa c9é? bakhdri, s. f. nary.-
१.४५ bikri (वित्राय) s, f Sale.
5० ck** bnkhan (दयTरस्यT*T) s. m. Explanation,
n. LG baksd, adi. Astringen**
5. u-%, bikasnd (वि and r. वास्न Move) v. n. praise, description.
To blow or expand (as a flower) 9. ustK: bakhan-nd (see ७५%) v a* 1. To Praise,
to commend. 2. To explain, to define
H. ५८.6 baksaild, adj- Astringent.
S. 9,*** bikhtt77nd (वि and r. कृ Scatter) v. n. I.
p. L:& backash (imper of c***) Kill, slay.
e-*? 131 c-*
To be seattered, dispersed or dishevelled. 2. stupified or petrified with fear at the sight of a
To become angry (J7indatci). tiger.
n. प5%s bakhri, s, f: A cottage, a house. P. 9% 2agara (corrupt. of 9५५) s, m. A large
**** bikhann ( विषम) adj. 1. Odd (number). hole or breach.

2. Difficult. H० 9% bagarnd, w. a. 1. To throw away. 2.

5. ७**** bikh-mah, s, m. Name ofa medicine or To spread over.
S. j% bigar (from gjt:3) s. m. Wiolation, differ
IH• ue** bdkhi, s. f: The side under the armpit. ence, quarrelling. g,53% bigdr karnd, w• a.
s. Ué¢3 bikhai (विष्त्रय) s, m. An object of To quarrel, to forfeit friendship. ५Tx23
biga? par and, v. n. To be ready to quarrel.
sense ; an affair, matter, &c.
S• gjt% bigdrnd (trans. of g%) v. a. 1. To spoil.
s. Uè¥3 Aikhayये (विष्त्रयी)adj. Sensual, worldly. to mar, to damage. 2. To cause misunder
P. Ué3 Aakhtya (corrup of 4-<) s, m. A kind standing between friends.
of stitch, strong quilting. See A->3. P. Act: bigdnd, adj. Strange, &c. See ****
P H. ५८*& bathiyand (from ***)v.a. To stitch, P. *७१ bd-gdh, adv. In time, opportunely, sea
to quilt. sonably.
it. UAK bakhernd, w, a. To scatter. s. L--% bigati (विगति i, e. वि and गति
H. J**** 2akhcrd, s, m. Wrangling, a tumult, Conduct) s. f: Badness.
contention, dispute. H० -9:ह* bag-chhat (caft Rein, and c5245
H. ५j-¢3 bakherjya (from J८**3) adj. Quarrel To be let go) s, f Galloping Uj;० ******
some ; a wrangler. bag-chhat daurnd, To gallop.
H. ७< bukki, s, f: 1. A cloth brought over the II• ७lo% bagddnd (trans. of ५०3) v, a. To cause
shoulders under the armpits and tied behind. to return, to put to the rout.
2. A handful : (see k: bukka). ५५० u** bukki
ir. ५०% bagadnd, w. n. To return : to be spoiled.
marna, To pass a cloth under the armpits and Ha c***** bagrendi,
s. f. Name of a plant. (Ja
tie it behind. -

tropha curcas. Lin.).

s. U26 bakki, part. act. (from L%) Talkative; a H.U** bagar, s. m. A kind of rice.
prater. (Sans. वतीI). * H० 1% bagrd, s. m. 1. Trouble. 2. Cheat, de
H. c* bikki, s. m. A partner (at play, &c.
ceit. g,5 1% bagrd karnd, To avoid the pay
Gilch.). ment of one's debts or the performance of a
H. \-5: bakiyd, s. f: A clasp-knife, a pen-knife. promise.
11-9-8 baketa, s. m. The root of a grass of S० g% bigarnd (perhaps, वि and r. 2Tऽ Flow,
which rope is made. melt) v. n. To be spoiled or damaged, to
s. <=->s bag (दावा) See s. --१ bak. -*** bag fail of success, to quarrel, to be enraged.
5० cॐ bigri (from ५%) s. f: Spoil, damage ;
panti, s, f A row or line of baglds. J5- ce.%
bag-chal, s, f: Walking slowly (like a bagla). misunderstanding between friends, war, battle.
s. H. c* l**स्ट्रे- e-% bug-chhandd lagnd (-5५ A HI० ५% bagrtyd (from %) A deceitful person.

tiger, and ५००५- To tether) v. n. To be s. u-6 bigasad, w, a. See u-% ikasad.

S 2
c? 182 1:

8. \४१ bagld or baguld, s. m. Name of a bird, H. \१ bul/d, s. m. A pole or boat-hook.

a species of heron. (Ardea torra and putea. s. W, पत्रल)I balfr, s. m. A medicinal plant. (Sida
Buch.). See L% bak. -**** bdgld-bhagat, thombifolia, rhomboidea and cordifolia).
A hypocrite. A. Y, buld, s. f: Calamity, misfortune, accident,
s. ४-७८० bigandh (विगंध ) s, f. Stink, fotor. vengeance. c.5 ५ bala-kash, Afilicted, sufferer.
1r. j% hagयld, s, m. A whirlwind. ७४*** bala-gardin, s. m. What averts evil ;
1I >k* bdghtfr, s. m. The spices which are expiation, sacrifice. --><a ): 2ata-ndsगे”, adj
Unfortunate. - -

mixed with food to give it relish : seasoning,

condiment. s. Y: bulld, s, m. A bubble. See 1.५ butbala.
II,9५* boghd777.7 (from >*) v. a. To season. s. Y: billd C विऽठाल) s. nl. A male cat.
5. ७* bighan ( विध) s. m. Ilinderance, stop, A. Y: bt-/7, prep. Without. *-2P \५ bild taroddard.
prevention, interruption. Without hesitation. -gy Y: bila tateakft:/;
S. ५é Loghnd (याध*नरल) s, m. The teeth Without delay, Speedily. --०, ५ bila ad:?”,
and nails of a tiger which are hung round the
Unfortunate : (Plur- ७५००, ५).
1:eck of a child.
H. \->sई? \४ bada bh@ind, w. a. To send for.
s. ५८% hughaah¢ (याधनरल ) 8. m. Name of A. ०५ bifffd, 8. plur. (of ol५) Countries, cities.
a medicinal herb with a fragrant root. s. Ut, bil/7r (विडाल) s. m. A male cat.
S ०-***
- bdg-httns (ववाहँस ) s. m. The name
5० L**? bt/t7s ( विलास from वि and r. लस्म

of a bird, a grey goose. Play) s. m. Pleasure, satisfaction, delight.

HI० ८* baghi, s. f: A horsefly. s. U४-४ bi/ds-ये ( विलासी) adj. Yoluptuous,
S - -*** baghel (from *#५) s. m. Name of a addicted to pleasure.
tribe of I?6jpfits. A• ६*? balla*, adj. superl. (from e-५) used sub
S. **** bdgheld, s. m. 1. See c*** bdghel. 2. stantively, A glutton.
A tiger's whelp. A. --a): batdgAdt, s, f I - Dloquence. 2. Ma
1r. ck bat, s. In. A coil, twist, convolution. »lol. turity.
that-ddr, adj. Crooked, twisted, coiled, con H० c** btddk, s. m. An ornament worn on the
voluted. ७४० U? bnl dend, w. a. To twist. Th OSC०

७७5 cg bat khdata, To be twisted. 11. U४}? btdd land, w. a. To summon.

s. cg bal, 5. m. I. (पत्राए’) Power, strength ; H. 01: baland (trans. of \42*) w. a. To call.

