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Tone : impersonal, dignified, few references to reader 4 . D i s t a n c e :

considerable b . I n f o r m a l s t y l e It is usually use by friend to friend,

bargaining in the market,street, and etc.The characteristics of the informal Style are1.Sentence:

medium length ( twenty to thirty words ), chiefly standard sentence,

frequent paralel and same priodic sentence, but mostly popular frommabstract to concrete,



Diction: range from learned to colloquial,but mostly popular from bstact to concrete,occasional

contractions nd clipped words and some slang.3.Tone: ranges from personal to

interpersonal, usually addresed the reader as you.


Disance: moderate

D. Style

What is style, according to Cristal and Davy(1969:9)defined style such as bellow:1.Style may

refern to some or all of the language habits of one person as when we talk about

of shakespears’ style or when we discuss question of disputes authorship.2.Style may refer

to some or all of language habirts by a group of people at one time or over time,

as when we talk abut the style of old english, heroich, poetry,written, or publicspeaking.3.Style

is given restricted meaning when used in evalute sense, reffering to the

effectiveness of a mode of expression, Implicate style is defined as saying the right thing in

the most effectiveway or as good manners.4.Style is referred to the literary language.

Style has long been accosiated with primarily and exclusively with literature, as

characteristic of good, effective, beauty writing, and focus onthe literary critics attention

alone.When we conclude that style according to them is all of language habits of one person or

group of people in the most effective way at saying which different from other at one time.


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