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Generation I
Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow; Kanto Region.
Generation II
Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal; Johto Region.
Generation III
Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald; Hoenn Region.
Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen; Kanto Region.
Generation IV
Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum; Sinnoh Region.
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver; Johto Region.
Generation V
Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2; Unova Region.
Generation VI
Pokémon X and Y; Kalos Region.
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire; Hoenn Region.
Generation VII
Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon; Alola Region.

Time – 1 hour and 15 minutes
Number of questions – 70
Percent of total score – 45

Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements is followed by four suggested

answers or completions. Using your knowledge of the main series Pokémon games, select the
one that is best in each case and then fill in the corresponding circle on the answer sheet.

In this exam:
• All questions concern only the Pokémon games, regions, and generations listed in the
Game and Region Reference Table on the previous page.
• Assume Generation VII battle mechanics unless otherwise stated.
• Assume no glitches are able to be exploited unless otherwise stated.

1. Nimbasa City contains many 2. The Player is attempting to catch a

attractions for the Player to explore. Level 28 Spheal while fishing with the
Which of the following is NOT an Super Rod. Which of the following
attraction unique to Nimbasa City? scenarios would the Spheal most
likely be caught? Assume the Player’s
(A) Subway Station Pokémon is Level 70.
(B) Ferris Wheel
(A) Nest Ball on the first turn; 100%
(C) Ice Cream Stand HP remaining.
(D) Sports Stadium (B) Timer Ball after 11 turns; 95% HP
(C) Quick Ball on the first turn; 100%
HP remaining.
(D) Lure Ball on the second turn; 95%
HP remaining.

3. The Player’s Lilligant has the ability 5. Which of the following HMs is
Chlorophyll and knows Petal Dance, necessary to reach the exit of the Kanto
Quiver Dance, Poison Powder and Victory Road?
Leech Seed. Which item would best I. Strength
protect Lilligant from self-inflicted II. Waterfall
status effect? III. Rock Smash

(A) Wide Lens (A) I only

(B) Persim Berry (B) II only
(C) Choice Specs (C) I and III only
(D) Passho Berry (D) I, II, and III

4. The opponent’s Pangoro has the 6. Which of the following is NOT an app
ability Scrappy and knows Hammer on the Pokétch?
Arm, Foul Play, Swords Dance and
Bullet Punch. Which Pokémon (A) Link Searcher
would be the best type counter to (B) Dice Roll
this Pangoro?
(C) Move Tester
(A) Mandibuzz knowing (D) Roulette
Punishment, Fly, Bone Rush and
(B) Aegislash knowing Swords 7. Which of the following Pokémon is #0
Dance, Iron Head, King’s Shield in the Unova Regional Pokédex?
and Shadow Sneak.
(A) Victini
(C) Braviary knowing Crush Claw,
Fly, Bulk Up and Superpower. (B) Genesect

(D) Mimikyu knowing Shadow (C) Zoroark

Ball, Moonblast, Hone Claws (D) Meloetta
and Mimic.

8. The Global Trade System (GTS) was 10. Which of the following is the best
introduced in Generation IV. What is description of Mallow’s Trial in
the main difference between the GTS Pokémon Sun and Moon?
and previous Generations’ trading
systems? (A) The Player is tasked with
rescuing Pokémon stuck in the
(A) Trades can be conducted across trees, and the final Pokémon
games belonging to different rescued is the Totem Pokémon,
generations. Tsareena.
(B) Trades can be conducted via WiFi (B) The Player is tasked with
rather than via Link Cable. collecting ingredients around the
(C) Trades can be conducted in bulk jungle to make a tasty dish to lure
groups of several Pokémon at a out the Totem Pokémon,
time. Lurantis.

