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VOL. #LI Ii WASHIInGTOn, n. C. JULY, 1942 nO. 7

6s#kt4 0t" 4j m InTERnATIonCL

Q. M. &rz44 Oddat 1200o Otwh SiA4 V., .1.Aihk#, ,%.6.

FlontispiecC-Fourth of July Ode
Plight ofCo(ongress Due to lll-Ad ust rent
Conier'S io Picture in ELlin-al ManuI'facturing
2313 Fron, tme to. time w!e ha, e
CHAT ul.
Closed Sllop Misnomer for Uiion Shop - nented ill this c, . on the condition
Colhinni Power Trides (Council Bark s Bone Bill of the press hi the U[d ted States. Now
Good Elephant Club Started in Wa SI ngton a publisber. Marshall Fielh, codn es t'
3;6 ward with the hopehat oopt atives
rThree Men With Sweeping Powers
337 and labn unions will try create
to new
Fraternity of AirM oilize for War 338 and living rornis of jnrnalism/,'
Wage Stabilization Board Now Holds Sway
Senator Byrd, Sub, Typifies State Feudalism Mt'. Field goes on to ,Y: "The own-
Threading Tangled Maze of Synthetic Rubber els of papers arc singularly hlind to
3412 the positioe and aspi rations of laborI.
America's Standard of Living (reated by Lablor
343 It i, niaturl. perhap%, that their Views
Pension Beneficiaries C(otinue to Mount - 344 of laior facts shouhl be colored by their
England Bas Joint Production (Comdmittees
345 r{ationshiip to those facts, They acta-
Editorials 346 ally see and feel .... uIde'. tand thenm
Woman's Work - 348 front their own particular point of
Correspondence - view. And the co.s.Ietiees
350 Uht
In Memoriam -
364 are quIIly obvious ili the actual hn
Death Claims Paid at;(; tfling of news."
Price List of Supplies .
368 In view of the fact that Mr. Field, a
Local Union Official Receipts
371 rich i...... in his own eight, has estab
I This Journal will not be held reslpo1insible for liews expressed by correspondents. dished two Iiberal anpa... recently. PM
The first of each month is the closing date; all copy must he in our hands on or befare.
and 'FHE CJHI(AGO SUN, it may be
taken that he speaks with knowldge.
fiternational preFidtnt. DW
]f, J. BitOws,
(ChaItes 1)..Illso wites this Jieit
S.e..retary, t,. M. IittsrA,
1200 15th St, N. W., Washnegion . 1). C 200 15b Si. N. ,W., Wa hi.g.
L. . NAI.: "III you fIst It cI, ew of the JOITR-
Interi,.tional Treasurer, W. A. It..;AN, 647 NAT, yOu ifleetion abot the low ehh *f
tlt Sixth Ave,, lt Ytmin. N Y. jourtralsin,. aboutat ena ks f the
IES31DENTS newspaperstvii tryir Ues, and you ty
irstd1ist rirt XECfUTIVE COUNCIL to point out that unionlst, istIe basis
,. ]Is
(tI awnK- M. PAIJF.1N, (harn~ of democracy.
$¾}reold 1)istrit JOHN 3. P{ECAN 49317 W I ,yWer Av., hitgo,.IJr. "I wish to say that while overy job
RTl. 424, Pelrk lquare Bhlg. lston, M s,. ,irAIst t MAt:,it
1 AN AarII~Aii:,! ,
130 ]. 2 ith St, New V'.rk, N. Y, holti eve!ry draniotieal vie~v necessary
Third Distric Wih[AI WJIH
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St., Pa, to make I good news story, we art fon-
ScoId IM riel , ''. L J.
[ourth ])isti< t Ait',t BINNIari 95 lBejtrami St, do PIrIk, Mas,. stantly warned .. ot I talk. No hies,
Room 1517, N. I. C. Bldg., (ItvlhtrlO i Irisd I)kmrict niO /Ieueo and Tie pliitie. So most ol
w.M . SG,itli
Fifth District G. X. BAItUiMeC 2) [04L'
I "II& Itt?1C old Bh/ Pittsburgh, PI, us have gore ahead and done our jobs
30i W¥oodwal [Indig., Bintighan/, Ala. Fuuth illtrivt ( F. PRElEl without conrment, good or bad. W,
Sith Diftriht. M. J. BoyE 2025 2ld SI, N. E, Wujdhi )igu . i.
3920 Lake Shore D Chicago,
r illt]e,
have tied to be go.d Amer,-an hit
Fifth Ditrill IPN MANNINC
Seeint]h Distrlct W. L. ]NCa{., ltu1 No WVeils St, ( hcago, Ill. zens, ard those of us ho)have all urge
31141 Laugh .o. St..Fort Wrth, 'Iexas Sixth lDistIlcr I. W. TIIACy to wiile wish to do so the worst wavy,
Eighth Dintri-i II. W. Bll Eddlystoi'v,Aarttcnite *Vthueg~lo,,, , (7. so I offer the flowing utggestion:
Ir{x 47 L lenvtr,. 4olo. Sce'enthl Duirk.t CIlAKLES J FiIEIIN Let's start a "olun, of patriotic sto-
Ninth Dlitrct S. S ,rt fusn: 2'' 0Guerrero,
I*'l (Cenurtl Iolr, S n
st., .anCaif,
l4IS((, Calif
I';izhth L~itrint gans of our own I would like to
IIMI 4i. II..
i,- DI y 165 Jan leg S[.. Labor Temple, start the ball rolling with this one:
l:inSouth WAli St. Room 60). Chicago, Ill
"'A. F. of L.. America's Faithful

Our fathers Fought for Liberty,
They struggled long and well
History of their deeds can tell
But did they leave us free?
Are we free from vanity,
Free from pride, and free from self,
Free From love of power and pelf,
From everything that's beggarly?
Are we Free from stubborn will,
From low hate and malice small,
From opinion's tyrant thrall ?
Are none of us our own slaves still ?
Are we Free to speak our thought,
To be happy, and be poor,
Free to enter Heaven's door
To live and labor as we ougft?
Are we then made free at last
From the Fear of what men say,
Free to reverence Today,
Free From the slavery of the Past?
Our Fathers Fought for Liberty,
They struggled long and well,
History of their deeds can tell-
But ourselves must set us free.

~ ' RWIS~. r aAn i i autio d,.2 S 11± ld.


PLIGHT q CONGRESS The RevolItionary War wat a fight for

I resentation
.. and the slogan "Taxation
without el.r..entai.ion is tyrnnny"
lioed the mailln issue as the Founding
.o t-
Fatihers saw it in the prei .d from 1776 to
1781. Tie nw Constitutin of the nve

21ae t 911-7cta4wted republic made stre that thise two proh

let woul.,d be lved deoio aticlly, ai
they were. WVhen the Constition was
written it w asbutnmtural that the very
first section, Articrl 1, outlinod powers of
I Representative body tim tonfire rfind, after thait, Article II
lie SpakI of ae

h, ouse, Mi. Sntmue[
f ', recently journeyed
city near the nlations ciipcital it
restless in "administrative era"
though s t r o ITg individuals
muLiined the powcrs of the Preshdent, an
elected rip e etative of the pe(ple, who
hee!ann 1 kind of Iline r of public busi-
laod . a spemch. Tkc bi..den of tlit sIleel h1 rIs The erey first suIbject described in
wIas to the eftect that "a studied effo.t to
guard people's interest Altieli I of the C...titutiot deals with
destroy the faith nindconfdhnce of the rlespiltaitoHn. Tha very rirst power
A eicman people in their elected reI- very fact that new instrmetalitites have i.aI.leld hIy the Constitnliin is the power
sentativis'' is gi in g for-wa 'd. Mr,. Pa/y- elie ito being Idoe.s not netessn rily .. e.. "to lay andlullect taxes, dfuies, inpasts
Ibtut'tn manifestet i lathon aId aiade a that the ell ise
of denIocracy has been lost andl ,xe he, ,"~
solemn ,vapriiu: I CVCI W t S, i' d(. In the tt of the rptili, fronu .928 to
Inasn.u.h as d month
his records the 1942, a ,ninntous 14 yrS, leaders arose
"A greaSlt any people cry out 166th arniv ersa ry of the folild Jig nf this not unlik, ieh ]eadirs whe founded the
against ditivllcrsh[1s. There has republic, it light be well to explore the republic. They, too, felt i.ssioniately that
never been a ditat.nrship built up in question of the rclationsuThp of the Con- gOV(' l'lTIIn q d ; WaIS Ilaying, and was des-
any and nulil Ithefaith and ceil- gress to othir heralhes of the Hiovern- tiLted t(o piay an ireasillg ]prt, inllthe
deuce of tIe people had been de- noeut ari] to Ihe question of diniociati, daily lives oif thfe lpeolle. They, too, we-e
si re) ed in the legiplative branhd, and eontri1 of Ai,,erian. inistitutons. determnined that this ]int shnulhl he bei,-
the legislalive branch itself had been Ia 1776 when
; th, leadels of the new eficial atil not injtir..... Theie is little
destroyed." nation on the Atlantic seaboardI decided doubt that tile econlomllio
to take thi fateful tepi of s 1,aralon or raved in
The Speakel of the Iliose addresses front the mother country t his mukoP, was
ill 1929, aid] there i, rltit
dtubt that gov-
his rei arks to the eltie, nation and led by tho.ghtful and capable nilivduals., rnflrent all bilt tmublmd illder the mi-
pact of he blow. There is IltIe doubt that
speaks with atthority. NO citizen, Cali '[heywere not weak inenor wter they
quarrel with this thesis. What happns amateurs inh Ihe lrt of stateraft. Men America went lh'orith is ,tics a stirie-
tral change as it did ineany period since
to the Congress in its relationsbhips to like Waslhilgion, ilaratuife, Jf,4tsoni. 1776. That chang. . g no..
d in the direction
woters and in its rtiontnsh ips tI tile other Madison and F.ranktin had absorbed Iost
branches of the government wi deter- of jt(tveiti.on of gov tni.ttt on a nore
of the ulture of their era and had pIae wholesale s... c in the lives of the people
ne the tust, of rdenmeray in this lilS tiel experience in business, in fintrice, in Ia.d in tie field of pritye enterprise. In
tion. If citizens are cynical about Con education and in poi tics. The fuct is that fact, this re form was long evtr]le in the
gross. as the Spoaker of the Housdmi- hese new laders of the new world vere U[ited Statrs. This progressive nation
cates, the sit nathis grave. The itutirol more Copietenlt thae the old lehdrs of mec rely responded to what might be do
must be bettered if there is to biea Lull tihl! ohl world. aid they took their job scribedI as worhl force, in the changes
functionIig of tho ptople's w] ill in ~
]nOrB seiin'±sly. They w et, Imoiul ?, avd by iisuliLuttd Amice 1932, anu any student
grave hour. llowever, cyti iiiilly not a selse of dlstiiy. Not unlike lead who wishes toeomo close Lo the reality of
bh solely the fault of the itizens of the (r5 of the nationl today, they were mloved
the situation could wel I..o. into the two-
coutlary and may be in part Ihe fault if by the all impor.tant fact that govern volume work, "Tho (Gowth of Collctive
Congress itself. "e"It W;aS pklryilig an impiortantlt part in Econo..y", by F. IE. lawmly, a British
the ltill of irTvklvtual litizeus and Ihey
IS CRITICISM MERITEI)? WeP, J(teinimed that that part played by scholar.
MI'. ILawlcy doies not write at theoretical
vovevnoi1nt shou/d be salutday and not
The faelt is tlat tlhe Congress as an work. lie seeks to decir bIe the course of
ninmieable. They were great mn, hbut
instilution has not made an adjust- they were not s1permen though they goerenmunt intervenl 1tion i vliate busi-
oeit to the i.resellt era in govern- ness ho .. glhout the wolld ldring the
11ef~oind It task touched with imlhlr-
meit with fortitlde, intelligene and tality. They did not meet all the prob- fil'lars of this Hils ho.k is a
with good grace. Ilats of thi l epuhlicfor slhtinle
(po[ot n rieot a theory. Mr. ]~awi]y
qtl tt,, utolioririks to Itpport his thesis.
W*hat ha, been oteillg inl the~ Uridtd For .... a...t , the Tnltlrntioinll Chamber
StaLtes dtl,'ing the ]lat dcade has h~iei "UR CAl SSE" IN 1776
Of (o..t.Ie.ete Report ot Comparative
swe'ping Lefotni of tie instrurmentalitjes Tht ptt i... In lhieh they lived Wtughtod Study if PLivate tnod Public Enterprise,
of gove..r.n.. e.t in older to maike gve rn heavil5 u.po. [hea anid laid, inl I nh,
mai 1D29. ¢h 1 f1s"1... uelfil ) happ,,-
T ii, more plahIa P rid nlore ervicable two pfieinpal questions heroe them. that the uist itu ion of it public for a
to the nation as a whole. Many anw ill- These quti,,osns dealt witli the 'eprisen- private ente r prse! elt s ill incontestalti
strumnientalities have been frel'd, hIl the tation, of the people ant with taxation. p, o f/ie.
332 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
STATE INTERVIENAION NEEIlDED World War and sublsquenitly as Presi- commissionswith geogiaphieally repre-
dent, played a large puat in forwarding sentative membership; the chairmanships
He quoite again a French authority, E. this trend, The Unihld States Food Con- would rotate amolng the ltfil)....s; leges-
Minost. In his book, Internutional Coope- trol Adniniatrali n, with Mr, Hoover as lative proposIs would be patrclled out
ration. Mr. Minost says: "One cannot re- Food Admointisator, accentuated itis ten- to .o...missiors, which would choose
peat too, often that despite their protes- i
dcncy. There was II a sugar utilization a iapportart and a small subcommittee
tations of fiberal orthodoxy, industry and boanl, a division o.f the coo/]inittir of to prepare each bill, ard a representta-
coin..lere voluntarily tuOn their eyes to purchases. a war industrhis bourd, all tive to defend the reported bill before the
wards the state." predlcessors to the administrltiv, ugcn lIe... Is ai whole.
The LIon.don Times says: "'The whole ties of the RoseveiIt administation. "There was general agreement that the
question of state control ever i.dustiy in wvm'k of C ongress could be much improved
every country in the worId is tow a donal- II if proper provision were made for supply-
nant issue.H.. tiero are problems enough Tbe National Policy Committee, a vol- ing the committees with expert staffs. It
to engage the hardest intellects for many untary group which seeks to guard and was said that in the absence of such staffs
years alhe.d.' two devolopnlents are likely to take place.
forward the (e m.cratic process. recently
J. L. Galvin, British economist, has this Either members will he so unfamiliar
bel] a meeting at Princeton University with the subjects that the hearing of a
to say oilthe subject: "To talk of a new to discuss the subject, "Gover . nment
campaign for indvidualisnm is ludicrous. bill is apt to take the form of a circus or
Structure Requ'ied for War and Peace," expedition,
or members in
·.. This is the age of interdependence. . . . This capable analysis raises the question a Muckraking
This is the age of associated effort on a of the relationship of Congress to the ad- the process of becoming experts in a par-
widening scale ... The suptrvisory and inistrative agencies and suggests ocr ticular field ~vIll subtract themselves
safeguarding functions of the state, in fronm all other concerns and so cease for
lain remedies: all practical purposes to be part of the
view of trusts, national and international, 'We want Congress to function: What
must extend in the interests of the ordi- general.1 body. (It was interjected that a
caln be done? l7) its procedures need to be further alternative is for them to become..
unary citizen. You can no more prevent it
changed, its rules, its committee systerns. just expert enough to want to run the
than you can repeal the Factor'y Acts," its methods of debate and public hear-
So it came about that when the break- agencies whose activities Come before
ing? Is its relation to the Chief Execu-
down in busieess and government came in themi in annual review!)"
tive faulty? Or do the constitutional
1929, under the pressure from the people structure of Congress and the political
themselves, the United States instituted III
structure of the country require far-
ert reforms. These refornms were insti-
ain reaching changes, as to districts, the two- A social bistorian said recently that
tuted by the Congress but entirly in the year term, the parties, ald the like? Or there is a great opportlnity for some
direction of giving more power and more does the future lie with functional rather young man in Congress to achieve dis-
varied powers to the executive branch of than political representation? tinctiom. His task would be to re-outlineI
the government. Some of these reforms the functions of Congress in the light of
are the following: COMMITTEE RULE QUESTIONED moiamentous goveylnmentab changes. lie
1. The establishment of a national in-
"On the matter of procedure. one mnlo- would mare clearly re-state the functions
sucance system, nsually spoken of as so- of the representative body in relationship
her expressed the view that the parlia-
cial security. mentary arrangemenlts of Congress, with to tile new order, Certaiily the Cuilgross
2. The setting up of great government would continue to be the representative
the exception If the possibility If filibus-
corporations such as the TVA. ter in the Senate, are adequate to lhe body of producers and consum.ers. It cer-
3. The intense control of spenlation situation, but that its political procedures tainly should be the most democratic
under the Securities and Exchange Coal- are open to greater question, particularly agency in the goverument and should
mission, in relation to the committees. Many coal move to guard democ.racy all along the
4, The placing of puableiworks on a mittees meet rarely or never; on the in- line. It is probably more temptation for
more planned and scientific basis.
poitant ones the operation of the seniority the dictato ial process to arise in adninis-
5. Efforts to create full employment rule forces the newer members to wait trative agencies than it is in Congress.
by means of public works, the Civilian until an old-timer (lies or is defeated b4.- Congress might well i.tervene to see to
ConservationaCorps and the Natiomd fore they can have a chance to deal with it that the administrative agencies do
Youth Administration. major questions; the weight attached to not infringe upon the democratic piqu-
These, indeed, represent a powerful ag- e'ommniittee membership is evidenced by ciple. Heir aresome of the trends in the
gregate of new powers for government, the fact that in tle past session 98 per administrative agencies:
but no one can deny they have all been in 1. The appointment of labor and man-
cenlt of aMendments offered by commit
the direction of benefits tu the people as tee members were accepted as compared ageineur on advisory and political com-
a whole. The little lanin the nation has mulbees such as now exist in the War
with 20 per cent of those offered by non-
got a break. Manpower Commission.
colmm..ittee Members.
"Several suggestions wer, m/ade for 2. The fullillhnnt of collective bargain-
improved committee procedure. The sug- ing in government corpolations such as
Two marked aspects of this adminis- gestiont that better results might be ob exists in TVA.
trative revolution refer to more scientific tamied if committees were elected froml 3. The reform of the civil service ma-
control through administrative agencies the ploor rather than appointed (by the chinery so that collective bargaining
and the problem of winning representa- Ways and Means tomm.ittee in the case couid functim in those departments where
tion in the administrative agencies. This of Dmenorats and the Committee or Com- civil service controls.
trend is still going forward. The village mittees in the case of Republicans) was Tbere is expanding need for a continu-
postmaster type of president seemed to be met by the statement that election either ation of this trend in the administrative
an anachronism-to have passed away froml the fueor or in caucus would be dif- agencies and Congress could play a great
should guard
forever. Highly trained men with wide ficult because the n embers would not part in this trend. Congress
knowledge are sought to head adminis- know each other; the member makng the rights of producers and consumers in
trative agencies. Knowledge, scholarship this reply proposed, instead, that the every branch of the government. It is
and science were not despised. Govern- number of committees be limited to those doubtful whether Congress should serve
with real jobs to do, and additional pay merely as an obstructive instrumentality
meet by hunch hae disappeared.
One of the strange phenomena was the for those who do them, and that the pres- to the administrative process as many of
fact that the trend did not begin in the ent Oule of every legislator being a morn- the opposition Congressmen have
ber of some committee be dropped along tempted to do.
Roosevelt administration but in the war
administration of Woodrow Wilson, and with the seniority system. It has been reported that one question-
that a Republican, President Herbert "Another proposed committee ,organi- naire sent out by a Senator cost $17,000,-
Hoover! both as a public figure in the first zatlon was to divide the House into 10 (Continued oin page 376)
JULY, 1942 33

le chiwcal M a na/ ck ~ z

I. B.E.W. 2t lectI-[-cal sigrlin Electrical

ptllsaini anid
RESEARCH DEPARTMENT finds signal devices for Ilie
Army and Navy.
segment of industry doing re-
22 Ct11istt, ilifting Marinle ligllthtg 'lxures
markable job on war work. irid veltilating eqULp-

OMBS addle sed to ti<, Mikadio and
; to lih[p arebein
mad(! in electicat...] .. f1itctuping
Large segment also unconvert-
ed. Some idle,
2f.Tenet, vat tilo
2ol omsersrbc Special vatqLbl~4
and aircraft
it rnillen ts
plants by 1. B. E. W. niemibirs. A survey
Iiade in this field by theiRESEARCiI DE- 14 fattery -otlral ed Balle "y hintl
is. sig-
]arltrriis: bicycle nalin gfilh, ship re- ,Lihtihtig fiers leo Marinc lhatdwnrc and
PARiTMENT .fthe LB. E. W. revealed that horns and lighls Jays, atrl)latle lights and l~Tlenialhl lig'htin equllpenit for
29 leading l....tUIQ
p S have b.e. converted and Sigiial Corps bir izcand it',t- ii1tlronal de feite
to war work. }it addition 22 companies
a1'e making ppId lfc t ~ for' the,ovornnnnt
If,.Comm~ercial Sc 1(dev, iind re ciye r s 25. Lihting fixiil re Mi ... rue lilf eqllp-
although they airl classed iaS unEo..verteI hn.sehtokl radio for bonil,ers tanks and fitr pubic melnt (Only lting a
ma nufact nr
.. s, a:dir ahtt()~oltlhe ships for thw At my and hllidbnsg miall amount of th d
However, a1 great unw..rk
Hll ild of war sets Navy stjl-crattract work and
serviee is revealed by the fact that II0 arc equilppeld i. do
16, R~dios a!d Secret War nild Navy tmore
conipanies; tipe un~converq-ted h"d 26. ......
lDroducl~un. it) if they Can *tet
falliet }ave tctua l idlenleml.
17. Swi tchbonxis. lMiakilg sme bhut in 26. LLghting fixries Marine glithIhkg
IN WAR PROI)DUCTION panlel bofT d1S adtdirman making tank li'turcs.
boxus anda patsr,.
Followhg is the list of ci panies 27 Radio ivei¥g Radio appalotuis for
18. FI~t tiry ranges Strong bphxs and Navy llfitary uise
showing the product manu.factured befor lockers.
c ,nversion will the product maufactured g~Special light ing[ Marine lighting fix-
afte.r.o..vp!.sir)n : ii9 hin~atd Wile Making 1avlle but in fixturel lures. floDig 100 per
and1(cable additior.h fild wire. vet defense work but
L Radio trs form - 300 per cent~ prim~e shiphoanl cable flat oi 6} per tt. t capa.c.-
'r5 arid b;llust nWaval contractor mP t1- webbrig fr parachiite He. Would like note
units. sctrit sig nal equbi,- straps and Arm; belts.
i al aerial bomb ,LightigflxAll
t Doirig SO'ITl o, .sanme ?9 Lighp.l/ fixture~ Shltl (ariMser $ arlid¢
Out in aiodjt±oI acillg
Tranlceivers for Signal metal woik (or air- tiornb fiis
l)(,ri% fciortiib d(Il101 page 367)

3. Radios Ai,
MiaterialI (or Army Sig-
nal Co]r es.
4, Radios Iportablc receivers for
Air £!ot p/
5. Radio sprakrrs Maleorial fure Canadian1
Goe;nrlut and SWignll

6 Spenker, ...
l Inert . e,,m..nlu eiatnt
sound e..ti.pT..etlt sets fI.. Signal C~ rt
7Speakecrs Eat iliotb(,- for Signal
0Speake rs Corps. htl oSg

9Radio parlV
Signoal Sina. r
I Blare, weath r Field wire
proof, anid tibber
~ilel~d ablc
I1 E lecti anidu A ecessrlh, diviion
cable andi ealhl only is iL] W h ... t ifi-
turing cjdb]c accesso-
ties. Ii tir lank and

12, Eleteric r~lnilt ~rodutls fiur heiiical

waler hea ~ler, 'wa fare ani heavy
and elect,'i tea s Ior shi
duly l A ilm
13 Electrical ;iFPl>i- ]Dark laliox- thtrmos
anceg an....tat Jug* andl iga lo kitchl-
stools. ghlu pots ens for Air Co/rp~
and inetil spin-
324 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
not exist in England today, merdy be-

6'/aed Shop Af noUX

NeNH cause it has not been made the artificial,
legalisticalIy separated issue which it has
becoI.e in tie growth of collective bar-
gaining in the United States. With re-

spret to its present status in England
the authorobserves: "The enforcement
of the closed shop in England does not do-
pend upon its formal inclusion in the
collective bargaining agreement. That is
no more essential for the effectual eoxen-
VEN the tern 'closed shopI'" as well Control tIon of a cooperative closed shop under-
as the principles which it signifies, standing between employers and orgmn-
Ehas btn the subject of inmassioned principle by workers is centur- izrd workers than is the writing of a con-
stitution necessary for the political fune
controversy. Leaders Iof organized labor
have condemned it as a misnomer, They
ies old. Rev. Jerome Toner ex- tioning of the English people." Later he
have identified the term, not without plodes fallacies adds, "The written type of closed shop
foundation, as one cunningly ienavte agreement is a naique product of the
by employers hostile to organized labor, live up to their obligations thereunder. American labor movement."
the use of which was intended to, and did, The usages if the term closed shop are
was so well recognized as a means of pro-
pIrejudice the public attitude against teeting the worker and the public that the not always consistent. As used by Father
unionism. Labor spokesmen have main- closed shop principle survived the amodifi- Toner, the closed shop includes those
tained that the historically and factually practices vhtre the labor agreement or
cations imposed by law upon many of the
proper term for the particular emiployer- gtild practices, and it was enforced not custom requiems the hiring of union mem-
employee relationship indicatld is the only by the guilds temselves,. but by pub- bers only, and where the agreement or
"Union shop," whereas the labor rlations custom requites the hiring of workers
lic agencies including those of the king
status, or more accurately the lack of and of the municipalitis. The principle, who need not be members but who are
labor relations status reerred to by these therefore, is oler than unionien itself, willing to become members of the union.
hostile employers as the open shop has in and was a part of the custom and com- FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS
practice been the closed shop closed Ilion law of the people who formed the
against union members, and closed United States. The essential features of the closed
against collective bargaining. shop as identified by Father Toner are:
It is a bit ironical, therefore, that an ENGLAND'S EXPERIENCE Jurisdiction, discharge of non-unionists,
influential factor which will probably and specified procedures of hiring. "The
tend to assure the continued application Journoymen's associations in England elforts of unions to induce employers to
of the closed shop label where the Na- and in the United States applied the hire union men only," he says, "'ndthe
closed shop principle so naturally and open shopper's opposition to that prac-
tional Association of Manufacturers in-
uniformly that some students of the sub- tice have thrust the hiring feature of
tontionally misplaced it, consists of an
exceptimally competent study of this ject have been misled into believing it did the closed shop into such a conspicuous
not exist. Even today it is not uncommon position in the public eye that discharge
aspect of unionism. For the title of thae for those who consider themselves in-
work is "The Closed Shop,"t a book which and jurisdiction are almost overlooked."
formed to assert that the closed shop does Jurisdiction in this sense relates to
may well become recoguized as anl Cat-
standing authority in its field. the occupations or jobs over which the
The author is a Catholic priest, Rev. union claims authority, as distin-
Jerome L. Toner, and the book is fit- guished fhon, the geographical area
tingly dedicated to, and incltudes a in which the union conducts its
foreword by, the eminent Catholic activitias.
scholar, Father John A. Ryan, The While the closed shop is a defensive
matter of authorship is doubly im- mechanism to protect the worker
portant in a work of this kind because against employer opposition and dis-
the bitterest enemies If the closed shop crimination, and against non-union
profess that their hostility is based competition, it is more than that. In
not only on their peculiar, often per- many citr stances it is an indis-
verted, version of "Americanism," but pensabeh ins..n.menI of eolletive bar-
also and more especially on moral gelin g, and in ,nost it is the efficient
principles. cans of uit ,g wIorkers and employ
er's it peFre for their own and society's
ORIGIN OF CLOSED SHOP benefit. But the collective bargaining
In developing the history, nature feature is the key to the formidable
and function of the losed shop. Father opposition to the closed shop in the
Toner demonstrates that it is a' gen- United States.
uinely American as anything can be,
and that it is in conformity with the N.A. M., ORACLE OF MORALITY?
basic moral principle against which all By the close of the nineteenth ceon
social conduct and human law must be try, industrialism had become well
measured, the conmon good. ts de- established in the United States. But
tractors are therefore wrong on both so was the National Association of
of their major points. Manufacturers, In 1903 the N. A. M,
The closed shop principle i cen- decided that organized labor was be-
turies old, only the term is new. The coming too aggressive. Although the
principle was the very essence of the dcosed shop principle had heretofore
guilds of the twelfth and thirteenth tome to he an accepted and expanding
centuries. The exclusion of non-menl- character of unionism since before the
hers of the guild from the practice of The non-urdniont hba no moral right to seek his
American Revolution, the N. A. M.
own por ry ad antae adt thi ex ense. of m
rtenm began advocating the "open shop" and
the trade or craft, because they were gnit., it ay
pl rm anent hanter st of all w orki
tot qualified or because they would not pay an anti-unionist to defeat the hope and popularized the term closed shop,
aspirations of his fellow Ihen. Just as It mnayPaY stigmatizing it as an alien practice.
American Cominel on public Afairs. a man to he a traitor to his countly, bil necther (Continued on page l681
dover.,$2.75. s morually justflied,
Washingtn, lD.C. pap.
JULY, 1942 335

COkun4iA PCKA T'BIdes

Speaks for collective Iky do hamper the wa r progra/L. There
isn olunsed capoily in any TVA i1ant.
bargaining in government cor- DNtillS the ent ire loramt of the Author
porations. Gives history of iYy 0tIcrc has nEeve Ieen .in . tIeruttion
national labor policy of work of such icharacter as to delay
tilel sf-ucti on schedule. The principle
The Colunbia Power Troeds Council of collective bargaining has always been
follows the general pattern of the 'en- eeogziiztld and acted upon in all labor
IeSSee Valley TlIades and 1abor Counhel, rlationships
o[ eourse with local and r..i.naI varia-
"There hae hern diffrences of oph,-
tions. It is a Utnion of unions with power, Ion, of course. iThiis a healthy condition.
with flexibility and with responsibility. Rejn ltatitves of loiih 5ides have sat
May I point out to you, geIntlntIen, that ar.ound the conference table ,nd have
lboth the Tennssee Valley Timlea Coui- fran'kly presented their views and their
oil and the Columbia Power Trades Coue- interests, hut no uliffereIceS have a risen
cil are an effort of union leaders to build that could not be a.d were inot resolved."
IIONORABLE HOSIER T. DONE a inttin organpzat ion Capble of ,emving It is this kind of relationship that true
ITU$ Senator l ohn, Wasklelgnm. these great govetinent corporations that collective bargaining attains. It is this
six repIesented by the TVA and the kind of relationship that we hope to bring
Statemet t of 1.d. Technical Itonnev ille and Gand Cokel projects.
HHedges, about on the great northwest project, if
Adviser to Ite (idto*hmbi, Power Trades These couneril give all the advantages collective bargaining is permitted ad this
bill passes. May I adId on this point, as
('ou. .il, before the Joint C(.mmittee of of craft unonlisn plus the advantages of technical adviser to the Columbia Power
inidtnstrial They pieserv, craft
Rivers Ifori*.s and C.n....rce, 7.$. lines and inculcate thefine ideals of work- Trades Council, that I have striven to get
House of JRepiene ata. ices alidU., oreil aro which crafts are Ioted, and at a unIv.ersal] pattern of union-management
thea timenthel present colpactnes, cooeraeton on all these great power
centrality and flexibility of organization projects under the guidance of the federal
MRfl. Chairmlan and Gentlemen: nec.ssary to getting work done. with dis- overelm .nent.
I ani h,,re as, a represetaf ,e of patch. The idea of the council is to enable LABOR'S ClIARTEBS OF FREEDOM
the (ln nlbia Power Tlrdte Coin - management to talk to a singh rePresen-
WIi, an orga-imaLion represe..tative of all taliVt of alI the various Ondons and to During the Iast 15 years, the federal
the anion wI.rkers on Grand (k.iuiee anti deal with a single business head so that Congress passed five major Acts re-
Bonneville pojeets. I act as technical work nay be achieved with dispatch. Wmirig to labor relations which certainly
adviser anTl legislative rpresentative of .epresenta labor pRleiy. The
the Columbia Vower Trades Council ant uII.ll TO SERVE Railway Labor Act heads this list. It
I may add that I anI technieal adviser to The Tennessee Valley Trades and Labore gets its significanee frot tihe fact that it
the Tennessee Valley Trades andl Labor Council is no longer aS experiet &COnliUtlHI Otn page
li.. It is
',ncih. an effective instruentlality of produe-
I am authorized by the Columbia Power tirol and advances ,sund labor ,elations.
Trades Council to support the bill in It is expected with assurance that the
qttestion, delignalled as Senate Bill 2430, Columbia Power Trades Council will at-
Seventy-sevnth Congress, end Sea- taop to th is objective in a much shorter
sion, and I gi here primarily to app rove time than the TVa agency.
of an d coitmi..e..d Section 11, ratagraph Recently iI f l o eague of your-
A of the Senate Bill 2430. Reduced to its selves, Senatoir Janes P. Pope, TVA di-
lowest terms,
this provision grn..s a- t-((tot-, had this to say about relatons
hctive bargaining lights to the mehanics with labor on ihe Tennessee Valley:
working on the Bonneville and Grand "When the war came on, this agency was
eolee prnjee't s. given the task of greatly increasing its
The (olumbia Power TradIs Council progranl for war p urposes
It has been
was ne-gaeizedi in, january. 1941. Apm dotian anaZing job of construction and
proximately 35 labor riganizations, in- operation to meet the needs of war indus
'luding state federations of labor and tries in this rogi4,n It has speeded up the
the building trades councils and local schedule for the completion of all the
tnions, are affiliated with the tolambia damsauthorized (urfing Pea<etine and is
Power Trades Cuniel. The preoident of building a nutier of new da.s princi-
the council iD D E Nick'rson. e e.'utie willy for power. Tile nuber of employees
secetary of the Oregon State Fedeatilon of the Authority has been increased to
of Labor. Tbe vice president is James A. about 35,001) and its approplriati{..s have
Taylor, president of the Washington been increased sewmal CLane over.
State Federation of Labor. The secre- ORGCANIZATION PROVES VALUP
tary and tresurcr is 0. n, lhab.k, in- in all this wrk the eelatins between
ternational epresentative of the Inter- maniagemenit and labor have played a OSCAR lA RBAK
national Brotherhood of Electrical Work- vital part. There are no stlkes, loc ki us,
or labor difficulties in the Tennessee Va1- Srrretnry-treasuirr, Columbia Power Trades
ers. Cm'neil
m36 The Journi iaof ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
interests instead of the public interest.

GOOD ELEPHANT CLUB Wendell Wilkie, a business man whose

patriotism is unsullied, has this to say
about the situation:
"Fml examplh, on 1he first. point, never
before has this country experienced so

S lade in Wahdu~1o extraordInary a conentrafion of power

in the hinds of a few men as ill the gov-
er...nment today. All of the safeguards
erected by the American people against
too autocratic a govemnment have been
ONS['T th,e dictesoy. E]?phtnt: a Labor leaders invaded. The powers on.. reser'ved to the
C large, manllaland the largeslt exist-
ing ]and nlglnn]. adopt slogan "We won't ever states have been lrgely transferred to
the federal government. And the federal
Consult folk experience the elephant forget" as check on autocratic courts, which have the responsibility for
never forgets. protecting the rightb of these states or
In Asia elephants are captured and do- power the rights of individuals against federal
nesticated. They ar used as e transport legislation, have been largely staffed by
animals in India, Burma and Thailand. Slloe have pulSUed a course of detr- appointees of the new system.
Though of good disposition and quite mined illegal, anti-union activity. These
docile, the elephant shows explosive have all been noted and will be remenl- BUSINESS MEN GET POWER
bursts of rage. He is reputed to remember bered, and they will find the hard face of
labor turned against their efforts and "For a time the Supreme Court stood
those who do him injury for years and in the way of this political usurpation of
years and to mete out to them measures their promotion when the time arises,
power-so much so that the President
of generous rovenge. Labor, like the elephan t, never fIoRgets.
undertook his notorious and unsuccessful
Labor may be an ambling elephantine campaign to force a change in its mem-
JiRINGERS OF LIGHT creature, docile and easily domesticated, bership. But deaths and retirements gave
and may be readily put to work, but labor to the President, by cbance, what the
Probably because of the foregoing sc- never forgete.
entific and apocryphal characteristics of people had denied to him by choice. And
in the past three years, during which the
the elephant, labor leaders quite infor- EXPEDIENCY ALWAYS President has been able to appoint five
rally in Washington are considering the
There is a good deal of irony in the Supreme Court judges, the American
establishment of a Good Elephant Club. people have had a series of decisions from
Some years ago those labor leaders who present situation as it refers to dollar-a-
year me. The doilar-a-year non believe the cou.t that have substantially changed
bad most direct and efficient contact with our forml of government. On aelost every
Congress and government departments in the system of private initiative and the
principle of little or no government in decision the court has supported the ad-
started an organization called "The Ir-i
business. But it was business men that ministration. On almost every decision it
tents" It was during the dark days of the first sterted the ball rolling toward gov- has wiped out state and local ]ines and
depression when traditional institutions has extended federal authority to every
er.nment in.terference in bueginass. It was
were rapidly changing and then the labor the oil interests that first petitioned Pres- farm,, every hamlet, every business firm
division was at its height, ident Hoover to intervene ill a situatin and manufacturing plant in the country.
"The Irritants" felt that one If the which had gotten out of control. Now it 'The judiciary, therefore, his offereud
greatest services they could perform for is the dollar-a-year men who have for- little check upon the network of laws
democracy and the public was to present e and which the federal government has im-
the principles of sound unionism to high saken good administrativ procedure
are pursuing a policy of serving private posed upon the enterprises of the people."
and low in the government service, so
that first things would not be forgotten in
Ihe press of building a few order. "The
Irritants" met each morning, swapped
experiences, pooled fiformation, and
napped out the day's strategy so that a
uifieed campaign could be carried on
against unenlightenment.
The Good Elephant Club will purmue
the same informal tactics. Those indlivid-
ual officials in the mounting gover'nine nt
I.reaucra.y who forget they have a re-
sponsibility to the whole people, who
serve private interests or private corpsra-
tions rather than the to)tel goveirnlleft.,
will be noted down. Their records will he
,hronicled and the characteristic of the
good elephant. 'We shall never forget,"
will be invokeld.
During the last two years of the de-
fense and war effort, hundreds of dollar-
a-year men have come to Washington.
They have taken key posts in key serv-
ices, and they have pursued with single
heSS of purpose their course as they deem
it proper and sufficient. Not all of these
so-called dollar-a-year meon have per-
formed badly. Others have pursued the
purely mercenary aid selfish course. In-
stead of serving the government they
have served their corporations. Many of
them have been in league with anti-muion
agencies outside the government service. DIUMBO. THE GOOD ELEPHANT. KNOWS FRIEND FlROM FOE
!s t

Th1ae Men MMa~ Suwee~i ii 19aoweu

H I ntfr ontold
~ Thbor y, ed .nu
a d ur-
fle ehs attack on city. o6dinicrs in
ectr ald ~luEnb
.c firkk

lie took 1ead in gi.ig Iabor-......
¢omllJ Lee polioq - aking ,oC ers
*e. t 1
te j n 1' hn 1ed to pub l c opi ni. n 4flc
d e ci d ed to " up I ab or a vi o x c o n
t v $fr' pr ce ad nm
. ..s . t on.
The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators

iw 4 dwa4 e/ AIR
Radio amateurs Service are those enough to buil
and maintain their own sets. The Office
urged to enroll for emergency of Civilian J)efense cannot encourage the
manufactmue of new equipment for the
duty under new civilian de- emergency service, nor will it endorse
fense setup requests to the War Production Board
for preferential ratings for such equip-
a listing of the ... i... s and call letters of meet. Jiowevre, it is believed that radio
our nembers who operated short-wave hans already have in their possession, or
stations, Starting wi t a few names, this Cal obtain flon/ radio dealers, sufficient
grew until it filled nemly two pages of parts and equipment to fill the need.
closely paced containing The plait is to set up , station network
the m agazine,
some 400 names il tiI, Unted States and which could take over the direction of
protective services (polite, air raid war-
five in Canada. Many of these mene are
veterans of the air lanes. They built and dens. firemen, rescue and gas squads,
maintained their own equipment, and etc.) if a city is attacked. Thus mobile
could go back on the ani with very short units, such as squad cars, ambulances
notice. and trucks couil be kept in close co.m
In addition to tois very valuable group, nIunication with headquarter,. It is even
the Brotherhood now has nearly 50 radio possible fur a man on foot to carry with
broad.cast tec'htials' locals in the prin hin, a portable two-way radio.
cipal cities of the United States, in which Station licenses will be issued to in-
strunmentalities 'of local government for
the highly-skilled oprators of commer-
cial stations aix orgni nzed. In cities communications relating di-
where the group is not large enough to ,ecthy to the ativities of the United
qualify for a separate charter, these mien Sta tes ('itiz,,'s Defens \.'ps, or other
A New York City civilian defense worker equivalent offirdly recog,,zed organiza-
setl11II mesage over a. portable traesrnctter are organized into the Tnixtd or inside
locals. There are a number of radio serv- tiom"
ice and public ludress system service l,- A single station license will be issued
OFl} HUNDRED L B. E. W. members Commis-
cals chartered sepmaately, altholgh a by the Federal Communications
FFregretfully closed downtheir ama-
IIIradi, stations on January 8,
If42, on order ff the Federal Commnuni
good numner of these men are also or- sion to rover all stationtransmitters to
ganizod ill the mie.. ld ocls. be operated or controlled as one net" or
unit will
cat'ios Commission, which barred alia- With that spledidily sponitaneous e- control area. Each transmitting
spo..s. which ibil' I re hna given be assigned a unit number which will be
teiv short wave broadcasting because of ill our country's etmirncy. these men designated in the station0 license.
the war. will be ha....ering oil the doors of loeal Networks in adjoidning cities are to be
Now these men see asked to enlist, s they see a" combined or eoordwivatcd to minimize in
defense coucilis is scllon
wvili their equipment. in a new radio opportunity tc bo of solvi(e.Following terference. All radio nets of the emer-
rnn. unicatjons sIervice for emergency
the exampl. o .nI.ny building trades gency service operathin within a walrl
use, Radio "hams" have proved inva.i
unions. they will Int wgLt to lIe clled hng area, which neans an area covered
able when flood, fire or storm have struck a district warning center, tpol orders
down egula r cl,nnmlilcg Lions. They now but will vcluntterr in a groujp and vwilI by
Sppldy the iecn.e.. ,I'badetship whch the of the militry. must furnish proof to the
,ill be organized for the protection of likely not have. Federal (ommrlun ieaii n s C(m mission
defense very' dons
bombed cities. A re..centI,.r to li'eiotlid directors of ihat all transmitters within the area ran
The Federal.Coonlunicatt.ns - COmn/ is civilian defense emp esthasiz
tlt mum- be silenced instantly at a single older
u.jointly with the D)efens Comunni- or organized frol the warnillg cente.
hers Of labor
lr unins "ttllr
rations Board and the Office of Civilian groups may be entrolld at their own A commanding officer for the network
DIefense, has devised a plan I fr "Wal meeting places by retistlras sent out by shall te appointed by the sthtion licensee,
Emergency Radio Service' which will in - with the title of `Radio Aide," who shall
the defense councils, or bly their own re
elude mobile, portabl and fixed short- officia- have direct technical and administrative
cru iment officers who have beel
wave radio connmunication. -es;ponsibility for the operation of tile
ly recognized by the Civilian Defense
Volunteer Offic, It is ieeogniwzd that Ia civilian defense stations.
hot u, in1 ar'e by fai the best sources for LOYAL AMERICANS ONLY
Si vices of all radio amateurs a, e ur- recrutling those I ... ssed of certain spe-
gently desired. Radio broadcast techni- cial skills, and also that the union leaders' Operators' permits will he granted to
cians, radio repairmen and plain electri- skill in organizng is a valuable asset, If those who hold a radiooperator ficene
gal workers who utl[e-stand radio "in- local defense .o.c ds do not sevin in- or permit of any class, Iprn proper eel-
nards" may also give vital aid. As the eli ned to c ooperate with labor, they are tifiration and enrollment into the Citi
International Brotherhood of Electrical not acting in accordance with the policy zeus' Defense Corps. However, such cer-
Workers contanst the nation's largest or- set down by Di)rector Janms M. Landis. tification will go beyond m.ere technical
citizenship and fingerprinting, which has
ganized group of workers with radio SET-BUILDERS WANTED
knowledge, this magazine has been asked hitherto been a requirement for a radio
to broadcast a call to them. Due to the selious need for electroni operator's license. It must be proved by
For several years the ELECTRICAL and radio equipment for the armed investigation that the applicant is a citi-
WORKERS' JOURNAL published aasregu- forces, the men who will be mopst apre sen of unshakable loyalty and integrity.
iated in the War Emergency Radfio The permit is valid only for the operation
lar feature, the 'Frater.tity of the AI,,"
JULY, 1942 339

(b) Notwithstandiig the ntaxihmn fIre-

quenIcy deviation pormirted, all emissions,
including those resulting from keying or
modulating a traismittr, shallI be con-
fined within the fr equencybard in whh
the transrettur is authorized to be Ol-
erated il accordanice wllh e prl v'nki.ns
of See 1525 (a)
(C) Spurious radiations
shal b( ,-
dluced or ela nared iI artedar'e.d wil
good eiigilgeer'irg Ipracti.
Other r s of inte.est, which
,eill Ielawon biely are,: P,,,,. a.
nlalxiluI unm ~il]odullllI~]at I.ipier ill])..t if 2'5
watts to the plate circuit of an oseit toi-
amnplifier trallsmitter or to the pla>t ri,
ctit of an oscillator ti'tlllnitt(,r. .No
tation shall be operated at any time wit
a power in ex ces's of that necessar - to
Ciff 'If I I W thi- armIbulac e esented to ErneIlgery Medical anid Abilane. Service turndp, satisfactoryv cortlmtnuliCiltjonl serV-
in Hawanli. 14ft1 il rli~Hi, Dr tHarr' L- Arnold. xc'cuiV ftiti of Die sevc], Or),[,f .oo
a,' y ot L U ,No. f-I260. Major RobebI ]i F..,: 1Lternali .a..
ice." All equipment fill- which a license is
eprcsentat i
m It KFlon. and Dr H. 8. Dick.o... %tel'vs.lg ofilcer. granted "muist be owed by or in the! pos-
session of the licenseI at all thm''" SI;,-
of stations in this paltcilar serviceand firlmlil lt.trfertelcr, ilnd make thie,ost tDmo must be operated only by If t'adk
is 1ulj-ect to c'hange or cancellation b effective use oIf the frIeqItleiits ava iable. operator holding a ar emergecy l
Ihe cImIission if deimeld necessary.or 15.25 F,",rI.. nCy Stability. mil, and when radio telephony is used.
successfulendu¢t of the war. The sta- fat Tr-ansmhitting equiipment used in another]erson whn.,l hI' the
l icense. may be revoIed for the same the War "lner'eelcv Radio Se-vice must operator"decems essential to the el..r-
reason. The rules and regulations may be capable oIf maintaining the oplerting lle3"'' may be allowed I t,, hsmi t bl
be corIsideIrd sevoer, but theler;ice es- IrIar frequency voice only ... con'ditionIthat the duly
It w ,it Iatdjttst
tabhlsher1 must II relIable and depend- niches) wilhin the limits sit forth in, the lIcensedl operatnr mfaintlail> cronlu lytel
table: the tra.n.smsion. These pr.y so,.s. of
Aniothl r class oIf madm stations is to be course, are to prevent ene-my agents f".>tt,
set up by state guards . which will be tu- seizing or hlbtiidiig coilrol of stations
ierl coltr.ol of the ulrp- area commlan.der which woud] be used to delay. e.11fuse or
oIf theII . S. Army iueach corps area. i ilh2 I tIII obstruct the proteCtive ser. ces.
.I(tr~ iai.*
This will operate In It diffternt fleqlency A writte. hog muiist hbkept. irnchidig
front !he civilianllefncn e md> sy stem.
bandwiidlf. he names aid oflie a I t Its of all pet-so,
I 12ili"o I ilIlH
Both system"s will use frequencies above bI
of I Ipel(f tfU ransitting.
IIWOi10) ;,Iuf pe cen Tests a~ni dills 'will lie p}rl'ittid dt
1 t2.000 kileyeles. II [ (010. I ltlpl00~
Ihou. ;ho iyi i i I'I;pLatk radi, -,Itip 224010 227t00 .1 ,f Ipe r g c,ertai, -peIIfieI houirs oa the day a..I
Ill6t ''ill[e roir'llrhill hi thlu oettaling 2270(l)-2 4i6i0 ,) I *utrIt'rt
spcc~irati')s '' hich havke bt'tMI JnllltI tIp 4I400tt 11II 01 ,- of II ,,Iel g7
flu' strttios in the Wa, EInergerlcy }adio


..... i.s.h. iit t'Ilhuititr I-
quccy alis aa.. ' va.lnb u fr >ilaibl,
tI'llt II Ltalitims uper.tintmg IIlit'( Witr
EItllgllvy Iladu Service
600 ,
22 till0l) 231}0(m- ke
15 22 Jypr:
in,,II,,o/f' All satins
in Ih War, E.T..'rency Radio ServiIarut
.. thorized to use the folowing types of
etloisn: A-0, A-I, sp'ecial
A-2 A-3,

15,23 L.S~, ci,,/i (jtflltn
...... Whli
..I 'q. rciut~
eellsee~I1u1Iy ,l.tcq IqpP~lthijfffleq ... ... w
withill [hl aIvailale hilttds provided the
,tqillvi.e.t. isI'acahple if hlleliln the flt-
(lqtJ...<y stahgiliy t(ltitenllelts spict'i/h d ill
Se,. 15.25.
15r.M No u. oI'h
if (mvstaton in th,
War Enirigncy Radio Service shall have
he usexclusive
of any fruquenlcy.
It the
t Viai.l...tut intirfeinet occr,ts between
s'tticIis 0pe'a irg si multaneousiy. the
lieeasr'es shall herequitiel to coordinate
the oreratiun of the stations so as to Arnntem' rdiii.I.l
... i,}l!rCy
(It duly ollerates portable ecuInefI In at Ilnt.
340 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
the United Stats lI)epaiunwnt of Labor.