name of Balarama, elder brother of A?isk??¢. 5. 0\४ btldnd (from विलय Disappearance) 1.
५ई c: bd/ be, interj. Bravo ! 2. (बलि) A v. n. To wanish, to retire, to be lost. 2.
sacrifice, an offering : a proper name. ७\- c५ * w. a. To cause to vanish, to dissipate, to dis
pose of, to distribute.
baf.jdnd or U५- cg ck but bad Jana, To be sa
crificed. H. 0)५ billaad, w. n. To weep or complain from
grief or pain. See UJa bilbilana.
S० ck bil,
S. ५ bila, } वित्ल
- )
s. m. A hole.
H. ०७५ bildnd, s. f. A span.
H. cg bad, s, f. See A bar. s. 2l, bildo, s, m. A cat. See ५ biitd.
'--*? 188 ca-*?
1म • U*** bttazeal, s. f: Name of a rdgini. s. Lalg bilatnd (वि and r. र*ौट Grow foolish)
. c>sts baddha! (from gug) 5. f: Calling, a sum w. n. To become bad.
s, us" bilacha? (वि and r. लक्ष Mark) v. a.
S ugu bilar (विडाली) s, f: 1. A she cat. To extract, to select (as, passages from books),
2. A grater for scraping pompions, &e. see to pick.
c****** A. ०J: balad, s. A city, town, country.
T I • P• >'-५ hahdar, adj. See under uk bad.
S oc5 uet: bilaf kand, s, m. Name of a medicine.
**s. ७* ct, bataed lena, To draw the hands 8- cl-५ बलिदान Ad/f-ddn, s. m. Act of sacri
over the head of another in token of taking all ficing, or offering a sacrifice to God.
his misfortunes upon one's self: (Generally 5. 91०५ bat-dda, s, m. 1. A name of Balarama.
practised by wounen).
2. See bolg baddtyd.
P. -५ bd-fab, In or on the lip.
A. ४-५५ bdldd, s. m. A city, a town.
S. JK: c५ bat-hakra (बलिववीर A goat for
s. ****? बलदेव bala-dccd, s. m. A name of
sacrifice) s, m. A person who dies in a battle, Balardma.
&c. without doing any thing. ##

5. ५-Nlg bttldtyd, s- m. A cow-herd, a bullock

P, ukla butbal, s. f: 1. A nightingale. 2. (in driver.
India) A shrike. (Lanius boulboul. Loth.).
S . J५ bitrd (विउाल) s, m. 1. A hecat: see >***
s. Y.५ balbadd (बुडुद) s. in. A bubble.
2. A kind of cloth.
11. Ul.५ ba/buland, w. n. l. To ferment (as, sour 5. *9* बलराम balarama, n. prop. The elder
milk, curds, &c.). 2. To be inflamed with
brother of h?ish?td.
lust. 3. To make a noise (a camel) from lust.
Bilbiland, w. n. To be restless, to be torment
5० *9-५ bul-rand ( बालरंउा ) s. f: A widow

ed with pain, to complain from pain orgrief, who lost her husband while very young.
to lament. - -

A. ७-५ Aals6n, 8. m. Balsam.

s. 4.५ ballabh Cवलम*) 1. adj. Dear, beloved. s. L-l bildsnd (वि and r. लस Play) v. n. To
2. 8. m. A favourite, a friend. 3. A superin be pleased, to be satisfied, to be delighted.
tendant, a Inaster. -

P. ----५ bitisht (Sans. वितस्ति) s, f. A span.

s, Utt-५ balbhand (from -स्.५ वर्लनभ) v. a. To A • *** balgham, S. m. 1. Phlegm. 2. A run
allure. See ७५l bilmand. ning at the nose from cold.
******* त्रिल’)*% bal-bhadr, s, m. A name of A• ५४*** balghan-i, adj. Phlegmatick.
Balardma, elder brother of JKrishaa. s. U×g balaknd (r. वतन्गT Move) v. a. 1. To
5.99 cg ba**dr, s. m. The male palm or toddy open. 2. To speak indistinctly from excessive
tree. (Borassus flabelliformis). joy or intoxication.
5. 5 *** balto? ( बालत्रोट from बाल A hair, 1r. L&Ja bilakaa, w. n. 1. To sob, to cry violently
and r. त्रुट Dissect) s, m. A pimple, a sore, (as a child). 2. To long for, to desire eagerly.
a small bile. (Supposed to be caused by the A. &&: balki, adv. Moreover, but, nay.
breaking or pulling out of a hair, as the word ई, ८-५ bilag (विलग्न) 1• adj. Separate. 2
imports). s. Separation, disunion, difference.
c* 184 u*
8 . L%५ bilagnd (वि and r. लग come in con H. 19५ Aakod, s, m. A tumult, riot, sedition,
tact) v. n. To be separated ; to curdle, to mutiny, alarm. -

turn (as milk). SS - b५ baltra (from 9५ OI" बालुका) adj. Sandy.

S . u%13 halgand ( वन्गन्ना ) s, m. A sob. See . Yly५ bat-aodla, १"" ugवली) adj. Strong,
L<lg balakna. • ७५५ battodn, powerful.
5 . ७४1, bilgand (trans, ofu413 hilagna) v. a. To H
५५५ buttednd (causal of U): baland) v.a. To

separate. cause to call or to send for.

s. >"LA: bilgdo (from ७८५) s, m. Separation. P._99५ billaur (Pers. badar) s, m. 1. A kind of
H. bl3 bilalld, adj. Foolish, simple, silly. stone, crystal. 2. Glass.
H० 99५ balifrnd, w. a. To scratch, to tear with
11. UJulg bilaland. v. n. To lament. See Ulab the nails.

S * bilam ( वित्लंब ) s, m. Delay, long stay. -

*# ## #

}, Made of crystal or

IT० * bal/am, s, m. A spear. »l.9’ * Udlldm

burddr, A spear-man.
** balam, RC ललन*H) s. m. A lover, a hus
: - c*29५.” thy
kyb balat or ballfft, s, m. An acorn, an oak, a
*. LA५ bahnd, band.
• ई?५ badrgh,
s, m. Puberty.
5. ७LAl, bilmana (from वलमभ Beloved) v, a. To ?. L-52५ bulaghat, s, f Puberty.
allure, to tantalize, ७*9५ biloknd (वि and r. लीवा Look) v. a.
5 -

• -->al bilant? ( वित्लंब ) s. m. Delay. See To see, to look at.
s. ४,५ balala (लुबुद? s, m. A bubble.
S . L--Au bifambnd ( वि
and r. त्*ाज Hang from) H० ५?५ bilond, w. a. To churn.
v. n. To stay, to tarry, to delay. S• ५-*2५ but-tcunt (Sans. plur. बलवन्त:) adj.
s. -***५ bifambh ( विलंब) s. m. Delay. Powerful, strong. See cl2५.
11. cl? bahtd, w- n- To burn. A. Au balah, adi. Weak, silly, simple, ignorant,
unskilful. *
r. ७clg buland, adi. High, elevated, exalted, su
H. ००: A५ bi/d-band, s, m. Settlement, regulation.
blime, tall. A५५ ०७५ baland p@ya, adj. Of S. ५५ batt-ltdr.
at 'gr: s. m. बलि) Sacrifice. S ;}(fom
high rank. ALey- ००५ baland°¢ausita, adj. Am 5. u9५५ batt-hdri, s, f
bitious, aspiring- Uai ock baland nagar, adj. U\- u9५५ batihar?.jand and ५५- ck bal Jand,
Aspiring. L-4s ocl, btdund*himmat, adj. Am To be sacrificed.
. J,d, bilhard, s, m. A kind of basket (long and
P० प**** buland-f, s, f. IIeight, elevation, exal narrow) generally used for holding pain.
H• प*** bilahri, s. f: 1. A ladle for taking out
H• ७**५ bilangwa, w. a. To climb, to ascend. oil. 2. A small basket for holding betel leaf.
1r. ८-४ºld bilai, s-f A stye or stithe, the disorder H. ७५५ ba/hi, s, f. A faggot.
. in the eyelids. S• * बली bdt-2, adi. Strong, powerful.
0 ७४
5॰ u* bd?7? (वल्वी) s. f: A climber, a wine. ** cr** चमन baman or cuntan, s, m. Womit,
H• u* baffi, s. f: A prop, a pole, a long pole or emetick. ५Ac* bdmdn kdrnd, To wounit.
bamboo to steer or move a boat with. U)५० c* H. c--१४ bdmil, s- m. The name of a grass.
balf marnff, To steer. ग़ billi, The bolt ofa ** c* Un or hir? (contract. of e' tt/77) A son.
door, a bar. A. cr ban, s, m. Coffee before it is ground.
0, u** bt//f (विजडाली) s. f: A she cat.
(When ground, it takes the name 22 र*)*
IP, ७५ bale, adv. Yes, true, so, well, right.
P.c ban, 8. f Basis, root, stem.
4. 8.७clu५ balatya Jena, To draw one's hands over s.cº han (वन) s, f. A forest, a wood. Ut:-c’
the head of another in token of taking his mis bart:jatrd, 8. f. The pilgrimage through the
fortunes on one's self See u..! ७४५. 84 forests of Braja. Ujस्- c” banjharnd or
A. Acl, baffd, adj* Stupid, a dunce, a simpleton. t9५० c, 2an-marnd or 9tस्ट्र* c, 2an-m@jharad,
A. e* bafigh, adj. Eloquent. To beat the forests. I5-5 c* han-kanda or
s, g,Lu billi-lotan (from ७५ A cat, and cPy ५**e’ ban-gonthd (Sans.वनगोविट ) Cow
Tumbling, rolling) s, m. Walerian. dung found in the forests. -

