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ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed

ET Whiteboard


ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by


ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by
ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by
ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by
ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by
ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by
ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by
ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by
ET Whiteboard presents ' ODE TO WISDOM' In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by

In accordance with the latest syllabus as prescribed by the godly 'Seniors'


Established 200 years after 1784, in the month of November, IET epitomizes the quality of hiding in plain sight – from its strategic location to its confusing name. Right from the moment you stepped on the platform of Charbagh railway station till the time you were into your ecstatic Yoga classes , you thought you had your shit spot on. Staring at gates of the wrong college, you probably realised two things – First, IET is recognised in Lucknow by the name ‘Engineering College’. Ok. Second that you need someone or something to tell you important shit like this. No? This is where this 'Freshman Guide' comes into picture. It will help you avoid situations where you stand – twiddling your thumbs – knocking on the wrong door; be it of that elusive lab in your department or that bathroom with broken faucet. It will serve as an Icebreaker to start conversations with your fellow freshman (hoping Induction was not handy enough), and provide you with incites to bitch about your college in creative ways. It will introduce you to the happenings at the college and beyond it. Although it’s been quite subtle yet, a few of you might have noticed the humorous presentation of this guide, so let’s make things official. This Freshman’s Guide to IET: (FG) is a reference book that will provide you with useful (slightly prejudiced) information about the college in not-so- boring way. This is the first edition of FG (pronounced ‘Holy Fij’) and WhiteBoard team is proud to present it to you. There have been contributions from several individuals (identities classified under advisement) that helped contrive this guide purely for the benefit of the confused freshman arriving at college.

under advisement) that helped contrive this guide purely for the benefit of the confused freshman arriving

The FG is structured in a way that will first introduce you to sections that explain ‘What is IET?’ followed by part that entails ‘What will you be doing at IET’ (still figuring out for ourselves). A sardonic tone is adopted to make the FG interesting and is not intended to offend anyone (about most of the time). It’s a light hearted unbiased irrelevant introduction to a rather tortuous journey of an Engineering Freshman and is to be taken just like that (don’t quote FG to your Profs. Shhh!) As we can see you had made it to the second page and are spell bound to read further, it is our solemn duty to convey few important points in the form of bullets, because that way it looks cool!

The animated characters that you see henceforth are in no way referred to or termed as 'cartoons' . Keep in mind: NEVERin the form of bullets, because that way it looks cool! Those who'll read it from

Those who'll read it from the first to the last word, withstanding the sarcasm while getting each and every reference will win a direct entry to 'Whiteboards elite group'. (currently with a zero strength club)to or termed as 'cartoons' . Keep in mind: NEVER The guide somewhere contains a series

The guide somewhere contains a series of digits that closely signify a fact (had been repeatedly told). The one deciphering it and sending their answer to us will get featured on our social media handles.elite group'. (currently with a zero strength club) So buckle up and enjoy the ride of

So buckle up and enjoy the ride of a Freshmen's journey at IET (viewer discretion advised). And if you read this FG its your binding and solemn duty to defend this guide on every social media portal and make sure your parents never end up reading it. Laters Baby!

duty to defend this guide on every social media portal and make sure your parents never





5 W elcome to iet


tour de' campus

12 Academics


college rules

19 Life@iet

22 Activites / Clubs

26 Fests

29 beyond iet

32 making iet great

35 authors' note

Ever since the day we were born and our parents decided we ought to be engineers, IITs were what we fantasized about. IITs were like the crush we all had, we used to stay awake all night dreaming about how perfect we would be together, but the feeling – apparently – wasn’t mutual. Having already reached our “commitment” age, our parents made us settle for an arranged affair with IET.

IET Lucknow might not be the college of your dreams, but it is the top college of AKTU and was awarded the 'Best technical government institute in Northern India' (no kidding). And you might say that doesn’t seem sexy enough, but once you start exploring the 100 acre exotic campus, and truly get to know the real IET, then you would realize - that you were right, the situation here ain’t that pretty.

Take a moment though, before you decide that your life here is doomed. What IET has to offer is immense potential and more than enough time to get that potential running. Have a look at your seniors that had the will and conviction to write their own fates.

Just this year an IETian secured a package worth 37 lakhs at Microsoft & more than 15 students secured a rank in top 100 of GATE qualifiers. IET can be what you make out of it, absolutely memorable or barely a memory, without being judgemental. And the campus might not seem big enough at first, but it is big enough for you to lose track of the next four years, especially those parts involving 9am classes.

