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Background of the study

The banana heart/bud is a native resource in the Philippines. It has survived very well in

the Philippines because it requires the heat and humidity that the Philippines provides. The

banana heart comes from the ‘heart’ of the banana tree (hence the name of the vegetable).

Since there are many, many banana trees here in the Philippines, the banana hearts are easy to

find. That is why I chose this topic, because it is abundant and should be used more often.

What is the banana heart’s impact on the local environment? How can it be used to help

the everyday person live a healthier life? Can they really improve the way that the poorer people

live? What are the different ways that the banana heart can be used in cooking, growing, etc…?

Are there any dangers involved in using banana hearts as a resource? How is its presence

affecting the people’s livelihood who depend on these resources for their livelihood? Are there

legitimate reasons why such plentiful resources aren’t used more often?

Might there be new ways to use the banana heart for food and livelihood? People often

take for granted that they have such a plentiful resource that they can use for their own

good. What are the reasons for this disregard? How much is based on experience and

scientific observations and how much is based on superstition or assumption? If beneficial uses

of the banana heart are found, such as food, fertilizer, livestock feed, etc, what would be the

best way(s) to communicate the findings to the people and barangays around these banana tree


The initial purpose of this project will be to research the uses and importance of the

banana heart found all throughout the Philippines, through a search of the literature as well as

firsthand observations and interviews with people living banana tree areas (interview people

who know good and cheap recipes and how they can help). These initial findings will help guide

the experimental phase, where key variables in the banana hearts importance and usefulness

will be further explored.

It is hoped that new uses of the previously unwanted banana hearts might help improve

the livelihood of the people living throughout the Philippines through a more informed

understanding of an abundant (and delicious) resource.

Conceptual Framework of the study

Acceptability of bread with banana blossom spread

Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Banana Blossom taste

Statement of the problem

This study attempted to determine the acceptability of bread with banana blossom

spread (Musa acuminate).Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

1. What is the level of acceptability of bread with banana blossom spread (Musa

2. Is there a significant difference in sensory quality of bread with banana blossoms spread

(Musa acuminate)?

In the view of preceding problems, the following hypothesis were advanced:

1. There is no significant difference in the sensory quality of bread with banana blossoms

spread (Musa acuminate)

Significance of the study.