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Name – Aastha Kothari

Age - 30
Location - Delhi
Income – 15LPA
Qualification – MBA
Profession – Operations Manager at American Express, Gurgaon
Interview Setting – Personal Interview

Q. What all digital media platforms are you active on?

A. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin.
Q. Which car do you have?
A. Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Royal blue
Q. Had you purchased a car before from Maruti Suzuki or was it your first time
A. No, this is the first time we purchased a Maruti Suzuki car; the other cars we
have at home are Tata Indica and Renault Duster
Q. While making the purchase did you consider price as an important factor?
A. Yes, price was somewhat an important factor but at the same time my price
range was flexible based on what the car had to offer and whether it matched
my social standards
Q. Was the risk involved in making this investment on your car high for you?
A. Speaking on monetary terms, no it wasn’t but yes social risk was definitely
Q. Did you also fear about whether the car that you were buying will be
performing well or not?
A. Yes, it’s necessary for any car to give a comfortable experience to its owners
and since I have to commute from Delhi to Gurgaon on a daily basis; that
comfort factor had to be there and thankfully it has performed well till now;
even the mileage is okay.
Q. Was your buying decision affected by how other people would think about
your car?
A. Yes, it was affected by it cause to be honest, I do think what my friends and
colleagues would think about my new car.
Q. What was the initial trigger that made you plan on buying the car? Was it
the need that came first or was it the car that you got attracted to first?
A. It was the need for a new car since I needed some vehicle to commute to
my office.
Q. Who all influenced your buying decision for the car that you bought?
A. My family played a major role in helping me decide which car to buy; along
with that my friends helped me too.
Q. Did you consider other cars as well while buying this car?
A. Yes, I considered other cars as well in the similar price range like Hyundai i20
and Maruti Suzuki Swift
Q. What all attributes did you consider while making the purchase decision?
A. I was looking for a comfortable sedan which would cost me between 8-12
lakhs, with a nice interior and some X-factor so that I could show it off to my
friends and colleagues
Q. Were you accompanied by someone at the showroom?
A. I was accompanied by my family.
Q. Do you feel satisfied after your purchase?
A. Yes, I am satisfied with my purchase.
Q. Do you plan to buy again from Maruti Suzuki in future?
A. It will depend on the reason of the purchase since I am happy with my car
currently and in future, if I plan on buying a new car, I would definitely explore
all the options available at that time