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Three years ago, shortly after the crowning and subsequent retirement of Champion
Brendan, Hoenn was battered by an enormous number of meteors. This disaster, known
as the Hoenn Catastrophe, greatly transformed Hoenn's landscape, turning much of
the southern end into a barren wasteland and destroying the Battle Frontier, among
other things. This also had a profound change on the wildlife, driving many species
to extinction. More strangely, new species of Pok�mon, known as Meteoric Pok�mon,
began appearing everywhere. At the forefront were three very powerful and evil

The story begins as you move into Littleroot Town, and are asked by Professor Birch
to complete the Pok�dex in order to document all the new species. You meet Birch's
niece (or nephew), April (or Gordon), as well as Billy, the little brother of the
current League Champion, Wally. In addition, the Petalburg Gym Leader, Romero, has
a little brother himself, who keeps crossing your path. His name is Mosmero, and
he's quite the strange one. Despite being an adult, he travels the region
performing all kinds of pranks.

(The progression of the game mostly follows Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, so lots of

things will be omitted for brevity.)

You go on to defeat two Gym Leaders: Rustboro's Rock-type Brock, the accomplished
Pok�mon Breeder, and the hot-headed Fighting-type Dewford leader, Mary. In
Slateport City, you meet Team B.H. and their leader, Wallace. Their goal is to
bring harmony to people and Pok�mon through installing a competent leader to
control everything. Unfortunately, their methods are highly illegal, and so they
must be stopped.

After defeating the Poison-type businesswoman Barbara, Gym Leader of Mauville City,
you head to Meteor Falls to stop Team B.H. from obtaining a meteorite called the
Aura Stone. Although you fail, you meet Team W.H. and their leader, Steven. Their
goal is to stop Team B.H. wherever they appear. At the peak of Mt. Chimney, Wallace
reveals that his plan is to summon Rayquaza in order to capture it and rule as the
leader of the world. He also mentions the name "Nemea"...

After stopping Team B.H. from using the Aura Stone to awaken something in the
volcano, you defeat two more Gym Leaders: the silent Ice-type Alice of Lavaridge,
and Petalburg's quirky Romero, who uses Dark-types. As you head to eastern Hoenn,
you encounter the Legendary Trainer, Brendan. He's been traveling to different
regions and defeating the Leagues there.

After stopping Team B.H. from stealing research data on the weather disturbances
three years ago, you defeat the Fortree Gym's Steel-type Leader, Mel. You then
travel to Mt. Pyre, where Team B.H. has stolen the Blue Orb. You're just in time to
witness Steven himself steal the Red Orb for reasons unknown.

Deep inside the former Magma Hideout, where Team B.H. has set up shop, Wallace
awakens Groudon using a combination of the Blue Orb and an artificial Pok�mon of
his team's creation, named Ordina. He doesn't care when Groudon flees, as this is
part of his plan to recreate the conditions to summon Rayquaza.

Steven, meanwhile, reveals himself and his entire team to be evil all along, then
snatches a submarine. He then flees to his hideout, the former Aqua Hideout, to
modify the sub, and then off to Mossdeep. After you defeat the twin Gym Leaders of
Mossdeep, Molly and Chaz, who use Fire- and Electric-types, respectively, Team W.H.
attacks the Space Center. Team B.H.'s best and brightest scientists work there, and
it's where Ordina was developed and is currently stored. Despite teaming up with
Brendan, you are unable to prevent Team W.H. from stealing Ordina.
Deep in the Seafloor Cavern, Steven uses Ordina and the Red Orb to awaken Kyogre.
Steven and Wallace then race to the Sky Pillar to be the first to capture Rayquaza.
Ordina reveals that it can speak, and laments its part in all this. It then rides
away on Latios, who appears to know Ordina somehow.

In Sootopolis City, the two Legendary Pok�mon fight once again. Brendan introduces
you to his friend May, who goes with you to the Sky Pillar, but leaves once she
becomes too concerned about the state of the city. While climbing the Sky Pillar,
you defeat Wallace, and then defeat Steven just a few feet away from Rayquaza. He
can no longer battle Rayquaza without conscious Pok�mon, so he leaves to heal and
try to catch Rayquaza on the way down.

Rayquaza awakens and disperses the battling Legendaries. At the same time, a change
comes over Wallace and Steven. Apparently, their minds were being controlled by a
Pok�mon called Nemea, and Rayquaza's descent reversed the effects. The two of them
shamefully make their way to Mt. Pyre to return the Orbs.

You defeat the final Gym Leader in Sootopolis, the Dragon user Kagura, and go to
challenge the League. After defeating the Grass-type Phil and the Psychic-type
Athena, you find that Mosmero is the third Elite Four member. After taking down his
Dark-types, and Elite Four Norman's Normal-types, you battle the Champion, Wally,
and win.

At this time you can choose to go to Mt. Pyre, where the keepers of the Orbs, Liza
and Tate, will tell you a story. The three most powerful and evil of the Meteoric
Pok�mon were Lilapse, who could warp space, Ganimede, who could confuse the senses,
and Nemea, who could control minds. The three of them caused all sorts of chaos,
until one day, they suddenly disappeared.

After defeating the League, Mosmero calls with word of a new place to train. You
take a ferry to Alto Mare, the mystical city of water, which is filled with canals.
There, you meet Bianca, a young painter who takes care of injured Pok�mon, and her
grandfather Lorenzo, a gondolier. In addition, Alto Mare has an unofficial Gym.
After collecting shiny stones for Bianca to paint a picture of, you fight the
Ghost-type Gym Leader, Gina. She has taken in Ordina after Bianca apparently found

Afterwards, you find your way to a secret garden behind a fake wall, where Bianca
plays with Latias and Latios. Gina allows you to befriend Ordina there, and
Ordina's horrible secret is finally revealed. It - or rather, she - was once a
young girl from Pacifidlog Town. She was subjected to all kinds of experiments by
Team B.H. that transformed her into a warped excuse for a Pok�mon.

Mosmero then asks you to go investigate the Sphere Ruins, an enormous ruined city
located below Alto Mare. After many, many ridiculous traps and puzzles, you find
your way to the core, where a Pok�mon named Asphere lies in wait.

At the end of your adventures in Alto Mare, you set off back to your original
hometown, Porcelia Town in the Tohoak region, to reunite with your father, a man
named Professor Holly. And thus begins your new adventure...

Other tidbits referenced in Vega or otherwise interesting:

- The entirety of Alto Mare is one huge reference to Pok�mon Heroes, the Latias and
Latios movie.
- The evil teams recycle their Admins - Team B.H.'s sole Admin is Tabitha, and Team
W.H. has both Matt and Shelly.
- Wattson redesigned Mauville City to be more modern, although not to the extent of
OR/AS. The new Gym Leader, Barbara, is his assistant.
- Mr. Briney's new pet is a Surfing Pikachu named Peeka.
- The Alto Mare Cathedral contains a device called the Mirage System which allows
battles with Mirage Pok�mon.
- The remains of Team B.H. and W.H. were said to have fled to Kanto.
- In Verdanturf Town and elsewhere, people have started randomly adding the non-
word "po" to their sentences. This is never explained.