(D) Traded Pokémon are plotted on a (C) The Player is tasked with finding
map that shows where the a series of hidden paths among
Pokémon’s original trainer caught the trees, and at the end of the
them. longest path is the Totem
Pokémon, Shiinotic.
(D) The Player is tasked with
9. Under ideal conditions, which of the
delivering berries to different
following held items increases the
Pokémon around the jungle, with
Special Attack stat in battle?
the last Pokémon being the
I. Choice Scarf
Totem Pokémon, Leavanny.
II. Choice Band
III. Choice Lens
IV. Weakness Policy

(A) I only
(B) IV only
(C) I and III only
(D) III and IV only

11. Which of the following is a Pokémon 14. Which of the following offers the
with no known weaknesses? best comparison between Mt. Pyre
and Mt. Chimney in Pokémon
(A) Elektross Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
(B) Spiritomb
(A) Depending on the version of the
(C) Sableye game, Team Magma/Aqua finds a
(D) Shedinja meteorite on Mt. Chimney. Team
Magma/Aqua steals the Red/Blue
Orb to awaken Groudon or
12. The opponent’s Moltres is holding an
Kyogre on Mt. Pyre.
Enigma Berry and uses Burn Up
against the Player’s Alolan Golem (B) In Pokémon Omega Ruby, Team
holding an Iron Ball. Which of the Magma summons Groudon on
following moves should the Player Mt. Chimney. In Pokémon Alpha
choose in the subsequent turn? Sapphire, Team Aqua summons
Kyogre on Mt. Pyre.
(A) Rock Slide (C) Mt. Pyre features Hail during
(B) Thunderbolt battles at the summit whereas Mt.
Chimney features Sandstorm
(C) Steamroller
during battles at the summit.
(D) Heavy Slam
(D) The cemetery at the base of Mt.
Pyre is where trainers pay
respects to their lost Pokémon.
13. In the context of battling, which of The beach at the base of Mt.
the following is the most significant Chimney is where trainers relax
change made to Technical Machines and play with their Pokémon.
(TMs) starting in Generation V?

(A) Pokémon can no longer learn

more than one move from TMs.
(B) TMs can no longer be bought or
(C) TMs became infinite-use items
rather than single-use items.
(D) TMs now include all Hidden
Machines (HMs), and HMs no
longer exist as a distinct item

15. In the Safari Zone, how is the process 16. What is the advantage of having 0
of catching wild Pokémon different Attack IVs on a Hydreigon with 252
from regular gameplay? Special Attack EVs with a Modest or
Timid Nature as opposed to having
(A) Rather than initiating battle with perfect IVs?
wild Pokémon, trainers sneak up
to wild Pokémon and capture (A) The confusion status effect will
them using the Pokémon Net. hit for less damage with a lower
(B) Rather than using their own Attack IV.
Pokémon’s moves, trainers throw (B) Having more Attack IVs will
bait and rocks to weaken and lower the damage output of
capture wild Pokémon. special moves.
(C) Rather than using their own team (C) A Modest/Timid Nature lets the
of Pokémon, trainers enlist the Pokémon have a higher Special
help of a Pokémon Ranger by Attack stat with lower Attack
marking Pokémon for the IVs.
Pokémon Ranger to battle and (D) The affection status effect will
capture. last for less turns with a lower
(D) Rather than initiating battle with Attack IV.
wild Pokémon, trainers tame wild
Pokémon by domesticating them
using the Pokéflute and

Questions 17 and 18 refer to the following excerpt.



17. Which of the following Pokémon is the 18. Which of the following Pokémon’s
subject of the excerpt? origin story most closely aligns with
the sentiment expressed in the
(A) Regigigas excerpt?
(B) Arceus
(A) Celebi
(C) Mewtwo
(B) Necrozma
(D) Kyurem
(C) Giratina
(D) Landorus

19. Which of the following moves is 21. A Level 80 Aurorus is in battle
NOT able to hit a Pokémon right against a Level 80 Swanna. Which of
after it uses Fly, Bounce, or Sky the following moves should Aurorus
Drop? use to deal the most damage?

(A) Smack Down (A) Stone Edge

(B) Hurricane (B) Wood Hammer
(C) Thunder (C) Freeze-Dry
(D) Air Slash (D) Thunderbolt

20. In a double battle, the opponent’s 22. Which of the following is NOT a
first Pokémon is a paralyzed valid way for the Player to increase
Shedinja holding Weather Goggles Friendship with their Pokémon?
and recently hit with Soak. The
opponent’s second Pokémon is a (A) Giving them haircuts.
Goldeen with the Ability Lightning (B) Giving them massages.
Rod. Which of the following actions
(C) Giving them lunch.
should the Player take to most
effectively KO Shedinja? (D) Giving them a bubble bath.

