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The Complete Guide to Doing Your Own

Facebook Page Audit — The Checklist

This checklist is divided into several sections:

1. Technical audit
2. Basic/contact info audit
3. Image/video audit
4. Customer service audit
5. Audience and branding audit
6. Posting/interaction tactics audit
7. Facebook advertising audit

1. Technical Audit
1. Do we have the right type of Facebook page for our business?
1. Should this be a business/brand page or a community/public
figure page?
2. Is the name of our page the same as the name of our business,
to the letter, so that our target markets/audiences will know it’s
us when they see the page?
3. Have we chosen the right category for our page?
2. Is it clear which page our target markets/audiences should follow?
1. Have we edited our “business types” to indicate if this page is
for a corporate location?
2. Do we have more than one Facebook page for the same
1. If so, are there duplicates that need to be deleted?
1. Do old Facebook pages exist or are there auto-
generated pages that we never claimed?
2. If not, do we need to create child brand pages?
3. Are our parent brand and child brand pages clearly defined
(main business page and then pages for individual locations,
like the main Walmart Facebook page and the individual
Facebook pages for each location)?
3. Is the address correct for each business location?
4. Have we set up the correct page roles for our team members?
5. Have we set up two-factor authentication and decided who is in
charge of maintaining/updating password info?
6. Have we given advertising partners proper access to the page?
1. Have we set up Facebook Business Manager so we can
7. Have we connected Facebook to Instagram and ensured both
platforms are consistent in terms of color/style/imagery/branding?
8. Is page visibility set to published (Check settings)?
9. Have you gone through all the settings and ensured they’re set as
you’d like them to be?0811434495

2. Basic/Contact Info Audit

1. Have we created a username for our page?
2. Have we created a button/CTA (call to action) for our page?
1. Does that button’s text align with the page it links to (for
example, a button that says “Contact Us” links to the contact
page of our website)?
3. Have we added a profile picture (usually a logo) and a background
4. Have we added a short description?
5. Have we added a link to our website?
6. Have we invited friends who might be interested in our content to like
our page?
7. Have we added interests information?
8. Have we filled out our contact information, including our email
9. Have we filled in the “More Info” section as completely as possible,
1. Products
2. Privacy policy
3. Menu (For restaurants)
4. Company overview
5. Our story
6. Impressum (required in certain countries to indicate ownership)
10. Have we created a logical community or group to begin
community building?

3. Image/Video Audit
1. Are our images/videos branded appropriately?
2. Are our images/videos consistent in terms of design?
3. Are our images/videos the correct dimensions for Facebook?
4. Have we added clear descriptions to our images/videos?
5. Do images of products/services have a clear CTA (call to action) and
a link to the page on our website where the product/service can be
6. Do our videos end with a clear CTA and a link to the product/service
described (where applicable)?
7. Do our videos have captions for the hearing impaired and/or users
who have sound off on their device?
8. Are our photos/videos properly tagged?
1. Have we tagged location data in our photos/videos where

4. Customer Service Audit

1. Have we clearly defined who will answer messages and when they
should be “online” and available to answer them?
2. Are we responding to messages quickly, accurately, and
3. Are we responding to comments/shares politely and enthusiastically
(or at least, in a manner consistent with our brand’s voice)?
4. Is there a clear chain of command and method of escalation when a
customer service question/issue is beyond the ability of someone to
5. Is there a clear schedule for checking and responding to

5. Audience and Branding Audit

1. Have we created personas to represent our target
markets/audiences? (If not, check out the Ultimate Brand & Audience
2. Does our product/service and the content we create/share on
Facebook align with the desires/needs of our target
3. What does our audience actually need?
4. Is our brand presented the way we want it to be?
5. Is our brand presented consistently?
1. Is our color scheme and imagery/iconography
presented consistently on all images, videos, background
images, and on our logo?
6. Do we need to update, revamp, or change our brand to fit our
audience better?
7. Do we use page insights to see how our posts are performing and if
our audience is responding?

6. Posting/Interaction Tactics Audit

1. Do we have a content creation schedule (an editorial calendar)?
1. Do we know who is posting? Do we know the days/times
they’re expected to post?
2. Do we know who is in charge of images and who is in charge
of written content?
1. Are these people communicating regularly and clearly?
3. Are we using the creator studio or sound studio when
4. Do we have a clear review process for every post?
2. How often are we posting?
1. Are we posting too much for Facebook (more than 1-3 times a
day)? Not enough (less than 1 time a day)?
3. What kind of content are we posting?
1. Is it the right content for our audience?
2. Is it content that will educate/entertain them?
3. Does the content align with our product/service in a logical way
(for instance, is a roofing brand posting about roofing
materials/solutions, or are they posting random cat videos)?
4. Are we commenting on other pages as our brand?
1. Are we commenting on other pages that make sense (pages
where our target markets/audiences might spend time or pages
that offer tangential products/services align with or support our
2. Are those comments detailed and valuable? Are we doing
more than just writing “Great!” or “Nice!”?
5. Are we commenting on the posts of our page from our personal
Facebook profile (are we leveraging our personal brand(s))?
1. Are members of the team with high-profile personal brands
commenting/liking/sharing posts that are on our page?
6. Are we using hashtags? Are we using them in appropriate amounts
(1-4ish per post)?
7. Are we personally inviting influencers/micro-influencers/friends to
like/comment on/share posts?
8. Are we pushing our products/services too much on the page? Are we
not pushing them enough?
9. Have we ever asked our audience what they need or what they’re
interested in?
10. Are we reaching out to current/former customers and politely
requesting reviews?
11. Are we creating events when we have anything interesting or
exciting coming up?
12. Have we created lead forms?

7. Facebook Advertising Audit

1. Have we spent time researching our target market/audience to make
sure the audiences we’re setting up for Facebook ads are the right
audiences for the product/service we’re trying to sell?
1. If not, you might need the Ultimate Customer Persona
Template and/or the Ultimate Brand Development Template
2. Have we reviewed the Facebook Ads Guide
policies/recommendations to make sure our ads are approved and
displayed properly?
3. Does the content in each ad (both the image and the written content)
match up with the landing page that the link leads to?
1. If not, is it possible people are clicking on ads, becoming
confused by the landing page, and clicking away?
2. Does the design of the ad match the design of the landing
3. Does the promise of the ad match up with the landing page (for
instance, if you offer a free ebook in the ad, is that what the
landing page offers too)?
4. Are we reviewing the performance of our ads regularly?
5. Are we A/B testing images and content regularly to see what
performs best?
6. Are we using our email lists for advertising?
7. Are we regularly evaluating the audiences we’ve created and
tweaking them as necessary?