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Created by: David Negreiro

This devotional Guide is not meant to put

this time with God in a box. Experience
the God of Creation for who He is. Let
this only be a guide to you. Find freedom
in reading the Word exploring all of it
and letting it pierce your heart.
Start off in prayer:
Pray that God would reveal to you what He is speaking.
Pray that His word would pierce your heart and mold you.

Read Mark 1:16-20 twice

A few people in Jewish Palestine were rich, most were generally poor. But there were some,
like fishermen, that tended to fall between rich and the poor.
James and John were clearly not poor. They had hired servants this is something that only
people with money had. We can see that none of these disciples left their business behind be-
cause it was failing, they left behind well paying jobs. Jesus is the giver of life, everything
else is worthless.
Do you find it hard to just give up everything and follow Jesus because you feel like you have
life in control? Do you feel like continuing your life the way it is because it’s comfortable or

Many Jewish teachers in Jesus’ day felt that the greatest commandment was to honor one's
parents. To abruptly leave behind one’s family and the family business was a great sacrifice
that went against everything the culture taught. It was more radical to Jesus followers than
leaving behind money, to them it was completely engrained into their way of life.

Be transformed by the renewing of your minds.

What is the most comfortable part of your life? How does God change the way you view the
way your life should be lived? How different is the way you live than that of the people
around you?.
Disciples usually sought out their own teachers. Because discipleship often involved tempo-
rarily laying aside one’s livelihood and being apart from one’s wife and children, the decision
to choose a teacher would have normally been made only after much deliberation.
Do you realize the commitment that it is to follow God? What does it look like?

Are you ready to follow God in this way?

Are you blindly willing to follow God and let go of the things you hold to?

What would it take for you to follow Jesus like His disciples did?

End in prayer.
Pray that God would break down things that are stopping you from
following Him. Things at school. Things at church. Things on the
field. Things at home. Things with friends. Things with enemies.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would help and guide you.
Pray thanks and praises to the powerful and great God.

Read Mark 1:21-28 twice

Most synagogues were conducted by “lay leaders,” but those most skilled in the scriptures
most certainly contributed their share when the Old Testament was to be expounded. They
would try and expound on the law by explaining the proper way to translate it and apply it.
Jesus’ teachings went quite a bit further than this, He spoke with authority.
What sort of picture do you paint of Jesus? Put yourself in the shoes of someone at this event,
describe Jesus.

Let’s look at Jesus’ power over the spiritual forces. Jesus encounter demons and we can see
part of who He is by how he deals with them. Demons were often associated with magic. Ma-
gicians tried to overcome other spiritual forces by invoking their names. If this demon is try-
ing to do this, it doesn’t work. In Jewish literature, demons recognized their inability to harm
those who walked close to God.
How do we know when we’re encountering a demon? How would we react? We need to walk
closely with God to have wisdom and authority in this situation. Write a note to God telling
Him how you will draw closer to Him.
Demons were rebuked and subdued with orders like “Be silent”. Rebukes in the New Testa-
ment never involved a formal statement like “I rebuke you”.

Exorcists, people who tried to chase out demons, used phrases like “come out of so-and-so”
as parts of magical incantations. They had two main methods of expelling demons. First was
by revolting or scaring the demon with smelly roots and such. Second was by invoking the
name of a higher spirit to get rid of the lower one. Therefore people are amazed that Jesus can
simply order the demons to leave.
Describe your idea of a demon.

What do demons fight against?

What would you do if you saw a demon?

What did Jesus do? Describe the interaction between Jesus and the demon.

Jesus came with authority and power. Do you serve God knowing his authority and power or
do you overlook that aspect?

God is the only source of power

End in prayer.
Pray that God will work through you with power.
Pray that you will continue to do His work.
Thank God for His blessings
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would give you boldness
Pray that God would give you courage
Pray that your heart would break for your spiritually lost friends

Read Mark 2:1-12 slowly and carefully

We pick up the story and we see that the room is packed with many people following Jesus.
In our times it’s not normal for four people to dig through roofs if the house is too crowded.
And it wasn’t normal in Jesus’ time either.
What are you willing to do to meet Jesus? What are some things that you have done? What
are some things that others have done that inspired you?

What kind of friends did this paralytic man have?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to bring your friends to Jesus?

Jesus forgave the sins of the paralytic. This was an absolutely radical statement. Jesus was
essentially claiming that He is God. The people in the room were stunned. They were saying
he was blaspheming which is punishable by death. Yet still Jesus had compassion on this
On a scale of 1-10 how bold are you? Think of a situation you aren’t bold in, that you know
you should be. Take some time and pray that God would give you boldness in this area.

The people in the room didn’t believe that Jesus was the son of God. At the same time some
people believed that doing of miracles was verification that the teacher was God’s representa-
tive. During this time there were many false teachers who claimed they could do miracles but
actually couldn’t. Many of the people in the room probably lumped Jesus together with this
crowd. But with so many witnesses, this probably drastically changed the minds of the peo-

End in prayer.
Pray for 4 of your spiritually lost friends
Pray that God would speak through you to them
Start off with prayer:
Pray that you would only seek God as the provider.
Pray for those in need.

Read Mark 2:18-22

We read that Jesus gets questioned about fasting, but His response doesn’t seem to make
much sense. We need to know where the Pharisees are coming from. The background is that
the Pharisees could have been fasting for a few reasons. It could have been simply out of tra-
dition, because many of them fasted two days a week, or it could have been an expression of
mourning. John’s disciples could have possibly been fasting as an expression of repentance
designed to hasten the coming of the time of redemption. So then the Pharisees were ques-
tioning Jesus.
What does Jesus say though? How does he turn the conversation? What does he say about
mourning in verse 19?

Wedding celebrations were a time of great joy and celebration. To fast at a wedding would be
irrational. What then is our response to being in the presence of Jesus? Read 1 Thessalonians
Jesus redefined the ways of thinking of the people around him. Read verses 21-22. Do you
live joyously? Do you live knowing the God of creation is alive and in love with you?