Life at IET might seem monotonous at first, but once you associate yourself with people with similar interests and hobbies, you would witness what absolute bliss feels like. Read on, to find out about the activities at IET, about various clubs and societies here, and how are you probably going to spend the next year here. Good luck fellas!

'Hello Mumma and Papa, I am still awesome, I hope you are too. I am enjoying my stay at IET. The freshman guide has been really helpful to explore this beautiful place (forest). I read your last letter and I would just like to point out – ‘There is a fine line between being caring and outright fussy’


Campus de' Tour

Campus de' Tour


aaya Josshh !!

A left, a left, a right, then a left, a right, a left, a right, then a left, and there it is the way from Charbagh station to the gates of IET. Google Maps can tell you that much, but where do you go once you are inside the college gates? Follow our ‘soothing voice’ as we guide you through all the significant landmarks of the college.

t iger chauraha

The first and the only roundabout at IET. The place derives its name from the original inhabitants that used to live here, before their homes were brutally razed for the construction of college building. We are kidding! The iconic tiger painting (that looks suspiciously similar to Lannister Sigil) was drawn by the Fine arts group of the college (Kalakriti) and the place is named after it.

of the college (Kalakriti) and the place is named after it. [take the a sharp left]

[take the a sharp left]

College Canteen

The dilapidated building (onto construction lately) that you would barely notice, is the college canteen. The place will make you wonder (wish) – which fateful day will be its first for you. With its limited serving of Maggi, Cold-drinks, and chips you won’t be left wondering why the place looks so deserted all the time.

Drams Arena

The cozy cemented courtyard, roughly the size of a semi basketball court is the place where the legendary, jaw dropping, ear shredding, eye opening, arse shaking – Auditorium begins. But the place, meanwhile, is being used by the Drams club to practice its plays.

[Take a hard right]

[Proceed straight 50 meters]

meanwhile, is being used by the Drams club to practice its plays. [Take a hard right]

A uditorium

Ram Prasad Bismil Auditorium is the most precious jewel in the IET’s ornamental collection. Globally recognized as ‘The Audi’ or 'IET ka Taj Mahal', the awesome building has been host to Home Minister Rajnath Singh, stand-up comedian – Vinay Sharma, and many more famous personalities.

[Proceed 20 meters ahead]

many more famous personalities. [Proceed 20 meters ahead] S.A.C Short for Student Activity Centre is the


Short for Student Activity Centre is the pink building right next to the Audi. Intended to be a cradle for nurturing creative heads of the college, the place is usually inhabited by cobwebs throughout the year.

vijaya bank

“Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he will rob the world”. The saying is completely irrelevant in case of the benign and deferential Vijaya Bank that politely shares a small portion of the pink building with the SAC.

[Proceed 30 meters ahead]

of the pink building with the SAC. [Proceed 30 meters ahead] Amul shop The desolated hut

Amul shop

The desolated hut in the middle of a field that usually has more people standing than it can accommodate is the unofficial College canteen of IET. The mediocre quality of food and absolutely unhygienic surrounding means that this frequent stop wouldn’t be much an itch in your Daddy’s pockets.

[Proceed straight 70 meters]

E xit Point

This point of two diverging paths is where the lovers part. A two-lane well-lit path has all the girls’ hostels on the left and leads straight towards the faculty homes. And a barely visible slender path towards the right is the one that leads towards the

boys’ hostels.(the place where


[Take a right and proceed 20 meters]

place where ) [Take a right and proceed 20 meters] Dispensary The white building on the


The white building on the right is the dispensary. The place can direct you towards the right medical store for small nuances & amp; will direct you towards prominent hospitals in case of serious problems. You would probably be better off dispensing this away as an option in case of an emergency. The place is widely used during Shauryotsava , not because of serious injuries but for the TT/Chess Tournament to take place. Surprised?

but for the TT/Chess Tournament to take place. Surprised? [Proceed straight 20 meters] Shauryotsava ground The

[Proceed straight 20 meters]

Shauryotsava ground

The misplaced white poles you see on your left amidst uprooted grasses and trees are actually right where they are supposed to. The ground looks astonishingly different during the sports fest – ‘Shauryotsava’, when a totally different kind of ‘Hariyalli’ covers the field.