(A) Manectric using the move

Thunderbolt under Electric
(B) Incineroar using the move
Darkest Lariat holding a Dread
(C) Lurantis using the move Solar
Blade under harsh sunlight.
(D) Golem using the move Rock
Slide in a Sandstorm.

23. Due to the climate and environment 25. Which of the following Pokémon is
of the Alola region, certain Pokémon doubly weak to Stealth Rocks?
have special characteristics present in
their Alolan Form. Which of the (A) Graveler
following is the most significant (B) Volcarona
difference between a Pokémon’s
Alolan Form and their regular form? (C) Tropius
(D) Rotom in Fridge Form
(A) Alolan Pokémon have their
hidden ability as their ability.
26. Which option correctly pairs the
(B) Alolan Pokémon have a different
Sinnoh Region settlement with its
type combination from their
unique building?
regular counterparts.
(C) Alolan Pokémon can evolve one (A) Solaceon Town: Move Deleter’s
stage farther than their regular House
counterparts can.
(B) Twinleaf Town: Pokémon
(D) Alolan Pokémon only have Research Lab
cosmetic differences from their
(C) Oreburgh City: Trainer School
regular counterparts.
(D) Eterna City: Herb Shop

27. Which of the following is NOT a

24. Whether or not the Player can run
Pokémon available for purchase at
from a wild Pokémon encounter is
the Game Corner in Pokémon
determined by a formula. Which of
the following is NOT a variable used
in this formula?
(A) Porygon
(A) Speed stat of the Player’s (B) Clefairy
Pokémon (C) Vulpix
(B) Level of the wild Pokémon (D) Wigglytuff.
(C) Abilities of both Pokémon in
(D) Number of times the Player has
attempted to run from the battle.

28. Which of the following tasks is the
Player required to complete in order
to reach the Elite Four in Pokémon

(A) Return to the Sky Pillar by using

the Mach Bike to reach the
highest floor, then either defeat or
catch Rayquaza.
(B) Travel to Mossdeep City to fend
off Team Magma Grunts who
invaded the Space Center to steal
rocket fuel.
(C) Enter the Sealed Chamber on
Route 134 to meet up with
Steven, who informs the Player
about the world-ending
implications of leaving the
Weather Trio unattended.
(D) Complete the eight mazes in the
Trick House on Route 110 in
order to obtain a secret code to
write on the Trick Master’s wall.

Questions 29 and 30 refer to the following encoded message.

29. Which gibberish phrase does the 30. In Pokémon Silver, where can the
message decode to? Pokémon that comprise the message
be found?
(A) Victory Road
(B) Mirage Cave
(C) Ruins of Alph
(D) Solaceon Ruins

31. Which of the following Pokémon 33. The opponent sends out an Alolan
trainers vehemently disagree with Raticate holding a Focus Sash which
having Pokémon battles inside a knows Quick Attack and Endeavor.
house? Which of the following Pokémon
should the Player use to best counter
(A) Cheren the opponent’s strategy?
(B) Iris
(A) A Weavile with the ability
(C) Hugh Pressure that knows Night Slash,
(D) Bianca Ice Punch, Swords Dance and
(B) A Gallade with the ability
32. Which of the following is the reason Justified that knows Psycho Cut,
why the S.S. Anne is a mandatory Bulk Up, Leaf Blade and Close
location for the Player to visit in Combat.
order to complete the storyline of (C) A Delphox with the ability
Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen? Magician that knows Calm Mind,
Psychic, Flamethrower, and
(A) The Player receives HM03 from Embargo.
their rival after defeating them in
battle. (D) A Cranidos with the ability Mold
Breaker that knows Rock Slide,
(B) The Player receives HM01 upon Magnitude, Headbutt and Take
giving the captain of the ship a Down.
(C) The Player receives the Silph
Co. Card Key from the captain
after they defeat all Team Rocket
Grunts on the ship.
(D) The Player receives the Poké
Flute from a sailor on the S.S.
Anne in order to wake up a
Snorlax blocking the entrance to
Route 11.