Jesus here was showing that there was a difference in times. Fasting was used for different
reasons by the Old Testament and John the Baptist. The heralded the coming of a new age.
But Jesus changed that once again by ringing in the day of salvation.
Do you recognize that new change? Do you fast? Why do you fast? Is it for the same reason
Jesus did or the same reason the Pharisees did?

End in prayer.
Pray for joy from the giver of life.
Pray for God to guide you into his new plan for us.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would give you discernment to understand His call
Pray that God would mold you.

Read Mark 3:13-19 meditatively

Mountains were places were people went to connect with God. What way does that illumi-
nate our idea of what Jesus is doing here?

Why did Jesus appoint them?

What kind of authority do the apostles have?

Do you feel like these apostles? Do you feel like you can relate or does it seem like this could
only apply to the life of the apostles?
The fact that there were 12 of them specifically meant that they were to be the new remnant of
obedient Israel, the new Israel. They were the family of God.
Do you know what that means? Do you live under the understanding that you are God’s cho-

“Apostles” means commissioned representatives. Jesus’ authority and life was now given to
these twelve. They were given responsibility and authority. You are God’s representative.
Journal about how that changes things for you and how you should change things.

End in prayer.
Pray that God would send us to do His work
Pray that we would live like we are God’s
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would unite His Church
Pray that God would show you how to be the Church
Pray that God would grow His Church

Read Mark 3:31-35 three times

Jesus was called by His family, for what we have no idea. But we do know that His brothers
were unbelievers. Whatever it may have been, we see something very shocking. What did
Jesus show us?

In Jesus’ day the strongest cultural norm was the family tie. It was the cultural norm. It sym-
bolized what a man would live for. It was the center of a person’s life. Then what happens?
Jesus shocks the crowd by standing up against it. Jesus reorganizes the priorities of a person’s
life. Who becomes Jesus’ new family? Why is that important?

The life of Jesus was dedicated to one thing. He had one mission. He was not persuaded by
the distractions of the world. He had a purpose that He lived for.
Does that sound like your life?
Read Acts 2:42-47
We are a new family indeed. We are dedicated to our mission. How does this description of
the early Church make you feel? What thoughts does it inspire? Does it seem plausible for
your life today?

Read John 17:20-26

What does Jesus pray? Why does he say about us? About this new family? What then? Now
what do you do?

End in prayer.
Pray that God will guide you to embody this purpose that God has
Pray that God will guide you to be His Church
Start off in prayer:
Pray Hebrew 3:12-13
Pray for perseverance, Pray for the Church

Read Mark 4:1-20 carefully

Paraphrase verses 13-20 in your own words.

Is there someone you know that is like the hard path? What specifically do they struggle with?

How can you be a loving example to them?

How can you help them?

Is there someone you know that is like the rocky places? What specifically do they struggle

How can you be a loving example to them?

How can you help them?

Is there someone you know that is like the thorny places? What specifically do they struggle

How can you be a loving example to them?

How can you help them?

Is there someone you know that is like the good soil? What specifically do they struggle with?

How can you be a loving example to them?

How can you help them?

Which of the three bad soils do you see yourself falling into the trap of?
Who can you go to, to keep you accountable?

End in Prayer.
Pray for these people from your heart.
Pray that you will not fall into these traps.
Pray for perseverance.
GO to the person that will help keep you accountable right now.
Start off with prayer:
Pray for the people around you who know don’t know Jesus
Pray that God would lead you
Pray that God would use you

Read Mark 4:21-25

This is a famous illustration of Jesus. The point is simple. What is the point of light, to illu-
minate the surrounding area. What good is invisible light? What good is light if it doesn’t
illuminate. That’s what it was meant to do. Go back and reread Mark 3:13-15. What is the
first idea that you think of? How do you feel right now?

In Jesus’ day lamps were small and clay they were put on stands. If a bowl was put on it, it
would be extinguished. Lets take this illustration and apply it to our lives. What would be the
lamp? And what would be light?

Why does a lamp shed light? Who are you shedding light to right now?
If you were created to share the news of Jesus, then are you? What use is a lamp that doesn’t
shed light? What hinders the shedding of light? What might a “bowl” in your life be? Be
honest and list some as painful as it may be.

We are called to be lights let’s not be small tinsel lights that are faint. But Disney land light
beams that can be seen from miles away. All light shines and exposes darkness but let us use
what we have been given for even more things.
List 5 friends that you can be sharing Jesus with.

List the ways in which you will. List time, place, details, prayer needs and those you can call
for spiritual support.

End in prayer.
Pray for God’s guidance
Pray that you will be bold and courageous
Thank God for His blessings
Start off with prayer
Pray that you would seek Jesus as the source of life.
Pray that God would lead you

Read Mark 5:21-43

In this parable we read about two people coming to Jesus for healing. They are Jarius and a
bleeding woman. What kind of people are they?

This verse clearly portrays these two people in a particular light. It’s how they come to Jesus.
How do they come? Jarius comes and falls at Jesus’ feet pleading. The woman came to Jesus
feet trembling in fear. How do we come to Jesus?

This parable shows us what Jesus is looking for. What was Jesus’ response to the woman?
To bring oneself prostrate before someone had great meaning. It was a humbling of oneself
before someone greater, like a king. For Jarius a prominent man to do this it was a great and
serious thing. Take a minute and bring yourself before God, humbling yourself before the
great King. Write down your thoughts.

Verse 36 Jesus asks Jarius to simply believe. Amongst all those that were speaking against
this. Amongst the crowd of people telling him that it was too late. Amongst the crowd of peo-
ple discouraging his faith. Jesus says, Don’t be afraid, just believe. Find a place that you will
visit again today and write a note to yourself saying: Don’t be afraid, just believe.

Today as you follow Christ, just believe. Where are the crowds telling you it’s not possible?
Where do you lack faith?

Don’t be afraid, just believe.

