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Maintenance of osmotic balance is a function of the kidney. Why is this so?

A. It filters the excess material from the blood

B. It participate in the active transport of solutes in all cells
C. It reduces the blood pressure
D. It controls the amount of blood cell to be produced

At the competition of mitosis, the reminder of the cell divides and a new
cell divides and a new cell wall is formed. This process is
called .

A. Meiosis
B. Cytokinesis
C. Recombination
D. Cross-over

A boring tool is used to drill a hole into a tree. Which sequence of tissues
would it encounter?

A. Phloem — xylem — vascular cambium

B. Phloem — vascular cambium — xylem
C. Xylem — vascular cambium — phloem
D. Xylem — phloem — vascular cambium

What accounts for the movement of water into a root hair and on to the

A. The pressure exerted on the roots by the surrounding soil

B. Diffusion due to the difference in concentration of minerals
C. Osmosis due to the osmotic pressure created by the surrounding
D. The active transport of minerals into the root tissues creating
osmotic pressure

Children born with a deficiency of thyroxin _____ if deficiency is not


A. Grow too rapidly

B. Lose their hair
C. Have weak bones
D. Become mentally retarded

The structure of Bacteriophage T4 is BEST described as an arrangement


A. proteins surrounding a chromosome made of DNA

B. proteins surrounding a chromosome made of RNA
C. chromosomes made of DNA surrounding a core of proteins
D. chromosomes made of RNA surrounding a core of proteins

Which of the following is typical of passive immunity?

A. It is relatively short-lived
B. A person makes their own antibodies
C. It comes and goes depending on a person’s health
D. It can be induced by injecting a weakened pathogen

Which one is a liquid fossil fuel?

A. Petrochemical
B. Methane
C. Petroleum
D. Alcohol

Which illness is caused by Plasmodium, member of Phylum Sporozoa, from Kingdom


A. Dengue Fever
B. Malaria
C. African sleeping sickness
D. Amoebiasis

Which kingdom includes bacteria?

A. Fungi.
B. Monera.
C. Plantae.
D. Protista.

Where can you find the phytoplanktons at night?

A. Surface water
B. Bathypelagic
C. Lower part of the lake
D. Littoral zone

Which of the following is a cloned organism?

A. Rat with rabbit hemoglobin genes

B. Human gene with a blood clothing gene
C. Bacterium that has received genes by conjugation
D. Fem grown in cell culture from a single root cell

Which of the following scientists demonstrated that tobacco mosaic

disease could be transferred from an infected plant to a healthy plant in
the juice extracted from the infected plant?

A. Miller
B. Meyer
C. Beijerinick
D. Iwanowski

What did Mendel do to ensure that he had pure-breeding plants for his experiments?

A. He removed the male parts of the plants

B. He removed the female part of the plants
C. He cross-fertilized each variety with each other
D. He allowed each variety to self-fertilized for several generations
Which of the following is NOT a correct match?

A. Scaly legs — frog

B. Crop and gizzard — chicken
C. Boneless — shark
D. Free-living — lamprey

When you fail to eat the usual kind and amount of food you take everyday,
what could serve as the fuel source of cells in your body?

A. Fats in adipose tissue

B. Cholesterol in blood vessels
C. Albumin in the blood
D. Glycogen in the liver

Which of the following is MOST characteristic of eubacteria?

A. Anaerobic
B. Common and abundant
C. Live in harsh environments
D. Uncommon with simple characteristics

In incomplete dominance, a cross between the two heterozygotes would result to which
phenotypic ratio?

A. 1:2:1
B. 3:1
C. 1:1:1:1
D. 4:0

Which of the following is the BEST description of the structure and

function of the Casparian strip?

A. A set of cells that allows water into the xylem from the root hairs
B. A waxy layer around the xylem that prevents water from leaving
once it is there
C. A protein-rich layer that enzymatically controls water movement in a
vascular bundle
D. A specialized tissue that conducts water in the xylem of roots to the
xylem above the ground

What explains why our lips are “redder” than our palm?

A. Many blood vessels are located around the lips

B. Lip epidermis is thinner
C. Lips are heavily keratinized
D. There is increased blood flow in the lips

What do you call the cellular extension of Amoeba that serves as locomotory structure?

A. pseudopodia
B. pseudocoelom
C. flagellum
D. cilium

A pathogen is BEST described as a

A. toxic chemical
B. virus or bacterium
C. carrier of a disease
D. disease-causing microbe
Which levels of biological organization includes all the others listed?

A. Biome
B. Ecosystem
C. Population
D. Community

Which of the following is an arthropod?

