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Date: 5/2, 6/2, 8/2/2019 Student Group: Grade 3&4

Mentor Teacher: Mrs Kim Wines School: Camperdown College (Junior Campus)

Duration of the lesson: 50 minute sessions Class size: 24

Title of lesson/activity: Literacy- Writing

Intended Learning Outcomes/Learning intentions: Grade 3/4: Learning to establish routines so that we can use our writing time effectively to improve our writing
• What do we want the students learn?

Success Criteria: I Can (Grade 3/4):

• I can statements. • generate ideas for my writing
• plan my writing
• build my writing stamina
• identify and explain what makes a good piece of writing
• edit my writing to correct spelling and punctuation
• revise my writing to improve it
• use show not tell to add description to my writing
• use the correct tense when writing
• add descriptive phrases to my sentences
• use legible handwriting

Links to the curriculum (Victorian Curriculum) and to the Text structure and organisation
curriculum planning of the school Understand that paragraphs are a key organisational feature of written texts
Know that word contractions are a feature of informal language and that apostrophes
of contraction are used to signal missing letters (VCELA260)
Expressing and developing ideas
Understand that a clause is a unit of grammar usually containing a subject and a verb
and that these need to be in agreement (VCELA261)
Understand that verbs represent different processes (doing, thinking, saying, and
relating) and that these processes are anchored in time through tense (VCELA262)
Creating texts
Reread and edit texts for meaning, appropriate structure, grammatical choices and
punctuation (VCELY267)
High Impact Collaborative Learning Setting goals Setting goals
Teaching Questioning Structuring Lessons Structuring Lessons
Metacognitive Strategies Explicit Teaching Worked Examples
Strategies: Worked Examples Multiple Exposures
Collaborative Learning Questioning

Tuesday 5/2 Wednesday 6/2 Friday 8/2

Essential Focus: Generating ideas Focus: Generating ideas for Focus: Generating ideas
Learning and for writing. Paying close writing. Paying close for writing. ‘Brain pockets’
attention to nouns, attention to nouns, helping us generate further
lesson adjectives and verbs. adjectives and verbs. ideas for our writing.
structure: Punctuation.

Whole class: Discuss Whole class: Follow up on Whole class: Model the
where we generate ideas previous lesson about the Brain pockets diagram on
for writing from?? ‘Room 13 whispers’ activity the board.
Students to do their own
Show the pictures this is Whole class/small group Brain pockets thinking
where our ideas will come warm up: Use the gradual task.
from today. release of responsibility
strategy I do, we do, you do.
Discuss Adverbs, Teacher model the writing
adjectives and nouns. piece around the picture.
Do a piece together.
Small groups class: Students will do an
Students will get in groups individual piece.
of three and and move
around the class writing a
sentence under each
picture. Ensure they are Reflection/Questions Reflection/Questions
using an adverb, adjective
or noun in the sentence.

Students will share their
Time Tuesday 5/2 Wednesday 6/2 Friday 8/2

5 minutes Discuss generating ideas Re-iterate the previous Discuss further where we
Introduction or Re- for writing. lesson of generating ideas get our ideas for writing,
iterate previous Discuss our task ‘Room 13 for our writing. Re-iterate introducing the idea of
lesson Whispers’ for the session the rules for their writing. ‘brain pockets’.
and show students Paying close attention to the
pictures for their prompts. nouns, verbs, adjectives
along with tidying up their Circle time- Ask the
10 minutes Introduce the rules for sentences, capital letters, full students three questions
Warm-up their writing. These will stops. What do you know a lot
include the use of adverbs, about??
adjectives and verbs in Where is a special place
their writing. you have been on
Discuss and give examples holidays?
on the board. If you could be anything in
The students will choose a the world what would it
word stick from the be?
buckets and use those
prompt words in their

30 minutes Students to be broken up Model a piece of writing Model my thoughts on the

Main lesson into groups of 3 and will about the picture. brain pockets diagram.
move around eight
stations. They will add Students to write a sentence Discuss with the students
their thinking to the page about a specific picture on the different parts of our
by beginning a piece of their whiteboards. brain that our ideas are
writing about the prompt stored.
picture. Students will write an Students to represent
independent piece about a thinking on their own
The students will move specific picure. diagram.
stations and add to the
stories. Students will choose to
share their writing on the

5 minutes Students will meet on the Some students to share their

Reflection time floor and read their stories. writing piece to the class.
Reflection and Self Evaluation: Tuesday 5/2- The writing session went well, students really enjoyed moving around
• What aspects of the lesson seemed to be most valuable? the different work stations with their partner and generating writing ideas prompted
• What aspects of the lesson could be improved and how could they be by the pictures. There were some interesting stories. Timing went well. Students really
improved? engaged in the session.
• What follow-up will be required from this lesson? Needed more time at the end to go over the intention we set at the start of the session
of including nouns, verbs and adjectives. We got to go over one writing piece but it
would have furthered the value if we were to go over another.
I felt I went to fast with the introduction needed to spend more time going over the key

Wednesday 6/2- Started this session with modelling writing on the board with a
picture prompt. The students then went and made their own starting sentence for the
same picture prompt. Instead of doing this I should have engaged the students on one
picture prompt rather than trying to introduce another so that the students had one
prompt to concentrate on. The class became very busy and required more scaffolding
than I thought.
Students presented some good writing.

Friday 8/2- Introduced the concept of ‘brain pockets’ and used concrete materials
about myself to hook the students thinking. I really enjoyed this session.
Session went well and whilst in the modelling part of the session the students
generated some great ideas. Though, once back at their tables some students had a
brain block and struggled to generating thinking. Upon reflection with mentor teacher
it was suggested to write on a sticky note some ideas for the struggling students to get
them started. Also was suggested to incorporate brain breaks between sessions which I
will certainly entertain for further sessions. Use the system for behaviour more often.
Students did have some great work.