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The mock oral examination, which is conducted in a conference format in front of an audience

of faculty and trainees, is a valuable educational tool as it helps both the examinee and the
audience in preparation for the ABS CE. In addition, it has an educational value for those who
are not preparing for the CE as it is perceived to expand surgical knowledge.

(Department of Surgery, Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, California 90509, USA)

In his study to establish the relationship of Magsaysay Memorial College Education Graduates’s performance in the
Licensure Examination for Teachers to their academic achievement, concluded that a significant relationship existed
between the student’s academic performance and the chance of passing the Professional Education and
Specialization components of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). The better the students’ grade in major
subjects, the greater the chance of them passing the board examination.

(Figuerres [6],)

On the other hand, reveals that the correlation coefficient between examinees’ academic performance and licensure
examination rating is very high in the Field of Specialization subjects, weak positive correlation in the Professional
Education subjects. However, correlation in the examinees’ academic performance and Licensure Examination for
Teachers rating in general is moderately significant. He further concluded in this study that the academic Academic
Performance (grade average) of examinees is no guarantee (not a determinant) on passing the licensure exam.

(Garcia [3] )

There was a significant relationship between academic performance of BEED graduates and their Licensure
Examination for Teachers results and using Somer’s d, it was found out that there existed a positive correlation
between academic performance and LET, which means that students with higher academic performance tend to
pass the LET.

(Salundaguit [5])

They found out that there was a moderate correlation between the LET performance and academic performance in
the general education subjects, while a slight correlation was found out between the LET performance and academic
performance in professional education and field of specialization subjects. As a whole there is a very weak
relationship between the LET performance of the graduates and their academic performance.

(Allaga [1])

The median time between the mock board and the qualifying board was 7.5 weeks. Results
indicated that no single aspect of a mock board had a statistically significant effect on the
outcome of qualifying examinations, resulting in a failure to reject the null hypothesis. Such
findings may indicate that schools should focus their efforts on reassessing the restrictions and
requirements imposed upon their students related to their mock board. A future study could
include surveying recent graduates for their opinions of the value of their mock board

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