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female tricks, conquer men, padded bra, corset, false eyelashes, makeup, pantyhose,

high heels, contact lenses, beauty,

famous, hollywood stars, without social networks, private life, facebook, instagram,
twitter, Salmma Hayek, Kristen Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, George
Clooney, Cameron Diaz,

abbreviations, examples, classification by truncation, classification by contraction,

grammar, spelling, formation of abbreviations,

abbreviations according to gender, abbreviations, examples, grammar, spelling,

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spelling rules, examples, abbreviations, truncation, contraction, grammar,

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donkey, tiny donkeys, mini donkeys, breed of small donkeys, nature, incredible animals,

Spanish tomatina, history, curiosities, traditional festival, celebration, Darío Ferrer,

young mother, pregnant girl, Lina Medina Vásquez, virgin, first menstruation, incredible

old mother, high-risk pregnancies, incredible pregnancies, in vitro fertilization, Rajo Devi
Lohan, India,

twins, different father, strange births, pregnant with two men, Mia Washington, DNA test,
adultery, lover,

dequeism, linguistic phenomenon, linguistics, model language, speech error, types of

dequeism, examples,

queism, linguistic phenomenon, hypercorrection, pronominal verbs, conjunctions,

grammatical errors, speech error,

gentilicios of America, inhabitant of Argentina, inhabitant of Bolivia, inhabitant of Sucre,

inhabitant of La Paz, inhabitant of Brazil, inhabitant of Brasilia, inhabitant Chile, inhabitant
of Bogotá, inhabitant of San José, inhabitant of Ecuador, inhabitant of Quito, inhabitant of
Guatemala, inhabitant of Guyana, inhabitant of Honduras, inhabitant of Nicaragua,
inhabitant of Panama, inhabitant of Paraguay, inhabitant of Uruguay, inhabitant of

prime numbers, composite numbers, maths, two dividers, more than two divisors.
divisions, examples,
volcanoes, crater, eruption, tectonic plates, fire belt, classification of volcanoes, active
volcanos, sleeping volcanoes, extinct volcanoes, strombolians, explosive volcanoes,

famous, they were born rich, golden cradle, Adam Levine, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus,
Lady Gaga, millionaires,

organic fertilizer, organic remains, carbon, sawdust, nitrogen, eggshells, ash, nutritious
soil, sow at home,

musical figures, examples, musical notes, rhythmic figures, music, whole-note, half-note,
quarter-note, eighth-note, sixteenth-note, thirty-note, black figure, punctilio, sixty-fourth

green rice, recipe, cooking, culinary secrets, fittings, ingredients, spinach,

eyes, harmful habits, eyesight, eye health, look directly at the sun, retina, ultraviolet rays,
makeup, cosmetics, read, rub your eyes, read on the screens,

types of narration, features, first person, targeting, narrative voice, types of voices,
intradiegetic narrator, narrator protagonist, witness narrator, interior monologue,

narrator, second person, features, literary voice, targeting, narrative voices, autodiegético
second apparent, examples, protagonist,

Features, narrator, third person, literary voice, targeting, narrative voice, extradiegetic
narrator, heterodiegetic, omniscient narrator, witness narrator, impression witness,
eyewitness, poor narrated, encyclopedic narrator,

personal reference, examples, recommendation, letter of recommendation, format,

fixing gel, linseed, hair, fashion, hairstyles, elaboration, ingredients, homemade recipe,
natural fixative,

tipos de palancas, levers, linear transmission, Archimedes, fulcrum, Power Arm,

Resistance, Resistance Arm, First Degree Lever, Roman balance, pliers, kickstand, pick,
second degree lever, third degree lever,

causa de muerte en tu pais,leading cause of death, heart problems, heart complications,

life expectancy, infectious diseases, pneumonia, malaria, AIDS, traffic accidents, apoplexy,
respiratory infections, homicides, cause of death according to the country,

chicken milanese, breaded, baked, ingredients, recipes, culinary secrets, food, oil free,

Windows 10, Microsoft, free update, artificial intelligence, Cortana,Katherine Albrecht,

private consumption, Mac, Android, conspiracy, theft of private information,

Treble clef, characteristics, musical scores, tone, scale, C, F, G, musical notation, treble
clef in second, Treble clef first, musical notes,
Propiedades del perejil, healing properties, parsley, medicinal plants, diuretic, anti-
inflammatory qualities, anti-flatulence, increase appetite, antioxidant, fight cancer, natural
antibiotic, antispasmodic,

