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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Table of Content

S. No Content Page No

1 Important Days 03

2 Ranking 05

3 Summit / Conference 06

4 Appointments 09

5 Science and Technology 10

5.1 Inventions / Discover 11

5.2 Space Science 14

5.3 App/ Web Portal/ Toll Free 16

6 Economic Affairs 17

6.1 Banking Affairs 22

7 MOU/Agreement 24

8 Indian Forces (Defence) 27

9 Awards and Achievement 33

10 Books & Authors 34

11 National Affairs 35

12 State Wise Affairs 40

13 International Affairs 48

14 Sports 54

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

1. Important Days
Date Day Important Details
April 05 National Maritime Hundred years ago, on this day in 1919, navigation history was
Day created when SS Loyalty, the first ship of The Scindia Steam
Navigation Company Ltd travelled to the United Kingdom. The day
was first celebrated on April 5, 1964.The National Maritime Day
Award is called Varuna Award
2019 Theme: Indian Ocean-An Ocean of opportunity
April 06 International Day 6th April was declared the International Day of Sport for
of Sport for Development and Peace by the United Nations (UN) General
Development and Assembly in 2013, and has been celebrated each year ever since
Peace day 2014.
April 07 World Health Day World Health Day is used to celebrate on the 7th April in the year
1950 for making the people aware of the Health activities to fulfil
their tasks accurately without any Health problem.
2019 Theme: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere
Solgan: “Health for All”.
April 12 International Day The International Day for Street Children: Louder Together was
for Street Children launched on 12th April 2011, to give a louder voice to the millions
of street children all around the world so their rights cannot be
ignored. In 2017, the United Nations have specifically
acknowledged these children‘s rights in a document called
the General Comment (No.21) on Children in Street Situations
April 12 International Day The General Assembly on 7 April 2011 passed a resolution and
of Human Space declared 12 April as the International Day of Human Space Flight.
Flight 12 April 1961 was the date of the first human space flight, carried
out by Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet citizen. This historic event opened the
way for space exploration for the benefit of all humanity.
April 17 World Hemophilia World Hemophilia Day is an international awareness day for
Day hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. It is held annually on
April 17, date of the birthday of Frank Schnabel, founder of the
World Federation of Hemophilia.
2019 Theme: “Reaching Out: The First Step to Care”.
April 18 World Heritage The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in
Day 1982 announced, 18 April as the World Heritage Day. This was
approved by General Assembly of UNESCO in 1983.
2019 Theme: Rural Landscap
April 20 Chinese Language The date for the Chinese day was selected from Guyu ("Rain of
Day Millet"), which is the 6th of 24 solar terms in the traditional East
Asian calendars, to pay tribute to Cangjie.Chinese was established
as an official language of the United Nations in 1946.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

April 21 National Civil The Civil Service Day is celebrated on 21 April every year. The
Services Day present civil services of India are mainly based on the pattern of the
former Indian Civil Service of British India. Warren Hastings laid
the foundation of civil service and Charles Cornwallis reformed,
modernised, and rationalised it. Hence, Charles Cornwallis is
known as 'the father of civil service in India'.
April 22 World Earth Day Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin created the first Earth Day,
on April 22, 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental
protection. United States Senator Gaylord Nelson came up with the
idea for Earth Day after seeing the devastation caused by the 1969
Santa Barbara oil spill, which killed more than 3500 birds off the
coast of California
2019 Theme: 'Protect Our Species'.
April 23 World Book and World Book and Copyright Day is a celebration to promote the
Copyright Day enjoyment of books and reading. Each year, on 23 April,
celebrations take place all over the world to recognize the scope of
books - a link between the past and the future, a bridge between
generations and across cultures. World Book Capital for 2019:
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
April 23 English Language English Language Day at the UN is celebrated on 23 April, the date
Day traditionally observed as both the birthday and date of death of
William Shakespeare. The Day is the result of a 2010 initiative by
the Department of Public Information, establishing language days
for each of the Organization's six official languages.
April 25 World Malaria Day World Malaria Day was established in May 2007 by the 60th
session of the World Health Assembly, WHO's decision-making
body. Prior to the establishment of WMD, Africa Malaria Day was
held on April 25.
2019 Theme: 'Zero Malaria Starts with Me‟
April 26 World Intellectual World Intellectual Property Day is observed annually on 26 April.
Property Day The event was established by the World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) in 2000 to "raise awareness of how patents,
copyright, trademarks and designs impact on daily life". 26 April
was chosen as the date for World Intellectual Property Day because
it coincides with the date on which the Convention Establishing the
World Intellectual Property Organization entered into force in 1970.
2019 Theme: Reach for Gold: IP and Sports

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

2. Rankings

Ranking Index/ Field Rank of India/ Indians/ State Toppers

FIFA Rankings India - 101th place 1. Belgium
2. France
3. Brazil
NIRF Ranking 2019 1. IIT Madras 2. IIT Bengaluru
3. IIT Delhi
World‘s 50 Greatest Arunachalam Muruganantham - 45th 1. Bill and Melinda
Leaders Place Gates
2. Jacinda Ardern
3. Robert Mueller

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

3. Summit / Conference

International Summit & Conference:

4th Meeting of India-Ukraine IU-WGTEC

 The 4th Meeting of India-Ukraine Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation (IU-WGTEC)
was held on April 02, 2019 in New Delhi.
 Indian delegation was led by Bidyut Behari Swain, Additional Secretary, Foreign Trade (CIS) and
Ukrainian Side was led by Mr. Oleksiy Rozhkov.
 A protocol was signed at the end of the meeting. The protocol deals with review of trade, cooperation in
the field of small and medium entrepreneurship, agriculture etc.

NuGen Mobility Summit 2019

 The International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) will organize a NuGen Mobility Summit,
2019, at Manesar, NCR, from 27th to 29th November 2019.

India – Nepal Franchise Investment Summit to be held in May

 Federation of Nepalese chambers of commerce and Industry (FNCCI) is informed that India – Nepal
Franchise Investment Summit will be held in Kathmandu in the month of May.

India – Italy planed to establish regular consular dialogue

 India and Italy have agreed to establish a regular consular dialogue. A decision to this effect was taken
during 7th foreign office consultations (FOC).

International Convention on World Homoeopathy Day

 A two day convention is being organised on 9-10th April 2019 by the Central Council for Research in
Homoeopathy (CCRH), on the occasion of the World Homoeopathy Day at Dr. Ambedkar International
Centre in New Delhi.
 The World Homoeopathy Day is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of
Homoeopathy, Dr. Christian Fredrich Samuel Hahnemann.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

7th China International Technology Fair kicks off in Shanghai

 The 7th China International Technology Fair opened in Shanghai, a national-level professional fair
focused on international technology trade. With an exhibition space covering 35,000 square meters, the
fair has five exhibition areas including professional technologies, technological innovation, and trade

National Summit / Conference:


 The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated the GRIDTECH 2019 exhibition.
GRIDTECH 2019 is an International Exhibition and Conference, organized by the Power Grid
Corporation of India Limited to deliberate on new technologies in transformation, distribution,
renewable integration, Smart Grid Communication

Data Users‟ Conference Deliberates on strategy and questionnaire for Census 2021

 For the first time in the 140 year long Census exercise in India, data is proposed to be collected through
a mobile app, officials of Registrar General of India stated at the conference of data users to finalize the
strategy and questionnaire for the Census 2021.

National workshop on Loss and Damage in India

● A one-day National Consultation on Loss and Damage, to deliberate and brainstorm on emerging
perspectives on approaches to assess, minimise and address climate-related loss and damage, was hosted
by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in New Delhi by Additional Principal
Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr. P. K. Mishra.
National Conference on Agriculture Extension

 Deputy Director General, India Meteorological Department, S D Attri at the National Conference on
Agriculture Extension in New Delhi has said that weather-related advisories by the department to the
farmers has resulted in the high yield of agricultural products across the country.
 The conference had deliberations on most advanced technologies and recent scientific explorations in
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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Seminar on „Use of Technical Textiles in Water Resources Works‟

 One day Technical Seminar was organized by Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and
Ganga Rejuvenation on ―Use of Technical Textiles in Water Resources Works‖ in New Delhi. The
seminar was chaired by Shri Masood Hussain, Chairman, CWC.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

4. Appointments

National New Appointments:

Name Designation

Vikram Kirloskar New CII president

Vikas Agnihotri Google‘s Country Interim Director for Sales
Graham Reid Chief coach of the India men‘s hockey team
Admiral Karambir Singh Chief of Indian Navy
Ajay Dixit CEO of Cairn Oil & Gas
Shri V.P. Pathak and Shri N. Kashinath Member Railway Board
Mr. Manish Maheshwari New MD for Twitter in India
Shri Rajendra Kumar Nayak New Controller General of Defence Accounts

International Appointments:

Name Designation
David Malpass World Bank President
Praful Patel First Indian member of FIFA Executive Council

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

5. Science and Technology

South Korea launches 5G networks early to secure world first

 South Korea is become the first providers of the super-fast wireless technology by launched the world‘s
first nationwide 5G mobile networks on April 03, 11PM. Three top telecom providers—SK Telecom,
KT, and LG Uplus—began their 5G services at South Korea.

Micromax Introduced AI-based electric motorcycle

 Rahul Sharma, one of the co-founders of Micromax, has introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based
electric motorcycle that will hit the roads in June this year.

ICGEB‟s novel yeast strain increases ethanol production

 Compared with currently available strains, a robust yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae NGY10) that
can produce up to 15.5% more ethanol when glucose or lignocellulose biomass is fermented has been
isolated by researchers from the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, DBT-
ICGEB Centre for Advanced Bioenergy Research, Delhi.

Cases of measles show alarming rise - WHO

 The number of cases of measles, one of the world‘s most contagious diseases is climbing, warned the
World Health Organisation (WHO), stating that preliminary global data shows that reported cases rose
by 300% in the first three months of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018.

