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Posting motivational quotes is better than posting negative because it can boost your mental

and psychological health.

Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through
adulthood. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we
think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make
choices. Mental health is the state of our psychological process to operate information, to think,
to deliver thoughts in a correct and distinctive manner so much so it is done in an ethical way.

According to experts mental health affects a lot of people including children. The first
sign of mental health shows before a person turns 14 years old. Most people with mental health
problem are not violent and more likely to be the victim of violent crime. People with mental
health problems are productive and always happy. Mental health problem doesn’t have anything
to do with being lazy or weak. Friends and family can be an important influences to help
someone get the treatment and services they need by: Reaching out and letting them know you
are available to help, learning and sharing the facts about mental health, especially if you hear
something that isn't true, treating them with respect, just as you would to anyone else, refusing to
define them by their diagnosis or using labels such as "crazy”. Friends and loved ones can make
a big difference.

When it comes to problem, motivational quotes are one of the things that help us on
overcoming it. We rely on it to keep us motivated and be cheered up. However, as social media
started many pages, groups or even individual started to create or share motivational quotes and
negative post. Many people are hooked in using social media especially children below the age
of 15. Therefore seeing inappropriate post either in text form, video, image or audio can affect
them. As far as I’m concerned having this post will create a big impact on how they will think
and may lead them on doing what they have read or seen. Also for other person that are
experiencing mental health problem, it may provoke them on hurting their selves or may lead
them to suicide. Therefore this kind of post should be banned or removed to prevent things like
these from happening.

Many people share negative posts about mental health illnesses without even having
knowledge about it and some of them just want to seek for attention which is very wrong. Saying
that you are depress just by feeling lonely or sad is completely not acceptable. In my opinion
sharing post about depression just because they are feeling sad or lonely isn’t right. Sharing
picture of wounded wrist wasn’t right. Sharing videos of you hanging yourself wasn’t right and
will never be right. Sharing post like these will only provoke people with mental problem to do
things like these even if there is still a way to solve their problem. How am I able to say that
some people just share those depression posts for attention? Simply because depressed people
will never let other people to know that they are depressed, they will never post something or
share something with words saying that they want to die because they are depress. Depressed
people like to keep their burden to their selves; they have difficulty in expressing their selves.
Lastly, these days’ social media have been a place wherein thoughts or feelings are being
shared publicly including post that are too sensitive and can affect person that has mental health
illness such as depression and anxiety. As a result to this, person that have mental health illnesses
tend to be triggered to harm their selves. In my opinion these kinds of post shouldn’t be posted in
any form of social media. Why? Because it creates a big impact to people that already
experiencing mental illnesses that causes them to hurt their selves because of what they have
read and/or seen. To support my opinion, BBC news last January 27, 2019 headline “UK could
ban social media over suicide images, minister warns”. A child name Molly Russell, 14, took her
life in 2017 after viewing disturbing content about suicide on social media. Molly’s father said
that he believes that ‘instagram’ helped his child to take its own life. As far as I’m concerned, if
a 14 years old child already harm herself what more for children below her age?

If we will stop spreading some negative post and start sharing motivational post, it will help
people with mental health illness such as depression. Their miserable thought