34. The Player wants to obtain a Level 1 35. Which of the following has the
male Pichu with the ability Lightning functionally equivalent effect of two
Rod and knowing the moves Volt layers of the Toxic Spikes? Assume
Tackle and Disarming Voice. Which Generation III mechanics and assume
two parent Pokémon should be bred that attacking moves always produce
to obtain this Pichu? their secondary effect.

(A) Female Pikachu knowing the (A) Poison Fang

move Volt Tackle with the ability (B) Cross Poison
Lightning Rod and a male
Togedemaru knowing the move (C) Toxic Thread
Disarming Voice with the ability (D) Poison Powder
Lightning Rod.
(B) Female Pikachu with the ability
Lightning Rod and a male
36. In a double battle, the opponent’s two
Exploud knowing the move
Pokémon are an Emolga with the
Disarming Voice.
ability Static and a Magcargo with the
(C) Male Pikachu holding a Light ability Flame Body. Which of the
Ball with the ability Lightning following moves should the Player use
Rod and a Female Kirlia holding to avoid gaining a status effect?
a Light Ball knowing the move
Disarming Voice. (A) Trump Card
(D) Female Pikachu holding a Light (B) Grass Knot
Ball with the ability Lightning
(C) Bulldoze
Rod and a male Primarina
knowing the move Disarming (D) Endeavor
Voice and with the ability

37. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra 38. In a double battle against an Ace
Moon, which of the following is NOT Trainer in Pokémon Omega Ruby, the
an effective method of shiny hunting? opponent’s two Pokémon are Nosepass
and Armaldo. The Player’s two
(A) The Masuda Method Pokémon on the field are Skarmory
(B) The QR Island Scan and Whiscash. Which of the following
moves should Whiscash use?
(C) Chain Fishing
(D) The Ultra Wormhole (A) Surf
(B) Earthquake
(C) Bulldoze
(D) Muddy Water

Question 39 refers to the following excerpt.

“It's not possible that a Pokémon can make the world disappear. The world
awaited your birth. Not only yours, either. The Pokémon with you. The people
close to you. All the Pokémon and people were born because they have a part in
the world. I'm convinced of that… The places we are born. The time we spend
living... The languages we speak... We are all different. But the presence of
Pokémon unites us.
We share our lives with our Pokémon and our happiness grows as we all
become greater than we were alone. That is why we can battle and trade with
anyone we choose… Since there is sadness, we can feel joy. When there is
anger, compassion is born.”
–Cynthia, Pokémon Platinum.

39. Which of the following offers the most

accurate analysis of the excerpt’s significance
in the context of Pokémon Platinum’s

(A) Cynthia refutes Cyrus’s nihilistic outlook

on the Pokémon world by explaining to the
Player the unifying nature of Pokémon,
thereby encouraging them to exit the
Distortion World to resume their journey.
(B) Cynthia urges the Player to enter the
Distortion World in pursuit of Cyrus and
Giratina, since doing otherwise would put
the Sinnoh Region in grave danger.
(C) Cynthia motivates the Player to take on
the Elite Four by praising their successful
battle tactics against Cyrus.
(D) Cynthia asserts that, because the Player
just captured Giratina, they have the power
and resolve to finish the fight and defeat
the remnants of Team Galactic once and
for all.

Questions 40 and 41 refer to the following icon.

40. Which item does the icon depict? 41. In which of the following battle
scenarios does this item have a chance
(A) Relic Copper of being used in?
(B) Watmel Berry
(A) If the Player’s Pokémon was hit
(C) Shed Shell
by Horn Drill.
(D) Big Malasada (B) If the Player’s Pokémon was hit
by a super effective Dragon Tail.
(C) If the Player’s Pokémon was hit
below 50% HP by a not very
effective Rock Climb.
(D) If the Player’s Pokémon was hit
by a not very effective Tri Attack.