IIT graduates convert diesel smoke to black ink

 IIT graduates build a machine that could trap the particulate matter in the exhaust from diesel generators
and ensure clean air is emitted by the engine. These carbonised emissions, so extracted, are then turned
into ink that can be used as paint or ink for printers.
 Their device, Chakr Shield, a retrofit emission control device for diesel generators, captures particulate
matters, which is used to produce POink — the POllution INK.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

IIT Madras team develops easy OCR system for nine Indian languages

 Srinivasa Chakravathy‘s team at IIT Madras has, developed a unified script for nine Indian
languages, named the Bharati script. It has developed a method for reading documents in Bharati
script using a multi-lingual optical character recognition (OCR) scheme.
 The team has also created a finger-spelling method that can be used to generate a sign language for
hearing-impaired persons. The scripts that have been integrated include Devnagari, Bengali,
Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.

5.1 Inventions / Discover

IIT Bombay‟s bacteria preferentially degrade aromatic compounds

 Using a unique strain of bacterium isolated from soil contaminated with petroleum products, IIT
Bombay researchers can selectively remove from the environment toxic, aromatic pollutants such as
benzoate (sodium benzoate is used as a food preservative), benzyl alcohol and naphthalene.

Record 17 foot long python captured in Florida

 Scientists have caught a female python in the US state of Florida that was more than 17-feet-long,
weighed 140 pounds and contained 73 developing eggs, and the snake is the largest python ever
removed from Big Cypress National Preserve.

Researchers discover new organism which produce chlorophyll without engage in photosynthesis

 For the first time researchers in a recent study, have discovered a organism named ―corallicolid”,
because it is found 70% of corals, which produce chlorophyll but does not engage in photosynthesis.

Universe‟s first molecule detected in space

 Helium hydride ion, the first molecule that formed almost 14 billion years ago, was detected by NASA's
flying observatory SOFIA towards a planetary nebula. Scientists have detected the most ancient type of
molecule in our universe in space for the first time ever.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

„First‟ 3D printed heart has human cells, vessels

 Scientists in Israel unveiled a 3D print of a heart with human tissue and vessels, calling it a first and a
―major medical breakthrough‖ that advances possibilities for transplants.

Oil consuming bacteria found at sea bottom

 Scientists have discovered a unique oil eating bacteria in the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the
earth‘s oceans, In an expedition, organised by marine explorer and film director James Cameron,
researchers collected samples from the trench. In the samples, they found microorganisms that eat
compounds similar to those in oil and then use it for fuel.

A coil in the stomach for better TB treatment

 Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S., have developed a coil made of a nickel-
titanium alloy (nitinol) loaded with antibiotics that can stay in the stomach for up to a month and release
the necessary drugs in the required doses.

Kerala is home to two new plant species

 Researchers at the University of Calicut‘s Department of Botany discovered the new species of
ironwood, Memecylon idukkianum, from the borders of a shola forest (a high-altitude evergreen forest)
in Idukki‘s Mathikettan Shola National Park.

Enzyme to arrest bacteria cell growth is discovered by CCMB Scientists

 Scientists at the Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB) have discovered a new enzyme
which helps in breaking cell walls of bacteria and hence, offers a potential for a new drug delivery route
to arrest the anti-bacterial resistance through existing antibiotic drugs.

Kerala forests home to new spider species

 A group of jumping spiders that mostly occurs in Eurasia and Africa, has been spotted for the first time
in Ernakulam‘s Illithodu forests by arachnologists from Kochi‘s Sacred Heart College, Thevara. The
team also found that the spider belonging to the genus (a taxonomic classification above species)
Habrocestum is a species new to science.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

World‟s first malaria vaccine launched in Africa

 The world‘s first malaria vaccine has been launched in Malawi after concerted efforts of over 30 years
to protect children from the deadly disease that claims over 435,000 lives globally every year.

South Korean company makes drinking straws from rice

 Yeonjigonji, Seoul, South Korea based company, has developed the world‘s first drinking straws made
from rice. Yeonjigonji‘s rice straws are harder than typical plastic straws. They are made of seven parts
rice flour and three parts tapioca powder.

IISc team directly delivers protein into cells

 Researchers at Bengaluru‘s Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have used a novel strategy to directly
deliver proteins into mammalian cells. Proteins are big molecules and so cannot enter the cells on their
own. So a team led by Govindasamy Mugesh substituted a hydrogen atom of the protein with an iodine
atom to achieve a nearly sixfold increase in protein uptake by cells.

Jamia team develops ultrasensitive quantum thermometer

 Researchers at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, have developed an ultrasensitive quantum
thermometer using graphene quantum dots. The thermometer can precisely measure a wide range of
temperature: 27 degree C to –196 degree C.

Genes of climate-resistant chickpea varieties identified

 An international team led by the Hyderabad-based International Crops Research Institute for the
Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has identified in chickpea four important genes for heat tolerance and
three important genes for drought tolerance.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

5.2 Space Science

ISRO launches EMISAT Successfully

 EMISAT, a satellite meant to provide intelligence to the armed forces, was launched from the
Sriharikota spaceport by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). PSLV-C45 successfully
injected EMISAT in a 748-km orbit and 28 other satellites in a 504-km orbit.

ISRO has planned to launch a string of „defence‟ satellites from May 2019- early 2020

 Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) plans to send up at least eight earth observation (EO)
defence satellites between the span of may 2019 to early 2020.

Satellite Name Planned Launch

RISAT-2B May – 2019
Cartosat-3 June – 2019
RISAT-2BR1 July – 2019
GISAT -1 (New Series) September – 2019
RISAT-2BR2 October – 2019
GISAT-2 November – 2019
RISAT-1A November – 2019
GSAT-32 February – 2020

NASA‟s Mars helicopter completes flight tests

 NASA‘s Mars Helicopter, designed to fly in thin atmosphere and low gravity, has successfully
completed flight tests and is prepared for its journey to the Red Planet scheduled to take off in 2020.
The helicopter is scheduled to reach the surface of the Red Planet in February 2021.

First ever image of a black hole revealed

 Astronomers from National Science Foundation unveiled the first photo of a black hole, one of the star-
devouring monsters scattered throughout the Universe and obscured by impenetrable shields of gravity.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Israel's Moon Mission Fails As Spacecraft Crashes Right Before Landing

 Israel's Beresheet, the first privately-funded mission to the moon, crashed in the last part of its journey,
moments before it was supposed to land.
 The spacecraft aimed to perform a soft landing on the moon and would have made Israel the fourth
country to do so and by far the smallest. Only the US, the former Soviet Union and China have done it

NASA‟s „twins study‟ highlights effects of spaceflight on body

 A NASA study of a U.S. astronaut who spent a year in space while his twin brother remained on the
earth is providing insights into the effects of spaceflight on the human body.
 U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year on the International Space Station while his identical twin Mark
Kelly, also a former NASA astronaut, stayed on the ground.

Lakes filled with liquid methane spotted on Saturn‟s moon Titan

● Using data obtained by NASA‘s Cassini spacecraft before that mission ended in 2017 with a deliberate
plunge into Saturn, the scientists found that some of frigid Titan‘s lakes of liquid hydrocarbons in this
region are surprisingly deep while others may be shallow and seasonal.

NASA records first likely „quake‟ on Mars

 NASA‘s robotic Mars InSight lander has recorded a likely ―marsquake‖ for the first time ever, the U.S.
space agency said. The faint seismic signal, detected by the lander‘s Seismic Experiment for Interior
Structure (SEIS) instrument, was recorded on April 6, the lander‘s 128th Martian day.

UAE's Hope Probe project bound for Mars is 85% complete

 The UAE Space Agency and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) have announced that 85%
of the Hope Probe project has been completed. Hope Probe is an ambitious dream project of UAE to
send a mission to Mars. Hope Probe is scheduled to be launched in July 2020.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

5.3 App/ Web Portal/ Toll Free

WhatsApp introduced „tipline‟

 Whatsapp launched a 'tipline‘ in India using which citizens can submit possible rumours and
misinformation for verification, ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

TikTok vanishes from Google, Apple app stores after ban

● The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court had asked the Tamil Nadu government to ban TikTok. As
a Result, The Chinese video app TikTok is no longer available in Google and Apple app stores in India
after the Madras High Court prohibited its downloads.
India becomes YouTube‟s largest and fastest growing market

 With substantial growth in India‘s internet coverage and data growth, the country has become
YouTube‘s largest and fastest growing market with 265 million Indians watching the video-sharing
website every month. In the last one year, the video-sharing website‘s consumption on mobile phones
has increased to 85%.

FB spent $20mn on Zuckerberg's security in 2018

 Facebook spent $20 million on its CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s personal security last year — four times
more than what he received for security in 2016.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

6. Economic Affairs

Index of Eight Core Industries 2019

 The combined Index of Eight Core Industries stood at 125.8 in February, 2019, which was 2.1per
centhigheras compared to the index of February, 2018. Its cumulative growth during April to February,
2018-19 was 4.3per cent.

GST Revenue collection for March, 2019 recorded Highest Collections in the FY 2018-19

 Total Gross GST revenue collected in the month of March, 2019 is Rs. 1,06,577 crore of which CGST
is Rs. 20,353 crore, SGST is Rs.27,520 crore. The total number of GSTR 3B Returns filed for the
month of February up to 31st March, 2019 is 75.95 lakh.
 The collection during March, 2019 has been the highest since introduction of GST. The revenue during
March, 2019 is a growth of 15.6% over the revenue in the same month last year.

NMDC surpasses 30 million tonnes production

 National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC), the largest producer of iron ore in the country,
has once again surpassed the 30 million tonnes figure of production and sales for the year 2018-19 for
the 3rd year consecutively.