A. Jellyfish
B. Snail
C. Mosquito
D. Starfish

Where would you most likely get phytoplanktons?

a. At the bottom of the ocean

b. Near the coast
c. Near the surface of water
d. In mangrove forest

What is the function of uropods and a telson?

A. Excretion
B. Reproduction
C. Locomotion
D. Digestion

Which structure would exhibit the highest degree of keratinization?

A. Stratum corneum of skin

B. Paw pad
C. Nails
D. Callus

During the vaccination against small pox, what did Jenner inject into

A. Fluid from a cowpox blister

B. Blood from an infected cow
C. Pus from an infected person
D. Antibiotics he developed against small pox
When is cellular respiration performed?

A. During the day

B. During the night
C. Anytime of the day as long as the necessary materials are present
D. At 12 midnight

Which of the following statements about flower parts is CORRECT?

A. Sepals are photosynthetic

B. The female parts surround the central male part
C. Pistils are male parts, while stamens are female parts
D. The style is the source of energy and fragrance for the flower

What do you call the role of an organism in an ecosystem?

A. Habitat
B. Occupation
C. Niche
D. Troph

Which kingdom does NOT contain photosynthetic organisms?

A. Plant
B. Fungus
C. Protist
D. Monera (Eubacteria)

What is another name for light independent reaction?

A. Krebs cycle
B. Calvin Cycle
C. Signal transduction pathway
D. Chemiosmosis

A bacterium that makes its food using energy from chemicals found in its
environment is termed a

A. photosynthetic autotroph
B. chemosynthetic autotroph
C. photosynthetic heterotroph
D. chemosynthetic heterotroph
How is a community formed?

A. Different individuals in an area

B. Aggregation of individuals of the same species
C. Group of species in a given space at a given time
D. Several different population interacting with its environment in given space at a
given time
Which is the plasmid that increases resistance to antibiotics?

A. Col-plasmid
B. F-plasmid
C. Cell-plasmid
D. R-plasmid

Which of the following has a nymph stage in its life cycle?

A. Grasshopper
B. Moth
C. Mosquito
D. Fly

According to 10% rule, how much energy will be made available to the next trophic level?

A. 100%
B. 90%
C. .1%
D. 10%

Which of the following correctly describes the water flow through a


A. In and out through the osculum

B. In and out through the porocytes
C. In through porocytes and out the osculum
D. In through the osculum and out through the porocytes

Which phylum does Rhizopus stolonifer belong to?

A. Phylum Oomycetes
B. Phylum Ascomycetes
C. Phylum Zygomycetes
D. Phylum Basidiomycetes
The funnel-shaped opening through which the egg cell is released in the?

A. umbilical cord
B. uterus
C. fallopian tube
D. tubules

Which particular structure serves as the site for gas exchange?

A. Bronchus
B. Trachea
C. Bronchioles
D. Alveolus

Which of the following correctly describes the tissue layers in the animals

A. Jellyfish — 2 layers; tapeworm —3 layers; round worm — 3 layers

B. Jellyfish — 2 layers; tapeworm — 3 layers; round worm — 4 layers
C. Jellyfish — 2 layers; tapeworm — 2 layers; round worm — 3 layers
D. Jellyfish — 3 layers; tapeworm — 3 layers; round worm — 4 layers

John experienced a lack of growth hormone (GH) as a child. Now that

John is an adult, it is likely that he:

A. Has cognitive and emotional problems as a result of his hormone

B. Has normal adult body proportions, but extremely short stature
C. Has developed a physique similar to that seen in females
D. Is of normal of height, but has child-like body proportion

If trait is controlled by gene that is located in the x chromosome, it is

classified as

A. Genotype
B. gene-linked
C. sex-linked
D. phenotype

The cnidarians like the starfishes and hydra possess an organ for
protection. What is this organ and how does it defend the cnidarians from
their enemies?
A. Nematocysts: contains poison
B. Nematocyst: sharp edges
C. Spicules: sharp bones
D. Nematocyst: contains cyst

Which of the following is NOT included in evidences for endosymbiont theory that refers
to chloroplast and mitochondrial origin?

a. They can self-replicate

b. They have DNA
c. They produce lactate
d. They are involved in energy metabolism

During photosynthesis, the products are

A. carbon dioxide and water, while the reactants are oxygen and sugar
B. oxygen and carbon dioxide, while the reactants are sugar and water
C. water and oxygen, while the reactants are sugar and carbon dioxide
D. sugar and oxygen, while the reactants are carbon dioxide and

When can we say that an ecosystem is managed?

A. When it is formed by natural phenomenon

B. If it is maintained by man
C. When it costs a lot
D. When it is beautiful

Which theory states that life originated from non-living materials?

A. Naturalistic
B. Cosmozoic
C. Spontaneous generation
D. Special creation