r. ALlg balela, s, m. A fruit, the Belleric Myro

balan. 1
? फूं? ##, } (विना) adv. Without, except,

म, 18cclg balenda, s, m. 1. A whirlwind. 2. A unless. ५jt- c, 2injane, Without knowing,

ridge-pole (of a cottage). unwittingly. ५j५ ५jlo c, 2in ddne pani, With
H. ** bdnt, s- f: 1. A spring (of water). 2. A out eating and drinking- ५******* ८-9** c?
fathom. 3. A measuring rod. bin mare shahid hona, or ५** *८५-* 8-८* c*
bin trgh shahid hona, To be slain without a
8. (’ bam (**0 An interjection addressed to
wound (are expressions applied to lovers)-
Siva (much used by pilgrims to the temple of U9* *9? -9** c* bin nttfre tdubd kdrnfi, To fear
Baijnath or Waidyanath). without a cause.
A. P. ** Aam, s, f: 1. The bass part in musick.
A. u bired, s. f: Building, foundation
2. A bass or lowest string, or drum having the
H. u… band, 1• s. m. A bridegroom. 2. part.
deepest tone. 3. Deep sound (as that of the
(of uu॰) Having made, prepared, &c.
large pipes of an organ, or of a drum).
s. ७५d bimdn (विमान) s, m. A celestial ir. us bannd, v. n. I. To be made, to be pre
pared. 2. To chime, to agree, to fail in with,
throne or car. See ७५.४. to do, to answer, to serve, to be, to become,
P. A. 9*** ba-mujarrad, adv. Instantly. to avail, to counterfeit, to succeed. 9. 8. m.
P. A. **** ba-madh, adv. Together with, along A bridegroom. ५७४ ७५ band banfyd, Finished,
ready made, complete, entire, perfect. L-5- ७४
H. u***: hamakad, w. n. To swell. bund chund, Dressed, decked out. ७ : ७.
******** विमुख bi-mukh or ci-makh, adj. Having bannd thannd, To be adorned or prepared.
*he face averted, turned from, averse. us, ५ bana rahnd, To remain waiting.
A. ७४ bannd (from ug) s, m. A mason, a builder.
* J.cविमल (वि and मल Filth, &e) bimal
*r rimal, adj. Clean. ir. u bttnad, w. a. To weave, to intertwine
\** 180
H. ७५ biand, w, a. 1. To knit. 2. To weave H. s. ७\>- ५८४ baadyd.jand, w. n. . To be making,
to be in hand. *- * *
3. v. n. To be picked. -*

P.x७४ hiod-2ar, On the foundation, on account, 8. -**** विनायक binayak or wingyaka, s, m.

therefore. Name of Gujtesd.
11. Agus banndphir, s, m. Name of a tribe of S• L-*? विश्व bintb or cimbd, s. m. Name of a
Jtdjpats. fruit of a red colour. (Bryonia grandis. Lin.
H. cout banfft, s. f. Woollen cloth, broad-cloth. Momordica monadelpha. Ito.rb.). -

A. cou bandt, f plur. (of c-८५) Daughters. 1r. U.८* bantbd, s, m. A well, a jet deau, the
A- c*** c७५ banata-n-na"sh, s. m. The constel spout of a fountain. -

lation of the Greater or Lesser Bear, consisting S. c*५ cr baa-bas (वन्तवTस) s, m. Living in
-- -
the forest. * -
of seven stars; four of which are conceived to
bear the resemblance of a bier (L-०), and the s. U८-५-५ Aan-bas-i, adi. Inhabiting the forest.
remaining three to be the (cou५) daughters ' s. L*** bimbak (from --॰॰) adi. Red, fiery,
preceding it. flame coloured.

H. c#-: bandt-? (from cug) adj. Woollen. s. 21, cy han-bilao (वनविडाल) s, m.. A wild
P. A->*** banddir, s. plur. (of 9॰॰) Ports, har - - * - F,

bours. -
s, ustecy ban-ahanta ( वनभंटाकी ) s, m. Wild
S० L*** hindrs (विनाश from वि and r. UTXI (baingan) egg-plant. (Solanum melongena).
Disappear) s. m. Annihilation. u. 9:c’ ban parna, w- n. To succeed, to answer,
to suit- ** - - -- * ‘*
s. 4॰॰-ud bands patti (वनस्यत्रन) s. f. Fores
leaves. -
rr. c-co hanut, s, f Lace, a riband studded with
1*. c*५ bind-gosh, s. m. The lobe of the ear, spangles- * -*- *

the tip of the ear. A- --->* bint, s-f A daughter. c-->>*ll ५८-०: 2inftt
H• ५५ banand (trans of c८-१) v. a. To make, to bhah, Daughter of the grape ; wine.
.. prepare, to do, to fabricate, to build, to com s. *** बनिता banita or canita, s. f. A wife, a
pose, to perform, to make to agree, to adjust, WOI11:1In. **
to reconcile, to pluck (a fowl), to dress (vic
5. ugy cr ban-tardi, s, f A name of a plant.
tuals), to mend, to invent, to rectify, to mock, (Lufla). *

to feign. ८४** binf (विनीति or* विनति O1* विनय)

H• S• ५c# ban-dnd, w. n. To succeed (in life), to s. f: An apology, submission, solicitation.
be fortunate5 to prosper. s. ७gug bantdnd (r. वc Share out) v.a. To share,
H. 2'u* baado (from ५७५) s, m. 1. Preparation, to divide.

dressing, decking one's self: 2. Concord, un S . bly:.५ banttefind (r. चनc Share out) v.a. To
derstanding, reconciliation. distrihute, to cause to be shared.
H. -***** handroat (from b७५) s, f: Make, in 6. ----a-t bantai? (r. नc Share out) s, m. ... Divi
vention, affectation, contrivance, sham. der, distributer. .
H. -9** hindaout (from kº binnd) s. f. Weaving. 8 - द४ banj (वाणिज्य) 8. m. Trade, traffick,
H. g,८४ bandon7, w. a. To make, to prepare. merchandise. * -
* * - *--- -

See bc.g bartdnd. A• ट्s harti, s, f. Henbane, See P. e*** - =

As-l 197 *A~?

s.or P. Jyt=g banjara (वणिज्त् or Pers. ¢A Rice, Ir. JlAa bindal, s. f: A medicinal herb.
andJी Carrying) s, m. A grain-merchant, a 5. >/*** bandar CवT*Tर ) s. m. A monkey.
carrier of grain. P. 9*** 2andar, s, m. A city, an emporium, a
s, or P.५9ket banjar7 (see l)keg) s, f: A kind of port, harbour, a trading town to which nuun
tent used by banjards. 2. adj. f: Half-boiled bers of foreign merchants resort.
(grain). -

g. IAct bandrd, s, m. See s, loc५ banda.

