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School: Grade Level: VI


DAILY LESSON Teaching Dates and
LOG Time: AUGUST 12 – 16, 2019 (WEEK 1) Quarter: 2ND QUARTER

A. Content Standards Demonstrates an understanding of and skills in managing family resources.

B. Performance Standards Manages family resources applying the principles of home management.
TLE6HE – 0a – 1 TLE6HE – 0a – 2
C. Learning Competencies 1.1 identifies family 1.1.1 lists of family 1.1.2 lists of basic and 1.2 enumerates sources of family
/ Objectives resources and needs resources social needs income
Write the LC code for (human, material, and
each nonmaterial)

Management of family resources.
RESOURCES Chart, Pictures, Bond Paper, Manila Paper, Felt Tip Pen, Adhesives, Multi – media.
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide T.H.E II Teacher’s Manual. 1991. pp. 18
2. Learner’s Materials
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional
Materials from
Learning Resource
B. Other Learning
Fill in the missing Arrange the scrambled Identify items that should be Ask the class about the possible
letters to reveal the letters to form the correct included in the family budget. ways of finding (financial) resources.
hidden word. word. Choose your answers from the
given metacards and paste it Possible answers : Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0", Fi
1. F _ _ D on the board. Horizontal: Left, Relative to: Column, Ver
1. acquire job Paragraph, Horizontal: 0.13", Wrap Arou
2. C _ O T H _ N G 2. EENGYR
3. S H _ L T _ R food 2. home-based work
3. ISLLK 3. business venture WEEKLY TEST
A. Reviewing 4. _ N C O M _ 4. EGDELWONK
previous lesson or 5. S _ V _ N G S clothing - physical store
5. TIESILIBA - online
presenting the new lesson
Answers : shelter 4.sell
Answers : 5.render service
1. Food medicines
2. Clothing 1. Time
3. Shelter 2. Energy savings
4. Income 3. Skills
5. Savings 4. Knowledge
5. Abilities
What is family What is family Management of family income “ How can we make both ends
resources? resources? means allocating it to provide meet? ”
-Family resources are -human resources for the basic needs of
the means that can be -time, energy, knowledge, members and for comfortable
used by the family to skills and abilities. living. Understand and relate the question
cope with difficult -child care, parenting to your family resources / budget.
situations; these resources, and family By means of budgeting, the
include social, cultural, responsibilities family can properly allot the
religious, economic and income. Through family Let the learners share their ideas to
B. Establishing a medical resources. budgeting, the members will the group.
purpose for the lesson learn to spend wisely, save
regularly, participate in family
What is human matters more actively with the How was the group’s assessment to
resources? maximum benefit from the wise the question?
-(family resources) use of resources, like time,
-time, energy, energy and abilities.
knowledge, skills and
The following are daily
What is material essentials that must be
resources? included in the budget.
-found in the natural *food
world that have *shelter
practical use and value *clothing
for humans. *education
These include wood,
glass (which comes
from sand), metals,  Social needs
plants, and plastics  social and moral
(which are made from obligations
natural chemicals)  family activities
 school affairs
What is non-material
resources?  Savings/emergency budget
-does not include any  health
physical objects or  house repair
artifacts. Examples
of non-material culture
include any ideas,
beliefs, values, norms
that may help shape
Sort the difference List down at least 5 A. Give the synonyms of List down the resources in your
between wants and common resources in your the word family.
needs. family. “management”? (Based on previous lessons).

Learners’ answer will be (controlling, deciding, handling,

processed by the teacher. supervising, caring) Group’s answers will be reported to
WANTS NEEDS the class.
C. Presenting food B. What do you
examples/ instances shelter understand in the word
of the new lesson games “budgeting”? The teacher will process the
learners’ output.
toys Cite a situation that
music best explains the word.
Distribute the printed Discuss among the group Ask the class about the Factors to be considered when
photos to the class. and list down the possible ways of finding managing and budgeting the family
Group them into four importance of resources (financial) resources. resources?
Present your group output 1. Size of the family.
Prioritize the items by ending it with a “hugot 2. Family income.
according to needs. line”. 3. Kind of work each family member
Number them from 1 – Possible answers : does.
5. Having 1 at the top The group will be given 4. Talents and abilities of each
and 5 in the bottom. five (5) minutes to finish member.
the given task. *acquire job
5. Locality where the family lives.
The class will be given
*home-based work
five (5) minutes to
complete the task.
*business venture
-physical store
Post the group’s output -online
in front.
*sell (retail/wholesale)
5. Discussing new
concepts and practicing *render service
new skills #1
*garage sales

clipart –

clipart –

Group’s output will be

processed by the
Shade the circle if it is Tell whether it Tell whether it needs budget Underline your answer as to which
important and put an X demonstrates an allotment or none at all. one must be prioritized in your family
mark if it is not. understanding or skills in budget.
managing family Answer the following with YES
1. Foods resources by writing YES or NO. 1. rice , burger
2. Clothes and NO if not. 1. _ church 10% tithes / 2. electricity, vacation
3. Medicines offering 3. foods, cellphone
6. Discussing new _1. Prioritizing rice for 2. _ bank / lending loans
4. Chocolates 4. toys, clothes
concepts and practicing meals.
5. Toys 3. _ school obligations 5. jewelry, medicines
new skills#2 _2. Aiming for family’s
4. _ monthly bills and
monthly vacation.
_3. Pushing birthday’s
party blow – out. 5. _ borrowed money
_4. Weekly luxury in fancy
_5. Saving for future

