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Patch name Fixed crms Fixed Anomaly Reports crqms00159936 Alarms deletion : right click to display the menu with "delete" option takes time takes a very long
time crqms00160868 Accounting organization cumul is regularly failing/1-171839846 crqms00159116 Directory application : filter options are lost when an user is modified/ 1-171135363 crqms00160861 PTP data is not loaded into database/1-171839821 crqms00161926 Accounting-Carrier/ Direct Carrier CCN value is not proper in the reports/ 1-171314921 crqms00163292 The dn syntax is not valid when using devicetemplates method crqms00151671 8770 does not send traps to hypervisor/ 1-168191091 crqms00161109 Cyclic alarm service restarting
(manual install required) crqms00163328 Alarm purge is failing/1-173098761
Patch_250400S_WAR_V1.zi crqms00163374 Filter for Signature not working and multiple filter display is not complete
Patch_250400T_WAR_JAR.zi crqms00165977 All nodes are not seen after migration using 4760 -8770 migration tool/ 1-163081401
p crqms00163722 Topology / Alarms from the boards on a shelf driven by a PowerMex/ 1-172834161
crqms00163530 Selection and deletion alarms and events problems/ 1-165669311
Patch_250400U_DLL_EXE.zi crqms00153679 Dictionary changes are not taken in account in web directory
p crqms00162568 The hunting group is not imported in the OV8770 directory
Patch_250400V_EXE_LDIF.zi crqms00163867 8770 2.5.04 Default Scheduled Backup fails
Patch_250400W_EXE_JAR.zi crqms00163065 8770 R2.5.4/License/8770 license file is affected to OXO but not recognized in 8770/1-171795813
Patch_250400X_EXE_JAR.zi crqms00166556 2.5.04/8770 backup not possible when 8770 installation path not default
p crqms00163064 Directory application : creation of user, all the tree is displayed crqms00167705 2.5.04/Alarms/Diagnostic field value empty/1-173909379 crqms00168643 User not created in 8770 Directory during MSAD synchro/ 1-171617621 crqms00168256 2.5.04/Growing MAODBC.log file /1-175282027 (new deletion task created in the daily job) crqms00168128 8770 / Client freeze issue