WAGE STABILIZATION BOARD Iblo bard shall consit of a chabiman,

to be appointed from the Depart.nent of
lahor, lind of three representatives of
the ontracting agencies of the Urited
States and of three represntatives of the

fa'w co'Ioc Swa#t labor organizations in the building con-

structin industry, to be nanmd by ,e
from time to time. A majority of members
of tile board shall constitute a quorum.
"2. The board shall have power to ini-
HE new Wage Stabilization Board Building trades vestigate and to recnmuend an adjost-
began functioning July 1, by order melit of wage rates under the above
of the President of the United States. unions voluntarily enter agree- agreement of the labor organizations in
The Building Trade Unions of the Amer- ment wvith Secretary of Labor, the building construction industry. It
ican Federation of Labor, with If50,000 shall consider requests for wage adjust-
members voluntarily agreed to stabilize to oppose inflation ments presented by local labor organila-
wages for the duration as an action to tions with the approval of the interna-
implement the President's appeal to pre- gaining agreeInents on July 1, 1942, will ti.nal or national labor organization and
vent inflation. Their repiesentatives, be subject to revision inI ca... wheLre when submitted through aid approved by
meeting with Secretary of Labor Frances those rates are inadequate because. the Building Trades Department of the
Perkins, declared they took action be- "(a) They were fixed at a time so long Armerican Federation of Labor. It shall
cause they recognized "the danger of before July I, 1942, as to be out of line have power to make the necessary Lules
drastic inflation due to rapid and un- with the general wages prevailing; of procedure. The board's recommenda-
controlled increases in prices of commod- "(b) They were applicable in a locality tion with respectP. a request fir :age
ities and to assist in effectuating the where changing conditions in the build- adjustment shall be transmitted to the
seven points outlined by President Roose- ing construction industry rquire a re- Secretary of Labor, tothe Building
velt in his message to Congress." vision of wage rates; or Trades Department, and to any inter-
"te) They do not sufficiently take into ested co,-aeting agency of the United
BY FORMAL AGREEMENT accouint any abnormal change in condi- States.
The action was formalized ill the fol- tions.
lowing lmenoraindu, of agrement be- ADJUSTMENT BOAR! TO RULE
tween the War and Navy Departments, 23. Upon rquest of the board, the
Federal Works Administration, Na- "A Wage Adjustment Board will be Solicitor of the Department of Labor
tional Housing Administration, Recon- created to determine whether I wage ad- shall conduct aL investigation, hold any
struction Finance Corporation, and the justment should be made under this para- necossary hearings, and make a report
Maritime Commission, the government graph and to fix the amount of any ad- to the board as to the prevailing rates of
agencies in charge of war building and justment which is ade,. In its deter- wines for any or all classes of lahorers
construction work and the unions: niDnation it shall give onsi(leration to and mechanics in the hltidhing construIc-
"It is agreed between the contracting existing collective bargaining agree tinn industry in any lInality, or as II t ,he
relation of such wage rates to those geTi-
agencies of the United S'ates Govern-
meat and the Building and (onstruction prevailug in the industry, trade
An ad .nistrative order, setting up the or ILcaity, or as to the relation of such
Trades Department of the Aime, Fed - Wage Adjustment Board, wit inme-
eration of Labor that, on all war con- wcage rates to the cost of living.
diately signed by Secretary Perkins with
struction work done for or financed by 4, In deteru'niiing the prevailing rates
the approval of President Boosevelt. ,f wages under the Art of March :31.911,
the United States (except non-federal It Bdlows;
construction where state laws govern as amended by the Act of August :f,
wage rates) in the continental United "To accomplish the pro (If the Act 19f5, I shall, unless crIopofling evidence
States, the wage rates paid tinu 'Ir eel of March 3, 1931, as aInceded by the Act t,, the contrary be prel'sented, acer*l Iis
lective bargainingagreements Ps of July of August 80, 1935, and of section I (a) prevalfing those wage rates which wtre
1, 1942, shall remain in full force and of the Act (If J aniuary 30, 1942 (Pub. No. prevailing on July , 942, unless d-
effect for a period of at l.astLne year 421, 77th Cong.), and to provdte niachin- .usted by l'ceonmene1dati.n of thehtoad
after that late and subject to annual cry fer the A!age stabilization agreement ,iider paragraph 2 hereof'
renewal of this agreement for tie dura- of the international and naiuonal labor After issuing the order Sec rotary Per-
tion of the war,. Except as hereafter pro- organizations in the building constru- kinis ,amed the Assistgilt Secretary of
vided, all renewals of collective bargain ion industry, it is hereby ordered: Liahor, nanle WV.I racy. as chairia (If
ng agreements will con.ain the rates -1. The Wage Adjuistmien Board for Ille Wage Adjiustment Board.
paid as of July t, 1942. the Buidinig Construction Industry, here- inions belonging to the Budiding
"The rate.s paid under collective bar- after called the Boar d, is established in TrjadesI)epartent are: Inteinati nal
Association of Heat anti Frost Insulat.' s
and Asbestos Workers; hlt.rna tional
BIrtherhood of Boiler Makers, Iron Ship
Biabler s and Il epcr5 of America; Brick-
l Masons and Plasterers Iterina -
tinhal Union of America; International
Association of Bridge Structural aId Or-
taniektal Iron Workes,; United BroItle-
ho.od of Carpenters and Joiners of Amer-
ica; International Brotherhood of eIc-
trical Workers of America; International
Union of Elevator Constructores; Inter-
national Union of Operating Engineers;
The G.ranite Cutters' International Asso-
ciation of America; International Hied
Carriers, Building and Common Lbobr-
crs' Union of America; International
Oret camps
w, ent up ain'oMIr~verllght tnder tlhe balnerat f pliotla naoneists. (Coiulrud on Iae 3TC)
JULY, 1942 341

N a great estate at the northern end

of the Shenandoah Valley. near Win-
4,hestq. VaI., lives a gen/temau of the
old school witb old school ideas Hariy
STYePalFI FEUdA Sa4 h,
Flood Byrd Surrounded by his fainly on
this great plantaion cf fruit trees,. fililed
with a
ense of well-being and ,eM-
..... .. Senator Byrd, like the
c-u'n tvy >qiu i e he is, follows hort-iculture,
generaI farming. and makes it pay. Ie
is 55 yal's eld, He is a hroinher of Rich-
ard Evelyn Byrd, the eXph, l ,,lI si ..val Rich man pOltalt cOg ill the Byrt. machine. Smith is
officer, ad le is regarded as the first I promliineIt mnciuuber of th, Virgilia Milk
citizen if the great state of Virginia. seeks to press rich men's Producei-s' Association, an organization
Se-na to Byrd operates two influential
newspapesasa ide line to his £alming.
interests in New Deal of big dairy famieis in the area, which
controls 85 to 90 per cent of the milk in
One is the Winchester Star and hle other government the Washingitn area. Smith, like Byrd,
is the Hairls.nburg Daily News B ecrd. believes in the divine right of the rich
These papers s the mouthpiece of
as,rve if Vhi ,ginia. Btit Senatot Byrd nevet te mai. It is reported that he has been ste-
M,. Byrd's own ideas and for the ide.s of spo.ri. to
iithese concepts or these votts rr-ssful in getting tp Induc, restrictive
his great political machine covreing the and his sole objectiye in his own state is license leLii re..ents to keep small dairy
entire state of Virginia. In addition, S-n to pres-rve his mchin alnd cut out evel F farmrs from se liing illk in the nation s
atm Byid i president of the Winichester opportunity frl libherallsm tP expre.s it- capial lie hold, a strategie position oi
(ohl Sot-av Co,,pany and the Valley sef in Virginia. Virginia libeals state the Hnouse Rules Conn .itee ad sits on
J'm'nup ike (onlpany.* lie stands pt-eeml- that Senator Byrd is in rality a Rppub- the id IHtcis able to create an eff ctive
nell[ in party councils. He was once chair- iean .epresentingfinancial intere-sts Ir- bottln.ek against p[ogres.ive legista-
man of the Democratic State Com nittee ing flor within the Democratic pail-. tion, and he is the spea-head of the reac-
and waS Oil((! bae i-an of the lenctie There is no love tost between them. They tionary ant labor movememint in the Con
National eo..mittee. He was onie gor- hate B][id and Byrd hates them. gi ess. Recently he 'as able to prec ip
,lori of l] stat., aind Inow as U. S. Sen tate a daily strike in the vicinity of Alex-
INto Vi-ginia out of W\ashingtu there
ator he seel( to fashion and pion,,ulga to is an overflow andria by forbidding hi, lieutenants frhm
f pe.sons
.. of powerfu
the Virginia systei of politics through- ente,-iln into a closed shop agreement
family who have el'at estates in the
out the whole democratic
administration with the lail unionists, Smith, like
state of the piesidents. R..ecntly David
in Washingt.n and the whole United Byrd, uses ,uthless
iethods, and when
Bruce, son of Andrew Mellon. and
StaItes Paul Mellon, the son of Amlrew Mellni, Emnwtt C. iElvi sn, secretary treasurer
Filld a.i sense
.h of well being, ge.nial have puchaseid plantations, and it is said of the Machinists' Union, announced his
and able, Senator Byrd relesents the candidacy against Sm itLb. Smith t-ied to
that Byrd is grolming these scions of the
modern feuida]satic system of the state of keep him off the ballot.
ancient house for political jlos in Wash
presidents. He believes adently in his
c lass; he bhieves that rich men should CONGRESSM AN 10 PER CENT
go O th, Senate and speak for the in- Consider Howard W. Smith of Viginia,
[eldirig cong ressifoal foe of hlb. Sm.ith
S Both Byrd and Sn.ith do not believe in
terests of rich men. One thie Senator
is kno.n Is a milk illagnatH. le is an ina- ntiecl
', o. Pd g 3,3
Byd as a cand aidte for the presidency
of the 17,itd Stales,. le wa endorsed by
the assembl of the state of Virginia for
president. H, is a strvival of an ancient
day, ,a sqiie in polities,
Everybody in \Vashinlen recognizes
Senator Byrd as the hoss of Viginia.- The
piesent goveinOl of Virglnila lay he..
age to, him. All tile Colng... eSsn..n. includ-
ing the al/!i-Iahor Howard Smith and the
others.. epo.t to him periodcially. Sen.-
tor Byrd his settled down to a veil-
thought out campaign of harassing New
Deal agemne s. lie does this under the
gIuilse of saving taxpayers money. He is
not over scrupu.lous inl the methods he
uses on, New Dieal agencies. He is not
above using' the principle of "Do this or
else, iH, tells th em.. .If you don't kow-
tow to nc, I will see that your apploplia
bion is cut when it comes to Congress."
lie looks with sympathetic eye on How-
aid Smith's campaign against labo- in
the Lowert }louse, le is rot above flirt-
ing with the Virginia labor movement,
however. wben-ver he needs tieI, and
there have heen whispers in Virginia that
he has even sought to control the Vir-
ginia State Federation of Labor by jug-
giling the vote> of certain friendly unions
of baige nImbership.


Virginia is not a benighted state. There Virginia is rich il dairy product marketing in the N.aiqIns Ca1pita]
is genuine social liberalism in the state Milk i~ i polities. therefore-
342 The Journa iI of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
eceters whele it will be ptmducel to

Thitead STHEaTI MaRe Akrol where the major rubber coin-

panics will convert it in to sythetic rub-
her, then fashion this into tires and.. the
BEltadijne producteon from graiant aLC-

a/SYNTHETIC RUBBER hol, in.he other hand, is a childishly

sfimple proIess . Plants to produce it eeuh
be erect.ed in half the time or less, and for
re,-third the cost, and using but a frae-
6i.... Of the critical materials n, eded u llde
INETY-EIGHT per cent of our en- Why United States, the petroleum process. Furthermore, they
tierubb supply came from, the couhl be located inl the farm cciittls, close
Far Eastupun til a few short months greatest industrial country,has to our stocks of sc fpils
wheat and corn and the butadciuei xed
ago. Today it is all in German and Jap- not produced simple product with styrcue to form rubber then atnd
anese hands,. Almiost overnight it became
necessary to find some substitute to meet from easy sources there. Transportation difficulties would
our military and minimum civilian needs. he eliminated.
Synthetic rubber can be made fronm giant military ninhine has rolled over
pr actically any known substanec from Europe and Northern Africa. In Russia,
milkweed and dead cats to sugar, grain and formerly in Poland. tubber substi- The advocates of petroleiumi-b uId
and oil. The fight for the conrdol of this Lutes have long been made fro, grain schemes claim, probably rightly, that
new industry, surrounded by alt aira and potato alcohol. Here the petroleum their process is cheaper than the grain
of frenzied affluence, devolves into a scrap crowd is seeking to freeze grain acohol alcohol method at present prices for the
which has on one aide the Roekefelle,- producercs out of the running. raw materials, But the government itself
dominated Standard Oil Company and its ahready owns several times as much sup
subsidiary commercial alcohol firms, tile FARM-GROWN ALCOHOL
plus wheat and corn (some of it no11lorgel'
Big Four of the rubber industry (U. S.. Commercial alcohol is generally made edible) as woId be required to fill aIll our
Eoodyear, Goodrich and Firestone) and fr.o mol asses obtained from sugar, while military and civilian needs for the nxt
the duPont chemical and munitions whiskey and beverage alcohol is made two years. Storage facilities are so
trusts, and on the other side the whiskey from corn andi giains. The principal wai cramped that it is expected that ilueh .iof
distilleries, the farm bloc and the anti- use of industrial alcohol, until the rubber this year's bmnper wheat crop w lirot o.
nnopelists. crisis rose, was for the n offanufactre
the ground for lack of place to move it,
smokeless powder and explosives. U ... e, rstlch conditions discussions of
WAYS GREASED FOR OIL When the commercial plants, widely relative costs for raw materials isparty
So far the oil industry and its allies dominated by oil interests, shut down this theoretical. Furthermore, the time cie-
spring after their sugar supply had been ment, the steel supply, our linited peto-
havw had the inside track in the govern-
nent's new synthetic rubber program. interrupted, high go.vernment officials Icuan reserves (needed for ftluol and 100-
Key officials, formerly connected with
diverted 1.2 billion tons of Cuban sugar octane aviation gasoline) and ra llaspo'-
to them, rather than calling upon the tttion facilities merit serious consid-
major oil, commercial alcohol and cthen-
available facilities of the liquor distil-
ical interests, and now olcupying de-
lrices for high-proof industrial alcohol, Yet groups and individuals sekjing to
cision-making positions in the War Pro- or suggesting that the commercral plants promote p1lans for synthetic rubber in our
fattion Board, the Reconstruction Fi-
nance Corporation,. its Rubber IReserves be converted t) use grain rather than nati ... emeIgenicy fromn sources ou tsid
moIlasses. Sugar pationliig for civilians the control of the tightly-knit oil n...lop
Corporation, the Army and the Navy.
esuilted. ely and its allies reIe.e.le a taniversl up-
have seen to it that over nine-tenths of aro.ndll it Washington. They were politely
the proposed 800,000-ton rubber pro- The productian of bufadii,me flom lie
gratn was given to the large companies troleum is slow and complicated. It re- passed from offleal to official, bit no-
quires the construction of complete new where ill the national defense set-up
whose interests they had at heart. found a syplthetic ear.
plants. using great quantities of steel
In 1929 Standard Oil and the powerful and other critical materials and the build- They were given every conceivable ex-
German dye trust, I. G, Farbenindustrie,
ing of specia tel railroad tank cars to eus,, Including (I that it would be "uin-
entered into a pateit-pooliing carteI ar- carry it aler hig]i pi.ssure from. the oi (Contif;u.ed on faie 367)
rangement whereby I. G. F. obtained a
monopoly over synthetic rubber while
Standard received a monopoly (except for
within Germany) over petroleu sub-
stitute products. The effect was the chok-
ing off of experimentation in aitificial
rubbers in this country. We content
to import crude rubber from distant
souree until]suddenly it was too) late.
Synthetic rubbers are usually mudo
from a combination of two artificially-
derived substances known as styreric and
butadiene, forming from one-
fourth to one-half of the total under di-
fIweret formblae. Styrene, a benzine de-
riva tivo, is closely related to toluo], the
amazing basis of TNT, perfumes, dyes
and medicines. But it is over the produc-
tion of butadiene that the big fight rages,
Butadieno can be produced from pe-
troleum, from alcohol or from coal. Coal
has never been of importance as a po-
teitial source of buttadiene in this,oun-
try, but it is the expensive basis ro' the
synthetie rubber upon which G.el'...ay's Modern ihemistry is tie 'vizard of ]942. (11styrlippi ancient .n.gits.
JULY, 1942 343

RGANIZED) habor has aeetpled the

The ... ryexistene and its right to

continue to exist aid function in a free
America has been niany times the chat-
lenge that has been hurled atorganized
labor generally.
Times without nun/her it has freely aid
without reserva io .. accepted thne haI -
]engr or challenlges as they havebeen
Byas G.1ealed 4Alasa-
hurled and as Illaly fimes hKS pwov(1d its
vatue and intrinsic worth as ,oice oft- By A. L. AI)AIS, Archorage, Alaska
tinls of a tinortry, sid li t vid.r..ess
ef confusion of thought, oplinion andji
pless on·
Alaska electrical might he er tniitated and that an, age of
reason would pl-!'ni[t the settlie, t of
No sane pci-soll would be foofish enough workers hurl challenge to those disputes and i rsnriderstaiadings through
venture lIe statement that uig.aized
labor has always been right. To thIe con
who would destroy gains here the happy m-dilinl of d biscussion,ai-il-a
tion and lea sun and judgmIent, such t
trrL', all conscientious aid holiest labor
leaders frankl$ admit thitI
or abroad a)pply to nations eualy with groups or
ilnt grave
,Id unfortunate errrs of judgment, inis- living the finest possibl, f attainment,
managemelt and ...isunderstanding of andi it has succeeded inl helping with in- TYRANTS CIIA.LENGE TItE RICEE
vital issues haveoccurred ninaly thles in
dust Ty and goernnment to create such a
thr past yeas,. The overw.h itii nigpasshill of unleashed
high standard of living. coupled with free,
(;ran tihg this to be the case t lallt at greed, however, has forced war npon us
solud education, freedom . f expression,
the same ti imebe conceded that, like as a nation ad people through un..qualled
freiedom of press Li.t] freedom of fair
gold gover1,llnellt, it has rlisen through treachery and tytannv.
opinion honestly ariied at, that it has The tyrantt
niany failures mad errors to mighty havehurled the gauntlet
at once become tihe envy (of all other nI..
hltiai]s of sucve-t.. Itd orn[nldi'sli...elt. in our faces: they have halliengced us to
ties in al the ,O,-Id anld the despair if prove that our iation and our way of life
RISE OF A NATION the .. ould-he dictators., are worth lightng lor, and Amleriea dare
Again the time hak tI...ewhen this, o
do no other than to accept that challenge
f irst upon the gIoomy side of own nt at..n. our foreathers and our ow'i and again, thrugh the hard wayq, love
the pat of organize labre, it tast be crea1tior. is seriouly threatened. Its life itself ail tel glt'iers o f all thalt it
realized that in the greater part the rise is threateniedl from many angles. The stands for anI all that it hopes to be.
of organized War from almiost insignifi- hopes f.. the firtoe ,nibitions and As the c hallengehas lI.en hurled at
eance to the l.. ighty power that it has he- d1rea.m.s of the gloriouls
youth of this, our the American nlatior1to fight or die, s
tdaly has to be likened to the mighty
boie own home and nation, are in jeopardy anid 1
s(o is the challenge hurled at lrganized
upsturge in a very short period of tmle evel'hg
VI that it is stec for, ,,I labor to pm-'eitself and its worth.
uf the vastest industrialized harion in the its hiyof life tis stiexi as ime Orgianizdlla.or iin England has rone
world from the humbse beginning of an sirlee the ttle of our civil war. through the enwible of fire, Itnd tAst; it
It . desperatey poor nation in its he A;.merlican governmert. a. merican in- has proved itself reater than it wa
ghilnlig with hw uvteful ft, tud, ht-sitant dlustvy and American tlabor did not wait conceded to bw. befom- the war by it own
red fearful of the Ii eSO terribly tln- war. They only asked Io be allowed tn master minds and members. Labo has
'p llw, but
ill ying upon its own God live In peace to continue to work outt their been fortunate in1 England to have a
given initiative and creative ability to own dlstiry, and to cohlt...c to grow in leader in Errxe:¢t Bevin who has the
hew a path way thLrough the jungles and statrte aln wi.d.m
d to the end that they pr"me couil:g and " nll-Iou wtitdoei to
nlorasses of doubt, intimidalion, ridicule might better serve to help at least to mlarshall ,f it forces into what has
and unfaih criticism. hasten up'n thle wold the learm of the become one of i IlLosest kiit and most
The mightiest nation in the world of past century of hnlhibl,,stri viing humnan- willinly podurini organizations that
today, regardlk, f the opillions of all ty over the worl the (deam that war rll nu(d .n page 3t3,
the inms and ist: of EICurope and Asin. has
(4nw fppto its ndiight and glory his ter-
rihlyway; it has won its spulrs ad
crown of lu rtls, It will never just so ; its,mll citizens
I ,I,~-or Ii: ff :i - [1~~ t - ,
free t think, ,

free to exIltes sane, safe anid tamso:lehb,

thinking, free coontinle to wo.k ani
plaI the otinuity of the lift and future -V~ <- -c--
of this Anlcie:', bea ation ut.t II
L e
s ubtiuedi eI. 1t,,,tieied ly any upstart that
would stamp .tit everything that thI word 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i
"freedome''l rail pissmbhly mleall,
So has orLeniized labor truly lpoll(
the hfrd way, i)o.. a pitifully humble be-
ginnmn. tvotigh the years of eH'shing /
4'pposition, hititciest criticisnl and en-
IeInched and fully organized gLrcd .
Its,xiteie t ilay it owes to its initi- kI~~~~<.
In - \, I _;
ative to live, itlr dt riationto succeed it
aind to turnilpeaItet defeat into ultima4e 1
'. st 'i
crowning su..ess; it, too, like soil IOV *1,, !AR v
Ienennt, has hurl to earn to pLrlf by its
errors. It has i..l to slash away minly ,'
.- -
natyrrow, bigol uI arid unisound rm>thd.Is nld
piocedures of platice anconduct.
d ,.
Or-ganizeid ]aha, accepted the challenge
I% -.:'/ I
to help ranke the Amel.icanL shnairLtr of WIDr- FrUNG ALA~SKA IS BIGGEOI TI'AN TEXAS
34 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operanlors

PENSION Aene/iai I,
(,iar'r~o,. Jameis
(H hif k, IIe ry
, I'. No0
I (I. lierue, Albert F. I04

I I) l ,IT.r..u, Charles G. 164

to Mean"t -Ip

['[, ii./. Pater
Iit t nI, t,
Macr go~ James B.

MacIntosh. Duncan A.
5 {

1.0 N.Airn. Peter J. 125

h o o d '4
,'~ w b rr I I . ..t/
L Lh c h'irr,
Long IQ.X.Noan, Cornelius
1 ( Noonan, Thomas F.
lIrpŽ:,,.11iluuvtes hf reidas meltn
list of membeis pass to pension 0I Oo
W0t or, Charles S. I
iHE Iit,g ~ tnt cc. lr
...... Crawed.
rolls at regular meeting of I 0 Payt, Edgar S. 373

T TI*]
r-egu lar q ttartetly {l t/ttingf
Iti terna-tibmaI
E xecutlive
1. 0.
I t)
MI sselt,
Frank 14
Walter J
Sta rves, Edgar F,
I, . Townsed, F., I. It1
tots. Room 613, 1200 Fiftrenth Street, firm of WVayne Kendirk & C.., .e.tifl
N. W., WVashingtont, 1). C(. on JuLne 15, pimble a.e./ntnnts tt nLIduyd by the Exee L .. '>
II' 2. utive (Co.n.ii, and to ripoft thei, findirigs 1 { litry B.
Thie eeting WaS calld to orie, at 9 to the (Councilhi fm e its atljoarLuIuIn ni . A...tL..., Prank A,
a. in. by Chairman C. M. Paulsen. Meme- ; heyateir. A. D
hers 'resent:C. M. Paulsen, F, L, Keley, PENSIONS APPROVED FrI iks.j4. Jo hn
William C. Shord, C. F. P D. A.
F)ller, l[klghes, Willimtal l~
Manning, D. W. Tracy. Chailes Foehn, The pension atp]ie;atione 4> the Cokw- 2 Ret" . G eorge W.
Ro3h. Eugetie
L Mcbride.
L. . Uarry Van Argidatl, Jr,. ang were p jvstuttd
.Sutf. Johni F,
The ninutes of the ORgular Ruterling of 1 TeeQx LB, John F.
March 4. 1942, were read, and on metioe Fo~. r',l ,
2 rnttht, Albert M
which was carried they were approved as i7 2 W ettsilein. Fi lederick
rpode h. I Wheeler, George M,
I O) ', (lust
GAcl White, Walter W.
The bhairman appointed 'C F. Preller T, O. Art,l, Jitijs A. ,1
d39 \
and haul e Foehn as and itiItg e.... Lit- thin wortlh, William
1IO Bees William' It (over, Betkey E. S,.
tee, to examine the I. B. ]. W. auIdit for I. 0 . I r e, II( hi I..t IlHoban, Frank C.
tit tirst quarter of 1942. Is mad....e by the . 0. IM vi t ,S~ .... 0 J, 17
BS Flrandit. H. C.
F$ ["rank, Henry J.
1 LippD,an H.
I. B. E. W. Member Buys $1,000 War Bond hlwegen, L., Sr,
[ itrvey,v Ed A.
I5 DItrout, FEdwardl J.
05, Emil E.
rlCC tie.sau

1alland, George 31,
l M1'tyer.
oi John F.
' enrgk. William A.
122 rownm1il B. E.
( hat JlizW,
W. V.
I osing > A V,
]{tl[PIdsey, W. C.
2 Butt t-rlie lJd, Davi{d
EisenharaLnt, Charles
]h I lWilliam F.
M3cMullen,, WillIain
fc,1h'L ]Ed]da, d J.
WVavaus, Stephen
I 2, t , Gu4. C stave I{,
Wiilla~iams (liver It.
ltii nnt . J r n es A .
:Al13t IlibLs, Robert IT,
372 I
H .
I'l Lewis, Waite S,
4L01 Parker, Harohd Richard
h165 Walker. J. F.
17I Frrell , Jantea A.
11t4 Schmidt.

Upoll exanliiatton if the applcatwis

it was found that they were made in ac-
curdunce with the provisions of the law.
and that the offieial rocor dof ea.h appli-
rant, net the requiremIents of the .onsti-
tutiton a to pension age and continuous
memIbership; therefore, upon
w motion
LIFE'S SAVINGS FOR UNCLE SAM which was carried, the council apprloed
thee, appications and t,
rdere the
When soldiers at Camp Lee Va . Iwereupon to buy War Bond, n fie pay Ieservati
called Ielerh's eh{ placed upon the w roIlI
plan Pvt Henry, ,.. .ki, of Local No. I6, hitrraItoiia BrotherhooI of Elec-
tric. Worker. of Scbenleeatdy, N. Y. turned in his Ife's savin[ (or a $.000 bond. rivat e the pension payments to begin when the
Ko-atk, a ShOW1 abov 1handilg his check for a ,ord I~o L ut. Josephi L. Dennison,
Quartermaster Repoatee, t Trafnln, Center bond officer To ithe rIght of XowaLki m applicant has filled out and Wled with the
P¥ Carter Kaltstial. Arfltllon,. Mas , who is also Ilying a $1...I0 bond Its the east international secretary the special with-
t.l we can do for out ot...l.yI' {e soldiers remarked, " ides, War Bonlds are a darned
good iyestment. C.ontInuewd or1 pglle 3691
JULY, 1942 345

9 laCd cl/ac /TTEE
Sample of agreemnent I.e.efsariy ex'cprt y iutitd tIli'. ill
establIshnietits elnk,lvitr l/,v' thall [5o
between Confederation of workpeoph,
Shiplbuilding and Eig'inVer'ing' Ill. FI'\(''I ONS.
['rtiolls ald tnlallaemenelt
3. The furntinri nf ..I ... li shz'][
IN, Ilo olnstilt ridIa livsi, (lit attq Io
h' side %ith fIl'l lt'i*F 0 h : l~ting to 1 nitltuiettun alt' ]roas/( [[(I Il)
t I;tt.... I':D,iI t, I I ... .1. 1I l, J , ] oAVircy fro' this lpit'lWp&'.., ]tl Ol.] tl;at 1?/iN-
b~ I I Ili
Ihl,h~}] ]l:hI Il th imm a)1 l I Lilh[J~l output may lI. t.lnd
.. flop' the
~killed x~kI I ' II n whih,
h by I z- aetorY'. Ilustl ltvL, i f till'( itleSti lql, t,
rhle oi
ih l jcall oHdy tl/i h ,1hih i'll [ilk Iii' eronsjpi'ill; drill iivettle~ a,ll
£ IIe \] [ ..hI'p niJ''iil xhich bglnIeoti
otri He that tli,, atte o , .sci .ielh lcy; (b) upkeep .,f fi'turic . :Ii. !..
fo' the tiuethb('irre iarkly a iait I'.' of gilaus C) i.J..,,IV.I.....t in lnlThrdI
iq llihql, hil ttH jIflit, 'ide tlitt if thhlr s of production; (d cI[]hient
dLQI1Io xIb Ioi [as II itul0F, I/ill Ie
aptl'O~lll l LI
,'} ]Slti i'."' (e) eliminatiot nil fi'i*i'e work aIn
(IIaI l 1lilai.i 'I I *iOiitd O~ its SkilInI Iels. wast'); (f) ellil(nl 110' iin
imteiltil] sup-
arLiI tILe ljioditets tiy p .0 ENfINEERING AND ALLIED EMv.
liies; and (g} efl j lsefty
us;! ir,

A FEDIE)I RATION n'auiio'is stnalvv 'r'km.

A 3JOLNA], ~l O21)py O4 ii 1~I ItiL\t b-
AftLe a1 I-day
twt'efl a i 1111ln al/( nLiiagelntqrit, pJm'o¥1id-
ir1g folt the "regulgarvxhl Ill'f OwX, ofatm",
thle thNijottiI
IsX't',ili'x . Thre COfl,.ll.ltL,, hdt Ill'.. IdiS'I, Tat>
]be t X%t ini ~lIiiit{e lnie i3 a wld lX~41 k r s!il Xs ]n ,' tl e (>,yf'e(
t ',ltiq
',u[ n~
ttes which ale tIad; Iftltstios stauh Iil
]llut ' s rien'at ri~gto the i llh) i ' Iuiit Of 01 ShilUilihiing, Ind Entipjrieeiirr [ WageS annid like sh}ject% o> whii a,,
l: inleicase eflhi.c..y fiu' his
l)17I,u tO leac~l~ lh/ tJ~thl''ifg iigt'leitiet jI1o
xx\~ covet'cd by agt'e(iw ithi trade ninrins
pm lFOSCl illd OII. . ake 1'k &}.).....l....i.. l.. Pt' aIe normally Idath with by the ap
thr d ..... fedel~~~n
;it m: pHdmnaehinrrvnl'
. o ollit~1
()i' e so.... ..
lIeit writs,: "I,
O i fist
plcle So... e ilformatior, is e clch, sed] h i, ' V. MANACEMENT REPRESEN-
,ith, it is the co. .stitutjnni of he joilt t/,rtltll k",'dl'p'ttio* oflr( l]th A ~titJ!iJQ tilft !4 It TA'I'IN ES
1 '1ro dtiihril ':Ollllllttee which haveh eet, Et~yli~.
4 [ gl) 'tia tip LIt..plyd
,,l~ill A~
lltllrdi~ V\'ttlo,,,, t n/ ~,-
set up in the enginiertnlg ilndltl' Zn, 'I f IhII,,l
t, II Lo t s rIt.. ..... the ith 5. Th, l,..agI .. '.. s.l., nominate
racli,ta, p{ "o]I 'th1/ The l.x, .f the " ;.... Slripb,eiirdo,ep 'i, <ldt , I he./' retpeseniatives wxho shall ntv~e
at'eeninnlt will Pa a glelat cyte speak
, ;6,, I dtu. hh, ? i elr,, ahpirlted by tL' ,'rik(!ts.
for itself You will note that the agree
,nept is pufil ly egi i n illI ha ( 'NST7 TIf 71.A OF,1IA0 ITO'' I - VI. WORKERS' R'ETllESENTATIVES
There is ote thingt, h.w¢v. i', 710V. f*NotI I:lATIVE .MlA 1i1i
Ih Nilu.ber. L[hILtt.i.t.ttives ni' the
shoul d lihe £t leltion: o..e ..f the s[ign I IS)'It C'1311-i!TT F ES
wul'kers shall be 1l,:t(,' hy Ih l,: Corn
tories to the1 tlg 'eenil('rt is th, (',,ilfcdlei It It hu'relb tllttittalIy agrd tsw: ducteId iointly by the i iaironw.. a/d
lion f Shilpbuildin and Eugiierirtg the. tir1on'l&preseritytive• ill the sips,
Unions which comprisle p[/luhet, . ehe, I NAME. illlhall cov',
a iL fIt as pubh. the
trical wo, kt.s h5t nto !e }t:', pin) t 'il vat'init8 ghops, rdevII'tlc'tls or1 s;ecI[ t' ii,
unshi]iedl workers' unions s~uh an lhe Na- 1. The, j II'.£th
t he factory.
tiioiial tnitai of General Yuiuieipil Vnrolk '"the '[,/ii/PrlJltihtill (onsulltativt, anll
The coimm ittee1 shall II, a, 1)p5-
cr8~, th e T'rnins p(/'t in dl CeL* ai'nI~ \Viuk /i
,X\ l;'istJy (!el),mltitt('< rui',2 'IQ]td h (i v
sihlel suibject to (fefi\'('iie (iei'esentaticin.
tioii ll, w h om o lrganlzn> s(!nit-s'ki[]e ;I ;tand i h/alelf Ils "The ('r....n.itte" . }111 shall jnt ill alfly ,as( eX~eed
skilled workers in the shipl~huilnlin in I. (BJEICT.
~ltls,'v. {li aild~hfhG these i i ji l ..ia.
ha lp to th, p' eSe, tinl, st( If I tl l 2. Ih' nihkic t is
kt. eiallish iife a d 7. Eligibility
Iat Fo, i( h 1, of i .- c...m. ti:
irlteir(sti ,,~ fact sb]t the
. :.... flag
' itin' Iii (')ia dl All adult o,galflz(i wike,, wilh not
],k c g Unlion the ph hrnciId , gm il
lla, tIm" thanl tw, teal's' cnintjlnuOis s(,tV.'ct,
tlVyhto lyea gleeient,h its nt i 'ivi hl
it w*}kt! o i 11tt",
a 1t]tI'o 7o l pI,, ia the facvt,:'y ct'cel shall be elirtlhe
fnr election. Int]int( an'ae of establishm, mts
is ), that passibilit, within,; 111'tlJale
cci iiti'y
tt llIiiks pt pllre.,
I tl/l lii c [.do,1)5
, ~ir~il ti tiijik
rhidch have been ill oe, :Iti ..o fur I... In
I "{I'l1 ulq,, it l'i th
i (''I tIh 1 P. .wo y(,'S, the vM , ic .... lifiatiOTi ]il1y
Ilhqo Itm1hiltlsly exlsts ,Hlflt ibe reduced atccoh*lln&y
(hi) To vote ill lh, eteions: WoIr-
"]nt'ideti~l v oyt'you ill beii t, tcsI tl all,,d htl,'O it il nt,,d that stlih I ,l- tIlponlils i eprvs{ttt t' o{ these ',
hnow t t. ththes is d se. it /ill ,h.,,,,,y h~mhdd I, 1,d, }!ol+l [hh i ,isl tees hall h, dlectd hy hallot as Olli[hned
It ln okeN ..i .r.l
o.. ous r., paluhhlwl ill HeIl[ be, tadH, in, Cl(lause ft; ial (>tJImn iS nlIl' Ito },l
tih' British trade ulliont )i]OVcmNl!t siN(!'> The pmrovisim .f pioductin advisor'y adult workers.
oala e otambers of en who ......
~1otk ,.. e (',lllrnlltte! -l ll nolt be COrlsid.l.. I
Hs6 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
plto ed, have lost sight of their own great stake in this
greatest of all New Deal policies.
The Social Security program benefits everybody,
but i is primarily a labor law. It should have the con-
Slilta it'est of all workers. It should have constant
p'ol ection frhom those who would destroy it. The fact
is that there is a strong concealed movement carried
mn by expert mercenaries to undermine and emascu-
late tile Social Security program. This under-cover
aitlack capilalizes the old states' rights sentiments and
selks to i ielt the chasm between states and the fed-
trli goverinmeilt.

V¥olo,,, Jgl1l Washinktri, D. v'. oil~y. 1942 NrD A strong lobby of slates' rights people came to
Washington early in 1942 and opposed the war dis-
placement benefits Act and defeated it. These people
Cooperation With It may well be-it could be-that greatly resented Ilhe taking over of the United State,
Management labor and management will enter lEnaplivment Service by tbe federal government. They
a yw and fertile era of relations coinsider this a wedge driven between the states and
in this country. There are signs that enlightened busi- the ia Lion. They did .. t seeml to consider the necessity
iyess men, aware of the advantages of collective bar- for the greatest efficiency during wartime of the Em-
gaining, are impatient with the antics of old trade ployment Service in close touch with top agencies such
associations like the National Manufacturers Asso- its Selective Service and the War Production Board.
ciation. These business men are influential enough and
Labor should understand that even in time of full
powerful enough to change the course of these asso- employment and even in a full employment economy
ciations and bring about a new era of labor relations such as the United States hopes to produce during the
at any time that they wish. We might point out that war and after the war, there are still 3,000,000 unem-
an instance of this trend is the election of Tiqie John- ployed who need some kind of assurance of security,
ston to the presidency of the United States Chamber and there are millions who need old age pensions. La-
of Commerce. Mr. Johnston is a young man from the bor should understand also that through Social Se-
far West. He has long worked in the electrical indus- cudrit many widened services, needed by people for
try and is said to have, in some directions at least. their removal from fear and want, may be provided.
relations with unions. lie does not bring ani axe to Labor should wake UP to the powerful attack organ-
grind to Washington and he speaks with clarity and ized against the Social Security program and arm
not with too great pontifical seriousness. itself for the protection of this great measure of social
The fact is, trade associations have their logic, their
traditions and their precedents just as any other in-
stitutions do, and the elder leadership in these trade Telephone In a recent arbitration case involving the
associations is following the old so-called open-shop Workers telephone company and the I. B. E. W. in
policy (which we all know to be the tightest closed New York City, the arbitrator made a far-
shop ever in existence) in the face of nearly 15 years reaching statement: "The telephone company has an
of liberal legislation in this country. They are not invariable rule that it will not furnish telephone serv-
only acting as brakes on progress but they are actu- ice unless it owns all the equipment and controls in-
ally carrying on a lmore or less subdued class warfare stallation. It has enforced the same rule with regard
in the midst of our great world struggle. In this sense to service to the local and stale governments." This
they are limiting morale and arresting the war effort. is a dramatic summary of the monopolistic character
Enlightened business men can do no better for their of the telephone business. The company is powerlul
enough to lease out and charge royalties upon the
country than to break with the benighted policies of
equipment isedl every (lay by subscribers, and also ap-
the ancient trade associations and move out aloun new parently seems to have the monopoly on the services
lines of cooperation with labor. utilized in the installation of this telephone eqitipmnIe.
It is powerful enough to enforce its rule not only on
private subscribers, labor and farmers, but upon local
labor and In England during the war and de- and state governments.
Social Security spite the war, Social Security has
been strengthened. In the United There is a question, of course, whether this is a
States Social Security has marked time principally wholesome practice for the consumer or for the comn-
because the workers themselves, being gelerally emr- mrunities involved, or for the nation as a whole. The
JULY, 1942 347

telephone c&ompany mTlalln ufact urPes its OWn equipnment; o,ni Applenticeship, with the backing of organized
it charges profits all along Itie line on the manufacture labo., has also opposed such a trend. Everything
of this, sells this Io its snhsidiary companies, and then should be done to protect the skilled worker, to in-
the subsidiary companies chartge royalties to the sub crease his skill and to give him a more permanent
scribers. In the course of 20 years a subscrihibr would place in indtustry. Ally fly-hy-night program which
probably pay 50 times the worth of lhe elepehone tends to put quiekly-traind men into key positions
simplyCot it, use. Moreover, there
is a strong implica- can lead o(ily t. catastrophe foIr industry and for the
I[o1nin this slatenilent thaiihwe elephone comIpily has country. Skill is the foundatiou and the bhIalolnt* of
complete olirti over ilhe services of fihe elepholle technology, anud the war should produce limiro skilled
workers. This we have always regardedlia lhe Mritt ilion of high order rather than fewer.
inasmuich as thi telephonie coiapan3 is fill adioil tnd
able exponlttlI of whal at one thine was called cornpal
lnilau11r and low is re iatiin indepenl)dllelnltI ulllionisni. labors, Old-rashioned owners of business estali-
The e0le0onhu company Watts to be comlplele niastet Ins inless Iisiments and theniepresentatives ini the
of its workinig force. It does nat Want [i deal with in- government often like to say "IL is none of
dependent ullilons. It wans tio control the installatiin lato'shuesiness." This is a reimnant of the older (da
ofall its mtiotial. In a da;y of colective barghinig hbis when the captain of industry was all-powerful, moved
is a big iss.I! and some day it Ilust be settled righfI I out oIl dictatorial lines and did pretty much as he
liked. "It is none of labor's hbuSiness" is a co\ el'1up for
fascist iiolicies.
Night BlIackcou Cs are Inlr Ihan a prac tica iI d(ev ice to Itn one sense, everything is labor's busine tss. We
advanice defense. Thee are syvnd.Is. They are have before (S it release from the Wari Production
,Vblhols of niight. obscurity, the awful bht( kness that Board which stresses this point: "Union labor is our
can aniid(I ight e ngu If t he Iwhh
d. No one can I Ilow the biggest consumer. Organized labir's 10,000.000 'em-
course of organized cruclty or ruthless trickery, lies bers and the i famillies constitute tore of the largest
and madness-sdesignated as totalitar iannism-without blocks of organized consumers in the oationl. Faced
feeling himself falling into :n abyss. All that civiliza with rising livingi costs, labor is vitally concerned
tioe has Imeant amd stood for for 10,000 years isunder- wit h every, effort to stabilize the national ecnnonyv and
mined and opposed by Ihe nazi philosophy arid tech halt rising prices of renit, food and other expeIinses."
pilque. There was never a clearer issue as between two Ten million unhinists with their families mean 80 to
40 million citizens. Anyone who says it is none of
si(e s in all' conflict in the world's history than the
lahor's business is saying that 40,000,000 citizens
issue that lies between democracy and totalitarianism. have no right to know what is going on in their own
I,]very citizen who stands ill the miust of a blackout and
sees the familiar outlines of his street :eli hi iouse
fade into obscurity can see in this the possiilitv of
complete destruction of civilization flnd ShouId do Ills Secret As far as the puhlic is concerned, the
share hi re-lighting the lamps if civilization. Weapons trouble with secret weapons is that they
are seceret. No on, eill possilby know what
is il the making, has been made or even is in use. It is
Inside P[ul Ilageni has written a book entitled in(onceivahle that a great technological noatic like
Germany "Will (Germany ('rack?'" This is a closely- the United States with its gift for invention does not
reasoned vOeinme a tempting to m asure all produce some important secret weapons. H(ower'r. it
the forces inside Germany which tend to prodclie dis is a fact that the United States has always beel week
inlegration. It is (if interest to labor especially and o, artillery. If the stories emanating from Libya are
should be of iletrest to every citizen that Mr. HIagen correct. what produced defeat in Libya is a new type
1ilds that one of the destrective forces in Germany (If
guln in ented by the Germans moIbilc and powerfulh
pany'v is Ihe decay of skill. The German smilled worker
(ltjtble of deslroying allied uankshelore they could
is always supposed to be of high order, fully protected
get into gunllire lange. This is an eight-inch cllnon1
and respected. Mr. Hagen describes it this way: "One
of the tragedies incidental to it is the decline of the withi a long barrel, said to utilize gases allnd increase
independent artisan class. herm which there camie its (estru'tixi, power anld its litllge. Here is an ex-
thoso thousands of highly-skilled and painstaking amiple of Witlit (i10 sitgle weal..OiI (all do to destroy a
cra ftsmen whiofmn all the world admired. Slowly but modern army anid change the fare of the world's
surelv they we're Siphoned off into the hntge ventral- histomy.
ized war i dnstries. We know tie United Stales is preparing justI as
Amierican labor has strongly opposedi ally such deadly weapons because denmcracy must he fought
temdency in the Ulitted States. The Federal (omm it- ftor by genius and technology.
3w8 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators

&11444A h10_t 4'~z..


