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H ymnal
Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

marian house use only


A Child Is Born (The Magi King) 93 Ang Mabuting Pastol 426

A Child Is Born In Bethlehem 94 Ang Mga Pulong Mo 51
A Christmas Carol 95 Ang Pagdalaw 247
A Due Voci Pari 248 Ang Panginoon Ang Aking Pastol 427
A Noble Flow’r Of Juda 61 Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit 99
A Virgin Most Pure 249 Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit Na Naman 98
A Voice Cries 62 Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri 254
Aba, Ginoong Maria 250 Ang Sumasampalataya 30
Abang Maria 251 Ang Tawag N’ya 428
Accept, Almighty Father 410 Ang Tawag Sa Atong Ginoo 429
Accept, O Father, In Thy Love 411 Ang Tawag Sa Panahon 430
Acclamation 32 Angel Gabriel From Heaven 255
Acclamation 23 Angels From The Realm Of Glory 64
Across The Years 63 Angels We Have Heard In Heaven 100
Adeste Fideles 96 Angels We Have Heard On High 101
Adoramus 203 Ania Kami 102
Adoro Te 204 Anima Christi (English) 432
Agnus Dei 5 Anima Christi (Latin) 431
Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed? 150 Apostle’s Creed (New Translation) 10
Alay Kapwa 412 Araw Araw Kay Maria 256
Alay Kay Maria 252 As I Kneel Before You 257
Aleluya 29 As One Body We Are Wed 205
All Glory, Praise And Honor 149 As The Deer 433
All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name 413 As We Gather 434
All Man’s Labor Can Produce 414 Ashes 148
All My Days 415 Assumpta Est-Regina Nostra 258
All Praise To Thee 416 Astro Del Ciel 103
All That I Am 417 At The Lamb’s High Feast 179
All That We Have 418 Ave Maria Of Fatima 259
All The Earth 419 Ave Maria 260
All The Earth Proclaim The Lord 177 Ave Maris Stella 261
All The Ends Of The Earth 420 Ave Mundi Spes 262
All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure 421 Ave Sanctum Ave Purum 263
All You Nations 422 Ave Signora Santa 265
Alleluia! Sing To Jesus! 178 Ave Signora Santa (English) 264
Ama Namin 33 Ave Verum 206
Amahan Namo 58 Away In A Manger 104
Amahan Namo 15 Awit Kay Maria 266
Ang Diosnong Bata 97 Awit Kay San Maksimiliyan 435
Ang Aming Pag-Aalay 423 Awit Ng Paghahangad 436
Ang Ginoo Naghatag 50 Awit Ng Paglaya 437
Ang Imong Rosaryo 253 Awit Ng Pasasalamat 438
Ang Kaluluwa Ko’y Nauuhaw 424 Awit Sa Ina Ng Santo Rosario 267
Ang Mabuhay Sa Pag-Ibig 425 Awitan Ta 439

Awitan Ta 52 Come Adore 208

Ayaw Kalimti 151 Come Away To The Skies 185
Come Build My Church 456
Baby Jesus And St. Joseph 440 Come Divine Messiah 80
Bag-Ong Kinabuhi 441 Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (1) 186
Banyuhay 442 Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (2) 187
Bawat Sandali 443 Come Lord, Do Not Delay 457
Bayan Umawit 444 Come Then My Love 458
Be Joyful, Mary 268 Come Thou Almighty King 459
Be Not Afraid 445 Come Thou Long Expected Jesus 68
Bedew Us, Heavens From Above 65 Come To Me 209
Behold A Virgin Bearing Him 66 Come With Praise 460
Behold, A Rose Of Judah 67 Come, All Ye Faithful 128
Benediction Song 207 Come, Follow Me 461
Birhen Maria, Ig-Ampo Mo Kami 344 Come, Let Us Join With One Accord 462
Birheng Mahal (Mother Of Christ) 269 Come, O Come Emmanuel 81
Birheng Maria, Tala Sa Umaga 270 Comfort My People 82
Biyayang Mula Sa Iyo 446 Confiteor (New Translation) 7
Blessed Francis, Holy Father 447 Coredemptrix Forever 275
Blessed Mother 271 Corredemptrix 274
Blest Are You Lord 448 Creator Of The Stars Of Night 69
Bread Of Angels 223 Credo 6
Bread, Blessed And Broken 449 Crown Him With Many Crowns 154
Bright As The Sun, Fair As The Moon 272 Cuore Immacolato 345
Brother Sun, Sister Moon 450
Bubuhayin Kita 180 Daily Sing In Praise Of Mary 277
Buhay Pagmamahal 451 Daily, Daily Sing To Mary 278
Buklod Ng Pag-Ibig 452 Dakilang Pag-Ibig 463
Buksan 454 Dakilang Tanda 279
Buksan Ang Aming Puso 453 Dalaygon Ang Dios 108
Buksan N’yo Ang Bintana 105 Dali Kamo, Mga Igsoon 109
Bulaklak Ng Carmelo 273 Dawata, O Ginoo 464
By The Cross Her Vigil Keeping 152 Dawn Of Hope 280
Daygon Ikaw 465
Cantate Domino 455 Daygon Ta Ang Ginoo 466
Carol Of The Bells 106 Dear Guardian Of Mary 467
Christ Arose 181 Dear Lady Of Fatima 281
Christ Lag In Tadesbanden 182 Dearest Mother Of Mercy 346
Christ The Lord Is Ri’sn 183 Deck The Halls 110
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today 184 Dinggin Mo 468
Christ, Redeemer Of Mankind 164 Diosnong Magtutudlo 469
Christmas In Our Hearts 107 Diyos Ay Pag-Ibig 470
Christus Amor Meus 153 Do You Hear What I Hear 111
Church Of Silence 276 Dreaming Of Love 471

Dust And Ashes 155 Gratia Plena 285

Dyutay Lang Kini 472 Great Is Our God And King 488
Gumising 117
Earthen Vessels 474
Ecce Panis 210 Habang Buhay 486
Eleventh Mass (Pastorela) 43 Hail Mary 286
Emmanuel 70 Hail Mary Gentle Woman 287
Enter Rejoice 473 Hail O Star Of Ocean Bright 288
Evening Bells 282 Hail Queen Of Heaven, The Ocean Star 289
Exaltata Est 283 Hail Thee, Festival Day! 188
Hail To The Lord’s Anointed 72
Faith Of Our Fathers 475 Hail, Bride Of Christ 490
Father, I Adore You 211 Hail, Holy Joseph, Hail 491
Feliz Navidad 112 Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above 290
Fifth & Eight Mass Hail, Redeemer, King Divine 157
(Kami Nakasala Kanimo) 39 Halina Hesus Aming Mananakop 73
Filii Et Filiae 196 Halina, Hesus 74
Fill My House 476 Hangad 492
First, Second, & Twelfth Mass 36 Happy Birthday Mama Mary 291
For To Those Who Love God 477 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 118
For You My Lord 478 Hayaan 493
Fourth Mass 38 He 494
Francis’ Dream 479 He Will Carry You 495
From Heaven High 113 Hear The Herald Voice Resounding 75
Full Of Glory, Full Of Wonders 480 Hear Thy Children, Gentlest Mother 292
Hear, O Lord 496
Gabing Kulimlim 481 Heart Of Jesus, Meek And Mild 212
Gentle Woman 284 Heart Of Mary 293
Gift Of Finest Wheat 482 Heart Of Mary, Pure And Fair 347
Ginoo, Sayud Ka Sa Tanan 71 Here I Am, Lord 497
Ginoo, Ikaw Ra’y 46 Himaya Ug Pagdayeg 158
Ginoong Dios 483 Himaya Sa Dios 11
Ginoong Dios 48 Himaya Sa Dios 49
Give Love On Christmas Day 114 Himig Pasko 119
Give Thanks And Remember 484 Hindi Kita Malilimutan 498
Gli Spirti Celesti 115 Holy God We Praise Your Name 499
Gloria 2 Holy Mary (Now We Crown You) 294
Glory And Praise 485 Holy Night 129
Glory To God (New Translation) 8 Holy Virgin 295
God Of Loveliness 224 Holy, Holy, Holy 500
God Of Mercy And Compassion 486 Holy, Holy, Holy Lord 22
God, My God 156 Hosea 501
Godhead Here In Hiding 487 How Beautiful Up On The Mountains 502
Good Christians Friends, Rejoice 116 How Great Thou Art 503

How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place 504 Isang Bansa 213

How Sweet Your Name 296 Isang Pagkain, Isang Katawan, Isang Bayan
Huling Hapunan 159 525
Huwag Mangamba 505 Isang Pananampalataya 526
Hymn On The Feast Of The Immaculate It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 120
Conception 297 Ito Ang Aking Katawan 214
Hymn To Our Lady Of Mount Carmel 298 Ito Ang Araw 527
Hymn To Padre Pio 506 Ito Ang Bagong Araw 193
Hymn To St. Maximilian 507
Hymn To The Trinity 508 Jesu! Rex Admirabilis 216
I See Your Hands And Your Side 160 Jesus Christ Is Ris’n Today, Alleluia 194
I Am The Bread Of Life 189 Jesus Na Aking Kapatid 528
I Am The Vine 509 Jesus You’re The Sweetest Name Of All 529
I Am With You 510 Jesus, My God Behold At Length 161
I Am Your Mother 299 Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All 215
I Have Loved You 511 Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee 217
I Love The Lord 512 Joy To The World 121
I Love You 513
I Offer You My Life 514 Kahanga-Hanga 530
I Rejoiced 190 Kaibigan Ano Ang Pasya Mo? 531
I Thank My God 515 Kaibigan Kapanalig 532
I Want To Call You 516 Kalig-On Sa Pagtoo 533
I Will Exult 517 Kaloy-I Kami Ginoo 45
I Will Raise Him Up 191 Kaluluwa Ko’y Nauuhaw 534
I Will Sing With All My Soul 300 Kaming Mga Makasasala 535
I’ll See Her There One Day 301 Kanimo, O Dios 536
Iam Noctis 518 Kapuri-Puri Ka 537
Immaculata 349 Kasadya 122
Immaculata 348 Kay Kita Usa Ra! 538
Immaculate Heart Of Mary 302 Kay Imo Man 59
Immaculate Mary 303 Kini Maong Akong Lawas 539
Immaculate Mother 304 Kining Lungsod 540
In God Alone 519 Knights Of The Immaculata 309
In Him Alone 520 Kolbe’s Dream 541
In His Time 521 Kordero Ng Diyos 35
In The Midst Of Death 192 Kordero Sa Dios 16
In The Womb Of A Virign 305 Kordero Sa Dios 60
Ina Naming Maria 306 Kung ‘Yong Nanaisin 542
Inang Minamahal 307 Kyrie 1
Inang Sakdal Linis 308
Inno Di Lode 17 Lady Clare 543
Into Your Hands 522 Lady In Blue 310
Isaiah 49 523 Lamdag Ka 53
Isang Munting Panalangin 524 Langitnon Namong Amahan 544

Lauda Sion 218 Maghimaya Ka Maria 315

Laudate Dominum 219 Maglipay Kita 124
Laum Kalag Ko 545 Magnificat 316
Lead Me Lord 546 Magpuri Kayo Sa Panginoon 572
Let Heaven Rejoice 547 Magsiawit Sa Panginoon 573
Let The Earth Rejoice And Sing 195 Mahal Naming Ina 317
Let There Be Peace On Earth 548 Mahiwaga 574
Let Us Suffer For The Love Of God 549 Mama Maria 318
Lift Up Your Hands 550 Manalig Ka 575
Lift Up Your Hearts 551 Mañanita 319
Light The Advent Candle 76 Manluluwas 56
Like A Seal On Your Heart 552 Maranatha 77
Like A Shepherd 553 Maria 323
Like Cedar They Shall Stand 554 Maria 350
Like The Deer 555 Maria Bukang-Liwayway 321
Like The Deer That Yearns 556 Maria Ina Ng Dios 322
Litany 557 Maria Ina Ng Iglesia 351
Litany Of The Saints 558 Maria, Babaye Sa Pagtuo 320
Little Drummer Boy 123 Maria, Rayna Sa Pilipinas 352
Little Town Of Bethlehem 130 Marian Battle Hymn 324
Liwanag Ng Aming Puso 559 Mariang Ina Ko 325
Lodate Maria (Praised Be Mary) 311 Mary Immaculate 326
Lord And God 220 Mary Is Our Queen 327
Lord Have Mercy 21 Mary Of All Women 353
Lord Here I Am 560 Mary! How Sweetly Falls That Word 328
Lord I Lift Your Name On High 561 Mary, My Lady 329
Lord Jesus I Adore Thee 226 Mary, Woman Of Faith 330
Lord You Have Come 562 Mary’s Boy Child 125
Lord, Accept The Gifts We Offer 563 May Bukas Pa 576
Lord, I Am Not Worthy 225 May I Never Pass This Way Again 577
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit 564 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
Lord, We Touch You Today 565 578
Lord, You Called Us 566 Memorare 331
Lorenzo Ruiz, Martir 567 Mga Punong Kabanalan 579
Lose Yourself In Me 221 Misa De Gallo 126
Lovely Day 568 Misa De Gallo 78
Lovely Lady (Lady In Blue) 312 Moduol Ako 580
Loving Mother Of Our Redeemer 313 Most Holy One 354
Lungsod Nga Balaan 569 Mother Dear 332
Lupa 570 Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest 333
Luwalhati 27 Mother Of Christ 334
Mother Of Holy Hope 335
Madonna De Povertade 571 Mother Of Jesus, Teach Us To Pray 336
Madonna Of Czestochowa 314 Mother Of My Soul 337

Mother Of The Lamb Of God 338 Only This I Want 605

Mugna Sa Dios 581 Only You My God 606
My Dearest Saviour, I Would Fain 582 Osana Sa Anak Ni David (Osana Al
My Prayers Rise Like Incense 583 Figlio Di David ) 607
My God And My All 584 Our Father 24
My Loving Savior 162 Our Lady Of Good Counsel 362
My Song Is Love Unknown 163 Our Lord Jesus Christ 167
My Soul Is Sad 585
My Soul Rejoices (Magnificat) 339 Paano Namin Masasabi 608
Mystical Rose 340 Padre Nostro 20
Pag-Aalaala 609
Nagatuo Ako (Apostles’ Creed) 12 Pag-Aalay 610
Nagatuo Kami (Nicene Creed) 13 Pag-Aalay Ng Puso 611
Narito Ako 586 Pagdaygon Ka Dios 612
Natawag Ko Na Ikaw 587 Paghahandog 613
Nearer My God To Thee 588 Paghahandog Sa Sarili 614
New Life 589 Pag-Ibig Mo Ama 615
Nicene Creed (New Translation) 9 Pagmamahal Sa Panginoon 616
Ninth Mass 42 Pagmata Na! (Awit Alang Sa Adbyento) 83
No Greater Love 590 Pagmaya, Kalibutan (Pasko Sa Pagkatawo)
Noel, Noel (Italian) 127 131
Noi Ti Amiam Signor 222 Pagpalain Kailanman 617
Now Watch For God’s Coming 79 Pagsibol 618
Pagtitipan 619
O Dios, Iniibig Kita 591 Panahon Na 620
O Espirito Santo 592 Panalangin Sa Pagbubukas-Palad 621
O Ginoo, Kaloy-I 47 Pange Lingua 234
O Great St. Pio, To You We Sing 593 Pange Lingua (English) 235
O Hesus, Hilumin Mo 594 Panginoon Aking Tanglaw 622
O Jesus, Lord, Most Mighty King 595 Panginoon Maawa Ka 26
O King Of Might And Splendor 596 Panginoon, Hanggang Kailan? 84
O Lord In This Great Mystery 597 Panginoon, Kaawaan Mo 25
O Yahweh Ko 598 Pangitaa Ang Gingharian 54
O’er A Humble Little Holm-Oak 359 Panis Angelicus 236
Omni Die 360 Panis Angelicus (English) 237
On Calvary’s Height 599 Papuri Sa Diyos 28
On Eagle’s Wings 600 Papuri Sa Espiritu 623
On This Day, O Beautiful Mother 361 Pari Magpakailanman 624
On This Day, The First Of Days 197 Pasko Na Naman 132
One Bread, One Body 601 Pasko’y Sumapit Na 133
One Little Candle 602 Pater Noster 4
One Thing I Ask 603 Peace I Give To You 625
Only In God 227 Peace Prayer Of St. Francis 626
Only Love Can 604 Pintong Mahiwaga 627

Pinupuri Ka 628 Sa Trece Sa Mayo 377

Play Before The Lord 629 Sa’yo Lamang 644
Praise Mary (Laudate Maria) 363 Sacrament Divine 228
Praise The Lord, My Soul 630 Sacrament Most Holy 229
Praise To Mary, Heaven’s Gate 364 Sacred Head (1) 165
Praise To The Holiest In The Height 168 Sacred Head (2) 166
Praise To The Lord 631 Sacred Heart, O Love Divine 230
Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven Sacrum Convivium 232
632 Saddened Eyes Seem To 378
Praise, My Soul (Lauda Anima) 633 Salamat Gayod 645
Pray The Rosary 365 Salamat Kaibigan Ako’y Tinawag Mo 646
Prayer For Generosity 634 Salamat Sa Iyo 647
Prayer For Peace 635 Salmo 1 648
Prayer For The Pontiff 241 Salmo 23 649
Prayer Of St. Francis 636 Salutaris Hostia 233
Prodigal Son 637 Salve Mother Of Our Lord 379
Professione Di Fede 18 Salve Regina 380
Promised Lord And Christ Is He 85 Salve, Sancte Pater 650
Purest Of Creatures 341 Sanctissima 356
Purihi’t Pasalamatan 638 Sanctissima (English) 355
Purihin Ang Panginoon 639 Sanctorum Agmina 381
Purihin Siya 640 Sanctus 3
Santa Maria 357
Queen Of Peerless Majesty 342 Santo 31
Queen Of Grace 366 Santo (Italian) 19
Queen Of Heaven 367 Santos 55
Queen Of The Rosary 368 Santos 14
Queen Of The Universe 369 Sapagkat 34
Sapat Na Ang Diyos 651
Rayna Sa Kalibutano 343 Saving Victim (O Salutaris) 231
Receive Me O Mary 370 Seed, Scattered And Sown 652
Regina Coeli 372 Self Surrender 653
Regina Coeli Jubila 371 Sequentia Inviolata 382
Rejoice O Queen Of Heaven Above 373 Service 654
Remember Holy Mary 374 Seventh & Fourteenth Mass 41
Resonet In Laudibus 134 Sharing 655
Responsorium (Virgo Parens) 375 Shelter Me, O God 656
Resuene Vibrante 376 Shepherd Of Souls 657
Si Kristo’y Namatay 57
Sa Diyos Lamang Mapapanatag 641 Signora Nostra 383
Sa Halawum Nga Gabii 135 Silent Night, Holy Night 136
Sa Kabila Ng Lahat 642 Simple Gifts 658
Sa Malayong Bundok 169 Sing A New Song 659
Sa Piging Ng Ating Panginoon 643 Sing Of Mary, Pure And Lowly 384

Sing To Mary, Mother Most Merciful 385 Tanging Yaman 684

Sing To The Mountains 660 Tantum Ergo 238
Sing With All The Sons Of Glory 198 Thank You Mama 397
Sino Ako? 661 Thank You Very Much 685
Sixth* & Tenth Mass 40 The Divine Praises 242
Small Grain Of Sand 662 The Seed 686
Song Of Consecration 386 The Canticle Of Brother Sun 687
Song Of Salvation 86 The Church Of Silence 398
Song To Mary 387 The Coming Of Our God 87
Songs Of Praise 137 The Crucified Lord 688
Sorrowful Immaculate Heart 358 The Cry Of The Poor 689
Soul Of My Savior 663 The Day Of Resurrection 199
Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy! The Eucharist Song 243
664 The First Noel 138
Sounds Of Joy 665 The Glory Of These Forty Days 171
St. Francis Of Assisi 666 The God Whom Earth And Sea And Sky
St. Francis’ Praises Of The Virgin 388 690
St. Joseph Traveled With Mary 389 The Goodness Of God Cries Out 691
St. Maximilian’s Prayer 390 The Hour Has Come 172
St. Patrick’s Breastplate 667 The King Of Glory 88
St. Pio Be Our Guide 668 The King Shall Come When Morning
Stabat Mater 392 Dawns 89
Stabat Mater Dolorosa 391 The Lord Bless You And Keep You 692
Star O’er The Ocean 393 The Lord Is My Shepherd 693
Stay With Us Lord 669 The Lord Is My Strength 694
Stella Maris 394 The Love Of Christ 244
Sto. Niño Gugma Ko 670 The Master Came To Bring Good News
Strong And Constant 671 695
Su Nel Cielo 672 The Power Of Your Love 696
Sub Tuum 395 The Sound Of Life 139
Sumasamo Kami Sa’yo 673 The Strife Is O’er 200
Third Mass 37
Table Song 674 Thirteenth Mass 44
Take And Eat 675 This Is My Body 697
Take And Receive 676 Ti Ringrazio 239
Take My Hands 677 To The Name That Brings Salvation 698
Take Our Bread 678 To Jesus’ Heart All Burning 240
Take Up Your Cross 170 To You I Offer 699
Take, O Lord, This Offering 679 To You O Virgin Mary 399
Tanang Kanasuran 680 Tota Pulchra 400
Tanang Katawhan 681 Total Abandonment 700
Tanggapin Ang Alay 682 Totus Tuus Maria 401
Tanggapin Ninyo 683 Touch Of Love 701
Tanging Hiling 396 Trinity Song 702

True Love 703 With All Our Hearts 719

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle 140
Yahweh, The Faithful One 720
Ubi Caritas Et Amor Est 245 Ye Who Own The Faith Of Jesus 408
Umawit Ang Bayan 141 You Are All Beautiful 409
Unang Alay 704 You Are Mine (1) 721
Unless A Grain Of Wheat 705 You Are Mine (2) 722
Unsay Igasa 706 You Are Near 723
Unto Us A Child Is Given Unto Us 142 You Have Set Me Apart 724
Up Above 402 You’re My Only One 725

Veni Sancte Spiritus 202

Veni, Creator Spiritus 201
Venite Adoremus 246
Venite Adoriamo 143
Via Crucis 173
Victim Of Love 707
Virgin Most Pure 405
Virgin, Full Of Grace 403
Virgin-Born We Bow Before You 404

Wake, Awake, The Night Is Dying 90

Walk With Faith 708
Wash Me, Cleanse Me 174
Way Sama 709
Way Sukod Ang Pagmahal 710
We Long For You, O Lord 91
We Offer Our Love 711
We Praise You 712
We Remember 713
We Three Kings 144
Welcome To The Family 714
Were You There 175
What Can We Bring 715
What Child Is This? 145
What You Gave Us For Our Taking 716
Whatsoever You Do (1) 717
Whatsoever You Do (2) 718
When A Child Is Born 146
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross 176
When Mary Brought Her Treasure 406
When You Follow Mary 407
Whispering Hope 92
Wish On Christmas Night Sing 147

1 KYRIE Hosanna in excelsis.

Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, 4 PATER NOSTER

Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison
Christe eleison, Christe eleison, Pater noster, qui es in caelis:
Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison sanctificetur nomen tuum;
Kyrie eleison. Adveniat regnum tuum.
Fiat voluntas Tua,
2 GLORIA Sicut in caelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum
Gloria in excelsis Deo. da nobis hodie;
Et in terra pax hominibus Et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
bonae voluntatis. Sicut et nos dimittimus
Laudamus Te. Benedicimus Te. debitoribus nostris;
Adoramus Te. Glorificamus Te. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem;
Gratias agimus tibi sed libera nos a malo. Amen.
Propter magnam gloriam tuam:
Domine Deus, Rex caelestis, 5 AGNUS DEI
Deus Pater omnipotens.
Domine, Fili unigenite, Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi,
Jesu Christe: Domine Deus Miserere nobis.
Agnus Dei, Filius Patris. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi,
Qui tollis peccata mundi, Miserere nobis.
suscipe deprecationem nostram; Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi,
Qui sedes adexteram Patris, Dona nobis pacem.
Miserere nobis.
Quoniam Tu solus Sanctus.
Tu solus Dominus.
Tu solus Altissimus Jesu Christe:
Credo in unum Deum,
Cum Sancto Spiritu, in gloria Dei Patris.
Patrem omnipotentem,
Factorem caeli et terrae,
Visibilium omnium et invisibilium.
3 SANCTUS Et unum Dominum Jesum Christum,
Filium Dei unigenitum;
Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Et ex Patre natum ante omnia saecula.
Dominus Deus Sabaoth Deum de Deo, lumen de lumine,
Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua. Deum veru de Deo vero.
Hosanna in excelsis. Genitum, non factum, consubstan-
Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini, tialem Patri;
Parts of the Mass

per quem omnia facta sunt. And, striking their breast, they say:
Qui propter nos homines et through my fault, through my fault,
propter nostram salutem descendit de through my most grievous fault;
Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto Then they continue:
ex Maria Virgine: therefore I ask blessed Mary
Et Homo factus est. ever-Virgin,
Crucifixus etiam pro nobis: all the Angels and Saints,
sub Pontio Pilato; passus and you, my brothers and sisters,
et sepultus est. to pray for me to the Lord our God.
Et resurrexit tertia die
secundum Scripturas. 8 GLORY TO GOD (New Translation)
Et ascendit in caelum:
sedet ad dexteram Patris. Glory to God in the highest,
Et iterum venturus est cum gloria and on earth peace
judicare vivos et mortuos: to people of good will.
Cujus regni non erit finis. We praise you,
Et in Spiritum Sanctum, we bless you,
Dominum et vivificantem; qui ex we adore you,
Patre Filioque procedit. we glorify you,
Qui cum Patre et Filio we give you thanks for your great glory,
simul adoratur et conglorificatur; Lord God, heavenly King,
Qui locutus est per Prophetas. O God, almighty Father.
Et unam, santam, catholicam Lord Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son,
et apostolicam Ecclesiam. Lord God, Lamb of God,
Confiteor unum baptisma Son of the Father,
in remissionem peccatorum. you take away the sins of the world,
Et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum. have mercy on us;
Et vitam venture saeculi. Amen. you take away the sins of the world,
receive our prayer;
7 CONFITEOR (New Translation) you are seated at the right hand
of the Father, have mercy on us.
I confess to almighty God For you alone are the Holy One,
and to you, my brothers and sisters, you alone are the Lord,
that I have greatly sinned, you alone are the Most High,
in my thoughts and in my words, Jesus Christ,
in what I have done and in what I have with the Holy Spirit,
failed to do, in the glory of God the Father.
Parts of the Mass

9 NICENE CREED (New Translation) I believe in one, holy, catholic

and apostolic Church.
I believe in one God, I confess one Baptism
the Father almighty, for the forgiveness of sins
maker of heaven and earth, and I look forward
of all things visible and invisible. to the resurrection of the dead
I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, and the life of the world to come. Amen.
the Only Begotten Son of God,
born of the Father before all ages.
God from God, Light from Light,
(New Translation)
true God from true God,
begotten, not made,
I believe in God,
consubstantial with the Father;
the Father almighty,
through him all things were made.
Creator of heaven and earth,
For us men and for our salvation
and in Jesus Christ,
he came down from heaven,
(At the words that follow up to and including his only Son, our Lord,
(At the words that follow, up to and including
and became man, all bow.)
the Virgin Mary, all bow.)
and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
the Virgin Mary,
born of the Virgin Mary,
and became man.
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died and was buried;
For our sake he was crucified
he descended into hell;
under Pontius Pilate,
on the third day
he suffered death and was buried,
he rose again from the dead;
and rose again on the third day
he ascended into heaven,
in accordance with the Scriptures.
and is seated at the right hand
He ascended into heaven
of God the Father almighty;
and is seated at the right hand
from there he will come
of the Father.
to judge the living and the dead.
He will come again in glory
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
to judge the living and the dead
the holy catholic Church,
and his kingdom will have no end.
the communion of saints,
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the forgiveness of sins,
the Lord, the giver of life,
the resurrection of the body,
who proceeds from the Father
and life everlasting. Amen.
and the Son,
who with the Father
and the Son is adored and glorified,
who has spoken through the prophets.
Parts of the Mass

11 HIMAYA SA DIOS gilansang sa Krus, namatay,

(Greater Doxology or Glory to God in ug gilubong;
the Highest) mikunsad sa mga minatay;
sa ikatolo ka adlaw nabanhaw
Himaya sa Dios didto sa langit misaka sa langit;
Ug kadait sa iyang tawo dinhi sa yuta. nagalingkod sa tuo
Ginoong Dios, langitnong Hari, sa Dios nga Amanhan
Dios Amahan, makakagahum sa tanan, makagagahom sa tanan:
nagasamba kami Kanimo, gikan didto mobalik Siya
nagapasalamat kami Kanimo. aron paghukom sa mga buhi
Nadayeg kami Kanimo ug sa mga minatay.
tungod sa Imong himaya. Nagatuo ako sa Espirituo Santo;
Ginoong Jesucristo, sa Santa Iglesya Katolika,
Bugtong Anak sa Amahan, sa kaambitan sa mga Santos,
Ginoong Dios, Kordero sa Dios, sa kapasayloan sa mga sala;
Ikaw nagawagtang sa sala sa kalibutan: sa pagkabanhaw sa laway,
kaloy-i kami. ug sa kinabuhing dayon. Amen
Ikaw nagalingkod sa tuo sa Amahan:
dawata ang among pangamuyo. 13 NAGATUO KAMI
Kay Ikaw lamang ang Santos, (Nicene Creed)
Ikaw lamang ang Ginoo,
Ikaw lamang ang labing Halangdon Nagatuo kami sa usa ka, Dios,
O Jesucristo, ang Amahan,
uban sa Espiritu Santo ang makagagahum sa tanan,
diha sa Himaya sa Dios Amahan. magbubuhat sa langit ug sa yuta,
Amen. ug sa tanang mga makita ug dili makita.
Nagatuo kami sa usa ka Ginoo,
12 NAGATUO AKO si Jesucristo, ang Bugtong Anak sa Dios,
(Apostles’ Creed) gianak sa Amahan sa wala pay katuigan,
Dios gikan sa Dios,
Nagatuo ako sa Dios, kahayag gikan sa kahayag,
nga Amahan makagagahum sa tanan, matuod nga Dios
Magbubuhat sa langit ug sa yuta. gikan sa Dios nga matuod,
Ug kang Jesucristo gianak, dili binuhat,
Iyang Anak nga Bugtong, Ginoo nato; usag kinaiya sa Amahan.
nga gipanamkon Pinaagi kaniya nangahimo ang tanan.
sa lalang sa Espiritu Santo Tungod kanatong mga tawo
gianak ni Maria nga Birhen, ug alang sa atong kaluwasan
gisakit sa sugo ni Poncio Pilato, mikanaog siya gikan sa langit.
Parts of the Mass

(Tanan muyukbo niining upat ka linya.) sa imong himaya.

Sa lalang sa Espiritu Santo Osana sa kahitas-an.
nahimo siya nga may lawas Daygon ang nagaanhi
gikan ni Maria nga ulay sa ngalan sa Ginoo.
ug nahimong tawo. Osana sa kahitas-an.

Tungod kanato gilansang siya sa krus

sa sugo ni Poncio Pilato;
nag-antos siya, namatay og gilubong.
Amahan namo, nga anaa sa mga langit,
Sa ikatulong adlaw nabanhaw siya
pagdaygon ang imong ngalan,
aron matuman ang Kasulatan.
moabot kanamo ang imong gingharian,
Misaka siya sa langit
matuman ang imong pagbuot
ug nagalingkod sa tuo sa Amahan.
dinhi sa yuta maingon sa langit.
Mobalik siya nga mahimayaon
Ang kalan-on namo sa matag adlaw
aron paghukom sa mga buhi
ihatag kanamo karong adlawa,
ug sa mga minatay,
ug pasayloa kami sa among mga sala,
ug ang iyang gingharian
ingon nga nagapasaylo kami
walay katapusan.
sa mga nakasala kanamo
ug ayaw itugot nga mahulog
Nagtuo kami sa Espiritu Santo,
kami sa panulay
ang Ginoo ug ang
hinonoa luwasa kami sa dautan. Amen.
Maghahatag sa kinabuhi.
Nagagikan siya sa Amahan ug sa Anak.
Dungan sa Amahan ug sa Anak 16 KORDERO SA DIOS
gisimba siya ug gihimaya,
ug misulti pinaagi sa mga propeta. Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang
Nagatuo kami sa usa, santo, katoliko, sa mga sala sa kalibutan, kaloy-i kami.
ug apostoliko nga Simbahan. Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang
Nagaila kami sa usa ka bunyag sa mga sala sa kalibutan, kaloy-i kami.
alang sa kapasayloan sa mga sala. Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang
Nagapaabot kami sa pagkabanhaw sa mga sala sa kalibutan, hatagi kami sa
sa mga minatay, kalinaw.
ug sa kinabuhi sa umaabot
nga kalibutan. Amen. 17 INNO DI LODE
14 SANTOS Gloria a Dio nell’alto dei cieli.
E pace in terra agli uomini di buona
Santos, Santos, Santos nga Ginoo, volonta.
Dios sa kagahuman. Noi ti lodiamo, ti Benediciamo,
Puno ang langit ug yuta ti adoriamo, ti glorificamo,
Parts of the Mass

Ti rendiamo grazie Spirito si e incarnato nel seno della

per la tua gloria immensa, Vergine Maria e si e fatto uomo.
Signore Dio, Rel del cielo, Fu crucifisso per noi sotto Ponzio Pilato
Dio Padre onnipotente. e fu sepolto.
Signore Dio, Re del cielo, Il terzo giorno e risuscitato,
Dio Padre omnipotente. Secondo le Scritture e salito al cielo,
Signore, figlio unigenito, Siede alla destra del Padre
Gesu Cristo, Signore Dio, E di nuovo verra,
Agnello di Dio, Nella gloria per guidicare i vivi
Figlio del Padre, tu che togli I ei morti e il suo regno non avra fine.
Peccati del mondo, Abbi pieta di noi Credo nello Spirito Santo,
Tu che togli I peccati del mondo, che e Signore e da la vita, e procede dal
Accogli la nostra supplica; Padre
Tu che siedi alla destra del padre, e dal Figlio, con il Padre e il
Abbi pieta di noi, Figlio e adorato e glorificato e ha
Preche tu solo il Santo, tu solo il parlato per mezzo dei profeti.
Signore, tu solo l’Altissimo, Credo la chiesa, una santa cattolica
Gesu Christo, e apostolica, professo un solo battesimo.
Con lo Spirito Santo nella gloria di Per il perdono dei peccati
Dio Padre. Amen Aspetto la risurrezione dei morte
La vita del mondo che verra.

Credo in un solo Dio, 19 SANTO

Padre omnipotente,
Creatore del cielo e della terra Santo. Santo, Santo,
Di tutte le cose visibili e invisibili. Il Signore Dio del l’universo,
Credo in un solo Signore, I cieli e la terra sono piene
Gesu Cristo, unigenito Figlio della tua gloria.
di Dio nato dal Padre prima di tutti Osanna nell’alto dei cieli.
seculi. Benedetto Colui che viene
Dio da Dio, Luce da luce, nel nome del Signore.
Dio vero da Dio vero generato, Osanna nell’alto dei cieli.
Non creato, della stessa sostanza
Del Padre per mezzo di lui tutte 20 PADRE NOSTRO
le cose sono state create.
Per noi uomini per la nostra Padre nostro, che sei nel cieli,
salvezza discese dal cielo e per opera Sia santificato il tuo nome
dello venga il tuo regno,
Parts of the Mass

Sia falta la tua volonta, Rising you restored our life,

Come in cielo cosi in terra. Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus,
Dacci oggi il nostro Come in glory.
Pane quotidiano e rimetti a noi
nostri debiti come noi li Rimettiamo (2) Lord by your cross and resurrection
ai nostri debitore You have set us free,
E non ci indurre in tantazione. You are the Savior of the world.
Ma liberaci dal male. Amen.
Our Father in heaven
(As we prepare for the coming of the Hallowed be Thy name
Lord, Thy kingdom come
We recall our faults and beg God’s Thy will be done
mercy) on earth as it is heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
Lord have mercy And forgive us our trespasses
Lord have mercy As we forgive those who
Lord have mercy trespass against us
Christ have mercy And lead us not into temptation
Christ have mercy But deliver us from evil.
Christ have mercy. Amen.


Holy, holy, holy, Panginoon, Panginoon,
Lord God of Power and might, kaawaan Mo kami.
Heaven and earth are filled with Your Panginoon, Panginoon,
glory. kaawaan Mo kami.
Hosanna, hosanna, Kristo, kaawaan Mo kami.
Blessed is He who comes, Kristo, kaawaan Mo kami.
Hosanna, Kristo, kaawaan Mo kami.
Blessed is He who comes in the name of Kristo, kaawaan Mo kami.
the Lord, Kristo, kaawaan Mo kami.
Hosanna in the highest. Kaawan Mo kami.
Panginoon, Panginoon,
23 ACCLAMATION kaawaan Mo kami.
Panginoon, Panginoon,
(1) Dying you destroyed our death, kaawaan Mo kami.
Parts of the Mass


Panginoon, maawa Ka (2x) Papuri sa Diyos, papuri sa Diyos,
Kristo, maawa Ka (2x) Papuri sa Diyos sa kaitaasan.
Panginoon, maawa Ka (2x) At sa lupa’y kapayapaan, at sa lupa’y
Kapayapaan, sa mga taong
27 LUWALHATI Kinalulugdan niya. Pinupuri ka namin,
Dinarangal ka namin, sinasamba ka
Luwalhati sa Diyos sa kaitaasan. Namin, ipignagbubunyi ka namin.
at sa lupa’y kapayapaan Pinasasalamantan ka namin dahil sa
sa mga taong may mabuting kalooban, Dakila mong angking kapurihan.
Pinupuri ka namin, Panginoon Diyos, hari ng langit, Diyos
dinarangal ka namin, Amang makapangyarihan sa lahat.
sinasamba ka namin, Panginoong Hesu Kristo, bugtong na
niluluwalhati ka namin. Anak, Panginoong Diyos, Kordero ng
Pinasasalamatan Ka namin Diyos, Anak ng Ama.
dahil sa dakila mong kaluwalhatian.
Panginoong Diyos, Hari ng langit, Ikaw na nag-aalis ng mga kasalanan
Diyos Amang makapangyarihan sa ng sanlibutan, maawa ka,
lahat, maawa ka sa amin.
Panginoong Hesukristo, Ikaw na nag-aalis ng mga
Bugtong na anak. kasalanan ng sanlibutan,
Panginoong Diyos, Kordero ng Diyos, tanggapin mo ang aming kahilingan,
Anak ng Ama. tanggapin mo ang aming kahilingan.
Ikaw na nag-aalis Ikaw na naluluklok sa kanan ng Ama,
ng mga kasalanan ng sanlibutan, maawa ka, maawa ka sa amin.
maawa ka sa amin. Sapagkat ikaw lamang ang banal,
Ikaw na nag-aalis ng mga At ang kataastaasan, Ikaw lamang,
kasalanan ng sanlibutan, O Hesu Kristo, ang Panginoon,
Tanggapin Mo ang aming kahilingan. Kasama ng Espiritu Santo sa
Ikaw na naluloklok sa kanan ng Ama, Kadakilaan ng Diyos Ama, Amen,
Maawa ka sa amin. Ng Diyos Ama, Amen.
Sapagkat Ikaw lamang ang banal.
Sapagkat Ikaw lamang ang Panginoon. 29 ALELUYA
Ikaw, Ikaw lamang O Hesukristo,
Kasama ng Espiritu Santo. Aleluya, aleluya.
Sa kaluwalhatian ng Diyos Ama. Kami ay gawin Mong daan ng Iyong
Amen. pag-ibig, kapayapaan at katarungan.
Parts of the Mass

30 ANG SUMASAMPALATAYA Pinagpala ang naparirito sa ngalan ng

Sumasampalataya ako sa Diyos Osana sa kaitaasan.
Amang makapangyarihan sa lahat
na may gawa ng langit at lupa. 32 ACCLAMATION
Sumasampalataya ako kay Hesukristong
bugtong Anak ng Diyos Si Kristo’y namatay,
Panginoon nating lahat. Si Kristo’y nabuhay,
Nagkatawang tao Siya Si Kristo’y babalik
lalang ng Espiritu Santo, sa wakas ng panahon.
ipinanganak ni Santa Mariang Birhen.
Pinagpakasakit ni Poncio Pilato,
ipinako sa krus, namatay, inilibing.
Nanaog sa mga empiyerno.
Ama namin sumasalangit Ka,
Nang ikatlong araw nabuhay na mag-
sambahin ang ngalan Mo.
Mapasaamin ang kaharian Mo
umakyat sa langit, naluluklok sa kanan
Sundin ang loob Mo
ng Diyos
dito sa lupa para ng sa langit.
Amang makapangyarihan sa lahat.
Bigyan Mo po kami ngayon
Doon magmumulang paririto
ng aming kakanin sa araw-araw.
at huhukom sa nangabubuhay
At patawarin Mo ang aming mga sala,
at nangamatay na tao.
Para ng pagpapatawad namin
Sumasampalataya naman ako
sa mga nagkakasala sa amin.
sa Diyos Espiritu Santo,
At huwag Mo kaming
sa Santa Iglesya Katolika,
ipahintulot sa tukso.
Sa kasamahan ng mga Santo,
At iadya Mo kami sa lahat ng masama.
sa ikapagpapatawad ng mga kasalanan.
Mabubuhay na mag-uli ang nangamatay
na tao 34 SAPAGKAT
at may buhay na walang hanggan.
Amen. Sapakat sa Iyo’y nagmumula
ang kaharian, ang kapangyarihan
at kaluwalhatian magpasawalang hang-
31 SANTO gan.
Santo, Santo, Santo Panginoong Diyos
na makapangyarihan. 35 KORDERO NG DIYOS
Napupuno ang langit at lupa
ng kadakilaan (Kaluwalhatian) Mo. Kordero ng Diyos na nag-aalis
Osana sa kaitaasan. ng mga kasalanan ng sanlibutan,
Parts of the Mass

maawa Ka sa amin. Ginoo, Kaloy-i kami.

Kaloy-i, kaloy-i, kami.
Kordero ng Diyos na nag-aalis Pakita’ag gugma ug kalooy
ng mga kasalanan ng sanlibutan, kami nga nagapaabot sa kaluwasan.
maawa Ka sa amin. Ginoo…

Kordero ng Diyos na nag-aalis 39 FIFTH & EIGHT MASS

ng mga kasalanan ng sanlibutan, (Kami nakasala Kanimo)
ipagkaloob Mo sa amin ang kapay-
apaan. Kami nakasala Kanimo
ug nakalapas sa imong kaayo
36 FIRST, SECOND, & TWELFTH (For 5th Mass: Ginoo, Ginoo kaloy-i
MASS kami.)
(Kaloy-i Kami Ginoo) (For 8th Mass: Ginoo kaloy-i kami,
Ginoo kaloy-i kami)
Ginoo, kaloy-i kami, Pakita’ag gugma ug kalooy
Ginoo, kaloy-i kami. kami nga nagapaabot sa kaluwasan.
Kristo, kaloy-i kami. (For 5th Mass: Cristo, Cristo kaloy-i
Kristo, kaloy-i kami. kami.)
Ginoo, kaloy-i kami, (For 8th Mass: Cristo kaloy-i kami,
Ginoo, kaloy-i kami. Cristo kaloy-i kami)
Kasing-kasing nga mahinulsulon
37 THIRD MASS ayaw Ginoo isalikway.
(Ginoo, Ginoo, Ginoo) (For 5th Mass: Ginoo , Ginoo kaloy-i
Ginoo, Ginoo, Ginoo (For 8th Mass: Ginoo kaloy-i kami
kaloy-i, kaloy-i kami. Ginoo kaloy-i kami)
Cristo, kaloy-i kami.
Cristo, kaloy-i kami. 40 SIXTH* & TENTH MASS
Ginoo, Ginoo, Ginoo (Ikaw nga gipadala)
kaloy-i, kaloy-i kami
kaloy-i, kaloy-i kami. Ikaw nga gipadala (aron)*
pag-ayo sa mga mahinulsulon,
(For 6th Mass: Ginoo kaloy-i kami.
38 FOURTH MASS Ginoo kaloy-i kami.)
(Kami nakasala Kanimo) (For 10th Mass: Ginoo, Ginoo kaloy-i
Kami nakasala Kanimo Ikaw nga mianhi (aron)*
Ug nakalapas sa imong kaayo pagtawag sa mga makasasala,
Parts of the Mass

(For 6th Mass: Cristo kaloy-i kami. misalig lamang sa kaayo Mo.
Cristo kaloy-i kami.) Wagtanga na ang akong kasal-anan
(For 10th Mass: Cristo, Cristo kaloy-i ug ang kaluwasan nga’kong gipaabot
kami) ipakanaug Mo.
Ikaw nga nagalingkod sa too sa Amahan
(aron)* pagpangama alang kanamo, 43 ELEVENTH MASS
(For 6th Mass: Ginoo kaloy-i kami. (Pastorela)
Ginoo kaloy-i kami.)
(For 10th Mass: Ginoo, Ginoo kaloy-i Dumuol ka O Emanuel
kami) ug luwasa ang binihag nga Israel
Duawa na ang Israel
41 SEVENTH & FOURTEENTH lipaya na ang naghandum sa Emanuel.
MASS Ang Imong kalooy, daku Mong kalooy
(Requiem) among gipangandoy. Ihatag Mo na,
Ginoo malooy Ka.
Ginoong Jesus, ihatag kanila
ang pahulay nga way katapusan, 44 THIRTEENTH MASS
kay alang kanila Imong giula (Isugid…kaloyan Mo na)
ang bililhon Mong dugo.
Gihigugma pag-ayo sa Dios Isugid ko ang akong kasalanan
ang kalibutan nga tungod niini sa walay paglimod isugilon ko.
gihatag Niya ang Iyang bugtong Anak. Sayod ka man nga kining alaut
Aron ang tanan nga motoo Kaniya misalig lamang sa kaayo, kaayo Mo.
(For 7th Mass: dili mamatay kon dili Kaloy-an Mo na, O Ginoo,
makabaton sa kinabuhing dayon.) wagtanga ang akong kasalanan
(For 14th Mass: dili mamatay hinonoa ug ang kaluwasan nga akong
makabaton sa kinabuhing dayon.) gipaabot, ipakanaug Mo.
Ginoong Jesus, nakasala kami,
nakalapas sa Imong kaayo,
*kaloy-i kami, kaloy-i kami, 45 KALOY-I KAMI GINOO
luwasa kami, O Ginoo.
(*Repeat for the 14th Mass) Kaloy-i kami Ginoo
Kay nakasala kami Kanimo.
Ipakita ang Imong kaluoy
42 NINTH MASS Ug luwasa kami Ginoo.
(Isugid ko)
Kristo, kaloy-i, kaloy-i kami.
Isugid ko ang akong kasal-anan Kristo, kaloy-i, kaloy-i kami.
sa walay paglimod isugilon ko. Ipakita ang imong kaluoy
Sayud Ka man, kining alaut Ug luwasa kami Ginoo.
Parts of the Mass

46 GINOO, IKAW RA’Y 1.Ug kada-it sa Iyang mga tawo

dinhi sa yuta.
Ginoo, ikaw ra’y kadangpan, Ginoong Dios, langitnong Hari, Dios
ang nasayod sa among kahimtang. Amahan makagagahom sa tanan.
Kristo, ayaw’g hikawi Nagasimba kami Kanimo, nagapasala-
sa gugma Mo kami hatagi. mat kami Kanimo.
Ipakita na ang kaluoy Mo, Nagadayeg kami Kanimo tungod sa
dungga ang pag-ampo ning lungsod Imong himaya.
Kristo, Ikaw ra ang gugma, 2. Ginoong Hesukristo,
pasayloa kami’g linawa. bugtong Anak sa Amahan,
Ipakita na ang kaluoy Mo. Ginoong Dios, Kordero sa Dios,
O Manunubos ug Ginoo. Ikaw nagawagtang sa sala sa kalibotan,
kaloy-i kami.
Ikaw nagalingkod sa tuo sa Amahan,
47 O GINOO, KALOY-I dawata ang among pangamuyo.
O Ginoo, kaloy-i kami,
3. Kay ikaw lamang ang santos, Ikaw
kay nakasala kami kanimo.
lamang ang Ginoo.
Kristo, kaloy-i kami,
Ikaw lamang ang labing halangdon, O
O Kristo, kaloy-i kami.
O Ginoo, kaloy-i kami.
Uban sa Espiritu Santo diha sa himaya
O Ginoo, kaloy-i kami,
sa Dios nga Amahan.
O Ginoo, O Ginoo.
Amen. Amen.


Ginoong Dios,
Alleluia! (5x)
kaloy-a na ang imong lungsod
Ang Ginoo naghatag ug kaluwasan,
tungod sa imong gugma
dalaygon Siya labaw sa tanan.
nga walay sukod.
Aleluia! (5x)
Ang mga utang
ug ang among kalapasan
intaw’n papasa ug ayaw hinumdomi. 51 ANG MGA PULONG MO
Sa ngalan ni Jesus ang Manluluwas
gisangpit ka karon nga among Amahan. Ang mga pulong Mo, O Ginoo,
maglig-on unta sa among pagtuo
ug agaka kami sa pagtuman
49 HIMAYA SA DIOS sa Imong mahal nga kasugoan.
Himaya sa Dios didto sa langit.
Parts of the Mass

52 AWITAN TA ug pagkabanhaw luwasa kami.

Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya. 57 SI KRISTO’Y NAMATAY

Awitan ta ang Ginoong Jesus.
Awit sa gugma’g pagda-yeg. Si Kristo namatay
Si Kristo nabanhaw
53 LAMDAG KA Si Kristo mobalik nganhi.

Alelu-ya, aleluya, alelu-ya, 58 AMAHAN NAMO

ale, aleluya.
Lamdag Ka O Ginoo, sa gilaktan ko. Amahan namo
Ang Pulong mo, ang iwag sa dalan ko. Nga anaa sa mga langit
Pagdaygon ang imong ngalan
54 PANGITAA ANG GINGHARIAN Umabot kanamo ang imong gingharian
Matuman ang imong pagbuot
Pangitaa ang gingharian Dinhi sa yuta maingon sa langit.
ug ang katarong sa Dios
ug king tanan igadugang kaninyo, alelu, Ang kalan-on namo
aleluya. Sa matag adlaw
Ihatag kanamo karong adlawa
Ug pasayloa kami
55 SANTOS Sa among mga sala
Ingon nga nagapasaylo kami
Santos, Santos nga Ginoo.
Sa nakasala kana-a-mo
Dios sa kagahuman
Ug dili mo kami itugyan sa panulay
Puno ang langit ug yuta
Hinunoa luwasa kami sa daotan.
Sa Imong himaya.
Hosana sa kahitas-an.
Daygon ang naga-anhi
Sa Ngalan sa Ginoo Kay imo man
Hosana sa kahitas-an. Ang gingharian
Hosana sa kahitas-an. Ang gahom ug ang himaya
Hangtud sa kahangturan.
Manluluwas sa kalibutan
nga Nagtubos kanamo, 1. Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang
pinaagi sa Imong Krus Sa mga kasalanan sa kalibutan
Parts of the Mass

Malooy ka, malooy ka kanamo.

Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang

Sa mga kasalanan sa kalibutan
Ihatag na kana-a-mo ang kalinaw.

2. Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang

sa mga sala sa kalibutan,
kaloy-i kami, kaloy-i kami.

Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang

sa mga sala sa kalibutan,
kaloy-i kami, kaloy-i kami.

Kordero sa Dios nga nagawagtang

sa mga sala sa kalibutan,
hatagi kami sa kalinaw.
Advent Hymns

61 A NOBLE FLOW’R OF JUDA Prince of Peace who died for us:

Lord of light you are risen.
A noble flow’r of Juda
from tender roots has sprung, And high up on a mountain
a rose from stem of Jesse, a messenger will shout,
as prophets long had sung; we see His victory
a blossom fair and bright, He is our god.
that in the midst of winter He is like a shepherd
will change to dawn our night. who cares for his flock,
He is called the Lamb of God,
The rose of grace and beauty for He died for our sins.
of which Isaiah sings
is Mary, virgin mother, The Lord came and dwelt with us,
and Christ the flow’r she brings. the Lord of light and truth;
By God’s divine decree the world could not recognise
she bore our loving Savior He is our God,
who died to set us free. for we know He died for us
that we may be redeemed:
To Mary, dearest Mother, now we see He lives again,
with fervent hearts we pray: for He rose to set us free.
grant that your tender infant
will cast our sins away, 63 ACROSS THE YEARS
and guide us with his love
that we shall ever serve him Across the years there echoes still
and live with him above. the Baptist’s bold assertion:
the call of God to change of heart,
62 A VOICE CRIES repentance and conversion.

A voice cries in the wilderness The word that John more boldly spoke
‘Prepare the way of the Lord, in dying than in living
make straight the road for Him, now Christ takes up as he proclaims
he is our God.’ a Father all-forgiving.
He will level mountains
and make the valleys plains. The erring son he welcomes home
He will come into your hearts when all is spent and squandered.
like a light in the dark. He lovingly pursues the sheep
Chorus: that from the flock has wandered.
Jesus, you are the Lord of light,
Son of God, you are the Holy One, Forgive us, Lord, all we have done
Advent Hymns

to you and one another. And remember no more our evil doing
So often we have gone our way, lo,
forgetful of each other. The city of the Holy One
Is made a desert Sion
Forgetful of the cross they bear A desert is become Jerusalem
of hunger, want, oppression - Waste and desolate the house
grant, Lord, that we may make amends Of Your Holy presence
who humbly make confession. And of your glory where of old
Our fathers sang your praises.

64 ANGELS FROM THE REALM OF We all have sinned

GLORY And are become like unto one unclean-
We have fallen low as a dying leaf
Angels, from the realm of glory, Falls earthward and our iniquities,
Wing your flight o’er all the earth; As a wind have swept us swiftly far.
You who sang creation’s story, You have hidden your face from us
Now proclaims Messiah’s birth. Your people you have broken us
By the weight of our own sinning.
Come and worship, come and worship, Behold! O Lord,
Worship Christ, the newborn King. The affliction of your people
Send quickly Him Who is to come
Shepherds in the fields abiding, Send forth the Lamb who rules all
Watching o’er your flocks by night, the earthly kingdoms
God with man is now residing, From Petra in the desert to the
Brightly shines the infant light. mount of the daughter Sion
That He may take away the
All creation, grievous yoke of our subjection.
join in praising God the Father, Spirit,
Son; Be now comforted, be now comforted
Ever more your voice raising to the O you people
Eternal Three in One For most speedily comes salvation
Why are you consumed with sorrowing,
65 BEDEW US, HEAVENS FROM So that your grief has quite transformed
I come to save be no more fearful
Refrain: For know you not that I am your
Bedew us from heaven above God and master Israel’s Holy One,
O clouds, rain down the just one Your sole redeemer.
Withhold your wrath from us, Lord
Advent Hymns



Behold a Virgin bearing Him Come, Thou long expected Jesus,

Who comes to save us from our sin Born to set thy people free;
The prophets cry: Prepare His way. From our fears and sins release us;
Make straight His paths to Christmas Let us find our rest in Thee.
Israel’s strength and consolation,
Behold our hope and life and light Hope of all the earth Thou art;
The promise of the Holy night Dear desire of every nation,
We lift our prayer and bend our knee Joy of every longing heart.
To His great love and majesty. Born thy people to deliver,
Born a Child, and yet a King,
67 BEHOLD, A ROSE OF JUDAH Born to reign in us forever,
Now Thy gracious kingdom bring.
Behold a rose of Judah
From tender branch has sprung! By Thine own eternal spirit
A rose from root of Jesse, rule in all our hearts alone;
As prophets long had sung By Thine all-sufficient merit
It bore a flower bright, Raise us to Thy glorious throne.
That blossomed in the winter,
When half spent was the night. 69 CREATOR OF THE STARS OF
This rose of royal beauty
of which Isaiah sings Creator of the stars of night
Is Mary, Maiden Mother, The people’s everlasting light,
And Christ the flo’er she brings. Redeemer Savior of us all,
By God’s unique design, O hear your servants when they call.
Remaining still virgin,
She bore Her Child Her Child divine. As once through Mary’s flesh
You came, to save us from our sin and
We pray thee, Virgin Mother, shame.
The Queen of heav’n and earth; So now, Redeemer, by Your grace,
Obtain for us from Jesus, Come heal again our fallen race.
The blessing of His Birth.
By His, may we live as God’s children, And when on that last judgment day,
In peace and unity. We rise to glory from the decay,
Then come again, O Savior blest,
Advent Hymns

And bring us to eternal rest. Amen. He comes to break oppression,

to set the captive free,
70 EMMANUEL to take away transgression,
and rule in equity.
Behold the Virgin shall be with Child
And shall bring forth a Son He shall come down like showers
And they shall call His Name upon the fruitful earth,
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, in other and love, joy, hope, like flowers,
words… spring in his path to birth:
before him on the mountains
Rejoice the Savior is born shall peace and herald go;
In the manger is the Christ child lain and righteous in fountains
All the angels throughout proclaim from hill to valley flow.
The Savior is born.
Kings shall fall down before him.
Emmanuel—God with Us! (3x) and gold and incense bring;
all nations shall adore him,
his praise all people sing;
71 GINOO,SAYUD KA SA TAN- to him shall prayer unceasing
AN (PANAHON SA ADBYENTO) and daily vows ascend;
his kingdom still increasing,
Ginoo, sayud ka sa tanan a kingdom without end.
sa among mga kalisdanan.
Sayud ka sa kalibog, kahadlok nga O’er every foe victorious,
among gihambin karon ning dughan. he on his throne shall rest,
from age to age more glorious,
Koro: all-blessing and all-blest;
OGinoo, umari ka! O Ginoo, umari ka! the tide of time shall never
O Ginoo, ayaw paglangan! his covenant remove;
Ikaw ra man ang bugtong kaluwasan. his name shall stand for ever;
O Ginoo, ayaw paglangan! that name to us is love.
Ikaw ra man among gilauman.
Halina, Hesus, aming mananakop,
Hail to the Lord’s anointed, Dusa ng ‘yong bayan, masda’t abut-abot,
great David’s greater son! Sa pag-ibig salat; katarunga’y kapos,
Hail, in the time appointed, Tangi kang pag-asa, O Hesus.
his reign on earth begun!
Advent Hymns

Halina Hesus, aming mananakop, 75 HEAR THE HERALD VOICE

Awa mo’t biyaya sa’mi’y ipaabot; RESOUNDING
Pag-ibig kang tunay katarunga’y lubos.
Tangi kang pag-asa, O Hesus. Hear the herald voice resounding
“Christ is near,” it seems to say,
Koro: Cast away the dreams of darkness
Halina, Hesus, aming mananakop Welcome Christ the light of day.
Kaming iyong bayan, bigyang lakas
loob; Wakened by this solemn warning,
Hinihintay namin, pagdating mong Let the earth bound soul arise
puspos, Christ Her son, all sloth dispelling
Tangi Kang pag-asa, O Hesus. Shines upon the morning sky.
See the lamb so long expected
74 HALINA, HESUS Comes with pardon down from heav’n
hasten new,
Halina, Hesus, halina! With tears of sorrow one and all to be
Halina, Hesus, halina! forgiven.

Sa simula isinaloob Mo, So when the next He comes with glory

O Diyos, kaligtasan ng tao, Surrounding all the earth in fear
Sa takdang panahon ay tinawag Mo May He then as our defender on the
isang bayang lingkod sa iyo. heaven appear.

Gabay ng iyong bayang hinirang Honor, glory, virtue, merit.

Ang pag-asa sa iyong mesiya; To the Father and the Son.
“Emmanuel” ang pangalang bigay sa With the co-eternal Spirit,
Kanya; While eternal ages run.
“nasa atin ang Diyos tuwina.”
Isinilang S’ya ni Maria,
Birheng tangi, hiyas ng Judea; Light the Advent candle one.
At “Hesus” and pangalang bigay sa Now the waiting has begun,
Kanya; we have started on our way:
Aming Diyos na tagapag-adya. time to think of Christmas day.

Darating muli sa takdang araw, Candle, candle burning bright,

Upang tanang tao’y tawagin shining in the cold winter night.
At sa puso Mo, Aming Ama’y bigkisin Candle, candle, burning bright,
Sa pag-ibig na di mamaliw. fill our hearts with Christmas light.
Advent Hymns

Light the Advent candle two. Paskong dakilang araw.

Think of the humble shepherd who
filled with wonder at the sight Ang awit na handog sa Mesiyas
of the Child on Christmas night. mayroon pang kastanyetas
at ang koro tuloy ang kanta
Light the Advent candle three. may saliw din ng pandereta.
Think of the heav’nly harmony:
angels singing “Peace on earth” Misa de gallo, sa tuwing pasko
at the blessed Savior’s birth. nagdarasal ang bawat tao
Light the Christmas candles now! at nagpapasalamat sa pagsilang
Sing of donkey, sheep and cow. ng Diyos na Hari ng mundo.
Birthday candle for the King -
let the “Alleluias” ring! 79 NOW WATCH FOR GOD’S
Now watch for God’s coming,
Maranatha! be patient till then;
Come, O Christ the Lord! like sunshine at noontime
he’ll brighten all men;
I am the Root of Jesse and David’s Son, who hope in the Lord
The radiant star of morning and will possess fertile land;
God’s own light. the poor he wil welcome
and grasp in the hand.
The Spirit and the Bride say:
“Come!” Man’s steps are directed, God watches
Let Him who hears their voices say: his path.
“Come!” he guides him and holds him and saves
He who was thirst, let him come, him from wrath,
And who has desired, and though he may fall he will not go
Let Him drink the waters of everlasting headlong,
life. for God gives sound footing and keeps
“Yes, I come very soon!” Amen. him wrong.
Come, O Lord, Jesus!
So wait for his coming, be patient till
78 MISA DE GALLO then;
the wicked are armed and would kill
Misa de gallo sa simbahan honest men.
at nagtilaok na ang tandang, Their arms shall be broken, no refuge
tanda ng pagdiriwang at pag-iisa they’ll see,
Advent Hymns

but saved are the needy by God’s own 81 O COME, O COME EMMANUEL
O come, O come Emmanuel,
Now those who do evil will wither like And ransom captive Israel,
grass, That mourns in lonely exile here
like green of the springtime they fade until the Son of God appear.
and they pass,
so trust in the Lord and to him give Refrain:
your life, Rejoice, rejoice! O Israel,
he’ll bring heart’s desires and peace To thee shall come Emmanuel!
inour strife.
O come, Thou wisdom from on high,
80 O COME DIVINE MESSIAH and order all things far and nigh;
To us the path of knowledge show,
O come divine Messiah! And teach us in her ways to go.
The world in silence waits the day,
When hope shall sing its triumph O come, O come thou Lord of might,
And sadness flee away. Who to Thy tribes on Sinai’s height
In ancient times did give the law,
Refrain: In cloud, and majesty, and awe.
Dear Savior haste:
Come, come to earth: O come, Thou rod of Jesse’s stem
Dispel the night and show Thy face From every foe deliver them
And bid us hail the dawn of grace. That trust Thy mighty power to save,
And give them vict’ry over the grave.
O Thou Whom nations sighed for
Whom priests and prophets long fore- O come, Thou key of David come,
told, And open wide our heavenly home,
Break Thou the captives fetters, Make safe the way that leads on high,
Redeem the long lost fold. That we no more have cause to sigh.

