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Nurse : Good morning sir ,i am nurse citra. What is your name?

Mr. Agus : good morning nurse citra,my name agus renaldi

Nurse : how can i call you sir ?
Mr. Agus : yeah you can call me Agus
Nurse : what is your chief complain sir agus?
Mr agus : i got a pain in my stomach, its so hurt for me
Nurse : how long did it last? And how is the pain?
Mr agus : i think 3 days, its so sore
Nurse : have you take a medicine before?
Mr agus : no, not yet
Nurse : okay, now can i take your biodata?
Mr agus : yess,sure
Nurse : where and when you born mr. Agus?
Mr Agus : I was born on Cirebon, May 24th 1998
Nurse : how old are you? and where do you live mr agus?
Mr agus : i am 20 years old and now i live in gamping sleman
Nurse : are you married sir? And what is your religion?
Mr agus : no, i just study. I am moeslim
Nurse : what is your phone number? and who is your next of kin?
Mr agus : 089664490637, I came with my father.
Nurse : Ok sir,. This morning I will checking vital sign. I will check your blood
pressure, body temperature, pulse and respiration.
Mr. Agus : Oke, Nurse, I am ready, please check it.
Nurse : Firstly, I will check your blood pressure and pulse, Would you mind roll your
sleeve up, please?
Mr. Agus : Oke, no problem.
Nurse : now I am going to measure your body temperature. Would you mind raise
your hand up, please.
Mr. Agus : sure
Nurse : Last, I will count your respiration, would you breath normally?
Mr. Agus : ok
Nurse : Oke Mr. Agus, Checking your vital sign is finished.
Mr. Agus : How about the result, nurse?
Nurse : The result is your body temperature is 37OC, your pulse 85 times a minute,
your respiration 21 times a minute and Your blood pressure is 150/90 mmHg.
I think You got a problem with your blood pressure because the range is too
high and I will report this result to a doctor.
Mr. Agus : is that dangerous ?
Nurse : Sure, if your blood pressure range is too high it’s worried a complication like
a heart failure and stroke.
Mr. Agus : What is steps may recommend to lower my blood pressure?
Nurse : You need more rest. I suggest you to eat more fruits dan vegetables. And do
not stress.
Mr. Agus : Oke, nurse. Thank you for your information. I will change of my lifestlye.
Nurse : Your welcome and after that you should take your medicine, doctor will
come to you soon and you can consultating about your medication. Please,
wait a moment.
Mr. Agus : Oke nurse,sure
Nurse : I need to visit other patient, enjoy your rest later, I hope you feel better.