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1.0: Introduction of the report
There is no doubt that the world of work is rapidly changing. As part of an organization then
HRM must be equipped to deal with the effects of the changing world of work. That means
understanding the implications of globalization, technology changes, and workforce diversity.
Changing skill requirements continuous improvements initiatives contingent workforce,
decentralized work sites and employee involvement are the issue for confront. Now it is a big
challenge for the HRM to support the organization by providing the best personal for the suitable
position in shortest possible time. Starting with recognizing the vacancies and planning for them
is a great task. Moreover selecting attracting the suitable candidates and selecting the best person
in time is a challenge

The cost of the recruitment is significant so, proper planning and formulate those plan is the task
require more focus and improvement. Equal opportunity and sourcing is also a vital part.
Realizing this need I tried to find the difference and similarities between theoretical aspects with
the practical steps taken by the company.

1.1 : Objectives of the report

The report has two types of objectives which are described as follows:
 Broad objectives

 Specific objectives

1.1.1: Board objective:

The main objective of this study is to understand the recruitment and selection process of Coast
to Coast Group and its impact.

1.1.2: Specific objective:

 To analyze the recruitment and selection procedure of Coast to Coast Group.

 To find out the recruitment and selection process problems of Coast to Coast Group.

 To know the training policy fresh employees of Coast to Coast Group.

1.2: Major Limitation for accomplishing internship

It was a great opportunity for me to work in Coast to Coast Group as an intern. To prepare this
internship report I have tried my level best to make this more effective. In every works there are
some limitations or difficulties. So, my report is not out of limitation. The report considers
following limitations: While I prepared my report I had to face some problems:

 The time period was three month that was a very short time.

 The organization maintains strict to give any information.

 Lack of sufficient information for prepared a meaningful report.

 Learning all the HR activities within three months was really tough.

 Unavailability of sufficient written documents.

1.3: Company Profile

1.3.1: Brief profile of the company:

Coast to Coast Group is one of large manufacturers and exporters of men's, ladies and children's
Jacket. Coast to Coast Group is established by Ashraf Uz Zaman (Shiraj) in 1991. Since then
Coast to Coast Group started exporting their products to various countries in USA, Canada, &
European countries these being their major markets. By producing high quality products, timely
shipments and providing good services, they have established a reputation of being committed to
customer's satisfaction.

Coast to Coast Group company corporate office in Sector – 7 Uttara, Dhaka-1230 and Factory
office is in Itahata, Bason, Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur.

1.3.2: Organizational Structure:

Managing Director

Factory Manager

Marketing Manager Production Manage H.R.D Manager Finance Manager

Senior Production Manager Administrative Account Commercial

Merchandisers Staff Manager Manager

Cutting Sewing Room Finishing Room
Manager Manager Manager

Junior Helpers Supervisor


1.3.3: Mission and Vision Statement:

 To manufacture world-class products of outstanding quality that gives our customers a
competitive advantage through superior products and value, so we can make every
consumer smile.
 To encourage people's ownership, empowerment and working under team structure.
 To attain highest level of efficiency, integrity and honesty.


To manufacture products comparable to international standards, to be customer-focused and
globally competitive through better quality, latest technology and continuous innovation.
1.3.4: Values:
 Customer satisfaction

 Commitment

 Environment

1.3.5: Board of Directors:

Name Designation
Ashraf Uz Zaman (Shiraj) Chairman and Managing Director
Syed Ibne Abbas Director
H.M. Mazhaul Islam Director, Administration and Compliance

1.3.6: Name of Factories:



1.3.7: Legal Status:

Private Company with Limited Liability.

1.3.8: Type of Business:

100% Export oriented Garments Manufacturer & Exporter Company.

1.3.9: Number of Machines:

In total 2400 Machine in operation.

1.3.10: Number of Workers:

In total 4800 worker are working in coast to coast group.

1.3.11: Products:

 Active Wear
 Bomber Jacket
 Gilets & Vests
 Padded
 Reversible Jacket
 Lightweight Jackets
 Macs and Trenches
 Biker
 Coats
 Knitwear
 Ouilted
 Parka
 Padded Jackets

Photo: Boys & Men’s and Girls & Ladies Dress

1.3.12: Buyers:

 Sears
 Tesco
 Bass Pro Shops
 Carrefour
 Cubus
 Everlast
 M&CO
 M&S

1.3.13: Annual Turnover:

Coast to Coast Group Annual Turnover last year is around 30 Million (USD) annual turnovers.