Thou’lt come in peace and meekness, O come, Thou Dayspring from on high,
And lowly will Thy cradle be: And cheer us by Thy drawing nigh:
All clothed in human weakness Disperse the gloomy clouds of night,
Thy God-head we shall see. And death’s dark shadow put to flight.

O come, desire of nations, bind

In one the hearts of all mankind;
Bid every strife and quarrel cease,
And fill the world with Heaven’s peace.
Advent Hymns

82 O COMFORT MY PEOPLE hulat kami kanimo. Ikaw ang dalan

sa kagawasan, ang kalinaw, gugma’g
O comfort my people and calm their ka-angayan.
fear and tell them the time of salvation
draws near. 84 PANGINOON, HANGGANG
O tell them I come to remove all their KAILAN?
shame, then they will for ever give
praise to my name. Koro:
Panginoon, hanggang kailan kami
Proclaim to the cities of Juda my word: sa Iyo’y maghihintay?
that gentle yet strong is the hand of the Halika na, magbalik Ka;
Lord. Pangako Mo’y tupdin Mo na.
I rescue the captives my people defend Sa sandali ng kasayahan,
and bring them to justice and joy with- Panahaon ng kasaganaan,
out end. Ika’y pinasasalamatan,
Biyayang dulot Mo’y walang hanggan.
All mountains and hills shall become as
a plain Sa sandali ng kasawian,
for vanished are mourning and hunger Panahon ng kahirapan,
and pain. Ika’y aming tinatawag: Poon,
And never again shall these war against Kami’y huwag Mong pabayaan.
Behold I come quickly to make all Panginoon sa pagbalik Mo,
things new. Kaming ‘yong bayan ay daratnan Mo.
May pananalig tapat sa ‘yo
83 PAGMATA NA! (AWIT ALANG Sinisikap sundin ang loob Mo.
Koro: IS HE
Pagmata na, moabut na siya; moabut
na si kristo, ang atong dios ug ginoo. Promised Lord and Christ is he,
Moabut na ang me may son his kingdom see.
Gihandum . Moabut na ang pagla-
um. Moabut na ang gugma, busa Chorus:
pagmata, pagmata na! Come, O Lord, quickly come,
come in glory, come in glory,
Berso: come in glory quickly come.
Sa dakong pagpa-ilub, Ginoo, Naga-
Teaching, healing once was he,
Advent Hymns

may we soon his kingdom see. We seek in ardent prayer,

In joy we’ll meet Him on the way
Dead and buried once was he, And sing our praises there.
may we soon his kingdom see.
The everlasting Son
Risen from the dead is he, comes down to Mary’s womb
may we soon his kingdom see. He bears our human servitude
To save us from our doom.
Soon to come again is he,
may we soon his kingdom see. O Zion, rise in haste
to meet the meek and mild
Come, O Lord, quickly come, Throw wide your arms;
in our lifetime, in our lifetime, Embrace the peace
in our lifetime may it be. brought by this holy child.

86 SONG OF SALVATION As Judge, on glist’ning clouds

The victor comes again
The night now is ending, To take his members back in joy
The day is drawing near. with him to heaven then.

People who live in darkness soon will Let dark and evil deeds
know Retreat before His dawn;
Who their Savior is, our new life must advance in grace;
Who unexpected comes from far the old one must be gone.
The Son of man, the morning star.
Sign in the stars, in sun and moon, We praise You Father blest;
Say that the day is coming Your Spirit, too, we praise;
Soon hear the Lord speak: Emancipator, Christ our Lord,
Rise up, be free, We’ll praise You all our days!
For salvation’s soon to be.
When the sea roars and floods the land,
Striking your life out of your hand, Refrain:
Know in your fear and dying the pain The King of glory comes,
That you will rise and live again. The nation rejoices,
Open the gates before Him,
87 THE COMING OF OUR GOD Lift up your voices.

The coming of our God, Who is the king of glory,

Advent Hymns

How shall we call him? Despite the rage of foes.

He is Emmanuel,
The promise of ages. O brighter than that glorious morn
Shall this fair morning be,
In all of Galilee, in the city or village, When Christ, our King, in beauty
He goes among his people curing their comes,
illness. And we His face shall see.

Sing them of David’s son, The King shall come when morning
Our Savior and brother, dawns,
An all of Galilee was never another. And earth’s dark night is past;
O haste the rising of that morn,
He gave his life for us, The day that aye shall last.
The lamb of salvation.
He took up on Himself the sins of his And let the endless bliss begin,
nation. By weary saints foretold,
When right shall triumph over wrong,
He conquered sin and death, And truth shall be extolled.
He truly has risen,
And He will share with us his heavenly The King shall come when morning
vision. dawns,
And light and beauty brings:
89 THE KING SHALL COME Hail, Christ the Lord! Thy people pray,
WHEN MORNING DAWNS Come quickly, King of kings.

The King shall come when morning 90 WAKE, AWAKE

And light triumphant breaks; Wake, awake, the night is dying
When beauty gilds the eastern hills, And prophets from of old are crying
And life to joy awakes. awake
Ye children of light lo,
Not as of old a little child the dawn shall banish sadness,
To bear, and fight, and die, The rising sun shall bring us gladness
But crowned with glory like the sun And all the blind shall see aright.
That lights the morning sky.
O brighter than the rising morn Rejoice, the King is near,
When He, victorious, rose, Our praise He will hear, alleluia!
And left the lonesome place of death, But we must be prepared to see
Advent Hymns

The brightness of eternity. You live in others, O Lord;

It’s You we live in them,
We shall need the prophets’ warning You live in others, O Lord.
And rise to greet the prince of morning
His gentle rule shall bring us peace, You love through us, O Lord,
Love and mercy are His treasure You love through us, O Lord;
The seas and skies obey His pleasure We are your hands and heart,
His mighty rule shall never cease. You love through us, O Lord.

Let the shadows be forsaken, You want one flock, O Lord,

The time has come for us to waken You want one flock, O Lord;
And to the day our lives entrust Your bread can make us one,
Search the sky for heaven’s portal You want one flock, O Lord.
The clouds shall rain the light immortal
And earth will soon bud forth the just. We sing Your wonders, Lord’
We sing Your wonders, Lord;
91 WE LONG FOR YOU, O LORD Shines in all Your deeds,
We sing Your wonders, Lord.
We long for You, O Lord,
We long for You, O Lord; Refrain:
Come make us one with You, Risen Savior, King of glory,
We long for You, O Lord. Come today in mystery.
Let us share Your death and rising
We cannot rest, O Lord, Till You come in majesty.
We cannot rest, O Lord;
Grant us Your heavenly peace; We wait in joy, O Lord,
We cannot rest, O Lord. We wait in joy, O Lord;
Till You will take us home,
We hunger for You, O lord, We wait in joy, O Lord.
We hunger for You, O Lord;
Feed us with living bread, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
We hunger for You, O Lord. Let us Your family,
Loving You one another,
You live in us, O Lord, Praising You eternally.
You live in us, O Lord;
Our way, our truth, and life; 92 WHISPERING HOPE
You live in us, O Lord.
Soft as the voice of an angel
You live in others, O Lord, Breathing a lesson unheard
Advent Hymns

Hope with a gentle persuasion

Whispers her comforting word.

Wait till the darkness is over

Wait till the tempest is done
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow
After the shower is gone.

Whispering hope
O how welcome thy voice
Making my heart
In its sorrow rejoice.

If in the dusk of the twilight,

Dim be the region afar,
Will not the deepening darkness
Brighten the glimmering star?

Then when the night is upon us

Why should the heart sink away
When the dark midnight is over
Watch for the breaking of day.
Christmas Hymns

93 A CHILD IS BORN (THE MAGI Our brother in the flesh is He, alleluia,
KING) King for all eternity, alleluia, alleluia.

A Child is born in Bethlehem, alleluia! By grace this Child is born again, al-
Rejoice Jerusalem, alleluia, alleluia! leluia;
In every heart He frees from sin, Al-
Our brother in the flesh is He, alleluia! leluia, alleluia.
King for all eternity, alleluia, alleluia!
The Magi kings come from afar, alleluia.
By grace this Child is born again, Laden by faith in heaven’s star.
alleluia! Alleluia, alleluia.
In every heart He frees from sin,
alleluia, alleluia! Gold, incense, myrrh they offer Him,
The Magi kings come from afar, And bending low they worship him
alleluia! Alleluia, alleluia.
Laden by faith in heaven’s star.
Alleluia, alleluia! Upon this joyful holy night, Alleluia,
Gold, incense, myrrh they offer Him, We bless Thy Name, O Lord of light, Al-
alleluia! leluia, alleluia
And bending low they worship Him,
alleluia, alleluia! We praise Thee Holy Trinity, alleluia.
Adoring Thy Divinity, Alleluia, alleluia.


A Child is born in Bethlehem, alleluia! Sing a song of gladness and cheer

Rejoice Jerusalem, alleluia, alleluia! for the time of Christmas is here!
Look around about you and see
Refrain: What a world of wonder
Our joyful hearts we raise, this world can be!
Christ is born, O come adore Him
In new-found songs of praise. Sing a Christmas carol!
The Babe who lies upon the straw, Al- Sing a Christmas carol!
leluia. Sing a Christmas carol!
Will rule the world forever more, Al- Like the children do.
leluia, alleluia.
And enjoy the beauty
Christmas Hymns

All the joy and beauty A-le-lu-ya! A-le-lu-ya!

That a Merry Christmas can bring to
you! 3. Ang mga anghel sa kahitas-an
nanag-awit, A-le-lu-ya!
96 ADESTE FIDELES Ni’ning gabii nga mangitngit,
A-le-lu-ya! A-le-lu-ya!
Adeste fideles, laeti triumphantes,
Venite, venite in Bethlehem: Koro:
natum videte regem angelorus: Magmalipayon kitang tanan,
natawo na si Jesus nga bulahan,
Refrain: sa pagsimba atong awiton:
Venite adoremus A-le-lu-ya!
Venite adoremus,
Venite adoremus, Dominum. 98 ANG PASKO AY SUMAPIT NA
En grege relicto, humiles ad cunas
Vocati pastores ad properant: Ang Pasko ay sumapit na naman
et nos ovanti gradu festinemus. Kayat tayo ay dapat na magdiwang
Aeterni parentis splendorem Pagkat ngayon ay araw ng pagsilang
Aeternum velatum sub carne Ni Jesus na di natin malilimutan.
videbimus Deum infantem, Halina tayo ay manalangin
Pannis involutum: Upang tayong lahat ay kanyang pagp-
Pro nobis egenum et foeno Ang Pasko ay ating pasayahin
Cubantem piis fovemus Sa pagmamahalan natin.
amplexibus: et nos amentem
quis non redamaret. Maligayang Pasko sa bawat tahanan
Ang dalangin namin sana ay makamtan
97 ANG DIOSNONG BATA Masaganang buhay sa taong darating
(PASKO SA PAGKATAWO ) Ang maging palad sana natin.

1. Ang Diosnong Bata nagpakatawo na, Dinggin lamang ang dalangin

sa Bethlehem, A-le-lu-ya! Darating ang hangarin.
Bugtong kalipay sa Jerusalem, Sama-sama na awitin
A-le-lu-ya! A-le-lu-ya! ang isang Ama Namin.
May gayak ang lahat ng tahanan
2. Ang Diosnong Bata nagpakatawo na, Masdan n’yo at nagpapaligsahan
Simbahon ta, A-le-lu-ya! May parol at ilaw bawat bintana
Siya ang Kristo nga gihandum ta, Na sadyang may iba’t-ibang kulay.
Christmas Hymns

Kayganda ng ayos ng Simbahan Dahil sa ang Diyos ay Pag-ibig.

Ang lahat ay inaanyayahan.
Nang dahil sa Pagsilang ng Sanggol Nang si Kristo’y isilang
na Siyang maghahari sa panghabang May tatlong haring nagsidalaw
panahon. At ang bawat isa
ay nagsipaghandog ng tanging alay.
Ang pasko’y araw ng bigayan
Ang lahat ay nagmamahalan Koro:
Sa tuwing pasko ay lagi ng ganyan Bagong taon ay magbagong buhay
May sigla, may gayak ang bayan. Nang lumigaya ang ating bayan
Tayo’y magsikap
Maligaya, maligayang pasko kayo’y upang makamtan natin ang kasaganaan.
Masagana, masaganang bagong taon Tayo’y mangagsiawit
kamtan. habang ang mundo’y tahimik.
Ipagdiwang, ipagdiwang araw ng Ang araw ay sumapit
Maykapal Ng Sanggol na dulot ng langit.
Upang manatili sa atin ang kapalaran
at mabuhay na lagi sa kapayapaan. Tayo ay magmahalan,
Ating sundin ang gintong aral.
Mano po Ninong, mano po Ninang, At magbuhat ngayon
Narito kami ngayon humahalik sa kahit hindi pasko ay magbigayan.
inyong kamay
Salamat Ninong, salamat Ninang, 100 ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD
sa aginaldo po ninyong ibibigay. IN HEAVEN
Pasko na naman, pasko na naman, Angels we have heard in heaven
Kayat kami ngayo’y naririto. sweetly singing o’er our plains,
Upang kayong lahat ay aming handogan and the mountain tops in answer
Ng iba’t-ibang himig na pamasko. echoing their joyous strains.
Maligaya, maligaya, maligayang pasko Chorus:
sa inyong lahat! Gloria in excelsis Deo,
Gloria in excelsis Deo.
Shepherds, why this exultation?
Ang pasko ay sumapit, Why your rapturous strain prolong?
Tayo ay mangagsiawit Tell us of the gladsome tidings,
Ng magagandang himig which inspire your joyous song.
Christmas Hymns

Come to Bethlehem, and see him kalibutan.

o’er whose birth the angels sing,
come, adore, devoutly kneeling, Sa alas dose ang takna, may natawo sa
Christ, the Lord, the new-born king. pasungan.
Gitagna ug gipatuhuan nga Manunubos
See him in a manger lying sa kalibutan.
whom the choir of angels praise!
Mary, Joseph, come to aid us 103 ASTRO DEL CIEL
while our hearts in love we raise.
Astro del ciel, Pargol divin,
101 ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD Mite agnello Redentor!
ON HIGH Tu che I vati da lungi sognar,
Tu che angliche voci nuziar!
Angels we have heard on high,
Sweetly singing o’er the plains; Refrain:
And the mountains in reply, Luce dona alle menti pace
Echo back their joyous strains: infondi nei cuori!

Gloria in excelsis Deo! Astro del ciel, Pargol divin,

Gloria in excelsis Deo! Mite agnello Redentor!
Tu di stirpe regale decor,
Shepherds, why this jubilee? Tu virgieo mistico fior!
Why your joyous strain prolong?
Say, what may the tidings be Astro del ciel, Pargol divin,
Which inspire your heav’nly song? Mite agnello Redentor!
Tu disceso a scontare l’error,
Come to Bethlehem and see Tu sol nato a parlare d’amor.
Him whose birth the angels sing;
Come, adore on bended knee, 104 AWAY IN A MANGER
Christ the Lord, the newborn King.
Away in a manger, no crib for His bed,
102 ANIA KAMI The little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet
Ani-a kami ning gabii sa among pag- The stars in the sky looked down where
daygon He lay,
Hinaot pa nga kaninyo dili makatugaw. The little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.
Pasko karon, panahon, panahon sa
kalipay, The cattle are wowing, the baby awakes,
Kay natawo na ang Manunubos sa But the Lord Jesus No crying He makes;
Christmas Hymns

I love you, Lord Jesus! ring, While people sing Songs of good
Look down from the sky, cheer, Christmas is here Merry, merry,
And stay by my cradle, till morning is merry, merry Christmas Merry, merry,
nigh. merry,
merry Christmas Come, on they send,
Be near me, Lord Jesus, On without end Their joyful tone,
I ask You to stay close by me To every home. (repeat hark! are the
Forever and love, I pray; bells......)
bless all the dear children in Your tender DONG....
And fit us for heaven, to live with You 107 CHRISTMAS IN OUR
there. HEARTS

105 BUKSAN N’YO ANG Whenever I see girls and boys

BINTANA selling lanterns on the streets,
I remember the Child
Buksan n’yo ang bintana at kami ay in the manger as He sleeps.
ang awit naming pamasko sa inyo’y Whenever there are people,
iaalay. giving gifts, exchanging cards.
Kami po ay nanggaling sa malayong I believe that Christmas
bayan, is truly in their hearts.
Nagsadya rito sa inyo upang kayo
ay awitan. Let’s light our Christmas trees
for a bright tomorrow.
106 CAROL OF THE BELLS Where nations are at peace
and all are one in God.
Hark! are the bells, Sweet silver bells
All seem to say, Throw cares away Chorus:
Christmas is here, Bringing good cheer Let’s sing Merry Christmas
To young and and a Happy Holiday.
old, Meek and the bold Dingdong This season may we never forget
dingdong. That is their song With joyful the love we have for Jesus.
ring, All caroling One seems to hear, Let Him be the One to guide us
Words of good as another New Year starts;
cheer From everywhere, Filling the air and may the spirit of Christmas
O, how they pound, Raising their sound be always in our hearts.
O’er here and there, Telling their Tail
Gaily they In every prayer and every song
Christmas Hymns

the community unites. 4. Bulahan’g takna,

Celebrating the birth kalipay nga walay sama, tiunay,
of our Savior Jesus Christ. Sa batang Dios makaplagan
ang bugtong kalig-on natong tanan.
Let love like the starlight
on the first Christmas morn 5. Duyog sa tugtog ug awit sa Ka-ang-
Lead us back to the manger helan sa Langit. Sa Bethlehem mangad-
where Christ the Child was born. to ta; Ang Bata nga Hari yukbo-an ta.

So come let us rejoice 109 DALI KAMO, MGA IGSOON

come and sing the Christmas carol (PASKO SA PAGKATAWO)
with one big joyful voice:
Proclaim the Name of the Lord. 1. Dali kamo, mga igsoon!
(Refrain) Dali ngari sa Bethlehem.
Sud-onga ninyo ang bata’ng Diosnon,
108 DALAYGON ANG DIOS ang gugma ug paglaum.
2. Dali kamo, mga igsoon!
Koro: Dali ngari sa Bethlehem.
Dalaygon ang Dios sa kahitas-an. Awitan nato ang Manunubos,
Sa yuta panagda-it, ang Ginoo ug atong Dios.
panagda-it sa mga tawo nga iyang
gikahimut-an, gikahimut-an. 3. Dali kamo, mga igsoon!
Dali, dawaton ta Siya,
1. Nadunggan ninyo ang awit Dawaton nato sa paghigugma,
sa ka-anghelan sa langit. ang Bata sa Kahiusa.
Sa Bethlehem mangadto ta;
Ang gisugilon tan-awon ta. 4. Dali kamo, mga igsoon!
Dali, uban sa pagmaya,
2. Langitnon’g gasa natawo na Himaya alang kanimo lamang,
ang Manunubos simbahon ta. O Hari sa kalangitan.
Si San Jose ang sumbanan,
ug si Maria nga Inahan. 5. Dali kamo, mga igsoon!
Dali, duyugan ta Siya,
3. Atong dawaton ang gugma sa kahayag man o kangitngitan,
sa kasingkasing way mansa. kalipay O kasakitan.
Sa batang Dios makaplagan
ang panagda-it natong tanan. Koro:
Dali manimba kita, ang diosnon’g bata
Christmas Hymns

natawo na. Dali, mag-awit kita... with a voice as big as the sea.
A-le, a-le-lu-ya. With a voice as big as the sea.”

110 DECK THE HALLS Said the shepherd boy to the mighty
Deck the halls with boughs of holly “Do you know what I know?
Fa la la la la, la la la la. In your palace warm mighty king,
’tis the season to be jolly, Do you know what I know?
Fa la la la la, la la la la. A Child, a Child shivers in the cold,
Don we now our gay apparel, Let us bring Him silver and gold.
Fa la la la la, la la la la. Let us bring Him silver and gold.”
Troll the ancient yuletide carol,
Fa la la la la, la la la la. Said the king to the people everywhere
“Listen to what I say:
See the blazing yule before us, pray for peace people everywhere,
Fa la la la la, la la la la. listen to what I say:
Strike the harp and join the chorus, A Child, a Child sleeping in the night,
Fa la la la la, la la la la. He will brings us goodness and light.
Follow me in mercy measure, He will brings us goodness and light.”
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
While I tell of yuletide carol, 112 FELIZ NAVIDAD
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Feliz Navidad
111 DO YOU HEAR WHAT I Feliz Navidad
HEAR Feliz Navidad
Prospero año y felicidad.
Said the night wind to the little lamb:
“Do you see what I see? We wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
Way up in the sky little lamb, We wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
Do you see what I see? We wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
A star, a star dancing in the night From the bottom of our hearts. (Repeat)
with a tail as big as a kite.
with a tail as big as a kite.” 113 FROM HEAVEN HIGH
Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy, From heaven high I come to You
“Do you hear what I hear? I bring you tidings good and new.
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy, Good tidings of great joy I bring,
Do you hear what I hear? Thereof will I both say and sing.
A song, a song high above the tree
Christmas Hymns

Oh, the man on the streets and the

For you a little Child is born,
couple upstairs,
Of God’s own chosen Maid this morn,
all need to know
A fair and tender Baby bright
there’s someone who cares.
To be your Joy and your Delight.
Give love on Christmas day,
no greater gift is there than love.
Lo, He is Christ, the Lord indeed
Our God to guide you in your need
And He will be your Savior, strong
What the world needs is love…
to cleanse you from all sin and wrong.
Yes the world needs your love.
Why don’t you give love…
114 GIVE LOVE ON CHRISTMAS on Christmas day.
DAY No greater gift is there than love.

People making lists, buying special gifts,

taking time to be kind to one and all.
It’s the time of year,
Gli spirti celesti annunziando vanno,
when good friends are dear,
A quei che non sanno che nato il
and you wish you could give more,
Re del ciel.
than just present from the store.
Rit. Gloria in excelsis Deo.
Why don’t you give love
Nella notte santa e’
on Christmas day?
nato il Redentor;
Oh, even the man who has everything,
spinto da un grande amor
would be so happy if you would bring
per la nostra umanita.
him love on Christmas day;
no greater gift is there than love.
La sopra la paglia sei Tu bambinello,
Tra il bue e l’asinello riposi,O Redentor.
People you don’t know
smile and nod “hello.”
Si svegliano gli uomini
everywhere there’s an air
al canto degli Angeli,
of Christmas joy.
Stupiti rimangono al messaggio divin.
It’s that once a year,
when the world sincere,
and you’d like to find a way 116 GOOD CHRISTIANS
to show the things that words can’t say. FRIENDS, REJOICE

Why don’t you give love 1. Good Christian friends, rejoice

on Christmas day? With heart and soul and voice!
Christmas Hymns

Give you heed to what we say: sa Inang kay ningning.(Koro)

Jesus Christ is born today.
3. Puso’y masasaling.
Ox and ass before him bow, Luha ang pupuwing.
And he is in the manger now. Mag-Inang kay lambing,
Christ is born today! (2x) puso mo ang hiling. (Koro)

2. Good Christian friends, rejoice Koda:

With heart and soul and voice! Gumising, gumising,
Now you hear of endless bliss: Mga nahihimbing.
Jesus Christ was born for this! Tala’y nagniningning.
He has opened heaven’s door, Pasko na! Gumising!
And we are blest forevermore.
Christ was born for this! (2x)
3. Good Christian friends, rejoice
With heart and soul and voice!
Hark! The herald angels sing,
Now you need not fear the grave:
“Glory to the new born King;
Jesus Christ was born to save!
Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
Calls you one and calls you all
God and sinners reconciled!”
To gain his everlasting hall.
Joyful, all ye nations, rise,
Christ was born to save! (2x)
Join the triumph of the skies;
With th’angelic host proclaim,
117 GUMISING “Christ is born in Bethlehem!”

Koro: Refrain:
Gumising, gumising! Hark! the herald angels sing,
Mga nahihimbing. “Glory to the new born King!
Tala’y nagniningning. Christ, by highest heaven adored,
Pasko na! Gumising! Christ, the everlasting Lord!
Late in time behold Him come,
1. Kampana’t kuliling kumalembang Offspring of the Virgin’s womb.
kling-kling. Veiled in flesh the God-head see;
Ang Niño’y darating Hail the incarnate Deity,
sa Belen pa galing.(Koro) Pleased as man with men to dwell,
Jesus, our Emmanuel.
2. Kahit puso’y himbing.
Masda’t masasaling.
Niñong naglalambing,
Christmas Hymns

119 HIMIG PASKO Joy to the earth! the Savior reigns:

Let men their songs employ;
Malamig ang simoy ng hangin While fields and floods,
Kay saya ng bawat damdamin. rocks, hills and plains
Ang tibok ng puso sa dibdib, Repeat the sounding joy,
Para bang hulog na ng langit. Repeat the sounding joy,
repeat, repeat the sounding joy.
Himig Pasko’y laganap
Mayroong sigla ang lahat He rules the world with truth and grace.
Wala ng kalungkutan, And makes the nations prove.
Lubos ang kasayahan. The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love
Himig ng pasko’y umiiral, And wonders of His love
Sa loob ng bawat tahanan, and wonders, and wonders of His love.
Masaya ang mga tanawin,
May awit ang simoy ng hangin. 122 KASADYA
Kasadya ning taknaa
120 IT CAME UPON A MID- dapit sa kahimayaan
Mao ray among makita ang panagway
nga masanagon
It came upon the midnight clear,
Bulahan ug bulahan ang tagbalay nga
That glorious song of old,
From angels bending near the earth
Awit nga halandumon sa tanang pasko
to touch their harps of gold:
“Peace on the earth, good will to men
from heaven’s all gracious King:”
Bag-ong tuig, bag-ong kinabuhi
The world in solemn stillness lay,
Duyog sa among mga pagbati
To hear the angel sing.
Atong awiton ug atong laylayon
Aron magmalipayon.
Joy to the world!
The lord is come:
Come, they told me,
Let earth receive her King;
pa-rum pum pum pum,
Let every heart prepare Him room,
A new born King to see,
And heaven and nature sing
pa-rum pum pum pum,
And heaven and nature sing
Our finest gifts we bring,
And heaven and heaven and nature
pa-rum pum pum pum,
Christmas Hymns

To lay before the King, 124 MAGLIPAY KITA

pa-rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum Maglipay kita niining panahona
rum pum pum pum, Kay natawo na si Hesus ang Manunubos
So to honor Him, Siya gidan-agan sa mga kabitoonan
pa-rum pum pum pum, Ginaludhan, gi-ampoan
when we come. sa tanan nga katawhan.

Baby Jesus, Ihikling ang mga kasakit

pa-rum pum pum pum, Ug ang tanan nga kagul-anan
I am a poor boy, too, Maghiusa sa pag-ampo ug pag-awit
pa-rum pum pum pum, sa pagsaulog mag-ambahan tang tanan.
I have no gifts to bring,
pa-rum pum pum pum,
That’s fit to give a King,
pa-rum pum pum pum,
Long time ago in Bethlehem,
rum pum pum pum,
So the Holy Bible say:
rum pum pum pum,
Mary’s Boy Child, Jesus Christ,
Shall I play for You?
was born on Christmas day.
pa-rum pum pum pum,
on my drum.
Hark now hear the angel sing
Mary nodded,
A new King born today
pa-rum pum pum pum,
And man will live forever more
The ox and ass kept time,
Because of Christmas day.
pa-rum pum pum pum,
I played my drums for Him,
Trumpets sound and angels sing
pa-rum pum pum pum,
Listen to what they say
I played my best for Him,
That man will live forever more
pa-rum pum pum pum,
Because of Christmas day.
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
While shepherds watch their flock by
Then He smiled at me,
pa-rum pum pum pum,
they see a bright new shining star
me and my drum.
They hear a choir sing,
The music seem to come from afar.

Now Joseph and his wife, Mary,

Came to Bethlehem that night
Christmas Hymns

They found no place to bear the Child ancora tra noi, Ti amiamo di piu.
Not a single room was in the sight.
Noel, Noel, venite adoriam il
126 MISA DE GALLO Figliuolo divino si e fatto Bambin.
Noel, Noel, Gesu dall’altar chiama tutti a
Misa de gallo sa simbahan gustar la sua pace il suo amor.
At nagtilaok na ang tandang
Tanda ng pagdiriwang at pag-iisa 128 O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL
Paskong dakilang araw.
O come, all ye faithful,
Koro: Joyful and triumphant,
Ang awit na handog sa mesiyas O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem;
Mayroon pang kastanyetas Come and behold Him,
At ang koro tuloy ang kanta Born the King of Angels
May saliw din ng pandereta.
Misa de gallo sa tuwing pasko Refrain:
Nagdarasal ang bawat tao O Come, let us adore Him,
At nagpapasalamat sa pagsilang O Come, let us adore Him,
Ng Diyos na hari ng mundo. O Come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.
127 NOEL, NOEL (Italian)
Sing, choirs of Angels,
Noel, Noel, chiara luce e nel ciel, Sing in exultation,
Nella grotta divina e nato Gesu. Sing all ye citizens of
Noel, Noel, le campane nel ciel Heav’n above;
cantan liete e festose: e nato Gesu. Glory to God, in the highest glory;

Rit. Savior, we greet Thee,

Noel, noel, noel, noel: Born this happy morning,
Insieme adoriamo il bimbo Gesu. Jesus, to Thee be all glory giv’n;
Word of the Father
Noel, Noel, torna ancora il Signor Now in Flesh appearing:
Per ridare la vita, la forza, l’amor.
Noel, Noel, nasce ancora Gesu 129 O HOLY NIGHT
Per portare nel cielo chi crede di piu.
O Holy night,
Noel, noel, brilla un astro nel ciel l’astro the stars are brightly shining.
d’or del Signore che viene a salvar. It is the night
Noel, noel, O Bambino Gesu resta of our dear Savior’s birth.
Christmas Hymns

Long lay the world O Holy Child of Bethlehem,

in sin and error pining, Descend to us we pray;
‘Till He appeared Cast out our sin, and enter in,
and the soul felt its worth. Be born in us today.
A thrill of hope We hear the Christmas angels
the weary world rejoices, the great glad tidings tell;
for yonder breaks O come to us abide with us,
a new and glorious morn. Our Lord Emmanuel.

Chorus: 131 O PAGMAYA, KALIBU-

Fall on your knees,
Oh hear the angel voices!
O night divine,
O night when Christ was born 1. O pagmaya, kalibutan! Ani-a na
O night, O holy night, ang Dios. Dawaton ta ang Hari sa
O night Divine. atong kinabuhi. Karon maglipay ta,
Karon maglipay ta,
130 O LITTLE TOWN Maglipay, maglipay sa gugma.
2. O pagmaya, kalibutan! Ang Dios
O little town of Bethlehem, ta may gahum. Kalipay sa tanan
How still we see thee lie; Dagat ug kabukiran. Karon maglipay
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep ta, Karon maglipay ta,
the silent stars go by. Maglipay, maglipay sa gugma.
Yet in thy dark streets shineth the ever-
lasting Light;
The hopes and fears of all the years
are met in thee tonight.
Pasko na naman, O kay tulin ng araw
Paskong nagdaan tila ba kung
For Christ is born of Mary;
kailan lang
And gathered all above.
Ngayon ay pasko dapat pasalamatan
While mortals sleep
Ngayon ay pasko tayo ay mag-awitan.
The angels keep their watch
of wond’ring love.
O morning stars, together proclaim the
Pasko, pasko, pasko na namang muli
holy birth;
Tanging araw nating pinakamimithi
And praises sing to God the King,
Pasko, pasko, pasko na namang muli
And peace to men on earth.
ang pag-ibig maghahari. (2x)
Christmas Hymns


Pasko’y sumapit na,
Tayo ay magdiwang. 1. Sa halawum nga gabii, natawo si
Purihin ang Panginoon at ating awitan. Jesus. Ang Bata makawiwili, Anak sa
Gunitaing Sanggol na sumilang sa Buhing Dios.
sabsaban Ang manulunda nag-awit, ang tawo
Ay si Hesus ang Diyos nating tunay.
naglipay, Kay ang yuta ug ang langit
Ngayon nga ay Pasko,
Karon nagtiunay.
Dapat igalang.
Magkaisa tayo sa panalangi’t awitan;
Ating tupdin tunay na diwa ng 2. Sa halangdong Dios sa langit,
kapaskuhan himaya way hunong. Ug sa yuta ang
Magmahalan, magbigayan bawat araw. pagdait sa tawong matarung.
Awitan ta si Maria, ang atong Ina-
Pagkat sumilang sa daigdigan ang han. Halaran ta sa atong gugma,
Mananakop, Ihatag ang tanan.
Hari ng kapayapaan;
S’ya ay Pag-ibig at Katarungan, Koro:
Handog Niya sa ati’y kaligtasan.
Tana, atong simbahon ang manu-
nubos, siya atong halaran sa gug-
134 RESONET IN LAUDIBUS mang bug-os. (2x)
Resonet in laudibus,
cum iucundis plausibus, 136 SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT
Sion cum fidelibus.
Rit. Silent night! Holy night!
Apparuit, apparuit All is calm, all is bright
quem genuit Maria. Round yon virgin Mother and child.
Holy infant so tender and mild.
Pueri, concinite Sleep in heavenly peace,
nato regi psallite, sleep in heavenly peace.
voce pia dicite:
Silent night! Holy night.
Sion lauda Dominum, Shepherds quake at the sight.
Salvatorem hominum, Glories stream from heaven afar,
Lavatorem criminum. Heavenly hosts sing: alleluia,
Christ the Savior is born.
Christ the Savior is born.
Christmas Hymns

Silent night! Holy night! amidst eternal joy songs of praise

Son of God, love’s pure light their power employ.
Radiant, beams from Thy Holy Face, (Songs of praise! songs of praise! Al-
With the dawn of redeeming grace, leluia, alleluia.)
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth.
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth. 138 THE FIRST NOEL
137 SONGS OF PRAISE The first Noel the angel did say,
Was to certain poor shepherds
Song of praise the angel sang in field where they lay.
Heaven with alleluias rang. In fields where they
When creation was begun lay keeping their sheep,
When God spoke and it was done. On a cold winter’s night that was so
Songs of praise awoke the morn
When the Prince of peace was born Refrain:
Songs of praise arose Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
When He captive led captivity. Born is the King of Israel.

Heaven and earth must pass away They looked up and saw a star
Songs of praise shall crown that day Shining in the east beyond them far.
God will make new heavens and earth And to the earth it gave great light.
Songs of praise shall hail their birth And so it continued both day and night.
(Songs of praise! songs of praise!
Alleluia, alleluia.) [And by the light of that same star
Three wise men came from country far
And will voice of man be dumb To seek for a King was their intent.
Till the glorious kingdom come And to follow the star wherever it went.]
Lo, the Church delights to raise
Psalms and hymns and songs of praise. This star drew nigh to the northwest.
O’er Bethlehem it took its rest,
Saints below, with heart and voice And there it did both stop and stay right
Still the songs of praise rejoice over the place where Jesus lay.
Learning here, by faith and love
Songs of praise to sing above. Then entered those wise men three,
Fall reverently upon their knee
Borne upon their final breath And offered there in His presence
Songs of praise shall conquer death their gold, and myrrh, and frankin-
then, cense.
Christmas Hymns

[Then let us all in one accord 140 TU SCENDI DALLE STELLE

Sing praises to our Heavenly Lord,
That hath made heaven and earth of Tu scendi dalle stelle,
naught, O Re del cielo, e vieni in una grotta
And with His mankind hath bought.] al freddo, al gelo.

139 THE SOUND OF LIFE O Bambino, mio divino

io ti vedo qui a tremar: O Dio beato!
Can you hear the sound of life? Ah quanto ti costo l’avermi amato!
Heard in the laughter
of children at play? A te che sei del mondo il creatore
Can you hear the sound mancano panni e fuoco
of the voices sing? al mioSignore:
Feel the magic and joy they bring?
Caro eletto pargoletto,
Can you hear the laughter? quanto questa poverta piu mi innamora,
Can you hear the music? Giacche ti fece amor povero ancora.
Sing with your heart Tu lasci del tuo Padre il divin seno,
It’s the song of life. Per venire a penar su poco fieno.

Can you hear it? Dolce amore del mio cuore,

Can you feel it? Dove amore ti treporto?
It’s the magic in your heart. O Gesu mio, perche tanto patir,
It’s the music, the sound of life. per amor mio!

Can you hear the Christmas bells ring Ma se fu tuo volere it tuo patire,
and the sound of the carolers, too? Perche vuoi pianger poi
Can you hear the message far and near: perche vagire?
“Merry Christmas, the Lord is here!”
Sposo mio, amoto Dio,
Can you hear the laughter? Mio Gesu, l’intendo, si:
Can you hear the music? ah, mio Signore!
Sing with your heart Tu piangi non per duol, maper amore
It’s the song of life.
Tu piange per vederti da me ingrato,
Can you hear it? Dopo si grande amor, si poco amato.
Can you feel it?
Sing the message loud and clear O diletto del mio petto, se gia un
“Merry Christmas, the Lord is here!” tempo fu cosi: or te sol bramo.
Caro, Non pianger piu, ch’io t’amo,
Christmas Hymns

t’amo. Christ our Savior bring release

Tu dormi, Gesu mio, ma intanto Counsellor, Eternal Father
il cuore non dorme, God made man, and Prince of peace.
No ma veglia a tutte l’ore:
Born of Mary, gentle Virgin
Deh! mio bello e puro agnello By the Spirit of the Lord
a che pensi dimmi tu? From eternal ages spoken
O amore immenso; a morire per to, This the mighty Father’s Word.
rispondi, io penso.
Love and truth in Him shall flower
Dunque a morir per me tu pensi, From His strength their vigor take
O Dio; e chi alto fuor di to amar poss’io? Branches that are bare shall blossom
Joy that slept begins to wake.
O Maria, speranza mia,
Se poco amo il tuo Gesu, Praise the everlasting Father
Non ti sdegnare; tu l’ama anche And the Word, His only Son praise
per me, s’io nol so amore. them with the Holy Spirit,
Perfect Trinity in one.
Umawit ang bayan ng Poong mahal Venite adoriamo il figlio divino,
ng himig ng kagalakan, Che nato Bambino per noi s’incarno.
Ang bawat isa’y may handog na ta- Sorgete, pastori, lasciate l’ovile
glay Sa pagsilang ng Panginoon. che notte simile giammai non spunto.

Halina’t magdiwang sa Diyos na Venite adoriamo il figlio divino,
banal, Purihin S’yat aawitan. Che nato Bambino per noi s’incarno.
Kanyang kaluwalhati ay ihayag
Sa ating tuwa’t kagalakan. O candida notte che giorno fai lieti,
At sa pagsilang ng Poong Hesus, Gia pria dai Profeti di Te si parlo.
Kapayapaan ang alay. O notte in cui nacque il Verbo
Sama ng loob ay ating talikdan del Padre che Vergine Madre nel seno
At magmahalang tunay. porto.

Il santo divino purissimo

142 UNTO US A CHILD IS GIVEN Agnello qual pioggia sul vello dal cielo
Unto us a Child is given
Christmas Hymns

Su dunque pastori, lasciate l’ovile, Refrain:

Che notte simile giammai non spunto. This, this is Christ the King,
Whom shepherds guard and angels sing;
Dal pigro riposo gia a voi dei Canori Haste, haste to bring Him laud,
angelici cori la voce desto. The Babe, the Son of Mary.
La voce che a Dio die gloria dei cieli e in
terra si fedeli la pace annunzio. Why lies He in such a mean estate
Where ox and ass are feeding?
144 WE THREE KINGS Good Christian, fear, for sinners here
The silent word is pleading.
We three kings of Orient are,
Bearing gifts we traverse afar. So bring Him incense, gold and myrrh,
Field and fountain, come peasant, King to own Him;
Moor and mountain, The King of kings salvation brings,
Following, yonder star. let loving hearts enthrone Him.


Oh, star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright, A ray of hope flickers in the sky
Westward leading, still proceeding, A tiny star lights up way up high
Guide us to the perfect light. All across the land, dawns
Born a Babe on Bethlehem’s plain, a brand new morn
Gold we bring to crown Him again; This comes to pass when a Child is
King forever, ceasing never, born.
Over us all to reign.
A silent wish sails the seven seas
Frankincense to offer have I; the winds of change whisper in the trees
Incense owns a Deity nigh, And the walls of doubt crumble
Prayer and praising all men raising, tossed and torn
Worship God on high. This comes to pass when a Child is
A rosy dawn settles all around
What Child is this who, laid to rest You’ve got to feel you’re on solid ground
On Mary’s lap is sleeping? For a spell of truth no one seems forlorn
Whom angels greet with anthem sweet, This comes to pass when a Child is
While shepherds watch are keeping? born.

It’s all a dream, an illusion now.

Christmas Hymns

It must come true sometime soon Let earth and heaven sing.
All across the land dawns a brand Sing a song and light up the lights
new morn we need to make this Christmas bright.
This comes to pass when a Child is Hang your favorite dream on a star
born. (2x) Wish upon it Christmas night.
(Repeat Refrain)
NIGHT Sing about the better things
the friends we have and
Sing a song and light up the lights happiness they bring
We need to make this Christmas bright. Sing a song of dreams come true
Hang your favorite dream on a star and bless the New Year, too.
wish upon it Christmas night.

Sing about the better things
The friends we have, the joy they bring,
hang a dream upon a star
and wish upon it Christmas night.

Peace on earth we dream for the world

Time to love and time to share.
We can wish for love in the world
Time to give and time to care.

On this day is born the Child Jesus,

Prince of Peace
Hear Him whisper in your heart, let
all hatred cease.
His star will brighten the darkest night
to light your way if you believe.
The love you seek will be in your heart;
ask and you shall receive.

On this day will rise the Morning Sun

All the bells will ring
Hope is born for peace throughout
the land
Lenten Hymns


1. We rise again from ashes,
from the good we’ve failed to do. Refrain:
We rise again from ashes, All glory, praise and honor
to create ourselves anew. to You Redeemer King!
If all our world is ashes, To whom the lips of children
then must our lives be true, Made glad hosannas ring.
an offering of ashes, an offering to you.
You are the King of Israel
2. We offer you our failures, And David’s royal Son.
we offer you attempts, Who in the Lord’s Name comest
the gifts not fully given, The King and Blessed One.
the dreams not fully dreamt.
Give our stumblings direction, The company of angels
give our visions wider view, are praising You on high.
an offering of ashes, an offering to you. And mortal men and all things
Created make reply.
3. Then rise again from ashes,
let healing come to pain, The people of the Hebrews
though spring has turned to winter, with palms before You went.
and sunshine turned to rain. Our praise and prayers anthems,
The rain we’ll use for growing, Before You we present.
and create the world anew
from an offering of ashes, an offering to To You before Your passion,
you. they sang their hymns of praise.
To You, now high exalted
4. Thanks be to the Father, our melody we raise.
who made us like himself.
Thanks be to his Son, 150 ALAS! AND DID MY
who saved us by his death. SAVIOR BLEED?
Thanks be to the Spirit
who creates the world anew 1. Alas! and did my Savior bleed?
from an offering of ashes, an offering to and did my Sov’reign die?
you. Would He devote that sacred head,
For such a worm as I?

2. Was it for crimes that I have done,

He groaned upon the tree?
Lenten Hymns

Amazing pity! Grace unknown! 6. Naa Kaniya ang atong kaluwasan,

And love beyond degree! ug ang tibu-ok kalinaw.
Ug ang tibu-ok kalinaw.
3. Well might the sun in darkness hide,
And shut his glories in, 152 BY THE CROSS HER VIGIL
When Christ, the mighty Maker died, KEEPING (STABAT MATER)
For man the creature’s sin.
By the cross her vigil keeping
4. But drops of grief can ne’er repay, Stands the mournful mother weeping
the debt of love I owe; Near her Son until the end.
Here, Lord, I give myself away,
‘Tis all that I can do. Through her heart a sword is driven,
And her soul to anguish given,
151 AYAW KALIMTI (SEMANA More than we can comprehend.
Who can contemplate God’s Mother
Koro: At the feet of Christ, our Brother
Ayaw kalimti nga namatay si jesus alang And no sympathy express.
kanato; ug nabanhaw gikan sa mga
minatay. Who can see Her so afflicted
By the wounds our sins inflicted,
1. Kon mamatay kita sa Ginoo, And not share in Her distress.
mabuhi ta uban Kaniya.
Mabuhi ta uban kaniya. She beholds His desolation,
2. Kon mag-antus kita sa Ginoo, For the sins of His own nation.
maghari ta uban kaniya. Dying as common thief.
Maghari ta uban kaniya.
In Her soul She feels those bruises,
3. Naa Kaniya ang tanan tang kasakit, Every drop of blood He loses,
ug ang tanang Kalipay. Yet She cannot give relief.
Ug ang tanang kalipay.
Mother let me share Thy Sorrow,
4. Naa Kaniya ang tanan tang paglaum, From Thy Heart may we each borrow
ug ang tibu-ok tang gugma. Love for Jesus Crucified.
Ug ang tibu-ok tang gugma.
May our souls with fervor burning,
5. Naa Kaniya ang atong katubsanan, All our thoughts to Jesus turning,
ug ang tanan tang grasya. Be transfixed there at Thy side.
Ug ang tanan tang grasya. Amen.
Lenten Hymns

153 CHRISTUS AMOR MEUS Their songs before Him day and night
Their God, Redeemer, King.
Christus amor, amor, meus,
Crucifixus, crucifixus, crucifixus est. Crown Him the Lord of heav’n
Christus sponsus, sponsus meus Enthroned in world’s above
Crucifixus, crucifixus, crucifixus est. Crown Him the king, to whom is giv’n
Christus, Christus Nazarenus The wondrous name of Love
Crucifixus, crucifixus, crucifixus est. Crown Him with many crowns
As thrones before Him fall
1. Vivat Christus, vivat Jesus, Crown Him, ye kings, with many
Vivat Jesus amor meus crowns
Vivat Jesus amor meus. For He is King of all.

2. Vivat Christus, vivat Jesus 155 DUST AND ASHES

Vivat Jesus sponsus meus
Vivat Jesus sponsus meus. 1. Dust and ashes touch our face,
mark our failure and our falling.
3. Vivat Christus, vivat Jesus Holy Spirit come, walk with us tomor-
Vivat Jesus Nazarenus, row,
Vivat Jesus Nazarenus. take us as disciples,
washed and wakened by your calling
154 CROWN HIM WITH MANY 2. Dust and ashes soil our hands
CROWNS greed of market, pride of nation.
Holy Spirit come, walk with us tomor-
Crown Him with many crowns row,
The land upon His throne as we pray and struggle
Hark! how the heav’nly anthem drowns through the meshes of oppression.
All music but its own
Awake, my soul, and sing 3. Dust and ashes choke our
Of Him who died for thee tongue,
And hail Him as thy matchless King in the waste land of depression.
through all eternity. Holy Spirit come, walk with us tomor-
Crown Him the Lord of lords through all gloom and grieving
Who over all doth reign. to the paths of resurrection.
Who once on earth, the incarnate Word
for ransomed sinners slain. Take us by the hand and lead us,
Now lives in realm of light lead us through the desert sands,
Where saints with angels sing Bring us living water, Holy Spirit come.
Lenten Hymns

156 GOD, MY GOD With Thy praises King of kings.

In Eden’s peaceful vale!
God, my God why did You leave me
Though I cry, You stay far from me 158 HIMAYA UG PAGDAYEG
You are silent all the day. (AKLAMASYON SA EBANGHELYO
Through the night I tell my sorrow SA PANAHON SA KWARESMA)
Do you hear my words of sorrow
Do you hear the words I say? Antipono:
Himaya ug pagdayeg alang kanimo,
I no longer seem quite human ginoo’ng hesukristo . Amen, amen...
More a worm than really human
Scorned and hated by them all Berso:
I am mocked they all despise me O Ginoo, ang imong mga pulong
Laugh and joke as they chastise me espiritu’g kinabuhi; naghupot ikaw sa
Glad to see me trip and fall. mensahe sa kinabuhing dayon.

He called on the Lord to save Him

Let the God who loves Him saves Him
Let Him help in this test from the
Ito ang tinapay ng buhay
Kanin mo’t makakabahagi
My God you drew me.
Ito ang tinapay ng buhay
Kanin mo’t makikiisa
DIVINE Iyan ang katawang binayubay
Upang ikaw ay mabuhay
Hail, Redeemer King divine Iyan ang katawang naghirap upang
Priest and Lamb, the throne is Thine iyong kamtan ang buhay na walang
King whose reign shall never cease hanggan
Prince of everlasting peace.
Ito ang saro ng bagong tipan
Refrain: Inumin mo’t makakabahagi
Angels, saints and nations sing: Ito ang saro ng bagong tipan inumin
“Praised be Jesus Christ, our King. mo’t makikiisa
Lord of earth and sky and sea,
King of love on Calvary.” Iyan ang dugong dumanak upang ikaw
ay luminis
Christ, Thou King of truth and might Iyan ang dugo ni Kristo na para sa iyo
Be to us eternal light doon sa kalbaryo ay tumigis
till in peace each nation rings
Lenten Hymns

Ito ang tinapay ng buhay crime.

Ito ang saro ng bagong tipan
Iyan ang katawang binayubay 2. Since my poor soul, Thy precious
Iyan ang dugong itinigis blood hath cost,
Ito ang aking patunay Suffer me not forever to be lost.
Ako ay kasama n’yong namatay
Ito ang aking ipapahayag na magbabalik Oh, pardon me, Jesus, thy mercy I
si Hesus na buhay implore,
I will never more offend thee.
YOUR SIDE Oh, pardon me, Jesus. Thy mercy I
1. I see your hands and your side, Lord, I will never more offend thee,
I do not ask for more; No never more. Believe and repent
for the true marks of a friend are these;
not words, or sermons, or a life of ease, 162 MY LOVING SAVIOR
but the two marks in your hands, Lord,
and the sword-mark in your side. My loving Savior,
how have You offended,
2. I see your hands and your side, Lord, that such a hate in man
I do not ask for more; on You descended?
for the true marks of your Church are Both mocked and scorned,
these; You suffered our rejection
not words, or sermons, or a life of ease, in deep affliction.
but the two marks in your hands, Lord, It was my guilt brought all these things
and the sword-mark in your side. upon You,
3. I see your hands and your side, Lord, Through all my sins
I do not ask for more; was injustice done You.
for the true marks of my life shall be; Lord Jesus, it was I that did deny You.
not words, or sermons, or a life of ease, And crucify You.
but the two marks in your hands, Lord,
and the sword-mark in your side. So now the shepherd
for the sheep is offered,
161 JESUS, MY GOD BEHOLD AT Mankind is guilty, but the Son suffered.
LENGTH For man’s atonement,
which man never heeded,
1. Jesus, my God; behold at length the God interceded.
when I resolved to turn away from For us, dear Jesus,
Lenten Hymns

was Your incarnation, 164 O CHRIST, REDEEMER OF

Your bitter death MANKIND
and shameful crucifixion,
Your burial and glorious resurrection, O Christ, Redeemer of mankind
For our salvation. Creator of our earth,
Light of light, God of gods,
Although, good Jesus, Son of eternal birth!
we cannot repay You,
We shall adore You Love forced you become a man
and shall ever praise You, that pardon you could win
For all Your kindness and Your love As second Adam could restore
Unswerving, not our deserving. What Adam lost by sin.

163 MY SONG IS LOVE That love which of Your bounty

UNKNOWN Made the earth and sky and sea
had mercy on our parents’ fall
1. My song is love unknown, Broke the bonds and set us free.
My Saviour’s love to me,
Love to the loveless shown, May wondrous love in endless flood
that they might lovely be. flow from your wounded side
O who am I that for my sake May nations win Your saving grace
My Lord take frail flesh and die. And, Lord, with You abide.

2. He came from his blest throne, For this You bore the lance’s thrust
Salvation to bestow, But men made And scourge and thorns and pains
strange, That blood and water from Your Heart
and none the longed for Christ would Might wash away our stains.
But O my Friend, My Friend indeed, Glory be to Jesus Christ
Who at my need His life did spend. Whose Heart does graces send
To Father and the Spirit too
3. Here might I stay and sing, No story For ages without end.
so divine:
Never was love, dear King Never was 165 O SACRED HEAD (1)
grief like thine.
This is my Friend, In whose sweet O Sacred Head surrounded
praise, By crown of piercing thorns!
I all my days could gladly spend. O bleeding Head so wounded,
Reviled and put to scorn.
Lenten Hymns

Our sins have marred the glory With patience and with love,
of Thy Most Holy Face That we may truly merit
Yet angel hosts adore Thee, a glorious crown above.
And tremble as they gaze.
The Lord of every nation
was hang upon a tree Behold the cross of Jesus Christ (2x)
His death was our salvation,
Our sins His agony. On which He shed His blood for us,
O Jesus, by Thy passion, Our Lord Jesus Christ on which He
Thy life in us increase. shed
Thy death for us did fashion His blood for us, Jesus Christ.
Our pardon and our peace.
He is our Holy Paschal Lamb (2x)
166 O SACRED HEAD (2) He proves His love for each of us,
Our Lord Jesus Christ (2x)
O Sacred Head surrounded
By crown of piercing thorns! From out His heart, flow streams of love
O bleeding Head so wounded, (2x)
Reviled and put to scorn. And He will wash us clean again,
Death’s pallid hue comes o’er Thee, Our Lord Jesus Christ (2x)
the glow of life decays He is the Way, the Truth, and Life (2x)
Yet angel hosts adore Thee, Who gives the peace the world can’t
And tremble as they gaze. give,
Our Lord Jesus Christ (2x)
We see Thy strength and vigor,
decreasing in the strife. He is the Vine that gives us life (2x)
And death with cruel rigor, And we are branches on that vine,
depriving Thee of life. Our Lord Jesus Christ (2x)
Lord, by this bitter passion,
God’s justice satisfied. 168 PRAISE TO THE HOLIEST IN
A holy people fashion, THE HEIGHT
Redeemed and sanctified.
Praise to the holiest in the height
O Jesus, we adore Thee, and in the depth be praise.
Our Thorn-crowned Lord and King. In all His worlds most wonderful
We bow our hearts before Thee, most sure in all His ways.
and to Thy cross we cling.
O give us strength to bear it, O loving wisdom of our God
Lenten Hymns

When all was sin and shame Magiging tanda ng tagumpay

A second Adam to the fight Kung sakaling ako’y mamatay.
and to the rescue came.
Mga krus ng buhay
O wisest love that flesh and blood At madlang pasanin
which did in Adam fail Buong puso kong titiisin
Should strive afresh against the foe, Balang araw ito’y
Should strive and should prevail. Koronang maningning
Sa langit na baya’y kakamtin.
And that a higher gift than grace
Should flesh and blood refine. 170 TAKE UP YOUR CROSS
God’s presence and His very self
And essence all divine. Take up your cross the Savior said
O generous love that He who smote If you would My disciple be
In man for man the foe Deny yourself, the world forsake
The double agony in man and humbly follow after Me.
For man should undergo.
Take up your cross let not its weight
And in the garden secretly Fill you weak spirit with alarm
And on the cross on high His strength shall bear your spirit up
should teach His brethren and inspire And brace your heart and nerve your
To suffer and to die. arm.
Praise to the holiest in the height Take up your cross and follow Christ
and in the depth be praise. Nor think till death to lay it down
In all His words most wonderful For only he who bears the cross
Most sure in all His ways. Amen. May hope to wear the glorious crown.

169 SA MALAYONG BUNDOK To you great Lord, the One in Three,

All praise forevermore ascend;
Sa malayong bundok O grant us here below to see
May isang lumang krus The heav’nly life that knows no end.
Na sagisag ng luha’t lungkot
Pagkat sa krus na ito 171 THE GLORY OF THESE
Namatay si Hesus FORTY DAYS
Sa sala ng tao’y pagtubos.
1.The glory of these forty days,
Kaya’t krus na ito’y igagalang We celebrate with songs of praise;
habang tayo ay nabubuhay For Christ by whom all things were
Lenten Hymns

made, And shelters all his own.

Himself has fasted and has prayed.
4. Refreshed, made whole, we humbly
2. Alone and fasting Moses saw , stands,
The loving God who gave the law; Our future in your hand.
And to Elijah, fasting came, How gracious are your works of love,
The steeds and chariots of flame. All showered from above.

3. So Daniel trained his mystic sight, 173 VIA CRUCIS

Delivered from the lion’s might;
And John, the Bridegroom’s friend 1. In his own raiment clad, with his
became, blood dyed;
The herald of messiah’s name. Women walk sorrowing by his side.
Heavy that cross for him, Weary that
4. Then grants us Lord like them to do, weight,
Such things as bring great praise to you; One who will help him stands at the
Our spirits strengthen with your grace, gate.
And give us joy to see your face. 2. See, they are travelling on the same
5. Our Father, Son, and Spirit blest, Simon is sharing with the load.
To you be every prayer addressed; Follow to Calvary, tread where he trod,
And by all mankind be adored, He who forever is Son of God.
From age to age, the only Lord.
3. You that would love him, stand, gaze
172 THE HOUR HAS COME on his face;
Pause for a while in your earthly race.
1. The restless soul longs for your peace, Is there no beauty to you that pass by,
Which only you can give; In that lone figure againts the sky?
Your Kingdom, Lord, has come to me,
And now my heart can live. 4. On that cross lifted up your face we
2. The misty gloom has held its ways; Bearing that cross for us, Son of man.
The night has covered all. Thorns are your diadem, rough wood
O Son of God, we dare to pray, your throne;
And on your mercy call. For us your blood is shed, us alone.

3. The mustard seed once planted low, 5. We see your title, Lord, inscribed
Into a tree does grow; above;
The Kingdom of the Lord has come, Jesus of Nazareth’, King of Love.
Lenten Hymns

Faithful to that love may we ever be, Lord?

And live with you in eternity.
174 WASH ME, CLEANSE ME Oh, sometimes
it causes me to tremble, tremble,
1. Wash me , cleanse me tremble.
and I shall be brighter than snow.
For my soul is longing for your pres- Were you there
ence, when they nailed Him to the tree?
Lord, and my broken heart you know. Were you there
when they nailed Him to the tree?
2. Ash to ash, dust to dust Were you there
ev’rything returning to your heart. when they nailed Him to the tree?
You are always merciful and gracious,
Lord, Where you there
slow to anger, just and kind. when they laid Him in the tomb?
Where you there
3. Fearful, faithful, I await when they laid Him in the tomb?
new heaven and new earth. Where you there
Yet a day to you is as a thousand years, when they laid Him in the tomb?
and a thousand years a day.
4. Hear me, spare me, 176 WHEN I SURVEY
do not face me suddenly with death. THE WONDROUS CROSS
Give me grace to heal my sin and igno-
rance, When I survey the wondrous cross
and the time to change my heart. On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
Lord, please wash me cleanse me And pour contempt on all my pride.
and I shall be brighter than the snow.
Wash me, cleanse me Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
and I shall be brighter than the snow. Save in the death of Christ my God;
The vain delights that charm me most:
175 WERE YOU THERE I sacrifice them to His blood.

Were you there when they crucified my See from His head, His hands, His feet
Lord? What grief and love flow mingling
Were you there when they crucified my down;
Lord? Did e’er such Love and sorrow meet,
Were you there when they crucified my Or thorns compose so rich a crown?
Lenten Hymns

Where all the realm of nature mine,

That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.
Easter Hymns

177 ALL THE EARTH PROCLAIM Are we left in sorrow now;

THE LORD Alleluia! He is near us,
Faith believes nor questions
Antiphon: how:
All the earth proclaim the Lord Though the cloud from sight received
Sing your praise to God. Him,
When the forty days were o’er
Serve you the Lord, Shall our hearts forget His prom-
Heart filled with gladness. ise,
Come into His presence singing for joy. “I am with you evermore”?
Know that the Lord is our Creator.
Yes He is our Father; we are His sons. Alleluia! Bread of angels,
Thou on earth our food, our stay;
We are the sheep of His green pasture. Alleluia! here the sinful
For we are His people, He is our God. Flee to Thee from day to day:
Intercessor, friend of sinners,
Enter His gates bringing thanksgiving. Earth’s Redeemer, plead for me,
O enter His courts while singing His Where the songs of all the sinless
praise. Sweep across the crystal sea.

Our Lord is good, His love enduring. Alleluia! King eternal,

His word is abiding now with us all. Thee the Lord of lords we own;
Alleluia! born of Mary,
Honor and praise be to the Father, Earth Thy footstool, heav’n Thy throne:
The Son and the Spirit, world without Thou within the veil has entered,
end. Robed in flesh, our great High Priest;
Thou on earth both Priest and Victim
In the Eucharistic feast.
Alleluia! sing to Jesus!
His the scepter, His the throne;
At the Lamb’s high feast we sing
Alleluia! His the triumph,
Praise to our victorious King,
His the victory alone:
Who has washed us in the tide
Hark! the songs of peaceful Sion
Flowing from His wounded side;
Thunder like a mighty flood;
praise the Lord, Whose love divine
Jesus, out of ev’ry nation,
Gives His Sacred Blood for wine,
Has redeemed us by His Blood.
Gives His Sacred Body for the feast,

Christ the Victim, Christ the Priest
Alleluia! not as orphans
Easter Hymns

Where the Paschal blood is poured, Pagkaing handog Ko,

Death’s dark angel sheathes his sword; ito ay Aking buhay sa lahat ng tao’y
Israel’s hosts in triumph go nalaman upang sila’y mabuhay
Through the waves that drown the foe. magpakailanman.
Christ the Lamb Whose blood was shed,
Paschal Victim, Paschal Bread; Ako ang muling pagkabuhay
Let us with a fervent love Ako ang Buhay sinumang manalig
Taste the manna from above. Sa Akin kahit sila ay pumanaw
muling mabubuhay.
Mighty victim from on high,
Pow’rs of hell now vanquished lie; 181 CHRIST AROSE
Sin is conquered in the fight:
You have brought us life and light Low in the grave He lay
Your resplendent banners wave, Jesus, my Savior!
You have risen from the grave; Waiting the coming day
Christ has opened Paradise, Jesus, My Lord!
And in Him all men shall rise.
Easter triumph, Easter joy, Up from the grave He arose,
Sin alone can this destroy; (He arose)
Souls from sin and death set tree With a mighty triumph o’er His foes;(He
Glory in their liberty. arose)
Hymns of glory, hymns of praise He arose a Victor from the dark do-
Father unto You we raise; main,
Risen Lord, for joy we sing: and He lives forever with His Saints to
Let our hymns through heaven ring. reign:
He arose! (He arose)
180 BUBUHAYIN KITA He arose! (He arose)
Hallelujah! Christ arose!
Refrain: In vain they watch His bed
At bubuhayin kita, at bubuhayin kita. Jesus, my Savior!
At bubuhayin kita ngayon at magpak- In vain they seal the dead
ailanman. Jesus, my Lord!

