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-it is rampant nowadays not only im the philippines but in the whole world. for us, corruption is the
main reason why there is poverty.

CORRUPTION (an opinion)

- Corruption does not begin in the government but in ourselves. We may be rich but we always
seek for more power, on the contrary less fortunate people seek for more because of the lack
that they experience. Greed of power is the main cause of corruption and the want to have
more money. Almost everything in this world runs under the power of money and almost
everything can be controlled by money because of poverty.
To put an aid or to completely stop corruption we must begin with ourselves first. Be contended
on what you have and work clean and hard to earn for that money. It is okay to seek for more
but to do evil things to achieve it is not. Next is to have a proper and affordable education to
everyone. Because of poverty, non-educated people tend to sell their votes and be fooled by
politicians or rich people. (insert yung kay che)


- Here in the Philippines, poor people are linked to lack of education. What is the main cause of
lack of education? It is the lack of budget of the government and lack of willingness of the
politicians or the rich to help the low lying Filipinos get the education everybody deserves. Lack
of schools in the rural area, lack of teachers and classrooms is also a reason on why there is lack
of education here in the Philippines. Poverty is linked to this because various works need to
have an education attainment in order to be hired. In addition is the lack of available jobs here
in the Philippines because of low interest of investors because of low economic rate.