[Proceed straight 100 meters]

b asketball court

On the left about 200 meters into the bleak pathway at the end of Shauryotsava road is hidden midst strategically placed bushes the college’s basketball court. On the right are all the boys’ hostels. [Take a right and proceed 250 meters and then another right]

New Lecture theatre

On the right, you would see a colored building that you probably already recognize by now as NLT. What you don’t know yet is that these lecture halls are the only ones with those shiny whiteboards and backdoors. So enjoy them while you can (only facchas are taught in NLT).

[Proceed straight 20 meters]

Aunty ki Shop

The legend has it that before IET was built around it there was only one shop in the region – ‘Aunty Ki Shop’. The caring Aunty provides all the essentials of Engineering at her shop – Notebooks, Xerox notes, Lab files, empathy etc. [Proceed 15 meters ahead and take a right]

empathy etc. [Proceed 15 meters ahead and take a right] Extras The Gym, the Microsoft Lab,


The Gym, the Microsoft Lab, and the Tilak Hall represent the what, the where, and the how of the college, respectively. Looking at the gym you would wonder what’s even the point of having it. Throughout your time at the college you would be left wondering where the Microsoft Lab is. And judging only elites are allowed in there, you would wanna know how to get into the Tilak Hall.



In the 4 or 5 long years of undergraduate life, academics act as the center of gravity of a student’s life. Though the power of the electromagnetic field varies from person to person, it acts as an innocuous motivation to attend the lectures (along with the 75% rule). The academic structure in IET, like most other colleges, involves a credit-based approach towards the ultimate CGPA calculation. The many intricacies and delicacies of the academic life that concerns a freshman are presented below.

G rading System

Each subject is allotted a credit based on how relevant it is to your branch (even though most subjects taught in first year seems practically irrelevant). The grades you achieve in a semester are then multiplied with the respective credits and the cumulative score thus attained is then divided by the sum of credits to find your SGPA. The same process is repeated for the entire time you have been at IET to evaluate your CGPA. No talk about grading system is ever complete without a mention of backlogs. ‘Back’ is the phenomenon when you fail to recieve passing grades in a semester. You have to retake that subject exam subsequent year in the same odd or even semester. And once you clear that ‘back’ your transcript would show the updated marks. But be very careful in this regard because your final transcript would mention the ‘back’ you cleared.

Branch Change

After ‘investing’ a year in cramming information that you would probably forget right after the exam, all of you get to decide where do you ‘invest’ the rest of your three years once the results of your first year are declared. Well, not all of you – a handful, privileged ones among you that belong to the top of this social masquerade of

This pdf is pretty cool, but why am I all over it?
This pdf is
pretty cool,
but why am I
all over it?

grades.To actually understand BC, you need to first understand the concept of MC. MC stands for Merit & Category; the two factors that decide whether you get to change your branch.

For a successful branch change you need to be among the top students of the merit list in your category that have applied for BC. There is also this minor provision that number of students in any branch should not change by more than 15%. * Investments in BC are subject to career risks (Read all whiteboard related facebook posts carefully) – M&C apply. *

p roject and assignments

Projects and Assignments are two most influential ingredients in the making of an engineer. Influential, as in they sharpen your googling and speed- copying skills. Kidding – we are not. They are supposed to be the influential in encouraging incisiveness and innovativeness, but the accepted practice and revered convention at IET is – smart (read NO) work rather than hard work. A few rebellious ones that raise voices to create awesome projects and actually learn from the mundane assignments are slammed quiet by heavy packages from reputed companies. Meanwhile, the rest of us continue to enjoy in our eternal bliss of mediocrity and plagiarism. If you consider yourself among the rebellious ones, feel free to join any of the proactive groups like FRACTAL, SAE, WB, etc. Or consult your seniors to learn about how to create projects and miss assignment deadlines. Moreover, these projects and assignments are supposed to be added to your internal grades. But whether they are or aren’t, or if they are, then to what extent contributing towards the internal grades is still a mystery. The thing that is certain though is – The more butter you apply on your servings, the more will you enjoy your harvest.


Technically, internships aren’t part of the academics, but if you ever want to be significant in the field of technology, you will have to overlook this technicality. Internships are every bit as important (if not more) as your – understanding of the fact that bits are different from bytes – Academics. Irrespective of your branch or year, don’t let the ‘wisdom’ of people around you restrain you from doing internships each summer. Internships won’t just be influential in your career, but will mould your character. Even if you have decided to restrict your engineering years to prepare for some exam ahead, do make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to do internships. Who knows, you might end up even more dedicated towards that exam. Moreover, earning few bucks in the summers ain’t gonna hurt nobody neither.