Ako ang buhay mo, Death cannot keep his prey

halina sa Aking piling Jesus, my Savior!
sinumang manalig sa Akin, He tore the bars away
hindi mauuhaw magpakailanman. Jesus, my Lord!
Easter Hymns

182 CHRIST LAG Now He lives no more to die!

Christ, the victim undefiled,
Christ Jesus lay in death’s strong bands Man to God has reconciled;
For our offenses given: When in strange and awful strife
But now at God’s right hand He stands Met together death and life;
And brings us life from heaven; Christians, on this happy day
Therefore let us joyfully be, Haste with joy your vows to pay.
And praise the Father thankfully Christ the Lord, is ris’n on high,
with songs of Alleluia. Now He lives no more to die!
Christ, who once for sinners bled
How long and bitter was the strife Now the first born from the dead,
When life and death contended, Throned in endless might and power,
The victory remained with life, Lives and reigns forevermore.
The reign of death was ended: Hail, eternal hope on high!
Stripped of power, no more it reigns, Hail, our King of Victory!
And empty form alone remains. Hail, our Prince of life adored!
Death’s sting is lost forever. Help and save us, gracious Lord.
So let us keep this festival TODAY
To which Our Lord invites us,
The Savior Who is Joy of all, Christ the Lord is risen today,
The Sun that warms and lights us: Alleluia!
But His grace He shall impart Sons of men and angels say:
Eternal sunshine to the heart; Alleluia!
The night of sin has ended. Raise your joys and triumphs high;
Alleluia. Alleluia!
Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply,

Christ the Lord is ris’n today; Vain the stone, the watch, the seal;
Christians, haste your vows to pay; Alleluia!
Offer you your praises meet Christ has burst the gates of hell:
At the Paschal Victim’s feet. Alleluia!
For the sheep the lamb has bled, Death in vain forbids His rise; Alleluia!
Sinless in the sinner’s stead Christ has opened paradise,
Christ the Lord is ris’n on high, AlIeIuia!
Easter Hymns

Lives again our glorious King; and live To the honor and glory of God
Where, O death, is now thy sting? 3. For the glory we were, First created to
Alleluia! share,
Once He died, our souls to save; Both the nature and kingdom divine!
Alleluia! Now created again That our lives may
Where thy victory, O grave? Alleluia! remain,
throughout time and eternity, thine.
Soar we now where Christ has led,
Alleluia! 4. We with thanks do approve,
Following our exalted Head; Alleluia! The design of that love,
Made like Him, like Him we rise, Which has joined us to Jesus’ name;
Alleluia! So united in heart, Let us never more
Ours the cross, the grave, the skies. part,
Alleluia! Till we meet at the feast of the Lamb.

Hail, the Lord of earth and heaven! 5. Hal- le- lu- iah we sing,
Alleluia! To our Father and King,
Praise to Thee by both be given; And his rapturous praises, repeat;
Alleluia! To the Lamb that was slain, Hal- le- lu-
Thee we greet triumphant now; Alleluia! jia again,
Hail, the resurrection Thou! Alleluia! Sing all heaven and fall at his feet.
Come Holy Spirit, Creator blest,
1. Come away to the skies, and deign within our souls to rest;
My beloved, arise Come with Thy grace and heav’nly aid
And rejoice in the day you were born; And fill the heart which Thou hast
On this festival day, made.
Come exulting away, And with singing
to Zion return. To Thee the comforter we cry,
To Thee the gift of God most high;
2. Now with singing and praise, The fount of life, the fire of love,
Let us spend all the days, The soul’s anointing from above.
By our heavenly Father bestowed,
While his grace we receive from His Make Thou to us the Father known,
bounty, Through Thee His Son in faith be
Easter Hymns

shown; Day when the Christ Ascends,

Be this our never changing creed: High in the heavens to reign.
That Thou dost from them both pro-
ceed. Refrain for Pentecost:
Hail thee, festival day!
To God the Father let us sing Blest day that art hallowed forever;
To God the Son our risen King, Day whereon God from Heav’n
And equally let us adore Shone in the world with His grace.
The Spirit God forever more.
Lo, the fair beauty of earth,
187 COME HOLY SPIRIT, From the death of the winter aris-
Ev’ry good gift of the year
Come Holy Spirit Creator blest, Now with its Master returns:
And in our hearts take up Thy rest; He Who was nailed to the cross
Come with Thy grace and heavenly aid Is Lord and the Ruler of all men;
To fill our hearts which Thou hast made. All things created on earth
Sing to the glory of God:
O Comforter to Thee we cry
Thou Gift from God sent from on high Daily the loveliness grows,
Thou Fount of life and fire of love. Adorned with the glory of blossom;
The soul’s anointing from above. Heaven her gates unbars,
Flinging her increase of light:
Praise be to Thee Father and Son
And Holy Spirit with Them one; Rise form the grave now, O Lord,
and may the Son on us bestow Who art author of life and creation.
All gifts that from the Spirit flow. Treading the pathway of death,
Life Thou bestowest on man:

188 HAIL THEE, FESTIVAL DAY! God the All-Father, the Lord,
Who Rulest the earth and the heavens,
Refrain for Easter: Guard us from harm without,
Hail thee, festival day! Cleanse us from evil within:
Blest day that art hallowed forever;
Day whereon Christ arose, Jesus the health of the world,
Breaking the kingdom of death. Enlighten our minds, Thou Redeemer,
Son of the Father supreme,
Refrain for Ascension: Only begotten of God:
Hail thee, festival day!
Blest day that art hallowed forever; Spirit of life and of power,
Easter Hymns

Now flow in us, fount of our being 190 I REJOICED

Light that dost lighten all,
Life that in all dost abide: I rejoiced when I heard them say:
we go to God’s own home.
Praise the Giver of good! And now our feet have stood
Thou Love Who art Author of concord, within Your temple, Lord.
Pour out Thy balm on our souls,
Order our ways in thy peace: For the sake of Jerusalem,
pray peace be in our walls.
189 I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE And peace be in our homes.
May God’s own good be known.
I am the bread of Life,
He who comes to Me shall not hunger; For the sake of our friends and kin,
He who believes in Me shall not thirst pray peace be in your hearts.
No one can come to Me unless the Fa- For the sake of His own home,
ther draws him. May God’s own good be
known in our hearts.
And I will raise him up,
and I will raise him up,
And I will raise him up on the last day.
1. I am the bread of life,
He who comes to me shall not hunger:
I am the Resurrection, I am the Life.
he who believes in me shall not thirst.
He who believes in Me
No one can come to me,
Even if he dies, he shall live forever.
unless the Father draws him.
Yes, Lord, I believe
that You are the Christ,
And I will raise him up,
The Son of God, The Son of God,
and I will raise him up,
Who has come into the world.
and I will raise him up
on the last day.
I am the Way and the truth;
I am the Life.
2. The bread that I will give,
No one comes to the Father,
is my flesh for the life of the world,
Except he come through Me,
and he who eats of this bread,
except he come through Me.
He shall live forever, He shall live for-

3. Unless you eat, of the flesh of the son

Easter Hymns

of man, Rising from the dead.

and drink of his blood, and drink of his
blood, Let us share the pain
You shall not life within you. You endured in dying
We shall then remain
4. For my flesh is food indeed, Living, death defying,
and my blood is drink indeed. We shall rise again.
He who eats of my flesh,
And drinks of my blood, abides in me. Jesus, You were dead,
But You rose and living,
5. As the living Father sent me, Made Yourself our Bread,
and as I live because of the Father, In Your goodness giving
so he who eats me shall live because of Life though we were dead.
Shall live because of me. 193 ITO ANG BAGONG ARAW
6. I am the resurrection, Ito ang bagong araw,
I am the life. he who believes in me, Ito’y araw ng tagumpay;
even if he die, Anak ng tao’y nabuhay,
He shall live forever. S’ya’y ating parangalan.
Si Hesus muling nabuhay,
192 IN THE MIDST OF DEATH Sa kamataya’y nagtagumpay.
Magalak, h’wag ng lumuha;
We who once were dead Hinango ang tao sa sala.
Now live fully knowing Kristo Hesus, tunay Kang Hari,
Jesus as our Head. Kami sa ‘yo’y nagpupuri.
Life is overflowing. Sa krus Ika’y namatay,
When He breaks the bread. Ngunit muli Kang nabuhay.

We were lost in night, Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya.

But You sought and found us. Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya.
Give us strength to fight. Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya.
Death is all around us. Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya.
Jesus, be our light
He became our Bread; DAY, ALLELUIA
Jesus died to save us.
On Him we are fed, Jesus Christ is ris’n today, Alleluia!
Eating what He gave us, Our triumphant holy day, Alleluia!
Easter Hymns

Who did once upon the cross, Alleluia! You have shattered Satan’s might,
Suffer to redeem our loss, Alleluia! Rising glorious from the fight.
Hymns of praise then let us sing, Al-
leluia! 4. Jesus, Victor hear our prayer,
Unto Christ, our heav’nly King, Alleluia! In your triumph let us share,
Who endured the cross and grave, Al- Lifts our minds and hearts above,
leluia! Strengthen all in your great love.
Sinners to redeem and save, Alleluia! Alleluia!

But the pains which He endured, Al-

Our salvation have procured, Alleluia!
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
Now He rules eternal King, Alleluia!
Ye sons and daughters, let us sing!
Where the angels ever sing, Alleluia!
The King of heav’n, the glorious King,
O’er death today rose triumphing.
Praise to God the Father sing, Alleluia!
Praise to God the Son, our King, Al-
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
Praise to God the Spirit be, Alleluia!
The Easter morn, at the break of day,
Now and trough eternity, Alleluia!
The faithful women went their way
To seek the tomb where Jesus lay.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
1.Let the earth rejoice and sing, And angel clad in white they see,
At the triumph of our King, Who sat, and spoke unto three,
He ascends from mortal sight, “Your Lord doth go to Galilee.”
Reigns now at our Father’s right. Alleluia!
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
2.He who died upon a tree, On this most holy day of days,
Now shall reign eternally, To God your hearts and voices raise,
He who saved our fallen race, In laud and jubilee and praise.
Takes in heav’n his rightful place. Alleluia.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
3.Christ, be praised eternally, And we with Holy Church unite,
On this day of victory, As evermore is just and right,
Easter Hymns

In glory to the King of light. Every humble spirit shares it,

Alleluia. Christ has passed th’eternal gates.

197 ON THIS DAY, THE FIRST OF Life eternal! heaven rejoices:

DAYS Jesus lives Who once was dead;
Join O man, the deathless voices;
On this day the first of days, Child of God, lift up thy head!
God the Father’s Name we praise. Patriarchs from distant ages,
Who creation’s Lord and spring, Saints all longing for their heaven,
Did the world from darkness bring. Prophets, psalmists, seers, and sages
All await the glory given.
On this day the eternal Son,
Over death His triumph won, Life eternal! O what wonders
On this day the Spirit came, Crowd on faith; what joy unknown,
With His gifts of living flame. When, amidst earth’s closing thunders,
Saints shall stand before the throne!
Father, You created me, O to enter that bright portal,
Image of Yourself to be. See that glowing firmament,
Fill me with Your love divine, Know, with Thee, O God immortal,
and my acts to good confine. “Jesus Christ, whom Thou hast sent!”


Sing with all the sons of glory,
Sing the resurrection song! The day of Resurrection!
Death and sorrow, earth’s dark story, Earth spread the news abroad;
To the former days belong. The Paschal feast of gladness,
All around the clouds are breaking, The Paschal feast of God.
Soon the storms of time shall cease; From death to life eternal,
In God’s likeness, man awaking, From earth to heaven’s height
Knows the everlasting peace. Our Savior Christ has brought us,
The glorious Lord of light.
O what glory, far exceeding
All that eye has yet perceive! Our hearts be free from evil
Holiest hearts for ages pleading, That we may see aright
Never that full joy conceived. The Savior resurrected
God has promised, Christ prepares it, In His eternal light;
There on high our welcome waits; And hear His message plainly,
Easter Hymns

Delivered calm and clear: Qui diceris Paraclitus

“Rejoice with me in triumph, Altissimi donum Dei,
Be glad and do not fear.” Fons vivus, ignis, cáritas,
Et spiritális unctio.
Now let the heav’ns be joyful,
And earth her song begin, Tu septiformis münere,
The whole world keep high triumph Digitus Paternae dexterae.
And all that is therein; Tu rite promissum Patris,
Let all things in creation Sermone ditans güttura.
Their note of gladness blend,
For Christ the Lord has risen, Accénde lumen sénsibus,
Our joy that has no end. Infünde amórem córdibus.
Infirma nostri corporis
200 THE STRIFE IS O’ER Virtute firmans pérpeti.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Hostem repéllas lóngius,

The strife is o’er, the battle done; Pacemque dones protinus,
Now is the victor’s triumph won: Ductóre sic te praevio
O let the song of praise be sung. Vitémus omne nóxium.
Per te sciamus da Patrem,
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Noscamus atque Filium,
On the third morn He rose Teque utriüsque Spiritum
again, Credámus omni témpore.
Glorious in majesty to reign:
O let us swell the joyful strain: Deo Patris sit gloria,
Alleluia! Et Filio, qui a mortuis
Surréxit, ac Paraclito
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! In saeculorum saecula. Amen.
O risen Lord, all praise to Thee,
Who from our sin has set us free, 202 VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS
That we may live eternally: Alleluia!
Veni Sante Spiritus,
201 VENI, CREATOR SPIRITUS Et emitte caelitus.
Lucis tuae radium.
Veni, Creator Spiritus
Mentes tuórum visita Veni Pater pauperum,
Imple supérna grátia Veni dator munerum,
Quae tu creásti péctora. Veni lumen cordium.
Easter Hymns

Consolator optime,
Dulcis hospes animae,
Dulce refrigerium.

In labore requies,
In aestu temperies,
In fletu solatium.

O lux beatissima,
Reple cordis intima
Tuorum fidelium.

Sine tuo numine,

Nihil est in homine,
Nihil est in noxium.

Lava quod est sordidum,

Riga quod est aridum,
Sana quod est saucium.

Flecte quod est rigidum,

Fove quod est frigidum,
Rege quod est devium.

Da tuis fidelibus,
In te confidentibus, Sacrum septena-

Da virtutis meritum,
Da salutis exitum,
Da perenne gaudium. Amen. Alleluia.
Eucharistic Hymns

203 ADORAMUS 1. In the Church of Jesus Christ,

God offers all his invitation:
1. Adoramus te, panem coelitum, To the wedding banquet come:
cibum vitae desursum praestitum. all is ready for the feasting.
In the Church of Jesus Christ.
2. Te rogamus dulce mysterium, aestu- God shows us all his loving kindness;
anti sis refrigerium. he gives welcome to the weak
and to the sinner.
3. Sis luctanti refector virium, sis vin-
centi perenne praemium. 2. In the Church of Jesus Christ,
our loving Father grants forgiveness:
4. In dolore solamen mysticum, sis in He has reconciled us all
morte tutum viaticum. through the blood his Son shed for us.
In the Church of Jesus Christ.
5. Te laudamus salutis hostiam, nobis God gave himself up for his people:
confer aeternam gloriam. Christ upon the Cross has died
to win our freedom.
Ave, ave, ave, coeli panis vine.
Laudetur in aeternum 3. In the Church of Jesus Christ,
sanctissimum sacramentum. God remains faithful to his promise: ‘I
have made a covenant,
that you will become my people,
204 ADORO TE if you listen to my voice,
and you remember all my teaching,
Adoro te, o panis coelice you will be my well beloved
O Domine, o Deus maxime. throughout all ages.
Nos famulos, o Deus respice, Et gratia
nos semper refice.
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus sine fine 206 AVE VERUM
sanctus. Semper tibi gloria sacra sit sub
hostia. Ave verum, Corpus natum
de Maria Virgine:
Vere passum, immolatum
205 AS ONE BODY WE ARE WED in cruce pro homine:
Cujus latus perforatum
Refrain: fluxit aqua et sanguine:
As one body we are wed Esto nobis praegustatum
by partaking of the self-same bread mortis in examine.
and Jesus Christ O Jesu dulcis! O Jesu pie!
Of that body is the head: the holy
O Jesu, fili Mariae !
Church of God.
Eucharistic Hymns

207 BENEDICTION SONG Praestet fides supplementum,

Sensuum defectui.
Let us raise our voice,
To proclaim our faith 2. Genitori, Genitoque,
Christ the Lord, for us has died. Laus et jubilatio,
Dying, He destroyed our death, Salus honor virtus quoque,
Rising He restored our life. Sit et benedictio,
O Lord, Jesus we await Procedenti ab utroque,
Your last return in glory. Compar sit laudatio. Amen.

When we eat the Bread 209 COME TO ME

and we drink the cup.
In the Blessed Sacrament. Come to me,
We meet You our risen Savior All who labor and are heavy burdened,
Giving life to us anew. and I will give you rest.
Through life’s journey, be with us, Take up My yoke and learn from Me,
to strengthen us forever. Amen. For I am meek and humble of heart,
And you’ll find rest for your souls.
208 COME ADORE Yes, My yoke is easy
(Tantum Ergo) And My burden light.

1. Come adore this wondrous presence, The Lord is My shepherd,

Bow to Christ the source of grace. I shall never be in need.
Here is kept the ancient promise Fresh green are the meadows where He
of God’s earthly dwelling place. gives me rest.
Sight is blind before God’s glory,
Faith alone may see his face. 210 ECCE PANIS

2. Glory be to God the father, 1.Ecce panis angelorum factus cibus

Praise to his co - equal Son. viatorum, vere panis filiorum, non mit-
Adoration to the Spirit, tendus canibus, non mittendus canibus.
Bond of Love in God head-one.
Blest be God by all creation, 2. In figuris praesignatur cum Isaac im-
Joyously while ages run. molatur, Agnus Paschae deputatur datur
manna patribus datur manna patribus.
1.Tantum ergo Sacramentum,
Veneremur cernui, 3. Bone pastor panis vere Jesu, nostri
Et antiquum documentum miserere, Tu nos pasce nos tuere,Tu nos
Novo cedat ritui, bona fac videre in terra viventium.
Eucharistic Hymns

4. Tu qui cuncta scis et vales, qui nos Then, sweet Jesus, be Thou near.
pascis hic mortales, Tuos ibi commen- Heart of Jesus, hear!
sales, coheredes et sodales fac sancto-
rum civium.
211 FATHER, I ADORE YOU O kay ganda ng ating buhay,
napupuspos ng pagpapala
Father I adore You, ng Sakramentong mahiwaga
Lay my life before You.
kaloob ni Hesus sa ti’y gabay.
How I love you.
Jesus, I adore You,
Lay my life before You. O kay tamis ng pagsasama,
How I love you. nagmumula sa pagkakaisa
bumubukal sa pagsasalo,
Spirit, I adore You. sa iisang hapag ay dumalo.
Lay my life before You.
How I love you. Purihin si Jesus sa Sakramento,
purihin ng lahat ng tao,
Purihin S’ya ng Pilipino;
AND MILD sa pagkakaisa lingapin Mo. (2x)

Heart of Jesus, meek and mild,

Hear, O hear, Thy feeble child. 214 ITO ANG AKING KATAWAN
When the tempest’s most severe.
Heart of Jesus hear! Ito ang Aking Katawan
handog Ko sa inyo;
Refrain: Ito ang Kalis ng bagong tipan
Sweetly we’ll rest on Thy sacred Heart, sa ‘King Dugo.
Never from Thee, O let us part, sa pagtanggap ninyo Nito,
Hear then Thy loving children’s prayer. tanggapin n’yo Ako.
O Heart of Jesus, Heart of Jesus hear! at buhay na walang hanggan
dulot ko sa inyo.
Make me, Jesus, Wholly Thine,
Take this wayward heart of mine, Kanin ang Aking Katawang
Guide me through this world so drear. alay Ko sa inyo.
Heart of Jesus, hear! at inuming Dugong
binuhos para sa inyo.
When I draw my parting breath, T’wing gagawin ninyo ito, gunitain Ako
When my eyes shall close in death, at ang buhay na sa bawat tao’y
Eucharistic Hymns

kaloob Ko. et triumphator nobilis

dulce do ineffabilis
L’walhati sa Diyos sa Katawang totus desiderabilis,
handog sa inyo, totus desiderabilis.
L’walhati sa D’yos sa bagong tipan
sa ‘King Dugo. Mane nobiscum Domine
Sa pagtanggap n’yo sa Akin, et nos illustra lumine,
ipahayag ninyo: pulsa mentis caliginem,
ang Aking kamatayan hanggang sa mundum reple dulcedine,
pagparito Ko. mundum reple dulcedine.

Jesu, dulcedo cordium

215 JESUS, MY LORD, MY GOD, fons vivus, lumen mentium,
MY ALL excedens omne gaudium.
et omne desiderium
Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all et omne desiderium.
How can I Love Thee as I ought
And how revere this wondrous gift Qui Te gustant, esuriunt;
So far surpassing hope or thought qui bibunt, adhuc sitiunt:
desiderare nesciunt
(CHORUS) nisi Jesum, quem diligunt
Sweet Sacrament! we Thee adore nisi Jesum, quem diligunt.
Oh! make us love Thee more and more!
Oh! make us love Thee more and more!
Had I but Mary’s sinless heart OF THEE
To love Thee with, my dearest King!
Oh! with what bursts of fervent praise Jesus, the very thought of Thee,
Thy goodness Jesus, would I sing! With sweetness fills my breast,
(REPEAT CHORUS) But sweeter far Thy face to see
And in Thy presence rest.
Thy body, soul, and Godhead all. No voice can sing,
O mystery of Love Divine. No heart can frame,
I cannot compass all I have; Nor can the memory find
For all thou hast, and art, are mine. A sweeter than Thy blest.
Lauda sion on salvatorem
Jesu! Rex admirabilis lauda ducem et pastorem
Eucharistic Hymns

in hymnis et canticis. You I now adore,

Hidden under symbols,
1. Quantum potes tantum aude quia Bread and Wine no more;
maior omni laude nec laudare sufficit.
2. Laudis thema specialis Panis vivus et Strengthen deep within me,
vitalis hodie proponitus. Faith and trust in You,
and within my heart Lord,
3. Quem in sacrae mensa coenae Turbae Love for You renew.
fratrum duodenae Datur non ambigitur.
4. Sit laus plena sit sonora Sit iucunda Sight and touch and taste Lord,
sit decora mentis iubilatio. Are in You deceived;
By Your Word alone Lord,
5. In hac mensa novi Regis Novum Pas- Can You be believed.
cha novae Legis phase vetus terminat.
All that You have taught me,
6. Vetustatem novitas Umbram fugat I do firmly hold,
veritas Noctem lux eliminat. Truer words than Yours, Lord,
Never have been told.
7. Docti sacris institutis Panem vinum
in salutis Consacramus hostiam. As I contemplate You.
Senses fail to see,
219 LAUDATE DOMINUM But my heart and soul Lord,
with my faith agree.
V. Laudate Dominum omnes gentes
R. Laudate eum omnes populi 221 LOSE YOURSELF IN ME
V. Quoniam confirmata est super nos
misericordia ejus; Lose yourself in Me,
E. Et veritas Domini manet in aeter- And you will find yourself.
num. Lose yourself in Me,
V. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui and you will find new life.
Sancto. Lose yourself in Me,
E. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et And you will find yourself.
semper, et in saecula saeculorum. And you will live,
Amen. Yes, you will live in My life.

220 LORD AND GOD Unless the grain of wheat

Falls into the ground,
Lord and God, devoutly, it still remains but a grain of wheat.
Eucharistic Hymns

But if it falls and dies, Teach us to choose the better part,

then it bears much fruit. To choose Thyself, the Lasting Bread,
So it is with those Our only need of mind and heart.
who lose themselves in Me.
4. Receive these eyes which Look on
222 NOI TI AMIAM SIGNOR Receive our hearing and our voice,
That these may serve Thy holy will,
Noi ti amiam, Signor, noi t’adoriamo, That in Thy word we may rejoice.
solo a te chiediam il tuo amor.


Sei tu la luce, la nostra gioia,
noi ci prostriam, Signor, e ti adoriam. O God of loveliness,
O Lord of heav’n above.
In te speriam, Signor, in te speriamo, How worthy to possess
abbi pieta di noi, abbi pieta. my heart’s devoted love.
So sweet Thy countenance,
Resta con noi, Signor, resta con noi; so gracious to behold,
dona il tuo Pan del ciel, pegno d’amor. That one and only glance
to me were bliss untold.
In te crediam, Signor, in te crediamo;
e uniti nell’amore ti ringraziamo. Thou art blest Three in One,
yet undivided still;
E luce ai popoli la tua Parola, Thou art that One alone whose love
che i cuori illumina e li consola. my heart can fill,
The heaven’s and earth below,
were fashioned by Thy word.
223 O BREAD OF ANGELS How amiable art Thou,
my ever dearest Lord.
1. O Bread of angels Lord of Love,
Give us the strength that is Thy light, To think Thou art my God,
For Thou art Christ, the Living God, O thought forever blest!
And in Thy grace we find our might. My heart has overflowed with joy
within my breast,
2. In this most holy Sacrament My soul so full of bliss
Thy sacred man-hood we revere, Is plunged as in a sea,
O God made man, we bow to see, Deep in the sweet abyss
O Word made-flesh, we kneel to hear. of holy charity.

3. Divine Redeemer, Lord of Life,

Eucharistic Hymns

O loveliness supreme, Making glad my wilderness,

and Beauty Infinite. Sweeter far than any sweetness
O ever-flowing stream, Tongue can taste or words express.
and ocean of delight;
O Life by which I live, 227 ONLY IN GOD
my truest Life above,
To Thee alone I give Antiphon:
my undivided love. Only in God will my soul be at rest.
From Him comes my hope, my salva-
He alone is my Rock of safety,
O Lord, I am not worthy My strength, my glory, my God.
That Thou shouldst come to me.
But speak Thy words of comfort Trust in Him at all times,
My spirit healed shall be. O people, and pour out your hearts.
God Himself is a refuge for us
And humbly I’ll receive Thee. And a stronghold for our fear.
The bridegroom of my soul.
No more by sin to grieve Thee Many times have I heard Him
Or fly thy sweet control. tell of His long lasting love.
You Yourself Lord,
Eternal Holy Spirit Reward all who labor for love of
Unworthy though I be. Your Name.
Prepare me to receive Him,
And trust the word to me. 228 O SACRAMENT DIVINE
226 O LORD JESUS I ADORE O Sacrament Divine,
THEE Hid in Thy earthly home,
Lo’ crown Thy lowly shrine,
O Lord Jesus, I adore Thee, With suppliant hearts we come;
for the bread of worth untold. To Thee our voice we praise
Freely given in Thy communion In songs of love and praise,
Wonderful a thousand fold. Bread of life Eucharistic Lord.
Given today in loving bounty
More than my poor heart can hold. O Sacrament of peace,
Dear home of every heart,
Make Thou of my soul an orchard. Where restless yearning cease,
Quickened into fruitfulness. Where sorrows all depart;
Come, O come life-giving manna. Jesus to Thee we pray,
Eucharistic Hymns

Increase our faith each day, Ungrateful hearts, forgetful hearts.

Hidden Lord, Miracle Divine. The hearts of all have been,
To wound Thy side with cruel darts.
O Sacrament Divine, Which they have made by sin.
Earth’s Light and Jubilee,
In Thy far depths doth shine, 231 O SAVING VICTIM (O SALU-
Thy Godhead’s Majesty; TARIS)
Great God of Light and Power
Guard us in every hour, O Saving Victim op’ning wide
Lord of hosts, Sacrament Divine. The gate of heaven to men below
Our foes press on from ev’ry side
229 O SACRAMENT MOST HOLY Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow.

O Sacrament Most Holy, All praise and thanks to Thee ascend,

O Sacrament Divine. Forevermore, blest One in Three
All praise and all thanksgiving O grant us life that shall not end,
Be every moment Thine. In our true native land with Thee.
Be every moment Thine. Amen.


O sacrum convivium
O Sacred Heart! O Love Divine! In quo Christus sumitur
Do keep us near to Thee, Recolitur memoria
And make our love so like to Thine, Passionis ejus,
That we may holy be. Mens impletur gratia
Et future gloriae nobis
Refrain: Pignus datur, datur.
Heart of Jesus, hear, Alleluja, Alleluja.
O Heart of Love Divine!
Listen to our pray’r; 233 O SALUTARIS HOSTIA
Make us always Thine.
O salutaris Hostia,
O Temple pure, O House of gold, quae caeli pandis ostium:
Our heaven here below! Bella premunt hostilia,
What sweet delights, What wealth Da robur fer auxilium.
From Thee, do ever flow. Uni trinoque Domino
sit sempiterna gloria
Eucharistic Hymns

qui vitam sine termino God-made-man for our salvation,

Nobis donet in Patria. Amen. Who from the Virgin pure did spring.

234 PANGE LINGUA Born for us, and for us given,

born a man like us below,
Pange lingua gloriosi Christ as man with us residing,
Corporis mysterium, lived the seed of truth to sow,
sanguinisque pretiosi, suffered bitter death unflinching
quem in mundi pretium and Immortal love did show.
fructus ventris generosi
Rex effudit gentium. On the night before He suffered,
seated with His chosen band,
Nobis datus, nobis natus. Jesus, when they all had feasted,
ex intacta Virgine, faithful to the law’s command,
et in mundo conversatus far more precious food provided:
sparso verbi semine, gave Himself with His own hand.
sui moras incolatus
miro clausit ordine. Word-made-flesh, true bread from
In supermae nocte coenae by His word made flesh to be,
recumbens cum fratribus from the wine His Blood is taken,
observata lege plene though our senses cannot see,
cibis in legalibus, faith alone which is unshaken
cibum turbae duodenae shows pure hearts the mystery.
se dat suis manibus.
Down in adoration falling,
Verbum caro panem verum Lo! the Sacred Host we hail:
verbo carnem efficit Lo! o’er ancient forms departing,
fitque sanguis Christi merum newer rites of grace prevail:
et si sensus deficit, faith for all defects supplying
ad firmandum cor sincerum where the feeble senses fail.
sola fides sufficit.
To the everlasting Father,
and the Son Who reigns on high,
235 PANGE LINGUA (ENGLISH) with the Holy Ghost proceeding
forth from each eternally,
I shall praise the Savior’s glory, be salvation, honor, blessing
of His flesh the myst’ry sing, Might and endless majesty. Amen.
and the blood all price excelling,
shed by our Immortal King;
Eucharistic Hymns

236 PANIS ANGELICUS Novo cedat ritui;

Praestet fides supplementum,
Panis Angelicus fit panis hominum Sensuum defectui.
Dat panis coelicus
Figuris terminum: Ores mirabilis! Genitori Genitoque
Manducat Dominum Laus et iubilatio,
Pauper, servus, Salus honor, virtus quoque
Et humilis. Sit et benedictio:
Procedenti ab utroque
Te trina Deitas unaque poscimus, Compar sit laudatio.
Sicnos tu visita, Amen.
Sicut te colimus; Petuas semitas
duc nos quo tendimus, 239 TI RINGRAZIO
Ad lucem quam inhabitas. Amen.
Ti ringrazio
237 PANIS ANGELICUS (ENG- O mio Signore.
LISH) Per le cose
Che sono nel mondo,
O Bread of angels Per la vita,
made Bread of men below! Che Tu cii hai donato.
All gifts of ancient times Per l’amore che nutri per me.
this Bread will now bestow.
O wonder unsurpassed! Alleluia O mio Signore.
Poor, humble people all eat Alleluia O Dio del ciel.
the Flesh of the Lord, their God. Quando il cielo si tinge d’azzurro
Io ti penso,
O Godhead Three in One, E tu vieni a me,
We one together pray Nor lasciarmi vagare nel buio,
that as we come to You, Nelle tenebre e che la vita ci da.
You too will come and stay,
And by Your holy ways lead us 240 TO JESUS’ HEART ALL
unto the day Where You dwell BURNING
in eternal light.
To Jesus heart all burning
238 TANTUM ERGO with fervent love for men,
My heart with fondest yearning,
Tantum ergo Sacramentum Shall raise its joyful strain.
Veneremur cernui,
Et antiquum documentum Refrain:
Eucharistic Hymns

While ages course along, Blessed His Most Sacred Heart.

blest be with loudest song. Blessed be His Most Precious Blood.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy
By every heart and tongue, Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.
by every heart and tongue! Blessed be the great mother of God,
Mary Most Holy.
O Heart for me on fire Blessed be her Holy and Immaculate
With love no tongue can speak, Conception.
My yet untold desire Blessed be her Glorious Assumption.
God gives me for thy sake. Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin
and Mother.
As Thou art meek and lowly, Blessed be Saint Joseph her most chaste
And ever pure of heart, spouse.
So may my heart be wholly Blessed be God in his Angels and in his
Of Thine the counterpart. Saints.

O Heart for us all burning, 243 THE EUCHARIST SONG

With love no one can speak
Fill our hearts with fondest yearning This is my Body, take now and share,
To bring Your love to all. Deep in the memory of My own prayer.

241 PRAYER FOR THE PONTIFF This is My Blood, come drink and live!
In all completeness this power I give.
Oremus pro Pontifice nostro N.
Dominus conservet eum, You are My people, my chosen friends,
et vivificet eum, Come and share the Spirit My Father
et beatum faciat eum in terra, sends.
et non tradat eum
in animam inimicorum ejus. And hold within you, in constant hope,
my peaceful presence, gift of my heart.
in Reparation for Blasphemy 244 THE LOVE OF CHRIST
Blessed be God. Refrain:
Blessed be His Holy Name. The love of Christ has gathered
Blessed be Jesus Christ, True God and us together:
True Man. Rejoice in Him and be glad.
Blessed be the Name of Jesus.
Eucharistic Hymns

My soul longs for the Lord.

Rise O Lord, to our need.
make Your power known.

With the Lord, is mercy

and fullness of redemption.
Praised be His Name.

Show, O Lord, Your way;

Lead us to our home.
Light the way for us.


Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est

1. Congregavit nos in unum Christi

Exsultemus et in ipso jucundemur.
Timeamus et ameus Deum vivum.
Et ex corde diligamus nos sincero.

2. Simul ergo cum in unum congre-

Ne nos mente dividamur caveamus,
Cessent jurgia maligna, cessent lites,
Et in medio nostri sit Christus Deus.

3. Simul quoque cum beatis videamus,

Glorianter vultum tuum, Christe Deus.
Gaudium quod est immensum at que
Saecula per infinita saeculorum.


Venite adoremus ( 3x ) ... Venite.
Marian Hymns

247 (ANG) PAGDALAW There to be taxed with many one mo;

For Caesar commanded the same
Binati Kapagdaka ni Sabel si Maria, should be so.
Aniya ay mapalad Ka sa tanang dalaga
Mapalad ring totoo ang bunga Mo: Mary and Joseph, whose substance was
Hesus Hari ng sang mundo, small,
sasakop sa tao. Could procure in the Inn no lodging at
Si Maria’y nagsabi: Ako’y abang alipin, all
Ngunit sadyang pinili ng Diyos na
Poon natin. Lodging so simple they held it no scorn,
Tunay Akong mapalad sa lahat ng But against the next morning a Savior
mga salinlahi. was born.
Puso ko’y nagpupuri, espiritu’y
nagagalak, Mary had swaddled her young Son so
Dahil sa maawaing Diyos, sweet,
Aking Tagapagligtas. Within an ox manger she laid Him to
At dahil rin sa ginawang mga sleep.
dakilang bagay.
Pangalan ng Panginoon, Charged them no longer in sorrow to
kabanal banalan. stay,
Because that our Savior was born on
this day.
Joyfully talked and sweetly did sing,
Sancta Maria ora pro nobis.
“To God be all glory, our heavenly
Sancta dei genitrix ora pro nobis.
Sancta Virgo virginum. Ora pro nobis,
ora pro nobis, pro nobis...
249 A VIRGIN MOST PURE Aba, Ginoong Maria,
Napupuno Ka ng grasya
Be our Redeemer from death,
Ang Panginoong Diyos,
hell and sin,
ay sumasa’Yo
Which Adam’s transgression had
Bukod Kang pinagpala
wrapped us in.
sa babaeng lahat,
At pinagpala naman
ang ‘Yong Anak na si Hesus.
Rejoice and be merry, set sorrow aside,
Christ Jesus our Savior was born on this
Santa Maria, Ina ng Diyos,
Marian Hymns

Ipanalangin Mo kaming makasalanan, 525 ALAY KAY MARIA

Ngayon, at kung kami’y mamamatay.
Amen. Matamis na Birheng pinaghahandugan,
Nangangako kami na sa ‘Yo’y mag-alay.
251 ABANG MARIA Ng isang guirnalda sa bawat ‘sang araw
at ang magdudulot yaring murang
Sinong mas malumanay kamay.
sa kogong kumakaway?
Sinong mas dalisay sa hamog, Koro:
sa himaymay? Halina, halina tayo’y mag-alay
Sinong mas malambing sa mapaglarong Ng mga bulaklak kay Maria.
Sinong mas maningning Bulaklak sa tuhog sadyang salit-salit,
sa buwan at bituin? Sa mahal Mong noo’y aming ikakapit,
Lubos ang pag-asa sa ‘Yo’y pananalig
Koro: na tatanggapin mo handog ng pag-ibig.
Abang Maria, mahal naming Ina.
Ang landas tungo kay Hesu Kristo. 253 ANG IMONG ROSARYO
Buong tiwala Kanyang winika:
Maganap nawa ang ‘Yong salita. 1. Ang imongRosaryo,
minahal nga Inahan,
Sinong magpapayapa taming nga manalipod
sa bagyong nanakot? batok sa dautan,
Sinong magpapasigla Imong kahangawa
sa damong sumukot? alang sa kaluwasan
Sinong takbuhan ng mga dukha? sa Imong mga anak ning kalibutan.
Sinong tanggulan ng mahihina? AVE, AVE MARIA...
2. Ang mga misteryo
Koda: sa among kaluwasan,
Sinong dakilang Gihandum ko kanunay
lingkod ng Amang utos? ug gipasidunggan.
Santa Maria, Ina ng Diyos. Ang imong kaayo
di ko hikalimtan,
Tulay: ug gihandum ko siya
Sinong Reyna ng langit at lupa? sa adlaw’ng tanan.
Sinong nag-aaruga sa lahat ng nilika? AVE, AVE MARIA...
(ulitin ang kuro at koda)
Marian Hymns

254 ANG PUSO KO’Y Sa dakila N’yang pagmamahal

NAGPUPURI at dala ng laking awa N’ya.

Refrain: Ayon sa ipinangako N’ya

Ang puso ko’y nagpupuri, sa ating mga magulang,
nagpupuri sa Panginoon. kay Abraham at lipi N’ya
Nagagalak ang aking espiritu at ito’y sa magpakailanman.
sa ‘king Tagapagligtas.
Sapagkat nilingap N’ya Luwalhati sa Ama, sa Anak
kababan ng kanyang alipin. Mapalad at sa Espiritu Santo.
ang pangalan Kapara noong unang-una,
ko sa lahat ng mga bansa. ngayon at magpakailanman.

Sapagkat gumawa ang Poon 255 ANGEL GABRIEL FROM

ng mga dakilang bagay. HEAVEN
Banal sa lupa’t langit
ang pangalan ng Panginoon. Angel Gabriel from heaven
Was sent to Virgin Mary
At kinahahabagan N’ya On a mission of great wonder
ang mga sa Kanya’y may takot. Such tidings he did carry.
At sa lahat ng salinlahi You will bear a Son called Jesus,
ang awa Niya’y walang hanggan. Son of God this baby Jesus.
O’er Israel His Kingdom
At ipinakita N’ya His rule will last forever.
ang lakas ng Kanyang bisig
At ang mga palalo’y Mary said, “I am God’s servant
pinangalat ng Panginoon. I’ll do what He commands Me.”
Soon She hurried to the village
Ibinulid sa upuan Elizabeth to visit.
ang mga makapangyarihan At the sound of Mary’s greeting
Itinampok, itinaas ang mga mababang As these cousins had their meeting
loob. Within her leapt the baby
The Holy Spirit filled her.
At Kanya namang binusog
ang mga nagugutom. What an honor my Lord’s Mother
Pinaalis na walang dala Should come to make this visit
ang mayamang mapagmataas. You are favored of all women
And blessed is Your Baby.
Inampon N’ya ang Israel Mary said, “The Lord I’m praising
na Kanyang aliping hinirang.
Marian Hymns

I rejoice in God, My Savior Take this day make it Yours

Henceforth all generations and fill me with Your love.
Will call Me blest and happy.
Now He scatters all the haughty Ave Maria gratia plena
And brings down mighty princes Dominus tecum benedicta tu.
He has lifted up the lowly
And satisfied the hungry All I have I give You
How He helped His humble servants Ev’ry dream and thought are Yours.
In remembrance of His mercy Mother of Christ, Mother of mine,
His pity He has promised to Present them to my Lord.
Abraham forever.
As I kneel before You.
And I see Your smiling face.
256 ARAW ARAW KAY MARIA Ev’ry thought, ev’ry word
is lost in Your embrace.
Araw araw kay Maria
kami ay nagdarasal,
Si Maria Ina namin, 258 ASSUMPTA EST-REGINA
ibig naming marangal. NOSTRA
Kanyang tulong lagi-lagi,
Kami ay humihingi, Assumpta est Maria in caelo,
Siya’y aming pupurihin gaudent Angeli et collaudantes
tuwing araw at gabi. Benedicunt Dominum.
Alleluia, Alleluia!
Kung kami’y nasa panganib,
kay Maria tatakbo. Regina nostra, Mater nostra
Siya’y aming tatawagin Lux et salus nostra, Salve!
Kung lalapit ang tukso.
O Maria, tutulungan O Virgo Virginum Maria,
Kaming nangabubuhay. Assumpta, intercede pro nobis
Kami ay ipanalangin ad Dominum Iesum Christum.
Kung kami’y mamamatay. Alleluia....


Ave Maria! Ave Maria!

As I kneel before You
The heavens were open,
As I bow my head in prayer
a Lady appeared at Fatima one day
Marian Hymns

To tell us again of the great need for Felix Coeli porta.

pray’r. As her children we answer this
way: Sumens illud Ave
Gabrielis ore
1. Dear Lady of Fatima Funda nos in pace
We come on bended knees Mutans Evae nomen.
To beg your intercession
For peace and unity Solve vincla reis
Dear Lady, won’t you show us profer lumen caecis.
The right and shining way Mala nostra pelle.
We pledge our hearts and offer you Bona cuncta posce.
A rosary each day.
Monstra te esse Matrem
2. You promised at Fatima Sumat per te preces
Each time that you appear qui pro nobis natus
To help us if we pray to you Tulit esse Tuus.
To banish war and fear
Dear Lady, on first Saturdays Virgo singularis
We ask your guiding hand Inter omnes mitis
For peace and guidance here on earth Nos culpis solutos
And protection of our land. mites fac et castos.

Vitam oraesta puram

260 AVE MARIA iter paratutum
ut videntes Iesum
Ave Maria, gratia plena,
semper colaetemur
Dominus te cum;
Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
Sit laus Deo Patri
Et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus.
summo Christo decus
Spiritui Sancto
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
tribus honor unus. Amen.
Ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Ave Mundi Spes,
Ave Jesse virgula,
Ave Maris stella
Ave gemma caeli
Dei Mater alma
O mitis, O pia,
At que semper Virgo
Marian Hymns

O dulcis Virgo Maria. (2x) 264 AVE SIGNORA SANTA

O Tu mea Pax. (ENGLISH)
Tu Amor meus!
Vota mea suscipe, Hail O Blessed Lady
O Benigna Mater. Hail O Queen, Mother of God
O mitis, O pia, Maria, Maria, Maria
O dulcis Virgo Maria. (2x) Thou art ever a Virgin
Chosen by the Heavenly Father
263 AVE SANCTUM AVE PURUM Maria, Maria, Maria

Ave sanctum, ave purum, Refrain:

ave Cor piissimum; Hail, His Palace,
O suave Cor Mariae, Hail, His Tabernacle,
Mihi sis refugium. Hail, O Hail His Home.
Hail, His Robe,
O Cor potens, O Cor clemens Hail, His Handmaid
Matris indulgentiae; Hail, His Mother!
O Cor almum, Cor augustum,
Virginis clementiae. With His Beloved Son
and the Holy Spirit,
Cor sublime, Cor celeste He consecrated Thee.
Angelis es purius, Stella fulgens, Maria, Maria, Maria.
sol ut splendens, Hail, O Most Beloved Spouse
Coelis es excelsius. the fulness of Grace is in Thee
Maria, Maria, Maria.
4. O Cor altum, Cor benignum!
Ave decus virginum! O Cor laetum, 265 AVE SIGNORA SANTA
Cor iucundum, Ave beatissimum.
Ave Signora Santa,
5. Ut credendo, Ut sperando Ave Regina, Madre di Dio,
Ut amando moriar; Maria, Maria, Maria.
Ut beata coeli vita Sei la semper Vergine,
In aeternum potiar. eletta dal Padre del cielo,
Maria, Maria, Maria.
O Maria mater pia,
Virgo clementissima, Rit:
supplexoro et imploro: Ave, sua dimora.
veni; veni advola. Ave, suo tabernacolo,
Ave, sua casa,
Marian Hymns

Ave, sua veste, 267 AWIT SA INA NG SANTO

Ave, sua ancella, ROSARIO
Ave, O Madre.
Minsan ang buhay
E col diletto Figlio ay isang awit ng galak,
e con lo Spirito at mayroong liwanag
Ti consacro, na tatanglaw sa ating pagyapak.
Maria, Maria, Maria
Ave, Sposa diletta, Minsan ang buhay
ogni pienezza ay isang awit ng luha,
di grazia e in Te, at siyang papawi nito
Maria, Maria, Maria ay ang pag-asa ng umaga,
at kahit anong tindi ng unos,
266 AWIT KAY MARIA at kahit anong tindi ng dilim
may isang Inang nagmamatyag,
Sino si Maria sa ating lahat, O Maria! nagmamahal sa ‘tin.
Siya’y Ina ng Diyos, Siya’y ating Ina, O
Maria! Awit niya’y pag-ibig ng Diyos,
tawag niya’y magbalik-loob,
Koro: turo nya’y buhay na ang Diyos lamang
O Maria, aming Ina, ipakita Mo sa ‘min sa ati’y nagkaloob..
si Hesus hanggang sa kamatayan.
Sino si Maria sa ating lahat, O Maria! CHORUS:
Siya’y puno ng grasya; matapat sa Diyos, O Inang mahal narito kami
O Maria! awit awit ang Ave Maria;
at dalangin ng bawat pamilya’y
Sino si Maria sa ating lahat, O Maria! kapayapaa’t pagkakaisa.
Siya’y lubos na nagtiwala sa Diyos, O Ang rosaryo mong hawak namin at
Maria! awit awit ang Ave Maria;
puspos ka ng Diwang Banal,
Sino Si Maria sa ating lahat, O Maria! dinggin ang aming payak na dasal.
Siya ang nag-alaga Kay Hesus, O Maria! Ihatid mo kami sa langit
ng Amang nagmamahal.
Sino si Maria sa ating lahat, O Maria!
Siya ang ating Reyna; L’walhati ng O Inang mahal narito kami’t
bayan, O Maria! awit awit ang Ave maria
sa anak mong si Jesus
puso namin ay ihahandog
ang rosario mo’t hawak namin at
awit awit ang Ave Maria
Marian Hymns

puspos ka ng Diwang Banal Ang ‘Yong Anak ay itanglaw

dinggin ang aming payak na dasal at ng di maligaw.
ihatid mo kami sa langit sa Amang At Birheng Mahal, Birheng Mahal,
mapagmahal Ang nais ko’y ito:
sa hantungan nitong paglalakbay
268 BE JOYFUL, MARY si Hesus ay makamtan.

Be joyful, Mary, heav’nly Queen, 270 BIRHENG MARIA, TALA

Be joyful, Mary! SAUMAGA
Thy grief is changed to joy serene.
Birhen Maria, Tala sa umaga,
Refrain: noon pa man ay itinatangi Ka.
Alleluia, rejoice, rejoice, O Mary! Ang ‘Yong liwanag ang takdang lupig,
sa masama’t tayo’y ililigtas.
The Son You bore by heaven’s grace,
Be joyful, Mary! Koro:
Did by His death our guilt erase. Iyong tunghan kaming
The Lord has risen from the dead, Ang daigdig na ‘Yong minamahal.
Be joyful, Mary! Tulong Mo’y ibigay sa ‘min,
He rose in glory as He said. Maria, ngayon at sa aming
Then pray to God, O Virgin fair, kamatayan.
Be joyful, Mary!
That He our souls to heaven bear. Ang kalinisan Mo’y iginagalang
naming mahina’t makasalanan.
269 BIRHENG MAHAL Ang awa ng Diyos ang aming
(Mother of Christ) kahilingan.
Birhen Maria, kami’y tulungan.
Birheng Mahal, Birheng Mahal,
Ang nasa ko’y ano? 271 BLESSED MOTHER
‘Di nais ang kayamanan
at tuwang napaparam. We want You, Blessed Mother,
O Birheng Mahal, Birheng Mahal, Mother so fair and holy,
Ang samo ko’y ito: Teach us the way of virtue;
Si Hesus na kalong sa mga bisig mo Teach us to be like You.
Ligaya ng buhay ko.
Birheng Mahal, Birheng Mahal, Praise Mary Most Holy.
Dagat itong buhay Praise Mary Most Holy.
Marian Hymns

Praise Mary Most Holy. Immaculate birthplace of the Lord.

We want You, Blessed Mother, People and Choir: (Mixed voice)

In church and in our family. Tenor II:
Guide us along life’s journey You are a Light for us all,
Till we reach home with You. Bright as the sun,
Fair as the Moon,
We want You, Blessed Mother, O Mary, O Mary!
Here in our hearts with Jesus.
Let heaven and earth together Bass and Tenor: You...
Announce His peaceful Reign.
Be near us Blessed Mother You are a Light for us all,
In time of fear and sorrow Bright as the sun,
Help us in our last moments Fair as the moon, (O Mary)
To sweet Eternity! As the moon.

272 BRIGHT AS THE SUN, O Mary, O Mary!

People and Choir:
Cantor: (Tenor II)
Among God’s purest creatures Of all God’s purest creatures,
You alone are the perfect One, You alone are the perfect One,
O Mother and Daughter of the Lord. O Mother and Daughter of the Lord.
Among the fairest women
You alone are the blessed One, Tenor and Bass:
Immaculate Birthplace of the Lord. Among God’s own,
O Virgin Mother and Daughter of the
People and choir: (unison) Lord.
You are a Light for us all,
Bright as the sun, People and Choir:
Fair as the moon, Of all the fairest women,
O Mary, O Mary! You alone are the blessed One,
Immaculate birthplace of the Lord.
O chosen Rose of Jericho, Tenor and Bass:
Lily in the garden, O servant of the Lord.
O Mother and Daughter of the Lord. Mary Immaculate, birthplace of the
Most faithful Servant of Jesus, Lord
Called by God to be innocent,
People and Choir:
Marian Hymns

(Tenor) Refrain:
You are a light for us all, Your tears have generated us
Bright as the sun, With his blood for us had shed.
Fair as the moon,
O Mary, O Mary! (2x) Coredemptrix forever
ending: O Mary...! Your Son was scourged.
Every blow on His body
To you abyss of sorrow.
Coredemptrix forever,
Bulaklak ng Carmelo, yumayabong sa
The crown of your Son
hardin, karingalan ng langit, liwanag sa
On your head with great sorrow
dilim. Ina at dalaga, Inang kay tamis!
Makes you Queen of love.
Likhang katangi-tangi, Dalagang walang
dungis! Sa abang anak ng Carmelo ipag-
Coredemptrix forever
kaloob ang biyaya:
Meets your agonizing son,
Sa dagat ng aming buhay ikaw ang
Claps Him the God condemned,
gabay tala.
For love with you was immolated.

274 CORREDEMPTRIX Coredemptrix forever

Look at your Son dying
Pia dulcis et benigna On the hard Cross nailed
Nullo prorsus luctu digna And with love wholly wounded.
Si fletum hinc eligeres
Ut compassa redemptory
Captivato transgressori
Tu corredemptrix fieres.
Heart-rending cries
Tunc non tantum condolere
and painful moans ascend
Moestae matri se debere
To your ears Immaculate Mother,
Me cerno grates solver
From the sepulcher sorrowful and cold,
Tibi meae redemptrici
Where they’ve cast away your son.
Quae de manu inimici
Dignatur me evolvere.
Mother, the church of silence groans
and suffers
275 COREDEMPTRIX FOREVER The suffocated faith now shudders alone
In the blood of your Son. (2x)
Coredemptrix forever
You live the agony of your Son Hope lights a passage in grim slavery
Even if there’s no bloody shedding In this hour of great pain and sorrow.
The heart drips blood of love.
Marian Hymns

Victory’s certain, bought with sacrifice, Call her Mother, call Her Virgin
In the cross of Jesus Christ. Happy Mother, Virgin blest.

Mother, look on the tears of all our She is mighty to deliver,

brothers, Call Her, trust Her lovingly,
The darkness thickens now and covers When the tempest rages round thee,
with speed; She will calm the troubled sea.
Comfort the souls in need. (2x)
Gifts of heaven She has given,
277 DAILY SING IN PRAISE OF Noble Lady, to our races;
MARY She, the Queen, Who decks Her subjects
With the light of God’s own grace.
Daily sing in praise of Mary,
Sing with joy Her praises due! Sing, my tongue, the Virgin’s trophies,
All Her feasts, Her actions honor, Who for us Her Maker bore,
With the heart’s devotion true. for the curse of old inflicted,
Lost in wond’ring contemplation, Peace and blessing to restore.
Be Her majesty confessed! Sing in songs of peace unending,
Call Her Mother, call Her Virgin, sing the world’s majestic Queen:
Happy Mother Virgin blest! Weary not nor faint in telling,
all the gifts She gives to all.
She is mighty in Her pleading,
Tender in Her loving care; All our joys do fall from Mary;
Ever watchful, understanding, All then join Her praises to sing;
All our sorrows She will share. Gladly sing to Her, the Virgin
Advocate and loving Mother, Mother of our Lord and King.
Mediatrix of all graces!
Heaven’s Blessing She dispenses While we sing Her wondrous glory
On our sinful human race! Far above our fancy’s reach,
Let our hearts be quick to offer
Love alone the heart can teach.
Daily, daily sing to Mary,
Sing, my soul, Her praises due: Dakilang Tanda ang sumikat sa langit
All Her feast, Her actions worship Babaeng nararamtan ng araw
With the heart’s devotion true. Siya’y nakatuntong sa maliwanag
Lost in wond’ring contemplation, na buwan
Be Her majesty confess’d; Labindalawang bituin ang Kanyang
Marian Hymns

korona. You promised at Fatima,

Dakilang Tanda, Ikaw O Maria, Each time that You appear,
Kahanga-hanga ang Iyong tagumpay. To help us if we pray to You,
To banish war and fear.
Dear Lady, on first Saturdays
Dawn of hope that announces the We ask Your guiding hand
sunrise For peace and guidance here on earth,
Bringing tidings of salvation, And protection of our land.
Evening sadly falls upon us
We Your people now invoke You. 282 EVENING BELLS
Refrain: I hear the bells
Hail, O Most Clement! that fills the air of evening
Hail, O Most Loving! Gently they call
Hail, O Most Sweet Virgin Maria! to prayer where they are ringing
Lifting my heart
The waves of an ominous ocean and soul to sing the greeting...
Threaten near to overwhelm us,
But if You appear, O Holy Ark, Refrain:
All is calmed and all is placid. Ave Maria, Ave Maria (2x)

Turn upon us Your gaze and look From every soul

kindly, Who loves Thee as his mother
On the tearful, on the hopeful. Receive the prayer
Victress over the malign one, That made the word our brother
Come stretch our Your hand above us. The prayer more dear
To Thee than any other...
When the stars shine
Dear Lady of Fatima, And all the world is sleeping
We come on bended knees, Their souls and mine
To beg Your intercession I trust into Your keeping
For peace and unity. While I repose
Dear Lady won’t You show us I know You’re interceding...
The right and shining way
We pledge our hearts and offer You,
A rosary each day.
Marian Hymns

283 EXALTATA EST Dominus tecum, Mater Dei.

Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Exaltata est Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
Sancta Dei Genitrix Virgo Virginum, Mater Iesu.
super choros Angelorum. Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Gaudete, qua cum Christo
Regnat in aeternum. 286 HAIL MARY

284 GENTLE WOMAN Hail Mary full of grace,

the Lord is with you,
Hail, Mary, full of grace Blessed are you among women and
The Lord is with You. blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.
Blessed are You among women. Holy Mary, Mother of God
And Blest is the Fruit of Your womb, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour
Jesus. of our death. Amen.

Holy Mary, Mother of God 287 HAIL MARY GENTLE

Pray for us sinners, WOMAN
now and at the hour of our death.
Amen. Hail mary, full of grace
Refrain: the Lord is with you,
Gentle woman, quiet Light, blessed are you among women
Morning star so strong and bright. And blest is the fruit of your womb,
Gentle Mother, peaceful Dove. Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray
Teach us wisdom, teach us love. For us sinners now and at the hour of
our death. Amen.
You were chosen by the Father,
You were chosen by the Son, Gentle woman, quiet light morning star
You were chosen from all women. so strong and bright,
And for women shining One. Gentle mother peaceful dove teach us
wisdom teach us love.
Blessed are You among women,
Blest in turn all women too, 1. You were chosen by the father, You
Blessed they with peaceful spirits, were chosen by the Son, You were cho-
Blessed they with gentle hearts. sen from all women,
And for woman shining one.( repeat
285 GRATIA PLENA gentle woman.....)

Ave Maria, gratia plena, 2. Blessed are you among women, Blest
Marian Hymns

in turn all women too, Blessed they with In the Holy Spirit One.
peaceful spirits, Blessed be the Trinity. Amen.
Blessed they with gentle hearts. (repeat
gentle woman......) 289 HAIL QUEEN OF HEAVEN,
BRIGHT Hail, Queen of Heaven, the ocean Star,
Guide of the wanderer here below,
Hail O Star of ocean bright, Thrown on life’s surge, we claim Your
Tender Mother of our God, care,
Ever-Virgin You remain, Save us from peril and from woe.
Blessed Gate of Heaven’s reign. Mother of Christ, Star of the sea,
Pray for the wanderer, pray for me.
The Archangel Gabriel
Hailed You and with that Ave O gentle chaste, and spotless Maid,
Eva’s name You then reversed, We sinners make our prayers thru You;
Bringing peace to all the earth. Remind Your Son that He has paid
the price of our iniquity.
Free the captives from their chains. Virgin, most pure, Star of the sea,
On blind sinners pour Your light Pray for the sinner, pray for me.
Cast out evil from our midst Sojourners in this vale of tears.
Every blessing ask of us. To You, blest Advocate, we cry,
Show yourself our Mother true; Pity our sorrows, calm our fears,
Offer up to Him our prayers And soothe with hope our misery.
Who was born for us Your Son, Refuge in grief, Star of the sea,
Blessed Fruit of blessed womb. Pray for the mourner, pray for me.

Virgin of all virgins blest, And while to Him Who reigns above,
Mildest flow’r of womankind, In Godhead One, in Person Three,
Free us from the guilt of sin. The Source of life, of grace, of love,
Make us pure and innocent. Homage we pay on bended knee.
Do You, bright Queen, Star of the sea,
Give us lives of purity. Pray for Your children, pray for me.
Guide us on the way secure.
Then with Jesus we will be 290 HAIL, HOLY QUEEN
Joyful for eternity ENTHRONED ABOVE

Glory be to God on high Hail, holy Queen enthroned above,

And to Christ His only Son, O Maria!
Marian Hymns

Hail, Mother of Mercy and of Love, 292 HEAR THY CHILDREN,

(Children’s hymn to our Lady)
Triumph, all ye cherubim, 1. Hear thy children, gentlest Mother,
Sing with us ye seraphim. Pray’rful hearts to thee arise;
Heaven and earth resound the hymn. Hear us while our evening
Salve, Salve, Salve Regina! Ave soars beyond the starry skies.
Darkling shadows fall around us,
O Gate of life we honor Thee, Stars their silent watches keep;
O Maria! Hush the heart oppress’d with sorrow,
Our joy and hope and heaven’s key, Dry the tears of those who weep.
O Maria!
2. Hear, sweet Mother, hear the weary,
And when our life on earth is done, Borne upon life’s troubled sea; Gentle
O Maria! guiding Star of Ocean, Lead thy chil-
Then show us Christ, Thy only Son, dren home
O Maria! to thee. Still watch o’er us, dearest
Mother, From thy beauteous throne
291 HAPPY BIRTHDAY above; Guard us from all harm and
MAMA MARY danger, ‘Neath
thy shelt’ring wings of love.
Ang buong mundo ngayon ay
nagsasaya, 293 HEART OF MARY
ito ang araw ng pagsilang ng ating
mahal na Ina. Heart of Mary, Heart all pure,
Halika na tayo’y magsama-sama umawit Sinless Heart of Mary.
ng papuri sa Kanya. Heart most tender, refuge sure,
Ito ang araw, dakilang araw ng Spotless Heart of Mary.
pagsilang N’ya. Chosen vessel undefiled,
Lily chalice holy.
Koro: Through the merits of Thy Child,
Maligayang bati sa’yo Mahal na Ina. Make us pure and holy.
Maligayang bati sa’yo Mahal na Ina.
Halika na tayo’y magsama-sama, mag- Temple of the Trinity,
alay ng bulaklak sa Kanya. Throne of God all Holy,
Ito ang araw, dakilang araw ng Ark of His Divinity Tabernacle Holy.
pagsilang N’ya. Cradle of the Word divine,
Show us Christ our Brother,
Marian Hymns

Heart of Mary mystic shrine, in our souls give Jesus birth.

Show Thyself our Mother.
Source of Christ’s most Precious Blood,
Virgin Heart of Mary, Holy Virgin with kindness receive
Cleanse us in that saving flood, Who e’er invokes You with tender
Victim Heart of Mary. devotion,
Cleanse us in that saving flood, From the heav’ns where You reign
Victim Heart of Mary with mercy
May Thy love our hearts refine Hear the prayers of the faithful
Bless our consecration. gathered here.

294 HOLY MARY Refrain:

(NOW WE CROWN YOU) And protect us from many dangers
We Your children on earth
Holy Mary, now we crown You O Heavenly Queen. (2x)
Honored Queen of all the race,
Noble Virgin may our tribute Guide us O Mary,
win Your love and gain us grace. through life’s dark light,
Like a shining torch
Refrain: that illuminates the pathway.
Ora pro nobis, You’re the Star
Amen. (2x) that will guide us to heaven;
Save our boat from the perils of the sea!
On this day we sing Your praise
Purest Maid of all the earth. Comfort Mother all those who suffer.
While the beauty of the springtime Be a holy Refuge
Tells Your joy at Jesus’ birth. for the repentant sinner.
Come to aid us at the last hour;
Glorious Queen, Bring us safely to heaven’s peaceful
Look down in kindness, shore.
While before Your throne we stand,
Bring God’s blessings to Your children. With the angels You wept on Calv’ry.
Watch our homes and guard our land. Standing by the Cross,
for us you gathered graces.
Gate of heaven, Dry the tears from Your children’s faces
You were Mother With their Mother’s immaculate veil.
to the King of Heav’n and earth
now be Mother to Your subjects The most Blessed of all God’s people,
Marian Hymns

You’re the living Ark of His merciful did this year for Mary, for anything in
alliance; the past year which was not as should
Resting in You, our Hope of triumph have been.
In the battle against a world of sin. Chorus:
May December 8th be the day of regen-
296 HOW SWEET YOUR NAME eration of our souls,
(Quant’e soave al cuore) a revival of zeal for the spread of the
kingdom in heaven
How sweet Your Name O Mary and on earth of Our Beloved Queen.
To the hearts of Your children. (Repeat 2 & Chorus)
My every consolation
comes to me from Your Name Refrain:
My most beloved Mother, Probably my conscience
How beautiful Your memory, reproaches me with my laziness,
And how I’ve always loved You negligence, insufficient zeal
E’en from my tend’rest years. or lack of sacrifice for the
salvation of my own
Refrain: and of my neighbors’ souls.
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! (Repeat again then chorus)
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!
I’ll always greet You Mother OF MOUNT CARMEL
When morning lights the mountains
And when the sun’s bright color Queen and Lady of Mt. Carmel,
Descends beyond the sea. seen by Prophet’s mystic gaze,
When grief and anguish threaten Shown above the holy mountain
And my last hours upon me as Elias kneels and prays.
Come help me then O Mother Cloud-like rising from the ocean,
To yield my soul in peace. Pure and free from every stain,
She doth claim His heart’s devotion
297 HYMN ON THE FEAST OF through the ages to remain.
1.This day is a special day especially for Mother of Mount Carmel, hear,
us brothers. when we call, Oh be Thou near.
Let’s dedicate ourselves anew to Our Mother of Mount Carmel, hear,
Immaculate Mother when we call, Oh be Thou near.