MOIL registers the highest ever turnover in FY 2018-19

 MOIL Limited, the largest producer of manganese ore in the country and a Mini Ratna Schedule-A
CPSE under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel, has achieved the highest-ever turnover
of Rs. 1440 crores during financial year 2018-19, registering a growth of 9% over the previous year.
 Core production jumped 15% during the year. Total production crossed 13 lakh MT in FY‘19, which is
the highest achievement in last ten years. The company has also achieved highest-ever production of
non-fines manganese ore.

Tata Steel reports highest ever output in FY 2019, after acquisition of Bhushan steel

 The production grew up by 46 percent year-on-year to 4.47 million tonnes, which on an annualized basis
works out to 17. 88 million tones.
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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Raymond forays into real estate sector with the name of Raymond Realty

 Textile major Raymond Group has decided to foray into the real estate development business by
developing its Thane land with expected revenues of 3,500 crore in the next five years.The company has
set up a new division called Raymond Realty for its maiden venture into the real estate sector.

15th Finance Commission holds high level discussions

 The 15th Finance Commission held a high level roundtable on ‗Fiscal Relations across levels of
government‘. It was moderated by Shri N. K. Singh, Chairman of the Commission. The roundtable is
being organized in partnership with the World Bank, OECD and ADB.

India highest recipient of remittances at $79 billion in 2018 by World Bank report

 World Bank report coated as India retained its position as the world‘s top recipient of remittances with
its diaspora sending a whopping $79 billion back home in 2018. Remittances grew by more than 14% in
India, where a flooding disaster in Kerala likely boosted the financial help that migrants sent to families.

OYO Wizard reaches 1 million memberships within nine months of nine

 OYO Hotels and Homes, South Asia‘s Largest and world fastest growing chain of leased and franchised
hotels, homes and living spaces announced that OYO wizard, India‘s largest hospitality loyalty program,
has reached the milestone of 1 million wizard memberships within nine months of its launch.

IMF cuts global growth forecast to 3.3% for 2019

 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its global growth forecast for 2019 to 3.3 per cent from
the previous level of 3.5 per cent in its latest World Economic Outlook (WEO). This is the third time in
the last six months that the IMF has cut its global outlook forecast. it has also projected a decline in
growth for 70 per cent of the world economy this year.

Tata arm completes acquisition of Usha Martin‟s steel business

 Tata Sponge Iron Ltd. (TSIL), a Tata Steel subsidiary, has announced the completion of its acquisition
of the steel business of Usha Martin Ltd. UML‘s steel business has a rich mix of carbon steel and alloy
steel, catering to the automotive sector as well as high end wire-rod makers.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

IRDAI tells insurers to notify claim status to customers

 The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) have directed all insurers to
notify policyholder‘s status of their claims at various stages of processing. Setting July 1 as the deadline
for this mechanism.

IMF chief : global growth slowing and many countries struggling with high debts

 With global growth slowing and many countries struggling with high debts, now is not the time for the
―self-inflicted‖ economic wound of trade wars, the head of the International Monetary Fund warned
 ―The key is to avoid the wrong policies, and this is especially the case for trade,‖ IMF Managing
Director Christine Lagarde said at a news conference at the opening of spring meetings of the IMF and
its sister lending organization, the World Bank. ―We need to avoid self-inflicted wounds, including
tariffs and other barriers.‖

SEBI fiat to stock brokers using AI applications

 Leading stock exchange BSE has asked stock brokers to make quarterly disclosures about compliance
with SEBI‘s cybersecurity framework by April 15. The BSE has asked stock brokers who are using
applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to submit compliance report
for January-March 2019 quarter in the format given by SEBI.

Bengaluru is largest office market in Asia-Pacific

 Bengaluru is the biggest workplace market in India and the biggest in the Asia-Pacific area. India‘s
Silicon Valley absorbed 11.6 million sqft of workplace house remaining year on a web basis in
comparison to Tokyo‘s 7 million, Shanghai‘s 6 million, Hong Kong‘s 3 million and Beijing‘s 2.5
million, in keeping with estimates via belongings consultancy CBRE.

Anchor takes a new corporate identity

 Anchor Electricals Private Limited has been renamed as Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited
(PLSIPL) with effect from April 1, 2019. The Managing director of PLSIPL is Vivek Sharma

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

India to launch coffee consumption drive

 India will plan and roll out a coffee consumption campaign on behalf of global coffee growers who
suffered huge financial losses on account of falling coffee prices and soaring labour cost. The World
Coffee Producers Forum has decided to reach out to the coffee consuming countries around the world.

India‟s Foreign Trade: March 2019

 India‘s overall exports (Merchandise and Services combined) in April-March 2018-19 are estimated to
be USD 535.45Billion, exhibiting a positive growth of 7.97per cent over the same period last year.
Overall imports in April-March 2018-19 are estimated to be USD 631.29Billion, exhibiting a positive
growth of 8.48per cent over the same period last year.

Fifteenth Finance Commission by NITI Aayog

 2nd meeting of the Fifteenth Finance Commission by NITI Ayog on Performance Based Grants was
held in New Delhi, with interaction of Aayog Vice Chairman Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Members, CEO and
Finance Commission Chairman Shri N.K. Singh, Members and Senior Officials.

Asian Tea Alliance launched in China

 The Asian Tea Alliance (ATA), a union of five tea-growing and consuming countries, was launched on
Friday in Guizhou in China. The members of the alliance are the Indian Tea Association, China Tea
Marketing Association, Indonesian Tea Marketing Association, Sri Lanka Tea Board and Japan Tea
Royal Enfield sets up first store in Seoul

 Royal Enfield announced its entry into South Korea by appointing Vintage Motors (Kiheung
International) as its official distributor-partner in the country. The first flagship store in Seoul at
SPIC‟s holding firm to set up floating solar power plant

 Singapore-based AM International Holdings, the holding company of SPIC and Manali Petro, has
announced its foray into renewable energy by setting up a floating solar power plant.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Leather exports rise 8% in FY19

 India registered about 8% growth in export of leather, leather products and footwear during 2018-19 and
is aiming to achieve 9% to 10% growth during the current fiscal.

Uber wins $1bn investment from Toyota, SoftBank fund

 Japanese car giant Toyota and investment fund SoftBank Vision Fund on Friday unveiled an investment
of $1 billion in U.S. company Uber to drive forward the development of driverless ridesharing services.

TCS to modernise over 1.5 lakh post offices

 IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has partnered with the Department of Posts to modernise the
delivery of mail and packages, enhance customer experience, and launch innovative services that will
drive new revenues.

Infosys to join Huawei Cloud Partner Network

 Huawei Cloud and Infosys have entered into a strategic cooperation to help enterprise customer‘s
transition quickly to the digital cloud. As part of the agreement, Infosys would join the Huawei Cloud
Partner Network (HCPN) and the two companies would develop new cloud solutions leveraging Huawei

Microsoft tops trillion-dollar mark for first time

 Microsoft hit the trillion-dollar value mark for the first time, becoming the third technology giant to
reach the symbolic milestone. At its current levels, Microsoft is the world‘s most valuable company,
ahead of Apple and Amazon, which in 2018 topped $1 trillion before slipping back.

Maruti to pull the plug on diesel cars in April 2020

 Maruti Suzuki, which is the largest car maker in the country, announced plans to discontinue selling all
diesel cars in the country from April 1, 2020 by significant rise in prices likely with new BS VI emission
norms depressing demand.
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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

IRDAI forms panel to review microinsurance framework

 The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has set up a committee to
review the regulatory framework on microinsurance and recommend measures to increase the demand
for such products. With IRDAI Executive Director Suresh Mathur as the chairman, the 13-member panel

Passenger traffic at Indian airports grows 11.6% to 34.4 crore

 Airports in the country witnessed a total 34.4 crore passengers during financial year 2018-2019,
registering a growth of 11.6% as compared to the previous fiscal, according to data from the Airports
Authority of India (AAI).

6.1 Banking Affairs

Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank to merge with Bank of Baroda

 Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank will merge with Bank of Baroda (BoB) to create the third-largest lender
of the country after State Bank of India and HDFC Bank.

RBI reduces key lending rate by 25 bps

 The central bank has maintained 'Neutral' stance on the monetary policy by reduced the benchmark
lending rate by 0.25 percentage points to 6 per cent. Next monetary policy statement on June 6.

Banks must upgrade PoS devices as 2G is phased out

 Banks need to upgrade their Point of Sale (PoS) devices to run on 3G and 4G in the backdrop of the
impending phase-out of 2G technology.

Mohan named CUB part-time chairman

 The board of City Union Bank Ltd. recommended its independent director R. Mohan to be the next part-
time chairman with effect from May 4. The present incumbent S. Mahalingam‘s tenure ends on May 3.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

RBI rate cut will prevent mortgage rate rise: Rating agency Moody

 Rating agency Moody‘s said that the recent interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of India will help
offset rising funding costs and prevent further mortgage rate rises this year, and is a credit positive for
residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS). RBI reduced the repo rate by 25 bps each in February
and April.

RBI swap auction gets bids more than thrice the notified amount

 The second dollar-rupee buy/sell auction also saw healthy demand with the Reserve Bank of India
getting 255 bids worth $18.65 billion compared with the notified amount of $5 billion.