S ubjects



It might look surprisingly similar at first to what you had studied in school, but don’t fall for the guileless demeanour as the beta & gamma functions in later chapters might turn you ‘Green like Hulk’ with frustration & confusion. Also keep an wary eye out for Engg. Maths II, this is the one where most of your seniors tripped.

Credit – 4 Preferred Books – NP Bali, HK Das



From blatantly obvious to ungraciously confusing, EE is infamous for shifting gears so quickly that an unwary pedestrian might not even notice. Filled with lengthy solutions and painstaking proofs, if anything, this subject would atleast teach you how to use your damn calculator. Credits – 5 Preferred Books – Ashfaque Hussain



Among the easier ones you would encounter in first year. Rumour has it, that toppers score perfect in this subject with just two weeks of studies. But we would recommend you don’t fall for these rumours and be on the safe side, by devoting no more than one entire night before the exam, to ensure ambiguity as to whether you will pass.

Credits – 5.5 Preferred Books -Shashi Chawala

Programming for Problem Solving

This subject will make the sublime juxtapositional reality at IET painfully apparent. For some this subject would be a walk in the park and for others it would be a nightmare. If you are new to programming then we strongly recommend you to join Fractal early on and attend all of their classes religiously. Credits – 5 Preferred Books – Let Us C, DS Yadav.





Entry timings of Ramanujam and Sarojini hostel inculcate real discipline, 01 punctuality and MOTIVATION. Weirdly also resembles the time schedule of a lunatic asylum, and are apparently, of no use after the first year for boys and Final year for girls.

02 Apparently sleeping in the library is prohibited which doesn't make any sense as the library timings exactly meet the human sleeping schedule:

9 am - 5 pm on working days.

03 75% and debarred :The most hated and most sought combo in college .Go to classes regularly (like we go!) or else this will also cost you your precious attendance and yeah also the important stuff they teach .

04 No occult practices, R rated movies, swearing and gossiping

well at

least not, when Faculty is around.

05 Trying to get a high-five from any security guard as a gesture of "bhai ki rangbaaji dekh!" when they see you hanging out with a girl is fruitless (writer's experience )

06 For every 5 min or so late entry, girls will be charged 100 bucks and that's because their safety is our primary concern. Did I mention max security prison somewhere? Well, here taxes are included.

07 Everyone is free to dress however he or she wants : Wizard robes, Demons summoning battle armors, Hello kitty frocks, basically every and any sort of body covers are allowed in our extremely diversified campus.

08 No 07 is a white lie. Who needs fancy clothes when you got a pair of White shirts and Black trousers instead. (Bwahaha!) PS : moderately torn jeans on the battlefields of Drams Arena are justifiable.

09 Wearing slippers in lecture hall will grant you immediate exposure to open air outside the classroom, in a dramatic and probably in an embarrassing manner.

Creating multiple Class whatsapp groups is strictly prohibited advised! The beginner ones being:

THE OFFICIAL : The one for asking: 'Class hogi ki nhi? where CR's 10 favourite job is to kick you out on your meme-istic misbehavior UNOFFICIAL: The one to decide class bunks, roast the CR( for no reason at all) and trying every bit possible to pretend funny. F.R.I.E.N.D.S : Oh! so you found your Rachel and Chandler here and the first thing you do is to go on a trip and create a group for sharing photos. Wait till she informs you about she being on a break and he about his third nipple.

11 Any sort of garbage, trash, wrappers, exes or last sem question papers goes in garbage cans situated in strategic places all around the campus. *Insert no joke here*

12 Volunteering for each and every fest is damn compulsory, as these will be the golden lines on your not so golden Resume. Moreover, it would give you an opportunity to work with few creative heads (collectively termed as Seniors) who'll summon you with explicit 'gyaan' from time to time.

13 If you have any negative opinion about this freshman guide then you probably need a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus to wake you up. God Bless. Peace!