End in prayer.
Pray for God to help you with your unbelief
Pray for a willing spirit to come before God humbly
Pray the same for someone else.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that you would be receptive to God’s teaching
Pray that scripture would pierce your heart.
Pray that God would make you moldable to His ways

Read Mark 6:1-6

We read that Jesus went to His own home to preach and share the good news but much like
the lives of the prophets, they didn’t accept His teachings. What were the things they said?

In verse 5 it says that Jesus couldn't do any miracles there. This can be easily misunderstood.
It’s not implying that it’s not in Jesus power. On the contrary, Mark fills his gospel display-
ing the power of Jesus. Instead this is showing us an important thing about miracles. Mark
shows us that doing miracles in the absence of faith would not have done good. It would have
hardened men’s hearts against God. The miracles would have been like magic tricks of pa-
gans. What do we look for when we hear of miracles? Do we desire to see miracles only to
see a magic trick? Is our underlying emotion the same?
These verses can be read many different ways and indeed it does show the lack of faith of the
people. This amazed Jesus. Amazing Jesus would be great but not because it was because of
our lack of faith. Let us not be like that. What are some ways to avoid that?

Jesus’ hometown knew Him, they grew up with Him. They were familiar with Him. He was
ordinary and commonplace to them. Have you grown up knowing of Jesus? Is he common-
place to you? Are you like the people in this narrative?

Many times it’s those of us who have grown up in the Church that are the farthest from Jesus.
We may talk about Him, know about Him, maybe even pray. But if we don’t know Him per-
sonally and serve Him as Lord of everything we have, then maybe we’re just like the people
of this town. Where do you stand? Do you doubt Jesus? Do you have faith in Him?

End in prayer.
Pray that God would break down all the walls between us and Him
Out of love pray the same for 3 people that have built walls.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would show you where He wants you to go.
Pray that you would depend on God alone
Pray that God would show you what you actually need

Read Mark 6:7-13

These verses can be very powerful if we let them read us. Jesus gives His disciples a chance
to be Him. He’s been preparing them and now He let them test the waters. But what instruc-
tions does He give them?

Sending them two by two was important and customary. It provided validation for their testi-
mony. We can’t do it alone can we? What are you trying to do alone?

In verse eight we get a very specific list of what the disciples could and couldn’t bring. The
disciples weren’t supposed to take a bag. This bag was a beggar’s bag, something to collect
money, not even a little bit of money in their belts. It’d be the equivalent of not taking our
wallets. Not even an extra tunic to keep warm. Is this verse only applicable in that specific
Why did Jesus ask of this? Was he crazy? Jesus makes His point very clear. He wanted His
disciples to be fully committed to their mission. He didn’t want them to be concerned with
anything else. Nothing but their mission. How dedicated are you to God’s mission? How
does it saturate your life at school? How would these disciples do it differently? What if Je-
sus prescribed this same thing to you as you went about your day?

Making them to go without these things forced them to depend on God. Maybe we don’t ex-
perience the living God like these disciples did because we’re tied down to other things in our
life. What are you holding on to? Can you do this that Jesus asked of His disciples?

What if you were told to live like this tomorrow? Would you be hesitant? Would you com-
plain? Would you even do it at all? What is most important to you?

What outcome did the disciples have ?

End in prayer.
Pray that God would make you focused on His mission
Pray that God would help you depend on Him alone.
Pray through this for a long time.
Start off with prayer
Pray for God to help you depend on Him
Pray for God to help you trust Him
Pray the same for someone else

Read Mark 6:45-52 twice

We read this passage in light of Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand. After the miracle Jesus
goes to pray and sends His disciples off. This sets up a very prominent theme in Mark.
What is the reaction of the disciples when they see Jesus?

The disciples in Mark are often portrayed poorly. But whenever the disciples are separate
from Jesus they are in distress and they experience anguish because of their lack of faith.
What then are we to say? We see that amongst this fear the disciples learn of Jesus’ power
even over the sea. How do you recognize God’s power on a day to day basis?

As we live our lives we need to rely on Jesus. We need to be connected to God and be in con-
tinual communication with Him. Maybe we have a hard time pursuing God and feeling His
presence because we aren’t connected to Him. How much do you pray? What do you usually
pray for? How much do you read the Bible?
As we progress in our walk with God maybe we’re like the disciples here. Maybe we’re cry-
ing out in fear and distress. Maybe we feel like our walk with God is neutral, bland, or just
dead. Where did these disciples have trouble? When they weren’t connected to God.
Give yourself an honest evaluation. How you feel your relationship is going. Is it good? Why?
Is it bad? Why?

It’s not about how much we see God move in the past, not even if we saw the feeding of the
multitude. The disciples were just there. But they weren’t connected to Jesus and that made
all the difference. Do you think you need a sign? Do you want to see a miracle? Just be con-
tinually connected with God and that will make all the difference. Write some words to God.

End in prayer.
Ask God to show you how to develop your relationship with Him.
Ask God to bring people into your life to be an example to you.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God will give you discernment
Pray that God will give you a clean heart
Pray for change in your life

Read Mark 7:1-20

Sometimes we as a Church make up weird unnecessary rules. We have our traditions like
don’t change the pews. Don’t change the way we’ve always done it. Sometimes we also build
“fences” around God’s teachings. Say for example if Jesus taught us to never walk ten miles,
sometimes the Church would teach never walk nine. Why do we set up these new rules? Do
we not think God’s are good enough? Do we think we’re above them? In what ways are we
changing the message of God?

We can often be like Pharisees. We often read the Bible seeing the Pharisees as our enemies
and not understanding that we can fall into the same pitfalls. What does verse eight teach us?
Where should our focus be? What are your thoughts about this? Where do you think you
have been stubborn against what God is teaching?
God set up His guidance to mold us and shape us. When we build fences around God’s law
we are changing how we are guided. When we teach our ways above God’s we are saying
that we’re better than God. We follow the leadership of ourselves instead of God’s com-
mands. In verse thirteen it warns us against bad tradition. How do you rely on traditions
rather than the living God?

