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1. The x-rays at the airport ………... the unprocessed A. Could B. Should have
film since the photos were foggy. C. Can D. Could have
A. Must have been B. Must damage
damaged 12. The car looks clean. You ……….. wash it.
C. Must be damage D. Must have A. Can’t B. Don’t have to
damaged C. Mustn’t D. Are not to

2. Muktar ……….. the car regularly, otherwise his car 13. I think this car ……….. be Anton’s. I saw him
would have functioned well. driving a red car like this one.
A. Should not have B. Should not service A. Might B. Could
serviced C. Must D. Would
C. Cannot have D. Must not have 14. Due to their arrogant and ignorant behavior, the
serviced serviced youth ……….. a rare opportunity to get the
3. He went by bus, but he ……….. by car. scholarship.
A. Might of gone B. Should gone A. Must have missed B. Might have missed
C. Could have gone D. Ought have gone C. Should have D. Must not have
missed missed
4. Since the company doesn’t charge a late fee until
after the sixteenth, you ……….. pay until a day or 15. Tomi ……….. Chinese when he lived in Macau but
two before that. he must not have been able to remember it.
A. Shouldn’t B. Needn’t A. Can speak B. Was supposed to
C. Mustn’t D. Can’t speak
C. Could speak D. Ought to speak
5. X: I really need a job right now.
Y: well, you ……….. look for a job vacancies in 16. You look very confused by the homework Chris.
the newspaper. ……….. I help you?
A. Should B. Must A. Will B. Can
C. Might D. Need C. Must D. Would

6. When Alfred was five years old,……….. 17. People ……….. say what they please at all, you just
A. He used to play hide and seek need to ……….. through it.
B. He was used play hide and seek A. May – continue B. Might – continued
C. He would playing hide and seek C. Can – continuing D. Could have –
D. He use to playing hide and seek continue
7. You ……….. unplug the toaster before you try to 18. Muktar received A added bonus B from his manager
clean it due to C his excellent D performance on his job.
A. Have better to B. Better to
C. Had better D. Should be better 19. Originally A, ice cream was a labor-intensive B
made C manually by hand D.
8. Claire is a diligent student, I think she ……….. pass
the exam easily. 20. The participants have A their lunch B as soon as C the
A. Could B. Will speaker finishes his speech D. will have
C. Can D. Are able to 21. What is A we look for B in a candidate when we vote
9. A: Our cargoes are not ready yet, sir. in a presidential D election? should
B: Well, I think we ……….. contact our consumer 22. The thief who A stole my watch was compelled B to
to ask for some extra time. restore it C back again D.
A. Will B. Might
23. We had better to get A the work finished B on time
C. Should D. Used to
so the client won’t have C anything to complain D
10. When he lived in the suburban area, Mike ……….. about it. get
the subway to go to his office every day.
24. Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has pledged
A. Would take B. Might take A
to return back B to Pakistan despite C threats to his
C. Could take D. Will take D
life from Taliban.
11. Mammals and birds are warm-blooded, which 25. Rowling is having a tour A to five cities for B

means that they ……….. make their own body heat seminars about C the new biography of her life D.
even when it is cold outside.