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Progress Test B Name: ___________________________

Vocabulary Grammar
1 Write the world problems words. 4 Report the commands and requests.
0 A lot of people from the city had to move to the Use the verbs in brackets.
refugee camp after the earthquake. 0 ‘Don’t look out of the window, Jonathan!’

1 The world’s climate is changing as a result of (tell) The teacher told Jonathan not to look out of
g        w       . the window.
2 There is an Oxfam c       shop in my 1 ‘Get out of the swimming pool, children!’
(order) The mother .
3 My brother is going to work as a v      
next summer. 2 ‘Please bring something to drink to my party,
4 S       w       are a great way
of raising money. (ask) Martin .
5 She is going to be a s       w       3 ‘Hurry up, Franky!’
because she wants to help people. (tell) Mel .
  /5 4 ‘Please open the door, Tony.’
2 Use prefixes or a suffix to complete the (ask) The teacher .
words. 5 ‘Sailors, leave your boat!’
0 It’s difficult to find a job in our town. A lot of (order) The coastguard .
people are unemployed.
1 Don’t even dream of getting 100% in the science
test. It’s    possible. 5 Complete the reported statements.
0 Tom: ‘I can’t do the maths homework, Mrs
2 That old building is    safe. It could fall down
at any moment!
3 Is this lesson ever going to finish? It seems Tom told Mrs Knowles he couldn’t do the maths
end   ! homework .
4 Home   people often sleep outside because 1 Dad: ‘It’s 5 o’clock, Andrew.’
they have nowhere to live.
Dad told .
5 My brother never lets anyone help him. He’s
very    dependent. 2 Girl: ‘I can help.’

  /5 The girl said .

3 Caroline: ‘We’ll be late.’
3 Complete the sentences. Use the correct Caroline said .
form of make or take.
0 He wasn’t concentrating and made a mistake. 4 Becky: ‘I’m not texting, teacher.’
Becky said to .
1 He never        the bus.
5 The teacher: ‘There will be a school trip next
2 They hope they can        the journey class.’
over the mountains by donkey!
The teacher said .
3 Can you        a photo of us, please?
4 The best man        a brilliant speech
5 Please come in and        a seat.

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6 Look at the underlined words. What did the 7 Report the questions.
people really say? 0 ‘Can you come to my party, Jack?’
Amy asked Jack if he could come to her party.

1 ‘Who will win the game, Louis?’

2 ‘What’s the time, Rick?’
Altby residents were shocked to hear that
Mum .
popular Foxhill Park will be closed by the council
very soon. 3 ‘Can I bring a friend to class, teacher?’
Helen .
Mr Smythe, the council representative, spoke to
our newspaper. 0 He told us the council couldn’t 4 ‘Do you often have lunch in the canteen, Yvette?’
afford to pay Derek, the gardener. 1 Mr Smythe The boy .
said he was trying to find a solution but then he 5 ‘What are you doing, Harry?’
said the park would close in April. The teacher .
We then spoke to Derek. He said he didn’t agree

with the council’s decision. 4 He told us he didn’t /5

cost much money and 5 he said it would be difficult
for him to get another job.
We’ll keep you informed about this!
8 Complete the dialogues. Use the words in
the box.

0 ‘The council can’t afford to pay Derek, the don’t feel like fancy going sure
gardener’. honestly mean it come on
1 .
2 . A: I 0 fancy going on a cycling holiday next summer.
3 . B: I don’t.
4 .
A: Oh, 1 ! It’ll be great fun!
5 .
B: No thanks. I 2 . I would like to lie
/5 in the sun on a beach!

C: I want to stay in this evening. I 3

going out.
D: Are you 4
C: Yes, 5 . Let’s watch TV instead.
Vocabulary 15
Grammar 20
Functions 5
Total 40

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