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Name:____________________________________________ grade & Section: _____ Date: ____________

I. Venn diagram
(poetry and prose)

(non-fiction and fiction)

(novel and novelette)

II. Enumeration
____________ 1. Are stories originating in popular culture, typically passed on by word of mouth
____________ 2. Are stories based from the bible
____________ 3. A brief narrative that concentrates on one situation and involves 2-3 characters
____________ 4. Are long narrative poems that talks about heroic deeds
____________ 5. A lyric poem that usually addressed to someone or something
____________ 6. A written message addressed to a person organization
____________ 7. A collection of memories, biography written from personal background
____________ 8. An account of a person’s life written by that person
____________ 9. A short novel
____________ 10. Presented on stage
____________ 11. An extended narrative that includes more characters and complicated plot
____________ 12. A story of the gods and goddesses
____________ 13. Based on facts, real life, real people and real events
____________ 14. A short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person
____________ 15. Uses humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s vices
____________ 16. A sad poetry that mourns its subject’s death
____________ 17. A narrative poetry that is usually adapted for singing and has a slow tempo
____________ 18. Expresses intense personal feelings or emotions in a suggestive manner of song
____________ 19. A long form of poetry
____________ 20. A short piece of writing on a particular subject
____________21. A detailed description of a person’s life
____________ 22. Discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the day
____________ 23. Composed of 14 lines, each line has 10 syllables
____________ 24. An emotional piece of literature which includes a story which is recited or sung
____________ 25. Ideas represented in the story
____________ 26. Winding up of the story, events begin to resolve
____________ 27. Main point of the plot
____________ 28. The conflict and main problem are established
____________ 29. The people or animals in the story
____________ 30. Events begin to get complicated
____________ 31. Perspective of the controlling narrative voice
____________ 32. End of the story
____________ 33. Sequence of events
____________ 34. When where the tory happens
____________ 35. Any object or action that represents something beyond itself
____________ 36. Means the speaker in a poem
____________ 37. Refers to the words that are used to describe things in a poem
____________ 38. Means something other than the actual meaning of the word
____________ 39. The authors choice of words in the poem

Line from songs/poems voice feelings addressee

After everything I do.
She ends up taking
advantage of me now
she barely confides in
me or even considers
me a best friend
Things in past things yet
unseen wishes and
dreams are yet to come
true all of my heart and
all of my past my heart
and my hand are lifted
to you
At least say something
please don’t love
without saying anything
it causes pain that you
won’t have to witness
but it makes me wonder
did I do something
So on the bridge he
stood about to end the
fight she stopped and
thought I’ll fight them
one more night