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Task 5 Case Notes: Darren Walker

Read the cases notes below and complete the writing task which
Time allowed: 40 minutes
Today's Date
Patient History
Darren Walker
DOB 05.07.69
Regular patient in your General Practice
09.07. 09
Regular check up, Family man, wife, two sons aged 5 and 3
Parents alive - father age 71 diagnosed with prostate cancer 2002.
Mother age 68 hypertension diagnosed 1999.
Smokes 20 cigarettes per day –trying to give up
Works long hours – no regular exercise
Light drinker 2 –3 beers a week

BP 165/90 P 80 regular
Cardiovascular and respiratory examination normal
Height 173 cm Weight 85kg
Urinalysis normal
Advise re weight loss, smoking cessation
Review BP in 1 month
Request PSA test before next visit

Reduced smoking to 10 per day
Attends gym twice a week, Weight 77 kg
Complains of discomfort urinating
BP 145/80 P76
DRE hardening and enlargement of prostate
PSA reading 10
Review BP, smoking reduction in 2 months
Refer to urologist – possible biopsy prostate

Writing Task
Write a referral letter addressed to Dr. David Booker (Urologist),
259 Wickham Tce, Brisbane 4001. Asl to be informed of the
In your answer:
 Expand the relevant case notes into complete sentences
 Do not use note form
 The body of the letter should not be more than 200 words
 Use correct letter format

OET Writing Referral of a Patient to a Medical Specialist - Possible Outline

Specialist’s name
Specialist’s title Address


Dear (name of person) (Dr/Mr/Mrs FAMILY NAME only)

Re: (patient’s name) Mr/Mrs/Miss first name+family name

Paragraph 1
Introduce patient
Brief outline of complaint/condition

Paragraph 2 (could be more than one paragraph)

Past medical history, medication
Previous visits
Any relevant family/social/lifestyle history (may be 2-3 paragraphs depending on number of
patient visits)

Paragraph 3
Today’s examination

Paragraph 4
Request and Close

Yours faithfully/sincerely

Print your name clearly

Remember your structure needs to be very very clear. Organise the information into logical
How long did this take you?
I think you may need to take the five minutes planning time more seriously and really think
about which information is crucial and how you are going to most logically and clearly
present this information. On the bright side, the language in this letter is much more formal.
Just see the couple of areas I have highlighted for more formal language choices
To: Dr. Charles Teo
Centre for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery at Prince of Wales Private Hospital

Dear Dr Brooker,

Re: Mr. Darren Walker

I am writing to refer Mr Walker, a 40 year old married man with two sons aged 3 and 5,
who requires immediate screening for prostate cancer.

Me Walker has a strong family history of related illness as elderly father was diagnosed
with prostate cancer and mother was diagnosed as hypertensive. Mr Walker is a smoker
and light drinker. He works long hours and does not do any regular exercise.

Now move on to the initial examination. Mr Walker’s initial examination on 09/07/09

revealed His blood pressure was initially 165/90 mmhg and pulse was 80 and regular. He
is 173cm tall and his weight, at that time, was 85 kg. He was advised to reduce weight
and stop smoking and a prostate specific antigen test was requested. There were no
other remarkable findings.

When he came for the next visit on too informal! 14/08/2009, Mr Walker had reduced
smoking from 20 to 10 cigarettes per day and was attending gym twice a week. He had
lost 8kg of weight. unnecessary – we know it is weight! His blood pressure was improved
too generic – be specific and use the correct medical language at 165/90mmhg. However
digital rectal examination revealed an enlarged prostate and the PSA reading was 10.

In view of the above signs and symptoms, I believe he needs further investigations
including a prostate biopsy and surgical management. I would appreciate your urgent
attention for his condition. Nice.
Yours sincerely, Dr.X