Turnover in Million (USD):

Last 5 years annual Turnover in Million (USD)







2013 2015 2015 2016 2017

1.4: Description of department where intern worked

It was a great opportunity for me to work in Coast to Coast Group. I have joined with this
company on 6th May 2018. The Human Resource manager welcomed me and takes an interview
about myself and my educational background. The HR manager introduces me with different
department’s employee. Specially my internship supervisor Md. Jahangir, Quality control
Manager. It was a great experience and pleasure for me to work as an intern in Coast to Coast

I was introduced with the all departments at starting of my internship period of three months but
my main concentration was in HR departments.

Chapter -02
“Topic Part & Literature

2.1: Internship Topic

My internship topic is “Recruitment and Selection process of Coast to Coast Group”.

2.2: Topic Related Theories

Some specific topic related theories are given in the below:-

2.2.1: Human Resource

Human resource is the personnel of a business or organization, regarded as a significant asset in

terms of skills and abilities.

2.2.2: Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is the practice of recruiting, hiring, deploying

and managing an organization's employees. HRM is often referred to simply as human
resources (HR).

The scope of Human Resource Management refers to all the activities that come under the
banner of Human Resource Management. These activities are as follows:-

1. Human resources planning:

Human Resource Planning refers to a process by which the company to identify the
number of jobs vacant, whether the company has excess staff or shortage of staff and to
deal with this excess or shortage.

2. Job analysis design:

Another essential area of Human Resource Management is job analysis. Job analysis
gives a detailed explanation about each and every job in the company. Based on job
analysis the company prepared advertisements.

3. Recruitment and selection:

Based on information collected from job analysis the company prepares advertisements
and publishes them in the newspapers. This is recruitment. A number of applications are
received after the advertisement is published, interviews are conducted and the right
employee is selected thus recruitment and selection are yet another important area of
Human Resource Management.

4. Orientation and induction:

Once the employees have been selected an induction or orientation program is conducted.
This is another important area of Human Resource Management. The employees are
informed about the background of the company, explain about the organizational culture
and values and work ethics and introduce to the other employees.

5. Training and development:

Every employee goes under training program which helps him to put up a better
performance on the job. Training program is also conducted for existing staff that have a
lot of experience. This is called refresher training. Training and development is one area
where the company spends a huge amount.

6. Performance appraisal:

Once the employee has put in around 1 year of service, performance appraisal is
conducted that is the Human Resource department checks the performance of the
employee. Based on these appraisal future promotions, incentives, increments in salary
are decided.

7. Compensation planning and remuneration:

There are various rules regarding compensation and other benefits. It is the job of the
Human Resource department to look into remuneration and compensation planning.

8. Motivation, welfare, health and safety:

Motivation becomes important to sustain the number of employees in the company. It is

the job of the Human Resource department to look into the different methods of
motivation. Apart from this certain health and safety regulations have to be followed for
the benefits of the employees. This is also handled by the HR department.

9. Industrial relations:

Another important area of Human Resource Management is maintaining co-ordinal

relations with the union members. This will help the organization to prevent strikes
lockouts and ensure smooth working in the company.

2.2.3: The major functional areas in human resource management are

1. Planning,

2. Staffing,

3. Employee development and

4. Employee maintenance.

2.2.4: Human Resource Management model

Photo: Human Resource Management model

2.3: Study framework

Background of the study

Objectives of the study

Board objective Specific objective

Company profile

Brief profile of the Organizational

company Structure

Mission and Vision, Values, Board of Director,

Name of factories, Products, Buyers and so on

Major limitation for accomplishing internship

Internship topic

Topic related theories
“Topic Part and
Literature Review”

Study framework

Data description

Source of Data

Chapter- 03

“Data Collection and Field Work



Objective -1

Sub point-1

Sub point-2
Chapter - 04
Sub point-3
“Discussion on the study
Objective” Sub point -4



