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Claude Rouelle

Padilla Barrera Andrés Alejandro

July 2, 2019

Claude Rouelle is an adviser for SAE teams, he is for Belgium and he has been spent his life

working in vehicle dynamic, engineering designing and developing race car and in the year of 1997

he created a company which it has been growing slowly but steadily. In this company they teach in

universities vehicle dynamics, in companies they consult mainly for race car companies and racing

team and they do simulation software development. He has been teaching 337 in 15 years to 9000

people approximately in different countries, around 34 and in one of those he had a chief of Ferrari

Formula one engine who wanted for vehicle dynamics and, of course, he also had in seminar people

from Dunlop, Michelin, BMW, Toyota, Honda. They, in the company, have been participated in the

vehicle dynamics of several projects around the world.

In many competitions he and people of his company have been judge in different systems, examples

of this are United States, Germany, Australia, Spain, China, Japan, Brazil and England.

He said a tip for the formula students who build a formula car, that it is not about designing

a good car, is about designing good team, is about project management, people is more than the

development and the testing of the car, for him is better have a good team, a solid team than have

a good car made for a team which it never could have a good organization. He give us some tips for

the formula students, and are tips we have to put on practicing, the first is knowing the rules, this

is very important; on second place, he suggest us to make a brainstorming, first to think what are

the things that makes a perfect team and after, think what are the things that makes a perfect car

and of course, after all of this we have to land and be realistic. The team have to grow year by year,

and so the car as well. Is really, really important to have this list of how is the best team and the

best car with all the ideas of the brainstorming, because if you don’t have that you are insulting your

intelligent and your creativity. And he says there are not very good formula students who drives his


The 75 percent of the Japaneses teams finish the endurance in competitions and this is something

appreciable because in competitions the majority of the top cars don’t finish the endurance, this

happens because the Japaneses teams send a video of their car running 6 weeks before the competition

and they have a pre-competition even organized where they have to show up with the car running.

So this means that the car have to be ready with to much time to being tested and not finish it a

night before the competition.

He said the Formula students have to follow a two kind of books, the first is conformed by Con-

cept, Simulation, Design, Manufacturing and Assembling and the second one by Testing, Breaking,

Repairing, Developing, and Training the driver and the time you spend in the second is less than the

first so you must have the car made 3 months before the competition if it is not like that, everything

is going to dead. So please, it is too much important know the rules. The rules will be our mainly

book which we have to study all the time, this is why the rules are pretty important for Formula


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