You had probably entered the college gates with your cousins or elder friend's pithy-concise and meaningful advice that college life is about pure fun and all you're going to do is bunks and cool stuff. But believe me, it's four years of constant hard-work. The first day at this college and you waiting for your turn in the Audi to get enrolled in this Institute, a thought might have sparked in your mind:

'Am I making the right choice?' Well, did you really had a choice in the first place? But believe me, life won't be that bad as you might have thought.

me, life won't be that bad as you might have thought. Things that you'd be witnessing

Things that you'd be witnessing (horribly) in the beginning months: Interaction with new people (sadcasm for introverts), a compulsory attendance of 75%, Clubs advertising themselves (more progressively than the political parties), changing your relationship status from single to 'its complicated' to 'jag soona soona laage' in the first month itself. Seniors making calls in girls hostels - a day to teach the mess etiquette, the next day to how to greet your seniors, the next for wearing knee covered libaz and it will go on until the day you mummify yourself. But also, the thing you would be scared of - Ragging, luckily has no roots here in IET. Though the seniors would take an unofficial intro in shuddh hindi in hindustani attire where you have to speak your 'aukat' aka UPSEE rank, along with your other not so interesting specialities.

From worrying about your grades while binge-watching The American Pie series, to greeting your seniors every time while making awkward eye contact to the love story of kettle and maggi, your college life is gonna be full of adventure and a slight fearsome feeling of ' Back-log bachao abhiyan '. Detention alert : Don't mess with attendance or say professors!

But rest assured, you will have a

lot of fun in these four years

maybe in the form of group study/movie sessions or birthday GPL on a massive scale, depending on the alignment of your stars on that particular day! You will learn taking simple pleasure in 'amul ke parathe' or 'tapri ki chai' while glancing your crush from the corner of your eyes, also roaming in your hostel corridors at 3am in the morning won't seem that tiring.


Time management is going to be pretty difficult considering you'll have to attend all the classes and the club meetings while making sure you have time to devise schemes to mingle with the opposite sex. Here you will try to preach the holy system of 'proxies' which is strictly



is it?

College life can be pretty awesome if you learn to Adapt

Improvise Overcome, because you might find the true love of

your life here

week. And don't forget to take the first and last day photo of your college days. Transformation at it's bitch best!

probably every

to take the first and last day photo of your college days. Transformation at it's bitch


N akshatra

(Astronomy club)

For all the astrophysics nerds out there seeking glances of the galaxy through telescopes, we introduce you to the astronomy club of IET in affiliation with UPAAC and CST. The newly set club of the college brings you the eye refresher off your daily life where you can participate in the Apolluno event and enjoy gazing planets and getting knowledge on geeky-cosmos stuff.

Swaranjali (Singing Club)

You'd probably see people wearing white and red combo in the commencement of every event to inaugurate it with Saraswati Vandana in their melodious voice, which you'd regret and believe me, they too. Because culture! The vocalists enjoy this club more than anything, posting their cover videos on social networks and getting praises. A winsome platform for music freaks.

Kalakriti (Fine arts Club)

Entering the campus and not noticing the Heath Ledger's art piece? No? -sho! Those are the hands of Kalakriti members of our IET. Sketching, crafts, canvas painting and even road painting are the specialties of the young artists here.

Retorica (Compering Club)

"If you can talk the people, you can walk the people." The tagline of the club of stage holders. Stage fear or less courage? Tune yourself here. You don't even have to give loads of time and effort to work under this club, it goes active during fests and the newbie hosts are trained under seni-shishyas.

Excelsior (Literary Club)

The club is a home to the literal enthusiasts having a passion for literature, debating, poetry writing, creative writing, elocution etcetera. Join Excelsior to excel, and sear the old fears. (MUNs, parliamentary debates, Kavyanjali and other competitions, Excelsior IET have won awards in all.)

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

The automotive engineering club of IET which is a 3 combo engineering pack - mechanical, electrical and materials science. The students here are given basic information related to the karts, both engine and motor driven. They then make their own dream karts and participate in variegated competitions.

P armarth

(Social club)

Those who want to give benefits to the underprivileged kids in slums join their hands to work for the social club of IET. Bringing slum kids and moulding their innocent minds, helping them with clothes and ration, and providing girls education in slums are some of the gentle deeds by them.

Auroras (Western music / instrument Club)

The western music club or the tribe of metal heads is one of the chilling place to play instruments and do jamming and all. From Tee's to music they produce, everything can give you chills down your spine. The club is so less active that vocalist members even relax training their throats in their respective hostel rooms.

Robotics Club

Ever wondered how automated tiny bots follow some track and solve maze problems on their own? Magic of robotics, indeed! Combine your coding skills with an actual object and make your bots serve you! Autobots, manual bots, aeromodelling, drones construction, learn almost anything here.