RBI sells entire stake in NHB, Nabard

 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has divested its entire stake held in National Housing Bank (NHB), the
regulator for housing finance companies, and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
(Nabard) to the government, which now holds 100% in these entities.
 The transactions were completed on February 26 (Nabard) and March 19 (NHB). RBI had 100%
shareholding in NHB, which was divested for 1,450 crore.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

7. Mou /Agreement

International MoUs and Agreements:

Countries Details of MoU/ Agreement Country Details

India and Netherlands India and the Netherlands have discussed ways to President - Mark Rutte
strengthen bilateral political and economic ties, including Capital - Amsterdam
boosting cooperation at the United Nations and other
Currency - Euro
international flora.
BSE and India INX To connect investor community and companies. BSE, Currency: Russian ruble
India INX become the first Indian exchanges to sign Mou
with Moscow Exchange.
India and ASEAN The ASEAN-India partnership is being implemented Headquarters:Jakarta,
through the ―Plan of Action (2016-20) to implement Indonesia
the ASEAN-India Partnership for peace, progress and Founded: 8 August 1967
shared prosperity‖. Members:11
India and Bolivia On Cooperation in the field of Geology and Mineral President – Evo Morales
Resources and Traditional Systems of Medicine and Vice President – Álvaro
Homoeopathy. García Linera
Capital – Sucre
Currency – Bolivian
India and Cambodia On Cooperation in the field of Communications was Capital: Phnom Penh
signed in Cambodia. The MoU will contribute in Currency: Cambodian riel
strengthening bilateral cooperation and mutual Prime Minister: Hun Sen
understanding between India and Cambodia in the
field of communications.
India and Denmark On strategic sector cooperation in the field of Capital: Copenhagen
Renewable Energy with a focus on Offshore Wind Currency: Danish krone
Energy and to establish an Indo-Danish Centre of Prime Minister: Lars Løkke
Excellence for renewable energy in India. Rasmussen.
India and Republic To jointly issue Postage Stamps on the theme "Queen Capital: Seoul
of Korea Hur Hwang-ok of Korea". Currency: South Korean won
President: Moon Jae-in
India and Brazil To work out on Biomedicine and health, especially Capital: Brasilia
biotech based products, Agriculture breeding Currency: Brazilian real
practices, Biofuel and bio-energy, Nanotechnology President: Jair Bolsonaro
and Bio instrumentation, Biodiversity and Taxonomy
VCCI and South To explore overseas investments in Visakhapatnam Capital: Seoul
Korea during their recent visit to South Korea Currency: South Korean won
President: Moon Jae-in

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

National Agreements:

India signed MoU with NABCONS for Setting up IAIARD in Malawi

 India has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural
Development Consultancy Service (NABCONS) for setting up the India- Africa Institute of Agriculture
and Rural Development (IAIARD) in Malawi.

Indian Navy signs MoU with CSIR

 The Indian Navy and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) inked a MoU to undertake
joint research and development of advanced technologies for the Indian Navy. The Memorandum of
Understanding was signed by Vice Admiral GS Pabby PVSM, AVSM, VSM Chief of Materiel of Indian
Navy and Shri Shekhar C Mande, Secretary DSIR and Director General, CSIR.

Cabinet approves creation of one post of Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General

 The Union Cabinet has approved to create one post of Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General
(Coordination, Communication and Information System) in Pay Level-17 (by abolishing one STS level
post) in the Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.
 The Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General shall oversee the coordination among State Audits, audit of
telecommunication and to coordinate the various Information Systems (IS) initiatives within the Indian
Audit & Accounts Department (IA&AD).

Cabinet approves Continuation of Phase 4 of (GSLV)

 The Union Cabinet has approved ongoing Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle continuation
programme Phase-4 consisting of five GSLV flights during the period 2021-2024.
 The GSLV Programme - Phase 4 will enable the launch of 2 tonne class of satellites for Geo-imaging,
Navigation, Data Relay Communication and Space Sciences.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

CCEA approves extension of duration of New Urea Policy-2015

 The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra
Modi has approved the proposal of the Department of fertilizers to extend the duration of New Urea
Policy-2015 for existing gas based urea unit from April 1, 2019 till further orders.

State TB cell mulls MoU with India Post to transport samples

 The State TB Cell officials are mulling signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the postal
department to transport sputum samples from Primary Health Centres to Cartridge Based Nucleic Acid
Amplification Testing (CBNAAT) laboratories in district headquarters.

MOU signed between Ministry of AYUSH and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

 A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Ministry of AYUSH and Council of
Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi for cooperation in research and education in areas
of traditional systems of medicine and its integration with modern science.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

8. Indian Forces (Defence)

3rd Edition of AUSINDEX-19 set to begin

 Third Edition of Bilateral Maritime Exercise between Royal Australian and Indian Navies –
AUSINDEX-19 set to begin with a Durance-class multi-product replenishment oiler at Visakhapatnam
on 02 April 19.

Visit of Chief of the Army Staff to USA

 General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff is scheduled to visit United States of America from 02
April to 05 April 2019 on an official visit.
 General Bipin Rawat is also an alumnus of Command and Staff College, Fort Leavenworth. The visit to
US aims to give impetus to the military ties and enhance strategic engagements.

U.S sale of 24 MH-60R multi-mission helicopters to India

 The U.S Department of State has approved the sale of 24 MH-60R multi-mission helicopters to India
under its Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. The value of the potential is $2.6 billion.

Sri Lankan Navy Vice Admiral visited India

 Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy visited India from 30 Mar to 02 Apr 19
on an official visit. This is the first visit of the Admiral to India after taking over as Commander, Sri
Lanka Navy.

Indian Army patrol discovers wreckage of World War II us aircraft

 A 12 member Indian Army patrol along with a police representative recovered wreckage of a World
War II vintage US Air Force aircraft in Roing district of Arunachal Pradesh

Indian Navy wants to get lethal submarine

 The Indian Navy has initiated the process to acquire six lethal submarines under the ambitious project -
75, India likely to cost over Rs. 50, 000 crore.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Qatar Navy Major General Visits India

 Staff Major General (Navy) Abdulla Hassan M A Al-Sulaiti, Commander, Qatar Emiri Naval Forces
(QENF) visited India from 02 to 05 April.

Army Commanders' Conference: April 2019

 The biannual Army Commanders‘ Conference shall commence on 08 April 19. The opening address
will be given by Hon‘ble Raksha Mantri, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. The Conference was chaired by
General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff.

Range of Brahmos missiles may be increased from 400km to 500 km

 The range of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, produced jointly by Russia and India, is planned to be
increased to 500 km (311 miles) from 400 Km.

Indian Army to test AK – 203

 The Indian Army is planning to use a modified version of the AK-203 assault rifle in carbine role for its
troops deployed during counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir. The AK-203 assault rifle
would be manufactured at uttar Pradesh‘s amethi facility in a joint venture between the Ordnance
Factory Board and Russia.

Army gets first batch of Dhanush, home-made Bofors artillery guns, from OFB

 The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) handed over the first batch of six Dhanush artillery guns to the
Army. Dhanush is the indigenously upgraded gun of the Swedish Bofors gun procured in the 1980s.
 By the end of 2019, the indigenization level of the gun will go up to 91% (from 81%).

1TS Ships visit to Port Victoria, Seychelles

 Ships of the First Training Squadron (1TS) INS Tarangini, INS Sujata, INS Shardul and ICGS Sarathi
entered Port Victoria, Seychelles. The First Training Squadraon is currently on the last leg of its
Overseas Deployment, known as Sambandh 05/18-19.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

INS Shikra hosts Naval Investiture Ceremony

 The Naval Investiture Ceremony for 2019 was held at the naval helicopter base INS Shikra of Western
Naval Command (WNC), Mumbai. Naval Dockyard (Vizag) and INS Dwarka were awarded the ‗CNS
Trophy for Best Green Practices‘ for their environment friendly green initiatives.

Indo-Singapore Joint Training Exercise Bold Kurukshetra

 The 12th edition of joint military exercise between India and Singapore, BOLD KURUKSHETRA
2019, culminated on 11 April 2019 after an impressive closing ceremony held at Babina Military

"Virtual reality centre" of Indian Navy

 Admiral Sunil Lanba, PVSM, AVSM, ADC the Chief of the Naval Staff, inaugurated the maiden ‗state-
of-the-art‘ Virtual Reality Centre (VRC) at the Directorate of Naval Design (Surface Ship Group). This
centre would provide major boost to the Indigenous warship design capabilities of Indian Navy, and
greater fillip to warship construction under ―Make in India‖ initiative of the Indian government.

Indian Air Force organises Half Marathon

 A Half Marathon was conducted in Delhi on 14 Apr 19 to mark the 100th birth centenary of the
legendary Marshal of the Indian Air Force (MIAF) Arjan Singh, Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).
 Late Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh DFC was the first and only ―Five Star‖ rank officer of
Indian Air Force.

Trial of 'Nirbhay' Sub-Sonic Cruise Missile

 Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully test fired indigenously designed
& developed Long Range Sub-Sonic Cruise Missile ―Nirbhay‖ from the Integrated Test Range (ITR),
Chandipur Odisha. It is the sixth development flight trial with objective to prove the repeatability of
boost phase, cruise phase using way point navigation at very low altitudes.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

AUSINDEX-19 Concludes

 The Australian and Indian Navy have concluded a two-week long bilateral maritime exercise code-
named AUSINDEX. Personnel from the Eastern Fleet bid farewell to Her Majesty's Australian Ships
Canberra, Newcastle, Paramatta. For the first time, 55 American and 20 New Zealand military personnel
embarked onboard the RAN ships and witnessed the exercises during AUSINDEX-19.

Thailand Visit of Admiral Sunil Lanba

 Admiral Sunil Lanba, PVSM, AVSM, ADC, Chief of the Naval Staff is on a bilateral visit to Thailand
from 17 to 19 April 2019.
 The two countries established formal diplomatic relations in 1947. The Defence relationship between
India and Thailand has matured over the years, with the two countries signing a Memorandum of
Understanding on Defence Cooperation in January 2012.

Exercise SEA VIGIL

● The debrief of Exercise Sea Vigil was held on 16 Apr 19. The debrief was chaired by Vice Admiral MS

Pawar. The maiden national level Coastal Defence Exercise SEA VIGIL was conducted by Indian Navy

from 22-23 Jan 19.

Second Edition of Indian Navy-Vietnam Peoples‟ Navy Bilateral Exercise Concludes

● Indian Navy undertook the second edition of the bilateral maritime exercise between Indian Navy and

Vietnam Peoples‘ Navy at/ off Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam from 13 to 16 Apr 19.