5०>-प banjur (बंध्या Barren) s, f. Waste land. s. ---४,०c bandarkhat (वा*ारदात 2 s. m. A '
g. e-9 binjan (व्यंजन ) s. m. l. Sauce, con sore that does not heal ; a running sore, an
diments, particularly vegetables dressed with
butter, &c. and added to flesh or fish. 2. (In 5. ५-9*** 2andrये (वानररी) s, f. A female monkey.
grammar) A consonant. H. ५-9*** bandari, s. f: 1. A sort of chintz from
5• uॐस्त्र्-५ bartjhot? (from बंध्या Barren) s. f. A JMachhlibandar. 2. A sword from fttjbandayi.
medicinetaken to produce barrenness. 9. Name of a grass.
5->*9 ban-char (वचाचरण i. e. व*T A wood, and s. ५9॰d bandar-iyd, s, f A female monkey.
and r. वर Move, feed) s, m. A monkey. P. c**** bandish (from c-॰) 8. f: 1. The act or
s, u६४ banchnd (ल"वचT Discourse) v. n. To be state of tying, binding. 2. Construction, in
vention, contrivance, preparing a false story,
read or perused.
making up a false account of a transaction. 9. ,
P. Ac? band (Sans. बंध ) s, m. f:
A fastening, a Blegance (of style). ७.०७७५ L**** bandish
knot, a bond, imprisonment, a bandage, belt, bandhnd, w. a. To contrive.
roll, string, joint, knuckle. adj, Fastened, H. P. ou-5 Ac? bind-kushad, s. m. Semen cito
bound ; shut, stopped. (In compos,) part. act. emittens morbo affectus.
(of cP-४) Binding. Acus-०८४ bdnd khand, s, m. P० c*** banda-gan, s. plur. Slaves, servants.
A prison. usoc५ ocd band bandhna, To res 1*० ५*** banda-gi, s. f: Slavery, service, devo
train an inundation with dykes. ५%५ **** exe…? tion, compliment. UA c*loe-c*० u*** bdrr
band band pakarna, To seize (as rheumatism,
dagi meri khudai karma, To affect authority
&c.) all ones joints. U·é-4 Ac? band baithnd, while in servitude.
To succeed in an affair. g%, ०७५ band pa
karnd, To object to the arguments of an op ३०**********#,
s.9ly०** 2andantoar,
}(r. बंध Bind) s, f. A
ponent. us, ०-४ band rahnd, To be engaged in wreath of flowers, a garland.
a business. U% ०-५ band karna, To fasten, P- ५७८५ bandad, s. m. A prisoner, a captive.
bind, close, shut, stop, prevent. UT cr***** P. L---१५०c? band-o-bas? (from cr-) 5. m- Set
2and men and or Uj: c८० ०-४ baad mea parnd, tlement, regulation, disposition, arrangement,
To become a captive. -

economy, management, government.

s. l-*** 2anda (वंदा ) 8. m. Mistletoe, a kind of
P. ५-५,०c bando-basta, s, f Arrangement, eco
epidendron. (Epidendron tesselloides). See nomy•
l-ct: •
s, j,oc baador (r. बंध Bind) s, f A female
5- lA** 2anda (विंदु) s. m• A point, a dot. slave.

******* 2anda (for ४०४ q. v.) s, m. A slave. r. c3,*** bandak, s, f A musket.

***? 198 Lr-*?

7 T*: ५८**** bandak-chi, s, m. A musketeer • k**** बंध्या bandhyd, adj. Barren.

s. d,Ac bandod (r, बंध Bind) s, m. The child - ढ**** bdndh67 (r. बंध Bind) 8. m. 1. Par
of a slave.
simony. 2. Stability, steadiness, persistence.
Ti. U४.७५ bandahd, s, m* A whirlwind. 24 bd7td? - -

s. -R-A>? बंध
bandh, s. m. f. Binding, bandage, S * ex हूं...? (बंदी) * m. A pr
soner, captive.
hondage, imprisonment. -

५४७८* bandi, s- f 1. Name ofan ornament worn

P. **** 0dnda, s, m. A slave, a servant.92x ४०**
bandd-partoar, Cherisher of servants (a res on the forehead. 2. A dress shorter than the
pectful expression used iu addressing a supe A<७-Jamd : see **** 3. s, m. Name of a

riour ; as, your honour!). ४S2०४०८४ bdnda-i- tribe called Le>७: bltdt, q- v• a bard. *

dargah, The slave of(your) threshold. solj *००५ IP० L४०cs bandi (in compos.) Binding, tying- s, f:
banda-2dda, Son of (your) slave, i. e. my son. (from 3A>:) Slawe, servant. ague- ‘**** bdndi

_jly soc banda-nateds, Cherisher of servants or khand, a prison. -

dependants, patron. (Per3. plur. ७४०५ 01* . ५७c* bttndtya (from विदु) s, f A kind of
\****) : sweetmeat (like drops). - *- * **

s. cAsoc3 bandhan ( बंधन OI* निबंध) 5० In०

S • c,****** 0andjjan, s, m. A sort of ornament. * -

Pension, a fixed allowance made to any one. 5 • l*** banda, s, m, Mistletoe, a kind of epi
5 . busoc.४ bandhdnd (caus. of७.००८५) w• a. To bind,
dendron. See loc: banda.
fasten, shut, &c. t? - - -

S पju**** bandhan-i, s. m. I. One whose business . loc banda, s. m. A kind of ornament- * worn
* f
on the ears.
it is to carry stone, timber, &c. over his shoul
der. 2. A pensioner. 3. A gunner, artillery - *** bandi, s. f. A short robe, a short full
1ThaIn •
s, c**usAc baadhai (from buso॰) s, f Bond, ***** banderi, s, f: A ridge pole, the ridge
binding, fastening. -
of a house.

5 -**** बंधक bandhak, s, m. A pledge, a - ५*** bandcld, A native of Bandelkhand.

pawn. *
. JAd banra (नर) s, m. A bridegroom.
5-c,**** बंधन bandhan, 8. m. Fastening, band
* ५-2r** hartri (see V-४) s. f: A bride.
age, bondage: obstacle, hinderance.
5 . usec: bandhna ( बंधन) w. n. To be tied, to • L->d ba** ( वंश * s. m. 1. A bamboo. 2.

be fastened, to be bound, to be kept, to be Lineage, race, ofispring.

enclosed, to be laid, to be formed or composed. . ug,८-४ bansयम्ai? ( वंशावलि) s, f A ge
ue*** प***** bandhi mizghi, An undisclosed in nealogy.
- ७३9 cr*** bans-locha72 ( वंशलोचन) S• In०

5. usoc bindhnd (वेधन) w- a. To sting, to

The manna or sugar of the bamboo. Arab.
bite. v. n. To be bored or pierced. -

J.-०५०. (It has been found by analysis to con

ly****>: bandhir,
- bandhir'a, } -- -

(बधु) s. m. A friend, a - -

tain much siliceous earth).

prisoner, one bound. . u~: birtastta (वि and r. UNI Become de
*** 199 us**

stroyed) v. n. To spoil, to deteriorate, to s. L-s५४ 2aa-manus ( वन A forest, and मानुष्त्र

perish. - A man) s. m. A man of the woods, a wild
३, ७-५ bansi, s, f 1. ( वंशी) A flute. 2. man, an orang-utan. -

8 - ‘-99* bdn-ruari (वनमाली) 8. m. A name

(वडिश ) A fishing hook. 3. (in compos.
f of Afrish?td.
from L-॰) Of the race or lineage.
.cclya banads (वनवास) s, m. 1. Living in
g. L--॰॰॰--3 bansi-bat, s. m. Name of a tree a wood, separated from one's family. 2. (met.)
P. Ac.ic: bang/sha, s. f: A violet. Disinherited (a son).
s, LL< bank (वंवा r. ववा Bend, be crooked) H. u*12-d banazai (from ७७४) s, f Price paid for
s. m. A bending, a curvature, the reach or making any thing
bend of a river. * ba?tik C 2 s. m. A
H. ५*ly* binaoai (from ७४ binnd) s, f Price paid
merchant, a trader. for weaving. * * * **

s. ५**७०४ bankai (r. चैनची Bend, &c.) s. f. Bend 5.99*? bazizear (वीस्त्ध) s. f. A creeper, a wine.
ing, curvature. -

म. 2,** binaata, s. m. The seed of the cotton tree.

S० ***c* 2an khand (वनख्वंउ ) s, m. A forest. (It is said to be very fattening food for cattle).
8. **** c* 2art-khand i, s, m. Name of a wood ७५५-४,०४ binaada chahna, To say unpleasant
or forest. - things. *

r. ca-ॐ* 2ang, s, f: 1. Hemp. (Canabis satiya). Ha u**** bindali, 8. f: Hail (of a small kind).
> 2. An intoxicating potion made from the leaves H. ५2-* banacatya (from bu*) s, m- Maker.
of hemp. H० ५-४ banha, s. m. A conjurer.
३. e*** bang, s, f ( वैग) I. Calx of tin given H. ug"५-५ banh@i, s, f A female conjurer, an

internally as an aphrodisiack. 2. Name of enchantress. .

Bangala (Bengal). H० ‘* bani, s. f: A hride.
HT,७॰ 0dngd, s, m. Ajoint of banboo root. **
s. 4-g? 2ani (वनी ) s. f: A small forest, a wood.
5. 1॰॰ bung-ata, n, prop. Name of Bengal. f binai C विनय) Supplication, humility.
P- *** 2ungd4, s, f Baggage, equipage of an A. ५४४ bani, s, m. plur. (of c'? Sons. ** ‘-**
bani adam, Sons of Adam ; men, c५y-l ५४४
मI० **** bang??, s, f. An ornament worn on the
bani isrdil, Children of Israel, Israelites. ५४४
wrist (Properly, made of grass), a bangle.
७५- bani.jan, Beings who inhabited the world
म. *** bangla, s, m. 1. A kind of thatched before Adam; genii, fairies.
house, a summer-house. 2. A sort of bete s. U॰॰ 2arg/d (वाणिवक्ता) s. m. A shop-keeper, a
leaf or pdn so called. -

merchant (usually, a corn-chandler).