The heart of this issue is being pure of heart. God’s commandments guide our lives. Are you
living a rulebook for the sake of it or are you trying to keep your heart pure? Are you devel-
oping into a person of a pure heart? What areas are you struggling with? What is hard for

Do you think you’ve got it all together because of rules you follow? Or are you pursuing God
with all your life, sacrificing yourself to Him.

Even though we think some ideas are good to keep, they may be coming before us and God.
End in prayer.
Pray that God would show you the intentions of your heart
Pray that you would be pure in God’s eyes first and foremost.
Pray for God to show you His path
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would teach you about His great love
Pray for God to provide
Pray for those in need.

Read Mark 8:1-13

We read about this type of miracle twice. This is the second feeding of a multitude. Why
does Jesus say He’s going to perform this miracle? We often hear about God’s love and there
are many examples of it, most importantly His death on the cross. But this can sometimes be
hard to make concrete. This is another illustration. Jesus has compassion on these people. He
wants to feed them. Do you understand the love and compassion of Jesus? Take a few min-
utes to reflect and journal about it.

What do we learn from the other part of this passage? We see again that the disciples are fool-
ish and doubt. But also the Pharisees come to Jesus testing him and asking about signs from
heaven. They want a sign, but Jesus doesn’t give it to them. Why? Reread verse 12. Why
would Jesus say yes? Why would He say no? Jesus’ refusal for a sign backs up the major
faith theme in Mark. Jesus doesn’t give a sign because the request of the sign denies the radi-
cal faith that Jesus is calling His followers to. What kind of faith do you have? Are you ver-
bally asking Jesus for a sign? Are you indirectly asking Jesus for a sign? Will you not be-
lieve until you see a sign from heaven?
What will bring you to great faith in Jesus? As you have been studying, the following of Je-
sus requires complete radical faith. What kind of faith do you have?

What’s going to change you? Are you like the Pharisees, asking for a sign? Or will the love
and compassion of Jesus change you? Out of great love Jesus calls for great faith. How will
you seek His love today? How will you show others this love?

End in prayer.
Pray that God will make you a spreader of love.
Pray that God will give you peace and understanding.
Pray that God will increase your faith.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that you would seek God alone and have one mission
Pray that God would show you his ways
Pray that God will give you discernment

Read Mark 8:14-21

Jesus is warning His disciples but they are preoccupied with other things. They don’t have
faith, and don’t understand Jesus’ warning. Take a few minutes and pray that God would
guide you that you would be attentive to His word and ask for wisdom.

Reread verse 15 three times slowly.

Jesus gives His disciples a warning. He warns them about two things. What are they?
We need to heed the warning of Jesus. First off he warns about the yeast of the Pharisees.
Yeast is a bacterium, usually a small amount is put into breads to make it rise. Yeast has been
used in many biblical illustrations. In both Hellenistic and Jewish circles yeast was a meta-
phor for corruption. Another point here seems to be how easy it spreads. We often read into
the scriptures looking to be only positive news for ourselves. How often do we see ourselves
as the Pharisees? The Pharisees were people who said they had the right message of God, but
instead had it confused. Who are the Pharisees in your life? What is the Pharisaic teaching
that you’ve been hearing (verbal or non-verbal)?
Are you professing the same message as Jesus?

Read Galatians 1:6-10

What is the second thing Jesus warns against? Herod was the political ruler of the day. In
other texts it is recorded that he asked for a sign from heaven much like the Pharisees. In what
way do you live two gospels? We want citizens of all nations to know Jesus, not for citizens
of all nations to know our nation’s version of Jesus . Is your pursuit of God intertwined with
your patriotism?

We need to be careful what we are following and living for. We must always analyze what
we are doing, believing and living. Jesus calls us to follow Him, and Him alone. What may
be distracting you in your life?

End in prayer.
Pray that God would teach you
Pray for perseverance
Pray for our nation to come to know God.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would guide your in your pursuit of Him
Pray for your School

Read Mark 8:22-26

This passage is one that confuses many scholars. It is only found in Mark, and it is the only
one like it. But let’s elaborate on what we do know. Reread the passage and write down all
the details that you find.

We do know a few things that can help us see the situation. First we can know that the man
wasn’t born blind, otherwise he wouldn’t know what trees look like. Secondly we know that
the man was brought to Jesus by his friends, who begged Jesus to heal him. Well then let’s
put ourselves in the shoes of the man’s friends. They had great faith and great love. They
brought their hurting friend to Jesus and begged Jesus to heal him. What are we like? Do we
do this for our friends? Jot down the names of some friends that need to meet Jesus.
Reading on we see that Jesus takes the hand of the man and leads him outside of the village.
How often do we feel like we need to be in control of our friend’s spiritual life. We need to
simply be people who bring our friends to the Savior, and let Him do the rest. How are you
relying on your own strength when sharing your faith with your friends?

We also know that Jesus was very personal with this man. He took him by the hand and led
him out of the city. He used His spit to heal the man. He asked him questions. He put His
hands on him again. There are probably many reasons why Jesus does these things. But let
us be like Jesus as we share our faith with our friends. A struggle may be to get frustrated
with our friends and expect results and be distant. This is not the example Jesus sets for us.
He is compassionate and personal with this man. Make a difference in someone’s life today.
Write down 3 ways in which you can show God’s love to your friends.

End in prayer.
Pray for your spiritually lost friends
Pray for patience
Pray that you would be faithful
Pray for your community
Start off with prayer
Pray that God would show you life abundant
Pray that you wouldn’t be ashamed of God

Read Mark 8:27-30 twice

Who do you say that Jesus is? Sometimes we go to Church for some different reasons. Some
of us to be “good”. For some of us to “be a better person” and other reasons. But who do we
say Jesus is? We don’t always come to the Church for the right reasons, but eventually we’re
faced with this question. Who do you say Jesus is? Explain in a few sentences.