IW-t'AP I{ It S 'I

BO~f lhl ...

Snniplstun n ..f ackage eaib- an...lur mixes, beif, pork-. ence you decision. Its only 'whe, t~
nonernitltellt I gectbl )al;i ¢..n simokeld. splcv-d or Ijliled fish ande stores give a coinparable a..our.t if serv -
A sur/ler pi the Office f Price Ad nilis beadl, cooiki es+ cub-s, ci-aekers and pies; ice that y-url can makea choice on pli
tration, or OPA. As you ]mkw, I ..d.tecivii sigat, ,lnol..t.s. honey, jInis, jellies, dried alone.
of mn...iy Stenls or civilianuse has lI.e. fuilt except rihilles. packaged cereals, Well, you may say, SnithI's gives ns
discon.tinued entirely, and nttire id'us- shottelinig, salad oil, candy, chewing inhiclh se vice as I need, and the. pt-iels ae
tries converted to war prodt ion. What gila, cotfee, tea, cocoa, salt, -pippcr,lower than White',, but how do I know
could happen in. situation would Ie spites. peanut d peanut bulb-tt. that Smith's will continu toe send me the
skyrocketing of pricee on , heleniaiiwg
( Clothing. shoe, and other ,eonln.odlties. same quadity If ileat in the pwt?
items in dealers' stocks, with con.umers inuclding [-rnmitt-e, appliances, ice, coa. Couldn't lthey increase their profit by sub-
in a frenzy, buying everything they coal tobacco, toiletlis, drugrs, hardwkal, ag- stituting a cheaper grade?
get hold of, whether actual!y needed or ricultural supplies, fuel oil and gasoline Where governmenit-grad el mieats art
not. This kind if a panic is c(ntageous. II a lso under price control. Rflet contll and have
ar- h lln sold, they illSt be Inced
leads to panic buying if everything in is establishedl for war reails] flesa. A by grade. Therefore, if you were getting
sight whether there is any reasonab aximunlt tent will be established, mid all "f. S. (Fihice" sirloin steak at 50 cents a
possibility of a shtage or .ot. rents will be set back to wIhat was charged pound in March, 1942, you will contimnu
You might go downtown to buy an Iee- at a determined date dining 1941 or 1942. to get this grade at 5(I cents a pound.
trie iron and, failing to find one, go hom These dates will difTf, in the difTerent There are gove .. nment grades on beef,
clutching half a dozen walkinjg-sticks e arecas. veal, Ila. lutton, eggs,. poultry, canned
cause the clk said there would be Ill 'The prices oi food, hlothing, shoes. fruits nd vegetables. Meat butchered
more when those were all goie. T'h SerViceS, etc., are to be -eturned to tin and said locally does not have to be g*v~
money that is needed for tmxs and Wa. hcvtLl of March, 1942. But this dIt., lot erniel/t graded. bilt you cal find graded
Savings Bunds would he swallowed op in nituan that prices on Ii-tide a certain will meat wi bout any difllcullv in alnost any
inflationary prices and prnic buying of he rigidly standardized. For exam ple, the eontmlu~ ity. ry geods. -ash-arn-carry stole sold a package or There are also goverlnnen/ grades ][ol
We hail inflation in the last war. It br-a kf]ast food at 8 ,ents in Mar-h, 1942. 8011 other artcles, such as shets and
didn't take a bushel of greenhiscks to buy They had a two-day special onl th, sanm pill.. In other- cctniod ties, esieci-
a load of bread. But many itens vent to package at 7 cents, but that doest cuLL T. ally whee. fashion comes into the picture.
two or three times their pecwar p-ie. because it is the highest price ehri-ged grades are diffimult to arrive at.
Now produtiion for civilian use is being hltirlg the month of March whih, dhtel- Jncidertally, prices do not have to slay
cut off much more quickly and drjstical'v mines the ceiling price. The s(t-leC eit- at the ceiling. The cash-and-carry still
than it was last time, But the govmrn- inag i-ice onl (runhies. or wh trtyer it may have its week-end special on
ment says we are not going to have infla- happens to be called, is estabhished at 8 crunchies it 7 cents if that sems good
tins. So a systen' of price controls is be- cents. business. There is plenty of incentive for
ing set ip, also a rationling system ior Iowever, the charge and-deihver store price eumpetition which will bring a
items which night not go around if un- was selling the sane package during, greater volimle of busbleSS to the stoc,,
limited sale wvoe permitted. March, 1942. at t0 cents. Ten cnts, there Where it can be established that
Hoarders, both persons arid Corpera- fore, becomes the ceiling price fir this costs have gone up so greatly that the
tions, helped create the situation which storeon Crunehies, In this e ay it is -,e manufaeture~r or distribuor cannot afford
led to rationing of susa. That sugar ogui-e'd that sorw storef, beeatuse if their to sell at his March, 1942, price, he nay
coupon book protects you and me. It overhead, cannot ahilhbe as low p ices as be allowed to raise the price-if Hlender-
means that we can walk into a store any stones xvwhich cut stviee to a bininmu.m. son says so. Leon H...lerson , price ad-
time. andi b y our m odest sh re, a nd.. ot The customer is fuee to hiads( whether ninist aoIr, is not going to have an easy
fear that Mrs, Ritzbitz, who has the he'll car.y his own greoeries, usually at life. Fr Example, he tried recently to get
wealth to fill a spare bedroom in her 40- the expense of his gas 11..d] tires, or wheth- Congress to grant a subsily if $38,000.-
room castle with 100-pound sacks of er the extra service of the other store is 000 to oil compantes, lie weas convnced
sugar, will take more than hrshare and a better invest ient for him. that they wee losing lone'y becac of
deprive the )est of Is, Ceiling ptices innstbe posted ner the rationing in the East and higher trans-
Price c-elings ol nanty c iomnlitis, plainly v'kihh to CUSI..t!', , aid portalion costs. Congress didn't want to
went into effect May 18, 1942. On dune 23 after July I, 1942. ceiling p iics
niust do it that way. So a priice boost of 2}6
the pIlice ceilings were extended to in- Iso be posted fur shops which sll ser-v cents a gallon on gasoline and 2 ceeI a
cI'de services lf many sorts, such it ices.So if you Want to figue out fr your- gallon on fuel oil was passed on to the
laundry, auto serviep, repair of electrical to 'is u ier.
self how to do you, buying mogt econ()n-
appliances and radios, storage of furni- cally-. yvo might go, aroind to sevet-] Another bad crack in the price ceding
ture, ind a1great variety of If'pani serv- conveniently sit0aed stores and jut down was Henderson'S a..nou.n.emen.t that he
ices. he ceiling prices, Naturally you will would be compelled to allow the prices on
Among the co.modities covered by take into account other factors in addi the 1942 crop of canned aId dried fruits
price ceilings are fluid mili mad cream, tion to prices,. If .n.e .Lore delivers twice to bh raised by 15 per cent and ,aybe
canned gools (exeel)t ca..ned ,ilk pod- I day, while at another one you must ilnre by the time the new pack reaches
nets), ice cream, bottled goods such as serve yourself and it takes an hour to get grocers' shelves next fall. He charged
soft drinks, ketchup, etc., bananas, all through the lineup at the meat counter that this could have been avoided had
frozen fruits, vegetailes. leat and fish; and the cheeker's counter, this will ifflu- Congress permitted the government to
JULY, 1942 SO9

abslrb the differsle bet wee,' ceiiing ions should be nlde with put delay. ittere arI I M. Oi'..burn, seeretary-
prices and what the price legislation re- Holnderson sought tile cooperation, of reasurer of the Union Label Trades De-
e05l growers It, he pahhI labor to drive away the inflation wolf by i at men t; Fanlk P. FPnaon, director of
A, UnulIy form bloc in C..ngless had the a1
policy ('ill+ organization, and Boris Shishkin, ceono-
upset the an ijnistrathon's program of nitta, in the OPA, of repro-
Iinposed mist.
price legislation ihi espect to fare, [n.d sentoaties of ith A. F. orf L.. the C. 1. O., A labor office was also set up in the
cts,. Some foods, for exaIple, are still and the Railway ahor O)rganizations, OPA with these fun.tiols;
exempt finn pl ce oil ings because they hlem of the th r groups ha three repre- To m1aintainl contact bet wten orgauijed
have not yet r tichd the "parity' price senlttives. The c, malittev is asked to labor and OPA.
Congrss st up. This means that prices work with Mr. hm tson antd other OPA To act as liaison office between OPA
oll such foods are literally ivited to go ollieisis in the form.u.Nlation tf price,. rent at.l tile labor production division 0f tIh
higher. a siuatilli witch obviously en- and altioning llitis i ofnteret to la bor, Wa, Production Board. War Manpower
cou rages hoar dinlg, First meeting was heh1 n .Junie 25. In ...i sson and other federal
I, a statmenn ad dressed to American Tils is getting Iig'ht lown, to earth, for mim"'i~hg or tttei'mnininig wage policy
houisewives. lr. Henderson said, plrrepreets to a I.. g, degree the rid wagerates.
"Inability to caiphd]te s.iccess.ully a interest offconsuntiels il geinera]. Aiid as TO a!t as a polnt of caleaance on issues
pIlau that have prevented an ill-
hvIn.d in the case of the building IadIes, a great arising
from labor
participation in local
tlationlary iier se in iotail Prices of the deal molt mayhe aeIoIiplished through War price and rationing boards, labor
1912 tanned and .drt,1fruit pack is tt v{otluntary Ctaoperatioii t lu.. through any pIrticipation in pr'ie' stabilization and
strious setback to ,.he battle being fought kind tf compulsion. the ixpapt of wage bl'reass oi price
by OPA to maintanm stability in the cost The A. F. of L. niemha,' of the con ciiigas.
of living.
We cannol afford any sueh Iosses if
We ale to proveta a home, front iisastlr
that will importsanly impair tile pros~.i-
till of the wart'' Higher prices, which
inevitably reach the retail field, ae, he
aid, "a burden that the governlnient
]night piroperly assnineas a charge con-
neeted with the war," siice it does nit
affect all equally but will fall hea vi est on
large families, tspeeially in the low and
middle income groups.
Some labor groups are critical of the
price administrator because he has d,-
clared that prices on farm products and
ISO wages t, wage ea.rne.s, ust be sta-
bhiizod if we are to prevent inflation, but
at least one imprertant section of labor
apears to agree with him. That is th,
huilding trades, which on July 1 volun-
tarily stabilized wages of ieubers of a11
unions belonging to the Bnihdti i and Con-
Sti'uctim. Trades Be partment of the
A merican Federation of Labor'.
A, pIt contio[a..d rationing boards
were being set up in cities and rura di,
triets, wide-awnake rnionists pressed for
representat ion for labo. NonI nllations fol'
tie boards ate made by the local civilian
defense co.ncis. With many of those I,-
hor has cordial relations because of its
enthusiastic work for civilian defense.
Names may be chosena by local unions
or such groups as the Central Lator TEXAS BARBECUE
Union or Buihlblg Tmrd (.u
.s neil These
aotlies mlay be suI nitted to the detfnse "Fwas a gala affai: when the women'u ill y contbiued success. Othes introduced
counetls. in California a ilnited group auxiliary enterta i.ied L. U, No, 278 of wre International Rep resen. ative A. F.
campaigned for full lahor representation C.rpus Christi, Texas, with a barbecue Wright; MI. and Mms. Clayton HunIcy;
on all the 500 price control and rationing chicken banquet recently. Nearly 150 sat Mrs. Ira Van LoA of the a uxiliary who
boards which are t bo set up for the down at the long tables, which were a.- entertained witb piano selections; pupils
state, They pointed out that much of tihe ranged in the form of an E. The younger of the Growvs Schinol f Music whose
war productivity of labor would depend set was conspicuously present. The ienu, songs and dances were much enjoyed.
pen the proper f n to m e f the which included the chicken, plenty of Members of the coiittee responsible for
boartdls. War workers iu...t have Irans- cooked ad raw vegetables, pickles, olives, the banquet were called on to take a bow.
peItation, for example, and so.etimes coffee and home-made pie, was fully ap- A blrge banner for the auxiliary was
crews cannot get to work unless the a- pleriated. presentcd by Mrs. W. W. McClellan, which
tion board will allocate timre, Mis. C. M. Me aster, president of the niay be seen in the background of the
The boards, which ire to be estab- auxiliary, acted amafsti' of ceremonies pitar''.
lished at the ratio of one to 20,000 persns and herself gave. n inspiring talk on the L. U. No. 278's auxiliary is in a t rim-
in rural area,, and one to about 50,000 wolk of the auxiIiary. She thaiked the ing cndition and new members are added
plrsons in cities, will control rationing of local for its noral anad financial support, riah month. Among its projects arI, to
rubber, sugar and whatevr else aIly be and a ,knwldgd. receiptuf an(,ther send Mis. J. E. Mathi, to the State
selected for rationing, and also will eii- check for $25 to be.. sed ill the work of Fdleration of Labor convention at Fort
force price contril lttions. Emg
Ea'h the auxiliary. Worth as its delegate; to furnish refresh-
.a,,d will consist of three menbers, with Business Manager Edward J. Mathieu ,meats at USO dances which the local
a full-time paid executive secretary. In presen ted the thaks ,f the local for the will .inance; and to fill a number of serv-
order to get labor represenitationo, nloniia- splendid banquet and wished the auxi- ice kits for soldiers.
350 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operafors

j t c c~~~~~~
L. U. NO. 11.1, STM LOUIS, MO. old
ma ~[Lh a hetial i in that, tnot The ,est way a teiet th move f Li'
.11IM MY. is for the AIll atid (IC) to r-eslne the'ir
]diter lie is tiin chuibbly, alrppn r dJan Prt wiho usld ,taitv ta lks,as siraingl. ra'Colnn,,m..'I aendvly, the
]II refern cle to e tandirts I ]rit ,ialionati Ladies%G(ar n t WI,Iker [IUiio
to do le 11 Ido..-elde-lo}
] knew hew to
will have to write later as I have not re- ceeeItly. W hile I nt open ily (iticieitig the (10
spell i i in Ithe lJEitedI StatesI Navy Inany
ceived the methnod at this time, t amiiunite inuman~ laig, It my .iemn.rystay; inP, hea was attitude airght
.n. saiy tIhe snggaitin was
Site you will rrndil il i the next issue of fonec-ly ai electrical idspectur fop the city corIpanit.. yIN a iIot-too-heavily veiled n.ote
t he IotaRNAL Ir V
,uls, JmIflely lha, lany ideas. and of ,ensure. We, all :lok Iurwdil with the hope
The follwin o fwereficers
reelecttad by ,e cxree t him tE, Iue than, Jui ie2u y, nru k- if unity in the lankr o¢ labor, hut we asIo
a great popiul~ar mnajority; President. Frank jig ii p ict.l..
II h's rn the city of St, loui kiow ttba .nle.. it is ablts .. In
% J acobs vice president. Tripp Smwit; re insleal of thn present setup addiba to an.i honest basis it will not last. There nii- e
cording secretary, 1. O Suhr; treasurer. taktingr away fromi,thi' Natikraal ('nde. as is the tiin'nililt rvseirv~4i Linns~()l eithuer side, ani alny
J, T. Happ; bus ins manager, James A. rja~n
w. ilgaeemient th,,t is slrauwrn up as anfstaun.lartie
Morrell Wirenen' executive board: August
1P said!-'
ias That John an Hilentieita it.tis be broad aind tla iihh enoIn,.h toh
GUs) Ltutlker. Edward Hooch. L, tee iltan.
Metneet did Inot invite Merry Newala te meet changing tIlS anal cionditin .s.
laiinenaniee mlen's board: LOU Birsinger, CU. their thIciry-seventh ann i versary eause ,.
Schumaann. Wireman 's examining board: The recentI . 8. Sulpreme aa aImion
,t I
Merry dlidbnt carry the sword that John did regarding the appliuatii.rn or, iove t the
James Mathews. Dave i Maaintenance
lot ,ring to the prdc wheliI Newman rode point. evasion of the WVagr trail, L]. by
into'a examining board: William Kenney. the BIG, broad, white horse, the Dallas, Texa, , Mo Nni;
,.. s, is a Ilw
Little Le, Hlennesey, former secretary That M. Joe Lyng, Joe Probst and Iack
of the executive board, won by a ority particularly to the uno rgaz ed
worker eot-
Hayes, *fixturel department" emhiintion, ployed by the gyp e ployer
who delilbera.tely
of 102 votes over his opponent. Hubert and "Lucky" James Gallaher ,charter mort evades the spirit and intent or a law by hip
Morrison, a grand fellow of aany years
be, of No, 1) are really irstrmnItjat in pur- iln a high-priced to find a lophale in
taldiig in Local No., B-I. Hbert was well
liked by ee~ryone in thE organization and chasing p-levity of War litnds and Stamps ,he lotetr if the law. ThiglI such lmn may
will Iurn his ofe over to il Leo with at the small arms plant, no be guilty because of flaws in ean -rath.
a lea slate, and wish him Ihe best of That Trjip Smith and Merry Newman are I.,.I they know in hearts and their souls hat
luck. Morrison, by the way, was the dele- always deaf when they meet each Ather - when they di riot p.y the ]shairer the worth
gate to the Missoari State Federation of cause they can out-talk each ther,. of hia hire they are guilty of a heinos if
You won't be out of BOUNDS when yon fease in the sight a (,od.
Labor for mnny years,.
I am sure that all the opponents will co- buy War BONDS, Cong res.ioral cownttees have butche red
operate with the officers and heIp to con M . A. Mo a ' N EW MAN, the proiosed tax bill to such n, extent that
tinu. the Gin starnding our local has in St. The Lover of Light" Work. it will fail by "any illions in bringing /n
Press Secreta~ry,
L is arai the Unitesd States. Best of luck for the reuIiretd ailoit. In dloig so the>y have
a contifaued progressive adinistration . pisdmore than a fair share to the working
Thirty or 40 employees of the Edwin Cuth an.Id .nul lnsiness
I big
ilalI SO that th usi,,ess
(C., 2615 Washington Avenue, walked out
L. U. NO. B-3, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. and peopl of wealth lay hboad and oblair
on strike this nonth, saying the company Editort ,till tore unholy profits, tine tite, aLne that
had refused themn a t0 cent an hour wage Please publish the following comniunita- woulid bring in clse to htalf a million didlars
increase. According to the paper Mr. Glth tion from Frederick V. Etch, an offcer of the that ain't hay i the one that would s.enlpel
is slci.,g work fIr the Army and Navy. The educational omm ittee of our local ui.n;,, all married I. il... I rnI e jo ntu inicom e .tax
,trikers say they belonged to rio ono, returns. Tiher ar, fE. .f us, iC aiy, n
and asked Local No. B-I to assist them. The JOt'itNAL is late this 'Iantlth, ,. aI wives are watking amid earnilrtenough to E
The strikers told a reporter they were unabhl to cinmment On it. contenlts~ as usul,. agfeeteld by this rule, but the big nolly intt
being paid an average of GUcents an hour for sincerely hope that prio-riities have notn put their wives on the payroll to evae p ay
work whieh nimlilar onrapanh tea 'ere paying terfered with its issue. ring their just tur:. look into this your! elf
75 cents anI $1.00. Perhaps thee are the On Jute 13, 19,12, New Ynrk (ity had its and then let your Etoaagreslnirn know how
whiys, staiyed ii, the shop when the Cixtrue 'New York at War" Iparaile, arial it may be YOU feel.
tiara %vent out on strike several years ., o. safely said that it was the greatest spectacle In ite Ifl Vice pr esident
Wallace's pteeth
This i kinowa as"IepIoyrs' gratitude." of the kind ever to l.ak plaae it tlii, uity. of a few "wiks ago the reactilnaries in ('Cn
With half a million marchers il hine and bn- gress, the Arnly and thr Navy Jepiatriivts
ST. LOVIS UINION MANUFACTURERS muernus floats there is neither time nor space are still weaseling against t fameriht aied
Frank AdamEletric Co. Switchboards for an adequate descrititon. Military, civilian laber. ivlia., officials ot the Army an0d Navy
WaIlOram V urWldak Elcctrfi Co. Switchl.oards defenset and labort units were, in, line. Labor, ])epaIrtent; ore doing their hest I, bring
both AFIL and! (IO, had 100,000 march~ers about anti labor leffislation by Irinigin about
Itaybri-te ..... pany tiures
lenresenti ng every puOsshiol watr acti vit with a strike sart. Th, A.mericn, Fr, r Bireau
rhese Iicpins have llcriteased wages of mem- appropriate floats in line. 'The largest labor Fevieraitni. the ihg hluimness of he farrncr.
bert of Local No. B-I. bnit' wIre turned it lhy 1, V NO f-, is figh Lin to
E protect the. calleri
.- parirv
Ihe Correct romp etc Bomber Fu 1, I. E, W,, the International Brotherhood
oni prices,hile at the saie time bightin tooth
deposit is $41JI9t.24 andI is ready ia arr, If Teansters. and the lint enatooal Ladies and nail to wreck the Fasrm Seecurity Ad -
over to the Army as soon as Lieutenant (Garnlt W ,orkers Union. All were received istratiomn hasuue it hellS the small farmer in
lischer of the Uiniled Sttes A rmv coIn- with great. enthusiasm. his fighi agaminst beiag wiped oJut by EidC bInI[-
pletes the per .rr. ngen,,ents with the We st by tth..I pars that JoL V n . Lewis Iess even as yvat amd I. lti fight i 5our tight.
is nnlre that fuifilling the thought we had in too I, ,we aEblil write tEi you' (iogmesa-
The party br-ought 1,378 people to the witri nwIsa d snard
wh e r niiths ago thai he
Auditorium on June 26 for the renbership would hear watching, Iis latest .ov.e to In line with the foregoing. it hehoove;
in its soti-ety. It started at 8 p. n and tasted start Ii division, f the CIO as he did of the of us i elvery state of the union to join in
until I a., . Between dancing to the music of AFL proves conclusively that he is playing the fight of the BInternational
rotheraod of
a seven-piece orchestra of the writer and titlet's game of a"ividing to conquer'" with Teamsters ini their eaforsto Out anti-R.o.e-
having free setup, beer and , an excellent oit eg,.ad for the conseqIrrines to the ration vAt arind anrat labor nehera of (ongress ,
buffet lunch, there wa nothing WEt but have as it whole oi, to the working man inl partic- prefe ably in the but positively i
a gpood tine. It was oIIe of the most enjoyable ular. lie ix 't0 getting awiay w ith IJasetoe the electien.s Ao ng t hose they iilblne in Nit-
evenings Local B t ever experienced. of his most ardent former upp"O"rter" lit icola,, thlecre are manv other . are
Everybody knows JIMMY. He has been mi ... ly have Ieft him to his fate. hut are actively Representative Hloitan of Michigan, Repie-
the lcal so long you would espect to see an oppniun hin. serntat ive Vin aIFn of Ceo rgia. Rep resinlatnt e
JULY, 1942 361

1ieward Smlitih of Virginia. Reltc

1 1entlcti uf the L, Ii EXV., a resolutionl wba adopted.
S.aI tbohbs of Alabama. flejesetative' }Is,. Y(u Udicoubterlly Il..e received a copy of the
Ut E A I)
Fish of New York. According tio a syytem lf Plninles of that neetlg andii tcopy of the
scoring a [rinii h' his yoles for or Jlajn,~T ha Ilswail ex[resses
a ppreeialiom, I) resolution aeelo.mipanrhd the minutes.
br and lhe ll rfhrt there at m}9 .(..rhil There ouhld l,, ,itny reasons fur such a
"ho, all Tht.'yiutaiis, th i'omilly 'lh t L. L'. No. B-1260
esohltier.l bul the though
th that prlliput(
hefore-;monthonedrI j hihi mo.
t ome TNA aperators face
Dirar problem it lre, filrst, lt lhe cnttt, e r held it Lansling.
ocrsis 'v1o II,ugh they have "Im, aq by L. L. No. 765 Mien. n Mfi arh,. rgarding the resiusil,f
te war el wtt o .,omne extent II¥, l I,UtI )t, l A mixing pot that yr-nduces ar ihe Iabur hlwt an.i Ihe 1i[chlgan (olpim na
tieulorly viciuus in their aitt.ka .nli laor. don]+ah , the elect
,ieMI ..orkers itore rIt,
0mids and loyal American, hy
Aonll'. these hay hi mOl( (nitlnn a ei s,%rid ]lit Ilhe 'ad allt is 'I' tidnt Iha'e hit
those lunthe
h 'pall lai" 'talt NIdl say
a L. It No. 1-1073 pre-pauatlrilt thrat s.nie of the ,rlga.zao...i.
tmore"t l're's secrelary traceshistory oif in,,erdl Right o
't .i ....... ati lz,]
our pjrliio d k t,' s I...i
I /rlI. .
4.. war production plant, by .I t Il the nirk o,, ai tnlo , e le
zuvrlpir to
sake and lhat of the uatio , beia i, I iIl No. 617 I[shinf I he e.ltrln {ottnit td lbor. a.I
slnd use $'our v,Žte m i,th ptt~rimary :redgen hIu Iryllg
'ofi Isn[O 'tal
w we vnt
lar electioni, i itt these exri of f l, liello girls helping I Ud Sam. by what it needted ;st
anid nmaz"ii f(ro il, puitih pIall.l Th L. U. No. B-1067 At Iiil nxl ser,..ii o.
.f the legislature the,,
mouthings of sum. of these IIen ire heir, lIned3 Arte ,in license bai. by proposals will i.e ptvsen(td Pil imut be ii
hroadcasL by the Alis prpag iis iIl he L. U. No. 99 our tot's. if we are tL ,erIelii to theuP i t
effurt tu disruIpt ,or war efforl Now. reimrdljn the: .t.iiruc.iii of ]ir
Emuoye' oi ira le vs. orporatl oin anti partire. a in
[the rnal district.
prnfits, by L. U. No. 205 ditions are cumihled VerN bud by Ilan'
Iollickiian doesnt fool Kansas pople' wiith wvlml I ',s poken, I Iaea
Brother, ly L. U. N. 271 wires enrry irg prttilst'y tdltaitr& %flge$,'ilWlot
into apple and pe'avh trees aadi ev¥!e no
L. U. NO. 7, SPRINGFIEILD, MASS. Unity F.or ietory shines forth in
California. by L. U. No. 595 This, is you knr, , is a very hazah,,, us
It seenw [ toil
a tbll r it the switch blli Labor on parade. by L. {. No. 791 rendition. In the cities, antl Detrit is nI,
rmonth. I hope to alake ulp 'or it in Ihll and L. U, No. B-3 tOf then, we have tied a number if tinIes I
month's issue. have nactdl spacling law. This lvaw would
Fire sons in armed forces win con- mhake it anladatory for all power colmiplzlles
With everythrig goin full Wlatt workiig
every dayill he
h eek, it is halr([ to realize test for member of L. U. No. 349 to allow a proper clinig space forI lienmen
what day of the oth it is, I..mIi tirst These vigorous letters lirite their w/rki ig (it, pole.
thing you know the first of the n.illth is here' own Snapper. Brothes,. I ask your ear.est coliSiderat,n
and you have foeniltten to wrlte Int the ef thi. proposition. Your idlas will he given
Jo...NArl [ Was gring very gioodl ti, dirillI every consid.ratio by thie committee p.
the year. linted y I'yrest dt.M mill tarni.
This year will have t hbeknown It, the ye:i Ihem the bust of luck and hope tI hear from Yau will have a .low secretary, and I'm
of very few holidays, for m.ost nf orip hli' thrurI Iften-. sule you will shuw hiLi the ganm ki(i[lcon
;lays fall ,rt Sat.uridy this yeal'. The I...ys IEwAti M ULLAItEy, sirlerutior that you have shown to mre diuri
will har ve'y little time for test unless they h ess SeerLa-ry. the past two years. I au. 'Ilt grateful to you
take a wek off now andi then They hbac blen for the kindness with which you have treated
going frul-swing imnr lInt year and there Iny m~any mistakes,
doesni't seem file any letup ahead fit sollni L, U. NO. II-l?, DETROIT, MICHI. Let us, no iio tnte who the officers are this
tmir. to comc' Editor: coming year. work harder for unity, and bet-
Our ljusi..s. nltrler, Char]l Ify, Bythe time yoii read this
articl, Fnew ter things. Thai will make us stragor aid
seems toile hoIling Up pretty ,ood order the local wil] he beginninig for the officers ef eertaily .,u.h happier,
strain of supp)lying tilnlrower for .. o.t of Ihe Locall N,,. B 17 elelo, Phah.. s1ill waiting to he'ar fI-nI. ,,e
jobsp He =ers luhe . mhro i. 1u h with Then' ale two officers
in the local I must os
JO4p rI' ~ Mrt AiRTi(Y,
fvyitg colors, getting plentsy of help, fromll Ihe ihteetely ask your thoughtful coisiderath, ltiel idng S{ecrets,'y.
different. locals in New ]F]liglirl 1hii.. else tewi~l's. 'They are the apreitllt
rid thi
whire to supply the demiandi. With all hhe business manager. The president's position
private work hjold p, most nil (f the C IA' ,l nOit difficuIl one, if the me d
illbers L. I NO. IS-28. BALTIMORE, MD.
working eordactrk haw tkel pI, hiT aot iepotate, and.. m of
Iot you have eu- Editor:
journeymen's I:i.r.ts and are wrking for a operated wTholeheat edl. .A president while T'me exeitrne 'llt It a.lout in our
contractor';ig t anrd irl tor, 1eip oiiultint, a tl"Ietmt intlst iairintain It.der irnd, every w.noyear' is Nw history. It "a
nights again and nrt having to wr,rr libt. *I' weli as in'ake soln decisions. roe.. interesting and enfightemng o see the bto
material. lilie a1 mntemItbe is prone
r to rake a, adverse oitduct their alpaign rl, eltion, night. Hard
And with the gas ratining gettiott w1tr (. decision a~ a personal affronit. hit h d ened veteran e'aI..llli$g touhl rielly lear,
next month it will be tough on Oit'l h'o hay' never h a, melmlber's thought. for I haIe o lsniethilgil plitits iroi these wire trhik
ing to go any dflitaneeto work. It will be up neveritaowll praisiliet to feil lis ,ffiee is leers,. Imagine political opponenits hand-shak
to the bess.s I'o supply tvansportation to Iald to le used in this (1anll.e., ing arId baek-tlaplfr t and wishing eah Itih
from the jolb It will mean I lung fiayi>for the You hale hearaL, too, the "I, A' liauIIned luck, (Cigars ..ere dinbed out and pronli s
boys who live iI, the different torts sidi citiel haeeiause he did Ir becase he ddn', Yes, it's for votes exacted All the usual methods II
nlutside f 4pringfield, for they say th, hote]% ahard worlm; a man cannot plI"ase nor salisfy t'onductirg a getllenmanb- and petaeful arn~
andI roinag hoinse~ are iled t to aptcily andi eve ryone. According to the Scriptures . Christ partlg were
i tollo*e. Nerdle~ g to say, thi
the city is wtrried about fire hazard, All the }ia'elf eou.Id. so why expect mhere malI irI...were releete y substantala nlajoti'
new defense hiusing proje'ts will not take h, do it? tI isl I pite
1 r itite an h, ositioi,Congest
care of the defenrse worker wh leaves his aIck [iegeeock, business mniager, has uMatirns tire in order.
fainyly at horne and/i, tdllii.d .Iffr....
,llonlI done a swell job during his raT term in jifie. In eur ±nm]kt tI- Anti <ageI a ntonstyous
for the fie or si. days he Ilays in the city For the irst lime intthe hitory .,f the Detroit "h,'t of w3ar rallier stt the muinicij'al strnli~mi
while he' is wnl king. Edoiso('Llinqpmn, an agreemelt was signed AS uisUl, whlre aid is most heeded labor is
Our lbusiness tanager, (nhalies (iftiry, is between t local union and the omnipany.
he at the front to aid. eleiaHl whetn our na
doing all in hi, puwer to le that the eat'of Truly a great achievement n it ef A Dew titnral torte are itriolyil, Nsed~slgs to gay',
town Ilrothr'ls ire behig well taikel cre a f high has beetI established in the wage scale. all the organiiatiot airti±-ieiI did their
Ior living quarters and ltryirig to rnlak thl The local n ion membership has .,ereasod bit,. Old reliable No. 28 dii its hare t,, the
as cc, iortabi as piossible to e ablte to keep considerably dutring the patt tne 3ears tune {i 1.000 tickets, Plage mr. ,egle ltbh,
theni in this Iwegai y, With all the work Yb, youl are right. Jack has had lots of p rocrals wore for Amy w.r relict,
around tIme I(mutry a fellow likIs to gIt the help, but why sholdn't he? It's our nion, In throuIgh these ages liw nr.tie',l
most nut of I'verything. We still hailvl or ilt maiking. hte, ati] the 'niany eIter sue- in last's ,Litioi where L al II 292,
six men working around the country and we cesses the local has enjoyed Burt th, fart Ir{- Mrli...apolis, lil at areutit ils iit.ttow a
hope to see them nil snorn. My friend. Eddile mans, soon after taking office he,lnnised, rate aid reatIly iapto~ed workng coni
MoBride, haslel ifts ag[gilt i(d I hup,, he is is, "I'll never be sattiftied ntr will I rest until Iit..s., They still retain their soevnhoura
good health, and hnrtJ enasn an(i Gene the Pyier or these jobs are organized anlI we and jiurneynien cil eIl. . e orders to help
Sheehan andiMax nCu rse are working sonte have a signed agreement." Brothers, he did it! erM, It is also of intt.est to .toit that nllIi
inhere around the country, ani we all wish At the last Miehigan Coinference lieeting are permitted to ailiveilltly ]5 tiinities irior
The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
tIII t;rirf th,!e aL].. Iiusti nlot itay longer L. U. NO. 13-79. S'I RACUSE, N. Y. hoidti'i its hu,'t light far. for thh,' who
tblll} f1 1 fti ir aItrltt thig ti'fe. A spe- Editor: else were ho tiele~>"
oiH; t,, lst dhI14ittuig
e f initely all totls Tol Ili(e- t hisk of niulit (hill peury repressed imnty aI nIte
r"ptlur if IIa mIa at the tlade is part of the Il rl eelat lin, thaut aittIljlt knows little that rage.'' Seplaration followed, I grew up.' A
neit jiar('eatre Meimblers an Y and
ear. over is w'olth 'titt, I ''h II'' she hi> ngotuart'eu h o ei'etitn 710w, ii31 utse.
yelr with
,r Ik t itreteof. No. 2!12 is to Ibe
fel tile t~gultrtir~m ruhbt i collar antd coi'S-dist eve'
4Ih ;Ii"r>,. , II 'LI I weuaU
cougrattlattrI ont itl suices', negotiangT1 lashes Ilad I er knll,', I had ilon fIr
hi. lpr~gletspteiy wtid its cosnttavtors. That fie*;'t'or '[ his t tir' r o rlt gotten who "'rote the line, q4ui4tet'oe
l~eM m!ust indeed he rortu~nnli in ha' lng ~uelt the in .,i,.leof Iee+ ,<t fihtn ourfLIot hta their beauty and truth hid .w.y slonic
al"14o11ier. Cog B..1i01
. roher". peophf ? ,here ini sly ronrt reg The Saata Fe
W tlLted to IotPt that our hulmlble Railroad h..ititainied tite dllS at each Iivior
effot eltirbitat'd mnhtritlly to these columns "ri ,,etee 'ae
lr''i I.
Lh ou ]stoe point. At Newl on, Kunit, ,hile looking
is read bi !eIny other locls. Ihe llast Lonth best, through the book shelves I hy inspiration
locls 21L . t lirarih) arid No. go
,overnmen. Thait frout it' 'lniuu' .'r. li'g tith e ith (disroveretl R{iHkii. 'Tn'ns liks finding nieair
Iax it ti ,m,,ke . ... ilon, of oI.r lettLo, Thalnks, pri'ess Ied kistriaa. and yvans if happy febLwshi,
lI..hY' follow ed~.
\Libile ill this nia.od we ,egected to mentiont 'I h.,se, h,o ue afforded'tL ... h e 'st htr r FinlaJy, we hove reached the luohoe ra..lh
he itfat that we're ii receipt of a very nice w,'iIen. fsh f'o the ga 'leit if Go,,. illnt..el.t va the Sanla Fe traLil, At the outset I
loter rrom Bill Meyers. Hie confused us a slid unspoiled IIb c'nlaui with their elders turally set out tL try to write soetilhiug of
bit by usin- "Mongo' in hi; tihe, but w/e (hial aln iinietnntt they w y pre- in terest to labor.have I? After all, are the
filtall saw thiroughtheidisgu ise. Bill, thanks ferred el..llnlplhltts. The wondrous pr'oess tastes of Iabordistirrtive? A,-n We nIt Imnel
Lir the nta ssthru
pre~scd; a very thought fro1 tetIder btid tW iarl¥,ios bloom, richhqi and Woine'n Lhe'jortWh wit an~re crl~ or (in-
fCl no't ohn Y(hIur part. proundlie 4 sound, llfe-sistailtitg f[uittijut, to pIoyer or wlat have you,? Surely this (hris
F"or eil pro incs on a paid atla-
Meressive these, tio. L ,,itcede ,%villg mastery. titia ittiule ha; gained asetndency il nly
ll pro posilion Bill Solway has something lire time.
Maybe Hill is on the right tLak., For partIcL
'Iropeele: Is ntot life simply a suIcession
YIs,, Mi'. EdiLr' I'11 expec.,ted to keep
exiherionees '? A/d is *ot nobility deter-
h. , it' I,'y is willn tombe consulted. within the Ie .f j oUrllalitiiand not look
zldned by lhe niaUl' ol' arId our attitudle to
What new wrinkles does Frank Elgert use longingly toward the veirdnIt gardleri If
ill IttLit, extcnsion ladders? Ask the boys at those'xlelteIeiSt? ilelature Ii1the of]llng. JOUIalinsm [(ca[ with
As a bty
t I..cale cel/tact ith a relgious
the ( dlvet for particulars. acts wh jih only an adept .an resue. front
se(t 'ho followed the jIratetile ill their meet-
What los Wie Ridge know about insert- the ,.raw shaff. litersttirlto deuls with
ing .... '. it pipe? Why thabt scare, Will? lags If t; thIr exlierienes. Such
metitbing tru~th done 11[ in the lovel y foliage sri
'lhe Miller brothers have . one a good lob praeti.e. while idtllnntitg abuses y, ha
Iime or th}e "ari-eolored gold of atulitrnli.
pushers o)r, the job a nd wO pI)rophesy future merit Ruskin was much d.ecriedw by thte ehonl of
ucees~for th, boys. Hill floud the secret of One 'tintad afternioo in the oll fiarl, his day ' What Ioyou think at it?
iln .. i. nI 21, bucks fr i hal hof r an,!d rea stead I its litiaut nille a remlarkahle yotnlg largest qanititry of (lood} work ' ill .
lady) ,h, happea.l,, be my stet, wya, 1
lisitg fRio bucks piroit. For informnationi not he donte by tise eurious engine labor
convjlt him only. The boy who really profit- sealid in a htmtlo i . erldig fPulkin' "or pIa, or arter pressure, or by thie help Of
Iy hi{ nreStenal is Chrlje*, oticher inca 'esame and Lilies/' I hrauie Was irlln' any kind of fel which may Ibe suppit'd by
bel of the flanily trio. C(harlie has the proprr pgir'g with my bruthers ain( noher'. 2IZ the cauldron, It will ie lone only when the
touc'h..r what have you? sistel, a bors teaIh..r . an. still teainki at itotive force. that is to say, tire will or spirit
We'r i nlos inga picture taken at the 74. when Ihe e-nie Uln a patircularly fine If the creatur'e, is brought to it greatest
fla.-raising ceremony at the Revere Bra'.s paosage wold read it alotld For instrainc s0Irenlth by its own prope r fuel it amly, b'
p~'r CiUflrn plant we mentioned in "And whentetv true wife cellv. hi, hone the ac ioen s.'' "'lie greatst Iuaterial
o~ur last letter, is always rounld the .ars only .a. Ye esr50t obItainlblIt by them Servant ani
IfflIna h as vaeti.tjol season , is oi. we'll ovor her hea; the glow "ort, i,, the night Suater} will be. not through alltagonlsrl to
vacate by his eiioi'
tatteling for he 'old graiss the only lire an hler fel.: hut [lO.e each other. hut throrigh affecti.... fortil h
is w-herevsr
.. l. is: aid for a noble wqlt'ain I. her."

$. ROS}MAN. i stretches fill rouad he,. better than eeiled Mil,' trInge tihal such words should nee
Press Secretary. with cedar Ir paiDite'l with yermlion vindicatioln! Snlc 80 years have passed. since
this work Was publisled and]s..Le 40 sinley
Ruskin died, iiserahhl nnd dilsappoinetd,
without ,eye eletiny lis great coiitomiporary,
How far individualis
m hail goie i
En glanid!
If the f oregoin
g has .ny Ilt it. let all re-
sponsible fot- relatuioahip between ahlIrl.
nlid watch lhtt oulr winiht
,ilnagetlrlit ''"
Ihe not bIwn itIs dleil ceaves to the ;ild skies
itt a whirlwdin vortex of rese ntent and

Press See reia]ry.