Remover manchas, stain remover, vinegar, coffee, cold water with salt, peroxide,
acetone, alcohol, talcum powder, ammonia, sodium bicarbonate, lemon, natural methods,

Down's Syndrome, chromosome, features, causes, hypotonia, congenital heart disease,

John Langdon Down, Free Trisomy 21, mosaicism, translocation trisomy, translocated

professionals, artists, Down's Syndrome, Pablo Pineda, Fernanda Dos Santos

Honorato, Oriana Chavez, world record, Aline Favaro Tornaz, Dhayira Navas, unique

scrambled eggs, breakfast, secret culinary, mushrooms, preparation, ingredients, special


most polluted places, toxic oxygen, Pakistan, India, pollution, industries, environment,
Delhi, Patna, Gwalior, Jaipur, Karachi, Peshawar, Khorramabad,

C clef, features, musical notation, tone, note C, key of C, C clef in fifth, C clef in fourth, C
clef in third, C clef in second, C clef in first,

bass clef, features, note F, musical notation, bass clef in fourth, bass clef in third, bass clef
in fifth, musical note,

propiedades del toronjil, properties, melissa, sedative effect, sweat properties, herpes
labialis, digestive properties,antispasmodic, headaches, hyperthyroidism, anti-
inflammatory, medicinal plants,

lambdacism, linguistic phenomenon, phoneme, phonetic, diachronic substitution, Spanish

of America, examples of lambdacism, spoken Caribbean,

peroxide, disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, germicidal, fungal treatment, bactericide,

disinfect toothbrush, uses of hydrogen peroxide,

grief, mourning, death of a family member, divorce, breaking off, phases of grief, denial phase,
negotiation phase with reality, depression phase, anger phase, acceptance phase,

quesillo, pudding, typical candy, flan, ingredients, easy recipe, culinary secrets, food,

euphony, linguistic resource, harmonious words, speech, basic rules, synonym words,
use of beautiful words,

conjunctions, invariable words, prayers, grammatical category, adversative conjunction,

conjunction categories, casual conjunction, comparative conjunction, complete
conjunction, disjunctive conjunction,
conjunction examples, adverse conjunction, causal conjunction, comparative
conjunction, temporary conjunctions, conditional conjunctions, disjunctive conjunction,

prepositions, examples, grammar, joinwords, prayers, prepositional phrase, list of most

commonly used prepositions,

white vinegar, domestic uses, disinfectant, deodorizing environments, eliminates frizz,

naturally peeling, manicure, cosmetic use,

musical clef, special clef, music, musical notation, substitute clef, octave transposition
clef, neutral clef, tablature clef,

medicinal properties, coriander, infection prevention, antispasmodic properties, digestive

anti-flatulence, stimulating the nervous system, depurative properties,

beautiful girl, media figures, Kristina Pimenova, Ruslan Pimenov, Glikeriya Shirokova,
model, beauty, children models,

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natural beauty, perfect symmetry, woman,

religions, beliefs, christianity, islam, hinduism, buddhism, most important religions,


professions, professions of the future, industrial revolution, transitionists, expansionists,

backlashers, inflectionists, maximizers, optimizers, last milers, dismantlers,

adjectives, grammatical category, classes of adjectives, abundant adjective, qualifying

adjective, comparative adjective, relationship adjective, determinative adjective,
demonstrative adjective, indefinite adjective, possessive adjective,

true story, Lucifer, devil, Satan, Helel, light carrier, Venus, apocalypse, Christ, morning
star, Jesus,

Pronombres pronouns, noun, pronoun classes, demonstrative pronoun, indefinite

pronoun, interrogative pronoun, personal pronoun, possessive pronoun, relative pronoun,

Propiedades del AJO, medicinal properties, garlic, natural antibiotic, blood scrubber,
antioxidant properties, hypertension, cholesterol, blood pressure, cold, estrogens,

sharps, sharped, musical notation, musical sign, compass symbol, accidental alteration,
alterations of their own, music, sheet music, musical symbols,

micronations, independent state, Montevideo Convention, sovereign nations,

international community, micropathology, microstates, micronationalism, Kingdom of
Araucanía, Patagonia, Principality of Sealand,

micronations, examples, independent status, Montevideo Convention, Principality of

Elba, Akhzivland, Tierra de mar, Molosia, Whangamomona, Wallachia, Glacier Republic,
famous vegetarians, vegetarianism, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Jane Goodall,
Paul Mccartney, Pamela, Anderson, Harrisson Ford,

surname, origin of surnames, heraldry, ancient Greece, patronymic surnames,

toponymic surnames, surname derived from trades, descriptive surnames,