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Learning Competency:
Compare the different hypotheses explaining the origin of the universe (S11-12ES-Ia-e-2)

1. Describe the different hypotheses explaining the origin of the solar system;
2. Explain the differences of the hypotheses of the origin of the solar system;
3. Construct a Venn diagram to shoe the differences and similarities of the hypotheses of the origin
of the Universe/ Solar System.

Subject Matter:
The formation of the Universe and the Solar System.

Materials: Power Point, Laptop, LCD Projector and still pictures.

Earth and Life Science for Senior High School. Mutya Publishing House. Inc. Malabon City
Seeley, Stephen and Tate 2007 Earth Science 6th edition. Mcgrawltill. USA

1. Routinary Activity
Opening Prayer, Checking of attendance

2. Review
Ask the students about the difference/s between theories and law. Ask them to give

3. Motivation
Activity: 4 Pics 1 Word
The students are going to identify what theory is being describe in the pictures posted
on the board. Ask them if they are familiar about the theories since these lessons were
discussed during their junior high school years.

4. Lesson Proper
 Start the lesson by discussing the most accepted theory in the formation of the
Universe which is the Big Bang Theory.

 Ask the student to narrate the chronological series of events after the initial Big
Bang, explaining how the universe and the solar system were formed.

 Discuss as well the other theories about the formation of the universe.
 Let the students decide what theory is the most acceptable for them based on the
preceding discussion. Ask them to explain the reasons behind their decision or

5. Generalization
Provide a summary or recap of the lesson giving emphasis on the most accepted theory
(Big Bang Theory). Moreover, reiterate that these theories are the most plausible
explanation on the origin of the universe and solar system at this particular time.

Let the students actively apply their learning from the previous decision by challenging them to
come up with their own possible explanation on the theory of the universe and the solar system.

The learners will construct a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the theories on the origin of
the universe and the solar system.

Draw on a ¼ illustration board their own possible theory on the formation of the Universe.