Sub point-3

Sub point-3

Internship Experience
Chapter- 05

“Internship Experiences 16
and Findings”
My Internship at Cast to
Coast Group

Summary of Internship

Lesson learned from

Internship Program



“Recommendation and
Conclusion” Conclusion

Chapter- 03
“Data Collection and Processing”

3.1: Data Description

This report is the reflection of three months internship program at the Coast to Coast Group,
Gazipur, and Dhaka. This study covered by both the primary as well as the secondary form of
data was used to prepare the report. To prepare this internship report I have collected data and
information both from primary and secondary sources. I had Questionnaire Survey and detailed
discussion to the Coast to Coast Group officials for getting more information.

3.2: Sources of Data

My report topic is “Recruitment and Selection process of Coast to Coast Group” so for
generate this report both primary and secondary data has been used.

Primary sources:

 Questionnaire Survey and

 Detailed discussion

Secondary sources:

 Annual report of Coast to Coast Group.

 Different written Coast to Coast Group.
 HR related Books
 Official files and folders.
 Official websites

3.3: Field Work

Field work is basically the observation or experience over my internship period in coast to coast
group. During my internship I fully observed the Human resource activities; my regular duty was
providing support to the Human resource department. In my 3 months of work experience I go
through different responsibilities. I also screened the CV’s of the candidates; short listed those,
preparing call list for interview, called them for interview, preparing attendance for interview,
and preparing attendance sheet for candidates and so on, which is focused on my study topic. As

a part of field work I do survey on company employees, clients and suppliers about my study
objective. Some of those survey questionnaires are as follows:

1. Are you satisfied with this organization?

2. Are you Happy with recruitment polices of this company?
3. Do you think company should change some recruitment policies?
4. Do you think there is problem in Human Resource department?
5. Is this company provides training to the new employees?

3.4: SWOT Analysis

Strength (S) Weakness (W)

 They have good reputation in overseas  Employee turnover exists because of the
marketing. availability of job in garments and buying
 High ethical standard. house.
 Latest machinery and technology.  They are not interested to invest in
 Competitive pricing. employees’ development.
 Equal employment opportunity.  Lack of HR personnel.
Opportunity (O) Treats (T)

 There are bright opportunities for the  High competitive market.

company in the overseas marketing.  Employee turnover rate is very high.
 They are expanding their products line.  Technologies are changing and to adopt
 Increases in benefit package might reduce those technologies is big treats.
turnover rate.  Political instability is a big threat for
garments industry.

Chapter- 04
“Discussion on the Study

4.1: Objective 1

The recruitment and selection process of Coast to Coast Group:

Recruitment is the process of finding and attraction capable applicants for employment. Coast to
Coast Group always wants to recruit the right person with combination of skills and resources in
the right place. Coast to Coast Group always believes in Equal employment color, region race,
age, national origin or any other factor. The company always wants to recruit the best and
suitable persona resources in the vacant position.

4.1.1: Recruitment Policy of Coast to Coast Group

To achieve the company goal effectively Coast to Coast group, top management has developed a
“Recruitment Policy”. In accordance with the recruitment policy there have some guideline. The
guidelines of the policy are as follows:

 Ensure the right person in the right place.

 Combination of skills and resources is must.

 Policy is based on Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO).

 No discrimination against the applicant on the basis of sex, color, region, race, national

origin or any other factor.

 Company’s policy is always loyal to the Local law.

 No one who is below 18 years of age can be hired as an employee.

 The person who is serving in any other companies whether temporary or permanent

under any circumstances in any capacity is never recruited.

 Absolute confidentiality in HR Recruitment Policy must maintain.

4.1.2: Recruitment Source

Internal Source:

Firstly employees can be recruited from the internal source. Management is usually preferred to
recruit known and experienced employees from within the organization. In following ways
Coast to Coast Group recruitment from the internal source:

 Promotion
 Transfer
 Temporary Assignment
 Additional Assignment

External Source:

There are also some external sources of HR requirement uses by the Coast to Coast Group.
These are as follows:

 Advertisement in the Daily Newspaper.

 Online advertisement (bdjobs).
 Professional organization (Labor unions, Management associations).