Mirage (Photography club)

You would hold DSLRs and SLRs here and be the first row to witness any event in fests. The photography club is for the developing photographers who are taught from the elementary steps to how to set ISO, shutter speed or exposure. After all to capture the perfect kodak moment, photography cognition is required (random googling incoming)- night photography, trail photography, portrait modes, burst shots, blur effect.

I nsaniax

(Dance club) Time to stretch your body off the charts and also to get some sprains in your ankles the first D- day (dance). The dance club of IET brings before you the package of freestyle dancers. From Latin Jazz to hip hop, the club consists of multi-flair dance fanatics. One of the also winning club of IET who persuade the viewer's senses by their boogie- woogie moves.

Fractal (Coding club)

The technical club of the college where you'd be introduced to SPOJ, Codechef, hackerearth etc. The sole purpose of which is to ablaze the competition flare among the technocrats of college and to set a standard coding culture in college via deeper understanding.


char IETL []= "This freshmen guide" ; printf("%s\n", IETL) ;


O/P : Pure auwwesomeness

Abhivyakti (College magazine) You wrote an article real good? Or snapped a mind boggling femto photograph? Submit it to the magazine, the best source of connecting people and conveying your art piece! The members need to have literary flair, digital graphic design, photography skills and thoughts out of the box.

Josh (Dramatics club) :

From becoming Sherlock Holmes to Shakuni Mama, you can act almost everything here. Mimes, Street plays, skits, main plays, simply entertainment and glory can define this club more

exceedingly. Drams club, here, is one of the winning clubs of IET. 'IET josh, udaane hosh, o bhaiya

niklo ghar se oye'

thinking where the heck this rhyme chime comes all of a sudden!? You'll get to know very soon, this thing's gonna resonate in your ears everytime you walk past the drams arena! And this pain doesn't goes in vain when they cheer for IET Josh's victory in colleges like IITs and IIMs.

You'd be



The glowing flash of unhindered fun that students eagerly wait for – to enliven their gloomy monotonous college days. As crowds gather in thousands to witness awesome talents from IET and beyond, the CCD of IET aka Amul parlor is at its ne plus ultra. It’s the time of the year when Photoshop enthusiasts have something more than memes to produce & you can recognize your fellow freshman by their utterly uncreative photo captions or their hasty walk towards the buzzing crowd. You will know the fest season is nearby if you find yourself attending boring guest lectures and benign sponsorship sessions for a perfectly legitimate reason – your seniors forced you to.

s hauryotsava

The annual sports fest at IET Lucknow plays host to hundreds of students from colleges across the state with over 15 games and about 30 truckloads of fun. Organised during the month of February, your friends and cupid will probably be busy playing their respective games as you begin to hate your seniors for calling early morning practice sessions. That said, if you somehow secure a place in B-team of some sport, your contribution to the ‘great cause’ will, most probably be to come up with creative ideas to disparage the opposite team and serve water during the breaks.

the opposite team and serve water during the breaks. Don’t lose hope just yet, the Shauryotsava

Don’t lose hope just yet, the Shauryotsava has many events that you would wanna look forward to – Girls’ Kabaddi & Football, with over 500 spectators (no kidding) chanting Apalla or Gargi. The prestigious inter-college football cup is another spectacular event. With the likes of Ronaldo & Messi playing for their colleges (wearing jerseys with their name on it), the event is something you wouldn’t wanna miss, but probably will. The reason being fest’s time management – Here at IET we believe in wrapping up everything quickly, except the unexciting stuff.

e ncore

Spelled On-core, the IET’s cultural fest – with the advent of PRAVAH lately – has been host to Jubin Nautyal, Kumar Vishwas and thats it. Beyond this minor glitch, Encore is the largest cultural gathering of East Asia, organised in the month of march more than 5 lakh people visit the campus to witness these glorious three days. The last line might have been a slight exaggeration.