Himalayan Heights Motorcycle Expedition Reaches Karakoram Pass

● The 11 member ‗Himalayan Heights Motorcycle Expedition‘ which was flagged off from Karu (Leh) on
07 April 2019 traversed the challenging terrain of Eastern Ladakh, across the Chang La pass and has
reached the mighty ‗Karakoram Pass‘ situated at an altitude of 18,176 feet on the Karakoram Ranges on
16 April 2019.
IN Ships to participate in International Fleet Review at Qingdao, China

 IN Ships Kolkata and Shakti are scheduled to arrive Qingdao, China on 21 Apr 19 to participate in the
International Fleet Review as part of 70TH Anniversary celebrations of PLA (Navy).
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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

HAL resumes tests of jet trainer

 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has resumed test-flying its intermediate jet trainer (IJT) in a modified
version after a gap of almost three years.

Launch of Yard 12706

 Admiral Sunil Lanba PVSM, AVSM, ADC Chief of the Naval Staff launched the third ship of Project
15B, Guided Missile Destroyer Imphal, at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited, Mumbai. This launch
marks yet another significant milestone in the annals of the indigenous warship design and construction
programme of India.

Indian, US Navies hold anti submarine warfare exercise

 Indian and the US Navies have held a joint submarine-hunting exercise in the Indian Ocean, aiming to
lay the groundwork for coordinating maritime patrol and reconnaissance. The Indian P-8I Neptune
aircraft from the Naval Air Squadron 312 based at Naval Station Rajali in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu,
joined the US P-8A Poseidon aircraft from Patrol Squadron VP-8 ―Fighting Tigers‖, based in
Jacksonville, Florida, in the exercise.

Commissioning of Indian Coast Guard Vessel C-441

 A new Coast Guard vessel is commissioned by Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala Sri Tom Jose at
Vizhinjam harbour, under the aegis of Regional Commander Western Region, Inspector General Vijay
D. Chafekar. The Indian Coast Guard Ship C-441 is commanded by Assistant Commandant Amit K

India set to have Defence Cyber Agency in May

 India is all set to have Defence Cyber Agency (DCA) by next month, headquartered in the capital.
Senior Navy office Rear Admiral Mohit Gupta will be the first head of the DCA.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Curtain Raiser - Naval Commanders‟ Conference

 The first edition of Naval Commanders‘ Conference of 2019 is scheduled at New Delhi from 23 to 25
April 2019.The Hon‘ble Raksha Mantri is scheduled to address the Naval Commanders on the opening
day and interact with them.
 The themes of 'Functional Reorganisation of Indian Navy towards improving Operational Efficiency'
and 'Optimal Manning' will form the core of discussions towards finalising long term road map for the

Cyber Exercise on Scenario Building & Response

 Directorate of Indian Defence University is organising a two day Cyber Exercise on Scenario
Building & Response on 29-30 Apr 19 at Purple Bay, Jodhpur Officers‘ Hostel, New Delhi. The
Exercise is represented by Services, NSCS, NTRO, CERT-in, DRDO, NIC, CSRC, Academia and

Army invokes emergency powers for missile deal

 The Army is in the process of procuring Spike-LR Anti-Tank Missiles from Israel and Igla-S Very
Short Range Air Defence Systems (VSHORAD) from Russia through a set of new financial powers
for emergency procurements sanctioned by the Defence Ministry.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

9. Awards and Achievement

Awards Awardees
UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Al Nahyan conferred the award
ESPN India Multi-Sport Awards P.V. Sindhu and star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra
(ARIIA 2019) awarded Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)
Leading Cricketer of the Year Virat Kohli and Smriti Mandhana
Leading T20 Cricketer of the Year Afghanistan spinner Rashid Khan
―Order of the holy Apostle Andrew the Prime Minister Narendra Modi
NASA- ―AIAA Neil Armstrong Best KIET Group of Institutions in Ghaziabad, Uttar
Design Award‖ Pradesh
NASA- ―Frank Joe Sexton Memorial Pit Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management
Crew Award‖ and Engineering from Mumbai,
NASA - ―STEM Engagement‖ Lovely Professional University in Phagwara, Punjab
Pulitzer Prize 2019 Aretha Franklin
'Professional Footballers‘ Association Virgil van Dijk and Vivianne Miedema
Player of the Year awards for 2018-19

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

10. Books & Author

Booklet of 'Selected speeches of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar

 Prasar Bharati Chairman, A Surya Prakash released a booklet of the 'Selected speeches of Dr Bhimrao
Ambedkar in the Constituent Assembly', in New Delhi. The event was organized to commemorate the
contributions of Baba Saheb in the upliftment of underprivileged in the country.

'Yaksha': a book on Yakshagana dance for children

 Yakshagana artiste Priyanka K Mohan collaborates with Bookosmia to bring out a children‘s book,
Yaksha. Priyanka, plans to release the teaser of the book on April 29 as part of World Dance Day
celebrations by Archana and Nidhi.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

11. National Affairs

Last date to link PAN with Aadhaar extended till Sep 30

 The government has extended the last date to link Permanent Account Number (PAN) with Aadhaar
number by six month till 30th of September.

EC clears revised MGNREGA wage rates from April 1

 Election Commission has approved a request of the Rural Development Ministry to revise the wages
under the MGNREGA scheme from April 1. The wages paid under the Mahatma Gandhi National
Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) are linked with the Consumer Price Index for
agricultural labourers (CPI-AL) and new wage rates are notified on April 1, the beginning of the new
financial year.

Over 1.2 million early deaths in India in 2017 due to air pollution

 According to a new global study, State of Global Air 2019 (SOGA2019) published by Health Effects
Institute (HEI), outdoor and indoor air pollution contributed to over 1.2 million deaths in India in 2017.
In India air pollution is the 3rd highest cause of death among all health risks.

Russian Delegation visits I&B Ministry

 A Russian Delegation led by the Russian Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and
Mass Media, H.E Mr. Alexey Volin, and other delegates met Shri Amit Khare, Secretary, Ministry of
 It was mutually agreed during the meeting that an Annual Indo-Russian Forum for Media Cooperation

Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) 2017-2018

 Draft employment report data Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) 2017-2018 shows that 12% of
qualified people are without jobs in India, and it reveals that the unemployment rate. It was the highest
for all demographics in the past three decades.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Health Ministry forms a Solidarity Human Chain

 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with World Health Organization (WHO) formed a
Solidarity Human Chain as part of the World Health Day (April 7) celebrations. The theme of World
Health Day 2019 is Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.

NITI Aayog & RMI Release Technical Analysis of FAME II Scheme

 The NITI Aayog and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) released a report on opportunities for the
automobile sector and government under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles II
(FAME II) scheme. The name of the report is titled as ‗India‘s Electric Mobility Transformation:
Progress to Date and Future Opportunities‘.

Sahibabad has become 1500th Free Wi-fi Station in our country

 Sahibabad Station under North Railways has become the 1500th station in the country to get free wi-fi
facility provided by RaiTel. Recently, Indian Railways set a record by covering 500 stations with free
Wi fi in seven days.

Platinum Jubilee Commemoration of Battle of Kangla Tongb

 The Platinum Jubilee of the Battle of Kangla Tongbi War was commemorated on 07 Apr 2019 by Army
Ordnance Corps at Kangla Tongbi War Memorial near Imphal honouring the valiant brave hearts of
Ordnance Personnel of 221 Advance Ordnance Depot who made their supreme sacrifice in the line of
duty during the battle of World War-II on the night of 6/ 7 April 1944.

First Motorcycle Expedition to Karakoram Pass Flagged Off

 14 days, 11 bikes and 1 dream expedition, the Himalayan Heights winter bike expedition from Leh to
Karakoram Pass will cover over 1,000 km and is likely to qualify for inclusion in the record books and it
was flagged off by Maj Gen Sanjiv Rai, SM, VSM from Karu Military Station.
 In this 20th Anniversary of the Kargil Vijay Diwas, such adventure activities undertaken by brave
Army personnel including women officers serve to renew and rekindle the spirit of fortitude, courage
and adventure synonymous with the Indian Army.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Vedica Scholars & ORF launch GPWL 2019

 The Vedica Scholars Programme for women and Observer Research Foundation (ORF) are announced
the first ever edition of the Global Programme for Women‘s Leadership (GPWL) 2019.

ECI invokes powers under Article 324

 The Election Commission of India issued an order Article 324 to prohibiting display in electronic media
including cinematograph of any biopic or publicity material in the nature of biography/hagiography sub-
serving the purposes of any political entity or any individual entity connected to it

Election Commission bans Narendra Modi biopic during poll period

 The Election Commission has banned the screening of the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi
during poll period. Actor Vivek Oberoi is casted as Shri. Narendra Modi in the film PM Narendra

India‟s population grew at 1.2 % average annual rate between 2010 and 2019: UN report

 India‘s population grew at an average annual rate of 1.2 per cent between 2010 and 2019 to 1.36 billion,
more than double the annual growth rate of China, according to a report by the United Nations
Population Fund.
 India‘s population in 2019 stood at 1.36 billion, growing from 942.2 million in 1994 and 541.5 million
in 1969.

Saraswati Samman 2018

 Telugu poet K Siva Reddy has been selected for the prestigious Saraswati Samman, 2018 for his
collection of poetry titled Pakkaki Ottigilite.

Narendra Modi in conversation with actor Akshay Kumar

 Famous Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar has interviewed Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, The
interview covered several topics including the PM's personal life, his interests and more.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Photo Exhibition to commemorate Centenary of Jallianwala Bagh incident in Amritsar by Regional

Outreach Bureau

 As a part of the commemoration of the Centenary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Regional Outreach
Bureau, Chandigarh, of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has put up a three-day
Photo Exhibition at Jallianwala Bagh from April 11-13, 2019. It has been titled Photo Exhibition on
Freedom Struggle.