2. Everyone should ask himself how he To the Prophet’s sons descendeth

Marian Hymns

as a sacred legacy, I watched you grow with Jesus

Love of Mary’s pure conception, In wisdom and in grace,
Virgin Mother yet to be. And delighted at the Father
Tender Mother She hath clothed us Who shone in your face.
with a double garment fair;
Pledge of heavenly protection In tunic I had woven,
is the scapular we wear. You turned to wave farewell
As you set out on your mission of Love.
Queen and Beauty of Mount Carmel, In Jesus you were baptized,
Christ’s dear gift on Calvary, All heard the Father’s voice:
Refuge sure in every danger, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I
confident we fly to Thee. rejoice!”
Mother, hear our humble pleading,
Grant the favors we implore; At Cana we were wedded
To Thy love we are appealing, In water and in new wine
Bless us now and evermore. And I knew your Hour of Glory had
299 I AM YOUR MOTHER In Jesus you were preaching,
In Him I watched you heal,
Refrain: Always pointing to the Father you came
You are the Body of Jesus, to reveal.
His life is your life,
His Spirit your own. Your life revealed the weakness
I am the Mother of Jesus, Of Pharisee and priest.
I am your Mother, The jealousy and hatred began.
You are My children My own. You were crucified with Jesus
And buried in the earth,
I carried you with Jesus And in Resurrection
In the shelter of My womb, Glory I saw your rebirth!
And in Bethlehem
I brought you to birth. 300 I WILL SING WITH ALL MY
I nurtured you in Jesus, SOUL (Magnificat)
And rocked you in My arms,
And I fled with you to Egypt Refrain:
to shield you from harm. I will sing with all my soul
When you were lost for three days, and praise the Lord.
My sorrow knew no bounds, My heart is glad because of God
As I searched for you and led you my Savior.
back home. For He has looked upon
Marian Hymns

His humble servant. With Saints and angels gathered

And who am I, who am I To sing to Her our love.
to merit His love? I’ll see Her there one day
He gives His grace anew in every age And when I’ve left this exile
To those who live in reverence with I’ll rest just like an infant
Him. Upon His Mother’s Heart.
Grace is His strength
but He unmasks all pride I’ll see Her there one day.
and strips us bare of our self-conceit. At Lourdes my heart cried out to Her.
But I’ve not seen Her face yet;
The Lord is Mighty, Holy is His Name. She’s with the Lord above.
And every generation gives Him praise.
Happy am I unto the end of all time 302 IMMACULATE HEART OF
because my God has done great MARY
things for me.
His servant Israel, Immaculate Heart of Mary
He has remembered well, immerse in the Trinity
He has been merciful to all His people. deepen my love
for theFather, Son and Spirit.
DAY 1. How lovely thou art Mother Mary to
dwell in place of the Lord of Hosts, my
I’ll see Her there one day soul longs and faints for the courts of
In heaven, my true homeland. the Lord,
I’ll see the Virgin Mary, in thy heart as my beat rejoiced in the
My Love and my heart’s Joy. living God.

Refrain: 2. The sparrow has found herself a

In heaven, in heaven above, home, the turtle a nest for her little
I’ll see Her there one day. (2x) ones, the Altars of God Immaculate
I’ll see Her there one day, the starling that dwell in this house of
The cry of hope rings out anew the living God.
And brings me strength and courage
To journey through life’s woes.
I’ll see Her there one day.
I’ll offer Her my songs of praise, Immaculate Mary, Your praises we sing.
Marian Hymns

You reign now in splendor with Jesus 305 IN THE WOMB OF A VIRIGN
our King.
Refrain: In the womb of a Virgin
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! the Savior took His form;
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! In the womb of a Virgin,
safe and dark and warm.
In heaven the blessed There He would move and grow
Your glory proclaim, until He came to birth.
On earth we Your children In the womb of a Virgin
invoke Your sweet Name. God came to earth.

We pray for the Church, Mary pure and Mary mild,

our true Mother on earth, Gentle loving Hebrew Child,
And beg You to watch o’er Christ the Lord became Your Guest
the land of our birth. You the home He found the best.

304 IMMACULATE MOTHER Mary, will You share with me how His
Presence came to be hidden
Immaculate Mother in Your human frame
we come at Thy call Son of Mary, Son of God, the same!
and low at Thy altar
before Thee we fall. 306 INA NAMING MARIA
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!
O Inang Maria,
In grief and temptation Ika’y aming takbuhan.
in joy and in pain Sa paglalakbay namin,
we’ll seek Thee our Mother lagi Kang kasama.
nor seek Thee in vain. Sa lungkot at ligaya, bahagi Ka, Ina.
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Sa ‘Yo iaalay puso nami’t kalul’wa.
Maria, Ina ng Diyos,
We pray for our country tanglawan Mo’ng aming buhay.
the land of our birth Yamang Ikaw ang tanging lingkod
we pray for all nations ng Diyos Ama. (2x)
that peace be on earth.
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!
Inang minamahal,
si Hesus sa Iyo sinilang.
Marian Hymns

Inang sinisinta, 309 KNIGHTS OF THE

Ang Diyos sa ‘Yo nagpala. IMMACULATA
Inang minamahal,
Kay Hesus kami Yong ialay. Refrain:
Ilaan sa Kanyang kaharian, Let all the world praise Maria!
Upang kapwa’y mapaglingkuran. Let every man know Maria!
Praise be Maria Immaculata,
Inang minamahal, Ave, Ave Maria.
ni Hesus mananakop,
Inang sinisinta We are the knights of the Immaculata,
ng lahat Mong mga anak: Men, women and youth bound together.
Nawa’y ilawan Mo ang landas naming All longing to become fit instrument
tatahakin. On Her Immaculate and merciful
Kaligtasan namin at pag-asa: hands.
tulong ng Iyong panalangin.
Sa harap ng aming kamatayan, Our own sanctification,
O Ina, kami ‘Yong aliwin. And sinner’s conversion
Salvation of all souls
Inang minamahal, And total consecration,
kalingain kami’t turuan The reign of Maria as preparation
Na matularan Ka for the reign of Jesus and His plan
sa Iyong laging paglingap. of redemption.
Buksan aming kamay sa ‘ming kapwang
baon sa hirap: Hail, O Maria Immaculata!
Sa kanyang kalayaan at buhay maialay She’s the Woman Who’ll crush the
ang pagsisikap; head of Satan.
At higit, kung ito’y kailangan, Under Her banner, we shall be one,
Katawa’t buhay man itaya. To defend the Holy Church of Jesus
Her Son.
For the extension of His blessed
Inang Sakdal linis kami’y humihingi Kingdom
sa Diyos Ama namin awang minimithi for the greatest glory of Jesus Most
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! High.
Through Maria Immaculata,
Bayang tinubua’y ipinagdarasal God’s Masterpiece, Hail, O Maria!
At kapayapaan nitong sanlibutan.
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!
Marian Hymns

310 LADY IN BLUE Did You lift Him up sometimes gently

on Your knee?
The angel Gabriel Did You sing to Him the way my
announced to Mary mother does to me?
She would be
God’s Mother you see Did You hold His Hand at night?
and God was conceived Did You ever try
by the Holy Spirit telling stories of the saints?
born of the Virgin Mary. Oh! and did He cry?
Refrain: Do You really think He cares
Hail Mary! if I tell Him things—
Mother of God Little things that happen?
Lady in blue And do angel’s wings make a noise?
I love you
Hail Mary! Can He hear me if I speak low?
Mother of God Does He understand me now?
Mary is my Mother too. Tell me for You know!

Lovely Lady dressed in blue,
teach me how to pray.
God was just Your little Boy,
Lodate Maria, o lingue fedeli risuoni nel
and You know the way!
cieli la vostra armonia. Lodate, lodate,
lodate Maria.
Praised be the Virgin Mary, Let all the 313 LOVING MOTHER
faithful bless her and all heav’n confess OF OUR REDEEMER
her the Mother
of Jesus. Praise Mary Immaculate, the Loving Mother of our Redeemer,
most humble Virgin. Gate of Heaven and Star of the Sea,
Assist Your people who have fallen,
yet strive to rise again.
312 LOVELY LADY (LADY IN To the wonderment of nature
You bore Your Creator,
yet remained a Virgin after as before.
You who received Gabriel’s joyful
Lovely Lady, dressed in blue,
teach us how to pray.
have pity on us! Have pity on us!
God was just Your Little Boy,
Have pity on us poor sinners!
tell me what to say.
Marian Hymns

314 MADONNA OF CZESTO- puno ka sa grasya.

CHOWA Ang Ginoong Dios ana-a kanimo,
bulahan ka sa mga babaye nga tanan
There’s quiet native homeland ug bulahan ang bunga
And Her children would return there. sa tiyan mo nga si Jesus.
There’s the face of a dear Mother Santa Maria, Inahan sa Dios,
With two marks the sword has left ig-ampo mo kaming mga makasasala
there. karon ug sa takna sa kamatayon.
With Her look, so deep and watchful, Karon ug sa takna sa kamatayon.
She asks each one of Her children A ----MEN A -----MEN.
To entrust his life, his world
Into Her hands.
Magnificat anima Mea Dominum:
Madonna, O Black Madonna,
Et exsultavit spiritus Meus
It’s so sweet to be your children.
In Deo Salutari Meo.
Protect us, O dear Madonna,
Within Your motherly hands.
Quia respexit humilitatem
She will calm You in your troubles;
Ancillae Suae
She will free you from all evils;
Ecce enim ex hoc Beatam
For Her heart is always open
Me dicent omnes generationes.
To each one of Her dear children.
She will light the way before you
Quia fecit Mihi magna Qui potens est:
If with love you call upon Her;
et Sanctum Nomen Eius.
If each day you say to Her a prayer
like this:
Et misericordia Eius
a progenie in progenies
This whole world so full of turmoil,
Timentibus Eum.
What real good has it to offer?
But the face of a fond Mother
Fecit potentiam in bracchio Suo:
gives a peace the world can’t shatter.
dispersit superbos mente cordis sui.
When You smile, O dear Madonna,
We will see the smile of Jesus
Deposuit potentes de sede,
Bringing back into our hearts
Et exaltavit humiles.
The joys gone by.
Esurientes implevit bonis:
315 MAGHIMAYA KA MARIA Et divites dimisit inanes.

Maghimaya ka Maria, Suscepit Israel puerum Suum,

Marian Hymns

recordatus misericordiae Suae. 319 MAÑANITA

Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros, How beautiful is the morning
Abraham, et semini eius in saecula. As we come and sing to you,
With hearts so full of gladness
Gloria Patri, et Filio, Et Spiritui Sancto. And the fondest hopes in you.
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc,
et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. On the day that you were born,
Amen. All the flowers burst in bloom.
The world was filled with color
317 MAHAL NAMING INA And the strains of a welcome song

Mahal naming Ina, tinatawagan Ka, Refrain:

Tunay na Batis Ka ng biyaya, We wish you “Happy Birthday!”
Binabalungan Ka, ng awa at ligaya, Today and the years to come
Nilalapitan Ka, naming, aba. God bless you now and forever.
Inang sinisinta, buksan aming mata, May your dreams come true dear one
Pagka’t sa Diyos Ama kami ay
nagkasala We let our voices ring
Kapag kami’y yumaong lubos, As we sing this birthday song,
Kami’y samahan, doon sa Amang And make you feel the warmth
kaharian. (2x) Of our love as we sing along

How I wish the world were mine

318 MAMA MARIA So I could give it to you
I wish I could pluck the stars.
Mama Maria nagkatigum
And a garland weave for you.
Ang Imong mga anak
Nga Kanimo nagmahal
Who lives under the shelter of the
among giampo ang kalibutan
Mother of God, dwells under the shade
of Her protection. The assault of the
enemy will not harm him, flying arrow
Gikinahanglan Ka namo, lamdagi kami
will not hit him for She protects him
Salamat sa Imong pagmahal
under Her wings. Cry out to Her in
dangers, and the scourge will not ap-
Nagapasalamat kami Kanimo
proach your abode. Who hope in Her
Nga gidawat Mo bisan pa
will receive fruits of grace, and he will
sa among kakulang.
see the door of the Heaven open.
(Ulitin ang Koro)
Mama Maria…, Mama Maria…Inahan.
Let us pray:
Marian Hymns

Hail, O Lady, holy Queen, Mary, holy Maria, Tuboran sa kaayo.

Mother of God: you are the virgin made Ki’ng mga rosas Kanimo angay,
church and the one chosen by the most himaya ug dungog pahalipay.
holy Father in heaven whom He conse- Ave, Ave Maria.
crated with His most holy beloved Son
and with the Holy Spirit the Paraclete,
in whom there was and is all the fullness
of grace and every good.
Birheng Maria, Bukang-liwayway,
sinilang Mo si Hesus, Araw ng mundo.
Hail, His Palace! Hail, His Tabernacle!
Sana’y ilawan Mo aming buhay at landas
Hail, His Home! Hail, His Robe! Hail,
naming nalilito.
His Servant! Hail, His Mother! And hail,
all you holy virtues which through the
Tanglaw sa dilim
grace and light of the Holy Spirit are
ng aming paglaon sa lupang ito
poured into the hearts of the faithful so
samahan ang aming paglalakbay.
that from their faithless state you may
samahan ang aming paglalakbay.
make them faithful to God.
Tala kami’y dalhin, Maria,
320 MARIA, BABAYE SA PAGTUO sa ‘ming Buhay,
Ina, ‘Yong samahan, aming Ina,
Maria, Babaye sa pagtuo, sa ‘ming buhay.
Maria Inahan ni Jesu-Kristo. O Maria, ‘Yong pagkalinga sa amin
Daw sa bituon sa kadagatan, ipadama, ‘padama.
dan-agan Mo kami, kaming tanan. Kami’y ‘Yong tulungan at patnubayan sa
Ave, Ave Maria. oras ng
kamatayan, kamatayan.
Maria, Babaye sa paglaum,
Maria, Inahan nga malig-on. Birheng Maria, Bukang-liwayway
O Dalangpanan, Birheng bulahan, sinilang Mo si Hesus, Araw ng mundo.
i-ampo Mo kami, kaming tanan. Ilawan Mo aming buhay
Ave, Ave Maria. at landas naming nalilito.
Tanglaw ng aming paglaon
Maria, Babaye sa paghigugma, sa lupang ito
Maria, Inahang walay sama. samahan aming paglalakbay, samahan
O Kahingpitan, Birheng bulahan, ang aming paglalakbay.
i-ampo Mo kami, kaming tanan
Ave, Ave Maria. Tala kami’y dalhin, Maria,
sa Buhay, sa paglalakbay,
Maria, Rayna sa Rosario, sa Buhay, Ina, ‘Yong samahan, aming
Marian Hymns

Ina, sa ‘ming buhay. 4. Maria, Rayna sa rosaryo. Maria,

tuburan sa kaayo. Kining mga rosas
322 MARIA INA NG DIOS Kanimo angay; himaya ug dungog,
Ina ng Dios kami po’y dumudulog A--V--E, A--V--E MARIA... A----
Ang awa Mo sa ami’y ihulog M----- E ----N
Inang mahal kami po’y tulungan
Sa aming pagtahak sa landas ng 324 MARIAN BATTLE HYMN
‘Yong anak.
The time has come for us
Inang mahal ng aming kaligtasan to raise our voices;
Pakinggan Mo ang daing ng bayan. To share the love
Ina ng Dios na mahal ni Kristo, that we have just begun
Ikaw ang Ilaw ng aming sambayanan. We are sons of Mary, we’re all brothers;
Refrain: and from this moment on we live as
Maria Ina ng Dios Ina Ka namin one.
At ng Manunubos tulungan Mo kaming
Lumapit kay Hesus sa matagumpay Chorus 1:
Na daan ng Krus. Maria Ina ng Dios. Through pain and sorrow we’ll go on
and love will not leave us alone
323 MARIA Brave and daring as we are;
our victory will not be far
1.Maria, babaye sa pagtu-o. Maria, Remember to give
inahan ni Hesukristo. Daw sa bitu-on sa Your Mother a new company;
kadagatan, dan-agan mo kami, kaming New David’s young crusaders
tanan. strong and wise
A--V--E, A--V--E MARIA. with the Cross and the Rosary
on both hands;
2. Maria, babaye sa paglaum. Maria They’ll spread the news
inahan nga malig-on. O dalangpanan, that God has won our land.
Birheng bulahan! Lig-onon mo kami,
kaming tanan. Chorus 2:
A--V--E, A--V--E MARIA. Set up soldiers raise your bow;
Our confidence in Mary show
3. Maria, babaye sa paghigugma. Maria, Hold each other by the hand
inahang walay sama. O kahingpitan, and call your friends throughout
Birheng bulahan! I-ampo mo kami, the land. (2x)
kaming tanan.
A--V--E, A--V--E MARIA.
Marian Hymns

Coda: Measure Thine aid

Sing and shout for the love of Mary by depth of our need.
Sing and shout for the love of Christ
In unity we shall all be free, Bend from Thy throne
we shall be free. (2x) at the voice of our crying,
Look to this earth
325 MARIANG INA KO which Thy footsteps have trod.
Stretch out Thy arms
Sa aking paglalakbay, to us living and dying,
sa bundok ng buhay, Mary Immaculate, Mother of God.
Sa ligaya’t lumbay
maging Talang gabay. 327 MARY IS OUR QUEEN
Koro: Mary is our Queen, O sing to Her.
Mariang Ina Ko, Mary is our Mother, trust in Her.
ako ri’y anak Mo, Mary is the Star that shines at night
kay Kristong Kuya ko. guiding us to Jesus our true Light.
Akayin Mo ako, kay Kristong Mary is the Creature of our race
Kuya ko akayin Mo ako. Whom the Holy Spirit filled with grace
Maging aking tulay, to become the Mother of our Lord the
sa langit kong pakay, God Whom She adored.
Sa bingit ng hukay, Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.
tangnan aking kamay. Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.



Mary Immaculate, star of the morning, 1. Mary! how sweetly falls that word On
Chosen before the creation began. my enraptured ear! Oft do O breathe in
Destined to bring accents low, That sound when none are
through the light of Thy dawning near.
Conquest of Satan and Rescue to man. 2. Sweet as the warbling of a bird Sweet
as a mother’s voice; So sweet to me
Sinners, we honor is that dear name, It makes my soul
Thy sinless perfection; rejoice.
Fallen and weak,
for Thy mercy we plead. 3. Bright as the glittering stars appear,
Grant us the shield Bright as the moon beams shine; So
of Thy mighty protection, bright in my mind’s eye is seen, Thy
Marian Hymns

lovelyness divine. Mary, woman of hope

Mary, Hope of the world.
4. Through thee I offer my request, And O make my heart pure and free
when prayer is done, In ecstasy sublime Hopeful as one can be
I see thee seated near thy Son. As one can be.
Sing, o my lips, and loudly proclaim; o
mary, o mary, how sweet is thy name! Mary, woman of love.
Sing, o my lips, and loudly proclaim, o Mary, Mother of God.
mary, o mary, how sweet is your name. Beautiful Lady are you.
My loving Mother too,
329 MARY, MY LADY my Mother too.

O Mary, my lady Mary, O morning Star.

Hope and refuge of all Mary, how great You are,
Peace and joy of my heart No heart so grateful as You,
Beautiful as the morning light Lady, I’ll follow You,
I’ll follow You.
Since you brought me to your Son 331 MEMORARE
I learn to suffer everything I can
To obey and say your will be done Remember, Virgin Mary
To reach the final land That never was it known,
O Mary, my lady That anyone who fled to You
Lovable as the lily was ever left alone.
Guide me to your mercy
As I walk to calvary Inspired by this confidence,
I fly to You today
O Mary, my lady I’m sinful, weak and sorrowful
I offer myself for all eternity But strong enough to pray.
Use me to be your instrument O Mother of our Savior,
For I desire it completely I know You’ll hear my pray’r
I know that You will answer me
330 MARY, WOMAN OF FAITH I know I feel your care.

Mary, woman of faith. 332 MOTHER DEAR

Mary, help me believe
No one as faithful as You, Mother dear, O Pray for me,
Not yet my whole life through. whilst far from heaven and Thee
My whole life through. I wander in a fragile bark o’er life’s tem-
Marian Hymns

pestuous sea Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ,

O Virgin Mother from Thy throne, this do I ask of Thee:
so bright and bliss above when the voyage is o’er
Protect Thy Child and cheer my path, O stand on the shore
with Thy sweet smile of love. and show Him at last to me.

Mother dear, remember me, 335 MOTHER OF HOLY HOPE

never cease Thy care.
Till in heaven eternally, Antiphon:
Thy love and bliss I share. Mother of holy hope
and of love everlasting,
333 MOTHER DEAREST, O pray for us.
At the dawning of time I was known
Mother dearest, Mother fairest by the Lord
Help of all who call on Thee. And His command He gave to me
Virgin purest brightest, rarest, He chose the land where I should estab-
Help us, help, we cry to Thee. lished my tent.
Refrain: In the city of God He has given me rest
Mary, help us, help we pray. And my body He placed therein
Mary, Help us, help we pray, Forevermore I shall rule the city of God.
Help us in all care and sorrow.
As a tree that is planted beside flowing
334 MOTHER OF CHRIST streams,
A cedar strong, lifted on high
Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, So I took root in the holy God.
what shall I ask of Thee.
I do not sigh for the wealth of earth As the odor of spice or the fragrance of
for the joys that fade and flee, but balm,
Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, Or choicest myrrh, is my perfume
this do I long to see: As fragrant incense I lift my praise to
the bliss untold which Your hands the Lord.
the treasure upon Your knee. Come to Me all who yearn filled with
My fruits,
Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, And You will yet hunger for more
I tossed on stormy sea, For all who try Me will find My memo-
O lift Your child as a beacon light ry sweet.
to the port where I faint would be, and
Marian Hymns

Of a Virgin was born Jesus, There’s a land where love reigns,

Whom we pray. there’s a better life.
Glory and praise be to His Name
May every age call His Mother Mother I see Your face like a memory
holy and blest. Mother I hear Your voice gently call-
ing me.
336 MOTHER OF JESUS, TEACH Mother I feel You’re near
US TO PRAY ‘though you’re far away.
Wait for me, pray for me;
Mother of Jesus, I’ll be there one day.
Teach us to pray.
Help us to enter the Heart of God. Seems just like yesterday
You made our journey, when I was a child;
You know the way, When the earth was all green
Mother of Jesus, and the heavens smiled.
Teach us to pray. (2x) You were there with me then
and You’re with me still.
All things change, all things pass,
337 MOTHER OF MY SOUL Your love never will.

From the hills, from the plains Mother of my sweet Lord,

From the open sea comes a cry, pray to Him for me.
comes a prayer from humanity, I know I haven’t been
Through the clouds, past the stars all that I should be.
to Her throne above Pray to Him for my soul
Where She holds close Her Child, that He’ll pardon me,
God of endless Love. Who for love of our souls died on
When the long day is done As I walk long life’s road
And I’ve paid life’s toll through the light and shade,
Take me then, home with You, naught can e’er get me down,
Mother of my soul. naught make me afraid.
I know You’re watching me with Moth-
There’s a home, there’s a heart, er’s love;
there’s a place of rest. Guarding me ‘long the way
There’s a joy, and a peace words to home above.
just can’t express;
Far from this noisy orb,
far from sin and strife
Marian Hymns



Mother Mary, whither goest Thou; Refrain:

Why has sorrow creased Your My soul rejoices in my God,
lovely brow? My spirit proclaims
“I go seeking for my beloved Son; the greatness of the Lord;
Have you seen the face of the Holy is His Name.
fairest One?”
Mary Magdalene answers Her tearfully: He has looked upon His servant
“O sweet Mother, they’ve beaten in her lowliness.
Him fearfully! Ev’ry age to come shall call Me blest.
Crowned with thorns and covered with God Who is Mighty has done
His own Blood, great things;
They condemned Him to death; His mercy is from age to age.
Both people and judge.”
He has shown to those who fear the
Refrain: Lord His Mighty arm.
Mother of the Lamb of God. He confused the proud within
Mother of the Lamb of God. their thoughts.
He has set down the mighty
As He bears His cross through from their thrones and raised the
clamor and fray, lowly ones on high.
Mary meets Her Son along the way.
“Hear, my Son, the voice of Thy He has given every good things to
Mother’s plea; the hungry ones.
Let Me come to suffer and die with While He leaves the rich with empty
Thee!” hands.
Jesus answers in sorrowful tones He has been mindful of His mercy as He
of love: once promised Abraham.
“I’d have spared Thee the pain,
O My spotless Dove, 340 MYSTICAL ROSE
But on the third day I’ll see You again
And You shall become For ages God had deemed You worthy,
the Mother of men.” Pray for us, O Mary.
He destined You to be Christ’s Mother,
Pray for us, O Mary.
The merits of Your only Son
preserved Your soul from stain of sin.
Marian Hymns

Immaculate were You conceived, They look to thy shining, sweet Star of
Pray for us, O Mary. the Sea!

Refrain: 3. The Church doth what God had first

Mystical Rose, taught her to do; He looked o’er the
Star of the sea, world to find hearts that were true;
Gateway to heaven, Through the ages He looked, and He
Mother of Peace. found none but thee, And He loved thy
Let all the world, clear shining, sweet Star of the Sea!
sing out Your praise.
Give us Your guidance, 342 O QUEEN OF PEERLESS
the length of our days. MAJESTY
The Son of God became Your Child, 1. O queen of peerless majesty, Mari--a!
Pray for us, O Mary. Thou glorious Queen of victory, Mari-a!
You raised Him for the task of love, All to thee subjected lies,
Pray for us, O Mary. All creation lifts its eyes:
He showed the world the love of God
By taking up the weight of the Cross. O stand beside us, protect and guide us,
Your heart was full of many sorrows, in death and life, in ev’ry strife, Mari--a!
Pray for us, O Mary.
2. O morning star that scatters night,
341 O PUREST OF CREATURES Mari--a! Upon our darkness spread thy
light, Mari--a!
1. O purest of creatures! When we loss on stormy waves,
Sweet Mother, sweet Maid! The one Thou the star that leads and saves:
spotless womb wherein Jesus was laid!
Dark night hath come down on us 3. O heaven’s portal, Virgin pure, Mari-
Mother! and we Look out for thy shin- -a! An entrance safe for us procure,
ing, sweet Star of the Sea! Look out for Mari--a!
thy shining, sweet Star of the Sea! Show us mercy when we die,
Lead us to thy Son on high:
2. Deep night hath come down on this
rough-spoken world, And the banners 343 O RAYNA SA KALIBUTAN
of darkness are boldly unfurl’d:
And the tempest-tost 1. O Rayna sa Kalibutan, Kalipay na-
Church all her eyes are on Thee, mong tanan. Midangop kami kanimo,
They look to thy shining, maglilig-on sa pagtoo.
sweet Star of the Sea!
Marian Hymns

2. Maria nga maloloy-on, Paglaum 345 O CUORE IMMACOLATO

namo karon. Inahan, kami tabangi, sa
Kadaut panalipdi. O cuore Immacolato
Madre di Gesu, oh, quanto dolce,
3. O Rayna nga madasigon, Sa gugma Amabile ti mostri sempre piu
walay tupong. Kon kami nakasala man,
O hatagi’g kagawasan. Tu, comparenda Fatima
Riaccendi in noi la speme, e sara
4. Maria sa pagpa-abut, himoa kaming Spento l’odio onde la terra geme
takus sa Anak mo nga bulahan, manlu-
luwas sa kalibutan. Perche ci rinnovelli nel puro e
Santo amore ci consacriam fidenti
5. O adlaw nga malipayon! Natawo nato Al tuo materno cuore
karon si Hesus, bulawang gasa, bugtong
anak ni Maria.
Rayna sa kalibutan! Rayna sa nga tanan.
O dearest Mother of Mercy
Ug kami mapagarbohon, babaye ikaw
Gentle and serene
nga sulundon.
Our life our sweetness and our hope,
Most gracious, holy Queen.
O Birhen Maria, ig-ampo Mo kami. O dearest Mother of Mercy,
Sa mga panulay, panlabanan Mo kami. let angels and men sing Thy praise;
Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! and we Thy loving children
we’ll sing to Thee our sweetest songs,
Bituon sa dagat dan-agan Mo kami, Will sing to Thee our sweetest songs.
Sa oras sa ikamatay,
panlabanan Mo kami. Protect us gentlest Mary
Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Hear our humble cry
On us that mourn in exile here
Maria Kanimo modangop man kami Oh! turn Thy tender eye.
Sa buntag, sa udto, sa hapon ug gabii.
Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! O Clement, sweetest Mary
of Whom our Lord was born
Show us Thy Son our Jesus Lord,
When life’s lost hour is come.
Marian Hymns

347 O HEART OF MARY, PURE of our hearts.

AND FAIR All of our lives we consecrate,
And in every moment, only for You.
O Heart of Mary, pure and fair,
There is no stain in Thee; Both night and daytime we know that
In Adam’s fall Thou hast no share You’re near us.
From sin’s control Thou’rt free. Salve Regina! Salve Regina!
Our house is always blessed with Your
Refrain: presence.
O Heart of Mary, pure and fair, May Your Name sweetly reign
No beauty can with Thine compare; within its walls.
From every stain of sin Thou’rt free, In every hour may our house echo
O Make us pure in heart like Thee! With “Ave Maria” prayed
from our hearts.
As some fair lily midst the thorns,
Thou ‘mongst Eve’s daughters art; May the whole world become Your
Celestial purity adorns peaceful kingdom.
Thy crystal depths, chaste Heart. Ave Maria! Ave Maria!
And may our joy be ever to give You
Pure heart, with in Thy depths so chaste Our pains and poverty,
We’ll dwell and ne’er depart, suff ’ring and cross,
Till Thou our souls have deeply placed Beloved Queen, in reparation,
In Jesus’ Sacred Heart. To take all the thorns away from Your
pure Heart.
348 O IMMACULATA When the storms threaten,
with trust we will call You.
Star of the sea! O Star of the sea!
O Immaculata, dream of pure beauty,
O candid Virgin, our fixed idea,
Stretch out Your bright mantle
Your Rosary will be our guide to harbor,
Over all Your children.
And our defense against all evil,
And keep us always
Suppliant omnipotence,
In Your most pure Heart,
with Your strong love.
Mother of Jesus, and of us all.

Radiant star, You’re the Pathway to 349 O IMMACULATA

heaven, Ave Maria! Ave Maria!
O sweetest Mamma O Immaculata
we want to love You O Queen of heaven and of earth,
And have You always Queen Refuge of sinners,
Marian Hymns

And our Most loving Mother, Full of purity, O Maria

With St. Maximilian, your humblest Maria Coredemptrix,
son, give us your Son Jesus.
We put ourselves at your hands.
We offer you completely You are Mediatrix, O Maria
As your thing and your property. Your are Coredemptrix, O Maria
Maria Coredemptrix,
With all my heart and soul and strength, give us your Son Jesus.
I love you, O my Queen.
For you, most perfect and most holy. 351 O MARIA INA NG IGLESIA
O, how lovely!
Allow me to praise You, Holy Virgin, O Maria, Ina ng Iglesia,
Here on earth and in heav’n. Pukawin Mo ang aming diwa.
And through Your mercy, when I die, Arugain Mo kaming mahina,
May I see you there on high. Buhayin sa ‘Yong pagmamahal.
As with your Saint, we try to live, O Maria, Ina ng Iglesia,
The hope and love we received, Ikaw ang aming Tagumpay,
To live for you and work for you at Ikaw ang aming Lakas.
And be consumed for you. Ikaw ang aming Ligaya.
Our neighbors as your own image,
With all our love we give, H’wag Mo kaming pabayaan
That when our time has rolled its round, kaming mga makasalanan,
May we, too, have that red and white dalhin Mo kami, O Maria
crowns. sa ‘Yong sinapupunan. Amen.


You are full of grace, O Maria
You are so beautiful, O Maria O Maria, Rayna sa Pilipinas,
Maria Coredemptrix, panalipdi kami sa mga katalagman,
give us your Son Jesus. agaka kami ngadto sa Manluluwas.
Si Kristo nga Anak Mo
Star of the morning, O Maria ug among kagawasan.
You are the light of the way, O Maria
Maria Coredemptrix, Ug paminawa kining
give us your Son Jesus. among mga pag-ampo,
nga gikan gayud
You are Mother of Love, O Maria sa kasingkasing namo:
Marian Hymns

mga pagtuaw, panlimbasog 353 O MARY OF ALL WOMEN

ug pagpangaliyupo.
Luwasa kami sa dayong kasubo. O Mary of all women
You are the chosen One
Kon nagkabugnaw Who ancient prophets promised
kining among gugma Kanimo Would bear God’s only Son
Ug nahanaw na All Hebrew generation
ang among kanhing kayano; prepared the way to Thee
kon ugaling kami daw That in Your womb the God-man
walay kaligdong sama Nimo, Might come to set man free.
dungga na kami ug pasayloon Mo.
O Mary You embody
Ilingi na ang Imong mga mata kanamo, All God taught to our race
ug lig-ona na ang among pagtuo For You are first and foremost
ni Kristo, In fullness of His grace
Ug dalhon Mo kami sa altar We praise this wondrous honor
sa gugma’g kaambitan, That You gave birth to Him
Inahan Ikaw ang among dangpanan. Who from You took His manhood
And saved us from our sin.
O maluloy-on nga Inahan,
ayaw pasagdi, Rayna namo,
sa grasya Mo ayaw hikawi.
Ug hinaut unta sa kanunay
O most Holy One,
magpabiling pinili,
O most lowly One,
ug duol sa Imong gugma’ng hamili.
Dearest Virgin Maria,
Mother of fair love,
Ihatag Mo ang karisma sa paghigugma,
Home of the Spirit dove.
ang gugma sa mga kabus ug adunahan,
Ora, ora pro nobis.
gugma nga magbarog sa makataronga-
nong hustisya,
Help in sadness drear,
maingon sa Imong gugma, Inahan.
Port of gladness near,
Virgin Mother,
Pagahimoa kami nga mapasalamaton,
Maria In pity heeding,
ug inita kami sa gugma Mong langit-
Hear Thou our pleading,
Ora, ora pro nobis.
ug dasiga kami nga bisan sa kalisod
Mother, Maiden fair,
pagpuyo sa kinabuhi nga diosnon.
Look with loving care,
Hear our prayer, O Maria,
Marian Hymns

Our sorrow feeling. Kaya’t ilingon Mo sa amin ang mga

Send us Thy healing, mata Mong maawain. At saka kung
Ora, ora pro nobis. matapos aming pagpanaw, ipakita Mo
sa amin ang Iyong Anak na si Hesus. O
355 O SANCTISSIMA (ENGLISH) Magiliw, Maawain, Matamis na Birheng
O most holy One, O most lowly One,
Loving Virgin, Maria! 358 O SORROWFUL
Mother, Maid of fairest love, IMMACULATE HEART
Lady, Queen of all above,
Ora, ora pro nobis! Refrain:
O Sorrowful Immaculate Heart
Virgin ever fair, Mother, hear our With cruelest thorns entwined,
prayer, Receive the homage of our love
Look upon us, Maria! And pray for poor mankind.
Bring to us Your Treasure,
Grace beyond all measure: When You appeared at Fatima
Ora, ora pro nobis. You taught the world to pray
And offer up a sacrifice
For those who go astray.
356 O SANCTISSIMA We consecrate ourselves to You,
Our Refuge and our Guide,
O sanctissima, O pissima, And in Your pure maternal Heart
Dulcis Virgo, Maria! Your children will confide.
Mater amata, Intemerata,
Ora, ora pro nobis! 359 O’ER A HUMBLE LITTLE
Virgo, respice, Mater, aspice, HOLM-OAK
Audi nos, O Maria!
Te medicinam portas divinam, O’er a humble little holm-oak
Ora, ora pro nobis! You appeared O heav’nly Lady
That all men again might listen
357 O SANTA MARIA To the voice of their dear Mother.
That all men again might listen
O Santa Maria, O Reynang Ina ng awa. To the voice of their dear Mother.
Ika’y aming buhay, pag-asa’t katamisan.
Sa’Yo nga kami tumatawag pinapanaw Refrain:
na anak ni Eba. Sa’Yo nga kami tu- Ave, ave, ave Mother of the Lord.
matangis dini sa lupang bayan kahap- Ave, ave, ave sing with one accord!
Marian Hymns

You descend from the heavens on this day we give Thee our love.
To three humble shepherd children, Near Thee Madonna
To the innocent and poor ones fondly we hover trusting
You became a tender Mother. Thy gentle care to prove.
To the innocent....
Prayer and penance You requested On this day we ask to share
For poor sinners, Holy Virgin, dearest Mother Thy sweet care
And You offered us the Rosary; aid us here our feet astray
Simple and sublime devotion. wander from Thy guiding way.
And you offered....
Stretch out over us Your mantle, COUNSEL
O dear Mother of Our Savior
Your Immaculate Heart will be O Virgin Mother, Lady of Good Coun-
For us all a secure refuge. sel,
Your Immaculate Heart... Sweetest picture artist ever drew.
In all my doubts I fly to Thee for
360 OMNI DIE guidance,
Mother tell me, what am I to do?
Omni die dic mariae By Thy face to Jesus’ face in clinging,
Mea laides anima Sheltered safe beneath Thy mantle blue,
Eius gesta eius gesta By His little arms around Thee twining
Cole devotissima O Mother, tell me, what am I to do?

O maria, mater pia Life, alas, is often dark and dreary,

Tuum d’a subsidium Cheating shadows hide the truth
Quovincamus et vivamus from view.
In terra viventium When my soul is most perplexed
and weary,
Contemplare et mirare Mother, tell me, what am I to do?
Eius celsitudinem Plead my cause for what can He
Dicfelicem genitricem refuse Thee?
Dic beatam virginem Win for me His saving grace anew.
O that I know Thou dost not wish to
361 ON THIS DAY, lose me,
O BEAUTIFUL MOTHER O Mother, tell me, what am I to do?

On this day, O beautiful Mother,

Marian Hymns

363 PRAISE MARY Choosing to fulfill His plan

(Laudate Maria) By Your perfect act of love
Hope was born to fallen man.
Praised be the Virgin Mary. Help us to amend our ways
Let all the faithful bless Her Halt the devil’s strong attack
And all heav’n confess Her Walk with us the narrow path
The Mother of Jesus. Beg for us the grace we lack.

Refrain: Mary, show Your Motherhood

Praise Mary Immaculate, Bring back Your children’s prayers
The most humble Virgin. To Christ Your Son Who ransomed man
Eternally Inviolate, Who, for us was sacrificed.
Fair lily of pure candor;
The Word left His grandeur Virgin chosen, singly blest
for the love of this Mother. Ever faithful to God’s call
Guide us in this earthly life
The light of Christ envelops You, Guide us lest, deceived we fall.
O Dawn of Hope ascendant.
The sun shines resplendent, 365 PRAY THE ROSARY
The moon sets in homage.
To overcome the ancient foe Listen to Your Mother
God showed the world this wonder: Pray the Rosary
The serpent crushed under Follow Mary
The foot of the Virgin. Pray the Rosary
a true devotee wears the scapular
The angel choirs surrounding Her Pray the Rosary
In song declare they love Her.
The stars form above Her Refrain:
A crown of rare beauty. Mary our Queen of Peace
Mary Mother of God
364 PRAISE TO MARY, Pray for us sinners now
HEAVEN’S GATE And at the hour of our death.

Praise to Mary, Heaven’s Gate Offer ourselves daily

Guiding Star of Christian way To the Sacred Heart
Mother of our Lord and King With our Pope’s intention
Light and hope to souls astray. Attend the Holy Mass
Through the Immaculate Heart
When You heard the call of God of Mary our Help
Marian Hymns

Pray the Rosary. May we share in your heart’s

(Repeat Refrain) jubilation. Alleluia.
For the Lord truly rose,
366 QUEEN OF GRACE our Salvation, Alleluia.

Ave O Queen of Heavenly Graces 368 QUEEN OF THE ROSARY

Your Son is my Lord and Savior,
King of Heaven and of earth’s Queen of the Rosary!
expanse, Roses we bring Thee,
Christ our God, Light of the Father. White buds of happiness
from Thine own who love Thee!
Refrain: Red blooms for pain untold
Hail bright Star in the heavens Blend with royal rose of gold.
From our God Your light is steaming. Queen Maiden, hail to Thee!
All our joy is in Your Son Jesus, Sweet Maid of Galilee!
Alleluia, Alleluia. Soft on Thy heart lies Thy White
Ave O Queen of purest candor. Rose, small Jesus.
You’re the One Who keeps me smiling. Joy, joy within Thy Heart grant us
You brought forth for us the True Joy, of Thy Bliss apart.
Christ our God, Light of the Father. Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Ave O Queen of Happy concord, Queen of the Rosary!

Your Son is my Peace and Mercy, Roses we bring Thee.
The Good Shepherd of life eternal, Red dyed in Blood of Him Thy
Christ our God, Light of the Father. Crucified, Christ Jesus.
Mother all agony, Teach me,
367 QUEEN OF HEAVEN how to bear like Thee.
(Ti rallegra del Cielo Regina) Suff ’ring Queen of the Rosary!

Queen of Heaven rejoice and be Queen Mother, hail to Thee!

glad now. Alleluia. Time and eternity echo
He Whom You worth’ly bore with the glorious cry:
thanksgiving. Alleluia. Queen of earth and heaven!
He is ris’n as He said and is living. Gold flow’rs for royalty,
Alleluia. Roses gold we give to Thee!
Mother Queen of The Rosary!
Pray to God for us all Virgin Mary.
Marian Hymns


Mary, Queen of angels Refrain:

and the stars above. Receive me, o Mary, our mother and
A light to shine our way queen. Take me and guide me to the
from the darkness of the night. school of your Son.
Mary, You’re the One
to Whom we give our hearts 1. You have special prayers for God’s
Teach us how to pray chosen one’s; Hold me within your care
and to speak our part. as you cherished my master, your Son.

Refrain: 2. I so want to know Him, to follow His

You’re the Queen of the Universe; way. Teach me to love Him as a poor
You’re the shoulder helpless child I pray.
of all the creatures of the world;
You’re the Woman of all the earth; 3. Bring me to your Son in your Moth-
Oh, loving Mother pray for us. erly love. Strengthen, enlighten me
make me holy with grace from above.
Lady of the heavens
intercede for us, 4. Be my guiding star as I journey
Queen of our hearts through life. Lead me transform me till
don’t keep us apart; it’s no longer my life but Christ.
Lady of creation
shine Your gracious heart, Receive me o Mary, receive me, o Mary,
Mother of the world Amen...
keep us in Your love.
Sparkling star of ages
keep your light on us. Regina coeli jubila
Never let us go without You Gaude Maria!
by our side; Jam pulsa cedunt nubila, alleluia!
Mary, Queen of races,
take us in Your side, Refrain:
Mother of all nations Laetare O Maria,
lead us to Your Son. Laetare O Maria, Maria!

Quam digna terris gignere

Gaude Maria!
Vivis resurget funere, Alleluia!
Marian Hymns

Sunt fracta mortis spicula, 373 REJOICE O QUEEN

Jesu jacet mors subdita, Alleluia! (O Vergine rallegrati)

Acerbitas solatium, Rejoice O Queen of heav’n above.

Gaude Maria! Jesus is risen!
Luctus redonat gaudium, Alleluia! The Son Whom You gave to the
world, Alleluia!
Turbata sputis lumina, Rejoice O Virgin Mary!
Gaude Maria!
Phoebea vincunt fulgura, Alleluia! Rejoice O Queen of heav’n above;
Manum pedumque vulnera, Salve Regina!
Gaude Maria! And pray for us to Christ our King,
Sunt gratiarum flumina, Alleluia! Alleluia!
Rejoice O Virgin Mary!
Transversa ligni robora,
Gaude Maria! Rejoice O Queen of heav’n above
Sunt sceptra regni fulgida, Alleluia! Christ has redeemed us!
Let heaven and earth resound the
Lucet arundo purpura, hymn.
Gaude Maria! Alleluia! Rejoice O Virgin Mary!
Ut fulva terrae viscera, Alleluia!
Catena clavi lancea,
Gaude Maria!
Triumphi sunt insignia, Alleluia!
Remember, holy Mary,
It was never heard or known
Ergo Maria plaudito,
That anyone who sought Thee
Gaude Maria!
And made to Thee his moan,
Clientibus succurito, Alleluia!
That anyone who hastened
for shelter to Thy care,
372 REGINA COELI was ever yet abandoned
And left to his despair.
Regina Coeli, laetare, alleluia!
Quia quem meruisti portare, Alleluia! And so to Thee, my Mother,
Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia! With filial faith I call,
Ora pro nobis Deum, Alleluia! For Jesus dying gave Thee
As Mother to us all.
To Thee, O Queen of virgins,
O Mother meek,
Marian Hymns

To Thee I run with trustful fondness, R: miserere nobis

Like child to mother’s knee. Spiritus Sancte Deus,
R: miserere nobis
See at Thy feet a sinner, Sancta Trinitas unus Deus,
Groaning and weeping sore R: miserere nobis
Ah! throw Thy mantle o’er me, Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.
And let me stray no more. Sancta Dei Genitrix,
Thy Son has died to save me, Sancta Virgo virginum,
And from His throne on high Mater Christi,
His Heart this moment yearneth Mater divinae gratiae,
For even such as I. Mater purissima,
Mater castissima,
375 RESPONSORIUM Mater inviolata,
(VIRGO PARENS) Mater intemerata,
Mater amabilis,
Virgo parens Christi, benedicta, Mater admirabilis,
Deum genuisti Mater boni consilii,
Fulgida stella maris, Mater Creatoris,
nos protege, nos tuearis Mater Salvatoris,
Virgo prudentissima,
R: Dum tibi solemnes Virgo veneranda,
cantant caeli agmina laudes Virgo praedicanda,
Intercede pia pro nobis, Virgo potens,
Virgo Maria, Virgo clemens,
R: Dum Virgo fidelis,
Speculum justitiae,
Gloria Patri, et Filio, Sedes sapientiae,
et Spiritui Sancto. Causa nostrae laetitiae,
R: Dum tibi. Vas spirituale,
Vas honorabile,
Kyrie eleison Vas insigne devotionis,
Christe eleison Rosa mystica,
Kyrie eleison Turris Davidica,
Christe audi nos Turris eburnea,
Christe exaudi nos Domus aurea,
Foederis arca,
Pater de caelis Deus, Janua caeli,
R: miserere nobis Stella matutina,
Fili Redemptor mundi Deus, Salus infirmorum,
Refugium peccatorum,
Marian Hymns

Consolatrix afflictionem, ne despicias in necessitatibus:

Auxilium Christianorum, sed a periculis cunctis
Regina angelorum, libera nos semper,
Regina patriarcharum, Virgo gloriosa et benedicta.
Regina prophetarum,
Regina apostolorum, 376 RESUENE VIBRANTE
Regina martyrum,
Regina confessorum, Resuene vibrante el himno de amor
Regina virginum, que’ntona tu pueblo con grata emocion.
Regina sanctorum omnium, Resuene vibrante el himno de’amor
Regina sine labe originali concepta, que’entona tu pueblo con grata’emocion.
Regina sacratissimi Rosarii, Patrona del Bicol gran madre de Dios
Regina pacis, se seimpre La Reina de Nuestra region,
Patrona del Bicol gran Madre de Dios
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: se eimpre la Reina de Nuestra region.
Parce nobis, Domine.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: Bikol:
Exaudi nos, Domine. Awiton an awit nin pagkamoot
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: sa simo samuyang idinodolot;
Miserere nobis. awiton an awit nin pagkamoot sa simo
samuyang idinodolot:
V/ Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genetrix, Patrona nin Bikol Ina Ka nin Dios
R/ Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Magdanay na Reyna samuyang rehyon;
Christi. Patrona nin Bikol Ina Ka nin Dios
Oremus. Magdanay na Reyna samuyang rehyon!
Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui
gloriosae Virginis Matris Mariae corpus 377 SA TRECE SA MAYO
et animam, ut dignum Filii tui habit-
aculum effici mereretur, Spiritu Sancto Sa trece sa Mayo ang Birhen Maria
cooperante, praeparasti: da, ut cujus Nanaog sa yuta sa Cova da Iria.
commemoratione laetamur, ejus pia
intercessione ab instantibus malis, et a Ave, ave, ave Maria!
morte perpetua liberemur. Per eundem Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.
Sa tumang kalipay mag-awit kita;
Antiphona: Si Santa Maria karon daygon ta.
Sub tuum praesidium confugimus
sancta Dei Genitrix: Sa gugma, anin-a, O Birhen Maria!
nostras deprecationes Ang among pag-ampo karon dungga na.
Marian Hymns

Sa yuta, sa langit, gisaulog ka Like a rose that will bloom

Nga putli gihapon gawas sa sala. in mid December,
O Maria, dark-skinned
O Birhen Maria, langitnong gasa! Mother of the poor.
O bugtong kalinaw sa tagsa-tagsa.
Sun and moon
Sa among paglaum, pagtoo’g gugma, form a setting for Your beauty.
Ikaw ang kalig-on, O Birhen Maria! Yet how simple and modest
Your image.
378 SADDENED EYES SEEM rough the blanket
TO BRIGHTEN yet bright are all the colors.
(Song for the Virgin of Guadalupe) O Maria, dark-skinned
Mother of the poor.
Saddened eyes seem to brighten
when they see You. Lovely Lady we call “Guadalupe”
Weary hearts are made new Thousands pray as they say “Guada-
by Your beauty. lupe”
For the humble a rare You were chosen by God
and precious treasure. before all others.
O Maria, dark-skinned O Maria, dark-skinned
Mother of the poor. Mother of the poor.
Lovely Lady we call “Guadalupe”
Thousands pray as they say “Guada- 379 SALVE MOTHER OF OUR
lupe” LORD
intercede with Your Son
for all Your people, Salve Mother of Our Lord,
O Maria, dark-skinned Chosen from all womankind!
Mother of the poor. In Your arms You fondly nursed
The Creator of the world.
In the folds of Your mantle,
“La Morena,” Refrain:
Warm the poorest Salve Handmaid of the Lord,
of all of Your children. Font of Hope for all mankind!
With Your love with Your hope, On the cross for love of us
with Your compassion, Your dear Son once gave His life.
O Maria, dark-skinned Salve Mother of us all,
Mother of the poor. Mother of the Church on earth!
Lovely Lady we call “Guadalupe” Pray for us to Christ our Lord
thousands pray as they say “Guadalupe” To receive us up above.
Marian Hymns


Salve, Regina; Inviolata integra et casta es Maria:
Mater misericordiae; vita dulcedo Quae es effecta fulgida caeli Porta.
et Spes nostra, Salve. O Mater alma Christi carissima:
Ad Te clamamus excules filii Evae. Suscipe pia laudum praeconia.
Ad Te suspiramus, Gementes et flentes Te nunc flagitant devota corda et ora:
in hac lacrimarum valle. Nostra ut pura pectora sint et corpora.
Eia ergo, Advocata nostra, Tua per precata dulcisona:
Illos Tuos misericordes oculos Nobis concedas veniam per saecula
ad nos converte. O Benigna! O Regina! O Maria!
Et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris Quae sola inviolata permansisti.
tui, nobis post hoc exsilium ostende. O
clemens, O pia, 383 SIGNORA NOSTRA
O dulcis Virgo Maria.
Signora Nostra Signora Mia.
381 SANCTORUM AGMINA Vita, speranza, clemenza amor.

1. Sancturom agmina excedens Domina, Refrain:

Maria salve! Dulcedo cordium, spes Salve Regina, Salve Regina,
supplicantium, Maria salve! Signora Mia, Madre di Gesu.
Immacolata Addolorata
2. In valle flebiles, frequenter exules, Dei peccatori abbi pieta.
heunati Evae! ad te clamavimus et suspi-
ravimus: Maria salve! Sotto it Tuo manto,
nel Tuo cuore Ci accogli,
3. Fac nostra corpora, mentes et pectora O Madre del Salvator.
sint pura, Mater. Et roga Filium , ut nos
postobitum agnoscat Pater. 384 SING OF MARY, PURE AND
4. Virgo tenerrima adsis acerrima in
mortis hora tu umque Jesulum, dulcem Sing of Mary, pure and lowly,
puerulum pro nobis ora. Virgin Mother undefiled,
Sing of God’s own Son most Holy,
5. Ut, inter agmina Sanctorum car- Who became Her little Child.
mina Deo canamus, tibique debitas per
cuncta gratias saecla reddamus. Fairest Child of fairest Mother,
God the Lord Who came to earth.
Word made flesh our very Brother,
Marian Hymns

takes our nature by His birth. Jesus desires that I love You
For He loves You more than I can
Sing of Jesus, Son of Mary, Wherever there is the Son
In the home at Nazareth You oh, Mary, are always there
Toil and labor cannot weary At Bethlehem, You gave birth to Him
Love enduring unto death. At Nazareth, You cared for Him
Constant was the love He gave Her, In His labors You offered yourself to
Though He went forth from Her side, Him
forth to preach and heal and suffer, And at Calvary, You suffered with Him
till on Calvary He died.
Allow me to praise You, oh Mary
Glory be to God the Father; With all that I am and all that I have
Glory be to God the Son; To live, to suffer, to die for You
Glory be to God the Holy Spirit; For the glory of the heart of Jesus
Glory to the Three in One.
From the Heart of the Blessed Mary, And I consecrate myself to You…..
From the Saints the song ascends,
And the Church the strain re-echoes 387 SONG TO MARY
unto earth’s remotest ends.
1. Oh how I long
385 SING TO MARY, MOTHER to sing you a song of love.
MOST MERCIFUL To describe the warmth of your smile.
The pureness of your heart..
Refrain: Oh Mary, our Queen of love.
Sing to Mary, Mother most merciful, Our way to the loving Son,
God’s true Mother and Mother to us all; our beautiful way to the loving Son.

Mother joyful, we place our trust in you, REFRAIN:

Mother holy, all grace abides in you, When I’m happy
Holy Mary! you are there to share it with me.
When I’m grieving I can call
386 SONG OF CONSECRATION and you console me.

Refrain: 2. Oh How I long

Immaculate mother of God to sing you a song of love,
We receive God’s graces through You To express the happiness
You know my deepest needs that’s deep within my heart.
And I consecrate myself to You Oh Mary, our Queen of love,
Marian Hymns

Our way to the loving Son, Unsure of so many things.

Oh Mary, teach us to follow you. Not knowing where they were staying
Or what the next day would bring.
THE VIRGIN King David’s city was crowded
The inn could offer no room.
Refrain: And Mary had to be sheltered,
Hail, O Most Holy Lady, The Infant stirred in Her womb.
Virgin and Mother, Mary.¬ Her time had come to bear a Son.
St. Joseph found a stable cave.
Most Holy Queen, Mother of God, The Child was born Who came to save.
Chosen by the heavenly Father. They placed the Boy in a manger.
Consecrated by the Father and by No better place could be found.
the Son, They heard the wail of Her Baby.
and by the Holy Spirit. This earth’s most beautiful sound.

In You there was, there is, The first to come were the shepherds
and ever shall be so rough and awkward their ways.
Every fullness of grace and every bless- They crowded into the stable,
ing. Not knowing how to give praise.
Though ill at ease for such as these,
Hail O Tabernacle of God, The Lord had come in humble guise.
Hail His Palace, House and Vesture,
Hail Handmaid of God the Father. Unseen by all the rich and wise.
Hail Mother of God the Son the poor and little will find Him
Hail all Virtues of the Holy Spirit They’re called to look on His face.
Filling the hearts of all the faithful. they enter where He is staying
Though poor and humble the place.



St. Joseph traveled with Mary, Refrain:

The long and dangerous road. Immaculata, iniibig kita,
The desert path in December Accept the love I offer You today
Was barren lonely and cold. Ang puso ko ay sumasaiyo
This humble Pair had cause to care. Ave Maria, ave, ave!
For Mary soon would bear a Son, O let me praise You O Holy Virgin,
the Source of hope for everyone. I want to live, work and suffer
T’ward Bethlehem They kept walking just for You.
Marian Hymns

And so I offer myself completely Such a cup of sorrow deep

To do exactly what You want me to do. Would not share Her sorrows deep.

If I could only lead the whole world For His people’s sins chastised
to You, She beheld Her Son despised
If like no other I could praise Scourged, and crowned with thorns
Your Name. entwined
May others love You even more Saw Him then from judgement taken
than I do And in death by all forsaken
Then never more would mankind be Till His spirit He resigned.
the same.
Because by You, has He been loved
beyond compare, Stabat Mater dolorosa
Because for You has God given me Juxta crucem lacrimosa,
existence, Dum pendebat Filius.
Because through You eternal life
I share. Cujus animam gementem,
Contristatam et dolentem,
391 STABAT MATER DOLOROSA Pertransivit gladius.

At the Cross Her station keeping O quam tristis et afflicta

Stood the mournful Mother weeping fuit illa benedicta
Where He hung the dying Lord. Mater Unigeniti!
For Her soul of joy bereaved
Bowed with anguish, deeply grieved Quae maerebat et dolebat,
Felt the sharp and piercing sword. Pia Mater, dum videbat
Nati poenas inclyti.
O how sad and sore distressed Quis est homo qui non fleret,
Now was She that Mother Blessed Matrem Christi si videret
Of the Sole Begotten One. Intanto supplicio?
Deep the wound of Her affliction
When She saw the Crucifixion Quis non posset contristari,
of Her ever glorious Son. Christi Matrem contemplari
Dolenem cum Filio?
Who, on Christ’s dear Mother gazing Pro peccatis suae gentis
Pierced by anguish so amazing Vidit Jesum in tormentis,
Born of woman would not weep Et flagellis subditum.
Who, on Christ’s dear Mother thinking
Marian Hymns

Vidit suum dulcem natum 394 STELLA MARIS

Moriendo desolatum,
Dum emisit spiritum. Kung itong aming paglalayag,
inabot ng pagkabagabag.
Eia Mater, fons amoris, Nawa’y mabanaagan Ka,
Me sentire vim doloris, hinirang na Tala ng umaga.
Fac ut tecum lugeam.
Kahit alon man ang pangamba,
Fac ut ardeat cor meum di alintana sapagkat naro’n Ka,
In amando Christum Deum, ni unos ng pighati at kadiliman ng gabi.
Ut sibi complaceam.
393 STAR O’ER THE OCEAN Maria sa puso ninuman,
Ika’y Tala ng kalangitan.
Star o’er the ocean, Ningning Mo ay walang pagmamaliw,
with Your gently gleaming ray, Inang sinta, Inang ginigiliw.
Shine on stead’ly Tanglawan kami, aming Ina,
above the fearful tempest! sa kalangitan naming pita
Each soul invokes You, nawa’y maging hantungan
trav’ling to Eternity! pinakamimithing kaharian.

Refrain: 395 SUB TUUM

O Star of Heaven,
O Star of beauty, Sub tuum praesidium confugimus
O Star of heaven. sancta Dei Genitrix:
nostras deprecationes
Star o’er the ocean, ne despicias in necessitatibus:
may our prayer ascend to You, sed a periculis cunctis
Humble Virgin made Queen libera nos semper,
by that first Ave! Virgo gloriosa et benedicta.
And from the heavens
may sweet peace descend on us.
Star o’er the ocean,
Portal of bright paradise, Tanging hiling ko sa Kanya
Virgin Mother Who made the Lord Laging langit di ipagkakait
our Brother! Ang pag-ibig Niya ay walang bahid
In doubts and sorrows comfort Sa Kanyang ganda Dios ay naakit
and enlighten. Pinagpala sa lahat ng nilikha.
Marian Hymns

Maria, Ilaw ng aming gabi sorrowful and cold,

Maria, Liwanag sa aming buhay Where they’ve cast away your Son.
Maria, Ina ng sanlibutan Refrain:
Hinding-hindi malilimutan Mother, the Church of Silence
ang aming Ina sa piling Niya, Groans and suffers.
buhay ay parang langit na. The suffocated faith
now shudders alone
397 THANK YOU MAMA In the blood of Your Son. (2x)

Now we want to thank You Hope lights a passage in grim slavery

For the life You gave to us In this hour of great pain and sorrow.
For the Sacred Mother Victory’s certain, bought with sacrifice,
For the Secret of Love. In the cross of Jesus Christ.

In Your Heart You’ve hidden Refrain:

every sorrow, every pain; Mother, look in the tears of all brothers,
showing only to us The darkness thickens now
showing only Your smile. and covers with speed;
Comfort the souls in need. (2x)
Thank You because 399 TO YOU O VIRGIN MARY
You have given us life (Hymns of Friars Minor to Mary)
Taking for You
only sorrow and pain. To You O Virgin Mary,
So now our hearts want to tell You: the poorest of all maids.
Mama, Thank You To You, O Queen of Angels, your friars
for Your great love. sing their praise!

Even if tomorrow Refrain:

where no longer at Your side Rejoice, O Queen of heaven
Your love will remain and earth!
As our love deep in our hearts. Among the angels choirs
We vow our hearts to You for ever.
398 THE CHURCH OF SILENCE We Your minor friars. (2x)

Heart-rending cries You are the glorious Woman,

and painful moans ascend Immaculately chaste.
To Your ears Immaculate Mother, The One among all women,
From the sepulchre, O hail, O full of grace.
Marian Hymns

To You, O blessed Lady, I had it offered

our lives we consecrate. For now I know that Your love
Receive Your lesser brothers, Will be my everything
O Mother kind and great. You made me live again
That I may love You alone.
Our father wished his brethren
to be Your own poor knights, Take every breath of my heart
to be Your little portion, Each single moment Lord
the champions of Your knights. Is yours forever
Can’t resist your Love Divine
Receive the little Order, In giving I will find
You chose to be Your own The joy I always long will soon be mine.
And give us to Your Jesus,
the poorest of Your sons. Chorus:
Let me suffer all the more
Today we come to hail You, for love of You
as Father Francis taught, Let me share the Cross
Queen of the Friars Minor, That I may die with You
Queen of each friar’s heart. Lord, rend my heart in two
You’re all that I desire,
400 TOTA PULCHRA That I may be an instrument
of your Love.
Tota Pulchra es Maria,
Et macula originalis non est in Te. 402 UP ABOVE
Tu gloria Jerusalem
Tu laetitia Israel Up above the angels sing Her praise:
Tu honorificentia popoli nostri Ave Maria!
Tu Advocata peccatorum. Let all earth the joyful echo raise:
O Maria, O Maria, Ave Maria!
Virgo prudentissima,
Mater clementissima, Refrain:
Ora pro nobis, Mother most merciful,
Intercede pro nobis. look on our need.
Ad Dominum Iesum Christum. Hear Your children cry to You
and intercede.
401 TOTUS TUUS MARIA God made Your heart so kind
and compassionate;
Totus tuus Maria Hope of the afflicted
The dearest things in life and our Advocate!
Marian Hymns

From both rich and poor 404 VIRGIN-BORN

receive the plea: WE BOW BEFORE YOU
Ave Maria!
From the homeless and the refugee: Virgin-born, we bow before You
Ave Maria! Blessed was the womb that bore You
You’re the Refuge of the poor exiled: Mary, Mother meek and mild
Ave Maria! Blessed was She in Her Child
A Sweet Mother for the orphaned child: Blessed was the Maid that fed You
Ave Maria! Blessed was the hand that led You
Blessed was the Parent’s eye
403 VIRGIN, FULL OF GRACE That watched Your slumb’ring infancy.