The annual cultural fest of IET LKO in the month of March equips cultural stage for talents in college (We have bundles of talents inside, believe it or not!) to celebrity nights for bigger talents outside. Except we cut short on budgets! Administration believe anything that's pleasure is a sin. The days of Encore are probably the best time you will spend at the college. The small platform with lively events would be the once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to put yourself on display. It's an OTP for females of the college to stay out in the campus till 10 pm. It’s an opportunity for chomuus of college to visit their parents or coil up their beds hiding in rooms doing absolutely nothing (no wait! They do self loathe while swooning over facebook updates of their fellow students). Encore might not need an elaborate description given the craze with which

students look forward to it. But we still are in pain for

students look forward to it. But we still are in pain for RIP Encore'18 parakram Parakram

RIP Encore'18


Parakram gives you wiiings! The A-OK fest for tech-nazis. The time of the year when you realize - was opting your branch the wise decision? And also when the technocrats have the real super-enthusiastic expialidocious time in Kart, Bots, Codes and what not. Two things that we eagerly look forward to is: the Parakram website and Robo-Wars, where barbaric techie make innocuous robots fight and die amongst each other (and its frickin’ Legen… wait for it…). But midst the technological challenges presented during the fest, there are several fun activities like Stand-up Comedy & Paint Ball organised to blow off the steam. Usually organised during the month of

April, the fest is an excellent appetizer for end-sem exams. The experience at

Parakram is absolutely

Dary. Legendary!

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Life here, at this sprawling 658673825 square inch campus, can get extremely engaging, but to ensure sanity and livelihood one should keep an eye out. And I don’t just say that metaphorically, I mean it literally. The greatest advantage of this college is its prime location. The city proudly boasts of its historical monuments, the ancient of them being the college Labs. But inspite of you being called a 'UPwaala' this city has been a host to so many diversified events or shows: be it the Repertwahr festival or the LQBTQ parade. A hub for Cafe and lounges, a fav place for several Comedians to come and perform and a city that strongly believes in 'India's got Talent', thus being a place for multiple Open Mics. Lucknow ain’t no Dubai – although it gets equally hot – and here ain’t no sky tearing Burj Khalifas either, but there definitely are some notable places here that you should consider visiting.

J aineshwar Mishra Park

The largest park in Asia (or so we have heard) with beautiful ponds and boating areas is definitely worth a visit. The legend is, the fat statue of you-guess-who at the park is visible from the satellites, but that one is hard to digest (just like the food at the park).


The place embodies the Nawabi-Awadh that Lucknowites like to boast about. A true architectural marvel, mainly used as a photoshoot destination while some go to to sight see firangi stuff. Make sure you miss the famous statue of Wins-ton Church-ill from the time he visited the place, beneath which is written - “England ain’t worthless without a Queen in it, and Awadh ain’t Lucknow without IET in it.

Ambedkar Park

Built with stones from far away land, with statues in memories of people still alive, covering un-befittingly large chunk of prime spot of city with tiles and grass – Ambedkar Park epitomizes the ‘Remodeled’ Lucknow.

river front

Be delighted in the soothing atmosphere at the banks of river Gomti . River front is the space and time print of IET confessions page. Probably the most romantic getaway to speak your heart out. Weekends? Or cancellation of that Goa trip? Time to witness the plastic pollution at river side.

M ahatma Gandhi Marg

MG Marg is to Lucknow, what Times Square is to New York. Its that shiny and buzzy part of the town that is known for the unique way of celebrating festivals. On occasions like New Year & Holi the celebrations here look similar to as they do in movies, and unsurprisingly, the place has been featured in many films.

Sher e Punjab / Dastarkwan

End your real hunger here. For all the Saturday eves when the night mess is off, to my vegan friends feed your growling stomach with some delicious paneer butter masala or mushroom veg at Sher-E-punjab. To the meat eaters, relish the finger licking chicken masala at Dastarkhwan (Word of caution: Not for the elite hostel Ramanujam)

Planetarium/ science city

If it's not your first time in the city, you would have already visited Science city and Planetarium here with your family or a school trip. That's the first call in the city or preferably our parent's first call because - educational shrine. But in college, it's a perfect place for some nice bakaiti with your friends group.

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Throughout the FG an attempt was made to acquaint you with the real IET. Through sarcasm, humor, and terrible writing we tried to present IET in its trueness. Now that you're about complete this guide, try to remember the day you first entered IET. Close your eyes for a moment and actually try remembering what did you feel? Not the superficial curiosity, but what you felt underneath. Some felt disappointed, some felt gratified. Some felt doomed, some uplifted. Some felt restrained, others liberated. Many felt pessimism, but a few were determined. Determined to take control. Determined to write their own destiny. Determined, not to succumb to the conventional wisdom that an ‘I’ in between ‘I’ and ‘T’ is the only syllable that fills the blank of success.