Railway Board Celebrates 64th Railway Week Function at Rail Bhawan

 The 64th Railway Week Function of Railway Board was organized on 12th April, 2019 in Rail Bhavan,
New Delhi. Shri V.K. Yadav presented the ―Best Maintained Branch‖ Running Efficiency Shield to
Stationery and O&M Branches (jointly) of Railway Board. Merit Certificates and Cash Awards were
presented to Project and ERB-V Branches of Railway Board.

Home Expo India 2019 Begins

 The 8th edition of Home Expo India 2019 from April 16- 18, 2019 opened at India Expo Centre and
Mart, Greater Noida. The three-day exhibition has been organized by the Export Promotion Council for
Handicrafts (EPCH).

Konkani translation of Indian Constitution released

 A Konkani translation of the Indian Constitution was released by the Mangaluru Bishop Peter Paul
Saldanha at the Rosario Cathedral in Mangaluru. The translation has been done by Professor Stephen
Quadros Permude.

Foreign Secretary to have „bilateral consultations‟ in Beijing

 Vijay Gokhale, Foreign Secretary of India arrived to Beijing for ―bilateral consultations‖, amid signs
that China may review its position on lifting its ―technical hold‖ on listing the founder of terror outfit
Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), Masood Azhar, as an international terrorist.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Khasi „kingdoms‟ to revisit 1947 agreements

 A federation of 25 Himas or Khasi kingdoms that have a cosmetic existence today, plan to revisit the
1948 agreements that made present-day Meghalaya a part of India. Pynshngaiñ N Syiem, chairman of
the Advisory Legal Committee and also the chairman of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council.
 The 25 Khasi states had signed the Instrument of Accession and Annexed Agreement with the Dominion
of India between December 15, 1947, and March 19, 1948. The conditional treaty with these states was
signed by Governor General Chakravarty Rajagopalachari on August 17, 1948.

Aizawl records 34.2° Celsius, highest in 20 years

 The capital city of Mizoram on April 15th, experienced its hottest day in 20 years as the temperature
soared to 34.2 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature was 17.8 degrees Celsius.

Vinod Zutshi appointed as special observer for Tripura

 Former deputy Election Commissioner Vinod Zutshi has been appointed as special observer for Tripura
where the Lok Sabha polls to one of the seats were postponed in view of the law and order situation.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

12. State Wise Affairs

 Andhra Pradesh  Odisha

 Arunachal Pradesh  Tamil Nadu
 Chhattisgarh  Telangana
 Karnataka  Uttar Pradesh
 Kerala  West Bengal
 Maharashtra


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Hyderabad (Amaravati) N. Chandrababu Naidu E. S. L. Narasimhan

Tirupati Railway station gets gold rating for green initiative

 The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has awarded gold rating to the Tirupati railway station for
stood ahead in terms of passenger amenities
 The IGBC-CII, in association with the Environment Directorate of the Indian Railways, has developed
the green railway stations rating system to encourage adoption of green concepts to reduce its carbon
footprint and enhance user experience.

Vikram Nath, new Chief Justice of A.P. High Court

 Justice Vikram Nath, senior most judge of the Allahabad High Court, has been appointed Chief Justice
of the Andhra Pradesh High Court. He succeeds acting CJ Justice C. Praveen Kumar. Justice Vikram
Nath has been recommended by the Supreme Court collegium, headed by CJ of India Justice Ranjan

Delay in setting up procurement centres affects paddy farmers in East Godavari

 Delay in establishing paddy procurement centres (PPC), coupled with absence of market for the
‗Bondalu‘ (MTU-3626) variety of paddy, is causing a major dent in the incomes of the farmers of East
Godavari district in the current rabi season.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

New fish species being tried out for commercial output

 Commercial production of mangrove red snapper (Lutjanus argentimaculatus) has begun in Krishna
estuary, exploring possibilities for mass production in the brackish water aqua ponds in Andhra Pradesh.
 The high-valued fish has the potential to become the alternative species for Vannamei, which has been
largely infected with white spot virus leading to bleak prospects for the brackish water aquaculture in
recent years in Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

VPT achieves a green turnaround

 Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) as one of the most environmentally-friendly ports in the country has
achieved an enviable turnaround in enhancing its brand image. The port was adjudged the second
cleanest by the Quality Council of India and won a greenery award from AP Greenery and
Beautification Corporation.

Vijayawada airport clocks 500% hike in passenger traffic in 5 years

 According to the traffic reports by the Airports Authority of India, between April 2018 and March
2019 the city airport in Gannavaram handled 11.84 lakh international and domestic passengers
registering a growth of 58.7 %. The passenger traffic has increased by five times since 2014, the year
in which the State was bifurcated.


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Itanagar Pema Khandu B. D. Mishra

AFSPA withdrawn partially from Arunachal Pradesh

 After 32 years, the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) was partially removed from three of
nine districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Raipur Raman Singh Anandiben Patel

Chhattisgarh to go to polls in the first three phases of Lok Sabha Elections 2019

 Polling for Lok Sabha elections in the State of Chhattisgarh will take place in the first three phases of
the seven phased General Election-2019. Chhattisgarh is divided into 11 parliamentary constituencies.
Polling will take place in the State on 11th, 18th and 23rd April, 2019.
 In the State of Chhattisgarh, only one parliamentary constituency (PC) namely Bastar will be going to
polls on 11th April, 2019.


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Thiruvananthapuram Pinarayi Vijayan P. Sathasivam

ISHKS‟ s Indian Joint Registry (IJR) in Bengaluru

 Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons launched the Indian Joint Registry (IJR) in Bengaluru, The
registry was launched by Corin Wilson, Acting British Deputy High Commissioner, at the 13th edition
of the National Congress of Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons (ISHKS).

Mysuru-Varanasi Express gets LHB coaches

 Train passengers from Mysuru to Varanasi are experiencing better riding comfort and amenities as the
authorities have replaced the ICF (Integral Coach Factory) rake of Mysuru–Varanasi Express with that
of LHB (Linke-Hofmann-Busch) rake.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

While the overall State turnout was a record

 The Karnataka State may have registered the highest Lok Sabha poll turnout since its reorganization in
1956, The highest increase in voting (8.76%) has been seen in Mandya, which also recorded the highest
voter turnout (80.23%).


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Thiruvananthapuram Pinarayi Vijayan P. Sathasivam

Supreme Court rejects EPFO plea against Kerala High Court verdict

 The Supreme Court has dismissed a special leave petition filed against an October 2018 verdict of the
Kerala High Court setting aside the Employees Pension (Amendment) Scheme (GSR609(E)).

Kerala youngster selected to play for Homeless World Cup in Cardiff

 20-year-old Alan Solaman K.J. was selected as one of the eight players to represent the country in the
17th edition of the Homeless World Cup, a four-a-side tournament, at the iconic Bute Park in the Welsh
capital of Cardiff on July 27.

Kerala floods to feature in World Reconstruction Conference

 The devastating 2018 floods and the rebuilding measures launched by Kerala in the grim aftermath will
feature in the fourth World Reconstruction Conference (WRC) to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on
May 13 and 14, 2019.

ISRO pavilion at Thrissur Pooram expo

 A model of the space suit designed for Gaganyaan astronauts and a scale model of the proposed Small
Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) are among the big draws at this year‘s Thrissur Pooram exhibition at
Thekkinkad Maidan. S. Somanath, director, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), inaugurated the

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Mumbai Devendra Fadnavis Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao

Mumbai‟s Joint CP Bharti transferred

 Mumbai‘s Joint Commissioner of Police (law and order) Deven Bharti was transferred Mr. Bharti
became the city‘s Joint Commissioner of Police (law and order) in April 2015 and was the longest
serving officer on the post.

Supreme Court closes Enron-Dabhol case due to long delay

 The Dabhol power project was set up in 1996 in Maharashtra by US-based Enron and its associate
Dabhol Power Corporation. It had a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Maharashtra State
Electricity Board (MSEB).
 The Supreme Court ruled against continuing with the over 17-year judicial inquiry into allegations of
corruption in setting up of the Enron-promoted Dabhol power plant in Maharashtra.


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Bhubaneswar Naveen Patnaik Ganeshi Lal

Odisha celebrating 84th foundation day

 Odisha is celebrating 84 years of its foundation. The day is also known as ‗Utkal Divas‘ to
commemorate the sacrifices of people for the formation of Odisha province in 1936.
 Odisha was the first Indian state (pre-independence) to be formed on linguistic basis in 1936. Earlier,
Odisha was part of Bihar.


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Chennai Edappadi K. Palaniswami Banwarilal Purohit

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Madras HC Directs Centre to ban Tik Tok

 Madras High Court Directs the Central Government to ban Chinese video app Tik Tok. The order also
directs the media from telecasting videos made using the app.

Adichanallur site belongs to a period between 905 and 696 BC

 Carbon dating of samples excavated from the Adichanallur site in Thoothukudi district has revealed that
they belonged to the period between 905 BC and 696 BC. Carbon dating report of samples that were
sent to Beta Analytic Testing Laboratory, USA.

Tamil Nadu‟s first solar-powered boat to begin operations soon

 Tamil Nadu‘s first solar-powered boat will soon operate at the Manimuthar Dam in Tirunelveli district.
According to sources at the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, the boat will begin operations in the
next 10 days.

Tamil Nadu Elections: 72% polling during the 2nd phase of Lok Sabha polls

 Almost six crore voters exercised their franchise in Tamil Nadu when the State votes for 38
Parliamentary constituencies and bypolls to 18 Assembly constituencies on April 18, 2019. Election
Commission announced 72% polling during the 2nd phase of Lok Sabha polls.
Retired judge to head T.N. Lokayukta

 The Governor has appointed retired High Court judge P. Devadass as the chairperson of the five-
member Lokayukta.
 Former district judges K. Jayabalan and R. Krishnamoorthy are the two judicial members and retired
IAS officer M. Rajaram and advocate K. Arumugam are the two non-judicial members of the anti-
corruption body.