JHT० ५**** bangi, s. f: A humming top.
JP- u****
bang-i, s. m. One who intoxicates him P. cu॰॰ banyad, s. f Foundation, basis, origin.
self with bang. s. I3॰5५-४ banaya kanda, s, m. Cow-dung dried
5० ८J**** bart-htd? (व का A forest, and मTला for fuel (not made up). See under *. c ban
A garland) s, f A garland of various flow s. ७५> 2artydh, s, m. See ५८४bartyd.
ers. *- *
P. ७७** 0artydn, s, f Foundation. See c५-५-
T 2
C-*ad 140
* - *
5. c५८** baxydyaa, s. f: -Wife of a u॰॰ (shop- 11. 9:2: biibn, s, f: 1. A sister. 2. (on the west

keeper, &c.) q. v. of India) A lady (for ५8 ५३ bibi). 3. A favourite

H. Uè.** banaiti, s, f A torch lighted at both concubine or one of superiour rank.
ends and whirled round so as to form a double
circle of fire.
H. U2’ biftd, 8 m. Strength, power, ability.
s. Y८०४ bancla (from *न*T Wood) adj. Wild. P. by bold, s, m. A young camel. '
S० ‘**** bandini, 8. f Wife of a u॰॰ (shop-keep 4- ---g9? ***d/ (Properly, e-uze:) s, m. Account
of household expense.
er, &c.) q. w. See e**** -

-4• प% bittat-2, adj- Itelating to household ex

A. 2? ba (forxl) Father ; possessed of endowed
with. ७.०० u** 2? ba dli s7nd, Avicenna.
H. 922 boti7, 8. m. A he goat.
P. 2’ ba (in India, bo) 8. f: Smell, odour. ue** 2? P- 492? hara, s. m. A crucible, a melting pot.
bif-kash-i, s. f. Taking a smell.
F->***** bift7ntar, s. A heron.
A. 2 bacr, adj. mas. and g, 2arra, adj- fem.
Foolish, silly. n. Ley bnt, s, m. A kind of pulse, chick-pea.
H. b? bir'd, s. f. I. Sister. 2. (in ffindaaei) An (Cicer arietinum)-
aunt by the father's side. a. U, batd, s, m. A flower (particularly, worked
Ha 199: bo"ara (from ५x) s. m. Seed time. on cloth or painted on paper, &c.), a bush, a
shrub. >l* u5% birte-ddr, Flowered (cloth).
A. Z--ly baग्easir, s. Plur. (ofZ--9) The piles or
hemorrhoids. HI० cºx birti, s. f: 1. Drugs. 2. Flowers or
sprigs (on muslin).
A. -**x 24*?a” (y Endowed with, and --॰ H० ५* bogi, s. f: A morsel or lump of meat.
wonder) adj. Wonderful.
H• •8:-2? bojh, s. m. A load. ५9** -4-2? 20jh pa
A. Jy.aally bu-4:/u:fil (2 Pndowed with, and d, as karna, To affect consequence or to give one's
Excess) adj. Excessive talker. self airs (generally spoken in raillery)- -स्-??
A* c***b ba-t-hdaods (2? Endowed with, and L****
uysAA-० bojh sir par hond, is applied to a task
I)esire) adj. 1. Desirous. 2. Whimsical, ca
the performance of which is becone indispen
pricious, a wavering fickle (person), a block sable.
s. +9 ”यjh { ) s, f. Understanding, com
s. H. bly bodnd, 1॰ (from Ux) w, a. To cause
prehension. U×स्-2? bitih ke, Wittingly.
to sow. 2. (from * Smell) v. n. To stink, to
emit a smell. A. c५-2’ bajahl, 1. n, Prop. See c५-xl a*#
1r. usly batcaha, adj. Pocky, affected with Lues .jahl. 2. adj. Foolish.
WeTICTea० H. ck-2’ bojh-d? (from “स्-x) adi. Loaded.
१, ७."g bieai (विपादिवाा ) s, f A kibe, s. U-4-?? bifihad (r- बुध Understand) w, a. To
blister or chap on the foot. understand, to comprehend, to think. ७* -स्-2?
S. *b’ bodi (from ux) s, f Sowing, the act of btjh lend (at cards) To settle the account of
sowing, seed-time. gain and loss.
11. ५% bobd, s, m. 1. Goods and chattels, pro HI० ***** -ई-2:) w• a*
bojhnd (from 1. To load.

perty. 2. A bundle. 2. To scald or parch rice. -

>79? 141 J2*

a. U·é-2’ bolh-ef (from *+9:) adj, Loaded. , dancing attendance on them and neglecting
म- ढ9? boch, s. m. An alligator. See ***** them are each likely to produce regret. The
term also means, any person or thing, which
H० ५-2? hochd, s. m.
A kind of sedan, a chair is fair without and foul within, or that pro
palkf. mises well but turns out ill ; a well looking,
n. t5-2 hfichd, adj. m. Ear-cropt, without ears. but stupid, fellow.
H. ५-३-9’ bachna, v. n. To sit in a confined pos H. ५2: bifrd, s. m. 1. A coarse kind of sugar.
ture, to crouch. 2. Sawdust. 3. Powder.

प्र. 9७5-2? bduchhdr,

H.9५३-x bduchhdr,
Driving rain, wind
and rain.
H. 122 bord, s, m. 1. A canvas bag (particu
larly, for holding about two maunds of rice), a
sack. . 2. A kind of bean like French beans.
H. U>>-2’ *****, adj. f. Without ears, ear-cropt.
P- *22? bad (from cy-29?) ** f:
Being, existence. (Dolichos catsang).
H. lex bodd, adj- Weak, low-spirited.
5• 122 baurd, adj. m. Mad, insane. See ४५०
5 c*92’ btturd-pan, s. m. Madness.
P.9lox 2०-dar, 1. adj. Scented. 2. s, m. A
kind of leather so called. S . Ul)y boardnd (from 1)y baurd) v. n. To be

mad, to madden.
TPA c*५ *29? bird-bash (from c/9?) ** f: Existence,
subsistence, residence, abode.
A. ५#99’ bifrdni, s. f: A kind of food consisting
1H० c**x bodli, I. adj. f. A simple woman, a [ of the fruit of the egg plant (baidgan) fried in
sour milk.
trollop. 2. s. f. A woman who lives with a
* A. c99’ barak or baarak, s, m. Borax.
be-nated fakfr and dresses like a man. .
P. c*५2** bird-o-bdsh, see L2५92 bud-bdsh. H* 222? boro, s. m. 1. Rainbow. . 2. The name
of a kind of rice which is cut in March.
s. *9?? बोध bodh, s. m. Understanding, know
P- ५)y bortyd, 8. m. A mat.
म. soy bodh, s, m. A security. -
\j; bord, A kind of bean (Dolichos catsang).
See 92 bord.

*. ७५, बोद्धा (r. बुध Understand) boddha, adj. H० 992? bar marnd, w. n. To be drowned, to
Intelligent, ingenious, sensible. drown.
5• ***x bodh?gd ( में ) v. a. To wheedle.
म. ggy bornd, w, a. To cause to dive.
H->22 bory l* adj. Deep. 2. s. m. Studs of H० U¢ ? bifrnd, w. n. I. To dive. 2. To be im
gold or silver. merged, to drown, to dip.
H. >29? bifr, adj. Barren (land). s. f: Chaff,
s, ts, hapha (कृवि) adi. Old ; an old man.
husk. 2* ७22 bar ka fadda, A sort of sweet u9ी ug, harha drha, Old man, eldest man.
meat made with the husk of grain. The con
n. c9, bar, s, f 1. A point of a spear. 2. A
fectioners avow the imposition and cry out to spike in the end of a staff
passengers, ** you'll repent if you eat it, or H. ५jx bartyd (from gjx) s, m. A diver.
regret not tasting it.'' Hence, great men are |
sometimes called ** ७2y when they make a P.jy bos, s, m. A creatn-coloured horse, white
practice of encouraging their dependants to tinged with red or brown horse.
hope> but do nothing for them at last ; as, P. 122 boad, s- m. Beer.
***# 142 cl??