1. Virgin, full of grace, Purest of our Blessed She by all creation

race, Hear thy children, O Mary! Maid- Who brought forth the world’s Salvation
en of gladness, Banish our sadness: And blessed they forever blest
Who love You most and serve You best
2. Mary, plead for us, Intercede for us; Virgin-born, we bow before You
Hope of sinners, O Mary! Thou art the Blessed was the womb that bore You
portal, To life immortal: Mary Mother meek and mild
Blessed was She in her Child.
3. Queen of saints above, Wondrous
in thy love, Rise to shield us, O Mary! 405 VIRGIN MOST PURE
Show us, O Mother, Jesus, our Brother:
Be our Redeemer from death,
4. Star of Ocean bright, Splendor in the hell and sin,
night, Guide us homeward, O Mary! Which Adam’s transgression
Help, we implore thee, As we kneel had wrapped us in.
before thee:
5. O Sanctissima, O Piissima, Dulcis Rejoice and be merry, set sorrow aside,
Virgo Maria. Mater amata, intemerata: Christ Jesus our Savior
was born on this tide.
6. Tota pulchra es, O Maria, Et macula There to be taxed with many one mo;
non est in te. Mater amata, intemerata: For Caesar commanded
1 to 4.... Pray for us, o pray for us, o the same should be so.
Mary! Mary and Joseph,
5 & 6..... Ora, ora pro nobis. whose substance was small,
Could procure in the inn
no lodging at all
Marian Hymns

Lodging so simple they held it no scorn, So darkness shall surrender

But against the next morning To Christ who lights the world
a Savior was born. To Christ the Star of day
Who once was small and tender
Mary had swaddled A candle’s gentle Ray.
her young Son so sweet,
Within an ox manger 407 WHEN YOU FOLLOW MARY
she laid Him to sleep.
When you follow Mary,
Charged them no longer you will not go astray
in sorrow to stay, When you pray to Her,
Because that our Savior you will not despair
was born on this day. when you think of Her,
you will make no mistake,
Joyfully talked and sweetly did sing, When She holds you up,
“To God be all glory, our heavenly you will not fall.
When She protects you,
406 WHEN MARY BROUGHT you need not fear,
HER TREASURE under Her guidance,
you will not go weary.
When Mary brought Her Treasure Under Her favor,
Unto the holy place you will arrive
No eye of man could measure at your journey’s end,
The joy upon Her face in the harbor of safety.
He was but six weeks old
Her Plaything and Her Pleasure Chorus:
Her Silver and Her Gold. She restrains the Son
that He strikes not,
Then Simeon, on Him gazing She keeps back the devil,
With wonder and with love he harms not.
His aged voice upraising She holds fast the virtues,
Gave thanks to God above that they vanish not.
Now welcome sweet release She holds fast the merits,
For I, my Savior praising that they are not lost.
May die at last in peace. She holds fast the graces
that they do not disappear.
As by the sun in splendor (Repeat 1, 2 & Chorus 2x)
The flags of night are furled
Marian Hymns

408 YE WHO OWN THE FAITH praise thy Savior and thy Son,
OF JESUS praise the everlasting Spirit,
who hath made thee ark and throne.
Ye who own the faith of Jesus O’er all creatures high exalted,
sing the wonders that were done, lowly priase the Three in One.
when the love of God the Father
o’er our sin the vict’ry won, 409 YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL
when he made the Virgin Mary
Mother of his only Son. Chorus:
Hail, Mary, full of grace. O Mary, you are all beautiful
You are all beautiful,
Blessed were the chosen people are all beautiful. (2x)
out of whom the Lord did come, You are all fair, O Mary
blessed was the land of promise And the original stain is not in You.
fashioned for his earthly home;
but more blessed far the mother You are Jerusalem’s Glory
she who bore him in her womb. You are the Joy of Israel.

Wherefore let all faithful people You are the people’s Honor
tell the honor of her name, You are the Advocate of us poor sinners.
let the Church in her foreshadowed
part in her thanksgiving claim; Pray for us O Mary intercede for us
what Christ’s mother sang in gladness With our Lord Jesus Christ.
let Christ’s people sing the same.

May the Mother’s intercessions

on our homes a blessing win,
that the children all be prospered
strong and fair and pure within,
following our Lord’s own footsteps,
firm in faith and free from sin.

for the sick and for the aged,

for our dear ones far away,
for the hearts that mourn in secret,
all who need our prayers today,
for the faithful gone before us,
may the Holy Virgin pray.

Priase, O Mary, praise the Father,

Marian Hymns
Celebration Hymnal

410 ACCEPT, ALMIGHTY 4. Into thy precious blood, O Lord, The

FATHER priestly word will change the wine; O
may our sins be washed therein,
Accept Almighty Father, Our hearts be made like unto thine.
These gifts of wine and bread,
Now offered at the altar to You 5. No earthly claim to grace is our Save
Through Christ our Head. what thy sacrifice has won; Grant then
In humble reparation for sins thy grace, fulfill our needs.
And failings dread to gain life everlast- And may thy will in ours be done.
For living and for dead. 412 ALAY KAPWA
O God, by this commingling Koro:
of water and wine, Kapwa nating ialay ating sariling kamay
May He Who took our nature give us at bigyan natin ng buhay itong pag-ibig
His life divine, na tunay.
Come then, and make us holy,
Receive this sacrifice; Ang ating sariling kakayahan,
Into Your favor take us; Bigyan natin ng kahalagahan.
In Christ may we arise. Ang ating sarili ay ating ilaan
sa ating kapwa sa kanyang kaunlaran.
THY LOVE Tayo’y nilikha ng Panginoon,
Kapwa kitang nagsisikap dito,
1. Accept, O Father, in thy love Kaya sama-sama nating pagyamanin
These humble gifts of bread and wine. at bigyang dangal ang buhay ng tao.
That with ourselves we offer thee,
Returning gifts already thine. 413 ALL HAIL THE POWER OF
2. Thy Son, the victim and the priest.
Through human hands doth here renew. All hail the power of Jesus’ name
The perfect sacrifice of love Let angels prostrate fall
To render God our worship due. Bring forth the royal diadem
And crown Him Lord of all.
3. Behold this host and chalice Lord, To Bring forth the royal diadem
thee on high the gifts we raise; Through And crown Him Lord of all.
them may we our honor pay.
Our adoration, and our praise.
Celebration Hymnal

414 ALL MAN’S LABOR CAN and surrounded my table with friends.
PRODUCE Their love and their laughter
enriched me;
All man’s labor can produce together we sing Your praise.
You have given for our use:
Take O Lord, our offering. Your sun and Your moon give me light,
and Your stars show the way
Refrain: through the night.
May this lowly bread and wine Your rivers and streams
Be the sacrifice divine have refreshed me.
of our Savior Jesus Christ. I will sing Your praise.
Of our Savior Jesus Christ!
How great is Your love, O Father
On this gift of bread and wine, that You sent us Your Savior Son.
Of our sacrifice a sign, His death and His rising will heal us,
Father look with favor now. and draw us all unto You.

May this food which strength imparts, 416 ALL PRAISE TO THEE
Bring refreshment to our hearts,
And taste of joy to come. 1. All praise to thee, Eternal Lord,
Clothed in a garb of flesh and blood;
415 ALL MY DAYS Choosing a manger for thy throne,
While worlds on worlds are thine alone.
Till the end of my days O Lord, 2. Once did the skies before thee bow,
I will bless Your Name, A Virgin’s arms contain thee now;
sing Your praise, Angels, who did in thee rejoice,
give You thanks, all my days. Now listen for thine infant voice.

You have made me little 3. A little child, thou art our guest,
less than a God, That weary ones in thee may rest;
and have lavished my heart Forlorn and lowly is thy birth,
with Your love. That we may rise to heaven from earth.
With dignity and honor
You’ve clothed me, 4. Thou comest in the darksome night,
given me rule over all. To make us children of the light,
To make us in the realms divine,
You have blessed me good things Like thine own angels, ‘round thee
and plenty, shine.
Celebration Hymnal

Chorus: Some men rely in their power,

Rejoice and be merry, set sorrow aside, Others put trust in their gold,
christ jesus our saviour was born on this Some men have only their Savior,
tide. Whose faithfulness never grows old.

417 ALL THAT I AM Sometimes the road may be lonesome,

Often we may lose our way.
All that I am, all that I do, Take courage and always remember,
All that I’ll ever have, Love isn’t just for a day.
I offer now to You.
Take and sanctify these gifts
for Your honor Lord. All the earth proclaim the Lord,
Knowing that I love sing your praise to God!
and serve You is enough reward.
Serve you the Lord,
All that I dream, all that I pray, heart filled with gladness.
All that I’ll ever make, Come into his presence singing for joy.
I give to You today.
Know that the Lord is our creator.
All that I am, all that I do, Yes, he is our Father, we are his sons.
All that I’ll ever have,
I offer now to you. We are the sheep of his green pasture,
for we are his people; he is our God.
All that I dream, all that I pray,
All that I’ll ever make, Enter his gates bringing thanksgiving
I give to You today. O enter his courts
while singing his praise.
418 ALL THAT WE HAVE Our Lord is good, his love enduring,
His word is abiding now with all men.
Refrain: Honor and praise be to the Father, the
All that we have, Son, and the Spirit, world without end.
And all that we offer,
Comes from the heart 420 ALL THE ENDS OF THE
both frightened and free. EARTH
Take what we bring now
and give what we need, Antiphon:
All done in His Name. All the ends of the earth,
all you creatures of the sea
Celebration Hymnal

Lift up your eyes It did His murderers forgive

to the wonders of the Lord. And for their pardon pray.
For the Lord of the earth,
the Master of the sea 5. O Heart, Thou Joy of Saints on high,
has come with justice for the world. Thou hope of sinners here,
Attracted by those loving words,
Break into song at the deeds of the Lord To Thee I lift my prayer.
the wonders He has done in every age.
6. O wash my wounds in that dear
Heaven and earth shall rejoice Blood
in His might; Which forth from Thee doth flow:
every heart every nation call Him Lord. New grace, new hope inspire,
a new And better heart bestow.
The Lord has made his salvation known,
faithful to His promises of old. 422 ALL YOU NATIONS
Let the ends of the earth,
Let the sea and all it holds Refrain:
make music before our King. All you nations, sing out your joy to the
Lord: al-le-lu-ia, al-le-lu-ia!
FORT SURE 1. Joyfully shout, all you on earth, give
praise to the glory of God;
1. All ye who seek a comfort sure And with a hymn,
In trouble and distress, sing out his glorious praise:
Whatever sorrow vex the mind, AL-LE-LU-IA!
Or guilt the soul oppress:
2. Lift up your hearts, sing to your God:
2. When Jesus gave Himself for you tremendous his deeds among men!
Upon the Cross to die, Vanquished your foes,
For you was pierced His Sacred Heart, struck down by power and might:
O to that Heart draw nigh. AL-LE-LU-IA!

3. To sad and contrite hearts what joy 3. Let all the earth kneel in his sight,
To hear those words so blest, extolling his marvellous fame; Honor
All ye that labor, come to Me his name, in highest heaven give praise:
And I will give you rest. AL-LE-LU-IA!

4. What meeker than the Saviour’s Heart 4. Come forth and see
As on the Cross he lay? all the great works that God
Celebration Hymnal

has brought forth by his might; 424 ANG KALULUWA KO’Y

Fall on your knees before his glorious NAUUHAW
throne: AL-LE-LU-IA!
1. Katulad ng lupang tigang
5. Parting the seas with might and Walang tubig ako’y nauuhaw
pow’r, he rescued his people from O D’yos hangad kitang tunay
shame; Sa iyo ako’y nauuhaw.
Let us give thanks for all his merciful
deeds: AL-LE-LU-IA! 2. Kaya ika’y minamasdan
Doon sa iyong dalanginan
6. His eyes keep watch on all the earth, Nang makita kong lubusan
his strength is forever renewed; Lakas mo’t kaluwalhatian.
And let no man rebel against his com-
mands: AL-LE-LU-IA! Koro:
Ang kaluluwa ko’y nauuhaw
7. Tested are we by God the Lord, as sa Iyo, O Panginoon ko. (2x)
silver is tested by fire; Burdened with
pain, we fall ensnared in our sins: 3. Ang kagandahang loob mo
AL-LE-LU-IA! Higit sa buhay sa mundo
Kaya ako’y magpupuri
8. Over our heads wicked men rode, we Ngalan mo’y aking sasambitin.
passed through the fire and the flood;
Then, Lord, you brought your people
into your peace: AL-LE-LU-IA! 425 ANG MABUHAY SA PAG-IBIG
Ang mabuhay sa pag-ibig ay pagbibigay,
423 ANG AMING PAG-AALAY Na di nagtatantya ng halaga,
at hindi naghihintay ng kapalit, pag-
Ang aming pag-aalay Iyong tanggapin bibigay walang pasubali.
At kaming naririto’y ‘Yong patnubayan. Naibigay ko ng lahat:
magaan akong tumatakbo.
Ang Santa Misa, aming pag-aalay salat man ako sa lahat,
Ang Iyong buhay, amin ring buhay. salat man ako sa lahat.
Ang tangi kong yaman
Walang maihahandog sa Iyo Poon Ay mabuhay sa pag-ibig.
Ang abang buhay ko tanggapin Ninyo.
Ang mabuhay sa pag-ibig ay paglalayag.
Na hantunga’y payapa’t may galak.
Sa maalab na udyok ng pag-ibig,
Hinahanap Kita sa aking kapwa.
Celebration Hymnal

At s’yang tanging tumatanglaw, nang ang kawan ay maligtas.

bituin sa aki’y patnubay,
diwa sa paglalakbay, 427 ANG PANGINOON
sandigang lakas at tibay. ANG AKING PASTOL
Laging awit ang sagisag
Na mabuhay sa pag-ibig. Koro:
Ang Panginoon ang aking Pastol
Ang mabuhay sa pag-ibig ay Pinagiginhawa akong lubos.
maging bihag.
Sa tawag ng pagmamahal ng D’yos, Handog N’yang himlaya’y
Papawiin N’yang lahat ang panimdim, sariwang pastulan.
Sa gunita, dahas ay limutin! Ang pahingahan ko’y payapang batisan.
Sisidlang putik man ako, Hatid sa kaluluwa ay kaginhawaan
Kayamanan Ka ng puso ko! Sa tumpak na landas
Ang gatimpala ko’y Ikaw Siya ang patnubay.
Pag-asang natatanaw;
Ang pumanaw sa sarili Madilim na lambak man ang tatahakin
Ay mabuhay sa pag-ibig. ko,
wala akong sindak, S’ya’y kasama ko.
426 ANG MABUTING PASTOL Ang hawak Niyang tungkod ang siyang
gabay ko,
Ang mamatay sa sarili Tangan N’yang pamalo,
ay mabubuhay sa Diyos; Sigla’t tangulan ko.
S’yay larawan ni Kristo,
ang ating Mabuting Pastol. 428 ANG TAWAG N’YA
At kanyang iniaalay 1. Ang tawag N’yay maririnig
ang sarili nyang buhay Ng bawat pusong umiibig sa matuwid;
sa lugod at kabutihan Ang tawag Nya’y ‘sang paanyayang
ng minamahal nyang kapwa. katarunga’y panindigan.
Sa tawag N’ya ay sumunod,
Sa paglapit ng panganib, Tulad ni Kristong paghahandog ay
tumatakas ang upahan; malugod:
Ngunit ang tunay na Pastol Kailangan ay paglimot
nananatili hanggang kamatayan. nang ganap sa sarili nating hanap.
At kaya’t s’ya’y mahal din 2. Ang tawag N’ya ay kaloob,
ng Butihing Diyos na Ama, Sa bawat taong nagnanais na maghan-
Sapagkat handa s’yang mamatay dog
Celebration Hymnal

Ng buhay n’ya upang gugulin 1. Panahon na sa pagbag-o,

Sa kapwang dapat mahalin. Panahon na sa buhing pagtu-o,
Sa tawag N’ya ay may paghamon Panahon na sa pakighusay,
Na tanggihan ang sariling nasa ng loob; pakig-uli, pagpasaylo.
Kailangan ay lubos na paglimot.
2. Ang nag-antus sa kawad-on,
429 ANG TAWAG SA ATONG Nagpaabut sa atong pag-unong;
GINOO Angayan tang paninguhaon,
kauswagan nga tawhanon.
1. Ang tawag sa atong Ginoo
tubagon sa pagtuo, 431 ANIMA CHRISTI
maninguha kita nga malaumon,
Ang Ginoo makagagahum! Anima Christi, Sanctifica me,
Ang tawag larawan sa gugma, Corpus Christi, salva me,
maoy hagit sa tagsa-tagsa. Sanguis Christi, inebria me!
Gitawag ka sa pag-alagad Aqua lateris Christi, lava me,
sa tiunay mong paghalad. Passio Christi conforta me.

2. Ug sangpiton ta si Maria O, bone Jesu, exaudi me!

Inahan nato sa kanunay. Intratua vulnera absconde me
Maghiusa kita uban kaniya, Ne permittas, ne permittas me
magmalig-on kita sa gugma! separari a te;
Kay ania man sa kamot ta ab hoste maligno, defende me.
ang paglaum sa tagsa-tagsa. In hora mortis meae voca me, voca
Gitawag ta sa pag-alagad me, voca me!
sa tiunay tang paghalad.
Et jubi me venira, venire ad te.
Pagka-daghan sa anihunon! Utcum Sanctis tuis laudem te,
Pagka-nihit sa manganga-ni karon! Ut cum piu moto Sanctis tuis laudem te,
Hatagan unta kita sa Ginoo in saecula saeculorum, saecula saeculo-
ug daghang mamumu-o. rum. Amen, Amen.


Paminawon nato karon Soul of Christ, sanctify me,
ang tawag sa panahon. Body of Christ, save me,
Ug ablihan ta ang atong mga mata, Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Ang matarong buhaton ta. Passion of Christ, give me strength.
“Hear me Jesus, hide me in thy wounds
Celebration Hymnal

that I may never leave thy side. begin to worship,

From all the evil that We’ll be blest because we came.
surrounds me defend me, We’ll be blest because we came.
And when the call of death arrives,
bid me to come to thee, The steadfast love
that I may praise thee of the Lord never ceases.
with thy saints forever”. His mercy’s never come to an end.
They are new every morning,
433 AS THE DEER new every morning,
Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord
As the deer panteth for the water Great is Thy faithfulness.
so my soul longeth after Thee.
You alone are my heart’s Desire 435 AWIT KAY
and I long to worship Thee. SAN MAKSIMILIYAN

Refrain: Refrain:
You alone are my Strength, my Shield; San Maksimilyan ang pangalan
To You alone may my spirit yield. Kapuri-puri ang kabanalan.
You alone are my heart’s Desire //Mangingibig na tunay ni Maria.
and I long to worship Thee. Ina ng Diyos na lumikha.//

I love You more than gold or silver, Sa pagkabata’y pinakitaan

only You can satisfy; Tunay na asal ng kabanalan
You alone are the real joy Giver Na nag-alay ng kanyang buhay
and the Apple of my eye. Sa Diyos Amang aming mahal. (ref.)

You’re my Friend and You are my O bayaning anak si San Fransisko

Brother Luwalhati’t papuri sa iyo.
even though You are a King. Ang galak ng buong Fransiskano,
I love You more than any other Na nagdiwang ng dahil sa ‘yo. (ref.)
so much more than anything. At kami ay iyong turuan
Pagmamahal sa Diyos Ama.
434 AS WE GATHER At kay Maria’ng kangyang hinirang
Na siyang Ina ng sanlibutan. (ref.)
As we gather
May your spirit work within us, Ngayon kami sa’yo’y umaasa
As we gather Idalangin sa Diyos Ama.
May we glorify your name, Upang kami kanyang tulungan,
Knowing well that as our hearts Sa pighati at kalungkutan. (ref.)
Celebration Hymnal

436 AWIT NG PAGHAHANGAD Halina at magsilapit

Papurihan sa awit.
O Diyos, Ikaw ang laging hanap. Ang Panginoon, Diyos ng Pag-ibig
Loob ko’y Ikaw ang tanging hangad. magalak sa Kanya.
Nauuhaw akong parang tigang na lupa
Sa tubig ng ‘Yong pag-aaruga. 438 AWIT NG PASASALAMAT
Refrain: Koro:
Gunita ko’y Ikaw habang nahihimlay Salamat sa Diyos at Siya’y ang ating
Pagkat ang tulong Mo sa tuwina’y taglay Tagapagligtas;
Sa lilim ng Iyong mga pakpak Kanyang kabutiha’y ating isasaysay.
Umaawit akong buong galak. Tayo’y magalak, Kanyang papuri’y
Ika’y pagmamasdan sa dakong banal Nilupig Niya ang ating mga kaaway.
Nang makita ko ang ‘Yong pagdarangal.
Dadalangin akong nakataas aking O makatarungang Diyos,
kamay, Hukom ng sanlibutan,
Magagalak na aawit ng papuring Tanggulan sa oras ng panganib at kama-
iaalay. tayan.

Aking kaluluwa’y kumakapit sa ‘Yo. Sa Iyo nagtitiwala ang mahal Mong

Kaligtasa’y t’yak kung hawak Mo ako. bayan;
Magdiriwang ang hari ang D’yos Ang sa ‘Yo’y dumudulog di Mo
s’yang dahilan pababayaan.
Ang sa Iyo ay nangako galak yaong
437 AWIT NG PAGLAYA 1. Awitan ta sa himaya
ang atong Manunubos.
Koro: Isangyaw ta ang Iyang kadaugan
Dinggin himig ng bayang malaya, sa tanang nasud.
Awit ng papuri’t pasasalamat. Ilanog ang istorya sa Iyang pagdawat sa
Ang Panginoon ng ating paglaya makalilisang kamatayon sa Krus.
Muling nagpatunay ng pag-ibig Niya.
2. O Krus nga matinud-anon!
Nakita ng Panginoon hirap ng Kanyang O kahoy’ng maanindot!
bayan. walay tanum nga nanaho`g namulak
Mga kaaway Kanyang nilupig. sama nimo.
Kanyang iniligtas itong ating bayan. O kahoy na bililhon
Celebration Hymnal

kahoy na balaan 441 BAG-ONG KINABUHI

O pagkabulahan sa nagapas-an.
Gipangita ko Ikaw Hesus
3. Pasidungog ug pag-ampo sa yuta, sa dagat, sa hangin, wala Ikaw.
nga way katapusan sa Amahan Pangandoy ko gibiyaan ko
ug Anak ug Espiritu Santo. aron makita Ka lang.
Ginoo`ng way utlanan. Pangandoy ko, O Diyos,
Dios sa kagahuman. nga maangkon ang gingharian Mo.
Dios sa kahi-usa,
tubaran sa gugma. Og nakita ko Ikaw Hesus
sa bayhon sa tawo
440 BABY JESUS AND nga ubos, mga kabus.
ST. JOSEPH Bahandi ko gibiyaan ko
aron makita Ka lang.
Chorus: Gihatag Mo, O Diyos,
St. Joseph ask Thy little Son ang gipangandoy nga kaluwasan.
to make me all His own,
that my poor, weak, unstable heart Koro:
may beat for Him alone. Bag-o na ang kinabuhi ko,
subay sa mga kasuguan Mo.
How strong in all its ardent love Pulong Mo iwag sa dalan ko.
was that poor heart of yours. Ikaw ang Dalan sa kinabuhi ko.
It even beat in unison
with Jesus’ Heart divine. Koda:
Sulogoon ako sa Ginoo
How often upon thy heart He slept, Siya ra ang alagaran ko
nor fear that it would fail
He knew, dear saint, Koro 2:
the world’s weak charm Bag-o na ang kinabuhi ko,
could never thee prevail. subay sa mga kasuguan Mo.
Pulong Mo iwag sa dalan ko
O little Jesus, make my heart Padulong sa gingharian Mo
like Joseph’s heart all free Pulong Mo iwag sa dalan ko
from allurements that might Padulong sa gingharian Mo
have drawn my love, Pulong Mo iwag sa dalan ko
my thoughts from you. Ikaw ang dalan sa kinabuhi ko
Celebration Hymnal

442 BANYUHAY Bawat sandali aking dalangin:

masilayan Kang maaliwalas,
Mula sa mga butil, nang ibigin Ka, Panginoon,
na humitik na uhay, nang masundan ang ‘Yong bakas.
Natipong mga trigo’y sa tinapay nagw- Bawat sandali Ikaw ang siyang landas.
Pinagpaguran ng lipak na kamay Bayan umawit ng papuri sapagkat
At ng pawis na sa noo’y nunukal. Ngayon ika’y pinili iisang bayan,
Tanging sa Iyo lamang iniaalay, iisang lipi, iisang Diyos, iisang Hari.
Sagisag na walang kapantay.
Bayan Umawit ng papuri
Mula sa mga baging Bayan Umawit ng papuri
na kinumpol na ubas,
Inaning mga bunga Mula sa ilang ay tinawag ng Diyos
ang katas ay naging alak. Bayang lagalag inangkin ng lubos
Pagka’t kailan ma’y di pababayaan
Sa dugo at katawan Minahal niyang kawan.
ni Hesus na minamahal,
Ang tinapay at ang alak Panginoong ating Manliligtas
ngayon babanyuhay. sa kagipitan Siyang tanging lakas
Pagkat sumpa Niya’y laging iingatan,
Hiwaga ng pag-ibig, Minahal Niyang bayan.
handog sa ating lahat,
Upang maging panlunas
ng pusong naghihintay.
You shall cross the barren desert,
443 BAWAT SANDALI but you shall not die of thirst.
You shall wander far in safety though
Bawat sandali, you do not know the way.
dalangin ko’y binibigkas: You shall speak your words to foreign
nang masilayan Kang maaliwalas, lands and all will understand.
ng ibigin Ka, You shall see the face of God and live.
Panginoon, buong wagas,
nang aking masundan ang ‘Yong bakas. Refrain:
Bawat sandali, hangad Kita, Be not afraid,
ang siyang landas. I go before you always.
Counterpoint: Come follow Me,
Celebration Hymnal

And I will give you rest. Now our hearts to thee we raise
As we gather ‘round thine altar
If you pass through raging waters. Pouring forth our hymns of praise
In the sea you shall not drown. Bless thy children, holy Francis,
If you walk amid the burning flames, who thy mighty help implore
you shall not be harmed. For in heaven thou remainest
If you stand before the power of hell Still the father of the poor.
and death is at your side,
Know that I am with you through it all. By thy love so deep and burning
for thy Savior crucified.
Blessed are you poor, for the kingdom By the tokens which He gave thee
shall be theirs. on thy hands and feet and side
Blest are you that weep and mourn, for Bless thy children, holy Francis,
one day you shall laugh. with those wounded hands of thine
And if wicked ones insult and hate you From thy glorious throne in heaven
all because of Me. Where resplendently they shine.
Blessed, blessed are you!
Humble follower of Jesus
446 BIYAYANG MULA SA IYO listened to Him in thy birth.
In thy way through life despising
Biyayang mula sa’Yo for His sake the goods of the earth.
na galing sa kamay Mo. Make us love the priceless virtue
Siyang handog namin by our hidden God esteemed.
nawa’y tanggapin Mo. Make it valued, holy Francis
by the souls of the redeemed.
Tinapay at alak
sa aming mga palad Teach us also dear St. Francis,
sa’Yo ay siyang alay how to mourn for ev’ry sin.
sa ami’y bubuhay. May we walk in thy dear footsteps
till the crown of life we win.
Pagkain ng buhay, Bless thy children, holy Francis,
kaluluwa at katawan with those wounded hands of thine.
lakas sa paglalakbay, From thy glorious throne in heaven
liwanag at daan. where resplendently they shine.


Blest are You, Lord,
Blessed Francis, Holy Father God of all creation.
Celebration Hymnal

Thanks to Your goodness passing on to each of us a measure of

this bread we offer: Your love,
Fruit of the earth, work of our hands, love to make us whole again,
it will become the bread of life. as we share Your Word.
(Repeat Chorus)
Blessed be God, 450 BROTHER SUN,
Blessed be God,
Blessed be God, forever. Amen.
Bother Sun and Sister Moon,
Blest are You, Lord,
I seldom see you
God of all creation.
seldom hear your tune,
Thanks to Your goodness
preoccupied with selfish misery.
this wine we offer:
Fruit of the earth, work of our hands,
Brother Wind and Sister air;
it will become the cup of life.
Open my eyes
to visions pure and fair,
449 BREAD, BLESSED that I may see the glory around me.
Jesus, You’re the One I love; I am God’s creature, of Him I am part.
You’re the One I know. I feel His love awakening my heart.
You’re the One Who makes me strong,
Spirit in my soul. Bother Sun and Sister Moon,
From the clouds of yesterday, through I now do see you
the night of pain, teach me, Lord to I can hear your tune;
know your way, know it once again. so much in love with all that I survey.
Bread blessed and broken for us all,
symbol of Your love from the grain so
Bread blessed and broken for us all,
Buhay pagmamahal,
Bread of life You give to us,
alak at tinapay sana’y tanggapin Mo,
bread of life for all.
Amang mapagmahal.
Ngayon sa Iyong hapag,
May the bread we break today,
Kami’y nag-aalay alak at tinapy,
May the cup we share
Alay ng ‘Yong bayan.
lift the burdens of our hearts,
lift them ev’rywhere;
Buhay pag-iisip, kaluluwa’t katawan
Celebration Hymnal

Ang lahat-lahat na taglay Nang kusang matangkilik

nitong buhay. Tungkuling mabanaag.

Ito’y sa Iyo galing, Buksan ang aming palad,

Kaya’t muling hain, Sarili’y maialay;
Upang sa biyaya Iyong pagtibayin. Tulungan mong ihanap
Kami ng bagong malay.
Buklod ng pag-ibig, Pinid na pintuan
tayo ay sumamba mistulang dingding;
Sa pagkakaisa, purihin S’yang aba. walang sino man ang maaring
Purihin, purihin at ating sambahin, Anong pumipigil, anong nagbabawal
Ang D’yos ng pag-ibig nagmamahal sa sa sariling mundo ba’t di ka lumaya.
Iwalay sa puso sama ng loob, Buksan ang iyong mga mata
Alita’y iwaksi ibaon sa limot. kahit may luha
Mamahalin pa rin kita
Sa hapag ng D’yos at tutulungang lumaya.
ang lahat ay kapatid
Ang Ama’y pag-ibig Basong may tubig lagyan mong muli
at sa atin ‘ya’y hatid. Aapaw dahil wala ng silid
Ang pusong may galit
Sa pagmamahalan tayo’y nagkatipon. di maaring umibig
Halina’t umawit Bulag sa wasto alipin ng isip.
magalak sa Panginoon.
Buksan ang aming puso, Cantate Domino canticum novum
Turuan Mong mag-alab. cantate omnis terra, Alleluia.
Sa bawat pagkukuro
lahat ay makayakap. Laetentur coeli et exultet terra
jubilate montes laudem.
Buksan ang aming isip,
Sikatan ng liwanag Timebunt gentes, nomen tuum Domine
Celebration Hymnal

et omnes reges terrae gloriam tuam. In You I trust;

let me not be put to shame,
Tui sunt coeli, tua est terra Let not my enemies exult over me.
plenitudinem orbis tu fundasti.
No one who awaits for
456 COME BUILD MY CHURCH You shall be put to shame.
Those shall be put to shame
Come build my church who heedlessly break faith.
It’s falling to ruin
That’s what the Father tells me to do Your ways, O Lord, make known to me;
Give stones and mortar Teach me Your paths.
Let’s build together Guide me in Your truth and teach me,
This lowly house of God For You are God my Savior.

Coda: Remember that Your compassion,

Praised be the Lord O Lord,
Praised be the Lord and Your kindness are from of old.
Praised be the Lord, O my soul The sins of my Youth and my frailties
O praise the Lord, Praise the Lord remember not.
Because of Your goodness, O Lord.
To ev’ry town and valley
Preach what the good Lord has done Good and upright is the Lord;
for us That He shows sinners the way.
Tell of his mercy, sing of his love
Let man glorify His name 458 COME THEN MY LOVE
Be poor in spirit and in your living I hear my Beloved
Live like the larks and doves up above See how He comes
Care not for what this world leaping in the mountains
can provide us bounding o’er the hills
Trust in God’s loving care. See where He stands
behind our walls
457 COME LORD, He lifts up His voice
DO NOT DELAY He says to me:
Come Lord, do not delay! Come then My love,
Forgive the sins of Your people. My lovely one come,
To You I lift up my soul. My dove hiding in the clefts of rock
O Lord, my God. Show me your face,
Celebration Hymnal

let Me hear your voice, Thou Who Almighty art,

for your voice is sweet Enlighten every heart,
your face is beautiful. From us do not depart, Spirit of power.

See winter is past To Thee, great One in Three,

the rains are o’er and gone Eternal praises be, Hence evermore!
flowers appeared on the earth Thy sovereign majesty,
The season of songs May we in glory see,
of gladness come. And to eternity love and adore.
The cooing of the dove
Is heard in our land. 460 COME WITH PRAISE
My Beloved is mine and I am His Refrain:
He pastures His flock Come with praise, People of God!
Among the lilies Come with your hearts’
I will seek Him thanksgiving.
Whom my heart loves Sing for joy, House of the Lord!
I found Him, not would I let Him go. Sing of your bounteous blessing!

459 COME THOU ALMIGHTY Come you poor of the Land,

KING all who live with hearts of hunger.
Come and taste the love of the Lord
Come Thou almighty King, and you will be filled.
Help us Thy Name to sing,
Help us to praise! Come you captives of fear
Father all glorious, all who bear the yolk of hatred.
Wholly victorious, God has heard the cry of your soul
come and rule over us, ancient of days. and broken you chains.

Come Thou incarnate Word, Come you wounded and worn,

And make Thy message heard all who know the face of sorrow.
Our prayer attend; God will heal the pain of your heart
Come and Thy people bless, and gladden your soul.
And give Thy word success;
And let Thy holiness to us descend. All the desert will bloom;
peace and justice will flower.
Come Holy Comforter, Ev’ry blessing of heav’n and earth
Thy sacred witness bear; will come to those who wait.
In this glad hour;
Celebration Hymnal

461 COME, FOLLOW ME has no place to rest.

I am the Light, I am the Shepherd,

bringing you out of darkness, come in to My sheepfold
so come, take My light to the world. to help feed My lambs,
I am the Bread feed My sheep.
you must feed to the hungry, Bring back the astraying,
the Wine that must fill eve’ry heart. and bind up their wounds,
Foxes have holes, and rejoice when you’ve found
birds have their nests, what was lost.
but the Son of Man Foxes have holes,
has no place to rest. birds have their nests,
but the Son of Man
Refrain: has no place to rest.
Come, follow Me;
be the light of the nations. 462 COME, LET US JOIN WITH
Leave your nets and come, ONE ACCORD
follow Me.
Come, let us join with one accord
I am the Life, In song around God’s throne.
that must change ev’ry life This is the day our rising Lord,
and the Way did make and call His own.
that must alter your ways.
I am the Truth This is the day that God has blessed,
and My Word is the cross The brightest of the sev’n,
you must take, if you want to be free, Type of that everlasting rest
Foxes have holes, The saints enjoy in heaven.
birds have their nests,
but the Son of Man Then let us for His coming yearn,
has no place to rest. And for that day prepare,
When our Redeemer shall return,
I am the Sower, His glory full to share.
come work in My vineyard, My field.
Tend My vines, sow the grain.
And should it fall to the ground
in can only spring up with new life,
hundred fold.
Dakilang pag-ibig
Foxes have holes,
saan man manahan
birds have their nests,
D’yos ay naroon walang alinlangan.
but the Son of Man
Celebration Hymnal

Tinipon tayo sa pagmamahal 465 DAYGON IKAW

Na ating Poong si Hesus;
Tayo’y lumigaya sa pagkakaisa; Daygon ikaw Dios, sa tanang kalibutan,
Sa Haring nakapako sa Krus. kay gikan sa imong kamang-gihatagon
nadawat namo kining among gihalad,
Purihi’t ibigin ang ating D’yos ang pan ug bino nga abut sa yuta, ug
Na s’yang unang nagmamahal; ginama sa kamot sa manga tawo. Ma-
Kaya’t buong pag-ibig din nating maha- himo silang kalan-on sa kalag
lin, alang kanamo.
and bawat kapatid at kapwa.
Daygon ang Dios,
Iwasan lahat ang pagkapoot, daygon ang Dios,
Pag-aalinlanga’t yamot; daygon ang Dios,
Sundin ang landasin ni Hesukristo; hangtud sa kahangturan.
at ito’y halimbawa ng Diyos.

Mapalad ang gumagalang sa Diyos

At sumusunod sa Kanya
Daygon ta ang Ginoo
Tatamasahin n’ya ang Kanyang biyaya,
uban sa mga bag-ong awit;
Pagpapalain s’ya at liligaya.
Ang kalipay ta isinggit,
ang Ginoo labing hingpit.
464 DAWATA, O GINOO Daygon ta ang Ginoo,
uban sa mga instrumento;
Dawata O Ginoo Ang kalipay ta isayaw,
Kining among manga gasa O bulahang adlaw.
timaan s’among gugma
sagupa ug santosa. Refrain:
Kining pan ug kining bino Tugtoga na ang gitara.
ginama sa kamot sa tawo. Ipalanog na ang trompeta.
Ang Ginoo sa gugma,
Ang imong mga grasya pasalamatan ta.
bunga s’among pangaliya Tugtoga na ang gitara.
ihatag na kanamo, Ipalanog na ang trompeta.
O Langitnong Amahan. Salamat Ginoo sa Imong kaayo.
Sa tanan panalangini,
sa kadaut panalipdi. Daygon ta ang Ginoo,
Ang mahal mo nga Lawas Siya tuboran sa kaayo;
ug bililhon mong Dugo, Sa pasaylo’g paghigugma,
himoang kaluwasan kinabuhi sa tanan. wa nay sama Kaniya.
Celebration Hymnal

Daygon ta ang Ginoo, and I will love thee.

uban sa katawa’g hudyaka;
O Hari sa mga hari sa langit ug yuta. 468 DINGGIN MO
Daygon ta ang Ginoo, Koro:
tungod sa Iyang kagahuman; Tawag nami’y laging dinggin,
ang iyang mga binuhat, Samo nami’y ‘Yong pakinggan.
ang tanan katingalahan. Tinig nami’y bigyang pansin,
Daygon ta ang Ginoo, Ama nami’t Panginoon.
tungod ni Maria nga Birhen
O Babaye sa kahingpit, Dinggin Mo Panginoon,
O Rayna sa langit. ang aming kahilingan;
Kami ay kaawaan,
467 DEAR GUARDIAN OF MARY O D’yos na walang hanggan.

Dear Guardian of Mary! Bigyan Mo ng liwanag,

Dear Guardian of Her Child! Tibay at pananalig,
Life’s ways are full weary, Kaming nagsusumikap,
the desert is wild; Dito sa ‘ming daigdig.
Bleak sands are all round us
no home can we see; Sa ‘Yo nanambitan,
Dear Spouse of our Lady, Sa ‘Yo rin umaasa,
we lean safe on thee. Huwag Mong pababayaan,
Ang taong nagkasala.
For thou to the pilgrim
art father and guide, At sa aming pagtahak,
And Jesus and Mary sana ay patnubayan.
felt safe at thy side. Ang tulong Mo’t kalinga,
O Glorious Patron, Ang aming kailangan.
secure shall I be,
Dear Spouse of our Lady, 469 DIOSNONG MAGTUTUDLO
if thou stay with me.
Diosnong Magtutudlo,
When the treasures of God ania kami karon binuksan ang kasing-
were unsheltered on earth, kasing sa Imong Pulong.
safe keeping was found Dinhi nining tigum Imo kaming gi-
for them both in thy worth, tawag aron lamang mabuhi sa Imong
O Father of Jesus! be father to me, mga hatag, apan lamang mabuhi sa
Dear Spouse of our Lady, imong mga hatag.
Celebration Hymnal

470 DIYOS AY PAG-IBIG If ever I’ll forget that

You have loved me more
Pag-ibig ang siyang pumukaw and that will last forever till the end
Sa ating puso at kalul’wa, of time
Ang s’yang nagdulot sa ating buhay I beg of You to take my only breath,
Liwanag sa dilim at pag-asa. my only life.
Koro: I’d rather die than leave You sad
Pagka’t ang D’yos nati’y without my love.
D’yos ng pag-ibig,
Magmahalan tayo’t magtulungan. Chorus:
At kung tayo’y bigo Lost without Your care I’m all alone
ay huwag limutin and to You I’ll owe my everything
Na may D’yos tayo’t because You have brighten my
may nagmamahal. darken path,
will I even dare hurt You once again.
Pag-ibig ang s’yang buklod nating (Repeat all)
Di mapapawi kailan pa man,
Sa puso’t diwa tayo’y isa lamang 472 DYUTAY LANG KINI
kahit na tayo ay magkawalay.
Kanimo ihalad ko karon Ginoo
Sikapin sa ating pagtungo Ug naglaum ako
Ipamalita sa buong mundo; Kini makapahimuot Kanimo
Pag-ibig ni Hesus
ang s’yang sumakop Refrain:
Sa bawat pusong uhaw sa pagsuyo. Dyutay lang kini, Ihalad ko karon
Apan kinasing-kasing
Panghuli: D’yos ay pag-ibig,
D’yos ay pag-ibig. Dawata kining akong ihalad Ginoo
Mga bunga abut sa yutang
471 DREAMING OF LOVE Imong gipatikad
Kanimo ihalad ko usab karon
My Lord, You are the One Kining mga gasa nga gikan sa Imong
Whose life has made me live. kaayo
I offer You my own Lakip na kining kinabuhi ko.
exchange for love Divine.
I hope to see one day 473 ENTER REJOICE
that I will finally be Yours
and every tear will wash Enter, rejoice and come in.
the emptiness that fills my heart. Open your hearts to the Lord.
Celebration Hymnal

Today will be a joyful day. By kindly deeds and virtuous life.

Enter, rejoice and come in.
Sing alleluia, sing alleluia. 476 FILL MY HOUSE
Today will be a joyful day,
Sing alleluia. Fill My house unto the fullest.
Eat My bread and drink My wine.
474 EARTHEN VESSELS The love I bear is held from no one.
All I have and all I do, I give to you.
We hold a treasure, Take My time unto the fullest.
not made of gold, Find in Me the trust you seek.
In earthen vessels, wealth untold, Take my hands to you outreaching.
One treasure only; All I have and all I do, I give to you.
The Lord the Christ,
In earthen vessels. Christ, our Lord, with love enormous,
From the cross this lesson taught:
Light has shown in our darkness: Love all as I have loved you.
God has shown in our heart, All I have and all I do, I give to you.
With the light of the glory
of Jesus the Lord. Join with me, as one with Christ’s love.
May our hearts all beat as one.
He has chosen the lowly, May we give ourselves completely.
Who are small in this world; All I have and all I do, I give to you.
In His weakness is glory,
in Jesus, the Lord. 477 FOR TO THOSE WHO LOVE
1. Faith of our Fathers! faith and prayer, For to those who love God
Shall win all nations unto thee; And Who are called in his plan
through the truth that comes from God, Everything works out for good
Mankind shall then indeed be free. And God himself chose them
Refrain: To bear the likeness of his son
Faith of our Fathers, holy faith! That he might be the first
We will be true to thee till death. of many brothers and sisters.

2. Faith of our Fathers! we will love, Who is able to condemn

Both friend and foe in all our strife; And Only Christ who died for us
preach thee too, as love knows how, Christ who rose for us
Celebration Hymnal

Christ who prays for us 479 FRANCIS’ DREAM

In the face of all this I dreamt one night when I was alone
What is there left to say inside a room with knightly swords.
For if God is for us I heard a Voice asking me whom to
Who can be against us serve: myself or the Most High.

Who can separate us Refrain:

From the love of Christ The dream, the dream, it’s haunting me,
Neither trouble, nor pain it’s pursuing me everywhere, the dream
Nor persecution makes it clear (comes now clear) as I
journey to Him (you), make it my song
What can separate us to the Lord (for You Lord).
From the love of Christ
Not the past, the present I see the world all coming to me
Or the future I ask myself but why after me
I am a sinner the sparrow of God
478 FOR YOU MY LORD Nothing to give God or man.

I was walking in the fields carrying And then a Lady came into my life
my guitar, telling me that joy is in being poor
hoping that I could compose a song When I am empty of worldly cares
I found a nice place and then I sat I’ll be rich with heavenly grace.
and begin to write the lyrics of the 480 FULL OF GLORY, FULL OF
And after that I strum my guitar in
order to find the tune. 1. Full of glory, full of wonders,
And when I’m through I started to Majesty Divine!
think of You. ‘Mid Thine everlasting thunders How
You are the One that never let me down. Thy lightnings shine!
This song is for You. Shoreless Ocean!
who shall sound Thee?
Chorus: Thine own eternity is round Thee, Maj-
My Lord, since You call me esty Divine! Majesty Divine!
Everyday seems all new.
Even though there are pains 2. Timeless, spaceless, single, lonely, Yet
I can bear with You, my Lord, sublimely Three,
by my side. Thou art grandly, always,
Celebration Hymnal

only God in Unity! Papawiin Ko ang lumbay mo.

Lone in grandeur, lone in glory, Who Kukumutan ka ng saya,
shall tell Thy wondrous story, Awful at aakayin Kong
Trinity? Awful Trinity? pagsikat ng umaga.

3. Splendors upon splendors beaming 482 GIFT OF FINEST WHEAT

Change and intertwine!
Glories over glories streaming Refrain:
All translucent shine! You satisfy the hungry heart
Blessings, praises, adorations with gift of finest wheat;
Greet Thee from the trembling nations, Come give to us, O saving Lord,
Majesty Divine! The bread of life to eat.
Majesty Divine!
1. As when the shepherd calls his sheep,
481 GABING KULIMLIM They know and heed his voice,
So when you call your family Lord,
Pagsapit ng gabing kulimlim, We follow and rejoice.
naririto Ako.
Papawiin Ko ang lumbay mo. 2. With joyful lips we sing to you,
Kukumutan ka ng saya, Our praise and gratitude,
at aakayin Ko ang That you should count us worthy, Lord,
pagsikat ng umaga. To share this heavenly food.

Yakapin mo, kaloob Kong buhay sa iyo; 3. Is not the cup we bless and share,
sa piling Ko damhin mo ang mundo. The blood of Christ out poured?
Sa kapwa mong muling mabibigo, Do not one cup, one loaf, declare
kapayapaan Ko lamang Our oneness in the Lord?
ang sasagip sa iyo.
4. The mystery of your presence,
Refrain: Lord, No mortal tongue can tell.
Anumang tagal ng gabi, Whom all the world cannot contain,
kasama mo Ako. Comes in our hearts to dwell.
Di mo man tanto; narito Ako.
Ang buhay Kong nagdudulot 5. You give yourself to us, O Lord;
ng buhay sa iyo Then selfless let us be,
kadilimang ito ay kakayanin mo. To serve each other in your name,
In truth and charity.
Pagsapit ng gabing kulimlim,
naririto Ako.
Celebration Hymnal


Ginoong Dios, kaloy-a na Glory and praise to our God,
ang imong lungsod who alone gives light to our days.
sa imong gugma nga walay sukod. Many are the blessing He bears
Ang manga utang to those who trust in His ways.
ug ang among kalapasan
intawn papasa ug ayaw hinumdumi. We, the daughters and sons of Him
who built the valleys and plains.
Sa ngalan ni Hesus ang Manluluwas Praise the wonders our God has done
gisangpit ka karon nga among Amahan. in ev’ry heart that sings.
Ginoong Dios kaloy-a na ang imong
Lungsod tungod sa imong gugma In his wisdom He strengthen us,
nga walay sukod. like gold that’s tested in the fire.
Though the power of sin prevails,
484 GIVE THANKS our God is there to save.
Ev’ry moment of ev’ry day
our God is waiting to save,
always ready to seek the lost,
Give thanks and remember;
to answer those who pray.
here is a living sign,
That one man’s dying and rising
God has watered our barred land
is another man’s bread and wine.
and spent His merciful rain.
Now the rivers of life run full
1. As long as we are his people,
for anyone to drink
And earth has fruit to give,
So Long will God be our Father,
Thank Him for all that lives. 486 GOD OF MERCY
2. As Long as we Live for each other,
Planting the words of His Son, God of mercy and compassion,
So Long will God be our Father, Look with pity upon me.
Thank Him for all he’s done Father, let me call Thee Father,
’tis Thy child returns to Thee.
3. He tends the pines and sparrows,
He knows us and all our ways, Refrain:
He is the source of our life and love, Jesus, Lord, I ask for mercy,
Thank Him with simple praise. Let me not implore in vain!
All my sins I now detest them,
Celebration Hymnal

never will I sin again. Here thy very manhood

steals from human ken:
By my sins I have deserved death Both are my confession,
And endless misery. both are my belief,
Hell with all its pains and torments And I pray the prayer
And for eternity. of the dying thief.

By my sins I have abandoned right 4. I am not like Thomas,

And claim to heaven above. wounds I cannot see,
Where the saints rejoice forever But I plainly call thee
In a boundless sea of love. Lord and God as he:
This faith each day deeper
See our Savior bleeding, be my holding of,
Dying on the cross of Calvary. Daily make me harder
To that cross my sins have nailed Him, hope and dearer love.
yet He bleeds and dies for me.
5. O thou our reminder of the crucified,
487 GODHEAD HERE Living bread, the life of us
for whom he died.
Lend this life to me, then;
feed and feast my mind,
1.Godhead here in hiding
There be thou the sweetness
whom I do adore,
man was meant to find.
Masked by these bare shadows,
shape and nothing more,
6. Like what tender tales
See Lord at thy service low
tell of the Pelican,
lies here a heart,
Bathe me, Jesus Lord,
Lost, all lost in wonder
in what thy bosom ran,
at the God thou art.
Blood that but one drop
2. Seeing, touching, tasting
of has the pow’r to win,
are in thee deceived;
All the world forgiveness
How says trusty hearing?
of its world of sin.
that shall be beleived;
What God’s Son has told me,
7. Jesus whom I look at shrouded
take for truth I do;
here below, I beseech thee,
Truth himself speaks truly
send me what I thirst for so,
or there’s nothing true.
Some day to gaze on thee
face to face in light
3. On the cross thy Godhead
and be blest forever with thy glory’s
made no sign to men;
sight. Amen.
Celebration Hymnal

488 GREAT IS OUR GOD AND takot ay walang silid,

KING sumpa ko ma’y bigkas lamang,
kahuluga’y buong buhay.
Let us sing a joyful song;
let God’s people gladly sing. Habang buhay inaalay,
Let us sing to the Lord of all, aking laya, aking malay,
God and King. maging sa pagdaralita,
kalinisa’t pagtalima
Let us play our songs for Him; habang buhay!
play our songs on drum and string.
Let us play a song of joy, 490 HAIL, BRIDE OF CHRIST
God and King.
Hail Bride of Christ, St. Clare
Let us dance in praise of His Name, We gree thee Mother fair
for all kindness comes from Him. We blend our hearts and voices
Let us dance and rejoice in the Lord, to chant thy praises rare.
for great is our God and King. Celestial light surrounds thee
and God is thine for aye
Let us sing a joyful song; O pray that we may seek Him
let us play our songs for Him. With all our strength each day.
Let us dance in praise of His name,
God and King. Chorus:
Hail, Holy Virgin,
489 HABANG BUHAY Spouse of the King of kings.
(Ave sancta virgo. Sponsa Regis Regum)
May pusong kung umibig, Hear thy daughters praying for help.
Walang nasasambit, (Audi filia quae orant auxilium.)
Kundi awit ng pag-aalay
Pag-aalay na habambuhay. O radiancy reflected
May bangin man ng pangamba, in the eyes turned toward the Host
Ang sa D’yos ay magtaya, Distill for us thy sweetness
Higit sa alinlangan Impart to us thy trust.
Pangako na walang hanggan. We plant of rarest perfume
Habang buhay inaalay, Now grown in love and grace.
aking laya aking malay, Bestow on us thy dowry
Maging sa pagdaralita, near thee, grant us a place. (Chorus)
Kalinisa’t pagtalima.
Now with thy sister Agnes
Sa dalisay na pag-ibig, in one transport of love
Celebration Hymnal

Draw us in thy dear foosteps Teach us our flesh to tame

to our homeland above. And Mary, keep the hearts
Seraphic palms are waving That honor Joseph’s name
As legion hands are raised
To hail thee and St. Francis. He loved you with a love of
O Jesus, Mary praised! (Chorus) holy purity
We pray that we may be as pure
Come praise our Host celestial in love as he.
Wheat of the crowned elect
O Wine that maketh virgins 492 HANGAD
We bow in awed respect.
O Panis Angelorus! Kung aawit ako nang mag-isa,
O Jesu Hostia! awit ko’y awitin nga ba?
Maria intercede Sabayan Mo ako Panginoon
Francisce et Clara! (Chorus) sa aking pagkanta.

491 HAIL, HOLY JOSEPH, HAIL Hangad Kang maging tinig ko’t hininga,
Hangad kong makita
Hail, holy Joseph, hail ang pagmamahal Mo
Chaste spouse of Mary, hail Hangad Kang makasabay
Pure as the lily flower sa bawat pagkanta.
In Eden’s peaceful vale Hangad ko’y hangarin Kita.

Hail, holy Joseph, hail Kahit minsa’y aking nalilimutan,

You were God’s chosen one Ikaw Poon ay laging nariyan.
To you the word made flesh Kaya’y ngayon ang tangin
was subject as a son hangad ko ay na Ikaw
ay laging mapaglingkuran.
Hail, holy Joseph, hail
O friend of angels hail Hangad Kang maging
Assist the hearts that faint and guide the tinig ko’t hininga,
steps that fail Hangad kong makita
ang pagmamahal Mo
Hail, holy Joseph, hail Hangad Kang makasabay
Prince of the house of God sa bawat pagkanta.
May his best graces be by your dear Hangad ko’y hangarin Kita.
hands bestowed
Panginoon, gawing apoy ang puso ko,
Hail, holy Joseph, hail hangaring umaalab sa’Yo.
Celebration Hymnal

Kung aawit akong mag-isa, 494 HE

ako’y umaawit nga ba?
Sabayan Mo ako sa aking pagkanta. He can turn the tide
and calm the angry sea.
Hangad kong tularan He alone decides
ang pagmamahal Mo. who writes a symphony.
Hangad ko’y hangarin Kita He lights every star
Hangad kong Ika’y maging that makes our darkness bright.
tanging hangad ko. He keeps watch all through
each long and lonely night.
493 HAYAAN He still finds the time to hear
a child’s first pray’r,
Hayaan Mong sabihin Saints and sinners call
kong muli sa ‘Yo and always find Him there.
ang tanging ninanais ng buhay ko. Though it makes Him sad
Bagama’t ang diwa ko’y to see the way we live,
di gaanong tumugon He’ll always say, “I forgive.”
sa himig ng dasalin kong ito.
He can grant a wish
Hayaan Mong sabihin or make a dream come true.
kong muli sa ‘Yo He can paint the clouds
ang tanging nilalaman ng puso ko. and turn the gray to blue.
Bagama’t sa wari ko’y He alone knows where
ito’y balatkayo to find the rainbow’s end.
huwag sanang damdamin He alone can see
ang karupukan ko. what lies beyond the bend.
He can touch a tree
Minahal Mo ako ng walang hanggan, and turn the leaves to gold.
uulitin kong muli at sana’y ‘Yong mada- He knows ev’ry lie
mang mahal kita. that you and I have told.
Though it makes Him sad
Kinulayan Mo yaring daigdig to see the way we live,
binigyang sigla ang bawat luha He’ll always say, “I forgive.”
labis-labis ang pag-ibig na sa ‘ki’y dulot
There is no problem too big,
God cannot solve it.
There is no mountain too tall,
Celebration Hymnal

He cannot move it. 497 HERE I AM, LORD

There is no storm too dark,
God cannot calm it. I, the Lord, of sea and sky
There is no sorrow too deep, I have heard My people cry.
He cannot soothe it. All who dwell in dark and sin.
My hand will save.
Refrain: I Who made the stars of night,
If He’ll carry the weight of the world I will make their darkness bright.
upon His shoulders, I know my brothers Who will bear My light to them?
that He will carry you. Whom shall I send?
[He said, “Come unto Me all who are
weary and I will give you rest.”] Refrain:
Here I am Lord,
496 HEAR, O LORD Is it I, Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night.
Refrain: I will go Lord, if You lead me.
Hear, O Lord, the sound of my call; I will hold Your people in my heart.
Hear, O Lord and have mercy.
My soul is longing for the glory of You. I, the Lord, of snow and rain.
O hear, O Lord, and answer me. I have borne my people’s pain.
I have wept for love of them,
Every night before I sleep They turn away.
I pray my soul to take, I will break their hearts of stone,
Or else I pray that loneliness give them hearts for love alone.
Is gone when I awake. I will speak my word to them
Whom shall I send?
Why do I no longer feel like
I’ve a place to stay? I, the Lord, of wind and flame.
O take me where someone will care, I will tend the poor and lame.
So fear will go away. I have set a feast for them.
My hand will save.
In you, O Lord, I place my cares Finest bread, I will provide,
and all my troubles too. Till their hearts be satisfied.
O grant me Lord, I will give my life to them,
That someday soon, Whom shall I send?
I’ll leave in peace with you.
Celebration Hymnal

498 HINDI KITA MALILIMUTAN While we own the mystery.

And adoring bend the knee,
Hindi kita malilimutan, While we own the mystery.
Hindi kita pababayaan.
Nakaukit magpakailan man 500 HOLY, HOLY, HOLY
Sa ’king palad ang ‘yong pangalan.
Malilimutan ba ng ina ang anak na gal- Holy, holy, holy
ing sa kanya? Lord God almighty,
Sanggol sa kanyang sinapupunan Bowed in adoration
paano n’ya matatalikdan? Now we lift our hearts to Thee.
Ngunit kahit na malimutan ng ina ang
anak na kanyang tangan, Holy, holy, holy
Hindi kita malilimutan; merciful and mighty,
Kailan ma’y di pababayaan; And in three persons Blessed Trinity.
Hindi kita malilimutan;
Kailan ma’y di pababayaan. Holy, holy, holy,
Angel hosts adore Thee,
499 HOLY GOD WE PRAISE Veil their face in deepest awe,
YOUR NAME Before Thy majesty,
All the saints in glory lay
Holy God, we praise Thy Name! their crowns before Thee.
Lord of all, we bow before Thee!
All on earth Thy scepter claim, Holy, holy, holy,
All in heaven above adore Thee! Though the darkness hide Thee,
Infinite Thy vast domain, Though the eye of mortal man.
Everlasting is Thy reign. Thy glory may not see,
You are God most Holy,
Hark the loud celestial hymn None there is beside Thee.
Angel choirs above are praising;
Cherubim and seraphim, 501 HOSEA
In unceasing chorus praising,
Fill the heavens with sweet accord: Come back to Me with all your heart.
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord! Don’t let fear keep us apart.
Trees do bend, ‘though straight and tall;
Holy Father, Holy Son, so must we to others’ call.
Holy Spirit, Three we name Thee,
While in essence only One, Refrain:
Undivided God we claim Thee; Long have I waited for your coming
And adoring bend the knee, Home to Me and living deeply our new
Celebration Hymnal

life. And I am ever with you all the days,

until the end of time.
The wilderness will lead you,
To your heart, where I will speak. 503 HOW GREAT THOU ART
Integrity and justice with tenderness
you shall know. O Lord, my God,
When I in awesome wonder
You shall sleep secure with peace Consider all the worlds
Faithfulness will be your joy. thy hands have made
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder
502 HOW BEAUTIFUL UP ON Thy pw’r thru out the universe displayd.
Antiphon: Then sings my soul My savior,
How beautiful up on the mountains God to thee
The feet of those who carry How great thou art, how great thou art!
Good News of salvation Then sings my soul My savior,
Who proclaim the reign of God andits God to thee
peace. How great thou art, how great thou art!

All the pow’r has been given unto me When through the woods
in heaven and on earth. and forest glades I wander
Go, proclaim the Good News, and hear the birds sing
make disciples everywhere. sweetly in the trees,
And I am ever with you all the days, When I look down from lofty mountain
until the end of time. grandeur and hear the brook
and feel the gentle breeze.
Bring the joy of salvation to the poor;
Redemption has been won. And when I think that God His Son
Let your hearts open wide: not sparing sent him to die
For the kingdom is at hand. I scarce can take it in,
And I am ever with you all the days, that on the cross,
until the end of time. my burden gladly bearing,
he bled and died to take away my sins.
Spread the News
that all captives have been freed. When Christ shall come
Sing out with joyous songs with shouts of acclamation
in all lands where you go; and take me home what joy shall fill
you will be My witnesses. my heart then I shall show my humble
Celebration Hymnal

adoration, and there proclaim My God kahit di matanaw ang kinabukasan

how great thou art. Huwag mangamba,
lagi kitang pangungunahan,
504 HOW LOVELY IS YOUR magtiwala, Ako’y sundan.
Lahat ng takot mo’y
Aking naranasan;
Lahat ng hirap mo’y
How lovely is your dwelling place,
Aking naraanan.
O Lord, mighty God, Lord of all.
Kailan Ako di naasahan?
Kalan kita pinabayaan?
1. Even the lowly sparrow
Magtiwala, Ako’y sundan.
finds a home for her brood
and the swallow a nest for herself
where she may lay her young;
H’wag mangamba, h’wag mabalisa,
in Your altars my King and my God.
h’wag mabahala:
Sa ligalig, hindi kita padadakma.
2. Blessed are they
Manalig ka, magtiwala at mapayapa,
whose dwelling is Your own,
Pag-ibig Kong kalasag mo’y sapat na.
Lord of peace.
Blest are they refreshed by springs
Kahit di malinaw Aking kalooban,
and by rain when
O makitid ang pinatatahak Kong daan
dryness daunts and scathes.
Asahan mong kapayapaa’y matatamo sa
Behold my shield,
my King and my God.
Magtiwala Ako’y sundan. (Koro)
3. I would forsake a thousand
End: Manalig ka, magtiwala at mapay-
other days anywhere
if I could spend one day in Your courts,
Pag-ibig Kong kalasag mo’y sapat na.
belong to You alone.
Pag-ibig Kong kalasag mo’y sapat na.
My strength are You alone.
My glory, my King and my God.
How lovely your dwelling place
O Lord mighty God, Lord of all. O great Saint Padre Pio
You are all a gift ofGod.
And of love you are crucified
505 HUWAG MANGAMBA In your body and in your heart.
Kahit di malinaw
‘yong patutunguhan;
Celebration Hymnal

Refrain: row,
You are our dear Padre Pio And makes each one in love to grow.
We are children of God through you
You take us with Mary The sick and those in suffering
//All in heaven and so may it be.// You know how to make them confident,
With the comfort of a true faith
At you, people are running For who loves and for those who be-
From all over five continents lieve.
At your daily Mass divine,
Crowds are prompt there every morn- And with your “Groups of Prayer,”
ing. You let them pray from morn to eve-
The beloved face of Jesus All men in anxiety,
To us you have revealed To save themselves without injury.
Day by day on the altar
With the faithful all surrounded. 507 HYMN TO
To you, holy confessor
All the time, men are rushing. Refrain:
The sinner and penitents, St. Maximilian our dear Patron,
To God in faith returning. To you we render our veneration.
May the Immaculate Virgin Mother of
With your hands that are wounded, God
You have rendered immaculate, With you, reign in our hearts.
The soul of every sinner,
You absolved in pain thereafter. Guide us always to follow your way,
Of living Our Lady day by day,
Always at the feet of Mary, In all our trains and in distress,
You are bringing pious souls each day. Let the Immaculate do as she pleases.
That their hearts may be filled wholly
With her maternal love so tenderly. You, who live, work and bear every
The Rosary most holy, Bringing all to the heart of the Holy
You pressed in your heart always. Virgin
Reciting it all the hour, Off ’ring yourself completely,
With passion and with fervor. All your life, your death, your eternity.
With this chain, the holy Rosary, O Saint of Charity, o son of poverty,
Gives grace in every anxiety. The fool of love of our Blessed Lady.
And that gives strength in times of sor-
Celebration Hymnal

With the red and white crowns, 509 I AM THE VINE

From Her hands, may we die too pure
and holy. Refrain:
I am the vine and you are the branches
O Immaculata, Mother of God, abide in me and I in you
To you we consecrate all that we are and We shall be one in love.
that we have.
May our life be a summary, I give My Life and Blood to drink,
Of praise and love for men, for you and I give My Life and Bread to eat.
the Holy Trinity. I give Myself and all for you.
I give Myself and all for you.
Many the grains but one in bread,
1. O Father, whose mighty arm many the grapes but one in wine,
Embraces us all. Many are you but one in Me.
We praise you in glory Many are you but one in Me.
And answer your call.
I give my life for those I love.
2. Christ Jesus, the son of God, You said that you are one in Me,
Pure fount of pure love; Would you let Me die alone?
The cause of our yearning Would you let Me die alone?
For heaven above.
I see my people ev’rywhere,
3. O Spirit and Paraclete, You’ll see their faces in My eyes.
Confirm and inspire; Can’t you see My tears of love?
Renew in God’s people Can’t you see My tears of love?
The flame of your fire.
4. All praise to the Father be,
All praise to the Son; I am with you, fear not;
All praise to the Spirit I am with you, fear not;
while centuries run. from here I will enlighten.