It seems like Jesus stops here and establishes with utter clarity who He is. Much like our un-
clear or ill reasons to come to church, Jesus’ disciples answer without clarity. Jesus asks them
who people say He is. To answer a prophet would have been a profound answer because
many Palestinian Jews had believed that the time of the prophets had ceased. Are you coming
to Jesus thinking that He’s a good teacher? Or a very wise religious guy? Are you saying it in
your actions?
Secondly Jesus asks Peter what he thinks and Peter seems to answer correctly. Peter says that
Jesus is the Christ. But there’s a unique part about that. The Christ means that Peter saw Je-
sus as the Messiah to bring about the new kingdom. But Peter was thinking of an earthly
kingdom. We can say that Jesus is Christ but if we aren’t aligned with what Jesus says that
means then we don't’ know who He is. What are you living like? Do you know Jesus as the
Messiah you want Him to be, or the one that He is? Do you live like He’s a Messiah of an
earthly kingdom?

Jesus had in mind a new spiritual kingdom that would indeed have earthly impact. God’s
ways are not our ways He has great things in mind. He is the God of the universe and creator.
If we call Jesus Messiah then let us welcome this in His way. When we try to see Jesus we
can bring too many of our own perceptions to the table. When we say we follow Jesus let’s
follow Him understanding who He says He is. How have you been living? Are you set for
things of this world or for things of heaven? What sort of treasures do you care more about,
earthly or heavenly?

End in prayer.
Pray that God would make you heavenly minded.
Pray that God would show you His ways.
Thank God for His blessings
Start off with prayer
Pray that you would understand what God has in mind for you
Pray that you would have a willing obedient heart to God

Read Mark 8:31– 9:1

Jesus is teaching us more of the meaning of following Him here. What do we live for? What
is important to us? Jesus is helping us reevaluate what is going on in our lives. We must take
up our cross. The pursuit of Jesus is not an easy one. Maybe that’s why we’re so confused
and frustrated. Do you come with expectations of it being easy? Are you willing to follow
Jesus when things get tough?

What about gaining the world? What is Jesus saying? It looks like His followers were consid-
ering leaving Him because they were ashamed. Did they want to pursue their own interests?
But Jesus makes clear here that they can’t do that and still pursue His ways. Are you trying to
follow God and your own ways as well?
Read Philippians 3:7-11
Whatever else we may pursue in this world nothing is compared to the pursuit of God. Noth-
ing else has freedom and life. Why do we get distracted with other things of this world? Do
we want to gain it, or the things of it? What do we want?

Nothing else is worthwhile. Follow God passionately today. Don’t be ashamed of Jesus and
don't go looking for other things in life. Although the road maybe a costly road it’s still the
only road that is of worth. Take a few minutes to journal about your experience with this.

End in prayer.
Pray for a heart like David’s
Start off with prayer:
Pray that you will know that you serve the living God.
Pray that you will seek God in prayer

Read Mark 9:14-32

What happens here? It’s another miracle of Jesus. Looking closer, what does Jesus ask the
boy’s father? What is his response?

The boy’s father lacks faith. He seems to be wrapped up in the circumstance and not under-
standing the power of God. When we’ve been looking to our own selves for too long it be-
comes hard to see anything outside of our own scope of the world. The boy’s father becomes
overwhelmed with the given circumstance. The fact that his boy was possessed was all the
father could think about. Stop for a minute, what struggle is hard for you to see out of? What
is seemingly impossible to be handled in your life? Bring it to God.

The father explains the situation to Jesus and asks Him, if you can do anything, take pity on
us and help us. Is that what we are like in our prayer life? If you can? We serve the God of the
cosmos who has authority and power. Are you just like this father?
Everything is possible for him who believes. When you read this, do you skim it over and
ignore it? Is this verse a vital part of the way you live your Christian walk? If it was removed
from your understanding would things change?

Reread the passage. Reread your life. Go from here understanding the lesson the boy’s father
learned. If you can Lord? It’s not like that at all but instead everything is possible for him
who believes. What don’t you believe God can do. Not just a knowledge of, but a living ac-
tive knowledge. Jot down some areas that you need to step back and realize that God is in
control and let Him work.

Is He in the lives of your friends?

End in prayer.
Pray that you would become dedicated in prayer.
Pray for the nations around the world
Start off with prayer:
Pray that you would learn what it means to serve
Pray that you would see others better than yourself

Read Mark 9:33-37

We hear that the disciples were arguing amongst them about who was the greatest. At first
thought this seems to make some relative sense, there was Peter, James and John seemed to be
Jesus’ closest disciples. Who would be the greatest? After Jesus left who would take charge?
We often find ourselves being very concerned with leadership and authority. Does this rule
over your life? Are you one that likes to be in control? Take a few minutes and outline your
life and look at how many areas of your life you are in control or want to be.

When we read this passage we’re not sure what the arguing was like, was it screaming with
anger? Was it rude comments? Was it debate? We don’t know. But Jesus’ response was per-
fect. What did Jesus say? Reread it a few times. What sort of attitude does Jesus ask of us?
What does making yourself last look like? What does making others first look like?

Read Philippians 2:1-11

What does this passage say? Jot down some of your thoughts

Do you serve at Church? How can you develop an attitude of service?

This is a very uncomfortable thing to do. If it’s really easy for you, maybe you’re doing it the
wrong way. How will you step out of your comfort zone and serve others?

End in prayer.
Pray that God would break you and show you to serve
Pray that God would help you see others as better than yourself
Pray that God would show you an area of ministry to serve in
Join a place at church where you can serve with this attitude.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would show you areas of sin in your life
Pray that God would help you to flee from temptation

Read Mark 9:42-50

This passage is an easy one to let slip by. It is difficult to read it and have it impact us. Take a
few minutes and read it again. We all have areas in our life in which we struggle, it’s part of
being human, we’re not perfect. Yet we strive to be holy just as God is holy. It’s easy to fall
into the trap of using, “everyone messes up” as an excuse. But the truth is exclaimed clearly
here. What is Jesus’ attitude toward sin? Is He cool with it? Is it “just there” to Jesus?