L. U. NO. 80. NORFOLK. VA.

The electl Of oleeras .. (edr ant we hope
everyone ai satisfied with the outcome. The
sane omcer were reelected sexeit for a few
changes inl the exIeetYeboard ahd examin
ag board.
tfere are I he rvsqultst [residenit, I. M.
Hafner; vie p resideai, R, F. Mloore; record
t secretary.
.. H. A. TarraIll: fininlcaj seIe-
tary, E. M. 1oree treasurer, A. B. Callis
business mana ger, J. (. Russell. E sceeti"e
roard: D N. I Iniatier, J. C. 3. A,
Koh. R. F". More. II. A. Tarr.L. I'F. R Me- W. A^ery. E;aaminirigl boa rd: I{.
Koeh. F. IF. Kelly, IL. I' MNoor,
E. IT. A. Tar'
rahil ~1 F SiteclOf. If, W. Averty, F. R. Mc
BIothler L ilnbiurge r has beenc onfined here
it the Norfolk Ceneral Ilopital dIue to an
is ng e mo y at th e, R evere B , ss and C otPptr p lanlt, B altt nore Me m,
b es, H accident. I amti glad to report that lie is out
hoeld tng raI oslI ceoi s. i clulit
d i ng L . LTt N o W-2 O, cent ii Iuted to a, e 4 f lii d tll buy dI el ibi anin C hi arliotte. S. C., his ome It will he
JULY, 1942 353

steo tfull blefore ]ther Liralbrge'r will be

tlde to i'crk :agI. but nevertl..el, 't- are Labor Man for Congress It will li
lI great day] itepr'sentatives
all oIe r the state ai. the enetropoll-
stlil thinllig of hi, Alfred Shackelford, Tucson, Amiz, of tan ar-ea gi i l be there! Cooni eary arid stay
hierry to eIrt that Bihedlls Filank B. the filld staff of the 1. B. E. W., is cande- late -HIel bus will see you bafely home. Let'
Kelley and o.
I IllartId a'e .o..t.ned t date for Congres
.. try to make it 100 per cent.
their bedls due te acirlenits atd sltts To those who may be so unfortun..ate os to
Hrther lell'.y eIl off a ladder atd broke
$ihckvlford is thoe .. ly candidate in a
field of 15 who his menibership in a have to work that day, it is singeietted that
three rills. Ill we lehopec y thetIie thi goes they tnll their tickets over to the coemm, ittet.
to press tu., ht'ly wilI be bach eI worik 1illIon. which in turn will see to it that these tickets
Brother Stilck-kirl[ has had cunothe minor Mi. Shackelford, a representative of will bte used by soneone wearinI [/lel San's
accident. Th lasttiLi e I sw Iliih he hild ore the International Brotherhood of EVee- tiform, alnid so give those lost a litrle
figer wranlut up, and it appeared t.I h i- Lital \',rklts, alliliattd witi the Aserei- "break"*
big as his head lPo.r Stricky! Tieret is at- canl f'de' tiot of Laboar, I$ polI kloW,, I I ,e
b1 rinyou at the outiing.
wiays ,onlething rong with himI in Nhoer circles throughout th, shott tol PETER I]oEJDEMAbIZRI,
Yo. rerneihiter I.n.. tin , a[n th sltor3y ef Press Scrtarvy
his ilpartial starld on public questions.
Wolf liandil, that mant-maicd islaed
where in lb, I hrStaltake I?a WelI. the He is a native of Kentucky and has lived
in Arizona for the past 30 years. For ten L. U. NO. 103, BOSTON, MASS.
Navy is makin t i sio it wio't le leiti
slogeri, Editor:
before srole el the lrothers will be goimg years he lived in Douglas,
moving to It was the inteetion of the ilres steleta r
back, Tucson in 1921 ,hvr, he mnaiItamill his of Local lill he close this two-year period
If there 114 aly luorjeekerl eiLe Ui s in legal residenee. with a resmie of oue pr.og.ress, bu, tile Al-
L, I. N,. do uuiea is the time to spenk, for MAN. Shackelford is a forhmer membe' mighty, in ill, wisdom, saw lit to Ate1p in anI
Wolf Island wohld le a good place to rest up. of the RaiIway Clerks Union and is now change the prssr t pattern io our local by
M. P. MAItTIN a nicinber of L. B. E. W. Local Union No. taking unto I}HlseIf our hutsimnss ai,inger,
Press $tOeeeta iy. George E. Cap'l i. To those of us who were
13- I lIt of T ucson, is a past Gov-
privileged te, know hi. and to work with
e)ouglas Lodge, Loyal Order of
L. LU.NO, 99, PROVI¥)EN( i, It. I. him, he soonled to be a prdreanerlt pTat of
M,,oos, ouir local. We now, kleiw that those ideas werl-
M,. Shackelford con..senhtedl to enter the just wistful thinkErg.
Doling tt, ltst session of the state legis
Iture Ia bill we cnacted bito hlw which ere- ract for' Congress after receiving nunor- The last tribute pabd to his memory by the
atr's a state hoarl ief exaliniers oif eIletri- otis iH'g(!ent re(qus
. I,s oi ]lbor lic ions orffers and p.emlers of this local, the offi-
its,Un ..der the Jaiw,
. ne
sought alil worked and mem berIs throughout thestate, vho cers of other
locals, and the ireterrationpai
foe by Local ii endthe Ebetre6ail (nreeitt- have been insistent that this large group officers, gtve tcstimony to ite Ihigh place
a1rs1Assnotabi Ile IItRhode Islaol., Ill jllly- of citiens ate en ttied to at least one which he held in the eyes an dl heart, of his
ilele elretli, een- I..dI/a-. ter e.. ctriciat must cpt'esee icttive in Washingtonl out of the
I. B. E. W. ass.ciates. The silent tribute of
tie licenseeld I of July 1. 1912. tie labo1r cnovezeeent as a whole wats inspir-
four which the stat, is now entitled to.
TILL, infiltal fee nor lecti'ee'iin$ , i$.00 and nS,. The ofllcers of the building tr.des froin
pi1th for rteI'wrd. For an eletrieal eon- local ant state rIsso.ciations, Ceetral labor of-
trator's errtfiate tile iithiu tie is $25.00 fiials frio c ¥e ra cities and others were
nild he yearly renewnal fee is $15(0o. It is also Imgislcteenn goes to Arthur Pltt, labor' ei- present im nuhlers seldom excteeded in this
I .. iplortans to nte that all journeynmen h c-
cesltlitaive eIi the State i.nen.ploylnent con- lity- The (.ol..nnenwealth of A],,ssauclusrtts
triiaons worke in oni tyuipi jot, rlus, be Il- jensatoioi ('oon nlisoion, icmd -'red Broon1helad was re reslnted by a former gI..ernor, it,
ceased under th, Rhode Island law. Inthat stale lphoatur front Berr. ing~top a dil haireleaa comnmnissioner of laor and othirs. The city of
respect, at lea>, it is aI ipO''lluotnt e.. the of the state senate labor Comnittee. leston added its tribute by a large m]elega-
lIw in force, ir ur neighboring sMate of
Local 99 ha movedilto new and blttler tioti, including the coilisionler of police and
Massachusetts. Fo r the initial licensing of fluarters The new office iand hail ire a Ia large group from the wire ke[pi-tieltt. Ii
lectiiui i> andie contracter, lienehls are he- few do, rs away front the old place at 72 host of friends front all walks of life aIded ti
ing issued to Choselwho fan qualify under the Weybos et Street. 'lh neow address iI 4-1 an already ilpitrilrig sight.
fiIe years.. ' pre of the Alt.
isin hat is.,
Weyho set Street, P ovidene,. It, T. Ins work on this earth is done, When we
licenses aoy be e, talned without Ian exam The scarcity of ,asle no ad the urgency of receive Suzee of tht benefits from his labors
inetion by jotiryrreen electrician, anil co- ]efe'nse work is piettireg sitntwhat of a lrimii and those of our other leaders who have
in plaits fr the a nuua outing this year, At passee] on, let us pause anlti huInilly say:
tractors who... I 0how live yea>' experienee
at the trae i.r h/liisdess prior to July 1. present it looks as if we well have to forego May they rest in pa.
While copies of the law are not yet available, the annual get together for the duration at Our Meetion is now histoery. Yir offieeI.
I believe that the five year provhion will be least for the treil are: Prt'sidont, John
it force for oely ore year. Therelfter all Personal notes ire few, if any, these days. Queeney vice presiedent, ohni G ilnl..U..; re
applicants for initial licenses
will have to
The boys Ire scattered hore antoI there on the cording sei'etfiry, WilliamI F. Shoehan; finn
di thtenc jobs, and wi thut much chance of cial serletary, Willalt J . DJoyle; treasurer,
otke in exainiiiatie.
All ieblers of the 1. B. E. W., phlase' take seilrig lilaity of then, there is no way of Frank L. Kelley, and business manager. Ed
notice of the ]lOW law. If any of the boys learning and hearing I.. ch of what is hap- C. Carroll. hxeeutive board, Joseph A. Slat-
ever expect tn work nil little ithod.. nhow is
pegoititi to them all.foweere, in spite of ill tery, Joseph L. Murphy, Eddie Berry, Henry
the tiene t halee' i, tiat icense, Full infor- the rttshl at Quonset loint, Brother Ed Bre-. J. Iurford, Feed W. Sheehan and Charles P.
niation and aldiectcon, blanks ay lie ohb- [aIn, vce( predshe t of Loail 99, fou.,. Buckley. ExamInlIng board, Edward P. Cun-
ii, to become the proud lother of a bounc nill}han, Geeo'ge I.. onaheuri J,], Edward
toijned hyvwriting to State Board of ixallt-
ors rf ElecIltii tens, State House, Providence. tig baly boy. Glad to get the news, Eddie, C. Metlrath, Arnold Fisher and James G.
But what about the cigars? Riley, You have
l hosen these teen to repro
1{. 1. The Leiar consists of JillmeS IF Burrs,
ji.. thairnan; Peter ..Hicks. Jr., exeecutive IpMIl. A. CIAtLLELIA, selt you during the next two years. Thex
scaerotary; lrhi .as F. Kearney. press Secretary. ask cteterrtiop
otou so that at tha end of
y r. hlsines
macnager ef L.a 91 1; William E.. O'Neill arid this tern, we hay have aIoal union that is
Edward J, Kdly. L. U. NO. B-102, PATERSON, N. J. the equal of any in the Brotherhood.
During it last session. the saite legisla- Editor; Thanks a lot for promoting inc to the plat-
urue also prenlered with lhet natloWs first On Saturday, Au~gut I, 1942. L. U. No. ftrmh I will try to serve as a good recording
compulsory health inosranee law, Uider this B-102 will hold its forty second annual din- secretary. I will hlemeindful of the fblet that
law. llgn[lt,, one year after its adopetion <a ner and outing It will be held at Visentin's the office has had a long line Of cupohle mon
vear ill wit h t l Ittdl up reserv
e Csd workers Grove, Saddle River Road. Fair Lawn, N. J. in, it and I hope that I may he able to keep
qualifyig fgr l,,lelit unhe the State Vn - The grounds will opsen at 10 a..m. and dinner it on its tralitionally high plane. Thank,
employnerll ( ntlner stiont law, will lsko re ,ill Ue served at 2:af p. e.. sharp. again.
ceic, like benefts when sick. Udler the Un I he "bimittee itoha rge consists of genaI,
tererloynrert ('omptnsatior haw onel nlutst hee l[,n ny" flehr-ens as chairman. "Buck" [t rg Press Secretary.
available for ,ork bhilebenefits are being meyer. Jhn Pressireore., Charlie F.rnta.neldlo
paid. Next y itlr however, wI rkers in this andI Phil Meatneck. Talking cognizance of a L. U. NO. B-125, KANSAS CITY, MO.
state car ]tu(k lle..waIrd to addiional security, possibhl gasoline shortsge on that nate, the Editor:
andi without rdrtiinal taxation, at that. Part eoeiidttee chose a plac' tat arnt6 r retheel Whhen a *poke.,mal for the electrical work-
oif the flrese'ia ununernploym~entleriucsulcte {lay by bus anod had prinitd ... tile ticket "Trlke er5 enters the emfice of a duIl'ot executive,
roll dedctions will he diverted i lit' IIIew Valr Lawn bis No. 30, lit City Wlal, Pate,- that worthy looks up with a frown and de.
health isurea fiend. son." Y,,, sir, this live wire" committee is manIc "Whot the hell do the electricians
Much credit i r this new lleel of labor "on itstoes.( want now'' They've had iiore conessions
354 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
than any trade osn the p¢njelt 5hevriia the fEudora job. "Fat' 4as a faithfulm rei he art not atlertanil whl the railroads
gri~]liti" rbhat , %healthy sign. M r u] ont her ofIl, IU No. B 121 or*l IImany rt'ars. throughcut tie. aU~itry re ,ireaslng thei r
It means tih electrll w.p..ker are aler and Brother Ernie BoLt 'Iss I lly injured in Il, p[rofits as a teyLilt of the war while the wrker
a~grosive andili will get the job done quilker same acceidentt. His in~nn
ave (rie punllitu.
nr [ nthe shall is cuille on to s aicijice.
Evel the
cheaper than the soft-draw,,
aien f or his rjijitk ,.ic ~vtlry average workpv untrained itt conomiutics ciat
yes sir Ellen you have hadl in your enjpl,,y Ii f,, l[l AtliiIkA see th ai lim s ]In yili nId a -rifieing for
pas-t yea's. W e ehallengt- you to fare tll l r Plei~ts Soer ietn c Ithihe,- en~itorat [en pirofits Jim adidition to his
boar{F of dlieeturs w.ith a truthful cotlit rori patriotic im
f elhntrical labor -oats pon the opr-II h; L. L. NO. 205, DETlROI.I, 311(MH. E na tnian 'v bll do well tip u .once. hitl-
2Merephi. jab anti theeh, ed- ho p Okkthr'ut Editor: self wilh
,ore elployee ieoale and well
tub. I.on... il e 0l the latitiual li .ins
. riatrt.
tililp being inistuead of ,rpty plitlnds fir prvlatu
])ealilr with laibr uliba i, a new exlari situathlii by Joseph 1 lrans tating that Illanageinletut. liaihu-tats cal IPe ron wihhout
enee to many of the lirge e orporation
o-- it is oI>Vi,,ulvl tiritecessry 'n ,rt~ialc-:Anir privalte nlulnngi-Iiefln t b ultlab t. r is i tldJsprens
pecially tho~e in the l addpewar
a.m..u..l. earn railroads rmust lia bee designed to able.
laJares, nd only the. pnt..,r threat of iJa assure iJiutilagcenint that lhev n~eed ha'e(n In the, tlj an.inle. a step inpthe right dilee
tional disaster inepels theini to do so no0w fear tf th bas ic poliy ,'f'Ie iffice of De- tion would ie a, imlledilateIleiei..Itd I; rail
that and the tow.ring ligure at the hike! of fenise Tlrannsportstioin. tepId orgaiaWtiou! for
ll wage
the Ship of State wh. ail nf the
IIIdresses RaholioI workers, eispeily those in larg.e I hat writld mnltiiurtain tihe wuorksIii efficiency~
nation as: "My frienI" Man y ofcials, r industrial leaitts, have been hit hard hy the and liersodil lespeet of railroad workers.
those eonlipsies admit, privately, it would defensep rngran. They will not cllntirine I.I ttiiveiti,>ton It s. utipons art' Ipretty nearly il
be gaod husiless for eidremployels to ilept allow the uAisljg differle ial between tijel, ways go*od lhi put them inlto Litli.
the closed shop, but it would trarap thlit pa wages and'I the wages paid to, th se etherwJ, W. B. I NIIRAM.
ternslisti, 'plcies," In short, they preach emnployel ill war work. Recordilg Stereteel.
anid pra-tie industrial feudalism, giving otly The above two paragrri.hs seem to have
lip service to democracy. We hope that oit little in comm....o except in s,. fir as they blfih L. U. NO. B-212, CINCINNATI, 01110
of the crucible of this war ,ilI c.... II deal with phases of railrrIald oplieratiton lr.I Editor:
clearer c(*n.ept of hu mIna rights. defense. But there is a dircet relationslip The month of June brings to Local N,.
Things are humming in Kansas City, we between the two items. They are both ex B-212 two impourtnIt events,(Inour annual
hear, alhough it is our lIot to linger yet a pressions of attitude that bear on the no picnic, tn he hehl on SathrIday. June 27. [li,
while in the "Soone" state. The big PIlant tion of future inanagelnent-enilp ] *ee rela- other very impotant evei t is or bennia l
at Endora begins to take frme. The new sir election of new officers and should be attended
plane engine works will anon he ulider way. Eastnian's idea of good operations appeTs, by every r xhoh.ev
e should east his vote
Secretary Smiley reports llany familia to be a system that alloes anrd encourages regardless of any circunsta
a ces except
, epnol,
faces appearing at his wicket Brothers who profits while conditions plrn'it an at the illness. More of the election results later on
have worked on former defense jnlhs hure same time does anything neessary to keels in this issue.
and have returne to
W take part in the lew the workers uijet. (1t ilowage increase. Our wrk ill Il,,d around (incinnati is try
ones. The local feels highly complimented OIn the other ham'id, the worker in tilesheop good ant we here are grateful for being
Wo rkers (Iol't return Iu to nfriendly toerig n(*r is showing gfreater and greater d iss-ati face kept as busy Is we are. Anl speaking of
to poor working conditions, tion witl, lie wages aid work~ring ciinujitiiiip work nitir felow m embers tf theInterna-
It is our sad duty to report the death of lie is I ing pressed by the heavy burden nf tional who follow and know something if
Trustee loss ("Fat") miith, who was killied war costs arind txes ad acceprts hi, aldie race tracks wi, e as sorry aI we are toh ear
in an automobile accident while en route to respnnsibilties as patriotic dutie However.
H. the Latnnia R[ae [rack, a very heautli
track, will be torn down to make room for a
huge new warehouse While the wheels of
rogress iv. we cannotbt (Mfl a bit nf a
tear and a touct f i I
for ch a
beautiful sIl place.
Regarding new buildings conling up or
goin It, start, the American To*ol Works is
building a new addition. Lodre & Shiple;
Tool Co. is iuu0iling anot her pint. on whilh
Wray Electrli (o. received the contract. A
new job at the Cincinnati Chemical Cp.. us
,ew hospital aitFrt Thomhas barracks, and. at
Ihe GibsoIn Ilotel the famous oIl rathskeller
i being raed Imake way for an Ultro-
modern bow,,,lrritme. The electrical work
or these ally,, is Ieing lone by Archhiblev
Tn the very lear future we'( have a Ilew
$3,250.0c0 steelpilanIt reaIr the At!rews
Steel Co., localld enI the putsirts of New-
port, Ky.
For our aiebiali eam. I .anrporIt for the
first half of he playing season. Our boys
w*n.our ant lot two. Considering thathi
year we have I much better balanced teniII
and league, thiis Na nice Ihowing. but Ie
fully ex]pect t better that record when plia
resumes July 1.
Our new nenlti(¥s dturing June inclnded
Wayne WsfildltI. son of Al Wakefield; aIld
Geuorge $ehwoe~p'e. Jr., Meni of ( orge
Sehwoellpe. S 'To our new Brothers,. the
h, t of gu...d wishes to both of you.
Harry Applebh]att has left to join the Army.
The fallowiniT isipu list of thotse in servlee
of our countr' I ..Green, W. Franz. M.
Weisenhorn Jr., S. Johnscpn, P. Winkler. B.
Donaldson, W. Ruthin, Jr., F. Blist, T. Guy,
11. Appleblatt. G. Cuenthen, J. Ertel. May
oIur Lord and MIs tr watch over our hoys int
lhe service of onr countr)y and bring the,
A crew from,, U. No. 212 on the Lincoln Terrace' houslg project in Cincinnati Top row, back to us safe and sound.
left t right; piay Mutnce. John Rodd. Emill Rueh. Ln Mcfrory. Seconed row Charles yogi On 3Say 2 the FElectrical Wnrkers Bowling
Hwardt Stllkamp., Clyde Lanhai Third row George BelItrhr'ver. James DlotsIghrty, William League gave a dinner dance at the Clover-
AMliston. George Armour. Frederick Bridge. Jack Raylmnd. inspector L U No. 212. Boteom1 nook (ou ritry club to Irud their bowling
rol. Charles Blauran. Edward L. Kussler, foreman. Jh II . su.bforetnan; Joh. Beltr-
hoover. vice president of the Beltzhoover Eleotirie C., , tontInetrs seasot. Thy iwalrileld the Johnson Electric
JULY, 1942
C aIrophy for I ishing t'it AtIibs
Mrl-s. Willianl 'n.ih.eikailk won the ih, r. nl
door W'tittn.... 'tame ilu,, MORE EFFICIENT SERVICE
!,ated y tIm l'i,'.tl l'lectrif C'. Ml,
,lildtebhfuIk i~ the wife if Itit ll]oilng This is war tine. Miil to the In[ itional OIPier has i'':litlyv .inIasef.,
see''ery N te thlat William ltlIiilljla/ i Ilt.. to the ricner...... 'I b 'ns involv d I¥i i' ..d tilo ,
hal]k with ,s ,giL. Wt'I.iii..t hI ... eI ill. Alsd Mor'.ove. , the Bi'llb...i'ship o' the undio.. has i luadt'ult' ll i hn last l0
Wveb.o..e lmIeik, Jhni..I, 14ble,' T.,
I nIl X1ooll- yn'ars, Mail him IllOF< ]Lq dupnIeld.
.nteke, eonigrntulii loll'I O I ', tiLLb, l' The [1ten' Offl ice
1l i full ' yDt v's to give s' n' lo 'iter 'eci e'd
whieh tlme a ulity IX'i' In iIs i quick and full altitli.tio .
otn Jun" 15, 19)41 We Iote w ih' ln)k
.. a It, Anyone.. rtinill iii' off.ce .anaid ie Pietti l .... i. eit sItIivlo il two,
on om(
nf our ilnl' 'b,er t',inimer it I lia]
(otlI'r. whopiaIIse ,l n iII 1, 2a -
iwa> ill I rIt lhI ItalcI stubjr'et in :loly gitoji kp eiter
IT.itieoil hito I-. k. No. 212 N1
N)n,0lher (2) If y'otl haive. t.'.. tha i oit >bjr'ut I) tak, ip with lII lltilln tionl/
l11 Pill4. A .inemelnhtr f',r i2 ?i-. \¥e /f O lfle',, i' erta l¥ails lt't ei's as }ote h ave, sLa i .'ts, Bit vote ilit} i tlIu ' 1hse
No. 12 Thall ... !unu, Bill, Ji M1 f ill I hi' FIi'l OlITt}itv.
the (oi.. i'n fill, o tneIt.l seal! fnur
'This a 'a .... IL.Lhill assis ill t,-;Ibli Lt, the Lti'I iIatiniaI tIiice to
ideepes t !iipai±thie-& r[, Willa. Kieley, th, aliainrIe
ll lettIs with dispatch.
sIer d in, pcw. lrpah t IeeI 't Ih .Il' ,•F hiL
berger, in the ... Ns , lIh i ster. INosaiii
Ald as a closing irate, hello Io (Cicj' rn'llh'v'm of Ih, elei t.h p rio l
We note Harold IhetNe has1I%lnli ith
31iln v, uip in Yp~luntl Mi',hI. A(Ilie tation will miss t H
hiy Vl hever. Ha.ry
hi, trick knee agdn,. XVas ih (;cd anit.
EuIWmii M. Sl'iIMITTi luI!kllrot i'eeartly '''lien he' iiceiiJi'nnt~ll t eiirt'
I1opital for a 1sile, hut iU knii iow I}iop
l'r ss S''erete,, ill icntact with U G*[It}oen'lI line in ;1 T,[P,'
y'tl'or better sourth tieroldl
jLhsttitior, }]a..y wat a popular feallow .nd
y lexiinlnlnri
b o i,,ri lln,' ts rhe figlowinp ]>liler:li " . . al
,n I .t...kin, tex ..ais lindpnereasint thai L.1. NO. 215, TOILEDO, 01110 well liked here. Our ii' ...iihIathI .1oM
Wnrlet'er Tin this sail hour
standing as follow Al from to i It... tI hsii atked the niounes of nH 'jein The wage coninilt tii
tmde repiort r Ihi
to threey ear helper, J , ll nerlrey ficI' i4l .f Ilcal No 245U,now ill servne., Plea,, ~m' try the prbgre
il of nugoli
ap~rerntiee to two yer hIlper;: I, IlUillr I tnt then ti tto tL, sewjar' iii y,,r deirat'- tinil with the 'Toledlo EdLison jo. I ThliI r.pi.!
Jo rie'lnntlhn mta lI, 'i'f fail, ILon it *nay Itnt auift tI, %i¥1 1 lihapplhriril {)is' aid th1e Co1tihiitte'
Jake Baat hiet.eiillt Isr:±ndr l on ,ttirie 14, ,inch i i.mber of I. U, N, 21$ n.w .n ... e its r.e.ue
. .re ill return anId {arry on furthe,'
through thie biitL of a .ranidaon ita the hri-i illSl roayrrill A <penia meeting will he L, llel when the
Hospital. 'To Ray Beitkm' of Ihe ito-tke Elm fil' -wetet. son of $lcwaid IRoy Sweel wagi'~ ('inilniftee 5s restisl to* report again,
ri Co nnt. jest my personal bqt so ntiy, itnt a teltirreal to his mother on Mother's '[he p.,st ronth S1W lirie rewinwemhe'
others' eorgratulathoris , n0w little ay
i..l epOrltS from Auntrolla. lie wres ,bliattrel Iid more tn follow soon.
dlaughter. Yvonne MargarLt, born t.. Mrs. thul, he is lIe, the fod is goIond i..iiIvert- Tle li am an Annierlell" y was a silt
Berthetn June I6, P142 I"irllay that is now Ihing is O.K. Illt he doesI. n.t en..
n the [ess, The parade w.. s iiii'g arid grnol and hi
five lovely girls aid loe by. May yu iat.i Oirls Iha the ifipel s hae eIll iaVnig alotit. 'iganlzations taklig prltr wio nlaly.
Mrs, letike prosper will, Ray :io'tniii a, e lth .t.pie of the Bay. A fiw The wllr sitoationi is it thought
Our maintenance menL n laurel Hernle,. ovr, but iuost tf us Ire rackiln our it tie., Inlids of the nlb'ilo l-,iono mianagi
We arft glad to report ha'e [becn granitedrI flailS fi'i a 'olutinn to th' present 'lay mlnt and the eOplnytts 'Ill{: salvage nf .1l[
yearly increase if $225. Fince t orb by olur oetires ,zas. repaitirsal n.n... Iniill' ls a hhiateri
p itnullt
. scrapping a'I
larry Willuams brught this ahdnui ]i R. Shok is ou. of ifi ,rln1 again >niee rtiiret rll riimetels LIh ,'.%Oantet ise lnl
closed is a picture of our heys,n the Lincoln M ShIok
).... ho, home frii ,,
ia the drin for rubber are bhriip' result'.. The
Terrace job hereir h mla This housing I'linde visit to the hospitaL 'I..nipitni' s -stem init ... iI s (or haIlliling th'
project consists of the following; nne o- Mlario,[ Matr'elnno, it lit e Wtnnani, . t.. L rubber drive and their hieIk-rd]-folloB'w-t
rtlaiy hil1Itng;' l)ihiungs
. cnnainIng I hilii'o's]Iloiptal a.d in il a'Il ontical *),- ~ll~it4
O iui~lm mir of a niultitude
1,(15 apartments i3,592 rooms}. Thi pIrojlet of [d esL t
has $,550 feet if ei..err.i.i.'[L This job i h, Joe K ier is hatk in lie hospiaI fur an I Ih' K[t11'}s' f rbe results riepartmvn'lt
lieltzi over EKlee'i Co. with l dward I.. ii t'ioin has aiani [iaul hiln, w ote at writes home from Tueson. Ariw. arid [ hI'pe
Kisszler as lucaiill. who incidentally is ai eflllltt ~O to it. met'' [loI with hi, hed anti
U, hal 'urin lnewV froite him, ioli
'enI fellow and a gioi ri.erlhber i/four local, cauilii out second bie>. Arrhtlp Weller has been transferred fri1
On Fridly, Juei)1, illute' Arthur Bate IlIcy Westfall is still ¥.er5y Hi ani Gnis Cweri 'iehl, Idaho, tI Altaiiigordi, N. Ah,,
Ial. Irnng the chief i'letriciLtin of the in- Gi~ulan&I is leorted
a t tL]two week, clue to allI ks lraining fir t'atmnh.tWitietiomn displist
<innarti Cnceal llhpithl ivittd the ntitre Till'' " lt
picnic einiittce toh his on' itaiL arid Iele lckKa, of A'iei, had the mlsillti eii Kettle isalt (ani 'erry, worlni o,
Jhlllnessthat, Art has his oi tbar ina eivI. his ea wrecked Ly an Eas. Sidn I Tt nioe, ( harlos Stiger is at Keesler 'iell,
ilndy rathskeller whil, is lItetld in a bliu l1imlnker a sih.. Line ugi+ Wi' hope that you iaII Bhox, and traiLinlg with the Aiu
tiful hbme in Wnsrtwuil On' sii'ere thanki gt repairs and that the tires are OK,
to Arthur and 3,!t ihluinnn for a swell hlI hdei Edfi ,I o, is to have ; riva] Ar' Wiltianil, frlol tl, neiter
. depalltaet,
lunch anid l enuine hospitility. ii the eIletr i pronuiilion field. (erie haI hee, at G(reat Iakes I''ranLing Station fiu
Now to our eketion rsult, fif out OII iorer,ha ieen nverih allig his stein.l nIe( tinie, havc nilnm ;as
,s Io Arehy's wrl,
.livijbe voitesi, 336 'n,n' nlt mild ,,ted with pi"elln and reeiIerr'catlng sliqnn engine ccit(I thte, but ,i. no doubilt ri for
ll, that hi
them fnllnwing resilts' Frank Gay re elected thi h thc" ere ...mall m iie, they reals lIen his hobby for yla'r' lie had l'arredi :
presidlent: J. Doalrs~n'n ,ppsitim
in o n ork Itc pIan, to boild a modilel gen eratortI n'lwl,>x'r for
. hrt wave w,, 'n the h et,,
vice president; John fl'i M n liiD
T illp> , niljlc'e tile set-up, [letter hurry. iferie,
i eailhd him
tinnl'. [inan.ial secretary; Williamiu Vandor ibis nir keejis up wi tlay l.'ed all dii n Alenrlrieks, ntr'.e. . to hIdianafpol, fr
Lank, re-elected recording secrIetary; . 'art lin'u we elan get nrly~ this nin~iilth ari~d the rmeter ideparit
[Irkharst trill, ophititili, treasurer; Leo Stall Nlithas of the stoles spent iost olf ie't will mliss the hail..o. lahe I8d,
(libr, re elected exeeit I....e I; I, N'wnan. his veaioniin at horn,' varnisheig~ the ''oud .or iDley alsojflms hIe Airny soon and th+'
,e elected exeItLl'til tield; i ]) Jhnsnn, re I feel sul' thLia s.L.ih an iIIa was ,it gaLsi i uIealy n eallii hiniu sergeant. lle,o's
eletedi executh'e hoard; A. Siiribrick, ntw S it , Bilcataihii
alsen slni his ait l, lhat yo.u get thrue hblah oitla?''. .(1/..
,nlerrlber exectutivI h...aril. B. Miolimta, , e donnri. The better half Inn...e.iterl Bill with
elected exnillinnii I'ird; J. [tassIlberger, r( ity hb[
alh; boy, :siid le,. Tnt order to gel l'he line d ent bprtpm
heinig mathl hi I
olected examining board: II. Stapleton. nlw ]lertt'r ilealinten with his off"pring, a"ted as hit hy,i' servht rails,
leleelyeThey exile'
iember exanmning hoard: T.arry Williams., n, l'snniiiilt
for thn tlulh'ii, . . t,, lo(w about 10 citr, inca thisnonth t.
re elected blusiness rItresitutie, l, Wil l Whitnfiru
\V, is the priud papa if i a. ttid fil ,,ee
jams. J. Btm nan Wl Comi '. , Fuiy, dili,- new hbiy girl, I L12 model, eouphetety lDroyev Bfutk, nif z't I Illia., who was severtllv'
gates to the internationil convention eittlhl>ped, seat covers nd1(itll. burne{.d, is ii, . N i'neeot' Ihosp'tal antid wold
To, all our ie,,I tedntH[ oOiclr, ,>u bie ".%Anynv' Wrener in another fellow x'ith hi,
wishes for your Success anitwelfare and the phetnut.
for the stork recently left a bundle ,pnd*
entire union kno's you can and will give from heaven at hi, house With two woinelh [I. 'ght. ',etit.r knot'n ito all il I'
your best efforts with our wholehearted In the house, r cant
BU'sk who is bos,. (ion' is ii.lnr.,gi SI,'wly, Hie has been ill ~,
ra Lula&Lihns,
V liow, .. last Auigust .o has alway s beeoI ai'eal
356 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
sportsman nIl Ii IaaLIneh supplu of his A new eng liey arried i the hio.te If
'Ilrl griul teanis. You frt ys in I h service Ited Ste'art We have several Ien ill tie
Ihlihlio, au Inew give line y sulpport. lie BADGES OF HONOR armed service~ 1f our country of whoml We
erle visitoiS o hldp cheer hili Iupand amrt, very p rtul.mb
pasththiet. It' lllso. nie as loatlug Thal's all for this tilme.
after (leng, so verI a vi,,
bee nnd Barbel hav. received innVy ohn, PrIM's .qecretary.
pliIent .u the in.. hkandling of the rubber
drive at the building.
bci'io L. U* NO. 271, WICHITA, KANS.
.i that fellwEdison iEt I hear aIbout Editor:
that I... gone with the sante girl for "2years WVelIBrothers. I anl, alays lookilg fer
and is still ingle? If rule, Sonucone shou]. iid - I. B. E. W. ,erblematic buttots the latest news from WashlIgton i regarId
vestigate, for hat fellow nmst have a new show uirminimtn, lniber of yeats of tro lablr,. but the news I receive. lost week
type high resist n with
,ce positive protetin Dmmbershp,. They were designed was the tops. Senator Clyde M. Reed of Kan-
against biiurning ouit. and fabric,, ttd at the insItace of sas filed for the office of gove rpnor at 'opeka
EId Iueger pass[di out a flock of good cigars the 1941 rational conven.tioni of the lasi Saturruby and with his filin stated that
recently. El nmarrerida lowly lady ar.y and his platform was to help labor,
smart one, too, for thie present Mrs. Rueger J. B. E. W. They are identical ex-
Now for the benefit of the Brathers who
olol.e a school.Those
tceher. alibli for cept for the 10, 15 and 25 years' don't know thi man, he is ri, r nor] Iore
b' ing ou, late frol now on will have to be nembership designation, They are Dhan the woest politician
an-laborthat can
-cry g,.d. Ed. and it .ight pay >ou to get beautiful, of 10 kinrat gold and le found west of the Mississippi River, lie
in touch with goli, of us ltt tim fr ,ers
a little pliced at $2.00. The butt, ns ate a tel{ us tho he wants to help lahor, but it
adivacIe help, ( l
t of luck, htie smaller ill size that he repro lIhe same tine he sits in Washinigton atud
and all of it GOOD. duo'ties above, fights organifed labor every place hIe eal.
The fir test bhlako..ut at Acme station was There is not 1he least doubt in my mind thai
ronsinid red asuccess. I .oIdedpink lights mlay Mr. Reed (mld not have his way in the Sen
look gseni in my lIady's ho room, hut i' a big ite, so he thought if he were to becane ph.'
pillit tlhry erltai l' faill to show up misplaced teleel operatiln. F',. Textor, of the eKletrieal ernor of KensiLs he p0tlid dictate to labor aI
lice barshhloses aid equipmen t. Skined gang, has noedl otuver to the new propeller ie wanted to. But I think that the more
shins anid loss of severls tempers, lok of Flirt. sensible pepile of this state will see through
harsh words anId a better untIersta ndhing of The last ieeting of LocaI 245 was about this scheme anir lie wou't get to l'st place.
the [roblems that Illnt be met were the re- theshortest ,n .eo rd. The enVtratsfnienlt lIe is one of the men I spoke about a month
suilts t the test. eomlnittee had arranged a spread for after r SO ago who iGtsin Congretss aid worries
Eric If usefhat hfs a new haby gill at his the aeeting, and it was really r11 ge ho,, l.mre about labor than he does ahout the wa
house, and from now on he need not g,, out flew the argumlents were. SonIe $f0 worth of we are now in Then this nitin comes back
of the house for hi evening walk. refreshments. With liquid and solid. were dis- home with his poorlabor recrad ndasks the
Dan 'ailrr also has a new addition to his pitcrhed with speed. whos Ic
h would liko to chop off
falllly. A hluky so, was liEwest COn~- K<en ettersn, the top heavy in the line 1¼,r their vote. Irothers, that is what I call
tribution to the (ensus,. Congratulations, department, turned in 79S ptunilds of scrap nerve. I want to ask theI rllhers ill the other
fellows, and we wish good health a..d good rubber, the largest niount in that depart. stalcs. if they have any friends in this state.
luck to Ihe youlngst, rs. inet, to this writing. to please write to them anti ask that they
Walter Miller drove to PTesas o'e his vnea- Leo Bays, of Acme station. is the rubber meet this man .. his own ground anid get
tion .n, visited Camp Walters. What was man no fooling. lie is on the trail of all rubI hinm opt of the race ill the prirary election on
that, Walt, a sort of preview? ler, from bands to tract or tires The girls August 4.
Carl French spent his voation il Call had better beware, for girdles and garter% This man, is dangerous to the labor organ.-
fornia with his shi A. small sho'el-nose re on Leo', list. lie is trying to Iake this zitioii of the state of Kansas. and we have
shark fell victim to arl's fishing tackle and atu ali-out-for wear.caupaign. Nice going. enough opposition in this part of the cun-
hi now knows why big gaff hooks Ind lase- The Coast G(ua reutir es tha ill persons try as it iSenator Reed was goelinor of
ball hats are a part of the accessories carried who use the water front along feieral waters this state onco hefore and he didn't thiink
or all ceall fishilg boats, and fishernen on the same, have a permit eIuugh of labor t to even
hen mention it, So
(he Keller,. the webl-kfown Aenie fisher- from the Coast Guard with tiheir pilture nni I can't understanld why he hats takeui such
ilan and frog exlprt, is on his eatiru.. as fingerprints on the permit. This applies to affection for the laboring nmnnow. I think
ibis it written. We hope that he has lots of copanay properlty, d1ou.k, poles and shoreline that Mir Reed ,ould do his country more
good luck. and if hi doesut catch fish, at least eluipment. good if he would go home and retire from
a gorl tire or two and no AceIi frogs. A strange, new phrase is goin mlound at puhlr life anId collet old rubber for nlii
Emniet Martin is hack at the smhithy ani the Acme station, Ofttines yeu bear one man armed forces,
clahin that he had a real vacation. After a say to another. "Joesy is hack. IT meet you Now a word or two in regard to our Iocal.
throat operation, hi was not alhlwed to talk at Mike's." I wonder what that means? It Our two fshermen, Brothers Dick Florence
for IS days. He swears that he lid not say a surely aust denute somethhing big. and Ray Mitchell. cane bock from Missouu ri
word when the big ones got away. The company bond drive was a success. without any evidence of any species whhals
Nick Isel' vacation hals n1otstarted yet, but and aIl}y thoughtful ane will buy stamps or ever. I thought from the way they talked I
his trouble ha,. A small telephone trans- honds in excess of that pledge if his f.nances would have pictures to show for their out-
former fell fronl a polo and dentiedthe thop of will possihly permit. insg Also out liiness manager,. Lee F. Hill,
Nick' car, The pTout e was fortunate, for she This war is renting great diffiru]ties for has been bragging about the nuInhler of fish
was sitting in the -ear seat and was not Itany people anI organizations. hI' hits caught. 1,it no evdenlce th re, either.
ini red. Pity the poor Repiulicni Party. They are There have been som changes ill the Ix
Earl Weaver haI an unexpectei trip west trying so hard to keep in the front page news eeutive board. New members of the bhuar
recently when his brotherinlaw was killed. and the damned war that they said woId not re Leo Inett, George DIeldhuln , Clyde
The gasoline tank exploded antI the ictin, haplete just crowds them off. Yes, it's a cruel lhirhchurch anI Ray Mitchell,.
was trapped it the cia r. word. [low are we to know what is good for I am late with this writing Inow, SO I'll
Ora Mfikese is hark on the list of GOOD us under such conditions
' gig,, off for now and hope to have Illare news
story-tellers. Mrs. Mikeel is home aow and IIere's to all on their aeatiorns, I hope it is next month.
reed"er. fIg froml a se riosoperation. Ors says the hest one you ever had, both financially Sos: eIsnex,
all he has todo now is to get the wife out of andl physically. I' re's Secretary.
hock, Too many of us around the Acme know D. D, rIsfltow.
what that ens for the hospilgls and su r- Pres~s ,Secretary. L. U. NO. 11-292, MINNEAPOLIS. MINN.
geons been
havencing a large group of us Editor:
the past year. 1'he results of the election of fliees fOr
ThE local A. F. of L defense coinmi ttee is L. U. NO. 1-260, CAMDEN, ARK. the coming two years are. Edward J. Con-
now having regullar Wednesday luncheon Editolr: way, presiden.; John Edmlmds. vice p ros
nicotings each week Phlans and methods for Everything is fine here at Cadnulc. The dent;Roy A. N ewstrom,
recordinrg seretar;
all-out participation in the war .re the tOlpis fish are biting, vacntions are here, and we (Iy Alexander, financial secretary; William
inder diseussIon. The buying of a bomber by have a new ¢ontrnt [ better than tim East one. WXaples, treasurer: Claude Skehldon, husines~
the A. F. of L, has been given some conasidera- Joe Collins and Richard Gilly are recover- manager: Harold Freeman, Paul Bartholama,.
tion. Ing, from hurs received in all explosion William Dunphy, Sal Dyeie. Roy A. New-
Our Beau Brumctl truck driver. "Wheaty" C K. Siott has recovered fru in operationl stro,. execut'ie board. Orval Westerlund.
WiedeaLsnmper, has been transferred to lc.- and returned to wark. Kermith V. Johnson, Thor Eneho, Charles
JULY, 1942 357

peoterson andl Edwa' rdl ID zA dersoll, exnII rI'3 h III ' HI siflh',, of bllsi iiss Iliilall 'i it II t'ti¥vp iothet dofllar, plus ixpel is. frroi1i the
rig1 board) tith1r one if the two ronteshanls until the gOVern alek*t, while a, the same tmii druin
The Bihlling Trades aiei.llitnerit for in' In't 0 bttrlhiut WeCrecounted. fltl ,iow thalt Jz nl t bushless, IIfur their est&v e.ploy.r.
,rear,the rl' Ieaila tax from 15 centt to er lllt leB. the ljnidIge.
ii %%n1 WV ur, 1,ild that this new Ithin I,! i lh,
25 'eid i' ' 19M v ot e vc' a 11 2 1 iih&, ' irair1 hoar with ume I 'heI I say ,IH bfn hbo... III
to ut men. Ii , Ion
~h t ieIh, dpII
ti otw ttI t ti l, eeletton i over h u it for fil to the war etTo tF i4II. I p ,t' ''II I ],n
T[hr 0IIh'thi j[... iL a Carl E J. %''cl ei Olr per itMl a
I..e..nces ltq..t( tth IL nl ,wth pr li{'cl men, a .- I t.ohI '
'ilIs tellerr 'ti er II Hob at ,i It I
id rI I I
'it)iile n lIe ' IL'I I lat
' LI 1 'lt z mI hI ii 1.1'I
thot Lhre wIill he tore noni' II I ;l:
Trolls. ~ iI li.. I . I ~ Rii~,l lerti (, h t'l Ile ttI' hilla tL ~hi, ne, seeti,, veI i, I n,l
LelvhLL~.e ~
l [hrt
Ilhs ifie['r
irsllr g p;nty' was a r'-illpnil[iiF ifi h, hmhti, I (, LhLL~liLo ,ILL "" l qIur IIIm I hL, wLI bie pjut in,, the I t nI i I I
'~ee nlu,1 hor i,4 lash c ugu
s Tlb. .ht w a'- us d iti*,i . '\,i t th at e il't at ' ,;r Iialg ii ;i W e have rime Irovnii ( I h 0LI . iu ti IF
f'ir. The fI .d thi~ L'ILr ½wa iv good1.i"tI II~53~,LIILlet n it pqHI [Lose ('di IL' &I4d wI ith
a totd II III HII
iI ofI 7;t ELIIIL
idly ' ke l, I~L I I N s... adiiiiclit it. lif ,tll)I1 liepllie. slid that' I..,r ~ lI the .Iaps
wiltd B111. I( ~
ll '('iyl ani hi p 'rmi m hi atll li+1qn 0al I ILi .o'.. ji h L II II[ " ,U
fll'ol~T~e • iwllIr iiii It to the f lSih ,g pall' hLi h..... 'eh igI Ie 'i....
' a Ii it efiil~ie l
[ 'o[k ii fett Tir('tL ~i(-' lf ~ I Oi ' L WhIth IhI h (' ilthe rcs', r'o to
i I iL.Ll
I..I.,lI' reikai POI'hihi'lpi~l
.i r l li i¥wL hip LjiL
jili If'it~lla!
. . iLI It I l a r~in I
IrARI NCt 'qIiiiNzSON. : 'l, 'i l foI '¢e \iiAl rLi 's('tl Iil IIlU a, o afr
Priess Sl er'ld vl. rr Ml rlie B utte .. I i won th at LIh iitS ,r 'Pr I1i,i
phiti rei
Ir l q I
rip.... I, OF,if ll o ov , L l LI, He l 4h, it .u FLi~J
,'. NO. 3t9, MIA1kMI, I V. I''UiIple. he ipjFirtiee-hip I..ard If iIP {b3
I I I','L il eI l..1, '(IJ II L I li I IiI I>
T]'ll*It iI31 I !II,,(
J hat .cO . t.. il.
II,,ey tw I 11 H:I llIt lIina ll, co3fle I]1 l pxoii ]LBN, .,,ltN M\IAIl KS,. 111'Lrq lllI v I u'liH
gh In h
h%]. I l if il,
A I'ter the ([ul[ haill 8 tIe the 'e$ / tl[s are as presiS ti'ii eL ry
F hri][ s p} iu I lot
hL 0 rthhu d I,
fillows : I Iu il uI,IL eo'gn B''esi Miid MAr. I~Jel Lh , I ii~hxlfa ) I, hif .U I~{ [
Wee, i iiH~
d... : II;.:l IS .. o.key, (;,ldtm,1 re II. I . NO. 353, TORONTO. ONT. v , I fLiS]i ttu
I, Ith It ul,1Ir,,Ld
lii't ul erl~t~ T JAi,]S 1 . l urk k , ' li IUt.
(hil(, lhoei'
Oce het will I'iiie, li111i> (1 Ihat
~y ,IlU( EI ILLr,
Jr, treasurer;IIl"ed ... K~
[)t ...
l hit ISL'S l n,'sr'i with hL"Lll I hi~kl"'N"l el
itd t* Ltdo[ ltiL ~III'
Ialu I, llsi.111)s ~i.4]}.1er; IIIohIII IT II1ddh, *
l hI hi fluther. xhq, N, . .ood, I , ,I
A. I. Diii. Flred [inning, executive biid: uilt~ll'-Lii' gtiy e ]' i uli g~ ('ba ui e of cI Ill l'' il e tit t1h.I rIII ca o, k lat. night.
RIb,lrt ('IvIM, E Fbls. Gedtd, ithies. Ix If 111l' i.....iIleti IH Le il ' I 'l 'ilt. I I I
tutu} at Feut sp(t' j l exee~l ll ults. 11}13 :; 'tejilt ifleIti p mlh or elIot eies ,l ee
iilv ii h I LIr
I " d it t i
bthiny h{,Ip,Iit . hhat I gold I ilf,' f Il1 '
I,'O I ,i a1 ] I ,t,,iul
f l It'a sa
ie y that t st pull h )wl nt're w ith oult the a pqproval of a13
cle ,'t i 't ~ 't l *>l~ <,C [lite lU o s t qui et l y ei uil dul' hILtLte ti her
,ie I tofii jinjltt{i' that lIiu el th i1ro iS to rie'ea h'd tlib h t' Ito ¥1 i' ll
edI ileltor I hfae hadiithe p Ieasur
eI I r II I/I I pet'dl ex. i ll i"l .tIs
LDI 4;l'IŽ Sr I u 0rL
,ev s.'' i il.ll IhleIf k. I fL, t ', III I LItI I
111 \''rx OIL.i/e0'; y hhql [e. and I . . l hl,, dI,.'.t h'luie ]h,,i iobs I hey JIU re r''LIt' &-" II 1.Ii ,ih i', (if aI IL) I g'II''e ii I Ir s ~It

