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School: DepEdClub.

com Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File created by Ma’am GLADYS B. ESPIRITU Learning Area: TLE
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: SEPTEMBER 2 – 6, 2019 (WEEK 4) Quarter: 2ND QUARTER


A. Content Standards Demonstrates an understanding of knowledge and skills in enhancing/decorating products as an alternative source of income

B. Performance Performs necessary skill in enhancing/ decorating finished products

C. Learning Competencies / -Identify the process in 1.Discusses the effect of 1.Identify tools needed in 1.Discuss the policies on sustainable PROJECT PRACTICUM
Objectives enhancing/decorating finished innovative finishing materials sketching, shading and development in constructing the
Write the LC code for each products made of bamboo. and creative accessories on the outlining. project plan
TLE6IA-Ob-3 marketability of products. 2. Enhances bamboo, wood, 2. Considers deliberate policies on
- Enumerate the fundamental TLE6 IA OC-4. 1.4 metal and other finished sustainable development in
process in handicrafts in products through sketching, constructing the project plan
treating bamboo. shading and outlining. TLE6 IA TLE6IA-0d-6 1.6.1
-Appreciate one’s work. OC-4 .1.5 3. Appreciates the policies on
sustainable development in
constructing the project plan
III. CONTENT Enhancing/ decorating finished products
1. References Curriculum Guide TLE 6 Curriculum Guide TLE 6 Curriculum Guide TLE 6 Curriculum Guide TLE 6
2. Teacher’s Guide
3. Learner’s Materials
4. Textbook Pages
5. Additional Materials
from Learning
Resource (LR) Portal
6. Other Learning Resources powerpoint powerpoint powerpoint powerpoint
A. Reviewing previous lesson What are the different What are the market trends What are the effects of 1 .What are the tools and
sources of finishing should be done in marketing innovative finishing materials Instruments used in sketching,
materials, accessories and products made of bamboo, and creative accessories on the shading and
design? wood and metal? marketability of products? outlining?
B. Establishing a purpose for the Show some pictures Showing some pictures of Show them a picture. Ask the Showing pictures. Ask the pupils
lesson offinished products. finishing products. pupils what are the tools used what they see in the picture.
in the picture?
a. outline

b. sketching

What finishing materials did

they use to beautify it? finishing- is the method of c. shading
beautifying the project. It is the
last step in the completion of a
project. Unlocking
C.Presenting examples / There are processes and Show pictures of unfinished Let the pupils describe what Showing a simple project plan. (
instances of the new lesson treatments done on some and finished products .Let the they see in the pictures. Picture or Template)
materials before making them pupils describe and compare
into articles. the pictures.
-Treating Bamboos
1.Preserving and Treating
2. Bleaching
3. Dyeing Bamboo Poles and
4. Pyrography
D.Discussing new concepts and Enumerate the fundamental Why is it important to paint Why do we need to make a Why do we need to make a plan
practicing new skills #1 processes in treating materials made of wood? sketch when planning a before doing a project?
bamboos. How finishing materials product? Original File Submitted and
Discuss the following helps your project /product Is outlining necessary in Formatted by DepEd Club Member
processes in treating more attractive and saleable? preparing a design? Why? - visit for more
bamboos How does shading affect in
the marketing of the product?
E. Discussing new concepts and How do you preserve and treat What are the effects of What are the tools and What are the policies to be
practicing new skills #2 bamboos? finishing materials used in Instruments used in sketching, considered in constructing a
What is bleaching? decorating wood, metal and shading and outlining? project?
What are the two methods in bamboo? Drawing illustrates the shape Policies on Planning a project,
dyeing bamboos? and appearance of the project. To start a project, you have to
What is pyrography? You will need different tools to make a plan for it.
illustrate the appearance of the 1. Consider the benefits that you
project you will do. See will get out of it.
powerpoint 2. Study the feasibility and use of a
1.Is it used for oneself alone?
2.Is it used at home?
3.Is it used in school?
3. Itemize the steps to do before
you start the project.
4. Identify the materials needed.
5. Prepare the tools and equipment
6. Be sure that you are well-versed
and skillful in using the tools and
equipment to avoid accidents
7. Is the design of the project
feasible to do or not?
F. Developing Mastery Group Activity: Give each group a finished Group Activity Answer True or False. Write TRUE
(Leads to Formative •Group 1 – explain the process products and let them Group 1- Sketching if the statement is true and FALSE
Assessment 3) of preserving and treating compare. Choose at least 1 and draw if the statement is false.
bamboos. Answer the guide questions them a sketch. _________1. We need to consider
•Group 2 – discuss the two below. a. Basket b. table the benefits that we can get out of
methods of dyeing bamboos. 1. Describe the products. c. flower vase d. chair the product.
•Group 3 – what is the process 2. Are they attractive? Why? e. bookshelves _________2. We have to prepare
of bleaching? Group 2-Shading the tools and equipment needed.
3. What finishing materials Let the students draw an _________3. Choose the materials
are used? objects and let them apply that are expensive.
4. Give the effects of the necessary shading in their _________4. You need to prepare
finishing materials in the drawing. or make a plan before doing your
products. Group 3- Outlining project.
5. If you are the costumer, Draw an outline on the _________5. Just used the tools
which of the two are you going following pictures/ drawing that are available in your in your
to buy? Why? house.