Holy, holy blest be the Trinity, Have a contrite heart (4x)

Three in One and One in Three. I am with you fear not. (2x)
Celebration Hymnal

511 I HAVE LOVED YOU for all the goodness, He has shown me?
I will raise the cup of salvation
Refrain: and call on his name.
I have loved you
with an everlasting love, 3. I shall live my vows to you,
I have called you and you are Mine. before Your people, I am Your servant,
I have loved you I will offer You my sacrifice
with an everlasting love, of praise and of pray’r.
I have loved you and you are Mine.
Seek the face of the Lord
and long for Him. I love you cause that’s just what I am
He will bring you His light and His I could never turn away from you
peace. And leave you all alone
Yes I love you though you have gone
Seek the face of the Lord your way
and long for Him. I could never leave you all alone
He will bring you His joy and His hope. And leave you way behind.

Seek the face of the Lord Chorus:

and long for Him. Though you weigh no more than dust
He will bring you His care and His love. Place on the scale you rise
Though your worth is just much as a
512 I LOVE THE LORD sand
I love you just the same
Refrain: I am love… I am love
I love the Lord, Though your sins be dark and scarlet
he is filled with compassion. I will turn them white as snow
He turned to me Though your sins be red as crimson
on the day that I called. They mean nothing more to me
From the snares of the dark, For I made you and you’re meant for me
O Lord save my life, be my strength. For all eternity. I love you,
Yes I love you. I always will love you.
1. Gracious is the Lord and just;
our God is mercy, rest to the weary. I love you cause that’s just what I am
Return, my soul to the Lord our God I could never show you greater love
who bid tears away. Than lay my life for you
Yes I love you, what more proof do you
2. How can I repay the Lord ask
Celebration Hymnal

Show me any love that’s greater than will see that it is truly finished,
The love I‘ve shown to you. When the day of Jesus comes.

514 I OFFER YOU MY LIFE That I should feel

like this towards you,
I desire to love you and make you loved Seems only natural to me.
and make you loved. For you have shared
I desire to work for your glory, with me my labors!
for your love, for your love alone. The Gospel privilege with me!

But I am helpless on my own. Since you have borne

God transform my imperfections, with me my burdens,
all my transgressions. I now bear you within my heart!
And God alone knows
Since you give me Jesus, my all, how I miss you,
I could appear before your I love you just as Christ loves me!
Father with empty hands.
I pray your knowledge will be deepened.
And I offer you my life Your love be mutual and strong!
and I offer you my self Then you will reach the perfect good-
as a victim to your merciful love ness.
‘cause I want no other love but You. Then to the Lord you will belong!
And I offer you my life
and I offer you myself 516 I WANT TO CALL YOU
as a victim to your merciful love
till the shadows disappear Refrain:
in the evening of my life, I want to call You by Name while I live.
‘till I’d say I love you face to face. I want to call You: “My God.”
I will thank You, I will sing my praise to

Refrain: God calls to me: “Come forth from your

I thank my God, grave.”
each time I think of you! Like an eagle, like an eagle
And when I pray for you. I find strength.
I pray with joy.
God will forgive, God is tenderness and
Now this is one thing I am sure of, love.
He who began His work in you, Love is greater, love is greater that death.
Celebration Hymnal

God knows us well, to our God we Sit laus Patri, sit Filio,
belong. Et par decus Paraclito,
God is Mercy, God is Mercy for our Qui nos perreni gloria
sins. Donet per omne saeculum.
I will exult greatly for joy, Refrain:
my deepest joy comes from the Lord, In God alone can my spirit find rest!
my soul rejoices in Him Who is my My help shall come from God alone!
Savior. For he is my rock and my salvation!
My fortress on high! My lasting peace!
For He has clothed me in the garment
of salvation, 1. In God is my safety!
He has covered me in the mantle of My mountain secure!
integrity. Come into His presence
and sing with me.
Like a bride adorn in her jewels,
I will extol you, O Lord, for You have 2. Take refuge in God!
cared for me. All nations come near!
Lay your heart before Him!
518 IAM NOCTIS In constant hope!

Iam noctis umbra obduxerat 3. My Yahweh is Power!

Diffusa terris aethera: His goodness I see!
Extrema Patrem cum dies. To know Him is Wisdom!
Urgebat horae praescium. His praise I’ll sing!

Plorat gementes filii 520 IN HIM ALONE

Patremque circum condolent.
Quid, Pastor, aegrum deseris In Him alone is our Hope
Ovile flentes clamitant. In Him alone is our strength
In Him alone are we justified
Procul sit error mentibus, In Him alone are we saved
Vetrisque labis sit procul
Impura tectis unica What are we to offer
Virtus nitescat cordibus. that does not fade or wither?
Can the world ever satisfy,
Celebration Hymnal

the witness in our hearts O God, my God,

in vain we deny? why have You gone from me.
When will you cease running in search Far from my prayers,
of hollow meaning? far from my cry?
Let His love feed the hunger in your To You I call,
soul and You never answer me;
Till it overflows with joy You send no comfort,
you yearn to know. and I don’t know why.

521 IN HIS TIME Our fathers trusted

and You delivered them
In His time, in His time to You they cried and they escaped.
He makes all things beautiful In You they trusted,
in His time. when darkness came their way,
Lord, please show me everyday, And in Your goodness,
As You’re teaching me Your way, You made them free.
That You’ll do just what You say
in Your time. You’ve been my guide
since I was very young;
In Your time, in Your time You showed the way
You make all things beautiful when I needed someone’s hand,
in Your time. and now I’m lonely,
Lord, my life to You I give. nobody’s by my side;
May each song I always sing stay near, my Lord,
Be to You a lovely thing and be my Friend.
in Your time.
My days are weary
with people hating me.
522 INTO YOUR HANDS Each place I go, each place I stay;
My heart is tired, my body aching;
Refrain: give me the courage to face each day.
Into Your hands
we commend our spirit, O Lord. On ev’ry side
Into Your hands my neighbors stare at me,
we commend our hearts. they pierce my heart
For we must die with unkind words.
to ourselves in loving You. But You, O Lord,
Into your hands don’t stay far from me;
we commend our love. send me Your comfort
and rescue me.
Celebration Hymnal

I will proclaim Sambayanan kaming nagpupuri

Your Name to all my friends, Sa ‘Yong Dugo at Katawan.
God of our ancestors
and our God, too; 3.Tunay ang pag-ibig Mo Kristo,
Your praise shall sound Liwanag ng aming puso.
from ev’ry voice, O Lord; Awit nami’y aming alay,
soon ev’ry heart will worship You. Pasalamat sa ‘ming buhay.

523 ISAIAH 49 (I WILL NEVER 4. Dinggin ang aming panalangin,

Magkaisa sa ‘Yong piling.
Kabutiha’y bigyang pansin,
At ang alita’y alisin.
1. I will never forget you, my people;
I have carved you on the palm of my
hand. I will never forget you; 525 ISANG PAGKAIN, ISANG
I will not leave you orphaned. I will KATAWAN, ISANG BAYAN
never forget my own.
Katulad ng mga butil na tinitipon
2. Does a mother forget her baby? Or a Upang maging Tinapay
woman the child within her womb? Yet na nagbibigay buhay.
even if these forget, Kami nawa’y magtipon din
yes, even if these forget, I will never At maging bayan Mong giliw.
forget my own.
Iisang Panginoon, Iisang Katawan.
Isang bayan, isang lahi sa‘Yoy nagpu-
1. Panginoon, ito ang aming alay
Katulad din ng mga ubas
sa Iyong kabanalan.
na piniga at naging Alak;
Tanggapin ang aming isip,
Sino mang uminom nito:
buhay at kalayaan.
“May buhay na walang hanggan.”
Kami nawa’y maging sangkap
2. Sa Iyo ang aming katauhang
sa pagbuo nitong bayang liyag.
pinagbuklod ng ‘Yong katawan.
Handog namin ang aming kalooban
na sa ‘Yo nagmumula. 526 ISANG
Dakila ang ‘yong puso, Koro:
Dakila ka, O Kristo. Isang pananampalataya,
Celebration Hymnal

Isang pagbibinyag, gol.

Isang Panginoon, Ako’y hindi mapapahamak kailan man.
Angkinin nating lahat. Ipapahayag ko, l’walhati N’ya!

Habilin ni Hesus Ang aking Panginoon, moog ng buhay.

noong Siya’y lumisan. S’ya ang Batong tinanggihan ng tag-
“Kayo ay magkatipon apagtayo.
sa pagmamahalan”. Kahanga-hanga sa aming mga mata…
Ahhh…ahhh…Gawain N’ya, Purihin
Ama pakinggan Mo S’ya.
Ang aming panalanging (Ulitin ang Koro)
dalisay na pag-ibig,
sa ami’y humapit. 528 JESUS NA AKING KAPATID
Mga alagad ko pa’no makikilala? Jesus na aking Kapatid.
Tapat nilang pag-ibig wala ng iba pa. Sa lupa nami’y bumalik:
Kaya nga O Ama, Iyong mukha’y ibang-iba.
Sana’y Iyong hawian, Hindi Kita nakikilala.
Ang aming mga puso ng mga alitan.
Tingni Kanyang dugo Tulutan Mong aking mata
sa ati’y iniligwak; mamulat sa katotohanan:
Ngayon ay sundan natin Ikaw, Poon makikilala
Kanyang mga yapak. sa taong mapagkumbaba.
Jesus na aking Kapatid.
527 ITO ANG ARAW Putikin man ang ‘Yong sapin,
Punit-punit man ang ‘Yong damit.
Refrain: Nawa Ika’y mapasaakin.
Ito ang araw na ginawa ng Panginoon;
Tayo’y magsaya at magalak Jesus na aking Kapatid.
Magpasalamat kayo sa Panginoon, Sa bukid Ka nagtatanim
Butihin S’ya, Kanyang gawa’y walang O sa palengke rin naman
hanggan. Ikaw ay naghahanap-buhay.
Sabihin ng sambayanan ng Israel.
Walang hanggan Kanyang awa! 529 JESUS YOU’RE THE
Kanang kamay ng Diyos sa’ki’y hu-
Jesus, You’re the sweetest Name of all.
Ang bisig N’ya sa’kin ang tagapagtang-
Jesus, You always hear me when I call.
Celebration Hymnal

Oh Jesus, You pick me up Malayo man ang tao sa lupa,

each time I fall, Sakupin man niya ang buwan,
You’re the sweetest, Ikutin man ang kalangitan,
the sweetest Name of all. Ang D’yos din ang dinadatnan.

Jesus, how I love to praise Your Name. Ipinagbubunyi ‘Yong Pangalan,

Jesus, You’re still the first, Ng ibon na lumilipad;
the last, the same Pinahahayag ng kabundukan;
Oh Jesus, You died and “Ikaw ang Poon ng lahat”.
took away my sin.
You’re the sweetest, Sa dahong hinihipan ng simoy,
the sweetest Name of all. Tinig Mo’y papakinggan;
Sa ulan ng biyaya ng langit,
Jesus, You’re the soon Kabutihan Mo’y makakamtan.
and coming King.
Jesus, we need the love
that You can bring.
Oh Jesus,
we lift our voices up and sing:
Kay tagal na Kitang hinahanap,
You’re the sweetest,
kay tagal na Kitang inaasam.
the sweetest Name of all.
Ang kaligayahang ngayon ko lang
530 KAHANGA-HANGA kaligayahang walang katapusan.

Koro: Akala ko noon basta’t mayaman ka,

Kahanga-hanga ang Iyong Pangalan, kaligayaha’y nasa ‘yo na.
O Panginoon, sa sangkalupaan; Ngunit kaibigan ito’y isang kahibangan,
Ipinagbunyi Mo ang Iyong kamahalan ako ay nabubulagan lang.
sa buong kalangitan.
Pinagmamasdan ko ang langit, Ano ang halaga kung makamtan ko
Na gawa ng ‘Yong mga kamay, ang lahat ng bagay dito sa mundo kung
Ang buwan at mga bituin mawawala naman ang kaluluwa ko.
Na sa langit ‘Yong inilagay. Kaibigan ako rin ang talo.
O sino kaya siyang tao,
Na Iyong pinagmamasdan? Hanggat may oras pa ay mag-isip ka na
Ginawa Mong angel ang katulad, saan ka ba patutungo. Naghihintay sa
Pinuno Mo ng karangalan. ‘yo si HesuKristo.
Tawagin mo lamang Siya’y narito.
Celebration Hymnal

(Ulitin ang Koro, 1 & Koro) Koro:

Bisan sa kusog nga unos
532 KAIBIGAN KAPANALIG ug walay hunong nga ulan.
Hangin nga makusog, magpabilin
Ang atas Ko sa inyo kini nga dili matarog.
mga kaibigan Ko, Sama unta niini ang kalig-on
ay magmahalan kayo. sa pagtoo sa kada tawo.
Tulad ng pagmamahal Ko sa inyo. Pangayuon ta kini nga grasya gikan
May hihigit pa kayang dakila Niya.
sa pag-ibig na laan,
Ialay ang buhay alang-alang sa kaibigan. Apan ang tawo nga maminaw
Kayo nga’y kaibigan Ko sa mga pulong sa Ginoo,
kung matutupad ninyo ang iniaatas Ko. apan wala ipamatuod
sa iyang mga buhat.
Kayo di na alipin, Mahisama siya sa tawong
kun’di kaibigan Ko. nagtukod og balay sa yutang huyang.
Lahat ng mula sa Ama’y Sa makusog nga ulan pagabanlason
nalahad Ko na sa inyo. ug sa hangin pagatumpagon.
Kayo’y hinirang Ko,
di Ako ang hinirang n’yo. Pulong ni Kristo ug buhat mo
Loob kong humayo kayo ang haligi sa pagtoo.
at magbunga ng ibayo. Ampingi kining grasya nga
Ito nga ang s’yang utos Ko ginasa Niya sa kinabuhi mo.
na bilin Ko sa inyo: (Ulitin ang Koro)
Magmahalan kayo!
Magmahalan kayo! 534 KALULUWA KO’Y NAUUHAW

533 KALIG-ON SA PAGTOO Katulad ng lupang tigang,

Walang tubig ako’y nauuhaw
Kun ang tawo nga maminaw O D’yos hangad kitang tunay,
sa mga pulong sa Ginoo. Sa Iyo ako’y nauuhaw.
Ipamatuod sa buhat,
Sa kinabuhi mo. Koro:
Mahisama siya sa usa ka tawong Ang kaluluwa ko’y nauuhaw
maalamon, Sa Iyo, O Panginoon ko.
nga nagtukod sa iyang balay
diha sa dakong bato. Kaya Ika’y minamasdan,
doon sa Iyong dalanginan.
Nang makita kong lubusan,
Celebration Hymnal

Lakas Mo’t kaluwalhatian. 536 KANIMO, O DIOS

Ang kagandahang loob Mo, Kanimo O Dios nagahulat ako
Higit sa buhay sa mundo. nga mosulod Ka sa kasing-kasing ko.
Kaya ako’y magpupuri Wala na gayud ako’y gipaabut nga lain
Ngalan mo’y sasambitin ko. pang sama sa kaayo Mo.

535 KAMING MGA Ikaw ang bugtong nga gipaabut ko

MAKASASALA Ang gugma kong kabus ihatag ko karon
ayaw itugot nga ako mahilayo
1. Kaming mga makasasala Ako sa hugot nagatoo nga
nagalakat ngadto sa kinabuhing tunhay; anaa Ikaw sa altar sa adlaw, gabii
Nagakaluya sa kadalanan, Ikaw nagahulat nga dunggon
naga-antus sa mga kasakitan. ang Imong pagtawag.
Nagapangita’g kahayag,
nagapangita’g kapahulayan; 537 KAPURI-PURI KA
kay halayo sa ginadamgo
nga langitnong pinuy-anan. Kapuri-puri Ka,
D’yos Amang lumikha ng lahat.
Koro: Sa Iyong kagandahang loob,
Ginoo, tiguma kami Narito ang aming maiaalay.
sa hini-usang gugma.
Ikaw ang maloloy-ong amahan. Mula sa lupa at bunga
Luwasa kami sa mga ng aming paggawa,
Kasalanan ug mga katalagman, ang tinapay na ito
himoa nga si Kristo ang hinungdan para maging pagkaing nagbibigay
sa among kapasaylo-an. buhay.

2. Kaming mga makasasala Koro:

nagalakat ngadto sa kinabuhing tunhay; Kapuri-puri ang Poong Maykapal
Puno sa mga kasaypanan, Ngayon at magpakailanman.
sa kakulang sa gugma sa katawhan. Kapuri-puri ang Poong Maykapal
Nangita ug kagawasan, Ngayon at magpakailanman.
nagkinahanglan ug kaluwasan;
kay halayo sa ginadamgo Mula sa ubas at bunga
nga langitnong pinuy-anan. ng aming paggawa,
Ang alak na ito para maging
inuming nagbibigay lakas.
Celebration Hymnal

538 KAY KITA USA RA! nga Akong gihatag sa inyong kaluwasan.
Dawata Kini, dawata Kini
Koro: sa Akong handumanan.
Kay kita usa ra sa gugma ni Kristo; Kini ang Akong Dugo,
kon mamatay kita uban kaniya. giula sa inyong kapasayloan.
Mabanhaw kita sa kinabuhing dayon. Dawata Kini, dawata Kini
sa Akong handumanan.
1. Kon sa imong Kinabuhi
gugma ang gadasig; 1. Niining langitnong Kalan-on
Ayaw na pangita ug lain pang butang, gidawat sa kabos.
Kay ang Ginoo ana-a kanimo. Ang saad nga wa’y kapakyasan
sa namatay sa Krus.
2. Kon adunay Kay igsoon,
Nag-antus sa kasakit; 2. Niining langitnong Kalan-on
Lig-ona ang pagto-o sa langitnong ga- kita midawat.
hum, kay ang Ginoo mao ang paglaum. Kalinaw nga iyang kabilin
kabaskog sa kalag.
3. Kon ang imong kasing-kasing,
Napuno sa Kalipay, 540 KINING LUNGSOD
Kalipay ihatag mo sa mga nagsubo,
Ang pahiyum mo, mobalik kanimo. Kining lungsod nga imong tinubos
gikan sa kangitngit sa kasalanan, Ani-a’s
4. Kon ikaw manggi-angayon sa isig imong atubangan naga gasa sa iyang
katawo, kakabus.
Kalinaw nga Diosnon Kining bunga sa mong kabudlay timail-
ang imong maangkon, han sa mong mga tinguha igasa karon
Ug magpuyo ka sa kalipay’ng dayon. kanimo kay ikaw ang naghatag sa tanan.
Dawata langitnong Amahan ug pan-
5. Kon dawaton ta ang Ginoo alangini, himoa nga takus sa imong
Sa bug-os nga gugma, kamahalan, Himoang santos kay ikaw
Kalipay nga Diosnon Ginoo sa tanan.
ang atong maangkon, Nan, Kay ikaw ang naghatag sa tanan.
Kay ang Ginoo labing malipayon.
LAWAS We are the Sisters/Friars
of Kolbe’s Dream,
Andante: We are the promise of the future
Kini maong akong Lawas we bring.
Celebration Hymnal

Waving the banner of the Immaculate 543 LADY CLARE

To every nation, the rich and the poor.
Chorus: Lady Clare shining bright,
For together we stand, mirror of the Father of Light.
Divided we fall, Clear refection of Christ the Son,
Together we climb to reach and the Spirit the Holy One.
The Most High
We can do what She wishes Francis’ companion faithful and pure
For the salvation of souls strong in trials, affirming and sure;
For we are the sisters/friars his little plant growing into a tree
Of Kolbe’s dream. bearing fruit in humility.

We have an end to do what He wills Sister Clare we hear you say:

Be someone dearest in the heart of the “Contemplate Jesus everyday,
Lord gaze on His love, for you He died
Friars and Sisters are united you become what you contemplate.”
Building Marian Houses
For you and for all. Once He has called you, go in His name
journey on swiftly, keep hold of your
Let no dust collect in your steps as you
Kung ‘yong nanaisin, go
aking aakuin at babalikatin He is with you, He told you so.
ang krus mong pasanin.
Journey on swiftly and free
Kung ‘yong iibigin, following Jesus until we see
ibulong sa akin, koronang inangkin, Heaven’s gate open and gone in the
pangtubos sa amin. night
and you know that His yoke was light.
Kung pipiliin, abang alipin, s Sister Clare, we on to you:
abay tahakin Krus na landasin. Galak ay Pray for us that we may do
akin, hapis ay di pansin, God’s will on earth, that His kingdom
Ang ‘yong naisin, s’yang susundin. come
and in Him we may all be one.
Kung ‘yong hahangarin,
kita’y aaliwin at kakalinga-in,
lumbay papawiin.
Celebration Hymnal

544 LANGITNON NAMONG Kon ugaling nakabsan

AMAHAN ikaw sa kabaskug,
Kon ugaling gihasul ikaw sa kalisud,
Langitnon namong Amahan, laum kalag ko, sa Manunubos.
among igasa ang kang
Cristong kinabuhi hamiling bayad. Ning 4. Kon ugaling gisungog
imong mga binuhat ikaw sa kapalaran,
bayad sa’mong kasaypanan. Kon ugaling gisakit ikaw
Dawata himoa nga among kaluwasan. ug gidagmalan,
Dawasan. Kon ugaling nawad-an
ikaw sa pagtoo, laum kalag ko,
Sa kang Cristong mga buhat Sa Ginoo.
ug kinabuhi nga gihimo niyang halad
nganha kanimo, 5. Kon dunay kinabuhi
mahiusa’ng among buhat human sa kamatayon,
ug ang among kinabuhi. Kon dunay kagawasan
Ingon ng’ang diyutay’ng tubig human maulipon,
Isagol sa bino. Ibino. Kon dunay mapaabut
sa atong panahon, laum kalag ko, May
Ginoo, milaum ako kanimo;
1. Kon adunay kahayag mitoo ako sa kagahuman mo.
human sa kangitngit, Misalig ako sa imong gugma,
Kon adunay kalipay sa imong pagpangga ug pag-amuma.
human sa kasakit,
Kon adunay katam-is
human sa kapait, laum kalag ko, Adu- 546 LEAD ME LORD
nay langit.
Lead me Lord, lead me by the hand
2. Kon adunay kalinaw and make me face the rising sun.
human sa kasamok, Comfort me through all the pains
Kon adunay pasay-lo that life may bring.
human sa kaligutgot, There’s no other hope
Kon adunay pagbati that I can lean upon.
human sa kayugot, laum kalag ko, Ayaw Lead me Lord, lead me all my life.
Walk by me, walk by me
3. Kon ugaling nawad-an across the lonely road of everyday.
ikaw sa kaisug, Take my hands and let your hands
Celebration Hymnal

show me the way Proclaim it in every land:

show the way to live inside your love Christ has died, but He has risen;
Lead me Lord, lead me all my life. He will come again.

Refrain: Christmas verse:

You are my light, Nations will tremble, wise men amazed.
You’re the lamp upon my feet. A Child is born this night.
All the time my Lord I need You there. Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
You are my Life, I cannot live alone. A Father, Prince of Peace.
Let me stay by Your guiding love,
All through my life, lead me Lord. 548 LET THERE BE PEACE ON
Lead me Lord, even though at times,
I’d rather go along my way. Let there be peace on earth
Help me take the right direction, And let it begin with me;
take my road. Let there be peace on earth,
Lead me Lord, and never leave my side. the peace that was meant to be.
All the days, all my life. With God as our Father,
(Repeat Refrain) Children all are we.
Let me walk with my neighbor (brother/
547 LET HEAVEN REJOICE sister) in perfect harmony.

Refrain: Let peace begin with me,

Let heaven rejoice ad earth be glad; Let this be the moment now.
Let all creation sing. With every step I take
Let children proclaim through every let this be my solemn vow:
land: To take each moment and live each mo-
“Hosanna to our King.” ment in peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth,
Sound the trumpet into the night; And let it begin with me.
The day of the Lord is near.
Wake His people, lift your voice 549 LET US SUFFER FOR THE
Proclaim it to the world.
(St. Therese of the Child Jesus)
Rise in splendor, shake off your sleep;
Put on your robes of joy,
And in the morning you shall see
What are these sufferings
The glory of the Lord.
in comparison
Raise your voices, be not afraid.
with the suffering of Our Lord.
Celebration Hymnal

So, come let’s go on, and My burden is light.

even though it hurts so bad Come to Me and I will give you rest.”
He’s always on our side,
to lend a helping hand. When you feel the world is tumbling
So brothers, let’s go on. down on you
And you have no one that you can hold
Jesus let me help You on to
in carrying Your cross to Calvary Just face the rising sun and you’ll see
which was made heavy by my sins. hope,
O, Lord my God, there’s no need to run.
You’re too much offended. Lift up your hands to God
I’ll accept all the trials with open arms. and He’ll make you feel alright.

Suffering with love 551 LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS

is the only thing, truly desirable,
and the only thing I want in this life. Antiphon:
No one can separate me Lift up your hearts to the Lord
with the love of my Lord. in praise of His mercy!
Even to the point of losing my life. Sing out your joy to the Lord,
His love is enduring.
Shout with joy to the Lord all the earth!
Life is not at all that bad my friend, Praise the glory of His Name!
If you believe in yourself, Say to God, “How wondrous Your
If you believe there’s Someone works,
Who walks through life with you, how glorious Your Name!”
You’ll never be alone
just learn to reach out Let the earth worship,
and open your heart. singing Your praise.
Lift up your hands to God Praise the glory of Your Name!
and He’ll show you the Way. Come and see the deeds of the Lord,
Come worship His Name!
Chorus: At His touch the dry land did appear,
And He said, “Cast your burden upon paths were opened in the sea.
Me, Let the earth rejoice in His might,
those who are heavily laden, the might of His love.
Come to Me all of you who are tired
of carrying heavy loads. Listen now, all you servants of God!
For the yoke I will give you is easy As I tell of His great works
Celebration Hymnal

His love will endure! Come unto Me if you are heavily bur-
552 LIKE A SEAL ON YOUR And take My yoke upon your shoulders.
HEART I will give you rest.


Set me like a seal on your heart, STAND
Like a seal on your arm.
Set me like a seal on your heart. I will play for Him on my harp,
How right it is to love You. with my lute and ten-stringed lyre
I will greet the Lord with my song.
For love is stronger than death, I will sing of the ways of the Lord.
Stronger even than hell.
the flash of it is a flash of fire, Good it is that we should sing
A flame of Yahweh, Himself. to honor Yahweh’s name,
to thank Him for His love at dawn,
Come then my love; come my beloved. his faithfulness through night.
No flood can quench our love,
for love, if real has no end. Great and wide your kindness,
Lord and fathoms deep your heart,
553 LIKE A SHEPHERD The wicked man shall not perceive,
The foolish man shall fall.
Like a shepherd He feeds His flock Upon my head you pour your oil,
And gathers the lambs in His arms. you mark me as your won,
Holding them carefully close to His shall filled with gladness I shall sing,
heart, my horn shall sound your call.
leading them home.
Say to the cities of Judah; The just shall grow as tall as palms,
prepare the way of the Lord. like cedars they shall stand;
Go to the mountaintop, lift your voice; and planted firmly on their God,
Jerusalem, here is your God. they shall not break nor bow.

I Myself will pasture them, 555 LIKE THE DEER

For others have led them astray.
the lost I will rescue and heal their My soul is like the deer that yearns for
wounds, living streams.
And pasture them giving them rest. What is my soul’s desire but my King?
Celebration Hymnal

Refrain: for You, my God.

My soul is like the deer that yearns for
running streams. My soul is thirsting for God
Oh, come refresh my soul. The God of my life.
When can I enter and see
I thirst for God above, the face of God?
the living God on high.
When shall I enter into my Lord? My tears have become my bread,
by night, by day.
I weep both day and night. I hear it said all day long:
My tears become by bread. “Where is your God?”
I hear them say all day:
“Where’s your God?” These things will I remember
as I pour out my soul:
I think of days of old, how I would lead the rejoicing
And pour out all my soul; crowd into the house of God.
God’s people would I lead Why are you cast down my soul,
To His home. why groan within me?
Hope in God, I will praise Him still,
Around me they would sing my Savior and my God.
In thankfulness and joy.
Their happiness unbound My soul is cast down within me,
in God’s house. so I think of You from the country of
My soul, why do you groan? and Mount Hermon, from the Hill of
Why are you sad with grief? Mizar.
In Him there still is hope,
Praise the Lord! Deep is calling on deep
in the roar of waters;
556 LIKE THE DEER THAT Your torrents and all your waves
YEARNS swept over me.

Antiphon: By day the Lord will send

My soul is thirsting for the Lord. His loving kindness;
When shall I see Him face to face? by night I will sing to Him,
Praise the God of my life.
Like the deer that yearns
for running streams. I will say to God; my Rock,
so my soul is yearning “Why have your forgotten me?
Why do I go mourning,
Celebration Hymnal

oppressed by the foe?” Holy Mary, Mother of God

With cries that pierce me to the heart, R.: “…pray for us”
my enemies revile me, Saint Michael
saying to me all day long: Holy Angels of God
“Where is your God?” Saint John the Baptist
Saint Joseph
Why are you cast down my soul, Saint Peter and Saint Paul
why groan within me? Saint Andrew
Hope in God I will praise Him still, Saint John
my Savior and my God. Saint Mary Magdalene
Saint Stephen
Praise the Father, the Son and Saint Ignatius
Holy Spirit, Saint Lawrence
both now and forever, Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity
the God Who is, Who was, Saint Agnes
and Who will be, world without end. Saint Gregory
Saint Augustine
557 LITANY Saint Athanasius
Saint Basil
Refrain: Saint Martin
O Lord, our God, Saint Benedict
we lift up our hearts to You, O Lord. Saint Francis and Saint Dominic
O Lord, Our God, Saint Francis Xavier
Your people rejoice in You. Saint John Vianney
Saint Catherine
Stone of the sages, covenant Maker, Saint Teresa
Father of mercy we lift up Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe
our hearts to You. Saint Dennis
Saint Anthony de Padua
God of the living, God of all people. Saint Lorenzo Ruiz
Father of life we lift up our hearts to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina
You. Bl. John Duns Scotus
Bl. Pedro Calunsod

558 LITANY OF THE SAINTS Rs: “…Lord, save Your people”

Christ, have mercy Lord, be merciful,

Christ, have mercy From all evil,
Lord, have mercy From every sin,
Lord, have mercy From everlasting death,
Celebration Hymnal

By Your coming as man, Liwanag ng kaaliwan,

By Your death and rising to New Life, sa ami’y dumalaw Ka.
By Your gift of the Holy Spirit, Kalinga Mo ang takbuhan
noong unang-una pa.
Rs: “…Lord, hear our prayer” Pawiin ang aming pagod,
ang pasani’y pagaanin.
Be merciful to us sinners, Minamahal kong kandungan,
Guide and protect Your Holy Church, sa hapis kami’y hanguin.
Keep the Pope and all the clergy
in faithful service to the Church, Liwanag ng kabanalan,
Bring all people together in trust and sa ami’y mamuhay Ka.
peace, Ang ningas ng ‘Yong pag-ibig
O strengthen us in Your service, ang s’yang magsilbing gabay.
Bless this chosen man, Pag nalayo Ka sa amin,
Bless this chosen man and make ang tao’y walang halaga.
him holy, Di man makakayanang hanguin
Bless this chosen man, make him ang kaluluwa.
and consecrate him for his sacred Liwanag ng bagong buhay,
duties, sa ami’y umakay Ka.
Jesus, Son of the living God, Linisin ang aming sugat
ang diwa’y bigyang sigla.
Christ hear us Akitin Mo ang palalo,
Christ hear us Damayan ang naliligaw;
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer Ituro Mo ang landasin
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer patungo sa aming tanglaw.

559 LIWANAG NG AMING PUSO Liwanag ng aming puso,

sa ami’y manahan Ka.
Liwanag ng aming puso, Idulot Mo po sa amin
sa ami’y manahan Ka. Kapayapaang wagas.
Ang init ng ‘Yong biyaya Ang ‘Yong gantimpala’t mana,
Sa ami’y ipadama. pangako Mong kasarinlan.
Ang bunga sa pagkandili,
Patnubay ng mahihirap, ligaya magpakailanman.
O aming pag-asa’t gabay.
Sa aming saya at hapis, 560 LORD HERE I AM
tanglaw Kang kaayaaya.
Lord, here I am, to answer Your call.
Celebration Hymnal

Lord, here I am, to serve and love You. me.

I have left everything, just to follow You.
Here is my heart, Here is my mind, 4. Lord, as I drift on the waters, be the
Here is my soul, resting place of my restless heart, my
Here is my whole self. life’s companion, my friend and refuge.
I am for You and You alone.
O Lord, with your eyes set upon me,
561 LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME ON gently smiling, you have spoken my
All I longed for I have found
by the water, at your side,
Lord I lift Your Name on high
I will seek other shores.
Lord I love to sing Your praises
I’m so glad You are in my life
I’m so glad You came to save us. 563 LORD, ACCEPT THE GIFTS
You came from heaven to earth Lord, accept the gifts we offer
to show the way at this Eucharistic feast.
From the earth to the cross Bread and wine to be transformed now,
my debt to pay Through the action of Thy priest.
From the cross to the grave Take us too, O Lord.
From the grave to the sky Transform us, be Thy grace in us in-
Lord I lift Your Name on high. crease.
(Repeat 1 & Repeat Chorus) May our souls be pure and spotless,
As the host of wheat so fine.
562 LORD YOU HAVE COME May all stain of sin be crushed out,
Like the grapes that form the wine.
As we too become partakers
1. Lord, you have come to the seashore,
in this sacrifice divine.
neither searching for the rich nor the
wise, desiring only that I should follow.
Make our gifts Almighty Father,
Living God eternal, true,
2. Lord, see my goods. my possessions;
Which we give through Christ,
in my boat you no power, no wealth.
Our Savior.
Will you accept, then, my nets and
Pleading here for us a new.
Grant salvation to all present
and our faith and love anew.
3.Lord, take my hands and direct them,
help me spend myself in seeking the
lost, returning love for the love you gave
Celebration Hymnal

564 LORD, SEND OUT YOUR We share in Your love.

SPIRIT Lord, we sing in Your love.

Refrain: 566 LORD, YOU CALLED US

Lord, send out your spirit, and renew
the face of the earth. Refrain:
Lord, You called us graciously,
1. Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord, To live Your life and go Your way.
my God, you are great. Wonderful are Believing in Your love,
your works! Creation is from your hand. We follow You without reserve,
All the way.
2. Do not withdraw the breath of life;
Give us the power to live. Send to all the Set our eyes aglow
Spirit of love; that there others joy may draw.
Through him we will spread your Word. Open wide our hearts
3. Glory to God evermore! May God be and make them bold.
glad in his works. Praising him will be That people’s gladness and woes they
my goal; I will rejoice in the Lord. I will may hold.
rejoice in the Lord!
Grant that no smile
565 LORD, WE TOUCH from our lips ever wane.
YOU TODAY While our mouths
Your word of peace proclaim.
Lord, we touch You today, Make our hearts steadfast and strong.
Lord, we touch You today. Love minstrels may we be
You gave us Your Life, our whole life long.
You gave us Your Life.
Lord, we touch You today. 567 LORENZO RUIZ, MARTIR
To live is to die Ang bayang pilipino
and to laugh is to cry. Ngayon ay nagsasaya
To live is to love with all your heart. Isang sugo sa langit
To live is to hope and to talk Tayo ay naroon na
with the Lord, Salamat sa maykapal
and to live is to sing in His Love. Sa banal na biyaya
Tinanghal ng daigdig
Lord, we sing in Your love, Kayumangging dakila
Lord, we sing in Your love, Koro:
We share in Your life, Purihin ka Lorenzo
Celebration Hymnal

At iyong mga kasama On this lovely day.

Alagad ng maykapal
Sagisag ng pag-asa 569 LUNGSOD NGA BALAAN
Sa rosaryo ng birhen
Kami’y iyong isama 1. Lungsod nga balaan, ani-a ta karon
Iyo ang aming puso sa pagdayeg sa Ginoo ang atong kalu-
Lorenzo de manila wasan.
Iyo ang aming puso
Lorenzo de Manila 2. Lungsog nga palaran, ani-a ta karon
sa pag-awit sa himaya, sa gugma ug
Ipagbunyi rin natin paglaum.
Mga kasamang martir
Sa lupa at sa langit 3. Lungsod nga pinili, ani-a ta karon
Sila ay dadakilain pagsaulog sa kahamili, sa atong
Salamat sa maykapal kinabuhi.
Sa banal na biyaya
Tinanghal ng daigdig 4. Lungsod nga bulahan, ani-a ta karon
Kayumangging dakila naghi-usa sa atong gugma sa kalipay’g
5. Lungsod nga halangdon, lig-onon ta
Birds are singing sweet and low karon ang pagtoo sa ‘tong Ginoo ang
From the trees that gently grow atong manunubos.
On the flowers breezes blow
On this lovely day. 570 LUPA
To the meadow there go I Nagmula sa lupa, magbabalik na kusa,
To wander as a butterfly ang buhay ko sa lupa nagmula
How the flowers please my eyes
On this lovely day. Bago mo linisin ang dungis ng ‘yong
kapwa, hugasan ang ‘yong putik sa
Refrain: mukha.
How I wish it would be always
Life is easy on such a day Kung ano ang di mo gusto, h’wag gawin
I wish this peace on everyone sa iba. Kung ano ang ‘yong inutang, ay
On this lovely day. s’ya ring kabayaran.
Coda Sa mundo ang buhay ay mayroong
La, la, la, la, la, la, la,... hangganan dahil tayo ay lupa lamang.
Celebration Hymnal

Kaya’y pilitin mo ika’y magbago, habang Umawit sa Kanyang karangalan

may panahon ika’y matuto. Pagmama- ulan at hamog at hangin.
hal sa kapwa ay isipin mo.
Tanang mga tao sa buong mundo,
571 MADONNA DE POVERTADE banal at mababang puso.
Purihin ninyo ang Panginoon,
Madonna de claritate, sa sala tayo’y hinango.
Signore de Povertade
Stella clarissima (2x) 573 MAGSIAWIT SA PANGINOON
Fiore de San Francesco Koro:
Donna del Re dei re Magsiawit sa Panginoon, Aleluya,
Chiara la terra scura Magsiawit sa Panginoon.
Schiara del tuo chiaror
Purihin, purihin ang Kanyang Pangalan.
O Sposa bella de Christo Ipahayag, ipahayag ang dulot N’yang
Colomba de argentata kaligtasan.
Rosa purpurea (2x)
Kayong mga angkan maghandog sa
Piu della Luce chiara Poon
Figlia d’eterno sol Luwalhati at papuri ialay sa Panginoon.
Chiara la terra scura
Schiara del tuo chiaror. Dakila ang Poon dapat na purihin.
S’yang nagbigay,
572 MAGPURI KAYO S’yang nagbigay ng langit sa ating lahat.
Magpuri kayo sa Panginoong D’yos, Mahiwaga ang buhay ng tao
lahat ng santinakpan. Ang bukas ay di natin piho,
Magsiawit kayo at S’ya’y ipagdangal at manalig lagi sana tayo,
magpakailanman. Ang Diyos S’y’ang Pag-asa ng mundo.
Pag-ibig sa’ting kapwa tao,
Magpuri kayo mga anghel ng D’yos at laging magmahalan tayo;
sa Panginoong Maykapal. ‘Yan ang lunas at ligaya
Magpuri kayo mga langit, at pag-asa ng bawat kaluluwa!(2x)
sa D’yos na sa ‘nyo lumikha.
Magpuri kayo sa Panginoon Tulay:
buwan at araw at bit’win. ‘Yan ang hiwaga ng buhay ng tao!
Celebration Hymnal

575 MANALIG KA Ang landas mo ay mag-iilaw.

Iluom lahat ng takot Sa daigdig ang buhay ay ganyan,

sa inyong damdamin mayroong ligaya at lumbay;
Ang pangalan N’ya’y lagi ang tawagin Maghintay at may nakalaang bukas.
At S’ya’y nakikinig sa bawat hinaing.
May bukas pa sa iyong buhay,
Magmasid at mamulat Tutulungan ka ng Diyos na may lalang.
sa kanyang kapangyarihan Ang iyong pagdaramdam,
Nabatid mo ba na s’ya’y naglalaan Idalangin mo sa Maykapal,
Patuloy na naghahatid na sa puso mo ay mawala ng lubusan.
ng tunay na kalayaan.
Manalig ka,
tuyuin ang luha sa mga mata I’ll give my hand to those who
Hindi Siya panaginip, cannot see
hindi Siya isang pangarap The sunrise or the falling rain.
Siya ay buhay, manalig ka. I’ll sing my song to cheer the weary
Ang ngayon tila along,
walang mararating na bukas For I may never pass this way again.
Ngunit kung S’ya I’ll share my faith to every troubled
ang ating hahayaang maglandas heart.
Pag-asa ay muling mabibigkas. So I shall not have lived in vain.
I’ll give my hand, I’ll sing my song,
Coda: I’ll share my faith because I know
Manalig ka, that the time is now to fulfill each vow.
tuyuin ang luha sa mga mata For I may never pass this way again.
Hindi Siya natutulog, hindi nakakalimut
Kay Hesus, manalig ka. That the time is now to fulfill each vow.
For I may never pass this way again.
Interlude: (2x)
Manalig ka.
H’wag damdamin ang kasawian, May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you
May bukas pa sa iyong buhay. Whether near or far away
Sisikat din ang iyong araw, May you find that long awaited
Celebration Hymnal

Golden day today. Mapapalad ang nahahapis

And D’yos ang siyang aliw
May your troubles all be small ones Ligaya at liwanag
And your fortune ten times ten Ang s’yang makakamtan.
May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you
Till we meet again. Mapapalad ang naaawa sa taong dalita.
Sila’y kakaawaan at tutulungan.
May you walk with sunlight shining Mapapalad ang umiibig sa galit ng iba
and a songbird in every tree Sila’y magtatagumpay at di mabibigo.
May there be a silver lining
Back of every cloud you see. Mapapalad ang umiibig masunurin
Fill your dreams sa D’yos,
with sweet tomorrows Makakamtan ang nais,
Never mind what might have been Kay Kristong tumubos.
May the Good Lord
Bless and Keep you Mapapalad ang tumatangis,
Till we meet again. sila’y magagalak.
(Back To Refrain; Fill Your dreams… Mapalad ang magutom
then Coda) Ama ang bubusog.

Coda: Mapapalad ang inuusig

May the Good Lord ng dahil kay Hesus,
Bless and Keep you Ang langit at biyaya,
Till we meet again. Makakamtang lubos.
Till we meet again.
Mapapalad ang umiibig
579 MGA PUNONG KABANALAN sa kapwa at sa D’yos,
Habilin ‘to ni Kristong
Mapapalad ang umiibig sa buhay na Sa ati’y tumubos.
Sila’y makakasama sa langit ng Ama. 580 MODUOL AKO

Koro: Moduol ako sa altar sa Dios,

Hesus, ako’y di dapat kalipay sa akong kabatan-on.
sa ‘Yo ay tumanggap, Sa kuldas ug awit ang akong Dios
Ngunit sa salita Mo, pagahimayaon pasalamatan ko.
ay gagaling na ako.
Panalipdi ako Ginoo
Celebration Hymnal

batok sa tawong wang pagtu-o, 582 MY DEAREST SAVIOUR, I

Kay ikaw ang akong kota WOULD FAIN
nga kanako manalipod.
1. My dearest Savior I would fain
Ngano ba, Ginoo, With in thy Sacred Heart remain:
nga gisalikway mo ako? O let me safe abide
Ipadala’ng imong kahayag Forever in thy Wounded Side.
ug ang imong kamatuoran
sila magtul-tol kanako 2. In vain the demon lays his snares,
nganha sa imong puy-anan. In vain the bribe of wordly wares: He
O kalag ko, nganong cannot tempt a pride Forgotten in thy
nagmasulub-on ka? Wounded side.
Dayga Siya ang manluluwas mo.
Dayga siya, salig kaniya. 3.And though the flesh wage war my
soul In guilty pleasure to control, For
581 MUGNA SA DIOS me is opened wide The portal of thy
Wounded side.
Mugna sa Dios,
Ako karon nagpakatakos, 4. When fading sight and fluttering
sa pakig-atubang dalang akong breath Proclaim the near approach of
kahuyang ug ang pagpaubos death, O Saviour, let me hide And die
within thy wounded side.
Bunga sa yuta ug ginama
sa kamot sa tawo 583 MY PRAYERS RISE LIKE
Halad sa ulipon, pinaagi Niya INCENSE
ang Ginoo pagadaygon
Lawas ug kalag My prayers rise like incense before you,
kining mahal Mo nga hatag sa Lord; my hands like an evening offering
mahalon ug sa dayan-dayan sa 1. I call to you, Lord come to aid me.
grasya Pray listen when I call out your name.
kanunay ko palambo-on. Take my prayers as incense.
My hands as offering.
Lawas ug kalag 2. Protect me from wrong,
kining mahal Mo nga hatag Lord I pray you.
grasya palambo-on. A sentry to place up on my lips.
Let me not do evil, nor join in wicked-
Celebration Hymnal

3. The just may reprove me in kindness. Jesus, my God and my All!

The wicked will not anoint my head.
I pray night and day, Lord. Against their 585 MY SOUL IS SAD
evil deeds.
1. My soul is sad, my heart is breaking
4. But I put my trust in my savior. I seek tonight, Could you not watch and com-
your protection day and night. fort me until light?
Save me from all evil. From snares that Am I alone, surrounded only by night?
harm my life. Could you not watch one hour with me?
5. All glory to God our creator. All glory 2. Could you not keep, awake for one
to God’s redeeming Son. hour with me? It is so hard that you
Glory to the spirit. To God forever one. should do this for me?
I die for you that you might always be
584 MY GOD AND MY ALL free. Could you not watch one hour
with me?
Jesus, my only Desire.
Jesus, my only Desire. 3. And so I weep, and there is no one to
Jesus, my love; Jesus, my Beauty. hear, I am in pain; will no one witness
Jesus, my God and my All! my tears?
I am your God, and as my passion
Jesus, the Hope of my soul. draws near. Could you not watch one
Jesus, the Hope of my soul. hour with me?
Jesus, my Strength; Jesus, my Refuge.
Jesus, my God and my All! 586 NARITO AKO
Jesus, the Mercy of God. Koro:
Jesus, the Mercy of God. Panginoon, narito ako.
Jesus, my Truth; Jesus, my Justice. Naghihintay sa utos Mo.
Jesus, my God and my All! Lahat ng yaman ko
ay alay ko sa ‘Yo.
Jesus, my life-giving Lord. Ikaw ang tanging buhay ko.
Jesus, my life-giving Lord.
Jesus, my Joy; Jesus, my Glory. Batid ko nga at natanto
Jesus, my God and my All! sa kasulatan ‘Yong turo.
Pakikinggan at itatago
Jesus, the Wisdom of God. sa sulok ng puso.
Jesus, the Wisdom of God.
Jesus, my Light; Jesus, my Vision. ‘Yong pagligtas ihahayag,
Celebration Hymnal

hanggang sa dulo ng dagat. yet in my dreams I’d be nearer my

pagtulong Mo’t pusong dalisay God to Thee,
aking ikakalat. Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer my
God to Thee.
Then let the way appear, steps unto
Solo Base: heaven
“Natawag Ko na ikaw pinaagi sa imong all that though sendest me in mercy
ngalan: Ikaw Ako man.” given
Angels to beckon me. Nearer my
Koro: God to Thee,
Natawag Mo na ako pinaagi sa akong Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer my
ngalan, ako Imo man. God to Thee.

Ginoo nadunggan ko ang tingog Mo, Then with my walking thoughts

Sa hilum daw sa gihagit Mo ako; Bright with Thy praise. Out of my
Busa, ania ako. deepest griefs
Bethel I praise. So by my woes to be
Ginoo, tuod tawhanon lang ako; Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer my
Apan, O! Ikaw ang kagahuman ko; God to Thee,
Busa, ania ako. Nearer my God to Thee.
Ginoo, nagpasalamat kami
Sa Imong mahigugmaong pagtawag; Or if on joyful wing, cleaving the sky
Busa ania kami. Sun, moon and stars forgot
Natawag Mo na ako pinaagi sa akong Upward I fly still all my song shall be
ngalan, ako Imo man. (3x) Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer my
God to Thee,
Nearer my God to Thee.
Nearer my God to Thee, nearer to Thee 589 NEW LIFE
E’en though it be a cross that raiseth me
Still all my song shall be nearer my Refrain:
God to Thee, New life! New life!
Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer my You came to bring us new life.
God to Thee. New life! New life!
We find such joy in your
Though like a wanderer the sun abundant life.
gone down
Darkness be o’er me. My rest a stone You are the source of our great joy,
Celebration Hymnal

the fountain of all life. For the peace I bring

You give us living water; is only found inside.
You bid us come and drink.
We come to You; we bless You, Lord; 591 O DIOS, INIIBIG KITA
we glorify Your name!
We praise You Lord; we worship You, O Dios, iniibig, iniibig kita;
we thank You for Your gift of new life. Hindi dahil lamang sa ‘king pag-asa
na aking makamtan ang langit kong
You are the source of our new life; pita.
in Your light we see light. At di rin dahil sa aking pangamba
You show to us Your goodness; Na kapag Ikaw ay hindi ko sininta,
You bid us taste and see. Ay apoy ang aking kakamting parusa.
We come to You; we bless You, Lord; O Hesus, na ito ang dahilang tunay
we glorify Your name! Ng aking pag-ibig na lubhang dalisay.
we praise You, Lord; we worship You, Dahil sa sala ko, buhay Mo ay inalay
we thank You for Your gift of new life. Sa krus ng mahapdi’t dustang
590 NO GREATER LOVE Tiniis Mo’y pako, sibat at paghalay,
Pawis at sakit na walang kapantay.
You can give no greater love, Tunay na marapat na Kita’y mahalin,
Than to give your life for a friend. O Hesus, na lubhang nagmamahal
Here is My Life given gladly for you, sa akin!
So that you may live again. Di dahil sa langit na ‘king mithiin,
O takot sa apoy na lubhang malagim;
As a Friend of yours. Di dahil sa premyo na nais kong kam-
Have I told you this, tin;
So that My own joy may also be in you. hindi dahil dito Kita iibigin.
Kung paanong ako ay iniibig Mo,
If you love Me, Gayon din ang aking pag-ibig sa’yo;
Then you’ll follow Me. Ang tanging dahilan ng lahat ng ito
And you’ll love each other as I love you. Ay pagkat Hari ko at tunay na Dios ko.
Tunay na Dios ko!
If the world you know
doesn’t always care, 592 O ESPIRITO SANTO
And you find that you
would rather run and hide, 1. O Espirito sa paghigugma, Ihatag
Then just love Me, kanamo ang maong gasa; Ug pun-a
and just follow Me. ang among kasing-kasing, Paga-inita sa
Celebration Hymnal

Imong gugma. Day in and day out, Rosary in hand,

/Prayers we seek, help in need./
2. O Espirito sa kahayag, Ihatag kanamo
ang maong gasa; Lamdagi ang among Your guardian angels send us quick,
pagalaktan, Paga-iwagi ang among Help in our trials and in death.
dalan. Aid our endeavor, never forsake,
These times of tears and with our fears.
3. O Espirito sa kalig-on, Ihatag kanamo (ref.)
ang maong gasa; Lig-ona ang among
kasing-kasing, Ug sa kanunay pagada- Most ardent Lover of the Cross
siga. Jesus’ own passion you had borne
Those wounds of love, all for souls,
4. O Espirito sa kaalam, Ihatag kanamo And with the Eucharist you endure.
ang maong gasa; Lamdagi ang among (ref.)
salabutan, Ikaw ang diwa sa kina-ad-
man. All those who labor, those who fight,
Lead us all to the King of life.
5. O Espirito sa kalinaw, Ihatag kanamo O Padre Pio, we offer this hymn,
ang maong gasa; Linawa ang among And with Our Lady, we sing. (ref.)
pangisipan, Ikaw, Larawan sa Kaga-
wasan. 594 O HESUS, HILUMIN MO
Koro: Refrain:
Umari ka, o espirito santo, kalipay’g O Hesus, hilumin Mo
paglaum namo. Aking sugatang puso.
Kalig-on sa among kalag, sa kangit- Nang aking mahango
ngit ikaw ang kahayag. Kapwa kong kasing bigo.

593 O GREAT ST. PIO, TO YOU Hapis at pait Iyong patamisin,

WE SING at hagkan ang sakit
nang magningas ang rikit.
O great St. Pio sent by God,
Humble and poor who suffered for love. Aking sugatan diwa’t katawan
Bouquets of roses here we bring, ay gawing daan ng ‘Yong kaligtasan.
Comes with our love, we sing.
Born Francesco, true Francis’ son,
Great devotee, Madonna’s ‘one’ 1. O Jesus, Lord, most mighty King And
Celebration Hymnal

Conqueror divine, O Sweetness infinite, 597 O LORD IN THIS GREAT

for whom Our souls unceasing pine. MYSTERY
2. When Thou art in my heart, the
world With all its pomp decays, The O Lord in this great mystery,
truth shines bright, Take Thou our bread and wine,
and love lights up Its ready kindled And make of these humble things
blaze. Thyself our Lord Divine.
3. O Jesus, sweetness of the heart, Thou
Living Spring of Light, So far exceeding As wheat and drink become our light
all desire, All joys of sense or sight. our altar bears Thy awesome might.
4. O dearest Jesus, let me feel The full- O Lord we offer Thee the gift
ness of Thy love, And cleanse mine eyes that lies before Thy sight.
to see Thy face, In Thy bright courts
above. Thou art the same, our Christ and Lord,
5. O Jesus, brighter than the sun, O Who blessed the supper room.
Balm with healing blest, Of all things Thou art the God who died and rose
sweet, of all things fair, Thou sweetest, triumphant from the tomb.
fairest, best. This host shall bear divinity,
This cup contains infinity.
596 O KING OF MIGHT AND The mystery fills our souls with love.
SPLENDOR O Holy Majesty.

O King of might and splendor, 598 O YAHWEH KO

Creator most adored,
This sacrifice we render to Thee O Yahweh ko. O aking D’yos,
as sovereign Lord. Sa Iyo ko nasumpungan
May these our gifts be pleasing Yaong aking minimithi at hangad
Unto Thy majesty. na kaligtasan.
Mankind from sin releasing who have Iligtas Mo sana ako sa pag-usig ng
offended Thee. kaaway,
Tinutugis nila ako hindi sila naglulubay.
Thy Body Thou hast given,
Thy Blood Thou hast outpoured. Kapag ako ay inabot, sila’y leon ang
That sin may be forgiven, O Jesus, lov- katulad,
ing Lord. tatangayin nila ako sa malayo itatakas.
As now with love most tender, At kung ito’y mangyari
Thy death we celebrate. pihong walang magliligtas,
Ourselves in self-surrender, dudurugin nila ako, luluraying walang
to Thee we consecrate. habag.
Celebration Hymnal

O Yahweh ko, bumangon Ka. who abide in His shadow for life,
Puksain Mo ang kaaway say to the Lord: “My Refuge,
Ako’y Iyong ipagtanggol my Rock in Whom I trust!”
sa malupit nilang kamay.
gumising Ka’t sagipin Mo ako Refrain:
ngayon ay tulungan, And He will raise you up
Yamang ito ang hangad Mo, on eagle’s wings,
Maghari ang katarungan. bear you on the breadth of dawn,
make you to shine like the sun,
599 ON CALVARY’S HEIGHT and hold you in the palm of His hand.

1. On Calvary’s height the Roman spear The snare of the fowler

Pierced thro’ the heart of God, will never capture you,
And from that saving fount out-poured and famine will bring you no fear:
A red and crystal flood! under His wings your refuge,
His faithfulness your shield.
Then let us adore his heart that loves You need not fear the terror of the night,
men so; though little loved nor the arrow that flies by day;
In turn its favors ceaseless flow. though thousands fall about you,
near you it shall not come.
2. Washed in its waves, the sinner’s soul
Is cleansed more white than snow, As For to His angels He’s given a command
from this fountain of delight to guide you in all your ways;
Salvation’s torrents flow! upon their hands they will bear you up,
lest you dash your foot against a stone.
3. Thus Jesus, by that open wound
Within His heart, did prove How from After the last Refrain:
His soul invisible Surges the tide of love. And hold you, hold you in the palm of
His hand.
4. Pour out the flood of love Divine O
Heart of tend’rest care! Mercy and grace 601 ONE BREAD, ONE BODY
and peace on earth, And bliss
untold fore’er. Refrain:
One bread, one body,
600 ON EAGLE’S WINGS One Lord of all,
One cup of blessing which we bless.
You who dwell And we, though many,
in the shelter of the Lord, Throughout the earth,
Celebration Hymnal

We are one body in this one Lord. I will sing, I will praise the lord. Amen.

Gentile or Jew, servant or free, 604 ONLY LOVE CAN MAKE THE
Woman or man, no more.
Many the gifts, many the works,
One in the Lord of all.
My soul is occupied,
and all my substance in His service
Grain for the fields, scattered and
Now I have no flock,
nor have I any other employment
gathered to one, for all.
My sole occupation now is love.

602 ONE LITTLE CANDLE 1. All our works, and all our labors,
how grand so ever be
It’s better to light are nothing in the sight of God,
just one little candle God is pleased with nothing but love.
han to stumble in the dark,
better far that you light 2. For we can give Him nothing,
just one little candle, neither can we buy them fulfill His
all you need is a tiny spark. desires,
which is the growth of our soul.
If we’d all say a prayer, God is pleased with nothing but love.
that the world would be free, (Repeat Chorus & 2)
a wonderful dawn of a new day we’d see,
and if everyone lit, just one little candle,
what a bright world this would be.
603 ONE THING I ASK Refrain:
Only this I want:
One thing I ask, but to know the Lord,
to dwell in the House of the Lord and to bear His cross,
all my days. so to wear the crown He wore.
To gaze on His goodness
and walk in His ways. All but this is loss,
He will shelter me, worthless refuse to me,
He will be my Strength. for to gain the Lord
In the triumph that he brings me is to gain all I need.
I can hold my hand high.
In His House I shall lift up my voice; I will run the race;
Celebration Hymnal

I will fight the good fight, 607 OSANA SA ANAK NI DAVID

so to win the prize: (Osana al figlio di David)
to possess Christ my Lord.
Let your hearts be glad, Osana sa anak ni David, osana sa ma-
always glad in the Lord, nunubos.
so to shine like stars
in the darkness of the night. 1. Ablihi, O mga pultahan sa kanunay,
mosulod ang Hari sa himaya,
606 ONLY YOU MY GOD Magsimba ang langit ug yuta, maghang-
tud ang iyang gahum.
Sitting in the park
beneath the sky that drift so low, 2. O Kadagatan ug Kabukiran pami-
and all the thoughts that come nawa, moabut ang Hari sa gugma,
make me shed tears away. Magahatag Bino ug Pan, Kalinaw sa
and if the world just topples down tanan.
I know a place where I can run.
3. O Birhen nga duol sa kahitas-an,
And when my feet begin to tremble naka-angilon sa grasya ug kadungga-
pass this winding road nan,
to hold on someone near Tabangi ang imong anak, Ihatag na ang
that I might start anew. manluluwas sa kalibutan.
Only You my God can bring me 4. Usa ka adlaw moabut ang maghuhu-
through. kom, si Hesus maayo ug mapa-ubsanon,
Ana atong mga sala pasayloon, Busa
You’re all that I desire, magbag-o nata karon.
You’re all that’s left for me share
every sorrow that encircles 5. Pasidunggan, pagdaygon ug himaya-
every corners of my life on, Ang Amahan ug Anak,
And in this world Ug ang Espiritu Santo, Hangtud sa kah-
where there’s no one angturan .
to show me the way
can bring out all the best in me.
Paano namin masasabi
sa ‘Yo, minamahal ka.

Kung kami’y makasarili

kung di namin pinapansin ang aming
Celebration Hymnal

kapwa? 610 PAG-AALAY

Kung kami’y walang galang, Panginoon, aming alay.
Kung kami’y walang awa Itong alak at tinapay.
sa aming kapwa? Sa altar Mo ilalagay
Tanggapin sa Iyong kamay.
Paano.... (Refrain)
Alay namin, aming buhay.
Refrain: Bawat galak at lumbay.
Di kami nagsasabi ng totoo Bawat pangarap naming taglay,
Di namin tinutupad ang utos Mo Sa palad Mo ilalagay.
Patawarin Mo kami, Panginoon.
Lahat ng aming mahal sa buhay.
Kung di namin tinatanggap. Lahat ng aming aring taglay.
Kung di namin minamahal Talino at kakayahan,
ang aming kapwa? Sa ‘Yo ngayon iaalay.

Kung dinadaya namin, Itong alak at tinapay,

Kung di namin minamahal magiging si Kristong tunay.
ang aming kapwa? Gawin pati aming buhay,
Paano.... (Refrain) Pagkat sa ‘Yo dumalisay.


