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Dictionaries, Tools, and Resources for Learning Chinese

Chinese English Dictionary and Thesaurus >

The web's most comprehensive Chinese-English dictionary is designed for quick word
exploration and understanding. Unique results include audible word pronunciation,
handwriting recognition, fuzzy pinyin matches, character stroke order. Sample sentences,
word decomposition, synonyms, and other related words aid in word understanding in their
proper context. Search can by Chinese text, pinyin, or English.

Chinese Character Dictionary and Etymology Explorer >

Unlike the word dictionary above, this character dictionary focuses on individual characters
and how they are formed. Understanding this character-level etymology will give you a leg up
on remembering the characters and appreciating the beauty of the Chinese language. Our
Etymology Explorer (sample) is the first web tool to allow you to visually drill down to the
components, one level at a time. Conversely, you can find any character simply by identifying
one or more of its components.

Chinese Flashcards >

Our online flashcards function just like traditional cardboard flashcards where a front side
provides the prompt while a back side provides the correct answer plus many additional
features that are only possible online. Most of our flashcards are keyed to specific book series,
such as those for Integrated Chinese and New Practical Chinese Reader, to match your study
programs. We also have flashcards for popular word lists, such as those for the HSK
proficiency test, most commonly used characters, etc.
Chinese Memory Game >
A fun alternative to Chinese flashcards that uses the same word lists. The rules of the game is
somewhat similar to the Memory or Concentration games you probably played as a kid,
except that instead of matching two identical figures, your task is to match a Chinese
character with its pronunciation or its translation by clicking one after the other. Have fun
trying to beat the clock while giving your vocabulary a workout.

YellowTip Popup Translator >

YellowTip is our unobstrusive popup translator. It helps you read complete sentences even
when you don't know all of of the words. When you encounter a word you do not know,
simply use your mouse to hover over the word (or touch it if on a mobile device) and an
instant translation of the word will pop up. YellowTip is enabled on many pages (e.g. in
our dictionary example sentences) and all of the text in our Chinese Reading Center. You can
also annotate any text using our Yellowtip Annotator.

All About Pinyin

 Introduction to Pinyin.
 Pinyin Rules: Initials, Finals, and Tones.
 Valid Pinyin Combinations.
 Zhuyin to Pinyin Converter. Already know Bopomofo? Quickly learn Pinyin.
 Alternate Phonetic Systems Table. Compare romanizations for every possible syllable.
 Pinyin Text Editor. Allows quick entry of Pinyin.

Popular Word Lists

While most students learn Chinese via textbook, supplementing a textbook via standard word
lists ensures coverage of all the words or characters one should know for a given level of
 HSK Proficiency Test
 Learning the Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters
 Topical Word Lists. Word lists organized around specific themes.
 Grammatical Parts of Speech.
 Idiomatic Expressions: Idioms

Miscellaneous Resources
 List of Chinese Character Radicals
 Similar Looking Chinese Character Radicals
 Chinese Character Stroke Order Rules With Animated Examples
 Mandarin Tone Changes (Tone Sandhi)
 Differences Between Mainland and Taiwanese Mandarin

Chinese Reading Center >

Have fun with tongue twisters and palindromes or enjoy classics of literature, some with
Chinese and English side-by-side translation.