Jesus speaks very boldly, catching us off guard at first. Who’s going to cut off their own
hand? It’s easy to just write this imagery off as just an illustration but that may not be what
Jesus is saying. Indeed it would be better to pluck out ones eye then have it lead us into sin.
By no means is Jesus asking His followers to become blind men with no limbs, indeed not, it
would be foolish for us to do these things. Instead Jesus is urging us to make a decision to
start removing the areas of sin in our lives. If we paraphrased it maybe it’d be like this, “This
area of your life needs to change, you can’t have this sin. Either cut out the sin, or cut off your
foot. It’s that important to remove yourself from sin.” Do you have this sort of hatred for sin?
Does sin seem like this big of a deal to you?
What do you struggle with? What areas of your life need to be cut out?

What is hindering you from being dedicated to the mission of God?

This is going to require some good time spent with God. Take a long while and bring this
before God in prayer with honesty.

End in prayer.
Pray that God would reveal areas in your life that he wants you to
Pray that God would help you with these things
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would show you His plan for you
Pray that God would change your heart
Pray that you would be faithful with what God has given you

Read Mark 10:17-31

This man who came to Jesus was a rich man. For a rich man to bow before a teacher showed
tremendous respect and Jesus does love this man. He tries to teach him. What does Jesus say?
Why does Jesus say these things about who is good? What is Jesus trying to teach this man?

Jesus is trying to show the man that if only God is good then indeed this man failed at one of
the commandments. But at this the man tried his best. But what is said next in verse 21? Re-
write it below and meditate on it.
What are we to say? There’s a reoccurring theme in Mark as we can see. What are you learn-
ing from Mark about possessions? What is God teaching you?

When there are large communities like nations or counties, there is a pattern. That is many
times huge groups of people can fall into a sin without even knowing it. There is a church in
Africa with this problem. They fall into sexual sin, members of the church would rape people
and take advantage of them, infecting them with the AIDS virus. How can this be? Not only
church goers but church members! When an American church leader asked the African
church leader about this he said that many Churches have areas of sin that they are blinded to
rape is theirs. It has become so much a part of their social structure they don’t see it as sin.
Then the American church leader asked what sin the American church is blinded to, and with-
out hesitation the African church leader said money.
Are you just like the rich young man? Are you willing to give up all your money?

Here’s a clue, this didn’t apply only to this man but to us as well. Are you going to let money
stop you from following God? Are you going to be dedicated to God’s message.

End in prayer.
Pray through this passage and Mark 6:7-13
Pray that God would help you to depend on Him
Pray for help to give up your allegiances to other things
Start off with prayer:
Pray for your family
Pray that you will follow God’s guidance

Read Mark 10:35-45

What is going on here? Focus on verse 35 and 36, what does it say? What happened? Who
is giving the orders here? How would you describe what is going on here?

Read John 14:13-14 Now what do you think is going on? Do you feel a tension going on?

What is unique here is that the disciples don’t know what they are asking. They had in mind
an earthly kingdom. They wanted to be the second in command. They still had the impres-
sion that Jesus was going to establish an earthly military/political kingdom. But instead Jesus
had in mind a kingdom of heaven that dealt with the heart. When you ask God for things, who
are you asking for? Are you praying out of selfish desire? Or do you pray for desires that are
of God?

Again we see that the disciples wanted power and prestige. They didn’t understand the stan-
dard of service that Jesus was displaying. Do you serve as last? Stop and remember your past
actions in the last week and describe them.
At School:

At Home:

At Church:

At other places:

With friends:

What were you like? Were you like James and John? Did you want to be above everybody?
What steps are you going to take to become a servant like Jesus?

Read Acts 12:2 James was one of the first disciples to be martyred. They learned to be last
and serve, will you?
End in Prayer.
Pray that God will work through you in your community
Pray that God will send you somewhere to serve Him.
Pray that he would show you where he wants to send you.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that you will be faithful to God.
Pray that God will break open the box that we put Him in

Read Mark 11:1-11

This is the story of the Triumphal entry. Here Jesus sends off His disciples to get a donkey so
he can be heralded as King, just as was prophesized. Here we see a crowd of people shouting
that Jesus was King. They were worshipping Him. Take a few minutes and pray recognizing
who God is. Write down some attributes of God.

It’s a great relief in the gospel of Mark to finally see people shout praises to Jesus. We are
constantly bombarded with the lack of faith and doubt, but it seems here to finally be the op-
posite. Yet it’s bittersweet. Yes indeed these people are praising Jesus but where are they a
few chapters from now. They are the same crowd that is jeering and asking for Jesus to be
crucified. How does that make you feel? What are the emotions that rush to your mind?
We’d like to think that wouldn’t be us don’t we? Well how then do we prevent this? What
are your thoughts?

Reread Mark 4:1-20

What kind of people was this crowd? Do you see ways in your life that you are similar?

How are we to stay with Jesus and not be like this crowd? There are a few ways. Right now
spend some more time in His word. We need to know Jesus’ teachings. Jesus shows us how
to be like the good soil. Find His word as your guide. Develop the habit of reading scripture.
Go ahead and read some different passages, any passages. Write down what you learn.

One way to not be like this crowd is to continue praising Jesus as King
End in prayer.
Praise God for who He is.
Thank God for His blessings
Start off with prayer:
Pray as the Spirit leads you

Read Mark 11:22-25

Some Jewish texts talk about “removing mountains” as an impossible task. To them that was
their “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”. Jesus was using this analogy to show that
they would be able to do anything. What are some things that you don’t think God can do?

What does it mean to doubt in your heart? What would doubting in your mind be like?

The heart is the hardest thing to change. When you heart believes something it’s more than
just knowledge of, but it requires action. How do you doubt in your heart? What are some
things that you believe in your mind buy not in your heart?
What do we ask for in prayer? Should you stretch your view of what God can do? Is your
idea of what God can do through prayer involve moving mountains?

Reread verse 25.

What is this verse doing here? What is the significance. Mark doesn’t separate these two
ideas, but they are indeed very separate. The pairing of these two thoughts affirm the right to
ask of these things, belongs to believers who are reconciled and united in a community of
faith. Are you going about your spiritual walk alone? Are you connected to a community of

Being connected to a community of believers doesn’t mean physically being in the presence
of some other believers once a week. How are you going to be spiritually connected? Are
you actually going to do this?

