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City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

E-Commerce & Internet Marketing

Prelim Exams (2nd Sem)

NAME:_________________________________________________________________________ DATE:___________
COURSE:____________________ __________________________________Instructor: MICHAEL GIL O. LLORENS, MBA

READ & FOLLOW the instructions carefully. Write legibly. Any forms of ERASURES, SUPER-IMPOSITION of words renders
an answer INCORRECT.


___________________ 1. MONITOR.
___________________ 2. E-mail.
___________________ 3. Attachments on print.
___________________ 4. Windows XP Operating System.
___________________ 5. G.U.I Firmware
___________________ 6. HUB a Network Device.
___________________ 7. ROUTER.
___________________ 8. LAN Card.
___________________ 9. Microsoft Word Program.
___________________ 10. Norton 360 Antivirus

II. Identify. No Erasures. (2pts)

__________________________1. Year in which Internet started.

__________________________2. A global network of computers which are mostly connected for the purpose of
sharing information.
__________________________3. 1,000 kilobytes is 1MB, How many megabytes is there in 1 Gigabytes?

__________________________4. Primarily a calculating device which eventually considered a multimedia access

__________________________5. A tangible device.

__________________________6 Different types of Internet connection over broad range of frequency spectrum.

__________________________7. A high-speed internet connection that transmit data over a regular copper wire.

__________________________8. An internet connection whose interconnections between nodes is implemented

without the use of wires.
__________________________9. H.T.T.P.

__________________________10. W.W.W.

__________________________11. Letter sent electronically.

__________________________12. is a what?

__________________________13. An electronic interface page of media add and its other related forms.

__________________________14. Application software which serves as window to the web.

__________________________15. The default software browser of a Microsoft Operating System computer.

Test III. Technical Proficiency Test

1. DRAW and Illustrate a DSL Internet Connectivity Diagram from ISP to Household? NO ERASURES.

2. DRAW and Illustrate a Wireless Internet Connectivity Diagram from ISP to Household? NO
ERASURES. (10pts)