Postal Telegraph Installs New Automatic Equipment

O. . V.11iht.l if Mayi 1T 942. at ChicagoL ltid 'i't.e..r.ipl (able C rmpnty l rt'ed its rnet m3 I of eentral ofkice ip 'a iia f mainual
.ii ..
0o a*eton a~tt T h en in' ap aton o f ho a uitomatic rltq
u~lm iprl w als 111.[,0 by a crew lit fi'oii '20 niliu n~ -lucti: c w ork e ; unld rr ti e >iu v't¥ i~ on
of Fo..'i', I. It, Wi)lJ 4hIhI andi Steward I t Le
' t Tfi ruti -,ved
oo the ld iita .iI
oiperation i t.hod
.. .. of
tol Illt nt.tottIiI ,'ai itIde in
jtt't lve' Tle abseilc. of aly
'yirltes Itrouble duplinlg anti subs1equeint to the etmt-oje] is 1t triut te to lt' tine [l1liddidIg and wo'krnat ip of
Ilt COL i'(nI c The flOw la thuomtrll 'rt j¶ as I i,'th e (f dese,'itinn a it is .'..i. p ' and tlliclcIt i ipdratio.. .. It t'rs'
,Ios tie !.c i',t,
arId pIeed of ; nt oilttt .d transm ib. oiol a. i'play It votid lit' Initial trai.. rnidsio IL . .. I .. I. 'i.. '' eeivt'el
,e from [l sending office t}rit prrfo i'ite d
ap.eL i* t......i.h tLiih speed piIl tiiii-4tic ttit'
m!}13[ to ,asi t ItIutte Iu insn,I dti'r sti[ kitii' till1, ' lt In fi ata ilt C itile . It is ju. II IiItt)Ie ;'> [l o[ ir~d
jpid eL ILst II III hil' sin.i. sion tm e Is r 'tec. .d to L I..... iniiil. and pois, hi lty vIf C <I0 'lIi "I tn he 'I'd i i'tlto tof repeated ill iil iil t .i.l.. lthlIisio i
arid r , is eLi¥nledd The amazing featnres of this sli rdIty. ,nfet ai(Id .. t.. i of iperatlon IcstaL lie [lise
wtich l'elgIaph
I Iii e it'etiflri if CIhief EIIn n eIAhiavrF Cornm rye ri genicusy
.. andFl .s oti dlry ,, tLit in o f intriate utechanis. ns guiding its ii' rntaitl
Similtn dioi,niti servt c. equipvnen hI been instaliero1 iin at hrr pune pal it~tes of the nation. thtis ai urIng a fast oceutate telegi'pl Hervice
a Ptstrl 'I'eregpti[ In this picture appea' Mr DOav.l, t'..eral sLipni/tendent of the Chii'ago litri {se'tlt from left. bentfoiwl, Steward
L oher mid orornljltl W illou hlly ttcflth alid elIv L I rL.. .t I l fit, ied( itu)
The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
orfest of laws Iay of
J. shift basis, ih eIoit.
. h I ft ver nut! .r hlns rclafiu w %, o~ne sbjei I. Its
> tlhal Ie? till would ant hIntt hive titeI Mail to Overseas plat, s then, that this word cod.eappies
ot'iers of age .n.. all wIll of life. religIn our friaterna l
up itisiidci the factory every nl1OriieLg. Americans orders , i Ii h , of couvse we are apart, fire
Io e very inueh afi]qIhy i ht, Z.ail DI.. I laruIu'ttnts:I utitih'sI also 'try
ail takes ships,. Ships iuSt[fl[ in skillf] cilft examIriitiartio. What art'
elfth u~ ~mmin . l..i...¢alIed carlm Ilulition ald Ships weu rloir~ about. edlucatung nutn I~elulber% oin
piatIitit gliiki D s,,ems
.. Ito hathe e, o/ mir aii sea, e. The'y at'' beig sunk
t]eld lire.endativus at tIhe' plen ilapidly. Hft h~eI',sPb. Office I])- MV jiii swi' r tuuit hmnch, ti..! IIhilil, I Ol
,i, It i- dieal with Ilhrt things first it1
ipe, ll1C(l
... t l..t.lit nu,'t a Iew situat prove this aretteit Let's gio back to 1f.Id
o;1[ I1ule ,on the ut',idl who ,iyild; anid iltOt iI a regular meetlng of L, I'. No. 558
lan an4 wipie nout olUlt skitbi!sirLie'Liie.
ti.n. In conse.......'('. the Post Office
DepartIen.t h s ..lle4 that in- i.the . IP lina] at Florence. Ala. l}reseo[
lhenw , thentile lie... es, ,tid It, fetIle w
etatse I bulk .. ail like that of the ai tlhts [ineetinig were Juo. S~th,~ pire LIIIL[L;
C,!rgeu the sotibsIIbri has I]oi elee ot I'.i wie I~V, kIn'Us. ~rl nrer: .Alnu, Jene, [1. A,
<ii, [ni the spotlight nf grilter jhilit, F ETX ltfAt, W. ,RKS' JOURNX AL
amnl litnaneial seIetar~; BnII,,
ha ofChe nt.antuafttllrrin' canlhal I)n' perminied to Alaska. hli~rx dsoni, recording eelnlary: lI'd Smith,
e . the S*an,lard Oil. whiih& theyhe Hawaii Puerto lRico antd orH4e Alhlen Piercee ,I -. White. Biry [amm. ,thn
New Jersey o Hog' Flollo, anid thl (ovt'eas territories of the United It r Pi[ihi,,,-
:y a a rnd
fe .i.. .i
it nepa Electric of lieflt, andl 'r 1 y,, iheir State, t hidim, yCIrs O-aly.
he InOtrrinnll Office ha,
ouly flgg i the dollar till nail their coat of IVith ,ettIt ] ig enry
told th' Poist (Ill, ('e Department it Me 6nu
,I- "id,,iCi
hit' double crse. h hat'i si,,e f h hes ig hots. % . sir. na'
I,,ea, IUnion No 353 haitd its .,iulari two will Thi(s means thai
tIC;iulehiiel'ps inl t hose overseus olilr thal arn litlt atltial tepreseIltatiye iO A,
5 1 t.'.tel 'inisthis
Chint.h aulnihe folhwin W[alker. Whaif cookingf? Just a 4sson ,il ollr
olliders sl] arr.y on for tix,,'n I .t.o pel telitO,,eSI ili t ive the offi- siijert. gotled" If Braiher W 'alker reltis thi
Pijdent. ,lot 1)en; vier hpresidellt. 1'. p. ciaI JOURNAl,. If otbhem' tIbn!ers I ll bet it will bring 1aek .n.let..ies of fnyli'y
h':serslield; finanicial sieretar¥ 1i11d Iniilnjsis ('hnolig thelr addiyesss.
lv(!'se*us- long, itrd sliilt'. LeI'e- gel on, with the
:il.lnlAer Ccili M. Sdha w; .. se}¥tly.
..... in they will ..ot rceivethe JOURNAI, iaetting. We fre under the henling of aplplll
:. A. Meiile; treasurer . .loniihi eitflLtin Until h.stilitics are over. they will ration, forInt ( 'ber.shihl. WhIilt? Twenty eight?!
ihe boai'd. P. Elsworth, EV.Luau. a. nd A. ink
have to hot'.ow a copy fromC Yes, hi is the start of our in.t.shron growthi
pene; .'eitive hoard. J. F. Nhtaind.. 'I.}
3rtI]'th n?, (q. Sorpy. and this coot'inued on, chaLnoges taking p1lace
.1o,[lughsnun and It. Me(ir}oril. fasIt. ThIn {olies the first wage eni ferenOe,
J. F.' Ni LAN'., wih Lb he TVA. and this is where "rOie"
cI'ole s ilto lhr picture agai. FIollowing
inir filled the same pusioni very aeeeptahi elu,,,esee Valley Trades and Labor ('ouncil
I.. U. NO. 377, LYNN, MASS. in sister local before his transfer to 1-f¢l is set up Mare code Tii litrelhes on We .. e
Id ei~: No. 2h96, antI nllin serhilg an our eeetLitivi' []o, mii the year 1942, anid during lthese few
[[eigll ho! II"ome aganaftr tw.i yearh board for Ihe pas year. This promotion is year, w< have glrown to a meIhersh p o ee r
raitiblinf. and I have a coitple of ,dsevattions indeed satisfyidi to te entire emnhershi. ,60 and hare purchased one of the best
I would like to hase In the r..-nl.. O. is jind he may issunIle the gavel with every cdi biubingvs ni the tri ciies. situated in Shef
Daia oine-half of all permtit fees e'nllcI'el by fildenee that the hol.. is behind hin, ~Iflifly field. Ala. It's paid for anti we have t.m.iey
Iaeais lhnald go into the yenishIti £innd. Ihe lutring the*, tryingj time,. Loal No. f9h ha, anid War, Itonis in the bank tu-d e.erIything
labre group of hl ti',er .i.. het~eid to teen very fortunate in, it; executive board is 'jake. '
huillup our Brotherhood wouhld then ,e 1embers of late years an d it ih proof thei the But hllii have W e done btou t ode,"mieaui.
sUlelrf Retting thir peithdI en they itick still holdh, whoe we have available suct ing the eonstitutkimi of the I B. E. W. and
coin.' due. a worthy stcessor ,/ our hiate P resident ydIIaws If the Iocal union ? Very little in edu-
My SecoId observation that
is there should atirt to tothe in rbers.So we attend another
Aylwa rd.
lit law forbidding foremen from picki~n meetuig of the IoaeI. Bear in mind, we now
We were faore!d it our last n..etin~h) Z
old tile and men four feet tall to ril, faiii visit from ie of oltr mefbers in the service. have it nienide iship of over 800, one of the
inch Ape. They'll do it every tOle. Corporal Francis J, Suillivan, U. S. A. tt is ts.Clabor teaples in the entire South, iad
Arid 'low I am on a job live minute,' vallI signigfieant of the hohl the Local 396 has on money in the bank, fine attendance, if nf ah-
frem ily house, a gear plant fir the' (ienirl the hearts of sime of tir meImers that they seesieIts or raiseha hal uree passed out.
Fleetrhe. Ford Electric is the c, nttaetor. will sa.rillre anl vening of their all-to. 7wntty five iembers. Let's look themri ver.
This week the Brothel"hood lust on 'f its scaty leave to I ttend it meeting. We are Whis here? Stutts. Bles bore, , Pierce,
lehvereslt little flier, the doghty b Major ('a pIrou of Brother Sullivan aind grateful to White, linra.m Sharp and (Irahau,.. Same
pelle. the bhesincs manager of LocIal No. 113. him for con/i'g, anll we also mention this in gang as in 34. Now for snie of the hard
T hd major was 100 per celit for hi, Iion, at an endeavor to convey a idea to some of the hiite., yoI gan hank on to lb, presenIt Id
all and i1 acrifieed nu.h of his own time thathin
brethren who have every evening free anI tar o the beanI Pop
in t heir
interests, ie will hIe dmi.sed hIy all do not atteiil. Th(i local would muchrathter [';ans. tl,, Broadfoot,. pet, houIgla, Doe
Brothers in New England. Well done, thou have your attenda ne thai, your fine or Faer'. fleatie. Red Aeker and others, D1ins
gond ani faithful serl.1 lhe dItly ted offlcers, who are putting out
I felt good to 9et back home a.ain,. .. e. Local i39Iis iill lidipin aCo fuirther the the ,es t in thenm with plenty to do.
i11, old friends,. getting real ;ca fo<i .lft war effort. In ddtiitoid In the ettln[ ea"l
bulk o the ie to order. We will Inve
water and the s..ell of lhe leean. ]'he heose menbership being engage, in war work. tho down ti reportof delegates aItd cOuuittes.
iz like a naval base with the two hiysbring local hn invested heavily in WaIr Bonds and (Gnernl labor Union No repor1. Building
in, ill their
pals at all hours. Rather wcil is about to provide a flag and al honor roil Trades No report. Look on roll call of delt-
going down town on Saturday ni ghts, nil to he displayed at future m.eetiigs. In addi. rahtes at bath these bodlies and ydu will find
litli sign or show window,, lit uhl, a.eel tia,. I committee tldier Past President John hark i '3,4i '35, 'T6 antd '7, delegates were
lights autos runnlinmp Ol] fDiukinl I. Gay is investitgatig a rlai, whereby the atetoridin these affliates as it Thould h.e
light, I like it. New EIIlaIId is ill full .i..t..l lIen.hers eonChdonat, their blootdi O tohe Never in the history of organized hthor have
low, so I
don't kn.ow of I, hetif fidllie at Th reeNinety-Six inarches o! we had the rhanee like this But if we fail to
this tino of the year and I will stick anion ii Cyril. the Denon Ilelper, picked a bead of attenld union meetigs and hue Liniitnimen and
fria while,but boy oh I.iy! WI dol have solder fIrom his eyelashes antd mused. "l]n fight fIIr our rights ani let our enemies like
sonI lovely winters! The thought of it glad we are in this war work. There isn't Westbrook Pegler and others through the
chills the ink in my pen. aud..1si I will elope much thrill in keeping a shit mouth if yeu p.ress, Senator MoIellar, {. V. KalteIori
dn't know anylhing io keep your otifh over hiberailoi have a green light, we Canlx-
If,, M,~ NKI¥ Ie..niotlhmingbut the red light.
shot about [
I e re 'ltw Arpsa¥. Chi you 'e r sopl, I., think what would
Press Seereta a' eife.y ioI witan in Florence. $4he
L. [:. NO. 396. BOSTON, M kSA. fiehld IhdJ'n.srun.bia denIanded the union hlhel
If2'ir,,r: L. 1'. NO. 558, SlIFFIELD. ALA. Itn ilt ptdteh .. s. anI unin, el'rks to w.ait on
The executive hoard of Loeal Nii,, 3,iC hais Editor: thIn,? e.s, it eiIthl be dOfe,. Here is codei
aippoin ted to the office of prestident fr the Let'~ all get tortthner and talk things over. again tWoleIl s I hiflt LAbed .r'ate, havil L,
ren[iniiiter of the term 'mtde v..ant by the WIell, hat will we talk about?If its O.K less thanl00 (I( li'ers with thousands of
udeise of our hate president, Walter A. AyI with you fellows, the sthjb't. "Code" shoul .l..ilIletl
. In theIistrict. ]i doesn't look
ward, Brother Frank Luliy. l.res.idit Liuidy make i, er'y interesting ro.e. What does Ali. gohdee 'bI, it? Blut it's facts anti s is this:
i, a ,hknudid choice for efeir mnatrtH , hiaY- Weihter say is code? An sivel A systematic Year illioi hits lnald& mir enuditions andi]

JULY, 1942 359

wage salE thrdhi, lifted or living stem{i wlid f work, ItlItel warfare will hiave
I .reet
arLl tio it, lt e'ti t hetght. affording us a few Lit go Ido esiornie planning, so will these
luxuri es iof hit ,S,, if, in aI ood ui ong man. [rueiones bt'hindl is we can hope that Ieoni/lit-
hip aiion OiIL*
IL4 tilSt., wakt up irdu getL
le's Ie ulitirrilg will .. v.I$ from a post-war de-
in1 Iril andi take, ailvantage of the oppIrtLI YOAIR FLAG I..eslion, ar"i will guaraBleL us p ost Wi,r
rit 3 i L,tn ytllt Iotal ieetigs ard heij ThEl l'orih it whichL as Vie f'reslenl Waolhtt'e h}a
Our Flag ,aiI,. "'vTery plersonI shall read anLt write a..d
nlIeut I LLEy.'EtIIt h .ush .. . i..
.s it', youLrt
eut gh I. Iet's UItt let tiffs iniatlEi gqt negleft(d For Fre(e]om hITv' a I1t11 If ... til a da y.i
II I N 'p.tid t little nitliey Ita] citutai nui hburlab spealders e ths 'IniIie its ef
Tolerance thu~ rt iritininaant. nler, a gFe-e tin g that we' itril
"ar l ,; Ji ht brent u~ttggQ (tle w e p t
Itr tlnlu
i i
dass Iallt
It, I ~~tn~ki'
"TakeI"' i
El OIs iit~
f,~ and (CIA. t 1elh sn nI Iw tu ,the ,iLt. I r thI L war, Itnd
ILI, l~~e k tI EteLttI,
, let s train oun t] co, t]aIn'p peace ' it"ut hru'e a ,aeih Iltel, "fr
be , an 'I i thl, the cIttl fla ul i \e tI it It hber fill' tI xVtI, war tutUms IL, a
I.[[ I I a ILprIf jeI s 1~ I hes (I.. . jLl I I. ,I, I 4"It
ek wn also eII.Tphasizl tha
' lly
]h . [i~ ~H~ Ii I u...L:T ,. f Ilh, r1v
Itllr lkI wI I i.t ar i il aI tr, ld ti n t, e Th, ituIhl
arLI0,1it , hlIII I, , seli a A e o', I TI I 0
A I ILLI' I o f I 5 at fcis..I aL hII fL,n
I~w LL
IL alo n . % fls tit In ,,r s re i,. A> e retia e ,as idl I a
Rl t I i IIL. I.I I I I i I[~ III ILII
~ lI isIr furiI nl ti~~r In wa$ emrEIria t i5 1 that the w' t niII, lf
I II I IIra I I II IIIe hIL, b ee , antI d rI. the witr Ed,of course, the peee ''ill hI
I Iel I . z Is IIl IL F,, ,eI[ u tae -N ' It' Is tart in will I d..l. iat sti if the rtght w 'L outh aI r in, Lrin d idinseult bositii's But if wI hIlI¥
aI L I if I L I tiItIll OII OlU IEo t' demucla,
I h hIII-[,,, upon it, WLA'
II0 th sete 'tniiiiati
¥i ai-,lialnd l
we (EE isa I
51,UlSh~lU~. xinndii[rkit's
.rlNIr II. CItA[iAN, Al UUS T ]I~ItAIhII
WlHI(~i WE: AlId SEEKING IT[11 'Ilb:,
PrIss Se.ret.. nr. SFltvF IN ((IIt WAR AGATNSrT fO1 ptrsde Seite'tary poetl
I,. I. NO). 595, OAIKLAND, CALIF. Ani hill; I ]' Iato ILay that Iam i Iy I. I. NO. 617. SAN MATFEO, CALIF.
i?,fntor of the ilmediate eras'tttunt l,5 IhI
l'}It, kyl
e i,[ fni, the V 42 eldietuon in Iait ...... roIf Sen,,il Bill 2135. Il, I
E, i,,tro.ue hlt [ie' i~il ihgthigs are hapeiuiii!, LIo Lte
/oEil i, th
e uI'ni a ,ty"A (s.nert' ey iletne' Ilf Ap ,il' '!1.12,
Is S iLtn I Lbeil MI n e'I, t~Irrui] "inrker of day as the war p ll
ths new niititt ,if IholoLI Lia en, onl SanasI, lotte aLd EIlert Thomas. . tlfI ''pp... tal~t!{I I taking thes nez
rapid'l ueni
o thi'
Ma' 2t, i2, the A, F, of L. Labor 'teI le here ,elabor Patil es Art of l1942. osirl rtjleion of vdrioti plants diat ar t' being
rbe L ,sis,,o waI, the Northerni Calliftrita A, '"'iE ENACTMENT ( Illis 'uilt toiptIrodue mater al fAl war purpoises
, Ef I., Iguf,ereo, e: t which G;.....rnor Olso M EASI lI E, AT THIS TIME. WILL AS AL]II, tr inart> nf such pla tl i' the ,loqlli
wat's hIb ali -paker Als,. ,peIkini IeLr S(1W '1i11E WORKERtS OF Ot CO('Ni'ty IfLtaIdy ]rti Wrks, iat unnyvSlal, I!Llif.
S, inl' A. F. 'If [, Seerot. ny [2,award Vantie THAT TillE GAINS THEY HAVE MAD) IN This plant i being enlarged into a ithir, oaf
] itnut,I Sail Francisn-o ('entril Labor (Et E- (eLI(EVTFIVE BARGAINING AND INION that i, natktng engines for the ships thT. ar
cig Irle it'eitln Jak S/,[lii3 0 n the pIilftforn [EMUItIrIF'1p WII, NOT BE l,3 lning built in our ship yard. 'rhia plant
w(re Se111 I{ ]. O, I'rsileit P'hilip t'nnelly s'pRri¥iPI W TiL; '[THEY ARE ENGAGED wsi staidlhalthait T maIe thesame trile
anti State I I 0 Seretary Meglin Rath IN llIGI IN(; FOR TIlE PRESERVATION ela tls/In sleai engines for ships iill the
I E it. II rr' tti t nilla Wgts State] ahuir (]3t] OF [lI D MI(] ADCY AT hIOMIE AN) World War No. I that they age tanking today.
OLnly in the ]]ritihtirtiOn if these eltgiies tsolity
iltscoirc tierbert (.'arraCc..u,. lpresenting tih' ABRIOAD.
tRL]r( ... 1rotherlhnls. they are making the same nunLhr of thet,
A fLrither evnideuee of unLity was die an- NotN , ('ollurniColjere) ohbo, 0tcI,a i'l enginies i 25 days tht luring th( last W..t
ItelQEint'llt That Stlati Seruator Robert Kenny I telfik 25 ithiritH
the WI~. Ul .... ilt Iof (aliHorti JletkI DHitgt the period that I witlied ni, the
hail tilhdtli'i. from the gulbernatorial race
ntl wiuil ril for ittorney genera.. tiasti hItalio of the electrical work .iL tht; IteI
'rho governor said: "(lrg i e ilb r h ,a IT[he enfelnce las held }y the 1,tversity huhiidin*- F learned math ahbut this plaint
airea.lyIt iol abiiindant proof of the earnest- ef Extension ill e'opcratioti wit,
C aifonia ,hai I not knTwprevleuhly, though I hiad
Oils I,,t its stIrport of tt ntion's war etYfolt Ihe labor dinisiin of theW ar JlrolrtioL kitowr eof this plant for yeIr arid thought of
/)[{i of Ek first [practical aet; toward nationatl [Ial ... th eT urer
l ii.i...lo. of IIMeT'
t, flit i{ ILiLy a, a small machine -hop; and fouJr}
uitt "ia (h, firnation or the National V., of l'rle(' Adaliiitrntih, the lIpaLrt that semiiiE'Enar had started Iad w..s nIoijg sillt
It'tinmmi ntne , ILoposed of l Ralt'r If the meat. the Caiif...nia State Federation . f [La iaehllte work, bitt to what extelt I disl ntt
two great AnieJIcan hn,,se <,f hrt hol. theC'aliforntia State Council of the ('or'
1,rga.lIzed know Aft"r talking to aiI old sehnnlrnutt
Ih.o. thI
h A nLerirat FedertF i ,I Tf laliar al] grrio nf lnldhtitrhl O(rganizaLtin, 'Id the hit, h s Ibeen with thif plaintt sine ]eatvLin
the ('tilngress of Ildu't, 'ial Orgai, rt ltIIlIh 1t
Bnl h.erh..ods sch(Iol an.. whhini 1 hail not seen sinee nt,
T'hoe of us who are A.merica,. eta.....i days. I began to ask Equestle..s andI got
'I h, {e lnts wLtl i'ese ct. ttI tih' ai'ttsatit'ln who hIw iil'nai]y ed.ucatiLL arind ordlnary sotte vry i infoaLion
against targiat~i'etl ]nhl0o1tare clear aint anleiitii- i whI
aOe, L',ElsnX oIlr chiilion ..iri Ofd Y. starI w ith, the futilder.. JuIihglI [i[eitiy
toria ' t:ES ltei
T,ai] deist its dutty. ' he w it, illg lhein Il shool in the typical ALnr'e/ttlls Ial a Ne'v Englani blacksmith who ran]s til
Ils Wh.. atr riot shnittlerilg the gulls in the wIy who aIriw1he ,ayN f Ioetp, fil tking I hifiornaii Etrillg the days If the gold rTilh.
Are'tli, whe tire int mannin/g our [batt.Ie hips irl qi tiqn ra ie 1Lan1 fid(1 it (Ifn LIIt lIt IrTe If, otIiend a shop in San FraT.eist, where he
tnil .ierehean hills are hnril at wolrk behind ,njilp ourselves to the n1s~s slaughter tIhat is hlItIt a fe. .. Ioo usinmess in the innRifiltture
thinhues. in aur wI r Ifa.t.r. hi",pvardst It% ji Or iI the voIld.
on1 e hilly
ther sf .. irul[g tools and machiuerx. II, he next
Iliies arif iri hls,It it i t true that IL r. aniie.i, I .a justifcatgint for the present strife and ..vears the Joshua 1lendyl fi rm was eon
lno testrifts the wor-k week> U, 4;i A hurs, On
hIo, dt.LI, 'rhat }%th, hope titat out of to tioceil by literiy and three IfL his iue]he'
this polint I take pride in Tsunting ourPrei dla's terrible struggle will come a better aid oa{.L, everything fri.,] scroll iron ttrk t,.
t ent h'oeei:nE[y saii: '}- (, worker', in world for I.m.rrow. Therefore, we aire all h..rse.drawn fire engines Duin og the earth
.n..ititt iitlustrief arle ,orLit, far more inlere.teI in the shape of the events off the lia1 skea .. I ilt in 10OG the HLeady s11p were
thant It hIutrs a Ileek and sh ialt niynt ut to attitre The most sifieLant as poet of the flon aned daestroyed. One sif the Imerni
hi ilodtl it ltine slid a half fCin oIr..mtiis', 'oEiirerinLe we Wer honored to ittlend wa ters of the fan iy had bought Ii pear oreha r
Otherisn their we'eklv pL3 t....htes iull the dlis~ea~i all sides ah.ut the r'totr
ton oiL at $unny ale. a d i,] a pIart of that propeirty
stirurtio alter the peace. It wIa indleerd in {he t'orE wrrks was rebuilt, In thtse day,
of this oYn'tirme pay is plrltlg to see labor, military, anll gnvrtln- [hey bhilt in the heavy C'''nssion tyle"'f
s'IIghIi'I ielIIe's 4ff labor nasn ed
.I ,eITnt lellders discuss together the question lark and Spanish arehes. Thl', me
'What .,ie wr? And wha
Iabut about
t the huilding till stands aid behinL this are the,
toward l th ' a ltitrut.
a. olitnit of the Wageft
nitd h t'..s l w,a ntil ai a n earts 4if edtuing liitt.witr woerld ? SliEp where they male mining .nit.i
L 3 i ,' iitigs of the w'on l'
lln week of o urI It hlit,nie , ier'easingly appaleut as the ihinery, irrigation e.uiprent andi Ilaehne
talk Iii..inieifd that the world will nlever
lo1'l lul/ts'ts (itr all of us this Linlth V r le,aanwhaLt it wa before the nslfriig of Wolld Wilr I gav'e the ILti il
Bill which woulI have dieprivd labor oI itl TI, Deee...~be7, W7. are in the mndt rf .nat tract to build triple ox
pailsirtt steam nil~ifleC
trndilint/ .aI' ri.. ht' killed b3 this H.otIs nail epoch qakiti eeIlit.. For ,xhr..pile, II for argo ships,. and they are today turning
Naval 'ltaiuiI'I omiE..lttee. Thus, the attL mpt Elne frov.rrlncn seaker pointed out, weswil out the same engines that they built then
efC ,4LjIt' I E'iu, lyler-' getile to abolit~h tihe Leat it that hs, evernight. Iad to ration B) trijig the depression the Iliendy pEtill wlis
mIio shoLT. Iet stoldarui 'liiheuill wee k, I. er itsill i eI ...o.lite. that we usedi to take for taken over Iy the banks or, a receivership
Eime pay serarileds rind the light to strike granted, WI, . wLill be a nation that has set I.i}, as the United State' war production
st iani to in n ] cell in (rE prier anti frozen rents: that has began. Charles i. Moore and some of his
Atl it is Imy ferwnit h...e that no le isa- urrat,'tl thug rose~,yes of mItI....owerlit every tssiclteS took over the plit. rlb. xa n
360 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
siob of the plalit was beguin ait oie, contracts ijiiw some of the IlIp e.hers inL lhis pitute. written arid oral,. riftt,lte i the technical
being ,itae for gunT naoutlttiigs and other 'lhey are, sta.liiCg, lift to right: Blothers assigjb..nerts taid oral aiil otral p Sigkiniwledge.
parts ne .pl.Iby the goverrir'eiit. This Cx- William Rittenhour, crew JIn'lln'a, A E. Four Yea rs of operatinrIg ' renec m, op-
tpasisei ....lII it necessary Cer the Ilendy "Jack' Upton, frririn ly a lii...aIh... w a ireritic{,shilI is lequired or iubstaticn op
plant to remove the pear orchard that was sho..p eferiin;Kileth l1aruant grin, rstors. Four years arid sli aittniths experi
part If the property in ordkr to btiCid the new man; Frank "Blill" [tailnab, sroa1nlnarh for enCe, IIx of whieh inust>
IitLits behi i
buildihns I,,dLerl This orthard brought in an , the penie w,, givu; 1Hary, G HaMC-
ihom gItlera tipi, 'taito is requ[itd of a switch
iI *I'lif
J ,earfron. the sale of thai islh, general lInt i 'iao ;ore Mnr'il "Srl", board operator Lseeonad e n i ither ;it generat-
,rop ,.Iars. Where this ochartd stood] ow WlVo, our fialial Ieretary;
. F. aly. i.g 'Itttoo,, Sax years .lI sI ILio...ths. 1w'
stand several huge buildings thit house th' frroll J1,(tmaa n: .tohn Sle~', . . r . i...n.i. ; Ed. years and Iis imonths o{f lhih, ,nust lIe
nlachi..ery used iII the
of these "4iT Ed Hihhami ii> tinati. Kneeling, M. switphhboirtl operator. i of senior
engilnes. New luilldigs are .. pw blieg built II. "Fat" Fuller. litiet n, anid Nin...sII "Ike" operator 'first operatei at generating sill
for, h rola, truetion] of torbitie engines a ,d Lentz, lineman. Bill ,IaIs .l..sett.'d witl a tilol, The system operator or disIpatcher i
new fnkitid'y tri tni elargeIIe Iapacity of the shllefer life time pJil Ittl penciel set r.... the usually ,'eertptedl from senlior opls~utero.
pie(lit foit.ndry,. ileI, pI pig i.o and oltd gatLig Ild their v~ivts. The appilutticc ,r tiaiurtg IIIo..ran.i ep
Tilloj....k are rapidly used by tin foundry in Al If. "' A '" I'Il I.i:n, orator pUtISt spend fur, years iii a generattit>
naking the casting for tile various prts If P'ress Secretary. stlon, the time being dividlei hetween eluc
thie ,iachiies they are CoiIstri'utirg. trieal and lteehanical Ijetatioi These trimn
These ca/tings are taken to hie shops, L. [. NO. 765. S1iEFFIELIC, ALA. peg art' given stndy coarsit all through [II
here they ore i'aChilled to the exact dine,,- four years abde uIp fI..nt iiad n,
Liotns of tie part of the machine they ire Io Last month toeMn Unon 75.. nle. an at- chaira) engilleerilng textltks
It. The e ectrical eqibpm, ,entott ninny of thes te'npt at tlling iabult s...ineI f tihe pr tlde
s T[I' trainin programii I, rLleerted by thv
tirret hahtes radial drills, milliig machines operatSoui
tf arising fronI the inerease' in de joint effort If operating n a man tgpn,' parson
and boring n/achiles is 'ry extensive, with feuse indusiry ihi he Suubheast nel represenltatiees antd laltpat'lpresenltatives.
various mnl(ors, controls, conIt.'tors, arn] the At Chis time we ,iph t talk a/.ut just op- All hu of the ..i..r.'lin. I' rtnii iattl.
like, on large panels a n each laehilnc. Pane] rl"Ctoi , or, to lie a hit nIore tpeeith',
nperi etC, is t.ike, care of by rOitiittt ts ai e nII
,f push buttois control tlheseI.a.hiCnes, atd ioi fIC the 'rnTjessee V'ailey Authority sys- front labor, aII'Cnagemient II It' lsrIPIinele I
it. takes a skhiUld pator to operate ofl if Maybe you are thinking thlat wiehotve mole0
them. Overhea.!d .anes hidlie the huge east- This group of ilieratms may lie pIt into than oi, share of ego. We that wetn
iugS is though they were toy, pickinrig theril two classes: thnst, r Ietiuiteld
D j ther eem a great deal of pride i the jpd, we are oinb,
up andIarryilpg th ebn,ove head to the machine [umics all over the country and those tau[(hl We are fully alware o[ th, e Iti(rgeiiey tlint We
that is tp shape them into theira fiior iu the TVA operators' traililn prigran, We are riw coIII rentd "xith and are xsatchful of
This ltt is heavily guarded, and a worker rie[ot making these elnssifieatipns thiniiiinr condition tht are sare to foll
has to dig, ill alnJ Cut each dby, and a 1atil tither to rate over the thher h1ecaiii whe we There ix'sure to be a -htag,,e f tCIelil
leaving the job has to have his tools passed, have finished thi. slur 5 we tipe haJve
tu operatrurs due to inew eIlipuent ari'l the loI
ountof Ihe gate , y his fopremian. All tool boxes shown, Sopu that both l',well atuet, thi. ayeI ilf the yeuattr, raperCtiig men to Ihe arIr. ..
are opened arn ilspetetd on Beibg brought age of an'y standari of the last Forces. uI>Mlyl,shortages higher priceb,
inlto the plait. There is , uch IOrl that could First. we will take thie operato recruited Tit we will save all talk of higher wages jel
biewritteil a})ouTt this pla[int but 'Iate will not froil other copanies anI show h,,,w he prtl- the wag conferenere. We will ertiltinue with
permiit. Kr.' to the topi oWperaltiig job, Il e job stalnibrils which in the long rut we lie
It waS att interesting ]ilace to 'cork and as with TVA becausehe car aCe the opporltui- lieve will pirove to be mnite hilportantk
interesting Lo see the tough Casttings brought ics a. yone wiltilg to work and study will The thing we must guard against whet, the
in andI to see then, whel they aIr finished. hor, a fast grpwiag fplower project of tifs shortage i( uliel'tltors gets acuate is, the tlitint
Will write ahnut another plant that I an, size arirl becau. e hi was able Lo show... it'ugh of orter ting jobs8 with school :>Is or olher
npr. o ririg ill as soon as I ran get complete experience on his application tonip.e[.t the Ce- inexlevieni.e.. menl This hia been practetl
ninfrimIation ot their product. pquireiients. This fellow eolnes with ia pur in the past ICn soine Ystex arid is heln
P. MACKAY, pose and will to tak, aglvantage of these op paraticedi now it sorme cases.
P resl Secretary. olttilnitiCs. This is pr..en by the filct Ihat We like lhe 40-hour week and *ever want
anuycome with Ca lil redutionet. They are IC go batk to the old II-hour day and ]3-hour
i. L. NO. 621, BOONE, IOWA fir enmplnyed
t its substation oierateis, or night. a.nil I1he seven shifts I week way, hbu
Editort Ias assistan substation ope rator. They even that fl better thai, hai mig an operating
This FIt. Dodge, De, Mhines & Sriuthern work at this Ilr ai iiCit of i,,Iue'hh,
nhib johi Illed by a man that Ih. n. prev. us ox-
loral had a picnic Wdn....esphayt Jue in,
T ait tie same time they are given B study perierice whpater'ver. M aflybe yuu w t,lder how
honor of a member of the 1oone line gonr course litade up froI engineering textbok.s, an inexperinced man can hhld the job down.
who Crnters the military Servi e/ o Monday. AM they complete certain group s pif those le' That is easy to esllain. lie takes reading
June 8, Brother Frank "Bill' lianab. Ps sorls they become eligible for exatiatitoni aid gets alung fir as IIIrg as every thring
slbly som Bro thtroughout the country and tdvnneeneni.. iThse rxasrn.I'atiol.SI Car runs s.......thly and the ana with the exper i
ence and tpualiticationis to' the w,,rk for hin
when it doesn't
Abiother "ogle to look at in filli/ng opera,.
ing johs ,ith inexperienepd el l, i, this: d
lie want all the operaIn arlbs
filled when ol,
fellow workers and Brothers return home
after thi war is over? Mlsy lie we that ir'
left at h.Ie shouhli do Iheir wok for thei
andI hill i their jobs oPen,
Whit i', you say, opueratues. should we
work si plys each wleek or iore if neees
LiPs Seie]tat

L. U. NO. 79t, CHIIC AGO, tLl.

It wats 'June 14. 91i2. 9$1t a.I. I.... and
b>risk wTind WaS blowing pIowy Michigan Avl
T"hasanis upon thorispds o£ ofgaigizeil
'ytprkers lile rushing to take their placs ha
the tar'aei. For it was ,'la Day. Ou' davy.
Aniernic', d1y. After ote and a half hours of
cxeitcniellt i ying to linate oar group Ior
remlenbler this was not an easy matter al
oIf a si/l.&n we hCard a voice say. "Eectir al
Winke ri line IIpI'' conhi through a loud.-
speaker. I *ain still hear it, A ft'it a few .o-
]ients, If nioars waitlng we Were on ouC
1embCr, of L U. No. 621 at a farewell picnic giver* for Brother Frank 'Bill' Hanab, wlyup Michigan Avenue with our banner.
JULY, 1942 361

I. i. W . L(*td 7•'I. Thte $itile a Stripe CONTrIACTOR BLASTS STORY AT- Im..tlotione iJ...ilg hI WaIlr Bond pledge it
h... see ever.. wher. The Litg oCf liblt TACKING BHIIIING WORKERS G.reater New York was assedl
by the unioni
Lttl'I~ freedo a. letallierS aifter a brief Fiscu.ion Int whit
What a spetaeiIatr Ifffir! vItilo rrltIl By Fed[erated Press Litoli mie.,lets were liebg ill various phasl,
it i..~ ti, be i/archlun H/n free eitunitr!< nIf the war effort.
ltllS,,rei o1 i±LLtL'
L, were lin, hiup SPOKANE, Wash. {F1') An anti-
The text of the reSoltiottn ftllil;
uni{)t stiry in The, Spk,,e Spookesntan-
Ol. ,Iremembers lfghtmrtg oi the seas nit
%ttlld~inf, thile thi iHl A kept
lhel eoltit g t~'iew Which tried LI eatlse hiaLed or, in the IIInd the over. 1'; help suptpli
..i Litti the wete hoelS .fi the mutitiing It was tin sodieta was exploded by
ohs along Lhe with the weapi n if war, we pledge t,
ivt~ rl
I[ IImr , .Ite Iliiii<t I IIt . I..
h &Il;L l theI.nIjt.aetor at. the (]iigir ]ield e..t hLuy W rilItils Mill r-y pay dlty.
iiuwvni Iii hi otri,h Slltwiun job in lette, to the [lapel'. 'All it us have e/n, yin.ig Wa.' flims
'huIl.$ ay, ,Ju e 1I8, we hldn cri tegtlia~ The by-line story by Ashley E. Holder, I t t t Sada i s in va 'i, .u..ttt,. We
ittitU lu-onir-
iin chhv S t eetilI A
I. rltr JlI ,e, H i.nle,,ISk -o..I [lI'uii t.I Is- d to show ihift Iuirimii Ihe New York lirt,] pledge I{rive as tIll opItr
tIt,,S pLt-
ol'e Ii tirlg letters atiti
iitee~, hill A. F. of 1. buililldZ trades workers tut ity t, hier eul ple .
thI-... e rilnut meunt
I'U Ol t \ t ha il'i tile t he tI.n
I $. e ] fllt lo I'hure poisstible. anid Or bu, 1et'rugei Ilt p r cetul
th eI :.t'..II tt o Ia r.. lttI i t-r hi ke', oE I
fI .... O. kiI .It... hLillt40 hOlis a ,ve,]l 'it ar'h ing iil W a, HaItrld ae hei IIt]i .eIerY jiay
awl that tht 40 hifb t'. I; wis hindnriIg

hc , II Il\h.
, l~t k('ge
ntat IeISrI
ph' iedio tl r
1st I.oil
filet [thall dI io.t ...l. tI s l
OI iltil illa i Jill
il itweuI. the l ' i uI n I tlbrIer- xI re alI e Wrnittea in a ,hueie'iptjv-e, senitjmental th erne'. of the w ar cl}itit
Ith e , Ii f t Iitik' ltt' iI J7 et iiun
1i* nl''c r c t l ,,t
skble, the stor3 quetI't soldier$ as n11akint<t DI. IflGAN,
Fi e iji a Ftill
uitl ia )rith. ) wh ich :Aueh remara ks* af Ji" enriing Secret at }.
nptee' h>,'ur
bii tha t tih '? hail iultl~l.'l
'Menq a's jOrIli~rl iik her,' every day andi
theni ddtgattiri, i,, I ~!& , 'l he tail aIf n ri phlce to put tht,,ld. willing and eager to V- 1'. NO. 862, JAV('KSONVIEIJE. FLA.
uf ol l:{, ~;k pIhe
1wll . at ouI hext r I i work withotit litit folr thepi (otlntry, Itdttor:
Iee n" I SII.Ir i, i lI rI, ti I,,;k l l I' d1l Thi te..e..LtIre has bee t apr Llritd liii
at'I geilILI aree xpel thig ni lr e IttlqlOlut while there W....leit lly dliln thulr tools 1l,>yti this wiy all this imtnmth+ arid I had jut
at th, tIlR of 40 h.o.t .'' aitiiLt tlhie l det]I we/litl '...hare I tl i .oratu.i.i.i
rhe contractr..' in his lette, to the paper il II letler to tihe l I t RII, thLe. Inin ib. lant
Ill,At lION A;IHpOEM EXT .'e,,'ib(d the article is "tIItithnely an.d will try to send in a 'htut .e. anyIOW anl
II I lt'lraNte(d," 'rid aIrla dhIti dti eI eliLy liOtie Utn IOys will I'e l ,L ' this. n..e, as I atll ott
tfVil e with the, lijtl, ' l,, ye a, 112, lld ill ct,'stLI uLtII, Li scarcity of aht,ials. taltig I short aad, nlnth-nt%,de d rest hatl
anrum at'a onII of siN
I le , "'Ihi
tacati iI eI .. is' I uutiyt W h k ILoIlt
s hljs hiertl made possilt, Ilharl$ Is ii our fui-
,I iIS, IiI 'f ztt,
, I IhI each eli ployeei "[albob l l this' I area
t }t 5 lways elrated shop agr'eeenit.
cov ,' i h[ ii , tleeil.... 'i, i 'en
l ler clj Itll tI ,vallir'g Ill work whi,,.v hours,, So tnt lmy £iN drlav rnty seh tldule ha. be
thjob ei'uires,' Lhb ci...tlqtctor aid. laude tli itncIud ine ilc, I'll put sond i ba,
itit-ilig the jire cedirig 'neaejdrtr ye LL' tla s ai ll ill Iontit Lr s wiph
"()i I 'onti' mn my htok. dropI tIlt. i, lille in the 'vler,
[ i igt eiith., l rIeeIedli.l wlith i , tal - the goveI'n euln piovidt, for eontimu- take I ,ootd chew , i'y ,Ull s/iake*lhtse ham'.
therl ti, e ll a.. i i' 'li IrII in C R hee, "f.'' Oti s operatioll if Irequire )d to co mlpletL dS . I tlIll be all set, if }et1 killew wtat I
it, and [., t'of I w nitler, Ilgre e nlr t wl, the
ithin time allotted, buti shortage of Iltll 1