G. Finding Practical applications • There are processes Your family has a bamboo What are the things you like to You have planned to give your
of concepts and skills and treatments done on craft business. Your father is have? parent a gift. You came up with the
some materials like bamboo busy in finishing the crafts but Make a sketch and apply idea of making a heart shape
before making them into you noticed that there are still necessary shading. picture frame made of recyclable
articles. What do you think many unfinished products. Show and share it to your materials. What should you do to
will happen if there are no What are you going to do? classmates. make your picture frame more
processes in creative, economical and
enhancing/decorating attractive?
finished products?
H. Making generalizations and • What are the What are the effects of What are the importance of Why do we need to consider the
abstractions about the lesson processes in treating finishing materials that could sketching, shading and outlining policies in constructing project
bamboos? be used in decorating wood, in enhancing wood, bamboo and plan?
metal and bamboo? metal products?
Effects of using finishing
1.To protect the material from
moisture, wear, abrasion,
fungus,mold or
insect attack
2. To change the materials
appearance, its colour or
3. To enhance the materials
durability, surface hardness or
other properties
I. Evaluating Learning Direction: Choose the letter Match the items that used to Rubrics for groupings Put heart if the policies in
of the correct answer. finished the products in making a project plan is being
1.It is the process of Column A to. its effect in considered in each statement and
whitening or removing the Column B. star
colour by sunlight exposure. A B if it is not.
a.Pyrography c. preserving 1. Shellac a. give the ________1. Itemize the steps to
b.Bleaching d. dyeing wood a shiny glow, do before you start the project.
2.Process of burning designs 2 Paint b.remove ________2. Consider the
of bamboo with hot wire. rust benefits that we can get in making
a.Bleaching c. pyrography 3 Varnish c. make one the project.
b.Preserving d. dyeing wood type look like another ________3. Use expensive
3.What is the process of 4 Stain d. gives materials.
applying colours into the woodwork and furniture a ________4. Know the proper
material? rich, antique appearance. and appropriate tools/ equipment
a.Dyeing c. pyrography 5 Sandpaper e. prevents needed.
b.Bleaching d. preserving moisture on the wood which ________5. Identify the
4.What method of dyeing is causes decay. materials needed.
done by boiling water with
a.Reactive dyeing
b. bleaching
d. direct dyeing
5.In the dry process, bamboo
poles are evenly heated over
charcoal at a temperature of
49 C to 54 C for how many
a.20-20 minutes
b. 10-20 minutes
c.30-40 minutes
d. 5-10 minutes
J. Additional activities for •Assign pupils to search With the help of your parent, Draw a flower vase. Apply Let the pupils finish their own
application or remediation through the internet other reapply a finishing material in necessary shading in your project plan
processes needed in an old furniture. Take a picture drawing. Ask them report on discarded
enhancing/decorating finished before and after your materials that can be used for
products. application.Compare the making projects. Let them name
results and share to the class. the specific projects.
A. No. of learners who earned
80% in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What innovative or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other