4.1.3: Steps in Recruitment at Coast to Coast Group

There are various steps followed by Coast to Coast Group to recruit skilled and qualified
employees for the achievement of objective. These steps are as follows:

Requisition of Recruitment:

The concerned department Head raise the requisition of recruitment through the prescribed
Recruitment Requisition information and after that forward it to the HR Department. The Human
Resource Department than complete its formality and return it to the concern department. Last of
all the concern department submit the recruitment requisition Form to the Managing Director for
approval. The new appointment s must be according to the approved HR budget and must be
approved by the Managing Director.

Attracting Application:

Coast to Coast Group always circulates the job vacancies by publishing advertisement in the
daily newspapers. The daily newspapers that are widely circulated get preference for
accomplishing this task. For circulating the publishing widely and effectively Coast to Coast
Group chooses both Bangle and English daily newspaper. The advertisement includes name of
the positions, nature of the job, age limits educational qualification, qualities, and experience
required, job responsibilities and duties, expected salary and place of the job.

Receiving Application:

Selection is the second steps of recruitment and selection process. Selection is the process of
choosing the best one among the number of applicants. Coast to Coast Group management
typically follows a standard pattern, beginning with initial screening, interview and concluding
with the final employment decision.

4.1.4: The selection process of Coast to Coast Group as follows

Initial Screening Interview:

The first step in the selection process is the screening process. During the initial screening
process he HR manager describes the job in details so the candidate can consider seriously about
applying. After that the HR manger complies the resume and curriculum vitae from the
applicants. The applicant may come to the corporate office or he or she can submit document on

Selection Interview:

Coast to Coast Group selection interview I is a formal, in-depth conversation conducted to

evaluate an applicant’s acceptability. Selection interview are the most widely used selection
technique. Top management interviewing the shortlisted applicant’s in details and finally they
take hiring decision.

The Final Hiring Decision:

Regardless of whether the supervisor or the HR department makes the final hiring decision,
hiring makes the end of the section process, assuming that the candidate accepts the job offer.

4.2: Objective 2

The recruitment and selection process problems of Coast to Coast Group:

Coast to Coast Group recruitment and section process is good but still I found some problems in
their recruitment and selection procedure, these are as follows:

 In most case the job applicant’s age is limited from 22 years to 32 years.

 In most case management are not interested to hired people who are more than 35 years.

 Sometimes Coast to Coast Group do not arrange orientation program for fresh


 Salary level for the entry level employees is not at satisfactory level comparing with

others companies in related field.

 HR department does not arrange physical examination for final applicants.

4.3: Objective 3
To know the training policy fresh employees of Coast to Coast Group:

Training is an essential part of every fresh as well as exiting employee to learn better and
training can make them more effective. Well training leads to development of them and thus
leads development of the organization. Coast to Coast Group Offers employees training program
both internally and externally.

4.3.1: Internal training program

Coast to Coast Group, Organizes in house training program where both internal and external
trainer facilities training program for individual departments. Internal training program is very
helpful for the employees as in this system they can get training in their own environment.

Human Resource department organizes mainly two types of internal training:

 Own department

 Other department

4.3.2: External Training program

Here employees are trained by external training institute. Employees are sent towards to the
several training institute for a period of time.

“Internship Experiences and

5.1: Internship Experience

5.1.1: Work-workflow and people meet:

Work- workflow:

During my internship I spent 24 hours per week at work on internship project. As an intern, I
have no specific job responsibility in the office. I worked and observed activities of HR

People meet:

I believe that without help nobody go ahead. During my internship I realized that every desk is
assigned with specific duties and particular persons done their responsibilities. Fortunately I have
work with them to prepare my report. I work there under Md. Jahangir, the Quality control
Manager. For preparing this report I always meet and discuss with senior and junior officers of
the company.

5.1.2: Significant pleasant or unpleasant incidences:

As an intern I work in Coast to Coast Group. During this program I never found any unpleasant
moment. They are friendly and talking with me smiling face and called me small brother. Every
day they offer me to eat foods. When I help them in their work finally they said to me thanks that
are very enjoyable moment in my life. Every officer even security guard are fondness to me. I
will never forget that moment.