Japan‟s Yanmar, Nissei to set up units in Chennai

 Yanmar Group and Nissei Electric of Japan will set up their first manufacturing facilities at Origins, an
industrial cluster promoted by Mahindra World City at Ponneri, Chennai.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Hyderabad K. Chandrashekar Rao Narasimhan

Ramappa temple for world heritage site

 Telangana may get its first Unesco World Heritage Site, but it may be the Ramappa Temple at
Palampet near Warangal than any of the Qutb Shahi era sites in Hyderabad.

Belgium opens honorary consulate in city

 Belgium has appointed Dr. Reddy‘s Laboratories co-chairman and CEO G.V. Prasad as the honorary
consul in Hyderabad. With that, Belgium also announced the commencement of operations of the
honorary consulate in the city for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Wet run of Kaleshwaram first pump a success

 Kaleshwram irrigation project reached a major milestone as the wet run of the first pump was conducted
successfully in the Package-6 pump house near Nandi Medaram in Peddapally district.


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Lucknow Yogi Adityanath Ram Naik

Jewar Airport Project

 First conceptualised in 2001, the proposed Jewar airport project stands at a crucial stage land
acquisition. As the Uttar Pradesh government makes a final push to get consent from residents of six
villages, it will have to negotiate demands for increased compensation, a divide between farmers, and
wounds from seven years ago.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019


Capital Chief Minister Governor

Kolkata Mamata Banerjee Keshari Nath Tripathi

Election Commission removes Kolkata Police Commissioner Anuj Sharma

 Mr. Sharma is being replaced by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, who is currently posted as ADG, of West Pollution
Control Board. Anuj Sharma, was appointed to the post of Kolkata police chief only a few months ago
after his predecessor Rajiv Kumar's tenure as the city police commissioner came to an end.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

13. International Affairs

Japan names new era of Naruhito will be „Reiwa‟

 The name of the era of Japan‘s soon-to-be-emperor Naruhito will be ―Reiwa,‖ the government
 Emperor Akihito is stepping down on April 30, in the first abdication in 200 years, bringing his era
of ―Heisei‖ to an end. The new era takes effect May 1.

US suspends participation of Turkey in F-35 fighter jet program

 The US has suspend the participation of its ally Turkey in the F-35 stealth fighter jet programme after
Ankara decided to buy Russian S-400 air defence system.

US, South Korea defence chiefs meet on de-nuclearization

 US Acting Secretary of Defence Patrick Shanahan met South Korean Minister of National Defence
Jeong Kyeong-doo at the Pentagon in Washington over the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Black, gay woman elected Chicago mayor in historic vote

 In a historic first, a gay African American woman Lori Lightfoot, a 56-year-old former federal
prosecutor and practicing lawyer was elected mayor of Chicago, America‘s third largest city.

U.K.'s House of Commons approves Brexit delay law

 The lower house of the British Parliament approved a legislation which would force Prime Minister
Theresa May to seek a Brexit delay to prevent a potentially disorderly departure on April 12 without a
 The legislation put forward by opposition Labour lawmaker Yvette Cooper and it was approved at the
final stage by 313 votes to 312.

Istanbul opens one of the largest airports in the world

 The new Istanbul Airport, which cost around $8 billion to open, is said to be able to handle 90 million
passengers a year.
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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

London becomes first city to implement 24x7 pollution charge zone

 London became the first city in the world to implement a special Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) that
would charge an entry fee for older vehicles if they do not meet the emission standards.

Netanyahu secures victory in national election for firth term

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won the Israeli national election, securing a record fifth term.
In power since 2009, and having led the country for a total 13 years including his first term in the 1990s.

Japan extends North Korea sanctions for 2 years

 Japan has decided to extend its trade ban and other sanctions on North Korea for a further two years.
 The measures are part of Japan's unilateral sanctions imposed since 2006, in response to North Korea's
nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches. The Japanese government plans to continue enforcing
sanctions in cooperation with the United States and South Korea.

New Zealand Parliament votes to ban semi-automatic weapons

 New Zealand‘s Parliament passed sweeping gun laws that outlaw military style weapons, less than a
month after mass shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch. A bill outlawing most automatic
and semi-automatic weapons and banning components that modify existing weapons.

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir ousted, placed under arrest

 President Omar al-Bashir, who ruled Sudan with an iron fist for 30 years, was overthrown in a coup by
the armed forces which announced a two-year period of military rule to be followed by elections.
 Mr. Bashir has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague and is facing an
arrest warrant over allegations of genocide in Sudans Darfur region during an insurgency that began in
2003 and led to death of an estimated 300,000 people.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, ADIBF 2019,

 UAE has announced that India will be the Guest of Honour country at the Abu Dhabi International Book
Fair, ADIBF 2019, to be held from 24th to 30th of this month. The fair aims to highlight the UAE‘s rich
heritage, showcasing its authenticity and modernity, as well as its cultural and literary output.
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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

China trying to create its own globally decisive naval force through BRI: Pentagon

 China is trying to create its own globally decisive naval force through the ambitious multi-billion dollar
Belt and Road Initiative, the Pentagon has told the US Congress. The BRI focuses on improving
connectivity and cooperation among Asian countries, Africa, China and Europe.
 The project has become a major stumbling block in India-China relations as the controversial $60 billion
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been listed as its ―flagship project―.

After years of giving refuge, Ecuador suspends Assange‟s citizenship

 Ecuador has suspended Julian Assange‘s citizenship and accused him and people connected to his
WikiLeaks group of collaborating in attempts to destabilize the Andean nation‘s government, after years
of offering him shelter.
 Assange was offered refuge in 2012 by Ecuador's then-president Rafael Correa, but his relationship with
Ecuador has soured under Moreno, who has said Assange violated the terms of his asylum.

World‟s largest plane makes first test flight

 The world's largest aircraft took off over the Mojave Desert in California, the first flight for the carbon-
composite plane built by Stratolaunch Systems Corp. The white airplane called Roc, which has a
wingspan the length of an American football field.

Chinese firm opens Mars base simulator in desert

 Surrounded by barren hills in northwestern Gansu province, ―Mars Base 1‖ opened with the aim of
exposing teens — and soon tourists — to what life could be like on the planet.
 "Mars Base 1", a C-Space Project, in the Gobi desert, some 40 km from Jinchang in China's northwest
Gansu province.
Amazon to shut down operations in China

 Amazon will shut its China online store by July 18, as the U.S. e-commerce giant focusses on the
lucrative businesses of selling overseas goods and cloud services in the world‘s most populous nation.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Saudi Arabia increases India's Haj Quota to 2 lakh

 Saudi Arabia has issued a formal order increasing the Haj quota of India to two lakhs from one lakh
seventy five-thousand. Official sources said, the decision will ensure that all the Haj applicants from big
states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar can embark pilgrimage this year as
their waiting lists have been cleared due to the increase in quota.

Weed festival in Thailand

 Thailand is celebrating its first ever weed festival,the Pan Ram weed festival. Thailand became the first
in Southeast Asia to legalise marijuana for medical purposes in 2018, joining a growing list of
governments to embrace liberalisation including Canada, Australia, Israel and more than half the US

India rebuilds Chhyoiphel Kundeling monastery in Nepal

 Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche inaugurated newly reconstructed Monastery at Lisankhu village in

Sindhupalchok district.The Monastery has been reconstructed with Government of India grant of 18.9
million Nepalese rupees.

U.S. to announce end to sanctions waivers for Iran oil imports

 The United States announced that all importers of Iranian oil will have to end their imports shortly or be
subject to U.S. sanctions. The U.S. reimposed sanctions in November on exports of Iranian oil after Mr.
Trump unilaterally pulled out of a 2015 nuclear accord between Iran and six world powers.

Ukraine elections: Comedian Zelenskiy declares victory in presidential race

 In Ukraine presidential elections, the former entertainer and political novice Volodymyr Zelenskiy of the
Servant of the People took 73 percent of the vote, with incumbent President Petro Poroshenko had just
25% of vote.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

All local government elections to be held through EVMs : Bangladesh

 In Bangladesh, all local government elections will be held through Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)
from now on. Stating this the Secretary to the Election Commission of Bangladesh, Helaluddin Ahmed
said that the EVM is enriched with high technology and the government is confident of using it in the
local body elections. The Election Commission of Bangladesh has also decided to bring third gender
people under voter list.

The world's largest indoor waterfall at Singapore's Changi Airport

 The idea for Jewel‘s indoor forest and record-breaking waterfall developed in response to Changi
Airport‘s request for proposals to build a facility with retail and dining, a host of travel-related amenities
and some sort of attraction.

Qatar‟s exit visa system to end this year: U.N.

 Qatar is set to abolish its controversial exit visa system for all foreign workers by the end of 2019 the
UN‘s International Labour Organization. Qatar has introduced a series of labour reforms since its
selection as the 2022 World Cup host, with the event setting in motion a huge construction programme
employing foreign workers.

Xi Jinping meets Imran Khan, calls for improvement of Indo-Pak relations

 Chinese President Xi Jinping met Prime Minister Imran Khan and expressed hope that Pakistan and
India can meet each other halfway to improve their strained relations following the Pulwama terror
attack by a JeM suicide bomber.

Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) Economic Corridor

 India‘s decision to skip the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) may have led to the exclusion of the
Bangladesh- China- India- Myanmar (BCIM) Economic corridor from the list of projects covered by
the China-led Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) umbrella.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Indonesia planning to move capital city away from Jakarta

 Indonesia has announced plans to build a new capital city, as its current capital, Jakarta, struggles
with pollution, traffic gridlock and the fact that the city is sinking.

