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G.K Bunyi St., Dolores, Taytay, Rizal

Senior High School Department
Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Plan
Grade: 12 Semester: 1st Semester Teacher: Raymond Y. Deladia
Core Subject Title: Creative Writing No. of Hours/Semester: 80 hours/semester
Core Subject Description: The course aims to develop practical and creative skills in reading and writing; introduce students to the fundamental techniques of writing fiction, poetry,
and drama; and discuss the use of such techniques by well-known authors in a variety of genres. Each class will be devoted to the examination of techniques and to the workshop of
students’ drafts toward the enrichment of their manuscripts. Students learn how to combine inspiration and revision, and to develop a sense of form.
Culminating Standard: The learners produce literary works and personal writings, following the fundamental writing techniques of well-known authors in a variety of genre.
Power Standard: Students will drafts their works in a compilation for the enrichment of their skills. Students will learn how to combine inspiration and revision and to develop a sense
of form.

Content Content Performance Learning Competencies Highest Thinking Skills to Assess Highest Enabling Strategy
Standards Standards to Use in Developing the
RBT Level Assesment Technique Highest Thinking Skill to
Minimum Beyond Minimum KUD Beyond KUD WW Q PC Enabling Teaching
Minimum Classificati Minimum Classificati A General Strategy
on on Strategy
1. The The The 1. K K Analyzing Comparing Representati Quescussi
CREATIVE learners learners learners differentiat Evaluate an and on on
WRITING have an shall be shall be e academic differentiati
1.1. understandi able to able to imaginative text ng using
Imaginati ng of produce produce a writing through diagram.
ve writing imagery, short Detailed from determinin
vs. diction, paragrap Short among g the
technical figures of hs or Paragraph other forms
figures of
/ speech, and vignettes s of writing
speech and
academic using or
/ other variations imagery, Vignettes 2. cull K differentiati K Rememberi Selecting Representati Quescussi
forms of on language diction, Using creative ng the ng ideas on on
writing figures of imagery, ideas from forms of from past
1.2. speech, diction, experiences writing. experiences
Sensory and figures of to create a
experienc specific speech, paragraph.
e experienc and
1.3. es specific
Language experienc
a. es. 3. utilize U U Evaluating Presenting Reasoning Group
Imagery language to a poem and and Discussion
b. Figures evoke analyze it analyzing
of speech emotional (Group
c. Diction and Activity)
1.4. intellectual
Sample responses
works of from
well- readers
known 4. use K K creating Write an Representati Quescussi
local and imagery, essay using on on
foreign diction, imagery
writers figures of and figures
speech, and of speech.
5. read D D Evaluating Read an Read and Panel
closely as article with Evaluating Dscussion
writers with their
a correspondi
consciousn ng group
ess of craft (Group