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Team Morgan

Dear Parents, Welcome!
I hope this “Playbook” helps give you the ins and outs of Team Morgan. I feel
communication and teamwork is crucial for a successful year. Please read through
this booklet and go over it with your child this week. I will also spend time doing the
same with the class. That way, we are all on the same page and ready to score!

Please try to do the following ASAP:

• Sign up for Text updates using Remind. The directions are on the
next page. This will allow me to send out messages as reminders,
updates and/or in case of emergency.
•Complete the “Parent/Child Information” survey. This is located on
my website: This gives me important
information about your child as well as ensures I have your correct
email address and contact information.
•Follow me on Twitter: @mrsmmorgan
•Read through this booklet with your child. Choose a homework
location and time for this to be completed.
•Talk to your child about taking ownership this year…packing his/her
backpack up the night before, asking for you to sign the assignment
book, etc.
Remind updates
•Please sign up to receive nightly text updates from Team Morgan.
•I will send classroom reminders, homework assignments, etc. My
hope is this will help strengthen the home-school connection.
Please do this before the first day of school.
Parent/child Information survey
Please complete by August 19

Since you know your child best, I am asking that you go to my website and
complete the informational survey about your child. This will not only
provide me with insight about your child, but will allow me to have your
accurate email in my computer. I look forward to hearing from your soon.

Survey can be found at:
Please complete by August 19th
Team Morgan Rules
1. Follow directions quickly.
2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
3. Make “all star” choices.
4. Be a good teammate

Rewards & Consequences

We will have a team scoreboard. The goal is to get more points than
the teacher. We will work together as a team to earn class rewards.

Any student who is not making good choices will receive a “yellow
card” as a visual reminder. If another behavior infraction occurs, or
the action warrants an immediate consequence, the student will
receive a “penalty paper” in which he/she must identify the behavior
and ways to prevent this from happening in the future. This will
require a parent signature.
Typical Day
8:50 Arrival (unpack, turn in homework, get organized, morning work)
9:10 Math
10:15 Specials
11:10 finish Math
11:25 SS or Science
12:05 Core Plus
12:45 Lunch / Recess
1:35 ELA
3:20 Pack up
•Each night your child will be expected to read Count 10
for 10 or more minutes. Try to alternate nights •Students should be practicing math fact fluency
having your child read aloud to you & reading every night that written math homework is not
silently. This amount will increase throughout the assigned. I will do this through
year. and will set the students up under my class
•Stop your child before, during and after reading code. Once students demonstrate fluency and
to ask questions, make inferences and sum up mastery of their facts, they will no longer be
what was read. required to do xtramath.
•Each week, a reading response menu will be
sent home. The children can CHOOSE one item Spelling
to answer. These should be completed using a
Spelling words will be distributed on Fridays with
“RACECAR” response. The directions for this will
tests each Thursday.
come home prior to the first assignment. Please
•Words and online practice can be found on
work with your child on this until it becomes
Other Homework
Homework will only be assigned when I deem it meaningful and worthwhile. Therefore, I
expect homework to be completed. Students who do not complete homework on time will
have to take home a “homework notice” to be signed. If more than three homework notices
are sent in a quarter, a parent/teacher/student conference will be required and students will
lose points I am hoping we can work together as a team to build responsibility in the children.
School Information
• School Phone: 419.824.8610
•Please call regarding any absences AND send in a note when your child

•Mrs. Morgan’s Information

• Email:
•Phone: 419.824.8610 ext. 2132

•Principal: Amanda Ogren


•Secretary: Tamara Bartlett Ext. 2100

•Specials Teachers:
•Librarian: Mrs. Conrad
•Music: Mrs. McMurray
•PE: Mr. Bates
•Art: Mrs. Arndt