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Children Vs Teenager

A person’s change can be monitored through its development, thats are also the development of a
children and an teenager. Of course we know clearly that children and teenager have a very
significant differences. But we never really compare from boh of them. So, in this paragraph I will
explain the differences between a children and a teenager. The aspects that I will compare are moral
development, social development and way of thinking.

The moral development of children is generally applied by parents little by little. In children aged till
they are taught about manners to older people, at school they learn and obey school rules as well as
play with peers. This make children more likely to obey the rules than teenager. They also think a
small mistake is a big mistake, just as lying is regarded as the most unwise thing to do. Young children
still assess a problem based on consequences. What makes them still can not really solve big
problems and small problems.

The children has a very different social development with teenager. They have bad skills in teamwork,
prefer to imitate their parent’s style and have an aggressive attitude. Children have poor teamwork
with their playmates because they tend to have self centered characters, that makes the child
becomes a frequent quarrel with his friend when playing. Furthermore, children prefer to imitate the
style of his parents, then they think of parents as a figure that deserves to be imitated, they will
mimic their style of language, behavior and the expression when their parents angry. The most
significant thing is the children will have an aggressive nature, that they will attack and hit directly
when angry.

The children has an undeveloped mindset. They just think a thing that will make them happy. At this
age they also do not have high curiosity like teenager. They also do not have plans that far ahead as
what teenager do. Children also have a good problem solving although not as good as teenager and
in creativity children tends to be limited and has not been able to experiment.

Adolescents have different moral developments with children. If the child is still taught how to be
good person and taught to how to obey the rules. So teenagers are able to apply it. In adolescence
most teenagers are more challenged to violate existing rules than to comply with a rule applied.
However, in terms of assessing the problem of teenagers is also different from children who only see
problem only from the consequences but teenager is able to see in terms of the other.

The social development of teenager ais more likely to be about self-understanding, relationships with
friends, make a group formation and popularity. It was not like children who still have poor self-
control skills, teenegar is able to understand themselves based on the views of others, their own
experiences, on the basis of cultural classification, and so on. Teenagers also tend to prefer to spend
40% of their time with friends. Most of the teenagers will form a group to become famous. This is
because in adolescence, known to many people is an important thing.

From the aspect of the way of thinking or commonly that we called the mindset the difference
between children and teenager will be very significant. If children prefer to think about things that
make them happy then teenagers tend to think of things that he can do that produces benefits for
himself. Teenagers are also the same as children who still love to play but they will also split the time
not just to play. Push them forward, social engagement with their peers, search for new things that
unfortunately often involve danger. However teenagers have a way of thinking more advanced than

So the conclusion of teenagers and children have many significant differences. Nevertheless basically
children and teenager have in common that likes to play even though it may be different types of
teen of games. In the case of moral development the child is still taught about being polite and
emphasized to be able to comply with the rules that exist in the environment, while the teenager is
able to apply it. While the social development of children tend to have less good cooperation with
their friends who make them often fight while playing, while teenagers in sosialitation already able
to do the cooperation but the teenagers prefer to form a group to become popular or just as a friend
to play because of their match each other. The last point about the way of thinking between children
and teenager who become the most significant aspects of the differences between the them,
children are more often think about what things are able to make them happy while teenagers tend
to think to do new things.