Koro: Minsan lamang ako daraan
Bayan muling magtipon, sa daigdig na ito.
awitan ang Panginoon Kaya anuman ang mabuting
sa piging sariwain, maaring gawin ko ngayon.
Pagliligtas Niya sa atin.
O anumang kabutihan
Bayan ating alalahanin panahong ang maari kong ipadama.
tayo’y inalipin nang ngalan niya’y Itulot ninyong magawa ko ngayon
ating sambitin paanong di tayo Ang mga bagay na ‘to.
Nawa’y h’wag ko ‘tong ipagpaliban
Bayang walang sawang purihin O ipagwalang bahala,
ang Poon nating mahabagin Sapagka’t di na ‘ko muling daraan
Bayang isayaw and damdamin Sa ganitong mga landas.
Kandili niya’y ating awitin.
Celebration Hymnal


Pagdaygon Ka Dios Kunin Mo, O Diyos
Amahang Langitnon at tanggapin Mo,
Ning gasa namong mga Ang aking kalayaan
masalaypon Ang aking kalooban,
Ang pan ug bino nga abot sa yuta Isip at gunita ko,
Ginama sa kamot sa tawo. Lahat ng hawak ko,
Lahat ng loob ko ay aking alay sa ‘Yo.
Dawata kining among mga halad
Sa mga sala namo igabayad Nagmula sa ‘Yo ang lahat ng ito.
Ang lawas, dugo ni Jesus among Muli kong handog sa ‘Yo
Dios Patnubayan Mo’t paghariang lahat
Kinabuhing gihalad sa krus. Ayon sa kalooban Mo.
Mag-utos Ka Panginoon ko,
Ihalad namo ang among kalipay Dagling tatalima ako,
tanang kasakit, kaguol, kabudlay Ipagkaloob Mo lamang
Tan-awa O Dios, ug ayaw pasagdi ang pag-ibig Mo, at lahat ay tatalikdan
himoa nga maimo kami. ko.
Ending: Tatalikdan ko.
Ang himig Mo, ang awit ko,
lahat ng ito’y nagmula sa Iyo. Ang liwanag Mo
Muling ihahandog sa’Yo ang sumindak sa dilim.
Buong puso kong inaalay sa Iyo. Buong kalangitan nagsaya’t nagningn-
Koro: Kumislap, umindak ang mga bituin;
O Diyos, O Panginoon, Nalikha ang lahat ng mga lupain.
lahat ng biyayang aming inampon Pag-ibig Mo Ama ay hatid Mo sa amin.
Aming buhay at kakayahan, Malaya’t matindi hindi nagmamaliw.
ito’y para lamang sa ‘Yong
kaluwalhatian. Dinilig sa tuwa ang buong nilikha.
Pinuno ng aliw ang aba at ang dukha,
Ang tanging ninanais ko Ng pagmamahal binigay Mong
Ay matamo lamang ang pag-ibig Mo. sadyang matupad sa gawa ang
Lahat ay iiwanan ko. ‘Yong salita.
Wala ng kailangan, sapat na ito.
Celebration Hymnal


Bawat huni ng ibon
Koro: sa pag-ihip ng amihan,
Pagmamahal sa Panginoon Wangis Mo’y aking natatanaw.
Ay simula ng karunungan; Pagdampi ng umaga
Ang Kanyang kapuriha’y sa nanlamig kong kalamnan
Manatili magpakailanman. Init Mo’y pangarap kong hagkan.

Purihin ang Panginoon, Koro:

Siya’y ating pasalamatan, Panginoon, Ikaw
Sa pagsasama at pagtitipon ang kasibulan ng buhay,
Ng Kanyang mga anak. Puso’y dalisay kailan paman.
Ipahintulot Mong ako’y mapahandusay
Dakilang gawain ng D’yos, Sa sumasaibayong kaginhawahan.
Karapat dapat pag-aralan. Oooh…Oooh…
Ng tanang mga taong
sumasamba sa Kanya. Nangungulilang malay
Binulungan ng tinig Mong
Kahanga-hanga ang gawa nagdulot ng katiwasayan.
ng D’yos ng kal’walhatian: Paghahanap katwiran nilusaw Mo
Handog ay kaligtasan, sa simbuyong karilagan ng pagmama-
sa atin binibigay. hal.
(Ulitin ang Koro 2x)
Koro: Dalangin pa sana’y
Nawa’y kahabagan tayo ng d’yos at pag- mapagtanto kung tunay
palain kailan man! Kaganapan ng buhay ko’y Ikaw lamang.
1. Tayo nawa’y kahabagan ng Ama,
tayo’y nilingap N’ya. Makikilala sa lupa, 619 PAGTITIPAN
Kanyang pagliligtas, pagmamahal.
2. Purihin S’ya mga bansa, ang Diyos, Hesukristo,
ang Hari at Ama. Tayo’y magpuri, na naglingkod sa taong mahal,
magdiwang, ‘pagkat katarunga’y nama- buong puso, ang sarili mo’y inialay.
mayani. Aking buhay pagpalai’t bihagin upang
Iyong alipin manatili
sa pag-ibig Mo.
Celebration Hymnal

Panginoon, Panginoon, turuan Mo akong

munti ngang handog ko sa Iyo, maging bukas-palad;
sa tingin Mo, halaga ay higit sa ginto. turuan mong maglingkod sa Iyo,
Pagka’t Diyos ko, na magbigay ng ayon sa nararapat,
tangi Mong hinahanap, na walang hinihintay mula sa Iyo.
sa pag-ibig magiging tapat
ang puso ko. Na makibakang di inaalintana
(Ulitin: Pagka’t) ang mga hirap na dinaranas;
sa twina’y magsumikap
620 PANAHON NA na hindi humahanap
ng kapalit na kaginhawaan;
1. Panahon na! Na di naghihintay
Tumanon ta ang mga damgo; kundi na aking mabatid
Ang pagabuhaton na ang loob Mo’y s’yang
Lamdagan sa Ginoo. sinusundan.
Panahon na!
Bag-ohon ta ang kinabuhi; 622 PANGINOON
sa kaigsoonan, AKING TANGLAW
ang pagtamod ug pagbati.
Panginoon, aking Tanglaw,
2. Panahon na! Tanging Ikaw ang kaligtasan.
Wagtangon ta ang mga bisyo; Sa panganib ingatan ako,
Ang matinud-anon Ang lingkod Mong nananalig sa ‘Yo.
Lamdagan sa Ginoo. Ang tawag ko’y ‘Yong pakinggan
Panahon na! Lingapin Mo at kahabagan.
Tul-iron ta ang kadalanan;
ang kaigsoonan, Panginoon, aking Tanglaw,
tultulan sa kagawasan. Tanging Ikaw ang kaligtasan.
Sa masama ilayo Mo ako,
Koro: Ang sugo Mong umiibig sa ‘Yo.
Ayaw usiki ang panahon; ang mata’g Anyaya Mo’y lumapit sa ‘Yo,
takna bulawanon. huwag magkubli, h’wag Kang magtago.
Paningkamotan ta ang paglakaw sa Sa bawat sulok ng mundo,
katarong. Ang lingkod Mo’y hahanap sa ‘Yo.

621 PANALANGIN Ang tawag ko’y ‘Yong pakinggan,

SA PAGBUBUKAS-PALAD Lingapin Mo at kahabagan.
Panginoon, aking tanglaw,
(Panalangin Maging Bukas-Palad) tanging Ikaw ang kaligtasan,
Celebration Hymnal

Sa masama ilayo Mo ako, 625 PEACE I GIVE TO YOU

Ang sugo Mong umiibig sa ‘Yo.
Love, love is all my friend
623 PAPURI SA ESPIRITU Love will make us free
Walk the road that I have walked
Papuri sa ‘Yo, O Espiritu, and you will walk with Me.
Diwa namin ay pukawin mo.
Papag-alabin puso namin, Refrain:
sa katotohanan ay akitin. Peace I give to you
My Peace I leave with you.
Liwanag Ka sa karimlan.
Puso nami’y ‘Yong tahanan. The world cannot give
Ang bayan nami’y ‘Yong gabayan The world cannot see
tungo sa katarungan, kalayaan. The world does not know My love.

The bread that we eat

624 PARI MAGPAKAILANMAN The lives that we live
are fruits of the love we have.
Mula sa bayan ng Diyos
The wine that we drink
Pinili ka’t hinirang
will flow with our lives
Ikaw ay Pari magpakailanman,
and we’ll drink the wine of love.
Pari magpakailanman.
Ang Diyos na Banal
ang sa ‘yo’y humirang. 626 PEACE PRAYER OF ST.
Pari magpakailanman, FRANCIS
Lord, make me
Panginoo’y sumumpa an instrument of your peace,
Sumpang di Niya babawiin: Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Ikaw ay Pari magpakailanman where there is injury, pardon;
katulad ni Hesus, where there is doubt, faith;
Pari magpakailanman, where there’s despair, hope;
Paring kataastaasan. where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness joy;
Mula sa bayan ng Diyos Lord, make me
Ika’y pinili’t hinirang: an instrument of your peace,
Ikaw ay Pari magpakailanman, Grant that I may not so much seek
Pari magpakailanman. to be consoled as to console,
Celebration Hymnal

to be understood as to understand, 629 PLAY BEFORE THE LORD

to be loved as to love.
I will play before the Lord;
It is in giving that we received. I will sing to Him my melody.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. Stand among His people here,
It is in dying that we are born to eternal Telling of all His ways.
Let us sing before the Lord;
627 PINTONG MAHIWAGA Let us sing to Him our melody
Stand within His temple here,
Isang Pintong mahiwaga Telling of all His ways.
di bubukas ng kusa.
Si Hesus ay laging tumutuktok Sing people of God
naghihintay ng sagot. Bless His Holy Name,
Offering Him our joyful hearts,
Sumagot ka na ba sa Kanya? Joining in endless praise.
O ayaw mong paabala.
Ang buhay mo ay laging gugulo Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia,
kung wala si Kristo sa iyo. Joining in endless praise.


Pag-isipan O anong ligaya ang iyong SOUL
malalasap doon sa kaluwalhatian.
Puso mo’y buksan at si Kristo’y 1. Praise the Lord, my soul,
anyayahan. let fire and rain give praise to Him, give
Kaligtasa’y tunay na makakamtan, praise to Him, who is merciful, slow to
Kaligtasa’y tunay na makakamtan. judge;
bless the Lord, O my soul.
2. Bless the Lord, my soul,
Pinupuri Ko, let all I am give praise to Him;
Poong D’yos nitong kaluluwa, and not forget He is kind,
Ikaw Panginoong Diyos ko, He forgives our sins;
kay dakila Mo talaga! bless the Lord, O my soul.
Ang taglay mong kasuota’y
dakila ri’t marangal pa, 3. Merciful and kind,
nababatbat Ka Poong Diyos He knows our ways,
ng liwanag na kay ganda. He knows we’re dust;
and like the flowers that flourish,
Celebration Hymnal

we soon must die; with praises before Him!

bless the Lord, O my soul. Let the Amen sound for His people
4. Glory to our God, Gladly we ever adore Him!
let all that is give praise to Him;
give praise to Him, 632 PRAISE,MY SOUL, THE
all you creatures who live His love;
bless the Lord, O my soul,
bless the Lord, O my soul.
1.Praise, my soul, the King of heaven;
To his feet thy tribute bring; Ransomed,
631 PRAISE TO THE LORD healed, restored, forgiven,
Evermore his praises sing: Al-le-lu-ia!
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Al-le-lu-ia! Praise the everlasting King.
the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, for He is your 2. Praise him for his grace and favor; To
health and salvation! his children in distress; Praise him still
All you who hear, now to His temple the same as ever,
draw near; Slow to chide and swift to bless: Al-
Join me in glad adoration! le-lu-ia! Al-le-lu-ia! Glorious in his
Praise to the Lord, who o’er all things so
wondrously resigned, 3. Father like he tends and spares us;
Shelters you under His wings, yes so Well our feeble frame he knows; In his
gently sustained! hand he gently bears us,
Have you not seen, how your desires Rescues us from all our foes. Al-le-lu-ia!
E’er have been granted in what He Al-le-lu-ia! Widely yet his mercy flows.
4. Angels, help us to adore him; You
Praise to the Lord, who with marvelous behold him face to face; Sun and moon
wisdom has made you, bow down before him,
Given you health, and with loving hand In his holy dwelling place. Al-le-lu-ia!
guided and stayed you; Al-le-lu-ia! Praise with us the God of
How often in grief has not He grace.
brought you relief,
Spreading His wings for to shade you!
(Lauda Anima)
Praise to the Lord, O let all that is in
me adore Him!
1. Praise, my soul,
All that has life and breath come now
the King of heaven,
Celebration Hymnal

To his feet your off ’ring bring; 635 PRAYER FOR PEACE
Ransomed, healed,
restored, forgiven, Make me a channel of Your peace.
Evermore His praises sing. Alleluia! Where there is hatred,
Let me bring Your love.
2. Praise Him for Where there is injury,
His grace and favor, Your pardon, Lord,
To our fathers in distress; And where there’s doubt,
Praise Him, still the same as ever, true faith in You.
Slow to blame and swift to bless. Make me a channel of Your peace.
Alleluia! Where there’s despair in life,
let me bring hope.
3. Father like, He tends Where there is darkness, only light,
and spares us, And where there’s sadness ever joy.
Well our feeble frame He knows;
In His hands He gently bears us, O Master, grant that
Rescues us from all our foes. I may never seek.
Alleluia! So much to be consoled
as to console,
4. Angels in the height, adore Him, To be understood
You behold Him face to face; as to understand,
Saints triumphant, bow before Him; To be loved
Gathered in from every race. as to love with all my soul.
Alleluia Make me a channel of Your peace.
It is in pardoning
634 PRAYER FOR GENEROSITY that we are pardoned,
(St. Ignatius of Loyola) in giving to all men that we received,
And in dying that
Dearest Lord, we’re born to eternal life.
teach me to be generous
Teach me to serve You as I should 636 PRAYER OF ST. FRANCIS
To give and not to count the cost
To fight and not to heed the wounds Lord, Lord, make me an instrument
To toil and not to seek for rest of Your peace (2X)
To labor and ask not for reward Where there is hatred,
Save that of knowing that I do let me bring love.
Your most holy will. Where there is injury,
let me bring pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Celebration Hymnal

Where there is despair, hope. Go in peace, sin no more

Where there is darkness, Beloved one
let me bring light.
Where there is sadness, Father I’ve returned
let me bring joy. Turned back and walked away
Depended on my strength
Lord, Lord, help me to serve And live life my own way
by word and by deed
Lord, Lord, help me to help Father I’ve returned
a person in need. I’m home with you to stay
Help me to show that I understand. Standing by your door
Help me to want to offer my hand. Knowing that you’ll say
Help me to be where
I find a need there. 638 PURIHI’T PASALAMATAN
To comfort the one who suffers alone
forgetting that I have needs of my own. Koro:
Purihi’t pasalamatan sa masayang awit;
Lord, Lord, I ask You Lord Purihin natin at pasalamatan ang Diyos
to help me believe. ng pag-ibig.
Lord, Lord, it is in giving
that we receive. Sa’Yo Ama, salamat;
So help me to love when Sa mayamang lupa’t dagat,
I’d rather be loved. At sa masaganang kalikasan,
To understand when I’d be understood. At sa aking tanang buhay.
To try to do unto as I would be done to
And then will I know Salamat din kay Kristo
the true meaning of dying to me Sa Kanyang halimbawa,
but living in love. At sa buhay Niyang inialay
sa ating kaligtasan.
At sa Espiritu Santo;
Father, I have sinned Salamat sa Iyong tanglaw,
Help me find my way Na nagbibigay ng liwanag,
Remember not my sins Sa taong humahanap.
Just let me hear you say
I forgive you, I love you Koro:
You are mine, take my hand Purihin ang Panginoon,
Celebration Hymnal

Umawit ng kagalakan Nag-uumapaw ang aking saya

At tugtugin ang gitara at ang kaayaay- Pagmamahal Niya ang nadarama
ang lira; Kay gandang buhay ay nasa Kanya
Hipan ninyo ang trompeta. Purihin ang Diyos, purihin Siya.

Sa ating pagkabagabag, 641 SA DIYOS LAMANG

Sa D’yos tayo’y tumawag,
Sa ating mga kaaway tayo’y
Kanyang iniligtas.
Sa D’yos lamang mapapanatag
Ang pasaning mabigat,
Ang aking kaluluwa,
Sa ‘ting mga balikat,
Sa Kanya nagmumula
Pinagaan ng lubusan
ang aking pag-aasa at kaligtasan.
ng Diyos na Tagapagligtas.
O D’yos Ikaw ang aking kaligtasan,
Kaya’t Panginoo’y dinggin,
Nasa ‘Yo aking kal’walhatian.
Ang landas N’ya’y tahakin,
Ikaw lamang aking inaasahan.
Habambuhay ay purihin
Ang aking moog at tanggulan.
Kagandahang loob N’ya sa ‘tin.
Paniniil di ko pananaligan,
640 PURIHIN SIYA Puso’y di ihihilig sa yaman;
Kundi sa D’yos na makapangyarihan.
Pagising sa umaga kay ganda, Na aking lakas at takbuhan.
kay ganda, kay ganda
ng mundong ginawa Niya. Poon, Ika’y puno ng kabutihan
Ngayon lang nakita Pastol Kang nagmamahal sa kawan
ang ganda ng mundo Inaakay sa luntiang pastulan,
salamat sa Diyos at ako’y binago. tupa’y hanap Mo, kung mawaglit man.

Lahat, lahat ay aking ibibigay,
ibibigay pati aking buhay
Panginoon, narito Kang gumagabay
Upang purihin Siya.
sa akin;
Pag-ibig Mong wagas ang kakamtin
Nang tanggapin ko
Walang makakapantay sa awa
si Hesus aking Diyos
Mong taglay
Nagbago ang lahat sa buhay ko.
O Panginoon, buhay ko’y iaalay.
Bagong ligaya ang nadarama,
Bagong pag-asa ay nakikita.
Panginoon, dulot Mo ay pag-asang
Celebration Hymnal

walang hanggan. Dinggin aming dalangin

Puso Mo ay sa mundo nakalaan Sa Iyo, Poong Mahal;
Kapangyarihan Mong tunay, Ang lihim ng Iyong pag-ibig,
aking isasalaysay Sana’y aming makamtan.
O Panginoon, dakila Kang tunay.
Sa kabila ng lahat, Puso ko’y binihag Mo
yayakapin Mo pa rin ako; Sa tamis ng pagsuyo.
Sa kabila ng lahat, Tanggapin yaring alay.
aakayin Mo pa rin ako, Ako’y Iyo habang buhay.
Sa kabila ng lahat, Anhin pa ang kayamanan,
buhay Mo’y inalay Mo. luho at karangalan?
Sa kabila ng lahat, Kung Ika’y mapasa’kin,
pinatawad Mo pa rin ako. Lahat na nga ay kakamtin.


GINOON Sa’Yo lamang ang puso ko.
Sa ‘Yo lamang ang buhay ko.
Koro: Kalinisan, pagdaralita,
Sa piging ng ating Panginoon, Pagtalima, aking sumpa.
Tayo’y laging natitipon,
Upang matutong magmahalan, Tangan kong kalooban
Sa pag-ibig na nakamtan. Sa I’yo’y nilalaan,
Dahil atas ng pagsuyo
Buhay ay inialay N’ya, tumalima lamang sa ‘Yo.
Sa dakilang D’yos Ama,
Upang atin ng makamtan, 645 SALAMAT GAYOD
Buhay na walang hanggan.
Pagkanindot sa Gawi,
Buhay ay inialay N’ya, Dili namo malimtan ang pagtagad,
Upang tayo’y magkaisa, Nga tininuod gayod,
Sa paghahatid ng ligaya, Ah…Pagkanindot sublion ang awit sa
Mula sa pag-ibig N’ya. pasalamat: Daghang salamat,
Daghang salamat, Salamat gayod.
May galak na makakamtan,
Sa bawat pagbibigayan,
Habang buhay ay ingatan,
Ang tapat na samahan.
Celebration Hymnal

646 SALAMAT KAIBIGAN AKO’Y aking Ama, ang buong buhay ko

TINAWAG MO puso’t kaluluwa.
Di na makayanang makapagkaloob
Lalalala (2x) mamahaling hiyas ni gintong nilukob.
Ang buhay ko noo’y walang Ang aking dalangin
patutunguhan. O D’yos ay tanggapin,
Kahit saan bumaling ay pulos Ang buong buhay ko, nawa’y gamitin.
kaguluhan Ikaw lamang Ama, wala ng iba pa
Isip ko ay tuliro, di alam kung saan akong hinihiling.
Di ko akalain
Halos ipagtabuyan ng aking magulang. ako’y Iyong bigyan pansin.
Hindi raw nila ako maaring asahan. Ang taong tulad ko
Palibhasa’y sagad sa bisyo, di dapat mahalin.
akala ko’y di na ako magbabago.
Ako’y naghihintay
Koro: sa ‘Yong pagbabalik, Hesus,
Ikaw ang nagbigay ng pag-asa sa aking ang makapiling Ka kagalakang lubos.
Binigyan Mo ng liwanag, ang puso kong 648 SALMO 1
tunay, tunay na kaligayahan (2x) Malipayon ang tawo
Salamat Kristo ako’y tinawag Mo. nga wala monunot
Upang araw’t gabi ay laging magpuri sa tambag sa mga dautan ug iyang gika-
sa ‘Yo. lipay ang balaod sa Dios
Di ko alintana ang hirap na ug nagtuon siya niini
daranasin ko. sa adlaw’ng tanan,
Pati buhay ko’y alay sa ‘Yo. Sama siya sa kahoy
(Ulitin ang Koro & 1,2 & Koro) nga nagatubo kilid
sa nag-dagayday nga tubig.
(Tanging Alay) Malabong ang iyang mga dahon
ug mabungahon siya
Salamat sa Iyo, sa tanang panahon
Aking Panginoong Hesus, apan dili ingon niining mga dautan,
Ako’y inibig Mo at inangking lubos. ipad-pad sa hangin ug mahanaw
kay ang Diosnong paghukum
Koro: maoy mopatig-babaw.
Ang tanging alay ko sa ‘Yo
Celebration Hymnal

Malikayang dalan sa mga dautan recti via, regula morum;

Dalan nga way gipadulngan. carnis ab exilio
Apan ang gilaktan sa tawong matarong duc nos ad regna polorum.
nagpadulong sa kahimayaan.
[Hail, Holy Father,
649 SALMO 23 light of the fatherland.
form of Minors:
Ang Panginoon ang aking Pastol. mirror of virtue,
Ako’y hindi na mangangailangan pa. way of righteousness, rule of
At sa sariwang pastulan N’ya ko pinahi- mortals lead us from exile of the
himlay flesh to the Kingdom of Heaven.]
at inaakay sa tahimik na batisan.
Sa matuwid na landasin ako’y pinapat- 651 SAPAT NA ANG DIYOS
alang-alang sa Kanyang Pangalan. H’wag kang magulat,
H’wag masindak!
Koro: Ang lahat ay lumilipas,
Kahit na ako’y lumalakad sa dilim Diyos lang ang walang kupas.
ako’y walang dapat na ikabahala. Pag ikaw ay mataimtim,
Pagka’t Ikaw ay kasama ko Ang lahat ay mararating.
Ang pamalo Mo’t tungkod Kapag iyo ang Maykapal,
ang sa ‘ki’y umaaliw. Walang Kulang sa ‘yong buhay.

Naghanda Ka ng ‘sang dulang sa Sapat na, sapat na ang Diyos,

‘Yong lingkod, Sapat S’ya, Sapat S’yang lubos!
Sa harapan ng aking mga kaaway. Sapat na, sapat na ang Diyos,
Nalulugod kang ang ulo ko’y pahiran Sapat na S’ya, S’yang lubos!
ng langis.
Maging ang saro ko’y Iyong pinapaapaw. 652 SEED, SCATTERED AND
Pag-ibig Mo at kabutiha’y taglay ko
habang buhay.
At do’n sa templo Mo ako maninirahan.
Seed, scattered and sown, wheat,
650 SALVE, SANCTE PATER gathered and grown, bread, broken and
shared as one,
Salve, Sancte Pater, the living bread of God.
patriae lux,
forma Minorum: Vine, fruit of the land, wine work of our
Virtutis speculum, hands, one cup that is shared by all; the
Celebration Hymnal

living cup, the living bread of God. We are made to love

each sister and brother,
1. Is not the bread we break a sharing With love that will never last through-
in our Lord? Is not the cup we bless the sorrow and pain.
blood of Christ out poured? A love that will never die with strain.

2. The seed which falls on rock will God sent His son to show us the way,
wither and will die. The seed within One who shared His love ev’ry minute
good ground will flower and have life. of the day.
One who gave His life that we might
3. As wheat upon the hills live.
was gathered and was grown, And His Spirit to help us
so may the church of God through the years.
be gathered into one.
Life can be so lonely when nobody
Life can so empty when nobody shares.
Lord Jesus, I unite myself to your But if we give ourselves both time and
perpetual, unceasing, universal sacrifice again,
I offer myself to you The happiness of Christ will live within.
every day of my life,
and every moment of everyday, 655 SHARING
surrender to your most holy will.
Sharing in the one life of the Lord.
You have been the victim We are sharing in the one life of the
of my salvation. Lord.
I wish to be the victim When we eat of His body
of your great love. and drink of His blood,
Accept my desire, take my offering, We are sharing in the one life of the
graciously hear my pray’r. Lord.
Let me live for love of you.
Let me die for love of you, Sharing in the one love of the Lord.
let my last heart beat We are sharing in the love of the Lord,
be an act of perfect love. When we eat of His body
and drink of His blood,
654 SERVICE We are sharing in the one love
of the Lord.
We are made for service
to care for each other.
Celebration Hymnal

Refrain 1: Hear me when I call Your Name.

Come to me you who are laden As the mother gathers
And I will give you rest Her young beneath her care
For My yoke is easy and My burden Gather me into Your arms.
is light.
Though I walk in darkness,
Sharing in the hope of the Lord. Through the needle’s eye of death,
We are sharing in the one hope You will never leave my side.
of the Lord.
When we eat of His body 657 SHEPHERD OF SOULS
And drink of His blood.
We are sharing in the one hope of Shepherd of souls, in love come
the Lord. feed us
Life-giving Bread for hungry hearts.
Refrain 2: To those refreshing waters lead us.
This is My Body and this is My Blood. Where dwells that peace Your grace
He who partakes of Me will live forever. imparts.
May we the wayward in Your fold
Sharing in the one joy of the Lord. By Your forgiveness rest consoled.
We are sharing in the one joy
of the Lord. Life-giving vine, come feed and nourish
When we eat of His Body Strengthen each branch with life divine.
and drink of His Blood, Ever in You may we flourish
We are sharing in the one joy Fruitful the branches on the vine.
of the Lord. Lord, may our souls be purified
so that in Christ may we abide.
We are sharing in the one joy Sinful is man who kneels before You.
of the Lord. Worthy of You are You alone
Yet in Your Name do we implore You,
656 SHELTER ME, O GOD Rich are the mercies You have shown.
Say but the word, O Lord divine
Refrain: Then are our hearts made pure like
Shelter me, O God; Thine.
Hide me in the shadow of Your wings
You alone are my hope. 658 SIMPLE GIFTS
When my foes surround me, Simple gifts we bring before the table of
Se me high above their reach God.
Celebration Hymnal

Simple gifts we offer as a present to your Savior now has come.

God. He has turned your sorrow to joy,
Simple gifts and simple hearts are all we and filled your soul with song.
have to give,
O Lord; please bless these gifts, make Glad my soul for I have seen
them good. the glory of the Lord.
The trumpet sounds;
Simple lives we bring before table of the dead shall be raised.
God. I know my Savior lives.
Simple lives we offer as a present
Simple lives that we all have are what we
bring Antiphon:
before you Lord; please bless these gifts Sing to the mountains,
make them good. Sing to the sea.
Raise your voices lift your hearts.
Simple love we bring before the table of This is the day the Lord has made.
God. Let all the earth rejoice.
Simple love we offer as a present
to God. I will give thanks to You my Lord.
Simple love and simple hearts are all we You have answered my plea.
have to give, You have saved my soul from death.
O Lord; please bless these gifts make You are my strength and my song.
them good.
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord.
659 SING A NEW SONG Heaven and earth
are full of Your glory
Sing a new song unto the Lord; This is the day the Lord has made.
let your song be sung Let us be glad and rejoice.
from the mountains high, He has turned death to life.
Sing a new song unto the Lord Sing of the glory of God.
singing alleluia.
Yahweh’s people dance for joy.
O come before the Lord, Hiram sa D’yos ang aking buhay,
and play for Him on glad tambourines, Ikaw at ako’y tanging handog lamang.
and let your trumpet sounds. Di ko ninais na ako’y isilang,
Ngunit salamat dahil may buhay.
Rise, O children, from your sleep;
Celebration Hymnal

Ligaya ko na ako’y isilang, bathe me in Thy tide,

Pagka’t tao ay mayroong dangal. Wash me with water
Sino’ng may pag-ibig? flowing from Thy side.
Sinong nagmamahal?
Kundi ang tao, D’yos ang pinagmulan. Strength and protection
Kundi ako umibig, may Thy passion be;
Kundi ko man bigyang halaga. O blessed Jesus, hear and answer me;
Ang buhay kong handog, Deep in Thy wounds Lord,
Ang buhay kong hiram sa D’yos, Hide and shelter me;
Kundi ako nagmamahal, so shall I never, never part from Thee.
“Sino Ako”?
Guard and defend me
662 SMALL GRAIN OF SAND from the wicked foe;
(St. Therese of the Child Jesus) In death’s dread moments
only Thee to know;
I desire to be a small grain of sand Call me, and bid me to Thy throne
most obscure, well hidden, draw nigh that I may praise Thee
from all eyes. with Thy saints on high.
A grain of sand which is
always in the right place 664 SOUND, SOUND YOUR
That is under the feet of everyone. INSTRUMENTS OF JOY!

I want to be reduced to nothing 1.Sound sound your instruments of

To which no one gives a thought joy! To triumph shake each string! Let
And who’s existence were unknown shouts of universal joy,
A grain of sand who desire Welcome, welcome, welcome a new
to be forgotten born king!
I want to hide in this world 2. See! see the glad’ning dawn appears,
wants to be the last in all things Bright angels deck the morn; Behold!
I took pleasure in being despised, the great I AM is given; The king of
for You my Jesus. Glory born.

663 SOUL OF MY SAVIOR 3. Surprising scene! stupendous love!

The Lord of life, descend! He left his
Soul of my Savior sanctify my breast; glorious realms above To be the sinner’s
Body of Christ, friend.
be Thou my saving guest;
Blood of my Savior, 4. Let heav’n and earth and sea proclaim
Celebration Hymnal

Thy wondrous love abroad, And all the As our friend in ev’ry need,
universal frame Sing praise to our God. Be thou propitious,
Grant all our wishes,
665 SOUNDS OF JOY With sweet Mercy’s- gracious speed.
Aid our endeavor,
1. Sounds of joy have put to flight, All And forsake us never
the sadness of the night: Now a maid In this time of tears and strife,
beyond compare, Sooth thou our sadness
Hears her praises fill the air: Virgo With thine own bright gladness,
Maria. Lead us to the King of life!

2. Who is she whom angels sing, Mak- Still near us hover,

ing all creation ring? She it is who wins With thy mantle cover
our praise, Those that labor, those that fight.
As on earth our voice we raise: Virgo Strengthen the dying,
Maria. That without sighting
They may reach eternal light.
3. Queen of virgins, Maiden mild, Hear
me, take me for your child. Ever my When shadows lengthen,
protector be: Be thou near to strengthen
Bring eternal life to me: Virgo Maria. All who walk in shades of death.
Show us thy power,
4. Mighty Godhead, Three in One, In judgment’s hour,-
While eternal ages run, Look to Mary, Shield us from hell’s fiery breath.
full of grace,
And forgive the human race: Virgo 667 ST. PATRICK’S BREAST-
Maria. PLATE

666 ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI 1. Christ be beside me,

Christ be before me,
With tender greeting Christ be behind me,
Lo, thy children meeting King of my heart.
From all nations far and wide! Christ be within me,
Thy name with sweetness, Christ be below me,
Thy pow’r with fleetness, Christ be above, never to part.
Dear St. Francis, have we cried!
2. Christ on my right hand,
Gladly we choose thee, Christ on my left hand,
That we e’er may use- thee Christ all around me,
Celebration Hymnal

shield in the strife. Our souls shall strive to gain. (ref.)

Christ in my sleeping,
Christ in my sitting, To the Father glory,
Christ in my rising, light of my life. To Jesus, God the Son,
And to the Holy Spirit,
3. Christ be in all hearts One God forever blest. (to finale)
thinking about me;
Christ be on all tongues Finale:
telling of me. ‘Tis heaven, yes heaven
Christ be the vision Yes heaven is the prize,
in eyes that see me; For all souls who have tried
in ears that hear me, St. Pio be our guide.
Christ ever be.
O blessed Padre Pio Stay with us Lord all through today,
In you do we impore Stay in our hearts in the things we say.
From heaven send us graces, Stay with us Lord through right or
We ask you, grant our wish. wrong.
As we go our way help us to be strong.
O dear saint, with Mary, Help us when the going’s easy
You showed to us the way. And burden’s light
That we may gain our true life, but the closest when its dreary
That is – our Paradise. and our day is night
when all seems empty
When sorrows press around us, and we’re down and out
Look down beneath the skies. keep our faith from being clouded
Where health and strength are wanting, with fears and doubts.
St. Pio calm our pain. (ref.)
Help us always to remember
On Calvary with Mary, how others feel.
You suffered night and day. Help us make your love within us
The wounds, the thorns, the anguish, into something real.
You bore that souls be saved. (ref.) There are many people
O lover of the Virgin, needing just a little care.
Keep us away from sin. Make us the kind of people
With Ros’ry prayed more often, who can put it there.
Celebration Hymnal

Let us help to ease Strong and constant is My love!

the burdens that others bear. Strong and constant is My love!
In all their troubles and their sorrows
our love to share. Should you wander far away from Me,
Let’s show the world ‘round us I will search for you in every land
What love can do, Should you call, then you will truly
When it’s honest and it’s faithful know:
when it comes from You. Strong and constant is My love!
Strong and constant is My love!
When you know sorrow within your
Santos nga Ginoo sa tanang panahon life,
Ikaw ang among Hari kagahapon I will come I will embrace your heart
ug karon Through your pain you will discover
sa tanan nga katuigan pagadaygon Ka Me,
walay tupong ang pagmahal nga gihatag Strong and constant is My love!
Mo. Strong and constant is My love!

Koro: 672 SU NEL CIELO

Santo Niño, Santo Niño,
Señor Santo Niño Su nel cielo cantan gli Angeli:
O daghang salamat sa kaayo Mo ave Maria!
daygon sa kanunay ug simbahon Fanno eco in terra i popoli:
Ka gayud ave Maria!
Santo Niño, Santo Niño Gugma ko.
Hari sa kalipay, Hari nga gamay Madre dolcissima, siam figli tuoi:
Hatagan unta kami’g luna Tu nei pericoli prega per noi.
diha sa dughan Mo. Quel Cor si tenero che il ciel ti die
Hari nga gamhanan, Hari sa tanan deh, l’apri al misero che spera in Te.
walay tupong ang pagmahal nga gihatag
Mo. Ti salutan ricchi e poveri: ave Maria!
(Koro 2x) derelitti, infermi, esuli: ave Maria!

671 STRONG AND CONSTANT Trova in Te rifugio il misero:

ave Maria!
I will be Yahweh who walks with you. una dolce Madre l’orfano:
You will be always within My hand. ave Maria!
Take your heart and give it all to Me
Celebration Hymnal

673 SUMASAMO KAMI SA’YO Upon the earth, it shall remain

a single grain but if it dies
1. Sumasamo kami sa’yo, it would come to life.
Marapatin yaring alay,
Panginoon, tanggapin Mo Come taste and see the goodness
Itong alak at tinapay. the wonders of the Risen One!
Come bless our God in all things
2. Sa’yo Poon, aming handog, Let be praise our song.
Buong puso’t pag-iisip,
Ilayo Mo sa panganib 675 TAKE AND EAT
At kupkupin sa pag-ibig.
3. Buhay nami’y nakalaan, Take and eat; take and eat:
Sundin ang ‘Yong kalooban, This is My Body given up for you.
Lugod naming paglingkuran Take and drink; take and drink:
Layunin ng kaharian. This is My Blood given up for you.

4. Dinggin ang aming dalangin, Yaring I am the Word that spoke and light was
alay ay tanggapin, Lahat kami’y pagp- made;
alain At kandungin sa ‘Yong piling. I am the Seed that died to be reborn;
I am the Bread that come from heav’n
674 TABLE SONG above;
I am the Vine that fills your cup with
We are the body of Christ joy.
Broken and poured out
Promised of life from death I am the Way that leads the exile home;
We are the body of Christ I am the Truth that sets the captive free;
I am the Life that raises up the dead;
Is not the Bread of Life we break I am your Peace, true peace
a sharing in the life of God? My gift to you.
Is not the Cup of Peace out-poured,
the Blood of Christ. I am the Lamb that takes away your sin;
I am the Gate that guards you
How shall we make a return to God night and day;
For goodness unsurpassing You are My flock: you know
This saving Cup we shall hold high the Shepherd’s voice;
and call God’s Name. You are My own: your ransom
is My Blood.
Unless a grain of wheat shall fall
Celebration Hymnal

676 TAKE AND RECEIVE prepare them for the service of Your
Take and receive, O Lord, my liberty; Open them to human need
take all my will, my mind, my memory. And by their love they’ll sow your seed,
so all may know the love and hope you
All things I hold gave.
and all I own are Thine.
Thine was the gift 678 TAKE OUR BREAD
to Thee I all resign.
Do Thou direct Take our bread, we ask You,
and govern all and sway. take our hearts
Do what Thou wilt; We love You take our lives,
command and I obey. Oh Father we are Yours,
Only Thy grace, we are Yours.
Thy love on me bestow.
These make me rich, Yours as we stand at the table You set;
all else will I forego. Yours as we eat the bread our hearts
can’t forget.
677 TAKE MY HANDS We are the sign of Your life we as yet.
We are Yours, we are Yours.
Take my hands and make them as your
own, Your holy people standing washed in
And use them for your kingdom here Your blood.
on earth. Spirit filled yet hungry we await Your
Consecrate them to your care, food.
Anoint them for your service where you We are poor, but we’ve brought our-
may need selves the best we could.
Your gospel to be sown. We are Yours, we are Yours.

Take my hands they speak now for my 679 TAKE, O LORD,

And by their actions they will show
their love. Take, O Lord, this offering
Guard them on their daily course, With hands outstretched imploring;
Be their strength and guiding force. Take, O Lord, this sacrifice and lift it to
To ever serve the Trinity above. the skies.

Take my hands I give them to You, Lord. This humble life we offer,
Celebration Hymnal

loving care protect. Alirongan ta ang trono sa Dios

With contrite hearts we pray to You, sa mga singgit sa kalipay
Your mercy grant us, Lord. uban sa tingog sa trompeta daygon ta,
o daygon ta, kay Hari siya, Hari siya.
Listen Lord, this prayer
We send to You on high, 682 TANGGAPIN ANG ALAY
Grant O Lord, to those who seek,
the secrets of Your Love. Tanggapin ang alay,
sa ‘Yo’y sumasamo.
680 TANANG KANASURAN Tanggapin at ihain
sa Diyos ng pag-ibig.
Tanang kanasuran, tanang katawhan, Handog nami’y buhay,
hatagi ninyo ug pagdayeg ang Dios. taglay ay pag-ibig,
Kay nagalungtad ang iyang gugma Sumasamo’t umaasa
ug kalo-oy alang kanatong tanan. sa iyong pag-ibig.
Dinggin ang dalangin
681 TANANG KATAWHAN sa Iyo Poong Mahal
ang lihim ng pag-ibig Mo
Tanang katawhan, pamakpak kamo, ay aming makamtan.
singgit sa kalipay ngadto sa Dios.
Siya lamang ang takus kahadlokan, 683 TANGGAPIN NINYO
ang hari sa tibuok kalibutan.
Tanggapin ninyo ang Aking katawan,
Tanang katawhan gipahiubos Na ihahandog Ko para sa inyong lahat.
ing’og tumbanan sa aton tiil. Sa ikapagpapatibay ng pagmamahal.
Ang atong kabilin gikan kaniya Gawin ninyo ito sa pag-alala sa Akin.
mahigugmaong gasa alang kang Hakob.
Alirongan ta ang trono sa Dios Maraming salamat Panginoon
sa mga singgit sa kalipay. Sa sariling handog Mo sa amin.
Uban sa tingog sa trompeta, Hindi kami karapat dapat
daygon ta, o daygon ta kay na magpatuloy sa Iyo.
hari siya hari siya. Ngunit sa isang salita Mo lamang.
ay gagaling na kami.
Tanang katawhan sa Dios ni Abraham
tanang kaharian ning kalibutan, Tanggapin ninyo ang kalis
il-hon nato na siya ang tag-iya, ng aking dugo,
tinubdan sa tanang kagahuman. Na aking ibubuhos para sa inyong lahat.
Sa ikapagpapatawad ng kasalanan.
Celebration Hymnal

Gawin ninyo ito sa pag-alala sa Akin. for men a symbol of Your Blood.

684 TANGING YAMAN Of that seed we eat

Your Body our Bread of life!
Koro: Of that vine we drink Your Blood
Ikaw ang aking tanging yaman the wine of new covenant.
Na di lubusang masumpungan.
Ang nilikha Mong kariktan, Accept, Lord we offer
Sulyap ng ‘Yong kagandahan. these seeds and vines of life.
Expressions of our gratitude,
Ika’y hanap sa tuwina we consecrate to You.
Nitong pusong Ikaw lamang ang saya.
Sa ganda ng umaga, Of that seed we eat
Nangungulila sa ‘Yo Ama. Your Body our Bread of life!
Of that vine we drink Your Blood
Ika’y hanap sa t’wina the wine of new covenant.
Sa kapwa ko Ikaw laging nadarama. The seeds and vines of life...
Sa Iyong mga likha,
Hangad pa rin masdan ang ‘Yong 687 THE CANTICLE


Alleluia! Strike the harp and sing
Thank you very much I will wake the dawn
Thank you very much It’s given to men to praise the Lord
Thank you for your generous heart As long as he shall breathe.
We will pray for you
We will pray for you Be praised my Lord
Good luck and may God Bless you. with all Your creatures
First of all Brother Sun
To whom You bring the day to light
686 THE SEED Most High, he is Your sign.

The bread by your hand Be praised my Lord for Sister Moon

was once a seed t’ was sown. You formed her in the skies
Then grew and yielded on the ground A glooming Queen
and gathered all for men. With court of starlight
The wine by your cup Precious, bright and fair.
was once a vine that crept.
It grew to bear good fruits
Celebration Hymnal

Be praised my Lord for Brother Wind but suffer the lost of his own soul.
His breath surrounds the earth We must all remember
Be praised my Lord for sister Water that the greatest task of our lives
Crystal, body pure. is to save our souls.
(Repeat Chorus & 1 & Chorus)
Be praised my Lord for Brother Fire
His face illumines night 689 THE CRY OF THE POOR
And he is fair and gay and might
Glorious, bold and strong. Refrain:
The Lord hears the cry of the poor.
Be praised my Lord for Mother Earth Blessed be the Lord.
Her beauty echoes Yours
Bright-colored flowers I will bless the Lord at all times,
Verdant meadows His praise ever in my mouth.
Nature bless the Lord. Let my soul glory in the Lord,
for He hears the cry of the poor.
(St. Alphonsus de Ligouri) Let the lowly hear and be glad:
the Lord listens to their pleas;
This earth is a place of meriting, And to hearts broken He is near,
a place of suffering for He hears the cry of the poor.
It is not the dwelling
our Lord prepared for us. Ev’ry spirit crushed He will save;
We have but just will be ransom for their lives;
a short pilgrimage here, will be safe shelter for their fears,
but during this short time for He hears the cry of the poor.
we are filled with many We proclaim the greatness of God,
miseries and labors to undergo. His praise ever in our mouth;
ev’ry face brightened in His light,
Chorus: for He hears the cry of the poor.
And even though the trials
seem so hard along the way, 690 THE GOD WHOM EARTH
Just call out to Him.
And even though the pains
seem so hard to bear, just think
The God whom earth and sea and sky
of the sufferings of Jesus Christ.
Adore and laud and magnify, Whose
might they own,
What does it profit a man
whose praise they tell,
if he gains the whole world
In Mary’s body deigned to dwell.
Celebration Hymnal

O Mother blest! the chosen shrine 693 THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD

Wherein the Architect divine, Whose
hand contains The Lord is my Shepherd
the earth and sky, He is Lord and I am His guest.
Vouchsafed in hidd’n guise to lie. Fresh and green are the pastures
Where He leads me to my rest.
O Lord, the virgin born, to thee, Eternal Near peaceful waters He leads me
praise and glory be, To cheer up my cheerless heart,
Whom with the Father we adore, And He guides me along the safe paths
Holy Ghost forever more. He will always do His part.

691 THE GOODNESS OF GOD If I should ever walk

CRIES OUT In the valley of darkness.
No evil would I fear
Antiphon: You were there to show the way.
Today the goodness of God cries out, If I should ever walk
And the waters come to life with your in the valley of darkness,
saving grace. Your crook and Your staff;
they will lead me through the day.
O Father of all You gave us Your Son
To redeem us from the darkness of sin. You prepared a banquet
In the sight of my foes
Radiant is Your joy O God You pour my head with oil
And the splendor of Your love is alive, and my cup now overflows.
alive. Surely goodness and kindness,
Will be with me all the way.
Today You appear O Christ to the world The Lord’s house for my dwelling
And Your light has shone upon I will thank Him everyday.

I was falling, falling on my knees,
The Lord bless you and keep you; ‘cause I was hard pressed and
The Lord lift His countenance upon you, distressed
and give you peace. I thought I never could live.
The Lord make his face shine upon you; I was calling, calling on my Lord,
And be gracious unto you, be gracious. ‘cause I was falling down the road
The Lord be gracious, gracious unto So burdened with a load.
you. Amen...
Celebration Hymnal

Chorus: To seek the sinners Jesus came,

But deep beside the things I felt, To live among the friendless,
I pondered on those words To show them love that they might
and called out to my mind share
those mighty words:
“The Lord is my strength, The kingdom that is endless.
He is my Savior, Forgive us, Lord, as we forgive
He is my fortress And seek to help each other.
and my shield, my song. Forgive us, Lord, and we shall live
The Lord is my strength, To pray and work together.
He is my Savior.
Why should I fear at all. 696 THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE
I was crying, crying, to my God that Lord, I come to You,
He may hear me Let my heart be changed, renewed.
in times when things flowing from the grace
can’t get off my mind that I found in You.
I was praying, praying
to my Lord that He may whisper Lord, I come to know
to my ear His words the weaknesses I see in me
that take off my fear. will be stripped away
by the power of Your love.
Hold me close
The Master came to bring Good News, Let Your love surround me.
The news of love and freedom, Bring me near draw me to Your side.
to heal the sick and seek the poor, And as I wait
to build the peaceful kingdom. I’ll rise up like the eagle
And I will sore with You
Refrain: Your Spirit leads me on
Father, forgive us! to the power of Your love.
Through Jesus, hear us!
As we forgive one another. Lord, unveil my eyes
Let me see You face to face,
Through Jesus Christ the laws fulfilled, the knowledge of Your love
The man who lived for others. as You live in me.
The law of Christ is love alone, And Lord renew my mind
To serve now all our brothers. as Your will unfolds in my life.
Celebration Hymnal

In living everyday We may sing aloud to day.

in the power of Your love.
2. Name of gladness,
697 THIS IS MY BODY Name of pleasure.
By this tongue ineffable
This is My Body Name of Sweetness passing measure
which shall be given up for you; To the ear delectable,
This is the cup of the new covenant in ‘Tis our safeguard and our treasure,
My Blood. ‘Tis our help ‘gainst sin and hell.

As often as you do this, 3. ‘Tis the Name for adoration,

Remember Me and the life that I give to ‘Tis the Name of victory,
the world. ‘Tis the Name for meditation
In this vale of misery,
Take of My Body given up for you; ‘Tis the Name for veneration,
take of the Blood that is shed in the new By the citizens on high.
4. ‘Tis the Name that whose preaches
As often as you do this, Finds it music to the ear;
Remember Me and the life that I give to Who in prayer this Name beseeches,
the world. Sweetest comfort findeth near;
Who its perfect wisdom reacheth
Glorify God in the body Heavenly joy possesseth here.
given up for you;
Glorify God in the new covenant 699 TO YOU I OFFER
in My Blood.
As often as you do this, Lord, I will bless You.
Remember Me and the life I will give You thanks my God.
that I give to the world. For You have wondrously
created me in love.
698 TO THE NAME THAT I come in faith to offer thanks.
For fifty years of caring, making me
know, love and serve You.
Holy Name)
Through out all these many years, the
1. To the Name that brings salvation,
sum of my life.
Honor, worship, let us pray,
You are my heart’s
Which for many a generation
treasure and desire.
Hid in God’s foreknowledge lay.
Accept into Your hands
But with holy exultation
Celebration Hymnal

this bread and wine, Chorus:

My life, my love, my God alone. The same old touch of Yours
Lord to love You, my God draw me have made me live again
closer to You. Your touch bid my soul
to find its home again
700 TOTAL ABANDONMENT In Your love dear Lord,
in Your love Oh Lord
Chorus: You brought me back to life again.
I want to give it all to You, O Lord
I want to give all to possess Your Love. Walking with Your embrace
Loving You my God is all I wanna do. dear Lord lifts up my soul
I love you so, and I always will. Feeling Your love and mine You feel cre-
ate a spark
You light up my life, a touch of love, a touch of love.
you brighten my day,
every second, every minute, 702 TRINITY SONG
every hour of my life.
I want to spend it all in serving You. Father in my life,
I see You are God
Refrain: Who walks with me.
I’ll never turn back. You hold my life in Your hands!
I’ll never give up. Close beside You I will stand!
I will follow You, my God. I give my life to You!
(Repeat Chorus) Help me Father to be true.

You always give me hope, Jesus in my life,

the strength and will to keep on. I see You are God
You always push me up, Who walks with me.
when I was about to give up. You hold my life in Your hands.
I want to spend my life in serving You. Close beside You I will stand!
(Refrain & Chorus) I give my life to You.
Help me Jesus to be true.
Spirit in my life,
It’s been a long time now dear Lord that I see You are God
You’re so far Who walks with me.
And I know Lord that it’s my fault that’s You hold my life in Your hands!
why You left Close beside You I will stand!
Now I’m alone, I’m alone. I give my life to You.
Celebration Hymnal

Help me Spirit to be true. pagkat inibig Mo,

ngayo’y nananalig,
703 TRUE LOVE nagmamahal sa’yo.

1. I want to give you something, 1. Tinapay na nagmula

something that’s pleasing to you, sa butil ng trigo,
something without reservation: pagkaing nagbibigay na buhay Mo, at
True love engraven in my heart. alak na nagmula
sa isang tangkay na ubas.
Refrain: Inuming nagbibigay lakas.
Love unites the lover’s will
to the will of the beloved; 2. Lahat ng mga lungkot,
Perfect abandonment requires Ligaya’t pagsubok,
as I surrender my will to you. Lahat ng lakas at kahinaan ko,
Iialay kong lahat buong pagkatao.
True love is my surrender. Ito ay isusunod sa’yo.
True love is more than duty.
Only total surrendering 3. Ang bayang inibig Mo,
can satisfy a true love, ngayo’y umaawit sa’Yo
the love of God. ay sumasamba’t nananalig,
umaasang diringgin ang bawat
2. To give you anything Lord. dalanging sa alay na ito’y nakalakip.
Anything that you will ask,
Anything I won’t refuse You, Kunin at tanggapin
Because you are my everything. ang alay na ito,
Mga biyayang nagmula
3. Here I am Lord with great joy sa pagpapala mo.
I accept all to the end of life. Tanda ng bawat pusong,
And I’ll smile at your hidden face pagkat inibig Mo,
as I surrender myself to you. ngayo’y nananalig,
nagmamahal sa’yo.

704 UNANG ALAY Sagutan:

Ngayo’y nananalig, dumudulog,
Koro: umaawit sa’yo..... Umaasa.... suma-
Kunin at tanggapin samba.... nagmamahal sayo.......
ang alay na ito,
Mga biyayang nagmula
sa pagpapala mo.
Tanda ng bawat pusong,
Celebration Hymnal

705 UNLESS A GRAIN OF Giluwas mo ako gikan sa sala

WHEAT ug kanunay imong gipakita
sa kaayo nga way sukod,
Refrain: sa kaayo nga way sukod.
Unless a grain of wheat shall fall
Upon the ground and die, Unsa-on ko karon pagbalus kanimo
It remains but a single grain with no life. niining tanan?

If we have died with Him, 707 VICTIM OF LOVE

then we shall live with Him;
If we hold firm we shall reign with Him. Lord Jesus, You’re always in my heart
You’re always in my mind, O Lord.
If anyone serves me, Since I met You, I feel in love with You.
then they must follow Me; All I have I give to You.
Wherever I am My servant will be.
Make your home in Me and I make I desire nothing more in this world
Mine in you; than to give myself to You
Those who remain in Me bear much as a victim of Your love.
fruit. I love You Lord, Yes, I Love You Lord
and I wish to be a living sacrifice
If you remain in Me and My words live of Your love.
in You;
Then you will be My disciples. From the moment of my existence
You have chosen me Lord,
Those who love Me for Your Love, for Your Love.
are loved by My Father; You made me understand the pains
We shall be with them and dwell in You bore for us, because of love
them. You became a victim for humanity.

Peace I leave with you,

My peace I give to you;
Peace which the world
Walk with faith in your heart
cannot give is My gift.
and you’ll never walk alone,
For the faith in your heart
706 UNSAY IGASA the world is yours to own.
You never will grief
Unsay igasa kokanimo if in Him you believe,
tungod sa imong kayo? And walk with faith in your heart!
Celebration Hymnal

When the dreams that you dream Koda:

seem to disappear from view, Hinaot Ginoo, Imong pamation.
That’s the time to hang on
and soon they’ll come true. 710 WAY SUKOD
He will lighten your load
as you travel life’s road.
So walk with faith in your heart!
Way sukod man ang pagmahal
Whenever you have troubles,
Alang kanako gipakita mo
Just reach out for His hand.
ang kamatayon walay gahum
Keep by your side
sa pagbugnaw nianang dakong kalayo.
your Constant Guide,
Hinono-a Siya midaug
and quick to understand!
Ug sa kamatayon nakabuntog
Kon sud-ongon mong pagmahal
You will find happiness
alang Kanimo gipakita ko.
if you let Him be your Friend,
And you’ll find that success
Halos Siya pagahisgutan
is just around the bend.
kay kini sinukod ug mabalhinon
He won’t let you down.
Pakita-on Mo na ako sa hingpit
Wear a smile not a frown,
Mong kaayo ug pasabta ako
And walk with faith in your heart!
sa pagkamadanihon mo.

709 WAY SAMA Pun-a kining kasing-kasing ko

sa gugma alang Kanimo.
Way sama ang gugma
sa Diyos alang kanimo
Kinabuhi gi-ula aron ka maluwas
Kalapasan, kadautan sa tawo gipapas
We offer our lives to the Lord above,
Pasaylo ug gugma gihatag sa Dios.
We offer our hopes for it’s Jesus
we love.
And now as we pray, may the Lord
Duol Kaniya kay mamati Siya
come and say
Ug salig sa Iyang gugma.
That we’ll share in His glory one day.
Kinabuhi tan-awa
ang Diyos pamati-a
We offer our hopes everyday we live.
Kanunay maghari Siya.
We know without Christ we have noth-
ing to give.
Kalapasan, kadautan sa tawo gipapas
So now as we pray, may the Lord come
Pasylo ug gugma gihatag sa Diyos.
and say
That we’ll share in His glory one day.
Celebration Hymnal


Refrain: Refrain:
We praise You , O Lord, We remember how You loved us
for all Your works are wonderful. to Your death,
We praise You, O Lord, and still we celebrate,
forever is Your love. for You are with us here;
And we believe that we will see You
Your wisdom made the heavens and when You come,
the earth, O Lord; in Your glory, Lord,
You formed the land then set the lights; We remember, we celebrate,
and like Your love the sun will rule we believe.
the day,
and stars will grace the night. Here, a million wounded souls
are yearning just to touch You
You have chosen Jacob and be healed;
for Yourself, O Lord; Gather all Your people,
So tenderly You spoke His name; and hold them to Your heart.
then called a holy nation, Israel,
to make them Yours, You came. Now we recreate Your love,
we bring the bread and wine
You led us out of Egypt to share the meal:
with a guiding hand. Sign of grace and mercy,
You raised Your arm to set us free. the Presence of the Lord.
And like a tender vine You planted us
to grow unto the sea. Christ, the Father’s great ‘Amen’
to all the hopes and dreams
The nations fashion silver idols, of every heart;
golden gods; Peace beyond all telling,
but none have hearing, speech or sight. and freedom from all fear.
Their makers shall be like their
empty gods, See the face of Christ revealed
the Lord alone brings life. in every person standing by Your side;
Gift to one another,
O House of Israel, now come to and temples of Your love.
bless the Lord,
O House of Aaron, bless His Name.
O bless the Lord, all you who honor
and praise His Holy Name.
Celebration Hymnal

714 WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Our humble food and drink

Symbols of our human labor,
Welcome to the family, of ourselves.
We’re glad that you have come
to share your life with us 716 WHAT YOU GAVE US FOR
As we grow in love, OUR TAKING
and may we always be to you
What God would have us be: What you gave us for our taking, Now
a fam’ly always there as works of human making Let us, Lord,
to be strong and to lean on. give back to you, Let us, Lord, give back
to you.
May we learn to love each other These our gifts, by Christ
more with each new day. made royal,
May words of love be on our lips Come from hearts contrite and loyal;
and everything we say. Take them, Father, with our love, Take
May the Spirit melt our hearts them, Father, with our love.
and teach us how to pray
that we might be a true family. May this bread and may this wine,
715 WHAT CAN WE BRING Born of earth, be made divine, when
They become Christ’s sacrifice,
What can we bring They become Christ’s sacrifice.
to offer as our gift to You, O God.
You are full of kindness for your sinful So may foods that quench
sons. and nourish
Change to make the spirit flourish.
Refrain: Pledge of heaven’s feast of joy,
Father, all that we have Pledge of heaven’s feast of joy.
Father, comes from Your hands
so, we offer You Jesus, 717 WHATSOEVER YOU DO (1)
As our holy gift, O Lord, O God.
Whatsoever you do to the least
Take then, O God, our labor of My brethren,
And our sufferings and pain that you do unto Me.
Take then beauty, gladness,
heart and mind and will. When I was hungry,
you gave Me to eat;
Take then, O God, When I was thirsty
this bread and wine. you gave me to drink.
Celebration Hymnal

Now enter into the home of my Father. When on a sick bed

you care for My needs.
When I was homeless Now enter into
you opened your door. the home of My Father.
When I was naked,
you gave me your coat. When I was lonely to Me
you did speak,
When I was weary, When I was troubled
you help Me find rest; you listened to Me.
When I was anxious, Now enter into
you calmed all my fears. the home of my Father.

When I was little, When I was aged

you taught me to read. you bothered to smile,
When I was lonely When I was restless
you gave me your love. you listened and cared.
Now enter into
718 WHATSOEVER YOU DO (2) the home of My Father.

Refrain: When I was laughed at

Whatsoever you do to the least of My you stood by My side.
brothers you do unto Me. When I was happy
Whatsoever you do to the least of My you shared in My joy.
sisters you do unto Me. Now enter into
the home of My Father.
When I was hungry,
you gave Me to eat; Lord, now we know
When I was thirsty You are one with us all,
you gave Me to drink. through love the wall
Now enter into the home of My Father. that divides us must fall.
For all are called into
When I was tired the home of My Father.
you help Me find rest,
When I was worried Jesus, the Bread of Life
you calmed all my fears, in whom all are made one.
Now enter into Help us to see You in each lowly one,
the home of My Father. And bring us into
When I need help the home of My Father.
you came to My aid.
Celebration Hymnal

719 WITH ALL OUR HEARTS Look and see the heavens,
and count the stars if you can.
Bless us all O God as we gather round to Your name will be even greater.
celebrate to offer our lives, Greater than all these stars.
effort and success, all our pain and hap-
piness. 721 YOU ARE MINE (1)
All that give us meaning; I will come to you in the silence
all what love can bring; I will lift you from all your fear
all that we are, all that we have, Lord, You will hear My voice
with all our hearts. I claim you as My choice,
be still and know I am here
Accept our humble offering Refrain:
Accept our hearty giving, Do not be afraid I am with you
Accept our varied ways of showing, I have called you each by name
Our thanks for many things, Come and follow Me,
You know dear God, I will bring you home
You know our hearts, I love you and you are Mine.
You know we come to You will love.
I am Hope for all who are hopeless
720 YAHWEH, THE FAITHFUL I am Eyes for all who long to see
ONE In the shadows of the night
I will be your Light
Antiphon: Come and rest in Me
Yahweh’s love, will last forever,
His faithfulness till the end of time, I am strength for all the despairing
Yahweh is a loving God, Healing for the ones who dwell in
Yahweh the faithful One. shame
All the blind will see,
Have no fear, for I am with you the lame will all run free
I will be your shield. All will know My Name.
Go now and leave your homeland,
for I will give you a home. I am the Word that leads all to freedom
I am the Peace the world cannot give
You shall be My chosen people, I will call your name,
and I will be your God, embracing all your pain
I will bless your name forever Stand up, now walk and live.
and keep from all harm.
Celebration Hymnal

722 YOU ARE MINE (2) everlasting...

I will come to you in the silence 1. Lord, You have search my heart, And
You love us all though we’re so small. You know when I sit
You keep on watching us and when I stand,
for You’re in love with us. Your hand is upon me
You keep on looking at us protecting me from death,
as apples of Your eyes. Keeping me from harm.
Lord, we can’t understand Your ways.
O let us love You as we should. 2. Where can I run from Your love,
Break all the chains that make us slaves. If I climb to the heavens
O set us free from ourselves You are there,
that we may love You more and more. If I fly to the sunrise
or sail beyond the sea,
You are so good we can’t understand. Still I find You there.
You love us all though we’re so small.
You keep on searching for us 3. You know my heart and its ways, You
if we stumble in the dark. who formed me before I was born,
You don’t stop goading us on In the secret of darkness
if we harden our hearts before I saw the sun,
till we turn back to You again. In my mother’s womb.
How can we thank You O, Lord
for Your unending love and care. 4. Marvelous to me are your works, how
We have nothing to give to You profound are your thoughts, my Lord.
except our lives clean and pure. Even if I could count them,
they number as the stars,
Coda: you would still be there.
O let us love You as we should.
Break all the chains that make us slaves. 724 YOU HAVE SET ME APART
O set us free from ourselves
that we may love You more and more. You love me Lord,
for you have called me from birth to live
723 YOU ARE NEAR for you alone,
o share in your mission
Refrain: of leading mankind to you
Yahweh, I know you are near, to establish your glory.
standing always at my side.
You guard me from the foe, I’ve said my yes to you,
And you lead me in ways, my life I freely surrender
Celebration Hymnal

each moment and forever.

