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1a Discuss and illustrate with example any five barriers to communication (15 marks)


Communication helps to relate effectively with other human beings. Communication means
sharing meaning, with no sharing there is no communication. To communicate successfully in a
team or with others, at work or in the community, we have to understand the communication
environment and the barriers which prevent messages from being sent and received successfully.
A communication barrier is anything that prevents us from receiving and understanding the
messages others use to convey their information, ideas and this case am going to talk
about barriers to communication and the role/importance of library in high learning institutions.
The key features of a university library as a support for scientific research and for teaching
activity are pointed out with special attention to affinities and differences. In any case, the library
is of primary importance for the advance of science, in direct form as a research support and,
indirectly as a teaching support. Here are five barriers to communication according to Kristen
Hamlin updated July 21, 2017


Language is a common barrier to effective communication. However it’s not speaking different
languages that can hinder communication. For example use of jargon or acronyms that others do
not understand.

b. technology
While texting email and social media have made it possible for people to remain in touch no matter
where they are, that doesn’t mean technology has improved communication. Nearly everyone can
provide example of a communication breakdown caused by technology, whether it’s an email that
never arrives or a misunderstanding of the tone of a written message. Because the technology
communication removes the non-verbal cues that help us interpret intonation.
Sometimes communication is hindered by attitudinal barriers. When a listener simply doesn’t
want to hear what you have to say they aren’t going to. Example when a person is upset or
hungry he or she may not be ready to hear an explanation and will either ignore you or choose to
hear an explanation only a part of what you are saying.

d. organizational barrier

In some companies the organization of the company itself creates barriers to communication. For
instance where channel to communication aren’t clear or open and employees do not know who
to go to for what. Communication suffers if the organization does not place a priority on
communication, or communicate often or clearly enough, then misunderstandings, frustrations
and problems can arise.

e. social cultural values

Communication with people from different cultures can be very challenging, such people have
different ways of thinking, seeing, hearing and interpreting things around them. In some cases
the same words can mean different things even though these people speak the same language.

b. Explain why a university cannot be registered if it does not have a library (15 marks)

a. The library impacts positively on the academic achievements of the students. Students can
perform better during examinations by reading various books.( New York, Murray, S.(2009).The
library; an illustrated history. NY: skyhorse pub.; Chicago; Ala Editions, 2009 p. &nbps; 57)

b.The library also equips students with the skills necessary to succeed in a constantly changing
technological, social and economic environment. This gives the ability to handle challenges be it
social, technological and economical.

c. collaborates with classroom teachers to plan, implement and evaluate inquiry-based programs
that will ensure students acquire skills to collect, critically analyse and organize information,
problem solving and communicate.
d.The library provides and promotes quality fiction to develop and sustain in students the habit of
reading for pleasure and to enrich students’ intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.

e. the library also caters for differences in learning and teaching styles through the provision of,
and equality of access to, a wide range of curriculum resources-fiction and non-fiction, digital,
print, audio and video.

f. Providing information, lending and online reading list services for library users. The library
provides online articles fori students to use for example journals at a rather fair cost.

g. Developing, promoting and providing access to scholarly collections and resources across
multiple sites, meeting individual campus and faculty needs. A library caters for every student

h. Providing a safe and secure environment for collections, staff and students, including facilities
for people with special needs. University libraries are situated in a place where it is safe that is
away from distraction for example noise.

j. Providing high quality, welcoming research and learning environments that meet group and
individual needs. It provides materials to conduct research and reference for the students which
make it easier for the students.

k. Partnering with faculty to ensure explicit development of information research, learning and
employability skills in the curriculum and to develop in- and extra-curricular resources and
programs for the students to participate in and also compete with other high learning institution.

l. Promoting and providing information about the Library's programs, resources and activities.
By doing this the students are able to know the time they should visit the library and what to do
at a particular time. For how long they should borrow the library resources and when to return

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