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Group 5 survey

1.What is your gender? Male

2.How old are you? 59
3.What job do you have currently? Financial Controller
4.What type of book do you prefer to read? Philosophy, Buddhism, Chinese
5.What is your purpose of reading in NLB (eg. Search for assignment, read for fun,
etc) Doing dissertation, critical survey
with the issues from job requirements
6.How many times do you visit library per month? 4 times per month
7.How many books do you read in one month on average? 2 books
8.How many books do you borrow from library each time on average? 1
9.Do you think we should try increasing the time for lending library material? Yes
10.Do you have any suggestions to help us make NLB better? Increasing the time
for book lending, buying more books for lending, making e-book for readers to read
at the library or at home with free or low cost