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Reflection paper

Remarkable as she is, Hermana Fausta, was recognized as Ina ng Lucena and was declared
as one of the local heroes of Lucena City. She is one of a kind laywomen during her time that is
known for having a good heart for the needy and the poor. Her life is indeed one of the treasures
of the history everyone should know or distinguished.
Below are two things learned and reflected in the life of Hermana Fausta:
Passion to teach. We as teachers need to be passionate on whatever we do in our daily
lives especially in teaching. It may be a lifelong learning or studying as they say but we should
believe in the saying that we will never have to work a day in our life if we love what we do. It
may be a struggle to work 8 hours a day and yet work additionally beyond work hours to prepare
for the next day. Hermana Fausta loves her job very much. She taught children and old people
reading, writing, counting and religion as well. She loves the way how they learn and gain
knowledge with the all the help she can give. She does her job well as long as she can even after
she retires at the age of 73. She asked for a big help to the Daughters of Charity and yet she never
leave the school she started. Hermana Fausta loves to teach children without asking for anything
in return. It is a passion indeed.
Heart for the poor. Helping will always be a decision. Yet, Hermana Fausta never fails
anyone who asks for her help. She started a hospital for the poor. She comforted and advised
unhappy wives left by their husbands who gamble and drinks alcohol. Though it is not job
anymore, she chose to do so anyway. She even visited the prisoner to teach them and help them
with their faith in God. She brought people back to guidance of the Lord. And with all these, she
never asked for something in return. She just did it all with all her heart.
Faith in God. At her early age, Fausta never forgets to visit the church to hear mass early
in the morning as part of her daily routine. She prays to the Blessed Virgin Mary for intercession.
She never gets tired to invite people to join different church activities. Even in times of war,
Hermana holds on to her faith and believe in the power of God. Even she’s too old and weak, she
never forgets to do her daily routine of praying the rosary. It is her belief that made her so great in
the eyes of the people she is with. We should be like her and just believe in God. Trust His process
for He knows better plans than ours.
As Cordians, we should be like Hermana Fausta that has the passion, the heart, and the