42. Which of the following Pokémon is 44. The Player has a Kommo-o that
NOT able to have Weather-related knows Belly Drum, Rest, Outrage and
Abilities? Poison Jab. Which of the following
held items completes the combo?
(A) Wailord
(B) Oddish (A) Sitrus Berry

(C) Mega Charizard Y (B) Cheri Berry

(D) Drampa (C) Persim Berry

(D) Chesto Berry

43. Pokérus is a rare disease that is

contracted by which of the following 45. In Lavender Town, the Silph Scope
methods? is required to progress past the sixth
floor of the Pokémon Tower. Which
(A) Using a Recovery Item on a of the following offers the best
Pokémon (Potions, Ethers, explanation for how the Silph Scope
Condition Heals, etc.) bought from helps the Player?
a Poké Mart with items randomly
infected with Pokérus. (A) It leads the Player to a hidden
passage to the sixth floor in the
(B) Passing the 1/8192 check per step Pokémon Tower.
to randomly contract Pokérus on
the leading Pokémon. (B) It is given to a Team Rocket
Grunt as a bribe to allow entry
(C) Healing at a Pokémon center has a into the sixth floor of the
random chance of giving the party Pokémon Tower.
(C) It allows the Player to battle the
(D) Making physical contact with a Pokémon guarding the floor’s
Pokérus-infected Pokémon during exit.
(D) It is returned to a Silph Co.
employee in exchange for their
Card Key to the sixth floor of the
Pokémon Tower.

46. In Pokémon Black and White, 47. In a double battle, the opponent’s
Pokémon Contests were removed in Manaphy just used Heart Swap on its
favor of which non-battle competition? ally Beeheeyem, which has used
Calm Mind three times in battle.
(A) The Pokémon Showdown. Which of the following Pokémon
(B) The Pokémon Musical. should the Player send out to defend
against the Manaphy?
(C) The Pokéathelon.
(D) The Pokémon Scavenger Hunt. (A) Shuckle
(B) Blissey
(C) Sableye
(D) Bastiodon

Question 48 refers to the following quote.

“Whoa, amazing! You're an expert on Pokémon! My

research isn't complete yet. Ok, you win. Take this

48. Which of the following gym leaders

spoke the quote?

(A) Bugsy
(B) Marty
(C) Crasher Wake
(D) Ramos

49. The Kalos Region draws inspiration 52. Which of the following offers the
from which real-world nation? best explanation of the Everstone’s
purpose in breeding?
(A) Germany
(B) Italy (A) The Everstone passes down its
holder’s characteristic to the
(C) France offspring.
(D) Spain (B) The Everstone passes down its
holder’s egg move(s) to the
50. Which of the following Pokémon
(C) The Everstone passes down its
does NOT have its own exclusive Z-
holder’s nature to the offspring.
(D) The Everstone passes down its
(A) Salazzle holder’s IV stat distribution to
the offspring.
(B) Eevee
(C) Mimikyu
(D) Kommo-o 53. In Generation VI, which of the
following increases chances of
hooking a Pokémon when fishing?
51. A Veteran challenges the Player to a
battle. Their Alakazam has just used (A) Fishing in impassable and
the move Trick Room. Which of the obstructed spaces.
following Pokémon should the
(B) Fishing while Surfing.
player send out?
(C) Fishing in large, open areas.
(A) Gengar (D) Fishing with a Pokémon that has
(B) Snorlax the ability Storm Drain in the
(C) Parasect
(D) Lucario

Questions 54 and 55 refer to the following excerpt.

“First, accept the ways of living and thinking that sometimes conflict with your
own. And think about what's really important--this will truly broaden your
horizons… Be the best Trainer you can be! At the same time, remember to have
fun traveling with your Pokémon!
Also, I want to ask for your help in solving this region's biggest Pokémon
mystery: the secret and potential of Mega Evolution, a new kind of Evolution that
occurs in battle!”

54. Which of the following mentors to

the Player spoke the excerpt?

