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Department of Education

Region V – Bicol
Division of Camarines Norte
San Vicente – San Lorenzo Ruiz District

Grade III-Gumela
SY 2018 – 2019


We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to
building the nation. As a learner- centered public institution, the Department of Education continuously improves itself to better serve its stakeholders.


To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education where: Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-
sensitive, safe, and motivating environment. Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner. Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an
enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen. Family, community, and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing
life-long learners.



Encourage more pupils to enrol Teacher May - June , 2018 F- 137 , F – 138 More pupils enrolled.
1. Enrol pupils in Grade III- Announcement of enrolment pupils F- 137 , F – 138, Good Pupils transferred-in
Gumamela Moral

2. Organize classes in grade Organize classroom officers. Teacher June , 2018 memo Classes organized
III - Gumamela pupils
3. Teaches the K TO 12 Produce copies of curriculum Teacher Year Round Curriculum Guide Produced copies of curriculum guide,
Curriculum guide, teacher’s guide and Teacher’s Guide teacher’s guide and learning materials in
learning materials in all subject Learning Materials all subject areas handled.
areas handled
Prepare and execute a week Teacher Year Round Curriculum Guide Prepared and executed a week long DLL
long DLL with complete entries Teacher’s Guide with complete entries for five (5) days.
for five (5) days. Learning Materials
Prepare and utilize instructional Teacher Year Round Curriculum Guide Prepared and utilized instructional
materials as evidenced with the Teacher’s Guide materials as evidenced with the following
following characteristics: Learning Materials characteristics: localized, indigenized,
localized, indigenized, Activity Sheets recycled, downloaded, and suited to the
recycled, downloaded, and Textbooks learner’s ability per subject every week.
suited to the learner’s ability DepEd Portal
per subject every week.
Maintain orderliness and Teacher Year Round cleaning materials Orderliness and cleanliness of the
cleanliness of the classroom Pupils garbage bins classroom were maintained.
with updated bulletin and
display boards, and proper
waste disposal.
1. Evaluates pupils progress Conduct pre and post-tests, Teacher June 2018- Test Papers All pupils attained 80% PL.
summative and periodical test. Pupils March, 2019

Analyze and interpret the test Teacher June 2018- Lists of mastered and All skills were mastered.
results. March, 2019 unmastered skills
Conduct the PHIL – IRI Pre Teacher July 2018- Phil IRI Manuals All pupils were assessed the reading
and Post Assessment Pupils March, 2019 PHIL – IRI Forms level.
Reading materials

2. Prepares and keeps pupil’s Update School Form 1 & 2 Teacher June 2018 – School Form 2 Kept neat, accurate and updated pupil’s
record. downloaded from LIS March 2019 E-Class Record records.
Use E-Class Record for the Teacher Form 138
recording of pupil’s Grading Sheet
performance Updated report card
Present Report Card to parents Teacher
on time Pupils
3. Raise the academic Utilizes teaching modes and Teacher June 2018– Audio Visual Presentation Mastered all skills and achieved 80%
performance of the pupils. varied teaching activities. Pupils March 2019 Activity Sheets mastery level.
Conduct remedial/enrichment Teacher June 2018 – Activity Sheets Mastered all skills and all pupils achieved
activities Pupils March 2019 Modules 80% mastery level.

Encourage pupils to participate Teacher June 2018– Memorandum Grade III – Gumamela participated in all
in academic and co-curricular Pupils April 2018 Parent Consent academic and co-curricular activities in
activities in school. Parent school.
4. Increase the holding Monitor the following Teacher June 2018– April Memorandum Submitted Performance Indicators
power in terms of performance indicators: Pupils 2018 Parent Consent reports on time.
performance Parent
Drop-out rate Submitted Form 2 from June to April with
Retention rate 99% monthly attendance of Grade III
Promotion rate Gumamela.
Repetition rate
Submitted monthly anecdotal report of
*Make classrooms attractive Grade III Gumamela
and meaningful to children’s
learning experience

*Make daily lessons

encouraging to pupils

*Check daily attendance of


*Follow-up pupils who

frequently report to class

*Conducts consultation periods

for parents of pupils with
behavioral problems
1. Strengthen participation in Organize HRPTA Teacher, June, 2018 Letter of invitation to Active parents participation
the community - Regular meeting of HRPTA Parents parents.
Involving parents in school
activities Parents, June 2018- PTA attendance
Teachers March 2019 Verbal communication
to pupils.
School Head
Involve oneself in the Teacher, June - March , Memorandum 100% involvement
community activities. Sponsors, 2018 Letter of Invitation
School Head
Initiate Homeroom Projects Teacher, June 2018-April Proposed Project Homeroom Project initiated and
sponsored by the involvement Parents, 2019 Program of Work undertaken.
of the Parents and other School Head
Community Stakeholders
1. Develop good rapport with Work cooperatively and Teachers June 2018 – Human Relations Harmonious relationship with peers.
school personnel. harmoniously with school school April 2019
personnel. personnels,
school head
Coordinate and cooperate with Teachers, June 2018 – Human Relations Harmonious relationship with peers.
other teachers in the school other school April 2019
activities. personnel,
school head
2. Upgrade professional Attend and actively participate Teacher, June 2018 – Memorandum Attended /Participated all required
growth and development all required trainings and Principal April 2019 Letter of Invitation trainings, seminars, conferences,
seminar-workshops in the Area meetings and activities with certificate,
different subject areas Supervisor pictures, documentations and outputs.
sponsored by DEPED or other
Submit all of the required report Teacher, June 2018 – Required Data Submitted 100 % of the required report
completely and accurately on Principal April 2019 Memorandum completely and accurately on time.
3. Punctuality and Observed punctuality and Teacher June 2018 – Form 48 Always observed punctuality and
Attendance attendance. April 2019 Teacher’s Logbook attendance.

Prepared by:
Teacher II


Principal II