e Iite r.einyh ,lo d t u,glultelt b) Ite lPreside nt Wl.. lie

erhers oifNi. 62, wih, ti, ex-
maitnials has p'levetilId its frOIll this
,, l I1ate',
Is. . putI
' ltn' i t ,itan ati
il. Ia It hi lentIl IuS e'ngratuhairon.. . a.rt ie-L t'[~iheA t.
it thI Iiling. H O, ' t e . [1 kilnd if Iperatiot. ph,- bride andL gIn.u.t. 5t. intld Mrs. Uiloyl
'[ttn tatl ets ;tie i ll g all kind uf "Duiniz the 1ast tIw., m three mon ths S..ith.
s.'henmeF o hIdlike uo
TO dop Ieat
ohn. 'hi tItISit ...ati'jals have increasingly I ant i or.. I didn't gt to see pit7 ohld bluddy,
ink i hard>y dIry Ol the , ri, rlig i this ditll'ult to secure tid i' late it has laiie SvanIl ...o, whill he lbil hd the* shoptt h-
agiree mrnt when t oill e -II'!;rtli,, eing
almost impossible to secu', ...llats in sur ilher diy i4ale do yol ",".HI the wt, gon iel
h hi klviilud seln,i t:±ti o; ' get" each em Sld I bult? iThattt[, tl S Iong time ago,
lieiutiti t zuIltity to keep 11 lam' lel-ew it
[,, A i,,10 i ln a "~iri lit
be ,,' 'Vt, ''.egood .. I layd atdy g'Ite
... ,even
uf takilig bis vaca'ltiott } ittt happy to state wtnk. Prlority tat in- ]s very n.e(.ssary' Iar very gwatefl Ii our Editt e'il th,
Lt Getigi Field .t... pr i rity is A IE
ariel l'tidi'rttiton he has given tIy 1etLes. ar,[ I
its toes f r. it sLI li pi tt t Iito, this ,iththd, "This is not highIot....g'h to get uS quicl; iiiii elgiilnirig to ftel II bit eomri dted.
Iveall InaI.l'ilLIS, ITll OnI tWO O(- II col tgonI I
will nily y, heubys. ' have
Ili t thee e tiha
hi in l till
g fttii
s le us
A leeii naSiOris, d/ling~[ th, short lile oIf the G(iger gut :t re l wIar LI' light timId w ill let eaIi- 1g 1
I' .ria tin, tr t I i.g I L LI... th .... e >pad d. pLa P~ic]et It,'ae1tl[ We hillVe geltie Very Coite erII tI itf I, do I) .lair til l thil Sii1 A mltemv l,
,Itnla , eili' th ilt i a ut nt a/ Iul o b in e'fti'ely .ut.. of nails and o cllle oI wiy, a.t,] et our biggest lob finished W,
addt all of' F' IS 'or~ niuii]t!Ld[11. flaIll 'Ie Will do it it it will never hae o
II, iear tht Iilittel tlit nllto give . h..,
the ithe Iaterials T.oipher (e-von he',-
be' dim'-{ river thbs tuite
t iltIlle
i,]elI~11X t<hbius
thislhtheSl C..
vi'ugsade w l iii
i ,0its
0 p k ne il't..
.. s l
" " I L xl 5 1111CO t4 tort's
tel th, i . d an.
.S .I zS[' lt! trw'ille t i
tqused Shhop i Am .. erica(' jt, [ti, u b 1h4, p s .e ti','eta r\
[ill il
l'ielll t , it l1iul e Afar il' ihi'
athn Stilt theIlee, i.rnyile I.. TileIr. pitl
hils lien,. n'd in. h-niur le ,o ninny Thange'
Il. 1. NO. B1-1067, W ARtlREN, 01110
hir SaItheIrLe
resuII YfIlSt el il, \Pal <id' (Iitor:
iti the s ,ec, t ude' th ('ai othiI [t i her eto, utpiLt.1 thele art- o, ritaTl, Ient'conII lielo,
I e¥(I rty S.ily 'Ph,-,'Ie Iia- at few lit,'
up Altlt'it'a
fnut; lour pay ihliork that wei have tliffculy
at hV
L hi ,lon. 'ih, ,evuye l from the Warren. (h;, t}..U - Iole operatoI. .
,'Io ,t hml pintsZ.6 { .th ore thanp 4.f0U l0lt in trying to true it ottu. The timte has coSIe lneal B 1067. W, want you to knlow what we
t,'.t tItdId lare' , uiler ld u}Krf
~,t,'uu'ers it aptivi'
shop xu'hu ehilhra dt',lt', 1li"
ailI' th tl w e tmust hII e Ia4,t tql ittt atischtt-i] t
ale hiiti L i hcl tlg 1, ITI/¢Je n nd his lo)'.
itrledltst a thtt b I cxt.. di'lull tll
.. will ihe .mpay cheek', with the 'leduetiotis. Let's A', c.tU know. retore ' chat likely. ,e tote '
rl.ule tath,,l tha. tilut'xcept lI I,, Amener get bhsy t ilt t i lutustion
Hrin, this' ill the ti toni' II.te.ators itr very bl'Sv these days. Ils
atl lltituun If the mirtlage~me u,,t through l....
c li i lnst1 ¥. .. e telelihiite tlaffiC hits uicr '/Stld ¥r' rIaLidly.
I e goee ohill o :q6y thit II bhi' eenird eThupry fI-d late/d onltlllitt s, l/lt, trijians, lead the }Lit weI have aI[o feill dhitingIf our lit t
id itilH)18 lliett' that lalhir ntdiLtiii/s ult'e COBI way ott to victory. rinthe
uImaker thle len happy Our raf-
siilrthll s iil it~heri as t reH
Sult. of the tiistld lle force
I onssts tif I0M ip"ilAttls Elh gill
sit p ~iitt ntL~It hits [iettret'i 'iI 'a ther bthan W..S MCLIumrm'. sele . II a naliue of st,ct.i- oIn.e in the sercic e.
10ttarduldo ;tivultctiu.n ~nplrt,'ees are doehlned I'tes> Seeneta ry. relaitie or friend. Th'li I0 gil, are
tohlebnefliteid ns 'ouclh us emntlpuovets froint to park each box,. Ae LI beei sedlindl
time tirrange'teil.L Arid~ai fluu word. you~ ~]ll E. U. NO. 817. NELW YORIK CITY, N. Y. ,re, a week.
n~ kewb,'r anN mntirnagt'tnen wants Io u E'dilt r Alio quitle a ,lulD-r if uI tace aireayti
s,;ptethirig tv - they try tit divide up by put 'OIIt PLEII;E FO It 'Il[[ DULRATION" passed our Red I fros
ir-st aid tests. havlng
teng* one traft ;tgtmillw[ the other. They are At a recent ...eeint,. ih' members of L. I. in { ... lur tLyitg and class wotk after .tun
paitaster~ of ths. bitt the best way to No. $17. New yirkC'it y. voted to Qrge every da.', tour was over We averaged 22 hour<
metithi s~tUatinl i ti apply our sysLern llrtoIter to place the greatest pos$1ble amoullt
fiterattiomi inks an, mneet Iheir e'h~alen~ge be Of hI, eJrnings int Wan Bonds
th is week, next last. bit not least. up tI February I
ni united ft'krateI 'io~ik~itiittc. TJli i m s 41t' wick, lild everI -egk unti[ the wan . wont. ftinld and war stmpls bought by the op
palrrli ]ur ,;gr teenenrt they ldoru't like. Miihatl F,)x, liresiil't of the said
in erators toled $!Ifi6I We are ]00 per cent
It is5 howumi Lqr inks arid tell s'ur cinl a publie $tetleent. lit Sit union,
plinues thlit we will not lie udivei'e. 'Tie wvar Thi unio pres.idet statted further that ia WI' Ire ,plannng an anniversory dinner
n32 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators I
June I0 at the Mahaiiig Country (Clui, cte I.... a swing Lhts waly a.,l c' dalu aff on WCCO, (hIrltI last week. Sayshi likes
brating the fifth birthday of our union. of the menders of 1214. i isi kiuowu Is the AirCI rs, Irey well, hbul thl, t, he lidl.ct
At tb itime we have nothing to report on Staff Sergeant Leanir, u ii sayhits
he off exactly dislike Mlinaeapul.s, . i.her. llI
our ig reemiel t, to you. S erge In "the ..It.-li istanrt fuaui'e soe ustiilly reliable sources we hear that
You will hear fromi us next nonth. we exlpn[ to lose an..the*I lBrother, but thi, till 3Irubaker If WINX is oing' NI, work Iar
VAfiA T. LtLLY, time to the Navy No. ilei readers, they Unlhe ain. Ihe bost wishes t'f every U .. nIer
Press Secreta ry. were amd friends
"eiy oIf this local go with you. Bill.
lBoe l[( tH]NesTAra. Granville Kliuk has prgressedl fi],,m a
L. U. NO. B-1073, AMBRIDGE, PA. Press Secretary. technical tundilary' to a s.per-duper all
Editor, nouncer lIe, Itiade ,ouie staionlia breaks the
Permit mo to depart froit Fy usual pato- L U. NO. 1215, WASHINGTON, D. C. other iight, along with a trnscril'al qput,
tire of reprting thie news concernmi, oIl Editor: and he was ly rolesal
lioward Stegha[I
reula r monthly meeitngs anlt hd the Well, rilother month IlIs fIlwa by anal has been giving him some competition in this
scene andIgive our readers a gli.nlpse int, the* here we are, scratching for news again There field, but since toward's nolde eforts have
backgrou nIl and hilatilal makeup of the should be lots of it, but al flit glance Ill of gtine uaapprrcated by his spouse, we'll just
member.shi p of Local B-1073. which todlIy it seems to lIe had. (BS1, Was huion.ts go- ignore him, too. Shult very is jealous, e
tatds as the ]argeat. ari'd fiistcst-gr wiTig ing to tris Elmer Davis adI Albert War;,er. understand, anI can hardly wait to get hin,-
lucal in the state of Pennsylvania. There ar in finer net, II work with the self a comnleieiai. Ed Lk Ier ihs been m.Iy
Our IoeaI is composed of man y nationaIil- eompany's loss is our l too. Andy Massey
ilss quiet lately. (ni it be that he is an exponenit
ties, which include Italiaus, Germans, RIs- went to work i,1a civil sevile Io, iui New of dignity since he is one of thel idedl
sians. Greeks, Swedes, Poles, Swiss., Norwe- York, leavirg the Wheatoti league, Twu, or Maryland eitLry? Or is he just tto dog-
gians., Irish, Scotch, Mexicans, Canadians. three fellows are considering civil service guanedl ti red tN talk since he has taken uip
and many others. All of these groups are jobs, ore is intrigued by tile possibiities of planting and sioeling? We sympathize with
united and are working side by side. day and a berth with Lhe Army Specialist Corps you, Ed. See [Lyn cDonaid for the details
night, in the plant of the National Electrical but Prcxy Groom is the man who is really in of how to get such work done without doing
Products Cor.poration turning out war lnla- the graova. lie is goirg to start an henlat- it yourself. We understand that he has got
toril in ever-incremsifg quantity in order to gosh farnhand at the rate he collecting
is ten farning to the place where he has II desk
that the dictators, who would destroy our livestock who knows, nIgyle he'll take over job. All Lyra has to d.o is eooIle the niIry
way of life shall be .rushed. the Wasihiugtan zoo. WhatIs he secret if hIs for the crOpS. That's scientific frriiinag.
One afternoon recently I was walking success? And a rindlder to the Iallywood, New
through the plant and I stopped ia talkto We welcomle Roy M Bechtel., formerly of YIrk, ChArlotte, Minneapolis and BostoU I.-
the operator of a ruachhi and askedl a few WRVA, Richmonid, to tihe WJSV staff this
,als. There's a certain contract that expires
questionis concerning the machine he wag Ionth. Roy has been a loyal 1. B. E. W. iie , in just four Inore imonths. Ierhtibier, boys?
operating. In partinrig, in a casual uway,I het for some time, and we're glad to add hinl, That's all for this month, (Voice fronm the
asked him his nationslity, and he probably to the 'oll of No. 1215. R. A. Red' Dalton back row: "That's enough,") We agree with
spoke what was on his mlnd and in broken has been working at the transmitter for a you, Brother. We'll see you ara, ni.
English he replied, "GOT BLESS AMERI( A, few weeks now. Be careful, Iled, don't let0h, AL IIARY.
I am an American." Thus was the answer to farmers talk you into anyi gold bricks. Since Acting Secretary.
mty question. This is typical of 1ni the mer WJSV now has a motorcycle complete with
her, of our local. It is shown by the way they side car) there have been number of ru-
L. U* NO. 1249. SYRACUSE, N. Y.
go about their assigned task, (lay and night, floes aroud .. that reminte eqipimiIent is slated
insure victoty for the I itited Nations. Editor:
to he piled into it, an.l soei unsuspect-
The June itasu of the W'iuOR] earriled an
Over a eentury and a quarter ago a snisal ing guY is to pilot it We art see "utch",
article irgardmug the anniversary dinner if
group tf Germans. in the year 1803, left Brester roarinf -owi, the! street on his wiIy
Local 1249, which was held on May 2 at the
Wurttemberg. iil southernl Germany, to es- to the White Hlouse for it pickup. With his
Onondaga lieatel.
cape oppression, and migrated to America circctimferen rapidly
e pjrtaitchng an astr. -
and finally settled in what is now Airabidge nonic value. this should In worth seeing. We
Due to arteIr Ifr on the pilart of the pless
secreta ry, Williiam, D. WalIkel, -ice piesidenL,
ani.d formed the Haronly Society. The colmy suggest the spare OPl e lun ,g roartind his
who attended the dinner, was set menti oaIed.
was named Harmonites. liner they were free neck en a strap-upon . r.r i alI, he couhi sit We wish to rectify this eratir and state that
to carry their doctrine tito practice and they duwI anid operate cyiifortnbly without I
built small factories, a church and re reatfre table, since he has acquired that }ap ar
Alr. Walker was one of the foremost speakers
at the dit,ncr anI he gave a very inspiriag
hall. aid other necessaly buildings. should it he called Iap-oe...
Th lieHraites were skilled craftsmen a ridi talk.
Our heartliest congrattlatoi to Local Nu
We trust thti Mr. Wal ker will accept a'il
expert farmers. Their land was a nodlel for 1217, St. luuis, for their regrnt militant II- ftleerq arid mernt, rs of LII
apologies of the
thrift and productiyen es,. The broadclot tiII at KAMaIX inted setinit i the best etln- cal 1249
muslin. satin and velvet woven in the colony onetration of solidarity and Ia uion>'s b t E> R- Piex.
was thought b~etter than any eastern product. drawing card. Lets hope this act, as a s inf- p r54 Seretfriar.
This high-grade eraftsIlaIship built uip a ulant for loca. as .w-ell as rutiaonal .... ity
profitable rade. At uane tine the I ar'munly President Groon is cu rre'tly on I ae-aion
I.eiely is said to have owned pluerty worth Ramor hIs il that he is touring around the
L. I. NO( 11-1260, 1HONOL[LU.
at least $1,000,000. country loukim, fr pligs to jIdd to his country HAWAII
Today we are Iroud to Ihave sonie of tile estate, It. said just h he ,ef'left that he Editorl,
des-cendallts atn!d of the lHarimIny
followers was in the ainrket for soue' arId thoulht he On ( hriinnhs Evel, IeeeIbhr 24, 19 1. the
Soietly as hhar'ter members of our local hall funtd a magnifient. splcimten at tli executive boald of Local 'liain H-i260 weare
All of lie facts and dates C~lleaincerig the transiitte' olie uight, but it turiie nut to Ibe ira [inetito t prlarirn
lererinride ly the tvuurse
]aI.rr... y itywer btained fona the Earl lieatWle's fuot .taiking aetoud the their uniion a1Id ill activitie, were to plutletie
record Innlintal ned by the Penn'sylvania Ill d
corier if the control desk. Harold FIort Ind an connection with the ,sr efforts n,, fihe
torieal e}rrmission, which are open to the Blb Pilche, are on vacation .. w. also. HIrarIld war piogranI forHla'iwai.
public, arid were carefully checked by .I alld plannedt t trip n ahboaI l,{pInh the Ihe While iinb,,lr ordinarY aIu" tini c,'n'l
are suh sta ittialy caru eec peake Bay sur.euher.s[ l.ut of fihiTg and tia, l lie (liscStklSn may have beeni 'ovl r
TL heer. prhlably. Mostly ber, Bob wa fidu the celebrtt,n af that Chriktai h,olal,.
Press Se.cretary lnig oIn it least a week at Virginia Beach I hri-tmas, such Iu, not the ]'rogrltn of ,lis
when he left. lie pruIuadl a report on tht eu~ssus' OFn thiis Christmas FMp:e; hut rathr
U U. NO. 1214, MANDAN AND situatiun (in the Atlanili, (oust., so we aire tu what ,le'u.l the-i felliwna1ie t-(ul1d ble :is
JIISMARCI(, N. DAK. gettilg Ill st for s .rIetalc. Lew [lle
lal msed inl these ttyfg days of war-
Editor: scarcely his time to eat his thesisand get to p'esirlen.,lustlph Zasinovlitc theu, tol lh,
i'olitirs seemIto have It great deal of space work, whit with the eIrs
a nd cora it ,xecutite that Ibe need for andllu
in the Maiy JOIRNAL. Ilate in North Dakota liuid) nIiading attention. A hue-handller a Inres aid n ltedi L s u Wtsp Yr3p urgelf ,,lies
political speeches are becoming more and the old shIo], we ude..rsltal.. Alh, far the and ho belieeld that Lacial Uiiaon B 12rFF)
more prevalent. Once iila while sonic cand - ,imple life! It's "Bad.n.intta.. King'' lliy, oatld be if ainaluable assistance in ¥ellrler
date takesa gIoa hefty swing at the ensi "a, now. Suth action! Such finesse ucith phy lug aid in tis, Funds were rppr.'
but the next one swings bllck harder in favor sique! Arid such pers..r.tlon.' Boa> inuscle~ prlated to cover expenses of T..ilidg hltters
of the unions. And so the battle goes squeake.. like rusty loar hinges for a week to all iteluitimal unions or the reaulnal
In the biggest fight, the oue that all of us afterwead. Anly timle yu get to feeling il for nfiatliha aMs6itaneeto cnrry out a pit
are fightin one way or another,. the swing- forh, iust ltt Stepiha n, Brester anal
jud, grazl, of furnishing an aml'ulaurice fur f Ihl
ing is c... lin fast and fritnus. Just a short Hfartdy Enmergency Medla] Servce-.
time ago the United States marine (orps Lieutenant Callier
11%, firmerly withl The international repre elliative for H11
JULY, 1942 363

wail, brolher M, B. concurred in the

Ieeun. "Tlhis yea irinia politics is going to fie labor niw is eetrr it-, greatest teIt k i
action taken by I-I 261R, aiad tIlbfore ,bilrIlik f-It dhwn to ih, ankles. Mifratioi of hat suefly iroems ii Isel:f and the petty diHilo¢i-
1. 1942, letters uere in he mail to alt local Dart of labor which gets int, I state in tir..l ties that ill alrise frll time to itme., hunlia
unrions, to qltalit for voIthli will be th 'sitl... vote' aoture being what it is, will have to be met
The res p.or tominse I ad unhin. in the rootiqnnal3 Evenr someL New [~nfftait .•etia- anld will hte nitt arid strived,
tlnited States and ( artaia and froIII teiiil. t-s are in danger ,if dlefeat ths yea't They A ertir-i tergauttzieil Whilr tordi a ini the
ual membhers wVtt irLtiantfhIaIIO arid }n, shake lheir hearts ...a Ia ked how i,rlrIrta. mightielot (re itl th, fiehi of pi.d.ctiot thltt
hearted; for riot IItty n lt'in1hll tlr 3Ie I . f
oI wrrkieu
ds hityarwill affet the tLhn W,?ld ils c¥-r known, It ha, Lrronentots
ceI erd Lu 1 a nlyl'lanrt IIull. lt alxnan ballotlhiW. prrw ert [I lutist eorutinitn to Jg lamid l nt piow vu
left a balane fronm whieh $200 \vas $g[reen to 'a irothor t-rees eutr-r~eit ii; eautHeadl v (h Ity by not ihrsiniig it in any way .ow. Its a tithi-
the Army Relief Furid anid $200 to th, Navy fact that tahoe is erganrigedr inore thirriritghly w rirni ai thei pi t esent time is r'oopreretioni w ith
Rielief Fund. tha nl it hois hrer*ir att iiii lit ii Iiw yearn, iht1lttstr y triln g onirvr ,rt,
Tho amuhlanIw i f the 8taill tir I :Igal I'l he ,haiatioti, thle faetion, have ,ignedl The Altereal.. Ftd eration, of LiTbr,, is -
type., s thi9 type ...oreC readily fittld in.o lihe trucee Il~ir'ieriltg the Ilabel voLe is adetii iie-,- lot (turiale t, hive stn th r w it.e anti sea-
the needs of the I, rgeniy .... Meldictl Serii' fl-diy dimeult, hut, the ,ii~nioryt will find tin-ir het id-with wis-oni
nod a garniterldthrough
because it could alIo be useid fur Irro it a iround' .i..n ..ylars if hard,. uphill labor at hi
kln do.t'ors,, nrees alni suplfi e ie Tfit h Ii lehlirie po ul uo i atjhri t-ah
iv- ,,'~tiJrian' a nl ,rwho h.. I ideer' of
he coIII
the need i ay Ile for enlicie neB , e 1ile, ali rIlleet$ laiei of hi- irifteslve hl~ihhi ileS of the riIiii.nir I orf Inn'n..e rs if the va t nunmber
the offiials, he.adehd bIy D, Ilarry.IL Arilkol. the nahitinoa] I[tnoelatie party. It plugs fillfly of atiliatld trade in. local nions. n,1eiher
were overjoyed to receive th lis ple of lIn.h- n old lirteI itith I good k hal of tlostatIri a, - wi the con l .-esl o af gorverroe t at,/
nweded .. l.tmerlt dIrh, yd wouhl liel tpo hIring bIchit thi .l iid Lrry Un ge nel,
It should he noted here that at the tihm day whilnilhe .. iy I-mt,tro[(d na A titan who haE aicepted the chall~enl, tar
the appeal for assistan.e was et toille I
.irganizIedilaibor.. I prove its own nttiusie
unions on the inailnrld we did riot then aldueaind worth, t
lhe, eli..inaton of strikes
know, as detail were lackiln, how it'oy of
,i, aI[' bLippge , s f work in any inlhsl rI
our fellow tradle l .r.. L'3 h ld
AMERII(.'S for he uditratloi' If thr war; Ind the man
wounded, er weremI issing ia, a-au i tfile
,oTItI-IIIe (Irota page 343) who hia pledged Ih hi, nation that itsieni-
December 7 attack by Japan.
bees will voluntarily subscribe for at least
Local Union B-12a0, of Honohllu, Itawali, Ittly country il all E}topt- has lvt knowvn, one billion r lla s I W V. ar Bonts a leader
takes this means of Its thniks, Ind labor in gla{... knows that when Ihe who truly leads rind whon, ii t /lloni ?reel 3 an.
gratitude an>d leep appreciaitionIl toI IVll gu ns of war shall III ill ltc'd ajrairr it will he glaily follow,
local union and individual rIIe..lbe If the Int Euposion
ii quit'kly to reititjust itself aid
tcrnational Brothebht.d of Elect,teiil Wolk- rganiiz-ed Anierina labor is accepteId the
uttry in in thi e¥le-extitl lug drimand of chaIlenge of its see irreel nritig and ite de
cr5 who u,.aslISCd
in miaking it .i..s lde Il piro iu t Jii [hiLt its r ioLiti tran il s W.a a'
furnish this abhulance. ad relief hid d..a ...neun I, ions of those who would destroy it It
life den a'idili, is pr. ringthat it is ,f vastmaterial ,iohth
ti ane.
A, ithe ihallcenge fls eI..n hrle(d at oie t it ca, work, tInt it will work and that
Aloha! Maha/, nIu IIn
PSI- rItt IrN derltu. rat.i tition aI I.... heI .',ti.I I I tIlin h, it ean bring order of the hest possilhe de
bi/ce ablly aInI quickly not. Ilo ate hai like rtHrlthI Iut if chaos aind dli.e.nsion. to the
chailenS,. 'een hurled at this et nt{Il etill that, v. ith he Ir...rbired might of orderl
STATE. FEI DALIS3I organuited tL her b. pro
i ldice pEr~oducit , d h good .... c....merit,[,roper ry tiniaged nirlttry
CornlIeed fromipage 3411 to realty begin to p*roduace ituorearid illore. nt] I he inest nmilitary tjIhl in all the werld.
the democratic [}lciss ii Virginia. It is Ihere have lein delatiys hl the, hir, tti togther wilh a unified effrt nid
said that Smith is elected by onLy 10 I.I nllsradr...I adulr. Ws hm'e rcurred anid sOtl- rlc riiriationt of .ll[
Organi hlhor e Ill he
cent of the votes in his district due to con- denly vastly changed e-lnditions oif oneo-- timeu eo'perate with all of these, our e,
trol through the poll tax system. Recent- lions. Machitery, facto, [es arId Iersotiln dif
tletltis hi'.e. had to be encuntoredl and awer- Sule[y with such ani outlook antI Iprograt,..
I¥ a Washington jourlali-t said this corIe aid vIry quickly go, butorganie, d labor
about labor's part inl tile oen llg Vir- it i nit poIIssible to ever, thik or dale t
in fIearal i-n the vast majerity has net the think thlat there is ai tiynIll or "ioli La-
ginia campaign: cha iS producing IS nt ver before int
Shlllenge ittn ns iti !ilS worlld thate ti.i Ito
ton kin
"Virginia's Senators are faced with a all the history or r'cored [i this niatioin, those asert hiiru.lde us, tarw m at any other tinle.
twof4ront war this lsuitnr. gnorls 'nil stin ew H [if It lr hlnt in It] gooi ti nte Inhsl lbobr', , watttlwortt
(h~~~I ,I~r (enopernl
It~usthyus isfllgu
"The questionir i whether it will he glnd will curt-tv tyn the tide in our Iilver, l .a l n it r ib t'l
io u itu uls t u al o noI
strategy to plug for both Cliff W..oo.lruri and W illa IeII i-y Ttil I .... ershI i iA orguti Ii7'd
Howard S.mith. ihouse , erubers from qIlit
site ends of the state, o r to eho. ene id
center on his reelet in a
This iite I ticeaI
problem eonfrfn)itirg ~eriator¾ (.titA anid
"IBoth Smith lmii WoVi'lrrii1 fill, ar ile l[
rittee non in teg.e... though eah is I.
an important msslgninteitt %oiidrtirri can
match ceins with I larelnel C(arnon for ItIt',
Appropriation -harmaiship. S...iih s IbIll
n rii {oi the olhk. ( oI ninte i.
"Observers are akinig if hilh her) au ie
pulled th i Ia:or will a dfeishii.. I hIa. toI e
indce to deteriitne 'hich Is m nure
WTood~rumn cate thio/iai last tltte with a
scant 2,000-vote nlarg1in, even with White
1touse backing hehhl ilt Ar, tIp and ,male
]}epiUhlic O ippostioi taused I geti'L ,-]m[g.
to come over ('lilt, lie hias heen dielityiti r eIiit
servative ever since, and i knIeiw5 Ii~ h e
higher regard for the II inority laIyI rtls
oncae uioirii a Litrn.
'Smith etiet irt. the ieue ad
herent. W~oodlunl1 punl aornin pr~ptatL~ot for
the same reason. . a. or has rolled Illi i
I a s
sleeves for both ... l in the pI TI1he itiP
land country' around Itlanoke Is tire lalgest
railroiad shop, in the I ntue, if rIot IISL or thi
"Labor euts a big tictirre in V.irfbn i b is
labor is 'sitting pri-ttty' t ilgitiml lit {it
dusirializaion, nr.lreanite{d of lb,, xxo- ha.
meant reopening f plantshlft "II
other war.
fr.Im tIl I I h,
Illnte ~ [n ,
$1,1 .
ial rt.'ll.e[]laTive
I., theIIIAr tnl mid Navy
the .I f, E W ,.VM
ITif nlds Se., N
, presenting
ile from 1L U, n,. B 1200.
te>,k fit,
304 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
Frank Grifllhs, L. I. Nu. 11-565
nliliaed DZ ce iner 74, 1939

It is wtjh a SLneoCle feelilg of sadness an1d
rlpt thla we, the num berlb
s iff L. U. N o
fl-$C5, rec/rd tHii untimrItily idllssLnWof OiTi true
d loyal ilrothr
calledIrouini o,
F]. . k rifliths, who Was
(I May i3 1942: anad
Whardas I is o.i.. dCie to I xdr.s. our
;rItf to hi I f inl , nd rrirqlds and Ii eten~d
to 111cm 00 sy npathy ail ulnderstanding:
,ii ('r et ore b e it
Fred Ieubel, I. U. No. rL-77 John 11ehardt, L. I'. No., 110 aesoived. Th~at a copy of these resoiliti ons
eI t ld dupon the niltute of our meeting, a
lintietd March J. ]940 nitilated Juh! 1, 1,39 ecjp hr stnt~ to the facilly, and a copy be
11 V with ldeep s.I alr
wil glu]t lUAt lth It is with deep srro~t and egriM thatl th
h .tilt to ob, JTriunal ror publicaSiof: and be
nlel,.beWs oIf LU Li No B-l7 i..l.n.ll on- it lmther
timjIel, deaih of ou.. zBthLr, FIud Deubi: of outi Biotlher, .Jo ; Jheb}hiadI; Relsolved. That our chartr b1 draped In
bel ii T.iouInItr,,g bit a thriod If 3) dals m tribute
hierefome be it
qlesoived,. 'Vit 'e bll, tlibute "o his
1cilra- Resolved, That pi3' ITe
hilbuta Io his ili,- to hIs nmemory.
ory' by c!xpiestag to his flitriiily our. stnre~t- oiv by expres~ing to hi.3 iand1l oury s,uclere H. E SMIYL.
sy ] thlly;I ondI be it Jlirther sympalty: and be it further JOHN CASSIDY.
R 1ilivec That a o or this e'ohitkrnt
Idy be Reod. e, That a copy of these i eso.. I ..s D$AROLD C. BECKER,
sent to his fainITiv. a copy Il s upIItluoar be sentWo his family, a1 cuy ii spread El bdgeprt,. Conrm. Co..I..Itee
inumtes. Im1in ai copy Ibe st-nt to flie F eetrical otur minutes -aid a copy be sent IO th1e Elee,-
Woi et s ."d tI til for pr itiliatlonl ti ; llE r e it tical W orkers' Jourltal for pulDbha tuinT; and Il. II. Ivey. L U. No. B-17
further be ir futhel
Rlesolved, That tilh Relsolved. That tlhe chater he dri1pec for a DIilotrd Octobcr 9. 791R, L. U. No. I20
Jhalotr if ili.s lhcal
nii bedl aped or a eiod of 30 days aeTiod
of 30 dats We, le members oif L. U. No. -17. WLll, a
rM TOWN. GEIRGE DEMPPSEY¥ sine re feel ing oT so oilwand Icret, record
IIANK GANTENBIEN, E. LAWRENCE DUFFy. tIhe sudden death of OUr esteem d Bioiher.
BILl SIMPSON. JOHN BOy, R It lv, . kin piss'ld uave on , ,M[ay 3 1942.
Sltallie Wtas[h. Coi Ii ce
Whera:. in he death ao ilrothel Iey i'e
nave lost a tile .and worihy ownmer and
Lyl R. Simons., L. I. No. 110 ] iii friend: therefore he it
Lyman LI. \i.. 11-77 Ysolvvd,1 That it p tribkte
1a to hIs fLt.i!
fsihzred A aizs 5, 7,4) T
by .%piesing i, them oil deepest -yniptlhy
ROIa~iililC F¢brhrli;r! 4+ 9JE IT is "i.i, deep
. ,-row and reget limi Uo v I theil .o..t of solro%. and lt ii fiu lher
It is wxih t'ei't l sti'ro, an.. regret that we, rmemrbers of L U, No tiZ Ino.... t]e tie. Id Re! lve/. Th~lata copy o~f these resolutions
Ihe mneebois of L, U, No. B-7,, record Ithe ouII iroTher, L3Ie B. Siniomis; therefore be L be , hn to thl faily of our late Sro.h.,. a
pagsiiw of o. r BT o 1dc. Ly. an .Moo.e: Tere- Resoilved That "Ie paI P ibute to his IneI-. c,,py Io i pieaI. . I (I.. e nin nS of ibis mocaI
fore be it ory by expslesng to his family oul Sii/leIe ion.... anI
.. I cop s...nI to the ofilcial tounl l
Reolv.d, Th/1t e., ili the spilil of bottierIF synpathv; and lie it Ii'tn .ier oI 'ur Blrotherliood fot piliteal inn.
love, pay lribute to his rl'ii 1oZ b} ('r iesse ng Reslve1d, That a copy of iTsoiuiI ,tons It It CUNNINGHAM.
to his nilI,' ,i sincersT e ei rlet and y.. /1thiy: bei sett to his family, a copy he Sp ',ad onlOr, L MILLER
arid[ lie it ]w thcI mnintitus and a copy be sent to the Ele tul, JOHN OZIAS,
Resolved, *[hatl oiur charter be draphd for a Woircell' Journal for pltbiieatl1bt, and be it Dl lar MiRO Cornnmttee
pervioi of 30 dlay, in his ii1tt1rlt'y; and be it i lthei
Resolved, That the chadtel be draped r..a,v
Resolved. That a copy of thebe reiolnlI:t period of 30 days. liomer S. Rand. L. I. No. 513
be sIl t I t is lamf ly, a COI P be set,
, t to GEORGE DEMPSEY. nititaled March , 1941
= sp eiJourntal
tie d Ott itirfor- PiTiri fit haesit
pibimeartor. an t co E. LAWRENCE DUFFy, 1I is wih dleepest lorwo.v and retLet 1hat
b~ $De~~ ... d{ll
ill~lle JOHN Hay, we. the rIicmlhcr1s of L U, No. 513, pay upur
V C MARSh. St, Paul, MirT Co.. Liltt, last respect, Io the mwrnory of our late
RAtFll VESHILAGE, firoti/, Hiolneir S. (and, whom Cod, in H is
ARNOLD SATHrER. Ray Oell., L,. U. No. f-li infibil, wlisdm,. has called fronll oulr midt
Se atl 1,e W3a lt. CofIlttmtte@ Initiated June 10. )~,, ill L. U. NoM J54 WI, etelldti titi, a /llour heartfelt Lm-
path3 alt t1his their loss, which, tol a large
It I,, ith a sneere feelill of dee1, solru, exient we share with them
Glen Silh. I. 1'. No. R-77 arid reret that the
,e, mh lers of L. Ut We shall drape Iuh chatter for a period of
LI; Oted Atzslt fl. 1935 No. B-li, recold the death of our friend and .30 days In morner,
oI Brothe Hoter S. Rand.
Whereas L, U. No. B-77 has been tllled it thur, Ray O wenl June . 1942; Ihlren ale and a copy of tIiN shall be written in the
ip"n to pa its last tespeels to oi I be it minutes orf ,u meeting a copy shall be sent
and faibil' Brother. Glin Smith; and Resoled, Thai we extend Our syIll)aty to o his Iamily ald one to our J.ourrah loT
Whereas it is olr d esire to express tlhe hereaed family hii tis time of theta' great p1 ll] Irat ~i
is best SOrlrlo be [I furthe,
we can to those who Trlitain to IoTlrn Ills moss LEWIS F. BRADEN.
ou11 sincere
Resolved, Thaft a copy If these ,,e.dl lin C 0 WILlOs"
svi1; aithy: Iltleu'eforci' 1,' it h' spread upon thte Ir cords of o/itr hletin,.
RI so led, 'har a h c p1 of these rI.o. llt U, EDWARD E COOVER,
a copy be sent to ,Iu oflcvial to n o D eca tl r, Ill C oinnlT
be selt to his family, a copDy be sread Upon
the m ninllts aild a copy he se]nt hI. o... . fli. ial mbitihitation, and that ou]r charte be iiaped
ionuinoI for pub~iecat iol: anqd be IL furlther' fr a period of 30 daye George E. Winmton, L. U. No. 558
b hab oir chai ter II draped fh.a F C. LYONSE
G0 I HAYCOC'K lii Iw ed! Juinl 15 tO9A9,Il L, U N .. 5,2
per rod of 30 days, Inl n'5p(( mh~is
1,15]rt fIoi
RALPH GARDNER, T NIELSEN, With ilrceitL fee]hil Of sorrow and regret
Los Aigeie* CaliL. COmini/t we lihe iretuhbes Id L 1I No,. 58 record
. N. SWiENE¥ th de arl of ,IrC .esridad warthy Br oth r,
Seatt* Va 1, C.") t, Williamb J-ulia 11reta~latidt, tiiTi F. Winllslon, Wilo passed away IMay
V. 1. No. B-Il 30. 092.
WiT .as .LU No. 55S has Ilsi in tiIe passing
IDan Messner, ,L. ['. N.. B-77 lhit oted Adqut 15, 79,6, ITT U. %o. d of Brother Wiston one- of ICs rue and loyal
AI,,rlher 1oval ember has aim, .. . lti-c~ii/l~et be it
)0ttate'd J.,e 1/ 7937 fina[ summons, and L U. N., fll. 1Uit 4 lesoilvtrl Thlat hit' It...l of
1his local
Wheneas L, U. No 1:-77 has tuff/rad Ilhe mournls the passaig onwrld of B.ot hOT W. J. S Ltld In meditative sil(nce for S nT minute
loss of one oI its nicibis, Dan Messne;: and Mettalstadt. ks loss wi l lie sinci e le f, I b aind our chater will be diIsp)d for a plio 0 of
W hI'rIT n it iS OIti' rlasi'r to I x, Z SS to the fhts many close friends ht tie Brother, oea 3 dhys tll a m ir of respect to him: and be
be retved falinily if otll deceased Brothl,, Dhn L. U. No. fB.-I, Phit 4. extend
s to his loved it f rther
Messner, our .lihcye sympathy; therefore~ be linest the heart, elt syi patliy of m [tlta[ lOSS aRisvect. That n copy or Ihitse r,esltit ions
it and the conlolence of sorrowin, frirtds he seal to fatily, a CO? hyesent to the
R eolhvel, That a copy of thel c resoht tns The charter shall he draped f.r to days in Elecit cal Workers' Joulia for pblicationt.
be stin to thIe faniiv of our deceased Brath -,. r, memory of Brother MetaIlstadt, and a cuI anId a' ro.,)3 fil spread Don the rainuites of our
a ecliy be spread tie,n atltites Of our local of [ithis tr but Cb hai, be spread Upoil local.
union, ant a copy forwarded to the Inieial lminute of ouIt meeting Copites hall be snt GEORGE E JACKSON
J...rnlal for pIblication; be It ftirther to his hbereaved family and iolour Jaw TTat l Simeld, Ala Cha'irman. Corortli ttCC
Resolved, That the chartel ofTL U. No, B-77 publicat ion,
be dl.pd (oi a.,nritId I[ 3t4 day' In his hiE "OURNIQUE, John F. Martin. L. U. No. B-17
mentlor', RICHARD A. POCKAT,
C, P. HUGHES. R L HALL, Ntill cd Febr.6aryt 7, 1917
B. W. BO(WEN, Glendale, Calif Ci.. lmnItt t. Wheeas ii })as pleased God, in Hm infi nite
T A. JACKS. wvisdonIi. to all1 flora our iiirst otIr esteemed
Seattle, WiashI C rrtle VeIn Edwards, L. U. No. 911 i]nd worthy Brotner, John F. Martin; and
flitiated oroeymbelr 7, 1935 Whereas In itle death of Brother Martin
L U, NOE B-I7 lost a loyal and true
AI.o..his Makilau, L. U. No. B-1260 With deep 'egret and condolen1ce to his ti er ellr: theI ~re
o e be ii
famiy , the members of L, U No, 911, Resolved. That we ixpress oir deepest
nittirted Jute 2, 1941 expreshs our sincere feeling of sortlrW for tue syrm pathy tI the faMiiy of our late Brother
It is 'iith te deepest regret that we, the Flss of our Brother, Veil fdwards. Ii tril ile In their tine of bereavemnent; ard be it
mfmberLs if , , No. 11-1260, record the to his mnemryo we stand in oire in nte of
FB7.. hit or
~>~:therefore be ith
ate, Brother, Apdolois Maki- si ece. May hi s bereaved faiTH" feet
comfort In our heartfelt sympathl: To bIe it
T tet
Rsolved, That a copy of these resolutionhs
lie sent to the family of our deceased Brother.
ResnlIed, That wI pay tribtei to his mem- iResolved, That in respect to is niemort' our a illp yi bcI Sread on Ihh lnlutels of L. U
ory by expressng to his fCRTlly our sincere charter be drapedfor 30 days. and be it ,_o _-17, It~d~ copy be Sent to the ffical
sympathy, aId Ie i further resolved Iht a further Jiourh I for hIlcation; and be It futritier
eolak* otheae rtasofTlins he spread ord the Resolved. That a COp.P of lese resolutions RtsIlvrll. qhain I, is mnemnory our charter
n dWutes of our rneet arid that a Co y e be sent his family, a copy be s iead on our be draped for i pelriod of 30 days
sent to tfie Electrial Workers' Joural for minItes. and a copy sent tI I he Electrical H. E. CUNNINXIAAM
publication. WVorkers Journal for publijcation. C E, HALL.
HIonollu, T H. president Windsor, Ont R n,.ldinh Seoretar' Dn t 'ril. Mich. o1nt, iit ,ee
JULY, lg942 385

ChalesiR Allek. ~ na L. U. No* 408 HermnNemueler, L. ][. No. 1B-10:{5 Thormas Y. Bbeeson L. IU. No. 6
Rliithialld II~~' 3~dbEE
193o /niti~IE~d 21a 2, 1931 itaidted ApriI 5 1941
It is With a shincere feein~g ELf sadness and Whe,-,,, it ill with fleepea seer,,w ad I,'- Whe,,,t. Al .. ight God, in Hit wisdoiln ha..
regetl hill w, fibg IWl.Ibep. ill L. U, NET 4{)8, grot lhilt x1e, {he ]yilthib~id Ed L,. U. NO, }0aS, teeo fit E.,id~t
our. ... ['Ie61.1d
¥etord till tmt1inttqy passing, of or lily anis Eot. IEETopa"T, erlilant.. 1Nettlthy br;tre andil worth)Brothe, Thor las y.MITIo., wlh
,] 9,othe, Cllilesit Allen .lMddnbs.
1o }lt~11ce a Duey an loyl
ty Brother ill L, LL
~hfe,,cn it Is fill desue. to expresa o fore, :el it ]NO. II tht ef,,e, Ne it
iylnpathy Eo hi, £ami/il) and Bfrie6 in thATl I~ovd
Thit we ilny Ilibttlf 1. Ihiy i.......* Ib[iyly,!d, Ptha we Pay thibu E. ho I...
bexeae~i~nI; her,fif.. 1, it oeyI bhy .. to~ hit ~ ily aEl flitids
ldliflyd,1.1 'luf a11cop thesh ye1.1oltblloa ,ifnf oit~ill, ",'I,i/01V told bi, it D"I~]l, o11y 1-1y , A extes n toa I his tllf~¥i hiell d,
by spreadI uipondithe miintes of om meeting. v
RIt,11111 'Ilar ¥, a,, a Io~dy, Ely 111ilg Fhll aI.lel,
hi; Indbel, i "tth....h
Ea copy De,~ Wit 1 Hit am ly d acoY ITT ~selnkd, sfiand in silente lily one tirinl,~ RTh-uoflv, h[al afifty th, epsed
.. riltlt pOh
,,en! Io h,, Id Ecihea WYorkhr'$oW a II, andt be it EzlI I11,
pEbfioaioldd: did be, il fturlhe JhesoAvd, ThETL t aoyI of I~s eOtlCl 11lie IIII' the Ald Bo failthilyo
tie Md-ead "iP.. 11he mi nue
f our "ietni,
Rt.Oled TJWiiI.. CllarE fl', it, Garate
I a,i ..... 1cg ,I 1o Nit bereaved fami),lyd
Copylt,~ Iell[ 1o h, off~ieial Jo.hdnal fth p~lifidi fit,hifa"tLT3;hi Illy Elctic n:ni] f
liilhyofha Miny Ry,,ording $e¢~tIEyar $JAME.S WASSMAN.
ADOLPH ZACK. SOaIdrodo one'~t'.
milinte, an~ FOir ha
Harr..) G.S. ta,i, L. U. Xo. I]-9 yhWll g¢~ N J, tyllllill( iT~

Whereasy GOld inl Hi, ctivfib providenc, Jere M. EUNIT, L. U. NET. 6

Afll WHEII, fro~hi, earth.11ly flibior 11h aoeINli hytitfiUdd Dte... If 3, LOSf
nhamWe mebderb and estteemed cworker; anid B¥io AlIlI ght (Iid, in HE, .WJliom, }18~
Whdreai a. WI, 0eem it Efitting and lieDper Ifentit ocll ,Lfi lol ..
o... miidsft our eteemned~h Cecil D.Co-stiiff, L. LU.
thait themeber o f,,hE
L. U. NO. B-9 offer a 114
anid u. lb/y Brother-, J,,,- M Ellis, who hill
th-iblb, to th'T..eIE..E
[lehli oeWh. has~ IWEE
bid bl~deena l and
fill~ lya Brother If L, V3 By0 6; Reiid.thifid MITI, 22, I936;
El Idyll Iil~lbel of OU, Brotherhood .,,I If is WI'h deepest~t $o'iow an t'(gl tHill
...unts'y fild El failthfull frienld did Blo~ttlie; RNeAolve That We Day, tibute, to hli, ie WeT till HEltme,s1 o L, U No. 114, hnorl I~b,
11,1 by la Jltirtil El }ieI famfily andt fi.....ds [~as;~Jnl! Of I., Ell,ther Cct~i B Chsgif," w
oulfic( i{~ll sym a1athy; add be iI fatwhel d( lfttil 'd thill lift, MaT 12 1942
mebedbbshiP of Hthi loca nnioid anid tLEE Res{) ed, l'is IT .Py if tbh,,e,; r..olllHorl~ ~hisI'll bl the e-od br t IT
thei Internaionl..I Brotherhodd Jh, 11eh 1o, thei filfiily of ollr ]ath delart
of ].letileial Workers, i hillbily exleoiIIde Eo
tila berhaed failfy,
13rol1hor thait the fit b pread inlBlfIili lhIIo nf~ ~ l - 1:r1e .sDrt, himelWf W,vfly an¢}t
lfi[.le o. I ~ .§G ld A Colby, h. itiltf t( reinained fa/ERIhl Eo the end Hi pace may
lie IIIee1,1eal Worleks $ou yar phublita- be [Hed olFraks,
.,n bfit hij ........
WALTER MESSNER, ,IIT 'Poktn dealllS %xiIjnve by E...~en
Ch~eCgo, TI] CornHlilWe 1De~hE-d.That Hthe yAEbet Ddiad inl silence th1Ereforehe it
forl a yeligd Ed ol.W hniifile did ould thbarl{ Re olvetd Th.,atw rbytbueh. £ *,InItf
Harr..y F. Iferre.l,L. U. No. B-86 be, draped[ for 3 da~y_ as a rilbute to hi, Ely byIlhtH[I" l~ $inE, forl on hb.nul a
, Ed l Ifln
hE, 11E ,d'
a ~ exd': ~l"f II h',~
Iltifibfifd April IT. 19D$
It i, wliith a Ibsincl feeilinig of orrow, add A. PUT[ TZ. Roselred, Thayttia copy o£ Ihi~' reI-4,fiod De
IIIle th3[ w,. lhe me Wbr$ L B3 ,, C. FoElHNi ,11l1, 1. his {h~i~y) Til la III. b~el""Icl
B.8(6.tecoEd Ihe death oF Ourl ]ilothtr, laly Sanh FIr ineim Caif Cmite
F. AK~E-rlI[] Ilxld 1o Thy libeetlieal W;gokir', JOLndiI or.. pdfifli-
WherIEW we1 WPIEishto eprest C. his fifily MlI, Eani e, L. L . N,. 352 cation; ble t fT.. HT,,
ore' deedtsdt s 'mp,, y; t)A~t or b III
Rb{tsIIvedI Tllll El co.y e the.e le,,ltio.ajII ChtiLle'd pebr.EE,!~ 17, 1940 pe1i1d Ed
30 iday-In 1his f memory, B I
Ib, sen E. hli, fanllly, E, coPy rtyorded in Ihe, it is wilh 10 sincrfeeififg El..ofit safdnsa
mintte olI!,fHthe El copy b, sell , rere had III e e feIl, r odW,f L LT. Nof H, G. NIFIRG,
151tecod Ill.uti/e'hIII P10$irg od TU ITA G. W, BELT"
pibblicilitod; and bEd It fifrthb, n lllsal BrothhEl YB1,,v (.anrld". Who1 Fort Do~dge Iolva. [onlm'itle
R~esolved T1,at W, Menid in one fiinut, {if III, in llsBEfilite wisdom, saw. fit to I,,.
silene ~d
thai okElchatly, III draped Edr IT .... ¥. {lo.... .mlidst; slid
P,,Jod l ,IO1 daI if, h~i, yelo Whir...... it Till El ce
out E. ls oily
A. REED. gIelf 1o I'll family1 InT fliefild ard[ 1o ex.telid `Ay. M. }{all, L. U. N,. 466
B~.E~ly,"" roeoliflhiafoi,31iar 2, 1!35
J DOWNS, Re1o]We(L ']1hat a olpy el thesere1111oflulo Whiii-hil it h., pl1la.ed Afmihlld God, by
Rbfchleyte/ N, ¥ C.m iIe'111 III, ififilllib th rin y fsdor ..Elr
I< ifilmd
,a ,opyb, ell{1fIO 'h. famiily, and a thgv ITT II ,~tle~iylledd hi oiv~1i
bxt, W, N
1tenr lag~ois, 1L.U. N.. B1-713 emII to .,ll Journal forl ptbliat.L.n: an fil il
F/~ittllci. F1(bE.IE 17. 1918 W~heleai 11 Is I)~<., dtii L U N"l 46f EL,,
Resolv('¢lI Thitt IIIr charter1 be I...... m, ,I~ II lltl, and Ioalmmbralc
W.VIe~la ,1e IIh~ EInefilth, EfL I~ .'goI ~1ol iII$f,la} Iy~l <d If [l Ely, Es h tr/bib, WhEleasI h, i~syi,,en Wil be ty,,,j, ,In...d
ou aks; there...role b it
gret.leeo,.ld the i~1t5J[1 H% Brother11ller W,VP CARLOW¥, Reovd Thaif w, tEl meler f L. U
Langlfs: tht, t~free be it N, TUTTLE NoI 466, ITTtile sp1iobrothc,,,J Io¥ iv
Rife el1Ie. Tha1 WE, I., tri-thyth E. ll his el- I{]f rANCTHARD
Lin~lng. Mill o/llte I'li'ie ad, ~llahilil
. O hehtel
fil s Imphy
III`~hS and it furthIn ;ire h ii, lhi y fil it I1 ,ipCl
Resvd,sred Iha, a e e ,¥ on, El,, {C. IL. BI, e.thfnbf. L. U. N,,. 11-309 RIeoved Tht,. . i,e, FaI oudhi For,- .
md a co p yo ... sresltionsbe D1qio el " I) Il da1 s and t])it Ef HEs
-,fit bohi I... lly tillg be ,,,If E, Ihe
FIl~elial W.Vo1ke,. J ...EEI foi pblcti [I I~ WIhdee ~et ~m'ro, aid regret h,,, ,(- 1e"Ehl .... h;~ erl i oh it fit ly a, e.. ....
,and be it filthm'T ,Io the, Ebctlixcal Workds' JouTnd..I 1oi piubli-
R, solvtd, Thal in Ih is~ memorThl
ehzt, a111mil ort fluy IIroIder, C, }~ Blaekm~an;
h,e dalk fo] a, pti od of 3] da...
eClARLF~S CADA, R, B S3Im,'l.
11~11111 xpeint Io'pIlbl,1~amihis5 om
h" mce J R MILLER,
ELVERA, DiCENE70. y~/a! alld t1~ it fllrlhtl WAYNE CANNON,
Nt, ,E .. d qa a, Till, f El, i~o~to