(A) Professor Birch

(B) Gurkinn
(C) Trevor
(D) Professor Sycamore

55. Which of the following best describes the

Player’s sequence of actions to resolve the
mystery discussed in the excerpt?

(A) First the Player defeats all the (C) First the Player obtains the
Team Flare Grunts in the Poké Ball Rumble Badge, next they ask
Factory, next they rescue Gurkinn Gurkinn to give them the Mega
from Lysandre, then they meet Ring, then they climb the Tower
Korinna at the Tower of Mastery, of Mastery, lastly they battle
lastly they receive a Mega Ring Gurkinn to win the Mega Ring.
from Korrina as thanks for saving (D) First the Player visits the Fossil
Gurkinn. Lab in Ambrette Town to learn
(B) First the Player learns about Mega about Mega Evolution, next they
Evolution through Gurkinn, next receive a Mega Ring from
they defeat their rival for the Mega Professor Sycamore, then they
Ring, then they defeat Korrina at defeat their rival, lastly they
Shalour Gym, lastly they receive receive a Lucario and a
the Mega Ring from Korinna at the Lucarionite from Korrina.
Tower of Mastery.

56. Which of the following forms of 58. Which of the following offers the
transportation was not available to best explanation of the role Nebby
the Player until Generation VI? has in the summoning of the Ultra
Beast(s) in Pokémon Sun and
(A) A skateboard Moon?
(B) A bicycle
(A) Nebby is intended as a
(C) An electric scooter sacrifice to the Ultra
(D) A pair of roller skates Wormhole by Lusamine to
resummon UB-01, otherwise
known as Nihilego.
57. Which of the following moves (B) Nebby’s presence as a
would be LEAST useful when the Cosmog draws Ultra Beasts
Player is trying to capture out of the Ultra Wormhole,
Darkrai? causing the Player to start a
mission to catch all of the
(A) Mean Look escaped Ultra Beasts.
(B) False Swipe (C) Team Skull’s Plumeria works
(C) Will-O-Wisp together with the Aether
(D) Sleep Powder Foundation to kidnap and
harness Nebby’s energy to re-
seal the Ultra Wormhole.
(D) The Player uses Nebby to
sacrifice to the Ultra
Wormhole to resummon UB-
02, otherwise known as

59. The opponent’s Whimsicott has 60. Which of the following features is
used the Cotton Guard twice. unique to the Johto Region?
Which of the following moves I. Poké Balls made from
should the Player use in this apricorns.
scenario? II. Access to a personal
(A) Flamethrower III. Ability to rematch
(B) Fire Punch trainers

(C) Sludge Bomb (A) I only

(D) Poison Jab (B) I and II only
(C) I and III only
(D) I, II, and III

Question 61 refers to the following screenshot.

©Chuggaaconroy, 2016

61. Given this scenario in Pokémon Pearl,

which tool should the Player use in order
to obtain all the items?

(A) The hammer: because it deals more

wall damage per hit, the Player can
unearth larger treasures in a shorter
period of time.
(B) The hammer: because it’s able to
break through pieces of iron to unearth
tiles where treasures are found.
(C) The pick: because some treasures like
the Heart Scale and Yellow Shard are
classified as delicate items, they can
only be mined with a pick as using a
hammer will shatter them.
(D) The pick: because it deals less wall
damage per hit, allowing more tiles to
be uncovered before the wall
collapses, thereby giving the Player
more treasures to collect.