End in prayer.
Pray that God would change your prayer life.
Pray that God would make it clear where He wants you to get con-
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would change your desires into His
Pray that God would guide your relationships

Read Mark 12:13-17

Obviously we can see the “yeast” of the Pharisees here. They’re trying to trap Jesus, but Jesus
uses this situation to teach us something. The Pharisees’ brought the Herodians because this
really set the trap for Jesus. They were both groups that were disturbed by Jesus’ presence.
But what do we see, Jesus shows Himself as a wise and great teacher. Man could not trap
Him. What do you view Jesus as? Do you realize how great He is? Do you realize His teach-
ings are of great wisdom?

What do we hear from this passage? What sort of attitude does Jesus have about the coin? Is
it important to Him? Sometimes we forget that money and things of this earth will fade away.
We don’t need to have a balance of earthly treasure and heavenly treasure.
Do you have any ideas about how much money you should have?
What does Jesus say next? What does he ask of us to give to God? What is God’s? Whom
do you serve?

Do you live for yourself or do you give all that you are back to God?

What is the common expected answer? Think and meditate on this verse. In your life what
can you give back to God? Come up with a plan to do so.

End in prayer.
Pray that God would take your time with Him deeper
Pray that God would show you how to live as His.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would show you His purpose
Pray as the Spirit leads

Read Mark 12:28-34 three times

There are many parts to our walk with God. Sometimes we can get bogged down by all that is
laid before us. But at the same time our walk is so simple. It comes down to this command-
ment. Do you love God? Part of loving God is making Him the most important part of your
everything. Analyze your heart’s desires.

Do you love with all your heart?

Do you love with all of your emotions?

Do you love with all your soul?

Do you love with all your will and purpose?
Do you love with all your mind?
Do you love with all your attitude and perspective?

Do you love with all your strength?

Do you love with all your abilities and service?

End in prayer.
Pray that God will show you how to love.
Pray that you would fall deeper in love with God
Pray that you would know what real love is.
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would make you generous
Ask God to help you meet with Him daily

Read Mark 12:41-44 twice

This might be the most difficult passage for you. We are called to tithe ten percent of our in-
come. And maybe for us that’s about ten percent too much. Are you willing to sacrifice every-
thing for God?

Tithing is one of those things that is either not talked about in church, or the only thing talked
about in church. But giving over of our resources to God is our form of worship. How often
do we argue, “How much should we give?” Usually the discussion is lead by this idea of how
much is enough. We only want give just enough of what God wants and no more. If God
wants five dollars, we’ll give five dollars not five and a quarter. If we live like this, where is
our heart?
Is our heart divided?

God gives us resources to be used for His glory. We are entirely His, including our wallets
and purses. If we truly believed this in our hearts, we wouldn’t ask how much do we need to
give, but rather give as much as we can.
Do you have the attitude that’s it’s your money? Do you rule over this part of your life? Why
would it be hard for you to give all that you had to live on? Why would it be hard for you to
give all that you had to live on if you lived in complete poverty only having two pennies?
Make this response a good one.

End in prayer.
Pray that you would learn to depend on God
Thank God for all the blessings He has given you
Start off in prayer:
Thank God for being who He is
Give praise to God for who He is

Read Mark 13:32-37 twice

Realize that Jesus is coming again. As foreign as that may sound sometimes, it’s true. Jesus
did promise His return. Be ready, there’s as much a chance for Him to come ten thousand
years from now, as there is for Him to come today. Do you live striving for His kingdom?
What do you care about? What do you like most?

If you were to be dead honest do you strive and fight for the advancement of His kingdom day
to day? Are you preparing for the coming day or are you creating your own little kingdom
here in your own little world?
The second coming of Jesus is not an easy thing to discuss. But one thing is sure, no one
knows the day that Jesus is coming. Watch out for those that say they do. In the Church that
tends to be a famous topic of discussion because of all they hype it produces. Don’t get en-
tangled into that. Don’t listen to those that say it’s soon, don’t listen to those that say it’s far.
Do you find yourself making scripture into a Hollywood extravaganza?

What we do know is this. No one knows the hour of Jesus’ return. But instead of focusing
our energy on that focus on being prepared for it. Has God assigned you a task? Are you do-
ing it?

End in prayer.
Praise God in His glory
Praise God in His majesty
Pray that God will help you prepare
Start off in prayer:
Pray that God would pierce your heart with His Word
Ask God for wisdom and patience

Read Mark 14:1-11

The woman with the jar anointed Jesus’ feet showing Him her great love for Him. How do
you show your great love for Jesus?

Jesus welcomed the woman in, accepted her love, and spoke great things about her. Jesus
wants our love. How are we showing it? Do you want to hear these words spoken of you?

This woman showed Jesus love yet the disciples discouraged it. What is that like? Do you
often find yourself discouraging other people signs of love toward God?

Do you look at them funny when they worship?

Do you think of them as foolish for loving God?

The woman anointed Jesus’ dirty feet out of love. But the disciples looked down upon her.
Do you think people would look down upon you if you showed love to God? How would
they do so?

Do you care? What is stopping you from showing God your love?

Go be free to love the Lord wholeheartedly

End in prayer.
Pray that God would give you boldness and courage
Pray that loving God would be the only important thing to you
Start off with prayer:
Pray that God would show you His love
Pray that you be strong and not be ashamed of Jesus.
Pray for those around you to experience Jesus’ love

Read Mark 14:27-31

Jesus predicts that Peter is going to deny Him. This must have felt terrible. After all the teach-
ings and all the time Jesus spent with His disciples, he must have been broken inside. To be
betrayed by someone you’ve taught all this long. Has something like this ever happened to
you? Have you ever been betrayed or denied? Explain.
Most of us have been hurt pretty bad in this area. What is your response to these people, do
you hate them? What was Jesus’ response?

