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The Divisional Operational Manager

Asansol Railway Division
DRM Office Asansol, Eastern Railway
Paschim Burdwan

Sub : Complaint against Robin Ghosh @ Robindranath Ghosh posted as

Trackman At Senreligh vide Personal No. for causing
gross violation of the mandate of Railway servant conduct rules
1966 by contracting second marriage without obtaining any
divorce or any judicial separation from me --- leaving
me cruelly alone to suffer unending pain and agony.

Respected Sir/ Madam

I , Smt. Mina Ghosh wife of Robiin Ghosh, resident of Chaprail P.O- Suryanagar, P.S
Hirapur Dist. Paschim Burdwan, with bleeding eyes do lodge this complain to the
effect sometime in the year 1987 my husband a permanent employee of having
Personal No. P.F No. had driven me out from my matrimonial home for no reason, I
tried a lot and tried my best to reconcile the matrimonial pang and agony but of no

Finding no other alternative for the compulsion of subsistence I preferred a petition

U/s 125 Cr.P.C before the competent court Asansol vide Misc case No.54/87 and Ld
JM 5th court after perusing all documents and considering the evidence of both side
pleased to bless me with monthly maintenance.

For your kind information and appraisal said Robin Ghosh @ Robindranath Ghosh i.e
my husband after appearing before the court on notice had admitted me as his
legally married wife in writing, swearing by affidavit. The case for enhancement of
mentance and cases relating to execution of maintenance are still pending Before
Ld. J.M 5th court.

That worst then a beggar I had been top the offices of Railway authority and have
come to know that after contracting second marriage he had enlisted one Promila
Gosh as his wife in his all service record.

The legal document relating to case U/s 125 Cr.P.C and self made declaration in
service record are self explanatory that my husband had contracted two marriages
strictly barred by law of land specially in Railway servants conduct rules 1966.

That my husband is not only denying me to pay any maintenance for subsistence but
also is extending criminal intimidation to cause my death in disguise of accident.

The gross misconducts and misdeeds caused by my husband amounts to culpable

offences of the land and leaving me cruelly alone to literal starvation requires to be
heavily weighed under microscopic vision of law.
I do appeal before your good office to initiate to stringent legal administrative and
legal departmental administrative action to book him in legal purview together with
towards ensuring " my right to life" as granted under the Constitution.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Mina Ghosh
Mob. No.