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speach on 14th august in english in english.

who knew that the day of 14th august, will tell the world in a way, that the both east and west,
would come to know that there stands, A country named Pakistan, A lovely place, with sacred
lands. and a home for a musalman, A Quid's effort, a poet's dream. And a struggle of a human
flood, A new begginning beyond a stream, Filled with the muslim blood.

14th august is a common date like others dates of english calender for nations but for pakistani
nation, this date is the most remarkable day in the history of pakistan. Pakistan came into being
on the 14th august according to english calender while according to muslim calenderm, it was
27th ramadan when allah blessed muslims with the picus homeland. 27th ramadan has religous
importance as the revelation of Holy Quran on holy prophet (P.B.U.H) finished this month. the
word "Pakistan" is made by combining two words"Pak" and "stan" . pak means pious and stan
means homeland. therefore, the meaning of paksitan is the homeland of pious people.

people gave scrifice of thier lives for independence because they could not follow islam
independently and could not perform their religious duties properly in sub-continent. they were
punished or distributed when they perform their religous duties. it offended muslims but as they
were weak nation. they could not do anything names of people like muhammad ali jinnah,
allama iqbal and sir sayed ahmed khan always written in golden words in the history of
pakistan. muhammad ali jinnah also knows as Quid-e-Azam is the real founder of pakistan.
Allama iqbal, Who excited muslims to earn thier own nationlly and name is the world. Sir syed
ahmed khan ,who brought farword and made schools and colleges for muslim so that they
pakistan came to know how to fulfill the latest demands of thier advance age.

pakistan came into being after the sacrifice of contries lives, many mothers lost thier sons, many
wives lost their husbunds and many children lost their fathers and then pakistan came into
being, people gave sacrifice of their lives so that next generations may not face any difficulty and
may live a safe life.

pakistan was got for creating envoiromnt just as it was in the period of hazrat Umer(R.A) When
He took rounds of the streets in the darkness for becoming sure that no one is hungry. Pakistan
was got for creating such envoiroment . where ladies will come out side by covering their bodies
as is it ordered in HOLY QURAN. pakistan was got for creating such enviroment where males like
Hazrat Hussain{r.a} may bone who will must offer prayers and read Holy Quran whether thiers
necks may separates from thier bodies.

Quid-e-Azam the of the nation for people of pakistan in is address in ziarat that"making of
pakistan was a difficult task; I could never have accomplished it alone it was the ruhani faiz of
Rasoolullah (s.m) that pakistan came into bieng . Now it is the responsibility of every pakistani to
make it in example of khilafate Rashida"(Zikarat 1948).

we must celibrate 14 August as it is our independence day. we should celebrate 14th august by
thanking to Allah by going to mosques instead of celebrating this day in music.