Experiencing pain like this, makes us hate it. And to know what it feels like personally con-
vinces us not to share this pain to others, especially not Jesus. But what did Peter say? Does
that sound like your own words? How does that change your view of your relationship with

Indeed we all fall at times and we do deny Jesus often. During your day, do you hear God’s
guiding voice? Do you listen to it? Do you do what you know Jesus taught us to do? Do
you deny Jesus’ teachings?

But amidst it all Christ still loves us and still paid the unthinkable cost. He loves us that much.
Live like Jesus. Do you love and forgive those that have hurt you?

End in prayer.
Pray that you would forgive others
Pray that God would heal your broken wounds
Pray for those around you
Start in prayer:
Pray for your family
Pray for the “unlovable” around you

Read Mark 14:32-41

Do you stand before Jesus not knowing what to say?

This is right before Jesus is arrested. What does He do? What do you do when faced with dif-
ficult tasks and decisions?

It’s important to note a few things. Jesus left and retreated to go pray, he prayed with great
passion, and he prayed with others. What do your prayers look like? Are they this signifi-
cantly valued?
It was once said by some famous man from somewhere. “I have so much to do today, I don’t
know how I’ll ever finish. I’m going to need to pray about it at least for three hours.” It’s this
sort of attitude that Jesus resembles here. He goes and prays, “real” prayers. Jesus doesn’t
just fold His hands and talk like Mr. Rogers. He means what He says and takes this event as
important. How do you pray? How often do you pray?

Take some time and pray “real” prayers as there is need in your life. Jot down some of the
things and pray for them again later.

Don’t fall asleep

Start off in prayer:
Pray that God will help you follow His plan for you
Pray the same for someone else

Read Mark 14:66-72

We know that Peter had not intended to deny Jesus actually it says that He would sooner die
than do this. But where is he at now? Are you in the same boat? Have you tried to stand
firm but not succeeded?

It seems that Peter didn’t even deny Jesus to all that important of people. It’s our human na-
ture to fall into sin, we even do it in the strangest of circumstances. You would think that Pe-
ter wouldn’t deny Jesus because he was just warned by Jesus that he would. But still he fails.
Do feel like you can’t succeed or that God won’t love you because of your faults?
But what happens to Peter? Read Matthew 16:18. In spite of our failures God still can and
wants to use us for great things. Pray and ask God for forgiveness and acknowledge the fact
that He still can and wants to use you.
Rewrite Matthew 16:18

But what is required for this road toward being used by God? Reread Mark 14:72. What
does Peter do after he realizes his failure? Do you feel lament for your sins? Bring yourself
before God and ask Him to show you your sins.

Understand that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and washes you clean.
End in prayer.
Pray that God will show you the great plans He has for you
Pray that your heart will break with what God’s heart breaks for
Thank God for His mercy
Start off with prayer:
Pray for strong fellowship
Pray for the worldwide Church

Read Mark 15:16-20

Jesus was ridiculed by the rulers of His day and by these soldiers. He was persecuted and hu-
miliated. Humiliation is one of the most uncomfortable forms of persecution. Jesus knew
persecution very well. He dealt with a lot of it, even to the point of death. Do you face perse-
cution for following Jesus? What is that like?

Do you hide your faith in fear of humiliation and persecution? How and when?
Read 2 Timothy 3:12
Does this describe your walk? What is most important to you, your comfort or your message
of Jesus? This is no easy teaching. Where do you need to step it up?

We may go through difficult times of persecution but we don’t go through them alone. Seek a
fellow believer in Christ and talk with them so you can help one another. Write down their
contact information.

Read other passages where the founders of our faith endured persecution.

Read about past missionaries who endured hardship for their ministry.

Reread Mark 15:16-20

Write down your thoughts.

End in prayer.
Pray that God would bring you the fellowship that you need
Pray for perseverance
Start off in prayer:
Thank God for His sacrifice
Confess your sins to God

Read Mark 15:33-41

We must go about our lives growing as believers, but we must also remember what Jesus did
for us. Take a few minutes and reflect on the sacrifice He made.

Reread the passage, let it all sink in.

Remember His great love. Do you serve God knowing what He has done for you? Are you
experiencing His love?

Come into the presence of God in prayer. Thank God for what He has done. Write to God ex-
pressing your thankfulness.
Read the lyrics of this song and sing it to God.

Once Again
by matt redman

Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice. You became nothing poured out to death.
Many times I’ve wondered at your gift of life, and I’m in that place once again.

And once again I look upon the cross where you died.
I’m humbled by your mercy and I’m broken inside.
Once again I thank you, once again I pour out my life.

Now you are exalted to the highest place. King of heavens where one day I’ll bow
But for now, I marvel at His saving grace and I’m full of praise once again,
I’m full of praise once again.

And once again I look upon the cross where you died.
I’m humbled by your mercy and I’m broken inside.
Once again I thank you, once again I pour out my life.

Jesus is the Lord of all giver of life

What does He give you?
He is the giver of:

End in prayer.
Thank God for His saving grace
Start off in prayer:
Pray that God would show you what gifts He has given you
Pray for peace and joy

Read Mark 16
What part of this passage was the most impacting to you? Why?

Reread verse 14
We serve a living God. Jesus wasn’t simply something of the past. He is alive and resur-
rected. Are you like the disciples that still have no faith? Do you believe in Jesus as resur-
rected King?
What did Jesus commission the disciples to do? What did they do? The life of a Christ fol-
lower is one who goes and shares the news that Jesus shared. They live and spread the Gos-
pel, that’s part of the definition of a Christ follower. Are you doing this? Where and how?

Is this a good list or a meager one? Are you being faithful with what God is calling you to
do? Are you bearing fruit? Where is the most uncomfortable place for you to do this? How
well are you doing it there? How can you do it better?

We often fill our conversations with nonsense and worthless things. We need to have God’s
message continually flow from our lips. We need to be consumed with this mission. What do
you talk about with your friends? With fellow believers? How often is your conversations set
on this call by God?

Read Philippians 3:7-11

End in prayer.
Pray that God will guide you
Pray that you will be faithful to God’s call