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1.1 Background

In this modern era, every school it should always do various innovation of learning
to underlying and score quality of human resources. Learning that teachers do, should
be able to give situation where students can optimally develop competence himself
according to the development of age and intellectual each student. This situation can be
achieved if the teacher given scope of managing class appropriate characteristic of
subjects each, characteristic of students, and did a snapshot assessment according to the
development of the scope of each student. To develop the ability of students in
exploring, creative thinking, and develop the ability of students, another to which it
belongs that school to implement various model of learning that is administered with a
system of a Moving Class.
SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang is one of the superior school in South Sumatera,
Indonesia. As The Superior school SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang have superior
various program which educated students for more discipline, and accustomed when
already out from this school. SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang also give a benefit
knowledge for The students so, SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang teach many good thing
that makes us have many useful knowledge. One of the superior program from SMA
Plus Negeri 17 Palembang is Moving Class. The program which intend to educated
students more discipline, moreover students have more time to be active, and students
always fresh for accept lessons. Moving Class can educated us how to keep more time,
and study healty life. Moving class also useful for teachers because teachers could
prepare the subject matter first. The concept of moving class was referring to learning
class child-centered to give dynamic environmental lessons he learned were in
accordance with the subject. With moving class, at the time of the subject of subjects
changed the students will leave the class toward the classroom other in accordance
subjects scheduled, so students who go around the flank, and not less.

But there are many students tend to slack or to hold this activity. Therefore, I chose
this title to compare study effectiveness moving class and permanent class.

1.2 Problem formulation

1. Which is more effective moving class or permanent class?

2. Students prefers moving class or permanent class?

1.3 Objectives of study

1. To know effective moving class or permanent class.

2. To know students prefers moving class or permanent class.

1.4 Significance of study

1. For reader, agar

2. For writer,
3. For school,