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Integrated Science and Math Quiz

1. A bus left the terminal at 8:00 am. If the destination is 30 kilometers away
and the bus travelled at an average speed of 60 km/h, at what time the bus
arrived at its destination?

2. Carlo boils water. After few minutes he found out it decreases by 17 ℃.

What is the temperature of the water?

3. The mass of a certain object remains constant. If the mass of an astronaut

on Earth is 60 kg, what will be his mass if he lands on the surface of the
a. 10 kg b. 30 kg c. 48 kg d. 60 kg

4. What is the speed of a car which covered a distance of 120 kilometers in 2

½ hours?

5. Joey jogs for 1 ½ km every day. How many meters does he jog everyday?
a. 150 m b. 500 m c. 1,200 m d. 1,500 m