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Acoustic Strings of New England “ASNE” specializes in string instruments.

Hingham 5th grade & Up String Rent-to-Own Rental Rates:

Violins/Violas - $23.13 per month ($18 rent + $1.13 tax, $4 insurance) or
$231.30 annual rate

Cellos - $36.88 per month ($30 rent + $1.88 tax $5 insurance) or $368.80 an-
nual rate

Basses - 1/8-1/4 $50.50 per month ($40 rent + $2.50 tax, $8 insurance) or
$505 annual rate
Please order at least 5-7 days ahead of handout date to guarantee delivering your instru-
ment on time. Easy online sizing available at:

Then click on instrument rentals and fill out the forms. Choose monthly or annual billing.
Your order will be processed and prepared for delivery to your school.

We offer: A fine range of outstanding European instruments available for rent-to-own. (Rent
portion money accrues towards any size instrument you end up purchasing.) You will not be

stuck owning a small size instrument.

- Free replacement strings provided to the teacher in case of breakage

- Excellent weekly service provided at no additional cost, some repairs done at the school and a

free loaner instrument provided as needed. (you never have to travel to a store for service)

- All sizes and instruments in stock for immediate use 

Jim Vinci, ASNE 508-527-3857