P,A% boadgar, s, m. A maker of Jjy bosd, a 5- U?’ बोल bol, s, m. Myrrh.

brewer. H० clx bo? (from u9%) s, m. 1. Word, speech,
TP० ***9: bocaभूgar-i, s, f. The brewing of jj;? . talk, conversation. 2. Words of a song.
A. Jy bdtd, s. m. Urine. I
P. Ag32 bosnd, 8. m. A monkey.
P. Accggy bosnind, s, m. A monkey. H. jy Aauld, adj. Toothless,
P. 24x boca, s, m. The name of a bird. (Ibis H• प*****# bolti-chtili, s, f: Conversation.
denudata ? Buch.). basd, s. m. Beer. H.P. J५ Ux 2okbafd (U?’ Speech, and J५ High)
P. 4॰.jy b#sind, s, m. A monkey. s. m. A kind of benediction. ५,० Judy bol
bdld hond, To prosper.
P. L~?? ?os, part. act. (of cy******) in compos. |
Kissing. H. cly bolta, part. act. (from ujy used substan
tively) The faculty of speech ; soul, life.
P. ७७-9’ bo-stan, s, m. A flower-garden.
P.७७52c~2’ bos o kindr, s, m. Kissing and toy H. Ut:- Jy bokchal, s, f Conversation
ing, dalliance. H. cl2 bolna (perhaps, from S. r. व दरSpeak) v. n.
P. A-9 bosd, s, m. A kiss. ५४}५ Acy bosa bd*i, 1. To speak. 2. To sound, to emit sound. 3.
s. f. Kissing and toying. To tell, to say. ult:- ul, bolnd-chatna, To
COTh WeI"Se.
P. C5००-9 bosidagi, s:f Rottenness, corruption.
r. ४०८-५ bosida, part. Pass. (of ७००-22*) Rotten, H० uex boli, s. f: 1. Speech, dialect, language.
stale. 2. Conversation, talk. 9* प*x boli karnd, To
P. A॰॰82 bogh-Aund, s, m. The cloth in which jeer, to jest.
any thing (particularly, a saddle) is wrapped up. H० ५*** UJy bolitholi, s, f Jeering, speaking at
r. J,3x doghrd, s, m. A dish made of boiled but not to a person. U)u०५७\~ ५*** cºx bolg
meat, fiour, &e. uk3 Jay bogArd nikalna, To tholi sundnd or boli tholi marrtd, To reproach,
be well beaten. to blame.

P. L*e?’ boghmd, 1. 8. m. Trumpery, trifles, P- *** bam, s, m. I. An owl. 2. Land, ground t

.. scraps, rags, &c. the stores of a wallet. 2. (Sans. भूमि )•
adj- f: Ugly and fat (woman). S . ५2: bond (वपन r. वप) v. a. To sow.
A. u3?? ?frk, s, m. A trumpet, a clarion. S • ५2: 2dund (वामन ) 1. adj. Dwarfish. 2,
A. c94132’ bilkatamfin, s. In. I. A camelion : s. m. A dwarf; the fifth (acatdr) incarnation :
hence, 2. Any thing of various hues. 9. adj.
of the deity. See9g, -
Warious, variegated, changeable.
4 Al32: bokta (corrup. from Als) s. In. Pot-herb. H. L-32: bont, s, m. A stalk.
s. L-5: bok (वर्कर) s, m. A he goat, a I"t11hn० म. ue-32 bant, s, m. 1. A kind of pulse when
green (Cicer arietinum) : see L-22: 2at. **
H० 92’ bnkd, s, m. 1. Powder. 2. Small pearls. The plant of Le>% bant. 3, adi.. Little०
s. J5, 2okrd (वर्कर ) s. m. A he goat. compact and firm (epithet applied to a pony>
a. ७४; bakna, v. a. To reduce to powder, to and sometimes used substantively).. ?५ u-32?
powder, to grind. bantpuldo, s, m. A pulao made of c>५: -
5० पट*# bokri ( वर्कररी ) s, fx A she gont. ir. ugy banta, s, m. See Ux 2ata.
५’ 143 ५?

म, ७#9 banti, a f see g, 2ata. 5 . Cata bhaahi (श्रोत्री) s, f A brother* wife,

ई. *४2? 2and(विदु)s. f: A drop ogy ५**x 5 - ४५ bhahi (भावी) adj. Future, about tobe,
band ki band, Rectified, twice distilled (spirit, predestined.
&c.). - ## bhaph (वTSप) s, f. Steam, wapour.
1l. Aj2’ band, adj. 1. Good, well, excellent. 2. See *#५ bdph.
High, soaring (generally applied to kites).
s. H. ५,६, ५ bahd phirnd, ) (Ud part, pass.
s. logy brinda (विंदु)s. m. A large drop logy s. H. g,**५५d baha bahd phirnd, j ofu-d and9/११)
५४०७५ banda bdndi, Small and interrupted v. n. To wander, to be in a distressed con
dropping of rain. dition, to be intoxicated.
s, ५४-४y biindi ( विंदु) s. f: 1. Drops of rain. s. u४० ५’ baha-dend (५’ part, pass ofud and u४०)
2. Name of a place. v. a. To demolish, to destroy, to ruin, to em
H० *9 baand, s, m. A creeper, a vine. poverish, to deprive of felicity or fortune.
H० ***# bhaphnd, w. a. ' To conceive, to guess,
म->*x bazaandar, s. m. A whirlwind, a devil.
H० b&9’ baund-nd, w. n. To entwine (creepers to comprehend. See II. ggg tdrnd. **

or wines). 5. ८-५ bhat (भठ्ठी) s. m. Boiled rice.

JH० ***# bondi, s. f: The germ of a plant after

tr. Uta bhtftd, s. m. An extra allowance to troops
the flower is shed.
on service. See Acé¢ .
म.५५&x baundtyana, v, n. 1. To twine. 2. To H. ८-०५a bhdt, s. m. A bard. A tribe : see****
run irregularly or in a crooked path with turn H० cP"# bhatun, s. f The wife ofa ८८०ta bhat.
ings and windings.
5• *# (वामनी) s. f: A female dwarf:
n. ugta thathd, s. m. A current or stream, the
Sa पix boni (from ५x) s, f. The season ofsowing.
5० ue*# bhathi (भरत्रT 2 s. f. Bellows.
H. \s, bauha, adj. Pocky. See usly . H. ७#k bhathi, s, f Down the river, with the

म. gusx baahai, s, f. A woman afhicted with current.

wenereal disease.
म. Jugte bhathiyai, s, m. Down, below, down
म- ‘-**x bohai, s, f. The first sale for ready the river, with the stream. See Jucé€ .
money in the morning. H._9-k bhdjur (from n. L-Ue) s, f Flight. See
म. uº;} bai, s, f. A word used to frighten chil 5-5\# bhagar.
dren, a goblin. 5 c:-"स्ट्र भTजब्त bhajan, s. m. Aphtoadhh.९६
H. L-2 barrestyd, 1* adj. Talking nonsense, a
babbler. 2. s. m. A catamite.
H. u८-५१ bh@ind, w. n, To flee, to run away.
s, ७-५ bhajnd (भजन ) w, a. To fry.
म. ५22 botya, s. m. A small basket. 8० u****# bh6ji, s. f: Greens.
P. 4. 2a, prep. By, with, in, to. See ८-० - s, ७४-४ ”यों? (भाजित r. भाज्ञ Divide) s, t
P. 4. 2a4, 1. adj. Good, better. 2, 8. A quince. A portion or share of food. -

