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1st Long Test in Science Grade 7

S.Y. 2019-2020

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I.Direction: Choose the best answer. Write it on the space provided

_____1.James is finding out how many kilos of rice can be obtained in a sack
What process he is doing?

a.counting c.measuring

b.predicting d.testing

______2. Jack and Rose gather information using their five senses. What are they doing?

a. Starting their conclusion

b. Gathering data through observation

c. Formulating a hypothesis based on gathered data

d. Measuring an exact quantity

______ 3. What is the correct sequence in the scientific method?

a. Decide, inquire, investigate c. Inquire, investigate, decide

b. Investigate, inquire, decide d. Inquire, decide, Investigate

_______4.If one thinks outside the box, he or she shows________________

a. Curiosity c. objectivity

b. Critical-mindedness d. open-mindedness

_______5. Anna failed in her math exam. What attitude must Anna possess for her to


a. Intellectual honesty c. Perseverance

b. Patience d. responsibility

_______6. Which of the following concept pairs do not serve as a basis for establishing


a. logic and explanation c. witchcraft and superstition

b. abstraction and reasoning d. observation and experimentation

_______7. Mario considers all the pieces of evidence before making a decision. What
Scientific attitude does he possesses?

a. curiosity c. resourcefulness

b. objectivity d. perseverance

_______8.Lita respects other’s ideas and opinions and accepts critisms,.What scientific

Attitude does she possesses?

a. open-mindedness c. objectivity

b. curiosity responsibility

_______9.The grade 7 Apostle John can accomplish the task even they had many obstacles

or problem, what attitude do they possess?

a. perseverance c. risk taking

b. intellectual honesty d. resourcefulness

______10.Which of the following says, Your attitudes determines your “_________”

a.character c.status

b. altitude d. literacy

II. Identification: Read and Identify statements. Choose your answer inside the

Physics Science medicine life Science Biology Physical science

Technology environment Earth Science Space technology

Qualitative Data Scientific Inquiry Scientific knowledge hypothesis

Scientific method Scientific fact theory Scientific literacy


__________11.It deals with the application of scientific knowledge for

practical use.

__________ 12.It.Comes from the Greek word” Scire” which means to know

__________ 13.The Science which enables humans to explore outer space

___________14.It is a substance used to treat diseases like cancer

___________15.The condition that surrounds someone or something that may affect

the growth or health of someone

__________16.It deals with the natural mechanism on earth

___________17.It deals with matter and the interaction among them

___________18.It deal with study of how organisms interact with their environment

___________19.A Science that deals with things that are alive, their growth and physical


___________20.It deals with matter and energy that involve heat, light, electricity and sound

___________21.It is based on explanations on observed or inferred phenomenon

___________ 22.It is a summary of experimental results that describes a pattern in natur

____________23.It is the most logical explanation of why things happen or work

____________24.It refers to ones capacity to use scientific knowledge, to identify question

___________ 25.It involves asking questions and developing explanations to a particular

Phenomenon through the use of scientific process skills

___________26.It is a scientific process skills used in doing the scientific method

___________27.It is a proposed answer or explanation to a question based on initial pieces

or evidence

___________28.It refers to the physical quality of objects

___________29.It refers to the measurement or the quantity of an object

__________30.the collection of facts that may be record through observation

III. Modified True or False. Write true if the statement is correct and false if is

False ,change the underlined words to make the statement correct

_______ 31. Biology is the study of life

________32. Zoology is the study of animals

________ 33.Botany is a branch of science that deals with the study of Plants

________ 34.Life science deals with matter and energy

________35.Physical science deals with organisms in the environment

________36.Earth science deals with the natural mechanisms on Earth

________37.Data is a collection of facts that maybe recorded through observation

________38.Quantitative observation refers to the physical quality of objects

________39.Qualitative observation refers to the measurement or the quantity


_________40.Scientific method is a process or skills

IV. Write Qualitative on the blank if the statement refers to a qualitative

Observation or Quantitative if it refers to a quantitative

_________41.Vinegar tastes sour

_________42.The metal is rough and shiny

_________43.The male population and the female population in the class

are not equal

__________44.The flower is filled with red and yellow petals

__________45.Economic growth based on foreign exchange currency is


__________46.Gumamela flower is Red

__________47.There are 21 students of Apostle John

__________48.Lito’s height is 5’6

__________49.She is beautiful and kind

__________50.He studies well