E?*fllhmn Ed,,ards, L. U. N.. B-57 ],leefical Willcqs Jou~-naI . yir df ITTc;on

andI b~. it fullher1 lrin Iludso, L. IT. NET 1B-369
In~itffillef Sep~,teb I8,
1J 917
bed. ited fo :m daF
It isT"l wI. dI"' 'Escc
tat Ab, mlbl, ho RENE LAMBERT wt....hee,as Almigtyod ill;. EI~ infil//t /
f throul EHi, kin~doe,,.s an ercy-d has taken STEVE SHIA Ifesleeme till dite..dI 1Both,,, I'vinl Bid-
flo.... mi~ds Itu belove~dfriend ... d E W. HOLTGRE;E,
Brnthfi, W.1HOlam Eyd~.arls, Wild by been. a Wh, Ia ilq tile deat} of ]3rO[ti l l so
fill heath forl ,..l. Not, e; and L- U1 I, E19 has1I.,li a tr. eand1 ]Yl El/.....
Wheei his l friends andBzohi r Ivan W. Roelttger L. U. N.. B1-23 Ib e ll .ihl~r.. be il
Withifi thl Itanly 'If orIaiTzefd laborl hawE, (x+-
plessed theiT fehsof plAfon.. orrow; Dtiil~led My~rch 30, 1937, id L. U1. No, 1ll Reol¢d Ta L, U. 1O. 369 r/gic
1.le~t loss ill lhei det h oL
andi WXI.. }ea
....AlnEghd Gyd, in H.,, inllite Wit- ;Ind hereby e
il x r arebesethylof]i
Wberea~ [Bloi¢,r EdwIrd~ let{ I ere dol... b10
ME 2. 1942, .al'd IT e ¢ na e... losi El thA
iito of our ]~l....o.d;
WINi an fe~ arelmiybtWee ea,,Eof io 'ICl1 be it further
azld hil...i,, kSN lvead .. devo.tion; thei-f R11selve1d, That1 W, il~a t~l'blih, 1o lif 11h,11l- [{cs~rived. Thalt L. U. N,,. 365 leh(]er Jl
Belt hi it myhy<pei sing fo i,I rlla~e ourhe. iI..... .~l
E~E. ito fam11 Iilof, willoo
qeoedThat the Inenbber tsiad in ¥, eHl ~tv ~
... the loss of fheir Iolyea oe;
s~ iel
t..... .e for .ne minuhte.,lad ~ha1'&e and El, it ntlIiv.I, bc it fuflithH
~If~ o~ Ihlel.,. [., a O-riod o£ 30 dly, i ldd R~;l~,That II 1,ogy :f fl~l(~; II[HO1ltllOilS th,.s ... d, Tbill Z, tilly TH this ;i o on
be, s'lleb 'PID~, thd, miEutes EL o., iiteflimg be, tent loII, .... ani]3 o Is.,lef
u B...le a1..
RdIsolvd, Thai.we extenld our, symlpalhy 11 Ith be :-,l E , hi,- be-eaed bbal¥iy, El Toil
Ifp . .... IT. be p~ea ... ithe Il ifiinlt-f ,., localf
t01e faoilly b, a thiler a opy of thesd, )tt 1,, sent Eo our, oEfficia$ouaEE, I., thulblie If[ifi ioy I ..
ndIE b eh ttent to Ilhe ng1ei
bion ,tlt thi, fallC i,01 Ednd UIha lhe bf Eioalld nlt~ chl, el b, drapedE for, II ,,rio .... EE.Il o! ,dr 1,.lob....hooId. {or D ,l~l.,
entred filto IIEI mihidili of 11h, loa ... Io of !I ~* y, . ..
it III i uthe
ayd s¢tht lo ITi ef~leiticld WO.ers JourEIIal IRes4Ive,1 That Ow, l¥,imbell sthid Ill dile~ce JOHrN IL HOOD
fori nbdk,.th,,n IIIt a pi.~o {~f .,lt. EhrEfl d$ El ttfdii, ttti hif CHARILpS F. PENNEL,
Salf Lake Ci1y, 15tal Committe St. Paul, TCornrah~il
i. te Lo.1,,¥ille, Ky. C"I'niftbi,
365 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
Robert WV.Edwards, L. U. No. B-41I DEATH CLAIMS PAID)FROM JUNE {, A.ll waI to "lobid any Ihinitation upo..
TOI JINE 30, 1942 fite'trln of ainngeImployees
Ynitinted March 2$, I'll
We tile mellmbelr of L. U, No. S-414, with a . lily dentaI is a condition of employ-
macONe feeling of sorlro%¥ and regele, record Ih U, Nan.lh nIit Or UthierWyie, lf th, right of em-
te untely pflIi o'f our true and loyal
flrotlie Robert W Edwaids, W,1oWas ca led I; C 3. thi ds 1.000.00 pieyces t/ join I labor Or.anization,"
itt 3l ay 1I 1942, and \oliWllia mt A. O 'lurtecll U000.00 Iar mnor fundai..ental in it, philosophical
Wheireas w~ewish tU extend Io hmliieaved I2JI. IKerhick I1,000).00) alpIroach to labor relations is he so-called
tdilily o£ oui departed Brother out IllaR.f..r
<inpatiy and condolence in dhcti hou.r of 12 , I1 Sodlqrteig 1,000.00 Nlrk Laoardl4 Act . hich stlictly defines
o w Iol~e iefoit- ie it 702 A.V WWihahd 1000. 0th and {iiiLs the jurisdiction of courts sitting
t .i .That a copy of these resolitLion
ie it J, scumtimes called the anti-
riO 4read upon the minutes of ourl ocal 245 I.L F Woleve r 1.00.,00 i eIuity.
'flee in g, a cops snt to his nlai, and a I K. W Hill 1.000.0th irIjuncti..n bill. Ihis paragraph taken frOi,
cop5 sent to our Soe'rnal for publication: and Ill9 (I. ]] I Bleknan 1.000.001 the Norris Laiu ardi; Act surely represen
be 0 iiurtljei I A, . Snmlieb. 1.000.00 a &Ctatcati.. .Itf In..aI en.lltal n.tional poll%
Rolved, that ouI charter be dinjped dor
a .,Inod of 30 days as a I]ibtite to bis HI I. D, (!eS iiff .0000t Ii reference to olilective bargalning:
I12 thIrles S Mann 825.00 "Whereas unldue prevailipg econnilnei Coceldi-
ROBERT W LORENZ O I.I I John '. NeLeai 1.000.00 lions, developId with the aid of governmental
3OHN K. RUDISIlJ,, I 15:; L. S. Iilihey 475.00 anutholilty for ow if pi,,perty to Olganize
Laricastor, Pa. Committee 2:1 1. W, Roettger 1,000 .00 i the coipor.t. . n. I other forsN of owne r-
Ralph Proper,
B. L. U. N,. 50t 55165 FIok [[. CGriffiths 475.00 shil assoeiati ii, the individual unorganized
7 [3 T.
[arglin 1.000.00l workber is conlionly helpless to exercise act-
Initiadted AItgI 15, 1917 jul ]iberT' of 'nntract add to protect his
It is with the deetest of sorrow and reiret .I. 0354.Ray Oweu 1,000.00
:1 William Mcio rd lr00OO0 ftveomn f Ilabr* and thereby to
obtain ac-
that we, the members of L, U1 No. 504, record
tiI ussmi oof one of o.. true and devoted 2:I D. S, MeFee 300.00 ceptabIle Iers conditions
ard o employmen L1.
flrolars, R, .RProper: 34d Wifalter Aylward 1,000.00 .herefor. lhogh , he should be free to deiline
Willerea. in thie death of Brther Proper
, realize the los of a sincere fltend and a Lloyd A:. 'arson 300.00 to associate with hb fellows, it is ne.essary
ei,, a.ctuber who ,erved this local union for IX Robert 1. Moody :133.3 1 thathhe haIe full freedom of absoeiation.
maty years faIthfully and loa l n official self-ligani ation. and designation of repre
Ca aety: therefore be 1 It W. J Mettalstadt 1000.00
Oldolved, That we pay DRibute to his met- {25 C. A. Gruibhe 475.00 sentatives nf hi, own choosing, to negotiate
ci-y by expressing to his haill ou I sincere I.. r134I W. ]L Belknap 1,000.00 the Ierns arid conditions of his employment,
and heartfelt sympathy: and he it flrther and that h shal bi he fr fr'om the inter-
Resolved, That we draPe our charter for W. J. Liddhnr~ 825.00
Mo r ris Ilti son 1000.(o} fee live: $letrai t, or orcioul of employers
31 days aIid stand In s eni nedittilon for one
n. tlti te in tribulte: and be it filrthel LO. (122) J. It. l)anaher 1,}00.00 of labor, or thei agents, In the designation
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions of such reprnsentatives or in gelf-organiaa
he en to hIs bereaved fmily, a copy be s PR.F. Ilitkitlan 475.00
st't to the Electrlieit Workers Journal for 295 11, ff. Davis 300.00 tillu or il other concerted activities for the
lpiebhlatiotl.F. H. STRINI.E, 1. 0. (SR) George latesn Ido00.0P sof collectve bargaining or other
[, 0. (102) Robert Bainbridge 1,0000) In ±toa a ii or p.rotecton; therefore, the fo-
Meadville, Pa Recording SecretriY
949 E. S. Landweer 825.01I lowing definitions of, and limitations upon,
Vasil Steko, L. U. N.. B-1161 3 P, T. Rafferty >,000.00 D
the ui-isiction and authority of the courts
76.) R. C. Cox of the United States are hereby enacted."
lrntmlntd October 16, 1923 6500(}
Whjereas it is wrthi the dee~pe and sin- 2192 Paul [avis Phease note that the phrase "individual uId-
,orem feeling of so1row hti we. tilemiebers 212 William; 1), CoCner 1000.00
L. U. No. 13-114. pay our last tibulte of
]f oiganlzed ,orker is commonIy helpless to
1l7 J. F. Martin 1.000.0P
Ieset to the memory of our late Brother. oeleiste aetnil Ie rtiy of contract and to
V-Mi Stecko, wh od. in HI, infinit
Clu wis- :12I if W Mitchell 1.000,0P
protlet hi filteeom of labor" is a direct
dq, saw fit to remove from olin "id"t antd 0. 134i C. S. Atwood
I{ 1,000.00
(puotaLirdn froi Chief Justice Taft in one of
Whtleas We wish to extend to his family James i. McGowan
and -elatives our- diep and heartfelt .ym- 52 1,000.010
his dlecisions. So we ulay say the Norris-
Ia t terefore be it If2 M, L.. (tuffid 475.0(1 {,a ;ua rdi Act is an epoch- marking pro-
Resolved. That wye, In melting aisseinltbled 13, ] *. IH, Edtwards 1,000.00
stardd In silence with bowed head for one nodurieueiiet is hi p~arfis~ar.
ilniutle aM a ttttbtte to his nmelniiyi andL bei [,O, (3091 Edward Iloigue With the Bailway Labor Act and the
19;{ Williaim. A. lDye 300.01)
N,,rris Lacuardia ACt as ils predecessors,
Rl!olved That a Ilpy of thpsc resolutions 17 E. ]] Iley ]000.00
be seat to his bereaved family, Ia copy be theze was dil II step to the enaetmlent of
sod0o ouT ofricial jourI al fN I ,uhliatiol G.E. Winston ,;50,00 lie Natidnal lalnnr Relatinn, Act, which hial
ansi that our charter IIe draped for a ,etiod I W, J. (ljonnell 1.1100.00
lr its pUtlm S... to dim..irislh t hie Caues of
0 d ots. 2J5 tihanl~, 4. K atie 1.11000(,
; A. BLANCIHARD laor d(isputts burtlening II obstructing in
Prth Aznbey. N 3 Recorditn,1 Seelela S31 A. II. Ebinree and foreign The clear
,,]:{ ff S. :IUtad lint of evolution i, tihe concept of labor
John Roth. L. 1. No. [-28 77 FreIl Deubel tobitaIns ili {> traced in this quotatior
Diiia4d Alril M6. 1918 I.l (483 ItGeorgn SIgaldrsI'o 1.000,00 fI.... the Nati.on.Il [aho Relations Act: "The
WIVlmea it is 'l0h Ihe deepest sIol oo that 134 W. . Nortou
X. 1,000.00 iiet~qlitv of balrainEig power between ei-
t, the memvlbers {f L. U, Vo. B-20. ply our 52 F.p. y plofyes who doI not poss full freedom of
l tl ri le of res pet the -nirmnor of our 702 Luther Smith 1,000.00
Jario other, John Ruth, Whom Gnd in His .I75.00 JItoilitiio1. . r tItIs1 liberty of contract, and
infinitel wisdom. d saw I to reonve fnnill ort 26; Philip Little eutphlyers who organizied ini the corporate
midiist; and t I. I(14 3 ilank Miller 1,000.0{ i,- other forms of ownership association sub
whderes we , wih to osteard tyl I'll faimn 2:l A. W. Fahey 300.00 stJritiaLIy Itdpns ansI a ffectsflow of
alid tlatives or dep (lo rlId heartfel Js xi-
pa I herefore be it 24I R, B. Snlith 1,000,00
feL,olved, That We. in meeting assembled1 I; J. M. Ellis 650.00 Pronl thetse~ major law, have ,stemmed other
stA,,rl n sl ence for one minulte a a tribute h1'¢ Edward Masur 825.0(1 tmpo rta nt laws deOfinin labor plolicy includ-
to h]ismemory: ind' he it fu~rther I 0(0.00
Re-,,tdyd. That a coy if these rnsltion 48 : 3. J Plitinsor
Al Ig the agn e r-- eysr Att, which establishes
be sent to his bereaved faily, eopy
a ,preadi 191 Albert 1], Smith I 50h.(t the Utngied State, Eiployrent Service
.on. Itt minutes of this pileeling. r cnppv be ,:11 William Nieol 150.00
sUn touo officelM Journal for ptublication ilhin ecetaini mitations, nod the Fair Labor
,red that our chaIter he draped (,, a period 104 Philip L[alpint 150.00
Stamt.lards Act of Mil, which is virtually the
itt 20days 11-137 J. L Stone 150 o
CAMPBELL C. CARTER. wge lawfor all workers and also
1B~23 Nichoas, F. Marks ltilfti0 establ ithes inaxlnnmmn hours of work.
]dhne]Ild Cm iec, 702 Ddougla.s Pu,,6s 150.00) h view of this intionial labor policy, it
ill John Ilthihar1 seerils to nit, vilthirkabte that the C(onlress,
O. McCurdy, L. I1. No. 1271 353 Nnrrlan (ualonl 1,000.00 [he ,laardiw, of the democratic tradition,
Iditlttled OCtober 8. 194' bholId expect no other sgrgestion or peti-
~Vrthi deepest sorrnw, we, the iimeni~itrs if $51.408.34 liIn fron tht workers of the Coluibia Power
[, t N., 1274, deeply regret til \ Ii sigof
1hIr iheO.M uily; therefore be r
Resolved. That we pay triIute lII his faniy BONE BILl,
araies Couteill except the one I si
presenting asking for collective bargaining

h C pressing out sincere syimpatiy: and be rights and for the materialization of this
it fart, h-r Contlimod form pa.e 3351
Ždtlietit, dempocratic arid productive plan of
Rlesoled. That a 'oPy be road on on ret tp a system, of labor relations in the
in i ts, a copy be senIt In his fails3, and a inlllo3 ee relAtions on the great northwest
epp be sent Io thl Electrical Wokers basic tiansportation industry, an indus p rrujeCt.
JoitiriaIII or rublicotion: and he iI fur Ie-l try which affects the lif, of every citizen
Reollved. }hat our ch..rter I di pSd for a M. H, H s.
p>0G oW30 days. REd ill the nation. If you recall, one of the Technical Adviser,
GEOUGE fl WARD Ptmlal purposes of the Railway Labot fIlu, .ila Power Trides Council.
Tor on~lo O nt. pt e dint
JULY, 1942
$YXNIIETIC RU BBER let out to tilh oi [industryfor THE IR ptuveei
'Ant petakig of plans and hluepllnts. I
(Coul inled ftemji pange 342j
find case after ease it which the gorerl t
pntthiltic'' to use grain (soon to be spoil- colnmitter] itself ill writing to let theI[...,
nmg) because it wis ,eded "to feed the pnies spend uill toA1 and 2!) aliJidollars
world": (2) that tbhey wouildh have. to PREPARE pl md b
.,ris lueprints p piesent
,mp]pete blueprints pf their phmts (e to the goveritni(qtit
if they were to he made entirely fr.m "And it rh4e, seem odl that thIt could
happen tri dheieeases anil that th(e riljeer
s.eori. band
materias) before their case
in Netprat a .k:ert ev@n getvinn"itlru'titit1 to
e be conshidred; I that fedeal (,AIN mitread
GRe f petroilet.... uilcs it
coid . b. invested in, their plo- AAS the mst Milthy perfected i dans
pussis since they Ili [lt yet I/1 ojIt'llJtipBt And it Ill. ee ohl dd that the, uitilliket
and ;telc thereor I utriedd"; (4) that CIorporaliltn iii Ihildelphia Is unable 1o get
(rInstluethtn materials weee nit availabh , Ile'tliL hil I , htI b snithetie
% riu,,r
aId finlls (5! tbal the syrlthuti lube. [ilit/t ieeaiis Ih t
h[Le ri pilh't plaan ilt
vro{iln' Was already uonplete and that oirpelatillit i the, ¥prnneRt
... rcivaes tim let
Itl ftIllthbel ept...i...t .li , coiienj]lated. them build hire pilot plant"
Even when they ]bt their ownIr..- In another ilMtline keI officials Sllilioutsly
i Idoreithe issibilitls oifa Mexilcl prunt
ialas an.d theirI t.... fin.ancal. a i.iglllle- eaillid "Itylit'ttegi whih is 413 tier elt
... ts. aIl ]d lought. ... ly a few Iais cif latex ' ititPtut
. the lrAsiif etdu, de rihiert
rlinforcing steel flovats for a .o...plet'ly ~l hi' I~tt intirorplouetiort
(tl)( iii (tleP srtt Ot
irltegrated in o~'all. a did a grlo...ut ill lh" dii. b,,u. iv. a mitor,. ¢.rtiii * AUD0.S HAND BOOK OFi IECrNioir
tfechcity. A
Nebraska headed by one G'orge Johtnsoi, our rubb~ei {loglin to the YSexieacr fllyt]r U"M~
and pnciA.l
~10 IZ
oir eqeSt-d ]ermission to ,onstrut thlir plant whliec V lisl fopr certt hptex and] l: uadnd*~n& A reiable authcy anIa hanlF bjerp
itlre thh ta. gitCwthblefort I, that ~cwwet yvJr q~tlcoc.
owt lubber plant, a. did the Pubicliker * INSIDE TRADE INFORMATION ON
(..o Aleuhol Company of Phila-
mmercial that
OIn Juune 1 i ire siilert Daniel PAzif
deiphia, they wele denied priorities atid the Shell Union (it Co testified before
their efforts consis tenly blocked. Senate inveo gigtilng subceommitttee that uin,.l
clw-. nd D.C. MoodeAm ApputeWenz,
lublicker, the largest industrial
- behil of tih petioleuit-hiasei h/tadiel, planls In
pioducer in the atioti, is [hiepedenlt eF thr which the wtvertrnleiut ai'(i3 tiveSla{~ ter
To~ hsuitLt ino
yofor tI,mr
011 rilg. It m te the.. ta.. kt of .o...erOirlt fected. "All of these prcesscn are 0toilltcrly u CrIantimi)te
[E-filsriw~a lhw.
ils plalt fromll lhe ii$( of stg., it the ilsel f jew, he aifititte. "It is a, ease i,. eore Tiruri
ffllUi it, the shprtagt Tlhe .omments of ftl reserclih ItI IsertLiit t heipest
1 inus> arid
(. I L,,is S arial'<t for the .lutuill today we plhp..t know ho., the plalts will
B]'tO .. a (g S'.1
S ilirt,inue 22 oye en, cMt
0e tUt.
li:htening: CivilIan ii<-er., it isnow rut<gilizdmt IIllt
"The Publieker fI'rporatlin has teen tryi.]g nIp rubber IiHe Suddenliy
Illfor rel..ii. the
for months to build I pit.,t plant to prodIht. utter inDposihihlity of the propo e.I ltrstrraim
live tori of rublher it dlly but they coulnd'it to ill ur leed- andt perbaps scuirel a little
Ill prlority pre fereee on materials to get
it built. No one fromt theWNar Prilducttritm
at the ilbid of uinfavorablule publicity which
broke over their heaids this aumnl'r. Neftens I~-- ~ ~ "
litarrd, n;or irom. the Iluibber leserves . .Cr- officials hae nr... it.l. alPlteatetd suflk.t apl
pIn'itioil, has ever [et, there to inspect this plroipilil IorI lin tnI i toll 2rhiee0
p~roless, to see whether i¢ \ill worbk to ot. tti.r, of Itlh fi-.t, grain sethIr IiIti hae
"iMost important oi all,. [ <tug aroundti given (tv!> rilidfri h .Iscove.t..IC tsJ
.bcite 12 ELeetriai eorldensei and Ca~luailatrs
I:, Flies t t Itties.
Viahtibigtoii to try to get. ntl inmpatiat] exprt light to devlhir the planti Ceoittt'erI[a/ly ait ~
14 Fi] ,I
otesetit fixurI s (,pIt Im cIet of ttcIk I,
whit could give tme .. rspetive I[ O..mid once But jse ite only ertfttigl bv,1heg. It
*hat there was oneO ic hvirlua
h t , rema)in for pa st-war d¥ to show ]5. Radio anid roil sets
seettilit, Ip
,tpgrflettt uireau ill£
h¢ virtriiltit. ,vhethei the lU!,er ;,ineopoly le y he 1Fitt-laetrierIl IhIng eqinlepiint tIct entireJy
whot Wa. agreed all airijiptlD tt/ le the pil[]> 11c bropken hnr gxr,, ] ,i hu pr.iilv
hO:J. tIitqLestilf..e.d l tIthI L13 Of *j..h. iit t I
all for-ms o, IynIhet rubiber prulitorti,, I ('ONV1FIRS1J4ON PICTU RE ii. ~adt property Irtnt tire R~elays for
l,it , hitll s:: I, u allal it e al 0,t
Illk a1 m7 , g,wtrt liaudio
or, h
Ln.g tpirt.U S.Ittw 0
for iffir
Pt'lcke. eO Li...1 Ua(sditraiblY
l I, pita i ourihllnttlt ibm paie 1f3l
i.aa ¥att nIltaFrLt3 lpf thlt s3nthlwtn r tIho PRO(1)1 (\IN G Fi}ll GO(VERNME[NT 9, Faorricthitr asmhLy~.I oiu1 hstaHia-
t if rladRi, aa]unt saind I,,es Ior in-
dhlt, been Irurhuti in the, vImIi]d th1s filr dttriaplu ;p1n1 Armr .a..p.Naval II3
h8i1 beetpirod ced hy it. lIe said w.lIt Vve Fo>low ifg is the lti. of .,
a]hcndy ,ol you tlhnM al Irsn .. ilpli(, . e..I nmanufactrituv' itplmoduets for the guPenri 201Piil,
C.rp l,ibgi; illutiiirII rot 1
ti~L i
".., b I, ll ...... Itepel nIetl[ oI..n ti....ti!'Ited basis:
m frei I, ..v c. i eatly stiLirfl 2' Wte etioeclor>. tleett:10o1 emdtlutt fittingi
,dt,, lhe itr is over. I..r that rellii. h i Switchboauds, ])aoes 1) [,ibtt ti! ]I'l A- ainld s...Le. equipmen. 195 ter eer of out.-
,I the t,11Iiekioi p MAlvl-itp wheth..r the Pewe ]lltli put Is fot drefense
'I~ licu he,laeinent batlet ties Now 22 1,iulrIll, fixturs,. imliii : tili,lplt IF.,
hitlil tIreSt l01o8e iii it NOW a a Wilt 'lA"g
inakrs s..ricm,cal[ batteries for hItiths urni Nau..iI ;. Uleiense l.ousi.
,iti I~c..., II ordhr tFl ci the Iuhler q3~i ki] 01 ncr A in33 ises
itf (.lirsc i thati ,,,l I, Wiltl ;ild crabbc for the N." 'tim shotage of coppeI has serioujsly
,ff ti2,.i Lases. Pulpih/ in Phladtl,hi lnd 4 .aid atleeLort o ,utssde billm, ,,tdt wIre aifeetItd i h nanntflatili oi wire iiin
rib *hn, m s, 4, iet*k p the L."'vertineit /. n,,d ifistier eoetqet 'tire, hot t,]leri ¥Iu hItiwt cable That wipe anId ('Ilbb: hieb i: Bowv
pstitt[i timpoire th'i IItte IIi pill .1< ih] cahII, 11kIltlII [b9
Pe oarse at,1! tine wlrt.
be(img mnnIu.factuield virtiually classed
ihat tifers ,I risk itlf, bit't.ant gel gin 6lrnod ldIn Piititti$-
. field wie. <'ip
bo ,,! caIsle.II iruoreld cabl ebdil..ii,, uI Iut, as wa! wsork bitt diue to tibc re-alioration
;[ h .ghcadd ral mit... t theh cI of plas al Ill disli'pI of d jobs
dse the total vhltme b as fallen
*, S1trahs II panel boaids swvrllwoar tilt aiItd tins hat eljiiti... t'lI satie mote.
ruid tIltielprhIits thail 'uirIhir hardly gretli ]i tp colrit ot. riip~tiui generato rs s Wiilehimr<,ii
it VI' luye~lit. It IS Very IIlh
I...l etc. rcljdiIV th0 per ceni uif prktuda(trO[ fron. the payolls Flttoi.iS...tlt lighting is
hiler, atnd ret[ii.. 1 hate [brad ..e ]i f(Ir dae~rise Navy boats. Aru1ry O(Iit~~ also feeling the pressIl.e lf ]r ties. TIe
trig, sltd ]HuLild Lew1 eutj..ri.tert mllT] fa...y planl Sts. , Wiat Pl'ductioi Bjoad f.o.e fluorescent
hlltepliirt, hut Mlat .inrttial /.re ritiler. i.Rtd>, and ...arr ldlt("atiolm erlitt...Itelif lighting on May 16. RIdiip-pthonl..ra-lL
it W\UL]D ,oe] thatt the. .ro.Up} thit's abtle V Swlypehblat ds ioln weldJixg (rtL[Mlljtie(f(1
$hipxyaidsi conltbitatholts have closed iutl Or' two
,l he D ahloe I i;ttottN] {mergehey by plllth factories Inuftficienit g ninl' t...t O'tdeis
B Sw,~lehboi,'d' .ini welding citLtimUueilt dol
tiny ILtith(,r r] Mtlff ..i.r.... hard] ,Iff
ship3 ar, have Bnt permitted th, planits to ct,ltilmut!
wotuld be a virtue an14d... t i l, .~rlmll l halt 9 Swvitrrttrosn d i~l[ W'*diflgl rriutlpirqlI foar thle opeations. Opelal o..s iii thesI
thle Wa' thi, nat.ioni et+mir t t rAn ii 'Ihj'p alt }
night ,iltert'st yoItIo know. also. htit l e In SwRihe b alwsd ails!l Ieli]i[
.i..l.t.[.. l (for pifant, wifi tease compllely July I5.
hite through the leeIlr in thet tetm..!t ship' ar~ls II~tuit.,Is ;re still beinig nurnnfactured on
][SoIti 'l.M Dr.~, ... ... ts-anllendsbdi bais hut thlis will bring
(ne.'oh'w-luihlting tis'tly plaints thuti wits
368 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operalors
termination of work soon. This is also chop remained . clk for the real aMtack As lnneld rh. L osedshop as"''.n
. p....
Ilink tid
true of Iamnpshades. state!d by Father Toner, ",. much of the conttrary to iana's (led-gilCn riff tt to work"
A good many of these plants await former epositlmi orf I ployer. tII the closed The experieneel
.onf.sionby so lnIny
shop was aii reality iln attei.p. to prevent spekesnen oC bif business over t!lnheal rLnn
government orders. They report that they any and all types of collectiye Ijalvinillg '
ejTples and their own self-serving economic
can be converted and that they need no In neling the r.tarded state If ,ollective doctrines is lItevsjfing. As FhIler Toilet
lInan.ial aid to make the changeover. bargaining in the 1'. S. and it, neessity" in pihilts out. lt is mint generally known thnt
Exterior light equipment has virtually relation to the preservatio nIf etereray ill enmtployers and their organizations, past and
ceased manufacturing. One important the political sphere, the author quotes from preset, talso have advocated and efftectely
manufaCturer in electrical devices Ir- nIl earlier study Iy Father Franis J. }iaaa, ellfiiried the Iplilcide of the clsed shopI
who said, "Theultimate explanation for the against both fellow emplosycrs ad organizerl
poTis, 'Have had to lay off 80 per cent
]mite, I extelt {i unioizatioi, s tht power- ieorker,.
of the help. Have tried every means of
fnl co'rporations e.. pIloy.uig by pflothe largest A further example o-ftheir
t [artility for
getting war business without success." proportion of workers gee in the organization the closed shop when it does not invol'e col-
of workers a. troi o their ewn poL..." leetrvyeiargaizling is the nIove curren
.. being
CLOSED SHOP MISNOMER FOR fste red to consolid ,atethe eilphyer-doni-
'[he C(hauber of [I Io.ere was uot a party
UNION SHOP to the early attack on the closed shop for the iated company unions of some of the biggest
sinple reason that it wa not yet inexistence. d'etrig power fl1ilties, nnt Lo promoiote col.
(Continued Irom page 334) leetive bargailing, but "to combat the A. P.
But Is should be expected it has since beaten
In advocating the open shop "Is the its way along the same well-worn trail. of 1,. and the C( 1. W."
sine qla non of our industrial safety, This internlixing of selfish econsip doe-
Lest the impressein should be rreated that trine, ani ino r.. pri niples is aptly exposel
advancement and suprenmaey," the N. A. oppnsition to the closed shop has become
M. descended to extreme and intem- ii a statemment of John Mitchell. old-time head
merely a matter for historical study, it is em- of the miners, quoted by Father Toner by
perate language. It shortly became dis- phasized that the struggle contintues in spite wuy of refutinl the often
asserted non-exis-
satisfied with merey slandering union- of the well-settled, demoeraticaly-determ ned tent "absolute right" of ant oIdidual tu,
im as being opposed to the American public policy of the United States· The author work where and when he pleases under xhat-
Constitution and the Ten Command* points omt that as recently as 1940 the Cham- ever wsages or t~ollitions he nva y like, or pry.
ments. but falsely charged the A. F. of L. ber of Commerce voted 1,782 to 6$ against the tend to like. Said John Mitchell:
closed shop. It is alan approprihte to note
with open warfare on religion itself. that the closed shop and any modified form /The non-unionist has n6 moral right to
From experiene and from other objective of union security provisions have "'en bit- seek his own temporary advantage at the
studies, labor kTIows that the N. A. M.'s terly resisted befo re the War labor Board Tlxpense of the permanent interests oF all
actions were consistent with its intem- and its pred.ecessor, the National D efense workingmen. It may pay an anti-onionist
perate language, Mediation Board, The 1941 I, esithnt of the lo defeat the hopes and asjlratnns,I his
Yet the "spearhead" attack on the closed Ch ~nber
of Cnmrner'e, A. W. IIawkes, con-


Arreri+, Official N'otie or, per If, - $.50 I'aper, Olieial Letter, per 100 …......... .50
Account .Book, Treasurer's 90 RBtUals, extra, each .......... za
Book., Minte for t. :. (small) 225 Recei t Book, Applkalnts (300 receip 1.7
Book, Milntte for R. S. (large) Receipt Book, Applicants 750 reee1i]ts)_ -3 50
Book. .........
-ay 1.75 Rteeeijt Book. Members (300 meeel t . -175
BOOk. Roll tCall........ 1]50 Reei pt Bookl, M 1embers (750 rece ipts )-- 3.50
Carbon for Re. ip li,iooks...- .05 ReceIpt, Book, I Iseel]:neon s (300 re-
?hartels, Dnpli]ate - - o00 eel -s)-- .- 1.75
(omplele Local Charter OUtil-t 25.00 it Book ,
Iere (750 ne-
(rinshititcnI, per 00. - -- - t350 elJ 1ts) ....... -- -… - 3.30
Salnttc copies ... .10 RleoeipIt Book, 0,-rtlime assessmOeIL ta0
E lerigal Wor"ker SltbsIriptlot, 11er Yeat 2-G0 receltip) ...- 1.75
mblet, Auttomobile ........... Reeeipt BoIk, eve rilnie assessnent (I&O
Elnetloes, (Iffcial. per 100.......... 1.00 rece1pts) - 3.50
Labels, MDecateo...nla.lage , L per 11(I- .20
Reeept~lBook-, Tcml raey (10 ree ipts) 3.SO
Reeeipt Book, Temporary (3In receipts) 1.7$
labels. Dectleomnlaia (sallu), per 100.L .15 itceiet Book, Temorti ary (90 receIt sl .75
Labels. Metal, per 10 - - -. 2-30 Beceipt ]5ook, in-..c. al Secrete ry' ... 5
Labels, Neon, per 100............. .20 Reeept Book. Treaurer' .--- - ... 25
Laels, 'per., per I00........ .20 Receipt hIolders, eachl . ...
La bes, Mare
size fIr honse
. ring, per Rlereipt ITder, Celluloid, sold slt] iii buWLI, Al.
.35 Smle]st lot, 50 - -5I
Ledger, loose leat binder Financial See- Per 100....... 3-200
re Žr's2
tab index … ..... ITe.e..r.h n eekly r ,inr(
cards,p r 100
IL 40 Y¥U want the JOURNAL!
Ledger paper to fit above ledger, pI- "00 Seal, cut of ... .- 1.00
Ledger, FinancIal Secretary's, 300 page.- 6.50 Seal-------------.-- ----- 4.00 We wat you to have the JPLICNAL!
iedger, Financial Secretary's, 200 pages, 3.75 St:eaI (pocket) . .. 7.50
Ledger, Vlnanctll Secretary's, 400 ]ages- 8.00 Tra%o cards-ling-
. ...- - ftree The only esse. tial is your
(Extra IIeavy Binding) Wlihdra wal Cards, nilh Trats., (vlv, pLt
Ledger, loosee research, tile uding tabs 12.50 IIoz.en .40
Ledger Sheets for abone, per 100l. .... 2Ž5 arrant BookI
n urIt.B. 4 .34 Nann' . ....
elORE. W. ]L A.
Rook, Minnte - l.50 Constitilno,, an.. per 10T
Py-Tas, I 50
Charters.Ibttpl fitct
e~ · I . .. 50 Single Copies -10
Reinstate,,neni Blank., i'er 100... .75 Bituals., each .2S Ne,. Addess__

-away Old Address-......................

METAL Wt~LAa' LABEL When you move notify Is of the change
of residence at once,
We do the rest.

NOTEI-Th above articles will be snpplied when he aeount n cash acco,.panies
International Brotherhood of Electrical
the order. Otr wlse thne order will not be rco.z.ulted. All suppliles sent la .us a, e postage Workers
or exirs charge s prepiaid,
1200 15th St., N. W.
ADDRESS, G. M. BUCNIAZET, I. S. Washington. D. C.
JULY, 1942 369

fellow men, just as it may ay Ia man to 192ft therefore. on motion which was carried,
bea trnftor to his country, bug neither bI ,If the council denied the request.
moralb y jIf lfed." L. U_.N The rnruest of Andrew ];]merson, of Local
I,0. Bleiley, Jo.seph A. ,13 aion No. [l, torI If hanlr il the record of IIii
'The of the wri thn cloudt't shio
[.. Girard. Job,h (; 140 date if birth, wdts received, and as eon, eten
contraet h the railroad industry, Io fre- ].O0. YtlI.,I, John 214 evidentce wats gazaiished to si'lstanrtiate the
,pltly hitded hy open shoppe i, e idhnee
II request it Wits nved andi seconded, that the
or it, illegrdity which it is in the c,,iI..I 1I. f LA I date of hik birth be on the I I re.-
cha nged
ihrilristy iR al y treated by lather 'n rIr. 17 Zahlcki, Alphonso, rl tn ,eptehIber 20, 1877. [otion earried.
tle p.ints not that in the, early 4gaives oI .r 14Mndera.lohn
/ Iti.on thO 11oe,
shop was i,,,iii dI to 11137 ,Jenr r, n btilecase if [ubei t BI. Miller, trf Local
atr,hit'vy,, Ih(t ral[road unions weretoLo wisk. tlicin Nxo, I. who iequeisted ii rhairge iii Ilii
And that later it was inexpedienIt fulr a l1.1,,- It was found that these apicants Idrih date, the IoI ncil footed
t hat Since
hot ,f I.rusInr.. which distinguish third ii- iltw Ilit rerltn'-t ha haR a~ttituneil the age at 65
eithier had insuflitient coihtiuo s stand-
,] istry from
dirs. The ralro....ld I. se Li< }1k mirth dtote icin g established i~s
hug, or insufieileni years oI melbhership li~t
1. 1577; therefore no action was niceeici
Ih.oIds htve siner attained all effectlie el.eI to qualify under tht, 1in'visio0s ol the .. n
shop whihh f]ight have jeorardklz Ieen
by in thi, case,
e'mlioy tr-iloi in t (oTn panl IIIIlS th
itltuti.n ittiml
hrfr,;ti which The rquet-I of Albeit W. Menrhed, 1, O,
ina lip/ihtic'' Of a 'qegal" closed sh ll, o was aried, thel pensio wes denied. menilher, fur a chane in his birth ,ate was
ilt when the Railway Lahor Aa It I, A request fzo, I. L, Trart <,r a hn e reeiveld, anti I, thI evidence fuirniiluhd the
Ilr nftId thi unlo s , lidi jiot " u' e liI in, the re to..l. refhi, &t"aniir for Jlanuary It'l reeordl of his date of birrh on whieh, Drie...lI
I hlsl d khol. Fehrnry. 1929, ,fW rce~ive .Iut the co, n wat cairried, wIt estal,]Jshed as March Il,
ei], on exam in g I' I. I. u oing. th ast
With enpri, te the attitude If thIe ( .ih Ofliial fReceijpt No ,e3l0i5 showed January The reques t of Willlan S. lBogart. Mih>
<liorehi Frilher Toner's study~ enphasviz&3 nerd February. 1 inses, paid on April 18,
c2. D~e'eneau anii Henry Beardsiec, all If ,ocal
thiL the ChTch, lef. dS thle lalurr] rirht of
nlen to iol 'thie most important of all aso
eiiaiorls" within the state. erkingn's ir
.... gatChs
nthe p.,rtilehlr subject of
the elnsod shop. tie concludes that "'he teach-
rligs of he popes and their i, trtrrrttio~i]
ant applieatio.I for A mercan
the ArchllihoIps and IlaIhop 1end stll, [itttijd
although not specific enloiscll{nrt ol the 1. B. E. W. MEMBERS
closedi MOp. Nowhere is it as,ained
n, evil
to bie /ontitErutiiel]/
This revie* , lf Fathler To, W,
erl s ork w(~/nll
he su[,stauntinhiy detective without enmt
Upuiuti. e ti itssity for niIo l .]er.. to 'x
ereise their ]nowtis with cautiont infl a high
sense if s cial lesponsi.ilbility. [he isIrrllptirll
of/rower by7unio officers, or its abusive,e.. i..
less or ilrrcspollsihle exerci$e Iniay,, ('Slitehdl 7
under losedi s conditions
hop ]riVe itmll
of Ill' lpjii rtiillnity to earn I livIIII . Ill thai
Ne. 6~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I I'
Ju loner rei,.Il.lenln.s that
the Ulyiull itself must be opes t io...i
nieilabirs till teasunrable anti non -tiser,,rinhat
tory tors. aIni that workers retredl lan
,i ,he*
idp, snn'sp*,mden or e xpe-lled, SlrlntthJ
havtethir light 'o nappeal lo an hi i..t/ ..ti
hulla, With these safegIuards he erncules
that thu esIg-ti shop represents the acme
uioniltion throyugh which tlie mot efft live
type <f ollet ive bargaining is iosslhh.witht
honenieits ltgCiLiuig ton wrorkers. en11i111OilrS arlId 3
snielty lit large, thus eonistiurinin
to unnrllv if ati
industrial evil. .- 1
(All CLts atu,;d size)
Orn~l/utincd Irom, pirg 344, Ist
,lkallr, -i Iip of p,[,inp mI ti an]d fit t.olll.d fi,,lge. PI,,c strip on this
(fillttil cIri which is tOle si-it byl the
scaIe, Illn end al "A." h. s tithi
... tech
ler by th d of strip i-
earns 'hit' ,oirtr
ThZO. h1I sh,, t, 'ith oider.
ihttir'liatioltlal set cetatvy.
1 1 4 i ? I I tl 11 113
P siO. ... FIppjiiaut L. Vai lnwt i,] Sw,
(If L. 1., NX. -6, through he business No. 1-Grohul Filld Blutteen (ilt Tie Clasp. --- ---- --- $ .90i
nItltllig()r in ' ijjan l] Scr taly If Lo'f No. 10 kt.,r l lanh ... IButton....
UJnioin NE,. ,i, ivilliam Gaunt, lihei[( a No. R1ill: (eerdd I'il, (for hldies) .60
Nn. I Rolled (G"4ild Lapel Button -- - I - - .60
((ninIiitiiicr ti... hi each txee tiv( coalliI
No. ,5--II Ih. (IdIli utonl ]io]d G,,hIl hi Clasp 1.75
nItlnhupr, requnstingftjK thl ... ,faasid- No. ] 10 ki. Gold l,:rpnd ] {l ton 1.00
tatinllbe I iven to this applie-alion lie- No. 11t kt. i.ed LapIlI Button 1.50
(tusc ifi Iti,r gt ... i.ber. of years in th. No. 8 t10I;1. Gol Rolled G d Tie (Clas
Button ~-- - -- -
..... 2 .25,
Brothtrh.innd. Tlte council wishes toilee XNI. ]0 kt. (;hId Vet Slide Chi,,m ... ---- I - $. l00
tiely to anTuor thisappea l ;tatrap: No. 10- 10 Lt. GoIld R ing --------------.......... ............. 9*00
that the laws of lhe B]rothe.ho... Iovernl Jewery not seh. t I . 1 D.
ifg th ! <r itn g of je tisil ;tit' v try
dIlilh~i aod sI itelld and that thei .... neit hrder ITann.
I'dliosee. the lw il this W ila'tit-illa
G. M. iBugniazet, Secretary
as it dtits ill all others.
1200 Fifteelnth ,t. N. W. Was~hington, D. C.
The ol lowiuY applcations for pAmsol
W otlalietdIat
're l ico -s checked:
370 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators I
There b~in,. no rurther husiimss, the coLun- .eeleLtaries 1hall act as joint selerelaics
"11 FFb'*' cii adjourned siAe lie.
(jinAa~yES 1[, tAUCSEN'
to, the uonni,,ttee.
SOLDER FOR WAR $ec trl 3tly
Uses minimum on each 12, Meetings of the Committee shall be
joint. Solders 50 to 75 ENGLANDBI)AS JOINT PRODUCTION hchlonep a nmnth. Additional tvitings
joints with one heat. CON MM[IlEES shall be hdl where it is mutually agreed
!(tih iuc d lon/ ipage3451
Send £1.50 with this ad to 13. Aeomm..odation for Meetings. Ac-
8. Filling Vg In the event of eonm..od atin for holding meetlins of the
CLYDE W. LINT a worker-re presentative on the C~uIun it comiui tte will be provided by the man-
100 S. Jefferson St. CHICAGO te ceasing to be employed in the estab- agement.
"The OrigInal Jiffy Litre" lishment or being transferred to another 14. Payment for Attendance. Work-
Money Back if Not Satisfactory shop or do[partrinlt or retiring asnc- ts' epreIsen.tativos o7 the cnt nlittet
cossor shall be electeo by ballot as pro- shall be paid not less than their time pate
vhded for in paragraph C. of Wages, hnlehding national lboIub , fur
Union No. 770, for eliminateion of arrearages 9. Power to Co-opt.-The representa- the til... spent in attendance at netings.
Lhei sihanlkdig was presented, bit the coun- tives of the management or of the work-
ciI found that official receipts showed the pay- people shall have ihe! right to co-olt, in a IX, AGENDA FOR MEETING OF
ion in
b question to have heer, madey at a consulative capacity. persois employed THE COMMITTEE.
delinquent date; therefore, on notion which
was carried, their request was denied. in the estbhlishmnt having a particular 15. Items fnr the agenda shall be sub-
knowledge of themiatter under discus-
On the appeal of A. E. Warman fron the reitted to the joint secretaries not less
action of I.rternatinnaI V\ie i'rtsidemt Inslos.
sion. Such co-opted poesons shall be pres-
than four days before a meeting,and the
i., the ease of Local Union No. 115 s. A. E. ent for the period only during which
agenda shall he issued by them at least.
Warman, Card No. 697415, of Local tnion the particular question is before the
three dlays before the meeting, except in
N.. 53, Toronto., Ontario, the exceutive cornniitte. (.
the case of special meetings.
eoulneil instructed that the International See-
rotary notify Local Union No. 115 and Broth- VII. OFFICERS. X. MINUTES.
er Warman that the decision is sustalined;
and f-ther, E BroterW arman is In-
that 10. Chairuan....-The chairan of the I6. The joint secretaries of the commit-
struettd to pay to Local Union No. 115 the committee shall be appointed by the man- tee shall prepare and issue to the m..m-
halant- of the assessmen t ga Last hin, and agemeat, and in the event of his being bers of the committee minu..tes of its
l)eal Union No. 115 is instructed to accept unable on any occasion to act as chair-
this ptyment nod the standing ¢r p roceed hiss.
man, he shall nominate his deputy.
Brother Warnan to stand unbroken. it a 11. Searetarita.- The mnamgement aid XI SUBCOMMITTEES.
reak was made hi his standing due to this
appeal. the workers' sides of the committee shall
each appoint a secretary fomm its e- 17. The committee shall have power to
A commun.iation under late of June 4, appoint joint subcommittees to deal with
I!f42. front A. L. Smith, reorrdin secretary slechive muembers of the committee. Such
any particular question.
of Local Union No. 408, relative to conven- The joint secretaries of the committee
tion ectonon consiolidation of Ihternaltonal
Vice President Districts Eight and Nine was
shall function in connection with the
For PresentatIo. or Birthday PresenI work of any such snbeommittae and I'eo-
received. read antd filed fIr future reference
when action is takenon thisniit ier. CHAIN TIE CLASP Iare a report or minutes of the irareeid-
lltertlation-a Presideut Brown reported on iags of such subcommittee for submis-
his aetions taken in accordance with instruc- Emblem 19 kt, gold; clasp and chain- sion to the comlittee.
tions given by the executive eouncil at the Heavy quality sold filled
sheeisa meeting of May 16, 1942, re.lative t XIL RECOMMENDATION.
jurisdictional eontroverry betwen Local
Cnion No. 40, L B. E. W., and the I. A. T.
18. There shall be from the federation
S. P., in the motion picture industry. Iia re- a strong recommendation of these. pro-
port was ccepted as showing progress in thks posais to the federated employers.
A telegram from International Riepresent XNIIL DURATION.
Live Gone Gailae,reportiinz progress on the
organization into the L. D. E. W. of the 19, This agreement shall terminte at
A. S. C. of the motion picture 4tyi os, was the essation of hostilities.
read and filed. The question of any continuanic beyond
International Secretary (. M. Bugnisset this point shall be the subject of mutual
wats heard in connection wih Resolations 10 d [ its
S I M'l.
andi 18, as gubmitted to the St. Louis eruw en- Sgned on behalf of:
tlor, as amended by the resolutions centllit- Enriinering and Allied Employers' Na-
tee anyd s submitted to the incoming offiers. tihmal Fedoralton-
The eou lcii instructed the interinational ffi- G.R BAILEY, President.
eers to comply with thhe reoltmcndaitions alii
AIEXAxN)ER RAMSAy, Director.
to use the ELECTRICAL WoRinltss Jo1iyA. to
pubioie and help carry out the mandates of AIEX. C. Low, Secretary.
the resolutions. Amalgamated Engineering Union-
JACK TANNER, Prosident.
The auditing comiittee reported that they
had examlined the audit made by Wayne Ken- REIkeA. SMITH, General Secretary.
dick &Co. of the Brothe rntal funds for the National Inion of Foundry Workers-
fi- u rt r or 1942. aind f.oud the audit Price $4.00 including box WILLIAM WALACrE.
correct It was moved ad seconded that the A. WIKIE, General Secretary.
report of the Comminttee be arcceptud and the Order From Cunfederatior of Shipbuilding anrd Engi-
audit tiled. Motion carried. neering Unions
It war moved and seconded that the inter- G. M. Bugniazet IIARRY N. FHARRSON, President.
natio/al secretary be instructed to cornmal- International Secretary MARK ItooosoN, Group Chairman.
cate with all persons whoh had ,unlness be- London, 18th March, 1942.
fore the ouncil, and to inform them, of the 1200 Fifteenth St., N. W.
councls* action on their ylattr. Motion ¢n (Extract firm the A.E.1', Monthly
fed. Washington, D. C. JoUnrahApril. 1942.)
JULY, 1942 371


I ~~~~~INC. JUNE 10, 1942

L.Ur. L1. v. I- U~ L1.U. L.. If.