O live in me as I try to live in you
amidst a life of you and pain.

O how could I repay Lord for all that

you’re giving me each moment and
forever. I like to make my life a hymn of
gratitude in pray’r and in all I do.

You have set me apart inflame my heart

with your love.


How can I thank You
for all the things You’ve done,
How can I thank You
for all the graces You bestowed;
How can I thank You
for all the blessings
You have given me
How can I thank You, My Lady

How can I express the joy,

the joy that feels my heart
How can I express the joy,
the joy that feels my heart
How can I express the joy,
the joy that feels my whole life through
How can I express the joy, My Lady.

You are the One
that showed me the light
You are My Only One,
You called me when I’m already down
You are the One, You are the One,
You are My Only One. (Repeat all)
Celebration Hymnal
Kyriale Mass VIII “De Angelis”

 

 

1/3/2011  KyrieVIII_37_lgF6

Kyriale Mass VIII “De Angelis”

 

1/3/2011  GloriaVIII_37_long_a_lgF6

Kyriale Mass VIII “De Angelis”

 


1/3/2011  GloriaVIII_37_long_b_lgF6

Kyriale Mass VIII “De Angelis”

 

 

1/3/2011  SanctusVIII_38_lgF6

 


1/3/2011  AgnusVIII_39_lgF6
Kyriale Mass IX “Cum Iubilo”

 


 
10/7/2012  KyrieIX_40_lgF

Kyriale Mass IX “Cum Iubilo”

 

 
10/7/2012  GloriaIX_40_a_lgF

Kyriale Mass IX “Cum Iubilo”

 

 
10/7/2012  GloriaIX_40_b_lgF

Kyriale Mass IX “Cum Iubilo”
 

 

 

10/7/2012  AgnusIX_42_lgF

Kyriale Mass XI “Orbis Factor”

 

 

 

 

3/9/2013  KyrieXI_46_lgF6

 ix

Kyriale Mass XI “Orbis Factor”

 

 

3/9/2013  GloriaXI_46_a_lgF6


Kyriale Mass XI “Orbis Factor”

 

3/9/2013  GloriaXI_46_b_lgF6

Kyriale Mass XI “Orbis Factor”
 

 


3/9/2013  AgnusXI_48_lgF6

Index of Uses

PARTS OF THE MASS Eleventh Mass (Pastorela) 43

Thirteenth Mass 44
Kyrie 1 Kaloy-I Kami Ginoo 45
Gloria 2 Ginoo, Ikaw Ra’y 46
Sanctus 3 O Ginoo, Kaloy-I 47
Pater Noster 4 Ginoong Dios 48
Agnus Dei 5 Himaya Sa Dios 49
Credo 6 Ang Ginoo Naghatag 50
Confiteor (New Translation) 7 Ang Mga Pulong Mo 51
Glory To God (New Translation) 8 Awitan Ta 52
Nicene Creed (New Translation) 9 Lamdag Ka 53
Apostle’s Creed (New Translation) 10 Pangitaa Ang Gingharian 54
Himaya Sa Dios Langit 11 Santos 55
Nagatuo Ako (Apostles’ Creed) 12 Manluluwas 56
Nagatuo Kami (Nicene Creed) 13 Si Kristo’y Namatay 57
Santos 14 Amahan Namo 58
Amahan Namo 15 Kay Imo Man 59
Kordero Sa Dios 16 Kordero Sa Dios 60
Inno Di Lode 17
Professione Di Fede 18
Santo (Italian) 19 KYRIALE
Padre Nostro 20
Lord Have Mercy 21 De Angelis I
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord 22 Cum Iubilo V
Acclamation 23 Orbis Factor IX
Our Father 24
Panginoon, Kaawaan Mo 25
Panginoon Maawa Ka 26 ADVENT HYMNS
Luwalhati 27
Papuri Sa Diyos 28 A Noble Flow’r Of Juda 61
Aleluya 29 A Voice Cries 62
Ang Sumasampalataya 30 Across The Years 63
Santo 31 Angels From The Realm Of Glory 64
Acclamation 32 Bedew Us, Heavens From Above 65
Ama Namin 33 Behold A Virgin Bearing Him 66
Sapagkat 34 Behold, A Rose Of Judah 67
Kordero Ng Diyos 35 Come Thou Long Expected Jesus 68
First, Second, & Twelfth Mass 36 Creator Of The Stars Of Night 69
Third Mass 37 Emmanuel 70
Fourth Mass 38 Ginoo, Sayud Ka Sa Tanan 71
Fifth & Eight Mass 39 Hail To The Lord’s Anointed 72
Sixth* & Tenth Mass 40 Halina Hesus Aming Mananakop 73
Seventh & Fourteenth Mass 41 Halina, Hesus 74
Ninth Mass 42 Hear The Herald Voice Resounding 75
Index of Uses

Light The Advent Candle 76 Gli Spirti Celesti 115

Maranatha 77 Good Christians Friends, Rejoice 116
Misa De Gallo 78 Gumising 117
Now Watch For God’s Coming 79 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 118
Come Divine Messiah 80 Himig Pasko 119
Come, O Come Emmanuel 81 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 120
Comfort My People 82 Joy To The World 121
Pagmata Na! 83 Kasadya 122
Panginoon, Hanggang Kailan? 84 Little Drummer Boy 123
Promised Lord And Christ Is He 85 Maglipay Kita 124
Song Of Salvation 86 Mary’s Boy Child 125
The Coming Of Our God 87 Misa De Gallo 126
The King Of Glory 88 Noel, Noel (Italian) 127
The King Shall Come When Morning Come, All Ye Faithful 128
Dawns 89 Holy Night 129
Wake, Awake, The Night Is Dying 90 Little Town Of Bethlehem 130
We Long For You, O Lord 91 Pagmaya, Kalibutan 131
Whispering Hope 92 Pasko Na Naman 132
Pasko’y Sumapit Na 133
Resonet In Laudibus 134
CHRISTMAS HYMNS Sa Halawum Nga Gabii 135
Silent Night, Holy Night 136
A Child Is Born (The Magi King) 93 Songs Of Praise 137
A Child Is Born In Bethlehem 94 The First Noel 138
A Christmas Carol 95 The Lord Bless You And Keep You 692
Adeste Fideles 96 The Sound Of Life 139
Ang Diosnong Bata 97 Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle 140
Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit Na Naman 98 Umawit Ang Bayan (Misa Pastorela) 141
Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit 99 Unto Us A Child Is Given Unto Us 142
Angels We Have Heard In Heaven 100 Venite Adoriamo 143
Angels We Have Heard On High 101 We Three Kings 144
Ania Kami 102 What Child Is This? 145
Astro Del Ciel 103 When A Child Is Born 146
Away In A Manger 104 Wish On Christmas Night Sing 147
Buksan N’yo Ang Bintana 105
Carol Of The Bells 106
Christmas In Our Hearts 107 LENTEN HYMNS
Dalaygon Ang Dios 108
Dali Kamo, Mga Igsoon 109 Ashes 148
Deck The Halls 110 All Glory, Praise And Honor 149
Do You Hear What I Hear 111 Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed? 150
Feliz Navidad 112 Ayaw Kalimti 151
From Heaven High 113 By The Cross Her Vigil Keeping 152
Give Love On Christmas Day 114 Christus Amor Meus 153
Index of Uses

Crown Him With Many Crowns 154 I Will Raise Him Up 191
Dust And Ashes 155 In The Midst Of Death 192
God Of Mercy And Compassion 486 Ito Ang Bagong Araw 193
God, My God 156 Jesus Christ Is Ris’n Today, Alleluia! 194
Hail, Redeemer, King Divine 157 Let The Earth Rejoice And Sing 195
Himaya Ug Pagdayeg 158 Filii Et Filiae 196
Huling Hapunan 159 On This Day, The First Of Days 197
Into Your Hands 522 Sing With All The Sons Of Glory 198
I See Your Hands And Your Side 160 The Day Of Resurrection 199
Jesus, My God Behold At Length 161 The Strife Is O’er 200
My Loving Savior 162 Veni, Creator Spiritus 201
My Song Is Love Unknown 163 Veni Sancte Spiritus 202
Christ, Redeemer Of Mankind 164
Sacred Head (1) 165
Sacred Head (2) 166 EUCHARISTIC HYMNS
Osana Sa Anak Ni David 607
Our Lord Jesus Christ 167 Adoramus 203
Praise To The Holiest In The Height 168 Adoro Te 204
Sa Malayong Bundok 169 As One Body We Are Wed 205
Take Up Your Cross 170 Ave Verum 206
The Glory Of These Forty Days 171 Benediction Song 207
The Hour Has Come 172 Come Adore 208
Via Crucis 173 Come To Me 209
Wash Me, Cleanse Me 174 Ecce Panis 210
Were You There 175 Father, I Adore You 211
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross 176 Heart Of Jesus, Meek And Mild 212
Isang Bansa 213
Ito Ang Aking Katawan 214
EASTER HYMNS Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All 215
Jesu! Rex Admirabilis 216
All The Earth Proclaim The Lord 177 Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee 217
Alleluia! Sing To Jesus! 178 Lauda Sion 218
At The Lamb’s High Feast 179 Laudate Dominum 219
Bubuhayin Kita 180 Lord And God 220
Christ Arose 181 Lose Yourself In Me 221
Christ Lag In Tadesbanden 182 Noi Ti Amiam Signor 222
Christ The Lord Is Ri’sn 183 Bread Of Angels 223
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today 184 God Of Loveliness 224
Come Away To The Skies 185 Lord, I Am Not Worthy 225
Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (1) 186 Lord Jesus I Adore Thee 226
Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (2) 187 Only In God 227
Hail Thee, Festival Day! 188 Sacrament Divine 228
I Am The Bread Of Life 189 Sacrament Most Holy 229
I Rejoiced 190 Sacred Heart, O Love Divine 230
Index of Uses

Saving Victim (O Salutaris) 231 Birheng Maria, Tala Sa Umaga 270

Sacrum Convivium 232 Blessed Mother 271
Salutaris Hostia 233 Bright As The Sun, Fair As The Moon 272
Pange Lingua 234 Bulaklak Ng Carmelo 273
Pange Lingua (English) 235 Corredemptrix 274
Panis Angelicus 236 Coredemptrix Forever 275
Panis Angelicus (English) 237 Church Of Silence 276
Tantum Ergo 238 Daily Sing In Praise Of Mary 277
Ti Ringrazio 239 Daily, Daily Sing To Mary 278
To Jesus’ Heart All Burning 240 Dakilang Tanda 279
Trinity Song 702 Dawn Of Hope 280
Prayer For The Pontiff 241 Dear Lady Of Fatima 281
The Divine Praises 242 Evening Bells 282
The Eucharist Song 243 Exaltata Est 283
The Love Of Christ 244 Gentle Woman 284
Ubi Caritas Et Amor 245 Gratia Plena 285
Venite Adoremus 246 Hail Mary 286
Hail Mary Gentle Woman 287
Hail O Star Of Ocean Bright 288
MARIAN HYMNS Hail Queen Of Heaven, The Ocean Star 289
Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above 290
(Ang) Pagdalaw 247 Happy Birthday Mama Mary 291
A Due Voci Pari 248 Hear Thy Children, Gentlest Mother 292
A Virgin Most Pure 249 Heart Of Mary 293
Aba, Ginoong Maria 250 Holy Mary (Now We Crown You) 294
Abang Maria 251 Holy Virgin 295
Alay Kay Maria 252 How Sweet Your Name 296
Ang Imong Rosaryo 253 Hymn On The Feast Of The Immaculate
Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri 254 Conception 297
Angel Gabriel From Heaven 255 Hymn To Our Lady Of Mount Carmel 298
Araw Araw Kay Maria 256 I Am Your Mother 299
As I Kneel Before You 257 I Will Sing With All My Soul 300
Assumpta Est-Regina Nostra 258 I’ll See Her There One Day 301
Ave Maria Of Fatima 259 Immaculate Heart Of Mary 302
Ave Maria 260 Immaculate Mary 303
Ave Maris Stella 261 Immaculate Mother 304
Ave Mundi Spes 262 In The Womb Of A Virign 305
Ave Sanctum Ave Purum 263 Ina Naming Maria 306
Ave Signora Santa (English) 264 Inang Minamahal 307
Ave Signora Santa 265 Inang Sakdal Linis 308
Awit Kay Maria 266 Knights Of The Immaculata 309
Awit Sa Ina Ng Santo Rosario 267 Lady In Blue 310
Be Joyful, Mary 268 Lodate Maria (Praised Be Mary) 311
Birheng Mahal (Mother Of Christ) 269 Lovely Lady (Lady In Blue) 312
Index of Uses

Loving Mother Of Our Redeemer 313 Santa Maria 357

Madonna Of Czestochowa 314 Sorrowful Immaculate Heart 358
Maghimaya Ka Maria 315 O’er A Humble Little Holm-Oak 359
Magnificat 316 Omni Die 360
Mahal Naming Ina 317 On This Day, O Beautiful Mother 361
Mama Maria 318 Our Lady Of Good Counsel 362
Mañanita 319 Praise Mary (Laudate Maria) 363
Maria, Babaye Sa Pagtuo 320 Praise To Mary, Heaven’s Gate 364
Maria Bukang-Liwayway 321 Pray The Rosary 365
Maria Ina Ng Dios 322 Queen Of Grace 366
Maria 323 Queen Of Heaven 367
Marian Battle Hymn 324 Queen Of The Rosary 368
Mariang Ina Ko 325 Queen Of The Universe 369
Mary Immaculate Star Of The Morning 326 Receive Me, O Mary 370
Mary Is Our Queen 327 Regina Coeli Jubila 371
Mary! How Sweetly Falls That Word 328 Regina Coeli 372
Mary, My Lady 329 Rejoice O Queen Of Heaven Above 373
Mary, Woman Of Faith 330 Remember Holy Mary 374
Memorare 331 Responsorium (Virgo Parens) 375
Mother Dear 332 Resuene Vibrante 376
Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest 333 Sa Trece Sa Mayo 377
Mother Of Christ 334 Saddened Eyes Seem To Brighten 378
Mother Of Holy Hope 335 Salve Mother Of Our Lord 379
Mother Of Jesus, Teach Us To Pray 336 Salve Regina 380
Mother Of My Soul 337 Sanctorum Agmina 381
Mother Of The Lamb Of God 338 Sequentia Inviolata 382
My Soul Rejoices (Magnificat) 339 Signora Nostra 383
Mystical Rose 340 Sing Of Mary, Pure And Lowly 384
Purest Of Creatures 341 Sing To Mary, Mother Most Merciful 385
Queen Of Peerless Majesty 342 Song Of Consecration 386
Rayna Sa Kalibutan 343 Song To Mary 387
Birhen Maria, Ig-Ampo Mo Kami 344 St. Francis’ Praises Of The Virgin 388
Cuore Immacolato 345 St. Joseph Traveled With Mary 389
Dearest Mother Of Mercy 346 St. Maximilian’s Prayer 390
Heart Of Mary, Pure And Fair 347 Stabat Mater Dolorosa 391
Immaculata 348 Stabat Mater 392
Immaculata 349 Star O’er The Ocean 393
Maria 350 Stella Maris 394
Maria Ina Ng Iglesia 351 Sub Tuum 395
Maria, Rayna Sa Pilipinas 352 Tanging Hiling 396
Mary Of All Women 353 Thank You Mama 397
Most Holy One 354 The Church Of Silence 398
Sanctissima (English) 355 The God Whom Earth And Sea And Sky690
Sanctissima 356 To You O Virgin Mary 399
Index of Uses

Tota Pulchra 400 Great Is Our God And King 488

Totus Tuus Maria 401 Hangad 492
Up Above 402 Hayaan 493
Virgin, Full Of Grace 403 Hear, O Lord 496
Virgin-Born We Bow Before You 404 Holy God We Praise Your Name 499
Virgin Most Pure 405 Holy, Holy, Holy 500
When Mary Brought Her Treasure 406 How Beautiful Up On The Mountains 502
When You Follow Mary 407 Huwag Mangamba 505
Ye Who Own The Faith Of Jesus 408 Hymn To The Trinity 508
You Are All Beautiful 409 I Will Exult 517
You’re My Only One 725 In God Alone 519
Isang Pananampalataya 526
Ito Ang Araw 527
ENTRANCE HYMNS Kaibigan Kapanalig 532
Kay Kita Usa Ra! 538
All Praise To Thee 416 Kining Lungsod 540
All The Earth 419 Kung ‘Yong Nanaisin 542
All The Ends Of The Earth 420 Laum Kalag Ko 545
All You Nations 422 Let Heaven Rejoice 547
Ang Tawag N’ya 428 Let Us Suffer For The Love Of God 549
Ang Tawag Sa Atong Ginoo 429 Like Cedar They Shall Stand 554
Ang Tawag Sa Panahon 430 Litany 557
Awitan Ta 439 Liwanag Ng Aming Puso 559
Bawat Sandali 443 Lord You Have Come 562
Bayan Umawit 444 Lord, Send Out Your Spirit 564
Buklod Ng Pag-Ibig 452 Magsiawit Sa Panginoon 573
Buksan Ang Aming Puso 453 May I Never Pass This Way Again 577
Buksan 454 My Dearest Saviour, I Would Fain 582
Cantate Domino 455 Natawag Ko Na Ikaw 587
Come Lord, Do Not Delay 457 Nearer My God To Thee 588
Come Thou Almighty King 459 New Life 589
Come With Praise 460 O Jesus, Lord, Most Mighty King 595
Come, Follow Me 461 O Yahweh Ko 598
Come, Let Us Join With One Accord 462 On Calvary’s Height 599
Dakilang Pag-Ibig 463 One Thing I Ask 603
Daygon Ta Ang Ginoo 466 Only Love Can Make The Soul Pleasing To
Diosnong Magtutudlo 469 God 604
Dreaming Of Love 471 Paano Namin Masasabi 608
Earthen Vessels 474 Pag-Ibig Mo Ama 615
Full Of Glory, Full Of Wonders 480 Pagmamahal Sa Panginoon 616
Ginoong Dios 483 Pagpalain Kailanman 617
Give Thanks And Remember 484 Pagtitipan 619
Glory And Praise 485 Panahon Na 620
Godhead Here In Hiding 487 Papuri Sa Espiritu 623
Index of Uses

Pari Magpakailanman 624 To The Name That Brings Salvation 698

Peace I Give To You 625 Touch Of Love 701
Pinupuri Ka 628 We Praise You 712
Play Before The Lord 629 Yahweh, The Faithful One 720
Praise The Lord, My Soul 630 You Have Set Me Apart 724
Praise To The Lord 631
Praise, My Soul (Lauda Anima) 633
Prayer For Peace 635 OFFERTORY HYMNS
Prayer Of St. Francis 636
Prodigal Son 637 Accept, Almighty Father 410
Purihi’t Pasalamatan 638 Accept, O Father, In Thy Love 411
Purihin Ang Panginoon 639 Alay Kapwa 412
Sa Piging Ng Ating Panginoon 643 All Man’s Labor Can Produce 414
Salamat Kaibigan Ako’y Tinawag Mo 646 All That I Am 417
Salamat Sa Iyo 647 All That We Have 418
Salmo 1 648 Ang Aming Pag-Aalay 423
Salmo 23 649 Banyuhay 442
Sapat Na Ang Diyos 651 Biyayang Mula Sa Iyo 446
Seed, Scattered And Sown 652 Blest Are You Lord 448
Service 654 Bread, Blessed And Broken 449
Sharing 655 Buhay Pagmamahal 451
Shelter Me, O God 656 Dawata, O Ginoo 464
Shepherd Of Souls 657 Daygon Ikaw 465
Sing A New Song 659 Dinggin Mo 468
Sing To The Mountains 660 Dyutay Lang Kini 472
Small Grain Of Sand 662 Faith Of Our Fathers 475
Soul Of My Savior 663 Fill My House 476
Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy! 664 For To Those Who Love God 477
Sounds Of Joy 665 Gift Of Finest Wheat 482
St. Patrick’s Breastplate 667 Habang Buhay 486
Stay With Us Lord 669 Here I Am, Lord 497
Sto. Niño Gugma Ko 670 I Am The Vine 509
Strong And Constant 671 I Offer You My Life 514
Su Nel Cielo 672 Isang Munting Panalangin 524
Sumasamo Kami Sa’yo 673 Isang Pagkain, Isang Katawan, Isang Bayan
Table Song 674 525
Tanang Kanasuran 680 Kaming Mga Makasasala 535
Tanang Katawhan 681 Kanimo, O Dios 536
Tanggapin Ang Alay 682 Kapuri-Puri Ka 537
Tanggapin Ninyo 683 Langitnon Namong Amahan 544
The Seed 686 Lord Here I Am 560
The Crucified Lord 688 Lord, Accept The Gifts We Offer 563
The Goodness Of God Cries Out 691 Lord, We Touch You Today 565
The Master Came To Bring Good News 695
Index of Uses

Lord, You Called Us 566 Awit Ng Paglaya 437

Lungsod Nga Balaan 569 Awit Ng Pasasalamat 438
Moduol Ako 580 Be Not Afraid 445
My Prayers Rise Like Incense 583 Diyos Ay Pag-Ibig 470
O King Of Might And Splendor 596 Gabing Kulimlim 481
O Lord In This Great Mystery 597 He 494
One Bread, One Body 601 Hosea 501
Pag-Aalaala 609 How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place 504
Pag-Aalay 610 I Am With You 510
Pag-Aalay Ng Puso 611 I Have Loved You 511
Pagdaygon Ka Dios 612 I Love The Lord 512
Panalangin Sa Pagbubukas-Palad 621 I Want To Call You 516
Self Surrender 653 In Him Alone 520
Simple Gifts 658 Isaiah 49 523
Take And Eat 675 Jesus Na Aking Kapatid 528
Take And Receive 676 Kahanga-Hanga 530
Take My Hands 677 Kalig-On Sa Pagtoo 533
Take Our Bread 678 Kaluluwa Ko’y Nauuhaw 534
Take, O Lord, This Offering 679 Kini Maong Akong Lawas 539
To You I Offer 699 Lift Up Your Hands 550
Total Abandonment 700 Lift Up Your Hearts 551
Unang Alay 704 Like A Seal On Your Heart 552
Unless A Grain Of Wheat 705 Like A Shepherd 553
Unsay Igasa 706 Like The Deer 555
We Offer Our Love 711 Like The Deer That Yearns 556
What Can We Bring 715 Mga Punong Kabanalan 579
What You Gave Us For Our Taking 716 Mugna Sa Dios 581
Whatsoever You Do (1) 717 My God And My All 584
Whatsoever You Do (2) 718 My Soul Is Sad 585
With All Our Hearts 719 Narito Ako 586
No Greater Love 590
COMMUNION HYMNS O Dios, Iniibig Kita 591
On Eagle’s Wings 600
Paghahandog 613
All My Days 415 Paghahandog Sa Sarili 614
All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure 421 Pagsibol 618
Ang Kaluluwa Ko’y Nauuhaw 424 Panginoon Aking Tanglaw 622
Ang Mabuhay Sa Pag-Ibig 425 Peace Prayer Of St. Francis 626
Ang Mabuting Pastol 426 Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven 632
Ang Panginoon Ang Aking Pastol 427 Prayer For Generosity 634
Anima Christi 431 Sa Diyos Lamang Mapapanatag 641
Anima Christi 432 Sa’yo Lamang 644
As The Deer 433 Salamat Gayod 645
Awit Ng Paghahangad 436 Salamat Sa Iyo 647
Index of Uses

Tanging Yaman 684 Ave Maris Stella 261

The Cry Of The Poor 689 Ave Mundi Spes 262
The Lord Is My Shepherd 693 Ave Sanctum Ave Purum 263
This Is My Body 697 Ave Verum 206
True Love 703 Cantate Domino 455
Way Sama 709 Christus Amor Meus 153
Way Sukod Ang Pagmahal 710 Credo 6
We Remember 713 Ecce Panis 210
You Are Mine (1) 721 Gloria 2
You Are Mine (2) 722 Iam Noctis 518
You Are Near 723 Jesu! Rex Admirabilis 216
Kyrie 1
Laudate Dominum 219
Madonna De Povertade 571
Awit Kay San Maksimiliyan 435 Magnificat 316
Baby Jesus And St. Joseph 440 Omni Die 360
Blessed Francis, Holy Father 447 Pange Lingua 234
Come Then My Love 458 Panis Angelicus 236
Dear Guardian Of Mary 467 Pater Noster 4
Francis’ Dream 479 Regina Coeli 372
Hail, Bride Of Christ 490 Regina Coeli Jubila 371
Hail, Holy Joseph, Hail 491 Resonet In Laudibus 134
Hymn To Padre Pio 506 Responsorium (Virgo Parens) 375
Hymn To St. Maximilian 507 Resuene Vibrante 376
Kolbe’s Dream 541 Sacrum Convivium 232
Lady Clare 543 Salutaris Hostia 233
Litany Of The Saints 558 Salve Regina 380
Lorenzo Ruiz, Martir 567 Salve, Sancte Pater 650
Madonna De Povertade 571 Sanctissima 356
O Great St. Pio, To You We Sing 593 Sanctorum Agmina 381
Salve, Sancte Pater 650 Sanctus 3
St. Francis Of Assisi 666 Sequentia Inviolata 382
St. Pio Be Our Guide 668 Stabat Mater 392
Stabat Mater Dolorosa 391
Stella Maris 394
LATIN HYMNS Sub Tuum 395
Tantum Ergo 238
Adeste Fideles 96 Tota Pulchra 400
Adoramus 203 Ubi Caritas Et Amor 245
Adoro Te 204 Veni Sancte Spiritus 202
Agnus Dei 5 Veni, Creator Spiritus 201
Anima Christi 431 Venite Adoremus 246
Ave Maria 260 Venite Adoriamo 143
Index of Uses

VISAYAN HYMNS Mugna Sa Dios 581

Natawag Ko Na Ikaw 587
Amahan Namo 58 O Ginoo, Kaloy-I 47
Ang Diosnong Bata 97 Osana Sa Anak Ni David 607
Ang Ginoo Naghatag 50 Pagdaygon Ka Dios 612
Ang Imong Rosaryo 253 Pagmata Na! 83
Ang Mga Pulong Mo 51 Pagmaya, Kalibutan 131
Ania Kami 102 Pangitaa Ang Gingharian 54
Awitan Ta 439 Rayna Sa Kalibutan 343
Awitan Ta 52 Sa Halawum Nga Gabii 135
Ayaw Kalimti 151 Salamat Gayod 645
Bag-Ong Kinabuhi 441 Santos 55
Dalaygon Ang Dios 108 Si Kristo’y Namatay 57
Dali Kamo, Mga Igsoon 109 Sto. Niño Gugma Ko 670
Dawata, O Ginoo 464 Tanang Kanasuran 680
Daygon Ikaw 465 Tanang Katawhan 681
Daygon Ta Ang Ginoo 466 Unsay Igasa 706
Diosnong Magtutudlo 469 Way Sama 709
Dyutay Lang Kini 472 Way Sukod Ang Pagmahal 710
Ginoo, Sayud Ka Sa Tanan 71
Ginoo, Ikaw Ra’y 46
Ginoong Dios 483 TAGALOG HYMNS
Ginoong Dios 48
Himaya Ug Pagdayeg 158 (Ang) Pagdalaw 247
Himaya Sa Dios 49 Aba, Ginoong Maria 250
Kalig-On Sa Pagtoo 533 Abang Maria 251
Kaloy-I Kami Ginoo 45 Acclamation 32
Kaming Mga Makasasala 535 Alay Kapwa 412
Kanimo, O Dios 536 Alay Kay Maria 252
Kasadya 122 Aleluya 29
Kay Kita Usa Ra! 538 Ama Namin 33
Kay Imo Man 59 Ang Aming Pag-Aalay 423
Kini Maong Akong Lawas 539 Ang Kaluluwa Ko’y Nauuhaw 424
Kining Lungsod 540 Ang Mabuhay Sa Pag-Ibig 425
Kordero Sa Dios 60 Ang Mabuting Pastol 426
Lamdag Ka 53 Ang Panginoon Ang Aking Pastol 427
Langitnon Namong Amahan 544 Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit 99
Laum Kalag Ko 545 Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit Na Naman 98
Lungsod Nga Balaan 569 Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri 254
Maglipay Kita 124 Ang Sumasampalataya 30
Manluluwas 56 Ang Tawag N’ya 428
Mga Punong Kabanalan 579 Ang Tawag Sa Atong Ginoo 429
Moduol Ako 580 Ang Tawag Sa Panahon 430
Index of Uses

Araw Araw Kay Maria 256 Jesus Na Aking Kapatid 528

Awit Kay Maria 266 Kahanga-Hanga 530
Awit Ng Paghahangad 436 Kaibigan Ano Ang Pasya Mo? 531
Awit Ng Paglaya 437 Kaibigan Kapanalig 532
Awit Ng Pasasalamat 438 Kaluluwa Ko’y Nauuhaw 534
Awit Sa Ina Ng Santo Rosario 267 Kapuri-Puri Ka 537
Banyuhay 442 Kordero Ng Diyos 35
Bawat Sandali 443 Kung ‘Yong Nanaisin 542
Bayan Umawit 444 Liwanag Ng Aming Puso 559
Birheng Mahal (Mother Of Christ) 269 Lupa 570
Birheng Maria, Tala Sa Umaga 270 Luwalhati 27
Biyayang Mula Sa Iyo 446 Magpuri Kayo Sa Panginoon 572
Bubuhayin Kita 180 Magsiawit Sa Panginoon 573
Buhay Pagmamahal 451 Mahal Naming Ina 317
Buklod Ng Pag-Ibig 452 Mahiwaga 574
Buksan 454 Mama Maria 318
Buksan Ang Aming Puso 453 Manalig Ka 575
Buksan N’yo Ang Bintana 105 Maria 323
Bulaklak Ng Carmelo 273 Maria 350
Dakilang Pag-Ibig 463 Maria Bukang-Liwayway 321
Dakilang Tanda 279 Maria Ina Ng Dios 322
Dinggin Mo 468 Maria Ina Ng Iglesia 351
Diyos Ay Pag-Ibig 470 Mariang Ina Ko 325
Gabing Kulimlim 481 May Bukas Pa 576
Gumising 117 Misa De Gallo 126
Habang Buhay 486 Misa De Gallo 78
Halina Hesus Aming Mananakop 73 Narito Ako 586
Halina, Hesus 74 O Dios, Iniibig Kita 591
Hangad 492 O Espirito Santo 592
Hayaan 493 O Hesus, Hilumin Mo 594
Himig Pasko 119 O Yahweh Ko 598
Hindi Kita Malilimutan 498 Paano Namin Masasabi 608
Huling Hapunan 159 Pag-Aalaala 609
Huwag Mangamba 505 Pag-Aalay 610
Ina Naming Maria 306 Pag-Aalay Ng Puso 611
Inang Minamahal 307 Paghahandog 613
Inang Sakdal Linis 308 Paghahandog Sa Sarili 614
Isang Munting Panalangin 524 Pag-Ibig Mo Ama 615
Isang Bansa 213 Pagmamahal Sa Panginoon 616
Isang Pagkain, Isang Katawan, Isang Bayan Pagpalain Kailanman 617
525 Pagsibol 618
Isang Pananampalataya 526 Pagtitipan 619
Ito Ang Araw 527 Panahon Na 620
Ito Ang Bagong Araw 193 Panalangin Sa Pagbubukas-Palad 621
Index of Uses

Panginoon Aking Tanglaw 622 Enter Rejoice 473

Panginoon Maawa Ka 26 For You My Lord 478
Panginoon, Hanggang Kailan? 84 He Will Carry You 495
Panginoon, Kaawaan Mo 25 Hindi Kita Malilimutan 498
Papuri Sa Diyos 28 How Great Thou Art 503
Papuri Sa Espiritu 623 I Love You 513
Pari Magpakailanman 624 I Thank My God 515
Pasko Na Naman 132 In His Time 521
Pasko’y Sumapit Na 133 Jesus You’re The Sweetest Name Of All 529
Pintong Mahiwaga 627 Kaibigan Ano Ang Pasya Mo? 531
Pinupuri Ka 628 Lead Me Lord 546
Purihi’t Pasalamatan 638 Let There Be Peace On Earth 548
Purihin Ang Panginoon 639 Lord I Lift Your Name On High 561
Purihin Siya 640 Lovely Day 568
Sa Diyos Lamang Mapapanatag 641 Lupa 570
Sa Kabila Ng Lahat 642 Magpuri Kayo Sa Panginoon 572
Sa Malayong Bundok 169 Mahiwaga 574
Sa Piging Ng Ating Panginoon 643 Manalig Ka 575
Sa’yo Lamang 644 May Bukas Pa 576
Salamat Kaibigan Ako’y Tinawag Mo 646 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
Salamat Sa Iyo 647 578
Salmo 1 648 O Espirito Santo 592
Salmo 23 649 O Hesus, Hilumin Mo 594
Santo 31 One Little Candle 602
Sapagkat 34 Only This I Want 605
Sapat Na Ang Diyos 651 Only You My God 606
Sino Ako? 661 Pintong Mahiwaga 627
Sumasamo Kami Sa’yo 673 Purihin Siya 640
Tanggapin Ang Alay 682 Sa Kabila Ng Lahat 642
Tanggapin Ninyo 683 Sino Ako? 661
Tanging Hiling 396 Thank You Very Much 685
Tanging Yaman 684 The Canticle Of Brother Sun 687
Umawit Ang Bayan (Misa Pastorela) 141 The Lord Bless You And Keep You 692
Unang Alay 704 The Lord Is My Strength 694
The Power Of Your Love 696
Victim Of Love 707
INSPIRATIONAL Walk With Faith 708
Welcome To The Family 714
All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name 413
As We Gather 434
Bag-ong Kinabuhi 441
Brother Sun, Sister Moon 450
Come Build My Church 456
Index of First Lines

A Child Is Born In Bethlehem, Alleluia! 93 Ang Diosnong Bata Nagpakatawo Na 97

A Child Is Born In Bethlehem, Alleluia! 94 Ang Himig Mo, Ang Awit Ko 613
A Child Is Given Unto Us 142 Ang Imong Rosaryo 253
A Noble Flow’r Of Juda 61 Ang Liwanag Mo 615
A Ray Of Hope Flickers In The Sky 146 Ang Mabuhay Sa Pag-Ibig 425
A Song And Light Up The Lights 147 Ang Mamatay Sa Sarili 426
A Voice Cries In The Wilderness 62 Ang Mga Pulong Mo, O Ginoo 51
Aba, Ginoong Maria 250 Ang Panginoon Ang Aking Pastol 427
Accept Almighty Father 410 Ang Panginoon Ang Aking Pastol 649
Accept, O Father, In Thy Love 411 Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit 99
Across The Years There Echoes Still 63 Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit Na Naman 98
Adeste Fideles, Laeti Triumphantes 96 Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri 254
Adoramus Te, Panem Coelitum 203 Ang Tawag N’yay Maririnig 428
Adoro Te, O Panis Coelice 204 Ang Tawag Sa Atong Ginoo 429
Agnus Dei, Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi 5 Angel Gabriel From Heaven 255
Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed? 150 Angels We Have Heard In Heaven 100
Aleluya, Aleluya 29 Angels We Have Heard On High 101
Aleluya, Aleluya, Aleluya. Awitan Ta 52 Angels, From The Realm Of Glory 64
Aleluya. Lamdag Ka O Ginoo 53 Ani-A Kami Ning Gabii 102
All Glory, Praise And Honor 149 Anima Christi, Sanctifica Me 431
All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name 413 Araw Araw Kay Maria 256
All Man’s Labor Can Produce 414 As I Kneel Before You 257
All Praise To Thee, Eternal Lord 416 As One Body We Are Wed 205
All That I Am, All That I Do 417 As The Deer Panteth For The Water 433
All That We Have 418 As We Gather 434
All The Earth Proclaim The Lord 177 As We Prepare 21
All The Earth Proclaim The Lord 419 Assumpta Est Maria In Caelo 258
All The Ends Of The Earth 420 Astro Del Ciel, Pargol Divin 103
All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure 421 At The Cross Her Station Keeping 391
All You Nations, Sing Out Your Joy 422 At The Lamb’s High Feast We Sing 179
Alleluia! Ang Ginoo Naghatag 50 Ave Maria! Ave Maria! 259
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! 200 Ave Maria, Gratia Plena 260
Alleluia! Sing To Jesus! 178 Ave Maria, Gratia Plena 285
Alleluia! Strike The Harp And Sing 687 Ave Maris Stella Dei Mater Alma 261
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia 196 Ave Mundi Spes, Ave Maria! 262
Ama Namin Sumasalangit Ka 33 Ave O Queen Of Heavenly Graces 366
Amahan Namo 58 Ave Sanctum, Ave Purum 263
Amahan Namo, Nga Anaa Sa Mga Langit 15 Ave Signora Santa 265
Among God’s Purest Creatures 272 Ave Verum, Corpus Natum 206
Ang Aming Pag-Aalay Iyong Tanggapin 423 Away In A Manger 104
Ang Atas Ko Sa Inyo Mga Kaibigan Ko 532 Awitan Ta Sa Himaya 439
Ang Bayang Pilipino 567 Ayaw Kalimti Nga Namatay 151
Ang Buhay Ko Noo’y 646 Bawat Huni Ng Ibon 618
Ang Buong Mundo Ngayon 291 Bawat Sandali, Dalangin Ko’y 443
Index of First Lines

Bayan Muling Magtipon 609 Come Lord, Do Not Delay! 457

Bayan Umawit Ng Papuri 444 Come Thou Almighty King 459
Be Joyful, Mary, Heav’nly Queen 268 Come To Me 209
Be Our Redeemer From Death 249 Come With Praise, People Of God! 460
Be Our Redeemer From Death 405 Come, Let Us Join With One Accord 462
Bedew Us From Heaven Above 65 Come, They Told Me 123
Behold A Rose Of Judah 67 Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus 68
Behold A Virgin Bearing Him 66 Comfort My People And Calm 82
Behold The Cross Of Jesus Christ 167 Coredemptrix Forever 275
Behold The Virgin Shall Be 70 Creator Of The Stars Of Night 69
Binati Kapagdaka Ni Sabel Si Maria 247 Credo In Un Solo Dio, 18
Birds Are Singing Sweet And Low 568 Credo In Unum Deum 6
Birhen Maria, Tala Sa Umaga 270 Crown Him With Many Crowns 154
Birheng Mahal, Birheng Mahal 269
Birheng Maria, Bukang-Liwayway 321 Daily Sing In Praise Of Mary 277
Biyayang Mula Sa’yo 446 Daily, Daily Sing To Mary 278
Bless Us All O God 719 Dakilang Pag-Ibig Saan Man Manahan 463
Blessed Be God 242 Dakilang Tanda Ang Sumikat Sa Langit 279
Blessed Francis, Holy Father 447 Dalaygon Ang Dios Sa Kahitas-An 108
Blest Are You, Lord, God 448 Dali Kamo, Mga Igsoon! 109
Brother Sun And Sister Moon 450 Dawata O Ginoo 464
Bubuhayin Kita, At Bubuhayin Kita 180 Dawn Of Hope That Announces 280
Buhay Pagmamahal 451 Daygon Ikaw Dios 465
Buklod Ng Pag-Ibig, Tayo Ay Sumamba 452 Daygon Ta Ang Ginoo 466
Buksan Ang Aming Puso 453 Dear Guardian Of Mary! 467
Buksan N’yo Ang Bintana 105 Dear Lady Of Fatima 281
By The Cross Her Vigil Keeping 152 Dearest Lord 634
Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly 110
Can You Hear The Sound Of Life? 139 Dinggin Himig Ng Bayang Malaya 437
Cantate Domino Canticum Novum 455 Diosnong Magtutudlo 469
Christ Be Beside Me 667 Dumuol Ka O Emanuel 43
Christ Jesus Lay In Death’s Strong 182 Dust And Ashes Touch Our Face 155
Christ The Lord Is Ris’n Today 183 Dying You Destroyed Our Death 23
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today, Alleluia!184
Christ, Have Mercy 558 Ecce Panis Angelorum Factus Cibus 210
Christ, Redeemer Of Mankind 164 Enter, Rejoice And Come In 473
Christus Amor, Amor, Meus 153 Exaltata Est 283
Come Adore This Wondrous Presence 208
Come Away To The Skies 185 Faith Of Our Fathers! Faith And Prayer 475
Come Back To Me With All Your Heart 501 Father I Adore You 211
Come Build My Church 456 Father In My Life 702
Come Divine Messiah! 80 Father, I Have Sinned 637
Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (2) 187 Feliz Navidad 112
Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (1) 186 Fill My House Unto The Fullest 476
Index of First Lines

For Ages God Had Deemed 340 Hark! Are The Bells, Sweet Silver Bells 106
For To Those Who Love God 477 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 118
From Heaven High I Come To You 113 Hayaan Mong Sabihin Kong Muli 493
From The Hills, From The Plains 337 He Can Turn The Tide And Calm 494
Full Of Glory, Full Of Wonders 480 Hear The Herald Voice Resounding 75
Hear Thy Children, Gentlest Mother 292
Ginoo, Ginoo, Ginoo 37 Hear, O Lord, The Sound Of My Call 496
Ginoo, Ikaw Ra’y Kadangpan 46 Heart Of Jesus, Meek And Mild 212
Ginoo, Kaloy-I Kami 47 Heart Of Mary, Heart All Pure 293
Ginoo, Sayud Ka Sa Tanan 71 Heart-Rending Cries 276
Ginoong Dios, Kaloy-A Na 483 Heart-Rending Cries 398
Ginoong Dios, Kaloy-A Na 48 Hesukristo, Na Naglingkod 619
Ginoong Jesus, Ihatag Kanila 41 Himaya Sa Dios Didto Sa Langit 49
Gipangita Ko Ikaw Hesus 441 Himaya Sa Dios Didto Sa Langit 11
Give Thanks And Remember 484 Himaya Ug Pagdayeg Alang Kanimo 158
Gli Spirti Celesti Annunziando 115 Hindi Kita Malilimutan 498
Gloria A Dio Nell’alto Dei Cieli 17 Hiram Sa D’yos Ang Aking Buhay 661
Gloria In Excelsis Deo 2 Holy God, We Praise Thy Name! 499
Glory And Praise To Our God 485 Holy Mary, Now We Crown You 294
Glory To God In The Highest (New Transla- Holy Virgin With Kindness Receive 295
tion) 8 Holy, Holy, Holy 500
God Of Mercy And Compassion 486 Holy, Holy, Holy 22
God, My God Why Did You Leave 156 How Beautiful Is The Morning 319
Godhead Here In Hiding 487 How Beautiful Up On The Mountains 502
Good Christian Friends, Rejoice 116 How Can I Thank You 725
Gumising, Gumising! 117 How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place 504
How Sweet Your Name O Mary 296
H’wag Damdamin Ang Kasawian 576
H’wag Kang Magulat 651 I Am The Bread Of Life 191
Hail Bride Of Christ, St. Clare 490 I Am The Bread Of Life 189
Hail Mary Full Of Grace 286 I Am The Light, Bringing You Out 461
Hail Mary, Full Of Grace 287 I Am The Vine 509
Hail O Blessed Lady 264 I Am With You, Fear Not 510
Hail O Star Of Ocean Bright 288 I Believe In God (New Translation) 10
Hail Thee, Festival Day! 188 I Believe In One God (New Translation) 9
Hail To The Lord’s Anointed 72 I Confess To Almighty God (New Transla-
Hail, Holy Joseph, Hail 491 tion) 7
Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above 290 I Desire To Be A Small Grain Of Sand 662
Hail, Mary, Full Of Grace 284 I Desire To Love You 514
Hail, O Most Holy Lady 388 I Dreamt One Night 479
Hail, Queen Of Heaven, The Ocean Star 289 I Have Loved You With An Everlasting 511
Hail, Redeemer King Divine 157 I Hear My Beloved See How He Comes 458
Halina, Hesus, Aming Mananakop 73 I Hear The Bells 282
Halina, Hesus, Halina! 74 I Love The Lord 512
Index of First Lines

I Love You Cause That’s Just What I Am 513 It Came Upon The Midnight Clear 120
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say 190 It’s Been A Long Time Now 701
I See Your Hands And Your Side, Lord 160 It’s Better To Light 602
I Shall Praise The Savior’s Glory 235 Ito Ang Aking Katawan Handog Ko 214
I Thank My God 515 Ito Ang Araw Na Ginawa 527
I Want To Call You By Name 516 Ito Ang Bagong Araw 193
I Want To Give It All To You, Oh Lord 700 Ito Ang Tinapay Ng Buhay 159
I Want To Give You Something 703
I Was Falling, Falling On My Knees 694 Jesu! Rex Admirabilis 216
I Was Walking In The Fields 478 Jesus Christ Is Ris’n Today, Alleluia! 194
I Will Be Yahweh Who Walks 671 Jesus Na Aking Kapatid 528
I Will Come To You In The Silence 721 Jesus, My God; Behold 161
I Will Come To You In The Silence 722 Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All 215
I Will Exult Greatly For Joy 517 Jesus, My Only Desire 584
I Will Never Forget You, My People 523 Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee 217
I Will Play Before The Lord 629 Jesus, You’re The One I Love 449
I Will Play For Him On My Harp 554 Jesus, You’re The Sweetest Name 529
I Will Sing With All My Soul 300 Joy To The World! 121
I, The Lord, Of Sea And Sky 497
I’ll Give My Hand To Those 577 Kahanga-Hanga Ang Iyong Pangalan 530
I’ll See Her There One Day 301 Kahit Di Malinaw ‘Yong Patutunguhan 505
Iam Noctis Umbra Obduxerat 518 Kaloy-I Kami Ginoo 36
Ikaw Ang Aking Tanging Yaman 684 Kaloy-I Kami Ginoo 45
Ikaw Nga Gipadala 40 Kami Nakasala Kanimo 38
Iluom Lahat Ng Takot Sa Inyong 575 Kami Nakasala Kanimo 39
Immaculata, Iniibig Kita 390 Kaming Mga Makasasala 535
Immaculate Heart Of Mary 302 Kanimo Ihalad Ko Karon Ginoo 472
Immaculate Mary 303 Kanimo O Dios Nagahulat Ako 536
Immaculate Mother Of God 386 Kapuri-Puri Ka, D’yos Amang Lumikha 537
Immaculate Mother We Come 304 Kapwa Nating Ialay 412
In God Alone Can My Spirit Find Rest! 519 Kasadya Ning Taknaa 122
In Him Alone Is Our Hope 520 Katulad Ng Lupang Tigang 424
In His Own Raiment Clad 173 Katulad Ng Lupang Tigang 534
In His Time, In His Time 521 Katulad Ng Mga Butil Na Tinitipon 525
In The Womb Of A Virgin 305 Kay Imo Man Ang Gingharian 59
Ina Ng Dios Kami Po’y Dumudulog 322 Kay Kita Usa Ra Sa Gugma 538
Inang Minamahal 307 Kay Tagal Na Kitang Hinahanap 531
Inang Sakdal Linis Kami’y Humihingi 308 Kini Maong Akong Lawas 539
Into Your Hands We Commend 522 Kining Lungsod Nga Imong Tinubos 540
Inviolata Integra Et Casta Es Maria 382 Kon Adunay Kahayag 545
Isang Pananampalataya 526 Kordero Ng Diyos Na Nag-Aalis 35
Isang Pintong Mahiwaga 627 Kordero Sa Dios Nga Nagawagtang 60
Isugid Ko 42 Kordero Sa Dios Nga Nagawagtang 16
Isugid…Kaloyan Mo Na 44 Kun Ang Tawo Nga Maminaw 533
Index of First Lines

Kung ‘Yong Nanaisin 542 Lovely Lady, Dressed In Blue 312

Kung Aawit Ako Nang Mag-Isa 492 Loving Mother Of Our Redeemer 313
Kung Itong Aming Paglalayag 394 Low In The Grave He Lay 181
Kunin At Tanggapin Ang Alay Na Ito 704 Lungsod Nga Balaan, Ani-A Ta Karon 569
Kunin Mo, O Diyos At Tanggapin Mo 614 Luwalhati Sa Diyos Sa Kaitaasan 27
Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison 1
Madonna De Claritate 571
Lady Clare Shining Bright 543 Maghimaya Ka Maria, Puno Ka 315
Langitnon Namong Amahan 544 Maglipay Kita Niining Panahona 124
Lauda Sion On Salvatorem 218 Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum 316
Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes 219 Magpuri Kayo Sa Panginoong D’yos 572
Lead Me Lord, Lead Me By The Hand 546 Magsiawit Sa Panginoon, Aleluya 573
Let All The World Praise Maria! 309 Mahal Naming Ina, Tinatawagan Ka 317
Let Heaven Rejoice And Earth Be Glad 547 Mahiwaga Ang Buhay Ng Tao 574
Let The Earth Rejoice And Sing 195 Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace 635
Let There Be Peace On Earth 548 Malamig Ang Simoy Ng Hangin 119
Let Us Raise Our Voice 207 Malipayon Ang Tawo 648
Let Us Sing A Joyful Song 488 Mama Maria Nagkatigum 318
Life Is Not At All That Bad My Friend 550 Manluluwas Sa Kalibutan 56
Lift Up Your Hearts To The Lord 551 Mapapalad Ang Umiibig Sa Buhay 579
Light The Advent Candle One 76 Maranatha!Come, O Christ The Lord! 77
Like A Shepherd He Feeds His Flock 553 Maria, Babaye Sa Pagtuo 320
Listen To Your Mother 365 Maria, Babaye Sa Pagtu-O 323
Liwanag Ng Aming Puso 559 Mary Immaculate, Star Of The Morning 326
Lodate Maria, O Lingue Fedeli 311 Mary Is Our Queen, O Sing To Her 327
Long Time Ago In Bethlehem 125 Mary! How Sweetly Falls That Word 328
Lord And God, Devoutly 220 Mary, Queen Of Angels 369
Lord I Lift Your Name On High 561 Mary, Woman Of Faith 330
Lord Jesus, I Unite Myself To Your 653 Matamis Na Birheng Pinaghahandugan 252
Lord Jesus, You’re Always In My Heart 707 May Pusong Kung Umibig 486
Lord, Accept The Gifts We Offer 563 May The Good Lord Bless 578
Lord, Here I Am, To Answer Your Call 560 Minsan Ang Buhay Ay Isang Awit 267
Lord, I Come To You 696 Minsan Lamang Ako Daraan 611
Lord, I Will Bless You 699 Misa De Gallo Sa Simbahan 126
Lord, Lord, Make Me An Instrument 636 Misa De Gallo Sa Simbahan 78
Lord, Make Me An Instrument 626 Moduol Ako Sa Altar Sa Dios 580
Lord, My God 503 Mother Dear, O Pray For Me 332
Lord, Our God 557 Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest 333
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit 564 Mother Mary, Whither Goest Thou 338
Lord, We Touch You Today 565 Mother Of Christ, Mother Of Christ 334
Lord, You Called Us Graciously 566 Mother Of Holy Hope 335
Lord, You Have Come To The Seashore 562 Mother Of Jesus 336
Lose Yourself In Me 221 Mugna Sa Dios 581
Love, Love Is All My Friend 625 Mula Sa Bayan Ng Diyos 624
Index of First Lines

Mula Sa Mga Butil, Na Humitik 442 O Inang Maria 306

My Dearest Savior I Would Fain 582 O Jesus, Lord, Most Mighty King 595
My Lord, You Are The One 471 O Kay Ganda Ng Ating Buhay 213
My Loving Savior 162 O King Of Might And Splendor 596
My Prayers Rise Like Incense 583 O Little Town Of Bethlehem 130
My Song Is Love Unknown 163 O Lord In This Great Mystery 597
My Soul Is Like The Deer 555 O Lord Jesus, I Adore Thee 226
My Soul Is Occupied 604 O Lord, I Am Not Worthy 225
My Soul Is Sad, My Heart Is Breaking 585 O Maria, Ina Ng Iglesia 351
My Soul Is Thirsting For The Lord 556 O Maria, Rayna Sa Pilipinas 352
My Soul Rejoices In My God 339 O Mary Of All Women 353
O Mary, My Lady 329
Nagatuo Ako Sa Dios 12 O Mary, You Are All Beautiful 409
Nagatuo Kami Sa Usa Ka, Dios 13 O Most Holy One 354
Nagmula Sa Lupa, Magbabalik Na Kusa 570 O Most Holy One, O Most Lowly One 355
Natawag Ko Na Ikaw 587 O Pagmaya, Kalibutan! Ani-A Na 131
Nawa’y Kahabagan Tayo Ng D’yos 617 O Purest Of Creatures! Sweet Mother 341
Nearer My God To Thee 588 O Queen Of Peerless Majesty, Maria! 342
New Life! New Life! 589 O Rayna Sa Kalibutan 343
Noel, Noel, Chiara Luce E Nel Ciel 127 O Sacrament Divine 228
Noi Ti Amiam, Signor 222 O Sacrament Most Holy 229
Now Watch For God’s Coming, 79 O Sacred Heart! O Love Divine! 230
Now We Want To Thank You 397 O Sacrum Convivium 232
O Salutaris Hostia 233
O Birhen Maria, Ig-Ampo Mo Kami 344 O Sanctissima, O Pissima 356
O Blessed Padre Pio 668 O Santa Maria, O Reynang Ina Ng Awa 357
O Bread Of Angels 237 O Saving Victim Op’ning Wide 231
O Bread Of Angels Lord Of Love 223 O Sorrowful Immaculate Heart 358
O Come, All Ye Faithful 128 O Virgin Mother, Lady 362
O Come, O Come Emmanuel 81 O Yahweh Ko. O Aking D’yos 598
O Cuore Immacolato 345 O’er A Humble Little Holm-Oak 359
O Dearest Mother Of Mercy 346 Oh How I Long To Sing You A Song 387
O Dios, Iniibig, Iniibig Kita 591 Omni Die Dic Mariae 360
O Diyos, Ikaw Ang Laging Hanap 436 On Calvary’s Height The Roman Spear 599
O Espirito Sa Paghigugma 592 On This Day The First Of Days 197
O Father, Whose Mighty Arm 508 On This Day, O Beautiful Mother 361
O God Of Loveliness 224 One Bread, One Body, One Lord Of All 601
O Great Saint Padre Pio 506 One Thing I Ask, To Dwell 603
O Great St. Pio Sent By God 593 Only In God Will My Soul Be At Rest 227
O Heart Of Mary, Pure And Fair 347 Only This I Want: But To Know 605
O Hesus, Hilumin Mo 594 Oremus Pro Pontifice Nostro 241
O Holy Night, The Stars Are Brightly 129 Osana Sa Anak Ni David 607
O Immaculata O Queen Of Heaven 349 Our Father In Heaven 24
O Immaculata, Dream Of Pure Beauty 348
Index of First Lines

Paano Namin Masasabi Sa ‘Yo 608 Queen And Lady Of Mt. Carmel 298
Padre Nostro, Che Sei Nel Cieli 20 Queen Of Heaven Rejoice 367
Pagdaygon Ka Dios 612 Queen Of The Rosary! 368
Paggising Sa Umaga Kay Ganda 640
Pag-Ibig Ang Siyang Pumukaw 470 Receive Me, O Mary Our Mother 370
Pagkanindot Sa Gawi 645 Regina Coeli Jubila 371
Pagmamahal Sa Panginoon 616 Regina Coeli, Laetare, Alleluia! 372
Pagmata Na, Moabut Na Siya 83 Rejoice O Queen Of Heav’n Above 373
Pagsapit Ng Gabing Kulimlim 481 Remember, Holy Mary 374
Paminawon Nato Karon 430 Remember, Virgin Mary 331
Panahon Na! Tumanon Ta 620 Resonet In Laudibus 134
Pange Lingua Gloriosi 234 Resuene Vibrante El Himno De Amor 376
Panginoon, Aking Tanglaw 622
Panginoon, Aming Alay 610 Sa Aking Paglalakbay 325
Panginoon, Hanggang Kailan Kami 84 Sa D’yos Lamang Mapapanatag 641
Panginoon, Ito Ang Aming Alay 524 Sa Halawum Nga Gabii, Natawo Si Jesus 135
Panginoon, Maawa Ka 26 Sa Malayong Bundok 169
Panginoon, Narito Ako 586 Sa Piging Ng Ating Panginoon 643
Panginoon, Narito Kang Gumagabay 642 Sa Trece Sa Mayo Ang Birhen Maria 377
Panginoon, Panginoon 25 Sacred Head Surrounded (1) 165
Panginoon, Turuan Mo 621 Sacred Head Surrounded (2) 166
Pangitaa Ang Gingharian 54 Saddened Eyes Seem To Brighten 378
Panis Angelicus Fit Panis Hominum 236 Said The Night Wind 111
Papuri Sa ‘Yo, O Espiritu 623 Salamat Sa Diyos 438
Papuri Sa Diyos, Papuri Sa Diyos 28 Salamat Sa Iyo, Aking Panginoong 647
Pasko Na Naman, O Kay Tulin Ng Araw 132 Salve Mother Of Our Lord 379
Pasko’y Sumapit Na 133 Salve, Regina; Mater Misericordiae 380
Pater Noster, Qui Es In Caelis 4 Salve, Sancte Pater 650
People Making Lists 114 San Maksimilyan Ang Pangalan 435
Pia Dulcis Et Benigna 274 Sancta Maria Ora Pro Nobis. 248
Pinid Na Pintuan Mistulang Dingding 454 Sancturom Agmina Excedens Domina 381
Pinupuri Ko, Poong D’yos 628 Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus 3
Praise The Lord, My Soul 630 Santo, Santo, Santo Panginoong Diyos 31
Praise To Mary, Heaven’s Gate 364 Santo. Santo, Santo 19
Praise To The Holiest In The Height 168 Santos Nga Ginoo Sa Tanang Panahon 670
Praise To The Lord, The Almighty 631 Santos, Santos Nga Ginoo 55
Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven 632 Santos, Santos, Santos Nga Ginoo 14
Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven 633 Sapakat Sa Iyo’y Nagmumula 34
Praised Be The Virgin Mary 363 Seed, Scattered And Sown, Wheat 652
Promised Lord And Christ Is He 85 Set Me Like A Seal On Your Heart 552
Purihi’t Pasalamatan Sa Masayang Awit 638 Sharing In The One Life Of The Lord 655
Purihin Ang Panginoon 639 Shelter Me, O God 656
Puso Ko’y Binihag Mo 644 Shepherd Of Souls, In Love Come 657
Si Kristo Namatay 57
Index of First Lines

Si Kristo’y Namatay 32 The Angel Gabriel 310

Signora Nostra Signora Mia 383 The Bread By Your Hand 686
Silent Night! Holy Night! 136 The Coming Of Our God 87
Simple Gifts We Bring Before The Table 658 The Day Of Resurrection! 199
Sing A New Song Unto The Lord 659 The First Noel The Angel Did Say 138
Sing A Song Of Gladness And Cheer 95 The Glory Of These Forty Days 171
Sing Of Mary, Pure And Lowly 384 The God Whom Earth 690
Sing To Mary, Mother Most Merciful 385 The King Of Glory Comes 88
Sing To The Mountains 660 The King Shall Come 89
Sing With All The Sons Of Glory 198 The Lord Bless You And Keep You 692
Sino Si Maria Sa Ating Lahat, O Maria! 266 The Lord Hears The Cry Of The Poor 689
Sinong Mas Malumanay 251 The Lord Is My Shepherd He Is Lord 693
Sitting In The Park Beneath The Sky 606 The Love Of Christ Has Gathered 244
Soft As The Voice Of An Angel 92 The Master Came To Bring Good News 695
Song Of Praise The Angel Sang 137 The Night Now Is Ending 86
Soul Of Christ, Sanctify Me 432 The Restless Soul Longs For Your Peace 172
Soul Of My Savior Sanctify My Breast 663 The Time Has Come For Us To Raise 324
Sound Sound Your Instruments Of Joy! 664 There Is No Problem Too Big 495
Sounds Of Joy Have Put To Flight 665 There’s A Quiet Native Homeland 314
St. Joseph Ask Thy Little Son 440 This Day Is A Special Day 297
St. Joseph Traveled With Mary 389 This Earth Is A Place Of Meriting 688
St. Maximilian Our Dear Patron 507 This Is My Body 697
Stabat Mater Dolorosa 392 This Is My Body, Take Now And Share 243
Star O’er The Ocean 393 Ti Ringrazio O Mio Signore 239
Stay With Us Lord All Through Today 669 Till The End Of My Days O Lord 415
Su Nel Cielo Cantan Gli Angeli 672 To Jesus Heart All Burning 240
Sub Tuum Praesidium Confugimus 395 To The Name That Brings Salvation 698
Sumasamo Kami Sa’yo 673 To You O Virgin Mary 399
Sumasampalataya Ako Sa Diyos 30 Today The Goodness Of God Cries Out 691
Tota Pulchra Es Maria 400
Take And Eat; Take And Eat 675 Totus Tuus Maria 401
Take And Receive, O Lord, My Liberty 676 Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle 140
Take My Hands 677
Take Our Bread, We Ask You 678 Ubi Caritas Et Amor, Deus Ibi Est 245
Take Up Your Cross The Savior Said 170 Umawit Ang Bayan Ng Poong Mahal 141
Take, O Lord, This Offering 679 Unless A Grain Of Wheat Shall Fall 705
Tanang Kanasuran, Tanang Katawhan 680 Unsay Igasa Kokanimo 706
Tanang Katawhan, Pamakpak Kamo 681 Up Above The Angels Sing Her Praise 402
Tanggapin Ang Alay 682
Tanggapin Ninyo Ang Aking Katawan 683 Veni Sancte Spiritus 202
Tanging Hiling Ko Sa Kanya 396 Veni, Creator Spiritus 201
Tantum Ergo Sacramentum 238 Venite Adoremus ( 3x ) ... Venite 246
Tawag Nami’y Laging Dinggin 468 Venite Adoriamo Il Figlio Divino 143
Thank You Very Much 685 Virgin, Full Of Grace 273
Index of First Lines

Virgin, Full Of Grace 403 You Who Dwell In The Shelter 600
Virgin-Born, We Bow Before You 404
Virgo Parens Christi, Benedicta 375

Wake, Awake, The Night Is Dying 90

Walk With Faith In Your Heart 708
Wash Me , Cleanse Me 174
Way Sama Ang Gugma 709
Way Sukod Man Ang Pagmahal 710
We Are Made For Service 654
We Are The Body Of Christ 674
We Are The Sisters/Friars 541
We Hold A Treasure 474
We Long For You, O Lord 91
We Offer Our Lives 711
We Praise You , O Lord 712
We Remember How You Loved Us 713
We Rise Again From Ashes 148
We Three Kings Of Orient Are 144
We Want You, Blessed Mother 271
We Who Once Were Dead 192
Welcome To The Family 714
Were You There When They Crucified 175
What Are These Sufferings 549
What Can We Bring To Offer 715
What Child Is This Who 145
What You Gave Us For Our Taking 716
Whatsoever You Do 717
Whatsoever You Do To The Least 718
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross 176
When Mary Brought Her Treasure 406
When You Follow Mary 407
Whenever I See Girls And Boys 107
With Tender Greeting 666

Yahweh, I Know You Are Near 723

Yahweh’s Love, Will Last Forever 720
Ye Who Own The Faith Of Jesus 408
You Are Full Of Grace, O Maria 350
You Are The Body Of Jesus 299
You Can Give No Greater Love 590
You Love Me Lord 724
You Satisfy The Hungry Heart 482
You Shall Cross The Barren Desert 445
Celebration hymnal
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Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
September 8, 2013
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