5.1.3: Linkage between work internship topics:

As an intern I work Coast to Coast Group. Basically I worked and observed the Recruitment and
Selection Process activities of Human Resource Department. This is helping me to preparing a
report on “Recruitment and Selection Process of Coast to Coast Group”.

5.2: My internship at Coast to Coast Group

I was given the opportunity to work in Coast to Coast Group for three months. I joined there on
6th may 2018. It was part of my educational program. As my major in Human Resource
Management, I Worked in Human Resource Management department as an intern where I had
learnt several practices of human resource division of the Coast to Coast Group.

5.3: Summary of Internship work

As I had opportunity to have three months long at Coast to Coast Group, during the internship I
have learned many things about the HR department and I have done different tasks that are
conduct by under Human resource division. First day, I was introduced to my supervisor, Md.
Jahangir. Then he introduced me with other HR personnel whom I would do my work. My daily
duty was started from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. My regular work was providing support to all the HR
Personnel and also provides support to the other departments as well. In my 3 months of work
experience I go through different responsibilities. I also screened the CV’s of the candidates;
short listed those, preparing call list for interview, called them for interview, preparing
attendance for interview, and preparing attendance sheet for candidates and so on.

5.4: Lesson learned from Internship Program

 Time management: I had always work to arrange, organize, schedule and budget my
time to finish the tasks. It will help to develop my time management skill with effectively
and efficiently.

 Communication: I had to communicate different types of people to company any work

during my internship which improve my communication skill better than before.

 Teamwork: I always worked with a helpful team in Coast to Coast Group. Here, I
understood that teamwork is an essential part to complete task for organization aspect.

5.6: Findings

Recruitment and Selection are the core issues for choosing a right candidate for a right job. Many
organizations follow different techniques for recruit and select candidates. As I am doing my
internship in Coast to Coast Group, I try to communicate with one of the HR personnel to collect
some necessary information. There are some major findings in the recruitment and selection
process of Coast to Coast Group that are as follows:

 The recruitment process of Coast to Coast Group is mostly fair and transparent.

 Coast to Coast Group use both internal and external recruitment channels.

 The concerned departments head raise the requisition of recruitment through the

prescribed recruitment form with required information and after that forward it to the HR


 No discrimination against the applicant on the basis on sex, color, region, race, national

origin or any other factor.

 The company always tries to find out best people for recruiting.

 Coast to Coast Group follows a standard procedure in the selection process

 It does not arrange orientation program for the new employees.

 Coast to Coast Group recruitment circulation gives through of newspaper and websites.

 Coast to Coast Group arrange limited training program for the professional and personal

development of the employees.

 When a new employees is recruit they need to submit following documents:

 National ID card Photocopy.

 All Academic Certificate Photocopy.

 4ps PP size photo.

 Experience Certificate (If Any).

“Recommendation and Conclusion”

6.1: Recommendation

 The company can recruit from campus recruiting that could bring a yield of highly

educated fresh-starters for the entry level job.

 In Coast to Coast Group the job applicant’s age is limited by 22 years to 35 years, which

trends they should change.

 They should arrange orientation program for all new employees.

 Though they provide induction training before placing in job but I think they should

provide some more training related with job.

 They should take computer skills test for official employees by which they can recruit

right person for right place.

 Company should increase other facilities for job satisfaction.

 Socio-culture activities can be developed to create better working atmosphere.

6.2: Conclusion

Coast to Coast is one of the leading RMG manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. They
provide exceptional product to their valuable buyer from overseas as well as local’s buyers to
retain them. In Coast to Coast Group there were no conflicts between workers and supervisor
since I was doing internship here. This is because the employees strictly follow the rules and

This requires a sharp business focus from HR professionals and delivery of high quality HR
system that are integrated into the organization strategy and operation. The study “Recruitment
and Selection Process of Coast to Coast Group” under HR reveled that employees are the most
valuable resources for the progress of the organization. For the development of these valuable
resources there are many factors involved. In this regard “recruitment and section processes play
the most important role to increase the productivity of an organization effective and dynamic
recruitment and selection process is essential. Coast to Coos Group practices a progressive
recruitment and selection process. HR officers of Coast to Coat Group are now expected to work
beyond the boundaries of contract and policies to contribute dirtily to the operation and success
of the business.



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