7. Developing mastery Tell whether it A. List down all Elaborate that the family Determine whether the work being
(Leads to Formative demonstrates an possible income of budget must also provide for done can give you an income.
Assessment 3) understanding or skills the whole family. the following needs :
in managing family _1. Tricycle driving.
resources by writing Refer to the learners’ answers. _2. Doctor’s treating patients.
YES and NO if not. B. List down all the
possible daily _3. Selling ice candy.
*Church _4. Planting falcatta tree.
_1. Prioritizing rice for expenses in your
*School _5. Engage in online business.
meals. family. *Barangay
_2. Aiming for family’s *Community
monthly vacation. Discussions shall be done
based on learners’
_3. Pushing birthday’s *Other institutions
party blow – out.
_4. Weekly luxury in
fancy restaurants.
_5. Saving for future

8. Finding practical Encircle the photo that Choose which one may be If you were to make a practical Group the class into four (4). 6.
applications of manages family considered as family personal budget, what would
concepts and skills in resources and resources. you include? Let the group perform a drama
underline if it implies Box your answer.
daily living the opposite. Pick at least five (5) answers where they will be portraying at least
1. Selling candies, from the box. 1 way that could help them earn
ordering ice cream money.

2. Working in a  Chocolates
company, sleeping  School supplies
all day  Makeup
1.  Underwear  Rice
 Internet
3. Shopping, farming connection
 Cellular phone
 Perfumes
4. Online buying,
online selling
2. 1. 5. Saving money, 2.

borrowing money




9. Making What are the three (3) Where should the family If you were to make a personal Why we need to acquire income?
generalizations and types of resources? budget or the family budget, what would you
abstractions about the -human, material, non- resources be allotted? include? How do we acquire income?
lesson material
Why? Why? Can we go on with life without
What are those things financial resources?
you considered Why not? Budgeting is critical because it
“wants”? is oftentimes difficult to ensure
-toys, gadgets, that we will be able to make
chocolates, etc… both ends meet when times
are hard.
What are the principles to take into
What are those things consideration to make family
How are you going to allocate
you considered budgeting successful and fulfilling?
the budget income?
-food, shelter, clothing,
You should identify what
needs should be allocated
more than the other.
Evaluating learning Identify what resources Put a smiley face  if the Determine whether the budget
are being presented. sentence indicates is for food and clothing,
financial strength of family shelter and education, social
Tell whether it is resources and sad face  needs, or savings/emergency.
human resources, if it is in contrast.
material resources or 1. Medicines
non-material resources.
_1. Hanging out with 2. Electrical wirings
1. Teachers in school. Enumerate sources of income.
friends every weekend.
Choose your answers from the list
2. On sale sand and _2. Enriching home-based below.
gravel. gardening. 3. Boy scout / Girl
3. “Mano po” culture. _3. Set aside shopping
sprees. savings
4. Meals
4. Working farmers. _4. Prioritize the needs. salary
5. Gold mining. 5. Family outings
_5. Avoid debts. investment

Underline your answer
as to which one must debts
be prioritized in your
family budget. loans

7. rice , burger payment

8. electricity,
vacation bills
9. foods, cellphone
10. toys, clothes fees
11. jewelry, medicines
10. Additional activities Write T if the Based on family What are other financial Wirite P if the statement affects the
for application or statement is true and F resources, number the obligations that need to be family resources positively and N if it
remediation if it is false. given statements 1 - 5 responded? affects negatively.
according to the family’s
_1. Man cannot budget priority. 1 being on Fill in the blanks to complete _1. Buy abundantly to ensure plenty
survive without food top and 5 at the bottom. the word. supplies.
and water. _2. Be wise in spending money.
_1. Water and electricity. 1. *Sc_ool fe_s
(school fees) _3. Save money for future needs.
_2. A house is a _4. Choose to walk than ride if not in
shelter we all need. _2. Educational needs. a hurry.
2. *Elec_r_c bi_ls
_5. Prefers to eat in a restaurant
(electric bills)
_3. We all need _3. Everyday meals. than at home with the family.
clothes to wear. 3. *Hou_e r_nt_l
_4. Clothes to wear. (house rental)
_4. Health is wealth.
_5. Bills and payments. 4. *de_b_s
_5. Family is a circle of (debts)
strength and love.
5.*mo_thl_ du_s
(monthly dues

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