62. In the location in which Charjabug can be 65. Which of the following is NOT an
evolved in Pokémon Sun and Moon, advantage to the Player getting a
which trial takes place first? wild Pokémon encounter in the form
of a horde battle?
(A) Vast Poni Canyon Trial
(B) Mina’s Trial (A) The ability to catch multiple
Pokémon in one battle.
(C) Poni Island Grand Trial
(B) There’s more EXP gained upon
(D) Acerola’s Trial defeating all Pokémon in the
63. Gym Leader Norman has a Cinccino that (C) Any Pokémon with area of
knows Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast effect moves can deal large
and Double Slap. What ability would best amounts of damage more easily.
compliment this Pokémon’s moveset? (D) There’s a higher chance of
encountering a shiny wild
(A) Defeatist Pokémon.
(B) Cute Charm
(C) Skill Link
66. Concerning the Sinnoh Region,
(D) Quick Feet which of the following offers the
best analysis of a geographic
feature’s relationship to the Player’s
64. Which of the following offers an accurate progression?
explanation of a change related to battle
mechanics between Generation I and II? (A) Mountains: to give the Player a
central hub of easily accessible
(A) Fly and Dig now let the Pokémon Routes to connect every major
gain semi-invulnerability for one turn, city to Route 208.
dealing damage on the second turn.
(B) Rivers: to block the player from
(B) Burn now has a flat 10% chance of accessing Pastoria City until
hitting rather than the chance being they obtain HM03 (Surf).
(C) Lakes: to serve as spawning
(C) The Special Attack and Special locations for Sinnoh’s legendary
Defense stats are now combined under trio.
the Special stat.
(D) Islands: to serve as the base of
(D) Whether or not one-hit KO moves operations for Team Galactic.
will hit is now based on difference in
Level rather than difference in the
Speed stat.

Question 67 refers to the following dialogue.

Xerosic: "If you're apprehending anyone, it should be

me alone."
Looker: "Would you care to stay and visit a while
longer with Emma and me? She seems to have grown
quite fond of you, you know. Ahem... I would like to
wait until tomorrow, after she has enjoyed a last
cheerful night, before I must tell her the truth."
Xerosic: "You had better believe it. Emma is a fine
person. The Expansion Suit that I dreamed of could
only have been created thanks to the clear dedication of
that girl's heart. When you add that all up, it means...
That I have no regrets. Take me away, Officer."
–Pokémon X and Y, resolution of the Looker Side Quest

67. Based on the dialogue, which of the following offers

the best analysis of the relationship between Looker,
Xerosic, and Emma?

(A) Xerosic uses Emma to bait Looker (C) Xerosic attempts to befriend Emma by
into coming to his hideout, where he is offering her a part-time job in his lab.
captured. Looker sees Emma on the Looker has to leave Emma with
street and takes her in to protect her Xerosic because he has to leave Kalos.
from Team Flare. Emma is grateful for Emma distrusts Looker and Xerosic
Looker’s care and guidance but because they both lied to her.
ultimately chooses to live with Xerosic (D) Xerosic experiments on Emma by
because she can use the Expansion forcing her to commit crimes in the
Suit. Expansion Suit. Looker arrests Xerosic
(B) Xerosic kidnaps Emma using the for his involvement in Team Flare.
Expansion Suit that Looker created. Emma sees both Looker and Xerosic as
Looker is sent to arrest Xerosic for father figures, unaware that she is being
stealing his Expansion Suit. Emma experimented on.
grows attached to Xerosic after being
in captivity and refuses to leave once
rescued by Looker.

67. d
68. While battling the Hoenn Region’s 70. To solidify their Boss Guzma’s
Elite Four, Phoebe, the Ghost-Type position as the “strongest” trainer in
specialist, sends out a Banette. Alola, Team Skull seeks to steal every
Banette uses the only ???-type move piece of which Z-Crystal?
in the game. What is the resulting
effect? Assume Generation III (A) Poisonium-Z
mechanics. (B) Buginium-Z

(A) The opponent’s PP drops to 0 on (C) Darkinium-Z

the last move they used. (D) Fightinium-Z
(B) The Banette’s Speed stat drops
one stage and its Attack and
Defense stats both raise one stage.
(C) The Banette cuts half its HP to
decrease the opponent’s HP by ¼
for the following turns.
(D) The ???-type move ensures that
when Banette faints, the opponent
does as well.

69. In Pokémon Black and White, how

does the Player acquire the Lustrous,
Griseous and Adamant Orbs?

(A) They are given to the Player by

the Shadow Triad after crossing
the Marvelous Bridge for the first
(B) They are given to the Player upon
defeating Cynthia in the Pokémon
World Tournament.
(C) They are given to the Player after
showing a mythical Sinnoh
Pokémon to Professor Juniper.
(D) They are given to the Player once
they first meet Alder.