A. 4g 25Ai or bih, With it, by it. P. 9०५? bahadur, 1. adj. Brave, bold, waliant,
s- 42 बड़ baha, adj. Much, many. courageous. 2. s, m. A hero, a champion, a
P- t१? 2aAa, s. m. Price, value. knight. (Plur. cJyo५१) • * - *
५? 144 ५’
IPa **५५? bahddar-i, s, f: Bravery. B• ***** bihari C वि ह Tर I) 1. adj. Sportive- 2.
5. ७9ek bhddon (भf%) s, m. Name of the fifth n prop• A name of Jhristpa, name of a Hindi
8olar month, August (in which the full moon is - poet. *
(N *

near Prircubhddrdpdda). s. ५9k: भाटयT bhtfrg/d, s. f. A wife, married

8->५? bihar ( विहार 9 s. m. Diversion, amuse woman : a musical mode, the wife of a rdg or
ment, sport. ck-9५? bihdr-asthah Place of dcity presiding over a musical mode. '
5.jg bhar (श्राष्ट्र) 8. m. A furnace, kiln (par
P.७५d bahar, s, f: 1. Spring, prime, bloom, ticularly, for parching grain). * - * *+

beauty, elegance, delight, enjoyment. cb-9५? n. jte bhdr, s, m. The price of fornication.
bahar-istan, s. m. A place adorned with the b४jtस bhar khand, w, a. To live on the wages
...bloom of spring- . of prostitution (not the woman, but her de
it.)५e bihar, n, prop. Name of a province. pendants).
5. »è भTर hhar, s. m. A load or hurthen, a IH० J५: bhdrd, s. In. Hire.
great weight of gold, weight, gravity, faggot. s. A-k bhasur (भ्रातृ*वशुर) s, m. A husband's
(Pers.9५). -
elder brother. **

s. 19k bhdrd (भTर) s, m. A load, burthen. 3->*-५ भास्नार (from *भTस, Light, and r. कृ
r. ७५५* bahardn, s. The spring. Make) bhaskar, s, m. 1. The sun. 2. Name ofa
Hindii astronomer, author of the Siddhdnta
s.c9७ भारत bharat, s, m. 1. The_heroick Shtrontant and other works.
poem which contains the account of Judhish
thir's war. 2. One of the nine divisions of the 5. ७-०५: bhasnd (r. 3HTत Shine) v. n. To be
world, India. known, to appear.
s, ५-५ bhada (भाय्या) * f 1. A wife. 2 s. u०tस भात्रिा bhaska, s, f Speech, language. *
The wife of a rdg or deity presiding over a s. U5-5k bhaksi, s, f A kiln. See 5.9kt *,

musical mode. See g)५ bharyd. s. ई७* भात्रिT bhakhd, s, f. Speech, language,
TIA c9५* buhdran, s. f: Sweepings. dialect. See L&५? . - -

H० ५५? btthdrnd, w. a. To sweep, to gather. 8. u-6k? bhakhna (भाषर्ण ) w.. a. To speak, t०

H. ५*)५? bultdrni, s. f: A broom. See पट)५? call.
bi7/ttfr?. H. e-f५d bihtfg, s, m. Name of a ragiai. -

11• 29५’ badhartr, s. f: A sweeper. s. ce-f५ bhag { ***य) s, m. Fortune, destiny.

H. u9५ 0tdhdri, s. f: A broom. s. e-fk? ***T bhag, s. m. 1. Share, portion,
s. u9५ *har*, 1* ( भारी ) adj. Heavy, weighty ; quarter, lot. 2. (met.) Chance, venture,
of importance, valuable : big, great, fat, large : destiny.
grave, steady, patient 3_strong, thick ; trouble H. e-fue ७५ bhaga-bhag, s, m. Flight, run
some. 2. s- m. (for भारिवा) A porter, carrier ning away. -

of burthens. Uj;स्ट्र- >***द- >*** +9५: ***** H. bu- ce-fte bhag:jana, v. n. To run away, to
patthar chamkar chhorea, To withdraw from a flee.
difficult or impracticable undertaking म.95k bhagar (from k5५) 8. f: Flight, a gene
F- u9५* bahdr-a, adj. Wernal, of the spring. ral emigration, escape, immediate danger.
k’ 145 k
H. U5te 2fAfgard, s, m. See ce-ftg bihag. 5. ¢स thaण (from ७--ik) s- m. Twist, twist
II. c92**# bhagadpar-i, 8. m. A kind of cloth 1ng
from Bhagalpur. s. L-ite bhanjd (भगिनीज ) 8. m. A sister's
8 - ७४५ bhag-man (भाग्यवान्) adj. Fortu SOT०

s. L-k bhanjnd (भजन) w• a... To put into
S - ***e 24dg*mdn f, s, f: Good fortune, pros circular motion, to twist, to turn on a lathe, to
perity. wave, to brandish.
H. ५४\स ?Aagna, w.n. To fiee, to run away.
3, ७-५ ”hauji (भागिनेयी ) s, f A sisters
३, ७%k Ahag-can (भाग्यवान) adj. Fortu daughter. - -

H० c**# bhanji, s, f. I. Interruption, hinder
8. c## 24dg**, 1॰ s, m. A partner, sharer, par ance. 2. Tale-bearing. 99-- ue*स bhdatif
ticipater. 2. adj. Fortunate.
44or? s, m. An interrupter, a tale bearer.
H. Uk bhah s- f: The point of an arrow. U५5 ७रूं५ bhdrtfi khand, w. a. To give ma
s, J५ *Tल bhai, s, f The forehead; fortune. licious intelligence. ५,५० ५ ७०० c***# bhdrtff
* Jस bhar (भलम or भालुक) 8. m. A bear.
dend or -marnd, w. a. To interrupt, to put a
g. Jg bhala (भत्त) 8. m. A spear (about seven stop to, to break in upon.
cubits long). -

S. &k bhdnd, s. m. I. (for भंड ) A mimick,

ई, ८lk bhalak, *
8. 9t: bhadiz, (भलूक) s. m. A bear. an actor. 2. (for भांड) A small earthen
8.'-४५ bhdlait (from JNe) 8. m. A spearman. *
- **

s.७५ *Tयु] (r. भT Shine) bhana, s. m. The s, l&tg bhanda (भांउ ) s. In. I. A large
Sun, a ray of light. earthen pot. 2. Ibstate, equipage. *2€ \&e
म*७५ ”ihan, s, m. Morrow, morning. bhandd-phatnd, w. n. To lose one's character.
म, ५t bhand, v- n. To suit, to fit, to be ap s. b&k bhandad ( भउन ) w. a. To abuse.
proved of -

s, e-sk bhang (भंगा ) s, f. Hemp (Cannabis

ई, ५५ bahand (trans. ofu-d) v. a. To make sativa) of which an intoxicating potion is
how, to set afloat, to launch, to swim away. made. See u:= bijaya.
म, ५५’ *thand, w- n. To spend or pass (the
time). s. ८-०७५ bhanmati (भानुमती) s, f A female
n, ५-५५ bhant or bhand, s. f: Manner, mode,
H. uck bhannd, w. a. To turn (on a lathe), to
method, kind, sort. -

- put into circular motion. See u-’ue bhaajnd.

** ५-५५, ७-५५ bhant-bhant, adj. Warious. 5॰ >)*k bhtfttaoar, ?" *त्र*T Move about) e. f.
5५५--ck bhant (भंडिका ) s- m. A medicinal. 5.५४29k bhaiitori, IRevolution, circulation.
Plant. (Clerodendron infortunatum : Lin. b,* u9yk bhatireriphirnd, w. n. 1. Tocircle
Yolkameria infortunata : J?०.rb.), 2. To be sacrificed.
**le "hantd (भंटाकी 9 s, m. The egg plant. r. c५a hahana, s, m. Pretence, evasion, con
(Solanum melongena). trivance, excuse, pretext.
५’ J40 ५-६?

