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Metropolitan String Quartet

Iloilo City, Philippines



Purchaser and Artist or its Agent agree that the following provisions are incorporated into the contract to
JULY 12, 2019
which it is attached and made a part thereof, said contract being signed and dated ______________.

The parties agree that the terms of this attachment prevail over the terms of any other document relating
to and a part of the contract in which this attachment is incorporated.

PAYMENT AND COMPENSATION. Purchaser will make full or partial payment by cash to MSQ and the
remaining balance immediately after completion of the performance(s), unless otherwise previously
agreed in writing by MSQ and Purchaser.

TRAVEL EXPENSES. For the events held outside Iloilo, the MSQ shall charge the purchaser the amount of
P2000.00 on top of the agreed performance compensation.

REPERTOIRE. Available list was posted to our Facebook Page for your reference. An agreement of
repertoire shall be done not less than 30 days prior to the preference schedule between the MSQ and the
purchaser. The purchaser may provide music sheets 2 weeks prior to the performance.

CANCELLATION. MSQ reserves the right to cancel this Agreement without obligation upon notice to
Purchaser thirty (30) days in advance of the Performance date. In the event of Artist’s cancellation, the
deposit payment (if any) shall be returned promptly. If Purchaser cancels the performance less than thirty
(30) days before the performance, Purchaser will pay MSQ 20% of the guaranteed fee for the
performance. If Purchaser cancels the performance less than two weeks before the performance,
Purchaser will pay MSQ 50% of the guaranteed fee for the performance. The parties agree that such
payments are reasonable in light of anticipated or actual harm caused by the cancellation and the
difficulties of proving the actual damages to the MSQ.

FORCE MAJEURE. Neither MSQ nor Purchaser shall be liable for failure to appear or perform its obligations
under this agreement in the event that such failure is caused by or due to the acts or regulations of public
authorities, labor difficulties, civil tumult, inclement weather, strike, epidemic, interruption or delay of
transportation service, or any other legitimate cause beyond the control of MSQ and Purchaser.

SICKNESS AND ACCIDENTS. The MSQ’s agreement to perform is subject to proven detention by sickness
or accident. In the event of such non-performance, the deposit payment (if any) advanced to the Artist
shall be returned promptly.

PERFORMACE TIME. MSQ’s performance covers a fifty-minute (50 min.) time frame with an interval of
ten minutes break per set. MSQ deserve the right to charge the purchaser an over time fee of P1500 per
15 minutes if the performance goes beyond the agreed performance time.

SPACE AND TEMPERATURE. The MSQ modestly ask 10’ x 10’ performance space with the temperature
range of 16-29 degrees Celsius, and does not expose to direct sunlight, rain, and mist.

ATTIRE. The MSQ customarily wear black long-sleeved attire, unless otherwise previously agreed in
writing by MSQ and Purchaser.

EQUIPMENT & LIGHTING. MSQ requires four (4) monobloc chairs, four (4) microphones and adequate
lighting to read music sheets.

Purchaser’s Copy
Metropolitan String Quartet
Iloilo City, Philippines

Please fill out and return this page for confirmation to the Iloilo Metropolitan String Quartet. If any of
the information below changes after your contract has been received/signed by Iloilo Metropolitan
String Quartet, please notify us immediately.

DECEMBER 18, 2019

DATE OF EVENT: ____________________________________
1:00 PM - (ends) __________
TIME OF EVENT: (starts) ___________ 9:00 PM
(Details: 1pm: Report to the Wedding Planner Anah Sunga at the LOCATION; 1:15-2pm
Sound, Space and Equipment Testing; 2-3pm Shooting of Film and Photos, 3-4pm Entertain
Arriving Guests; 4-4:30pm Wedding Ceremony, 4:30-6pm Cocktails, 6-9pm Wedding Reception)

LOCATION(S) WITH ADDRESS (please indicate if it will be outdoors):

(1) Outdoor Wedding Ceremony: Alon Garden Shangri-la, Boracay
(2) Indoor Reception: Sagana Function Room Shangri-la, Boracay


Boracay Island, Malay, 5608, Aklan, Philippines

The undersigned, having read the above conditions, agree to the terms set forth.

Name: _________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________
JULY 12, 2019
Date: __________________________________________
12/33 Clovelly Road
Hornsby, NSW, Australia 2077

+61 402 328 033

Contact number: ______________________________
Email: _________________________________________

*This Serves as an Acknowledgement Receipt.

13,500 PhP
Amount Paid: _______________________ Please Check One: Partial ________ Full: _________

Paid By: ____________________________________________ 12-Jul-2019
TIN No. _______________ Date: _______
Purchaser’s Signature Over Printed Name


Received By: ________________________________________ JULY
487 – 369 – 194 Date: _______
TIN No. _______________




Purchaser’s Copy