B-9- 11-76-- 173--
2{)5274 20d242 109405 2!111251 2904110 ]~ 243060)
B l150R5111 JOJ075 I 31607165 356911 35,7271 244215972' 12181 112103 167
197933 145179) I3 ;17",0 370118 50111U0 YB7152981 7~1D21
459881 460103( B 438104 875321 K7AM0 B17277]3 72-7710 117 1225-77 122583
DI 515~A}1 15]0565 i{[l](;ll 529Y24] VAIN1~ 11-77-- 175--
53]5[6 1 53]650 I~ 189113 189,25 67087 67061 I241!;~ 2162 5210
708201 7084:f7 591978
732476 7:11530 B16o,1442 601~({ 2VO08 2 37 7501 ]24,88; 125186
01~77] 1 9167720 1~-529m1 ~141S4001 I]54441 4565125 456595 I25998t; 25946 431033 40817D 74W
B-11-- 11,409 §8§1] 2 1i(7372 516197 516:211
Al 11474 11492 II.39-- B-120--
I 560321I 69:~6-5 69550 310418
9O172 2]t47 11 I 911475 91B.~7{ B22,-
I 147',{ B 1927.5{ 371631 371642 901501 1056~37 1057,40
1 1800]1 2a4847 720922 7201932 16,500 751258 751321
I 1521 1520F B 311V22 41-- B 2V3. I~ 291513 I19t 1364 292571 29217N
OA 198,2 B :{242701 1802116 18(}429 II 47581¢ 475874 4211001 [{8359 8[{862
OA 23101 34952I4 V4V32 B-124~- 1-14394 674413 694217 IO44227
OA 14350 405431 104375I 178~
OA 21447 * 411)483 205536 22~
2450XC 547518 24117[ 241411 193~2q
OA 24786 895251 3951420 B3897533 397§60
OA 25383 25401 421041 B 570211 5,703701 472292 472332
OA Von~B 258(Y3 422VI% II 745761 474830 B-227--
B 477261 477340 559329 5595-31 B14637'd 46374R
OA 25965, 2t00o1 457804 20Gd19 614585 614587
OA 26125 458251 723654 734921; 73,4955
OA V~241 26410 B 398102 &399 6:3991
471360 4MI575 65N7~ 457 725 457AI9
OA 2608 4fll27 706o7 341l 34 1920
OA 2660 4031441 d616*nA 291790 70229 76500 1O--
274798 B 41%lof 475074 197673 19(1677 230-
OA K740~ *7II83111 4027,51 40342~, 3GI7I 36173
OA 2780 IS 7"650l 48]~)1 48lo0 5190,3 5190W6 7,2045 77~36;l
OA 2fool 726,170 127-- 713126 713247
OA 2849 2~462 11-41-- 823469 I1738.5 46715 46767
Noll7 111775 231-
OA 280 22272 129-- 224321 224~23
BLQ 1977 B 195751 195787 B 595041 595245 266192 266219 §66731 6F,767
259374 2612133 .°5554 20505
BLQ 2336 2l4)90 2115244 5013151 3(}1329 B.232--
BLQ 2650 ~2od *{298481 298310B 956740 956810 5300539 53,3545 153149
475447750 2275[{9
BILQ I'm4 153171 IB 4622D0 452227
DLQ 3~359 4513113 i~ 4V8791] 48951 8?-415976; 267971 2[{8311 2451
16205 5[13251 5'OW54 604063 604090
IALQ 3692 593251 376108 376500 254904 2544016 11.234--
BLQ I'(]00 594001 B-50- ~5782
V8 9,5785
BLQ 16109 55249 55407 618050 818087 5W251I 530676 61127 61130 * 30,430
BLQ INV5 [BIO=28 1§7110 11-90-- 12975H1 B 46'9754 469772
]BF 7981 79B~ 687247 §87'2341 172527 U85 88937 1542~5
BF 8143 3196 447t23 509251 "I9ll 29W
BF ~491 842II B 642391 II3.389
1911, 'l-5172!~5 475(:, ,$7757
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R31303 3]412 B-23-- 1 50 6fi55t IS 286345 286347 fL 3507(} 350707
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B 32047 V22217 127051 :]111114:]:116~ B 4693" 46939]
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148677 14fi678 B 478351 478~363
2'28201 22323
6000 I FA}O,:3 If)B~?? 166821 I
BS 5896 H11.24 64- 010 692310 119816 119B17
BS 6290 926545 123256 46946076B 7154121 715417
11.102-- 1{.203-- 30,1242 304.91
1:]1721 VI] 13031H
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XG 820(/I I2272 B-213- Z~28176 471551 471598 638242 638250
SO 82411 K24441 17,5748 O04867 3OP4RUB 927383 tl27508 7723113 7781.00 454427 4844t53
B-14.1- 2,15--
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241748 342325 168770 1894~0 2O783 21'079
B 1315 B-11-- 483751 48:i783 921758 92204~ B297941 2917946
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5257151 B.212-- ~,0098 40mJ3
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241017 21]127 M7691 WI6WI 5851B 93V)ff U1(~649 81M 14 977773 ff5i~--~~l
312 The Jouroal of ELECTRICAl. WORKERS and Operators
L. M L. U. L. U.
307--(Cont.) 409- 451--
244699 244715 230941 230999 675784 V139614 183524 B 59841276 56_
183 25 2
13 312621 312603 B*309-- 351-- 225751 452--
611316 3611323 219842 2790125 B1-41l0- 846189 50~17652 101053
B 757704 L757709 V 3001 273081 336055 45~- 6731
952872 H.41 I- 5137Z9 I-501_
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338711 1~78.525 27171~11 B.3§9.. 2({5925 6745501 3467 · -318001
15001.71 279103 279" B 317848 321301 1]-456~ 239392 56- 563178
262-- 031279 1{ 453167, 33541
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067I43 687291 B 301830 523
B 7 41 680 457- 7ND02~
34 B 6.350 193W%0
45~61 45272 970351 9703n2 G5117G ~2312
251193 251195 311 - 336134 6=2
!1)4113 121732 121827 361-- 411631 45" 36554 334455 ]1951
(1229114 4487'~ 27835 5147111 111527 Wli-
747360 419- 58309 7
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B 350023 408310 B0128 2(85.2 F-1.07-- 503833
B 635?75 ~35945 B26 63-~ 439194 236707 70(1720
643402 B xi9085 321605 460- 120806 H-570-
659064 659097 1B469122 469245 366- 41220311 97708 178604
26O- 59(1251 59~]275 694659 759321 ]13,55 B 271989
12085 12086 599977 691921 IM0)46 75094
619138 619206 833203 838250 36-329005 416 94914 154619 571--
2?5- 812841 648751 46-318319 "163
376- 701166 9926713 $12--728 385175
101215 101218 i 82003
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121104 37_
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6/1221 312t 147BB7 677574 4nW8
5682.58 B-46p. B 740317
B 30390 --0743 M6746[ 2 6 ~
55074 516-0
B 47551 B.37~ B lil14
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B 174001 17422 3]22--16 B 32B746 908716
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832154 42 1578 (L9155 611761 5{150!
U.276-. 832189 3 72345.9 ]~ 221599 5{ 3001
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96321 96422 37.338 373445 314- 673418
268581 268889 6107677063 7988~ 676284 599388 800591
l{ 86528 108n0! 326-- 570466 7'-300.178
1B.271- 26208 26250 4~~ 7169 40104399 521-21519
2439O9 24450 188251 18674 175~ 594010 32M01 5 -716028
271371 271500 28026 752Nf1 800798
373751 378363 i 721968 722085
4!5OOO14M511 U-327-- 1262, 308714 47-539087 9778?
B601514 601518 B {5,518 J583~ 244967 523- 669431
3426 345750 B985666 441751 48'i F,571 B.472-- FI 465164
35O25 3.qC<K 731499 90957 657210 B 79V487 674572
H.27B- 32~- 473~733
4178:0 41785~ 57882 57868 30,066 52%- 59-847021
B766943 760954 329- 418470 270551 B-474--
2M.-- 22265 22269{ 455055 B 29B,571 52~- 0705 52281900
3111~0 BOOMS8886474 30238708 457251 370215 887531
558751 527--318
8I4827 848462 9334416 93'J53 913136 B 464787
281-- B-330- M0501 750751 5 -703966
2.2561 31313805 313812 34416282 430'--04j B-47~-- 8*530- 760976
615(]I _ 2 43
717306 717344 3 17~6 656997 5~11 58~ 22
1760178719 H1-317- 74B947 /3 455069
531006 531053 3260085! 05 142294 ]].431-- 856462 134022 470420
64587T~ 68008WOO B 329 H) 39490 1,-417'- 685519 522537
2S~ * 468162 272096 217509 585-
700173H.53 212 622122 E{9110613 B 29179] [{02101 24866
6532 618466
700133 7MI73 6794547Pon0 H.434- 7{9056 588772 977144
818519 818520 3 - 168679 B 342966 791423 775350 586--
B }§9f2n 199313 1437-25
162O5 16205 24MU AMO' 18641 B-435- 517,914 677197
1951M ]3 3,,,054 481--
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736144 MM544 11-412-- 188421
]B Wm= 217024 B-337--
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411915 135324 46254
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290-. 339- 87119o B-438-- 484- 540-- 588004
305101 308103 3981317 381420 259q427 518594 105997 591--
187548 365216 41B- 11.541-- 16981
29y- 34 0
670589 670.580 733955 783989 453001 5213111 B 467373 .3383
697258 {{R325 1]-457-- 353441
294-- 805830 805925 39,--
23721 233750 341-- . 5M 7451010 B 463072 542- 593~
MOB8~ 380863 ]98101 8-439-- ~]61"4G 4;{277
M~-- 3~84V 6 678186
719921 720150 342-- ]95775 7i51118 ,3180
397-- 436=33 12MM9
WWII7~21 1736 72207 }543~-
57315 810183 $10215 ,53287 1 B~-441-- 404251
301-- B-343~ fM47246 22291
58775 59B752 598771 1 39~237 499-
7-o5913 7M942 B-345~ 673.397 276262 8110]1 4431
8201173 490- B{ 73854 39,72(11
2~4459 27AZO ,73827 41)--0 ({7385G
(Mere,) B 317005 317OM? 443-- G1t]931 119-5 703[1181
3912512 Yd] 135. B 392580 M26,55 1187400 491-
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586870 9 687119049 212357
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4 45998 B.447-- 418457
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691451 In 323285 3 7 16
B 717754 B 33723 496- 111860 329]0{
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33'm1 :M29 B*35E, 149G31 $117:]75 51 967 (
]{ 326046 3280583 266422 11-497-- : 043G832
1~2]5 449--8~3 44[1665
62] 1] 4111 48 411]~8 J I7'l3, 80239
JULY, 1942 313

I,. fl. L. U, 1L U. I,. U.

B*605-- B-694 liO~ 190--( .... I) 903-(Coat.)
205II7 205476
15867(5 ~ 1-6?8[{9 -Ill,0
;102425 302448 32975
802056 8121(o
]] 426553 4266i0 79-603674 §013681M 851-- 747<.51 747460
578529 578530( 65P'817164 69217180 1 57348
67 816785 816910 584934 514939 896928 89700
9469]8 (599931 67 74
10 6 H-9,4-
792--548 504785 8m- _
606$22510 3225,1) b5~79589 7 5 1 171713
597]95 $97W,5 796{I4 5791{i4 736- 1.592~21 859369 737571 7 111263 '.5B292
i~94-- 2435115 B 6101H 9 61,6!;D
1IU454 21673 417C41 417654 247605
871646 695- 73A- 7,186§1 748675 303314 I 167§39 2167841
32! U132 gss 313500
751W50 1 1652l, 32CUU0 1§1755 41811-(
626917 ZU552!9 ]l 73~ 7282~ 4TqW. I
;f48000 69li- 582271 7arlol 85-1-
888342 {{.798-- I2n595 128C 103118
25640 1935fi9 1667 225717 858 --
42d95 42482 i I-69D- 31[3211 31=234 CUU57 5127,39
623039 1131)41 25(t4251 i799 609319 683946 6il 11~J
25606B 714-~3~27
i 7357NO
73"171 19685I D2,34601
534800 534811
B1-659-- B744- 33 4735[6 W07436 6o7423 1
269373 19422 19500 168527 860-- 3300~84 3801129
603579 603tl2 217001 267142 ]6H1517 ]122.176i
617-- 29400 i1 294013 1,47278 474891 { 22366 3894:{8
I374284 274293 3720(] 372434 7 1- 461061 ]3 394526 8347501 862--
952505 411553 263036 910-- 947421
114951 5835000 741--424918 465A46 223,45
5370185 242251 91684~ 637681 6377o,~1 863, 17D56
6W1475 243, 51 745095 80808 840o817[ ]7958,
M86:38 Br,37552 R- 448 2 761450I
881617 7.55959 755911 407794 802-~74 761459 M6"2I'1 97420
3C0~2 912--
66--9821 1982~4 19-17 f) 10474
,374987 5124tkl 7202[{6 '/20287 lI32M1 9~3II;
255II 73.791)
121141 120175 53175L 531765 656`423 1a1520
B-624- 662--,51 714268 28101 1{67--311418 24f605
B 311I44 311442 719576 B46,0051 4600(~01 (67919 735798
333458 3534§5 780230 780289 ?20riO[{ 66'7935] 917--
B-6§3 -- T] 5,'t§511
B 756526 7~50544 721125 65 35 §$654tl
11B6,) 721757 869 2355790 248,9~1
760¢42 760446;
936443 936540 355753 7232,1B B-754-- 9 17 .912o11
7.17295 7255711 251993 0--72434 87(k - 25124
625--365 34700fi 724919I 311.401 266362 2 n~~~:5537 15-921--
1{.627-- 66--08023 5911917 918170 ]~5402
601951 7Ill73 756-- B 703284
B M71701 3012 72--413 I~ 045112 70389
880200 14B]21
02271101 2713l0H) 397383 922-
310201 757--~172 30739 87 3-3~
V2~27276277325 iB-703- 449571
75~- 307 04
405 5{707 { B667-- 8 ~ 71 419:W 29)526
Ulm2 IG11424 I'61591 M0~7
$12--1 7137
918211 451~5
624M00 8078,15 307036
27i840 B63706 761--. II-876- 6719829 679829
631-- B 22q11i1 22,M13
89800 B7.364 9 720775 1(11003 259175 }]-926--
'$B95 7897 B707--
51004 57011 179777 3 762-- 44(1501 44115501 111, ] 250B3§
M.I7ID B 243096 24310I
825307 [{25352 ~158 74t{851 740196 564834 5fi48fi M34960 3C439
8132-- 789856 9127 IC.815~-- 1006 U 640576 641;{9 424438
58233 58275 17lI 615932 310332 380]335 $77--56~ 1:927--
209925 377325 37734i 753539 ]P 740946 7409601 10 §76538 IB777711 777844
63 3- 56149[{ 561502 708-- B 24fi99~ 81--
" h6;4500)
27(]016 27{]017 1B-673- 168423 25019 1 427506 427510 264235 21423 92 8--
374388 374443 561716 5fi~724 Mi14B B 5103~59 52I3501 523615 356419 3564. 1§~B85
634-- 67~ 70~- 68]4({7
12IM]3 764 29~33 149869 ]49901
954251 354771! 35797 B 220.50 220~12 6!8144
278151 27390 40392~ B~76I- B.{41~ 2348171
49451 $9517fl 825Mfi B 36302 36WI2 L{-930-
34409II 71~-3~
989lO6 M1133811924 87170 241751
*W9824 509911 { !$8 4 ]i9253
32,172 : 451 III C-71y,- B 368741
637-- :677--192 190M, B3.71101
19296 1980f(;) 199500 IU445] 0 71938 740251 7402611 30N, 30196
664314 54,010 *] 633445 0 77,-- 822-- 5{11130 248235.
72255 ]* 657921 0 81864 2-4243( 42525 884-5I7 W6~707 65784;t
59701 5970[ 83,W4
l] 222I590 222(i]0 679--501 912231, 0 774-- 471} 159 4701801 192848 9~-176816 176818
13304532 7[4-- 77831 305187 (Of ig.) 887-- 488413 781313 7BI828
684210 684216 57-333275 333297 74414 3 75~090 M~4-- 281118 93 3-
71 fl- 692571 33076[{ 236784 236795
§39-- 99 68-123284 1232199 777- B-8341- 448847 o)77511 577511
B~917164 g)17] sall- R-935--
B l4 797 82{]68 852011 MU8M 58813 B 262~93 262918
719267 71927~3 ~{1-- 7 7866 ]B i57652 111203 ]11300 1{ 2877314
U 1~ 71142 50~77i 419887 5185407 1177318
B.611-- B-721-- ,348251 548ulm 8!~ 791{)43
686142 ]B47,3017 3 ~702Z 5W,,q ~ 0~255
32971111 1167 16 IZ671 7420 747223 B 236II
[4 2IM95 320841
B370B19 721768 721771 781-- 75fi221
67,,IIS 672310 B-6(4- 958750 2 5171040 324B3 85~ 937--Wa
09B259 ] 2I5103 8412:{
642~ ]] 241912 2674~8 525421 240~73 5~1461
2571092 2570[C; 58351!9 513570 B 485:10 172227
B 7651812 410 896-- 749B126 2 497 i{ 0 249787
280333 :{355501 R-1~3H- 4_
957208 9517251 784~ 208408
641-- 833143 207874
227452 22745B 880251 21{{04;
6822§478 22547!) 7 1~-43651 422127 422534
762411 76242n 972428 972450 B 470020 51 91591 $97-1 i6 2180B4
979914 9759990
H-644i- 7 -301§53 7S-691,776 841 - B 21B893
7"o 71780 71762 8116111 816125 31292 3126
148940 141195B 747245 747277 5260BR H1i25I 311129 311157
755678 75.597 1B_68l-. 794754 8Z-- 419775 942--
910026 910045 419765 221075 221094
646~ 25427 15449 ({7034(
90993 21.140 1%~44.1
689-302 3070N
f) _ ~3l0960
34J158 3i32--

84044 i3--
I 9o2o

847 _117249
58- 511732 ] NIM2:.7

B 262169
FB ~163 I'llB
374 The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
L.U,. LU. L. V. L. U.
B-1130-- B-1248~ 1300-
7696 65903 63126Z B 35478:3 354768 B1-1191--(Clt II INSIST 45090[{ 62709 612720
,K)3271 403.509 519337 IS 7017240 707784 524880 8248816 1302--
S6241 W6246 B-998-- B 313619 1219- 71192 7i]00]
7Y,7011 766920 B 306174 B 395303 39540' *19]18542 718594 309901 801909
B-1054- 107550 2,39102
4530451396 GINO2 414831 N~7246
H 2T;{i73296f741 ! 8
I23 1267111 49425 B 454 517 4545~5
30045 3.92077 B 50~t01 370110{i V0875
B-951- - B ,NMJ 4!173 B 191273 191277 B SooG I71 37604
IS 2MJ,) 20229 B-102-- B U`1672 58473'2 534443 II 04582 4558,N
415118 4{5130 MO7N2 327301 MIND9 638105 B-1306-
B-952- - 3~651 B-107-- W289 77289 1251-- B men8~
"MI,8 36361§ 4580 271626 27150~ WIN81 643993 B 638211 63825
854465 85",94 B Mail ]98273
410740 327315
10868(1 603801 /~.1197-- 6~8372 ~.675350U B 7W1751 '771934
919451 9111458 525751 1141-- B Mono~ 31622l$ B-1293- 08637 B-1307--
4 0 B 521023 4t153 49226 B 3S8435 :~8S493 B 291529 B 378347 378348
95"717789 717835 lfl0~ - 250.364 317181 317110 B-125l- B 457078 457100
B125800 459698 317401 3 [7406 B .37508 B 16V7424 167433 B-1308-
- 71(]50 39780I B 993OO 710468 710441 B 521923 5000 • 533246 B 378601 370619
B-959 642518 107478 96678 91t0739 B 777001 777081 El 7U001 762181 B 645641456494
1-100,6- B+197-1-- U-1020-
B New0 58906 B SMUT7 B 250170 502300 B 111193 111198
* 379049 379104
6925,7 {L2518 B .,1001-- B 459509 B91626 91 M B move8 5422Na
10~2-- * 455280 455.311
11-961-- B 2563
U B 595711 595793 2(02962 l3l0-
i[-114-- B-1103-- 1259- 63'/0 6752
9117170 91740 li.100e 101740- 11]7 I1304 B316619 5117(il B-1311--
1{6-M- 258549 1204- 58503 SON0
10612 106152 B 52374 B 826019 WNS4 622J 19 B 6713018 373022 B .~'9214 flWl215
B 262BID B-1060- B-1079-- B209697 209?32 1205 B j2242 52497 • 4567~0 456771
4226081 159230 955587 532746 5~00 197 See 107404 525021 B.131 2
B 574676 574729 6"149 B1-114~ 626767 626712 718954 ;]XS~m0238511
B-964-- B-1010- 270435 373838 373682 B 476642 476723
05072 95118 486465 B 493188 820284 G26287 B 2025114 202541 32192106 1313--
B 269475 269476 B 631879 269222 627799 558001 558190 318301 3[{]310
B.965- ]8 733901 103~072 3839289382 1688400 668411
750 752Z8376 751651 Men6~
B 117191 117199 B-1015-- 128094 6207621112 I 93P,898 13-1314-
B IlB14 110025 B 701307 B1077-- 02166713 896732 B-1262-- B 458313 4583F,9
B 1190~ 1109018 B1I 270402 138251 B ]iBIeI3 116686 B.131,-~
a 1195,51 119556 B 2689164 495205 ne11 29W00 966961712 580478
B 12031{{ 120335 B 610121 R-10e-- B-1150 714267
B 121082 12105 N-1019- 121,-- B-1263-
B 12289% I2228 B 4720.5 594505 1151-- IB 202697 N20268 B 723011 MISS.
B 209195
B Mon92 Men~3 1~24 B-1079- N3698 N5N9 511973 511996 756101 751 on
B 124825 12401 8~745 32162 5417113 541725 120464 121}474
B 12515 12552 214802 B1080-377 6527i7 Wc472 0484-44 51=27 512240
B INI18 126197 102i- 608631 065.11 84 1 738241 MM30
B Mon00 12702G 77{112 B 279IS 2955 ~,,2987
N25 12N-
B 12711 127722 B-ISN- 514311 514,311 MISSING
B Gone 12933 B 356827 320523 0661 l~30D 11 74170 74211 11-1266--
B 383SHI 2.5849 lon9- B 496O5 862867 B 359471 359473
429378 429379 17181 ]-109,3- ]6524615 U62402 408023-030.
1217'-010 084
761874 3211103 337869 9859986665 B-11--
76281 76281 1.,03,- IS294756 856690 06511D B 859860 3598§1
I- 1097- 457B11-IM.
763391 76332 B 227228 540249 222890
328 1219-- R1iZ68-- 481269. 270.
76347 763750 B 99672 B-1161-- 106309 105406 {B 2042.39 204249 B-48-
764105 764112 B10131-- B mono5 ~0063 1210-- {1B-12fif' B 48376N*790
76432 76432, 65t851 35907 B 57,840 F50562 443744 INNS90
810535 8105oB8 n6S02 B-10981- ll-112-- · 492358 492374
illIND~ 8N184 7749.57 *708225 64168 '(m533 "g5339 B.90-
81SIN7 a1Seel 775828 49666 B 4714330 GINS~ 202791
S1US7 0IMN5 94]{]2 B 33777il B-1164- 678037 11 3-
B119-- 20749' * 1710011 1711,~ 52 ~ 1272--
MM2~ 652013 9U(I0-00,
811403 BUSH6 522,3 B 227 N4802 B 0, 5321 607710 B.163-
968- 4279181 B-1166- 254818 254823 699162 421840.
194305 19433 767881 B-II02-- 245781 B 512650 512697 160776 fi(0778 B.1273- 174--
304612 B-1167-- 1129N40I12941
SHOW1 1033-- B 25'W I 485131 * 342244 3214936
B-969- 304912 ]23~24913 269061 371--
B t42791 442823 SUN118 7063~ * 493706 495743 387003 B.-1274-- 69065-868.
13101~ 3799100 B-1169- 1225- B 2C~169
65546~5 655468 t 354117 614393 B 374781 374798 113008 1 13021 13-127f~ 2C~982 87086.118, 1Go.
955111 955160 B 717/108 B Rim9~ 585011 585366 65239 682394 B 207087
B 58Sell I21, 123~129,
972 1036- B.1171-- 1227-- 130, 133-138.
607/1M 607826 Some7 04229~] 5]4632 61 464 1 B 20N79 B.420--
]B*913- 5'0149 29467596 B 3M 618102 676076 876078 530137 M0701-715.
B 21196 21196 11137-- B-111F~- B-434-
MM N8 1I 74951 B 577759 57783 4371732.
257165 SIN 81808 4U
71,581 715922 114221 B-Ime- 771001 1230- §73887-8119.
977-4~ 2M
I2644,47 B 210501 21050
B irm1 -II7101- 45907 70V 0672 1231-- 9 6 ~3 677577, 581.
1B-980-- 6538,09 639195 629591 12 2
B 262032B-14. 6,9006M 690711 666715 58843-846,
361951 MISS8 115035 B 3491218 }B520888 510925 1B-1233-- 531--
B 381980 381092 1~4- B-1177-- B 612231 01239 ]3 2140682 214054 154067, 073,
B-981~ 265496 122718 Memo6 S7378t Ms., 089,
B MON88 MINI8 311701 B-11023 2417625 B 3277701 327771 13215177 215188 6F,8749 668761 685552, 555-557,
B 778079 meal, 67133 B nM374 B 4K309 46365 1235- 560, 565.570.
412742 tl129 B.940. 55537 * 477751 477768 21M 121377 B369673 572-580. 5,q2.
475640 47M65 697T65 B 460951 461015 See6, SM-592.
B 312(k24 584-
l0~.T Mon53 B 229320 3879377,42 181286~ 602604
1B19203- 1134o
B-12571- B 751042 757052 B 7~44491 74,464 35381-302.
UB306474 24181 a8 441166 695861
H-9"'~ 941307 705 570.~ B 152,43 748080,
611 6 10142 B1133461138
B 103V 10WIN0 B-1048- ]I 527165 §273280 632--
II 6MI~1 60478 ]B 169501 209924*
B-~q9.,- B Y01727 [ ] 6G'11- B 623504 653619
]B 629286 32929q7 2?44--
B mm29 271~01 noe28238 606144,-1]48S 151.
B 460382 410460 987679 1676
N. 375984
726131 B-I245--
991- - B-1049~- I5 468768 4tB87731 B 20208 202270 B 452932 452589 9161~2, in3.
362.586 =J589 225501 (01699 69ONG20690628 1172822967 708--
415439 41,554 B-I1A 1187-- 4 681144W57 163424.
LV-993- - B IP4037 ]B §53:144 5535M 11-1297-- 569214 B-74S-
760,49 760452
52,500 Mo~37 B-1051-- 751155 B-1189- B62400 L 6243102
N624 63626 B .%2881 B 312972 13-1215- B 472517 751--
715462 7{0,5) B-102-- 192266 B 34394iI343966 B 366279 .365280 011826.
B-1 191-- B 527~ 52 7476
B 45'/65 455?4 *15H 92126ft B 20=14 N8OW2 B-1247-- B 45353 t 45~{36
e 921301-53{q*
99 M-~572 N39M I 672155 636050
2459383 2i,o9m0
B 367821 Mon82
W 30 NV,9
n5 6 "75W1 i29 mm"9 791~19C
JULY, 1942
L. U . I,. L, U.
11476- L. U. Uo L. U 465.
14tl, TOOK06 1540~5., 55471. 107 '7043,3
504780-712. 15468, 469, 357211. 50f15.
812-- 593261. ;14.723. 729, 5233 B-763-- ~92_
B~ ' 657.
2461995, -
t40495-500 1{-18- 547587,
~858 152627. 359343, B-]097--
52856. }O iFm3 B I72,24, 52I, 5280'1, 050, BO15110.
HB a-8 D M-7004, tal552 61L, ~37,877. OM5. 663, O(W.
B 656362, 374, U 478[15, 1$21, W4, WI~, MI0, 60,
408. 414, ON.9 B~-23 117, B~ ;41129M, I{.2~1;- 561-- 571521.
470, 541. 3HW5. I64 959, B~ 34(1121 'I~3114, IG1130, 23, li 395394
11.9a9- 223, 237, 104, I51; 295-- M494, 603, 67/1,
B 23479§-$00, 9~4019, 020, 656384. 63t6684, 726. 3,0562. 44}]652,
910- 071), 4,1053O 627161 li-3012-- B.$69- i)31 '
6066fl4-61fl, 21'- 074. 121, 146{, 11513, 889, 891, il41--
11 21011 43992, 49029,
1].921-- 26{78 I]21, 1127 149, 101. 2Z!30, 917, 946, 965, 71691277, 79481:,
1B lfi*$2tg3 2314. 236. 317, 979, 70ff28. 1111, 170. ]99),
g13-- 791-179 317108, 960696,
937-- 913860, 359, 429,
84122 IL.34- 757007, 704, 733{
4M5M0, 572, 11. {14il-
11-10~- 3!,!!];~. 88MJ76 7(i-{10, 79 62475.
B0-I12, il6- 44346, sq2;](~ 3787511, 8527.35. {B- 1161--
717. 20194,1
080.8]0-834. 500J. M'2 M, 735. NO. 720,
{B 11 0 ] 1]251L 32, 14171, $11517, B MIMI30
289799' 343.O, 753, 75 -3802, * 605611. 627,
B-993- 41-- 845, 851. 913, 3II14 6001, 617. 5713. 575, :M2I $690. 32
525()351 364749. 344015, (gA). 633, 659, 05, (Gl, 708. 1B 6061140, 012,
B-1051-- 146-- 053, 064, 156, 7{2197?. fl94-993, &13007, 019, 292, 303. 354
t] 52111KT7.1110, 4921,4131 161, 167. 176, 991], 722021L 057. ONl, 778,
1136- ML~~~I34
557, (124, 029, 030- ]54 ,,77143, B 07052. 1(07,
M_1543fi1705. 58047026. 207, 400, 597,
370572, 534117527, 613, 032, 045, 009
B1-1144-- 643, 709 737, lniB9f *141171, "I'l E1171.
63008-020. 7499, M~5.822, B 397541. 1G049 (0iig,)L
11-1164- - 123 ' 867, B~ t'47,~9. 630, {B331-- 16262, 267.
,38541. 140812, 8t40. 11.1191--
B-1202-- am, no. 908. At0. 815, 894, M5936.
B 7200(~J, 1.- 99'2. 475W04. IN*'. U1]2711I0.
2f7993, 26B011 $94, SM2. ]5 521979.
647M)90 14060 ' Sit. W.8 1in. IY~J B 7770M.ON
1251-- 643, 678, 67;9. 317952 17O. 249, 632543, 64691, {1-1"2--
~ 740 70C~ 871. 37,6420, OWN730
772, lift/ SM3,
361-- 5212101. 154,
71~95.5.WIT04 864, 5270B4,
107. 5302612.
615699g, 657001L 586-
97 35
12,,u 1,
3 2
3 ~
3921111-101, 090, 117, IW~, 836-35 74170.
3912210-0 ]185 197. 238, 55d OM9 010.
73639, 188493.
B579990. 996, 51Mt4
U0421- ~~~372,
380, 400, 3511920, 954, 1867L,
t .
709. 788, ]B-605--
20542f 370B33
51 In3_995
439, 47,1.
56B. 612,
R00964 O§ 213456,
711;N7, 270. B
67 42657iL 579. 12324111 .
B 5]309-39 74,3 ' 764-7715, 256299 5716, 394-- 19299 ,of 193303. 4112'19. O 20203.
B 379090-M9. tO,41 ly8i, p* 41279, 1~7141,
097. 091, OIL 55 7,O B ;~34531 i 33085 B5534§6
1317- ~~~~~631,
6/4-3 6fi5. M8!. 40!1109, 110, 14§639 21012. sm- 747]755, 79].87
365. 11[{, WI7 711] 112. 114, 124. F69117. 11-94i--
565, 570. 574, 2 7M 6 643-- l{-I B7--
94 117211409
6 29 ~ATII, ~~~~Bull
2 K) 79, 7199, 8175, 1590M, 335,
SM8. 521. 617,
257092, M0333.
3 31
738 950, 998.
242 ~~~~260012, 026, 857, 924, 9799'1, 972, 759(09- 09 187614, 728]*
2G3. l269, 270,
063-067. 160010, 01L.
135, 137. 306,
22150313. Ml2.
3:13, 340,
1164596 15494069, 081,
148950 51t9402
272 10~~~]66
169, 210, 29M84, 706,
29 2~~~~~227, 236, 24[B, §92879. SM4 199130. 485375. 1-§G74-
ON- 11.126,~- '
TA V~~~~26.
300, Mt, 430- 15 ]B.961- }3 579595~ 93,
867D1, DI'
~1 B71647, 651
VOID[.M 4" B.43t-
B-1- ~~5q,
Wgi 510. 524. 2139. 347. 3~, ,09696 19446.~50 1 714249, 261,
is 1W82, 902, 69 3.fD {{-434-- M67132. TDI()1 852,
921 708253. 7.oI iB-91--
"S. 776, 771L 7812, 216.
ll-~~~ z 78~~3, 823,OM. 46711.
19,- 947,250, 262 B 370973,
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23107. IN, 897, 965, ]B.446~ 67¢-- 1{J5502 505.
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The Journal of ELECTRICAL WORKERS and Operators
L. U. L. U. L U, il. U L U. IL. U.
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PLMGIIT OF (ONGRESS ing a major factor. In citie "hwre labor iup,,rtant that this service be set It
has Been given representation and ye- pl i.oply.
.. Those members if the I. B,
(Centftl~ld fr.,m pac M32)
sp.nsibility, programs ale far ahead of E W.V who are qualified as radIh operators
000 to answer by the administrative dI- those cities where lab.r.. aiters and pol - s.ia.iId not wait to Ie called, but should
]artments. What use this questionnaire ticians still rule. volunteer their services to Ithe local dIc-
perfortned hIs never been nitld. The nationAl Office of Civilian lietense f£es ,,onneil andi do all they can to re-
Congress certainly uieods nnl overhaul- has singled out labor as the only goup ,ruit others and assist in the speedy or-
ing in the light of the newer process of cliirihg special reeog.nithin as a group <aluizathon of the radio service.
government. Who should do the job ? vitally ionrertan t to the war erffrt. La bor If there is no representation of labor
representation on defense councils is a on the defense council, or if the councif
WAGE STABILIZATION part of federal policy, which reads is shows no disposition to cooperate with
,Continued fionI pag"e 340) follows: labor. Mr. Jeffrey, whIoU we have men-
"The Office of Civilian Defense has been tioned above as chief of the labor section
Union of Wood, Wire and Metal Lathers; directed, under its Executi-e Order: to
International Association of Marble, of the Ofice of Civilian )efense, would
study and plan measurs designed to af- like to be notified. Mr. Jeffrey declares,
Slate and Stone Polishers, Rubbers and ford adequate protection of life and purp-
Sawyers, Tile and Marble Setters Helpers "Great headiway has ben made
erty; to plan and promote programs de- thro.ghout the country in obtaining Ia-
and Terrazzo IIelpers; Sheet Metal signed to enlist fall civilian participation
Workers' International Association; hl r re.presentathin on an
localI t..
in the wal effort, to meet the e mergency civilian defense councils. In those places
Brotherhood of P ainters,
Decorators and needs of local committees arising from
Paperhangers of America Plasterers' where labor is not yet represen ted it is
the impact of the industrial and military im.portant that the unions press for a
International Association of the United effort, and to plan and promote activities
States and Canada; United Asociation place on the councils. Labor representa-
designed to sustain the nt i onal o rale. tion in c ilia d efense is a r p onsibility ,
of Plumbers and Steam Fitters of the "In accordance with these .. a..iates
United States and Canada; Rofgers, Tallffr than a privilege. It is a right
the Office of Civilian Defense has calld whieh carries in every town, it is a duty
Damp and Waterproof Workers' Assueia- upon labor to contribute to the full extent
ti.. Jou.. cvnlen Stonecutters' Associa- to see that cheap politicianm don't TuT
of its ability in the organization and defense councils, that labor-baitinfg or-
tivn of North America; International manning of the protective, and
Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, ganizations don't dominate them, that
to join with other citizens in setwices di- they ac organizations representalive of
Warehousemen and Helpers of America. rected to meet co..nun.i ty problems. La- the full community, the whole commu-
bor has pledged its full support. nity, and that they act in terms of the
"The office of ivilian, Defense rec- best interest of all.
FOR WAR ognizes that labor's PIle in the war is "Once represeitation is secured it is
Cont ined from page 39) of vital importance to maximum pro- fttpratdit that it be taken seriously.
A complete copy of the rules and regu- duction. adequate protection of per- These are no honorary bodies. They are
lotions will he furnished to members of sons and property and effective volun- w.rking units, planning and executing a
the LB. E. W. who apply through New- teer participation. Labor's responsi- program dlesignad to protect the lives and
man ,effrey, chief of the lbfor section, bilities require that labor shall be property of our citizeus, and labor's help
Office of Civilian Defense, 917 Dupont adequately represented in the deter- is needed,"
Circle Building, Washington, D. C. mination of policy and in the effec- lie pointed to the very efficient organ-
tuation of the civilian defense izalitn of protective services of the city
of Seattle, where 31 unions cooperate
Organized labor's part in the civialan ulidl r the leadership ot an executive con-
As this issue of the JOURNAL goes to
defe~nse progran is growfing ever greater, mittee selected by themselves, which in-
press, instructions on the radio setup are
W*eare down-to-earth mlenl and w'omienl. going front the national Office of Civilian
cludes Robert Buchanan, Harry Busch.
It takes lots of .u.h people to do the Defense to be transmitted to the loral de- William Gaunt and Harry Nelson. All
heavy, many-detailed job of protecting union memhbers were registered arid as-
fense councils. At the taime you read this,
the population of a city under bombard- signed to jobs in accordance with their
sonc cities will he calling for volunteers abilities. The city has beer divided into
ment. We will give our time, our skills of to operate the War Emergency Radio
various sorts, and our energy to the job. 26 sections ani in each of those a labor
Service. Others may not yet have taken group member is in charge of demolition,
In many cities labor has also made large action, It is important -it may he vitlly
rescue and decontamination work. All

noney contributions.
This is a job for people accustnmed to secttnns are thoroutghly organized and
the discipline of work and the discipline THIS BUTTON IN YOUR LAPEL reuly for an enwrgency.
of organization. All classes of people are "I, this and many other cities the ee-
$ .8 5
tIql .... 11,*] ~ h' gohl r r i s In
welcomed into the civilian defense pro- 1 ,0 I 0. I': WV A 'ds ...,,,e ,11
o trica] workers are taking an especialy
gram, hut union labor by the sheer vigor lo
.. I S ol04)
gn )
[ active part in civilian defense," he
and intelligence of its response, is becnln- reported.
2a®me's a Ztaugh or
FORMANITIS TriE DO)c'OR'S COLUMN The nek,,iesr of the mint mlanglers is the
-'iretehlr. of which there are two Ilarlilet .
Editor: A lt r' ...n .ol recenly
... toid thilm a se.i the longantd the short. Both maneuver the
An old totep artner sent mc this ditty, (r uCs if s ,'l,aW
iusualy ilash aboult three nillthlo ain explosed} positioin where rnil
parts f it. anid ished me to revise it' I h,,e months ntd iS giglllr~y grasped by the fingers, the
you will be able Io publish this version in the