Ir. ५*५? bihane, adv. Early, soon. H. ५४'५a bihai, s, f A spirit, supposed to tease
infants by whispering alternately sad and plea
u. 2५ bha o, s, m. Price, value, rate : friendship.
sing things in their ears, which is the cause of
s. ?५: *Tन bh@o or bhar, s, m. 1. Sentiment, their laughing and crying when asleep or
passion, choice, liking, will, disposition, no awake.
tion, idea. 2. Blandishment. 9. Gesticula
tion, acting, pantomine, expressing a meaning S .ck bhara, adv See c**स ”havx4.
hy signs. 4. A sudden idea or emotion of the • c*\स bhain (r. *f Fear) adj. Terrible, awful.
mind. 5. Living, being. 6. Existence, thing
* c**** बहुवचन baha-bachan, adj. Plural.
५५ 2k bha o-batand, v. a. To gesticulate 1. (from *## Sans.
5,9५? bahdo (r. वह Flow) s. m. A flood, a
S - K.# bhabkd, s, m.
वTEप) An alembick. 2. A kind of drinking
8. ---9५: भावित भू
Consider) bhtfrit, adj.
(r. vessel with a large mouth.
Thoughtful, anxious, apprehensive, alarmed.
H• ५७.* bhabkdnd (caus. of ७४.g) w, a. 1. To
kindle, to light. 2. To provoke, to exaspe
rr. g,५: bha ota, adj. Amiable, dear, beloved,
rate, to enrage. 3. To spur a horse.
. L॰t bhabaknd, w. n. 1. To be enraged, to
S. ल-9k bhatcuj (श्रTत्य5ायT) s. f. A brother's rush on with rage. 2. To catch fire. 3. To
run with great rapidity (a horse).
5. -*# भावावा (r. भू Consider) bhdocak, s. m. H० u***# bhabki, s. f. Threat.
Thoughtful ; a friend, a lover. . U.५? bih-bal (perhal's वि- or ५३ and बल
H• e9भ bhdon, postpos. See c*2k bharace7?.
Strength) adj. Helpless, weak, unsettled.
s. ५2k? भावना (r. भू Consider) bhdcand, s. f ex.५ bih-0ad, s, f Health, wigour, good
Consideration, anxiety, apprehension, contem • usex.५’ bih-2adi, s, f ness, welfare.
plation, thought, doubt, fear, concern. S • ५-५’ 2ah2ahd (r. * एं। Flow) adj. 1. Flowing,
1I - ५2e bha ond, w. n. See ५५: U/tdr??dr.
gliding along. 2. Brave, bold. 3. Publick,
S . ४,५e tha-cah (भ्रात्ठवश्यू) s, f A younger notorious.
brother's wife. • 94॰8: bhabhar ( भयभर ) S• II) • Solicitude,
s. ८४2k *ान्य bhaमृya, fut. part. (from r. भू Be) alarm gxxt-s bhabhar parnd, w. n. To be
That which must he.
alarmed, to be frightened.
S. ७*2k bhacce7? (भावे ) postpos. mas. In the • bytrt bhabhrdnd, w. n. Toswell (particularly,
consideration, thought, notion or idea. ५५€L7ई? bharbhardnd. ,
the face). See
S . ugue bhdi { 94IतIT) 8. m. Brother. * 9## bhabharnd (from >****) w* n To be
5 ***cह"# bhat-band ( भ्रातृबंधु ) 8. m. Bro solicitous, to be alarmed, to be frightened.
thers, relations, friends. H० -->स्** bhabhak, s. f 1. Sudden bursting
forth of flame. 2. Forcible expulsion of water
S . 19\5-c5५ bhdi-chdrd, s, m. Brotherhood, fra
from a fountain or. pipe. 3. Smell arising
s c95--s"# bhdi-char? ( भ्रातृत्वTररी ) s, f H• b-****: bhabhaknd, w. n. 1. To simmer, to
The relationship of brothers, brotherhood. bubble. 2. To emit steam2 to boil.
L*-4? 147 e--**?

H. U¢»é¢ bhabbhal, adi. Fat. H. A८4 bhatta, s- m. See U४ bhatd.

5. ५८*# bhutjyand (from ८-22¢) w* n* To be
s, e-2ee bhabhar Cविभूति 2 s, f Ashes of
cow-dung which./akirs rub over their bodies. like a devil.

H. 52**** bhabhaka, I. s, m. Blaze, flame, explo 5. U->e bhatija ( *त्रात:ज 2 s, m. Nephew, bro
sion. 2. adj. Red (as a coal, sometimes ap ther's son.
plied to the splendour of a beloved persons ई, Ué¢-थ्स bhatif ( श्री मुंजा ) s, f. A niece, bro
countenance) ; splendid, beautiful. ther's daughter.
५५ःe bhaphara (from *५ Sans. वाष्प ) s, m. ई, 7-e Adhuterd ( बहुतर ) adi. Many, very
Steam, vapour. much.
* us**** bihphai C वृहस्पति ) s. m. Thursday• s. c>e bhat ( श्रTश्ट) s. f. 1. An oven, a furnace,
8. L--५d bdhat ( व5) adj. Much, many. ----d a kiln. 2. Curse, misfortune. -

gys9५ bahut yar hond, To become more inti s. H. gxc>स bhat-parad, w. n. To be cursed, to
mate than formerly. be unfortunate, to be lost (lit. to fall into the
8. ५’ 2ahta (from ७-५) part act.
S Running fire).
(water). vy** ***ws crc** *५ **** bahte pani S. u>** 3८ bhat, s. m. A warriour, a hero
7ne72 hath dhond, To pay attention to one's 8- -4: भट्ट bhatt, s. m. 1. A learned man. *
friends, or to attend to one's own duty or A title of Maharatta Brahmans.
aflairs while the opportunity is favourable :
H. Ué bhatta, s. m. Indian corn. (Zea mays):
to make hay while the sun shines.
s. ट्४६-८३ bhagarhad ( भट्टाचाय्र्य ) s. In.

11. ७g bhatta, s. m. See Uè 2**!{** most learned of the learned.
5. ced bahutat & बहुता ) s. f. Excess, abun
dance. See '-५८-d bahutdyat.
H . ७Ge bhatkd, adj. Astray.
***# bhatar (भर्ती ) s. m. A husband.
H. UKae bhatkana, v, a. To mislead, to balk,
to deceive, to scare, to cause to wander
A. ७५५ bahtan, s, m. Calumny, false imputa ८5'u5 ca-* 0hat katai, }* f: The name of
? -- Uè5 c>e bhd! kdtatyd, a prickly plant.
5. usug bhataha (from ८--9*) adj. Devilish, (Solanumjacquini, hfilld.).
peevish, fierce. H. U×ça bhataknd, w* n. To go astray, to wan
5, ७-५८५’ bahutdyu? (बहुता) 8. f: Abundance, der, to miss the right path, to lose (the way)-
plenty, multitude. H. ८४*# bhignf, 5, f. A nipple.
P, J-d bih4ar, adj. compar. Good, excellent, n. ## bhatर्य, interj. O sister ! ,

well, better. ७aa bhat-thd (श्राथ? s, m. A furnace, kiln,

P.७५)-d bih-tar-in, adj. sup. Best, most excellent. OWeI1०

5 Ad bahattar { द्विसप्तति ? adj. Seventy two. S . ५८é€ bhathiydrd (from *त्रा*4 An oven) s, m.
5, ५“स bhatna (from *(त ८-»è) s, m. A small A sutler, an innkeeper, one who prepares vie
devil, an imp, a demon. tuals for travellers in a y-० sdr**
5. ५-9*# bhutni (भूत ८-2x) s, f Wife of a s. P. ५७-५८é€ bhathiy67446nd, 5 "" An inn,
devil, a female demon. a carawansary.
U 2
14S *xed
s. H. c५०५**** bhathiyar pan, s, m. The business (Lanius caerulescens. Sans. श्रृंग), gg u****
of a l)५##bhdthiyard. bhujange-ttrana, 1. To be in great distress aud
ir. Ju****? bhathiyd/, 1. adj. With the current, poverty. 2. To spread false reports.
i. e. down the river and not with the flood tide. 5. --॰॰॰-रूè bhdinik (भजनिक r. भऽी Serve, :
2. s. m. A kind of **** or elegiack verses worship) s, m. A singer, an adorer.
sung in praise of ffasan and ffusdin. H. Ulyरू# bhjtedna (causal of u--tt:) v. a. To
cause to send.
Ir. ५८६:स्? bhdghtydnd, w. n. To go down the
riwer ; to ebb (the tide). 5. ५5* bhttjtyd, s, f: Greens. See u***# *
H. de*** bhata'?, s. f. Praise, the encomiums ofa H० ढु* bhach, adj. Barbarous, ignorant.
*# bhdt, which see.
5. e-<¥€ bhachak or bhichak (भयवविीत) adj.
s. é# भुज bhati, s. m. f: 1. The arm (above
the elbow). 2. The perpendicular or shortest Alarmed, aghast, starting. Ls, ८-८क्र्स bha
chak rahnd, To be amazed or astonished at a
side of a right angled triangle.
3- **** ¢र्स bhttj-bundh, s. m. An armlet. sudden or unexpected event.

s. Uæè भुजा th५ji, s, f An arm (above the S . L&## bhachak-nd, w. n. To be astonished or

elbow). -
8. ५५- 4, bah5jand (from ५*) w, n. 1. To flow. S• c*** bhuchan (भदUT) s, m. Food, eating.
2. To go or swim with the stream. 3. To be S ५-६* bha-champa (भूमिर्चपक)s. m. 1. The

ruined, to be destroyed. name of a tree. 2. A fire-work like the fiower

11. UUरू# bhijand (trans. of ७-८14) v• a. To cause of that tree. See ***- c9***
to be wet,