Whiteboard is a group of a few among those determined people. People who believe that IET shouldn’t just be a dilapidated boat that barely stays afloat the ocean of opportunities and competition. Struggling to be relevant, fumbling to prove its significance. We refuse to accept that we are limited to the results our college has produced in the past. We refuse to accept that we can’t be any louder than the modest noise yet made by IET. No, ladies and gentlemen, WE DO NOT ACCEPT that IET just is, a tangent to the circle of pertinence. Imagine a time when every pen stroke of significance in the pages of history was marked with the ink of IET. Every hallway containing paintings of individuals that altered the course of future has IETians on it.

Imagine when every student at IET nurtures an entrepreneur in him that identifies the needs of the society – here at IET and beyond – and aspires to provide creative solutions to them. Imagine an IET where every student holds the potential to produce novel research and transcend the knowledge frontiers of the entire world. A time when every significant step forward in the evolution of humanity has an IETian part of it, and it doesn’t strike people as a bolt from the blue. This is an ambitious dream (even for a dream), and might even sound preposterous to many. But so was the dream of landing a man on the moon, until it was conquered.

Every paradigm shift happens with small steps towards it. Small steps like organizing a TED talk at IET Lucknow. Steps like building an active Alumni Connect at our college. Stepping out of your comfortable monotonous school life and mustering the courage and will to 'Be the change' and then 'Bring the change'. Any step towards actual improvement involves the first step of acknowledging an inadequacy, and then a second step of addressing that inadequacy. Your seniors have taken the first step, the question is whether you have the guts to take the second?

inadequacy. Your seniors have taken the first step, the question is whether you have the guts

A uthors' Note

A uthors' Note Dear Freshmen, Names are an illusion. (So is ' Ode to Wisdom '.)
A uthors' Note Dear Freshmen, Names are an illusion. (So is ' Ode to Wisdom '.)

Dear Freshmen,

Names are an illusion. (So is 'Ode to Wisdom'.) Appearances can be deceiving. Porn sites are banned on campus networks. In their most "non- offensive" tones the authors claim that this masterpiece (which has been edited a lot due to practical-social-indulgences) is not responsible for the side effects caused. The authors would shed their alias and cease to exist from the mortal realm if it comes to that. Word. Have mercy.

Regardless we do hope that this guide pissed off at least a few people. Perhaps we should have named this guide 'This could hurt' by Jillian Medoff the highly trained Llama of the North, or if the authors get sacked for offendment (oxford word of the millennium) issues, they have one last request as to rename the guide as 'A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again' by David Foster Wallace, the winner of the 'Best moose costume award' in Peru back in '98.

In case you be wondering: Why wasn't this guide published at the start of the session? The reason being the authors thought that Freshmen should actually view this college from their perspective beforehand and see for themselves what IET is to them and what IET is to us. It wasn't because we were lazy and procrastinating. It's not like the authors have a life of their own. Seriously.

As for whiteboard, the only sponsor we could find. WB isn't a club, nor a society but a complete team of slightly hard working nocturnals who believe in the saying: 'Be the change you want to see in your brother'.

Us homos homies in WB think that there is a need to raise voices and opinions about things you see in the college, to show IET's potential to people outside this 100-acre campus, to create content that can match with other college media bodies like IITB(Insight) , NITR(Monday Morning), IITR(Watch Out), IITKGP(Awaaz), IITM(The Fifth Estate) etc.

These Media Bodies were formed years ago, and it took time and effort to reach that level (a lot worse than playing road rash). On looking back to our journey we fell we somehow achieved quite a lot which surely is highly commendable(self-praising at its best!) That being said we hope you enjoyed this piece of art and are surely looking forward to join us.

Kumbaya and welcome to the future.

forward to join us. Kumbaya and welcome to the future. Reach out to us: Regards The

Reach out to us:

Regards The Anonymous Writer(s)

www.ietwhiteboard.comand welcome to the future. Reach out to us: Regards The Anonymous Writer(s) /theietwhiteboard ietmonocle ietwhiteboard

/theietwhiteboardand welcome to the future. Reach out to us: Regards The Anonymous Writer(s) ietmonocle ietwhiteboard

ietmonocleto the future. Reach out to us: Regards The Anonymous Writer(s) /theietwhiteboard ietwhiteboard

ietwhiteboardwelcome to the future. Reach out to us: Regards The Anonymous Writer(s) /theietwhiteboard ietmonocle

Dedicated to each and every student who takes pride in being an IETian

to each and every student who takes pride in being an IETian "We are so busy

"We are so busy watching out for whats just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are"

-Calvin and Hobbes