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Student’s full name: …………………………….. Group: …….

Teacher’s name: ………………….………………..

Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: Hello, ________ Tim.
A I’m  B I C Am
1 What’s ________ name?
A you B you’re C your
2 Are ________ Josie?
A he B you C she
3 Where ________ from?
A is he B is C he is
4 A Is she a good teacher?
B ________.
A Yes, is B Yes, she is C Yes, is she
5 Jack ________ Scotland.
A from B is C is from
6 Kylie and Jason ________ British.
A is B are C am
7 A Are you from Russia?
B ________.
A No, I not B No, am I not C No, I’m not
8 Where ________ from?
A you B you are C are you
9 New York City ________ in the United States.
A it’s B is C are
10 We ________ in room 12.
A am not B isn’t C aren’t
11 Are ________ Mexican?
A they B he C it
12 ________ Sam?
A He is B Is he C Is
13 A Are Davina and Sarah in the classroom?
B No, ________.
A they aren’t B aren’t they C they not
14 Where is ________?
A they B he C we
15 ________ Swiss.
A We B We’re C We is
16 A Is it Spanish?
B No, ________.
A it is B it not C it isn’t
17 ________ from China.
A Are B They C They are
18 ________ in room 10.
A You are no B You not C You aren’t
19 Where ________?
A it is B are you C I am
20 This ________ Amy.
A is B am C are

a Tick () the next word A, B, or C.

Example: one, two, three, ________
A five B four  C six
1 ten, nine, eight, ________
A five B six C seven
2 two, four, six, ________
A seven B eight C ten
3 five, six, seven, ________
A eight B eigth C eithg
4 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ________
A Thurday B thursday C Thursday
5 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, ________
A Tuesday B Monday C Wednesday

b Tick () the correct word A, B, or C.

Example: Is John from ________?
A English B England  C Englesh
6 Is Gilberto ________?
A Brazilien B Brazil C Brazilian
7 She’s from ________.
A Spain B Spanish C Spaniard
8 They aren’t ________.
A from Japanese B Japanese C of Japan
9 She is from ________.
A the Egypt B Egyptian C Egypt
10 Jack is ________.
A America B American C the United States

c Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: A Bye!
B ________!
A Sorry B Hello C Goodbye 
11 A Hi Tom!
B ________ Sarah.
A Hello B Nice C Good
12 A How do you spell your name?
B ________.
A My name is Ophelia. B O-P-H-E-L-I-A C It’s my name.
13 Can you repeat that, ________?
A thank you B please C sorry
14 Please close the ________.
A chair B board C door
15 A Where are you from?
B ________.
A Mexican B China C Brazilian
16 A What day is your English class?
B ________.
A Monday. B monday C The Monday.
17 Hello. Nice to ________ you.
A think B go C meet
18 A ________ I’m late.
B That’s OK.
A Sorry B Excuse me C Thanks
19 A Bye, Tony.
B Bye. ________ you tomorrow!
A Look B See C Are
20 A We’re from England.
B We’re English ________!
A from B and C too


a Which is the stressed syllable? Tick () A, B, or C.

Example: A I|ta|ly B I|ta|ly  C I|ta|ly
6 A Swit|zer|land B Swit|zer|land C Swit|zer|land
7 A af|ter|noon B af|ter|noon C af|ter|noon
8 A Sa|tur|day B Sa|tur|day C Sa|tur|day
9 A Ger|ma|ny B Ger|ma|ny C Ger|ma|ny
10 A Me|xi|co B Me|xi|co C Me|xi|co
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50