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TEENAGERS 12 Second Listening: ___

chance Reading: ___

Name: __________________________________________________________________ C4 - 2016 Writing: ___
Teacher: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________ Speaking: ___


PART A. Listen to Arienne, Jeff, Sabriya, Fred and Kevin. Select what their biggest regret is.
(50 Marks, 10 each)

1 What is Arienne's big regret?

a) She ought to have studied in America 4) What is Fred's regret?
b) She shouldn’t have gone to Japan a) He should have gone to Spain
c) Nothing b) He should’ve stayed in Spain
c) He shouldn’t have studied in Spain
2) What is Jeff's big regret?
a) He should have played sports 5) What is Rebecca's big regret?
b) He should have learnt music a) She should have travel more
c) He shouldn’t have gone to the University b) She ought to have studied more
c) She shouldn’t have studied so hard
3) What is Sabriya's biggest regret?
a) She shouldn’t have studied at the University
b) She should have selected a different course
c) She ought to have accepted the scholarship


PART A. Read the text and T for “true”, F for “false” or DK for “don’t know” (25 Marks, 5
0 Two boys told the police they had seen a monster. .T.
1 The boys were having a picnic. __
2 There were other people in the woods that day. __
3 The boys left their bags in the woods. __
4 Some people think the boys saw a wolf. __
5 The boys’ cell phones had been taken. __

PART B. Read the text again and complete the explanations. (25 marks, 5 each)

0 Police were amazed because the boys said they had seen a monster in the woods
1 The boys must have been very frightened because _______________________________________
2 People think the boys might have seen a bear because ____________________________________
3 Local wildlife experts say it can’t have been a bear because _________________________________
4 The police think it might have been a joke because ________________________________________
5 The bags must have been torn by an animal because _______________________________________

III. WRITING(50 marks).

PART A. Complete the text with must have, can’t have, or might have and the correct form of
the verbs in parentheses. (30 marks, 3,75 each)

Escaped prisoner arrested

Police have arrested James Dell, who escaped from Dartmoor Prison. The police received a phone
call they think 0 might have been (be) from a female friend of Dell. Dell 1 ____________ (tell) her
where he was, as she gave police his exact location. The caller would not leave her name. Police say
that she 2 _______________ (be) afraid of Dell. Dell will not say where he has been hiding. Police
have concluded that it 3 _______________ (be) somewhere warm, as he looked healthy despite the
cold weather. Police are sure that Dell 4 ________________ (sleep) outdoors, as his clothes were
dry, and so they think he 5 __________________ (stay) indoors somewhere. It is possible that he 6
_______________ (find) an empty house to sleep in. He also 7 __________________ (have) food,
as he was well-fed, but he 8 ___________________ (buy) it himself since he didn’t have any money.

PART B. Write the adjectives. (20 marks, 2,5 each)

Nouns Adjectives Nouns Adjectives
0 Danger Dangerous 5 Wonder
1 Use 6 Origin
2 Suspicion 7 Health
3 Salt 8 Imagination
4 Effect

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