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Julio 2019

Listening Comprehension Exercise

Audio for Task 1.mp3

Listen to the conversations. Read the sentences. Then listen again and circle the
correct answer for each statement.

Example: The man needs (a sweater / [a suit] / shoes).

1. The man has a (*black* / gray / brown) suit.

2. The man and the woman (like / *have* / don’t want) the gray suit.

3. The woman doesn’t like the (*blue* / black / gray) suit.

4. The woman (likes / *doesn’t like* / needs) the green shirt.

5. The man likes the (*green* / white / blue) shirt.

6. The red tie is (*good-looking*/ long / new).

7. The man likes the (*red* / yellow / gray) tie.

Grammar and Vocabulary

A. Choose need or needs.

1.Ruby needs to work in the factory on Friday to pay the rent.

2.They need .to go to the real estate agent to find a house.
3.Antonio needs . to visit the DMV to get a license.
4.We need to find a hotel to sleep tonight.
5.I needs to go to the dentist’s office to have an examination.
6.She needs to go school to learn English.
B. Choose the correct answer of the parenthesis.

1. Why does Ruby need to work?

To pay the rent. (rent/)
2) Why do they need to go the real estate office?
To buy a house (cook/)
3) Why do we need to find a hotel?
To sleep tonight (see/)
5) Why do you need to go to the dentist?
To have an examination (/buy)
6) Why does she need to go to school?
To learn English (sleep/)

C. Use need or needs and the words in the box to complete the sentences.

1. She is very sick. She need to go to the hospital.

2. They live in an apartment. They needs to look for a new house.
3. Marco is at the post office. He need to send a letter.
4. He has a driver’s license but no car. He need to buy a new car.
5. We are hungry. Let’s find a good restaurant. We needs to eat lunch.

D) Choosethe correct verb in the imperative.

1 turn left on first street. (/stop)
2 stop on the left (/stops)
3 stop straight a head (/go)
4 turn around. (/stops)
5 turn right at the intersection (/turns)
6 stop !! (/stops)
E) Add periods and capital letters to the directions.
1. turn around go straight ahead three miles turn left on MulberryAvenue turn right on
prentice street stop on the left.

2. Go straight ahead to Montgomery street. Turn left on main stop on the left.

3. Turn left on fifth avenue turn right on Kennedy street stop straight ahead.

4. Make a U-turn on Adams go straight ahead three blocks stop on the right.

5. Turn right on Jacob’s place make a U-turn at the light turn left on Pine stop

F) Look at the map. Use the prepositions given below.

The shop is next to the school.

The takeway is_ next to the library.
The chemist is_between the bank and the post office.

G) Write sentences about your community. Use the prepositions.

1. (next to) the grosery is nex to the library

2. (across from) the bank is across from the restaurant
3.(between) the cafeteria is between the supermarket and the shop
4.(in back of) the hospital is in the back of my house
5.(in front of) the post office is in front of shopping center

H) Choose the right preposition of place: at, next to, in, in front of, on.
In the picture, I can see a family.
The mother is standing next to her son and daughter.
She is holding a vase on her hand.
The son and the daughter are smiling in each other.
There is a window in front of the door.
The woman is looking at her daughter.
She lives at Monumental Avenue.
I don’t want to live in a noisy city.
I) Write the nouns given below under the correct categories.


hostel hotel motel

b. Parks and recreation
tennis court playground park
c. Medical care
dentist officehospital doctor’s office

d. Residential areas
apartment mobile home house

Reading Comprehension Exercise.

J. Read the article. Then match the sentence beginnings and endings. Write the
letter of the correct sentence ending. You will not use all of the sentence endings.
Example: Antonia Banderas is__h__.

4. Antonio Banderas is A a. an actor

5. Enrique Iglesias has F b. an actress

6. Enrique Iglesias is C c. a singer

7. Penelope Cruz isE d. an actress and singer

8. Penelope Cruz hasG e. an actress and model

f. a famous father

g. a brother and sister

h. a good-looking man

i. a famous brother

Writing Section

Write sentences about yourself.

1. I always go to the beach

2. I often go to the river

3. Sometimes I get up early

4. I rarely eat fish

5. I never do the laundry

Primero debes escribir en inglés sobre las actividades que realizas

cada día luego debes grabar un video de al menos 1 minuto leyendo
lo que has escrito.
Speaking Section

Talk about activities that you do every day. Upload a video about it on YOUTUBE
and then attach the link here with this report.