India-China team on pharma to meet

 India will be sending a high-level delegation to the first meeting of the working group on
pharmaceuticals, with China, scheduled in Beijing next month.

Aung San Suu Kyi in Cambodia

 Myanmar civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi makes first official visit to Cambodia. She is on a three-
day visit to Cambodia.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

14. Sports

 Cricket
 Tennis
 Football
 Shooting
 Other Sports


Indian squad for World Cup announced

 Virat Kohli (Capt), Rohit Sharma (vc), Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Vijay Shankar, M.S. Dhoni (wk),
Kedar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit
Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohd Shami. MS Dhoni will play 4th world cup in England
and Wales from May 30 to July 14.

Wicketkeeper Tom Blundell the only surprise in New Zealand squad

 Tim Blundell , 28-year-old Wellington wicketkeeper, who made a century on his Test debut but has yet
to play a one-day international, has been included in New Zealand‘s 15-man squad for the World Cup.
New Zealand is the first nation to name its World Cup lineup.

First female umpire in men‟s ODI

 Claire Polosak will become the first woman to umpire a men‘s one-day international. In 2017, she
became the first on-field female umpire to officiate a men‘s domestic game in Australia.

Sundaram Ravi named among 22 match officials for World Cup 2019

 Three World Cup winners and one Indian umpire in Sundaram Ravi were named among the 22 match
officials for the league stage of the mega event beginning on May 30 in the United Kingdom.

Australia sweeps Pakistan 5-0 in ODI series

 Australia beat Pakistan in the final ODI with a 20-run victory and won the series 5-0.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Papua New Guinea achieves ODI status

 Papua New Guinea (PNG) achieved their ODI status and a place in ICC Cricket World Cup League 2
after recording a comprehensive victory against already-qualified Oman in the World Cricket League
Division 2.


ITF changes 2020 Olympic Tennis Event

 The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has announced the changes in match formats for 2020
Olympic Tennis Events. The Men‘s Single Gold Medal Match will now be played as best of three
tiebreak sets instead of five tiebreak sets.

Monte Carlo Tennis

 Flamboyant Italian Fabio Fognini followed up his shock victory over Rafael Nadal with a 6-3 6-4 win
over Serbian Dusan Lajovic to claim his maiden Masters title in Monte Carlo.


Indian football team to play in King's Cup in June

 The Indian football team will be playing in the invitational King's Cup in Thailand in June.

Hero Super Cup 2019

 FC Goa beat Chennaiyin FC by the odd goal in three (2-1) in the final of the Hero Super Cup.

Santosh Trophy 2019:

 Services won its sixth Santosh Trophy title with a 1-0 victory over home side Punjab with second-half
strike by Bikash Thapa at Guru Nanak Stadium Punjab.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019


India finishes with 16 gold medals at Asian Airgun Championship

 Indian shooters continued their dominance claiming five gold medals on the final day of the Asian
Airgun Championships to sign off with a total of 25 medals in Taoyuan, Taipei. India finished with 16
gold, five silver and four bronze.

ISSF shooting World Cup:

 Indian shooters strike the gold medals in both the mixed air rifle and mixed air pistol competitions in the
shooting World Cup in Beijing.
 It was Bhaker and Chaudhary‘s second World Cup gold in the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team event.
Anjum Moudgil and Divyansh Singh Panwar beat the Chinese to win the mixed air rifle gold.

Other Sports

Bahrain Grand Prix

 Five times world champion Lewis Hamilton won the Bahrain Grand Prix for Mercedes. Valtteri
Bottas took second place.

Indian women's hockey team beat Malaysia, win series 4-0

 The Indian women's hockey team beat Malaysia by a solitary goal to complete a 4-0 win in the five-
match bilateral series in Kuala Lumpur.

Rio Paralympics medallist Deepa Malik wins New Zealand PM‟s Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship

 Rio Paralympics silver medallist Deepa Malik was named as the recipient of the New Zealand Prime
Minister‘s Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship for 2019 in recognition of her ―inspiring achievements‖. The
48-year-old Deepa, who won the silver medal in shot put F53 event in Rio in 2016, will work to promote
sporting, cultural as well people-to-people relationship between India and New Zealand.

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Krishna Nagar wins two golds

 Asian Para Games bronze medallist Krishna Nagar of India won two gold medals at the second Fazza-
Dubai para badminton international championships.

Manpreet Kaur banned for four years

 A National Anti-Doping Agency disciplinary panel has handed a four-year suspension to Asian
champion woman shot putter Manpreet Kaur for testing positive on four occasions over 84 days in 2017.

Singapore Open: Sindhu surrenders to Okuhara in semifinal

 Singapore PV Sindhu surrendered to former world champion Nozomi Okuhara of Japan in the women‘s
singles semifinals at the Singapore Open. Okuhara will face world no 1 Chinese Taipei‘s Tai Tzu Ying
in Singapore Open Womens Final 2019.

Tiger Woods wins Masters

 Tiger Woods, is an American golfer win the Masters for the fifth time. It was the first time Woods won a
major when trailing going into the final round and it was his 81st victory on the PGA Tour, one title
away from the career record held by Sam Snead.

Chinese Grand Prix

 Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix to seize the overall lead from his Mercedes team mate
Valtteri Bottas in Formula One's 1,000th world championship race.

Singapore Open: Momota and Tzu-ying are champions

 Japan's Kento Momota withstood a barrage of smashes from Indonesia's Anthony Sinisuka Ginting to
rally for victory in the Singapore Open final.
 In the women's final, Tai Tzu-ying claimed her second Singapore Open title victory over Japan's
Nozomi Okuhara.

Asian wrestling championships 2019

 World No. 1 wrestler Bajrang Punia will be participated in Asian wrestling championships 2019 which
will be held in China from April 23.
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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Seven-year-old girl bagged two gold in Asian Youth Chess Championship

 The chess prodigy Kolagatla Alana Meenakshi recently bagged two gold medals for India in the Asian
Youth Chess Championship 2019 held in Sri Lanka in the rapid format in the under-eight girls category.

Asian Athletics Championship 2019

 Annu Rani won the women‘s javelin throw silver and Avinash Sable also won a silver medal in the
men‘s 3000m steeplechase in the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships held at Qatar.
 Tamil Nadu‘s Arokia Rajiv and defending champion Muhammed Anas of Kerala entered the men‘s
400m final.
 Shot putter Tajinderpal Singh Toor and Gomathi Marimuthu clinched a gold medal each. Shivpal Singh
then won the silver in men‘s javelin throw. Jabir Madari Palliyalil and Sarita Gayakwad secured the
bronze medals in men‘s and women‘s 400m hurdles respectively.
 Swapna Barman won a silver medal in Heptathlon at the Asian Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar
after scoring a season-best 5993 points. The 4x400m Mixed relay team followed suit by winning another
silver later in the day to take India‘s medal tally at the event to 13.
 P.U. Chitra 23-year-old from Palakkad retain her women‘s 1500m gold, Ajay Kumar Saroj takes silver
in the men‘s 1500m in the Asian Athletics Championships. Dutee finished with a bronze and Prachi,
M.R. Poovamma, Saritaben Gayakwad and V.K. Vismaya, won the women‘s 4x400m relay silver.
 Gomathi‘s gold was certainly the biggest surprise for India, which finished fourth with 17 medals —
three gold and seven silvers.

Asian Weighlifting

 Jeremy Lalrinnunga smashes Youth World record, national senior record, Youth Olympics gold
medallist Jeremy Lalrinnunga went on a record-smashing spree, claiming three world marks in a power-
packed performance, to secure second place in his group at the Asian Weightlifting Championship in

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Monthly Current Affairs – March 2019

Asia Badminton Championships

 The Asia Badminton Championships will begin at Wuhan in China today.India will be represented by
Kidambi Srikanth and Sameer Verma in men's singles and P.V. Sindhu and Saina Nehwal in women's
 P V Sindhu and Saina Nehwal were knocked out in the quarterfinals in Wuhan Asian Badminton
championships 2019.

The youngster won the senior National ranking tournament

 Former World junior No.1, A.S.S. Siril Varma, the men‘s singles title-triumph in the recent all-India
senior ranking badminton championship in Kozhikode.

Swimmer Likith achieves „B‟ standard for Worlds

 Indian swimmer S.P. Likith achieved the ‗B‘ qualifying standard for the 2019 FINA World
Championships in the men‘s 100m breaststroke at the 62nd Malaysia Open swimming championships.
Likith turned in a career-best performance to claim gold.
 With no other active Indian swimmer holding a ‗B‘ mark in the same event, Likith, will represent India
at the World Championships in South Korea in July.

Arjan Singh Memorial International Hockey Tournament 2019

 2nd Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh Memorial International Hockey Tournament was held
at Chandigarh from 15th April to 25th April 2019. Air Marshal RKS Shera AVSM VSM, Air Officer
Commanding-in-Chief, Maintenance Command was the Chief Guest for the Ceremony. ICF, Chennai
won the match defeating SCR, Hyderabad in the Penalty Shootout round.

2019 World Para Swimming Championships

 Indian para swimmer Niranjan Mukundan achieved the Minimum Entry Time (MET) in the men‘s 200m
IM (SM7 class) for the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships

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Asian Boxing Championships:

 Amit Panghal (52kg) picked up his second successive gold medal of the year, while Pooja Rani (81kg)
finished on top among the women to bring a fine end to India‘s phenomenal campaign in the Asian
Boxing Championships in Bangkok. India ended the event with 13 medals includes two gold, four silver
and seven bronze medals.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix:

 Valtteri Bottas resisted an attacking final charge by his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton to win
Azerbaijan Grand Prix and regain the lead in the 2019 drivers title race. It was the second win of the
season for Bottas and fifth of his career.

India to bid for 2024 World TT

 Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) has decided to bid for the 2024 edition of the biennial World
Team Championships. The last time India hosted a World Championships was way back in 1987.

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